Sunday, September 28, 2014

Kassandra and the Autumnal Equinox

The Prophetess Cassandra being taken by Ajax during the sack of Troy

The Photo: During the fall of Troy the Prophetess Cassandra, daughter of the King and Queen of Troy and virgin Priestess of Apollo, sought sanctuary in the temple of Athena where she was abducted and raped by Ajax the lesser. Cassandra as a Priestess of Apollo had taken a sacred vow to remain virgin for life. In one version of the myth Cassandra had agreed to have sex with Apollo in exchange for the gift of prophecy and then broke her promise. Apollo punished her with the curse of never being believed.

Death of the Dowager Duchess of Devonshire: The funeral service for Deborah Dowager Duchess of Devonshire, who passed away on September 24, will be held at 12:00 Noon on Thursday October 2, at St. Peters Church Edensor, the village outside Chatsworth. She was 94 and had been an inspiration to the Duke of M*** and Alice when they were trying to determine how to pay the death duties - when Jack’s grandfather died - on Crag Abbey and other estates without selling off large parcels of real-estate or valuable art works that have been in the family for hundreds of years. His Grace, Alice and Jack will be attending her funeral.

The Autumnal Equinox:  It went better than I expected. The weather was dry, clear and cold and amazingly the wind was almost calm during the ceremony so the peat fires in the massive braziers around the altars kept the area almost warm at times at the Holy Site. Though as priestesses my wards and I had been given a glass of Gorse brandy to fortify us against the cold before leaving the dressing tent since even lying in shearling robes the cold of the stone altars eventually penetrates.

The married crofters performed very well having been given performance enhancing meds to help counteract the cold and each was able to shoot his wad in his assigned priestess three times though the third time for each we had to milk them with our vaginal muscles. They were so amazed at the strength of our grips. To conclude the ceremony His Grace mounted me and performed amazingly well for his age, perhaps because I was menstrual and he enjoys bloody sex or as he calls it, ‘swimming in the red sea’.  The festive breakfast afterward at the hunting lodge and the ritual burning of the priestesses’ robes and shoes went as planned and we were all glad to get out of our blood soaked shearling robes which reeked of coital discharge and menstrual flow and to have good hot showers and clean clothes before breakfast felt marvelous!

Kassandra:  This past Wednesday a number of His Graces friends (all peers or high ranking churchmen) arrived for a week of Partridge and Grouse hunting. I was hoping my wards and I could get away before they came as they were nearly all men and rather old though their sex drives were still very much in evidence and none of them had been screened for STIs. Our male partners from the Paris Opera Ballet had departed so we were left with bedmates with whom we used condoms which we explained by telling the men that we were fertile, we had just finished our periods when they arrived, and since we knew they were all potent we didn’t want to risk an almost certain pregnancy for one or more of us. It was a story they all understood only too well and it stroked their vanity and virility at the same time. Tanaquil had sent over a few members of the corps of the POB who were on holiday to provide along with my wards and I enough partners for the men in the hunting party.

One of His Graces titled friends from a shire in the south western part of England arrived with his 21 y/o daughter Cassandra which she spells Kassandra. She is devastatingly beautiful with a gloriously ripe young ballet body (she reminds me a lot of myself when I was her age with long red hair, green eyes and amazingly she is left handed like me) as she has been in ballet boarding schools and with private tutors since she was 4 y/o and since 16 dancing with European ballet companies.   

She has an amazing personality which helps, but does not completely defuse, her almost immediate dislike by other women she meets from their jealousy of her beauty, talent and training and the fact that she is predatory of other women’s men.  Her father, the Earl of A***, had asked permission of His Grace to bring her along as he wanted me to meet her and the old bull knowing my dislike of surprises had , even so, intentionally kept her coming from me because he knew what her father was going to ask.

While breathtakingly beautiful and talented she is continuously in trouble wherever she goes primarily because of the effect she has on men and her lack of inhibitions bordering on recklessness which allows her to take advantage of male vulnerabilities regardless of the consequences in the men’s lives. When she was introduced to His Grace’s male guests before dinner on the first evening after she arrived even the Catholic priests where not immune to her charms which could be easily seen as the drape of their trousers changed significantly, along with the trouser drape of the rest of the men present, as they were introduced to her. She isn’t pretentious in any way it’s just the effect that perhaps one woman in several million has that even if she was wearing a flour sack men would want to protect her and take her to bed. For that effect she is hated by most women who try as they might will never have that hypnotic effect on men.

By the time she was introduced before dinner His Grace had talked with me and gotten my somewhat grudging agreement to sponsor her in Las Vegas.  It seems her father has two younger daughters whose chances of getting acceptable husbands while Kassandra is around is slim so he wants her out of the way and preferably happy. As she is amoral I think she might fit in well as arm-candy for Adolph and she could be invaluable to him in closing deals with men who will want to sleep with her as a deal sweetener. She Is talented and conscientious enough with her training to dance with my troupe, but I’m not sure the men could survive her presence in the corps.

