Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Condoms and Zika

Reservoir tip root boots for photoshoots

The Photo: a selection of colored latex condoms now increasing in popularity because of the Zika virus.

Zika protection: My circle and I have reluctantly begun to use condoms with our partners now because there is no other protection from the Zika virus while having sexual intercourse of any kind. For repeated acts of underwater PVI we have always used the nitrile female condom (FC2) – just as Taryn’s porn actresses do during rehearsals -  except for the cum shots - but we hadn’t been using latex condoms except with new men until we got the of their (negative) STI full panel results. Now all our casual partners taken while out clubbing have to glove up. “No glove, no love!” Latex is far better than polyethylene and Nitrile from the standpoint of its heat transfer properties. The super-thin latex is amazing and personally I like the textured ones since in a condom I don’t get the feel of an uncut man’s frenulum rubbing bareback against my G-spot during ballet-sex, when I’m taken from behind while on my toes. However, latex can be easily damaged by a sharp fingernail so there is that to be careful to avoid.

Reality: Most Escorts, Hostesses and women in my circle have never really been too concerned about birth defects since we all are using effective contraceptive methods and would terminate any unplanned pregnancy. But that is certainly foremost in the minds of most women of reproductive age especially now that it’s known that a woman can be infected by sexual intercourse. Our concern now is that as scientists learn more about Zika they are finding that there may be other long term problems (in addition to Guillain-Barre syndrome) even for adults who show no early symptoms.  Now we know that the virus can stay for at least six months or perhaps longer in a man’s semen.

But what about saliva? The U.S. CDC says that any secretions can transmit Zika so fellatio and cunnilingus are included.  I’ve never been a fan of dental dams so when clubbing oral sex is out at least for now. The rules at my London club, “The Costume Club” (AKA Clever Cunts), have been changed to substantially increase the use of condoms and most of the members understand as none of them wants to take Zika back to their wife and/or mistress.

So when I’m with a new and well-endowed man (and not menstrual) I’ll wear one of my transparent silicone Oves cervical caps for contraceptive protection while he wears a ultra-thin latex sheath lubricated with a water base lube. That way I’m not as likely to grip him so tightly when he is in my anterior fornix that the reservoir tip is flattened and his secretions squeezed out around his glans and down his shaft so he slides out. I know I could use an FC2, but inserting it ahead of time spoils the line of my nude pubes under a sheer thong and with the large anterior ring hanging out it is too much like advertising which is such a put-off and not my style at all!

Current UK (NHS) Zika virus guidance: This guidance is from August 6, 2016 the most recent official UK guidance available. However, the intervals of 6 months for avoiding unprotected sex may not be long enough as longer instances of the virus remaining active in semen have been found to occurred in the U.S. The article can be read HERE

Current (8-17-2016) U.S CDC Zika guidance concerning sexual transmission: Sex includes vaginal, anal, oral sex, and the sharing of sex toys The U.S. seems further ahead in Zika research, perhaps because there is greater likelihood of cases in states in the deep south.  The article can be read HERE

U.S. FDA advises testing for Zika virus in all donated blood and blood components in the US: On August 26th the FDA said “As a further safety measure against the emerging Zika virus outbreak, today the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a revised guidance recommending universal testing of donated Whole Blood and blood components for Zika virus in the U.S. and its territories.”

“There is still much uncertainty regarding the nature and extent of Zika virus transmission,” said Peter Marks, M.D., Ph.D., director of the FDA’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research. “At this time, the recommendation for testing the entire blood supply will help ensure that safe blood is available for all individuals who might need transfusion.” The full News Release can be read HERE:

Zika and my circle: Given the cool climate in the UK experts think it unlikely that there will be much spread of Zika by mosquitos. However, it can be spread through bodily secretions during vaginal, anal, oral sex, and the sharing of sex toys so there could be transmission by persons infected by mosquitoes while traveling outside the UK.  Which is why I and my wards and other friends haven’t been visiting my home on Lost Cove on Virgin Gorda recently as the Caribbean is not safe for sunbathing and bikinis right now and it is also hurricane season there now as well. Not that I worry about microcephaly, since we all use effective means of contraception and would terminate an unplanned pregnancy should one occur, but the scientists are finding more about Zika almost daily and there could be more serious and long term effects for adults that are as yet unknown. And of course I wouldn’t want to infect partners during unprotected sex which I enjoy so much and have them spread it to others.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Wet Dreams and a condom conundrum

Dead Pointes, prep for the Wet Dreams short course

The Photo: Dead pointes to be ritually burnt after the Wet Dreams seminar.

