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The 2011 Academy Awards

Natalie Portman’s Black Swan ballet trainer Mary Helen Bowers of

BalletBeautiful: I’m not in the habit of recommending other peoples ballet training regimens. However, Mary Helen Bowers did an amazing job working with Natalie Portman as her trainer for Black Swan. Women who are serious about working to develop lean long muscled bodies can’t go wrong having her as a trainer. About Mary Helen Bowers:

She began studying as a full scholarship student at the School of American Ballet in Manhattan at age 15. She was invited to join New York City Ballet at age 16. She danced for 10 years with the New York City Ballet at Lincoln Center and on stages all over the world. She graduated from Columbia University with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature. And, she created Ballet Beautiful™ method as a highly targeted and effective approach to fitness. At the heart of the Ballet Beautiful method is Mary Helen's expertise; the exquisite grace, beauty and strength that are the essence of a ballerina's form.

The 2011 Oscars: I’m having a small group of friends over this afternoon to watch the 2011 Academy Awards presentation. Usually it doesn’t make much difference to me what pictures and actors and actresses win but this year I have two dogs in the fight. My picks are:

The King’s Speech for best film

Natalie Portman for best actress in Black Swan

Colin Firth for best actor in The Kings Speech

Long time reader’s may recall that my mom was English and my biological father (Great uncle John) was Welsh, so I’m predisposed to favoring inspirational films about the Brits. I think The Kings speech has greater appeal – to the Academy – than Black swan.

I hope I’m wrong, but I think the film The Kids Are All Right with Annette Bening will probably win best picture and Bening best actress as I fear the film has more general appeal to the Academy. Sigh!

Update: I’m delighted to say that I got three for three (above) of my Oscar pics for this year!

People my age and younger don’t realize what a tremendous role-model King George VI was to the English people during WW II. The story of the Kings Speech provides some insight into what went into helping George VI be the leader he was.

I’m so pleased that Natalie Portman got the recognition she deserves for her frighteningly realistic portrayal of a ballet dancer who deteriorates mentally under the stress involved in competing with rivals for the lead in Swan Lake and in making the role of the Black swan her own.

In addition, Natalie, in her acceptance speech, thanked Mary Helen Bowers for helping her train for a year to make her into a believable ballerina.

The Lorelei & Colloquy with J

“Cursing of Lorelei by the Monks" Johann Köler 1887

The legend continues: In Germany the Lorelei is a rock on the eastern bank of the Rhine near St. Goarshausen, which soars some 120 metres above the waterline. It marks the narrowest part of the river between Switzerland and the North Sea. A very strong current and rocks below the waterline have caused many boat accidents there. Lorelei is a mermaid name which (legend has it) belonged to the mermaid who sat on the rock and lured unwary fisherman to their death by singing the most beautiful song they had ever heard.

While St. Goarshausen and the Lorelei are far from Adolph’s beloved mountains outside Munich where he was born the legend of the Lorelei has always fascinated him as has the painting “The Imprecation of Lorelei by the Monks" by the Estonian painter Johann Köler. Adolph sees the depiction of monks attempting to place an evil curse on the Siren as a battle between good and evil. In this case the evil of the monks attempting to curse a river mermaid who was just being who she is preying on the sexual appetites of passing sailors on the Rhine. He commissioned a life size copy of the painting and had it hung in the lobby of The Lorelei to remind guests that their appetite for sexual conquest of men is condoned neither by most organized religions nor community standards and so a sexually assertive woman must always be on her guard against being preyed upon by lesser women and most men who don’t understand that for some women to dominate men is part of the natural order of things.

Tanaquil, the French courtesan who is running the European portion of Taryn’s Porn Empire from Munich, is currently in residence at The Lorelei for a few days with several of her young demanding aristocratic female friends. They are helping Adolph get the kinks out of the operation before he begins advertising in earnest. I even got pulled into helping by supplying six male escort trainees as partners for Tanaquil and her group. I was reluctant to help because I’d seen what happens to a man who partners Tanaquil when she is in the mood for rough sex. When most people talk about rough sex they almost always mean rough for the woman. In the case of Tanaquil it means for the man. Then her partner is physically and mentally drained even when he is on Adderall and a performance enhancer like Viagra or Cialis and often his career as an escort is over because the erectile tissue in his penis has been crushed to the extent that it can’t be surgically repaired. There have been one or two erectile tissue transplants, but none has been successful and a pump while it might give him some sexual satisfaction isn’t what a sexually assertive woman needs, unless she has a fetish for sexually impaired men.

So I ended up sending her six of the male trainees who would have otherwise been cut from the course. Not that they aren’t good in bed… they are, but overall they didn’t have all the facets that makes a great male escort. I told them it would be a very strenuous assignment and the pay would be excellent, but I didn’t share that it would probably end their careers as escorts.

Colloquy with J: My anonymous correspondent J has written me again. And, No J, I am not confusing you with anyone else. He writes:

J: “it's hard to maintain a "secret room" for fetish activities. So of course this is where the commercial clubs and play spaces come in. And these sorts of operations require serious dues, fees and so forth to keep them up at the level the members would expect. I suppose it's a bit of a critical mass problem ... getting the capital to start an operation and attract the clientele which would make it attractive”

That’s so true, which is why The Lorelei is such a big risk. It’s not entirely clear yet what all the costs will be. He has a business plan, but there are a great many assumptions any one of which can significantly affect the bottom line.

