Monday, June 30, 2014

Jenna is back, as a Domme

Do these boots make me look fat?

The photo: Fishnets, corset and locked boots (so he can’t get them off me) I’ve decided to show Marvin, my $650 an hour psychiatrist, an entirely new side of his dead wife. I’m introducing him to Jenna as a Domme.

Jenna: Returning readers will remember Marvin (Morning Wood) when delusional, thinks I am Jenna and he becomes delusional only in that way when I’m near him for more than fifteen minutes at a time. Otherwise he seems to functions rationally. He says I could be her identical twin as I have the same small lithe hard body, color eyes, green, and hair, red. Same smile, same scent, and same profession, ballet dancer. And the same taste in designer clothes, perfumes and shoes. From the photos I’ve seen of her in his office and home, he’s right. I appear to look exactly like her, at least while clothed. The delusion is a coping mechanism from the trauma of his wife and baby being killed in an auto accident a bit more than a year ago and I’m happy to give him comfort both psychologically and physically. He is marvelous in bed, awesomely hung and knows what to do to please me with every centimeter of it.

In addition to the amazing sex he is helping me come to terms with my responsibilities as a Priestess of the Goddess Aphrodite/Venus. It doesn’t seem to have occurred to him that when alive Jenna wasn’t a Priestess of Aphrodite, but I have no interest in pointing out the inconsistencies in his delusion since even with all the strange bits  it suits us both extremely well. As I mentioned, he is amazingly good in bed and I get my counseling sessions free and he knows not to be controlling with me or I’ll cut him off.

Arrival home: We arrived back at McCarran International late Friday afternoon and while we all had a wonderful time and got to meet a lot of new men it was so good to be home and sleep in our own beds and not be awakened with an erect penis poking us in the back or the slippery tip being pushed between our cheeks. We have a lot going on in the next few weeks with the students for the two week Summer Ballet Intensive at St Lucy’s coming in this week and after the SBI we will all be going to Lake Tahoe for two weeks to stay at Adolph’s and dive the lake. My wards, Bea, Willow, Odette, Odile and I all began to bleed this past Friday right on schedule as I was CD1 and all my girls are in menstrual synchrony with me and when menstrual enjoy secondary peaks in our libidos. Even though their contraceptive method, the GyneFix copper IUD, is extremely effective and my use of cervical barriers has never failed me in the more than fifteen years I’ve been using them no method is 100% effective so there is always a chance, especially since we are all so sexually active with unprotected extremely fertile men, that there could be a contraception failure.

The girls after taking full STI panels and pregnancy tests to prove they are safe to work as trainers with unprotected candidates are back on the schedule as training partners for the men in our escort candidate training class. In the weeks we have been gone a good many new men have become trainees so it’s not as though the girls aren’t continuing to meet hew well hung and very fertile men. The scent of their testosterone laced sweat is marvelously erotic and especially so for the next few days since we are menstrual. 

Trust but verify: Since Marvin and I had been away from each other since mid May, about seven weeks, we both had full panel STI tests done so we could exchange them at our first meeting after I returned home. And I peed on a stick for him to show him I wasn’t preggers. Neither of us had any expectation that the other would be celibate while we were apart, but I hadn’t left Marvin w/o some of Jenna’s/my secretions and scents to remember me by. In preparation for being away I had worn Jenna’s thongs when I was fertile and menstrual and not been as careful to avoid staining them with my menstrual blood, fertile cervical mucus (FCM) and some of the coital discharge from our couplings and even urinated a tiny bit in the cotton lining of a few. Eighteen highly scented pairs of Jenna’s panties to give him something to smell and suck on if he began to feel really depressed.

Reliving sexual tension: He was so glad to see me! I can’t imagine what it must feel like to have an erection that large pressing on the front of his trousers as he met me at the door of his condo.  I had worn my ballet-boots – the lightly armored black leather calf length ones from Gepetto’s with the unitized titanium toe boxes and shanks, interchangeable-replaceable heels with spider filament laces and lace splitter heels. They were fragrant with Obenauf's Leather Oil Preservative and I intended to Dominate him from the start as he was so needy he wouldn’t complain that much or if I did it properly, not at all. He seems to have developed a fondness for the scent of Obenauf's Leather Oil so now when he smells it he is conditioned to get an erection.  How is that for training a submissive!

I didn’t want him finishing inside me less then three minutes after I helped him insert himself so I took the bull by the horn, in a manner of speaking. I had him clear off the top of his desk and then kneel on it so I could give him head while I was standing in my boots in front of him and he could see my reflection in the plate glass window of his office that I use as a mirror to do barre sometimes during our sessions. I’ve blown him several times now while he’s on his knees on his desk, and he watches to see if my ankles wobble when I’m on my toes concentrating on sucking seed.

He is uncut and I love tonguing his frenulum forcing his glans tight against the roof of my mouth to squeeze it while I rock back and forth to move him in and out. For fellatio I often wear a hood to prevent my partner from tangling his fingers in my hair. That’s especially important as men typically tend to grab my head and force themselves deeper down my throat when about to cum. Wearing a hood I can slip my hands under his arms and break his grip so I can lean back a bit to breathe and swallow while still manipulating his glans with my tongue. Otherwise with his fingers entwined in my hair I can’t get out of his grip to breathe and could end up with semen in my lungs and aspiration pneumonia.

This time I sucked him off twice which I thought should make his release in my vagina a bit less urgent and result in him having more lasting power. I swallowed his loads; I almost always do if I’m giving oral to a friend. Guys seem to be more appreciative if a girl swallows his semen and if he has no STI then the contents of his ejaculate could be thought of as a nutritional supplement with trace nutrients and protein. Sometimes if a man has been eating spicy foods or asparagus his spend tastes a bit off to awful, but I tell myself its good for me and swallow. It worked just as I planned and he lasted a good (actually an amazing) twenty minutes before finishing inside me with blood running down my thighs as he caused me to gush and overflow my Milex Omniflex diaphragm. He took me from behind while I bent over the barre against the plate glass window giving me a series of vaginal orgasms that had my toes curling in my boots and gasping, moaning and mewing. Fortunately the building he is in is very well built so the walls are soundproof something that a lover of his abilities needs in a nest for assignations with sex partners.


Thursday, June 26, 2014

SCUBA diving, menstruation and DCS

Emptying a Diva Cup menstrual cup

The photo: The Diva Cup comes in two sizes. Size 1 cup is 1 11/16" (4.3 cm) in diameter and the Size 2 cup is 1 13/16" (4.6 cm) in diameter. Both cups are approximately 2 1/4" (5.7 cm) in length in the body of the cup, with another 3/8" (1 cm) stem (2 5/8" total length). Until I bought my new Diva, just before we came to Scotland for the Solstice I was wearing a size one and it worked well. However, even I have to give in to age after a while so I decided on a size 2 as I’m now 43, but my vaginal muscles are far stronger than most twenty-something ballerinas known for their amazingly tight grips.

The Diva Cup should be emptied, washed and reinserted at least twice in 24 hours and can be worn overnight without concern of leaking and it can be safely boiled if necessary to clean it. Even on heavy days I can wear it for 12 hours w/o it needing to be emptied. DivaCup holds an ounce of menstrual flow (30 ml) and as the average woman only flows about 1 to 2 ounces (30-60 ml) per cycle so most of us can go longer than 12 hours w/o emptying if necessary.

Willow’s Royal Ballet friends and menstrual dive-sex: Since the Royal Ballet is off for a few weeks Willow asked four of her more sexually adventurous girlfriends from the corps and their boyfriends to come up to the Abbey for a few days of fun and relaxation and they arrived on the overnight train in Himself’s private car that had taken Jacks guests back to their jobs in London. The girls were so amazed at the luxury, blown away really since they got to have menstrual sex all the way from Euston to Inverness and despite a large supply of thick dark red towels provided for just that eventuality managed to get His Grace’s 1,000 thread count sheets bloody. All the girls are completely waxed with the exception of scalp hair and eyebrows which makes cleaning up after menstrual sex much easier.

