Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter, Marvin, Tim and Cambridge

Catching up: A quick catch-up I have made a major change in my partner. I’ve been very busy the last several weeks.

The celebration of the Vernal Equinox went off w/o a hitch with Marvin (Morning Wood) as my partner on the altar at the Celtic holy site for the ritual planting of Spring seed. After which there was the traditional burning of the robes worn by the participants and then a mid-day feast of rack of spring lamb which the castle’s kitchen, under the command of Mrs. Bridges, is famous for.

Marvin: The loose end of Miss. Nexplanon’ s pregnancy and Marven’s possible involvement has been resolved satisfactorily from his standpoint. She miscarried and the paternity test showed that Marvin was not the father. She has returned to her home in Iowa which allows him to return as my partner with no sexual baggage. While I’m pleased, that Marvin bears no responsibility even though he inseminated her regularly - it was just good fortune on his part that she experienced breakthrough ovulation while she was with another lover - I was rather hoping for a real-world demonstration of his potency in addition to the superior results of his recent fertility evaluation. He produces large quantities of well-formed and highly motile sperm so I really need to ensure my barrier is in place and the suction seal is strong when I’m mid cycle.

After being apart for a year Marvin and I appreciate one another far more than when we were together in Vegas. When we met again several weeks ago we both felt the pull of a very strong mutual attraction. Our ages are closer and our sexual interests and compatibility are perhaps better than when I am with Tim. I’m still Marvin’s Jenna and I love the role of his dead wife. Actually, I’m getting very very good at it. I ovulated last Friday and just thinking of all his little swimmers on one side of the translucent latex membrane and my fertile cervical mucus and spermicide on the other kept me highly aroused for the entire day during which he took me three times.

Cambridge: For the past several weeks, Marvin and I have been in Cambridge looking for a suitable property. Returning readers will recall that he is a Don at Uni so I am looking for a place close by where I can host parties of University colleagues for him and my circle. There is a relatively modern (19th C) manor house not too far to the east that is fairly good shape that should suit my needs and the renovations could be completed before the fall term begins. The manor house has stood vacant for years as there is said to be a ghost haunting the place that scared off the last several owners.

Tim: For readers wondering what happened to Tim my marvelously hunky SAS officer partner he is, as this is written, on maneuvers in the highlands of Scotland.  He and I have had several long talks about our future together and regardless of how amazing the sex is when we are together we had to end our relationship.

Since he is the eldest son Tim’s father has been after him to find a suitable bride and produce an heir and Tim and I have discussed his responsibility to his family. While his father and I are friends (and neighbors) I understand I’m not a society bride or one he would want to welcome into the family as Tim is much younger than me and I don’t want to be pregnant with any man’s baby as it will ruin the hard-toned body I’ve been keeping lithe for years. So, while I think Tim and I might miss our physical relationship at first, we both understand what he needs to do. With the pressure from Tim’s father this is probably as good a time to make the change as there will ever be. So, I think Tim will do what is best for his family. He just needs to get on with it. And, I have several young aristocratic ladies I’m going to put in Tim’s way and see what happens. Well, that’s how I hope things will go.

Wishing my readers and friends a very happy and blessed Easter!

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