Beauty and fetishes: J: “Beauty, however, doesn't necessarily need or find fetish necessary to attract a man, or even desirable to do it. Many women, perhaps most want to be loved for who they are not the style they adapt.. the rubber they wear etc. Of course some will say fetish IS who they are ... sexually. And that is good. Fetishists are also definitely elitist in the snob sense. They seem to feel, and perhaps with some justification, that they have a more expansive and broader sexual menu... something way beyond vanilla sex”

I agree that the fetish scene is outside the interest of most beautiful women. That’s why we at St Lucy’s try to identify and nurture the spark of individualism that can flare into a fetishista with just a little encouragement. We also try to instill proper manners so that a girl does not brag or lord her good fortune in having beauty, money and the incredibly intense sex fetish encounters can provide over those of her friends who are less fortunate.

Ballet dancers: J: “Dancers are very body conscious and ballet dancers are so in a very special way which appeals to me personally ((and others as well). Fetish is also very body conscious but hardly in the sense of movement. And this is the beauty of ballet... it is about the movement of the body. Most fetishists I'd say are clueless about this or have a very pop culture view of movement.. and of body type. So when I discovered a female rubberist who was ALSO a trained ballerina this interested me very much. Fetish attire may be mainstreaming more these days, but I would be surprised to see the girls coming out of SAB in tight rubber fetish gear. I suspect they would think it a bit of a tacky display. Just a guess. Performers though DO have the perfect rationale for costuming in very body conscious attire and so a fetish club ... dance job is the perfect cover for a female fetishist who can pass it off as her work attire.”

J and I are pretty much in agreement here too. Most female ballet dancers are self-centered. Though he wasn’t reading me when I was posting on Yahoo 360 (before they went Disney) when I wrote about dancing in the club in NJ owned by the father of the SAB student I was rooming with. This was years ago before SAB had a dorm. I think she and I were the only ones performing at night and on weekends at a NJ club, but I have no way of knowing for certain and we certainly didn’t mention our adult experiences to other students. I agree that you won’t see the girls coming out of SAB in tight rubber fetish gear. Most are too tired and aren’t that worldly, yet. Long time readers will also recall that I’ve also written about loving that as a dancer in Vegas since I teach and perform ballet I can wear pointes on almost any occasions and not be thought all that strange. Or, if anyone does they have had the good sense to keep quiet about it, because I have a long memory and take delight in revenge.

Fetishes - growth in the sex industry: J: “I am interested in the growth of fetish activities in popularity and seeing how they are evolving. For example the proliferation of chastity devices over the past several years is incredible - there are score and score of styles and makers and interest in CB and CB lifestyle seems to be growing up from nowhere. Are such growths in popularity because people are now finding the gear of the fantasies and "acting on it"?”

I think the recent interest in Chastity devices may be a manifestation of the religious and politically conservative movement in the country. It fits with self denial or the denial of sexual activity to a woman – or less frequently a man – in a locked CB with the key held by the other partner. Also, some well designed CB devices can be worn undetected beneath street clothes, are of relatively modest cost and most have a long life span making them ideal for kinky religious conservatives of modest means.

Dive-sex: J: “Or is this a matter of people having their fetishes shaped by what they read and see mostly on the internet and incorporating it into their own fetish menus? The dive or underwater fetish sex thing seems to be one of those ... it came from no where kinda things. Reading your blog one would think this is really a big deal and honestly Jill's World is the first I read anything in any detail about the practice. What I find curious or hard to understand is how this fetish became as popular as you claim it to be among the elite. It's certainly a well kept secret in the fetish sites I have been following. So I am a more than a bit skeptical about this fetish. Perhaps you might address how common it is (in your view) and how it actually got that way. It certainly takes an enormous amount of expensive gear, training and a pool to do it with discretion... as they say”

As far as I know SCUBA or dive-sex isn’t driven by what people read on the internet. Actually, most articles I’ve read on the subject talk about the problems involved: sand and debris in the moving parts, the search for a good waterproof lube, positions to keep the tanks from getting in the way, the lack of privacy and the need for warm water for the man to retain an erection. And, what is very troubling to me… nothing about the possibility of the woman having the hydraulics of her partner’s thrusting force water or air into her uterus where it can cause a pelvic infection or far worse a possible embolism. Yes, the chances are slight, but an occurrence can be fatal! That is why I go on so about being sure my women friends and students all wear gas-guards during dive-sex to protect their upper reproductive tracts.

I was introduced to dive-sex by a Hollywood director who was living here and who I worked for when I first moved here a few years ago. I was his toy and Girl Friday and when he tired of me he helped get me my job with the casino. He was a good Boss and a better lover and we had some amazing times together! He later married and they moved to Hawaii. But his circle enjoyed dive-sex and it was a skill that no women (that I knew anything about before arriving in Vegas) had so I decided to master the technique and I got it introduced into my AST syllabus at St Lucy’s. And, you are correct again that the equipment and facilities needed for dive-sex are expensive, but like so much else in this world the well off get to have a lot of the expensive fun. Dive-sex may not be on fetish sites because – as we have both agreed - very few can afford it and those who can aren’t into posting on group sites. Mainstream SCUBA sites undoubtedly have members who have had dive-sex but that’s a topic that a ‘family’ site won’t allow discussed.

Dive-sex, for those into rubber encasement, masks, breathing compressed gas and having sex in hostile environment it is a really big deal, in my circle, but you don’t expect an A-list actress to gossip about having her brains fucked out by a professional stud 20 feet below the surface of an encounter pool in Vegas, do you?

Oh, a reader left me a comment about a month ago asking if I wanted a job modeling for a site that takes stills and videos of underwater intercourse. It’s in Florida and I suppose if you Google it you can find it. I thought it was sweet of him to ask! I don’t think they could afford me! Why would I want anything more than what I have now? Here I’m virtually autonomous. I looked at the site and they had some pretty interesting photos, so I wouldn’t say dive-sex is entirely unknown.

