Saturday, October 26, 2013

Training in ballet boots

Commercial lace-up ballet boots for clubbing

Yardley Flood: The twins and Cyndi have a boot trainer, Yardley Flood. Yardley came to us from the Corps of the Royal Ballet by way of Gepettos ballet boot cobbler shop. She is a knife-pointe fighting trainer and excels in working with young women to hone their skills to get the most from their talents. Yardley is helping me with our Sports Hostess training in addition to working with my girls while they learn all there is to know about sex and safety in ballet boots. While the girls won’t be wearing bladed heels or competing in KP-boot fights there are a lot of moves a KP fighter uses that can help an inexperienced woman stay safe when confronted by an experienced and aggressive ballet-boot wearer.

Boot shaft guards: Boot shaft guards are an important part of novice training in Gepetto’s boots. Shaft guards are thin titanium strips in the boot shafts on either side of the ankle to the top of the shaft and are standard in Gepettos ballet boots. Shaft guards minimize the likelihood of sprains and broken ankles in the case of novice wearers falling sideways off the heel due to lack of ankle strength. But more importantly they protect from very common and dangerous side kicks and heel punctures from aggressive competitors. It’s the typical sort of thing ballet boot wearer’s experience while clubbing as alcohol seems to make boot wearers more aggressive, especially to new women seen as competition in the clubs. The twins Chinese ID packages came yesterday so we are going to their first boot club, Naughty’s Boot Bar, this weekend.

Eternity collar and pussy hook: Odile was planning to lead Odette into the Boot Bar as a sleep walker wearing only ballet boots a nightie an eternity collar and pussy hook and see what sort of reaction they got. Fortunately wiser heads prevailed. If she had, would a man have taken Odette away from Odile or would a bull dyke have done it? I’m not sure leading Odette into the Boot Bar by a pussy hook wouldn’t be seen as provoking a riot, but it would have been interesting if I could have watched and not been invested in the outcome.  The twins would have been way over their heads with Odette being led around by a pussy hook even with both Yardley and me in bladed heels if those were needed to dampen some assertive customer’s ardor.  And after a fight the twins Chinese ID would have been very closely examined which could have been a problem.

I’m CD9 and fertile as are Cyndi, Odette and Odile at least for now as the twin’s cycles are still changing. But around me as much as they are and with all of us sweating from training intensely they may fall in sync with my cycle as I’m certainly the most dominant. Odile being fertile I think was the reason for her lack of caution when she decided on the eternity collar and pussy hook for Odette. Peaking hormones can cause us and especially the young to make very risky choices. New girls in the Boot Bar are always challenged by someone as there is a hierarchy in the patrons which seems to be a common thread among experienced and knowledgeable boot wearers and their partners.

Titanium alloy laces: Yardley suggested we all get slit-proof laces (she already had them) if I’m going to take the girls clubbing to boot clubs, which I should have thought of. So back Cyndi, the twins and I went to Gepettos to have the titanium laces fitted to our boots. They work with hook fasteners but rather than tying fit into small clamps at the front top of the shaft. The clamps are much easier to use than I expected and the added security of knowing an opponent won’t be able to slit your laces is a huge confidence builder even for someone as experienced as me.

Training with Yardley: Yardley will be trying to kick and puncture the twin’s boots with her heels during training to show them how even when solid platform kicks or heel punctures are attempted the shaft guards and mesh protect the wearer.  That training is hard on the outer finish of the boots, but it’s worthwhile as a confidence builder for the girls. I have already ordered two additional pairs for both Odette and Odile as they are wearing them so much that they need at least one other pair each to be able to let them dry between wearings. That will give them one pair for wearing in public and a second pair for training, because the training boots not only are sweat soaked after wearing but get scratched up very quickly.

Some important boot tricks:

  • As with pointe shoes, keeping ones nails very short while wearing BBs is important. That’s because even though when properly laced most of the wearer’s weight is on her insteps, not toes if her laces are slit she can find her weight suddenly on her toes with almost no ankle support
  • Learning to be careful while crossing your legs so as not to cut your leg or scratch up your own boots with the boot heel.
  • Wear heavier denier and smaller hose to compress the feet when swollen from use or during menstruation.
  • In a crowded bar or at a party, wear heel guards that will allow the tip of the heel to slide easily over the floors surface. Or, if you are in unguarded heels try to stand on hard surfaces. That way if you take a kick to the ankle the heel will slide with the energy of the kick. Otherwise, in unguarded heels with the tips buried in a carpet or soft wood floors the heel is trapped and won’t move with the energy of the kick and the energy will be transferred to the knee which might be damaged.
  • Clean the boots with a toothbrush and Obenauf's Leather Oil to get the blood and coitial discharge off the boots and out of the laces. After a single treatment with Obenauf's semen, blood and vomit wipe right off. I think Obenauf's has a wonderfully male scent which I find erotic so my boots having a male scented oil on them can be a turn on, especially now when I’m fertile.

