Thursday, September 26, 2013

World Contraception Day

Birth control methods

World Contraception Day: is celebrated across the globe every September 26. This worldwide campaign was launched in 2007 with the mission of raising awareness about contraception, so that all young people can make informed sexual and reproductive decisions.

This year's World Contraception Day motto is, "Your Future. Your Choice. Your Contraception."

Male birth control: Some women complain that men should take the lead in protecting their partners from pregnancy.  While in a perfect world there would be an effective Long Acting Reversible Contraceptive (LARC) for men I think we need to focus on protecting ourselves from pregnancy by using an effective method of contraception that we control because we are the ones who become preggers and terminate or carry to term. So we have a much larger stake in protecting ourselves from pregnancy. STIs are an entirely different matter and all partners should be tested and free of STIs or condoms should be used.

Some contraceptive methods currently available:

Hormonal contraceptives:
Combined (estrogen/progestin pills
Mini-pills progestin only pills or POPs
Vaginal ring – NuvaRing
The patch – Ortho Evra
The implant – Nexplanon
The shot - Depo-subQ Provera 104 (a newer less painful shot)
Hormonal IUDs – Mirena / Skyla

Copper IUDs:
Copper 380T – ParaGard and similar designs
GyneFix frameless copper IUD

Cervical barriers, condoms etc:
Ortho All-Flex silicone Arching spring diaphragm
Milex wide seal silicone Arcing spring diaphragm
Milex Omniflex silicone coil spring diaphragm
Reflexions latex flat spring diaphragm
FemCap silicone cervical cap
Male condoms latex & polyurethane
FC2 nitrile female condom
Today sponge

Fertility awareness:
FAM Fertility Awareness Method Symptothermal (using a barrier when fertile)
NFP - Natural Family Planning (abstaining while fertile)

Cycle beads –Standard days method / Rhythm method
Russian roulette – Withdrawal (Pull and Pray)


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Autumnal Equinox performance challenges at location Z

Loch Broom; in Scottish Gaelic, Loch Bhraoin, meaning loch of rain showers.

The Photo: The entrance to Loch Broom on a clear day with the mountains in the background where location Z is located.

The weather at Location Z: On the west coast of Scotland a great deal of rainfall occurs, because of the weather coming off the Atlantic. It averages for the year a bit more than 50 inches at Loch Broom, autumn and winter being the wettest seasons. On the east coast the annual rainfall is only about half as much. The average daily maximum temperature for the year is a bit more than 46 °F. Temperatures for January and July are 38 °F and 57 °F respectively so it’s not often even warm in high summer. 

No historical weather data have been compiled for the mountain top on which Loc. Z is located, but Jack says in the year that he’s been working there the site averages 10 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than Ullapool. Precipitation has been harder to measure since the site is often in the clouds when at sea level it’s dry. And there is almost always a strong wind across the site, making one wonder why the ancients built it there. Perhaps they eventually wondered too and abandoned it for one on a plain with an unobstructed view and better weather. Or perhaps it was originally to worship a Rain Goddess.

The loch of showers: That’s a very appropriate name and one I think fits it better than the alternative suggestion that it was named for the gorse that is so prevalent in the area.  It turned out that there had been torrential rains during the night so when we arrived (in the rain and in mule drawn carriages) at the women’s tent on site we found the forest fall that had been spread around the altars had all been washed away as well as the remaining topsoil around the altars in which the gorse had been growing revealing stone paving dressed and fitted to form flights of low steps to reach the altars and gutters to channel the runoff away from the ceremonial area. It was a good bit more clearing than Jack had done and the stone paving and gutter system tied the entire site together as a single entity that it lacked before.

Once on site the rain did not let up though its presence probably prevented the temperature from falling much further into the 40s. However, the wind chill from the 30 mph with gusts to 40 made it seem as though it was near freezing and I thought hypothermia might be a real possibility. The wind that moaned and howled through holes in the vertical stones seemed to come from every direction and was almost terrifying. It was not good weather to be celebrating on site, but I viewed it as a test of our dedication to the old ways and His Grace agreed with me.

Cycles and servants: As far as our cycles were concerned I was CD3 and bleeding heavily on Sunday (9/22) which is normal for me. The Swan Twins were fertile and wet with FCM, the first time since coming off Beyaz and Bea and Cyndi are luteal. So the tale about women bleeding while around the altars of the site regardless of where they are in their cycles doesn’t seem to apply to concelebrating women. No other local women came up to the altar level, but I had brought along my dresser who came over with us and who has had her tubes tied. She was only two days past her fertile interval and she began to bleed heavily. I had warned her about that possibility and she had brought along her Diva cup so she was prepared, but it does appear that there may be truth in the story that women not participating directly in the religious ceremony will bleed if they are near the altars.

Altar assistance (a function that Jack kept running smoothly) was carried out by the ten young male concelebrants who weren’t otherwise engaged on the altars with their female partners having their turn at the ritual of planting autumn seed. The assistance the men provided was to initially help the women mount their altars and later help the male who had just been drained of his vital fluids off his partner and the altar and back to the men’s tent to rest and rehydrate since at the end of their encounter most of them couldn’t stand by themselves.

.Males and Gales: I was concerned that weather conditions (especially the temperature) would prevent the men from maintaining erections. However, His Grace had already minimized that possibility by ordering that our partners be fortified for the challenge with the performance enhancer Cialis in addition to Gorse brandy. Jack commanded the men’s tent and oversaw their donning robes of red deer skins and administered the Gorse brandy.

