Friday, January 31, 2014

Pussy hooks - the pros and cons

A new St Lucy’s instructor being fitted for a pussy hook

The Photo: You know she’s an instructor because her pubes aren’t waxed. 4th year ballet students and some new professors (If they teach sexuality) at St Lucy’s get fitted for pussy hooks and Labia leashes at our casino’s bondage boutique, Fasteners, before taking my class ‘Submissive Behavior in a D/s Relationships’.

Pictured above is a 1.0 inch diameter stainless steel vaginal hook similar to the one being worn in the top photo so the reader can get an idea of its size. It’s a standard training aid - because of the danger of wearing it it’s used primarily as an example of male misogyny - in my class: Submissive Behavior in D/s Relationships. Even so Students love to pose for selfies with this size hook inserted.
This particular size and design is not really a toy though many women like having one amongst their toys and posing for selfies with it inserted to stimulate the interest of the Dom they are interested in serving or are collared to. It was made to hold the woman while she is suspended from her pelvic bone. Of course being hung like that results in the hook tearing through the vaginal wall and bladder or uterus. The pelvis almost always separates at the symphysis – except for a few of the smallest lightest women - which results in the hook tearing out dropping her fatally injured on the dungeon floor.

Small stainless steel pussy hook with 1.5 inch terminal ball
For D/s play a much smaller and lighter stainless steel hook (see photo #3 above) is used and the leash is looped through the ring on the Subs collar so she can be lead around w/o much likelihood of physical damage to the delicate tissue of her reproductive tract.

Pussy hooks; the good and bad: There is very little upside for the wearer of a pussy hook and the possibility of a lot of downside damage. Of course only the psychotic ever willingly attempt being hung by it. Being hung from an industrial vaginal hook often ends in death. If found in time her reproductive tract might be repaired, but the psychological damage to her Chi and libido is usually permanent in the few cases I’m aware of where the woman was left hanging from a pussy hook and survived.

The only good thing might be the eroticism of wearing a light weight vaginal hook to a dress-up vanilla party for the shock value or wearing it under street clothes fastened securely to a sanitary pad belt or a decorative waist chain. But for that sort of turn-on I think loose stainless steel or Pyrex Ben Wa balls would be better and more comfy. Of course for some masochists the hooks shape, size and discomfort are part of its attraction. A nice thing about this light weight surgical stainless steel hook is that the ball terminal allows it to be worn with a diaphragm w/o fear of the end puncturing the dome.

Readers who look this item up on the Internet will find it often offered as an anal hook. My escorts and St Lucy’s girls like training with it as a vaginal hook. However, a wearer of even a light weight ball terminal hook needs to be careful the hook leash looped through her collar ring isn’t jerked too hard as that can crush delicate vestibular tissue and pinch or crush her clitoris when pulled by a mischievous or misogynistic male.

NFL Super Bowl XLVIII: In case someone just landed from outer space, the Seattle Seahawks play the Denver Broncos on Sunday February 2, 2014 in the open air MetLife Stadium at the Meadowlands Sports Complex in East Rutherford, New Jersey, with kickoff scheduled for 6:30pm EST. I don’t really have a favorite. I’ve lived in the San Francisco area and it’s beautiful and I danced in Oakland. Even so, I’m sort of leaning toward Denver. Readers who have been with me since my days posting on Yahoo may remember why.

Since I’ve been busy and out of the country for most of the last few weeks Adolph is hosting our Super Bowl party this year during which his deep dive training facility, ‘The Well’ will be available for SCUBA play and the multi-bed hyperbaric chamber will be available if needed. I’m pleased that I can kick back and let go at one of these parties and not have to play hostess. I’m taking my SCUBA gear as I’m expecting to be asked for dive-sex.

Our return home from Davos: Our return was uneventful. We stopped briefly at Stansted airport (STN) north of London to drop off Fiona and Maj. Tree so they can report to Whitehall in person and to top off our tanks. I’m still using the loaned G650 as Limnaea II while my new one is being custom fitted out. I should be able to take delivery in a few weeks.


Sunday, January 26, 2014

An arm candy miscarriage

Expelled tissue a spontaneous abortion at 8 weeks

A mistress spontaneously aborts: One of the Scandinavian attendees to the Economic Forum brought his twenty-something mistress to the hotel to use the gym while he was in conference with one of our entertainers.  She said he offered to have his PA take her shopping, but she wanted to work out and afterward have him take her shopping. She had finished barre and had moved to center to do combinations to music on her iPod when after a series of développés she had a heavy feeling in her pelvis and then severe cramps that doubled her up on the floor as she expelled the eight week old fetus she hadn’t known she was carrying. Her tights and leo were a bloody mess, but we got her some undies and tampons from the gift shop and a hotel robe.

She was on the progestin etonogestrel released by the single rod implant Nexplanon and hadn’t had any symptoms of pregnancy. When asked she said she had been on an antibiotic for a sinus infection several months ago and that is probably what decreased the effectiveness of her hormonal protection. Our house physician treated her and one of His Graces aids took her to a Gyn in the village who treated her w/o telling her industrialist sugar-daddy. It seems that the m/c was as clean as those things can be and there don’t appear to be any complications. She plans to keep him in the dark about her miscarriage as she is relatively new on his arm. He is married to a journalist and has three young children and his previous mistress was after him to give her a child, so he is really skittish about getting arm-candy pregnant. So she is afraid  he would drop her if he thought her birth control wasn’t effective.

She said he has this power thing about women sucking his dick and he is quite well endowed in that area. His wife’s reluctance to suck him off may have contributed to his desire to have a more compliant female minister to his needs in that regard. He thinks getting sucked off by a beautiful young woman is so kinky that it really sends him on a power trip. Since he is large and uncut and she has (so she says) considerable tongue skills she intends to keep him satisfied with fellatio for a few days while her uterus recovers.

FAM/NFP ballet-sex and abortion: And while I’m writing about abortions it’s surprising how different European girls are from U.S girls when it comes to taking contraception seriously. Many young local (Las Vegas) girls taking ballet come to our clinic for terminations after conceiving while trying to learn to use the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) or Natural Family Planning, (NFP). They are so idealistic and want to use a totally natural contraception method, but many seem unwilling to learn how or if they know don’t follow the rules. FAM (where a barrier (condom, cap or diaphragm) is used while fertile) or NFP (where abstinence is practiced during the fertile interval) is very effective if all the rules are followed all the time. However, both take planning and willpower and both are unforgiving of shortcuts, just this onces and Oopses.

I don’t know what it is about some natural methods girls having sex en pointe in toe-shoes or ballet-boots that causes them to conceive. Perhaps it’s because they are so caught up in making the fantasy of sex on their toes come true that they lose sight of where they are in their cycles and what precautions should be taken, if they knew in the first place and often end up having sex w/o using any protection while fertile.

If a woman has unprotected sex on her most fertile day of one cycle, her chances of becoming pregnant are:

  • 50% if she is 19 to 26 years old
  • 40% if she is 27 to 34 years of age
  • 30% if she is 35 to 39 years old
And most of our natural methods girls are in the 19 to 26 y/o group. Even for me (and I’ll soon be 43), the risk would be about 30% and I’m not about to go there!

Ballet boots and vacuum aspirations: Unlike the St Lucy’s ballet girls and my wards who all prefer to train for ballet sex in pointe-shoes most of the local Las Vegas FAM/NFP ballet girls who conceive during ballet-sex and come to our clinic for terminations were wearing Punitive Shoes ballet boots which are hand made in Italy using high quality and well worked leather and cost about $300 USD a pair. They aren’t Gepetto’s at $3,500 a pair, but the new Punitive ballet boots can be easily walked in, are relatively comfortable to stand in and the toe boxes won’t collapse right away.

Our clinic offers both medical (Mifeprex) and surgical (vacuum aspiration) terminations and most of the girls want the one-and-done visit with the aspirator and a course of antibiotics and no vaginal sex for ten days.

