Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Teaching pelvic skills

The City of London skyline summer 2014

The Photo: The London financial district “The City” skyline in August 2014, including Tower 42 (left), the Leadenhall Building (centre) and 20 Fenchurch Street, the “walkie-talkie”, (right) with the Thames in the foreground.

Pelvic training for elite Personal Assistant candidates: Returning readers may recall Taryn, one my former wards, who lives on an estate (that her partying friends call Cunt Castle) north east of Cambridge who has just received her MD and PhD in psychiatry. She is currently interning in a Cambridge hospital before starting her practice as a psychiatrist. In addition to her porn empire which she inherited from her parents she has recently started another business to care for a currently underserved niche market. She has identified a need - especially in the financial industry where money is no object and beautiful and talented women are rare - for an elite class of Personal Assistants for executives in the UK and U.S. business world; PAs who can provide intimate services to relieve their bosses’ stress as well as keeping an executive’s business day flowing smoothly.

The seven initial candidates all of whom are Cambridge graduates were first chosen for being sexually adventuresome. Additionally, they have been extensively screened for intelligence, beauty, personality, ballet training, and have degrees in accounting or business administration. The women who passed this initial winnowing were given extensive training in how to please even the most obsessive-compulsive and obstinate of men, which is where my skills as a ballet mistress and pelvic trainer come in.  While with me the women are still PA candidates and won’t be fully qualified until satisfactorily completing my pelvic training course.     

Pompoir training at Blackthorn Castle: I was pleased to receive Taryn’s call asking me to be ballet and pelvic training mistress for the few women who have successfully passed the screening process as I was wondering how to constructively occupy my time at the castle since with no men present I was missing the myriad of activity choices available in London and considering returning to Eaton Square. Since I was assured that all the girls who would come to me have at least six years of pointework, which I think is the minimum needed for an Elite escort, I settled on an accelerated eight week course in Pompoir and ancillary training (ballet-sex and dive-sex) and the ability to easily switch between Domme and submissive depending on what the man they work for needs at any given time.

Taryn thought the course should take only six weeks, but she was never fully trained in Pompoir and even at an accelerated pace six weeks is rarely enough time for even someone with superior pelvic muscle control because the first several weeks are consumed in identifying and slowly strengthening the proper groups w/o causing severe cramps from over working muscles. I intend to fully train the women under my tutelage and think eight weeks of intensive training should be enough for the trainees to be able to confidently and successfully perform Pompoir on even the most difficult man if they apply themselves. Of course these women will be far more than arm candy as they will be in charge of their executives’ day. Still they need the skills and wiles of an elite escort in order to keep their executive relaxed as only exquisite penile-vaginal intercourse can do so that he can be as effective in the board room as she is in the bedroom.

I had Taryn send along an experienced, uncut and very well endowed cocksman (a male escort not a porn actor) for each trainee and an additional one for Anya and another for me as I will need a partner to help demonstrate pelvic techniques and skills, and to sleep with at night since none of my current boyfriends are here. The uncut and well endowed men are better to work with since some women have never seen an uncut penis and a large penis is better for training purposes as the trainee needs to learn how to avoid injury if her partner isn’t gentle while thrusting.

The women all have current and negative full STI panels and have standard (six bead) GyneFix frameless copper IUDs implanted (with the strings trimmed off so cervical barriers can be used for ‘flood insurance’) four months ago so they are over any adjustment side effects. None have discomfort from menses that can’t be handled with 800 mg of ibuprofen while cycling naturally so they can comfortably provide menstrual sex if asked. All have been vaccinated against the full range of diseases as well as having the three shot regimen of Gardasil the HPV virus vaccine. All the men have negative STI panels and had their Gardasil shots as well.

I sent The Dragon down to London to pick up the six trainees and their partners and the other men for Anya and me. They arrived yesterday and a convoy of Land Rovers picked them up at Caersws and brought them up to the castle. The weather is forecast to be very wet with heavy rains and gusty winds for the next week with temperatures from the mid 30s to the mid 40s (F) so there should be little interest in anything but training, the care of sore muscles and sleep.

Since the training will be heavily centered on pelvic activity Chris, my male Gyn from the Barony’s London clinic, as well as his current girlfriend, a Physician’s Assistant and cervical barrier fitter, will be here as well for the entire eight week course.  So we now have seven women trainees and nine well endowed men in residence in addition to Chris and his girlfriend and Anya and me. Having seven trainees and an eight week course means that after the first week the men can swap partners each week so the candidates can train with seven different men.  I love having sexually active guests and being able to train young women in very impressive but relatively unknown pelvic skills.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Mine inspection, girl-girl with Anya, Zika virus

A nugget of gold from northern Wales photo National Museum of Wales

The Photo: Welsh Gold. “Waterworn gold nugget 20 mm in length and 6.5 g. Found in 2001 following severe flash-floods on the Afon Wen, Gwynedd. Nuggets of this size are now exceptionally rare in North Wales rivers following centuries of prospecting. © J.S. Mason.” National Museum of Wales. Records indicate nothing approaching the size of this nugget has been found in the stream near the Barony’s mine.

Blackthorn Barony minerals: In the north east part of Carmarthenshire, near village of Pumsaint is the oldest known gold mine in Wales, the Dolaucothi, which was worked by the Romans around 74 AD, but may have been worked by Bronze age settlers long before that. The Dolaucothi mine on the River Cothi is now owned by the National Trust. However, further north and east into the Cambrian Mountains is a small gold mine on Barony property which is still operating working a rich vein of very rare Welsh gold.

Charles, my Chamberlain of the Household and Estate Manager, had set up the tour and accompanied me. I got to talk to the miners their foreman and the works manager over lunch. They had come up to the castle, on a Barony provided shuttle, on Boxing Day to receive their boxes and my thanks, but I had been looking forward to meeting them again this time in situ. I had never been in an underground mine before even though I was born in a coal mining town in Southwest Virginia. When I was growing up they didn’t have take your daughter to work day in the mines, not that they do now either. So this was my first time in a working mine of any kind much less a gold mine that I own. Well, the barony owns it but it’s under my stewardship while I’m Baroness. 

My wards return:  Their vacation at Lost Cove on Virgin Gorda is over. Undergraduate and graduate classes begin at Trinity College Cambridge this Monday January 25 so Bea is now back at Cambridge. The Dryads (Bryony and Claire) will be back researching male fetishes for their doctorates in Psychology at the Costume Club AKA Clever Cunts in London. I didn’t get to enjoy the warm sun and clear water in the BVIs over the year end holidays, but my responsibilities as Baroness and Tim being here made it essential as well as a pleasure to remain in residence at Blackthorn Castle. I should be able to get some beach time before hurricane season begins in June.  Anya is staying with me at the castle for several weeks as her scheduler doesn’t have another assignment for her at the moment and here she can continue her workouts to remain in shape.

The Zika virus: Fortunately the Zika virus is not yet in the BVIs so my wards and Anya were safe. Zika, which resembles a light case of the flu, is spread by mosquitoes and is often so mild that people don't realize they have it. But health officials in Latin America say the tropical fever is linked to neurological problems and a surge in microcephaly, a condition in which babies are born with abnormally small heads. The defect can cause brain damage and death. While there is no vaccination using effective contraception or termination can avoid the tragedy of a baby with microcephaly. However, there is another possible problem as Zika seems to have a connection with Guillain-Barre syndrome which in severe cases can leave a sufferer partially paralyzed and that is a terror for athletic women like dancers!  For more about the Zika virus see the U.S. CDC site HERE.