University Sports Hostesses: Most Colleges and Universities that have major sports teams (usually football and basketball) have a group of third and fourth year girls who work for the Athletic Department as Sports Hostesses. Sports Hostess act as guides around the campus when talent that coaches are recruiting visit the campus. Having a gorgeous 23 y/o knowledgeable about the recruit’s sport on what amounts to a weekend long date with a very obliging Hostess can be a major factor in getting a recruit to attend a particular school. We have a small but growing “Hostess school” where we train girls sent to us by their school’s athletic department to hone their seduction and contraception skills so they are able represent their school in the most effective way with the boys the coaches are trying to recruit. We like to think that a hostess graduating from our course will be able to lead her recruit around by an invisible penis leash. We even train Gay and Lesbian Hosts and Hostess if the university is recruiting a Gay or Lesbian recruit.

Being a Sports Hostess can be more dangerous than one of our elite escorts because for an escort we are almost always able to test for all STIs and refuse any client who tests positive. With a Sports Hostess She can use male or female condoms, but if he insists she’s almost always expected to take him bareback and swallow if he wants fellatio.  Most Sports Hostesses who come to us for training are on the pill. We try to get them to switch to a LARC method because being with an up-and-coming sports sensation can be very exciting for a college girl even if he is several tear younger and forgetting a pill or pills during a recruiting weekend on campus can end in pregnancy. Still, most decide not to switch to a LARC and over the 2012-13 recruiting season three of the hostess we trained had abortions because they forgot pills around recruiting weekends. I think hat’s rather depressing, but all you can do is present the facts and the girls must make up their own minds.


Thursday, October 24, 2013

The swan twins get Ballet boots

A commercial pair of leather ankle length ballet boots

Gepetto’s ballet boots: The first part of last week I took the twins to Gepetto's cobbler shop to be fitted for their first pairs of ballet boots. They were so excited! I had been watching closely how they were performing in their Gaynor pointes around our home. I haven’t allowed them to wear pointes to classes at UNLV as they can be too much of a distraction, but they can wear them shopping and on dates (in dry weather), and when working with escort trainees and they do as much as possible. With their previous ballet training and with nearly total immersion in wearing pointes and pointework – when away from the UNLV campus – for the last 6ix weeks their feet were tough enough and ankles strong enough that I thought it time they learn about sex in ballet boots.

Ballet boots, the public perception: The general public, to the extent they are aware of ballet boots at all, seems to see them as primarily BDSM footwear and they are correct as most wearers are only capable of wearing them in the bedroom. Unfortunately, they are also seen as being worn by a less desirable element of society because the women, and virtually all ballet boot wearers in public are women, are seen by security either as potential trouble makers (I’ve learned not to shop in them while carrying a riding crop) or shoplifters or as a distraction for a shoplifting associate. And merchants don’t like BB wearers with unguarded heels in their stores because they can ruin carpets and wood floors and pose a significant insurance risk from falls on marble and tile floors. That’s because the wearer’s weight is more on the heels in BBs than in stilettos where a lot of a wearer’s weight is on her flexed forefoot and there is less stability balanced on the platform and heel rather than the forefoot in stilettos. I’ve written elsewhere about being followed around by mall security as a possible theft risk. Where they think I would conceal anything when I’m in BBs, a leather catsuit and hood carrying a clutch that hardly holds my car keys, lipstick and a credit card is beyond me.

Returning readers may recall that I think it’s easier to walk around in a pair of properly fitted and laced ballet boots than to walk for the same length of time en pointe in toe-shoes.  Unique to ballet boots and what makes them such a favorite of Doms to lock their Subs in, is that the foot can’t be flexed and is forced to remain pointed which can take some getting used to and even if a woman is skilled and strong enough to walk in them running is impossible. So the ballet boot is often viewed as submissive footwear. But worn by the right women ballet boots can convey considerable power to a dominant, which is why I wear them while duty casino manager. Anyway, I’ll be training the twins for ballet-sex in boots and I’m sure they will find it much easier than ballet-sex in pointe shoes as soon as they get past the leg cramps which with the proper diet and boot training they should be able to minimize. 

The Fitting: Gepetto himself measured the twin’s feet and they both have the same arch and instep height, width and length and heel shape so they should be able to wear each other’s boots most of the time.  He fitted them with the ultra-light unitized titanium toe-box and shank stamping with the standard replicable heel locking mechanism. I specifically did not order the custom heel lock that would have allowed them to attach bladed heels. Gepetto showed the girls how the interior and exterior of the toe box and platform are padded to cushion the toes and quieten the sound of the sueded platforms hitting the floor.

He had some try-on boots in their approximate size so he could show them how to lace the boots after putting on toe pads and hose before slipping their feet into the boots. The nylon was smoothed out, the thickly padded tongue positioned and the non-stretch nylon laces were laced very tightly across the instep and ankles. The instep lacing is critical in wearing ballet boots as most of the weight of the body is supported by the instep wedged between the tongue and laces and the insole covering the arched titanium shank that will flex a bit with the full weight of a 100 lb woman. The girls walked around in their try-ons and didn’t wobble a bit. They had been practicing in 5” stripper heels for several weeks so had the walk down quite well except that in boots their feet were pointed and their toes were about an inch off the floor with the internal padding, the titanium box and the outer sound deadening padding and thick sueded leather platforms.  The cost for a pair of six inch ankle boots in black leather is about $3,500 USD and worth every penny as you get three sets of replicable titanium heels two sets of heel guards and you can send the boots back to have the insides replaced twice at no charge. For anyone wondering why a girl would need three sets of titanium heels it is possible to bend a heel if it is caught in a grate or if there was a metal defect one could snap. Or lose one accidently in a dressing room. You can also get slightly different heel shapes other than the standard stiletto, which is mostly what the twins got.