Three of the four have GyneFix copper IUDs implanted and are menstrual while the fourth is on combined oral contraceptives (COCs) and started a new pack w/o having withdrawal bleed (her pill period) so she can dive period free during her time at the Abbey. The GyneFix girls are wearing menstrual cups.  All were fitted with latex Reflexions FS diaphragms for flood insurance to use while having dive-sex. It’s fairly unusual for ballet dancers to have copper IUDs placed because most enjoy being period free. However, some like Willow’s friends, find they are at a secondary libidinal peak while bleeding and are far moiré creative when fertile so they feel the inconvenience of dealing with flow control is worth it to be able to enjoy the cycling of their natural hormones.

Menstruation, hormonal contraceptives and DCS: There is a correlation between increased instances of DCS and the first week of a woman’s cycle when she is menstrual especially if the woman is on strenuous long or deep dives. Less frequent or shorter less strenuous dives during her period reduce the chances of DCS significantly. There is no indication that using hormonal contraceptives increases a woman’s risk of a DCS incident.   I’m CD26 and luteal and shouldn’t start my period until this coming Friday when I expect Bea, Willow and the Swan Twins will begin to bleed as well since they are in menstrual synchrony with me.

Of course while diving menstrual flow usually stops because diving is very dehydrating since the pressure forces water out of body tissues and fills the bladder, which is why even when you empty your bladder before diving after you have been down for a while you need to urinate again. However, after surfacing menstrual flow begins again and then some of us will gush filling our menstrual protection (tampons) occasionally to over flowing which is why a menstrual cup or a diaphragm works so well as they can withstand the gush that may occur shortly after surfacing. .

EAN32: However, because Willow’s friends are bleeding and menstrual dive-sex will be strenuous for them we are all diving enriched air Nitrox (EAN) with 32% oxygen rather than the 21% oxygen in regular air to reduce the possibility of DCS incidents. In order to do that our Divemaster had to clean our regs and OTS Guardian FFMs to ensure they were safe for use with EAN32 as there is an increased risk of fire when using improperly cleaned masks and regs with high oxygen content gases. Our 80 cu ft tanks are filled from a large cylinder delivered from a dive specialty shop in Aberdeen that services the divers working in the North Sea oil fields.

Menstrual dive-sex and cramps: Almost all women who have tried having sex underwater while menstrual have reported feeling totally free of menstrual cramps after an underwater orgasm. It’s common knowledge that an orgasm during conventional (surface) sex has cramps relieving powers, but as underwater sex is thought to be kinky very little to no research has been done under dive conditions so we are left with our own and friends experiences which for the most part have been very positive as far as relieving menstrual cramps is concerned. I’m sure it’s the endorphins released during sex, especially orgasm that relax the muscles in the uterus.

Underwater: Before diving we all emptied our bowels and bladders and our partners (chosen by coin flips among all nine of us girls) got to watch as we each inserted our latex flat spring diaphragms and then had the lucky guy insert two fingers and feel the cervix under the stretchy rubber membrane. then we let him insert a 10ml disposable applicator of silicone based DiveGel+ - which is a lubricant and biocide - and depress the plunger to add waterproof lube for the moving parts. Then we entered the water. The guys loved ‘helping’ and it was a fun way to get them invested in our safety.

Diving the cistern for dive-sex each girl has one leg tethered to an ankle leash connected to an iron ring on the cistern floor and there is a ring set into the floor in the center of each bay. After being tethered her buoyancy comp is inflated to keep her more or less stable while her partner moves between her spread legs and after pushing aside her bikini thong caresses her clitoral shaft to give her her first underwater orgasm as she sucks gas her bubbles rush to the surface and she quivers, moans, mews and gasps in her mask. Then he pushes inside her and grasps her buns to hold himself as deep in her as possible as he begins a series of thrusts caressing her G-spot before her muscular orgiastic contractions tip her over the edge into ecstasy taking him shuddering and gasping with her filling her with hundreds of millions of sperm as his body tries again for immortality.


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Hidden treasure, dive-sex soirée

A ten Kilo unmarked gold bar

The photo: A ten kilo unmarked bar of Scottish gold from the mine on one of His Grace’s estates.

The Duchy on the eve of World War II: His Grace’s Grandfather who became Duke in 1935 was, according to Jack’s father the current Duke, very concerned that there would be another war and that London would be bombed far more thoroughly than it was during the 1914 war. As a result he moved half of the gold bullion from his Scottish mine from the vaults of the bank of England to a secret location and didn’t begin depositing gold in the BOE again until 1947. The gold that was moved from London and the production of the mine for the twelve years between 1935 and 1947 has never been found, according to the family’s oral history.

His Grace says that’s partly attributable to the secrecy of his grandfather and partly to the fact that the workman who helped hide the gold were sent to war as part of the British expeditionary force that was trapped on the beach at Dunkirk. During it’s evacuation in late May and early June of 1940 the boat in which His Grace’s estate workers were being taken off the beach was hit by artillery fire and they were all killed. There was also a shaft collapse at the mine in 1947 which killed the two supervisors who took the gold from the smelter to His Grace at the Abbey to be placed with the other gold. And lastly his grandfather had a massive heart attack and died w/o telling anyone where the hiding place is. The old bull, (Jack’s father) says that his father searched for years and supposedly never found the hidden gold, but that after a while seemed to take the loss in stride as the family is still extremely wealthy. However, the current Duke believes his father eventually found the gold as he would spend weeks at a time at the Abbey and then suddenly his personality improved markedly and he stopped spending so much time there, leading the current Duke to think his father finally located the treasure. If so the location was never shared with Jack’s father, as he tells the story.  This story has passed into legend in the UK financial community as a cautionary tale of do-it-yourself security going badly wrong. It also has fascinated bankers about Crag Abbey since that is where everyone thinks the gold was hidden.

Cistern bottom debris: When the Abbey cistern was first converted to a swimming pool / aqua-dungeon of sorts, in the mid 1970s it was thoroughly cleaned of bottom debris. Things like bits of armor and equipment, the bones of small animals that found their way into the vault and fell in and drowned and buckets that fell apart and sunk. However, since then it hasn’t been touched as far as bottom debris is concerned. So I got permission for Bea and I to see what was on the bottom and give it a good cleaning – similar to what I do periodically for The Well, Adolph’s 216 ft deep dive training facility.  We used a vacuum hose connected to an electric pump that Jack had been using to drain a fishpond on the abbey grounds to deposit bottom debris into a huge screen filter to search it for interesting bits dropped over the last 40 years.

I operated the suction hose wearing an old heavy rubber Avon drysuit which belongs to Alice, the wife of His Grace, who returning readers will recall is my dear friend who lives on Virgin Gorda and is my size, to protect me from the cloud of sediment stirred up by the vacuum and it took us ten hours over three days to vacuum the bottom. In the process we came across some bottom paving stones in an area against the cistern’s north wall that had become loose, but since they posed no hazard left them untouched except to vacuum the sediment off them.  It wasn’t that on a whim I decided to do a little late spring cleaning in the aqua-dungeon it was because we were expecting visitors who might be pushed into the bottom during play and I didn’t want Jack to have to try and explain how some of the bits and pieces might have gotten there.   

Among the things we found were 3 old style copper coil IUDs, 4 latex Ortho White (coil spring) diaphragms, 5 very old dark rubber Schmid coil spring diaphragms, 2 silicone Milex wide seal Omniflex (coil spring) diaphragms and 11 NuvaRings (etonogestrel/ethinyl estradiol) and since NuvaRing became available in the UK in 2002 none are more than 12 years old so were from His Grace’s or Jacks sexual trysts in the cistern. Of course with NuvaRing it can be easily pulled out by a thrusting penis, especially if the wearer has very little to no post-pubic vault in which the NuvaRing normally rests to prevent its expulsion and during dive-sex so much else is going on that diverts a woman’s attention it is very easy to miss feeling the ring being pulled out.  That might help explain the high turnover rate in young, long haired, hard bodied, girls in domestic service at the Abbey a situation that continues today. However the senior staff has been with His Grace for a minimum of 20 years and has come to understand his need for a hot, tight, deep, piece of an afternoon, which is especially the case on rainy days when he enjoys tension release by congress with an obliging female sprawled across his desk penetrated from behind.   

