Friday, February 28, 2014

In thrall to a witch

Me in Jenna’s menstrual size Bloch Alpha pointes

The Photo: a pair of Jenna’s Bloch Alpha pointes that I wear for ballet-sex with Brad, my new psychotherapist. Alpha runs 2 ½ sizes smaller than my street shoe size and I was amazed to find that she had been wearing Alphas to perform in and was using them to play in as well. Her Menstrual size, 5 ½, pictured above should fit me perfectly during my periods. The size she wore during other times in her cycle, 4 ½, are just a tiny bit snug on me with toe pads which I like in a pointe shoe made of conventional materials because they will stretch slightly with wear. Brad wants me to wear her shoes when I’m on my toes while we make love and in a new relationship like this wearing his dead wife’s pointes with her Chi from their love making still very fresh in them is an amazing boost to my libido. Not that I needed one as I get wet, my nipples harden and I need to be milked when ever I’m around him.

My therapy sessions with Brad: As I wrote in my previous post “I think I know what he wants, a hypersexual mate. He lost his wife, Jenna, and baby son in a car accident eighteen months ago and he says I remind him of his wife.  I’m pretty sure he is already in love with me though I have only been seeing him professionally, as his patient, for the past few weeks.”

He is helping me come to terms with being a handmaiden of the Goddess Aphrodite and also being a witch of sorts which is an attribute of being in the service of Venus/Aphrodite. I want to do so much to help others, but there are unforeseeable long term implications in using magic to change things. So he is working with me to channel my energy into helping my wards, my students at St Lucy’s and the men and women who pass through my escort classes make the best possible use of their sexuality skills and wiles as that will bring about an amazing amount of intense pleasure, something an earthly servant of Aphrodite is charged to do.

It took only several small spells to show him I wasn’t certifiably insane or delusional. Things like lighting candles and his fireplace from across the room, levitating a bronze vase and causing a small gentle rain over his office building was all it took to convince him.

In thrall to a witch: Sex with Brad is awesome! He was so ready though he knew it is unethical for a therapist to enter in to an intimate relationship with a patient. I relieved his mind by suggesting that we be friends instead of having a doctor-patient relationship. That way he could analyze and coach me with his knowledge as he learned first hand about my intimate powers. It was the same reasoning I used with all my previous psychoanalysts and it quickly brought him under my spell. We discussed it in a way that left him convinced that it was his idea to analyze me as a friend. It’s so much easier to steer a man in the direction you want when he thinks it’s his idea.

Vagina Dentata: Even so, the first time we were intimate I didn’t let him penetrate me except with his fingers, which for him had its scary moments. But I did let him breast feed since my breasts were full and Jenna had let him breast feed as she had been weaning their son and was already cycling naturally again and using a Milex Omniflex diaphragm for contraception.

It was a great relief to have him milk me and the wonderful time during his gentle breastfeeding helped to allay some of his concern about penetrating me with his penis. I think I may have given too much away when I tightened my muscles around the two fingers he had inserted in my vagina. I squeezed his knuckles together until they hurt just to show him how strong my vaginal muscles are and how easily I can squeeze the cream out of his éclair. He was more than impressed; he was a bit scared and thought I might have Vagina Dentata, an extremely rare (but not mythical) condition where a woman has teeth in her vagina. I had to let him feel around for quite a while to convince him that I had no teeth in my vagina just the normal musculature that had been strengthened by ballet and specialized training to convince him my vagina wasn’t going to crush or eat him.  

Brad is such a deliciously hunky man! In his late 30s he is in great shape with a gorgeous body and he is extremely well endowed (with a beautiful uncut penis) for a psychiatrist and I’ve had sex with quite a few by now. But he still has this teen male wonderment about women and sex. I think his wife was the only woman he had ever had sex with so he is, for all practical purposes, still virgin. Of course he has been thoroughly screened and is free of STIs. Even so he’s blown away that I use only cervical barriers and let him penetrate me w/o him in a condom even when I’m fertile. I’ve assured him I’m perfectly safe and have let him watch me insert my Oves cervical cap and screw it down tight on my fertile cervix.

I know he still thinks, perhaps hopes, he is going to get me preggers and I can tell that is a huge turn-on for him as it has been for many of the men who I have let inseminate me.  I was CD9 and newly fertile more than a week ago when we began our series of intimate penetrative therapy sessions and they have certainly relaxed him in my presence. So sex with him the past week was marvelous! My allowing him penetrative sex was after he permitted me complete access to Jenna’s suite of rooms and all her clothing and other possessions which he had jealously guarded and that had remained untouched since her death.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Psychotherapy research and Hypersexuality

Foreplay: the lipstick as his penis fantasy

I’ve changed psychiatrists, again: With this one I’m not only in therapy, but am helping him with a study he is conducting about hypersexuality in couples. I’m helping in that study as a supplier of services to a couple in the study who are voyeurs. One watches their partner having sex and usually masturbates while watching.

The man is heterosexual while she is Bi so I can service both in the same session if needed, but I’ve never been asked to do that yet. There is competitiveness between them as to which one had the most intense orgasm, one with a partner and the other masturbating, but just replaying the videos it’s hard for me to tell. They wear an 8-track telemetry units that record blood pressure, heart rate, respiration rate etc. so the therapist will know if there is an attempt to dramatize their orgasmic responses.

