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Pointe shoe Quiz July 21, 2014

Who is the maker of these shoes?

 This one could be a bit tricky. It’s been a while since I thought there were any shoes that would make a good quiz entry.

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Contraception prep for college

Oh my God! I think I’m expelling my Skyla!

The photo: Ladies, you know the feeling when something in there moves that shouldn’t; a diaphragm, FemCap, menstrual cup or an IUD. The Skyla is a smaller version of the Mirena hormone releasing IUD and was designed for nulliparous women. Skyla releases the progestin levonorgestrel at a rate of 14 mcg/day after 24 days and declines to 5 mcg/day after 3 years at which time it must be replaced.  Menstrual cups can usually be used safely with IUDs as the cup should be worn low in the vagina where it should not come in contact with the IUD strings. Of course in the case of my wards their GyneFix copper bead IUDs were implanted w/o strings so they can wear diaphragms or FemCap with no fear of interacting with the strings and causing an expulsion.

Student’s contraception prep for college: While most teens starting college are on hormonal contraceptives a few use the copper ParaGard IUD and a few still use cervical barriers, a silicone Milex diaphragm or a FemCap. For readers who may not be aware of it the silicone Ortho All-Flex diaphragm that had been available for years by Rx through most pharmacies in the U.S. was discontinued in December of 2013. That leaves only the silicone CooperSurgical Milex- in two rim styles arcing and coil spring – and FemCap as options for women in the U.S who want or need a cervical barrier or the latex Reflexions flat spring which can be ordered from the UK..

This past week we have seen the usual summer increase in teen cervical barrier fittings as they prepare to go away to college for the first time or are having their annual well-woman pelvic exam and diaphragm fit check before returning to sexual activity with college men and some professors.  I fit three 17 y/o patients with 60mm wide seal Milex Omniflex (coil spring) diaphragms. They were the first diaphragms for all three because of health problems after having used only condoms.

One girl has Factor V Leiden a mutation of one of the clotting factors in the blood called factor V. This mutation can increase the chance of developing abnormal blood clots made worse by taking anything with estrogen in it. Factor V Leiden while it can appear in men is primarily found in women. The second, diaphragm patient was a petite gymnast with a full athletic scholarship to a major Midwestern university. She has terrible side effects from the progestin Levonorgestrel in the Skyla IUD that was designed for use by small women and she is too small to have ParaGard inserted. And the third girl does not want to use hormonal birth control of any sort and has a nickel/copper allergy so can’t use a ParaGard IUD.

Their moms came with them and were comfortable that while their daughters ages were below the age of consent for some relationships they were open about sex with boyfriend and the mothers only concern was that their daughters would be well protected by a method under their control. The girls assured me they would wear their diaphragms whenever they were around men as sex can often be spontaneous and the need for effective protection is very important to all of them. The girls had no problem inserting and removing the Milex Omniflex as they all use Diva menstrual cups so were familiar with their pelvic anatomy and folding a device for insertion. They see wearing their diaphragms as a rite of passage and an act of independence accepting the responsibility for managing their own fertility and being able to enjoy the delights of sex with a man while reducing the likelihood of unintended consequences to an acceptable level.

I fit another 17 y/o with a 22mm FemCap as her post-pubic vault was far too shallow to enable her to effectively use even a Reflexions flat spring diaphragm. She and her mom did not want her using anything with hormones in it and they both think IUDs are too invasive so a cervical cap was the only option left for a method over which she will have control. The good news is that for her age she is tall and has a relatively long vagina when not aroused – so a partner is unlikely to hit the removal strap during deep thrusting - and she also has long fingers which allow her to reach her cervix when squatting and pushing down, an ability needed to place a FemCap effectively and equally important to be able to reach it to break the seal for removal.

Elbow hinge arcing spring Vs. latex flat spring: Another patient, a returning UNLV grad student, came in to discuss changing the style of diaphragm she is using. She was last fitted with 70mm latex Reflexions with which she was very pleased. However, she has developed a latex allergy and she wanted something that would provide the same protection and pleasure for her and her very well endowed partner during deep thrusting encounters. What I recommended was a Milex wide seal arching spring which has two elbow hinges that fold for insertion. Once inserted and open when thrust into by a penis the rim flexes only slightly remaining circular and stiff (as long as the device does not rotate significantly in either direction), but not as inflexible as the Reflexions allowing the silicone dome to be stretched across the cervix and glans as it is pushed into her anterior fornix by a thrusting penis.  