An Abbey dive soirée: So when Jack organized a Solstice soirée for five of his closest city friends who dive and shoot to welcome in the summer and, and as a weekend entertainment offered dive-sex in the Abbey’s fabled aqua-dungeon his friends in the financial community with their trophy wives or arm-candy rushed to accept to slake their curiosity about staying and playing in the legendary Abbey as well as an opportunity to have dive-sex in the only medieval aqua-dungeons in the UK and perhaps the only one built in the 12th century still in existence. Additionally, Jack invited to the party four of his Oxford grad student friends who happen to be some of most accomplished cocksmen in the UK supposedly as partners for my wards. However, the girls and I knew we would all be swapping partners the whole time the guests were here. It was an amazing opportunity to meet nine new lusty men!

The guests came up on His Grace’s private railroad car with sleeping and dining accommodations for 20, which was attached to the regularly scheduled night train from London, Euston, to Inverness leaving at 9:15 PM and arriving at Inverness at 8:36AM. His Grace provided hunting trips into the surrounding mountains for red deer and skeet shooting off one of the Abbey’s tower terraces and cards in the evenings, but the ladies and I diverted the men in groups of two for more intimate pursuits.

For the ladies my girls and I offer shopping excursions into Inverness to sight see (no one has sighted Nessie, yet) buy woolens or gold jewelry made from the output of His Grace’s mine. We are also teaching the delights of Ben Wa balls as a vaginal toning tool and invite them to take our morning and afternoon ballet classes for those who want them. I’m pleased to say they all take our class since as a trophy wife or arm candy a girl needs to keep in top shape to minimize the chance she will be replaced. It’s no surprise when that they all have ballet backgrounds of one sort or another as you don’t get and keep the slim well muscled body and a well toned vagina w/o a good daily exercise regimen. We also have sessions – and wager who can last the longest before orgasming - riding one the two Sybian machines in an encounter salle off the tower ballet studio.

Feminine dive protection: Fortunately Jack had given me a few days warning so Chris, our male Gyn, could order 6 each of all the sizes of Reflexions flat spring diaphragms from Lamberts and we were able to determine while checking that they are all free of STIs that none of the invited guests were allergic to latex since I was going to have to fit the ladies with flood protection regardless of what other contraceptive method the girls were using.

When I mentioned to the female guests that for dive-sex we strongly recommended wearing a latex Reflexions FS diaphragm be worn for flood insurance the women asked questions from What is a diaphragm? To why should it matter?  And the universal statement we get from newbies to dive-sex, I’m on an effective method of birth control so I don’t need a diaphragm. And they all were, on hormonal contraceptives. Three had the single rod implant Nexplanon (releasing etonogestrel) in an upper arm while the other two were on the progestin-only-pill (POP) Cerazette containing desogestrel which is metabolized into etonogestrel. Of course the problem a diaphragm is used to protect against during dive-sex is not pregnancy (in their cases) but to protect their fertility and minimize the possibility of an air embolism.

So I went through my standard explanation about dive-sex protection. Which is that during dive-sex the vagina tends to flood.  Should that happen with a large hard man and a tight vagina some of the water and occasionally an air bubble or two can be pushed through the cervical os and into the uterus by the hydraulics of a thrusting penis. The bacteria in the water could cause PID leading to scarred tubes and sterility or an air bubble might cause an embolism and possibly death.  A properly fitted and correctly placed flat spring diaphragm can almost eliminate the possibility of having water or air forced into the uterus during dive-sex so it not only protects the wearer’s fertility but adds an intimate element of dive equipment to the wearer’s erotic wardrobe. Learning of those possibilities the trophies and arm candy were anxious to be fitted and then let their men know they were wearing such specialized intimate protection.

The dive-sex seminar is still underway and everyone is having a marvelous time.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

The 2014 Summer Solstice

The mountains behind Ullapool on Loch Broom

The photo: Ullapool in the foreground with light clouds obscuring the mountains where Location Z is located. Sunrise on the Summer Solstice (June 21, 2014) was at 4:18 British daylight time.

The weather at Location Z:  There was light rain and the temperature on the Holy site was 42° F with an 11 mph wind from the west. It wasn’t as miserable as on the 2013 Winter Solstice, but it was not pleasant. I just can’t seem to give up hoping for a sunny day on the site during a celestial celebration. Statistically there is an average of 14 rainy days at Ullapool in June while there are 21 rainy days in December. So there was about a 50% chance we might avoid rain, but didn’t.

However, the peat fires in massive fire-pits liberally sprinkled with incendiary powder to eliminate smoke and sparks burnt off some of the cloud directly over the altars so visibility around the altars and priestesses’ and inductee’s tents was good and the laying of tons and tons of packed gravel up the reconditioned mountain road and around the altars and tents made walking around to get from the dressing tents to the altars far easier by not having to wade through mud. As Priestesses we were all wearing Gaynors and the rain didn’t affect our ability to work en pointe in ascending and descending from the altars and the polymer blocks and shanks along with the satin fabric and ribbons held together well and provided their usual support even when soaked.  

Aristocracy Vs. Workers: For the 2014 Summer Solstice His Grace decided to concentrate on inducting eligible sons of his titled friends.  Lest readers think the old bull was indulging in snob appeal, much of the reason for investing sons of the well-born into the old ways rather than virgin males from working class families is that the pool of virgin working class males on His Graces estates has been depleted by our inducting so many at one time. One could argue that we needed to harvest virgins where we found them while they still retained their virginity. But still, there were a finite number within His Graces estates and currently it is depleted. So, each of the four demi-priestesses and I took only one inductee each for at least three acts of penetrative intercourse on the five altars with first penetration beginning at exactly sunrise, 4:18 AM BDT. 

Virgin prepping: There was some fear on our part that the inductees might not fully appreciate the delights of the female body. None were younger than 16 and all truthfully said (we have ways to verify that they weren’t lying) that they had never had penile-vaginal-intercourse (PVI) with a human female which while not impossible was difficult to believe as they are all eldest sons who will inherit the family title and are in demand socially. All are well hung, uncut, strong, handsome and from a woman’s perspective very sexually desirable young men. They admitted to repeated acts of anal intercourse while wearing condoms as that was the nearest they could get to a vagina in a boys-school and several admitted to fucking Ewes on their father’s estates.  Which says a lot about how sexually repressed the British upper classes are. 

The inductees had joined us at the Abbey on Tuesday so we had an opportunity to work with them and they got to watch the women’s and Terry’s morning ballet class and we were pleased to note the erections interfering with the drape of their slacks; always a good sign in a woman’s prospective sex partner. Since they hadn’t been around unclothed female bodies we also taught them what the clitoris and G-spot are and how to gently manipulate them with the fingers and tongue during foreplay to effectively arouse a partner. Then gave them time to practice, after some additional coaching, giving us clitoral orgasms the male effort left them aroused but unsatisfied so we needed to give them relief.

To release the blood pooling in the virgin’s pelvic areas after fondling us to orgasms we gave them oral, blowing them at least twice a day and immediately prior to sunrise on the 21st, with the hope that having routine sexual releases up until we relieved them of their virginity they would all last longer while we were coupled on the altars. Too, we also gave them, as a “nutritional supplement”, 50 mg of Viagra at 3:00 AM with breakfast on the solstice just in case any of them might have performance anxiety. And as I mentioned earlier we were hoping to get at least three orgasms from each man if they had the stamina and were looking forward to having the men do most of the work. 

Secondary altar precedence: With the four secondary altars available on the North, South, East and West of the principal altar all my girls are major participants. Returning readers will recall that the North altar is close to the cliff edge, but Jack says the rock it’s on is quite solid so while it looks dangerous if the wind isn’t blowing from the South the celebrant and her partner on the North altar should be quite safe and today the wind was from the west. Willow had first choice for this celebration and being a granddaughter of His Grace she has precedence and chose to offer herself on the Eastern altar because it’s closest to the rising sun. The other girls chose to celebrate on the altars they occupied in the spring; Bea on the South, Odette on the Western altar and Odile on the Northern one. Odile is a risk taker and wanted the scary one because the sheer drop is just a few feet away and with the wind from the west we did not insist she and her partner wear safety harnesses.