As I understand the patient couple’s stated reason for therapy it’s to develop better at technique and have more intense orgasms while gaining insight from the therapist as to what is driving them to bring a stranger into their sex lives. Supposedly they have an open marriage and there is no jealousy between them over performance with a sexual services provider, but I’ve seen looks from one when the other is in the throes of an orgasm that indicate jealousy to me, and I’m a excellent judge of human emotions.

I’m sure my shrink (I’ll call him Bradley or Brad) is studying me as well as the hypersexual couple. However, I think I’m already ahead of him there and know what he wants, a hypersexual mate. He lost his wife, Jenna, and baby son in a car accident eighteen months ago and he says I remind him of his wife.  I’m pretty sure he is already in love with me though I have only been seeing him professionally, as his patient, for the past few weeks.

“Sexual addiction can be considered a process addiction (as opposed to substance addictions such as drugs and alcohol), similar to gambling, binge eating or compulsive spending. As such, sexual addicts typically spend a much greater amount of time engaged in the pursuit of sex and romance (the process) than in the sexual act itself. They are addicted to the neurochemical and dissociative high produced by their intense sexual fantasy life and ritualistic behavior. This is their addiction.”

“While not yet fully acknowledged as a legitimate mental health disorder in the clinical literature (reportedly due to a lack of research study), sexual addiction and hypersexuality nevertheless is becoming identified in the public consciousness as a legitimate neuropsychobiological disorder”.

False Pretenses: From the above definition you can see that the couple Brad has me working with don’t at first glance fit the strict definition as they are (seemingly) far more interested in watching each other with a third person than to “spend a much greater amount of time engaged in the pursuit of sex and romance (the process) than in the sexual act itself.” Unless or course their participation in the study is a ruse, part of their “pursuit of sex and romance” to gain access to a therapist and sexual services provider (the process) w/o having to pay a lot for the experience because the study is funded by a grant.

Both Brad and I think that’s exactly what they are doing having the university and its resources involved in paying for their sex with medical and sexual services professionals as active partners. That aspect of their (Romantic Process) because of its unconventional nature was what got them a place in the study. Brad feels there is knowledge to be gained from the couple both physically and from the elaborate hoax they think they have successfully pulled off.

Of course Brad’s hypersexual patient couple I’m working with have been screened for STIs so there is no problem there and the wife has been fitted with hormonal (Marina) IUDs so she should be relatively safe from pregnancy, not a problem for her with girl-girl sex, but if they decide to have sex with one another she’s protected while we watch. But as I mentioned I’ve already seen indications of jealousy as she is watching me fuck her husband, though I suppose she imagines he is fucking me. I’m pretty sure I’m going to have a problem with her

Saturday, February 22, 2014

FemCap use at Splash and a tragedy

FemCap showing the removal strap and the groove at the base of the brim for spermicide

The photo: A FemCap cervical cap that fits over the cervix. For a properly fitting FemCap the bowl or dome does not touch the cervix. The seal is between the outer wall of the brim and the vaginal walls with the base of the bowl fitting snugly in the anterior and posterior fornices.

FemCaps for Towel-Girls at Splash: In a much earlier post I wrote about a FemCap full dome test dive I ran in Adolph’s multi-bed hyperbaric chamber. After wearing my 26mm FemCap for two days, with a ¼ tsp. of spermicide in the dome (as called for) and 36 hours of fertile cervical mucus (FCM) discharge in the dome I simulated a 66 foot dive in the hyperbaric chamber. Before proceeding I checked that the cap was properly in place by squatting and pressing upward on the strap and dome for more than 10 seconds to make sure the cap was correctly positioned with strong suction.

Then while lying on my back on one of the beds as the pressure increased and I worked to equalize the pressure in my ears and sinuses I inserted two fingers in my vagina to feel any changes in the dome due to squeeze. As I expected the pressure forced my cervix deeper into the dome then the dome collapsed filling any remaining void between the top and my cervix. At 15 feet it wasn’t painful just a lot of pressure, but as I passed the 2 atmosphere depth, 33 ft., the pressure became very uncomfortable then disappeared entirely as I felt the spermicidal gel and fertile cervical mucus gushing out between the brim and my vaginal walls as the cap was floated off my cervix. It was just as I thought; as the cervix fills the dome spermicide and cervical secretions were squeezed out by the pressure breaking the seal and dislodging the cap. A dislodged FemCap provides no contraceptive protection. Only the spermicide remains as a contraceptive barrier and any thrust buffering a properly placed FemCap can provide may disappear unless the cap is forced back on to the cervix by a thrusting penis.

A correctly sealed FemCap: When diving FemCap above a depth of 33 feet FemCap is relatively comfortable to wear and the pressure indicates a good seal. Above that depth for some women the cervix will be forced into the bowl w/o it collapsing which can make for a very tight seal that is often difficult to break for removal. Of course the woman can’t have a cervix that is tipped too far forward (anteverted) or back (retroverted) because the entire outer surface of the brim should seal flush with the vaginal wall around the entire brim.