A Wet Dreams technique short course: I had been repeatedly asked by my young wards, Bea and Seren, if I would hold a Wet Dreams short course for girlfriends from Cambridge. It seems “Wet Dreams” is what some men at Uni call ballet-sex. I’m not sure how it got that name except perhaps from the fantasy aspect of sex with a ballet dancer penetrated from behind while she is en pointe. Returning readers will recall that ballet-sex is where the woman is entered from behind while sur les pointes a la seconde.  When used by Bea and Seren giving a man ballet-sex has proven extremely effective in seducing highly desirable males among the facility and students.

Additionally, the use of 16+ MUF Manuka honey as a natural spermicide or to sweeten the taste and add to the bouquet of pelvic musk and coitial discharge adds to their partner’s enticement, if any is needed, to engage in cunnilingus and fellatio.  Michaelmas term classes don’t start until October 6th so the girls still have more than five weeks to enjoy my training seminars and being intern Hostesses at the Costume Club (AKA Clever Cunts) in London. The girls have been with me for the last several days practicing for ballet-sex with suction cup dildos mounted on the mirrored walls of my old ballet studio. A major problem with holding this sort of pelvic training is usually finding acceptable male partners, not that there aren’t be a great many men wanting to participate.

An offer I couldn’t refuse: HM’s Government recently approached me, through Tim’s father, Lord D**** (a member of an agency that cannot be named) about providing pelvic skills training for a few young women who will be using the skills I teach while on HM’s service.  I was pleased that Lord D**** apparently remembered me as fondly as I remember him from the time that he and I had a ballet-sex encounter which we enjoyed immensely while he was my guest at Blackthorn Castle last year. Of course that was before I was introduced to his son who has become my primary lover.  

As I mentioned above a major problem with holding that sort of pelvic training is a shortage of acceptable male partners who in this instance need security clearances as well as being free of STIs. When I mentioned this to Lord D****, he said a pool of physically fit men free of STIs was available from an SAS base nearby. He said that he would arrange to have six men of my choice be sent to Blackthorn Castle on temporary duty as a training detail. So over the past weekend I was in Cheshire (along with Chris my male Gyn) selecting the six (all of whom have the needed security and health clearances) who will partner the female agents I will be training and they arrived late last night.

The timing of this has worked out marvelously as Bea and Seren and their friends can have the men as partners for their Wet Dreams classes at a Friday through Monday house party over the Summer Bank Holiday (on the 29th) before the government women are scheduled to arrive. This will give the men an opportunity to find out what will be expected of them and we will have a few days to test the men’s sexual stamina before the government women students arrive on Wednesday after my wards and their friends leave for London this coming Tuesday. Blackthorn Castle makes a wonderfully secluded training facility for this sort of thing. Since the women’s identities are classified.

Contraceptive protection: Bea and Seren’s six Cambridge friends are on one form or another of hormonal contraception. As returning readers will recall Bea and Seren have stringless, frameless copper bead GyneFix IUDs implanted. For the Wet Dreams course latex flat spring diaphragms have been fitted for the students who didn’t already use them as one of the goals of the course is to train the women in using contraceptive diaphragms for menstrual flow control, to provide some thrust buffering when mating with very well endowed men and as a tool to cause a protected partner to slip out of his condom if the couple’s anatomies permit the man to fit snugly into his partner’s anterior fornix. The female government students are all on Depo-SubQ Provera 104 which requires an injection in the thigh or abdomen every three months. The government women will also be fitted with latex flat spring diaphragms as well as their use will be an important part of their training.