I’ve had an opportunity to talk with some of Tanaquil’s German and French escorts while we’ve been here and all the girls who prefer working in ballet-boots - good bespoke leather boots from a cobbler in Munich who works primarily for Tanaquil - would get vacuum aspirations if their contraception failed. It’s invasive, but safer and less likely to develop complications.

Touring with Tanaquil: European teens being scouted for enrolment in courtesan college are a lot more realistic about contraceptive methods than are their U.S, counterparts and almost always go with some form of Long Acting Reversible Contraceptive, LARC, method which makes them far less likely to have an accidental pregnancy. There have been a number of different sizes of IUDs available in Europe for years that can be more effectively used by smaller/younger women while in the U.S. Skyla, a smaller version of the Mirena, has only been available for less than a year.

Tomorrow the Swan twins and Bea will spend the day shopping in Zurich with Anya while Tanaquil takes Willow and me to Munich on Limnaea II. It’s a bit more than 300km east and we’ll be landing at Munich International (MUC) where Tanaquil will have a car and driver pick us up. We are going to visit one of the ballet academies that feed girls into European ballet companies. I thought we would have to wait until Monday, but Tanaquil says the head mistress, an old friend of hers, is expecting us and is anxious to show off some of her star students. We’ll be looking at several teens that have great promise if their health holds through the rigorous regimen of ballet training and corps work. Like Willow, once they have proven themselves in the corps for several years their bodies will be toughened enough that they can be taken through Courtesan College then gradually introduced into the high end of the trade. Afterward, we’ll board Limnaea II and return to Zurich to pick up Anya and the girls for the long flight home.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Rubber ballet-sex

An entertainer encasing herself in a plum latex catsuit

The photo: An Entertainer dressing for success. In Switzerland, Austria and Germany Dommes in latex and ballet-boots wielding riding crops are an extremely popular form of male entertainment, where she entices the man to have sex with her. Now how hard is that? 

Orgasm-worthy performances: Almost all men who are on His Grace’s guest list have exquisite female companions some of whom are their wives, but they almost never accompany their men to the hotel for business meetings. A 45 minute conference with a young woman encased in a latex catsuit, ballet-boots or pointe shoes and wielding a riding crop can purge a great deal of stress from a harried titan of industry if he can survive it.

During the most popular scenario there is a fantasy rape which she initiates (during which she is forcibly penetrated from behind while standing on her toes) and then she finds she enjoys rough sex and takes him again while astride him where she can control the depth and angle of penetration and caused his penis to repeatedly ram the rim of her diaphragm. That can be a very unpleasant experience for him especially if he is uncut or unless he is a masochist and enjoys painful sex. Then after she orgasms the man atones for defiling her by being beaten with the crop as she stands over him, her relief zipper open while she Kegels out his ejaculate which she has him lick off the floor.  Can you say ‘submissive’ boys and girls?

In Switzerland prostitution is defined as sex for money and to be legal a sex-worker must be 18 or over. Here in Davos we are classified as ‘entertainers,’ and perform for the sole pleasure of His Grace’s guests. No money changes hands and we are all 18 or over and only perform within the hotel owned by His Grace. If we go out we dress and behave conservatively so we don’t call attention to ourselves. So we pretty much blend in with the other beautiful women visitors to Davos, while in the hotel we are free to go about performing and dispensing various forms of adult entertainment and punishment in our inimitable style w/o fear of being bothered by the authorities,

Screening guests: We are given a list of guests that we should expect based on our patron’s interests in their specialties or how likely they are to be indiscreet about the details of their work or friends. A small group of computer specialists access the persons (almost always men) on-line med records for indications of STIs and heart problems that might make him a poor candidate for the level of excitement a sexual encounter with one of us will cause. Usually periodic checkups for insurance purposes will in these days address the policy holder’s sexual, physical and often mental health.  Also checked are gossip columns and rumors about what women the guest has been seen in public with (and their sexual health is checked as well) are sufficient to clear most guests for unprotected sex. 

In the dressing room: A guest is not allowed into the entertainers dressing room, however he is allowed to watch what he is told is the feed from a hidden HD security cam in her dressing room, which heightens his arousal because he is watching clandestine video of the girl dressing who has no idea she is being videoed, or so he thinks.

The sounds, the creak and snap of latex as she is getting in to the .25mm chlorinated latex catsuits (about the thickness of a green Thera-Band, for those not familiar with catsuit thicknesses) and then she inserts Reflexions latex diaphragms, a 10 ml prefilled disposable applicator of DiveGel+ and sports plug to train for rubber ballet-sex. With their partners watching the clandestine video the guys all developed woodies quickly. The girls have a choice of ballet-boots or pointe shoes and – if the guest has no known preference - most prefer to train in Gaynor Minden pointes as it takes more strength and stamina to have sex en pointe in pointe shoes than in ballet boots which allow taking the weight on the dancers heels and the tightly laced boot shafts provide a great deal of ankle stability. Not that being taken from behind while standing in ballet-boots isn’t awesomely kinky fun, but it’s a lot easier than balancing en pointe for 20 minutes or so while being filled with semen. However, as I mentioned Aryans seem to prefer sex with a girl in leather ballet boots so we wear Gepettos for most encounters with Aryans.

The sports plug as a pacifier: I’ve written recently about sports plugs, a version of the Penetrator with a lightly textured latex head that grips the fabric of tight lingerie, leotards or swimsuits to keep the thong from slipping to one side minimizes being casually groped and prevents displaying camel toe. But in a D/s relationship there is another amazing use, as a pacifier for a submissive male. If the plug is removed while the wearer is standing, as it usually is when preparing for ballet-sex, en pointe in Ballet boots or pointe shoes, the 1 inch deep secretions cup beneath the anti-expulsion ridge (which can be used as a menstrual cup) collects the woman’s vaginal and cervical secretions: her clear slippery natural lubricant produced during arousal and her thick stretchy fertile cervical mucus.

When carefully removed while standing the contents of the secretions cup can be easily transferred into the submissive's mouth and almost immediately coat his tongue with the musky, salty taste of her vagina and perhaps the taste of a previous lover if she is still draining the last of his liquefied semen. Removing a Domme’s Sports plug then having it shoved into his mouth as a pacifier and gag of sorts is often a huge turn on for the sub. When it is used as a pacifier/gag we usually give it to the sub as a souvenir after the encounter.    

Carnal pleasure, The sounds and scents of rubber ballet-sex: In an encounter salle all you hear at first is the creak of her latex suit stretching and soft thump of padded GM pointe platforms as the escort moves to the barre and warms up with pliés, relevés, tendus, dégagés, échappés and développés then rolls on to pointe and bourrées and jetés in center before bourréeing over and offering herself for his pleasure in being dominated by a beautiful rubber clad woman balanced confidently on the tips of her toes.

Once in his arms she places his hand between her latex sheathed thighs. There is the hiss of her relief zipper as its gently tugged open and the slight chill of the dry salle air against the sweaty flesh of her pelvis. He feels for the removal loop lying against her perineum. The loop being pulled down and forward, the soft sucking sound of her sports plug’s seal being broken, the plug is pulled out and she carefully takes it from his hand and slips it into his mouth for safekeeping while she unzips his pants and gently slips his package out of his slingshot as she prepares to fuck his brains out.

She turns, rises en pointe a la seconde bends over grips the barre with both hands and orders, “Take me!” The wet sound and gasp on initial thrust of well a lubricated tight penetration while en pointe and her gasps, grunts and mewing when taking his thrusts and moans when her cervix is hit. He grunts as he thrusts; “Uhn! Uhn! Uhn! Uhn! Uhn! Uhn!” He mumbles; trying to talk with her plug in his mouth and tasting of her vaginal secretions; then her urgent instructions “Deeper! deeper! Oh, oh, oh yes! Oh yes! Right there! Oh God yes, right there! There! Oh God, oh God, oh God! Yes!”

