Thursday, June 21, 2012

A dildo pregnancy

Pyrex glass dildo 24kt Gold Twist Love Baton

The Photo: shows a Pyrex dildo 7 inches in length and 1 1/4 inches in diameter similar to the one used to accidentally inseminate an 18 y/o student in the early session Summer Ballet Intensive course she is taking at St Lucy’s.

Stonehenge - the 2012 Summer Solstice: I missed the Stonehenge celebration this year. Sigh! I had every intention of going, but the accidental pregnancy mentioned above involved the daughter of an occasional lover and that kept me in town to make sure it was terminated and she is ok.

Insemination: The student, ‘Emily’, managed to inseminate herself several weeks ago in Contemporary Sexual health class during the Q & A after my demonstration of the difference in depth of the aroused vagina when penetrated in missionary vs. rear-entry while bent over.

My vaginal depth measurements when fully aroused are: introitus to anterior fornix about 6.75” and introitus to posterior fornix about 7.75” when I’m lying on my back. When I’m measured penetrated doggie style I’m about .75” deeper: introitus to anterior fornix about 7.25” and introitus to posterior fornix about 8.25”. I wear a 26 mm Oves cervical cap the rim of which forms a tight seal on the base of my cervix so I can comfortably take a penis thrusting into my posterior fornix which will stretch another half inch or so during maximum thrusting.

I was demonstrating with a male escort as my assistant and it was as I was cleaning up after he had entered me unprotected and filled me with semen while the students were all asking questions. As I Kegeled out his load I kept being asked over and over what it felt like to be penetrated that deeply and wasn’t I worried about letting him come in me w/o a condom. I explained that we were both tested frequently for STIs and I was wearing an Oves cap so I was quite safe. It seems Emily thought (so she said later) I was lying and that my partner had been clipped so he was sterile.

My partner had used the dildo to measure my depth while in missionary and then again while I was still bent over after he had filled me with semen, so the dildo was coated with his ejaculate when he placed it in a shallow instrument tray on the table around which the students were gathered to watch me be measured and inseminated. While I was distracted answering questions Emily took the semen covered dildo and inserted it in her vagina. The students were wearing thong-bottom leotards so the handle and several inches of the shaft sticking out were obvious when a student in front of her stepped to one side. When I saw what she had done I told her to remove it and put it back in the instrument tray which she did. I talked to her after class and since she was on Yaz and taking her pills correctly no one thought anything more about it.

Testing positive: Everyone forgot about it that is until Emily tested positive during the routine pregnancy test that all students are given if they are taking dive-sex instruction because we don’t allow pregnant women to breathe compressed gas as the increased pressure and intense pelvic activity during dive-sex can cause a miscarriage or nausea can cause the woman to vomit in her mask while underwater.

It turned out that she had been taking her pills correctly, but had told no one that she had just started taking an anti-seizure medicine, to protect against a form of epilepsy and it wasn’t on the copy of her medical records we were sent. The anti-seizure med interfered with her metabolizing the contraceptive hormones making her birth control pills much less effective. The chances that she was fertile during the demonstration, had inserted a dildo covered with fresh semen and the fertilized egg implanted would be pretty long odds, but stuff happens.

She wanted a quick termination. Fortunately she is 18 and her father, a single dad (a Hollywood A-list hunk and one of my occasional-lovers), was understanding and signed the release forms. I went with her yesterday and sat with her while she had a vacuum aspiration that sucked out the reproductive tissue. The procedure went well; she was given ten days of antibiotics and told not to have sex for a week. She would probably be fine if she used an FC2 so we will see. Today she is feeling a bit crampy but 800 mg of Ibuprofen took care of that and she is participating in all the classes with no mental baggage from the experience, at least so far. She says she plans to transfer from UCLA to UNLV in the Fall.

Lessons learned: From now on after use all semen covered devices and toys used in demonstrations where students can touch them will be placed in a deep pan of sterilization solution to prevent any possibility of accidental insemination.

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