His Grace commanded the women’s tent and was fascinated to watch my dresser robe the women (we were all nude under our Red Deer robes) and us putting on Freed Classic pointe shoes, dyed to match our robes. He had insisted that we all bring and wear pointes while on the altars, but ones made with traditional materials, even though there was no equivalent footwear in ancient times. I thought they would be ruined for sure as in the rain the blocks would quickly melt, but as fate would have it our Freeds survived almost unharmed. Shortly before leaving our tent for the altars we all applied 10 ml of DiveGel+ from prefilled disposable vaginal applicators and His Grace served us our portions of Gorse Brandy. Then at 6:50 AM we left our tent to mount the altars for sunrise at 7:06 AM.  

At that moment the wind picked up noticeably and the howling from the wind through stone holes increased considerably in volume. The rain stopped and the clouds lifted just off the site and raced overhead. It was like walking into the wind from an industrial fan to get to the altars.  By the time we staggered the twenty yards to the altar site the wind had blown them dry. I was afraid for Odile that she would be blown off the north altar and over the cliff, but the altar is positioned so that it is protected from the wind except from the north which if she was blown off by a north wind it would toss her against the north end of the primary altar so from that perspective (in theory) she was relatively safe and she fearlessly mounted and lay waiting for her first man.

Once all the women were on our altars the wind almost stopped and the holey stone moans stopped entirely.  It was eerily quiet.  While the rain and wind had stopped there was no break in the cloud cover and no sunrise to be seen as we kept on schedule and (according to Jack who was acting as master of ceremonies) the first male penetration on all five altars occurred exactly at sunrise, 7:06 AM.

Donald: My first partner was Donald a strapping lad of 13 who was amazingly well endowed for someone his age. He was such a sweet boy, who had learned about sex from his older brother and an obliging ewe. By all accounts I was his first penile/vaginal sex with a woman. He had never seen hairless pubes on an adult woman and so was fascinated by the sight of my waxed vulva. At first he thought from my size, my face in deep shadow and being hairless I was younger than he was and wouldn’t mount me, which I first thought endearing until I realized his balking might throw the ceremony off schedule. So I spoke to him in my most dominating tone of voice and he quickly mounted me and properly positioned we waited for 7:06 AM.

He had older and younger sisters and knew what a very young girl looks like as well as having seen his older sister’s bikini trimmed bush. I told him I was menstrual and he said he’d taken bleeding ewes so blood was no problem if I felt OK and asked if I wanted him to use a condom. He said his sister didn’t want to be around her boyfriend when she was bleeding. I said it was important for this ceremony that he not use a condom as the purpose was to have him plant his seed as deep in me as he could. He was so pleased as he like most men hates condoms.

He lacked technique, but made up for it in energy, short recycle time and enthusiasm so that he got off four times in twenty minutes, the last two times I ripple gripped him while I was breastfeeding him. Who knew that he was fond of breast milk! I asked where he developed the taste and he told me he had a nursing relationship with his grandmother who he is helping stay fresh as she works sometimes as a wet-nurse. What a darling boy! He had to be helped off me the last time and was smiling as two of his friends helped him stagger away. 

Afterward: It took us about two and a half hours to finish our work on the altars after which the Red Deer rug I was lying on was sodden with my menstrual flow, arousal lube, DiveGel and my partner’s semen. All my encounters, the three initiates as well as Jack and His Grace, and the other altar girls altar encounters went w/o incident and the clouds scudded just a few feet above the site with no sign of the sun. The altar rugs with the celebrant’s fluids were collected and taken back to the lodge to be ritually burnt as would the Freed pointes we had worn while on the altars.

Then as we were in the carriages returning to the hunting lodge the rain and wind came again. By early afternoon we were back at the lodge and the sun was out briefly. We all had naps after long hot soaking baths. Before dinner we participated in the burning of the altar rugs and shoes throwing the Freeds we had worn and the deerskin rugs we had lain on onto a bonfire in propitiation for any offenses against the Goddesses we may have been guilty of, such as wearing pointes on the altars which I was very skeptical about. His Grace’s staff sets a marvelous table and we all sat down to a delicious evening celebratory meal of rack of lamb with the newly initiated boys before they were taken home to their families.

Given the girls fatigue from cold and exertion and because getting a helicopter in with the gale force winds would have been difficult we decided to stay over another day and leave for home on Tuesday the 24th. It’s now 6:30 AM here and the helicopter is coming for us at about 7:30 AM. So after I post this I’m going down to breakfast. If His Grace wants to celebrate the Winter Solstice at location Z we may have to do it in parkas and snowshoes. 

Saturday, September 21, 2013

An intimate relationship with ewes

A highland relationship - Scottish Blackface Sheep

The weather: We made the trip safely landing in Edinburgh and taking a helicopter to His Grace’s hunting lodge in the mountains to the east of Ullapool. The weather here at the lodge is very cool, in the mid 50s F with a brisk wind and light to heavy rain.  The forecast for tomorrow, Sunday September 22 is about the same, but at a much higher elevation it will be colder so it looks like the girls and I are going to perform while soaking wet, unless there is divine intervention. The thought of being cold and wet again brings to mind how delightful it would be to wear a swimskin, but a few sips of The Old Bull’s Gorse brandy before ‘Showtime’ and the stack of soft waterproof blankets made of red deer skins should take care of the cold, for a while at least. We are all going to bed very early tonight as we are still jet-lagged and have to get up at 4:00 AM to have our buns on the altars at sunrise, which is at 7:06 AM.

A complication: Chris, our male Gyn who travels with us, had gone on ahead to the hunting lodge in the hills overlooking Loch Broom. There he met Taryn who cut classes at Cambridge to join him and they met with the Dukes Veterinarian who looks after the flocks of Scottish\h Blackface sheep he raises for their wool, which goes into making Harris Tweed, and meat.  The most delicious rack of lamb is served at His Grace’s table!