As I mentioned before she has an amazing personality so for now she seems to be getting along well with my wards and me. We will see how that goes when she meets Marvin (Morning Wood) and the Gemini who are the boyfriends of Odette and Odile. I know she has slept with Jack already, but he and I have an open relationship until such time as he asks me to marry him and I’m pretty sure any pregnancy by him wouldn’t survive the first trimester. But Adolph and I are going to keep her busy. Her motto seems to be “So many men and so little time!”

Our return home: The return trip on Limnaea II bringing Kassandra with us was uneventful. Once here Chris, our male Gyn, gave her a complete pelvic. Her cervix and ovaries are in excellent condition. He fitted her with a latex Reflexions diaphragm for upper reproductive tract protection in case of vaginal flooding during dive-sex and implanted a stringless GyneFix frameless copper IUD. He also checked her antibody levels to ensure that her HPV vaccine (Gardasil) shots are effective. Amazingly she had been using only condoms during her fertile days and with all her sexual activity she hadn’t been preggers, though she did tell me she has taken EC at least three times when the condom burst or came off inside her. Kassandra is SCUBA open water qualified, but she has never had dive-sex so I’m going to have an escort trainee give her a few dive-sex lessons before I introduce her to Adolph because he will want to fuck her underwater the first time they meet.

Monday, September 22, 2014

A disadvantage of an underwire bra, Prep for the Equinox

Staircase to the ballet studio in the Abbey tower

The Photo: The staircase to the fifth floor (tower) studio showing the clockwise spiral which in medieval times gave right handed defenders an advantage. His Grace’s grandfather had the tower built to medieval specifications to match the rest of the abbey. Fortunately he didn’t carry that to the extreme of having the stair risers hollowed out to simulate hundreds of years of foot traffic up that staircase. 

The underwire bra as an offensive weapon: During His Grace’s reconciliation party on the 19th a visiting American journalist brought an escort from a London service along. She was a lovely blonds Aryan with high cheekbones killer legs and silicone enhanced breasts. They are too large for my taste, but it’s her rack and they are eye-catching. She had been a dancer with the Austrian State Ballet and was wearing pink satin Schachtner pointes at the party. She was obviously distressed to find I was wearing red satin Gaynors (red to signify I was menstrual) and in her opinion I seemed to be spending an inordinate amount of time on my toes. She was fixated about that and I said I loved being en pointe and thought they showed my legs beautifully which was why I wore pointes at all on social occasions. She thought I was showing off and she was right as I’ve always been of the opinion that “if you’ve got it flaunt it”… tastefully of course. 

Anyway, she asked if my breasts were real and I told her they were and that I’m lactating which gives me the cleavage in 32B cups. Somehow she took offence seeming to think I was coming on to her client when I had only spoken to him in greeting, though he was enjoying the 30 y/o scotch and feeling no pain when he put his hands on me and fondled my breasts before I backed away. Not that I minded all that much as I needed to be milked and I was spotting ahead of my period arriving the next day and when menstrual I’m at the secondary peak in my libido.

I suppose she saw him pawing me and thought I’d initiated it. I tried to reason with her to no avail and so I led her into a quieter part of the Abbey where we could continue our discussion w/o creating a scene as it was getting louder by the minute.  Unfortunately there was no calming her down and she tried to kick me in my breasts with the platform of her pointe-shoe. Fortunately her aim was wide and missed me. She tried twice more and barely missed both times and each time she missed she just got madder. At that point I decided I’d had enough so when she lunged again I kicked and the platform of my right pointe caught the underwire of her left cup and the energy of her 120 lbs moving toward me and my 105 lbs, concentrated in the 4 square inches of the suede covered platform hit the underwire with 200+ pounds of force and broke two ribs and shoved the underwire up under her left breast like dull knife splitting open her implant incision and her implant slid out of her ruined breast under her bra and into her teddy where it lodged while she collapsed against a sofa then slid on to the floor where she bled profusely while screaming and writhing on an ancient Persian rug.

Chris was called to help stabilize her condition until an ambulance came up from Inverness. Her date said she had been acting erratically and apologized for her attacking me which we had on a HD security cam video so I was obviously acting in self-defense.

Training regimen: On Saturday the temperature at the Abbey, on a crag overlooking Loch Ness, was in the low 50s F which made it good weather for wearing latex catsuits. There is an elevator to the fifth floor ballet studio at the top of the tower of the ‘new’ addition His Grace’s grandfather built in the late 40s. The elevator was replaced several years ago when it became apparent that some of the family and their friends needed safe access to a convenient place to keep in shape while on vacation and the top floor was converted to a sprung floor, mirrored wall, ballet studio with bathroom and dressing area. The outer wall of the studio facing the Loch is glass from floor to ceiling giving a spectacular view of the Loch. Tanaquil has seen to getting us male ballet partners while we are here (more about that below) and they take class with us, while also providing a source of recreation and tension release.   

There is also access to the studio by a narrow stone staircase – shown in the photo accompanying this post - that we girls use to help warm our leg muscles along with stretching and it’s great sport to see who can run up or down the staircase fastest while en pointe. We all wear Gaynors with suede tips and the surface of the stone risers is still fresh and very slightly textured so there is little danger of any of us slipping. Though it does take some getting used even to even walk up the five flights of stairs on pointe, much less run. After class we all ice our feet and legs while sewing ribbons and elastics on pointes and gossiping then wear negative heel clogs for an hour to stretch our Achilles tendons.

