Saturday, June 27, 2009

A present for Cyndi


Cyndi turns sixteen: Cyndi will be celebrating her 16th birthday on the 4th of July. So she will then be legal (at or above the age of consent) in Nevada and in the BVIs. Consent is 16 in most British possessions so it’s finally legal for her to have sex in her home country. As a coming of age gift I got her a beautiful Phallix Pyrex dildo [see the above image] and a plug adaptor so she can use it while riding her Sybian. She has seen mine and coveted it so I know she will be thrilled. The description, below, is from

“The Butterfly Dichroic Wrapped G-Spot is an interesting take off of one of our most recognizable styles The Dichroic Wrapped G-Spot. This version has a whole garden full of butterflies etched into the Dichroic wrapping. It’s a 7-inch long clear Pyrex shaft spiral wrapped with a multi-colored dichroic strip bordered with a navy blue pin stripe for the entire length of the shaft. It's currently available in 1 1/4-inch diameter with the Dichroic wrapping adding approx. 1/4-inch to the shaft diameter. The head is clear solid and smooth approx. 1/4-inch diameter larger than the shaft and detailed. The Dichroic wrapped styles are some of the most recognized and popular of all of the Phallix styles. The base is flared and designed to stand up.”

I have been using Phallix products for quite a while now and love the quality of their craftsmanship. Made of Pyrex glass the dildos can be warmed or cooled before use to heighten the experience. We all (Taryn, Anya, Diané and I) bought after-market adaptors for our Sybian machines so the base of this style dildo is fastened securely in place for long slow hands-free solo rides through the fields and forests of ecstasy. This particular style is about € 300 and is worth every penny.

St Lucy’s training: I always have a student start her sexual training just after she reaches menarche by using a training dildo. That way she can get used to the feel of something inside her and manipulate it taking as much time as she needs to learn all about her pelvic erogenous zones, clitoris, G-spot and cervix and what lights her fire so when she takes a man she can tell him what she likes. For a very young woman starting her sexual training with a dildo has some major advantages. There is no need to protect against STIs and pregnancy, so the girl can totally relax and explore her most intimate parts with no fear of undesirable consequences.


  1. That phalus looks very intresting. Did you try that particular dildo yourself?

  2. Yes, I have one that Cyndi saw and she’s watched me use it and was fascinated by it I rolled a condom on to mine so she could try it for size and she was comfy with it fully inserted. That’s why I know she will love it as a gift! Fitted on a Sybian and with the power low so it is rotating slowly the outer spiral stimulates the nerves at the entrance and the head caresses my G-spot in a wonderfully erotic rhythm so doing myself with it is amazing! Almost as good as horseback riding with a riding Penetrator inserted where all the riders weight comes down on the plug driving it deeper. On a Sybian the rider can adjust her hips to get the effect she wants. On horseback having the plug plunge into you every time you come down in the saddle is only lessened by the strength in the rider’s legs. The fun thing about riding with an R-Penetrator inserted is that as the rider’s legs tire the harder she is fucked. And men wonder why women love horseback riding so! It’s not every sport where a girl can have sex in public and no one is the wiser, unless she can’t contain the ecstasy at orgasm and she starts moaning or screaming, but that’s why women are so fond of long solitary rides.


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