J: “Your sex is about organism and coitus. Fetish sex, from what I can tell is 95% about arousal and almost never has coital sex. This perception comes from reading fetish sites, chat rooms on them, and fetish porn and my own personal experiences (limited as they are). I've always found it odd that coital sex is so little mentioned and often disdained by kinky people. It's almost as if THAT is what boring vanilla sex is and who does that stuff any more? Perhaps you go a bit the other way and mention fetish but don't dwell on the arousal play aspects very much.. dressing for pleasure as thing in itself...”

Well, organisms and coitus are what I’m into – what light my fire - so that’s what I write about. I think, if it’s true that most fetish sex is about arousal and not coital sex, it’s because the risks of getting caught, STIs and pregnancy are too great for most fetishists who make do with parading around and groping one another while wearing whatever fetish gear they can afford. That, for all intents and purposes is ‘safe sex’. And we have already talked about the shortage of women on the fetish scene though there seems to be no shortage of TV/CD and TG ‘female’ members. It’s a common tactic… if you don’t have the balls to do it yourself then talk it down; ‘it’s so vanilla’ etc. ‘Dressing for pleasure’ is one of my kinks, which I’ve written about, especially when I am Duty Manager at the casino. Sheathed in latex and calf length bladed ballet boots with heel guards over the blades I project an image of a woman you really don’t want to upset.

Friday, February 25, 2011

The Lorelei

Eight cervical barriers, some with cases

Adolph’s fetish facilities expand: Adolph decided to branch out and enter the under-served market for female water fetishists. He has opened a woman’s intimate aqua-club, it’s called The Lorelei, and he has a full service vaginal devices boutique in it to fit gas-guards, among other things. He negotiated with our woman’s clinic that takes care of a lot of the entertainers and escorts in town to run the satellite cervical barrier fitting salon at The Lorelei which shares the same large building with Splash. The barrier fitting salon will pull some traffic away from the main clinic location, but boost the bottom line since the cost for fittings is about 15% higher than at the main location because of the convenience factor of being able to get fitted on site just before entering a club encounter pool. The clinic gets 80% of the profit since no other fetish club has a woman’s facility much less gas-guard fitting capability and because vaginal rubber is catching on, among the very wealthy as the need for gas guards becomes more apparent, he feels The Lorelei will be ahead of the curve. Female guests at the Lorelei can bring a male companion or chose from among a stable of male escorts picked for their skills and stamina.

The photo at the top of this entry shows eight cervical barriers. The three in the top row are, from left to right: the Ortho All-Flex, the Milex wide seal diaphragm and the FemCap. The three in the middle row are: Lea’s Shield, the Prentif cavity rim cervical cap (that looks like a thimble) and the Ortho Coil spring rim diaphragm. The two devices in the bottom row are: the Semina diaphragm and the Oves cervical cap. Of these eight the Lea’s shield, Prentif, and Oves caps and the Ortho coil spring rim are no longer being made. Prentif and Oves caps can occasionally be found on the internet though most sizes are nearly impossible to get. A coil spring rim is made by Milex. The Semina – the one with the red rim and transparent dome – is made in Brazil and not generally available in the U.S.

For want of a gas-guard: The local fetish community had the need for gas-guards tragically brought home the last week I was away when a highly respected community leader from a large eastern U.S city had an embolism during a dive-sex encounter. She was in her mid 40s in good health and was an experienced diver and rubber fetishist. She was taken to a private hospital and put on a respirator, but her brain activity had flat-lined. Her husband flew out and had her medical power of attorney in which she requested no heroic measures be taken should she be declared brain dead and he had her taken off the respirator and sat with her for the 3 hours it took her to stop breathing. Fortunately the accident happened in a private home and not at The Lorelei. Adolph knows the husband and offered him consolation at Splash for which Adolph says, he was grateful. The couple had an open marriage and each had an active sex life so he wasn’t upset about her having sex with another man, but he was furious about her not wearing her gas-guard which he loved her to wear and which she consistently went without whenever she had SCUBA-sex with other men. She left 12 y/o twin boys.

The Lorelei uses the same utilities and the same upper management as Splash though there are only four encounter pools rather than the nine at Splash, but the building that was once a massive cold storage warehouse and is built like a bunker with most of it underground to reduce HVAC costs, and has plenty of room for them both to expand. Managing The Lorelei itself is Abigail (Abi) who returning readers will remember from earlier posts. She is a gorgeous 25 y/o German with auburn hair who is strong, smart and an expert swimmer/diver who had been a soloist with the Frankfurt Ballet. She was hired to teach an underwater bondage course at Splash early last year then accepted the position as Pool-Assistant (and Lorelei in residence) to Adolph in June 2010.

Adolph expects The Lorelei to operate at a loss for at least the first year to eighteen months as membership builds but he felt the need to have a facility where women can enjoy their most extreme fetishes while being in a safe location. The Lorelei also provides him an opportunity to possibly take possession of some additional female bodies under certain circumstances, so his motives are not entirely altruistic. He has put out the word among wealthy friends on the West Coast who are or know adventuresome women who would be interested in a confidential facility like The Lorelei either as a destination, at a convention or while vacationing in the area.

What’s a nice girl like you - : I have an anonymous admirer, a returning reader who comments - occasionally in considerable detail - on blog entries that interest or horrify him.

I recently got a comment from him along the lines of the old query: “What’s a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?” I’ve mentioned my reasons for being in Vegas and living the life I do a number of times in postings on this blog, but I’ll share with my readers my answers, in case anyone else wonders or cares.

>why go from classic training to the nasty underworld of Vegas?

“Because here I can have the best of both worlds! I run my own company, get to dance what and when I want and can pass on my skills to like minded young women and get all the fetish sex I need at the risk levels I crave.”

>why underwater is it supposed to heighten the brain rush or something, or just the danger of not coming up?