The inseminators: Jack, His Grace’s son, Viscount Sandbach, is here of course as well as Chris our male Gyn who along with the Duke’s estate manager has been selecting virile male candidates for the ritual planting of winter seed in my and my demi-priestess’s vaginas at sunrise (7:07 AM BST) on Tuesday September 23rd, the Autumnal Equinox. There will be ten of them; two each for the five of us and then the ritual inseminations will be completed by His Grace mounting me on the primary altar and giving thanks for the blessings the Goddess has bestowed on his family will get off inside me to complete the ceremony. At his age I’m going to suggest he take a performance enhancer an hour before he mounts me, just in case.

Sex as recreation: For male entertainment while we are here – other than on the morning of the Equinox - Tanaquil, a retired POB ballerina and courtesan who is Taryn’s Munich based Procuress, has sent over a small stable of stallions to share amongst all the girls including me and Fiona, whose lover couldn’t accompany her when she came to vote in the independence referendum. Alice, Duchess of M****, decided she would go to London for the Equinox and stay at the Savoy with a widowed German Count whom she met when he was vacationing on Virgin Gorda and who she is training to meet her sexual needs. I’m rather sorry she didn’t feel comfortable enough with him to bring him to the Abbey and introduce him to the family.

The Escorts Tanaquil sent came over on the Eurostar and arrived at Inverness on the train on the 18th. They are staying in guest quarters at the Abbey.  They were selected carefully to ensure they all liked unprotected menstrual sex since my wards and I are bleeding for the next few days. All are from the Paris Opera Ballet and have up-to-date negative full STI panels so we can sample the delights of young virile men with boundless sexual stamina filling us with thick creamy semen with none of the worry about the possibility of STIs while we pass them around among us. Jack understands my needs both professionally and emotionally so he isn’t upset when I take the new men to see if they are suitable to provide the physical and emotional stimulation a good ballet trained male partner can provide during sexual intimacy. All of them have been through Tanaquil’s Escort course so provide amazing sex.

Location Z: Sunday we moved from the Abbey to His Grace’s hunting lodge in the hills below Location Z. I went with Jack up to the site, east of Ullapool, to see what improvements he has made since the Summer Solstice. The access road up the mountain has been widened and the drainage improved and the whole thing hidden except from the air. He has cleaned the massive braziers that heat the altar area and restocked a huge supply of peat blocks and incendiary powder to insure their burning completely and smokeless during the ceremony. He has also trimmed back the Gorse which threatens to overgrow the site between ceremonies. It’s flowering there now, though not as strongly as it was at the Winter Solstice, and its strong coconut scent is wonderful and pervades the entire site.

The current forecast for Ullapool: The forecast for sunrise (7:07 BST) when our celebration will begin is still for light clouds and a temp at sea level of 50° F which means probably 40° at the holy site. The humidity is very high, often 95% so fog and mist are quite common. It’s going to be a long day tomorrow as we are sleeping in the staging area below the summit tonight and will be getting up at 4:00 AM. If it doesn’t rain during the ceremony it will be the first time, though we have had brief instances when the rain stopped during our altar encounters.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Scotland’s Independence referendum

The Photo: The Union Jack, the national flag of the United Kingdom of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and the flag of Scotland, Saint Andrew's Cross.

The referendum: Independence Referendum day, Thursday September 18, 2014 was a long day. The polls opened at 7:00 AM and closed at 10:00 PM British Summer Time (5 hours ahead of eastern daylight time in the U.S.) and 16 and 17 y/os got to vote. His Grace, The Duchess, Fiona and Willow (who Jack insisted be born at Crag Abbey) went together to their polling place and stood in line to vote like everyone else. It’s important to the family to be seen as fair and benevolent while expecting value for money spent.

The last of the opinion polls taken before the voting ended indicated that the outcome would be 54% no (stay in the UK), 46% yes (for separation). However, U.S. readers may remember that Mitt Romney’s polling organization was telling him he was winning… and we know what happened to him. It all depends on where you ask and who you ask as to what result you get.  It turned out that the poll takers were pretty nearly spot on!

I was up all night with His Grace and Jack and most of the rest of Scotland awaiting the final results. The Old Bull broke out the good stuff and we were fortified with coffee, roast beef sandwiches and Macallan Fine Oak 30 Year Old Scotch as we listened to the results of the vote counting. I think it’s the first time in history that the citizens of an area in an existing country got to vote on whether they should peacefully declare independence and form a new nation.

Of the 32 Council areas in Scotland the Highland Council area (which includes Inverness) is the largest. Should the voters vote no, to remain as part of the UK, then it’s expected that Prime minister is likely to promise to devolve greater powers, over taxation and welfare, to the Scottish parliament in early address. The Highland Council was last to report its results because of its huge size and scattered population. 87% of the Highland voters went to the polls and they voted 52.9% to 47.1% to stay in the union with England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The vote was 87,739 No to 78,069 yes, for independence. Overall the voter turnout was 84.6% with Yes 1,617,989 (44.7%) and No 2,001,926 (55.3%).

