Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Autumnal Equinox and prep for the lunar eclipse

A total eclipse of the moon

The Photo: The 2010 total eclipse of the moon similar to that which will occur on September the 28th in the UK and Europe.

The Autumnal Equinox: As expected there were showers before and after the celebration, but amazingly there was a brief interval of slightly less than an hour at sunrise where the sky was clear and we could actually see the sun. There was a 15 mph wind howling through the tone-holes in the standing stones surrounding the five altars and the temperature was in the low 40s or high 30s (F) but there was no ice. The crofters were lovely young men and since I was CD5 and still bleeding moderately I used a latex flat spring diaphragm as otherwise there was a very small chance that their sperm might live long enough to fertilize the egg when I next ovulate. The crofters were medicated with a performance enhancer so they had no difficulty getting and sustaining an erection due to the cold temperature under which they were penetrating me and my wards while we were on the altars. A few days ago when I took Alistair unprotected it was too soon for his sperm to live until I ovulate, but now I have my Crofter partner’s sperm draining out of me and as I said those partner’s sperm could do the job if they live long enough, which is what I needed to protect against.

Celestial celebrations and vaginal yeast: This was the Dryads (Bryony and Claire’s) first celestial celebration and involved multiple partners so it was important that they used an effective lubricant/biocide to keep their vaginal pH properly balanced with the new sets of bacteria their partners would leave inside them. They used the silicone base DiveGel+ which has kept my vaginal pH balanced even with all the men I am intimate with. DiveGel+ was formulated to allow its use with silicone cervical barriers which allows its use with Milex and FemCap as well as the latex flat spring diaphragms used by my wards and our Escorts. The only down side of  DiveGel+ is that it doesn’t work well for cunilingus as silicone lubes taste and feel terrible in the mouth.  

More about the total lunar eclipse on the 28th: Moving to the UK was providential now I am a Priestess of Aphrodite. Given that, there may be returning readers who wonder why it took me so long to get here. The timing of course was my inheritance of the Barony of Blackthorn which became official at the end of 2014. As returning readers know I’m required to lead the celebration of four primary celestial events on behalf of the Goddess: The Vernal Equinox, the Summer Solstice, the Autumnal equinox and the Winter Solstice. As well as other celestial events such as the total eclipse of the Harvest moon which will occur on the 28th of this month, so I and a favorite partner (in this instance Nikolai, the male ballet dancer I’m currently seeing) will be back at the mountain top holy site, which I call location Z, on the 28th . The next total eclipse of a Harvest moon will not occur for another 33 years so it’s important that this one should be properly celebrated. 

Since it will be dark at 3:47 AM (the moment that the moon will be totally obscured) when according to tradition my partner must penetrate me we will have a shortwave radio to pick up the 60 kHz UK time signal (MSF) to make certain he plunges into me at that exact moment even if the moon is obscured by clouds. With that sort of precision needed I like to have a partner fully enter me with a single stroke and Nikolai is very skilled and well endowed so having him plunge into my anterior fornix with a single thrust is breathtaking as he stretches the dome of my latex FS diaphragm over both the tip of my cervix and his glans as he forces the springy latex membrane all the way to the bottom of my fornix putting upward pressure on my cervix and uterus and squeezing his glans simultaneously! Just writing about it makes me wet, but I intend to be very well lubricated with a silicone gel for that occasion.

My cycle and the total eclipse: On September 28th I will be CD10 and fertile since I should ovulate on the CD14. The Goddess is very pleased that I will be fertile then since when fertile a woman is always more attractive to potential partners. However, she approves of my need for contraception as being pregnant is not a condition that enhances a woman’s ability to attract and enthrall male admirers. It is our pheromones that alert a potential partner to the possibility of getting her in that condition that attracts most swordsmen.  

Contraception for cheerleaders: Before I came to the Scottish Highlands for the Equinox this week and the lunar eclipse next week the trainer of a girls cheerleading team asked our clinic to fit her girls with flat spring latex diaphragms. I was surprised as most of the gymnastics, swimming and cheerleading teams have their girls on LARC hormonal birth control of one sort or another; usually an IUD or Depo-Provera to minimize the side effects of periods such as cramps and bleeding through costumes. That’s the case with this group as well; however several of the girls are on a med for a severe skin condition that can decrease the effectiveness of hormonal contraception and others are on weight loss supplements that speed up the metabolism which can also decrease the effectiveness of hormonal birth control so the trainer wanted those girls fitted with diaphragms since the girls are sexually active and there is a big cheerleading competition coming up is several months and they need to be in top condition.

The coach initially asked for only four of her girls to be fitted, but the others found out and wanted to be fitted too as they think diaphragms are very adult and very retro as well and right now retro is in with teens.  The team sponsor is willing to spring for all the girls to be fitted and the head coach says that none of the girls are allergic to latex so fitting them shouldn’t be a problem. So when I get back to London I will be fitting a teen cheerleading team of fifteen girls varying in age from 16 to 18 with latex flat spring diaphragms since that style is almost impossible for a mischievous partner to under-thrust.  

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Autumnal Equinox 23 September, total eclipse of the Moon 27-28 September 2015

September 27-28, 2015 Harvest Moon total eclipse

The Photo: Eclipse coverage in five bands: 1) from the center in orange the eclipse is 100% visible from start to end, 2) more than 75% of the event is visible, 3) less than 75% of the event is visible, 4) less than 50% of the event is visible and 5) Eclipse is not visible at all.