Sunrise on the Solstice: Before the ceremonial procession of priestesses to the altars we all had the traditional cup of gorse brandy to dull the chill. The brandy distilled on His Graces estates is celebrated for its sweetness and potency by brandy aficionados. I’m pleased to say that our aristocratic teen inductees didn’t disappoint in their vigor and stamina, though they were somewhat lacking in manual fingering and penile thrusting techniques, which was understandable under the circumstances. Wrapped in hooded shearling robes when mated and the inductee thrusting into us for all he’s worth we were all warm enough.  Even with oral sex three hours before mounting the altar the boys couldn’t last more than 5 minutes w/o ejaculating so with only one virgin male each it took less than 45 minutes to transfer as much of their semen into our vaginas as they and we were capable of, having to ripple grip all of them when they tired while trying for four in a row and began to wilt.

As is traditional His Grace mounted me on the main altar after all the rest were finished and he was in good form lasting 15 minutes before spewing seed against the soft rubber dome of my Reflexions flat spring diaphragm. As I’m CD22 and luteal today there was no danger of my getting pregnant from sex during the ceremony, but I feel more fully dressed for success with the thin stretchy latex membrane protecting my cervix. I suppose it’s a girl thing!  Jack had to help him off me, and from that I knew I’d given him a really good tight ride.

Afterward: The ride down the mountain with us all wrapped in our shearling robes and drinking another cup gorse brandy was uneventful. At the hunting lodge we had the ritual burning of the priestesses and initiates shearling robes, hoods and shoes.  I’m pleased to say that using the incineration powder the polymer in our GM pointes burnt completely w/o smoke or odor after which we had lunch.

During lunch His Grace spoke to the young men who had given up their virginity this morning telling them of the small sacred society which they had just joined and suggested that they recruit any virgin friends they thought worthy of consideration for induction into the old ways. Then the young men were escorted back to their homes all over the UK and the rest of our party departed for the Abbey wanting to get there before dark when a storm is forecast.


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Arrival at Crag Abbey, sensory deprivation

The ruins of Urquhart castle on Loch Ness

The photo: Once one of Scotland’s largest castles, Urquhart’s remains include a tower house that commands splendid views of the famous loch and Great Glen. Urquhart witnessed considerable conflict throughout its 500 years as a medieval fortress and its history from the 13th to 17th centuries was particularly bloody.

Lost Cove porn shoot ending: Anya is staying at Lost Cove for another few days to make sure nothing is missing after the video crew finishes shooting interior shots. Then the Duchess will take her around to St Thomas aboard Wanton Lass to catch a plane back to DC for a new assignment.

Juicy, Long Tom, the mermaids and the rest of the cast sailed away to finish the video on a set somewhere on the outskirts of London. Anya said their divemaster supervised two scenes with couples having intercourse when the woman’s K-valve burst disc ruptures and her tank vented. The actors survived the experiences, but were severely shaken and one actress, not Juicy, who panicked and couldn’t find her partner’s buddy reg nearly drowned and is in hospital on St Thomas being treated for aspiration pneumonia and an emotional breakdown. After that the director decided she had enough tank venting scenes.

The flight: At Dulles we said goodbye to the Gemini (the Swan Twins partners) who were to meet one of their father’s K-street lobbyists before flying home commercial and we picked up Fiona and Colin Tree who will be spending time with His Grace, her father, at the abbey (they aren’t participating in the Solstice celebration as they are non-believers) before going to London. … Just another service of JillAir…

It is 3,411 mi from Dulles to Inverness and at about 550 mph it should take about 6.1/3 hrs. We left Dulles at about 3:00 PM + 6.5 = 9:30 Eastern daylight time + 5 hrs to convert to British daylight time = 2:30 AM ETA at Inverness. We actually landed at 2:00 AM BDT as the jet stream helped a bit. The trip was uneventful, if you don’t count the girl-girl sex – with dildos - and Terry getting repeatedly blown. Fiona doesn’t share Colin so he had to make do with just one woman on the flight while the rest of us were moaning and mewing in ecstasy from G-spot orgasms given with textured Pyrex dildos.

Our arrival: Jack and Chris our Gyn were at the airport to meet us with three Land Rovers for Bea, Willow, the Swan twins, Terry and me. Fiona rented a car (on Her Majesty’s dime) at the airport for herself and Maj. Tree as they were only staying two days and then plan to take the train to London. Jack says the forecast is for rain and temps in the low to high 50s at Ullapool. That’s at sea level so it will be in the 40s F at Location Z. Which means we will be in shearling robes and using the massive peat braziers again and hopefully be warmer than at the Winter Solstice. We had coffee while the Land Rovers were loaded then the two hour trip down the loch and up into the mountains to the Abbey. It was 4:30 by the time we got to the abbey and the sunrise was at 4:18. It was a cloudy but dry morning.

The Abbey cistern: After a full English breakfast the girls, Terry and I took our regular morning ballet class in the tower studio.  Then I suggested that we plan another dive-sex video using the heated cistern as an aqua-dungeon. Returning readers will remember that the cistern was last mentioned in my 4-1-2014 post when I held a dive-sex training session for the Gyns attending the Inverness reproductive technology seminar. There I described it this way:

“The pool was converted from the Abbeys original medieval drinking water cistern. It’s a circular room 60 ft diameter and it is 40 feet deep with columns every 10 feet.  Ceiling and underwater lights have been installed as well as a shelf and platform for putting on equipment and conveniently entering the water. There is also a new circulating system that heats and purified the water. The cistern is kept full from the spring that flows through the temple and chapel. Even when well lit it still seems a bit claustrophobic to me because of the shadows cast by the columns. And at 40 feet it’s too deep to comfortably wear a FemCap to the bottom w/o the discomfort of dome squeeze on the cervix, but of course my Oves works well. However, when properly sized and correctly inserted the latex Reflexions flat spring rim diaphragm is perfect for flood insurance while providing the advantages a thin stretchy latex membrane can offer an experienced couple.”

Sensory deprivation: Leaving a diver tethered to the bottom while all the lights are off is an exercise in sensory deprivation and air conservation. During effective air conservation training the tank should provide just enough air to last until the dungeon-master makes her rounds and releases the captive or switches his or her tank. Sensory deprivation is something that is totally disorienting and terrifying to most, but there are a few of us who find it relaxing. I love the silence, just the hiss of my demand valve and the roar of my bubbles rushing toward the surface. With hands bound behind your back there is no hope of replacing a reg if for some reason a trainee expels hers and drowning follows shortly afterward if her dungeon master isn’t paying close attention and comes to her rescue.  Even though I’m sensory deprivation dive qualified I always dive an OTS Guardian FFM to eliminate the chance of an expelled reg during sensory deprivation sessions.


Monday, June 16, 2014

Soloing a venting tank, tutoring Terry

Soloing a venting the tank after a burst disc rupture

The picture: The lovely dive art of the artist HD, with permission.  The picture is entitled Death Spiral and shows me after accidently setting off the heat-pack causing a burst disc rupture venting my tank while solo diving something I’ve cautioned others to never do. Fortunately I survived, but the experience could have easily been fatal if the spiraling tank had forced me head first into the rock wall.

Even with all my warnings to others about not trying to ride a venting tank solo I tried it - unintentionally - while wearing a 2 mm dive skin and hood - in the new deep water location, and got bounced and tumbled on the seaweed covered bottom before I could get out of the harness and to the surface. I was fortunate I didn’t lose my mask. Nothing more than a really scary minute or so with some tears in the neoprene and no sex involved. I shouldn’t have used a tank with a heat-pack attached when I was solo diving in the area of the aquifer outflow in the cove where the current forced me against the aquifer outflow depression wall triggering the heat-pack. My God! I had such an adrenaline high I needed sex afterward to help me come down slowly otherwise I get really depressed coming off that massive a high.

Tutoring Terry: Just because Terrance is in chastity (of a sort) until I take his virginity from him on the main altar during celebration of the Summer Solstice at the ancient holy site at Location Z does not mean his education in the delights of female companionship hasn’t begun. After ballet class Bea, Willow or I will take him into an encounter salle while we are still sweaty from class so he will become familiar with the scent of estrogenic musk mixed with the bouquet of a woman’s sweat, shampoo, soap and perfume which he is familiar with from his ballet training in the UK. There we school him in the technique of pleasuring a woman with his tongue; the clitoral orgasm and the taste of her natural lubricant the weeps from her vaginal walls and labia during arousal from cunilingus. If he performs satisfactorily we reward him with fellatio. While he has masturbated since puberty he’d never had a woman suck him off (amazing since he has such a glorious body and has been around teen ballet girls for years) so having his frenulum caressed by a woman’s tongue and squirting his load down our throats was and so far continues to be an amazing experience for him.

