Saturday, September 12, 2009

Vaginal and anal hooks

An anal / Pussy Hook

The butt hook: This bondage toy has a removable 30mm diameter x 60mm long plug is attached (removable) to a 300mm long natural curve of 12mm diameter highly polished stainless steel with securing loop. The curvature of this device is adjusted to fit the individual and the body cavity in which it will be used. An incorrectly adjusted or inserted butt/pussy hook can result in a punctured vagina or anal cavity with massive blood loss so no woman below the age of 16 should be fitted for one. Girls interested in BDSM training are strongly encouraged to be fitted for their own butt and vaginal hooks and not to try using their mother’s or older sister’s device.

The hook(s) can be worn alone snuggly chained to a bondage corset or with a Penetrator plug as pelvic padding if worn as a butt hook and the wearer is to be suspended with her weight being taken on the hook. Even with the Penetrator head padding her pubic bone and vulva being suspended by a butt hook is extraordinarily painful and some pelvic crush injuries can occur. A coping mechanism is for the woman to remain as still as possible while suspended. However, a battery powered G-spot vibrator in the Penetrator plug is usually activated by the wearer’s Master which makes remaining still very unlikely. A snuggly fitted ball-gag is worn to muffle the wearer’s screams.

In my Contemporary Sexual Health classes I urge students who are interested in and old enough to be fitted with butt and/or pussy hooks to resist the temptation because even with the most enlightened Masters severe injuries frequently occur to hook wearers especially during suspensions. For professional escorts seriously into BDSM our clinic fits hooks and I help fit girls who have passed an approved BDSM course with their first vagina and anal hooks and teach the correct use – we sell them primarily as orifice jewelry not for suspension – even though I know many of them will be swinging from the hooks I fit like so many sides of beef.


  1. Seeing this thing about cavity hooks made me wanna cringe!

  2. Have you tried anything new since you last published this blog?

    1. HI Rayvn, welcome to my world! New In what way? If you have read one of the most recent posts you will see I'm using Manuka honey as a spermicide which is new and quite a departure for me.