Sadism and FemCap: Since the encounter pools at Splash, Adolph’s underwater sex club, are no more than 20 feet deep FemCaps can be safely worn by Towel Girls for flood insurance and to provide pain for male submissive masochists who enjoy glans pain while having underwater sex with a beautiful woman. The pain occurs when his glans is thrusting and comes in contact with the stiff removal strap. Of course this also provides a sadistic thrill for the woman if she has any sadistic tendencies at all and I think most of us do. For far less painful FemCap sex the removal strap can be carefully trimmed off to allow a penis that can reach the cervix to hit the smooth firm dome instead of the hard sharp edges of the removal strap.

Of course a FemCap shouldn’t be used for flood insurance while menstrual (because the flow would break the seal and float it off the cervix). Actually a FemCap could be used for flood insurance while menstrual if it was inserted immediately before the dive as the water pressure usually stops menstrual flow when swimming, but being able to change before entering the water and being ready for the gush when you come out present insertion and removal challenges when in a public area. So a latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragm is used, which provides far less pain for a male masochist unless he is trying to under-thrust the rim.

A Towel-Girl leaves the trade: There was another tragedy at Adolph’s the other evening when one of the Towel-Girls who worked at Splash was there to qualify for her Red Door level promotion. She was a favorite of his and had the run of his home. He said that after they had sex she told him she was pregnant by him, about 8 weeks along (so she hadn’t begun to show) and wanted to keep the baby and have him marry her. He said no to both her demands and wanted her to schedule a termination. He said later that she didn’t seem that upset at the time and he thought she went back to her bedroom to shower and change out of her Agent Provocateur lingerie set of bra, panties hose and garter belt in which she had been playing.

She had been at Splash for more than a year and was on Cerazette the European and Canadian mini pill that contains .075mg of the progestin desogestrel which metabolizes into etonogestrel that is in NuvaRing and Nexplanon. Like so many on hormonal contraceptives she forgot to use another effective method of contraception while on an antibiotic for a sinus infection and she apparently had break-through ovulation. She had been using the latex Reflexions FS diaphragm for flood insurance during dive-sex, but not while with clients while out of the pool. Even so she was adamant with Adolph that he was the father.

She found one of Adolph’s loaded sawed-off 12 gage shotguns he has hidden around the house in case of burglars. She inserted the barrel into a FC2 condom, inserted the sheathed barrel into her vagina and while standing on a short stool in his bathroom with the butt of the shotgun on the floor being very flexible she bent over and pulled the trigger. It blew out her uterus and bowels as well as her heart and cervical spine. The stench of gunpowder, blood and feces was horrible and it was splattered everywhere! Adolph was most upset because the initial blast and ricochets nearly destroyed the bathroom of his master suite.

Fortunately Adolph has an understanding decorator and this wasn’t the first tragedy he has had to clean up after, though perhaps the messiest. Adolph asked if I wanted to see if there was anything I wanted to harvest from the remains before he ran it through the chipper and into the quick-lime pond. There wasn’t as she wasn’t my size in any of her clothing or equipment. Fortunately she was another of his Green Card employees, an orphan (so she said) from a small Eastern European country so her disappearance won’t be noticed as there is a very high turnover rate in Towel Girls.  

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The eroticism of used pointe shoes

A toe-goddess’s gently used pointe shoes

The photo: A pair of my used pointe shoes. Once worn the shoes contain a bit of my Chi – just as the ‘death rubber’ diaphragms which I harvest from women who died while wearing their diaphragms during a sexual encounter, retain a bit of the Chi of their dead owner which I use to significantly increase my libido and possibly my sexual skills from those of the previous owner.

The used pointes will retain my Chi after they are dead and discarded unless they are consumed by fire. That’s why I burn all my dead pointes after they are no longer useful for wearing deshanked for class. The wearer’s Chi is released when the shoes are burned so none of my experiences and skill can be used by another wearer even if s/he is a sensitive. The important part for me is that no one, except someone I’m in a romantic erotic relationship with, will ever get anything, garments or shoes containing my Chi.

Souvenirs: I am constantly asked for a memento of my performances by members of the audiences or after a sexual encounter with a partner or even by readers posting comments to this blog. Except in rare instances I don’t give away anything I’ve worn or used (see above) even keeping and burning the condoms that my partner(s) and I occasionally use. When souvenirs are given by me they are new toe pads which are inexpensive if bought in the quantities we do. My only exception is my erotic gifts to my main squeeze John, Viscount Sandbach, known to frequent readers as Jack.

Misogyny, masochism and the eroticism of pointe shoes: Male interest in the female foot and footwear is as old as time. Perhaps the forerunner of the pointe shoe was foot binding in 10th or 11th century imperial China. The pointe shoe as we know it is a relatively new invention having a blocked toe-box and shank only in the mid 19th century. The pointe shoes eroticism stems from the fact that while on pointe the woman looks ethereal and with her calf muscles and buttocks contracted being en pointe presents the woman’s body in the most attractive way possible.  

In addition, the pointe shoe is seen as a tangible symbol of a woman’s skill and power and increases her ability to cloud men’s minds with her exquisite femininity which pointes show off to a skilled dancer’s advantage. The pointe shoe is also seen by knowledgeable men as a symbol of the vagina because of it’s femininity and tight fit. An excellent article about fetishes and pointe shoes is “Consuming the Ballerina: Feet, Fetishism and the Pointe Shoe” by Keryn Carter (2000) in Australian Feminist Studies Vol. 15, No 31 pp. 82-90.

