Sunday, March 3, 2013

Brian and me

A 7 inch 24 kt gold dust twist Pyrex glass dildo

The Golden Cock award: The Golden Cock Award was established at St Lucy’s this year to recognize the fourth year ballet student showing the most promise in erotic ballet. Indirectly it also recognizes the student’s academic prowess as contestants must have a 3.0 GPA to enter the competition. The unnamed donor of the award (my readers know him as Pirate) bought two dozen of this style dildo so I think he expects to be presenting the awards for some time to come. The award is not only lovely but useful as it can be fitted into a suction base and mounted on a chair, bed or wall and inserted for pleasure or makes a lovely bibelot on a shelf, although at seven inches it isn’t that small especially if it’s inside you. The example above came from Glass that makes some gorgeous dildos.

Brian and me: Brian is here again this weekend as his wife is traveling on business in Europe for the next several weeks with her boss/lover. Brian is attentive, gentle and a wonderful lover with amazing stamina to give a girl pleasure with that massive root of his. However, he seems fixated on Bea, the nearly sixteen year old who was one of his muses during his visit a week or so ago. Before he came out on Friday he had already talked to the St Lucy’s Head Mistress and several of the board members to try and get direct access to the ballet students.

Fortunately I am close friends with the Head Mistress and also with the movers and shakers on school’s board so the minute he tried to have unsupervised access to the students I heard about it. He’s a marvelous teacher and we are fortunate to have him teaching master classes in pointe and technique, but we don’t want him using the ballet students as his harem. It’s all very well for the girls to have ballet sex in an encounter salle environment, which is good training for what they will be exposed to if they become professional ballet dancers, but to let the fox have the run of the henhouse just isn’t going to happen.

He doesn’t know that I know he has been trying to circumvent my control over the ballet students training and social/sexual lives. When he talked to the Head Mistress and board members they all referred him to me as the person who could grant or deny his request. So he’s back staying with me and dropping hints about how much he can help individual students if he is given unfettered access to them. I’m going to let him give me his very best shot(s) in an attempt to fuck my brains out and get me to grant him unsupervised access to the girls. They are all underage and illegal as far as he is concerned. While sixteen is the age of consent as a teacher he is in a supervisory capacity over them so they won’t be legal for him until they reach eighteen years of age.

Sadly, I’ve concluded he came on to me only because he saw me as helpful and now essential to his gaining access to St Lucy’s ballet girls. I could just shut him down saying I’d report him if he attempts to see any of the girls w/o my permission, but he really is an amazing lover! I want to enjoy letting him to give me as much of the very best sex he’s capable of for as long as possible to try and get me to agree to let him have what he wants. Doing that I wonder how long it will be before we can’t stand the sight of one another? Him being motivated to please me and pure lust on my part it should be an incredible ride.

Me and Bea: Even though she is hardly a third my age Brian has set her up as my rival for his attention. I was going to write affection, but with Brian it’s not affection. It’s pure lust for very young women with soft unblemished skin, high firm breasts, flat bellies, long beautiful legs and very tight pussies and at the moment she’s the girl of his dreams. I can give him all of that and twenty-five years of experience squeezing the last drop of semen from lover’s roots with my amazing grip, but no, he’s white hot for a fifteen-year old!

I understand it’s not her fault I just wish he was in thrall to one of the other students! I have great plans for Bea and I don’t want a randy old lothario interfering with my plans and her life. She shows considerable promise as an elite escort with a delight in and skill for heterosexual sex that I haven’t seen in anyone other than Cyndi. I suppose that’s what we both see in her.

Bea’s Reflexions: When she came in for her serum pregnancy test a few days ago she asked me for another diaphragm fitting and if she could try a third year girls Ben Wa set, a set of .75 inch chrome steel balls each weighing 1.0 oz, which are smaller and heavier that the second year girls Pyrex set she had been using. She said she has borrowed a third year friends set and thought she was ready for her own. She had also been using a set of vaginal dilators and large Pyrex dildos to stretch her vagina and with successfully taking Brian last week thought she might be ready for her first Reflexions. So I gave her a set of the .75 inch steel balls and had her insert them then go en pointe and do several développés holding the balls in place then do a series of jumps and they stayed in place firmly gripped by her pelvic muscles. She was right, she was ready for a third year set at least six months ahead of schedule! We were both so pleased! I had her remove the fitting balls and we chatted about her studies while her vagina returned to its quiescent state after arousal from the balls being inserted. She wants to be a lawyer which is a good second profession for an elite escort. She had climbed onto the exam table and I tried a 65mm Reflexions and it fit her perfectly! She had looked forward to the time she could be fitted with Reflexions to experience the far better heat transfer properties of the latex dome and getting her first one, just like adult escorts wear was a huge thrill! I’m going to limit Brian’s access to Bea to keep him interested in me while letting him train her as she can learn a great deal from his thirty-five years of experience fucking all the beautiful young women he can find.

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