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Rubber Lust, Death rubber and sensitives

A Latex All-Flex the dome deteriorated from age

Cyndi, her death rubber Omniflex and Chi:
As I mentioned in my entry for December 18, 2011 post entitled: ‘Breeding diaphragms and ‘death rubber’ Cyndi has gotten her first death rubber device, a Milex Omniflex silicone diaphragm, which she pulled from her mentor’s still warm body after she died during a surface SCUBA encounter at Splash where she was senior Towel Girl. It first appeared that she was asphyxiated due to a tank mix-up, but that didn’t seem credible because of her years of experience. An autopsy determined that Inga died from a ruptured aneurysm in the brain which no one knew she had and which the pathologist thinks was triggered by her increased blood pressure during orgasm when her air ran out. Cyndi who was being trained by her was initially devastated, but in the following weeks with her ritual ‘purification’ at Salisbury Cathedral on the recent Winter Solstice she seems to have fully recovered.

I’ve noticed that when Cyndi has Inga’s Omniflex inserted she is confident, her voice sounds more self assured and she is more willing to take greater risks comparable to what Anya and I routinely take. However, the most fascinating thing is that she has become far better in reading the ‘tells’ that men give off and able to anticipate what they both want and need. That is the same thing that happened to me when I first wore a rubber encasement suit in which a friend I had at school suffocated during a sexual encounter. I found I could concentrate and think things through far quicker and easier when I was wearing that encasement suit because, I realized latter, I was channeling the former owner’s mental energy. Somehow becoming sensitive to the aura of the previous owner’s Chi.

Now I have become even more sensitive in that regard and can channel a former owner’s energy by wearing something as small as a dead woman’s cervical barrier if she died while wearing it during a sexual encounter when her pleasure and positive life force were aligned. So both Cyndi and I have become sensitives able to channel certain dead women’s energy that still inhabits intimate items associated with their deaths.

Rubber Lust: I’m seeing the same thing that happened to me happen to Cyndi when she is wearing Inga’s Omniflex. I call it ‘Rubber Lust’ because I become far more sexually assertive when I have a cervical barrier inserted and that’s true in spades if I’m wearing one of my death rubber devices and if I’m fertile or menstrual (as I am now, I’m CD12 and should ovulate this coming Thursday) I’m sexually insatiable. Of course her Omniflex is a shallow water barrier, only effective as a dive-sex sports-shield at depths above 30 feet.

Cyndi already has a new 70mm latex flat spring that she was fitted for, but what she needs is a 70 mm Death Rubber latex flat spring device that will effectively protect her from having water or air bubbles forced into her uterus at depths below 30 feet so I’m on the lookout for fatalities among UNLV students, escorts, escort trainees, towel-girls, women guests at The Lorelei and submissives who are sent to Adolph for training who wear latex diaphragms and enjoy risky sex. A 70mm is a common size and as the health risks of hormones are becoming more widely publicized cervical barriers are becoming increasingly popular for women in the fields in which I specialize and especially with women rubberists.

Women at risk: I’ve been asked by readers of our local obituaries and crime news in Nevada why more of the deaths I write about don’t make the news. Some of course do, but for the most part the women I write about were engaging in something extremely dangerous or illegal or both often involving breathplay during penetrative sex while wearing a gasmask and rebreather bag or SCUBA gear and underwater. For a woman participating in that level of sport as an amateur there is a steep learning curve and w/o proper training a substantial percentage drown, are asphyxiated or end up with permanent brain damage.

Some of the women were in the country illegally and were in an illegal business so no one wants publicity and the women disappear. Some U.S. women have come to Vegas to work in the sex industry which likes to run smoothly and quietly so local venues where fatalities sometimes occur are often successful in having the woman found in her car on a dirt track way out in the desert or over the edge of a mountain road. And occasionally an entrepreneur is found at the bottom of a pool behind a foreclosed house or hanging by a vaginal hook from the balcony as a warning to others if she was caught poaching on the Organization’s territory. And a few are put through a wood chipper and the bits sprayed into a pond of quick lime.