Some men enjoy the fact that even properly fitting and supportive pointes are uncomfortable to wear for most women and a misogynistic and sadistic man will find pointes the perfect footwear for a beautiful woman because he wants her to suffer while he takes her during rough ballet-sex. When that woman is a masochist and able to dominate him and enjoy the eroticism of her shoes giving her power over him and his sexual attention simultaneously he finds it confusing and he can get very angry unless she totally exhausts him sexually.

That’s the sort of volatile mix that I enjoy when Adolph is my partner for ballet-sex. He occasionally comes to me for release when he is very needy and abusing women won’t improve his disposition. He can be extremely dangerous and has amazing sexual stamina, but I love fucking his brains out since when sexually exhausted he turns into a marvelously obedient submissive.

Toe Goddesses and ballet-sex training: Since Willow and Andrea are my two newest wards they take up more of my time in training. Ballet-sex is one of the most popular and useful skills I teach since it shows off the woman’s body, provides her the best position to maximize her pelvic grip, demonstrates her strength and stamina to her partner and makes her feel confident and powerful. Not to mention completely pussy whipping any man who adores a strong pelvic grip and falls in thrall when ripple gripped.

Willow as a professional ballet dancer has beautiful and very strong legs, but still needs to increase her stamina for repeated acts of ballet-sex, which returning readers remember is defined as being entered from behind when standing sur les pointes a la seconde while bent over holding on to a barre, chair, table or railing with both hands. Willow’s feet and legs are strong enough that she can train for ballet-sex in pointe shoes and like most women having ballet-sex she wears hard shanked Gaynor Minden shoes which give the best support, are the most comfortable and last far longer than shoes made of traditional materials.

Andrea on the other hand while having more than seven years of pointe has never really trained hard having only at the most two 90 minute classes a week. As a result she is nowhere near ready to have ballet-sex in pointe shoes. So while she builds the strength in her feet and ankles for pointe work I’ve started her ballet-sex training with her wearing ballet-boots. Her pairs of Gepettos lightly armored boots with unitized titanium toe-boxes and shanks, replicable titanium lace-splitter heels and Inman release heel guard arrived last week and she has been wearing them around the house. She wanted to wear them to UNLV, but I said no since that would surely draw a crowd and have more men sniffing after her than she already has. She’s fertile at the moment, as am I (I’m CD9) and she is giving off breeding pheromones like you wouldn’t believe so her strutting around in ballet-boots at UNLV right now with a crowd of randy males following her would be a huge distraction; not that she wouldn’t enjoy leading them around by pheromone penis leashes.  I’m pleased to see that her fertility seems to have returned so quickly. With luck, since we train and sweat in such close proximity her cycle will synchronize with mine, as my other wards cycles have, by the time of this years Vernal Equinox on March 20th.

Fucked in ballet-boots: The stability of properly fitted and laced ballet-boots which allow putting most of the wearer’s weight on her heels and help stabilize her ankles while taking her partner’s thrusts allows a woman who can’t wear pointes for ballet-sex to train and enjoy the tightening of the pelvic muscles almost as tight as if she was balanced over the blocks of pointe shoes. I’ve put her on a diet to reduce calf cramping while she’s training in ballet-boots and she and Willow have now joined me running up and down a flight of 20 concrete steps that descend into one of the sub-basements of my home. That is an amazing workout and while Willow can usually follow me Andrea can only run up the steps the first time. Given her background and the time she has been training that’s quite good. I have germ wearing the heel guards while training as she is sometimes lifted off her feet right now while taking her partner’s trusts and I don’t want her moving a foot and driving the tip of a lace splitter heel through a partner’s foot. She’s up to taking a partner four times in an hour before her calves are so sore she has to remove her boots and have her calves massaged, but that’s significant progress. In comparison Bea, who has been wearing ballet-boots for more than two years can wear them for ballet-sex for several hours w/o her calves cramping. Of course with so much time on our toes we all have to wear negative elevation heels – or negative wedges strapped to our pointes if like me my girls wear their pointes most of the time while at home. - to prevent shortening of our Achilles tendons.

Vaginal fashion at Naughty’s: I took Willow, Andrea and the Swan twins to Naughty’s Boot Bar for the first time Sunday night to celebrate Andrea’s freedom from requiring her partners to wear condoms while her uterus healed from her termination. We all wore .3mm chlorinated latex catsuits, hoods, gloves and Gepettos lightly armored ballet-boots with lace-splitter heels. When the five of us walked in there was a hush as everyone stared and then men started coming over to introduce themselves before we were even seated. Once we were settled we let the men present their STI credentials and take the girls out to dance and have ballet-sex while the girls were in Bar-sling harnesses. In a bar sling they could plant their unguarded heels, lock their knees put their weight on their heels and the harness and let the men they had chosen open their relief zippers and insert fingers to see what a young toe-goddess was wearing as vaginal fashion. The girls were all wearing 22mm FemCaps and I had an Oves screwed down tight on my cervix. I had double bagged with a latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragm since I was sure I would become fertile in the next 8 hours.

