Saturday, March 26, 2016

Celebrating the Vernal Equinox, British Summer Time

A Sessile Oak or Welsh or Irish Oak

The Photo: A small stand of sessile oaks similar in age to this one is in a field south east of the castle. It is under one of the oldest and eastern most trees in that woods that we celebrated the Vernal Equinox.

The 2016 Vernal Equinox: On March 20th sunrise was at 6:15 AM. It was 30° (F) and a 10 mph north east wind and heavy cloud cover at Blackthorn Castle. Actually the clouds were covering the mountain top so we were in fog when we held the celebration. That was much better than snow and gale force winds we had at the Winter Solstice. This time Bea and I and our partners were kept warm in shearling robes made from sheep from the Barony’s flocks by a local leather crafter in the village outside the castle and from a design by Emily, my dresser. Bea and I wore pink satin Gaynor Minden pointes and Victoria’s secret bikinis under our robes. 

The trees in this grove have been the site of Celtic celebrations for years moving from the oldest when it dies to the next oldest, which in a consecration ceremony then becomes the new Holy Oak. The celebrations have progressed that way through the grove. Edith, 22nd Baroness Blackthorn, my predecessor had kept up the family journal of Celtic celebrations that was begun in the 14th century that is one of the glories of the castles muniment rooms. The celebrations journal has now become my responsibility as only the title holder is supposed to make entries.

The Celtic crypt and sanctuary in the grotto below the foundation of the east tower of the castle was used in times of war when a safe location was required for religious celebrations long before the castle was built over it. That may go a long way to explaining why I’ve had such a struggle celebrating the celestial events in the crypt and on the fighting top of the east tower when there is no danger to the celebrants safety from marauding humans. The Celts loved to worship among forest groves and this celebration of the Vernal Equinox beneath the branches of the “Blackthorn Oak” went splendidly.      

The Sessile Oak (species: Quercus petraea) also goes by the common names Welsh Oak or Durmast Oak. The name "sessile" comes from the fact that the acorn is attached directly to the branch without a stem. The common name "Welsh Oak" is used in Wales where it is our national tree. While lone oaks will spread as the one in the photo accompanying this entry has in a grove the oaks grow thinner and much taller as has the current Blackthorn Oak under which we celebrated the Vernal equinox.

Sex under the “Blackthorn Oak”: Bea and I and our partners ‘Happy’ and ‘Bashful’ from the first cast of the Seven Dwarfs who were coming off two weeks of R&R to participate in the ninth and final week of the Pelvic Intensive, walked down the several hundred yards from the castle to the oak grove a little before 6:00 AM. While the wind at ground level was light it was gusting in the tops of the trees so that it made moaning sounds every bit as scary as the wind through the tone holes of the standing stones at Location Z. The first signs of spring with the temperature moderating are especially noticeable on the eastern side of the castle where the prevailing winds from the west are blocked to some extent and the southern sun can warm the mountainside. The oaks are just beginning to bud so the wind was blowing through branches totally free of leaves. Bea and I had walked the path at dawn with high-power torches the day before so we knew what to expect and while it was spooky (there were owls and Red Kites in nesting in the trees which made noises) we weren’t scared. It also helped that there is supposed to be a curse on the area that intruders disappear or go mad if they purposely come in to that area uninvited by the Baroness. That has kept incursions into that stand of oaks by the uninvited to a minimum.  

We got Happy and Bashful to the Holy Oak without incident though they seemed a bit skittish. At sunrise, at exactly 6:15 AM, we allowed our partners to enter us. The boys were well rested. Their erections were awesome, hard, wet and dripping pre-cum so Bea and I were penetrated quickly and forcefully while standing en pointe in a vertical missionary position backed against opposite sides of the tree and we gave them pompoir, using our well toned vaginal muscles to milk their erections causing them to ejaculate in us in less than five minutes after penetration. Since I was CD16 and had ovulated two days before just to be very safe I double bagged with an Oves cap screwed down tight on my cervix and wore one of my latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragms over that with the anterior rim tucked snugly into my post-pubic vault.  Returning readers will recall that Bea has a frameless, stringless, GyneFix copper bead IUD so she took her celebratory partner w/o wearing a barrier which she only uses when she is having underwater sex to minimize the likelihood of having water forced into her uterus by the hydraulics of her partner’s thrusts. Her partner’s forget she is well protected from pregnancy as their sperm rushes through her cervical os only to be met by the copper ions of the dissolving copper beads which quickly immobilized the little swimmers before they can reach her tubes.