His Grace said that even though independence was soundly defeated the SNP, Scottish National Party, scored a victory of sorts with a 44.7% yes vote since interest in independence had been in the low 30% range in the years leading up to this referendum. His Grace got together both Nationalists and Unionists on the 19th at the abbey as a start at reconciliation between the two groups and a celebration of the forthcoming devolving of powers to the Scottish Parliament as His Grace sees the vote as a win-win for both England and Scotland.

Even rabid partisans on both sides were civil to one another since everyone was delighted to be asked and wanted to attend a function at the abbey and no one wanted to make a spectacle of themselves at one of His Grace’s parties. My wards and I circulated at the party and every guest we spoke with was pleased to have Americans here to witness democracy in action. It didn’t hurt that we were pretty and they were feeling no pain as the 30 y/o scotch was flowing like water. Even so male advances were easily parried.

Back to routine: Now that the referendum is over His Graces household and guests can get back to what passes as normal in the run-up to any celebration of celestial events at Location Z. The girls and I did take naps this morning after the vote was decided (as no) a little after 6:00 AM. By noon we were all in the studio overlooking Loch Ness for a 90 minute class after which we all spent time in the sauna sweating out the alcohol then took turns with my Esthetician being freshly waxed – we are hairless except for scalp hair and eyebrows - then slathered with soothing aloe vera gel. Freshly waxed we will look our best on the Autumnal Equinox (this coming Tuesday, 9/23) when we will all be ritually inseminated on the five altars at Location Z. 

A note to my readers in France: For the last several days I have been getting very heavy page views from France. Actually, page views from France have been even greater than from my readers in the U.S. which is pretty amazing! Would French readers – no spammers please – care to tell me what interests you about my blog?



Thursday, September 18, 2014

Ballet-sex, Morning Wood and the Scottish referendum

GM Luxe satin pointes showing the internal platform pads

The Photo: A pair of new Gaynor Mindens in Luxe satin with sueded platforms, showing the thick soft internal platform pads that cushions the wearer’s toes for hops en pointe and thrust-drop during ballet-sex. The shoes were new when the photo was taken and I hadn’t really sweated much or bled in them then.

Ballet-sex and Morning Wood: I’m CD25 and luteal as this is written. This time next week I will be menstrual and will be in Scotland con-celebrating the Autumnal Equinox at Location Z with my wards as surrogates for the demi-goddesses of fertility. During that ceremony, if my cycle (and theirs) goes as usual we will be CD4 and bleeding, which is what the Goddess needs for our inseminators to plant their ritual seed deep inside my flowing wards and me.

What does this have to do with morning wood you ask? Since he is my therapist it’s important that before I leave I stoke his desire for me so that he will be satisfied pleasuring himself while sniffing the musk from Jenna’s panties soaked in my fertile cervical mucus (I Kegel FCM into at least three pairs, put them in Ziploc bags and pop them in his freezer so he can defrost a pair every day or two and suck my mucus out of the crotch) and a pair of my GM pointes soaked with estrogenic sweat and perhaps a bit of toe cheese from tiny pieces of toe pads, sloughed off shin, chips from toe polish and toe-tape adhesive. I’ll also leave him a pair of Jenna’s Bloch Alphas pointes I’ve sweated in as there is no suitable substitute for the scent of sweat soaked pointes made of traditional materials, leather, hessian, paste and satin.

Surviving thrust-drop: 316 Club girls train to strengthen calves and ankles while soloing in their dorms or in encounter studios with a vibi and a quarter-pounder steel ball set is inserted when not with the escort candidates they are helping train. However, there is no substitute for actual penile penetration while en pointe. That’s especially true with a taller man who lifts you off your toes when he thrusts as far into you as he can get as that is the only way to experience and therefore train to survive thrust-drop during ballet-sex.

For thrust-drop training tall male escorts are pared with shorter 316 club girls so that the men can learn to be gentle to an extent, while the girls can learn to guide her partner’s shaft  by adjusting her hips to avoid him directly ramming her cervix and having the fat pad on her mons pubis pounded by her lover’s pelvis as he lifted her off her toes and then at withdrawal dropping her back en pointe. Thrust-dropped while wearing pointe-shoes made with traditional materials shortened the life of their blocks substantially w/o protecting her toes. That is why the internal platform pads and the polymer blocks of Gaynor Minden pointes are so important for ballet-sex and the fetish community.   

Ballet-boots forbidden during ballet-sex training: The 316 Club girls have been forbidden to wear their English made leather ballet-boots while training for ballet-sex. We fear they will become accustomed to putting their weight on the heels, not remaining centered over the blocks and their ankles and toes won’t be strengthened as they would if they were wearing pointe-shoes because of the ankle support provided by the tightly laced boot shafts and in properly fitted and laced boots very little of the wearer’s weight is on her toes. Too, we have them in negative heeled shoes when not training in pointe-shoes because otherwise they spend so much time en pointe they will shorten their Achilles tendons.

Change in plan: It was a scramble, but we boarded Limnaea II on the afternoon of Tuesday (9/16) and landed at Inverness in the early morning of Wednesday the 17th. Our departure date was advanced as His Grace thought it would be an educational experience for us all if we could be in Scotland for the independence referendum that will be held tomorrow, the 18th of September. I had no problem getting my wards out of school as they will be writing first person papers for their political science courses about the results of the referendum as well as some general papers about ancient sites found in the mountains behind Ullapool on Loch Broom.