Guests at The Lorelei are cautioned about how strenuous breathplay during penetrative sex (especially dive-sex) can be and even though they must pass a stress test to ensure they have the stamina to fully participate the warning doesn’t seem to put anyone off. There have been two fatalities, one before the test was required and one afterward. Both were German women, who refused to admit they were not mentally up to the challenge of having their air shut off during orgasm under 15 feet of water and panicked. Adolph believes both of them were frightened to death when their air was shut off during orgasm even though they knew it was going to happen. So while it seems unlikely at first that I will be able to find a 70mm latex flat spring death rubber for Cyndi, or that she can find her own, the chances are considerably greater than one might expect.

Flat spring sports-shields/gas-guards, their strengths and weaknesses: The flat spring rim sports-shields that almost all professionals use has its own set of pros and cons. I think the strengths of flat spring device is that they are made of natural rubber latex which has nearly the heat transfer characteristics of skin-on-skin contact and the dome is much stretchier than silicone, the scent of a latex barrier left to marinate in vaginal fluids for more than 24 hours is wonderfully strong and pungent and a properly fitted and correctly inserted FS rim device is nearly impossible for a partner to under-thrust or displace. And it can be safely and effectively worn on dives to any depth.

The drawbacks of latex diaphragms are that they can’t be used by women or couples who have latex allergies. The flat spring rim is best used by women with strong muscle tone so it isn’t recommended for women who have delivered vaginally. A latex device left inserted for more than 24 hours has a much stronger and (some say) unpleasant scent than a silicone device left inserted for the same interval and latex can be relatively easily and quickly destroyed by greasy or oily medicines or lubricants. Even when well cared for the dome of a latex device will eventually deteriorate, harden and crack from old age as readers can see from the photo of one of my latex All-Flex diaphragms that is more than 15 y/o that accompanies this entry. In my experience a well cared for silicone diaphragm will typically last two to three times as long as a latex one. However, a latex diaphragm is usually about half the price of a silicone one.

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Rubber training suit and comments

Black textured rubber Maillot strapless boned swimsuit with scuba paneling.

A training grope-suit: Pictured above, a Lisa Marie Fernandez mid-leg swimsuit has a zip fastening through front, is boned to waist at front and has a scuba interior. 84% nylon, 16% spandex; interior bonded to: 100% chloroprene.

We have begun fitting new escort trainees in Lisa Marie Fernandez design neoprene lined strapless maillots as a confidence builder since it gives them limited control – they can be easily groped, but not penetrated - and to get them used to the heat and constriction of wearing rubber fetishwear while at work. We start by having a partner give them a clitoral orgasm, caressing her through the fabric of her suit, while she is wearing a gas mask. The gasmask is so she gets some idea of what it will be like underwater with her breathing limited to the air she can draw through the canister. Actually, as far as head comfort is concerned having dive-sex while wearing a FFM is a lot more comfortable than having surface-sex while wearing a gasmask. That’s because the compressed gas is cool and dry so the wearer’s face isn’t dripping sweat with it getting in her eyes even though she is wearing splatter lenses to limit eye irritation.

Surface-sex in a gasmask also is an introduction to breath play by using canister connector fitting attachments such as rebreather bags and blank connector covers that restrict or totally block the wearer’s access to fresh air so the candidate can experience asphyxia techniques to understand what’s in store for her so she is less likely to panic when having her air shut off for the first time during dive-sex training.

The Fernandez designed maillot looks vanilla enough that it can be worn in a family setting while the wearer is constricted by the boning and sweaty from the chloroprene (Neoprene) lining. Some trainees unzip their suits when they think they aren’t being watched to cool off and breathe more easily while the boning isn’t restricting their breathing. If a girl is caught with her suit unzipped during training hours she is dropped two places on the all important student standing list which determines when a trainee gets to choose the male partner she is teamed with for the day.

Death Rubber: It is also the first instance of a trainee wearing a professional quality sports-shield (gas-guard), the flat spring latex Reflections diaphragm although it’s not used. It just gives the trainee an opportunity to wear her FS diaphragm to get used to it and see that (when properly fitted and correctly inserted) it’s so comfortable she forgets she is wearing it. We have found that calling a cervical barrier a sports-shield is seen by students as a more user-friendly term than gas-guard. So far there haven’t been many trainees who have latex allergies and the ones who do usually drop out of the course since so much of a professional escort’s work can involve wearing some amount of rubber fetishwear. I keep a close eye on the trainees who wear the same size cervical barriers I do so that If any should have a fatal accident while training (Rare, but it does happen, especially during advanced training.) I can get first refusal of her sports-shield for my collection of death rubber.

