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Pointe shoe quiz February 28, 2012

Who is the maker of these shoes and who is wearing them?

Another 'easy one' Paul D?

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Reproductive health services and AST training

Pointe shoes can be effective defensive weapons

The photo:
Platforms of a pair of well used pointes made of traditional materials. I think this image is so lovely as it is evocative of both the beauty of the shoes design and the extensive training required to wear them confidently and successfully. The working ends of pointes can also be extremely effective defensive weapons if the wearer has the courage to fight her attacker.

St Lucy’s and reproductive health services: As returning readers know, St Lucy’s is a Catholic school. However its primary endowment came from an alumna, the widow of a very successful newspaper publisher. The trust she established invested the funds very wisely over the years so that while the school is only tiny part of the Catholic higher education community in the U.S. the size of its endowment approaches that of Harvard.

Anyone who has been paying attention to the U.S media recently knows, as part of the Affordable Health Care Act contraceptives are now required by HHS to be provided free of charge by an employer for its staff and this applies to students of educational institutions as well, if insurance is offered. This has caused some concern among religious institutions that have moral objections to the use of birth control and related reproductive services.

Because of the change to a more liberal curriculum at St Lucy’s after Vatican II (1962-1965) it became apparent that a full range of reproductive health services would be necessary some of which would fall outside strictly interpreted tenets of the Catholic Church. So the way St Lucy’s endowment was structured the portion of the annual budget for St Lucy’s that covers staff and student insurance is funded separately so they have insurance options that cover the full range of reproductive health services from birth control to abortion. That prevents elderly, celibate, male churchmen from attempting to control the reproductive lives of sexually active young women and their teachers. As one woman said, “You don’t play the game, you don’t make the rules”

Students and ballet sex: Since Advanced Sexual Techniques is an elective it doesn’t affect a students GPA. However, it can have a major impact on her competitiveness and self confidence. If she doesn’t do well in AST she probably will be a ‘Mila Vanilla’ and just raise babies for some guy in the South or Mid-West. Not that that’s a bad thing, it’s just not the confident assertive sexually liberated women that St Lucy’s prides itself in turning out. AST candidates are initially self selected then screened as there are far more students wanting to take the course than there are places in class. Because of the heavy interest in and use of pointe footwear, toe-shoes and ballet boots, this year at least 4 years of pointe is a requirement and 16 is the minimum age, though we did make an exception for Cyndi when she was 15 because of her skill and assertiveness. It is rare that a 15 y/o can hold her own with a class of 16 and 17 y/os but Cyndi excelled in all aspects of the course to the frustration of some of the older girls.

One of the exams this spring – just before Spring Break - involves having sex standing in ballet-boots either taken from the front or entered from behind. So my AST students have all been fitted for a pair of Gepetto’s standard quality ballet boots. The $2,500 over the calf lace-ups with unitized stamped titanium toe boxes and shank assemblies and heavy leather uppers that when properly fitted and snugly laced prevent spraining or breaking an ankle. That boot has no armor and standard laces so a rival with bladed heels could slit the student’s laces or puncture her instep with a heel, so they shouldn’t be worn in local fetish clubs. But bladed heel boots – which are illegal anyway – are prohibited in the dorms or training areas so they are quite safe for AST training. Cyndi keeps her pairs of armored bladed fighting boots at my place rather than risk getting caught with them in her dorm room.

The trick of course is to have the boots made very snug so that when tightly laced across the instep the pointed foot is wedged between the shank assembly and the boot tongue and lacing which keeps the toes (in gel pads and tights) off the silicone rubber padding in the boots tip that will, when the weight is put on the foot, take a bit of the wearer’s weight. Then, when the weight is removed, push the instep back up a bit removing most of the weight off the toes. Lacing is critical for proper fit so the laces are made from a nylon that will not shrink or stretch which guarantees that when the boots are laced correctly the fit won’t change during that wearing. I’ve had my students practicing in traditionally made pointe shoes. The pair pictured at the top of this entry belongs to one of my students who is training in them. If a girl can control her legs so she doesn’t get rubber-legged and her knees and ankles give way when she reaches orgasm she should be fine. The students are videoed as well as wear a wireless telemetry unit that measures heart rate, blood pressure, strength of vaginal contractions and respiration among other things so it is almost impossible to fake an orgasm during the exam.