The outside of her rubber suit is quickly slick with his testosterone laden sweat on the outside and her estrogenic sweat on the inside. The sweaty latex combining their musk with the scent of latex, silicone rubber polish, her shampoo and vaginal musk when her vaginal plug was pulled out and a short time later the scent of his semen joins the sweaty bouquet generated by her carnal pleasure with an unprotected man as her contractions during orgasm pull him into ecstasy with her and the fluid transfer is completed, A few ml of ejaculate and several hundred million sperm have been released under pressure to splatter harmlessly against the latex membrane of the escorts diaphragm.


Thursday, January 23, 2014

World Economic Forum 2014

Davos, Switzerland Site of the 2014 World Economic Forum

An offer I couldn’t refuse: When we were At Crag Abbey for Christmas His Grace asking if I would like to help with entertaining at this years World Economic Forum in Davos and I said sure, as though it was really going to happen. Well, be careful what you agree to. Of course I didn’t really have to go through with it, but having my performers dancing as entertainment at private parties and having my wards able to mingle with many of the world’s movers and shakers was an opportunity not to be missed. It was a huge rush when I found the Duke really wanted my group as we provide a level of secure personalized entertainment that few other groups offer.  Fortunately we were again ahead of the storm landing at Dulles to pick up Fiona and Colin.                                                                                                            

The theme for the four day World Economic Forum 2014 January 22 -25 in Davos, Switzerland will be: “The reshaping of the world: consequences for society, politics and business”. The time in Davos is GMT+1 which is 6 hrs. ahead of eastern standard and 9 hours ahead of Pacific Standard Time so we are working with a bit of jet lag.

Arrival: We arrived on Monday (Jan 20th) when I was CD9 and fertile again as were my wards whose cycles have all synchronized to mine as we sweat in the studios and gyms so much together. I should ovulate the last day of the forum, Saturday the 25th.Since His Graces patron, for whom he is arranging our attendance, has deep pockets my dancers, 4 girls and 2 boys, flew Business class to Zurich International (ZRH) and a car picked them up and took them to the hotel in Davos some 78 miles from Zurich. Anya, Fiona and Major Tree, my wards and I flew in to ZRH on Limnaea II my G650. No, I didn’t pay full price for it!  I’ll write about it when I have time, because the Government still gives really amazing tax breaks on small businesses buying private aircraft. The first thing we did after landing at Zurich and passing through customs was get our Forum credentials packs and clip-on badges with our photos on them. Otherwise we couldn’t have gotten into the town itself much less the hotel. Fiona was responsible for getting us cleared… the major work had already been done months ago or we wouldn’t have been allowed near His Grace w/o all my girls and I being found harmless.

Accommodations: His Grace already has a small hotel in the best part of town that he had completely renovated over the summer with only twenty-five suites and a set of five soundproof meeting rooms as well as three fully equipped encounter sallies. It is just the sort of place I would have designed and it fit perfectly the design I proposed when Jack (his Graces son) asked me how I would design an intimate hotel perfect for very private business meetings, assignations, rendezvous and trysts.

Anya, Fiona and Maj. Tree are involved with hotel and guest security while Tanaquil is overseeing the scheduling of most of the girls with meeting attendees who have interests in common with those of His Grace while my wards are available for those attendees who are of especial interest and are kinked toward rubber, ballet (boots and shoes) and very tight pussy.  The week off from school was explained as a research project for a whitepaper required for an economics course. For Bea it was an opportunity to dance in an international setting for ballet extra credit. I’m available for men who are interested in a woman in her early 40s who looks like she is in her early 30s and who can fuck their brains out. Surprisingly, since my dance card is full, not every man in Davos is after 19 y/o pussy and there are a great many submissive men in the field of economics so my riding crop has been getting a workout, though I do have to be careful not to mark a partner where it can be seen during a presentation.  

Fortunately Bea, Willow, Odette and Odile have been working with their male escort candidate partners so they have amazingly tight vaginal muscle tone and stamina. They won’t have much rest during the four day conference, but will get to meet intimately some very famous businessmen and academics.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Pointe shoe quiz January19, 2014

Who is the maker of this dancer’s pointes?

Realise rubber T-back swimsuits and sports psychology

A Japanese rubber competition T-back swimsuit

The Photo: A rubber T-back competition swimsuit, from the Japanese Co. Realise catalog. It’s the style St Lucy’s water polo and swim team members have worn for several years and the girls all love wearing them. They cost several hundred USD each and the team members all have several as they have been known to tear while putting them on. However, the single piece Realize T-back rubber competition swimsuit is a marvelously effective and sexy piece of a girl’s equipment!

Sports psychology and sex: I help train St Lucy’s water polo and swim teams. I teach their ballet classes and help with their sexual health needs as well as lecture about building and retaining confidence and how to psychologically devastate an opponent, a skill that has applications in real life as well as sports. In addition to performance skills in her particular sport a woman needs confidence in her mastery of those skills and the ability to be calm and in control under stress while appearing as sexually desirable as her sports equipment will allow, hence the Realize rubber T-back competition swimsuits. Ballet training keeps the swimmers hips sleek and breasts small because most of the swimmers have Marina IUDs inserted (from which the strings have been removed) that decrease or stop their estrogen surges and periods. The Polo and Swim teams are all gorgeous and their sleek bodies displayed in rubber T-back swimsuits can put an opposing team off their game. The oppositions first thought is that in a T-back suit an opponent will be easy to grope and intimidate. Once they discover that it’s almost impossible to grope a St Lucy’s team member who is wearing a properly fitting Realize T-back suit and sports plug the opposing team’s confidence is usually severely eroded and their game fades rapidly when they find intimidation isn’t working after several grope failures.  That St Lucy’s girls have the opposing teams male supporters hot for their bods after parading around and posing on the pool surround before the game doesn’t help the competing teams morale either and St Lucy’s has won some games against much better teams by mind-fucking them.

Evolution of the Sports plug:  Grope protection was first designed for women to wear under G-strings and other T-back costumes to prevent insertion of fingers and small raw vegetables in the vaginas of the performers and waitstaff at several venues within our Casino’s primary nightclub, Naughty Pleasures.

The original device is the Penetrator plug which returning readers will have read about in earlier posts. The Penetrator is a custom fitted device as no two women’s pubic structure; vulva and vagina are quite the same and for the plug to be comfortable and stay in place it must fit correctly and securely with the anti-expulsion ridge snuggly behind the pubic bone. Wearing a Penetrator requires that the wearer have a pronounced post-pubic vault, which most women do. The back of the pubic bone of a well developed post-pubic vault provides a shelf behind which the anti-expulsion ridge of the plug fits snugly.

In the last several years the Penetrator has evolved. There are now two versions, the standard Penetrator that we all know and love and the new Sports oriented device identical except for the rounded external shield made with a lightly textured latex surface rather than the smooth silicone of the Penetrator. The lightly textured latex head was designed to grip the material of the wearer’s thong to make it difficult to pull or slide it to one side. That version of the plug was rebranded as a ‘Sports plug’ to make it more acceptable to mothers who have daughters playing contact water sports rather than calling it a Penetrator, which many of them remember wearing or still wear themselves, which has erotic implications. 

A psychological advantage: When wearing a Realise rubber competition suit during water polo grope protection is significantly enhanced by wearing the sports plug with its lightly textured latex head and clitoris shield over which the rubber suits thong is stretched. The rubber suit tight against the textured latex head of the sports plug prevents the thong from sliding or being pulled to one side by an opposing team member trying to distract their opposition by twisting labia or pinching the head of an opponent’s clitoris. It also eliminates camel toe. Twisting and pinching is illegal, but in a tight group of bodies the referees can’t always see what is going on, so the best thing is to wear unobtrusive protection to minimize the likelihood of a physical and psychological injury.

For competitive contact sports events silicone lube is sprayed on the Realise wearer’s rubber sheathed breasts and groin before leaving the dressing room to prevent opponents from being able to grip the tight slick rubber to twist nipples, but kneeing an opponent can still occur. However, the sports plug effectively protects the vulva and clitoris giving its wearer confidence in her safety and a psychological boost. The sports plugs are so important to the girl’s physical and mental wellbeing – especially when playing teams from other elite schools that are known for fouling opposing players - that they have RFID chips in them and we have chip readers on the dressing room doors and pool entrances to make sure all the swimmers are wearing their plugs before they go in the water.