The Ringlets and hCG: Returning readers will remember in my entry for December 16, 2011: ‘The Ringlets, NuvaRing and dive-sex’, A group of UNLV NuvaRing using grad students were going to Cancun on a dive trip on a live-aboard over the holidays and needed sports-shields that could prevent their NuvaRings from being accidentally pulled out during dive-sex. I fitted the girls with Cooper Surgical Milex wide seal Omniflex (coil spring) rims because they are all young with good vaginal muscle tone and all wear 70mm or 75mm diameter diaphragms which are large enough that the ring can safely and comfortably fit in the dome and the wide lip or flange around the inner edge of the rim helps hold the ring inside the dome. However, a sports-shield as a NuvaRing keeper only works effectively when the woman inserts her Omniflex before diving. The girls had a great time! It was so good in fact that two of them forgot to insert their sports-shields on several dives and lost their rings and one lost her spare ring as well. Now she has found that even though she took ella (30 mg of ulipristal acetate) she now is testing positive for hCG which she verified by having a serum pregnancy and she immediately took Mifeprex. Women think they can forget about precautions when they are on hormonal birth control and get away with it, but it just doesn’t work that way.

Comments and replies: As I mentioned in an earlier post Blogger in its infinite wisdom has decided to roll out mandatory features that are poorly tested and debug them by having the bloggers who are affected participate in getting the bugs fixed. Two Level Commenting is the latest example. While the Techies are attempting to fix the problem(s) they created I can post readers comments but not reply to them by comment! Go figure! So I will also post the comment in a blog entry and reply to it there.

Comment: Eric VanSickle on Security, privacy and personal electronics on 1/15/12
Testing a reply system to your blog? I hope this is a passage... Anyway, I see all the time in locker rooms and restrooms in public places: "Use of cell phones are prohibited in this area." I think Adolph, Gepetto, yourself and the St. Lucy's administration are in the right to limit or block cell phone use in intimate areas. You wouldn't want to have your clients in compromising positions, would you? In fact, I think there is a new commercial series for the LVCVB talking about people who tweet or Facebook their experiences over there in Vegas. It goes as far as to show a gal, when she enters gatherings, the parties stop and disperse because she "violated the code." It's obviously a take off of "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" mantra. Has anyone scolded you in revealing what goes on in your areas of expertise, albeit anonymously?

My reply: Hi Eric: No, no one has scolded me since I cloak my subject’s well enough that their identities aren’t revealed. Actually, in some instances my posts seem to have increased the interest in Adolph’s clubs such as Splash and The Lorelei. The cost of those places is prohibitive and by invitation only or through membership in other exclusive clubs, but interest has dramatically increased.

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Security, privacy and personal electronics

The BlackBerry Curve 8350i

Training venues and personal electronics:
In the training areas (gyms, pools and encounter sallies) at St Lucy’s and our escort center as well as Adolph’s facilities (Splash, and The Lorelei) no personal electronics are allowed for security and privacy reasons. It isn’t that big a deal at St Lucy’s. Security simply put jammers in the prohibited areas, but at Splash men complained, because many had been surreptitiously taking pics of the Towel Girls with the cams on their cells. Now the guys are given a choice leave their personal electronics with security before entering the club or be banned. At The Lorelei a few business women complained, but their need for the pampering, security and erotic delights available only at TL overcame their cell phone separation anxiety. Especially when they realized they needed to be safe from being photographed in a sweat soaked leo or while mounted by a favorite stallion. How to handle member’s personal electronic use while on premises has the training/health club industry split over asking members not to use their devices and hoping for the best or to put a zero tolerance policy in place. Having decided on zero tolerance Adolph hasn’t lost any business so it was the right business decision and in the long run avoids lawsuits for invasion of privacy by means of personal electronics.

A vaginal toning program at Splash: In keeping with well known Germanic training efficiency Splash has started a vaginal training program for all the Towel-Girls. The girls call it ‘very tight pussy’ training and it had been available as a training option for about a year, but was found to be so effective that it has been made mandatory. I think it was a good idea because it will standardize the intensity of the experience clients should expect to get at Splash. And for what they are charged that’s a very good thing! Inga was to teach the course and use training balls, Ben W sets, and Kegel trainers in addition to other devices to tighten and measure the strength of vaginal muscles.