But it is in our partners’ power to delude themselves that they will conquer the odds and get us pregnant which keeps their minds focused on the possibility that they could have their babies growing in our bellies. It seems to be a fantasy universally enjoyed by men when inseminating a beautiful woman. Afterward as our partners escorted us back the few hundred yards to the castle we began to drain coital discharge into the thongs of our bikinis. Since it was consecrated discharge – fluids secreted during a holy ceremony – we were required to swap partners for cunnlingus so I took Bea’s man and she took mine and the men knelt between our legs and licked our labia and inserted their tongues in our vaginas while we Kegeled as much of their spend into their mouths. Then they sucked on the crotches of our thongs to get as much of our holy discharge out of the fabric as possible, which is supposed to being our partner’s good luck.

British Summer Time: On Sunday March 27th the UK along with countries in Western Europe will move our clocks ahead one hour to British Summer Time.

Hercule Poirot must certainly be crying: It seems Inspector Cluseau has moved from France to Belgium and has been put in charge of that countries search for terrorist operatives. From news reports the amount of intelligence about terrorist activities passed between jurisdictions and not acted on, and the amount of information about terrorist activities collected and not shared between the many jurisdictions within Belgium would make a blockbuster film comedy if it weren’t for the appalling fact that bombs are going off in Brussels, many innocent lives have been lost and the citizens are terrified because of what appears to have been yet another massive intelligence failure. And Brussels is the headquarters of NATO! Go figure!   

Friday, March 18, 2016

To Bea or not to Bea

A stunning bikini by Agent Provocateur

The photo:  While in London for her STI panel and GyneFix ultrasound Bea visited the AP shop at 16 Pont St Knightsbridge and picked up several of these bikinis to tease men during dive-sex and for our planned trip to Virgin Gorda.  

Cunilingus and the cosseted cunt: The nutritional value of semen from a normal male ejaculation (about one teaspoon’s worth) contains between five and 25 calories and a minimal amount of protein. Semen is only one percent sperm; the rest is composed of over 200 separate proteins, as well as vitamins and minerals including vitamin C, calcium, chlorine, citric acid, fructose, lactic acid, magnesium, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, vitamin B12, and zinc. I like to say that swallowing semen is a ‘nutritional supplement’, but of course it’s really not and can be dangerous if the donor has an STI which is why my partners are tested so frequently.

I mention this because Bea and I have renewed our sexual relationship. While she is very young she is of the age of consent and we are not related so there is no problem with our relationship being illegal. She has asked me to mentor her in her quest to learn more about the pleasures of sex between women which has appealed to my love for teaching as well as the sexual pleasure it can bring us both. I thought about saying no, but agreed to her request because I want her to learn safely and if I don’t train her then she will seek help elsewhere with a less experienced teacher.

Since I can teach her a great deal about girl-girl sex and she is fun to be with I agreed to guide her in this aspect of her sexuality so we have been experimenting with something new. Well, new for us. In addition to enjoying my breast milk we are exploring her increased interest in oral girl-girl sex, at least with me, but that hasn’t reduced her interest in men at all. Even for a woman she is an exceptionally gentle and considerate lover and a gorgeous young woman so her looks absolutely stun men when she enters a room. I think her ballet training which has given her poise and confidence has allowed to bloom spectacularly at such a young age.  Returning readers will recall that Bea has a GyneFix copper IUD implanted so she can safely take an unprotected man without needing contraceptive barrier protection herself, unless needing a barrier as a gas guard or flood insurance during dive-sex. 

Cunilingus training: During her cunilingus training we meet very soon after we have orgasmed with unprotected men who have ejaculated in us, using the guys to inseminate us so Bea and I can suck out each other’s coital discharge. Since the men make a contribution to her training they wanted to watch one of our training sessions, but we are so into each other during a session that it is too private for an audience even by video.  However, since the sessions are being videoed they might be for sale later after our faces have been pixilated out.  She has a very long tongue as do I so she is an apt and talented pupil.  I’m teaching her tonguing techniques to caress the clitoris barrel and occasionally its head, though that should be used only when a partner asks for it since most women I know can’t stand any direct touching of the clit as it is so sensitive. Bea’s cycles are no longer in synchrony with mine as we have been apart for too long. Even so, I’m CD13 and fertile and she is CD15 and ovulated today which means I can not only suck out her lover’s semen I can also enjoy sucking out a some of her fertile cervical mucus which thickens her coital discharge and today was colored and flavored with a little blood from ovulation spotting when the follicle ruptured to release her egg.