Chris was sent ahead to check the sexual health of the boys (13 to 18 years of age) who had been chosen as candidates to be seed planters in celebration of the Autumnal Equinox. There were 20 candidates, all from his Grace’s extensive sheep farming operations in old Wester Ross-Shire. Three of the candidates, two 17 and an 18 y/o, all from the same farm, tested positive for Chlamydia C. abortus.  The chlamydia bacteria are zoonotic. It can be spread to other species including goats, cattle and occasionally humans. C. abortus is the most virulent strain and so while being treated with antibiotics and recovering the boys were out of contention for seed planting on an altar at Location Z on the equinox

Spew in a ewe: More worrying for them however, is the very real possibility of losing their jobs because of transmitting Chlamydia to His Grace’s ewes which can kill their lambs.  Not because they were fucking ewes, which Jack says is common on sheep farms in the Highlands, but because they rode bareback when they were told to wear condoms. Being tight and with a body temperature of 102 – 103 degrees F Jack (speaking from experience) says a ewe makes a delightfully tight warm fuck and there’s no danger of having to pay child support, though the smell leaves something to be desired. I couldn’t really be upset with him, as sheep fucking is something of a male right of passage in the farming communities in the Highlands. Not to mention that I’ve had sex with a Great Dane, a tiger and several dolphins so I couldn’t honestly be upset with him for taking his pleasure where he found it in remote locations w/o women.

Now that chlamydial abortion has been diagnosed the entire flock is being treated with tetracycline. Fortunately the outbreak occurred in the smallest of the flocks so is thought to be isolated and well contained.  Human cases of C. abortus always involve pregnant women, most of whom will miscarry. Of course my circle and I all test to make certain we aren’t pregnant. Even though we all use DiveGel+ with a biocide that should kill the Chlamydia bacteria and we know our partners are clean it’s still scary to know that we could have an STI bacteria deposited in some of us if we hadn’t been pro-active about STI testing since we need to take our equinox altar partners bareback.  

Partner distribution: Two other candidates had minor injuries from recent farm related accidents that made them ineligible this year so we were left with fifteen healthy participating males. The plan is that we make an equal distribution over the five (one principal and four cardinal compass point secondary) altars which will give us three each. I’m taking the youngest, the two thirteen and one fourteen y/os. Bea gets the three fifteen y/os and Cyndi and the twins share the seventeen and eighteen y/os. If any of the girls can’t handle three I’ll take the ones they can’t accommodate and Jack and if the Old Bull feels up to it I’ll service him as well.

Hoods from hares: The Mountain Hare (Lepus timidus) is Britain's only native member of the rabbit/hare group. The women of the village supporting His Grace’s hunting lodge have made rabbit fur hoods with attached capes over the neck, throat and shoulders, for all the visiting altar girls, from the white winter coats of the Mountain Hare. They are beautifully made delightfully warm and were fitted individually over our hair after we arrived. They are ceremonial altar clothing for warmth and head protection while being repeatedly inseminated on behalf of the earth goddess at sunrise on celestially important occasions when ritual seed planting is called for.

The Swan twins, an update: Odette and Odile seem to have adjusted well to their GyneFix IUDs with no pain or spotting after the initial two day discomfort from having the knot buried in the fundus. The day before we left Odette showed Himself the main library at UNLV one evening and was taken (from behind while she was sur les pointes a la seconde in the stacks where she had gotten a job shelf reading. She wore a ball-gag to minimize the noise a brown long sleeve turtleneck thong back leo with matching brown 50 denier tights over the leo for immediate access and brown suede tipped GM pointes for traction on the polished floors as well as to deaden the sound when the old bull repeatedly thrust dropped her. The color of her clothing made her nearly invisible in the low lighting in the stacks. 

It was a simple matter for Himself to pull her tights down and when she bent over and held on to the metal shelving he slipped the thong to one side, spread her lips and inserted himself bareback with a single stroke that completely filled her and rammed her cervix she moaned and tears ran from her eyes.  She was very excited to have him thrusting into her cervix and he actually gave her an orgasm before shooting his load to coat her cervix with his thick creamy semen. Afterward she unbuckled her ball gag, pulled it out and was gasping for breath as she Kegeled out most of his ejaculate. She adjusted her thong, pulled up her tights and the rest of their coitial discharge drained into the thong of her leo and the absorbent crotch grommet of her tights as they walked back to her car.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Altar Girls: Planning for the Autumnal Equinox

Autumn foliage in Scotland

The 2013 Autumnal equinox: Returning readers will recall that in my post for June 19, 2013 “Summer solstice – location Z” I was a guest and concelebrant at a ceremony celebrating the summer solstice at an ancient holy site on property belonging to His Grace in the mountains over looking Loch Broom and the Minch with the Isle of Lewis in the distance.

Now John, Lord Sandbach, and His Grace have asked me back to reprise my role as a concelebrant at location Z on the occasion of the Autumnal equinox, Sunday September 22nd. I was delighted to be asked and plan to go, but they want me to bring along Bea, Cyndi and the Swan twins. Cyndi and Bea were out of school for the Summer solstice. However, now all the girls will be in school. So the question is: Is it worth having them cut classes for two days, the Friday before and the Monday after so they can learn about and celebrate the gods of a religion almost older than time. It’s the twins I’m thinking about as Bea and Cyndi, who has the blood of the people of the old ways flowing in her veins, are quite at home with celebrating their sexuality by ritually offering their bodies as substitute for the Goddess during the planting of seed.

As I mentioned before the girls are very smart so their studies shouldn’t suffer and professors are typically tolerant of students taking time away from class to attend family celebrations, which I consider celebrating the seasons as being, so I think they should be fine. Is it worth their time away from class? Certainly it is! They will be able to tell their daughters about being ritually penetrated as the Earth Goddess uses our bodies on the altar to bring new male DNA into the congregation of the old ways! What girl wouldn’t want to experience that? They can study on the plane and take any exams they miss when they return.