There are tradeoffs using a silicone arcing spring instead of a latex flat spring. However, for anterior fornix thrusting I think the two can be equally pleasurable. With the silicone arcing spring the dome is stiffer than the flat spring so the rim flexing is offset by the less stretchy dome which puts the same or perhaps a bit more pressure on the tip of the cervix to push the uterus up and to squeeze the glans simultaneously during maximum anterior fornix thrust depth.  Too, the central dome logo on the Reflexions used as a stimulator for men long enough to reach it is replaced by the extrusion bump in the center of the Milex dome that is easily felt by a thrusting penis when the silicone dome is stretched into the anterior fornix.  The only detracting factors in comparing the Milex to Reflexions is that that Milex costs more and the heat transfer properties are much better with latex. Factors against the latex Reflexions are that couples with latex allergies can’t use it. Latex is more easily destroyed by oily lubes or meds so its useful life is much shorter and latex is more likely to contribute to infections than is silicone. The only major difference in favor of the flat spring rim is that it can be worn effectively by some women with shallow post-pubic vaults. 

The only unknowns with the Milex Arcing spring diaphragm used for deep thrust anterior fornix play is how much the diaphragm will rotate which can affect the pressure deep thrusting will develop and how well the elbow hinges will withstand the reverse pressure when the dome is stretched into the wearer’s anterior fornix by a well endowed partner. The good news is that if the elbow hinges begin to fail a replacement is easily obtained.

Breeding dancers: I was going to title this section Breeding Ballerinas for the alliteration, but while I have helped some of my ballet dancer friends conceive most of the women who come to me for help getting pregnant are statuesque full figured show girls 5’10” or taller so are well over 6” in heels or en pointe; lovely but not with ballet bodies, technique or speed necessary for classical ballet.

My method has been fairly successful and is low cost, fun to use and counter intuitive as a conception aid. I have the friends I’m counseling use a silicone Milex wide seal Omniflex (coil spring rim) breeding diaphragm – one that is two sizes smaller that the size the woman should use for contraception – and have the couple lubricate the dome and vagina with pre-seed, a pH balanced sperm friendly gel, rather than acidic spermicide. This allows a partner to easily under-thrust the rim of the diaphragm especially when the woman is being penetrated from behind while bent over holding on to a barre, chair or table or on her hands and knees.

In that position with the trunk of her body parallel to the floor the uterus is pulled down and back by gravity increasing the depth of the vagina. As the vagina lengthens the rim of the diaphragm in the posterior fornix will be pulled deeper with the cervix which in turn pulls the anterior rim further away from the pubic bone where it can be more easily under-thrust by the smooth upper side of her lover’s glans. Once under the dome the frenulum of an uncut man can freely caress his lover’s G-spot bringing her to orgasm with its strong vaginal contractions that squeeze the thick cream rich with millions of sperm from his vas glands where it spews against her ripe unprotected cervix. Once her breeding partner withdraws the diaphragm reseals against the vaginal walls trapping the ejaculate in the prepared dome along with her fertile cervical mucus.

A few minutes later, the inseminated woman basking in the afterglow lies quietly on her back as her vagina returns to its unaroused state submerging the tip of her ripe cervix in the pool of fertile cervical mucus, pre-seed and semen contained in the dome. So far with the small group of friends who have tried to conceive this way almost 50% have been successful within three cycles, but the group is far too small to be able to make any sort of meaningful claim. 

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Mind-fucking Marvin

A pair of Jenna’s Bloch Alpha pointes which fit me perfectly when I’m fertile

The Photo: A pair of Jenna’s Bloch’s Alpha, style SO104, pointes. It’s one of Marvin’s fave pics of Janna’s toe-shoes so returning readers are likely to see it again from time to time. Wearing her pointe shoes when we are together and especially during sex is instrumental in allowing me to bend my psychotherapist to my will by reinforcing his delusion that I am the embodiment of his dead wife. As I work through her pairs of Alphas I’m slowly adding new pairs as at some point hers will be wearing out though I take good care of them and reharden the blocks and am gentle with the shanks. The Chi from all the sex she had with Marvin and other men while wearing them is available to me while I’m wearing them.  