Pointe shoes for Wet Dreams training: The female agents all have extensive ballet training and will take the course in Gaynor Minden pointes. Bea and Seren’s friends will take their Wet Dreams short course in their own traditional paste pointes as none wanted to spend the money to be fitted for GM shoes. They were told to each bring at least six pairs of pointes with them. In the several days of class as well as dildo practice they have already been through several pairs each. I had let them know they will be more susceptible to injury from thrust-drop during ballet-sex when wearing paste pointes and advised heavily padding their toes which they seem to have taken to heart. We will see how that goes as they haven’t been paired with the men yet, so they have had no opportunity to experience thrust-drop.

Forced condom shedding: One of the tricks I teach young women is how to force a properly sized and correctly worn condom to slide off an erect penis and it can be practiced in almost any position if the couple’s anatomies are such that he can reach deep into her anterior fornix. The male training partners will be on performance enhancers to minimize any lack of focus and penis wilting during training encounters. The woman wears a latex flat spring rim diaphragm because of the stability of the rim and as I mentioned the man must be long enough to reach to the bottom of her anterior fornix.  When her condom wearing partner is aroused and producing pre-ejaculate that is contained in the reservoir tip he thinks he is safe and even if he is aware she is wearing a diaphragm (which many men aren’t) he believes he is safe from accidently impregnating her should her diaphragm leak.

The process that causes him to slide out of a properly worn condom is that with a latex flat spring diaphragm the rubber dome is stretched very tightly over the tip of the cervix when he thrusts deep into her anterior fornix. The 360° pressure on his glans from him forcing the stretchy latex into her fornix will flatten and squeeze the reservoir tip forcing the pre-cum and ejaculate down over his glans and the shaft of his erection allowing him after a few thrusts to slide out of his protective sheath. At that point even if he realizes he is unprotected it is usually too late to withdraw and he almost always inseminates her. While the men will know the government women they are helping train are on hormonal contraception my partners have told me that when a condom slips off it is always scary, but most seem to enjoy knowing their partner will be draining his liquefied semen.  

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

My predecessor’s diaphragms and honey spermicide

Clinocap brand rubber diaphragms 1940-1950 Made for Dr. Marie Stopes

The Photo: Item A626843: Set of 12 rubber diaphragms, sized 62.5mm to 90mm, "Clinocap" brand, English, 1940 to 1950. Item A606467: Set of 12 rubber measuring rings, for "Clinocap" diaphragms, made especially for Dr. Marie Stopes, 1934. Full view, 'caps' alongside 'rings' on a graduated matt black perspex background.

Object information
Made in: England Date: 1940-1950
Made from: rubber; steel
Acquired from: Marie Stopes Memorial Foundation Location:
Science Museum, Blythe House
Collection: SCM - Obstetrics, Gynecology & Contraception Object number: A626843

Mid-20th century contraceptive protection in the UK: My predecessor, Edith 22nd Baroness Blackthorn (1911-2014), had kept a great many of her old diaphragms that she wore from 1928 when she was 17 to 1974-  when she was 63 and into menopause - along with yearly journals of her sexual encounters with both male and a few female lovers. The earliest in the collection, from the late 30s through the 40s, were the dark latex flat spring Clinocap and her size varied from 65mm to 77.5mm over the years. They are all in their original boxes labeled ‘Dutch Cap diaphragm’ and are well worn so the domes are cracked, torn and are very fragile.  In the 1930s and again after World War II she used Manuka honey from New Zealand as a spermicide when it became available again in the UK.

Early diaphragms were made from thick natural latex rubber and the dome was fairly stiff. So early diaphragms were worn with the stiff rubber dome up – to minimize the likelihood of hurting a partner by his rubbing against the stiff dome. Using Manuka honey as a spermicide was ideal for continuous wear for Friday to Monday country house parties as it gave sexually liberated women the flexibility of three days of continuous effective protection enabling them to take a man when they liked w/o having to worry about additional spermicide for every act of intercourse.