Holy site access: His Grace and Jack (John, Viscount Sandbach, his son) who is the archeologist in the family, have been improving access to location Z w/o disturbing artifacts, a process that is taking a good bit of time. Even so Jack says getting up the mountain will be much easier now that mules are being used.  Returning readers will recall that motorized vehicles were used to help get to the site for the Summer Solstice and the weather was less than ideal and that seemed to happen with distressing regularity except when a local worker brought workmen to the site in a mule cart. On those days the weather at the site was relatively clear. Himself wondered if the motors were disturbing the spirits and began using mule carts for access and on days the workers used mules the weather at the site improved considerably.  Other than improving access Jack has just tidied up a bit using natural fall from the surrounding forest floor to smooth the area around the principal and lesser altars.  He has trimmed a bit of the Gorse so the celebrants can see the tops of the surrounding stones, but has left the rest of the site wild as it must have been for hundreds of years.

Wailing stones: Jack said after he trimmed the Gorse around the stones in the circle the frequency and volume of wailing noises at the site increased. It turns out that there are holes in some of the vertical stones all around the circle – except to the north where the cliff top has fallen into the valley taking several of the northern stones with it – and the wind, which is almost constant across the mountain top blowing through the holes causes the moaning sounds that have contributed to the locals fear of the place as being haunted for as long as Himself can remember. Jack thinks the holes were intentionally placed because there are too many and are in the same location on the stones.

The Earth Goddess: Jack also thinks that location Z is a holy site a sort of open early astrological temple, to an Earth Goddess because there are a lot of beds in the brambles just below the site where doe have come to give birth. But more surprising is that the few female servants – other than the pregnant ones - who came only to the lower level of the site to work in field kitchens or deliver the workmen’s meals, have all started their periods while on the site regardless of where they were in their cycles. So now no female servant will go near the place. And, on September 22, when I will be the first offering on the principal altar for the ritual planting of seed for fall crop,. I will be CD3, one of my heaviest days. I’m taking that as a good omen.

Cyndi, Bea, and the swan twin’s participation:  Cyndi and Bea did not bleed during the Summer Solstice celebration, when they were taken during the ritual planting of seed for summer crops, but they were celebrants on several of the secondary altars so perhaps the cycles of participating women aren’t affected.  That’s something to consider and watch for. With the four secondary altars now available on the North, South, East and West of the principal altar all my girls will be major participants. The North altar is a bit too close to the cliff edge for my liking but Jack says the rock it’s on is quite solid so while it looks dangerous if the wind isn’t blowing from the South the celebrant and her partner(s) on the North altar should be quite safe. Cyndi, as the Duke’s granddaughter, had first choice and chose to offer herself on the Eastern altar because it’s closest to the rising sun. Bea chose the South, Odette picked the Western altar leaving the Northern one for Odile as she is the risk taker and wanted the scary one because the sheer drop is just a few feet away.

Fiona and Major Tree were recalled by the embassy to DC after the Washington Navy Yard shooting. His Grace and Jack will be returning to the UK with us and we leave for Scotland early in the morning this coming Saturday.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Cum sluts and conventional morality

Male spoor from an arboretum encounter

Cyndi and the swan twin’s reputations: As first year students at UNLV the girls are already the object of considerable interest to returning male upper classmen. Perhaps that’s because of their looks, but more likely because of their sophistication as they seem far more worldly than most forth year women on campus. Scholastically their course material shouldn’t be a problem as they are astoundingly bright and can dazzle in class w/o lording it over their fellow students. It’s learning to successfully avoid the rocks and shoals of conventional morality while leading far different private lives that can be tricky. That is where their feminine wiles will stand them in such good stead.

While I’m training them in the skills of fetish escorts and they go bareback with their male trainers in my classes they absolutely must use condoms for STI protection and limit their partners at school or they will quickly be considered cum-sluts. They already have far better pelvic technique than most other women at their school (A few professional escorts are enrolled there as well.) and shouldn’t flaunt it, but when they take lovers at UNLV the men will almost certainly brag to their buds about “the amazingly tight girlfriend I have”. Limiting their UNLV partners has, so far, not been a problem as all three love being in demand and are reveling in being pursued socially while withholding their favors until they get to know their suitors better. Some of their girlfriends are already jealous because the twins cause men to stop and stare. Of course they have been on campus only two weeks and the swan twins just having come off Beyaz have only now become fertile and are experiencing the surge of hormones that makes many of us, especially young very fertile women, desperate for a man. With that in mind I’m making sure that they have an assortment of sizes of Japanese super-sheer latex condoms in their purses so when the time comes they can tell the lucky men, “no glove no love” and mean it.

The Duke arrives: The old bull has come out to inspect his granddaughter’s, Cyndi’s, living conditions and school. He can’t understand why she is studying since a gap year generally means the student takes a break from studying before moving on to university. Since Cyndi lives with me her living conditions are luxurious, compared to student housing so that’s no problem. The University admin is falling all over themselves being nice to him hoping for some financial support, like him endowing a chair in one of the arts or sciences. That’s very unlikely as even though he’s English he’s every bit as parsimonious as a Scotsman. He came west on Limnaea, my G550, which stopped in Edinburgh for him as well as Jack (Viscount Sandbach) his son. At Dulles they refueled and picked up Fiona, Cyndi’s mom, who brought along her BoyToy (Maj. Colin Tree) so I’ve been draining English semen for the last few days and loving it!