Breastfeeding and pointe-shoes: I was concerned that he wouldn’t like breast milk, but he loves breastfeeding I did have to tell him to come to my breasts freshly shaved as even at 17 he has stiff stubble which is like sandpaper. He develops marvelous suction being able to empty my breasts quickly and expertly while getting my vaginal secretions flowing wetting my thighs. and turning my legs to jelly .So  now my tutoring sessions begin with have him breastfeed before giving me cunilingus and a clitoral orgasm with his tongue. I’m CD16 today and Luteal. I ovulated two days ago so I’m safe from pregnancy until next cycle, not that I need to worry about that from Terry before the 21st, but other lovers are keeping me filled with live sperm and not to break routine I continue to wear a latex flat spring diaphragm since it is possible, but not likely, that I could start bleeding early.  

When I’m tutoring Terry he seems fascinated with my legs and pointe shoes, I’m wearing old Gaynors as they are quieter, provide better support, are more comfortable and last far longer than most other maker’s pointes and they are already stained with stage grime so being splattered with my vaginal secretions or his semen (if I (drool) or breast milk (if he drools), it’s no big deal. I think he may have a thing for women’s feet and especially pointe shoes as I’ve seen him fondling and sniffing Bea’s and Willow’s Gaynors as well as mine and I’m waiting for him to ask for a pair of mine. If he asks I won’t give them to him. Only Jack gets pairs of my damp smelly Gaynors as talismans of my affection, but Bea or Willow probably would if he asks.

Blue Balls: We’ve learned to reward Terry with BJs only after ballet class otherwise his stamina suffers, but he should be able to overcome that with more practice.  I had first thought to put him right back into his Access Denied chastity cup w/o providing him sexual release, but without relief he would get ‘Blue Balls’ [or ‘lover’s nuts’, a slang term for the condition of temporary fluid congestion (vasocongestion) in the testicles accompanied by testicular pain, caused by prolonged and unsatisfied sexual arousal in the human male.] and was so uncomfortable after giving the woman tutoring him her pleasure that it was only right to give him relief. I’m a masochist not a sadist and none of us got pleasure watching him suffer. Besides it could warp his opinion - which is still being formed - of women and cause him to take his pleasure first which in my opinion is a bad sign in a man. There are women sadists, but that’s a lesson we don’t intend to teach.  He is a delight to be around is a quick study and has done everything asked of him so rather than let him suffer with lovers nuts his tutor will suck him off before putting him back in chastity.

The Summer solstice - preparation: Tomorrow, Monday June 16th, we will be boarding Limnaea II at Charlotte Amalie, stopping at Dulles to pick up Fiona (Jacks sister) and her lover Maj. Tree then on to Inverness. We’ll be staying at Crag Abbey on Loch Ness before moving on to His Grace’s hunting lodge in the foothills of the mountains to the East of Ullapool on Loch Broom. Jack has been at the lodge in the hills above Ullapool for the last few days working on the holy site with its five altars dedicated to the Goddess Aphrodite / Venus. Chris, our male Gyn, also went on ahead to screen potential young males to be inducted into the service of Aphrodite. And I’m bringing the heavy gold collar of office I wear as High priestess of Aphrodite when conducting the men’s initiation rites.

New for this Solstice we are going to wear Gaynor pointes rather than the Freed Classics worn during earlier ceremonies at Location Z. I thought the Goddess had a prohibition against using modern materials (the unitized polymer shank and toe-box in GM pointes), but I can safely wear a Reflexions flat spring diaphragm with its stainless steel rim spring and natural rubber latex dome, so I prayed to the Goddess for guidance and I have gotten a positive response. The weather is often so wet on the mountain top that Freeds melt almost immediately so Gaynors will be far safer ceremonial footwear.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Tutoring the nobility

Coat of arms of The College of Arms

The Photo: The coat of arms of the organization in the UK that grants heraldic arms to an individual or organization if they meet certain strict criteria.  The College of Arms also creates the heraldic shields for the newly entitled and traces possible heirs to titles and arms belonging to families thought to have become extinct. 

Her Grace makes a request:  Alice, Duchess of M**** asked if I would tutor her friend’s eldest son who is 17 and will be going to Oxford this fall. Given that I’ve had a minimum of formal education I wondered what subject I could possibly help him with. She said his parents; his father is the current holder of one of England’s oldest and most efficiently run Earldoms and his mother a retired Royal Ballet Principal, are anxious that Terrence (Terry) have an intimate and positive experience with a sexually knowledgeable women before he goes to oxford since he has been in all-male schools since early childhood only meeting girls in private off-campus ballet classes he has taken since he was five. I was amazed that an all-male school could stop an inquisitive young male whose hormones are peaking from discovering the delights of women especially as he has grown up with female ballet students, but it seems his parents think that it has. I was supposedly getting a virgin to tutor on the pleasures of heterosexual sex, assuming of course that he is straight, which I think is a concern of his father as he needs a grandson as an heir.

Alice thinks there are other reasons – in addition to deepening his experience and perhaps understanding of women - his parents want Terry vacationing at lost cove this summer. They know Willow is with me here and Terry met her briefly when she taught a master class at his school. Alice thinks they want Terry at 17 and willow at 19 to become to develop a romantic relationship since terry is handsome and rich and will inherit the title and estates on his father’s death. With him marrying into Jacks family it would establish stronger interfamily ties a common practice among the aristocracy.

That seems unlikely to me since there is a two year difference in their ages and with girls maturing mentally earlier than boys they may have little in common. Not to mention that Willow is performing in my ballet company in Las Vegas while Terry will be at Oxford for the next several years. Of course that could all change. Since Terry is supposed to be very strong and have significant ballet training including pas de deux classes I’m sure he will be partnering Willow in our ballet classes and I’m anxious to see how they get along.

Tea and Sympathy: Her Grace said she immediately thought of the 1956 film Tea and Sympathy ((Deborah Kerr and John Kerr) with me in the role of Laura Reynolds, played by Deborah Kerr. The circumstances are not as straight forward with Terry as with Tom Lee in the film, but she thinks his parents are trying to avoid a similar situation once he gets to Oxford.

Alice said she thinks I would be an ideal tutor for Terry and he would learn a lot being with me for a few days. And well she might since I’ve been fucking her son’s brains out every chance I get for the past several years and my effort has not gone unnoticed as Jack wants to marry me over his father, the Duke’s, objections.  I was relieved that her request was one that I can handle easily and I’m going to enjoy teaching Terry about women while we enjoy each other’s bodies.  Jack has gone back to the UK to prepare Location Z for the Summer Solstice on the 21st of this month so Terry rode back on Limnaea II and Alice and I took the Wanton Lass around to St Thomas today to pick him up. And what a stud-muffin he is!

Terry’s arrival: On the sail back from Charlotte Amelie to lost cove Terry and I got acquainted while Alice sunned herself and napped. I said he would be staying with Bea, Willow and me at my villa on the cove and that there would be ballet class each morning, which he knew since he brought his practice clothes and slippers. I also mentioned that none of the women including me were in monogamous relationships so hookups were fine, but that I would be his primary trainer and I have final say on what is safe for him to do. The girls know the dive limits past which an activity requires my approval and none of us want to be responsible for injuring such a gorgeous male body, not to mention a sweet personality, for a man.

Bea, Willow and Anya were on the pier in bikinis to welcome him and I could see Terry was very impressed with their beauty and the drape of his shorts showed it until he got his emotions under control. We all saw the rise in his interest and later we giggled and wondered how his parents could have been thinking he might be gay. Obviously he doesn’t confide in his father, which is quite common when sons are shipped off to boarding school and only see their fathers as authority figures and at Christmas.

Terry and the Summer Solstice: The Summer Solstice is on Saturday June 21st, exactly one week from today. We will be leaving for Inverness this coming Monday so we can have a few days to recover from jet lag and prepare for our Location Z altar performances as Priestess of Aphrodite welcoming new males into the Old Ways. I’ve decided to save Terry’s virginity until the Solstice and take it from him on the main altar at sunrise.