Plug adjustment: It can take a few weeks of wearing a sports plug during training before a girl becomes accustomed to insertion and removal and to the feel of the plug when correctly inserted. Insertion is particularly important since the plug can be quite painful if the labia are pinched when the anti-expulsion ridge is pushed up behind the pubic bone sealing the plug in place. Should that occur once or twice the wearer is very careful to insert it correctly from then on. Once the plug is properly positioned and sealed she will forget she is wearing the device until she is hit in the groin or someone attempts to grope her. Wearing a plug began as something to be thankful for because it is needed for protection, but it has now become something of a status symbol at St Lucy’s and now other girls want to be fitted for them so they can flaunt them for their boyfriends. .

Cost of Sports plugs is expensive since they are custom fitted. However, some are covered under the student’s athletic fees if they participate in activities that require that sort of protection. While ballet is an art students taking pointe classes at St Lucy’s also qualify for subsidies for vaginal plugs because in contemporary dance getting kicked is all too common. However, most ballet-girls are fitted for Penetrators or Sports plugs free of charge if they volunteer as training partners for our casinos male escort candidates. That’s because it’s important that the men know how to quickly break the seal on a partner’s plug and remove it correctly and with consideration for her comfort arousing the woman in the process rather than hurting her as her partner might if he was inexperienced.  



Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Harvesting a dead woman’s diaphragm

One of my 80mm latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragms

The Photo: A Reflexions latex flat spring rim diaphragm, the type I wear for flood insurance during dive-sex and when with rubberists who crave the experience of thrusting into the stretchy latex membrane while thrusting into my anterior fornix. I also wear Reflexions for flow control while I’m menstrual and since I’m CD2 today I have one inserted as I’m writing this.  

A cautionary tale: The deaths of two navy divers at an east coast training facility. Read the article from the Washington post: HERE I agree with one of the commenters on the article that the divers were very poorly equipped as the situation seems far too risky with the air they had.

Of course we are civilian recreational divers and while dive-sex can be risky we try to be properly equipped. There is a lot of heavy breathing during dive-sex and when we go to the bottom or even below 100 feet for very long we have deco tanks hung in case we need them, we dive with a buddy and there is a divemaster on duty to monitor the dive. Of course all Adolph’s dives are videoed and the most erotic are sold on the porn market, which is why my girls and I always have our FFMs on and AB valves open when we leave the dressing room and are on the surface.

Dive-sex flood insurance: To my women readers I can’t over emphasize the importance of cervical protection during dive-sex. Cervical barrier protection is needed to minimize the possibility that the hydraulics of a partner’s thrusting will force water into the uterus when the vagina floods, which often occurs during dive-sex. However, women with IUDs inserted should be aware that using a diaphragm or FemCap with an IUD could pull the IUD out during barrier removal if the strings stick to the device.

A properly fitting FemCap can be used as protection during dive-sex when shallow diving in a typical twelve to twenty foot deep commercial pool, but any deeper and the dome of FemCap can squeeze the cervix painfully as water pressure forces the cervix deeper into the caps dome void. An Oves cap (the style I use) can be comfortably worn at any depth because the dome is so small and soft that there is no void to cause squeeze. Since Oves is no longer made this option is not available as flood insurance unless a user stocked up years ago as I did before Oves was withdrawn from the market.

The currently preferred flood insurance device is the latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragm. Women whose vaginas have deep post-pubic vaults and thick soft rugae that allow the diaphragm to seal securely can safely and effectively use the Reflexions as flood insurance as the flat spring rim makes it almost impossible to even intentionally under-thrust the rim. The translucent latex membrane is wonderfully stretchy and has excellent heat transfer properties so men can rarely feel the rim and most, and especially rubberists, enjoy thrusting into the thin rubber dome.

Death Rubber replenishment: Returning readers are familiar with the term ‘death rubber’ that I use to describe a latex Reflexions diaphragm I’ve personally removed from the vagina of a woman who died while having sexual intercourse. Being a sensitive, I’ve found that a latex diaphragm worn at death during sex contains a portion of the dead woman’s Chi which when the diaphragm is worn by a new owner can add to her Chi and significantly enhance the new owner’s libido and confidence. Since the Reflexions is latex heavy usage will cause them to deteriorate much quicker than silicone diaphragms so its important to test the domes integrity before each insertion to check for pin holes, thin spots and cracks in the rubber around the rim to minimize the possibility of dome failure and uterine flooding even if not needed for contraception.

Given the relatively short life of heavily used Reflexions I’m always watching for other Reflexions in my size, 80mm, worn by women who died during intercourse. And when I find one I need to harvest it myself from the dead woman’s vagina so there will be no decrease in the dead woman’s Chi before her Reflexions passes into my care. My clinic has a list of all the women using Reflexions in my size in the area so I can watch for the death of a possible donor during sex as that sort of news travels faster than light. However, most of my death rubber devices come from Adolph’s deep water training facility and occur during dive-sex at depths of one hundred feet or more.  

The donor: A 31 y/o French Courtesan, ‘Julie’ had come to Adolph’s dive training facility to learn deep dive underwater sex techniques with Adolph as her trainer. He had sent her to me for a Reflexions diaphragm fitting, for ‘flood insurance’ before she began training and an 80mm fit her perfectly. She was on the European progestin-only-pill (POP) Cerazette which uses a progestin with a long half-life allowing a twelve hour late window w/o decreasing its effectiveness.  Each Cerazette tablet has 75 micrograms of the progestin Desogestrel which is metabolized into Etonogestrel, the same progestin used in NuvaRing and the single rod implant Nexplanon.

When I fitted Julie for her Reflexions I also routinely tested for hCG and she was pregnant. At that point I urged her to terminate the pregnancy or delay dive training until she was no longer pregnant. She said she felt fine and was determined to continue her scheduled deep water training. I pointed out that in a commercial 15 -20 foot deep pool and diving with a buddy if she was in trouble she could get to the surface in seconds. At the bottom of Adolph’s facility, The Well, she would be breathing Trimix and tethered to the bottom at 216 feet too deep for an emergency ascent to do her any good if she vomited in her FFM. If her mask and lungs were filled with vomit even Adolph’s multi-bed hyperbaric chamber couldn’t save her.

She was adamant that she would continue to dive and wanted to experience dive-sex at 216 feet below the surface. I documented my recommendations and sent a copy to Adolph urging him to refuse to train her in his main deep water pool. He refused and they began her deep water training that afternoon.

Julie’s Reflexions is Harvested: In the evening two days later I got a call from Adolph. He said that Julie was unresponsive at the bottom of The Well after vomiting as she was being penetrated from behind while tethered to the bottom.  And that if I wanted it I should come and harvest my new death rubber and bring her body to the surface as he needed to alert her sister, her only living relative, and send her body back to France.

That night I took Willow with me. It would be her first dive breathing Trimix and to the bottom of The Well. During the dive she could learn how I harvest my new death rubber, so she would know what to do when her time comes to harvest her own. The facility is heated so we wore bikinis with our OTS Guardian FFMs’ and twin 130 cu ft hp steel tanks filled with Trimix. We emptied our bowels and bladders, inserted our Reflexions and applied 10ml disposable vaginal applicators of DiveGel+ because I had asked two male escorts to meet us at the deco stop on our ascent for dive-sex while we decompressed.

I took a new 80mm Reflexions with me to replace the one I was going to remove from Julie’s vagina. We took our time on the descent checking the oxygen tanks and transfer valves at the deco stop at 30 feet before we continued to the bottom in case we needed them on our ascent though we hadn’t planned to stay long enough or work hard enough to use all our Trimix. Neither of us had trouble equalizing our sinuses and ears on the descent and we saw her floating tethered by ankle leashes to the bottom with her long hair down. While her FFM spider held it to her skull the other 18 inches was fanned out around her head like a halo. Adolph has a thing about women diving with our hair down which is really troublesome as loose hair gets tangled in the valves and zippers on our equipment, which is why I always wear a swim cap or hood.