His Grace’s Celebration: His Grace and Jack were there to greet us with the convoy of Range Rovers and took us up to Crag Abbey in the mountains west of Loch Ness to get us settled in. Fortunately we had sent our dive gear and other bulky clothes and equipment ahead. His grace will be holding a celebration party for the Lairds and other grandees on the night of the election regardless of whether the vote is yes for separation into a new nation or no to remain as part of the UK. The result is expected to be known some time early Friday, the 19th.

The old bull also had our new ceremonial shearling robes in which we will be pumped full of semen to celebrate planting of seed for the spring harvest ready to be fitted and they are lovely and so warm. But of course it’s entirely different when you’re lying on your back on a stone altar on the top of a mountain in the rain with some lusty Scotsman trying to fuck your brains out. If you get your mind set to take a lusty man most of the discomfort just disappears in the moment, but initial it can take some concentration. It’s still British Summer Time (BST) in the UK until Sunday, October 26 so right now the UK is still 8 hours ahead of Pacific daylight time. Alice, Duchess of M***, her daughter Fiona were already at Crag Abbey and Willow Jack’s daughter came over with me so the family will all vote together. The temperature is forecast to be in the mid 60’s F for the next several days with clouds and fog in the elevations at the Abbey.

Chris has already run ultrasounds on my wards GyneFix IUDs to make sure they are still in place and he will run them again on the morning before we appear on the altars to make sure the girls protection is properly in place.  It’s past 1:00 AM here and I’ve got to post this before I go to bed as we will be up early for the family to go to town to vote.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Underwater conception

A sperm penetrating and fertilizing a human egg

The Photo: A microscopic view of a human egg being fertilized by high quality sperm. Look at the tails on those little swimmers!

The Lorelei’s underwater conception package:  Adolph’s luxury spa, The Lorelei, is offering dive conception packages and I’m helping with the sperm donor and the client’s preparation for insemination. The interest in underwater conception first caught the interest of the wealthy when female sports divers blogged about becoming preggers in training pools during unprotected sex with boyfriends. I’m guessing a substantial portion of those pregnancies occurred to push lovers toward marriage as no modern woman familiar with the value of birth control to female athletes could possibly ‘forget’ to properly use contraception if she intended to use it at all. Regardless of initial motivation dive conception has recently caught on with wealthy young adventuresome European women as a unique way to conceive and Adolph hopes to make The Lorelei a destination for planned underwater conceptions.

My involvement is to fit the client with a Reflexions diaphragm for flood insurance so she can take dive-sex orientation/familiarization training with a male escort and to work with the selected sperm donor to familiarize him with the basic techniques of dive-sex so he can successfully inseminate an unprotected fertile client while she is tethered to the bottom of an encounter pool at The Lorelei. The most important thing that we have to train both the dive-sex client and donor to do is to take deep breaths during the encounter so prevent them from hyperventilating.

We recommend the client be penetrated while floating vertically – tethered to the bottom with an ankle leash with a partially filled buoyancy vest to hold her almost vertical during insemination - so her vagina is less likely to flood and dilute the donor’s semen or have water forced into her uterus by the hydraulics of her donor’s thrusts. Both the client and donor have two test dives, the donor with me and the client with an escort, to get them used to the delights of dive-sex before the actual three encounters while the client is fertile when she will be inseminated.

A sperm donor is selected by the client from a list of men fitting the physical description of the man she would like to father her child. The candidates are made up of medical doctors between the ages of 28 and 35 whose genomes have been analyzed and found to contain no serious gene abnormalities. The men also have to be producing large quantities of high quality sperm and their penile shaft and glans above average in size and functioning correctly with strong ejaculatory contractions that guarantee sperm placement directly into the open cervical os of the fertile client. While the donor and client are intimate they both wear exterior mirror finish lenses in their OTS Guardian FFMs so neither knows who the other is.

An underwater conception package consists of a deluxe suite and all meals and spa access in addition to three acts of intercourse one day apart with the donor of choice while the client is fertile the last day being the day of ovulation. The client is tethered to the bottom of a 30 ft deep encounter pool with an ankle leash and the sperm donor mounts her from the front in a modified missionary position. So far seven clients have completed single cycle underwater insemination encounters and four of them have become pregnant which is an awesome achievement as the expectation was a 50% success rate.

First pregnancies of the fall semester: We are beginning to see bookings for terminations as the first fall semester pregnancies of university and high school students are detected. Of course it’s so soon into the school year that some or all are could be from accidents during summer encounters.  The first Contemporary Sexual Health classes have some students concerned about the effectiveness of their protection and some have talked with me after my lectures about switching methods.

It’s surprising how many women are careless about their birth control. Things like not routinely checking to see that their partner is still wearing his condom after he withdraws, or don’t realize that weight reduction pills can speed up the metabolism of users so that contraceptive hormones are flushed through their systems too fast to maintain a therapeutic level to prevent ovulation. And then there are a few students who use a cervical barrier (other than condoms) borrowed from a roommate or family member and which doesn’t fit correctly or they forget to insert it before penetration.