“Why not? It feeds a number of my fetishes simultaneously. My need for: rubber encasement, gasmask, being kept alive by mechanical means, breathing compressed gas and sex in a hostile environment as well as the possibility of becoming pregnant from a cervical barrier failure while being inseminated.

Combining those cravings in a single sexual encounter is for me unbelievably erotic. And that is especially true when my libido peaks as it has this week. That’s because today I’m CD12 and fertile – I should ovulate two days from now, this coming Thursday. The chance of an unplanned pregnancy is very slight, but there is enough risk to cause a frissson of concern to curl my toes and make me wet with desire for a man to plant his seed in my belly.”

E for effort: In response to my entry ‘Fertile women and their scent’ posted on 02-22-2011 he sent me an exceptionally long comment, even for him. In general he was complimentary, but his experience with fetish sex while erotic has been disappointing and, if I understood him correctly he finds my interest in and need for sexual intercourse while wearing latex or SCUBA gear, unrealistic, based on his experience. He wrote:

“If a fetish can be taught and learned, how come so many (men) complain that their partners (wifes, GFs SOs) have no aptitude, nor interest and don’t get it even when they agree to give it a try? Why is something which is so compelling to some so repulsive to others?”

If he was a woman he would know the answer to that question. The majority of daughters are brought up to suppress their sexuality. Even Moms who grew up in the 60s during the sexual revolution when the pill first became available usually realize the risks they took and try to shield their daughters from making the same ‘mistakes’. That early training carries over into intimate relationships when the daughters become sexually active so that vanilla sex is as wild as they dare get without feeling devalued and objectified. It is very difficult for most girls to go against their moral training that has been drilled into them by their mothers for years when their hormones kick in and they start craving men. Intense sports, cold showers, and masturbation tend to lessen the need for men, but not entirely which results in vanilla sex. Only a few adventuresome girls are attracted by the look of a feminine form encased in latex and dare to display their bodies that way.

He complained that his experience with fetish clubs was disappointing, writing:

“I started attending some SM and clubs expecting to meet females who might share my latex fetish in one form or another. Didn’t happen. These clubs were populated by fat ugly people who could care less about elegance, beauty… form motion… fetish and more about whips and so forth. YUCK. I was looking for elegant Balanchine females enclosed in rubber and there wasn’t anything in rubber at all”

Talk about unrealistic expectations and fantasies! Entry level fetish clubs are like that with members having far less than perfect bodies. Balanchine bodies are high maintenance and the few owners of that sort of bod who are into fetishwear almost always realize they can be kept by a rich man or work in an elite club where they can network to become better known and properly appreciated. I think too, that a man actually meeting a beautiful woman encased in latex while finding her erotic may often be so in awe of her that he is unable to act on his fantasies.

I’ve seen that happen to my students in latex encasement training when they take a new partner and he is so mesmerized by their beauty they need to physically seduce him to get him aroused. My shrink says that is because the men in the presence of a woman they know is well out of their league will often think they may be unworthy of such a prize or will be dismissed as inadequate and fear rejection and scorn to the degree that they can’t become aroused or will ejaculate w/o getting an erection. My correspondent goes further, writing that:

“clearly fetish(es) don’t appeal to everyone and everyone will not “get off” on fetish or the less discussed fetish sex. Sex is not discussed as much as bondage, cross dressing, chastity, S&M… My own decades of experience leads me to believe that the most powerful aspect of fetish sex is the fantasy nature of it… not so much the practice of it.”

He is quite correct in that regard, but we should be thankful that vanilla sex does not include true fetish sex and thankful for a number of reasons. First the average person can’t afford much outside the standard S&M gear of ropes, chains, nipple and labia clamps, gags and frilly undies. Latex and dive gear is costly and high maintenance with (in the case of latex) a short lifespan even for quality garments. Finally, for most people expectations are kept in check by community mores, the financial burden and the realization – on the part of the women involved – that they are the ones likely to end up injured or pregnant from fetish sex and as a result do their best to minimize their participation or try to avoid it entirely. So living a rubber fantasy in her mind or at dress-up parties is as much excitement as the average woman wants or can afford.

Fortunately, there are quite a few daughters of wealthy parents or young women of independent means for whom these economic and social barriers pose no limitation on where their adventuresome natures might take them. It is to these women that St Lucy’s is dedicated; to providing the best classical education for the mind and the most advanced intimate training possible for their bodies so they can harness their sexuality for advancement in any field of endeavor they choose while enjoying the delights of the opposite sex in relative safety.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fertile women and their scent

A Milex Omniflex wide seal silicone diaphragm

The New York Times
February 21, 2011
Science - findings

The Threatening Scent of Fertile Women

“The 21-year-old woman was carefully trained not to flirt with anyone who came into the laboratory over the course of several months. She kept eye contact and conversation to a minimum. She never used makeup or perfume, kept her hair in a simple ponytail, and always wore jeans and a plain T-shirt.

Each of the young men thought she was simply a fellow student at Florida State University participating in the experiment, which ostensibly consisted of her and the man assembling a puzzle of Lego blocks. But the real experiment came later, when each man rated her attractiveness. Previous research had shown that a woman at the fertile stage of her menstrual cycle seems more attractive, and that same effect was observed here — but only when this woman was rated by a man who wasn’t already involved with someone else.

The other guys, the ones in romantic relationships, rated her as significantly less attractive when she was at the peak stage of fertility, presumably because at some level they sensed she then posed the greatest threat to their long-term relationships. To avoid being enticed to stray, they apparently told themselves she wasn’t all that hot anyway.

This experiment was part of a new trend in evolutionary psychology to study “relationship maintenance.” Earlier research emphasized how evolution primed us to meet and mate: how men and women choose partners by looking for cues like facial symmetry, body shape, social status and resources.