His Grace knows my drill if he wants bareback sex so he arrived with a recent negative full STI panel and a semen analysis which shows that at his age he is still quite potent, a fact of which he’s very proud. So none of his female admirers should think he is shooting blanks and protect themselves accordingly. However, the old bull does use a performance enhancing medication to make sure his body can keep up with his libido. Jack is sleeping with me, Fiona with Colon and my four girls Bea, Cyndi, Odette and Odile each have their own small suites and they sleep with their trainers as part of their escort training.  

His Grace has his own large suite in which he entertains a different fetish escort every night. His routine is the same. The flavor-of-the-day first gives him oral (and swallows) to take the edge off and make him last at least long enough that she might have an orgasm. After which she helps him into a securely fitting condom. Then after helping him insert himself (he has a marvelously thick shaft) she squeezes him so tight his pre-ejaculate is pushed out of the tip and around his shaft after which she can easily pull the condom off and he finishes bareback coating her cervix with semen. He just loves that they can pull a properly fitting condom off while he is erect and hard! I didn’t think the swan twins have that strong a grip yet and they are jealous of Bea because she is only 16 and can already do it easily. That has turned out to be an amazing motivator for the twins to do their pelvic exercises.

Having John’s father in residence is one of the few times I like to use my large dining room table, heavy linen tablecloths and the good china and silver. I brought in kitchen and serving staff (working for me on their own time) from the casino’s exclusive restaurant so that we can all enjoy meals together. And invite dinner guests like Anya who is in town and Chris (our Gyn), Pirate (who runs our escort service) and Adolph (who owns the deep water training facility). The guys bring along some of our casinos best fetish escorts, as dinner partners/arm candy to show them off to His Grace so Himself can select a partner for the evening.

His Grace And the swan twins: The old bull loves the thrill of getting off inside gorgeous teens in public places while avoiding getting caught so I had already warned the twins that he might be interested in getting to know them biblically in public and they found the prospect exciting, especially Odile who like me has a thing for risky sex. They both have had no discomfort or bleeding from their GyneFix placements on Saturday (September 7th) and when they were introduced to His Grace he took an immediate liking to them. A day or two later he asked Odile (who had been chatting him up at every opportunity) if she would show him the University Arboretum as he said he was interested to see the desert flora on display. Having been warned about his interest she was prepared. She gladly accepted and off they went.

Before they left I made sure she had some large super-sheer condoms and was wearing a party panty (a thong with an absorbent gusset) under her short sage jersey skirt and a lighter sheer sage silk blouse that allowed her to blend in with the shrubbery. She was barelegged and wore old sage dyed Gaynor pointes as I’d told her the old bull is fond of women in toe-shoes. I wasn’t sure how she would do being taken from behind which is his fave position as she had only been taken in that position while en pointe by her trainers. I made sure she was wearing toe-pads with her Gaynors which with the internal platform padding I hoped would protect her from thrust-drop. But Himself gets off quickly and is usually interested in his own pleasure not his partner’s so I thought in GMs she could probably stay on her toes until he came in her.

I was right. When they came back he was very pleased and even after doing SETs (Kegels to expel his semen) she was still draining ejaculate into the gusset of her party thong. He’d had her roll a condom on to him to see if her grip was strong enough to pull it off. And amazingly it was! It was her first time pulling a condom off a man other than one of her trainers and she was so excited about that! But she didn’t orgasm which left her frustrated. She was able to pull his condom off probably because on pointe her pelvic muscles were naturally clenched so any additional tightening, and she did have strong vaginal contractions that were maddeningly short of climax, was enough to force his pre-ejaculate down along the inside of the condom so he slipped out of it.

Iced toes and masturbation: When she went to freshen up I went with her and iced her feet to reduce the swelling from prolonged pointework. But first she squatted pushed down and with two fingers reached in and pulled out the condom that had been forced into her posterior fornix after he had slipped out of it. While she iced her toes she took a few minutes to quickly masturbate to orgasm using her Hitachi Magic Wand so she could release the blood still pooled in her pelvis because she had not been sexually satisfied and left uncomfortably bloated and frustrated.

She said that in the small clearings surrounded by thick shrubbery where she took him there were condoms and tampons littering the ground and bushes. The ground was still sodden in places from the showers we have had for the last few days, though the really heavy rains were well to the east of us. Her Gaynor pointes were a muddy mess, but the blocks and shanks came through undamaged and the ribbons and stitching held though the sage satin is now the color of sand.  Knowing he often leaves his partner’s unsatisfied I’d suggested she give herself a clitoral orgasm while he was taking her from behind, but she said she didn’t dare because they were almost seen by student couples and she couldn’t chance them hearing her moan or cry out in ecstasy. After showering she rejoined us and she was fine. Odette is now looking forward to her turn with Himself.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Pointe shoe quiz 9-14-2013

Who is the maker of these shoes?

This used to be a difficult one, but returning readers have seen it enough that it should be relatively easy.


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The swan twins and a LARC

A 4 bead mini GyneFix frameless copper IUD

Disclaimer: Some readers have asked me to provide medical advice. I am not a doctor.  This post does not represent and should not be considered individual medical advice.