I’d had one of my old black pairs that I wear as duty casino manager refurbished that were ready for pickup that are almost identical to the boots the twins ordered, except mine have the custom replaceable heel lock so I can wear bladed heels on mine. I showed the twins how to snap on the heel guards and use the Inman guard releases on the heels to quickly remove the guards. Returning readers may recall the heel guards are used when the boots are worn in the house or in stores to prevent puncturing carpets and wood floors or slipping on tile, marble or glass surfaces.  Both girls were wet with desire to be taken in their boots and could hardly wait to get them this week. There is usually a four week manufacturing interval, but because the twins are my wards and I’m part owner with Gepetto in his fetish cobbler business and as there were no parts that had to be custom made we were able to pick their boots up today. They wore them home with the guards on so they didn’t cut up the floors of my Subaru.

Options: One important defensive option I got on the twins boots that added ¾ of an ounce to each boot was a layer of titanium mesh between the inner and outer layers of leather shafts and tongue to prevent heel punctures if a boot wearer intentionally rams her heel into a rival’s instep or boot shaft to disable her, which is a fairly common injury as wearing BBs seems to bring out the aggressive side of Domme wearers.  

Another defensive option I ordered for the twins are lace-slitter heels that are edged on the front side. Lace slitters can also be seen as a weapon of sorts, but I got them in case the girls got into a scuffle and accidently rammed a heel down inside another girl’s laces. Boot wearing Dommes are particularly quick to take offense and I can see Odile needing the ability to cut her way out of another dominant’s laces. It happens far more than you might expect. And when it happens the two women are often trapped together like to bucks with locked antlers. But for the girl in lace-slitter heels she has a way to extract herself if it was her heel that went into the other girl’s laces. If the other woman’s heel is down my laces Gepetto’s titanium hooks won’t break or pull out of the leather as the lacing hardware will on cheaply made commercially available ballet boots. The only thing to do then is knee her twice; once in the groin then the face as she bends over, then yank her heel out before she falls over and pulls me with her. That usually ends any argument.

Lastly we ordered the twins boots with shaft-top locking straps with hasps, for two reasons. One because it would give the Sub in Odette the feeling that she could submit to her Dom or Domme by letting him or her lock her into her boots. The other reason was to give Odile the confidence that if she locked herself in her boots anyone attempting overpower her to get her out of them would find it more difficult if they were locked on her feet and give her more time to react.  

Boot oil: I use Obenauf's Leather Oil Preservative (a blend of natural oils, waxes) which Gepetto provides with each pair of his ballet boots. It cleans and softens the leather and protects it from moisture; semen, coitial discharge, blood and vomit, not necessarily in that order.

Hot boots: The only down side to Gepetto's ballet boots is that they are hot to wear, which is a problem common to all ballet-boots no matter what they are made of. PVC, patent leather, rubber and scrap leather pairs made commercially are all just as hot and sweaty to wear, but with none of the advantages of good looks, long wear life and safety of Gepetto’s boots.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hot Shot under-thrust training, a reader’s query, Halloween

Six ml of fresh human ejaculate containing hundreds of millions of sperm

Training partners for Hot Shots: Since my wards all have GyneFix IUDs implanted they are very safe to work with the most potent of our escort trainees. And the guys like having them in rotation since they train with Ben Wa balls so are tighter than most of their other training partners. Personally I like training with the class IV sperm producers (the “Hot Shots”) because even at 42 I still have about a 25% chance of getting preggers on the most fertile day of my cycle if my cervical barrier leaks so it gives me an added frisson of suspense and delight to check the next day and find no semen inside the dome of my barrier. Today there was no chance of any of them getting me pregnant since I’m CD3 and bleeding heavily. The trainees like having me as a partner not only because I have one of the tighter grips, but because they think with my using  belly jelly (spermicide)  and a cervical barrier they stand a better chance of getting me preggers than any of the girls on hormones or a copper IUD. And there is a rather large pool; the odds are currently 70/30 against, waiting for the trainee who can cause me to conceive. Competition seems to make the men more ardent with me. All I have to worry about now is someone sabotaging my contraceptive supplies.

Under-thrusting the Reflexions: I know I’ve said that under-thrusting a latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragm is very difficult and it is for the typical male partner. But even if the Reflexions is correctly sized it can under-thrust by a skilled and determined partner using the proper technique. However, it will almost certainly be painful, briefly, for both partners and only masochists enjoy the training. None of our escorts has any trouble under-thrusting an All-Flex (arcing spring) or Milex Omniflex (coil spring) diaphragms typically provided to women in the U.S. and under-thrusting them is not usually painful. 

I’m teaching under-thrusting skills to the hot shots since Reflexions is a common rim style in the UK and Europe. As a trainer I always go into an intercourse training session with an empty bladder, but that’s particularly important when teaching under-thrusting while being penetrated from behind. In that position the rim is pulled further out from behind the pubic bone and into the post pubic vault when the vagina lengthens (tents) as the uterus and cervix are pulled up out of the way of a thrusting penis during arousal and by gravity when on hands and knees or bent over a table or barre. The object of the training is to have the man thrust at such a sharp angle that he drives his glans into the gap between the woman’s pubic bone and the anterior rim of her diaphragm. With her taken from behind his frenulum will be protected against the back of her pubic bone and the top of his glans against the anterior diaphragm rim as he pushes into her anterior vaginal wall and bladder to get under the rim and inside the dome. If he’s good that single brutal gasp and moan inducing thrust will be all he needs to breech his partner’s protection.