But the evolutionary mating game wasn’t just about finding a symmetrical face in the savanna’s equivalent of a singles bar. Natural selection favored those who stayed together long enough to raise children: the men and women who could sustain a relationship by keeping their partners happy. They would have benefited from the virtue to remain faithful, or at least the wiliness to appear faithful while cheating discreetly.

It’s possible that some of the men in Florida were just trying to look virtuous by downgrading the woman’s attractiveness, the way a husband will instantly dismiss any woman pointed out by his wife. (That Victoria’s Secret model? Ugh! A skeleton with silicon.) But Jon Maner, a co-author of the study, says that’s unlikely because the men filled out their answers in private and didn’t expect the ratings to be seen by anyone except the researchers.

“It seems the men were truly trying to ward off any temptation they felt toward the ovulating woman,” said Dr. Maner, who did the work with Saul Miller, a fellow psychologist at Florida State. “They were trying to convince themselves that she was undesirable. I suspect some men really came to believe what they said. Others might still have felt the undercurrent of their forbidden desire, but I bet just voicing their lack of attraction helped them suppress it.”

It may seem hard to believe that men could distinguish a woman who’s at peak fertility simply by sitting next to her for a few minutes. Scientists long assumed that ovulation in humans was concealed from both sexes.

But recent studies have found large changes in cues and behavior when a woman is at this stage of peak fertility. Lap dancers get much higher tips (unless they’re taking birth-control pills that suppress ovulation, in which case their tips remain lower). The pitch of a woman’s voice rises. Men rate her body odor as more attractive and respond with higher levels of testosterone.

“The fascinating thing about this time is that it flies under the radar of consciousness,” says Martie Haselton, a psychologist at U.C.L.A. “Women and men are affected by ovulation, but we don’t have any idea that it is what is driving these substantial changes in our behavior. It makes it clear that we’re much more like other mammals than we thought.”

At this peak-fertility stage, women are more interested in going to parties and dance clubs, and they dress more attractively (as judged by both men and women). Some women’s attitudes toward their own partners also change, according to research by Dr. Haselton along with a U.C.L.A. colleague, Christina Larson, and Steven Gangestad of the University of New Mexico.

“Women who are in steady relationships with men who are not very sexually attractive — those who lack the human equivalent of the peacock’s tail — suddenly start to notice other men and flirt,” Dr. Haselton said. “They are also more critical of their steady partners and feel less ‘one’ with them on those few days before ovulation.” But that doesn’t mean they’re planning to walk out.

“These women don’t show any shifts in feelings of commitment,” Dr. Haselton said. “They don’t want to leave their steady partners. They just want to look around at other men and consider them as alternative sex partners.”

This fits the “good genes” evolutionary explanation for adultery: a quick fling with a good-looking guy can produce a child with better genes, who will therefore have a better chance of passing along the mother’s genes. But this sort of infidelity is risky if the woman’s unsexy long-term partner finds out and leaves her alone to raise the child. So it makes sense for her to limit her risks by being unfaithful only at those times she’s fertile.

By that same evolutionary logic, it makes sense for her partner to be most worried when she’s fertile, and that’s just what occurred in the relationships tracked by Dr. Haselton and Dr. Gangestad. The unsexy men became especially jealous and engaged in more “mate-guarding” during the stage of high fertility — perhaps because they sense the subtle physical cues, or maybe just because they could see the overt flirting.

One safe way for both men and women to stay in a relationship is to avoid even looking at tempting alternatives, and there seem to be subtle mental mechanisms to stop the wandering eye, as Dr. Maner and colleagues at Florida State found in an experiment testing people’s “attentional adhesion.”

The men and women in the experiment, after being primed with quick flashes of words like “lust” and “kiss,” were shown a series of photographs and other images. The single men and women in the study couldn’t help staring at photographs of good-looking people of the opposite sex — their gaze would linger on these hot prospects even when they were supposed to be looking at a new image popping up elsewhere on the screen.

But the people who were already in relationships reacted differently. They looked away more quickly from the attractive faces. The subliminal priming with words related to sex apparently activated some unconscious protective mechanism: Tempt me not! I see nothing! I see nothing!

This is good news for fans of fidelity, but there’s one caveat from a subsequent study by Dr. Maner along with C. Nathan DeWall of the University of Kentucky and others. This time, the researchers subtly made it difficult to pay attention to the attractive faces. Both men and women responded by trying harder to look at the forbidden fruit. Afterward, they expressed less satisfaction with their partners and more interest in infidelity.

The lesson here seems to be that too much “mate-guarding” can get in the way of “relationship maintenance.”

“We shouldn’t want our partner to be looking at lots of other people, because that’s bad for the relationship,” Dr. Maner said. “At the same time, preventing them from looking doesn’t help either, and can backfire.” Left to their own devices, conscious or unconscious, they might just manage to restrain themselves.”

Personal comment: It is fascinating research, but something the sex trade has known empirically for years. Which is why knowledgeable girls in the trade are fitted with copper IUDs – or some few of us use cervical barriers - rather than take hormones so we are protected while continuing to ovulate. Being fertile is much better for business. In the research described above the fertile woman made no attempt to engage her male subject in eye contact or in any physical way that could have been construed to indicate she was available. When I’m fertile as I am now (I'm CD12) I look forward to flirting in the hope that I may find a surprise lover and I occasionally I do.