Anya as a sex partner: Anya and I get along amazingly well as a couple since she can be very submissive when she wants to be and with me she wants to be almost always. As this is written I’m CD15 and ovulated yesterday, not that it matters at the moment as I have no male partner with me now, even so I wear an FemCap cervical cap to protect my cervix (reserving wearing an Oves or a latex Reflexions diaphragm for when I’m playing with a man or sperm-bank semen) should Anya blow or force compressed gas into my vagina during play. Anya also wears a FemCap to protect herself for the same reason when we play. Too, a FemCap can be worn down to a depth of 25 to 30 feet w/o discomfort (due to squeeze) to prevent water being forced into the vagina if we are using dildos during dive-sex. Also FemCap can be used as a thrust-buffer as the removal strap acts to prevent a dildo from ramming the cervix by distributing the force of the blow to the vaginal walls and fornices leaving the cervix under a correctly sized FemCap untouched.

For contraceptive protection Anya has switched to Nexplanon (the single rod upper arm implant which releases etonogestrel) which given her job is a better option than an IUD and she is getting along well on that progestin as it has caused amenorrhea (her periods have stopped) and she hasn’t any other side effects like affecting her libido which is wonderful.  She likes to breast feed and is a very gentle when she milks me, but can be delightfully rough if I want her to gently bite my nipples. She loves having me manipulate her G-spot and the shaft of her clitoris with my rubber gloved fingers. She has a wonderfully strong pelvic grip so during her vaginal contractions her grip on my gloved fingers can be uncomfortable.

We both wear latex exam gloves for vaginal play since neither of us are allergic to latex and the heat transfer properties are superior to nitrile gloves. We wear gloves because even though our nails are short and we wash our hands wearing latex gloves minimizes the possibility of small vaginal tears from our nails while fingering the G-spot and cervix by allowing gentle use the hard fore-edge of the nail for stimulation.

Playing with sperm-bank semen: For times when no suitable men are available I like to keep a few vials of high quality semen in cryo-storage - in a liquid nitrogen cryo-vault - to play with when I’m follicular and fertile as I feel adding a bit of pregnancy risk to a girl-girl encounter always gets me quickly aroused by heightening the chance of unintended consequences from the encounter.  Now that my clinic has a sperm bank I can get sperm to play with at wholesale prices rather than the retail rate I paid when I was in Nevada. So a few days ago – when I was fertile - Anya filled me with a vial of sperm-bank semen delivered from a dildo with a spring loaded syringe that was triggered by my contractions when I orgasmed. For that I wore an Oves as I love the fantasy of an unintended pregnancy, but I try my best to avoid it.



Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tim in Grishko boots, he returns to duty

Lovely men’s black leather ballet-boots

The Photo: Grishko 03223 Ballet Boots with Foldover. This style, with a 38 cm length, has a thin split leather sole with pleats, and no heel.  It could be made with a full sole. (03224). The elastic inset is on the inside of the boot at the top. Ballet boots need to fit very closely and be snug on the feet, so they should be made to individual measurements. Material and Color: Black Velour, Black, White, Gold or Silver Leather. Size 36-47

A Grishko fitter from the Covent Garden Dancia London shop came up to the castle to fit both Marvin and Tim for the Grishko 03223 boots in black, the ones with the split soles and pleated toes so the wearer can feel the floor. The pleated toes also allow a partner if properly positioned to see the wearer’s toes to curl w/o cramping during orgasm. Nikolai already has several pairs he wears for roles. Even with a rush order and breathtaking expediting charges the boots didn’t arrive while Marvin was with me and I have no intention of sending them on to him in Cambridge where he can strut around in them impressing Miss GyneFix née Implanon. Speaking of whom she is doing well after her successful vacuum aspiration though not being able to have vaginal sex with her for ten days is giving Marvin a fit though he is allowed to finger her clit to take her to orgasm and splatter her breasts and belly with his seed. But I digress…

Tim in Grishko ballet boots: The boots for both Tim and Marvin came air express and courier (you have no idea of the cost!) this past Friday so I had three days to have sex with him while he was wearing them. Having him strut around on the wooden floor on demi-pointe in them with the leather creaking, the strong new leather scent mixed with testosterone laced sweat, the whisper of the pleated toes brushing the floor during tendus and dégagés and how virile he looked in his boots, rolled tights and the lovely genital bulge of his dance belt made me wet just looking at him. I had no idea that having a partner take me while wearing masculine soft leather boots would be such a massive turn-on. The scent and creak of the leather and looking at his booted legs and feet in the mirror as I bent over holding on to the barre as he thrust into me from behind was marvelous. And the pressure on my toes while en pointe in Freeds for ballet-sex with him gave me the touch of masochism I needed to thoroughly enjoy the encounter! On Sunday, the 17th I was CD9 and fertile so I needed to cervical protection. I wore a Caya as he likes to rub his glans against the slightly textured dome of the cervix cup. We had marvelous sex made more special because we knew we would be apart for some time and there is a chance that we may never see each other again.

Tim returns to duty: All went well in our trip to Cardiff with a bit of sightseeing before dinner at Gateway of India where I had Rogan gosh, a spicy lamb curry; Curry Samosas, Papadum, Naan and spiced tea which I love. It was delicious! I went with him to the airport and while we said good bye he finger-fucked me against an alcove wall while I tried to suck his tongue out. It was a very emotional but sweet parting and he was licking his fingers as he walked out to the plane.

Souvenir exchange: As I write this I’m wearing one of Tim’s military olive tees that on me makes a lovely and rather modest tunic coming to just above the knee. It is infused with the wonderful scent of his testosterone laced sweat from our ballet classes and ballet-sex encounters and even has semen stains where I dribbled a bit when he slipped out while I was giving him fellatio. I’m not going to wash it until he either sends me another sweaty one (without the semen stains unless he masturbates on it for me) or he comes back so I can help him sweat into one that I can peel off him and be covered in his marvelously heady male aroma.

I gave him a pair of my sweat soaked bespoke Freed pointes with ¾ leather shanks along with a pair of silicone toe pads that have my toe cheese in them both of which I wore the last time we had ballet-sex. They were a souvenir of our time together and he seemed very pleased with the gift as it has significance for us both. I put them in a Ziploc bag to keep the scent in and not have the studio grime on the soles soil the clothes in his bag.       

I’m taking care to avoid contaminating Tim’s tee with my breast milk as I don’t want to wash the tee and the stench of rancid breast milk will mask the toe curling male musk of his scent. That means I wear LilyPadz or a sports bra or both under the tee when I’m wearing it because when I’m aroused my nipples sometimes leak. Actually not wanting to get breast milk on his tee is a good reason to wear a bra during class since with lactating breasts, even though they are high, firm and relatively small (B cups) when I jump and turn it’s best to support them as they haven’t yet begun to sag and I’d like to prevent that for as long as possible. I love taking class in his shirt as my estrogenic sweat mixes with his and with the aroma coming off that shirt and then me masturbating on a pleasure bracket in the castle’s old studio I can fantasize about Tim fingering me to climax. 

Return to Blackthorn castle: The return trip from Cardiff aboard The Dragon was uneventful. I occupied myself by reading some briefing papers on the Barony’s mining interests as on Wednesday I’ll be going south just over the border into Carmarthenshire to inspect a mine that has been a source of a good bit of the Barony’s wealth for a very long time. The forecast is for sunny weather, but below freezing temperatures so at least it should be dry for the mine tour.  Eventually I did sleep fitfully on the train dreaming of Tim. A Land Rover and driver were waiting for me at Caersws and took me home.