The only LARC method that is truly safe is a copper IUD and it has its own drawbacks since ParaGard is the only one generally available in the U.S. and some small women can’t be fitted with it and a fixed frame IUD can cause pain and heavy bleeding. My wards Bea, Willow and the swan twins Odette and Odile and most of my dancers all have the frameless copper bead GyneFix IUD implanted so they can cycle naturally enjoying the cycling of their hormones while being protected by copper ionization in the uterus which is 99% effective against pregnancy.

Scotland’s independence referendum: On Thursday September 18th the voters of Scotland will decide whether they will split from the United Kingdom. The referendum question will be "Should Scotland be an independent country?” At this point polls indicate Scottish voters seem evenly divided and there are significant issues of citizenship, defense, currency and the economy that would need to be resolved should the vote be yes. His Grace and Jack are busy talking with the voters’ who live on their estates and villages. His Grace and his father and grandfather before him have been kind and honest with the people who work for the Duchy and the villages that count on its patronage for a living.  There could be both benefits and drawbacks for the Duchy should the vote be yes, but there could be severe consequences for the rest of the UK (England, Wales and Northern Ireland) should Scotland declare independence. For now there are a great many important unanswered questions.


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The GyneFix menstrual sex and a Hollywood complication

A large, six bead, GyneFix copper IUD.

The Photo:  The GyneFix IUD consists of 6 or 4 copper beads, each 5 mm long and 2.2 mm wide which are threaded onto a length of surgical thread.  A knot at one end of the thread acts as an anchoring system which is imbedded to the fundus muscle at the top of the uterus.  The photo shows a large (6 bead, 30mm, 5 year) copper IUD like the ones Willow, Odette and Odile have had implanted. Bea had the mini (4 bead, 20mm, 3 year) GyneFix implanted last year and will have it replaced in eighteen months.

Menstrual sex and the GyneFix: In the past IUDs have been associated with a number of problems, most commonly pain, heavy bleeding and accidental expulsion. GyneFix was designed to overcome these drawbacks. The size and shape of the womb varies from woman to woman and, since the GyneFix is smaller, frameless and therefore more flexible, it takes up less space in the womb and the flexibility means it can move in harmony with the uterine muscles.  Studies have shown that during the first year’s use less than 1% of GyneFix will fall out compared to up to 3-5% of traditional devices.

A copper IUD, either a ParaGard or 6 bead GyneFix, can result in somewhat heavier bleeding during menses and for an unfortunate few very heavy flow and those women usually have it removed. However, GyneFix is favored by some escorts whose specialty is providing menstrual sex because there is less likelihood of expulsion from uterine cramping and during menstruation.  If their periods are heavier and longer once the GyneFix is implanted they accept it as a cost of doing business.  Because my girls love pool encounters they had their GyneFix strings trimmed so the latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragm can be worn for flood insurance during dive-sex.

We manage my wards somewhat heavier bleeding by checking their hemoglobin levels twice a month and ensuring they eat plenty of iron rich foods, stay well hydrated and take 800 mg of ibuprofen to manage cramps. For flow control when no penetrative sex is anticipated we all wear Diva menstrual cups which even on heavy days take hours to fill, but can not be worn during deep dives (below 30 feet) w/o the cup collapsing from water pressure . Below that depth when no penetrative sex is anticipated we will insert silicone Milex Omniflex diaphragms which have deeper domes that can contain the gush when we surface.    

Given that we will all be menstrual during our times as Demi-Goddesses during the Autumnal Equinox celebration at Location Z Chris, our male Gyn, and Malcolm His Grace’s estate manager are looking for newly married potent crofters who enjoy menstrual sex as it wouldn’t do to bring a crofter to the altar to plant ritual seed in a Demi-Goddesses belly only to find he is repelled by a woman’s menstrual flow and have to rape him on the altar.   

Hollywood complications: Mr. A-list the actor who was filling Bea with semen over the Labor Day weekend has turned out to be a nuisance. He now is sniffing around her here in town. He found that she is in the 4th form at St Lucy’s and considerably younger than 21 and rather than being concerned – once he found she was barely legal at 16 - he was delighted and wants more of her. Fortunately his wife’s latex catsuit were bought from Pirates rubber shop and were the deluxe models with hidden miniature wide angle video cams disguised as part of the nipple design. My girls and I routinely use the coitial cams – a lot of the girls call them pussy or cunt cams since they are commonly used for sexual technique training with escorts or for parties - so we can play back encounters during parties to see how we and the trainees that we are working with can improve our technique or just for pleasure to play back being fucked by a favorite partner while we masturbate.

The battery for the cunt cam is in the push-up pad of one cup and the memory chip is in the other.  We all wear that style suit as a training aid so Bea and Willow knew to replace the memory chips in the suits they wore with new ones then remove the chips that recorded their encounters over the weekend and replace the original memory chips in the suits they used before they left. We downloaded the videos off the chips and transferred them to a memory stick just in case there was a need and sure enough there was.