Intimate counseling: It was yesterday that I was counseling the parents of a St Lucy’s ballet (and AST) student about their daughter being Bi and the fact that she needs to show more interest in men if she is going to successfully compete in the insular world of classical ballet. Not that a talented Lesbian can’t compete, but, as with Gay males, there is often not the chemistry between a dancer and her partner that there is with a Het couple when sexual tension between the two is present. The mother went to discuss this over coffee with the daughter while the father stayed with me to discuss how I thought they should proceed. As soon as his wife was out of the room he came on to me saying he could smell my fertile scent. I was amazed since I had a Penetrator inserted at the time. It was a delightful surprise to me that his sense of smell was that keen and that he wanted sex with me. He is a very big name in the entertainment industry and supposedly is happily married. It took very little effort on his part to convince me and once he found I was willing it was quick, rough and marvelously satisfying for us both.

Unplugged: They are staying in a pool bungalow at the casino so from the various background checks I already knew he was free of STIs. He never asked or seemed to care whether I was clean he just didn’t want to wear a condom, which was fine with me. However, he was interested in my being protected and even though I had an Oves cap screwed down tight on my ripe cervix I said nothing about it. When he slipped his hand under my pareo to grope me he found I was wearing only a plug. He wanted to know why I was wearing a vaginal plug and I told him it was to make it more difficult for student’s randy fathers to seduce me. He got a good chuckle out of that as I was showing him how to break the seal by pulling down and forward on the removal loop. After which I let him unplug me. As I put my dripping Penetrator in a Ziploc bag and dropped it into my dancebag I had a pretty good idea what he was after because I had heard that in the fetish clubs of LA he was into vaginal rubber. So when he asked what I would use for protection I said I would use a diaphragm. It was pure lust on my part and I longed to feel him thrusting inside me.

The Omniflex as an aphrodisiac: I knew he wanted to watch me insert my diaphragm (Men are such voyeurs!) and you should have seen the smile on his face when I said I would let him watch! I had a spare Milex Omniflex – like the one pictured at the top of this entry - in my dancebag for just that sort of situation. I like to insert a Milex wide seal when a man is watching because for those who are somewhat familiar with diaphragms most guys in the U.S have only seen All-Flex diaphragms. A Milex looks different being made of translucent very light pink silicone and has a 1 cm lip around the inside of the rim to provide a wider surface to seal against the vaginal walls for a stronger vacuum in the dome. The two notches in the lip are a guide for where the user should place her fingers when compressing the rim for insertion. In the case of the Omniflex it doesn’t really matter at which points on the rim it is compressed. However, for the arcing spring rim it is crucial that the rim be compressed at those two points because the arcing rim has two elbow hinges for compression into an arc and for the hinges to fold correctly and not be damaged the rim MUST be compressed at those two locations.

A quickie: It was going to be a very quick encounter because we weren’t sure how long his wife would be gone, so I didn’t bother to check the dome for pinholes, tears, thin spots or cracks since I’d done that before I slipped it into my dancebag. I just added a bit of Semécide+, the O9 spermicide, in the dome before insertion. He was cautious, wanting to feel my cervix under the dome after I had the Omniflex properly positioned and pumped down to get the residual air out of the folds and increase the vacuum so I pushed down to force my ripe cervix closer to the entrance to my vagina where he could feel it under the protective silicone membrane. By that time we were both aroused. I gasped in delight as he inserted two fingers inside me and I felt the pressure of his fingertip as he probed the soft dilated opening of my fertile cervix through the rubber dome. I quickly unbuckled his slacks. They dropped to the floor and he stepped out of them so we wouldn’t stain them because I was very juicy with natural lube even though my FCM was trapped behind my cervical barriers. I eased his bone hard erection out of his Speedo cup and was delighted to find that he was in great shape for a man in his 50s with strong slim legs and a hard flat belly and his glans was already weeping pre-ejaculate.

Getting laid: He picked me up and laid me on the conference room table. I put my calves on has shoulders and crossed my ankles behind his head where I could move my sweaty feet shod in Gaynor pointes so he could take advantage of the scent of damp fabric and estrogenic sweat. I spread my labia with the fingers of one hand while guiding his tip with the other. When he was in position he put his hands on my hips, tightened his grip and shoved his tip inside me. With one long magnificent thrust he pinned me to the table filling me with his manhood the tip of which was pushed hard against the tip of my ripe cervix. He was a nearly perfect fit and it was marvelous being filled with a powerful male’s erection knowing he was going to fill me with hundreds of millions of sperm any one of which if it reached my egg could have me carrying his child… if I let it go that far. We both knew we didn’t have much time so he was very considerate to first concentrate on my G-spot giving me my pleasure before finishing himself with shuddering gasps as he squirted semen against the silicone membrane protecting my cervix. It would have been wonderful to have been able to have an afterglow snuggle with him but there wasn’t time.

He stayed buried inside me for a minute or two until he became flaccid and then withdrew. I had baby wipes ready for both of us to clean up a bit and I Kegeled his load into a Puffs tissue dropped it in the trash and stepped into a post-coital thong, one with an absorbent pad to collect the discharge that continued draining even after Kegeling most of his semen out of me. He had his clothes on and our breathing was back to normal and the sexual flush was off our faces before his wife returned with their daughter. The women had decided that the daughter would follow where her sexuality took her and that she would concentrate on her academics and have ballet as a serious interest, but not as a career path which I think was what the daughter wanted all along. It was the mom, who in her teens had wanted to be a dancer, who was pushing her daughter toward a career in dance for which the daughter does not have the drive, the ‘I’ll succeed whatever the cost’ the ‘I’ll die if I can’t be a dancer’ mentality it takes to become a dancer . It was a wise and courageous choice because you can’t change a person’s sexuality

Monday, February 21, 2011

Women with balls

Pyrex Ben Wa Balls 1 in. diameter (.65 oz) from Glass

AST students advance to Pyrex training balls: This week my Advanced Sexual Techniques students who have met the necessary qualifications, have been presented with their Pyrex Ben Wa sets for advanced pelvic training. It was a low key presentation ceremony though the Head Mistress, Sister Mary Agnes made the awards. Students not qualifying were dropped from the course. Since AST is an elective being dropped doesn’t affect their GPA, but within the school it is a severe blow to a girl’s social standing so there is always an intense effort to pass the tests. We also grade AST students who move up to Pyrex training balls on how they interact with more junior students after moving up. We teach modesty and tact, not hiding ones light beneath a bushel, but not lording their success over other students of lesser accomplishment, and Pyrex ball girls know better than to develop what has become known at St Lucy’s as a Princess Pussy complex.