I was offered an encounter by a lovely married man who was in town for a conference. He was a considerate and knowledgeable lover. When he opened my relief zipper and inserted two fingers he immediately recognized that I had a latex flat spring diaphragm inserted and said his wife wears a silicone All-Flex. He was so complimentary about my muscle control when he faded and I brought him back from the dead - while I whispered in his ear telling him how strong and handsome he was - to a marvelously hard and thick erection and a massive ejaculation that was draining out of me as he was still pumping more in. He said he hadn’t had sex in weeks as his wife was about to deliver another daughter, their third, and he intended to try for a boy next time.  He was so proud of his family and I wondered if he accidently impregnated me if I could give him a boy. It was best for both of us not to go there and I said nothing, though I did take his phone number and gave him the number for my PA who handles all my incoming calls. He was a really sweet man even though he was cheating… and I was pleased to have given him some relief and enjoyed him sharing his body with me. The girls and I all returned home sated and draining fresh semen. It was such a lovely evening!


Monday, February 10, 2014

Vegas vaginas and the contraceptive sponge

A Today vaginal contraceptive sponge

The photo: The Today vaginal contraceptive sponge hanging from an orchid by its ribbon removal loop. Today is a soft, disposable polyurethane foam sponge containing 1000 mg of the spermicide Nonoxynol 9 (N9) and is slightly less than two inches in diameter. The Today sponge while recommended for only 24 hours of continuous wear was originally approved for a 48 hour continuous wearing interval. However, wearing a sponge continuously makes it more likely that the wearer may become allergic to the N9 spermicide and that the sponge will develop an odor. The concave side fits over the cervix and the manufacture says it is effective protection for an unlimited number of acts of intercourse during the approved wearing interval making it ideal for a teen get-away weekend with a spongeworthy man..

Sponge pregnancies: For women who have given birth the contraceptive sponge failure rate is very high (20%) even when used perfectly so is not a good alternative. However, for a young woman who hasn’t been pregnant and has the willpower to use it consistently and correctly the Today vaginal contraceptive sponge can be an attractive birth control alternative if hormonal contraceptives; diaphragms and caps or a LARC method do not suit in her circumstances.  Walmart currently has a three count box advertised for less than eleven USD or about $3.33 each for 48 continuous hours of protection which is pretty good if you are going on a very spontaneous weekend with a new love interest. Of course it provides no STI protection, but does offer some thrust buffering if the man is large and frequently hits the cervix and it is readily available in most pharmacies w/o an Rx.

Bea has had some St Lucy’s girls to our home for weekend sleepovers with escort trainees for entertainment as an ice breaker for new girls entering the prep school during the spring semester. I was surprised to learn that several of the new girls, all Bea’s age, were using the sponge for protection.  There is no danger of contracting STIs on the sleepovers as the escorts and students have all been screened, but the likelihood of them using the sponge correctly at that age isn’t very good. So I made sure they all took the EC pill ella before they left for school the following Monday.  There is some risk but it was a major bonding experience for everyone involved. And I talked with their sexual health counselor at school to see if the girls can’t be convinced to switch to IUDs.

The sponge’s effectiveness: Source: Trussell J. Contraceptive efficacy. In Hatcher RA, Trussell J, Stewart F, Nelson A, Cates W, Guest F, Kowal D. Contraceptive Technology: Eighteenth Revised Edition. New York NY: Ardent Media, 2004.

Failures (unplanned pregnancies) per 100 women during the first year of use.

Parous women     Typical use (not always consistently or correctly) 32%         

      Perfect use (Always used consistently and correctly) 20%

Nulliparous women    Typical use (not always consistently or correctly) 16%         

 Perfect use (Always used consistently and correctly) 9%

Proper use means thoroughly wetting the Today Sponge with tap water before insertion, leaving it in place for six hours after the last act of intercourse, and having it in place every time intercourse occurs. The Today contraceptive sponge does not protect against STIs and should not be used during the woman’s menstrual period or for contraceptive protection during underwater sex. However, it is said to be safe to wear during bathing and while swimming.

Vegas vaginas and the contraceptive sponge: We are seeing a spike in sponge pregnancies coming in to our clinic for blood tests and terminations. That seems to be related to holiday (three day) weekends where the users are trying to stretch a single sponge to a continuous wearing interval of three days, 72 hours. Assuming that all other requirements had been met that leaves them in uncharted territory (as far as the sponges efficacy goes) for the last 24 hours and they are far more likely to have an allergic reaction to the continuous N9 released against delicate vaginal tissue. The scent of a sponge left inserted for three days is pretty ripe, but that is just from the interaction of the polyurethane foam with the wearer’s natural secretions and her partner(s) semen a reaction that occurs with diaphragms and cervical caps left inserted for too long as well.

Birth control hormones, copper IUDs and divorce: Our clinic is beginning to see a pattern in some patients who were recently married (in the past three years), who had been on hormonal contraceptives since their teens and who had come off hormones to get pregnant. The pattern is that the women are coming in for a ParaGard copper IUD before conceiving and having the strings removed so their husbands can’t tell they have An IUD inserted.

I’ve spoken to several of them and they have a common story; that when they came of contraceptive hormones each found they had married the wrong man, meaning that he wasn’t masculine enough for her. All are preparing themselves to divorce their husbands and while hormone free are searching for a more masculine and ruggedly compatible man. I’m not saying this is common, but it does fit with a study that was published last year which found that women who met their partners while they were on hormonal contraceptives chose less masculine men than those who were cycling naturally.    