Wearing the Reflexions flat spring to let the hot shots try to under-thrust it is tiring and messy, but great fun! The guys love trying and some few even succeed! Those are the ones a woman using a flat spring diaphragm for protection needs to be wary of and the ones for whom we can charge the most for an encounter with a woman who likes to gambling on the effectiveness of her barrier protection while fertile. A surprising percentage of young European women who come to The Lorelei, Adolph’s spa for sexually active aristocratic women, have just that fantasy and think their barriers are impregnable. With guests staying at least three weeks and booking a Hot Shot as her companion (the most popular package) the price of a vacuum aspiration is included in the package. About 15% of the women under 35 who book that package have a vacuum aspiration before leaving and some leave pregnant after proposing marriage to their escorts. 

A frequent reader comments: I’ve had a frequent reader mention privately that my frequency of posting has declined and it has. He mentioned too that I’m rarely on Yahoo Messenger. I think it would be more correct to say that I’m almost never on YM any more as I don’t have the time and I don’t like Facebook or Twitter. Google is pushing their blogging community toward Google+ which (right now as I understand the limitations) would mean that no one could read my blog unless they were also on Google+ so that sucks and is to be avoided if possible until Google+ will allow readers and commenters from other platforms to read Google+ blogs.

I have cut back on my posts as my training responsibilities have increased. I try to post to Jill’s World perhaps 2 to 4 times a week depending on my free time. Now with four sexually active girls to train in addition to my other responsibilities my time can be very limited, but I can write a few lines between training classes and eventually post an entry.

I do enjoy writing about my experiences with a wide range of men. I’ve been so fortunate to have been able to sample so many different lovers most of whom were well equipped for and skilled in the art of pleasing a woman, which can be a tricky to accomplish successfully, especially with me.

Halloween: My Company is performing my version of the ballet Dracula for Halloween at the casino high-roller venues. For Adolph’s Halloween party I’m thinking about pretending to have a miscarriage and spew blood and fetal tissue all over some unsuspecting male guest. I can stuff a breakaway-bag of artificial blood and tissue bits up behind my pubic bone (it feels rather like I’m being fisted except its soft) and I can walk around and even stand en pointe if the bag is strong enough not to burst when my muscles contract as I walk around or dance on my toes.

I had thought about using the contents of a vacuum aspiration bottle immediately after an abortion, but decided against it primarily because I can’t know ahead of time if the patient was free of STIs and other blood born infections and if not refrigerated or used immediately the smell and risk of having foreign decomposing blood and tissue inside me wasn’t worth using real aborted tissue.    


Saturday, October 12, 2013

Dry fucked at Naughty’s, Incest by proxy

Off the shoulder cowl neck sweater worn as a tunic with tights 

The photo: Lounge crawling apparel I enjoy.  An oversized off the shoulder cowl neck sweater worn as a tunic over black Wolford fatal 50 seamless tights, which are 93% nylon 7% Elastane, and black suede tipped Gaynor pointes for ballet-sex in public. The costume is comfortable, attractive and practical as I can adjust the neck to breast feed a lover w/o undressing.

Paul was in town: Returning readers will remember he owns a neighboring estate on Virgin Gorda and is the father of the eighteen y/o swan twins who he left in my care while they are enrolled at UNLV. He arrived Thursday a week ago (Oct 3rd) when I was CD14 and had just ovulated so I had an Oves screwed down tight on my cervix in case he was interested in plumbing my depths. It also allowed me to wear a Penetrator plug to prevent pelvic fondling. I can wear a diaphragm with a Penetrator, but that’s a lot of hardware to have inserted at one time. I sometimes wear Wolford Satin Opaque 50 Tights, but they have seams and a crotch gusset so if I’m wearing a Penetrator and expect to be dry-fucked the fatal 50s provide a much smoother fit over the head of my plug and a deep seamless fit between my cheeks than the satin opaque 50s, which have a smoother surface, but a seam that in my experience is more likely to tear a condom during a dry-fuck encounter.

I took him to Naughty Pleasures, the ‘swingles’ club at my casino. When I’m lounge crawling and not interested in penile/vaginal intercourse I wear my tights like male ballet dancers do, with the waistband pulled up as far as it will go then rolled down over a belt to emphasize my mons veneris and the head of my penetrator plug and to fully spread and occupy the depth between my cheeks. That way I can be dry-fucked by the man behind me in queue for a place at the bar in the meat market. A gentleman wears a polyurethane condom (they are less likely to break while the wearer is thrusting between cheeks covered in nylon and Elastane) to collect his ejaculate rather than to spew in my crack and soak and stain my tights. I unzipped and sheathed Paul while we were in a standing room only crowd at the bar. 