2015 Autumnal Equinox: The weather is supposed to be 50° (F) at sea level with heavy rain at sunrise on the 23rd so it will be in the low 40s with a 12 mph wind. Sigh! Why am I not surprised? It’s typical for Loc Z. Jack has seen to positioning the dried peat for the massive stone fire caldrons and made sure the road to the top is clear of storm debris. The Dryads (Bryony and Claire) willow and Bea and I have met our male crofter partners for the ritual planting of their seed at sunrise which is at 7:07 British Summer Time. Bryony has asked to have the altar the Odile had, Bea gets her usual and Willow as the daughter of Jack gets the one on the east, closest to the rising sun and I’m on the principal altar in the center. Given that there is a full eclipse of the harvest moon in six days that has taken a lot of the fascination out of the occasion for me though for Bryony and Claire it is still a huge thrill, or will be until they are nude and freezing in their GM pointes and new shearling robes while being inseminated by an eighteen y/o crofter that had hardly met.

Time and says this about the 27/28th eclipse: “The full Moon of September 27/28 is a Supermoon – the Moon will be closest to the Earth, or at its perigee, as it turns into a full Moon. A rising Super Full Moon can look larger and brighter to spectators on Earth. Total eclipses of Super Full Moons are rare. According to NASA, they have only occurred 5 times in the 1900s – in 1910, 1928, 1946, 1964 and 1982. After the September 27/ 28, 2015 Total Lunar Eclipse, a Supermoon eclipse will not happen again for another 18 years, until October 8, 2033.” The full article can be read HERE:

Harvest Moon eclipse Ullapool, Scotland: Begins: Mon, Sep 28, 2015 at 1:11 AM. Maximum: Mon, Sep 28, 2015 at 3:47 AM. Ends: Mon, Sep 28, 2015 at 6:22 AM

Aphrodite and the Harvest Moon eclipse: On Sunday September 20th in her temple beneath the undercroft of Crag Abbey after I offered the Goddess Pomegranates and asked for guidance for the Autumnal Equinox on the 23rd Aphrodite let it be known that she would require another breeding tryst by me and my choice of a partner on the primary altar at location Z beginning at maximum coverage of the moon by the earth’s shadow which will occur at 3:47 AM in the area around Ullapool. She only requires one couple so Nikolai and I will be the only celebrants though there will be the full support component of His Grace’s staff. His Grace will not attend the eclipse celebration. Jack, Viscount Sandbach, has agreed to take Nikolai and me back up to location Z for my insemination when the supermoon is totally hidden.  Another eclipse of a Super moon will not occur for another eighteen years so this opportunity is not to be missed.

This means that I will be on the primary altar at Location Z twice in six days and throws my schedule out a bit. However His Grace the Duke of M**** is very anxious that the Goddesses wishes be carried out so extending our stay at the hunting lodge in the valley below Location Z at least through the 28th will not be a problem. Nikolai also has the time off and Jack, Viscount Sandbach, and his fiancée can stay as well so things are working out. His Grace has already set his gamekeeper to organizing red stag hunts for the men in the intervening days between the equinox and the eclipse. I suppose I can relax as well at the lodge as it does have a small indoor heated pool for which I’m grateful. At Crag Abbey there is a deep pool, the cistern, in the undercroft of the Abbey, but that while deep is very spooky. Of course there is no permanent temple in which to commune with the Goddess at the lodge, however, I do have a small traveling altar on which an offering of pomegranates will call the Goddess to give me instruction.

I need to post this. Jack is waiting to take us to the top of the mountain where we will dress in robing tents and fortify ourselves with His Grace’s Gorse brandy for the ritual seeding at dawn.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Catsuits and sex in the woods

Autumn in the Blean Woods National Nature Reserve

The Photo: Imagine if you can sex against this wall in the rain with the temperature in the low 50s (F) while dressed in a thick black 2 mm chlorinated latex catsuit, hood, gloves and a pair of Gepetto’s lightly armored leather ballet-boots fragrant with freshly applied Obenauf's Leather Oil Preservative. I thought it very erotic being intimately taken in woods so ancient.

Blean Woods: Lord A (I’ll call him Alistair) was anxious to show me the Blean Woods near his seat at Headlong Hall. The Blean is one of the largest areas of ancient woodland in England – over 11 square miles. The woods have been shaped by local people for over a thousand years. Today, Nature Reserve woodsmen and conservation teams continue to manage this unique landscape, rich in wildlife, which can still be enjoyed today. For more about Blean Woods click HERE.

Sex in public:  As soon as we got to Headlong Hall Alistair was keen to have us both dress for latex fetish sex in the woods to act out one of his latex sex fantasies of inseminating a Goddess. Somehow he had found out that I am the High Priestess of Aphrodite and he intended to make the most of my visit to his home. If he wanted me to invoke the Goddess I told him I needed a half peck (an eighth of a bushel) of pomegranates to use as an offering as the pomegranate is her holy fruit. So he sent a footman into Canterbury to fetch them. I didn’t tell him I had two pecks aboard The Dragon destined to be offerings to Aphrodite in her temple beneath the undercroft of Crag Abbey. My collar of office was in the safe and under guard aboard The Dragon as I would need it for the Equinox.

Still, an offering of pomegranates from me was enough to have her bless our sexual union and the planting of his seed. In a pouring rain we walked up a seldom cleared road to an ancient wall against which Alistair proposed to take me.  While the area is public the road hadn’t been maintained for a long time and is a bit difficult to get to so it was unlikely we would have company as he inseminated me. This was in the early afternoon of Tuesday the 15th and although the sun set about 6:50 there were intervals of heavy rain so in the woods it was quite dark, but with enough light to see clearly. I was CD25 and luteal with my menses due in three days so I wore no cervical barrier or other contraceptive protection so I could enjoy the thrill of having a new partner’s highly motile sperm in my tubes confident that it would die before I became fertile again in about twelve days.