Mr. A-list came looking for Bea and at first thought she was under age. So he came to me when he found she was barely legal. He was very relieved and asked for permission to have Bea visit him in LA or to visit her here at a place he rented in the hills. I asked if his wife and family knew about his flitting like a bee between beautiful flowers pollinating where he can. He is reputed to be the father of the fetuses two teen stars were carrying before they had terminations. He turned red, but still insisted that he would be discreet with Bea. I said no.  He insisted and so I showed him the video from Bea’s pussy cam where his identity and pleasure were obvious. I told him if he didn’t forget about Bea I’d send the videos to his wife’s father who is in the rackets in New Jersey. At first he thought I was joking, but when I named her father along with his home address and private phone number that got his undivided attention.

It happens that her father and Adolph are good friends and her dad visits Vegas frequently and parties and plays cards with Adolph while here. He runs a very profitable exterminating service for vermin of all types throughout the Northeast. He has a friend who knows someone (you know how that goes) who has a small contracting operation that specializes in offing the target by castrating the man and then asphyxiating him by stuffing his testicles down his throat.  After I mentioned his wife’s father A-list turned pale, started to sweat and clutched at his groin which I took to mean that he was familiar with her father’s “friend’s” special service offerings. He quickly agreed never to bother Bea again if I would not out him to her dad. I don’t think he will stop dicking flick-chicks, but I’m certain he won’t bother Bea again.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Pointe-shoe Quiz September 6, 2014

Look at the waist seam stitching. What maker made these shoes?

Paul, I hope this one takes you a while to get...


Friday, September 5, 2014

Sexual activity at St Lucy’s, Marvin and dive-sex

A silicone Semina coil spring rim diaphragm with its case and introducer

The Photo: A Semina diaphragm. Isn’t it lovely! You can see why St Lucy’s Student Health has all students fitted with it at menarche. It is so attractive and sexy that the younger girls want to wear one just like the older upper form girls who are sexually active.

First pregnancy tests of the school year: Because the students at St Lucy’s are so sexually active - either because of the courses they are taking or because of social relationships - every student who has reached menarche is required to take a pregnancy test at the end of each week. We prefer that students have copper bead (GyneFix) IUDs implanted or if not then a Skyla Levonorgestrel releasing IUD inserted or the single rod implant Nexplanon that released etonogestrel for contraceptive protection. However, no method of contraception is 100% effective, hence the weekly tests. Today was the second week of tests and all tests for both weeks have been negative so the administration is pleased.

Clitoral orgasms in the training regimen: The 316 club ballet girls all of whom have totally waxed pubes train for ballet-sex w/o male partners in the St Lucy’s studios, encounter sallies and their dorm rooms. The solo training regimen is to insert their 1.0 inch diameter 316 SS ball pair, don their hard shanked GM pointes and go en pointe while leaning back against a wall or barre and masturbate to orgasm. The goal is to be able to masturbate to orgasm w/o falling off pointe. Doing that will strengthen the students ankles and legs and, over time, train the girls to keep their ankles from wobbling or falling off pointe  during orgasms when with a partner and being penetrated from behind.

Each woman has her own technique in masturbating to climax by caressing her clitoris. The head of my clit is far too sensitive to caress it directly so what I do is slip my hand down my tights or under my thong and with a finger either side of my clitoral shaft caress the shaft until I orgasm. Once accustomed to clitoral masturbation you can use the technique to pass the time on long train or plane rides or while trapped watching a dull film, though if I do that in public I tend to nap afterward so I rarely masturbate watching a film in a theater. Too, if an encounter sallie is equipped with mid 19th century European barre brackets (now exceedingly difficult to find and thought inappropriate by today’s ballet schools) a girl can masturbate by rubbing her leotard and tights sheathed pelvis against the bracket protrusion placed there for that purpose. That is how some students and adult dancers get ‘bracket burn’ (a worn spot on the fabric) on the pelvis of their leotards.

Dive-sex during Labor Day weekend: On Labor Day I was CD10 and fertile so for diving I wore an Oves cap screwed down tight on my cervix and then double bagged by inserting a latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragm to prevent under-thrusting. Bea and Willow had gone to spend the weekend with a Brit-chick friend of Willow’s in LA leaving me home alone for several days with Morning Wood. I cautioned the girls about using condoms as the guys might not have current clean full STI panels.  I gave the servants the weekend off so Marvin could ravish me anywhere in the house. However, we spent a lot of time in the pool area getting him used to using an OTS Guardian FFM for dive-sex. He didn’t seem to have any trouble adjusting his delusion that I’m, Jenna, to accommodate the new environment and wearing SCUBA for sex with Jenna while she wore neutrally weighted silicone pool-pointes.

I’d had my divemaster hang a net across the pool at a depth of 30 feet so if anything went wrong neither of us would sink any deeper, but there are openings around the edges so we could dive to the bottom at 64 feet if we wanted.  We were diving enriched air Nitrox (EAN) with 32% oxygen rather than the 21% oxygen in regular air not so much to prevent DCS, but as a precaution to increase Marvin’s stamina as dive sex can be strenuous and I wasn’t sure about his stamina underwater. And of course before I entered the water I let him watch as I inserted a prefilled 10ml disposable applicator of DiveGel+ deep inside me, up against my silicone sheathed cervix before depressing the plunger and releasing the impermeable spermicidal lubricant. I took two more 10ml disposable applicators with me on the dive in case I needed more lube, but the one 10ml dose was plenty for the amount of action he was capable of. Marvin was great and was able to get off inside me three times in thirty minutes while I was tethered to the net at 30 feet with an ankle leash. Though, the last time I had to ripple-grip him to squeeze the cream out of his éclair.