Frenulum damage: Something Pirate (who provides the ‘lab partners’ for AST training exercises and exams, and I talked about this semester is that he should provide only circumcised men for AST. That’s because two uncut lab partners tore their frenulums last semester during ballet sex lab exercises. I think it was because not only were the students en pointe with their vaginals clenched while their partners were inside them, but when they orgasmed their muscular contractions approached the strength of a woman with vaginismus and the guys thrust into one of their super strong contractions. The fact that both men were wearing condoms (which burst) at the time and the women were well lubricated with DiveGel+ suggests that neither wearing a sheath nor being well lubed will protect an uncut man thrusting during his partner’s extreme contractions.

Compartmentalization: One of the things I teach in AST is mental compartmentalization so that my students can block out thinking about wearing the telemetry unit and any discomfort from balancing on their pointes while taking their partner’s thrusts. That way they can concentrate on working with their partners to have the best orgasm they can. Once a student can orgasm while balanced on her toes in pointe shoes doing so in ballet-boots is far easier as there is major support from the heel and the tight leather boot shaft supports her ankles reducing the effort needed to prevent falling off pointe while being thrust into.

Other happenings of interest:

Birth Control and the single woman:
“It used to be called illegitimacy. Now it is the new normal. After steadily rising for five decades, the share of children born to unmarried women has crossed a threshold: more than half of births to American women under 30 occur outside marriage.” The full article from the NYT can be found HERE.

Empowering the 21st Century American woman is all very well, but if she isn’t taught to effectively control her own fertility much of that empowerment is for naught should she become a single-mom. One of the things St Lucy’s prides itself on is that our students are taught not only to excel academically, but to control their own fertility and use their physical charms to advance their careers and social positions and then have children if they want a family.

FCC bars LightSquared broadband service: I don’t usually comment on techie things, but in this instance I have a dog in the fight. “A proposed wireless broadband network that would provide voice and Internet service using airwaves once reserved for satellite-telephone transmissions should be shelved because it interferes with GPS technology, the Federal Communications Commission said Tuesday.” The NYT article can be read HERE

One of the locations where field tests were made to measure the amount of interference with GPS signals was here in Vegas and the pilots of my G550 said there is significant interference with GPS receivers as they are designed now. Use of frequencies near GPS bands would severely impact civil aviation as well as the U.S. military. Not a good thing!

Casino boardroom struggle goes public: And of local interest: Wynn Board Forcibly Buys out Founder. Wynn Resorts for God’s sake! The article can be read HERE

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Pointe shoe quiz February 19, 2012

Who is the maker of these shoes?

I don’t remember using this maker in a quiz before.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Adolph’s party

A Mestel SGE 400 3 BB gasmask

A successful evening: Adolph’s party (on Valentines Day evening) was a great success! By that I mean that all the guests had their passion slaked and none of the women were killed though two escorts were seriously injured. All the St Lucy’s girls survived w/o injury though we all have bruised montes veneris from rough sex, but none of us were torn, which I think was because all the girls had trained with large dildos, were aroused and naturally wet and in addition were well lubed with DiveGel+ before each encounter with a guest.

I was watching the girls being taken en pointe and I was so proud of them! In a few cases their ankles wobbled, but none fell off pointe or sprained an ankle and by compartmentalizing they were able to withstand the physical challenges of sex en pointe while enjoying the pleasure their partners gave them. The 18 y/os had a marvelous time pretending they were adults and strutting around on their toes in their eternity collars, FemCaps and pointes. With GyneFix IUDs implanted and wearing FemCaps too it’s nearly impossible that any of them could have been impregnated, but three were fertile and no method of birth control is perfect so we will be waiting for them to get their periods in about 2 weeks.

Several had rough sex with very large partners who could thrust into their cervices. Even though FemCap provides some thrust buffering the dome will collapse when thrust directly into (the removal straps had been trimmed off) and permit him to ram the cervix. Fortunately, although they were both initially in tears, they were able to withstand the pain long enough to have a cervical orgasm, which is fairly rare while a woman is wearing a FemCap. Afterward I spoke with them both and they said that the intense pleasure of a cervical orgasm was worth the pain experienced to reach it.