On a lighter note: The British Parliament set out this past Monday afternoon (January 18th) to debate a question that is often argued in the U.S. but has never before been taken up in the halls of Westminster: Is Donald Trump dangerous? Or is he merely a buffoon? For a U.S. view of that see the article in the Washington Post which can be read: HERE   

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Morning Wood’s problem, and a shoe room tryst

The single rod contraceptive implant good for 3 years

The Photo: The Nexplanon 4 cm long single rod progestin only subdermal implant that slowly releases etonogestrel.

Morning Wood and morning sickness: The 19 y/o student, ‘Miss Nexplanon’, who is fucking her way into one of Marvin’s Cambridge Psychology classes and as a consequence is draining his seed from her tight, deep pussy tested positive for hCG. She hadn’t been able to keep breakfast down for the past several days so she peed on a stick and found she is pregnant. That’s not supposed to happen for women on Nexplanon which is statistically about 99% effective and she is freaking out and wants to get rid of it as does Marvin. She was on diet pills and St John’s Wort for depression which probably reduced the progestin’s effectiveness.

Chris, my male Gyn who works at the Barony’s London women’s clinic, is giving her a vacuum aspiration this evening (Saturday, after office hours) and Marvin accompanied her. They plan to spend the night at Blackthorn House in Belgravia before returning to Cambridge Sunday as though they had gone to London for the shows. I suppose she is lucky since there is a good possibility that a pregnancy while on a progestin only contraceptive could end up as ectopic and result in the possible loss of one of her tubes. She is having a frameless copper bead GyneFix IUD inserted at the same time so she and Marvin can continue their affair. That’s fine with me as it will keep him pumping seed into a known vagina for the academic year while he is teaching at Cambridge.

Snow: On Thursday 1/14 we had our first snow. It was forecast for Llanidloes which is about 550 feet above sea level with temps in the mid 20s (F).   Blackthorn castle is at 1,600 feet and our temp was in the high teens (F) and we had about 4 inches of snow. It was my first time here in the snow and the castle looks marvelous all trimmed in white.

A shoe room tryst: As I mentioned in my entry for January 1st, Tim has an erotic fascination about pointe shoes and the women who wear them. When I showed him my shoe room with its bins of new Freed and Gaynor Minden pointes he was very interested, but he fell in love with the racks of damp smelly ones drying after being worn. They are infused with the unique bouquet of stimulating scents immediately recognized by all women ballet dancers; estrogenic sweat soaked leather and paste and anti-bacteria spray from drying Freed and Gaynor pointes, lineament, antiperspirant and perfume that I wear on a daily basis. And from the soiled costume hamper occasionally the malodorous aroma of a pantie and plug set that was worn while fertile. The shoe room has a barre and mirror so I can try on a pair and see how they feel to see if they are right for what I will be doing a technique class, rehearsal or a performance and what role I’ll be dancing. Every woman who was ever fitted for pointe shoes knows there can be a different look and feel between pairs of seemingly identical pointes. 

Tim loves the intimacy of watching me prepare my toes, taping them and pulling on toe pads then forcing my padded and taped toes intro the toe-boxes of the shoes and pulling the backs up over my heels then walking around en pointe with the ribbons untied to see how they feel and set my toes in the blocks. If everything feels right then I’ll wrap the ribbons around my ankles and tie my feet into the pair of pointes before stretching for a few minutes at the barre. I was CD 7 and follicular and needed the protection of a cervical barrier.

Ordinarily I would insert a cervical barrier before dressing in practice clothes however I wanted him actively involved in the fantasy of helping a ballet dancer protect herself before an unanticipated encounter so after that I let him apply DiveGel+ in the dome of a Caya pull down my tights, slip the thong of my leo to one side and parting my labia expertly inserted it slipping the rim under and behind my cervix before pushing the relief arch up behind my pubic bone. I checked after him to feel my cervix through the silicone membrane of the cup just to be sure. It was positioned perfectly and I was ready to rock and roll!  With my vulva still exposed and my tights at mid thigh I took his hand and guided him over to the barre, stepped up on to pointe a la seconde, grabbed the barre with both hands and bent over inviting him to enter me from behind.

He is tall and marvelously well hung so even en pointe a la seconde he lifted me several inches off my platforms which is why I increased the padding as I wore bespoke Freeds from the Crown maker with 3/8th inch thick three-quartered leather shanks for our ballet-sex encounter rather than Gaynors since I was going to give the shoes to Tim as a souvenir of our time together when he left to return to duty.  The leather shanks flex not break when the wearer is thrust-dropped on the platforms during ballet-sex. Even so there is no internal platform padding so wearing Freeds for ballet-sex is for the masochist not the faint-of-heart.

Taking a man inside me when I’m en pointe is almost always a marvelous experience for me especially if he is well endowed and Tim is near my upper limit in that category.  All my muscles from the tips of my toes to my abdominals are clenched when I’m on my toes so I have to be very well lubricated and then the initial penetration as his glans pushes between my labia and under my pubic bone is absolutely thrilling feeling the warmth and size of him filling me as he pushes deeper thrusting into the depths of my posterior fornix pushing against the nylon spring rim of the Caya.  His strong hands holding my hips as he thrust and withdrew and thrust and withdrew! All that length and girth, his new set of bacteria and when he came he filled me with the hot, thick, creamy strands of bioadhesive semen coating the convex side of my Caya   It is so marvelous having Tim thrusting inside me! He loves the lightly textured matte surface of the Caya dome which acts as a stimulator and gets him off quicker than if I was wearing a Milex that has a glass smooth finish to its dome.

The Dragon to Cardiff: I’m taking Tim to the airport at Cardiff this coming Monday, Jan 18th. The Dragon, my private cars, will be connected to the 7:31 AM from Caersws for the three hour trip to Cardiff arriving at 10:39 AM.  We will be having sex and a late breakfast aboard and then more sex.  He will be boarding a military aircraft bound for some location that he can’t talk about. In Cardiff he is taking me for an early dinner to Gateway of India since we both like Indian food and he says the restaurant is excellent. Then I’ll go with him to the airport to see him aboard his plane then take a taxi back to Cardiff Central to board The Dragon for Caersws and home. The return trip will take 9 ¼ hours! I’ll certainly have time to become reacquainted with my vibi after an amazing two weeks with Tim! Sigh…!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

After the holidays, Tim as a partner

Roast pork tenderloin just as Mrs. Bridges makes

The Photo: Now is the winter of our discontent made glorious summer by this loin of pork. (With Apologies to William Shakespeare.)

Yule log quenched: Since 12th night as celebrated by the Barony was on the evening of January 5th  on the 6th the footmen quenched the butt of the Yule Log and moved it back to storage for use in igniting a new Yule Log next Christmas.

My circle leaves for Virgin Gorda: Bea, the Dryads (Bryony and Claire) Anya and Willow who got time off from the ballet and their boyfriends left for London aboard The Dragon. They boarded Limnaea II at Stansted for the flight down. Chris went along returning to work in London leaving me alone with Tim and the staff to care for us.
Tim goes boar hunting: While I was attending to estate business my head gamekeeper took Tim out wild boar hunting. It was a miserable wet day and the animals were deep in the brush for the most part, but the gamekeeper got him two good shots at large sows (225+ lbs) and he killed them both with headshots. He has a current firearms certificate and used one of the Barony’s .375 Holland & Holland rifles. The Trichinella test came back negative and the village butchery skinned, cleaned and cut them up for me. Tim took the tenderloins for us and the rest he gave to the gamekeeper and the castle staff which made him very popular!