Therapy with Aphrodite and Morning wood: Marvin, my current lover and psychotherapist, is helping me better understand and adapt to my role as a priestess of the late Neolithic (4,000 BCE or perhaps earlier) Greek Goddess Aphrodite and how she and therefore I came to be celebrating cosmological events in a miserably cold wet mountaintop temple in Scotland. As my therapist he is stressing my limitations, or rather what limitations I should impose, on the powers given me so as not to warp the time space continuum any more than it already was when the powers of a Priestess of Aphrodite were given to me in the temple of Venus in the undercroft of Crag Abbey.

I have been cautioned to use my powers only to enhance sexuality and intimate relations between the sexes within my sphere and not for profit or personal advancement which could have unintended consequences. There are so many things I would like to do; end hunger and bring about world peace, but the Goddess and Marvin have both cautioned me against such overreaching. 

The story of Aphrodite, later known as Venus by the Romans, was first set down by the Greek poets Homer and Hesiod. Homer, the author of the Iliad and the Odyssey, is revered as the greatest of the Greek epic poets and is thought to have been Born around 8th - 9th century B.C. Hesiod is generally thought by scholars to have been active some time later between 750 and 650 BC. The two accounts of Aphrodite’s birth are very different.

In Homer’s telling Aphrodite was the daughter of Zeus and Dione and the wife of Hephaestus to whom she was not a faithful wife representing sexual passion rather than the bond of marriage. Hesiod based his story of her birth on the supposed derivation of her name from ‘aphros’ (foam) by which she emerged fully formed from the sea at Paphos in Cyprus or on Cythera. For when Cronos had cut off the genitals of his father Uranus, he threw them into the sea; foam gathered around them and they were transformed into a woman. I like to think Hesiod was correct because Aphrodite the goddess of passion seems more likely to derive her raging libido from the genetic material from which she was created. Having a raging libido myself I think Hesiod’s version is a wonderful story!

Fetish sex with my therapist: This past week I was fertile and very needy for male intimate attention. I know it’s a conflict of interest for Marvin to be having sex with a patient, but he has such an amazing way about him and can convincingly explain how being physically intimate with me will help us both to resolve my insecurities. I know he just wants to spend himself in a deep, hot, wet and extremely tight vagina, but to him I’m not just any tight deep vagina.  I am physically identical to his dead wife Jenna, so I let him think I’m fooled by his reasoning, but it’s really his delusion that I’m Jenna when I’m with him that makes him easy to manipulate. He’s considerate and gives me my pleasure first and I love draining his thick cream after we’re finished. For free therapy sessions and marvelous sex with a great looking and considerate man how can a girl go wrong? And so I give him the fetish sex he craves taking me in as many positions as he wants while I’m wearing a pair of Jenna’s Bloch Alpha pointe shoes.

Sex in Bloch Alphas: Marvin is particularly fond of ballet-sex which as returning readers will recall is the woman being entered from behind while sur les pointes a la seconds bent over holding on to a barre, table or chair, and in Marvin’s case with me wearing a pair of his dead wife’s SO104s. He likes me to wear a pair of Alphas that I’ve just taken class and sweated in so the paste in the blocks is melted and fragrant and the leather and satin are moist so the shoes give off a bouquet of scents that he identifies with Jenna. In order to take full advantage of the scent of sweaty pointes while I’m wearing them he takes me on my back with my legs folded at the hips so I’m in a hairpin with my feet and sweaty shoes on either side of my head while he mounts me in missionary.

That way he can keep his weight on his elbows while gripping the blocks of my pointes with his hands holding my feet pointes and me in place beneath him as he rams his glans into my anterior fornix stretching the latex membrane of my Reflexions so it simultaneously pushes up on my uterus while squeezing his glans in the tightly stretched rubber he forces into my anterior fornix with every powerful thrust. That’s a duality we both dearly love!

Ben Wa balls and condoms: Jenna didn’t like giving him head and while I’m more amenable to doing it I’d much rather him fill my vagina with semen than me swallowing it. I think I can do so much more for a man with his penis in my vagina rather than my mouth. And I do have a much tighter vaginal grip than Jenna which I discovered when Marvin and I first became intimate.

He wanted to wear a condom so he would be sure not to get me pregnant even though I was wearing an Oves cap or a diaphragm. I rarely have sex with men wearing condoms as I require partners to have negative full STI panels and the men leave contraception to me. What we found with Marvin in a condom is that though he stayed wonderfully hard the condoms almost always come off inside me which he said never happened when Jenna was dancing and wanted to be certain she didn’t get pregnant during the SF Ballet’s season.