Terry intends to major in sociology and specialize in ancient religions while at Oxford and when he found I am a Priestess of Aphrodite/Venus and will be celebrating the Solstice on the primary altar of an ancient holy site he was beyond fascinated and asked to participate. When I explained that participation by males required that they be virgin (defined here as not having had penile vaginal intercourse (PVI) with a human female – sheep don’t count) his virginity immediately turned from a liability into an amazing asset and he agreed to avoid having PVI with any women until I relieved him of his virginity at sunrise on the 21st. Just to make sure he asked to wear a chastity belt when not in ballet classes to show his resolve. He said another few days of cold showers will just increase his anticipation. So Chris fit him into an old Access Denied male chastity belt and gave me the key. Terry is such a marvelously strong and hunky submissive and in ballet class has amazing stamina.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Stalking Juicy Breeder

The sea floor showing the Puerto Rico Trench

The Photo: The sea floor around the BVI showing the Puerto Rico Trench in violet just to the east of the Virgin Islands. The trench is 800 kilometers (497 mi) long and has a maximum depth of 8,648 meters (28,373 ft) or 5.373 miles at Milwaukee Deep, which is the deepest point in the Atlantic Ocean and the deepest point not in the Pacific Ocean.

Juicy’s stalker: The other night I was tutoring Tom on ballet-sex a position. I was surprised he wasn’t familiar with where the woman is en pointe a la seconde bent over holding on to the barre or a table or chair back while her partner enters her from behind. It was late and after Tom had taken me several times and given me a series of marvelous orgasms my adrenaline was peaks so I stayed to work off the high and try to come down slowly to prevent the depression I get after exquisite sex. I was bourréeing back and forth across the studio when I heard the sound of footsteps across the floor and without turning thinking Tom was back asked him if he was having trouble sleeping.  Suddenly I was grabbed around my neck and thrown across the room. Fortunately I have the ability to land on my feet in most cases and managed to do it again just before I hit the wall with my back partially knocking the breath out of me. The first thing the man said was to ask why I’d changed my hair color to red since blond suited me much better. I’ve never been blond and I realized he must have mistaken me for Juicy.

Fortunately he had a knife rather than a gun with which he could have kept his distance to kill me. I was in no doubt that was what he intended because he went into a rant about how I was a tease and whore and he was going to slit me” all the way from your pussy to tits”. That really got my adrenaline flowing because I’ve never taken money for sex and I wasn’t anxious to get cut either. It was only later that I wondered why I never screamed and realized he still thought of me as Juicy and she may well have taken money for sex. I’m glad I didn’t think of that immediately. I was very very angry that a man was after me with a knife in my own home and it reached the point in my rage when things seem to go into slow motion and I tend to think very clearly. It was him or me.

I’m fairly good at reading body language and realized that he was going to lunge at me so I kept circling to prevent being backed in a corner and moved out on to the balcony from which there is a long three floor drop to a tile patio overlooking the cove. I feigned a run for the door and he lunged. I was wearing suede tipped GM pointes and had excellent traction and was able to stop and he missed grabbing me with his free hand as he rushed passed. He was still running as I used the energy in my forward movement to  kick him in the knee of his forward leg supporting all his weight. His knee joint shattering made a wonderful crunching sound followed by his scream as he hit the balcony railing and pitched headfirst over it followed almost immediately by a wet sounding splat as though a melon had been dropped and a heavy thud. After I stopped my lunge I looked over the railing. His brains were all over the tile patio and his broken knee allowed his leg to fold forward with the foot twisted backward.

Tidying up: I woke Jack and Juicy and told them what happened. Juicy said the guy had been stalking her for the past eight months and she thought she had been able to disappear successfully even though she had a court order in the UK to keep him from bothering her. She was very relieved that he was no longer capable of stalking her. We took the ID out of his pockets and burnt it and she slit his belly to allow decomposing gas to vent. Then we rolled the body into a tarp and cleaned the blood and spatter off the patio with bleach. We took the body down to the zodiac in a laundry cart and out to the Wanton Lass and wrapped and locked the tarp in 30 feet of heavy chain taken from a storage locker on the pier and took the Wanton Lass out into North sound and a 50 mile run out to the Puerto Rico Trench to dispose of the body. We had good weather and got back in time for morning ballet class.

We left the stalker’s rental sloop anchored in the cove after checking on board that he had left nothing to indicate an interest in Juicy. However, we did find three passports with his photo on them as well as cash in USD and Euros. Also he was keeping a scrapbook of clippings about his exploits as a bank robber in the EU where according to the stories he had killed at least three people in a series of robberies over an interval of eighteen months. Given that level of violence I wondered again why he hadn’t come for Juicy with a pistol rather than a knife. Rental boats are abandoned more than you might think. However, the security deposit usually covers any retrieval costs.

Security – adding Facial recognition: Given this security breach I’ve added a facial recognition feature to my HD surveillance system. All the workers and guests will have their faces mapped into the image DB and when the system is on only those people the system recognizes will be allowed anywhere in the inner perimeter and the villa w/o setting off an alarm.  Given the problem with Juicy’s stalker we erased the video of his attack and his accidental fall to the patio from the hard drive and server back-up. Fortunately we deleted the footage before it uploaded the day’s events to the cloud. So now the only record is the encrypted footage that I copied to a thumb drive that has been sent to my bank at home.

Burst disc venting scene – an update: We have changed the location from where we were initially testing the burst disc rupture scene. It was in a 30 ft deep part of the cove and Jack and I hit the bottom once while being tumbled which stirred up a lot of sand that wouldn’t be good if burst-girl was trying to get the reg in her mouth while in a cloud of sand. We came near being forced into the sandy bottom twice more while the venting was tumbling us. So we moved the location to the depression at the mouth of the aquifer outflow which is about 65 – 70 ft deep. It’s quite cold (about 65°) in the fresh water at the bottom, but we will be starting the scene near the surface in salt water with a temp in the mid 70s so Tom should be able to perform w/o problems from the water temp and if they get tumbled deeper there is seaweed growth on the floor which should cushion being forced into the bottom.  We also increased the size of the man’s tank from 80 to 130 cu ft HP steel. We hadn’t run out of air, but we came close once with us both sucking off his 80 and near panic we weren’t using air conservation techniques since we were just trying to survive. If they are forced to the bottom at 70 ft in fresh water our divemaster doesn’t think the overweighting will be enough to endanger the scene as long as the man’s BC is functioning.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Oxbridge sex, Bea does porn

A Cambridge girl waiting for her lover in the cove

The Photo: Taryn’s friend Elizabeth (Liz.) a grad student and member of the Cambridge student boat crew waiting for her partner, an Oxford grad student, for dive-sex in the cove. Even with a relatively conservative top the thong bottom of her tankini gives lie to any notion she isn’t prepared to be ravished. Friends who saw her inserting her Reflexions latex diaphragm then squatting, pushing down and inserting two fingers to  press the remaining air out of the dome before inserting a prefilled 10 ml applicator of DiveGel+ deep into her vagina knew exactly what she was hoping and preparing to get from her Oxford boyfriend.

Oxbridge sex: It’s impossible to say how public the Cambridge women and Oxford men would have been with their sexual activity had Taryn’s porn company not been shooting a dive-sex video in the cove. They are all grad students between 23 and 27 years old and while not blocking traffic make no attempt to hide having sex in almost any position on the forward deck of their boats, but they are out of the way of those arriving or departing. They seem to be having such fun! I that I hope the girls are still safe from unintended pregnancies.  

Liz is one of the girls who were taking weight loss pills that reduced the effectiveness of Cerazette, her oral contraceptive. So I’m having her test daily for hCG and hope she isn’t pregnant. She is using her Reflexions correctly and for every act, but I’m concerned about the sperm from the few days before she came to me that may have been waiting in her tubes for her to ovulate.

Bea as a porn actress / diver: One of the younger porn actresses had a seizure during underwater shooting. It was during an encounter at 30 feet and she should have had plenty of bottom time left as far as DCS is concerned and she was wearing her Reflexions for flood insurance so she shouldn’t have had an air bubble forced into her uterus to cause an embolism. However, she has a Mirena IUD inserted and that may have caused a problem. No one knows what happened for sure other than she shuddered and then stopped breathing in mid orgasm as her partner filled her with semen.  The director is pleased that she was able to complete the scene just after the dive-girl stopped breathing and her rescue was shot as well in case they want to work that in to the story. Her partner inflated her BC vest and got her to the surface and she was taken aboard the Lusty Lass where we got her breathing again and she seemed fine. However, the Producer radioed for a helicopter to take her to Schneider Regional Medical Center on St Thomas where there is a hyperbaric chamber if she needs it and rode along with her.