Edith as a ballet dancer and seductress: In her career as a dancer, before she inherited the Barony from a cousin, in addition to being talented she was beautiful and very sought after by men enamored of the hard bodied female figure. To make herself more exotic she had her pubic hair removed (shaved and tweezed off every few days) which was uncommon in those days and which her journals say made it much easier for her to clean up after an encounter and allowed display of her mons pubis and vulva for admiration (and often veneration) during private erotic dances for which she was in great demand in aristocratic circles.  In the early 1930s she considered having her tubes tied so an accidental pregnancy wouldn’t ruin her career as a ballerina. However, she decided that the thrill of a possible pregnancy for her as well as feeding the secret impregnation fantasy of the men she dated and the fact that she wore a diaphragm rather than a cervical cap - which was far more common in the UK for contraceptive protection – was a massive turn-on for her as well as making her an exotic fantasy conquest for any man. So while I’m a distant relation it seems as though I have inherited her body type, talent as a dancer and her desire for kinky and risky sex. She did marry briefly, but resumed her string of sexual conquests after her husband inexplicably took a mistress. Her lovers never understood what her husband saw in his mistress, but were pleased that his inability to remain monogamous after marriage was responsible for the reappearance of a world class courtesan on the social scene once more. During her eighteen-month marriage she had two miscarriages before her husband was killed in WWII. She never remarried and had no children.     

The Photo: The Manuka honey I use as a 72-hour spermicide with a diaphragm is Steens Raw 20+ Manuka honey. It’s good quality and available in most UK supermarkets.

Manuka honey as a spermicide: For anyone interested in using Manuka honey (sometimes called Tea Tree honey) as a spermicide in the dome of a traditional diaphragm it is important to know that it should have a UMF of at least 16+. It is also important to realize that there is a limited supply of high (16+UMF/NPA) or higher Manuka honey produced each year in New Zealand so there is a lot of honey sold as high UMF Manuka honey which has been adulterated with other honey that doesn’t have the ingredients needed to make it effective as a spermicide. Therefore, the Manuka honey should be purchased from a trusted source.

Additionally, there are two methods of applying Manuka honey to a latex or silicone diaphragm. One is to store the diaphragm in a jar or pot of 16+ Manuka when not being worn. The other method and the one I prefer is to apply a teaspoon (5ml) of honey in the dome before insertion. A diaphragm with a Unique Manuka Factor (UMF) of 16+ or higher can be worn safely and continuously for three days w/o having to add more honey, which is ideal - for use by those of us who aren’t on contraceptive hormones or using a copper IUD because of a nickel allergy - during Friday to Monday House parties here in the UK.

The scent and taste of Manuka honey: Found only in New Zealand's coastal areas, Manuka honey is collected from the flower of the Tea Tree bush. The Unique Manuka Factor (UMF) found in some Manuka honey is an antibacterial property which is said to be especially effective for healing of stomach ulcer, sore throats, colds, indigestion, acne and pimple. Some people find Manuka honey too "medicinal" in taste but I find the flavor of the thick dark honey sweet and far better than the chemical taste of commercial spermicides. Even so the intensity can vary from brand to brand due to the difference in source.

The latex flat spring diaphragm as a honey cap: When I’m not planning on having dive-sex where I use the silicone biocide/spermicide DiveGel+ with a flat spring diaphragm for flood insurance and thrust protection with a well-endowed man I’ve been using Steens Raw 20+ Manuka honey for the past three cycles and it has worked wonderfully well for me! Not having to plan when I’m going to refresh a chemical or natural ingredients (ContraGel) spermicide for three days I can just enjoy having as many sexual encounters as I want w/o having to worry about the effectiveness of my spermicide. Too, using Manuka honey adds to the protection and lubrication of the tip of my cervix when I’m being taken by a large man who can stretch the dome firmly over the cervix while deep thrusting into my anterior fornix.

A rarely mentioned honey cap advantage: For couples who are into cunnilingus and fellatio and are rubber fetishists using Manuka honey eliminates the chemical or bitter taste of commercial spermicides and substitutes the sweet taste of honey mixed with the couple’s secretions and a hint of latex taste. This is especially true for cunilingus where fertile cervical mucus, blood from ovulation spotting and the wearer’s arousal lubricant is contained in the dome and her partner’s semen in her vagina melded with the taste of the thick dark Manuka honey and the taste of latex develops a uniquely erotic bouquet for fetishists who lick clean the contents of the dome when his partner changes her diaphragm after 72 hours of continuous wearing. Even when the wearer is just Kegeling their coital discharge into her partner’s mouth a taste of honey makes a marvelous difference in the flavor of her discharge.  It’s a plus for the woman as well as she can taste the honey as she sucks the rest of her partner’s semen from his urethra and licks their discharge from his honey coated penis.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Teen training diaphragms

Semina on introducer with pink Gaynor Minden pointes

The Photo: A Semina diaphragm mounted on an introducer to aid in insertion. The coil spring of the rim can be seen through the transparent pink silicone of the dome. Semina diaphragms are fitted to get young wearers new to using a diaphragm accustomed to the insertion and removal process.