A taste of latex: Speaking of flavor, to give me a taste of latex when she isn’t secreting FCM she will wear one of her latex flat spring diaphragms so her arousal lube and her partner’s semen will be flavored by the latex device marinating in their genital secretions. This gives me the opportunity to get an idea of what my coital discharge tastes like since I usually wear a latex diaphragm if I know a male partner is going to give me cunilingus after pumping me full of semen.

In my case I have been training with a latex flat spring diaphragm inserted so Bea can savor what my coital discharge tastes like when flavored by a well used latex diaphragm. I have also worn a silicone Milex arcing rim so she can taste and appreciate the significant difference in taste.     

The Vernal Equinox and the arrival of spring: Technically Spring will arrive here in Wales at 4:30AM GMT on Sunday, March 20th. However, Sunrise is at 6:15AM and the Celts celebrated at sunrise so that is what we will continue to do. I will have only one other pair concelebrating with me and that will be Bea and a partner yet to be named. I had hoped that Willow, Viscount Sandbach’s natural daughter, would be able to participate but her schedule with her ballet company in London will not permit her absence. The weather at Llanidloes which is the nearest forecast to Blackthorn Castle is to be in the mid 30s° (F) with heavy clouds and a light wind from the northeast. If that holds we will be lucky that it isn’t raining. But since the Castle is at least a thousand feet above Llanidloes it will almost certainly be below freezing.




Thursday, March 17, 2016

Gusset girls

Tights with a cotton gusset

The photo: The lovely soft thick cotton gusset of a pair of my play tights that can effectively absorb my coital discharge after taking an unprotected man. I Kegel of course, if I have time, but one can never get all a lover’s spend especially if taken from behind during ballet-sex with a large man when he fills the posterior fornix.

Cotton gussets and feminine hygiene: With the women enrolled in my current Pelvic Intensive as sexually active as they are with multiple partners it very important that their tights have soft absorbent cotton gussets to wick away sweat and coitial discharge as there will always be a certain amount of drainage. And for me the gusset seams cradle my vulva and the wide central seam presses gently on the shaft of my clitoris keeping me aroused, wet and ready for my next opportunity to enjoy a lusty man penetrating me.

Absorbent gussets and condoms: Under some circumstances latex condoms can be such fun! I find them useful in some situations especially when I am out in public and my partner gets frisky. Then if he didn’t wear a condom I would drain a great deal more into my thong, tights or swimsuit which could be embarrassing. In the winter I always wear tights with cotton gussets. However, even if my vulva is cosseted by a cotton gusset a condom will make spontaneous sex much less messy and for fantasists condoms can add another level to sex play especially if the man has an impregnation fantasy.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts a surprising number of my lovers like to fantasize about impregnating me. Well probably any woman they are with but it thrills me that in their imaginations they are impregnating me, and if I’m not careful they could stand a good chance of doing just that. I tease them after they have ejaculated and safely pulled out by stripping off the condom, tying off the open end and biting through the tip to suck out the semen while it is still thick, warm and creamy. I think of swallowing it as a nutritional supplement. When it is sliding down my throat I always think that it could have had such a different effect on me had he released it deep in my vagina against my unprotected ripe cervix and I tease him about eating all his little wiggly baby-makers knowing that he would boast about impregnating me should it ever happen and he found out.

Should my barrier protection ever fail I’d take EllaOne (30 mg of ulipristal acetate) which blocks the progestin receptors for five days and hope it would delay ovulation long enough that his sperm in my tubes would be dead by the time I release the egg. While I love risk taking, my idea of fun is having him spew his seed against the stretchy latex dome of my favorite flat spring diaphragm with my egg white fertile cervical mucus filling the dome. I still have a few Reflexions ones that I use even though our clinic now has its own FS latex diaphragms to supply Escorts who are the primary users of FS latex diaphragms.