With seizure-girl gone the cast was short a young actress and Bea was there and one of the male actors who has been having sex with her suggested she replace seizure-girl in the rest of her scenes. Bea is the right size for her costumes and no one is asking if fucking a 17 y/o’s brains out in a dive-porn video is legal, so we are good to go. Anyway, no one will know who she is as her face will be hidden by her mask and reg. She’s being credited (using her middle name as a nom de théâtre)) as the actresses body-double and even being paid for the sex scenes. She will be just another gloriously well developed female dive body “Getting as much dick as she can on every dive…” As the preview catch lines will say.

I’m keeping an eye on her bottom time as while I’m sure she is as safe as this sort of thing can be she is still my youngest now and my favorite though I try not to show it. She shows such promise for being able to go on to great things when she grows up so being able to step in to a porn actresses’ role in the middle of a shoot is awesome experience for her! I just remind her to always lube up as there is no such thing as too much lube, especially in a dive-sex video.

CD10 and newly fertile: I am fertile today and my libido is at its peak at this time in my cycle. Since my wards and I are in menstrual synchrony we will be fertile for the rest of the week. Since they have copper GyneFix IUDs implanted they have very little likelihood of becoming pregnant no matter how many times they have sex or how potent the men are. With me it’s different since I depend exclusively on cervical barriers, a contraceptive diaphragm or an Oves cervical cap to prevent me from becoming pregnant. Of course at 43 I have only a 30% chance of conceiving rather than the 50% when I was in my early 20s, but those figures are for a single act and with me having multiple unprotected acts with multiple lovers it sometimes seems I’m continuously draining fresh semen regardless of how much I Kegel out.

Still if it’s only 30% that’s far too great a risk when I want to avoid pregnancy entirely while still having the thrill of knowing there is a chance if my barrier leaks a lover’s sperm could put his baby in my belly. I really don’t want my hard sculpted bod stretched out of shape as a member of the baby bump brigade even as I fantasize about it so I’m being very careful to only wear Oves or the Reflexions which is nearly impossible for even a mischievous lover to under-thrust.

Pointe class at the cove: All the women in Taryn’s porn video cast take ballet. That’s not surprising. Actually it’s almost mandatory in order for the girls to stay strong and limber. And I was pleased to see that they all wear Gaynor Minden pointes as they are the most comfortable while lasting far longer than other maker’s shoes of traditional materials.

This is the first time my villa’s studio has been anywhere near half full with twelve women and seven men. The five porn starlet/mermaids (there were six but one as I mentioned is in hospital on St Thomas), Juicy, Tom, the six partners for the mermaids and Anya, Bea, Willow, Odette, Odile and me. We have enclosed heated drying racks on an inside wall for several pairs of each woman’s pointes – because with the humidity and frequent showers otherwise they would never dry and bacterial growth would be a much bigger problem than it is..

Friday, June 6, 2014

Long Tom and a super-elastic vagina

One of my front closure diving bras in which I can breastfeed

The Photo: An open front zip reveals structured cups that clip together (double bagging the girls) for a maximum-support sport bra that’s easy to put on and take off. Of lined neoprene mesh its perfect for running, diving, KP-boot fighting and other high-impact activities. The outer coverage is great for wearing under wetsuits or buoyancy vests while the zip and clip closures allow almost immediate access for ANR feeding encounters.

Long Tom and an elastic vagina: In my last entry ‘K-valves, burst disks and asphyxiation dive-sex’ posted on June 2nd I was singing the praises of the male porn star ‘Long Tom’ Spencer who along with his co-star ‘Juicy Breeder’ is currently performing in a porn video being shot in Lost Cove. I’ve been helping him keeping up his stamina by being available and coincidently looking a lot like Juicy except that I have red hair, but it’s covered by my hood while diving, so with my hair covered I’m easily mistaken for her though I have slightly smaller breasts. But when I’m wearing my diving bra with its comfy push-up look no one can really tell.

It’s obvious that Tom is sweet on her and their sexual chemistry is absolutely amazing. He hasn’t called me Juicy, yet, but I know he’s fantasizing about her while he is getting off inside me.  I don’t really care since I’m not nearly as emotionally into him even though he’s very deeply into me. I’m working on Jack’s father (the old bull) to get his permission to marry him. Jack and I are wonderfully compatible sexually since we both enjoy having sex with others. Long Tom is especial fun since he tests the elasticity limit of my vagina. Not only is he marvelously thick, but is, as his stage name implies, amazingly long. So long in fact that, in porn scenes he’s never shown so deep in a partner that his pelvis is against her mons pubis or perineum, except when he’s drilling Juicy. Here in the cove with the six Cambridge women boat crew, my four wards; the swan twins, Willow and Bea, and Anya and me as well as Juicy only Juicy and I can safely take all of him in missionary.

In my case I know how long he is and when fully aroused and tented after he fills me and his glans is up in my anterior fornix I just imagine I can take the bit still outside and I’ve been able to take all of him with breath control and thinking erotic thoughts of him actually impregnating me which seems to give me the extra few centimeters of depth I need to comfortably take him even when he is thrusting hard against my pubic bone. It’s an amazing ability and it makes the difference between ecstasy and being doubled over in excruciating pain with torn ligaments from the powerful thrusts of a man too long for his partner. I’m so pleased that I can do what so many other women would kill to be able to do and so few actually can, which is to enjoy all of what Long Tom has to offer w/o being severely injured during the encounter.

Long Tom on a woman’s responsibility for contraception: Being in the sex trade Tom has some expectations about his and a partner’s health.  First on any responsible sex worker’s must list is that all his partners, be free of STIs since the men all work unprotected and none have been snipped so all are shooting live loads. Actually, that’s a bragging point for male porn stars as to how potent they are.  The other imperative is that Tom feels no responsibility if his co-star becomes preggers by him. It’s up to female porn stars to take the necessary precautions to protect their fertility and prevent an accidental pregnancy. It’s ever been that way and with the men working unprotected and continuously fertile it will continue to be that way.  

I have to say I agree with the men on this as I can’t imagine trusting a man to not want to make me pregnant, unless he’s gay and then he just doesn’t care. I say that because so many of my partners have admitted it’s a fantasy of theirs when having sex with me. Plus I find it hugely erotic knowing that I’m having sex with a man who, if I’m not careful, will impregnate me though I think most women sex workers knowing about that common male fantasy are more concerned  rather than turned on by the possibility.

The most intimate female dive gear:  I’ve tried to teach Bea, Willow and the Swan twins, Odette and Odile, that they can not afford to chance unprotected dive-sex with a man even though they all have stringless copper GyneFix IUDs implanted so should generally be safe from pregnancy. However, protecting the upper reproductive tract, the cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries during dive-sex is another matter entirely.  Bea and Willow are scrupulous about using gas and flood insurance in the form of a Reflexions latex diaphragm. Odette and odile seem to intentionally forget even though Castor and Pollux, their boyfriends, love to watch them insert the most intimate of a woman’s protective dive equipment a flat spring latex diaphragm and love feeling the stimulator during sex.  I’m concerned the girl’s carelessness will lead to PID which can affect their fertility, but there is only so much I can do so I’m going with the old saying “If you won’t listen you must feel.” and hope for the best.

Cervical barriers in porn videos: Juicy says that younger girls in the trade want a contraceptive method that is easily reversible, doesn’t cause weight gain and doesn’t interrupt her natural cycles as many make a significant portion of their income from menstrual sex videos and want children after they have made some money or are set up as a mistress by one of the rich men who are porn connoisseurs and are anxious to have her for arm candy if she is clean of STIs and drugs, which can be a big if. Additionally, in face-to-face encounters with latex fetishists there is the very desirable allure of a strong scent of latex marinated in vaginal fluids and her lover’s semen. That’s why more and more young European female porn stars are switching to stringless copper GyneFix IUDs and latex diaphragms.