However, since Inga’s death [For more about that see my December 18, 2011post entitled: Breeding diaphragms and ‘death rubber’] Abi, manager of Adolph’s Spa, The Lorelei, will be teaching the course until he can find a replacement for Inga. Most of the methods and equipment are the same as those I’ve been using to train escorts as well as my circle of friends who wanted to be able to ripple grip a partner to orgasm in spite of any attempt on his part to prevent ejaculation.

Of course, that’s why Cyndi progressed so rapidly up through the ranks of the Towel-Girls despite her youth and relative inexperience. Her apparent youth (though she is well over the age of consent in Nevada) her seeming innocence and the skill with which she uses her unbelievably strong vaginal muscles make her the most sought-after TG for servicing diving and breeding fetishists and the envy of the other girls.


Saudi Gazette
December 19, 2011
By Mohannad Sharawi

Birth control pills are 99% safe: Doctors

“JEDDAH – Birth control pills are safe and do not cause medical complications such as blood clots and infertility, according to doctors who attended a medical seminar here recently.

Dr. Hisham Arab, secretary general of the Saudi Obstetrics and Gynecology Society (SOGS), said that studies conducted over the last six months by the Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) showed that there is no relationship between the pills and blood clots. He added that other family planning pills on the Saudi market are also safe.

Dr. Abdul Hafiz Khoja, a family medicine consultant, said rumors about the safety of certain products were the result of a “dirty trade war” between rival pharmaceutical companies.

Khoja said that SOGS had recently issued a medical bulletin to all obstetricians and gynecologists in the Kingdom confirming the integrity of such pills and outlining supporting scientific evidence.

“All the latest experiments and research conducted by many research centers and scientific bodies around the world have revealed and confirmed that family planning pills are 99.99 percent safe. These medicines are also known to prevent women from contracting some diseases especially cancer.”

Khoja said that research from the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) showed that these pills are safer than other forms of contraception such as intrauterine devices (IUD) and injections. The FDA also rejected rumors that using such pills for long periods may cause infertility.

Dr. E’etedal Idrees, a faculty member at Dar Al-Hekma College, said the medical rumors are dangerous. “We should verify the news we receive from unknown sources especially from the Internet.”

He said that he tested birth controls pills such as Jasmine and found it to be safe. “I also talked to the SFDA here and asked them if they ordered the withdrawal of such pills from the Saudi market. Their response was negative.” ”

Personal Comment: This was written after the publicity in mid December when an FDA review board recommended stronger warnings on oral contraceptives containing the progestin drospirenone and on Ortho Evra, the Patch. It puts a different spin on the fact that an estimated 10 in 10,000 women will have a serious adverse event while taking pills containing Drospirenone. You have to love the male dominated society’s arrogant certainty in the opening sentence, even though it’s stretching the truth. There is a small (but absolute) increase in blood clots associated with all combined (estrogen/progestin) contraceptives and the risk with some progestins, like drospirenone, is greater than with others.

Edited on January 15th to reply to comment: First, Google/Blogger has (again) inserted bugs into the system while trying to introduce the Two Level comments feature, which in their wisdom they’ve made mandatory! Apparently the coders don't have the time to thoroughly test such a complicated feature before deploying it... Sigh! I hadn't opted to use 2-level, but I seem to have been caught in the process of trying to fix the initial problem so I'm locked out of replying to comments posted to blog entries, at least for now. So until the problem is fixed I'll be replying to comments as an edit, unless that gets fucked up too...

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Brenda, the Nigg Stone and a sea change

The eighth-century Pictish cross-slab at Nigg

A New Follower: I have a new blog follower, ‘Brenda’; who says she is a Pictish Princess, possibly a cousin many times removed, and who has left me a fascinating comment – not yet posted - on my blog entry: The Winter Solstice and other Holidays [January 09, 2012]. Since it concerns bringing new genes into the Ancient’s bloodline as I am being encouraged to do I thought I would mention her approach while my sponsors within the Priesthood examine her background as there aren’t many women Priestesses or Pictish Princesses especially in north eastern Scotland.

Unlike Sister Brenda I am (so I have been told) a Druid Priestess a much older title. Perhaps that translates to the equivalent of a Pictish Princess, but I haven’t been told that, at least not yet. I think The Nigg Stone (at Nigg Old Church on Cromarty Firth) where Brenda says her most recent fertility ritual was held, is one of the earliest and best examples of Pictish stone carvings and is thought to date to the 8th century AD, much more recent than Stonehenge, but still a step on the path to the present for my British ancestors. I was amazed to find her description of the Pictish ceremony coincided in considerable detail with my ceremonies for St Lucy’s students to welcome them into womanhood when they reach menarche.