Saturday, February 8, 2014

Relief zipper training

Relief zipper of a front entry lavender latex catsuit

The photo: A dry relief zipper prior to the wearer starting a relief zipper training session with her partner. Afterward the zipper is often wet with the couple’s secretions such as her natural arousal lube, menstrual flow if she is on her period, fertile cervical mucus (FCM) if she is cycling naturally or an artificial lube if she is on a contraceptive progestin and is using something to alleviate vaginal dryness and coital discharge if she is draining her partner’s semen if he penetrated her unprotected.

Andrea gets professionally waxed: Before she came to me Adolph’s niece, Andrea had been shaving her pubes and pits. Now that she is in my care I’m having her professionally waxed by my esthetician, Olga, at our salon, Body Buffers, that handles body esthetics for my dancers, all our escorts, trainees and my wards,. Olga is in great demand, but with all our business that comes her way she worked Andrea in. She is gentle (as a waxing can be) and Andrea withstood it far better than I expected for a first waxing, and this was her first time, can be shockingly painful.  

Andrea is an amazing masochist and withstood the pain w/o a washcloth between her teeth. She moaned, gasped and tears ran from her eyes, but she loved it when her hair was ripped out as the pain aroused her and her labia became engorged and wet with her natural lube. I’ve never seen anyone get off from the pain of having their pubes totally waxed before, but she was so aroused and needy at the end of the procedure that she lay on the table and fingered her clit to push herself over the edge into a gasping, moaning, mewing, screaming orgasm. Fortunately the treatment rooms are soundproof for that very reason. She was so exhausted and so deeply in afterglow when she finished that I had to help her off the table and walk her slowly to a nearby Starbucks for a muffin and caffeine fix. She coated her pubes with a soothing pure aloe vera gel for the next several days until the burning went away.

Relief zipper training: All our escorts, trainees, dancers and my wards have completely waxed pubes as they look much neater under revealing costumes and are more comfortable and safer when wearing a latex catsuit. The safety aspect is that even with closely trimmed female pelvic hair it can be caught in the relief zipper when trying to close it especially if the suit is tight through the crotch as it should be.

There is still the possibility of having the man’s bush getting caught in an open zipper and pulling which can throw him off stride and be a huge distraction so our male escorts almost always have waxed pubes as they never know when they will be with a client who is wearing a rubber catsuit. If the distraction occurs when the couple is approaching climax leaving the woman near orgasm with no relief and engorged labia is not only unbelievably frustrating to her, but makes it difficult to stuff her blood engorged vulvar tissue safely back behind her relief zipper even when it has a pelvic safety tongue. It’s far better to have her masturbate to climax before zipping up so her pelvis releases the blood that has pooled there during arousal.  

Andrea’s training regimen: Since I’m trying to keep Andrea out of the pools where she might have water forced into her uterus during dive-sex until her uterus heals and she can be fitted with a Reflexions latex FS diaphragm for flood insurance, I’m trying to keep her busy with other aspects of escort training that will provide a good foundation for her entry into Courtesan College.  She was sexually adventuresome while in school in Germany and Switzerland, but only with her teachers and male students.

So until she came to me for training she had never been with a man who has really impressive equipment and expert sexual technique and she lacks stamina to balance on her toes (even in hard shanked Gaynors where she can put most of her weight on her heels) without her ankles wobbling and her calves burning even for her first man when having ballet-sex which returning readers know is being penetrated from behind while bending over holding on to the barre with the feet in sur les pointes a la seconde. So we are working on strengthening her ankles and calves with relevés, pliés, tendus and a lot of time bourréeing up and down the length of the studio.

I had Andrea fitted for a half dozen .3mm chlorinated latex catsuits in various colors in which she will train in addition to her SCUBA gear and ballet practice clothes, pointe shoes and ballet-boots and we got the first three yesterday so she is working on relief zipper technique with several escort trainees in sequence to build up her stamina.

While she is waiting for Gepettos ballet-boots she is using a fairly sturdy commercially available pair, but I’m trying to keep her in pointes as much as possible since ballet-boots provide too much support for someone who needs to build up her strength and stamina. In order to compete with professionals she really needs to build her stamina for ballet-sex and being taken on her toes in pointe shoes is the quickest way to do that.   

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The vaginal martini, and dive-sex

Pimento Stuffed Gourmet Queen Spanish olives

The Photo: Stuffed Queen Olives used in vaginal martinis described in the post below.

Pirate helps cater a major East Coast event: The head of our escort service was asked by a counterpart in New Jersey to help fill a shortage of talent for the pleasure of out-of-towners attending the Super Bowl. The norovirus has hit the trade hard in New Jersey and they were short the quality of entertainers that they had agreed to provide. Of course the request came at a time of peak demand here as well. He wasn’t about to send his Goddess or Angel level girls even if they hadn’t already been spoken for, but he let about a dozen of his Barbie level girls go on loan and back-filled here with younger girls who he doesn’t want traveling. It was a push, but doing a favor for New Jersey could pay off long term. NJ sent a Learjet for them so we will see how that works out.