Using a diaphragm in a porn video provides an additional level of interest for any viewer into protective girl-gear. It’s an erotic plot element that can be used to add detail to the story by having it inserted by a lover on cam or sabotaged by the villain with a sharp fingernail while ‘helping’ the unsuspecting heroine insert her cervical protection prior to a penetrative encounter or for rough sex pulled out and stuffed in her mouth before the heroine is raped. And of course the Reflexions latex flat spring diaphragm is the safest to use in aqua-porn videos as it is the least likely to be accidently under-thrust by a mischievous partner while providing excellent heat transfer, is safe to use with silicone lube needed for underwater sex and can be used at any depth while FemCap is limited to a depth of about 30 feet by squeeze on the cervix causing extreme cramping.

As returning readers will recall Reflexions glans stimulation for very well endowed partners is accomplished with the raised size figure in a triangle in the center of the convex surface of the dome which even a Tantric master can’t successfully ignore. Meaning that if her partner can reach the dome stretched across her cervix and into her anterior fornix he will rub against the stimulator. If that happens and he doesn’t shorten his thrusts a Reflexions wearer can be certain he will inseminate her whether he intends to or not. Should a woman with a Reflexions prefer not to have the stimulator available to destroy a Tantric masters concentration and confidence she can wear the diaphragm with the dome inverted so that the stimulator is on the side facing her cervix and she can enjoy repeated orgasms as he caresses her G-spot while retaining ejaculatory control until he has exhausted her and only then will he inseminate her. 



Monday, June 2, 2014

K-valves, burst disks and asphyxiation dive-sex

A cut-away view of a SCUBA tank 3000psi K-valve 

The photo: A cut-away view of a SCUBA tank K-valve showing the burst disk assembly protruding from the right hand side of the illustration. In the Sherwood 5000 K-valve, which is what we are currently using, the specially designed burst-disc assembly evenly distributes escaping air, preventing (to some extent) the tank from spinning or tipping if the burst-disc vents. However, the diver is still surprised, jerked around and left gasping without air.

Dive porn training & location shoot: The porn actress “Juicy Breeder” is working for Taryn’s porn production group and they will be videoing location scenes in the cove for the next few days. Unlike most porn stars she’s a blond with a trim balletic figure and 32C+ cup breasts so she isn’t pneumatic at all even though she is silicone enhanced. Like me she has an extremely long vagina when aroused so can take exceptionally well endowed men w/o being injured  For contraception she has a stringless ParaGard IUD inserted since she frequently performs in fisting and menstrual sex videos. However, she had never had dive-sex and wants children later, so she was anxious to be fitted with a Reflexions (she took a 80mm) for flood insurance while performing in the dive-sex scenes.

Her male Co-star, “Long Tom” Spencer, is a delight to work with once we got him past being paranoid of unprotected sex with women in my circle after we all exchanged current negative full STI panels. He is amazingly well hung and knows how to use every inch to please a woman so sex scenes with him involve very little acting and a lot of gloriously pure lust and hormonal ecstasy on the part of his lovers.

The video story line: A young competitive diver is having an affair with her trainer and she is competing with a rival and more experienced diver for her trainer’s affection. The heroine’s tank is sabotaged and ruptures during a dive-sex encounter with her trainer just prior to an important competition including her diving and romantic rival. The sabotaged tank creates a situation which exposes our heroine to new levels of danger and sexual intensity with her trainer. The Director is even going to use scenes of me breast feeding (Juicy and my nipples and areolas look quite similar) as the heroine is having to deal with lactation as a side effect of coming off hormonal contraceptive s which is something that happened to me IRL.

Burst disk asphyxiation testing: Some time ago Jack and I had been testing commercially available chemical heat-packs of various sizes which during their chemical reaction develop and sustain temperatures of approximately 54°C, or 129.2°F. When properly positioned against a relatively full 3,000 psi tank we hadn’t been able to get one or even several large heat-packs to raise the temperature (and therefore the pressure) of the gas enough to cause the burst disk to rupture and vent the tank.

So we enlisted Jeff of Labia Labs to develop a hand size industrial strength chemical hot-pack that can boil a large pan of water in a minute or so. We have tried static tests and the burst disk vented the tank submerged in cool water in less than a minute on all five HP steel tanks we tried them on. But there are safety problems since the pack can ignite fires if placed in contact with combustible material and so is in an insulated shell except for the active surface that is placed directly against the tank and held in place by a waterproof adhesive or in the case of steel tanks a strong magnet.

Having a burst disk vent during a dive is a scary experience even when you are expecting it! With Jack as my partner we tried it with the industrial strength heat pack attached to the lower end of my tank on several short test dives the other day. I find we are safest if I hold myself away from him by holding on to the shoulder straps of his tank harness with my elbows against my chest and forearms straight so we were a foot or so apart to keep our masks from colliding when I’m shoved into him and we start to tumble. Even when expecting the tank to vent it’s frightening and the roar of the escaping air is deafening and the tumbling disorienting and getting jerked around during an orgasm while the tank is venting and being unable to breathe or inflate a buoyancy compensator is immensely erotic, which complicates the process of pulling off my mask, grabbing Jacks buddy reg and starting to breathe off it because I don’t want to lose the incredibly strong vaginal contractions of an asphyxiation orgasm. 

Heading for the surface might not be a good option until the tank finishes venting as it may be safer to stay strapped to it rather than to unfasten the harness and have it smash in to you while still venting. Assuming of course that your partner has a buddy reg and you can get to it. That’s what Jack and I have been doing. When the tank begins to vent I hold myself away from him with one hand while pulling off my FFM and use the buddy reg on Jack’s octopus. Then after the tank has vented unfasten the harness and send the vented tank to the surface with a lift bag. I’m fortunate that I’m wearing a hood that deflects some of the roar of 80 cu. Ft. of high pressure air escaping and the bubble clous rushing to the surface. Jack and Tom say the noise doesn’t bother them. But I know if they are exposed to much of that it will affect their hearing.  Even with the hearing concern that test arrangement has worked well so far and we have kept our divemaster busy replacing burst disks and refilling tanks.

Even though it would be more photogenic with our long hair floating loose we are wearing hoods with sound absorbing ear protectors and the women have our hair in a bun or French twist under them so when the tank bursts our hair doesn’t get caught in the valves and hoses while the ruptured burst disk is venting and rotating the tank. The hoods also reduce to some extent the roar of the escaping air right next to the woman’s head and less then two feet from her partner. I’m not sure what the director will want to do for the production videos rather then just the test and training we have been doing, but I hope at least Juicy wears a hood to protect her hearing.

Women and erotic asphyxiation: I usually think of erotic asphyxiation as a guy thing involving hanging or suffocation with a plastic bag over the head. However, what we are attempting to do for a scene in the video is have me (and later the actress whose tank vents) having an orgasm when the tank vents and there is no gas coming through her reg driving her to a hyper-orgasm with unbelievably strong vaginal contractions. Her orgasm with no air at the very time when at maximum exertion and oxygen is needed most, being a form of erotic asphyxiation. Her partner’s buddy reg is just out of her reach and her vaginal contractions are their strongest while she can’t get air.  It’s a very delicate balance between unbelievably exquisite sex and brain damage and there are no stunt doubles, the actors do all the stunts themselves. So we need Juicy and Tom to get their timing down precisely.  

Today Jack and I have demonstrated to Juicy and Tom how a venting tank gyrates wildly when the burst disk ruptures on my tank while Jack is thrusting inside me. Then while I switch tanks Jack worked to bring Juicy to orgasm and to get her somewhat accustomed to the burst disk rupturing on her own tank so her being nearly asphyxiated and being saved by her instructor during their white hot dive-sex encounter looks realistic when worked into her training regimen for a competitive SCUBA race while fending off a rival’s attempts for sexual encounters with her trainer/lover.

During Jack’s time penetrating Juicy and rupturing her burst disk I work with Long Tom getting him used to the effort required to thrust into a woman during dive-sex while I relax and let him have his way with me enjoying the bone melting orgasms from the talented penis of a hard and rising porn star before we got to the part where he pressed the start button on the heat-pack attached to my tank and he held on while ejaculating in me as the burst disk ruptured and we tumbled in the roar and cloud of venting bubbles while I groped for the buddy reg on his octopus.

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