Odette, Odile and GyneFix: Chris, our male Gyn, decided it’s best to take the swan twins off Beyaz and provide their contraceptive protection by a LARC (long acting reversible contraceptive) method, the GyneFix frameless copper IUD. An additional benefit is that it will eliminate the undesirable side effects of contraceptive hormones and with Yasmin, Yaz and Beyaz a possibly elevated potassium level. We have been closely monitoring the levels of contraceptive hormones in their bloodstreams since they joined us on Virgin Gorda and found them too low to be considered effective. And since they began their ballet training regimen which they will be on for at least the next year or two if they stay under my supervision it has dropped even lower. As returning readers may recall a 28 pill pack of Beyaz contains:

  • 24 pink tablets, each containing 3 mg drospirenone, 20 mcg ethinyl estradiol (EE) as and 0.451 mg levomefolate calcium (a metabolite of vitamin B) which lowers the risk of having rare neural tube defects in a pregnancy occurring during Beyaz use or shortly after stopping
  • 4 light orange tablets having no contraceptive value, each containing 0.451 mg levomefolate calcium
Low contraceptive hormone levels can usually be attributed to the woman not taking her pills correctly or taking dietary supplements or medicines that interfere with the hormones absorption into the bloodstream or vomiting within two hours after taking her pill.  The twins aren’t on interfering meds or dietary supplements, are taking their pills correctly and haven’t been vomiting so what’s left is a fast metabolism which caused the hormones to be purged from the bloodstream too quickly. I called Paul and asked if he knew anything about their high metabolic rates and he said the private school they attended in NYC mentioned that it was elevated, but their thyroids chemistry appeared to be within normal limits and that’s what their health records transferred to our clinic showed. Before someone asks I had the twins rechecked and they aren’t suffering from hyperthyroidism. They seem to have inexhaustible energy and put away quantities of food like football players w/o gaining any weight, an ability most women would kill for.

GyneFixed: The twins haven’t had any instances of breakthrough ovulation, that we know of, yet, but given their embarking on intensive sexual activity Chris feels the amounts of hormones in Beyaz are too low and with an abundance of caution he and I want them better protected w/o them taking larger amounts of hormones. We both think it better to have them use the mini-GyneFix, a frameless four button copper IUD, which is effective for at least three years. When properly inserted, the GyneFix frameless copper IUD offers several important advantages:

  • High efficacy (99%)
  • Efficacy does not decrease with time
  • Low expulsion rate (1%)
  • Reduced bleeding (4 bead GyneFix 200 Mini)
  • Reduced pain complaints
  • Long duration of action (3 to 5 years)
The twins were on their last pill periods so with the cervix naturally dilated a bit that was an ideal time to insert their IUDs. Chris inserted their mini-GyneFix IUDs Friday afternoon after their UNLV classes. They had taken 800 mg of Ibuprofen an hour before so after numbing them a bit he inserted Odette’s first as Odile held her hand. Then they swapped places. I went along for support, but they didn’t need me and would have done fine by themselves. I insisted on being there and I was glad I went to see how both handled the procedure. The worst part they said was when the anchoring knot was pushed into the muscle of the fundus.  They are fine and could have sex as soon as they felt able so they continued their pelvic training lessons on Saturday and they had a full weekend of energetic penetrative activity. More about that in a later post.

Coming off the pill: Taking the twins off Beyaz eliminated the likelihood of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) from the progestin drospirenone as well as avoiding the possibility of spiking potassium levels which could lead to heart problems. Having the twins begin cycling naturally again will allow them to take advantage of the burst of creativity that often accompanies a woman’s fertile interval and experience the full range of emotions due to cyclical hormonal swings.  Being off the pill should increase their vaginal secretions during arousal and they should experience a substantial increase in libido, not that they didn’t have healthy sex drives before. And by trimming off the GyneFix string as Cyndi and escorts who have IUDs as well as use cervical barriers do, they can safely wear a diaphragm or cap as flood insurance for upper reproductive tract protection during dive-sex.

The twins went on the pill at 14 to regulate their cycles and minimize their periods. Even when they switched to Beyaz they have had estrogen withdrawal headaches while taking their placebo pills and some breast pain as the estrogen from a new pack causes breast swelling both of which should disappear as their breasts decrease a bit in size. I don’t think that will be an issue since neither of the girls seems fixated on breast size and they are training to perfect their ballet bodies.  We don’t know for sure now that they are off hormones if their cycles will naturally stabilize, but we should know in about four cycles. In my case when I came off the pill it took three cycles for my cycle to return to normal. My period is relatively comfortable and I rather like the idea that bleeding is resetting my reproductive cycle to produce another egg and perhaps conceive and I hope to convince the twins to glory in their bleeding. My period is my secondary libidinal peak which is fairly common so perhaps they will have that positive experience as well.

Fellatrix class: Next week I’m going to begin the twins on a week of evening fellatio classes with some of the male escort candidates.  Not that that they had never given a blow-job, they just need practice in the nuances of the skill. Things like: massaging the frenulum with lips or tongue, collecting ejaculate in the mouth, forcing semen into his mouth during an afterglow kiss and how to force him to swallow it. It’s amazing how important it is to a man to have his partner swallow his seed, so it’s important to at least appear to enjoy swallowing regardless of the taste. Then there is the advanced course in deep-throating; how to manage the gag reflex, breathing during and how to keep semen from entering the lungs among other things

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Semen expulsion techniques, Agent Orange

Pretty pussy: Ready for my close-up Mr. DeMille

The photo: Even with shaved or waxed pubes a working girl or wannabe needs a catsuit with a silicone coated relief zipper to prevent getting delicate tissues caught in the teeth when suiting up, on a potty break or during a penetrative encounter. An industrial zipper with micro teeth is used on elite level latex catsuits to allow the zipper and its protective tongue – to separate the zipper teeth from delicate labia tissue - to fit into the wearer’s pudendal cleft to produce camel-toe, in relative comfort.

Guys would be amazed to know how many novices try wearing a rubber bodysuit with a relief zipper w/o shaving their pubes and get in trouble. The women’s lounges at fetish clubs are full of them with stuck zippers and nail scissors trying to cut themselves free. Or worse getting delicate labia tissue pinched in the zipper by being too quick zipping up. Even wearing a thong under the catsuit doesn’t totally solve the problem while introducing thong lines that detract from the woman’s natural pelvic lines and can be easily seen by knowledgeable clients thus branding the wearer a novice.