Riding with Tim: Returning readers will recall that I renamed a lovely young mare in the Blackthorn stables ‘Mellten’ (Lightning in Welsh) in honor of Rhiannon’s horse which in The Mabinogion can’t be overtaken when she is riding it. Mellten is extremely fast, sure footed, has been trained for fox hunting (actually drag hunting now) and seems very fond of me. When I’m astride her we are like a single entity jumping hedges, ditches and galloping flat out. It feels marvelous to have that much power between my legs and I always end our rides on an amazing high that is almost sexual in its intensity! when astride her I like to have a pair of Ben Wa balls inserted which makes things very interesting indeed!

I rode Mellten and Tim was astride a young stallion from the stables. He took me on a tour of some of the fox hunting terrain on my land as he and his father have ridden to hounds on the Barony land with the local hunt for years. We were fortunate that the morning was dry and sunny and the temperature was in the low 40s (F). It was wonderful to get out in the fresh air with Tim and see how well he rides. Cook has fixed us some sandwiches for lunch and we ate by a stream that had settled within its banks again after Storm Frank. I had a lovely time.

Kitting out Tim as a ballet partner: We were fortunate that Nikolai and Tim are almost identical in size so the tights, dancebelts and slippers stocked for him in the men’s dressing room fit Tim perfectly! The first evening we were together I knew I wanted to teach him to be my dance partner so we went into the ballet studio men’s dressing room and got him into a dancebelt and tights pulled and rolled down over a military webbing belt to show of his genital bulge and cheek cleavage and fit him in slippers which, knowing I was going to dress him for class, I had already sewed the instep elastic on.

I’m very pleased with how well Tim is adapting to ballet class the exercises, terminology and he is amazingly strong and good with lifts so that he is becoming quite a good partner given that he has only been taking instruction and class for a few days.  Of course he came to me in superb physical condition, very strong, extremely flexible and is a fast learner.

Barre pleasuring: After the new larger ballet studio (which I’m going to use for large classes during Summer Intensives) was finished I had the wooden floor, mirrors and barre in the old studio refurbished being careful not to remove the patina from the pleasure brackets gotten from decades of women using them to masturbate by rubbing their pelvises against the rounded protrusions designed for that purpose. When my predecessor, Edith the 22nd Baroness, had the castle’s old ballet studio updated in the 60s she had the 19th century bronze ‘pleasure brackets’ installed. They had been salvaged from a Paris ballet school which also trained courtesans and they are marvelous to masturbate with while fully attired in practice clothes. It is in this studio that Tim and I take class as I like the view to the east from the windows and the feel and scent of the water sprinkled sprung wooden floor.

Tim noticed the shiny bronze knob on the brackets and asked if they didn’t get in the way. So I told him what they were for. When a man isn’t handy after class and I’m fertile and needy in a modern studio I like to give myself an orgasm by tying a towel over the barre and around a smooth modern barre bracket so I can rub the shaft of my clit against it while watching myself in the mirror or looking out a window if there is one above the barre. He was fascinated to learn what the protrusions were for and that generations of women had used them to pleasure themselves over the years. I find the sense of history comforting when I masturbate on a bracket and wonder who the women were that had used it before me and what became of them. That type bracket is a bit more in the way during class, but makes up for that by the intense pleasure received by rubbing against it.

Edith was still in her 50s when the French pleasure brackets were installed and was (according to her diaries) still very sexually active. But living alone a good bit of the time masturbation of the French sort, on her toes in pointes caressing her clit against a barre bracket, could often satisfy her need. Of course that shows up as ‘bracket burn’ worn spots in the fabric on the crotches of tights or leos, but that was (and still is) to be expected when few men were available as is still the case in ballet schools today.