My purification rituals not differing appreciably from the ‘purification’ process by which Brenda relates Pictish novitiates are cleansed - by combining menstrual blood, the symbol of renewed fertility, and male genital fluid in young females as an offering to the Gods of fertility - suggest to me that I’ve been channeling ancient Druid ceremonies w/o realizing it. As returning readers will remember, Jack is working on his Doctorate in Archeology at Oxford. So when he and I visited Aberdeen last summer he had one of the Duchy’s helicopters take us to see significant ancient sites on Scotland’s North East coast and Nigg Old Church was one location. Not because the church is significant, but because it houses the Nigg Stone which is pictured at the top of this entry. In her comment Brenda wrote:

“The men, save one, then retired to the church for ceremonies around the Nigg Stone, praying, circling and masturbating one another. We women remained outside…”

It can be seen from the photo that it’s not possible for anyone to circle the Nigg Stone in its present setting so perhaps they just stood around it as best they could. I suppose they used natural lamb condoms since women weren’t allowed in to clean up the splatters. Since Brenda wasn’t allowed inside the church to see the male portion of the ceremony perhaps she misunderstood about circling the Nigg Stone. Until recently I never understood the spilling of so much male seed at fertility rites rather than depositing it in every sacred vessel available either by willing desire on the part of the woman or by force since there were so few breeding females. That was the case in ancient times since the death rate was so high for women during childbirth so it was important to keep as many of us as possible pregnant to advance the bloodline. Today however, the criteria have changed since from what I understand there are so few women with suitable DNA, which would leave the lesser men with nothing to do but masturbate rather than produce children with weaker genes.

A change of attitude: I was surprised to receive a letter yesterday from the Duke, Jack’s father. The old bull has recovered from the heart attack he had while fucking me this past summer. When I went to visit him in hospital he told me he thought I “was a piece worth dying for”, which I thought was an amazing compliment! The Duchess knows he’s a satyr, which is why, after she fulfilled her procreational duty, she is now living on Virgin Gorda with her lover. His Grace is very resilient, but extremely stubborn and opinionated and there are few people who can reason with him. I thought he was jealous when Jack, his heir to the Duchy, took his place in my saddle and then when Jack seemed to be getting serious about me the Duke became glacial in his relations with me and orchestrated the introduction of Sylvie into Jacks orbit and strongly suggested that at 40 I was too old to be counted on to produce a healthy heir for continuation of the bloodline, an argument that I admit has some merit. Now it seems there has been a sea change in his attitude toward me and he wrote to tell me how pleased he is that Jack and I are together again! WTF!

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Virgin Gorda, other’s misfortune and me

A woman before the dive on which she miscarried

Others misfortune and me:
Having recently found that I’m descended from ancient British roots on both sides of my family I think that my genetic heritage may explain why I have the cravings for thrills and risk taking I do. For more about that see my January 9, 2012 post: The Winter Solstice and other Holidays.

Some time ago a good friend and faithful reader asked why I crave taking risks for thrills and write about violence, death and tragedy. It’s taken me a while to think about that and until recently I wasn’t sure I had an answer. My therapist (unaware of my family history until recently) thought I had a death wish because I seem to gravitate to the most extreme sexual encounters involving breathplay while wearing a gasmask and rebreather bag or during dive-sex or some other bizarre sexual encounter to get my thrills and he’s still not entirely convinced otherwise.

By wearing pointe shoes as standard footwear (a fairly harmless kink) while at work as my ballet companies AD and choreographer or in the boardroom of the company I own and even while shopping I’m not only able to enjoy my pointe-shoe fetish in public, but have developed a public persona that projects my artistic ability. While within the business community my rivals who thought the ‘cunt in toe-shoes’ would be a pushover discovered how wrong they were when I handed them their asses in one business deal after another when the real-estate and casino bubble burst here four years ago.