Semen expulsion techniques: A seldom discussed benefit of tightening the vaginal muscles with Ben Wa balls is that a woman can expel most of a partner’s semen by clenching her muscles to squeeze the fluid out. Some of us can do that with such force that the discharge will squirt several feet enough to splatter a lover’s chest or face if he’s about to go down on you.  You can’t get it all, at least at first if he spewed ejaculate into your fornices, but after it liquefies a woman with strong muscles and the ability to clench them tightly should be able to expel nearly all of his semen. And, strangely having a diaphragm inserted doesn’t seem to affect the percentage of semen, spermicide and the woman’s natural lube expelled. I’ll use a Puffs tissue to catch the discharge then depending on where I am flush it down the toilet or put it in my purse to dispose of later. If possible I try to urinate after sex to flush out my urethra. Otherwise a girl is more likely to get a UTI from a partner forcing bacteria up her urethra.   

Actually, wearing a Reflexions latex diaphragm gives the coitial discharge an added natural rubber taste and scent, which more and more fetishists seem to enjoy.  I wondered how they learned about the taste and scent of a latex diaphragm marinated in a woman’s natural fluids until during pillow talk a partner my age told me how he learned. It was from his grandfather, who took him on hunting trips. After a few drinks and pledging him to secrecy his granddad would regaling him with stories of the amazing taste of his wife’s diaphragm, but I don't suppose that's typical. Or is it?  I suppose that must be part of male bonding, right? Or, perhaps that was just an old tipsy man recalling fond memories. Whatever the reason, there has been a significant increase in interest from young male clients to have their escorts wear latex diaphragms which in turn has led to a rubber renaissance as far as diaphragm usage is concerned.

Agent Orange: I’ve had several enquiries from concerned readers about the health of Agent Orange and the status of the mission she was training for. She’s still in guarded condition with aspiration pneumonia from the vomit in her lungs and she’s going to have to have a rotary cuff repair on her right shoulder (her dominant arm) when she’s well enough. I don’t know why there were no medical checks run ahead of time; its standard practice in my classes to have women take a pregnancy test once a week while diving. Checking her hCG would have prevented the near tragedy that ensued. She’s lucky to be alive! I was never told why there was no knowledgeable woman diver or government doctor involved. Either one would have known to check for pregnancy. Perhaps it was sequester cuts or an urge to limit the number of people involved. Adolph called for a doctor as soon as he saw her in trouble. The HB chamber is in the basement of the private hospital next door and connected to the deep water training facility by a tunnel (which is probably why his facility was chosen) so by the time AO was on the surface a civilian MD was there and they rolled her and the male divers into the HB chamber right away.

If she’d had even a half-ass medical briefing before hand a preg test would have been routine and none of that would have happened! I just think she really wanted to prove herself. You know women still have to do twice as much as a man to be considered half as good. I think she was just trying to work her way into the old boys club of secret ops. The only reason she got chosen was they needed someone with a vagina and she also had a head-turning rack.  The whole mission had to be scrapped and rethought because what happened got all over the hospital or I wouldn’t be writing about it now.


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Deflowering the twins:

A fetish escort’s must-haves GM pointes and a Reflexions latex FS diaphragm

Fetish escorts: The economy is back in full swing; at least for the segment of the entertainment industry that supplies elite fetish escorts. We’ve been noticing an increase in interest in girls into kinky things at the elite level of beauty, education and physical skills and so we have revised our training program to concentrate on providing lovely well trained girls to fill that need. This means we have become even more selective in choosing fetish escort candidates. We are looking only for ballet bodies and training, both men and women. The classes will be smaller, longer and more challenging for the candidates to successfully complete, but they will be much better prepared to provide every client far more intense experiences than in the past.

Saying that I’m looking for ballet bodies doesn’t mean I’m against other body types it’s just that’s where the demand is right now. There are plenty of show-girl intimate training courses out here for statuesque generously proportioned girls, but our school isn’t one of them.

Escort training:  Odette and Odile have been to the Gyn for pelvic exams, serum pregnancy and full panel STI tests to establish a base line for their sexual health during their college years while they are in my care. They have deep post-pubic vaults and healthy and ideally positioned cervixes. In additional to sexual health the girls were given full phys exams including stress tests and echocardiograms to make sure there where no heart defects as the training can be quite stressful at times. In addition to thorough medical screening I had Gepetto’s custom shop measure the twins for Penetrator plugs that are custom fitted to each woman’s pelvic anatomy. And they have been equipped with fetish escort quality slit kits to cover almost every need.

Having successfully gotten this fat I’ve started them on some training preliminaries, like increasing the weight of their Ben Wa sets from the one inch diameter solid Pyrex glass balls weighing .65 oz each (for a total of 1.3 oz the set) that they have been using,  to one inch solid steel balls. Each one inch diameter solid surgical stainless steel ball weighs 2.307 oz. for a total of 4.6 oz when both are inserted. I call them my “McBalls”, as they are a quarter-pounder! They still wear the one inch glass balls to UNLV, but when home and for my ballet classes they wear their McBalls. Learning to pee and defecate with balls inserted is always tricky, but they mastered that challenge quickly so I’m very pleased.

I’m also pleased to say they are dropping them much less frequently than when they first got the McBalls a week ago, though they have to remove them for an hour or so occasionally to prevent severe cramping. The one inch steelies can really tighten a girl’s grip with just a few weeks of intense training and there is just a bit more maintenance with steel than glass. The balls need to be washed, dried  and coated with an intimate silicone lube (DiveGel+ in the case of the twins) before insertion (which makes them even harder to grip) to prevent the acidic vaginal pH from corroding them over time.