Tuesday, January 5, 2016

NuvaRing, Blackthorn Priory girls

NuvaRing the vaginal contraceptive ring
The photo: Showing NuvaRing packaging, its relative size, about 2 inches in diameter and its flexibility.
Lost and found in the sheets: Housekeeping found a NuvaRing in the sheets of one of my New Years house party women guests’ room. She had either expelled it or a lover had hooked it with the corona of his glans and accidently pulled it out. Obviously she was unaware that it was no longer inside and providing protection. When he withdrew she should have immediately checked to see that the ring was still in place and perhaps she did. If she rolled over for a post coital nap and passed gas if she doesn’t have a pronounced post-pubic vault with the back of the pubic bone for the ring to rest against her pelvic contractions could have easily squeezed the ring and it slipped out. I knew who was assigned the room so I called her and mentioned a ring of hers had been found. At first she thought I was talking about a finger ring and assured me she had checked all her jewelry was packed before she left the castle. Then I was a bit more specific that it was a vaginal contraceptive ring.
She gasped and there was a noise as she tried to catch her cell as it slipped from her fingers. Moments later she picked it up and in a shaky voice said her ring was missing. Case solved! NuvaRing has an outer diameter of 54 mm and a cross-sectional diameter of 4 mm. and releases on average 0.12 mg/day of etonogestrel and 0.015 mg/day of ethinyl estradiol.  It had been out for much longer than the three hour removal limit during the first two weeks so she will have to use another method (condoms or a diaphragm) for 7 days while the hormones from the new ring reestablish her hormonal protection. She wasn’t sleeping with her husband. It depends on what night she lost the ring as to how serious her situation is. She should have been protected if she lost the ring on the last night. She is newly married and wants children, but not with possible paternity questions.
Blackthorn Priory girls training an update: Now that the holidays are over I was able to get back to taking care of my other responsibilities around the Barony one of which is tending to the sexual health of the girls school at Blackthorn Priory. I visited briefly at Christmas to distribute small gifts to girl each as none the students has family or home other than the sisters of the order and her schoolmates.
Returning readers may recall what I wrote about Blackthorn Priory in my December 31, 2014 post entitled ‘My Welsh Roots’: “There is nothing to suggest St. Candice (as I tend to think of her) was in any way a disciplinarian. However, she is patron saint of a religious community of women living in a surprisingly large medieval Priory the early parts of which date from the 11th century.  The Priory is on Blackthorn Barony land within a few miles of the Baroness’s relatively small but superbly constructed 13th C. castle…”
“The Priory is part of the Barony of Blackthorn and the office of Prioress of the Order is in the gift of the Baroness Blackthorn. Maintenance of the priory and the Order are paid for from a small percentage of the profit from the minerals mined on the Baronial estates. The Order of St Canna stresses discipline, obedience and service.  Blackthorn Priory’s primary function seems to be to raise female foundlings selectively chosen from the slums of major cities in the UK.  Their schools taught by Sisters who have attended the best universities, prepare the girls for university educations and socialize the young girls through exchange programs with other elite public (read private) schools in the UK.”
Pelvic exams and diaphragms: It is the custom at Blackthorn Priory as with many girls’ schools to give Priory girls reaching menarche their first gynecological exam and fit them with an effective barrier contraceptive so they can become accustomed to wearing it before they move to fifth and sixth forms at Barrow Priory in Middlesex where they will need it during social encounters as guests at dances at a neighboring boys school. Yesterday Chris, the male Gyn who works in my woman’s clinic, and I fitted all the students 14 and older with new FS latex diaphragms.
The primary training barrier (fitted at menarche) in use by Priory girls is the silicone Semina diaphragm which the girls think looks like a pink soap bubble a fact that helps the girls remember to insert their diaphragms for flow control on light days during menses. However, the smallest Semina is 60mm so any student requiring a smaller device had been fitted with a 22mm FemCap and a menstrual cup for flow control. Now that the Barony’s women’s clinic has flat spring rim diaphragms down to 50mm I have changed the regimen for girls 14 y/o and older to use latex flat spring diaphragms if they are not allergic to latex and any younger girls who at menarche need a diaphragm smaller than 60mm. A flat spring rim seals as well and is nearly impossible to under-thrust and the heat transfer properties of latex are far superior to the silicone of a Semina and silicone lube can be used with a latex D something that has become more important recently. And for divers a FS latex diaphragm can be safely worn at any depth. So wearing a latex diaphragm has become another rite-of-passage on the way to becoming a woman with all the responsibilities that entails. However, there is the fact that oily lubes of any sort, petroleum or vegetable, shouldn’t be used with a latex device as oil will destroy the latex, but that is a lesson best learned when young, impressionable and under supervision so it won’t be easily be forgotten or ignored.
Of course because of the age of consent the diaphragms provided to students younger than 16 are so they can become used to correctly wearing a cervical barrier using it exclusively as a menstrual cup for sanitary purposes.
Some readers may wonder why students reaching menarche are not immediately placed on hormonal contraceptives since these days so many girls routinely go on contraceptive hormones with all the negative side effects accompanying them. Some few Blackthorn girls are put on hormones if they have very painful periods or their cycles won’t stabilize. However, the Order feels that it is important for young women to experience the ebb and flow of their hormones while cycling naturally. Diaphragms let them become accustomed to handling their genitals w/o fear or shame (as so many young women these days have not been taught to do) and can experience the marvelous surge in creativity when fertile. Additionally, the discipline of inserting the diaphragm every evening before bed and removing and cleaning it each morning gets each into a routine that will be beneficial when they become sexually active.
New Years dildo presentations: In my annual New Years presentation as Baroness I presented each newly blossomed young woman with two dildos: her first borosilicate (Pyrex) glass dildo, a 1 ¾ inches in diameter and 8.0 inches long glass shaft in the shape of a phallus with a handle to use while on her back – a nice feature about Pyrex is that it can be warmed or cooled for use in hot or chilly weather. And since all the Priory school girls take ballet/pointe a high quality silicone one of the same size with a suction cup base with which to solo train for male penetration in the ballet studio. This second item is especially useful in training for deep penetration of the posterior fornix while en pointe during ballet-sex – suctioned on to the mirrored wall in a studio where the user can hold on to the barre rise en pointe and back on to the dildo. All the girls were eagerly anticipating trying them out.
Fitting the local swim team with latex diaphragms: Today Chris and I fit the local swim team with latex FS diaphragms.  The custom made 55, 60 and 65 mm latex flat spring rim diaphragms, to be used as ‘gas-guards’ since there have been two recent injuries involving women in the UK getting air or water in their uteri while playing or having sex in a pool which have gotten a lot of publicity in the medical press in the last few months. So since most adults in the surrounding villages work for the Barony either directly or indirectly my clinic is fitting the swim team with diaphragms at no cost to the swimmer or her family.
As my readers know latex diaphragms are particular effective for pool-sex since silicone lubricant can be used w/o harm to a latex diaphragm. Returning readers may also recall that a ‘gas-guard’ is a cervical barrier to prevent air being forced through the cervix into the uterus by a lover blowing into his partners vagina or when playing around with SCUBA gear where a mischievous friend holds the mouthpiece of his or her reg against a partner’s vulva and depresses the purge button sending a jet of compressed air into the vagina. All the swim team have mini (4 bead) frameless copper GyneFix IUDs implanted, (also free from the Blackthorn Clinic) with their strings trimmed off so they can wear cervical barriers w/o the possibility of pulling out the IUD while removing the cervical barrier when no longer needed.
FemCap wasn’t a choice since the depth limit of a FemCap is about 25 to 30 feet before squeeze on the dome makes it too uncomfortable to wear. And some of the girls are too small to effectively wear the smallest FemCap which is 22mm.  Caya was not considered because of the small sizes needed, rotation and the need for silicone lube.

Monday, January 4, 2016

The Caya diaphragm, Tim and I, fetish diaphragm sex

The Caya single size contoured diaphragm

The Caya market: The Caya contoured diaphragm with a polymer arcing spring rim was designed for use in locations where medical professionals are not available to fit diaphragms. Caya is a one-size-fits-most device designed to fit women using the four most commonly prescribed sizes 65, 70, 75 and 80mm, of conventional diaphragms. Caya has been available in The UK and Europe for about two years and in mid 2015 was approved by the FDA for use in the U.S, but it is available by Rx only.

I’ve discussed the Caya and its uses in previous posts and occasionally use it myself when I’m luteal, but I don’t think it is as effective for me if used for contraception during fetish sex as it can be more easily under-thrust than can a flat spring rim latex diaphragm which my clinic now fits as standard for Escorts unless the patient is allergic to latex. 

Caya the pros:

  • Polymer rim spring compresses into a long oval with the posterior rim arcing down slightly to ease slipping under and behind the cervix. The rims flexing properties are very similar to a conventional coil spring rim.
  • Designed to fit women who wear conventional diaphragms from 65mm to 80mm.
  • The soft 75 mm polymer rim spring flexes to accommodate depth of 65mm conventional diaphragm wearer.
  • Matte texture of the cup increases sensation for the male partner.
  • Grip dimples provide finger placement guidance and firm grip for insertion.
  • Removal dome makes removal easy. And, depending on the length of the fingers it can also allow the wearer’s or her partner’s finger to easily move the removal dome gently back and forth over the wearer’s G-spot (if she has one) to stimulate her to orgasm making it much easier to give many women who can wear a Caya a G-spot orgasm, though the ease will depend on exactly where her G-spot is located.
  • Relief arch makes it less likely for a partner to hit the anterior rim.

And cons:

  • The small 55 mm, inner diameter cervical cup makes wearing it for heavy days flow control during menses less useful than an Omniflex that has a larger dome.
  • To accommodate the upturned relief arch of the anterior rim in front of the removal dome, the wearer needs to have a pronounced post-pubic vault (or retropubic niche as  the makers call it) one to two cm deep which most women have; otherwise a partner can hit the rim.
  • Rim contour (ahead of the grip dimples) increases the likelihood of under-thrusting if the Caya rotates too much.
  • Worn by a woman whose correct size in a conventional diaphragm is smaller than 65mm the contoured rim will bend more ahead of the grip dimples making it much easier to under-thrust the Caya if the wearer is taken while unaroused. Or, cause it not to seal correctly and leak and the rim pressing on her urethra can increase the likelihood of developing a UTI.
  • All cervical barriers rotate, but for those with a circular cross-section (all except Caya) rotation doesn’t matter as far as the seal is concerned. When Caya rotates the contoured rim is more likely to break the seal. Rotation is thought to occur from a thrusting penis rubbing more against one side of the dome than the other. So if both the penis and dome are not well lubricated friction can cause the device to rotate significantly.