However, he wanted me to wear a latex flat spring diaphragm so we could both have the thrill of him pulling it out and stuffing it in my mouth as sign of my submission while I whipped him with my riding crop urging him to thrust faster and deeper as he loves to be whipped by the woman he is inseminating. I rationalized my allowing him remove my diaphragm and gag me with it as an indication of my willingness to accept him as a sexual equal and the fact that there was no way he could impregnate me during this visit. I hope. He is quite well endowed as many petite women have found to their dismay, but I found him, like baby bear’s porridge, just right being able to fully penetrate the depth of my anterior fornix to stimulate my A-spot even when I was aroused.

He drove us in an estate Range Rover most of the way then we walked the last half mile up the leaf and debris strewn road to get to the spot on the wall completely covered with thick moss where his fantasy could be consummated with the likelihood no one but forest animals would be watching. He was wearing a back-zip catsuit, hood and wellingtons with a relief zipper allowing access to his erection while I was wearing a custom front-zip suit (from Labia Labs) with a double ended zipper so a partner could both milk me and simultaneously thrust into me which is what he did while I was backed against the soft thick moss to protect the back of my latex suit. And that’s where I was inseminated in a cold pouring rain which after we got used to the rain beating on our rubber suits the noise seemed to mask his grunts as he thrust into me and mu moans and mewing and eventually muted screams with my mouth full of my latex diaphragm as I orgasmed. Then my contractions tipped him over the edge and he came in six powerful thrusts filling me with his hot thick bioadhesive semen. After he finished he held me pinned to the wall by his erection while we waited for it to wilt, but when I gave him a bit of Pompoir to milk the last few drops of his elixir of life into me before he withdrew the rascal came again! For a man his age he has a very quick recovery interval! Go figure!

Lactation and the female figure: It turns out that he is fond of breast milk and asked me about the advisability of having his wife induce lactation w/o becoming preggers as neither of them wants children and his current wife doesn’t want to ruin her gorgeous hardbody figure. I suggested that he not force her into inducing lactation as without close monitoring that might cause her small, high, firm breasts that he loves to sag which he said she is already aware of and so doesn’t want to be induced.  I recommend he forget milking his wife - other than sucking on her nipples and getting a bit of fluid from time to time - as the service is provided at Clever Cunts. He didn’t care for my answer but he loves her breasts the way they are so reluctantly agreed not to force her to lactate.

Ballet-boots in mud: Walking up a muddy leaf strewn road (and back again) in ballet-boots is not an undertaking for a novice or in most fetish boot maker’s boots where the heels are too long and/or break off and there is little ankle support. Fortunately Gepettos boots with the titanium ankle and shaft armor provide excellent support making it unlikely to twist an ankle on uneven surfaces. So for me it was a matter of the mud beneath the leaves sucking on the toe boxes that made it difficult to pull the boot out of the mud for the next step. That certainly gave my thighs a workout!  While the sex was marvelous my thighs hadn’t had that sort of workout for ages. When we returned to Headlong Hall my dresser, Emily, cleaned, dried and oiled my boots while I took 800 mg of ibuprofen and had a long hot soak in a tub after which I felt much better and could still enjoy the pelvic relaxation and tingle of the orgasms Alistair had given me. Even after I Kegeled out most of his ejaculate his secretions were still draining out of me so to dinner in the great hall I wore convertible foot tights with a lovely thick cotton gusset to absorb the coital discharge.   


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Visiting a Dryad’s parents

Canterbury West railway station

The Photo: Canterbury West train station in Kent operated by the London & South Eastern Railway Limited, known as Southeastern. Canterbury is served by London’s St Pancras International station. Canterbury East station is a few blocks away and serves the line from London to Dover.

The Dryads parents: The Dryads, Bryony and Claire, are first Cousins. Bryony is the daughter of Lord A**** head of the family while Claire is the daughter of his younger (by 6 minutes) twin brother.  While the family is very wealthy it is thought of by the ancient landed aristocracy as ‘new money’ gotten through manufacturing in the 19th century and by some Lords of much older families as somewhat disreputable for being in ‘trade’.

My interest in the wellbeing of the Dryads has not been not lost on their parents and Lord A**** has invited Nikolai and I down to the family seat which I’ll call Headlong Hall (as it’s right out of a T.L. Peacock novel) just north of Canterbury in Kent. Headlong Hall is a gothic revival monstrosity built in the fifteen hundreds and was a fortified Royalist home during the civil war. In the early 1640s it was captured but not destroyed by the Parliamentarians which some architectural scholars think was a lost opportunity. We will be guests there from this Wednesday, September 16th through Friday the 18th.

Lord A**** is in his early 50s and in excellent physical condition. He is an excellent shot, a SCUBA diver and a latex fetishist of the most extreme sort. He is a member of the Costume Club so I know he is very well hung, hates condoms and is free of STIs. He likes rough sex and to be whipped with a riding crop. His 4th wife, the present Countess, is 26 y/o and was a French ballerina and is younger than her step-daughters. She is extremely flexible and is a hypersexual masochist as am I. Lord A**** and his current wife like to swap partners with their house guests so I expect Nikolai will be sleeping unprotected with the Countess and I with Lord A****. I may be spotting as I should be menstrual on the 19th and I know from his activities at Clever Cunts that he enjoys menstrual cunilingus and sex and eats the bloody contents of his partner’s diaphragm afterward so perhaps I can give him a bit of that.