Then I turned my back and rolled on to pointe with my feet a la seconde, which clenched my buttocks and prepared for him to insert himself. I’m so small that w/o me being en pointe he would have been thrusting into my cervical vertebrae rather than between my cheeks. Fortunately the crowd was moving to some extent. We were still two from the front of the crowd, but I was close enough to the bar that I could brace myself against the back of a bar stool to take his thrusts. It seemed like forever before he raised my tunic and inserted himself between my nylon sheathed cheeks then he helped stabilize me by holding my hips. Neither of us said anything and he must have enjoyed getting off in a crowd with women standing all around\d him as it took him just a few minutes. His pelvic thrusts seemed undetectable at the shoulder level, but I imagine the women on either side knew what we were doing. One certainly did. I looked over my shoulder and she smiled at me and I smiled back. About that time he came, shuddered, gasped and perhaps covered it by seeming to sneeze.

I came off pointe as he milked himself diwn, stripped the condom off, zipped up and handed me the condom. He wanted me to suck his load out of the Trojan Supra, but I just tied it off and slipped it into my clutch as the results of his STI panel hadn’t appeared on my iPhone. Having relieved himself temporarily he was much better company when we finally got our drinks and then our table was ready and he took me to dinner. At dinner I got a text that his STI panel was clean so I emptied the liquefied contents of his Trojan into my coffee and drank it which seemed to please him. I’m still not sure what he does. He says he is a structural engineer and he travels a lot, but won’t talk about what project he’s working on.

Ballet-sex training: During dinner Paul asked what I’m teaching his twins and I said I have them working on strengthening their legs, but more specifically their feet and ankles so they will be able to confidently and expertly take a partner entering them from behind while balanced on the platforms of their toe-shoes, something Paul thinks is marvelous when I let him penetrate me that way. I know the twins have done that with Himself in the Arboretum and the library at UNLV before the equinox, but while they performed adequately for the time they had been in training their performances were far below the superb experience expected from women completing my training.

He was very pleased that they were learning skills they could use to bend men to their will if that was their desire and wanted to see what the training consisted of. I tried to dissuade him thinking he - like some other fathers who had asked to watch their daughters train - might wish he had never asked after he had seen what goes on, because the sight forever erases any fantasy of the sweet, innocent, naive young woman who he has spent all her life protecting. It also tends to make some fathers furious. The sight of a daughter on pointe bent over holding on to the barre, gasping, sweating, moaning, ankles wobbling while masturbating penetrated from behind by a large mirror mounted dildo in an encounter salle just seems to have that effect on some fathers.

I asked him several times to reconsider saying the experience could be very graphic and he said he understood it would be sexually explicit and ask how I could accomplish it w/o the twins knowing he or we were there. I explained we had soundproofed viewing rooms behind a two-way mirrored wall of most encounter sallies that allowed us to evaluate a trainees progress w/o their knowing it so we could just go into the viewing room and would be less than three feet from the woman training at the barre as she masturbated en pointe while impaled on a suction cup dildo mounted on the mirrored wall.   

Incest by proxy: The next evening I took Paul into the viewing room for the salle in which Odette, the more submissive one, was training. The exercise she was working on was keeping her ankles from giving out during peaks of desire when a woman’s knees and ankles go weak. We can lock our knees safely (if we aren’t expecting to be thrust dropped), but ankles are different and you have to keep them from wobbling or you can’t recover and end up falling off pointe.  We were a bit early and watched her enter the salle. She was wearing a yellow thong-back short sleeve scoop neck leotard and changed into a worn pair of pink suede tipped Gaynor pointes then inserted a 5 ml disposable applicator of FloraFix before performing a fifteen minute barre to warm up. Then she took her eight inch long two inch diameter silicone G-spot training dildo from its case and fastened its industrial strength suction cup base to the mirror at a height she had previously marked and lubed it from a small tube of FloraFix. Then rising on pointe and while standing on the mirror side of the barre she gripped the barre bent over and carefully backed on to the dildo.

The audio from the salle was excellent and we could hear the squish is she buried the shaft in her vagina and her gasp when she was fully penetrated and the tip hit her cervix. Paul watched as she developed a rhythm rubbing the G-spot head across the tactile tissue on the anterior wall of her vagina while I watched him for any sign that he was becoming upset..  He was visibly emotional, but not in the way I had feared. Watching his youngest, (by 3 minutes) daughter Paul wasn’t mad, he was extremely aroused. His woodie was distending his slacks and he was making no effort to hide it as he watched Odette masturbate to orgasm. When she came he turned to me and said, “I must have you!” in a tone that conveyed great need that I’d never heard him use. In the past he had been rather playful even when he was struggling with me to have his way, but not this time.

I had expected we would have an encounter before I took him to bed and had prepared by cleaning and reinserting my Oves and reapplying 5 ml of FloraFix that will remain a bioadhesive gel for at least eight hours at body temperature before liquefying so most of it can drain or be Kegeled out. A knowledgeable woman will coat the area around the entrance to her urethra as that seems to substantially lessen the need to urinate after PVI to flush the urethra of bacteria forced in to it by a partner’s thrusts. Using FloraFix in that way a woman can immediately snuggle into the embrace of her partner and nap in the afterglow w/o worrying about getting a UTI.