On the bottom before we opened the cuffs of the ankle leashes Julie was weighted so she was floating face down with her legs spread and bikini thong pulled to one side so her vulva was totally uncovered. Her labia were parted and her introitus was still a bit open as though Adolph had just pulled out.  I was wearing nitrile exam gloves and inserted two fingers to feel if her cervix was still under the dome which it was then gripped the anterior rim of the Reflexions and tugged it from behind her cervix then pulled it the rest of the way out. A large quantity of semen came out with the diaphragm suggesting she was not having orgasms or giving him contractions by clenching her muscles when she died. There was spotting in the dome as well as some of her natural arousal lube. I could feel it slippery on the inside of the dome before it washed away.

I tucked the harvested device in my mesh specimen bag and took out the new one compressed the rim and carefully inserted it along the posterior vaginal wall and up behind her cervix. Then pushed the anterior rim further in and up into her post-pubic vault and felt for her cervix under the dome so I was sure it was properly placed. And I did all that while hovering over her body so the HD cams couldn’t video what I was doing. Once the new Reflexions was in place I pulled her thong back over her vulva giving her a small measure of modesty in death as I inflated her BC and Willow released the ankle leashes and Julie began her final ascent.

Well bottom cleanup: While Willow and I were on the bottom we still had plenty of gas to allow us to collect the debris that had fallen to the bottom during training sessions in the last few months. I had brought along two large fine mesh specimen bags and we began collecting the bits and pieces of women students suits and contraceptive devices and training equipment that dad been dropped during training sessions.

There were torn bikini tops and thongs that had apparently been ripped from under tank harnesses and BCDs.  There were All-Flex, Milex, Semina and Reflexions diaphragms in various sizes and quantities from 60mm to 90mm. There were swim fins, pool-pointes and a pair of latex ballet-boots with lead weighted toe-box platforms. And there were a few FC2 nitrile female condoms and vaginal toys like Pyrex dildos, several very expensive ones, as well as Glass, steel and jade Ben Wa balls of different sizes between .5 and 1.5 inches in diameter. Tellingly, there were also three small pairs of needle nose vice grip pliers that Adolph uses to crimp closed the air hoses of female students who displease him.

And not surprisingly, because we were at the bottom of Adolph’s fetish training facility, though I cringed when I saw the first one, there were a number of IUDs littering the bottom as well.

A German Goldring Medusa gold and copper IUD.

The IUDs were mostly Mirena a few ParaGard and German version of the copper T a German IUD I’d heard of but never seen before with a gold core; the Goldring Medusa (Gold/copper) AuCu IUD. The Medusa (pictured above) looks like it was invented by a sadist and must have hurt when Adolph pulled them out as I can’t imagine a Goldring Medusa being spontaneously expelled. 

When we finished cleanup we sent the debris up on a lift bag and began our ascent which was uneventful until we reached the 30 foot deco stop where we were met by our dive-sex partners. We attached ourselves with ankle leashes and enjoyed a lovely slow dive-sex encounter during the 30 minutes we stayed at 30 feet degassing. Both men were rubberists and enjoyed having their glans squeezed by the stretchy domes as they thrust into our anterior fornices before they got us off with twin G-spot rim-rubs. It was a fun evening for all, except Julie of course, and an amazing learning experience for Willow. The next day an assistant coroner who Adolph knows ruled Julie’s death was “death by misadventure” and the body was released for transport back to France. 


Monday, January 13, 2014

Reducing the effectiveness of Mirena

I am not pregnant! I have a Marina inserted!

The photo: an escort trainee from another casino, who had Mirena, Levonorgestrel releasing, IUD inserted 2 years ago finds she is pregnant at her recent weekly hCG test at my clinic after being away on Christmas vacation for 4 weeks. Worse, it’s an ectopic pregnancy. Up to half of pregnancies that occur with Mirena in place are ectopic and she is going to need surgery to terminate the pregnancy and may lose her tube.

This photo of a lovely Scandinavian escort, Birgit, encased in transparent and pink latex shows why my casino does not hire or train escorts of either sex who have tats as the ink detracts from the natural line of the body and this is particularly true for women who are prized for our smooth unblemished skin. She would look out of place in a strapless gown, but right at home in a tee, jeans and Doc Martens in a biker bar. I have nothing against bikers, but they aren’t the market we are targeting with ballerina quality escorts.

Contraceptive sabotage: We did blood tests to try to determine why her Mirena failed. She hadn’t been on an antibiotic, a common cause of hormonal birth control failure,  and her Mirena was properly positioned. However, when we checked the meds and supplements she is taking we found that the pills in a nutritional supplement bottle had been switched. The correct pills - to be taken once a week - had been switched with the emergency contraceptive pill, ella (or ellaOne in Europe), a 30mg ulipristal acetate tablet, that looks very similar to the one it replaced.

She thinks a boyfriend who is a pharmacist in Gothenburg switched her pills with the EC pills as she began getting headaches at the start of the 4 weeks she stayed at his place before breaking up with him because he wanted her to move back to Sweden and have his babies. The ella prescribing information (below) says there can be an interaction between hormonal contraceptives and ella leading to the decrease in effectiveness of hormonal contraceptives. The prescribing information says:

FERTILITY FOLLOWING USE: A rapid return of fertility is likely following treatment with ella for emergency contraception; therefore, routine contraception should be continued or initiated as soon as possible following use of ella to ensure ongoing prevention of pregnancy. While there are no data about use of ella with regular hormonal contraceptives, due to its high affinity binding to the progesterone receptor, use of ella may reduce the contraceptive action of regular hormonal methods. Therefore, after use of ella, a reliable barrier method of contraception should be used with subsequent acts of intercourse that occur in that same menstrual cycle.

The most common adverse reactions to ella (≥ 5%) in the clinical trials were headache (18%), abdominal pain (12%), nausea (12%), dysmenorrhea –menstrual pain (9%), fatigue (6%) and dizziness (5%).  Thinking back, the only noticeable side effect she experienced was headaches and so she has probably been taking ella for the last 5 weeks. Her surgery will be tomorrow.


Saturday, January 11, 2014

White latex catsuits and the ability to cloud men’s minds

Looking lovely in white latex catsuit and corset set

The photo: Model trying to stay warm during a lull in a desert latex photo shoot.

White latex and the ability to mind-fuck men: Though white latex is easy to look gloriously attractive in it is hard to keep pristine while wearing it since it shows stains, smudges and fingerprints so easily, things that are often masked by the default catsuit color, black. The six hundred plus men who have completed my casinos latex survey over the past several years say the same woman in a white rubber catsuit looks younger, prettier and more alluring than when clad in an identical design in black rubber.

The color white also seems to denote the woman as sexually inexperienced, perhaps even virginal and a highly desirable sexual partner since sexual inexperience suggests being free of STIs and a worthy subject for sexual intimacy. I know rationally that’s hard to believe, but a pretty woman clad in white rubber is far more likely to have men buy her meals and drinks, lend her a car or money and pay exorbitant prices for routine sexual encounters than if she was working the room clad in black rubber.  In our survey women in red latex are seen as a danger, or the woman being very sexually experienced, by a lot of men. Some are cautious and stay away while others are intrigued by the suggestion of a dangerous woman and are strongly attracted many possibly to their sorrow.

I’ve found when working as duty casino manager in a white latex catsuit and ballet boots I can often distract men who are fighting by just approaching them while popping my riding crop against the shaft of my leather ballet boot. They both stare at my rubber sheathed breasts or the zipper pull of my relief zipper stretched over the head of my Penetrator plug and forget what they are fighting about. If I wear black latex I have to use my riding crop far more often to break up the fight. I have a dresser who helps me into my rubber costumes and then polishes out the fingerprints and cosmetic smears with a silicone rubber polish before I go on duty and after each break. Wearing a corset you can’t bend over so any catsuit corset sex is missionary position against a wall and it’s a good idea to empty the bowels and bladder before getting into latex as even without the corset it’s difficult to go to the bathroom in a rubber catsuit.