Bea and Willow in LA: The girls came back late Monday night. Willow’s friend had taken them to a party in Beverly Hills on Saturday night where they were invited to another all day affair at an A-list movie star’s beach house in Malibu on Sunday and they ended up sleeping over. The movie star’s wife was at their home in Vail with her sister and their two young daughters recovering from pneumonia gotten while filming on the Yorkshire moors during heavy rains.

The A-list actor is know to have a roving eye and it immediately settled on Bea at the party in Beverly Hills where he took her unprotected in a spare bedroom at the back of the home.  The ID she was carrying said she was 21 and physically she is so well developed that she can easily pass as the baby fat of the typical sixteen y/o had been sweated off long ago from hundreds of hours in ballet studios leaving a well muscled lithe young goddess guaranteed to turn any man’s head. A-list enjoyed that so much that he made sure she was by his side with her deep, tight, wet vessel available every time he felt the need to fill it with semen. Supposedly A-list’s brother, a director, is planning to make a ballet film and wanted to have the girls at his Malibu beach house in pointe shoes so he could watch them stretching and walk around on their toes for inspiration. Fortunately both girls never travel w/o several pairs of pointes and pointes are far more comfy then 4 inch heels if you are standing in them for long.

Not that Willow was ignored. She became the playmate of Mr. A-list’s married brother, the film director, whose pregnant wife was in Vail along with Mr. A-lists family. The director seemed fascinated by Willow’s plummy Berkshire accent as well as her legs and high firm breasts so she got a lot of personal attention and the promise of a screen test if he didn’t have to wear a condom. That could have been a problem as Willow knew I’d be furious if I found out she and Bea hadn’t asked to see recent negative full STI panels for their sexual partners and she really didn’t want to be that blatant to ask for the men’s STI status so she just smiled and didn’t answer as Mr. A-list showed them his wife’s rubber room where she kept all her fetishwear .He and his brother are rubberists and they wanted to have ballet-sex while the girls were encased in latex catsuits, gloves, full hoods and pointe shoes. Bea and Willow are just about her size so her latex catsuits fit them. It was as Willow was opening the Rubber Services storage bags to find the color catsuit she wanted (yellow) that she remembered Rubber Services was one of the casinos ancillary businesses in support of the escort service that Pirate runs for us.   

She remembered that Pirate also supplies girls in LA as well as Vegas. So she called Pirate’s private number, put in her password and was put through to him and asked for his help. She explained that she and Bea were in LA for the weekend with guys who didn’t want to wear condoms and asked if they were registered with his escort service and if so what their STI status was. Fortunately they were and were clean so the girls could confidently take them skin-on-skin and drain coital discharge w/o worrying about STIs. So even though Bea had already taken A-list bareback she was ok. Immediately Willow hung up from Pirate he called me to let me know that Willow was thinking about their sexual health and told me where they were and who they were with.  So when Bea and Willow came back pleased with themselves and relaxed from several days of recreational sex ready to tell me all about the men they had been with I wasn’t sitting on the edge of my chair wondering if their health had been compromised and could enjoy their stories of amazing sex with some of the major players in the Hollywood film community.   

The Autumnal Equinox:  This year the Autumnal Equinox will occur on Tuesday September 23rd. Since they are in menstrual synchrony with me my wards and I will be CD5 and bleeding for the festivities. That’s a sign of favor that we will all be starting new cycles while performing ritual sex as Goddess surrogates using our own blood. However, I’ll have to watch our excitement level as I don’t want any of us to start hemorrhaging during the celestial ceremonies, or at any other time come to that.

I’m planning that we will leave after St Lucy’s chasses let out at 3:00 PM on Friday afternoon September 19th, so we hardly have two weeks before we leave for Inverness and Ullapool. I’m hoping the girls and I can have a few days at Crag Abbey to relax after the strenuous experience of being Goddess surrogate vessels on the ancient altars acting out the ritual planting of seed for fall crops. His Grace feels that spirited performances as Goddess surrogate vessels on our part will guarantee him and his crofter’s abundant spring crops and lots of healthy lambs from fertilized Ewes.

This Equinox celebration will be different from previous ones in which we participated. We will not be inducting very young men into the old ways. Rather, we are selecting young newly married men from His Grace’s crofters who have proven to be fertile by producing children one after another especially twins. The plan is to inseminate us with the highest potency semen available during the ritual planting of seed for which we as Goddess surrogates furnish the tight, wet, deep vessel in which it’s planted. The young wives of the men being chosen aren’t aware of the details and I expect some anger and perhaps even the chosen men being called unfaithful, but of course that’s not the case at all as they are being chosen to guarantee bountiful crop yields in the spring. However, that’s not to say that the men and my wards and I won’t enjoy our individual seed planting rituals.

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