The condoms we use – we don’t use them any more for contraception, just for rubberiest play, but more about that later – are usually Japanese super sheer latex of the correct size and rolled on correctly, but even when relaxed my grip is so tight that his pre-cum is squeezed out of the reservoir tip and down around his glans and shaft so after a few minutes he slides right out leaving the condom inside me and a textured condom comes off even faster! Using an intimate silicone lube and latex diaphragm and condom reduces the likelihood of latex grab between the condom and diaphragm and prevents micro-tears in my vaginal walls from friction, but adds no additional time before he slips out. In thinking about it I’ve decided that the condoms coming off is an unanticipated side effect of strengthening my vaginal grip by training with Ben Wa balls because until I started my Ben Wa training regimen several years ago the only time a man slipped out of a condom while with me was when he went flaccid.  

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2014 Ballet Summer Intensive and 4th of July party

Student’s dead pointes from our ballet summer intensive

The Photo: Some of the summer intensive student’s dead shoes (mostly Freeds) and they aren’t even through the second week.

Adolph’s 4th of July party: My wards and I and our partners as well as the fifteen SI students all were invited to Adolph’s place in the hills to celebrate the fourth. For one of Adolph’s parties it was pretty tame with no guest or staff disappearances, that I’m aware of. There was only one requirement; that every guest as well as his staff have a clean recent full STI panel. I think that was from a concern on his part that because some of his guests lead very risky lives he didn’t want carelessness on their part to spill over and harm the many students who were at the party. A concern that was quite out of character for him given the callous way some of his dive students have been treated in the recent past.

For drama, there was only one incident each of spontaneous abortion, uterine flooding and a near drowning all of which occurred in the deep water training facility while a divemaster was present. No one knew one of Adolph’s student Submissives was pregnant until she miscarried at a depth of 100 ft as Adolph was taking her in missionary while she was tethered to the safety net with an ankle leash. She has been in residence as a dive student for eight weeks and she had tested negative for pregnancy at our clinic when she arrived and was fitted for a 65mm Reflexions to wear as flood insurance during dive-sex, so the baby was Adolph’s. She is supposed to have been on the pill and perhaps she was, but some girls don’t take their pill as regularly as they should.

The uterine flooding was because another of Adolph’s students, a petite girl of 18, neglected to insert her Reflexions prior to entering the water for dive-sex and Castor, one of the Gemini, who with his brother Pollux are extremely well endowed forced water into her uterus while satisfying her desire to be taken by a heavy hitter, other than Adolph. Chris, our male Gyn put her on a ten day course of an antibiotic to minimize the likelihood of bacteria in the water giving her PID.

On the 4th my wards and I were all CD7, but as returning readers know they all have stringless GyneFix copper IUDs implanted so they were free to have sex with as many of Adolph’s guests they hadn’t met before w/o any concern about STIs. It was only me who needed cervical protection for contraception as the following day I would become fertile and on edge days like that a girl using a barrier for birth control can never be too careful.

Incest by proxy: Bea, my 17 y/o, ward had fun with a handsome forty-something German chemist who said she reminded him of his daughter who is about Bea’s age. She told me later when we were both in the ladies Kegeling out recent partner’s semen that when they were alone on a bedroom balcony overlooking the city lights after briefly fondling her clit he entered her from behind while she was on her toes in second position bent over the railing watching the fireworks. The other guests were watching from the roof terrace. She said when he came in her he called his daughter’s name several times, but didn’t seem to realize what he’d said as he continued thrusting into her until he went limp. That encounter went so well that later he asked for seconds and then took time to provide her pleasure giving her several G-spot orgasm which had her moaning, mewing, quivering and so rubber-legged she thought she would fall off pointe while she was in orgasm and squeezing the hot cream out of him with her contractions. And during that encounter he again called her by his daughters name.

Pointe shoe fetishists: Adolph had told me his European guests were all pointe shoe fetishists. That is usually a relatively benign fetish as fetishes go, but some men can take it to extremes tying a partner up with the ribbons from her pointes before having sex with her or in one case hanging a girl with the ribbons from three pairs of her pointes w/o removing the ribbons from the shoes.