Dressing to be groped: I think one of the glories of wearing a properly fitting latex catsuit is looking so alluring that men can’t prevent themselves from touching you and then walking into a bar to intentionally be groped. Most straight men and some Dykes squeeze the buttocks, breasts and groin, but for some their impulses are so far out of control that they will attempt to pull the plug out of a woman wearing one. More about that in, The male Gaze.

A technical problem with being groped while wearing latex is that skin oils from fingers, oils from bar foods and rough hands that snag soft latex as well as sunlight can all shorten the life of a latex garment and white latex will be yellowed by sunlight. To combat the problems of oils and sunlight weakening and discoloring latex Jeff at Labia Labs is trying different additives to sheet latex formulations in addition to chlorinating it.  However no additives tried so far have made the latex last longer w/o changing it’s feel and flexibility for the worse. The only thing that will extend the life of latex garments is using a good silicone lubricant as a latex polish. It coats the surface and repels the oils from groping fingers coated with the oils from bar foods which will prevent the latex softening from most oils, for a while. The labs have found nothing to prevent white rubber yellowing from sunlight. So the $350 white .4mm latex catsuits I wear while duty casino manager are paid for by the casino and  depending on the amount of groping I get, which I control depending on how needy I am to have my ego stroked, may last a week or even two if I’m not particularly assertive during that time in my cycle.

The Male Gaze: When I’m in a latex catsuit and especially a white one, I love to watch men’s eyes as they talk to me. Almost all straight ones stare at my breasts and crotch, which I’ll admit look lovely sheathed in shiny rubber. The seams of the rubber around and across my breasts seem to mesmerize them as do the relief zipper details (seams, teeth and pull) stretched over my plug head and mons pubis. I never knew so many men were fascinated by how a rubber catsuit was put together… or could they be staring for another reason?

I love having men in Naughty Pleasures bars who only know me by reputation try to pick me up. Their eyes seem pulled to my breasts and groin which at such close quarters standing in a bar crowd has them looking down at me while becoming obviously aroused and losing their train of thought as their little brain begins to wonder if I’m really as tight as they have heard and how can they find out for themselves. Given the business I’m in I’m pleased to attract that sort of attention as it gives me a splendid opportunity to develop much closer relationships with some of the men associated with some of the niche markets in the entertainment business to which we cater.

The psychological down side of wearing a white latex catsuit is that the wearer can develop a feeling of invulnerability because while looking her most alluring she is encased in impermeable rubber looking seductive while seemingly unattainable, a fantasy that can be suddenly and shockingly destroyed by a tug on her relief zipper and the quick insertion of two fingers if she isn’t wearing a plug. Even when plugged, being aggressively groped can bring a girl with a latex Wonder Woman complex back to gasping, moaning, struggling reality. A rubber-girl backed against a wall, can have her plug pulled out, shoved in her mouth and find herself suddenly taken bareback; plunged into repeatedly by an ardent lover treating her as though she was the last woman he would ever get. After he shoots his load into her, pulls out, zips up and walks off she discovers he was only looking for a tight, warm, deep vessel to ejaculate in. It’s an experience a ingénue will never forget.

I have a business client who likes rough sex with rubber-girls in ballet boots so I always have a fantasy afternoon with him when he’s in town to bid for my porn videos copied off HD security cams in the pool bungalows and concierge floor suites. Giving a man a piece from a lovely rubber-girl in Vegas is a common business courtesy, but when the piece on offer is from a casino owner like I am the bidder knows he is on the short list and white rubber catsuits are really in demand when servicing the men who control the porn film industry.

Latex catsuits and pelvic grooming: A woman shouldn’t try wearing lingerie or a swimsuit under a catsuit as you can see the bra and panty lines which disrupt the smooth rubber surface that enhance the curves of the female body. She also shouldn’t try wearing an untrimmed bush under a properly fitting latex catsuit as even a closely trimmed pelvic pelt can sometimes get caught in the zipper teeth and that usually happens at a most inopportune time. What I recommend and my Wards and female escort trainees and I do is have totally waxed pubes so we are hairless and look like ten year olds down there, well, sort of. Suits with zipper tongues are highly recommended as getting the delicate tissue of a labia edge caught in the zipper when you are in a hurry can absolutely ruin at least a few hours of even the most promising day with a hunky man.  

Blemish concealment: Catsuits are ideal for concealing bruises, rope burns and cuff abrasions as well as tats and some piercings though piercings under tight latex can be painfully pulled. So a woman who looks untouched in white latex could be a mess underneath a .4mm latex membrane!

Corsets: Matching corsets can be bought with latex catsuits and corsets while they can help more sharply define ones waistline can contribute to serious accidents or death when rubberiest are asphyxia enthusiasts as well. A problem occurs when the corset is laced too tight causing the rubber clad woman to take shallow breaths since she is unable to fully inflate her lungs. If she is wearing a gasmask as well which also hinders her breathing she quickly starts to hyperventilate and the CO2 she can’t get rid of or re-breathes from the gasmask causes her to go into repertory distress and if there is no one around to pull off her gasmask and unfasten her corset she can easily unintentionally asphyxiate.

Corsets are also used by pregnant escorts to get another few weeks of work by keeping her figures with a corset, assuming her nausea is under control. This is used primarily by girls planning to carry to term otherwise the pregnancy would have been terminated in the first few weeks.

Friday, January 10, 2014

An offering of pomegranates

The pomegranate sacred fruit of Venus/Aphrodite

An offering to Venus/Aphrodite: Shortly before we left for the airport on the 7th I visited the Roman temple below the chapel under the Abbey. I brought an offering of pomegranates Aphrodite’s sacred fruit and asked for her to bless our journey and my work on her behalf in lands beyond the sea. I felt the gold amulet around my neck warm and pulse three times as she answered my supplication. 

The pomegranate was sacred to Aphrodite who was said to have first planted it on the island of Kypros. The fruit symbolized female fertility and the marital loss of virginity with the consummation of marriage (from both its red stains and rich seeds).

Having received the Goddesses blessing I took Jack for the last time on this visit while lying in my shearling breeding vest on the mosaics containing the images of the four Roman Goddesses. It was a glorious encounter and I think Jack was at his best as far as size and technique were concerned. I was still having wonderful little involuntary contractions with a tampon absorbing his liquefied semen as we took off from Inverness

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Homeward bound, catsuit cautions

Transparent .3mm latex catsuit relief zipper detail

The photo: Girl-girl sex in .3mm transparent chlorinated latex catsuits during our flight on the way back to the U.S. While they look awesome on any woman with a descent figure there can be drawbacks to wearing latex especially if you are breastfeeding like I am or you don’t like the scent of estrogenic sweat, vaginal secretions and latex.  

Homeward bound: There were light rain showers when we took off from Inverness on Tuesday. The arctic air mass was still over the east coast of the U.S. but Dulles (IAD) was clear and we landed to deliver some priority government documents and top off our tanks before continuing on a bit further north as the jet stream was still way to the south and staying north of it cut our head winds considerably. There were significant commercial airline delays due to the bitter cold covering most of the U.S. but private flights were operating w/o delays. On the 7th the afternoon temperature in Vegas was 58°so fortunately the arctic high has missed us at home. The entire flight was uneventful except for what went on in the cabin.

Sexual health: Before we went to Scotland for three weeks to celebrate the Winter Solstice, Christmas and Twelfth Night I took my wards; Bea, Willow and Odette and Odile as well as myself to our Gyn (Chris) to make certain we were all in the best possible sexual health given that we are normally so sexually active. Too, in the Highlands of Scotland while Chris and his Gyn supplies would be with us it would be very disrupting to have to take a patient to a major hospital.