While I had expected PVI I hadn’t expected it in the viewing room less than six feet from where Odette continued to give herself a prolonged vaginal orgasm by gently rocking back and forth having the head of her dildo caress her G-spot while sur les pointes a la second.. I was wearing a canary yellow pareo over a matching long sleeve turtleneck thong back cotton Lycra leo by Gottex the Israeli swimwear maker who I have make my swimsuits and play clothes.  There was a portable barre against the mirror in the observation room and I unfastened the pareo from around my hips and draped it over the end of the barre.  As we watched Odette go through her training regimen I had been doing tendus, plies, échappés and développés just to keep warmed up so I unzipped him and eased him out of his tighty whities and he was magnificently erect and already dripping pre-ejaculate.

I turned and faced the barre, piquéd on to pointe, spread my legs to second and bent over holding on to the barre. He slipped a finger under my thong and pulled the fabric to one side exposing my engorged, wet and parted labia and positioned himself to enter me. I had taken him eight or nine times since I’ve known him, but he had never been that hard or large. We’d just had amazing sex several times the day before so I knew he hadn’t been denying himself so he would be more potent, it was watching his daughter masturbate and struggle with holding her ankles steady while in the throes of a series of gently rolling orgasms that must have affected him in that way and I was about to see how he would treat a partner wound as tightly as he was.

In a gentle voice he said,” Are you ok? And when I whispered yes, he said, “I’m going to enter you now.” and slowly pushed his way inside me. It was as though he was a different person.  I looked over my shoulder and saw he was watching Odette as she rocked herself back and forth on the dildo and Paul synched his thrusts to her in and out strokes on her dildo. It was coming to the end of her training session and the students usually try to end a session with one very intense orgasm so she was holding on to the barre now with one hand and fondling her clitoris with her other. She increased her thrust cycles as she neared clitoral climax and Paul increased his thrusts to match hers while fondling my clitoris.  It was magic; the three of us came at the same time she screamed and gasped between screams. I moaned, mewed and whimpered to a lovely bone melting climax and Paul shot his load in me while battering my cervix and screaming, “I love you Odette!”  while my contractions were milking the last drops of semen from him. Thank God for the triple glazed mirrored wall!

Afterward: He collapsed on top of me and we were sweating profusely, gasping for breath and holding on to the barre to keep from collapsing as we gently lowered ourselves to the floor. But he kept nuzzling my ear running his hand through my hair and telling me how much he loved me and that he was going to make sure I got only the best in life. Then he straightened up took a deep breath and said “wow, that was really something, Thank you Jill.” Obviously his delusion was over, at least for the time being. I said nothing about him calling me Odette, but did say I was glad I could be there when he needed me and asked if he was satisfied with his daughters training. He just smiled.

From my perspective (at least for now) I’m very pleased that while in thrall to the rigor of his daughter’s pelvic training Paul seemed to see me as a surrogate for his daughter, a case of incest by proxy. I don’t think he remembers calling me Odette or telling me he loved me. I’m wondering if he will be delusional again with me and if it might occur with me as Odile or if that was a one-off. My being pleased with him thinking I was Odette is – as long time readers may remember - because I wanted to have sex with my father who blamed me for the death of my mother. I wanted to try and reduce his sorrow as he said I grew up to look just like her. But he never wanted to even see me. So he exiled me to ballet schools for training. At least with me as Odette Paul was my father for a few short minutes and for that I’m grateful, but I didn’t realize that until it was over.


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Human reproductive fluids and vaginal pH

A human sperm fertilizing an egg

The Photo: A scanning microscope image of a human sperm fertilizing an egg. No form of birth control (except abstinence) is 100% effective so a girl’s worst fear can be realized when a pregnancy is unplanned regardless of why it occurred; from an unprotected casual encounter or from a contraceptive failure. It’s what responsible sexually active women try our best to avoid and what correct use of effective contraceptive methods is all about. Fortunately women facing an unplanned pregnancy now have several options.

pH (potential of hydrogen): The term pH refers to a numerical measure of the acidity or alkalinity of any solution. pH values typically vary across a scale from 0 to 14, with the pH of neutral solutions equal to 7, increasing values have increasing alkalinity and decreasing values have increasing acidity. The pH of the vagina corresponds to the secretions continually produced in conjunction with the vaginal flora.

Normal vaginal pH: pH refers to the vagina’s acidity level. A vaginal pH of 3.8 - 4.5 (slightly acidic) indicates that there is a perfect amount of good bacteria (lactobacilli), and no overgrowth of the bad bacteria that can cause odor, irritation and sometimes infection.  A home vaginal pH test kit measures pH on a scale of 1 to 14. Abnormal vaginal pH may be higher or lower than normal vaginal pH. High vaginal pH numbers indicate less acidity, while lower than normal vaginal pH levels indicate high acidity. Abnormal vaginal pH frequently indicates the presence of a vaginal infection. However, not all vaginal infections cause changes to vaginal pH. This means that having a normal vaginal pH test does not mean that you do not have a vaginal infection.