His wife, who is a latex flat spring diaphragm patient at my clinic (because her husband is a latex fetishist) has a standard (6 bead) copper frameless GyneFix IUD implanted with the strings trimmed off so she can safely wear a diaphragm w/o the worry of accidently pulling it out when she or her lord is removing her diaphragm. It’s my understanding that both Lord A**** and his wife have amazing sexual stamina and they both love Ballet-sex while they are both dressed in a latex catsuits.

I met the Countess socially at a ballet party at the ROH a few months ago shortly after I was appointed minder to Nikolai and she seems like a lovely person. She knew I was Nikolai’s social compass and asked me about him and I suppose she was taking my measure as well as a partner for her husband. My proclivity to fuck the company’s male dancers isn’t really a secret and she was almost salivating as I mentioned Nikolai’s and my social interaction. At that point I knew I would be hearing either from her or Lord A****.

Bryony had told me about her father and the current Countess, his 4th wife, while I was fitting her for a latex FS diaphragm; about them swapping partners at intimate parties at their home, him rotating through a series of favorite Hostesses at Clever Cunts, and both he and the Countess’s love for sex while in latex catsuits and she en pointe in Gaynor Minden shoes so I knew she must be quite experienced, but then most French ballerinas are which is why they are in such demand as mistresses.

Death in the dive well: Bryony also told me that she had witnessed her mother’s death when she was 16.  She was home, at Headlong Hall, from boarding school on Christmas vacation. She thought her parents were in London for the day and went to the indoor pool to swim and found her parents having underwater sex. They were in SCUBA gear at the bottom of the 12 ft. dive well and he was thrusting into her from the front with her mom’s legs on her father’s shoulders.  She stood frozen watching and said they both appeared to be enjoying their encounter while her father was fingering her mom’s clit and they seemed to climax together. Her mom’s back arched, she gave several strong pelvic thrusts while clawing at her husbands shoulders then shuddered expelled a large amount of air her head tilted back, her mouth gaped open and her reg floated free. Neither she nor her husband tried to put it back in her mouth. The autopsy found a venous Air embolism (an air bubble in her bloodstream) stopped her heart. She had forgotten to insert her latex FS diaphragm before entering the water. The coroner ruled it was death by misadventure.  

Amazingly Bryony doesn’t blame her father as she knew her mom loved living on the edge of catastrophe and feels her mom probably died the way she wanted. However, it has almost certainly caused Bryony to want to participate in very dangerous sexual activity as well as setting her on the path to becoming a psychologist in the hope of better understanding what made her mom and now her take such risks. I think she told me about her mom to let me know what I will be in for when Nikolai and I are guests at Headlong Hall.

Traveling to Canterbury and Inverness:  Nikolai and I will be taking The Dragon (my private rail car) to Canterbury to be with Lord A**** and his wife from 9/15 through 9/18 and then return to London to pick up my wards Bea, Willow and the Dryads and then proceed on to Inverness on Saturday the 19th to prepare for the Autumnal Equinox. As I mentioned in an earlier post we will be staying with the Duke of M**** at his castle, Crag Abbey, in the mountains to the west of Loch Ness Saturday evening September 19th. Then convoy to his Grace’s hunting lodge to the north east of Ullapool below the summit of Loc. Z on the 21st as a staging point for ascending to the celestial temple very early on the morning of the 23rd Afterward returning to Crag Abbey for a day or two of relaxation before Returning to London on Saturday the 26th.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

New blood; Bryony and Claire, the Swan Twins depart

University College London Institute of Behavioural Neuroscience Bedford Way building

The photo: The University College London building on the east side of the campus on Bedford Way, where Department of Psychology PhD candidate’s advisors have their offices.

New blood at Clever Cunts: We have two Doctorial students, who I’ll call ‘Bryony’ and ‘Claire’, from University College London’s (UCL) Department of Psychology working at our fetish location, the exclusive Costume Club off Holland Park Road known to it’s members as ‘Clever Cunts’, as part of their research into aspects of male fetishes and the industry that supports them for their Clinical Psychology PhD theses. Both are women in their late 20s, but look considerably younger, and danced with one of the premier ballet companies in the UK for almost fifteen years. They recently retired as soloists to work full time getting their PhD degrees in Psychology after getting their Masters degrees from UCL at night. They are also first cousins.  Bryony is the daughter of a Peer whose seat is in Kent and Claire is the daughter of his younger brother.

Both will be missed by the ballet company (though they had risen as high as they were likely to go) as the ballet rarely has aristocratic women dancing with the company. Both are independently wealthy and are heterosexual switches. I met them while coaching at the ROH and they asked if I would let them do their research using the clients and facilities of the Costume Club. One will be studying what motivates the club’s Hostesses while the other will be concentrating on the members fetishes and how they apply them when with different Hostesses.

Student Hostesses acceptance and kitting out: I’m relieved that Bryony and Claire have been accepted well into the hostess community at the club. New girls entering the group sometimes haven’t had an easy time of it. However, they both have lovely personalities and there is a large turnover of hostesses who marry, return to school or just disappear and that is especially true this fall so the addition of the UCL doctoral candidates to the hostess roll was well received even welcomed by the existing pool of girls and they have quickly made friends.

To help speed Bryony and Claire’s preparation for introduction to the membership I helped with their Pelvic exams, cervical barrier fittings, STI panel tests (They both have had the three shot regimen of Gardasil for HPV protection), fitting them with Gaynor Minden pointes and good quality leather ballet-boots as that is what they will typically be wearing when with a club member. Both had been wearing Freed pointes and on a shoe allowance while with the ballet company so were interested in getting shoes that were more comfortable and last much longer than do performance shoes like Freed Classics. Fortunately both could be correctly fitted in Gaynors and they continue their ballet training to keep fit so they should be able to quickly increase their continuous time en pointe and with one of our male trainers learn to safely handle thrust-drop during ballet-sex.  