So we all had full pelvic exams and STI panels and everything was fine! Everyone including me has had all their Gardasil shots and vaccinated against Pneumonia, Shingles and our annual flu shots. The girls had the placement of their GyneFix copper IUDs checked with ultrasounds and our cervices checked for dysplasia. The PAP test was particularly important to me because if my cervix wasn’t healthy I would have to stop wearing an Oves cap which screws down tight on it, and that would be traumatic for me as I’m psychologically attuned with having something tight sucking on my cervix protecting my uterus.

Too, knowing we were all sexually healthy and have had all our shots gave us confidence that with STI screened men (which they were) we should be safe from infections with the use of DiveGel+ for vaginal pH balancing to allow having frequent sex with about sixteen new men in that three week interval.  I was particularly pleased with the results of my pelvic as Chris took new measurements of my vaginal grip with the Peritron 9300 perineometer as well as checking the health and thickness of the rugae making up my vaginal lining.  Since I’ll be 43 next month I’m very sensitive to any signs of sexually aging like changes in duration of my cycle or menstrual flow or thinning of vaginal rugae or inability to lubricate naturally. I’m pleased that Chris said I have the vaginal lining of a nineteen year old and that when fully aroused my vagina is deeper by five mm than when we last measured it. That’s a bit of a problem since when not aroused I still take an 80mm traditional diaphragm which means that, especially when I’m entered from behind when aroused while wearing a 80mm Reflexions a partner is more likely to hit the rim, but since I only wear it when menstrual or as back-up flood insurance (over an Oves) while diving I should be ok.

Latex catsuit sex: Wearing a latex catsuit for a prolonged length of time like continuously for 24 hours takes some planning if the wearer is to be sexually active and have a healthy vagina. A sweaty vulva encased in a tight nonporous material like latex can quickly develop a bacterial overgrowth resulting in a yeast infection, YI. Here again DiveGel+ in 10ml prefilled disposable applicators, with its acidic pH is used as a vaginal pH balancer and is spread over the latex wearer’s labia and entrance to her urethra as well to minimize the likelihood of bladder infections. Also, being taken from behind where a partner isn’t continuously pressing on the urethral entrance reduces the likelihood of developing honeymoon cystitis.

Since I’m lactating and breast feeding my wards and male sexual partners when I can I have to be careful about leaking nipples (I wear Lilly Padz when not breast feeding) or spilled breast milk in a latex suit which if not quickly cleaned up can cause the suit to smell of rancid milk, a really stomach turning scent and even chlorinated latex can pick up that odor quickly, but that’s my problem as there are very few lactating women who enjoy being clad and having sex in latex as the compression of lactating breasts under tight latex can be painful.

Of course vaginal discharge and having a new catsuit with the relief zipper stained – even though it has a zipper tongue to prevent direct zipper track contact with the wearer’s labia - with discharge and smelling like a diaphragm that has been left inserted too long can be a turn off for a latex newbie too. But that rubbery stench is an acquired taste and a huge turn-on in rubberiest circles where experienced men prize the scent of rubber marinated in decaying vaginal discharge. The zipper stains can be removed with lemon juice, but latex catsuits are high maintenance clothing which is one of a thousand reasons why I’m glad to have Beth taking proper care of my costumes.

Latex encounters: I had been craving wearing a latex catsuit even before we went to Scotland and I’d packed my new .3mm transparent chlorinated latex twin zipper one from Labia Labs. There is a breast feeding zip that opens for breast access and the double pull one for back entry and relief access.  Willow was fitted at the same time with just the twin pull back entry/relief zip, and packed hers also so we buddied up on the way home for sweaty girl-girl latex sheathed sex with plugs, Hitachi wands and Pyrex dildos. When Willow wasn’t breast feeding we both wore M10 gasmasks to muffle our moans, mewing and screams as we took one another to orgasm multiple times before snuggling into each others arms and fell into sound post orgasmic sleep. Willow smelled wonderfully of latex, rubber polish, and estrogenic sweat, her last male lover’s residual semen still draining out and with my vaginal secretions including some of Jack’s liquefies semen on her fingers. It was a marvelous three hours and I’m so pleased she’s really into sex with me!


Monday, January 6, 2014

The Goldsmiths wife

Highly refined Scottish gold

His Grace asks a favor: The old bull came to me after my ballet class on the 4th to ask if I would visit the Goldsmith and his wife. It seems the goldsmith’s wife and he had been lovers before he married the Duchess and he has always had a thing for her which he satisfies occasionally and now she wanted a favor.

His Grace was embarrassed to ask, but to make a long story short he told me she wanted him to tell me to fuck her husband. He let her know that her wish and my virtue was not within his gift, but that he would gladly ask me if I would, as a favor, have penetrative sex with her husband. I wasn’t surprised that the goldsmith wanted me as I’d seen the longing in his eyes, but I was surprised that his wife had asked and I was concerned about his health.

If he had a stroke while mounted or possibly a weak heart he could die in the saddle. I agreed to talk with her and called to make sure I understood what she (and he) had in mind. It seems they are both of the Old Ways and the heavy gold necklace of office in its ebony box had been in his family’s keeping for generations waiting for the right woman to walk into the family shop.

I already knew she was a sensitive as I felt her presence when I was in the shop, but I hadn’t met her. She knew when I arrived in Inverness that I was the one it was meant for and she mentioned to Jack who she has known since he was a child that she thought I would like some of the pieces her husband had on offer which is how Jack came to mention the shop to me.  She told me that having transferred the great seal of office to me, for that is what the massive relief of the birth of Venus is, her husband was closing the high street shop and would be working on privately commissioned pieces from now on.

As his family had been believers and faithful disciples - being keeper of the great seal for decades – her husband had always wanted to know what being intimate with a Goddess was like and they thought his best chance was for him to have sex with her earthly embodiment and he would never have a better chance than now. They were concerned I might find their request impertinent. I thought it charming and very human.

We discussed her husband’s health. Could his heart and skeletal structure stand the excitement and intensity of an encounter with me?  At 75 he is a frequent hill walker and active daily operating his gold smelter he is in excellent health she said. She also said that he wanted to take me bareback and was fond of sex with women protecting themselves with diaphragms, which she still uses for him even though she is well into menopause.

His Grace agreed to take me to their home in a village outside Inverness proper rightly seeing an opportunity to bed the wife again while I satisfied her husband, an arrangement that worked extremely well.

The encounter: After we arrived and I was introduced to Edith, the Goldsmith’s wife sherry was served and we all agreed on the rules: no condoms for the men and diaphragms for the ladies.  I was CD21 and safely luteal, but was wearing an Oves screwed down tightly on my cervix and brought along my death rubber latex Reflexions flat spring for show and tell and for Colin, the Goldsmith, to watch me insert. I was pleased to learn that Edith had an 75mm Reflexions inserted for His Grace’s pleasure and her own since when aroused the anterior rim caresses her G-spot just as my Reflexions does for me!

We were actively involved with our twin encounters for nearly two hours, in separate rooms on different floors so neither couple heard the other, with a bit of time between penetrative acts to enjoy the afterglow and let the men recycle. Colin is a skilled, considerate and potent lover with marvelous stamina for his age and Edith is lucky to have him in a selectively open marriage. When His Grace and I left Colin and Edith were relaxed and glowing from sexual release as we were all still in the afterglow and I was still experiencing tiny vaginal contractions when I thought of how wonderfully talented Colin is and how marvelously he pleased me  

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Malcolm and stud service

Human male corona with Pearly Penile Papules

The photo: shows Pearly Penile Papule on the left side of the corona. In Malcolm’s case there are several rows and the Papule are larger, far more numerous and more uniformly spread around the circumference of his corona.

Malcolm as a trainee: Malcolm, one of the novitiates entering the Fraternity of the Old Ways in service to our Goddess on the 2013 Winter Solstice was called to Crag Abbey as a bedmate for Bea during the hiatus in penile vaginal intercourse with our men due to Mademoiselle Oui’s developing BV.  He is very young, but has amazing stamina due at least in part to his frequent intimate relationships with the ewes in the flock of His Grace’s black faced sheep he tends.