My shrink still thinks my fetish for wearing ‘death rubber’ (which I’ve managed to collect from the bodies of women who died during sexual encounters) reflects my need to make up for the loss of my mother when I was a child. He sees my belief that the dead owner’s Chi (which still inhabits such an intimate rubber device) provides me with her spiritual protection when I insert it in my vagina, as a psychological coping device which calms my fears and gives me confidence in my ability to get through dangerous situations safely. I think there is far more to it than that since wearing death rubber seemingly has protected me from serious injury in difficult situations since I began wearing it about five years ago. I’ve been tested by endocrinologists for chemical imbalances and every test has been within ‘normal’ limits so I’m thinking my craving for danger is hereditary and I’m sensitive to the ancient beliefs that every item has certain powers that can be used by sensitives to advance their own devices and desires.

In Vegas I seem to have been passed over for the contract to tidy up after most of the Organization’s periodic efforts to discourage others from encroaching on the profitable portions of their diversified businesses. Or, perhaps they are just using more stealth and guile rather than blunt force. That’s not as much of a loss as it might first appear as I have become so busy with other projects that Organizational clean-up was becoming a problem for me. But I’m still being called when the cleanup involves women so my access to a primary source of death rubber is still in tact which I’m relieved to know.

The dangers of diving while pregnant: The men with us in the Caribbean were Chris (with Cyndi), Chuck, who is our Gyn (with Anya) and Jack (Lord John) with me. I try never to travel w/o a Gyn since we are all so sexually active especially since Chuck saved Cyndi’s life. It was nearly three years ago when Cyndi had her miscarriage while diving the cove with Chris who was then her bodyguard and lover, when she was almost 15. Long time readers may remember my writing about it at the time in my blog entry on Yahoo 360 for January 12, 2009. She was on the pill and hadn’t realized she was pregnant and while in the pit she began to cramp and hemorrhage as she miscarried. Fortunately Chris got her to the surface as we were entering the cove and Chuck was able to stop the bleeding and administer antibiotics until she could be seen by her family’s doctor who was flown in by RAF fighter jet from the UK.

This time we had The Wanton Lass IV, His Graces sailboat, that’s docked at Spanish Town meet us at Charlotte Amalie on St Thomas where we landed ‘Limnaea’, my G550, at Cyril E. King (STT) with its 7,000 ft runway, and take us around to the north side of Virgin Gorda where we anchored it in the cove as a diving platform. The next morning (after ballet class for the women) we took the Lass’s zodiac out to the yacht disappointed that another boat had come in to ‘my’ cove after dark and anchored for the night. The young couple was already in dive gear as we arrived and after a brief hello they began diving the cove as we boarded the Wanton Lass. Most of the cove bottom is sand at a depth of 60 feet after a steep drop-off from the beach except for the south western end which drops off to 100 -120 feet and has the aquifer emptying into the pit which reduces the salinity of the water there and the current has cut a deep channel that leads out of the cove to the edge of the shelf and empties into much deeper water.

After we put on our dive gear we entered the water and as we began our descent we could see the woman was in trouble and her partner was trying to get her out of the pit, but they were caught in the current. Neither of them was wearing a buoyancy compensator and were over weighted for the fresh water they found themselves in. By the time Chuck, Chris and I got to them the man had dropped his weight belt and was struggling to keep the reg in the woman’s mouth while trying to unfasten her weight belt as they were being swept into the channel and out to sea. Chris helped the man while Chuck, Jack and I grabbed the woman and we all inflated out vests to rise out of the channel so we could swim out of the current. Once we were out of the current we ascended to the surface and had the zodiac come and pick us up. We took the couple aboard the Lass and stripped off the woman’s wetsuit. She had water in her lungs but managed to get most of it out while cramping severely and passing fetal tissue.

Once she had passed the fetus and got her lungs cleared she said she had no idea she had been pregnant. From the size of the fetus it was about two or three months old. She was on Lybrel and had been taking diet pills that speeded up her metabolism which flushed the contraceptive hormones out of her body so quickly that the amount of hormones in Lybrel weren’t able to prevent her from ovulating. Chuck cleaned her up, made sure she wasn’t bleeding and gave her a five day supply of a powerful antibiotic and said she should see a doctor at a OB/Gyn clinic in Road Town on Tortola about a half days sail away to see if she needed a D&C. The couple had rented their boat at Road Town so they knew the way and began their return immediately.