Tim and a change in plan: It’s Monday January 4th 2016 and I’m CD24 as this is being written. I’m luteal and don’t really need to wear a barrier for contraception, but I found that Tim likes to help me insert either a Caya or a Reflexions if we are to go diving (I check after him to make certain my cervix is in the cup) and he loves the additional stimulation from rubbing his glans on Caya’s lightly textured dome which saves me from having to intentionally contract my muscles and lets me just enjoy having him thrusting inside me.

The plan changes are significant. After 12th Night (on January 5th) my wards their boyfriends and Anya, who arrived on Sunday as the last of my house party guests were departing will fly down to Virgin Gorda aboard Limnaea II, my. Marvin is not going. He is returning to Cambridge to “work” and ‘Miss Nexplanon’ his current dick-a-chick is going with him! I’m not surprised, but she isn’t a dancer and can’t wear pointe shoes (I’ve already covered that base and she doesn’t have the feet or strength for wearing them) so she won’t be replacing me as Jenna when I’m wearing her Bloch Alpha pointes.  Marvin is just looking for a young, tight, deep, easily controlled vessel in which to plant his seed while he is away from me so I know he will be back.

And, I’m not going to Virgin Gorda immediately after 12th Night either. I found that Tim doesn’t have to report back to his unit for another two weeks, on the 18th, and I’ve asked him to stay here with me which he is delighted to do! Yay! I should be fertile on the 16th so I’ll need to be careful the last several days we will be together, but until then I can safely have his sperm in my tubes and not worry about an unintended pregnancy.

By then Bea and her boyfriend will be back at Cambridge so after I see Tim off Nikolai and I will fly down to Lost Cove to be with Anya and the Dryads (Bryony and Claire) and their boyfriends. Nikolai will have time off from the ballet then so he will be my partner on Virgin Gorda. It will be his first time in the BVIs and we are both looking forward to having dive-sex in the cove.

Tiny Tim and me: For the next two weeks Tim and I will be alone together except of course for the castle staff.  He has had SCUBA combat training so is well qualified as a diver. Though I’m pretty sure he hasn’t been in an operation where he has had penile-vaginal intercourse with a woman underwater before. So, I intend to give him a lot of practice to eliminate that gap in his training. We slipped away from the rest of my guests on Saturday to have Carla, my Divemaster, fit him with an OTS Guardian FFM and we tried it out wearing BCs and 130 cu ft HP steel tanks in the shallow (64 ft deep) well where just to get acclimated to the energy and the amount of air expended (you tend to forget about air conservation techniques during orgasm) during dive-sex we could breathe regular air rather than Enriched Air Nitrox with 32% oxygen (EAN32). I tethered my ankle leash to the net strung across the well at 30 feet to prevent a diver in an uncontrolled descent from sinking to the bottom.

I inflated my BC and hung weightless tethered by the leash while Tim untied the hip bows of my thong and fingered me. For the dive I wore a latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragm making sure to express the air from the dome with my fingers to strengthen the vacuum in the dome and applied 10ml of the silicone lube DiveGel+ from a disposable vaginal applicator before getting in the water. I wore the latex Reflections for two reasons primarily because a flat spring rim is nearly impossible to under-thrust so it performs extremely well as ‘flood insurance’ to prevent the hydraulics of a lover’s thrusting from forcing water into the wearer’s uterus and because the silicone gel lube needed for underwater sex will not harm a latex barrier.

He was such an able and fast learner! On our first dive he got off twice by thrusting while we were in more or less vertical missionary. Then I gave him Pompoir while he stayed still and hard as deep as he could get while I milked him with my muscles. It was such a wonderful encounter that I hated to have to surface. The good news is that he will be with me for the next two weeks!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

A Mabinogion tale performed, How Culhwch Won Olwen

A descendent of Twrch Trwyth and piglets

The Photo: A wild boar sow and her piglets. Boars are typically social animals, living in female-dominated sounders [a herd of wild swine] consisting of barren sows and mothers with young led by an old matriarch. Male boars leave their sounder at the age of 8–15 months, while females either remain with their mothers or establish new territories nearby.

Storm Frank: Oh my! 70 mph winds and record rain fall. For the month of December there was record breaking rainfall; 1015 mm = 40.6 inches for the month fell in Capel Curig in the north west of Wales. The M4 along the south of Wales was blocked at Bridgend (west of Port Talbot) by standing water for a day, but that’s clear now. Locally we have been extremely fortunate to have just a few trees blown down and no substantial damage.

A Holiday House Party: Since this was my first year end holiday season as Baroness I wanted to extend the hospitality of the Barony to everyone in the area, but particularly the landed gentry and farmers with land abutting the Barony as well as local leaders in government, business and industry. So I invited the local land owners (a few neighbors from surrounding farms and estates) and the movers and shakers from the local villages to a long weekend house party over the New Year weekend when most were on vacation during the holidays. Guests arrived on Thursday the 31st and departed today, Sunday the 3rd of January.   

Thursday and Friday dress for dinner was business attire. Dress for Saturday night was black tie for the men and gowns for the ladies. I would have gone with white tie, but some probably didn’t have it and the men looked splendid along with Tim in his Dress uniform.  The menu for Saturday night (Jan 2nd) was the castles famous crown rack of spring lamb (in two rack crowns) and wild boar tenderloin, green string beans, roasted potatoes with mince pie and ice cream for dessert. Coffee, tea and sloe brandy or wine with dessert. I think it was more curiosity than anything else that had so many women guests asking for the Barony’s sloe brandy rather than wine since the brandy is not sold and bottles are rarely given away. The meal was served in the Great Hall with the Yule log burning in the massive fireplace at the other end. I used the great hall so the minstrel galleries, there are two, could be used for the entertainment and the acoustics from the galleries is quite marvelous with the voices reflecting off the huge roof timbers so that every word spoken can be heard clearly by the guests in the hall below.

I was delighted that no one sent regrets (and all attended even with the terrible weather we are having) though I imagine everyone was curious, especially the women, to see what changes I’d made to the castle and to judge the new Baroness ‘in performance’.  Not leaving anything to chance I had the conversations in the bathrooms recorded so I could hear the comments when the women (especially) though they were alone. Being reviewed by ones jealous and sometimes hormonal neighbors is not particularly pleasant, but I’m very pleased to say the castle and the meal were given very high marks! I was given high marks for both hospitality and presentation, but my reputation as a Cougar and an expert in the art of Pompoir was well known and the women all talked about keeping their men out of my aura as even some of the women found me attractive. I really want to try and stay away from establishing sexual relationships with married neighbors since if they go bad having a disgruntled neighbor can be unpleasant so I don’t think the local wives have anything to fear from me as I’m not giving local married men (not that some aren’t worthy of my time) any romantic encouragement.

In welcoming remarks before we sat down to dinner I confirmed that I will continue to allow hunting, fishing and trapping on Barony land as long as applicable laws are followed. I had been holding that announcement back building the suspense. There had been a rumor in the village that I might forbid hunting, fishing and trapping on my land so there was a sigh of relief and a applause when I got that out of the way as one of the first things I talked about. Another thing that I knew local people are edgy about, but no one dared mention, at least not to my face, is that I wasn’t born in the UK and therefore “She’s not one of us.”   

It’s true that I was born in Virginia and have an East Coast accent to the extent I have an accent at all and not a plummy one from a posh school in the Home Counties or Switzerland, though as an actress I can speak in one when necessary. And my immediate family hadn’t been of the aristocracy nor lived in the UK for years. So I tried to allay any fears by mentioning that while born in the U.S. I was of British parents whose ancestors can be traced back for hundreds of years and in the case of my great aunt’s family from whom I inherited the Barony for almost a thousand years. Too, I am very interested in my Welsh heritage and the history and legends of the Welsh nation if I’m permitted to use that term, not that I’m a nationalist. Actually, I’m a Royalist and support the Monarchy even though HM may not be too pleased with my forms of employment and amusement. Not that some Royals aren’t above a roaming hand in a girl’s tights or down her cleavage when the opportunity presents itself.  