Concealing identities: The St Lucy’s girls and I wore latex zip-back hoods, w/o hair cones, to hide our identities and to prevent guests from grabbing our hair to pull us around. Our collars and pussy hook leashes were quite enough for that! The professionals were interested in repeat business so the were proud to show off their lovely faces with their perfect features, enhanced breasts and unblemished skin and I saw several give guests their business cards. None of my girls or I have tats or other identifying marks or scars so without facial recognition we were just slim muscular ballet-bodied female submissives. While I’m well known in entertainment and fetish circles I’ve managed to keep my picture off the Internet and because of my other activities I value my privacy. Going as a submissive for the evening was a major change for me, but I found by playing to a guests vanity I could top from the bottom so it gave me an opportunity to practice a seldom used skill.

Chocolate and nitrous oxide: One of the professional escorts went swimming in the huge chocolate fountain and another who was wearing a Mestel gasmask for breathplay nearly drowned when the guest she was with chained her spread-eagle on her back to a bed. Then while he was fucking her he poured chocolate syrup from a gallon container into the 40mm canister fitting of her mask filling the oral nasal unit as she orgasmed and lost control of her breathing. She bucked and squirmed under him trying not to inhale the syrup as he planted his seed in her, but her struggles were futile. He finished and withdrew while she was still squirming and he popped the quick-release fasteners on the spider and pulled off her mask, unclipped the chain from one wrist and turned her on her side and she vomited. The EMT team that Adolph had on standby arrived and cleared her airway, but she had gotten chocolate in her lungs so she is in a private hospital that Adolph and the fetish community use for accidents like that and is being treated to try and prevent her developing aspiration pneumonia. That experience will probably put her off chocolate for a while.

The other injured escort was also wearing a SGE 400 3 BB gasmask. It’s the standard gasmask that Adolph uses for breathplay after he got a good deal on two dozen of them. She got in trouble when her lover screwed an adaptor into the canister fitting of her gasmask and filled it with Entonox (a mixture of 50% nitrous oxide and 50% oxygen) through a demand valve and put her to sleep when she began to scream as he rammed her cervix. She wasn’t awake for much of the time he was brutally battering her cervix and we only realized what had happened when we played back the video from that encounter room. Her internal trauma is so severe that she may have to have a hysterectomy and is sedated for a few days until the swelling goes down and her condition can be reevaluated. All-in-all Adolph was pleased that it was a very successful party.

Afterward: I arranged with the Administration for the girls to be off the next day and for them to have a sleepover at my place after the party so we used one of the casinos 13 passenger vans and driver as transport. After the party, but before we left Adolph’s, I had the girls do a good warm up then the first of a series of slow calf stretching exercises to try and stretch their calf muscles. They had been doing stretching exercises and wearing legwarmers all evening between encounters with guests so I was hoping that while tired they had maintained their flexibility.

When we got to my place about 3:30 AM we all went down to the spa where my trainer had setup two large Epsom salts whirlpool baths and we soaked for a half hour and compared stories about the guys we had been with then showered and iced our feet for 20 minutes before going to bed. After breakfast at 10:00 AM the next day, just to make sure they were ok I had all the girls take a special ballet class with me so I could gage their condition after the long hard workout at the party. We had all taken 800 mg of ibuprofen at breakfast and started stretching slowly especially working on our feet and legs with particular attention to the calf muscles since we had all been en pointe for so long the previous evening. It seemed to pay off as no one had problems wearing flats when I took the girls shopping and then in the evening back to school

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Party training, Slave auction and Gabe Watson is back

An eternity collar prototype

Training for Adolph’s party:
The St Lucy’s girls who will be posing as Submissives, wearing eternity collars, vaginal hooks and pointe-shoes, have been concentrating on pointe and vaginal stamina for the last several weeks. At the last minute Adolph said the girls may be asked for dive-sex which was supposed to be off the table. All the girls agreed because being at the party has become a huge boost in status for them and they have had dive-sex training, but wearing an eternity collar might change a woman’s buoyancy and any weights on her FFM could need adjusting so we have been scrambling today to have all the girls including the two back-up girls, take test dives in an encounter pool to see if there were any buoyancy issues that needed resolving. It turned out that as far as the divemaster and I could tell everyone is good to dive wearing her infinity collar, but not with any significant size or amount of chain attached. So now all the girls SCUBA gear is packed. Adolph has promised to have a net stretched across The Well, as his training facility is called, at the 30 foot level so that no guest can go deeper which is a good safety measure and should prevent a diver in trouble from sinking to the bottom at 216 feet. Of course some bloody minded guest could get around and below the net if he wanted to. Adolph is furnishing all the tanks. I was really hoping that The Well would be locked and unused during he party. The best I can hope for now is that it will be hardly used at all, but even then it still means the entire training facility has to be staffed.