Additionally, with their untethered Pyrex training set they were each given a 7.5 inch long stainless steel ice tea spoon as an extraction aid when a ball gets lodged in the posterior fornix which can happen occasionally, depending on the position used, especially during sex with a well endowed partner who can shove a ball up behind the cervix during deep thrusting. This occurs infrequently, but most often while penetrated doggie style.

The students moving up to untethered glass training balls now is recognition that the girls have the grip and muscular control to hold the balls in place in pointe class during splits, jumps, lifts and développés when students with less advanced pelvic control would drop or launch a ball across the studio, especially while performing a développé, if they weren’t wearing mesh tights to prevent that sort of accident. The AST students had to pass this sort of test – three times – while going commando so there was no opportunity to luck out just once and get a passing grade. For the exam the girls were actually in crotchless tights because they needed leg covering for their partners to grip during lifts.

Ben Wa specs: I decided on 1 inch diameter untethered (no string connecting the balls or to be used as an aid for removal) Pyrex glass balls because of their impermeability and hypo-allergenic nature, having no porous surfaces or strings that could harbor bacteria and which are impossible to sterilize between wearings. I think metal, and stone ball sets are dangerous since many, especially the decorative cloisonné ones - can’t be sterilized properly so can contribute to vaginal infections. The balls being detached from each other gives the wearer the flexibility to position the balls anywhere in her vaginal barrel w/o limitation and even move them in opposite directions simultaneously. The Merchant, Fantasy Glass.Com, has been very responsive to St Lucy’s needs giving us a good price and shipping our orders promptly.

The size is convenient for training being something a young woman with an extremely tight vaginal grip can comfortably wear while learning to manipulate them up and down the length of her vagina. The weight, at .65 oz per ball, is just enough that there is some effort overcoming gravity in moving them deeper, but not enough to prevent continuous training for hours at a time which is the only way for a woman to develop the stamina needed to destroy even a very experienced man’s composure and captivate him the first time she allows him to penetrate her. Ripple gripping has that effect on a man, especially when coming from an unexpected source like a teen dancer. And, as the women mature and move into adult society they are highly sought after as wives or lovers. We like to think that St Lucy’s produces one of the best multifaceted educations emphasizing intimate sports as well as academics for adventuresome women.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The French Connection

Cyndi’s Rubber 55 .40 mm latex catsuit

Cyndi gets her first Death Rubber: Just before I left on Vacation I got a call from my contact in the Vegas Organization. They needed a cleanup at one of the Luxury estates on offer through their real estate agency. The fully furnished place has been on the market for some time, but since there are signs that even here the market is becoming better for up-market sales they sent in a cleaning crew to give it a good cleaning before staging the home for showing.

What the crew found was two bodies at the bottom of the indoor swimming pool and the supervisor called his boss and a few minutes later I’m called to clean up the mess. This is the first time I’ve been called to cleanup bodies in months. I thought everyone was behaving themselves and the turf wars were in at least a truce and perhaps they are because when Cyndi and I got there the deaths appeared to be accidental. This was Cyndi’s first time alone with me (she had been with Taryn and me once before) on a cleanup assignment. She wanted to take Taryn’s place helping me because she is interested in collecting and wearing ‘death rubber’ like I do.

Death Rubber: Returning readers will remember that my definition of ‘death rubber’ is rubber fetishwear or diving equipment being worn by a person who died while having sex. Our interest of course is in dead females because on cleanup jobs like this we get to keep any of the personal possessions of the deceased that we find so we strip the bodies of women our size and check all the body cavities for inserted devices of one sort or another. For me over the years that means I’ve collected a lot of interesting rubber encasement suits in my size, vintage SCUBA equipment and a few sex toys. I find it’s a huge turn-on having sex in or with the equipment another woman died in while being fucked.

We took the truck and the usual supplies and went out to the house. I have a master key so the cleaning crew had gone, not wanting to become involved. The Organizations real estate agency thinks it has a good chance of a sale for this property and they weren’t anxious to have it tied up for months as a crime scene, which is why they called me. What we found was a man and women in latex catsuits, hoods, gloves and booties on the bottom of the dive-well of a conventional 20 ft deep swimming pool. Before suiting up to retrieve the bodies we checked the rest of the house and we found a problem in the four bay garage which contained only an air compressor a half dozen 80 cu ft aluminum air tanks and a kerosene heater that was out of fuel. When I approached the door from the house to the garage my CO detector started registering and when I opened the door it shot up to a reading in the mid 3000 ppm range, well into the fatal range [concentrations of carbon monoxide at 3,200 ppm (0.32%) produce symptoms of headache, dizziness and nausea in five to ten minutes and death within 30 minutes], so I hit the automatic door opener and opened all four bay doors. What seems to have happened is the woman went into business for herself in the house and used the garage to fill her air tanks. Over time the kerosene heater being used to warm the large empty garage filled the enclosed space with carbon monoxide poisoning the air being used to fill her SCUBA tanks. So she accidentally poisoned herself and her client.