I’ve been engrossed for months in reading a new (2007) translation of The Mabinogion by Sioned Davies to get a feel for ancient Welsh legends that began as oral tales and much later were set down in manuscripts very few of which have come down to us. So I thought it would be fun to have as entertainment for the final evening of our gathering one of the legends recorded in the Mabinogion performed from memory by a troupe of Jongleurs.  The troupe used Sioned Davies translation as their script and had been working on their lines for the past few months and for the last several weeks has been rehearsing in great hall. They are amazingly good with voice changes for the different characters in the tale! The story we chose was How Culhwch Won Olwen.

How Culhwch Won Olwen: In the introduction to her translation of The Mabinogion Sioned Davies says this about the legend How Culhwch Won Olwen:

“How Culhwch Won Olwen portrays a world far removed from that of European romance, a world where Arthur holds court in Celli Wig in Cornwall and heads a band of the strangest warriors ever… who, together with Arthur, ensure that Culhwch overcomes his stepmother’s curse and marries Olwen, daughter of Ysbaddaden Chief Giant. The interest throughout is in the action with the hunting of the magical boar Twrch Trwyth reminiscent of a fast moving film as he and his piglets are chased by Arthur and his men from Ireland across south Wales, and eventually to Cornwall.  All characters are stereotyped – the beautiful Olwen, the handsome Culhwch, the treacherous Ysbaddaden; talking to ants, owls, stags, and salmon poses no problem as one of Arthur’s men, Gwrhyr interpreter of languages is there to translate. Indeed, the story with its rhetorical set-pieces and burlesque scenes, is a world apart from the restraint and control of the ‘Four Branches’ [the first four stories in the Mabinogion] and is without doubt, a tale to be performed – vocality is of its essence.”

That particular tale’s vocality is why I hired the Jongleurs to perform it during my house party at the castle to boost interest in Welsh history and develop regional (if not national) pride. Years ago all Welsh children were read tales from The Mabinogion so they became familiar with the legends and characters in them. Now however, that’s seldom the case. So I included a brief synopsis (below) of the story, from Wikipedia, for each guest as sadly there are great many people in Wales these days who are unfamiliar with the Welsh legends set down in The Mabinogion. You can read the full Wikipedia article HERE.

“Synopsis: Culhwch's father, King Cilydd son of Celyddon, loses his wife Goleuddydd after a difficult childbirth. When he remarries, the young Culhwch rejects his stepmother's attempt to pair him with his new stepsister. Offended, the new queen puts a curse on him so that he can marry no one besides the beautiful Olwen, daughter of the giant Ysbaddaden Pencawr. Though he has never seen her, Culhwch becomes infatuated with her, but his father warns him that he will never find her without the aid of his famous cousin Arthur. The young man immediately sets off to seek his kinsman. He finds him at his court in Celliwig in Cornwall; this is one of the earliest instances in literature or oral tradition of Arthur's court being assigned a specific location and a valuable source of comparison with the court of Camelot or Caerleon as depicted in later Welsh, English and continental Arthurian legends.

Arthur agrees to help, and sends six of his finest warriors (Cai, Bedwyr, Gwalchmei, Gwrhyr Gwalstawd Ieithoedd, Menw son of Tairgwaedd and Cynddylig Gyfarwydd) to join Culhwch in his search for Olwen. The group meets some relatives of Culhwch's that know Olwen and agree to arrange a meeting. Olwen is receptive to Culhwch's attraction, but she cannot marry him unless her father agrees, and he, unable to survive past his daughter's wedding, will not consent until Culhwch completes a series of about forty impossible-sounding tasks. Fortunately for Culhwch (and the reader), the completion of only a few of these tasks is recorded and the giant is killed, leaving Olwen free to marry her lover.”

Imagination and romance: The Jongleurs with their marvelous performance kept everyone at the feast on the edge of their seats, entrancing even most skeptical and the faint-of-heart as they told of Arthur and his men gathering items required in the 40 tasks needed to win Olwen and chasing the magical boar, Twrch Trwyth, and his piglets through Ireland, Wales and Cornwall. The audience responded with sighs at the frequent and vicious fights and high death toll of Arthur’s men in bloody battles with the forces of the magical boar; and cheers when Ysbaddaden, Olwen’s father, faced with having all his demands met reluctantly gives her to Culhwch and then was beheaded. Even the most rational guests found themselves spellbound suspending disbelief for the time it took to enjoy the performance.

Although everyone knew better there was a definite feeling among my guests that the delicious wild boar tenderloin that was being served was from Twrch Trwyth himself. For the two hours that the Jongleurs were performing my guests and I were drawn so deeply into the tale that time passed very quickly. It was as though we were hypnotized by the fluidity and cadence of the narrative as the marvelous performers told the ancient tale.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

My London Derrière, baby making, mind-fucked

Another view of my stretch black tulle playsuit

The Photo: One of my lovers called this a view my ‘London Derrière’. The stretch tulle thong is wonderful to show off the unblemished skin of my cheeks and makes it easy to slip it over a cheek for convenient rear entry something needed for ballet-sex. Here at the castle I bend over a portable barre, table or a chair back for support placed near a fireplace with a lovely fire going to keep warm when wearing this playsuit.   

Tim as a bedmate, the saga continues: Returning readers will recall that my New Years eve bedmate Tim (the SAS officer in the gorgeous uniform that I tried not to tear as I almost ripped it off him) and I had a marvelous time, but very little sleep on New Years eve. He told me that he hadn’t been with a woman (or masturbated either from the quantity of ejaculate) in months which contributed to his amazing sexual stamina. So I was interested in whether he could continue that pace with me two nights in a row.

BREAKING NEWS: he could! He did! And it was the most fun I’ve had with a new partner in years! My wards say I glowed with energy when I showed up at 6:30 AM in the studio for technique class. I was a bit sore but 400mg of ibuprofen took care of that. I was loose, flexible and absolutely bursting with as much energy as a 19 y/o! I was still draining semen after Kegeling as much out as I could so I inserted a Diva Cup to collect the remainder to prevent staining my tights during class.  The other girls he has been with when he comes home call him ‘Tiny Tim’ because his equipment is so impressive and is supposedly the terror of many local girls with regular size vaginas, but the two I’ve talked with say he didn’t try to bury his full length in them and let them take him astride where they could control the depth and direction of his thrusts so they felt very safe with him.

I know it’s just the first few days into the relationship that is pure lust and won’t last as he has to report back to his regiment in some location that he can’t talk about. However, he is due for transfer soon and has asked for a transfer to a unit of his regiment that provides security here at home. So if he gets the posting he wants I may get to see him again. If I wasn’t too old I would like to have his children. I had eggs harvested and frozen when I was in my mid 20s so there is always going the IVF route, but it would be awesome to get preggers the old fashion way with his sperm swimming up my tubes and fertilizing an egg shortly after release, but at my age the chances are only 3% or 4%.