The Ballet training table: All the students taking ballet at St Lucy’s eat at the ballet training table. That’s because the intense workouts involved with ballet training require a proper diet to provide maximum strength, stamina and minimize the likelihood of leg cramps. And of course for the girls who will be ballet Submissives and en pointe for extended intervals on Valentines Day night a diet rich in electrolytes; calcium, magnesium, potassium or sodium is imperative since an imbalance in one or more electrolytes can contribute to leg cramps. Dehydration can also cause leg cramps so citrus juices are served at the table and everyone carries her own personal bottle of water.

As hard as I’ve pushed the girls in the past several weeks cramps have been a rarity and everyone’s feet are in amazing condition given the length of time I’ve had them en pointe. Calluses and nails are well trimmed and pads have been selected so that their almost used to being dropped on their toes when a lover thrusts lifts them off their platforms only to be dropping on their toes when he withdraws and this is repeated until he comes and is finished with her, until next time.

Kinky sex: The girls are all experienced in cunilingus and fellatio, but how they will take anal penetration, fisting, cervical battering and breathplay is uncertain although they have been exposed to those kinks in my AST course and seemed to cope well. Everyone of the women include me and Abi - Adolph’s hostess for the evening - will take 800 mg of ibuprofen an hour before the party so we will all be available for rough sex if a guest wants any one of us.

Although it’s against my nature I’m wearing a leather dog collar from Hermes (in their signature orange) and the requisite FemCap and pussy hook, Gaynor-Minden pointes and leash with which I can be led around and going as collared to Adolph for the evening, which will allow me free access to his entire complex so I can keep an eye on the students. The leather in my French collar does smell wonderful and it looks gorgeous around my long slim neck, but I’m just not the sort of girl to be content in a collared relationship.

The Slave Auction: At the beginning of the evening Adolph intends to auction off the Submissives to his guests in a ‘Slave Auction’, the proceeds from which will be donated to a local charity. It’s not clear if the full-figured escorts or the St Lucy’s students will be in greater demand, but after the initial auction once we have all been purchased guests can exchange ‘slaves’ between themselves as often as they like during the evening so a guest could take advantage of the delights of both body types, for an additional ‘exchange’ fee to the slave master’s charity. Adolph says it’s just going to be good fun, but I’ve been to his parties before and some professionals have been torn or unable to walk afterward. He assures me that won’t happen to the 18 y/os in pointe-shoes, but a man in an alcoholic rage can’t be reasoned with, so we shall see. I’m planning on drinking nothing stronger than diet coke so I will have a clear head if I have to fight.


Murder on the Great Barrier Reef: Finally, what goes around comes around. Gabe Watson goes on trial in Alabama for killing his bride during a SCUBA dive by shutting of her air while diving on Australia's Great Barrier Reef during their honeymoon Read more here.

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Cunt clamps, pussy hooks and eternity collars

Model in a Las Vegas C-string bridal gown

Cunt clamps at St Lucy’s: Cyndi was one of the first students at St Lucy’s to start wearing a C-string around the dorm as loungewear and for sunbathing to minimize tan lines. She began wearing a C-string at Splash where the senior Towel-Girls call them Cunt Clamps (it’s the alliteration I think) and use them as loungewear while they are between dive clients or training sessions so there is nothing to step out of or untie. Taryn wore one when she was at St Lucy’s several years ago, but it was under tights, leggings or a mini when she didn’t want to wear a Penetrator, but needed a vulva veil w/o panty lines. I thought the minders in Administration might say something, but if the wearer has been properly shaved or waxed and correctly fitted they are so tasteful that they serve the purpose of a stringless panty and since they reinforce a students confidence wearing a CC seems to have been accepted as part of the student’s intimate wardrobe.

As with cervical barriers not everyone who wants to wear a cunt clamp can pull it off as a prominent coccyx will make wearing it uncomfortable and interfere with the grip of the spring frame. And a toned pelvis and buttocks are a must for any girl brave enough to wear one. Even with the tightest pelvic anatomy taking ballet class in a C-string can be a perilous experience as sweat can cause the grip of the clamp to slip as will the shock when landing jumps. I prefer having a Penetrator plug inserted if I’m going to go minimal, but covered especially in class where I will be doing splits and jumps.