Andrea enrolls at UNLV and the Vernal Equinox: It was too late to get her enrolled for the spring semester w/o paying late fees. However, she has one of Adolph’s Amex cards so there wasn’t any problem with that. She just needs a few courses to be credentialed on campus while her primary training will be elsewhere. Working with escort trainees and attending my advances sexual techniques classes. As with UNLV ahe will be starting late but I can coach bher and having come from a Swiss finishing school she already knows a lot. It’s her muscle tone and stamina that she needs to work on.

Looking at the UNLV spring calendar I was pleased to see that the Goddess has again provided, in scheduling the spring break recess for March 17-22. The Vernal equinox is on March 20th so that’s quite a good fit though we might get them back a bit late depending what else happens at Ullapool and Crag Abbey. Projecting out my menstrual calendar I should be CD12 and fertile on the Vernal Equinox and baring upset cycles my wards should be as well. I’m not sure where Andrea will be in her cycle as her cycles will have to stabilize since she has just come off NuvaRing.

The vaginal martini: I’ve been working with two of the girls in my ballet troupe who are Mixologists’ as well to perfect their presentation when preparing vaginal martin’s for Adolph’s Super Bowl party and they – both the girls and the martinis – were a huge hit. The vaginal martini is extremely popular among men, even the ones who aren’t all that fond of gin since it’s the preparation of the drink, specifically the placing of the olive which they seem to be fascinated by.

The ratio of gin to vermouth in a martini has been steadily increasing since the cocktail was created. A ratio of 1:1 was common at the turn of the 20th century, and 3:1 or 4:1 martinis were typical during the 1930s and 1940s. During the latter part of the 20th century, 6:1, 8:1, 12:1, or even 50:1 or 100:1 Martinis became considered the norm.

Our signature party libation, the “vaginal martini” is mixed at a customer’s table from a bar-cart worked by a lovely young woman mixologist nude and totally waxed except for scalp hair and eyebrows wearing only Gaynor Minden pointe shoes she is standing on her toes in.  Our version of the vaginal martini is made with an 8:1 ratio of gin to vermouth and a pimento stuffed queen olive dispensed from the mixologist vagina into the glass with a delicate squeezing of her vaginal muscles after springing to échappé sur les pointes and holding the pose. 

A typical unaroused vagina can hold 4 or 5 queen olives comfortably. To properly prepare and present a vaginal martini the mixologists should be proficient in basic pointework, have strong vaginal muscle tone and be proficient with Ben Wa balls.

Super Bowl XLVIII: Seattle Defeats Denver 43-8. So much for ‘evenly matched’ teams! Seattle was given a 2-0 lead on the first play of the game when Denver snapped the ball into the end zone for a safety, and the Broncos never recovered. Sheesh! I was for Denver (sort of) but I didn’t really care who won.  But it wasn’t rven a good gamre. It was as though Denver players had grease bon their hands. They couldn’t hold on to the ball and Seattle players seemed to slip easily out of their grasp when tackles were attempted… Sigh!

I thought even the commercials were poor except for the Budweiser one with the Lab puppy and the Clydesdales. The good news is that Adolph didn’t have any of his girls disappear, which often happens during his parties.

Dive-sex at 60 feet: On the plus side for me I got some pool time. And the men who took me really blissed me out! It was the closest I’d come to having my brains fucked out in quite a while! There was a net strung across The Well at 100 feet so no one could accidently sink below that depth.

I wore my signature canary yellow Gottex thong bikini with my OTS Guardian FFM and twin 130 cu ft. hp steel tanks filled with Nitrox. Even so I had a HP steel 80 hung at 30 feet as a deco stop in case I needed it. I tethered to a float at 60 feet and slipprd out of my tanks and hooked them on to the float as well so I could enjoy both missionary and rear entry sex. Adolph was the first man to take me and he helped me hang my tanks and prepare to be blissed out.

I was CD22 and luteal so there was no chance of becoming preggers. Even so I wore an Oves cap screwed down tight on my cervix and a latex Reflexions Flat Spring diaphragm as flood insurance to prevent a partner’s thrusts from forcing water into my uterus.  Most of the men at the party were rubberists so they loved the fact that when having sex with me they would be thrusting into a natural rubber latex membrane that if they penetrated my anterior fornix would squeeze their glans at maximum thrust depth. I had four lovers at 60 feet who all came to me before it was time to surface. They had given me three massive G-spot orgasms and after each I just hung there gasping for air luxuriating in the afterglow with waves of contractions still occurring long after my partner had withdrawn.

It was so wonderful just hanging there and letting my lovers thrill me completely while sucking gas and watching our bubbles and listening to our bubbles roar and demand valves hiss as we sucked gas and his grunts as he thrust and my moans, mewing then screams as he caressed my G-spot and my muscles contracted around him and we came together! It was heaven!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Adventures with NuvaRing

A NuvaRing vaginal ring that delivers etonogestrel and ethinyl estradiol

The photo: A NuvaRing vaginal ring hormone delivery device. NuvaRing is flexible, transparent, and colorless to almost colorless ring, with an outer diameter of 54 mm and a cross-sectional diameter of 4 mm. NuvaRing contains 11.7 mg etonogestrel and 2.7 mg ethinyl estradiol. The ring releases etonogestrel and ethinyl estradiol at an average amount of 0.120 mg and 0.015 mg respectively per 24 hours, over a period of 3 weeks. After three weeks the old ring is removed and the user inserts a new one after a seven day hormone free interval. The progestin is the same one used in the single rod implant Nexplanon.