If the vaginal pH is above normal, the most likely reason is that the woman has bacterial vaginosis (BV) and not a yeast infection. In this case, don't use OTC medications for vaginal yeast infections because the medication does not treat BV. You’ll need to see your doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

On the other hand, if the vaginal pH is normal or below normal and she has had previous vaginal yeast infection diagnosed by a doctor, she could try one of the OTC medications for vaginal yeast infections. If the OTC medication for vaginal yeast infection does not cure the vaginal symptoms or infection, see your doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

 So, what makes pH rise higher than 4.5? There are a surprising number of triggers that can upset the vaginal ecosystem:

  • Menstruation: Blood has a pH of 7.4, so during your period, vaginal pH becomes elevated.
  • Tampons: Since they retain the fluids that cause pH to increase, tampons can contribute to the problem, especially if you “forget” a tampon and leave it in too long.  
  • Intercourse: The pH of semen is 7.1 to 8, slightly alkaline.
  • Douching and cleansers: Any vaginal infusion of water or other fluids can affect vaginal pH. The pH of water is 7, and fragrances and perfumes can also irritate the vagina.
  • Menopause or pregnancy: These are times where hormones fluctuate, which is associated with elevated pH.
  • FCM; Fertile cervical mucus: In normal conditions, fertile cervical mucus has a pH level of 6.5 to 8.5 and should be able to stretch 10cm in either direction. FCM will temporarily decrease the acidity of the vagina to help sperm survive the acidity of the vagina during a woman’s fertile interval.
Semen: A viscous whitish secretion of the male reproductive organs, containing spermatozoa and consisting of secretions of the testes, seminal vesicles, prostate, and bulbourethral glands. It’s also called seminal fluid. The pH of semen is 7.1 to 8, slightly alkaline. 

The average sperm count today is between 20 and 40 million per milliliter in the Western world, having decreased by 1-2% per year, from a substantially higher number, decades ago.

Total sperm count, or total sperm number, is the total number of spermatozoa in the entire ejaculate. By WHO, lower reference limit (2.5th percentile) is 39 million per ejaculate. The median ejaculation (50th percentile) contained 255 million sperm.

Sperm motility: A more specified measure is motility grade, where the motility of sperm is divided into four different grades:

  • Grade a: Sperm with progressive motility. These are the strongest and swim fast in a straight line. Sometimes it is also denoted motility IV.
  • Grade b: (non-linear motility): These also move forward but tend to travel in a curved or crooked motion. Sometimes also denoted motility III.
  • Grade c: These have non-progressive motility because they do not move forward despite the fact that they move their tails. Sometimes also denoted motility II.
  • Grade d: These are immotile and fail to move at all. Sometimes also denoted motility I.

Volume: WebMD advises that semen volumes between 1.0 mL and 6.5 mL are normal; WHO regards 1.5 ml as the lower reference limit. Low volume may indicate partial or complete blockage of the seminal vesicles, or that the man was born without seminal vesicles. In clinical practice, a volume of less than 2 mL in the setting of infertility and absent sperm should prompt an evaluation for obstructive azoospermia. A caveat to this is to be sure it has been at least 48 hours since the last ejaculation to time of sample collection.

Semen pH: WebMD lists a normal semen pH range of 7.1-8.0; WHO criteria specify normal as 7.2-7.8 Acidic ejaculate (lower pH value) may indicate one or both of the seminal vesicles are blocked. A basic ejaculate (higher pH value) may indicate an infection. A pH value outside of the normal range is harmful to sperm.

Liquefaction: Liquefaction is the process when the gel formed by proteins from the seminal vesicles is broken up and the semen becomes more liquid. It normally takes less than 20 minutes for the sample to change from a thick gel into a liquid. A liquefaction time within 60 minutes is regarded as within normal ranges.

Spermicides: In order to make barrier contraceptives more effective there are formulations of chemical, Nonoxynol-9 (N-9) and lactic or citric acid mixed with a gel carrier that provides an acidic pH to immobilize sperm should a condom break or a diaphragm leak or become displaced. ContraGel (advertised by its maker not as a spermicide, but as a barrier method when used with a cervical barrier) uses a base of lactic acid with a pH of 3.8 which is hostile to the sperm.

For dive-sex we use a private label product called DiveGel+ (in 10 ml prefilled disposable applicators) which is a specially formulated silicone gel that won’t degrade silicone cervical barriers fortified with a pH balanced biocide and FloraFix a type of Lactobacillus with a pH of 3.8 that helps maintain the acidity of the vagina regardless of how many unprotected men a girl is penetrated by per day. For non-diving encounters the formulation is being rebranded as ‘FloraFix’ and packaged in 5ml disposable applicators and is being used very successfully by our escorts.

My cervical barriers: I dislike using condoms unless the man has an unknown sexual history. I love the skin-on-skin contact which Oves permits me and the feel of a man’s liquefied fluids draining out of me after he has done his biological best to impregnate me. While the rest of my circle is all fitted with copper IUDs I still prefer to use an Oves cervical cap or a diaphragm.  I stocked up on Oves before they went out of business and use them each for multiple cycles, so if I don’t get preggers or have a change to the surface of my cervix I should have enough to last me until menopause. At 42 my fertility is declining, but I still have regular cycles and love how well both Oves and my diaphragm (depending where I am in my cycle) are protecting me.



Saturday, October 5, 2013

Thigh gap, a dangerous fad

A healthy thigh gap

The photo: Shows a well toned woman displaying her upper thigh gap. Thigh gap, a current fitness fad among young women, is determined primarily by genetics. A women having a wide pelvis, which will allow a gap between the thighs of a well nourished body and well toned legs, is far more likely to be able to display thigh gap w/o an extensive exercise regimen than one with a narrower pelvis.