They are having to learn to wear ballet-boots for extended intervals so we had four custom made pairs (because they get soaked with sweat and take a while to properly dry even in boot dryer) of good leather for each of them with integrated titanium box and shanks and replicable heels with standard laces as we expect them to be with us for at least eighteen months. The boots are a stripped down version (for a mere £1150 a pair) of Gepetto’s up-market lightly armored, clubbing boots with replaceable lace stripper-heels, and spider filament laces that I wear. The Hostess boots are w/o the titanium armor and with standard replicable titanium heels rather than the serrated lace-stripper heels that are standard in pair of clubbing boots where the wearer might get into a boot fight with another woman in ballet-boots. They are paying for the boots themselves as they are far more comfortable and last longer (though externally appear no different) than the ballet-boots worn by other hostesses. Bryony and Claire’s ankles and feet are very strong and flexible, but they are still building stamina in their calves as they were cramping, but a diet rich in magnesium and calcium has minimized that problem. No one ever said that properly kitting out a Club Hostess is an inexpensive undertaking, but the girls can now walk confidently and look ravishing in them and a girl never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Contraception: They both had mini (4 bead) frameless GyneFix copper IUDs placed several months ago at my suggestion by Chris, our Male Gyn, who moved to the UK when I did and now works at the Clinic. The mini-GyneFix is a lot less likely to cause heavy periods so the girls have adapted to it well and their cycles are regular. I recommended that they have the strings trimmed off so they can safely wear cervical barriers (which are a big fetish item with some club members) w/o the danger of pulling the IUD out while removing the cervical barrier. Women with stringless IUDs should have periodic sonograms to ensure the GyneFix is where it should be and those are given by my clinic at the club’s expense in the club’s Gyn exam room since a very high percentage of our hostess have stringless IUDs.

Neither Bryony nor Claire is allergic to latex so their cervical barriers are the ones that are most effective when playing with very well endowed club members some of whom have been known to make a game of sabotaging a Hostesses contraceptive method. As readers know the most effective cervical barrier is the latex flat spring rim diaphragm which has superior heat transfer properties a very stretchy dome that can be pushed into the deepest anterior fornix by a thrusting penis and a rim that is almost impossible to even intentionally under-thrust if is properly fitted and correctly placed.

University College London: UCL where the girls are taking their doctorates covers a huge area in central London north of the Thames. It is located just south of the A501 across from Euston station primarily between Tottenham Court Road on the West and Endsleigh Street/Bedford Way on the east and Russell Square on the South. So our doctorial student-Hostesses have about a 15 minute commute from their faculty tutors on Bedford Way on the East side of the campus to the Costume Club on the underground. From the Russell Square station on the Piccadilly line one stop south to Holborn then change to the Central line and go west to Holland Park. A map of the London tube system can be found HERE.

I take Bryony and Claire under my protection: The Swan Twins, Odette and Odile, after less than a month at Cambridge have decided to return to Las Vegas to continue in the grad school at UNLV and be with their boy friends the Gemini, Castor and Pollux. They will be leaving my protection. His Grace the Duke of M**** was kind enough to ensure that they would be accepted into grad school there though they were very late in applying. They will return to the care of Anya who is the partner of their father, Paul, who returning readers will recall has an adjoining estate to mine at Lost Cove on Virgin Gorda.

While much older than Odette and Odile Bryony and Claire though sexually experienced are familiar with only some aspects of the fetish life and so will need my protection at least while they are still taking instruction immersing themselves in all aspects of BDSM and are working on their theses at the Costume Club. I’m very pleased to say that they will be taking the Swan Twins place at the celebration of the Autumnal Equinox at Location Z on the 23rd of September.

The Dryads: Bryony and Claire will take their place in my extended family as a pair of wood nymphs, Dryads, since their early years were spent on their father’s forested estates just north west of Canterbury in Kent and will be known by that designation when written about together.    

The Dryads are also qualified SCUBA divers having learned at girl’s public school years ago and keep their certification current including with FFMs and the hard-hat Kirby Morgan helmet and are wet and drysuit trained as well which will serve them well when we are at Blackthorn Castle and using the new deep dive facility. All in all the Dryads are superior replacements for the Swan Twins as Odette and Odile really weren’t as fetish friendly as I’d hoped.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Nikolai, the Odalisques and Gaynors

Odalisque painted by Jules Joseph Lefebvre (1874)

The photo: A lovely Victorian era depiction of an odalisque in a Turkish harem by the French figure painter Jules Joseph Lefebvre (14 March 1834 – 24 February 1912). This painting is now in the Art Institute of Chicago in the U.S.
Nikolai at Blackthorn Castle: Over the Bank holiday weekend on the spur of the moment I took Nikolai to see my ancestral home, Blackthorn Castle, in the Cambrian Mountains. I wanted to see the progress on the deep dive facility and to try out the new ballet studio. Returning readers will recall that Nikolai is a visiting dancer performing at the ROH where I’m a private coach and his social minder since he has managed to impregnate two corps girls in less than six months. Both were due to IUD failures which are quite rare and two in a row were just his bad luck, not to mention that of the women both of whom had terminations. We took our dancebags and a portable disk player and we did a barre and some pas de deux from Swan Lake and La Bayadère in the newly completed studio created out of a large drawing room on the western side of the castle with large mullioned windows with an amazing view looking out toward St. George’s Channel in the distance. On a clear day you can actually see the channel, but not that weekend as the castle was in the clouds. I had the studio created as a room within a room with mirrored walls, sprung floor and climate controlled so that none of the 16th century paneling and original flooring has been damaged. That way if I decide to give the place to the National Trust I won’t have ruined the original linenfold paneling and fittings.