C-clamps (as Jack calls them) are particularly useful when a woman is on her period and has a menstrual cup or tampon inserted so a Penetrator can’t be effectively used. I’ve found them to be comfortable under a mini where I didn’t want panty lines. And a C-string with an embroidered applique on it will mask the line of a light days pad worn inside as back-up during heavy days. Taryn got reported last fall at Cambridge when she was walking across Great Court just before a rainstorm and her mid-calf slit skirt was caught in the wind and blown up around her head. She gathered it up in her arms w/o thinking and kept walking and unintentionally flashed everyone in the court with her C-string. When she was taken to task about what she had done she laughed which was the wrong thing to do as her advisor thought she wasn’t properly contrite, but she managed to calm the old fellow down. Being sent down from Cambridge for lewd behavior wasn’t likely, but her reputation for hosting wild parties wasn’t a plus in that instance.

Training Subs for Valentines Day: A few of the 4th year St Lucy’s ballet students have been chosen to appear as Submissives for the evening at a Valentines Day BDSM party at Adolph’s on Tuesday night. He will also have a few full figured professional escorts (provided by Pirate) but some of his European guests like younger girls and he likes to be able to quench their desire in that regard when possible. All the St Lucy’s girls are at least 18. The age of consent in Nevada is 16, but there are some catch-all clauses, for people in authority over women under 18 y/o, so it’s best to use 18 y/os and with shaved pubes, hard tight ballet bodies and small breasts some look far younger and young pussy is always in demand. I’m helping prepare the girls and they have been training since well before Christmas. It’s been difficult to get them used to compartmentalizing the mental and physical effort needed to prevent going rubber-legged and falling of pointe during ballet-sex so that they can enjoy the experience of being taken to orgasm by a skilled and important guest. But I think they all have the trick of compartmentalizing during sex down now.

In addition to the student’s ballet training I’ve been working with them on their physical (toe and upper reproductive tract) protection. What that involves is having several pairs of well fitting Gaynor Minden pointe-shoes with hard shanks for taking a guest while standing en pointe (ballet sex) as well as being fitted for a FemCap. All the ballet students take my Advanced Sexual Techniques course and working as Subs at parties is extra credit in that elective so they have properly fitted diaphragms and all the girls chosen have frameless and stringless GyneFix copper IUDs implanted so they are cycling naturally and the possibility of being impregnated is very unlikely.

However, some sort of cervical barrier is needed to prevent liquids; soda water, champagne, carbonated beverages etc from reaching the uterus when a bottle is shaken then the neck shoved up the girl’s vagina, which is something that frequently occurs at Adolph’s parties. I would prefer the girls wear latex flat spring diaphragms, but in this case that won’t work because all the Subs will have vaginal hooks inserted and chained to an eternity collar each will be wearing. A vaginal hook could puncture the dome of a diaphragm so it’s safer for the girls to wear well fitting FemCaps with the removal straps trimmed off.

Eternity Collars: As I mentioned all the St Lucy’s girls will be wearing Eternity Collars. Collars have varying degrees of social significance for people in the BDSM community. At Adolph’s parties it is understood by guests that any girls wearing titanium eternity collars are doing so simply to identify themselves as Submissives and not to signify any collared relationship with a dominant so guests know they are available to play with. The professional escorts will be wearing standard leather dog collars. Another student identifier, other than having a ballet body and looking very young is that the students will all be in Gaynor Minden pointe-shoes while the professionals will be in stilettos. I don’t expect any rivalry between the professionals and students since the professionals are getting above scale wages for a 24 hour period when they will be only working 12 or so hours even if they sleep-over with a guest.

Adolph is springing for the titanium eternity collars and Gepetto’s shop has fabricated them to his specifications and the neck diameters of the chosen girls. The collar is simply a .25 inch outer diameter length of round titanium rod fashioned to appear as an endless loop once the hidden clasp has been fastened. Then the only way to get it off is for it to be cut off with a metal saw. The loop has two one inch diameter interlocking rings one of which is slipped on to the collar before it’s fastened around the wearer’s neck so that she can be led on a leash or fastened to a wall or ceiling by a chain through the ring if she displeases her partner. That design proved to be difficult to work with as the titanium rod is so stiff that each girl had to go to Gepetto’s and insert her head into a matrix that bent the ends together to lock the collar around her neck.