Thigh gap: Photos of the 2012 Victoria’s Secret models, (which are said to have started the craze for thigh gap) show women who were the winners of a very rigorous culling process selected for their bodies and then subjected to ballet exercise and dietary regimens to mold them into the toned bodies that Victoria’s Secret models are famous for. There isn’t a ‘typical’ woman among them, which could also be said for ballet dancers in the national and better regional companies.

I don’t want to sound alarmist, but, looking at some of the photos of VS models legs I think they have gone too far as their legs are quite bony and not at all attractive. They obviously aren’t dancers, so I can see if a young woman with a typical body has body image problems and is using VS models as her role model the likelihood of her turning to anorexia in an attempt to achieve her goal is considerable.

Fortunately ‘Ballet genes’ and ballet classes keep my circle’s bodies and especially our legs very strong with long lean muscles and very well toned so we all display significant thigh gap and had never considered it anything other than normal until the current craze began to emphasize it as desirable and sexy.  A disturbing article about the Thigh Gap fad is in the New York Post: Young women ‘pushed’ topursue ‘thigh gap’ a quest that could lead to anorexia.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

First abortions of the school year

Oops! Guess who’s 4 days late starting her next pack of pills!

Birth control at colleges and Prep schools: Most female students still use oral contraceptives (mostly the combined, estrogen/progestin, pill) for birth control and many of them don’t take them correctly and consistently causing that method on average to be about 92% effective. We are about six weeks into the school year and are beginning to see the first of the students with unintended pregnancies come in for terminations.

Being on hormonal contraceptives takes more care than just taking a pill every day at the same time. That’s primary of course, but the pill and even implants, transdermal, and transvaginal methods, hormonal IUDs and injection methods can be compromised by other meds and supplements. There are a lot of reasons that young women don’t take their contraceptive meds as they should or take interacting meds or supplements: Lack of an effective regimen at the same time every day. Unpleasant side effects that tend to cause users to ‘forget’ to take their pills.

And things to avoid that should have been explained to them such as: weight loss pills taken to counteract the ‘freshman fifteen’ can speed the metabolism to the extent that the contraceptive hormones don’t stay long enough in the bloodstream to keep an effective level to suppress ovulation. Or taking the EC drug ella and then not using another effective method for the rest of that cycle, because the steroid in ella binds with the woman’s progestin receptors and prevents progestin from any pills taken for the next several weeks from being used by her body, leaving her open to ovulation and conception after the encounter of concern for which ella was taken had long passed. And then there is reduced effectiveness caused by some antibiotics. Or Vomiting within two hours after taking a pill and the hormones may not have been digested.

Hormonal contraceptive side effects:

99% effective when used correctly
Regulates cycles
Decreases menstrual bleeding and discomfort
Can help clear some cases of acne 

Negative side effects for some women:
Estrogen withdrawal headaches
Vaginal dryness
Breast tenderness
Weight gain
Loss of libido
Hair loss
Small but real Increased risk of blood clots and strokes especially for Newer Progestins like etonogestrel (Nexplanon & NuvaRing) and Drospirenone (Yaz, Beyaz & generics)
Must be taken correctly, consistently and on time
Effectiveness lessened by some meds and supplements..

My Wards after school Jobs: I’m pleased that we got Bea, Cyndi and the Swan twins using GyneFix copper IUDs so they can continue to cycle while being very effectively protected from pregnancy. That way they can be as sexually active as they like with only having STIs to worry about. I’ve been able to get the twins onto the male escort trainee’s partners list so they will get the benefit of training with professionals. The wide range of escort trainee partners who are clean and frequently checked gives them a very large pool of gorgeous and very experienced men to train with just like Bea and Cyndi who are continuing to volunteer as partners to help train the escorts. Their volunteer effort is superb training for the girls as it lets them experience a wide range of male sexual techniques and they are being paid pocket money for something that they love doing.

Our termination clinic: We are seeing mostly college age girls as they are away from home and are not as closely supervised as students in female prep schools in the area, including St Lucy’s.  All so far have been either hormonal conceptive, or both condoms and hormonal contraceptive failures. From what the patients say it is the newness of their surroundings and the frantic pace of trying to be popular and do everything at once that has caused them not to put as much emphasis on contraception as they should have while sampling the physical delights that new male friends can provide. That part of our clinic is very private with individual waiting rooms (with shielded Wi-Fi for their personal electronics)  and separate entrances and exits so no one sees anyone else while arriving or leaving so the patient’s identities are protected.

At St Lucy’s we have already administered flu shots for the 2013-14 Flu season first thing if the student hadn’t already gotten one. I mention this here because many students who get Flu will try to treat it with an antibiotic retained from a bacterial illness or gotten from a friend; only to find much to their dismay that not only did the antibiotic not treat the Flu, but reduced the effectiveness of her birth control resulting in her carrying someone baby. If she is lucky she knows who’s so she can go to him for support if she wants to.

Most students seeking a termination want a vacuum aspiration.  While it is a bit uncomfortable it’s over in a half hour or so, while with Mifeprex, RU486, the process takes several days and still may require a vacuum aspiration. Too, there have been some fatalities with women using Mifeprex so it doesn’t have quite the cachet it had when first introduced several years ago.  

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