Monday, January 9, 2012

The Winter Solstice and other Holidays

Stonehenge Winter Solstice 2011

My trip to see Taryn in the UK:
Again things didn’t go the way I had planned. The Winter Solstice celebration at Stonehenge (on 12/22) went well with the temperature in the mid 50s F. It Was Cyndi’s first at the ancient site and in celebration we had a private ceremony for her in the undercroft of Salisbury Cathedral just a few miles down the road before we went on to Salisbury plain to the stone circles. Even though Cyndi has no Druid blood a Druid priest – as a favor to me – was willing to ‘purify’ her for the sunrise ceremony. The purification consisted primarily of her being filled with his seed after being entered from behind, and I was involved since I presented her to the priest for purification while wearing the sacred Druid Priestess’s circlet of beaten gold lent me for the occasion. The Priest placed the circlet on my head after my hair was let down and brushed out and even though the circlet weighs about 12 troy ounces it fit perfectly and was fairly comfortable. I am thankful that I don’t have to worry about security for the Druid regalia. Such parts of it that remain are cared for by the Druid Elders. Cyndi was in no danger of becoming pregnant by the priest even though she was CD7 and fertile because she has a GyneFix IUD implanted.

For those readers wondering about my being a Druid Priestess – though a relatively minor one - the position was a surprise to me. I didn’t seek it (it’s hereditary) it was thrust upon me and I only found out about it in the last few months. It seems my natural father, a Welsh miner who immigrated to the coal fields of Western Virginia and who became very rich from investing in coal bearing property, was from a community of nearly pure Druid stock that had migrated into the mountains of Wales after leaving Stonehenge. When Uncle John (as he was known to me) impregnated my mother he did not know, nor did anyone else, that she had a high percentage of Druid blood in her family as well so that I have one of the highest percentages of Druid genes of any woman alive today, or so I’ve been told by geneticists who have studied the ancient people and who helped locate me.

After the Spring Equinox I was sought out by the Druid Elders and it was explained that the old ways are dying out and my participation was required to sustain the bloodline such as it is and the Elders have been encouraging me to breed with a suitable mate, which I’m reluctant to do. Its not that I mind the act of breeding I just don’t want to have a baby. I think my Druid genes may account for some of my ability to foretell some things and make use of dead women’s Chi and perhaps may also account for my fondness for risk taking. Learning about my family genealogy in the last few months has helped me understand why I’m the way I am more than the five years of therapy I’ve had, though I think the therapist prepared me for the role I might play in preserving the Druid bloodline. I’m not entirely sure what is expected of me as a junior member of the Druid aristocracy, but the Chief Elder said I would be eased into my ceremonial role depending on the availability of other priestesses. I think they see me primarily as a breeding stock which if that’s the case may be a problem for me.

After Stonehenge: we went to Taryn's home to the north east of Cambridge Christmas and it was marvelous! One of the stonemasons working on the renovations (before she moved into the Manor) called it ‘Cunt Castle’ and the name seems to have stuck with her circle of friends, though not with the locals, or at least not to her face. While we were there Cambridge was all abuzz with Prince Phillip in residence at Papworth hospital for four days having cardiac stents placed and with HM and other Royals coming and going to visit him. We all wish HRH a full and speedy recovery and he seems to be doing well and is back at Sandringham with The Queen as this is written. Of course with her husband's illness and now the body of a 17 y/o Latvian girl being found within three miles of Sandringham House Her Majesty isn’t getting the restful winter escape at her Norfolk estate she had hoped for.

With the tube strike and shopping crowds at after-Christmas sales we stayed away from London, so Taryn, Cyndi, Anya and I went to Paris for two days and saw the Repetto ballet shop decorated for Christmas with some of the most beautiful tutus! We returned to find that my male partner Jon (one of my younger stallions with seemingly inexhaustible stamina) had a ruptured appendix and had had an emergency appendectomy so he was out as a sexual consort. Fortunately My Summer Lover Jack - John, Marquis of Marle - heard I was at Taryn’s and came calling. I thought he had escaped me, but found he had become available again as Sylvie, the aristocrat that his family had picked for him to marry, hadn’t lasted in his affection nor had her stamina to accompany him diving or in bed. So when I say we were happy to see each other again it’s something of an understatement! I was delighted that Jack accepted my request that he accompany us to my place on Virgin Gorda for a few days of sun and diving.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! New Years Eve London 2011

Happy New Year from Anya, Cyndi and me to all my friends and readers! May you have good health, happiness and prosperity in the New Year.

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