It doesn’t make sense to me to spend that much money on a device that will be worn for only a few days and most of that for training and then destroyed while removing it when there are far less costly alternatives, but that’s the way Adolph is. The last of the St Lucy’s Valentines party girls were collared this afternoon and they will wear turtle neck sweaters, leotards or scarves around their necks for the next several days when they go out and to classes so their collars aren’t obvious though they are already the talk of the dorms and some of their younger friends are amazingly envious. Having them collared several days’ early gives me time so I can train them to walk confidently en pointe with their vaginal hooks inserted and connected to chain leashes run through the apparatus ring on their collars.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Highly scented Gaynor training shoes

Two pairs of pungent smelling training shoes

Scent training and Gaynor Minden pointes: The great thing about Gaynor Minden toe-shoes is you can dance far longer in them and the sex en pointe is marvelous! With strong shanked shoes, just lock your knees put your weight on your heels and enjoy! However the polymer toe-boxes don't let your feet breathe and they sweat, a lot! Gaynors dry out very slowly so unless a dancer has a few pairs and she is able to switch to different pairs she hasn’t worn in a few days while the damp ones dry thoroughly they develop a strong smell fairly quickly. Gaynor Minden has tried treating the inner lining of the shoes with anti microbial inhibitor, but it only lasts a couple of weeks of heavy wear after you get new shoes. I use an antibacterial spray in mine after each wearing which keeps the scent down.

However, smelly pointes aren’t entirely without their uses. There is a small subset of ballet fetishists who enjoy having sex with dancers wearing evil smelling toe-shoes and ripe Gaynors are ideal footwear while having sex with these men who will pay a premium for the opportunity. I have been working with Cyndi to help her create several pairs of very ripe (Amazingly odiferous!) Gaynors to wear for men who enjoy strong female derived scents and who are in her thrall at Splash. As a Red Door level Towel-Girl she is developing her own unique set of services for favored clients and she is becoming sought after for her specialties of ripe scented feminine protective equipment – pointe shoes and cervical barriers that have been left inserted for 48 hours or more to develop a strong and some say unpleasant rubbery odor from marinating in her reproductive tract secretions.

Super Bowl XLVI (2012) at my place: I thought this year wasn’t as interesting as previous years and I didn’t watch it all, even though I was sort of rooting for the Giants since I spent so much time in NY. I had a smaller group this year since several friends were traveling. My guests were: 1) Cyndi & Chris, 2) Anya & Robin, 3) Shelly & Jeff, 4) Marie-Claude & Pirate, 5) Diané & Peter, 6) Adolph & Abi, 7) Gigi & Jon and 8) Jack & me. No new men this year except Jack Sandbach who returning readers will remember I met this summer on his father’s estates in Scotland.

The good news for me was that Jack was there. When he travels he goes by the name of John Sandbach, from the courtesy title Viscount Sandbach, one of his father’s lesser titles. Jack is in Arizona for the next few weeks working in his archeology specialty on a possible link between the ancient peoples who inhabited England and the ancient Indian sites around Flagstaff. He is investigating a veiled reference found in an Anglo-Saxon text in the Bodleian which seems to have been in error or misunderstood as far as can now be determined. Even though Jack’s research has been disappointing so far it did put him within commuting distance of me and I’m delighted to share my bed with him whenever he can get away.

Neither Jack nor I were interested in the game so we had amazing dive-sex in ‘The Pit’. I was CD24 and had an Oves screwed down tight on my cervix so there was no possibility of him accidentally impregnating me. I took him all the way to the bottom at 68 feet and tethered myself to the bottom my legs spread with ankle leashes so he could enter me in a sort of modified missionary and thrust w/o us rotating and drifting into the walls. He gave me a series of such intense vaginal orgasms I nearly fainted even though we were breathing Nitrox II which is 36% oxygen. After we came out of the pool and showered rather than watch the rest of the game Jack watched ‘Downton Abbey’ with me. He had already seen it in the UK, but held my hand and we snuggled in my bed while I watched.

The Nevada Republican Presidential Caucuses: The Caucuses were held this past Saturday (February 4, 2012) and the result was about what everyone expected with Governor Romney winning 50% to Speaker Gingrich’s 21%. The four horsemen of the apocalypse were in the state for most of the week ahead of the caucus and it was a zoo. I’ll be so glad when a candidate is picked at their convention in the summer, although watching the candidates savage each other is fun. The November election seems so far away, another 8 months! The country needs to get rid of the far right Republicans in the congress so a bipartisan working relationship can be reestablished and the country can move forward again.

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