So he wanted the BSI students and my wards and me in pointes for his party. I’m comfortable in pointes almost anywhere and my wards are becoming accustomed to wearing pointes for all occasions, but the BSI girls needed some convincing. At my suggestion they all wore pairs of their scholarship provided Gaynors as they were the most comfortable and were instructed not to use liniment or alcohol on their feet while preparing for the party as there would undoubtedly be a lot of toe sucking going on. Afterward several of the students thanked me for suggesting Gaynors as their European partners expected ballet-sex (sur les pointes a la seconde) where our pelvic muscles are clenched and with the thrust drop padding I recommended they were relatively comfy being dropped en pointe when a tall partner withdrew on the out-stroke.

Student potential and menstrual status: Selection criteria for BSI students in addition to having Balanchine bodies, considerable talent and ability for classical ballet, a very strong sex drive and an adventurous nature bordering on recklessness included what each candidate wanted to do professionally. None wanted to be professional dancers. They all see ballet as marvelous exercise and stress reducing activity and as a means to keep their lovely bodies in shape and attract men. We see the students potential to be doctors, lawyers, mistresses and wives of influential men and rising to be influential in their own professions where they can be helpful to the interests we represent. Each of the students is a long term investment in her own right as she rises through her chosen field.

Being introduced to Adolph’s European friends at the sort of parties Adolph hosts gives the girls access to powerful men who can help them in their careers in the business world. And the men are delighted since from their perspective the BSI students are almost virginal since they lack the depth of sexual experience of their male partners. I heard one say it was better than fucking his way through the corps of a major European ballet company because the party girls were fresh and relatively innocent and could be molded to meet his needs as an American mistress.

We are into the second week of the BSI now and all the girls have taken their weekly pregnancy tests and none were positive for hCG. It would be too soon to expect a pregnancy from an encounter while a student here to show up, but if someone had been careless or had an accident the week before arriving here it should show up about now. Many of the girls are on extended cycle pills (Seasonale or Seasonique) or started another pack of 21/7 or 24/4 regimen pills w/o taking the placebos to prevent having a pill period during their time at BSI so they would have no way of knowing by the absence of bleeding if they had conceived.  Our phys. Therapist is busy giving massages and treating over worked ankles and knees before they become troublesome injuries since we have a lot invested in the long term health and wellbeing of each of these students.  And the girls and their partners have settled in to mutually satisfactorily short term relationships. Both the male partners and the students are trying to enjoy each other’s bodies as much as possible for the several weeks they are together realizing they will be going their separate ways once the course ends.

Security: All the public rooms, terraces, balconies, encounter sallies, ladies restrooms, bedrooms and the deep water training pool area are covered by HD security cameras that recorded every one of the sexual encounters with faces plainly visible. In case, at some later date we need to influence one or both participants of a particular intimate encounter to do the right thing. Adolph was very pleased how well the party went and how easily the BSI girls and his European guests got along.

Friday, July 4, 2014

St Lucy’s invitational ballet summer intensive

Barre girls in tights before pas de deux class

The photo: A group of summer intensive students warming up before PDD class.

St Lucy’s invitational ballet summer intensive: We changed the format this year to draw participants only from ballet students 21 or older whose names were submitted by their teachers for their outstanding grace, technique, stamina and fearlessness. We had more than 450 submissions and had places for only 15, limited primarily by the number of professional male dancers suitable to be their partners and those 15 were on full scholarship (from my casino/resort) including meals, travel and medical expenses.

In addition to technique, pointe, PDD and mime we are offering ‘contemporary sexual health for the dancer’ for the first time this year as feedback questionnaires said given the opportunities offered while at our summer intensive a more complete foundation in contraception choices and their use would be helpful to first time students to the ballet summer intensive we offer here in Las Vegas.

Screening: All the students and faculty were required to bring recent full STI panels indicating that they are all free of STIs and all have completed their series of Gardasil shots. And the girls were given pregnancy tests upon arrival. Two failed and as they were both 21 were given the chance to terminate their pregnancy w/o their parent’s knowledge (the termination would have been covered by medical insurance through the scholarship) or return home. Both decided to return home – their mothers flew out to take them home - and two alternates were accepted in their places. We think what happened in both cases was the students were on very low dose estrogen/progestin pills and took weight loss pills to trim down for the SBI that speed up their metabolisms so the girls flushed the hormones through their bodies too quickly and the remaining levels weren’t sufficient to suppress ovulation. The literature we sent out in the spring when we selected them cautioned about taking weight loss pills if the student is on contraceptive hormones.