Not impossible, but very unlikely except if I were trying my best to avoid conceiving and had an oops. Someone having that happen to her is known as being had by the perversity of inanimate objects. The bad thing about being preggers would be that I’d be away from dancing for almost a year and at my age it would be very hard to get back in peak shape. Having a pregnancy distort the ballet body that I’ve worked to perfect for more than 35 years and leave stretch marks on my abdomen is what has put me off having children until now and even with the pull that Tim exerts I’m still not sure I want to conceive if I had the chance with him.

I know that is something I haven’t said before and I know the mood will pass, but right now I have these thoughts about forgetting to use a diaphragm and spermicide with him when I’m fertile. I’m CD22 as this is being written and I shouldn’t be fertile for another 14 days or so so he will be long gone before I’d have my willpower tested to see if I’d actually take him unprotected to try to get preggers with him.  He took me in all the positions we used the night before and he was so gentle and considerate and an absolutely amazing lover filling me over and over with his thick creamy seed. And he loves to breastfeed as well! What an amazing man! Oh my god, I just realized… he’s mind-fucked me!



Friday, January 1, 2016

New Years Eve, Floss playsuit

A floss playsuit of stretch black tulle strapping

The Photo:  No, before someone asks, that isn’t me. She’s a lingerie model. I do have hair that long, but it’s red, my eyes are green and my breasts while small like hers are a bit fuller since I’m lactating. The stretch black tulle strapping is embellished with silver sequins that wraps around the body, tying into a large adjustable bow at the shoulder and another on the thong-style derrière makes a very attractive package for the women wrapped in it. I think it is one of the most attractive of the Agent Provocateur garments I have and it is very easily gotten out of by untying the bows rather than having it ripped off.

My New Years silver playsuit: This suit was a Christmas gift from my primary lover, Marvin (Morning Wood). It’s the sort of provocative costume I like to wear when I am alone with a lover to get his blood pressure up. I had briefly considered wearing it during my New Year house party, from the 31st to the 3rd, but thought better of it since I’m sure it would “scare the horses”, in a manner of speaking, as most of my neighbors aren’t ready to know me quite that well. It would certainly be a piece of amazing gossip to begin the year, but I’m looking for more mainstream news to emanate from the Barony if any news at all.  

Of course to confidently wear something like this the wearer must have waxed pubes or the look is spoiled. That is especially true if one is strutting around on her toes where the pelvis is thrust out as a ‘preview of coming attractions coming soon to an encounter Sallie near you’. It has a tiny vulva cup that just fits over the head of a sports plug I always wear when performing in minimal costumes like this with an audience I’m not entirely comfortable with. Wearing a plug prevents amorous and adventuresome members of the audience from slipping fingers inside me while I’m giving them personal attention. Some of the nice things about this costume are that I can be milked by just removing a pastie and the vulva cup can be slipped to one side if I am sans plug and want to be fingered, or to assist a male acquaintance obviously in need of help with his erection by having him insert himself inside me for a few minutes. Playsuits are so much fun that way!

New Years Eve festivities: I thought the evening went very well. After the ball for which a string quartet played and ringing in the New Year at midnight  couples began pairing off (not necessarily with the partner they arrived with) some being more circumspect about it than others. Several of the men had asked staff how to get to specific women’s rooms so I knew there were games of musical beds in progress. I thought it was lovely that my guests felt safe enough here to begin new or continue with established trysts, but of course since few of them had ever been guests here I think it was mostly that they saw it as the chance of a lifetime to be fucked on New Years at Blackthorn Castle.

Actually I had a chance to become very closely acquainted with the Timothy (Tim) the twenty-five y/o son and heir of Lord D**** who lives nearby. Tim is on leave from the SAS in which he is an officer, having graduated from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and Oxford. He looks so handsome and virile in his dress uniform! He is a fabulous ballroom dancer and is an amazingly gentle lover with tremendous sexual stamina, but then he said he hadn’t been with a woman in several months. I knew he was my type when he said he has a thing for ballerinas so I showed him my costume and shoe rooms. He was particularly taken by the shoe room which smells of new pointes as well as the scent of damp leather and paste and anti-bacteria spray from drying Freed and Gaynor pointes that I wear on a daily basis. The shoe room has a barre and mirror so I can try on a pair and see how I look in them, and yes there can be a different look between pairs of seemingly identical pointes, at least there is for me.  It was there in the shoe room having shown Tim how I prepare my toes for pointework and tying my feet into a pair of Gaynor Mindens that I first had ballet-sex with him. He is tall and marvelously well hung so even en pointe a la seconde he lifted me several inches off my platforms making me very glad I always wear GM pointes with their internal thick platform pads for ballet-sex as thrust-drop can disable if not hospitalize the woman if she doesn’t protect her toes properly when engaging in ballet-sex.

Tim as a bedmate: As my New Years bedmate Tim and I had a marvelous time, but very little sleep. As I mentioned earlier he has (or had- I’ll know more about that as the house party continues) amazing sexual stamina and was obviously experienced as he knew exactly what to do to drive me wild with desire on my toes, on my back, on my hands and knees entered from behind doggie style, or even when I was astride him where he only had to look at me with those lovely deep blue eyes! He did most of the work except when I was astride him. He gave me a series of bone melting orgasm so all I had to do was lie there and enjoy his skill. My only contribution while on my back was the very strong vaginal contractions he gave me when I came and took him into ecstasy with me. He actually got off seven times though the last one was Pompoir where I milked him.

Marvin had taken to bed a nineteen y/o Cambridge student the daughter of a local politician. She is sucking up to him in every way possible (she swallows during fellatio which he loves) as she wants to get into one of his Psych classes a class which is already over subscribed. I suspect if she is as willing and talented a bed partner as he hopes he will almost certainly find a way to get her into the class she wants. I made sure she was using protection. In her case Nexplanon the etonogestrel single rod upper arm implant since Marvin will not wear a condom and I don’t want him impregnating my guests. I haven’t seen them this morning so they are probably sleeping in. I hope she isn’t so sore she walks funny this morning as everyone will know what happened, but then anyone paying attention saw them disappear together so they weren’t hiding it.   

Contraceptive enquiries: During the evening several of the young ladies from adjoining estates came to ask about birth control for themselves. I’m not sure how my expertise in the field of contraception became known in the area. Well, it was probably because I fit two of the castle’s servants with Caya diaphragms and I imagine they told their friends. In the village that sort of news travels faster than light so it spreads from one great house to another not to mention through the general population.

Two of the girls were looking for something nonhormonal as they are currently on the pill which is causing depression and frequent spotting. I recommended they consult their Gyns about a copper IUD. I don’t think cervical barriers are for them as neither seems to be able to think clearly and for a diaphragm or cap to be effective it takes a being a bit obsessive/compulsive to stick to the regimen of wearing it every time because barriers are unforgiving of oopses and just-this-once events. The other is a Doctorial candidate in mathematics at Oxford and as highly organized as any one I’ve ever seen. So should be an excellent candidate for successful use of the Caya diaphragm.  

Friday morning January first: There may be an early start to the New Year by only a few of guests. Most, (other than my wards, their partners and I who have already taken our technique and pointe classes) will almost certainly be sleeping in. Breakfast is to order this morning as guests come down to breakfast or brunch, whenever they wake. And with temperatures in the low 40s (F) rain and 20 mph winds forecast for the entire weekend we will be playing a lot of indoor sports. Archery in the Great Hall, darts in the blue drawing room and billiards and Charades will be the organized entertainment. Of course couples can go off by themselves.  At this elevation we have already had snow flurries.  


Wishing all my readers a happy and prosperous 2016



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