Adolph gets a live-in teen: Adolph’s eighteen y/o niece, Andrea, will be staying with him for a while. He said she was expelled from a Swiss finishing school after being caught fucking the Head Master who claimed she seduced him. It might have been hushed up but for the fact that it was his wife with their three month old daughter who caught him humping her on his desk with her calves on his shoulders.

She arrived while we were in Davos and I met her this past Wednesday. He wants me to kit her out with what he calls “the usual female pelvic equipment and shoes” Fortunately she is a swimmer and has taken eight years of pointe having gotten her first pair of pointes when she was ten. She wears Schachtner, and has kept using them. I’m putting her in Gaynors as she is going to use them primarily for seducing men in the venues at Naughty Pleasures and for ballet-sex not that they both aren’t closely related. The only down side is that Andrea has been, inexplicably (in my view) using the vaginal ring, NuvaRing, for contraception. Not that it isn’t effective, it is. However, it can easily be pulled out by a partner’s corona or fall out during sex or worse is easily sabotaged by exchanging the good one for a counterfeit or an old ring that has been worn and emptied of its deliverable hormones. While she has lovely Vaganova technique she lacks stamina but putting her on a training regimen and she should be up to speed with my wards an several months.

Andrea’s VA: I accompanied her through her routine Gyn workup with Chris, our male Gyn. A complete pelvic, full STI panel, urine and serum pregnancy tests then an ultra sound and found she was 6 weeks preggers. I had so hoped this was going to be simple… Sigh! She claimed she didn’t know, but when she tested positive she didn’t seem surprised so she at least expected she might be. It seems she had forgotten to insert a new ring after her ring-free week and was four days late when she remembered, meaning she was eleven days w/o hormones so she ovulated and one of the faculty or the Head Master impregnated her. She was a very popular girl with the faculty and has no idea which of the five was the father.

Fortunately Her Mom, Adolph’s half-sister, has given him legal authority to make medical decisions on her behalf, but at 18 she is considered an adult in the U.S. so her mom didn’t have to be notified when she had the vacuum aspiration on Thursday. A stringless GyneFix copper IUD was inserted immediately after the termination and she has been put on a regimen of antibiotics. She was told not to have sex for two weeks, but I think the best we are going to be able to do is keep her out of the pool for two weeks and hope that the meds she is on keep her from getting PID. We are going to have her sexual partners, all screened escort candidates, wear condoms to minimize the introduction of her partner’s bacteria into her reproductive tract while she is healing.

Andrea’s kitting out continues: I had her up and out early on Friday. She’s on the antibiotic every 12 hours and on 800 mg of ibuprofen every 8 to minimize the discomfort if she cramps. She isn’t bleeding which I thought amazing so we are hoping that her uterus will recover quickly. I took her to Gepettos for fitting of her ballet-boots and had the Gaynor Minden rep stop by to fit her with hard shank GMs in her size. Fortunately she has a mid-size female foot so her size was in stock and we started with three pairs and put another 6 on hold until we are certain what size she may need when her cycles resume and she retains fluid during her menses.  We went by my Divemaster’s SCUBA shop and bought her an OTS Guardian FFM in a small like mine and a Scubapro back inflated Ladyhawk BC.  And we stopped by Fasteners, our casinos BDSM boutique, and got her several sets of Pyrex and surgical stainless steel Ben Wa Balls and a large Pyrex dildo. We went to Neiman Marcus and I bought her a Coach cosmetic case to use as a slit kit and began filling it with a selection of male and female condoms and10ml prefilled disposable vaginal applicators of DiveGel+ and other pelvic needs.

I can’t have her fitted for Penetrator and sports plugs and I can’t fit her for a latex Reflexions flat spring rim diaphragm until her cervix recovers from the cannula insertion for the termination. It shouldn’t make much difference as there had been no cervical enfacement nor vaginal stretching, but it’s best to wait a few weeks and let her pelvic anatomy return to its normal state before fitting her for a flood insurance barrier. I just need to keep her from having sex in a pool.

Pressure from Adolph: He is after me to take Andrea into my home as the fifth of my Wards. I don’t really want to be responsible for guidance of another hypersexual teen, but I have the room and she gets along well with Bea, Willow and the Swan twins, especially Odile because they are both quite dominant so view the world of men through the same lens. Realistically it would be much more convenient having her live with my wards and me and there is no one better equipped than I am to guide her through Courtesan College which she wants to attend while she is taking classes at UNLV.

On the plus side her father is an extremely wealthy aristocrat and industrialist and her mom is famous for her BDSM parties. So taking Andrea in hand as a favor to her parents (They’ve been in touch with me after I told Adolph no for the third time) could pay off big time. Tanaquil has supplied escorts for a number of Andrea’s mom’s parties and said her Mom is an amazing Domme who I would enjoy meeting.

Andrea’s one vice is her passion for men; their hair, muscles, scent, taste, looks – she has this thing about men with cleft chins - and the feel of them rock hard plunging into her trying with every thrust to push her cervix up into her throat.  I have a great deal of sympathy for that sort of obsession as I was that way at her age and still am twenty plus years later. I just need to train her to harness her obsession, be a bit more cautious and ride it safely for her pleasure rather than letting it control her.

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