Bea is with me for Spring break: Trinity College Cambridge Spring break is from Friday March 11 through March 20th. Classes resume on Monday March 21st. Marvin (Morning Wood) is staying at Trinity in his lodgings to ‘work’, but I know he is playing with his current ‘bed-bunny’, Miss GyneFix née Nexplanon. Bea brought along a boyfriend in his early 20s from her ballet class and even though we have plenty of spare bedrooms they are sleeping together. Of course they are! They make a lovely couple and seem to like each other a lot although it may just be the sex as theirs is still a very new romance and passion if not pure lust is still obvious between them.

Seizure at ten fathoms: One of the Flowers, Heather, had some sort of seizure during a dive-sex encounter while tethered with an ankle leash to the bottom of the shallow (65 foot) deep well. Her partner released the Velcro ankle strap on the leash and hit the fill on her BC and they both surfaced w/o a decompression stop. Fortunately Carla my Divemaster had her boyfriend, a dive medicine doctor who works for a clinic in Aberdeen, visiting and they got Heather and her partner, Doc, on to amphibious gurneys and rolled them up the ramp of the access platform and into the multi-bed hypobaric chamber within minutes of Heather’s seizure. Fortunately she was wearing an OTS Guardian FFM and didn’t vomit so other than biting her tongue she could breathe though she lost consciousness.

They were breathing Enriched Air Nitrox with 32% oxygen (EAN32) and had been down long enough to require at least one deco stop. Doc will be fine. It’s unclear what caused Heather’s seizure and she was helo-lifted to private dive-medicine facility in Milford Haven for extensive testing. This was the first use of the MBHC with an actual patient. Carla, my Divemaster, and her dive medicine boyfriend worked like the professional team they are getting Heather stabilized and to the helicopter when it arrived. The massive freight elevator runs all the way from the mechanical room for the pumps and filtering system below the pools past the pool level where the MBHC is located to the surface in the lower bailey where there is room to unload heavy equipment and land a helicopter. 

In addition to the seizure at the very least she had a case of the Bends and no one knows yet what caused her seizure so it’s unclear what if any long term effects she may have other than probably never diving again. Doc was told to rest for several days so Bea and her boyfriend have filled in for Heather and Doc on the pelvic training schedule. Bea and especially her Cambridge stud-muffin didn’t seem to mind boarding the sexual merry-go-round with the Flowers and Elves so this could be a test of their affection for one another.

I had Bea and Stud-muffin stop by our London clinic before boarding The Dragon for the trip to Caersws and Blackthorn Castle to update their full STI panels and to test for the Zika virus. Bea also had an ultrasound to make sure her GyneFix was still in place. Zika seems unlikely but at Cambridge where there are a lot of men traveling back and forth from countries where Zika is running rampant one can never be too careful and the sale of condoms at Universities in the UK has spiked as women try to protect themselves from Zika since even though they may not be pregnant there is the chance of Guillen Barre and paralysis and no athlete/dancer wants to risk that.

Fortunately Bea brought her pointe-shoes and practice clothes with her and her dive gear is here so she is already kitted out and Stud-muffin can wear Marvin’s kit so he too is good to go.  Bea is somewhat used to a frequent change of sexual partners but Stud-muffin is in for sex with many more beautiful partners than he could have ever anticipated. It will be interesting to see how that affects his sexual stamina and his relationship with Bea.


Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Reservoir reservations, tip troubles, the vernal equinox

The Photo: A Durex XL latex condom in its packet. Its nominal Width is 2.24"/57mm and its length is 8.46"/ 215mm and it is used by most of the Seven Dwarfs+2 who are helping train the Flowers.

The Photo: a rolled latex condom showing the reservoir tip used to collect semen to reduce the chance of the condom breaking during ejaculation or the semen being forced back along the partner’s shaft causing him to slip out of the condom.

Tip troubles: The reservoir tip of a condom is generally thought to be a safety feature. However, it can be easily punctured intentionally by a fingernail of a mischievous male or a scheming female partner while ‘helping’ him to insert himself if s/he is intent on wanting a pregnancy to result from the encounter and the condom is the only protection being used. This is often the case in the unintended (by the woman) pregnancies we see coming to the clinic for a termination where the woman suspects the condom may have been intentionally sabotaged.

There is another way to minimize the protection of a condom by a woman with very well developed pelvic muscles and the right combination of pelvic anatomies of the couple, where he is able to thrust into her anterior or posterior fornix. When he bottoms out in her fornix the reservoir tip is mashed flat forcing the pre-ejaculate collecting in the tip to be squeezed down around his glans and around his shaft. A few thrusts will continue to empty the tip forcing more pre-ejaculate further into the condom until he slides out of the condom while still fully erect. This is a technique used by escorts who want to mind-fuck a partner.