The weather: With the appearance of July it has turned very hot here in Vegas. The forecast is for temps from 111° F to 108° F thorough the weekend so latex catsuits, hoods and gloves are out except for in clubs with the a/c turned full on. Fortunately the practice clothes of thong-back tank top leos, bare legs and pointes in fully air-conditioned studios and encounter sallies are ideal for this weather. Tights are only worn and over leos, for PDD classes. We cautioned the BSI students to bring at least a dozen pairs of shoes as the students are expected to be in pointes for all classes as well as barre.

The Men: The men were chosen from recommendations to and personal knowledge of Willow, Jack’s 20 y/o daughter, who was in the corps of the Royal Ballet and had danced with the Paris Opera Ballet until last year. They were chosen not only for their ability as classical dancers, but physical strength, personality and sexual stamina. The sexual stamina is important during a Ballet Summer Intensive as students are far more likely to experiment sexually while away from home and with strangers and what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, we hope.

Some of the women students have much higher sex drives than others so a hyper-sexual girl can arrange to swap men with a girl with a lower libido to find a guy who can satisfy her more frequently. Performance enhancing meds are available to any man who asks. If he is on an enhancing med it’s usually his secret even though he’s expected to perform satisfactorily as frequently as four times a day for the entire 14 days of the course.

Protection for play: In my welcoming remarks to the girls during their orientation I suggested that they might want to try wearing Gaynor Minden pointes for play as they often provide better support and the shanks and blocks last far longer than pointes made of traditional materials. The only problem with GMs is that they don’t breathe, so are hot to wear and take longer to dry. We have taken care of the drying problem by providing drying boxes that circulate warm very dry air across sweat soaked shoes. Our GM representative fit them all with at least two pairs of shoes each, the cost of which is included in the scholarships.

I made it a point right up front that the students male partners were highly fertile and would be having sex with them unprotected unless the woman asked for him to wear a condom. So it is the responsibility of each woman to ask her partner to wear protection or use an effective contraceptive method and if there is any concern about a birth control failure the morning-after pill is available 24/7 at student health.

Also mentioned in my introduction to contemporary sexual health class is that if they wanted to experience dive-sex - and they all did - they would have to be fitted for a diaphragm to be used as flood insurance since the vagina commonly floods during underwater sex, so the diaphragm is used as flood insurance to prevent a partner’s thrusting penis from forcing water or an air bubble into the uterus which could cause PID or an embolism.  Fortunately they all use menstrual cups so were familiar with folding and inserting vaginal devices so none had an ‘ick-factor’ associated with using a diaphragm

Dive-sex was high on their list of recreational choices so no one had a problem with being fitted with a diaphragm and since only one woman (and no men) was allergic to latex Chris, our male Gyn, fitted them with the latex Reflexions flat spring style which is nearly impossible for a mischievous partner to under-thrust and showed them how to use the 10 ml prefilled disposable applicators of DiveGel+. The latex allergic student was fitted with a silicone Milex wide seal arcing spring diaphragm which, with its two elbow hinges, is the next best thing to a Reflexions for flood insurance.  As a confidence builder I have them all wear their diaphragms during ballet classes so they could get used to inserting, removing and moving with it inserted finding that once inserted and properly positioned they can’t feel them.

Toe-tape, the pointe-shoe club: Returning readers will recall that in my post for April 14, 2014 I introduced you to Toe-tape a new Mini-club, writing: “Our Casino/Resort has opened ‘Toe-tape’, a ballet club for adventuresome young women who want to show off their feet and legs for admiring men. I know the name sounds like it should be a Chick band, but we tested it and found it’s the sort of name that appeals to young highly motivated female dancers craving excitement.”

I’m introducing the BSI students to clubbing in pointes, where they can be admired by men with a pointe fetish. Having students 21 or older this year simplifies entertaining them on the clubs scene since I’m not trying to pass them off as older than they really are.  Their male BSI partners (English and French straight ballet dancers from major companies) are here as much for the sex as for what we are paying them and having them along gave the girls time to get to know the guys personally and sort out sleeping arrangements. We prefer that couples sleep in the dorm at St Lucy’s which has private rooms with full baths.  That way there is excellent security and it’s close to the studios.

Fourth of July celebration: Tomorrow evening Adolph has invited the BSI students and faculty to his 4th of July party. He has promised to have no wood chipper within … well he said “nowhere near” the party so it should be safe enough. And the students will get to dive The Well, his 216 ft dive training facility. He has a net spread across it at 100 ft so none of the newbies to the facility can go deeper accidently.

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