A successful Summer Ballet Intensive: Now my Summer Ballet Intensive has come to the end of its third and final week at Blackthorn Castle. This morning the students all boarded ‘The Dragon’, my personal rail cars, for the trip to London St Pancreas on their way back to their homes.

Semina as a training diaphragm: Returning readers will recall that in my May 6, 2016 post about the requirements for students at the 2016 Blackthorn Ballet Summer Intensive I wrote about the desirability of Semina as a starter cervical barrier for teens: 

“A sexually active barrier-girl should never be without her diaphragm and the Seminas pink transparent silicone rubber, which some wearer’s have compared to a pink soap bubble, has proved very attractive when used as a young woman’s first experience with cervical barriers. The use of a Semina began as an alternative for teens that were too small for an IUD and couldn’t use hormonal contraceptives. However, when it was found that they could also be effectively used for cervix protection (flood insurance) during under water penetrative sex even the girls on hormonal birth control wanted to be fitted for a Semina. IUDs and cervical barriers are only compatible when the IUD strings are trimmed off so they don’t stick to a cervical barrier worn for ‘flood insurance’ during underwater penetrative vaginal sex which is one of the more arcane subjects on the syllabus during the Blackthorn Ballet Summer Intensive. Stringless IUDs worn by up-market Escorts and our students are checked for proper position with periodic ultrasound scans.”

The introducer shown in the photo is used to simplify insertion especially for women with short fingers. Unfortunately, introducers are no longer generally available, but it is easy to learn the proper insertion technique. Should BBSI students progress to become “socially available” for underwater penetrative sex they can switch to a latex flat spring diaphragm similar to the Reflexions of blessed memory which can be custom made. While some few people are allergic to latex and natural rubber latex does not last as long as silicone the advantages are considerable as the heat transfer and the elastic properties of the translucent dome membrane are far superior to silicone and for a partner interested in the strong scent of a diaphragm left inserted for more than twenty-four hours’ latex is the preferred material as the scent can be eye-watering. Additionally, the flat spring rim which only folds in a single plane makes it very desirable as ‘flood insurance’ because it’s nearly impossible for even a mischievous lover to intentionally under-thrust the rim. Latex flat spring diaphragms are still the barrier type preferred by elite level Courtesans and Escorts and now are only available through specialist GYNs by special order.

Student injuries: We have been fortunate to have no serious injuries just the normal things like split and bruised nails, not that they aren’t painful. There have been no problems with GyneFix IUDs or Semina diaphragms during after class social activities including surface and underwater sexual encounters. And there have been no pregnancies the insemination for which could have occurred prior to the student arriving at Blackthorn Castle. It would have been very unlikely as all the students have copper bead GyneFix IUDs implanted, but possible. There was a student who should have had a hymenectomy and she had a painful time with large diameter partners even when well lubricated. She insisted on continuing with the syllabus and it was a teaching moment for the entire class. 

Seren:  Returning readers will recall that my most recent ward is Seren a college mate of Bea at Cambridge who will be working as an intern Hostess with Bea at the Costume Club during summer holiday. She is Tim (my current lover’s) 18 y/o second cousin and while taking ballet and meeting the requirements of the ballet intensive was a last minute addition when another student dropped out. There was some concern that she wouldn’t be able to keep up as she hadn’t had nearly as long to prepare as the other students. I’m pleased to say that she has marvelous stamina, poise and lovely technique so she finished in the top third of the class for the ballet part of the course. She has been equally as impressive with the social side enjoying her encounters with various male sexual partners and having an impressive pelvic grip, the ability to withstand multiple orgasms w/o fainting and is a class favorite among the men, but that was something they tried not to show since summer intensives are very competitive w/o introducing favoritism.  

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