It was marvelous being alone with and partnered by him in my new studio moving to the music of Tchaikovsky and Minkus! We were nearly unexpected (it keeps the servants on their toes), but I called well before we got to the Caersws station to have a range rover meet us and they took marvelous care of us from a standing start. The studio was cold so we were in woolens until we warmed up. What an amazing high! The weather was typical, low clouds and misting, which I thought fitting for Swan Lake. And we had my cook’s famous rack of spring lamb for supper. Fortunately the rail work stoppage on the southern coasts of England and Wales had no effect on the line serving Caersws so we went out and back to London more or less on time.

Blackthorn Castle staff: Since I have been in London or traveling I have kept an almost full staff at the castle, less my dresser and personal assistant, Emily, and two male bodyguard/footmen/chauffeurs (ex SAS men) who make up my travel staff.  My predecessor, Edith the 22nd Baroness, had Emily fitted with a GyneFix IUD so we shouldn’t have to worry about pregnancy when she finds a lover. The place is very maintenance intensive and just dusting, tending fireplaces in the main drawing room, dining room, bedrooms and my sitting room as well as polishing silver and brass and waxing wooden furniture that the Victoria and Albert Museum or Christies would love to have for display or sale takes weeks. I could close large portions of the castle and do with a lot less staff but the villagers are friendly, good workers and need the jobs and my predecessor while she kept the building fabric in good repair was beginning to let the furnishings go so there is a great deal of work to be done to getting the furnishings up to a point where I wouldn’t be ashamed to have the staff give tours and it would bring tourist dollars to the area to see a still fully functioning medieval castle that never fell to an enemy. I’m told that was probably because it was easier to bypass the castle than capture it because of its remote location and our provisions were such that an enemy didn’t want to waste men for a siege when they were needed elsewhere. Still, there are few medieval castles in the UK that the owners can claim were never captured.  

Nikolai and the Odalisques: Nikolai seems to have settled in to something of a routine taking only one of them a day, but multiple times if their schedules permit, then back to my place in Eaton Square where he tries to drain me of my sexual stamina, but only manages to fuck my brains out. Then after I recover and thoroughly drain him by giving him Pompoir we are through for the night, but resume before we get out of bed in the mornings. Most of the Odalisques themselves have come to realize they are merely place-holders to keep Nikolai sated during the day until he can get back to my care where I take him clubbing and they are enjoying their intimate relationship with this gorgeous and immensely virile male while they can. The girls have now switched to Gaynors for ballet-sex with Nikolai and there have been no more injuries from thrust-drop.

Nikolai as arm candy: When I had Marvin (Morning Wood) on my arm as a titled aristocrat I was the one getting attention. Now that I’m clubbing with Nikolai he is the one the tabloids are after, but they continually ask if I’m pregnant as his responsibility for the two pregnancies earlier in the year got a lot of publicity in the tabloids and they are looking for another ballet dancer sexual tryst of the same magnitude since male heterosexual ballet dancers seem to be rare - from the prospective of the yellow press. Nikolai and I (as a couple) aren’t anywhere near the same magnitude as Rudolf Nureyev and Margot Fonteyn, but that hasn’t stopped the tabloids from comparing us as couples.

Of course Nureyev was Gay and Fonteyn had been sterilized after an unwanted pregnancy early in her career so that is a major difference and another is in the level of our talent as dancers. I was never a threat to a principal dancer’s career in any of the major companies, though Nikolai may still rise to the level of Baryshnikov or Nureyev if he is careful and doesn’t step on his own dick, socially speaking. It’s the likelihood of pregnancy where my relationship with Nikolai puts me at far grater risk than Fonteyn was with Nureyev, but that’s one of the huge thrills the frisson of terror for me in having him repeatedly inseminate me even though I know my cervix is well protected.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Swim teams, safety and fertility

Eggwhite fertile cervical mucus (EWFCM)

The photo: Eggwhite fertile cervical mucus that is thick, clear and stretchy released a few days before ovulation to support the travel of sperm through the cervix and uterus to the fallopian tubes to await the release of an egg. FCM flows into the dome of a diaphragm to mix with the wearer’s natural arousal lubricant as well as the acidic spermicidal gel used to immobilize sperm that may leak into the dome. FCM has it’s own musky scent, slightly salty taste and is a favorite of men who enjoy consuming a woman’s reproductive secretions. Eight hours after sex with an unprotected male it’s always fun to pull out my latex Reflexions diaphragm and watch him lick the secretions out of the dome. My partners say there is such a strong scent of latex in the secretions that the liquefied lactic acid spermicide is completely masked and just provides a bit of additional body to the total.

Swim teams and our reproductive clinic: Since an unfortunate incident earlier in the year where a swim team member had an air embolism during underwater vaginal sex that left her in a vegetative state elite public (read private) women’s school swim teams have been coming to the clinic for cervical protection. Knowing that team members would be protected if the occasion for sex arose was high on their priority list and we are one of the few clinics that are prepared to provide it. Venous air embolisms (VAE) occurring during erotic situations are not unknown, but had been thought to be rare and so have not generally been protected against. However, it’s not clear that this method of introducing air into the bloodstream has been routinely considered when fatalities among healthy sexually active young women occur so incidences of this may be underreported.  For an instance in the literature see Pub Med: Fatal air embolism during female autoerotic practice: HERE. Additionally, an effective cervical barrier will protect against a far more common condition which can lead to infertility, Pelvic Inflammatory disease (PID), caused by having water forced into the uterus from the hydraulics of a partner’s thrusting during underwater sex.