Removing the bodies: Even though we had a good idea what killed them we still tested the water and it seemed to be safe. Even so, we put on our drysuits and positive pressure FFMs and made sure all our seals were tight before entering the water to retrieve the bodies. They were both wearing wrist and ankle weights as well as weight belts. They were out of their SCUBA sets which were along side them strapped into weighted buoyancy control vests and they were wearing single hose reg FFMs. The woman seemed to have been on her hands and knees and was penetrated from the rear, doggie style, but had collapsed forward so her butt was up and the lens of her mask was pressed into the bottom with her arms folded under her. The air valves were still open on both tanks and their consoles showed the tanks were both nearly full. I shut off the air loosened the spiders of their FFMs and pulled their masks off so we could get the bodies to the surface w/o having to contend with their SCUBA gear. Both had vomited in their masks. Separating them wasn’t easy. They had been dead long enough to be in rigor mortis so I guess they hadn’t been dead more than a day and hadn’t started decomposing. Well, not badly. The man’s arms were around his partner’s shoulders and we had to both pull on his arms to release his grip before we could pull him, still erect, out of her. We attached lift bags to the weight belts on both bodies and to each SCUBA set and sent them to the surface where we pulled them to the shallow end and got the SCUBA gear out of the pool and set to one side.

We pulled the bodies out of the water and bagged the man. He was in a worn black Polymorph suit with scuffed elbows and knees that fit him like rental rubber, which it probably was. Then we got down to stripping the woman. She was wearing a perfectly fitting high quality .40 mm (medium weight) brown latex catsuit from the British fetishwear maker Rubber 55 – similar to the one shown in the photo at the top of this entry, except that the eye openings in her hood were smaller so her FFM would seal correctly against the hood - and it was just Cyndi’s size! I inserted my fingers in her vagina then pushed hard on her belly with my other hand and found she was wearing four one inch diameter Pyrex Ben Wa balls! I clamed the ‘death balls’ as mine, since I’d never found a woman who had died having sex with Ben Was inserted before! I was so pleased!

Wearing the Ben Wa balls as an enhancement they should have been fucking each other’s brains out with unbelievably intense orgasms with the balls caressing his frenulum on one side and pressing on and caressing her G-spot on the other. But sucking poisoned pressurized gas through their DVs I don’t think they ever reached orgasm, or at least he didn’t, because he was still erect and rock hard and his penis, all 7 inches of it – I measured it – was black from where the blood had pooled when he collapsed on top of her and his body cooled. I would have offered her body to Adolph – returning readers will remember he is into necrophilia – except that Cyndi wanted her catsuit and Adolph likes his dead divers in the suits in which they died. The dead dive-chick had a lovely body; C-cup breasts, long naturally blond hair (her pubes were waxed) a beautiful face - after I wiped the vomit off it so I could see her features, a hard flat belly and long slim legs. I don’t think she had been in the trade long as her skin, even though she had been submerged for a day or so still looked unblemished.

I searched through her things. She had a Colorado driver’s license, a PADI open water SCUBA certificate dated 6 months ago and credit card receipts from Denver 4 weeks previously and some from local restaurants and bars – where I supposed she was trolling for clients – here in town starting from two weeks back. In her bedroom she had a lot of lovely new Le Perla lingerie that Cyndi took… she looks gorgeous in the thongs and push-up demi-cup bras and Cyndi can wear her three pairs of Jimmy Choo heels as well. So the chick had money or someone sprung for big bucks to outfit her with a first class wardrobe.

She hadn’t been wearing a gas guard nor did she have one in her slit-kit so that (and the recent PADI certificate) told me she was probably new to dive-sex and the major mistake of having a polluting heater poisoning the source of her breathing gas indicated that she wasn’t familiar with at least some of the safety precautions involved in SCUBA diving. She had a partial pack of contraceptive pills, the minipill Cerazette. Cerazette contains no estrogen only the progestin desogestrel a long half-life hormone that is proving very effective even if the user is as much as 12 hour late taking her pill. However, Cerazette is not available in the U.S. and the pharmacy name on the pack is in Lyon, France. I gave Jacques her name and the pharmacy information and asked him to make discreet enquiries.

Prescription mood enhancers: I also found half a bottle of Adderall which is used to increase alertness, increase libido, increase concentration and overall cognitive performance, and, in general, improve mood, while decreasing user fatigue. Until I found this powerful psychostimulant I wondered why the couple didn’t recognize their performance was being impaired and break off the dive and head for the surface. If they were high on Adderall it could have masked their symptoms until they collapsed unconscious and death followed minutes later.

The Marseille Mafia: Her client’s wallet and passport indicated he was a French businessman from Marseille so I forwarded his information to Tanaquil in Germany to have her make enquiries and she found that he was associated with the French Porn industry. Given that the dead couple seemed to be connected to the sex industry in France I asked for instructions and was told that having a French Escort squatting in an Organization property w/o asking permission was a sign of disrespect that couldn’t go unpunished even though the couple was dead. But rather than run the bodies through the chipper I was to deliver them to a cold storage facility to be preserved while the bosses discussed what to do and made enquiries as to if the couple were the thin end of the wedge sent to start a turf war to extend the reach of the French Mafia into Vegas. Meanwhile, Cyndi and I sent her new death rubber catsuit and my death balls along with tissue from the bodies to Labia Labs to be tested for all known STIs and sterilized while we were on vacation.

I’m pleased to say the tests are back and both of the bodies and the gear they were wearing were free of all known STIs and other deadly viruses and bacteria and are safe for us to wear. Cyndi as a Towel Girl not yet Red Door qualified is none the less causing a sensation at Splash in her Rubber 55 catsuit and knowing it was worn by a French professional escort who died while having sex in it makes her aroused just thinking about being able to feel the latex compress her well toned young body as it once did its previous owner. And, I’m enjoying manipulation my new Pyrex death balls to keep my vaginal muscles toned. It is such fun to be able to move them up and down my vagina and give myself a gentle G-spot orgasm with them while in budget meetings where my accountants are droning on and on.

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