The mind-fuck: Even if the woman is too deep for the man to reach the depths of her fornix while she is aroused and fertile she can push down, as though having a BM, which will force her uterus and therefore her cervix closer to the entrance of her vagina where he stands a better chance of bottoming out in her fornix and spreading the pre-ejac which will cause him to shed the condom and spew semen all over her ripe cervix. For this to work on a man knowledgeable about the menstrual cycle and signs of fertility she has to be secreting fertile cervical mucus (FCM) to show him she really is fertile and gobs of FCM mixed with his liquefied ejaculate can be Kegeled out for his benefit.  Escorts who pull this trick these days almost always (some few have had their tubes tied) have a frameless copper bead GyneFix IUD implanted with the strings trimmed off so they can continue cycling naturally and enjoying the benefits of the hormonal highs experienced while fertile and give every appearance of being unprotected except for her partner’s condom that she ruined or he slipped out of and inseminated her. That way she retains her ability to have children when her days of being an Escort, a career usually far shorter than being a dancer, are over.

Once they ‘discover’ her partner’s condom failure after he withdraws unsheathed and they have to fish for the condom that has typically been forced into a fornix, or discover the slit reservoir, the mind-fuck of the male partner begins. That can be financially very rewarding for the Escort especially if her partner has a wife and small children. She will ask for money for an abortion after emailing him a photo of someone else positive pregnancy test and follow that up with periodic requests for more money. That works particularly well on wealthy submissive men. 

A prolapsed uterus: If she is not careful a woman able to take and enjoy very large men into her fornices stands a chance of her partner’s thrusts tearing the tendons holding her uterus in place, especially if it occurs frequently.  Most young women don’t think it can happen to them, but should she miscalculate and her partner thrusts violently in either fornix and if this occurs repeatedly she is in danger of her ligaments tearing and her uterus beginning to descend into her vagina.  Being a masochist and enjoying the pain in this case can have serious long term consequences.

We need to take precautions to minimize the chance of tearing any of the two sets of uterine ligaments 1) The Pubocervical Ligaments are bilateral structures, which attach the cervix to the posterior surface of the pubic symphysis. They function to support the uterus within the pelvic cavity, and 2) The Uterosacral Ligaments that are also bilateral fibrous bands, which attach the cervix to the sacrum. They are also known as the recto-uterine ligaments or sacrocervical ligaments. These support the uterus and hold it in place. When we are to be with a very long man to prepare to take as much of him as we can we will usually masturbate by fondling the shafts of our clits or have him do it for us prior to any penetration by his penis to make sure we are fully arrousaed and well lubed so are able to take his entire length w/o risking torn ligaments from too forceful and deep thrusting. Girls who can’t safely take a partner’s entire length even when aroused are strongly encouraged to have him use a silicone cock ring as a buffer.

The agony and the ecstasy: For a woman with superior pelvic skills there can be great pleasure and satisfaction in being able to manipulate a partner out of his condom or just for the fun of being able to milk his unprotected glans by squeezing it to orgasm in one of her fornices. However, what we always should be mindful of is that in having a good time being fucked boneless we don’t lose sight of the possibility of being injured. Falling off pointe during a ballet-sex orgasm can lead to a broken or sometimes worse a badly sprained ankle. Or, rushing to get in a quickie and not being properly aroused and tented to take all of him comfortably resulting in extremely painful uterine ligament damage.  While I try always to be careful when with a very large and experienced man the ever present risk of injury as with the possibility of pregnancy is for me is one of the thrills of  having my brains fucked out in the arms of a wonderfully strong and handsome man.

Preparations for the Vernal Equinox: Since the ninth and final week of the PA candidates pelvic intensive will begin on Sunday March 20th, which is the vernal equinox in the northern hemisphere, I thought I would include them in the Celtic worship ceremony. Being able to channel Rhiannon/Rigantona which my Goddess, Venus/Aphrodite tells me is the guise in which she was worshiped by the Celts, gives me the desire to use the PA candidates in my fertility ceremony. The origins of which until now have been lost in the mists of time. Then I will be CD16 and newly luteal and may take a partner totally unprotected if I have felt mittelschmerz, ovulation pain, two days before. The weather will almost certainly be problematic for an outdoor celebration, but I will know more as the date gets a bit closer.




Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Lactation pleasures and problems

A Medela Easy Expressions breast pump in use

The Photo: A Medela Easy Expressions Bustier double electric breast pump similar to the one I use when there is no partner available to express my breasts and I need to be milked. Now I’m a 32B, but before I started to lactate I was a 32A cup. I think it’s empowering that the model is shown, like me, wearing no wedding ring.

Lactation as a male fetish: As returning long time readers know I’m lactating and have been for longer that I care to think about. I’ve never been preggers. My lactation was accidently induced during a switch of birth control pills when I was in my 20s when I was in Montreal working as a model for a Canadian latex fetishwear house while the ballet company I was dancing with was off during the summer.  I quickly found my then boyfriend liked milking me and as soon as I found that my producing milk wasn’t because I was pregnant or had a pituitary tumor - it was just an uncommon side effect from birth control hormones - I was vastly relieved. We were having such a good time with my amazingly quick arousal when I suckled him and felt my milk come down and his love of breast feeding that I managed to overcome or work around the negative side effects that confront lactating ballerinas.

One side effect being that larger and heavier breasts throw off a ballerina’s center which if she isn’t going to suppress her milk has to be readjusted and gotten used to. Another being a slight (four pound) increase in weight; and still another being hygiene as sometime leaking nipples can stain practice clothes, costumes and street clothes. I soon learned to wear LilyPadz that control leaking nipples, which for me often occur when I become sexually aroused. Until I became accustomed to the idea of wearing nipple shields I would still get caught by the occasional accident and end up smelling of warm breast milk.

When my milk-man boyfriend and I broke up at summer’s end and I returned to the company for the fall season I found men other than my former BF would love to milk me. I quickly tried to arrange to have an available man milk me before class, rehearsals and performances though finding a spot that gave us some privacy could be a challenge if we were traveling. If a man wasn’t available there was nothing to do but use a breast pump to pump my breasts and so I bought my first Medela a twin swing design that worked well for me for years. In an emergency I can hand express my milk but it is time consuming and messy.

In my experience, in the ballet world, lactating breasts, especially on a dancer who hasn’t given birth, were both envied and feared by women dancers with whom I was competing for roles and men, sometimes by the same women who rightly fear that my needing a man to express my breasts could attract their boyfriends with something exceptionally feminine and attractive that they weren’t willing to provide. As you might imagine over the years breastfeeding another dancer’s boyfriend (which I try to avoid unless she is not around and we can meet in private) hasn’t made me popular with my girlfriends and sometimes I made an enemy. That was rarely the case, but there were some tense moments and most women dancers felt far more secure when I was using my Medela in the women’s dressing room or restroom. Actually, on my part it was almost always purely physical since I just needed the help of a man, which I suppose upset so many of them. But like I said it didn’t bother any of them enough to be willing put up with the effort required to induce lactation and care for lactating breasts long term.

I tried watching rehearsals a few times standing along the wall while I was pumping. I wore a shrug or a sweater to cover most of the pump, but I was still such a distraction for the other company members, especially the men, that I stopped doing that before I was asked to. Over the years I’ve managed to hold the increase in breast size to a single cup size from a 32A to a 32B by limiting my milk production. And now when I’m pumping during a rehearsal or when teaching a long class (I try to avoid it if at all possible) since I’m in charge the women have gotten used to it, but I still get longing glances from some men who have not been asked to milk me.  

The nine male trainers and breast feeding: The two sets of Dwarfs+2 have an easier time when rotating through Anya and me than working full out with each of the PA candidates in training. Anya doesn’t work her male partner’s as hard as I work mine. She just enjoys having so many new and STI (including Zika) free men. I’m rather pleased to say that all the men love to milk me, suckling hungrily at my nipples and then fucking me boneless with a series of clitoral, G-spot and anterior fornix (A-spot) orgasms. Only rarely will a man, usually after a full meal, want to enter me from behind to thrust into my posterior fornix while I’m pumping with the Medela. When we are at my place or his, the afterglow nap after being milked and inseminated is exquisite. I drift off with my face buried in my lover’s armpit savoring his scent!

Breast pumping at the February 28, 2016 Oscars: Just to put breast pumping for the elite in the U.S. in perspective there were no lactation rooms provided. Not that there have ever been, but it is a necessity that has been overlooked for far too long. For more about that read the article HERE.

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