Spotting, endometrium stripping, and VAE safety: Spotting from hormonal contraceptives break-through bleeding, endometrium stripping due to the movement of an IUD and menstruation are three possible sources of entry points for air into the bloodstream should it be forced into the woman’s uterus. Almost all the students in elite women’s schools that our clinic provide services for are using a stringless copper IUD of one sort or another as their leadership believes that experiencing the highs and lows of hormonal swings during the menstrual cycling is a part of becoming a woman and leads to the flowering of creativity during the students fertile days. Therefore, with the exception of the few on hormones for medical problems the students in a given school tend to be in menstrual synchrony.

The latex flat spring diaphragm: To protect against venous air embolisms due to air being forced into the uterus during sex while the woman is bleeding our clinic recommends the use of latex flat spring contraceptive diaphragms similar to the Reflexions which was discontinued at the first of 2015. Latex provides superior heat transfer, can be safely used with all kinds of silicone lubricants and with a flat spring rim it is nearly impossible for even a mischievous partner to under-thrust the rim. It is particularly important that a silicone lubricant be used for underwater vaginal sex as water base lubes are quickly washed away leaving the woman painfully and dangerously unlubricated. Our clinic now has its own supplier of latex flat spring diaphragms in sizes from 55mm to 95mm in 5mm increments which allows us to fit more young women just reaching menarche. We have retained a raised maker’s symbol and rim diameter in the center of the convex side of the dome as a glans stimulator; yet another plus for the latex flat spring diaphragm.

During a diaphragm fitting session our fitters not only fit the patient and answer questions, but demonstrate how to correctly deflate the dome after insertion by pushing down as though having a BM to move the cervix closer to the vaginal entrance making it easier to express the air from the dome with the fingers by pushing the latex membrane into the void of the anterior fornix expelling trapped residual air from the dome so the seal and vacuum are much stronger. Once demonstrated patients are given time to practice insertion, deflating the dome and removal so before leaving the clinic they are confident they know how to correctly insert and remove their diaphragms.

Gardasil: Our clinic also administers the HPV vaccine Gardasil in two or three injection regimens. Gardasil is safe for most girls to take except for those who are allergic to some contents of the vaccine. For girls 9 to 14 y/o the two shot regimen at 0 and 6 months is effective. For women 15 y/o and older Gardasil gives the best protection when given in 3 doses on time two months apart over 6 months.

Menarche, pelvic exams and pre-pompoir training: Unless there is a medical condition requiring a pelvic exam our clinic recommends a girl’s first pelvic be at menarche which can occur as young as 11 y/o, but mostly in dance schools girls in strenuous training where they are developing muscle mass and very little fat menarche may be delayed until about age14, which was when I had my first period. A pelvic gives us the opportunity to determine who might need hymenectomies and offer vaginal dilators to see if stretching the hymen will suffice. Shaped vaginal dilators equipped with a vibi tip are available for girls wanting to begin working on muscle isolation for Pompoir training and other shapes to use as dildos for masturbation. Having reached menarche it is never too early to begin pelvic muscle group isolation and stimulation since it is much easier to learn while young.

Mothers and consent:  In today’s permissive society it’s important that under age young women, especially those excelling in swimming, gymnastics and dance where their bodies are on display be familiar with their reproductive anatomy and learn to safely manipulate it for their own and eventually a partner’s pleasure. To that end, with her mother’s written permission, our clinic can provide a young patient at or above the age of consent with instruction on how to protect herself during solo and partnered sexual activity. This is a relatively new offering and has already become very popular and is currently oversubscribed so we plan on starting classes with me teaching Contemporary Sexual Techniques (for teens) with the same syllabus that I used at St Lucy’s in Vegas. It will be held in a property adjoining the clinic owned by the Barony which had been a health club with a dance studio and pool.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Who’s Who Jill’s World version 2.1

Jill’s Notes version 2.1 (rev: September 6, 2015) * indicates an addition or revision

Who’s who in Jill’s World. Some of my friends:

  • Adolph: a good friend and psychopath in Vegas who has a 216 ft. deep dive training facility (the well) and a dive-sex club, Splash and an up-market Spa, The Lorelei, as well as a penchant for making employees disappear.
  • Andrea: Was briefly my 5th ward, but she developed a blood clot from not using proper precautions during dive-sex and so as soon as she was able to travel was sent home to her parents in Germany who are relatives of Adolph.
  • Alexei:  A Russian expatriate who is a close neighbor to Blackthorn House in Eaton Square, Belgravia, London and whose daughter Veronika I’m tutoring in pelvic skills.
  • Alice: The Duchess of M****, who is separated from His Grace and lives with revolving lovers near my estate on Virgin Gorda.
  • Anya: A good friend in her early 30s who travels as a troubleshooter for a multinational company and between assignments had been chaperoning my wards in Vegas for the last few months until they graduated from UNLV and began attending university in the UK.
  • Arthur, His Grace: The Duke of M**** AKA: Himself, His Grace, The Duke, and the Old Bull who is Jack’s father and who has an English title and estates in northern England and Scotland.
  • Bea: See wards. One of my five wards.
  • *Charles: Chamberlain of the Household for the Blackthorn Barony.
  • *Chris: my male Gynecologist who moved from Las Vegas to the UK with me in January of 2015 and works at Blackthorn Clinic in London.
  • Cyndi: Jack’s sister’s daughter who was one of my wards until she started university at Trinity College Cambridge.
  • *Edith Baroness Blackthorn: Edith Sophia Sykes 22nd Baroness Blackthorn (1911-2014) was 103 when she died in an accident at her ancestral home Blackthorn Castle in Powys, Wales in December 2014. She was my great, great, great grandmother from whom I inherited the title, lands and possessions of the Barony of Blackthorn.
  • *Emily: Lady’s Maid to Edith my predecessor and is now my dresser since inheriting the Barony of Blackthorn
  • *Elaine: Marvin has turned over my therapy to a young and brilliant female colleague (Elaine for the purposes of this blog) who is on the staff at Blackthorn Clinic and specializes in women’s fetishes and paranormal possession. He thinks she will bring new insights to my case and better help me cope with the responsibilities of being Aphrodite’s high priestess. First appears in August 2015 posts
  • Fiona: Jack’s sister who works for the British Government (currently in their embassy in DC) and mother of Cyndi who was one of my wards until she began her studies at Cambridge at the beginning of 2014.
  • Jack: (John, Viscount Sandbach, a former lover. Though with my various jobs and raging libido I have a multitude of lovers from all walks of life, from escort trainees to extremely wealthy fetish addicts. Son of Arthur Duke of M****
  • *Jenna: The dead wife of my previous psychiatrist, Marvin, Morning Wood. She was a ballerina with then San Francisco Ballet who was killed in a car crash along with their 6 mos. old baby several years ago. Marvin has a fixation that when I’m dressed in her clothes I become Jenna and from her photos we could be identical twins.
  • *Jill: 23rd Baroness Blackthorn. I assumed the title in January 2015 upon the death of my great, great, great grandmother Edith 22nd Baroness at the age of 103.
  • Kassandra: Also like me Kassi was put in ballet boarding schools from a very young age and has great beauty, talent and a natural ability to mesmerize men w/o trying. She is also amoral and will say or do anything to get her way if she wants it badly enough. I first met her at Crag Abbey after the Autumnal Equinox on Sept. 23, 2014 and she returned with me and my other wards to Vegas where I placed her with Adolph, who immediately found himself in her thrall, as his personal assistant and Adolph and she have an amazingly passionate relationship. He is happier than I can remember him being in the years I have known him.
  • Marvin: AKA ‘Morning Wood’ my most recent former psychoanalyst and fetish lover. He helped me come to terms with my responsibilities as a Priestess and handmaiden of Aphrodite. However, he is delusional in that he has a fixation that when I’m dressed in her clothes I am his dead wife Jenna (from her photos we could be identical twins) who was a dancer killed in a car crash with their 6 mos. old baby several years ago. When I moved to Powys, Wales in January of 2015 Marvin came with me and worked as a psychiatrist in the Blackthorn Clinic in London. In the fall of 2015 he moved to Cambridge to teach at Trinity College.
  • *Mitch: Mitch is a ballet dancer/escort and is Willow’s primary training partner and lover. Mitch is an amazing escort, but he was seen by Vegas stable management as risky because a good many of his clients have gotten pregnant. Not that it was his fault. The clients were all paying for clean, virile, mind blowing, unprotected, penile vaginal intercourse and that’s what he provides, in spades. Mitch has followed Willow to the UK.
  • *Nikolai: A young (26 y/o) Russian male ballet star who is dancing with the company for the 2015-16 season. I have been asked to be his coach and social mentor. My job as his social mentor will be challenging as he has a tendency to go off the rails in social relationships. He has only been with the company since the first of the year and has already gotten into several situations with young female corps members.
  • Odette: See wards. A submissive and one of my five wards.
  • *Paul: The father of my wards the Swan Twins (Odette and Odile) who has an adjoining estate to mine on Lost Cove. He is Anya’s lover and they both work as troubleshooters for a multinational company.
  • Odile: See wards. A dominant and one of my five wards.
  • Pirate: who runs the Escort service for my casino and whose escorts provide some of the best sex in Vegas.
  • Swan Twins: See wards
  • Tanaquil: A retired French Courtesan who is a procuress as well as running Taryn’s business which she inherited from her parents, the best Porn organization in Europe.
  • Taryn: She owns one of the largest and best pornographic studios in the western world. Years ago her parents were killed in a plane crash and a friend of theirs asked me to take her under my wing with my other girls to make sure she grew into a confident and sexually knowledgeable young woman. She went to Trinity College Cambridge to train to become a psychiatrist. She owns a Manor house outside Cambridge which is known as Cunt Castle from the parties held there.
  • *Verity: The Duke of M****’s new mistress, a 23 y/o soloist with the première ballet company in England headquartered here in London. Her name for her appearances in my blog will be ‘Verity’ (not the name she dances under) First appears in my entry for April 12, 2015.
  • Veronika: Nika to her friends is the ballerina daughter of my close Belgravia neighbor and Russian ex-pat Alexei. She asked me to help her increase her pelvic skills. She has a newly inserted Mirena IUD, wears Freed Classic pointes for performances and Gaynor Minder hard shanked pointes for ballet-sex.
  • Wards, my five: Bea 18 y/o and graduated from St Lucy’s in 2015 and will be attending Cambridge in the fall; Willow a 21 y/o Brit-chick who danced for the Royal Ballet. She is Jack’s natural daughter by an RB ballerina. When released from the company Willow danced in my ballet Co in Vegas. She graduated from UNLV. She will now be going to grad school at Cambridge in the fall of 2015; The 20 y/o Swan twins, Odette and Odile who are the daughters of Paul, a friend who is a neighbor on Virgin Gorda in the BVIs. They will be attending Cambridge in the fall of 2015. And recently there was a 5th, Kassandra, Kassi, the 21 y/o daughter of the Earl of A*** who looks much like me with a Balanchine body, red hair, green eyes and who is left handed and now works as PA to Adolph a very rich dangerous man and good friend in Vegas.
  • Willow: See wards. one of my wards

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