I’m also having them take a ninety minute ballet class 7 days a week primarily to strengthen their feet and legs for ballet-sex. Returning readers will remember that the purest form of that to my way of thinking is being penetrated from behind while sur les pointes a la seconde. Given that women in my circle typically like at least 20 – 25 minutes of foreplay and penetrative pleasure before reaching orgasm my goal is to have the twins comfortable while continuously en pointe for at least 30 minutes.   

So I’m having them wear GM pointes all the time they aren’t at UNLV and walk around sur les pointes as much as possible to strengthen and toughen their feet. They are doing that so much that I’m having them wear negative heel shoes to UNLV to keep their hamstrings stretched. Odette, the one with the submissive nature, does what I tell her to please me. Odile, the dominant and masochistic one, does what I tell her because she enjoys the discomfort and challenge. I think she is very much like me when I was her age. And of course they are wearing their 65 mm Reflexions FS cervical barriers with DiveGel+ (although they are still faithfully taking Beyaz BCPs) at all times to get used to the increased confidence wearing a cervical barrier can bring a sexually active woman. When I put them in training classes they will wear bright blue turtleneck thong-backed leos with pink tights over them to distinguish them from the IRL fetish escort trainees. That way the girls who are training to be IRL escorts will know I don’t intend the twins to hold the class back.

Deflowering the twins: I’m certain now that neither of the girls has been penetrated by a penis. They do lie to me about little things, but as yet don’t do it well enough to fool me about something as important as their virginity. Every woman remembers her first man. I was 14 and taken by a 16 y/o, another ballet student, while we were sunbathing on the roof of my dorm at ballet school in up-state NY.  So I want their experience to be safe fun and immensely pleasurable. Their pelvic exams showed no residual hymeneal tissue and there has been no discomfort when their hymeneal rings at the introitus were stretched to insert and open a speculum so there is nothing to impede a penetrating penis or even a partner inserting his or her fist. And as I’ve mentioned the girls have been inserting tampons, dildos, diaphragms, Ben Wa balls and riding a Sybian with no problems.

I hadn’t decided about which man or men would have the gift of their virginity until I realized I had the perfect man already available.  I don’t know what took me so long to realize I was right all along in leaning toward letting Chris (our male Gyn) have the pleasure and the responsibility and I knew that with all the attractive men in close proximity at UNLV I was going to have to decide soon or the girls would choose for themselves.

Chris is gentle and is an amazingly skilled lover who can determine exactly what a girl wants (or needs) and gives it to her with such energy and élan that she can hardly breathe from the strength of her orgasmic contractions. Returning readers will recall that Chris conducted the twin’s pelvic exams on Virgin Gorda and again here to establish their UNLV baseline values so they were already familiar and comfortable with him.  I’m hoping that being at UNLV will minimize the possibility of their becoming sexually fixated on Chris. I think there should be enough eligible suitors competing for their attention that they won’t develop a strong attachment to Chris as a permanent lover as Cyndi did while attending St Lucy’s, an all girls prep-school. Fortunately Cyndi has begun to outgrow her strong physical attraction to Chris, much to Chris’ and my relief. We are hoping her increasing interest in lovers other than Chris will accelerate now that she is at UNLV and has access to that pool of young attractive males.

And so it was that each of the twins was scheduled individually to see Chris today ostensibly for a re-check of their Reflexions fit and each was accompanied by one of my female security staff.  Its Labor Day here in the U.S. and UNLV is on academic recess. Chris had blocked out an hour for each exam which turned out to be just enough time. The exam rooms are soundproof and the security cam (to protect the medical staff against false charges of molestation) was on so I could watch and listen on a remote link from home. Each girl emptied her bowels and bladder before the exam began. She was tested for pregnancy as well as a finger prick to test for the progestin (drospirenone) levels to see if the contraceptive hormones were at the required level to prevent ovulation, in case he could take her bareback.  He was so gentle that before each girl realized what was happening he had her Reflections in his hand, set it in the exam tray and was so skillfully caressed the shaft of her clitoris that she was moaning and dripping wet with her labia engorged and parted before he even inserted a finger.  He asked if she wanted him to wear a condom and she murmured, “no”.  

He raised the exam table to the height of his pelvis and she guided him to her introitus. While keeping a gentle pressure from his glistening dripping glans gently against her introitus he raised the head of the table until she was sitting up and could put her arms around his back. Then had her raise her legs and swung away the stirrups and had her wrap her legs tightly around his waist locking him against her, told her to relax and asked if she was ready. She whispered in his ear, “yes”, which was easily picked up by the mike concealed in the medical lighting fixture above the table. Only then did he enter her, fully penetrating her in a single long smooth stroke that ended with his tip in her posterior fornix. She gasped in delight and he began his thrusting at a rate of about one per second.

Odette had gone first and she had been wound so tight that she began having orgasms in less than ten minutes. Once started they built to frantic G-spot orgasms where her back was arched, her contractions around his penis severe and she screamed, mewed and moaned between gasps for air as she clawed at his back with her nails. Not knowing what to expect Chris had worn a medical coat with a thick leather lining on the back to prevent his back being badly slashed by a partner in orgasmic ecstasy.   While he had scheduled an hour Odette was exhausted within half that time and fainted after her fifth major G-spot orgasm. The remainder of the time she was recovering her composure and strength to be able to be helped to the car by her minder.

Odile’s encounter with Chris this afternoon was virtually identical including her passing out after a half hour of extremely intense sexual pleasure. I think the main lesson the twins got from their virginity trysts with Chris was that men can be far, far more fun than toys, but there can be complications involved. Odile too is a slasher during orgasms so both girls should wear gloves when with a lover whose back is unprotected unless she intends to cut him up. So that’s another Item I can cross off my to-do list and can sleep well knowing that the Swan Twins have been introduced to the very best in heterosexual sex.

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