Chris cleared him for skin-on-skin intercourse with us and I immediately took him into the smaller ballet studio in an upper turret to explain what was needed of him and to get him off to a proper start with an introduction to ballet-sex with him penetrating me from behind while I’m en pointe in hard shanked Gaynors bent over holding on to the barre so my muscles are clenched as tight as possible before he gives me orgasmic contractions.

The boy with the mushroom glans: Malcolm was blessed with a penile corona that is half again as wide as his shaft which is about 1 ½ inches in diameter so it is about 2 1/4 inches in diameter and when erect with that overhanging glans it looks like a mushroom.  Since he’s uncut I thought his foreskin might be a problem with a corona that size, but it retracts easily. The corona also has Pearly Penile Papules (benign growths) along the outer edge so when he’s fully erect and thrusting over the G-spot the papules stimulate his partner’s erectile tissue bringing on a rapid and intense orgasm. Wearing only my Oves cap it is an amazing feeling to have that soft rough coronal edge caressing my G-spot knowing he is going to turn my bones to rubber just before he hurls me over the edge of delight into ecstasy!

I’m also training him with my latex Reflexions diaphragm inserted trying to get him to be able to withhold his orgasm when thrusting into my latex occluded anterior fornix. The stretched latex dome puts such pressure on a glans of that size it’s impossible for him to delay very long, but its good training and gives him a reference to compare other partners against.

At His Grace’s request Tanaquil will be taking Malcolm and his older brother Donald back to Munich with her to put them in an Escort Service school for very young boys, something that we don’t have in the U.S. He and she think the brothers have great potential as elite European escorts.

Changing partners: The loss of male partners wasn’t as serious as I first feared. Tanaquil had already noticed a decline in most of out partner’s stamina before New Years and had sent for a second set of fully screened men, replacing all but the three POB dancers who partner the women’s ballet classes. Those men’s stamina was still excellent and they are still eager to please while the others couldn’t keep it up after the first two encounters of the day even though they were on performance enhancing meds. I think the European escorts hadn’t trained and weren’t prepared for our appetites for sex and the frenetic and sustained pace we crave.

New men in stud means we didn’t have to wait another day or two to resume penetrative sexual encounters with men and the new guys were full of energy just waiting for their vital fluids to be drained out of them in 6 ml orgasms 4 or 5 times a day for the next 5 days. I think the new men were as pleased to be here as we were to have men with energy and confidence that they could fuck our brains out, even though it usually turns out that we collapsed in mutual exhaustion or finally, on the 5th time in rapid succession, the man has to be ripple gripped, his seed milked out and then after enjoying afterglow helped out of the saddle.

Friday, January 3, 2014

New Years 2014 at Crag Abbey

May your 2014 be the best year ever!

Menstrual cycling: On New years Day I was CD18 and luteal having ovulated on the 28th. All the women who came with me are at about the same place in their cycles as we are all cycling naturally. Only Mademoiselles Oui, the French ballerina and His Graces bed partner, is on a hormonal contraceptive, a Mirena IUD so is not cycling. I think it was the ease of the flight over on the G650 that allowed us to travel with almost no changes in our cycles due to long hours or stress. We all took our weekly test for hCG on Monday. Since most of us were ovulating there was almost no chance of anyone testing positive, but there could have been an accident and it’s good to keep to a routine with this sort of thing.

Easing one’s way: On Boxing Day, a bit clandestinely (since it’s the largess of the Laird that should be on display) I distributed gifts to all the Abbey services staff, colorful silk scarves or neckties from Harrods. I just wanted them to know I appreciate their effort on my behalf. Perhaps it’s because I’m Jack, Viscount Sandbach’s, main squeeze, (I’ve been called his Courtesan, a term I’m rather fond of, but that’s not entirely correct as I’m cherished for far more than my pelvic skills). I’m served ahead of all the other women and the women are served first. The fire is lit in the bedroom where I’m sleeping early and the maids are whisper quiet as opposed to Mademoiselle Oui’s service where things the staff can’t be faulted for seem to routinely go wrong. Some say its bad luck others think it’s because she is so demanding. I, on the other hand, try to be easy to get along with as have my wards to look after and my rapport with the staff extends to my girls as well as long as they are courteous.

New Years Eve at the Abbey: His Grace invited the other Lairds in the area to the Abbey for New Years Eve. Most had chauffeurs and those who didn’t stayed over as driving back down the mountain road from the Abbey at night is for clear minds only. I was pleased to see the goldsmith and his wife from whose shop in Inverness I’d purchased the Venus talisman and who passed on to me the much older and larger ceremonial necklace which when worn confirms I’m acting on behalf of the Goddess Venus/Aphrodite on important occasions. It turned out that my goldsmith has a royal warrant from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for provision of fine jewelry and objects of vertu to the monarch and is a local Laird with a small country house outside Inverness. I was pleased to get a chance to dance with him. I wore pointes and danced flat so that I didn’t tower over him and he was a spritely and well coordinated dancer, a disciple of the old ways and a delight to talk with.

The three professional ballet girls Mademoiselle Oui, Willow and I performed, to music from a string ensemble, for the guests before the New Years dinner so we got to eat well like everyone else this time. And our performances were well received. After I danced with my goldsmith I changed into ballet boots, with heel guards, for more dancing since most of the men are tall and I wanted to test my stamina in boots since I hadn’t worn them as often here as I do at home. I was pleased that as with pointe shoes my feet went numb after standing for a while so it was my calves that were the worry, but while they were a bit tight at times I massaged them gently between dances and they were fine.

Twelfth Night: My girls and I will be returning home after Twelfth Night which in medieval times was celebrated on the night of January 5th. However, now it is celebrated on the night of the 6th day which is when Western Christians celebrate Epiphany which commemorates the visit of the Magi to the Baby Jesus, and thus Jesus' physical manifestation to the Gentiles. His Grace has Druid roots, but he understands the importance of celebrating other younger beliefs that have morphed from the Gods and Goddesses of old. So we have another marvelous week of stamina building and superb sex before we leave from Inverness airport on January 7th.

Deep vaginal penetration: This week my girls and I are using our Reflexions latex diaphragms to offer (as a change of pace) a distinctive feeling to bareback partners who are large enough to thrust into our Anterior Fornices and love sex involving latex. I’ve written before about this being possible for women whose cervix enters her vagina at an angle which allows the penis to thrust directly into the anterior fornix, which most do.

When thrust into at the proper angle the cervix will direct the glans into the stretchy translucent latex membrane covering the anterior fornix like a drum head.  The dome is pulled tight over the cervix putting upward pressure on the cervix as the dome is stretched the 2 cm or so into the wearer’s anterior fornix causing the stretching latex to grip the lover’s glans tighter the deeper it is thrust into the fornix.  Feeling the stretching of the dome as pressure pushing my cervix deeper into me as the dome tightens its grip on my partner’s thrusting glans and we both moan is so awesome!

Mademoiselle Oui and BV: One never likes to see a fellow dancer in trouble, but Mademoiselle Oui is difficult to like. I offered her the prefilled vaginal applicators of DiveGel+ to use as a vaginal pH balancer because of the number and frequency of the men penetrating us during the house party. She refused and now has Bacterial Vaginosis, an overgrowth of bacteria. New Years day she developed vaginal itching and a green discharge that smelled like rotting fish until Chris put her on an antibiotic. The itching has gone so she feels fine, but her confidence suffered badly and she is off men for the duration of the house party. I’m not sure when she is due back in Paris or to perform again with the POB. Our male partners were all subject to a thorough washing with antibacterial soap and put on a short duration regimen of antibiotic to prevent spreading the problem and Chris said we should abstain from PVI for a day or so.  So it was girl-girl sex last night and perhaps for another night or two.

Girl-girl sex: Last night we buddied up. The Swan twins with each other, Bea and Beth, and Willow with me. I offered Tanaquil a place in my bed but she wanted to sleep alone. We used Sybian machines and Pyrex dildos and the girls all took turns milking me. It was a lovely quiet marvelously gentle female evening with the scent of breast milk, vanilla, lavender and estrogenic sweat.

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