Saturday, August 31, 2013

The chick with the silicone rack

Danger Girl trains with an old style twin hose reg

The picture: ‘Danger Girl’ I’m indebted to the artist, HD, for permission to use this original artwork. The image used for the blog shows her earlier in the day suited up for familiarization with the mistral twin hose she would use for mission training. I think she was talking with Adolph who likes to know the motivation of the trainees passing through his facility. She found the water so warm that she could train in a bikini which she would be wearing for the mission, allowed her partners easier access and for her maximum flexibility.

Adolph as a contractor: We had just gotten home from Virgin Gorda and I my girls were back in school - Cyndi, Odette and Odile at UNLV and Bea at St Lucy’s - and I get this call from Adolph. He doesn’t do frantic well and when he gets excited his German accent thickens so much he is unintelligible. He always has someone else place his calls for him so when I heard his voice and the state he was in I knew there was trouble.

It seems a government agency, the GSA negotiated the contract and they wouldn’t say which one (“now never you mind little lady you don’t have a need to know” said with a West Texas twang) has rented his deep water training facility, known to readers of this blog as ‘The Well’, as well as his multi-bed hyperbaric chamber for a few days to train some of their employees and there are a lot of slashed air hoses, fins and masks on the bottom of the facility, 216 feet below the surface. Now when Adolph punctures a BC or cuts a submissive’s hose to her octopus he doesn’t get upset so what’s with his jitters now when the U. S. taxpayers are funding the destruction?  

He was upset because the sole woman trainee had no female support and from his experience with dive-sex and what she told him of her background she had no real understanding of what was going to happen and he wanted me to intervene on her behalf. Who would have known? He can be brutal, but occasionally he shows a bit of his softer side. Though he may have just been upset because he wanted to brutalize her himself. You can never be sure with Adolph.

Be careful what you wish for: Apparently the facility had been rented to train a female agent, but someone had no idea how to go about it safely and the agent herself had no clue about how to protect herself when intending to be penetrated during dive-sex. Though after the fact everyone agreed she was enthusiastic about the prospect.  By the time I got there and was allowed access to the pool area it was too late and the critical part of her dive training was underway.

I found out later that it was amateur hour as far as the woman diver’s div-sex training was concerned though in the hand-to-hand combat that preceded her being gang raped she actually did quite well disabling two of the five men who attacked her. There were a great many problems with how her training was conducted.  There was no female divemaster involved and no doctor present. She had not been given a pregnancy test to ensure she wasn’t preggers so she could safely withstand a strenuous series of dives. She wore no cervical barrier protection to prevent water being forced into her uterus from the hydraulics of her trainer/partner’s thrusting. Protection should have been used at least during training to minimize the chances of PID even if during her actual mission she couldn’t use it. And, they had her use water soluble K-Y Jelly as an underwater vaginal lube filling a vaginal applicator from a tube.  However, K-Y Jelly is not the same pH as the vagina so if a woman is prone to trouble with yeast or bacterial vaginosis that could be a problem. Under the circumstances I suppose she’s lucky nothing happened to her breast implants..

Agent Orange: I’ll call the athletic young woman undergoing training ‘Agent Orange’ which was the color of the thong-back bikini she wore when entering The Well. She is a 26 y/o, 5’8”, 125 lb blonde with a law degree from Yale and was a competitive swimmer in high school and college. She is on the low dose contraceptive shot, Depo-subQ Provera 104, taken every 12 weeks, which can be very effective if you are careful about getting your shots on time and avoid taking meds that might affect how the progestin is metabolized. However, taken for several years Depo Provera can leach calcium from the bones, but so far after 6 months on the shot she has stopped having periods which she was happy about. Her breasts have been enhanced to D-cups which to me looked out of proportion on her, but drew the attention of every male in her presence which I suppose was what she wanted. She’d had the silicone gel implants done several years ago and the scars are almost impossible to see. I’m thinking she’s going to have back problems carrying that rack around by the time she’s 30 and that’s not jealousy talking either.

An Aqualung Mistral twin-hose regulator

An Aqualung Mistral twin-hose:  She was being trained using a twin hose reg which was giving her trouble even though it wasn’t an original, but the ‘new’ Aqualung Mistral twin-hose version. She was having trouble getting the head movement (lean the head to the left and exhale) needed to clear the mouthpiece of water, which was made worse by the fact that she had a stiff neck from the buoyancy of the air in the hoses keeping her head raised unless she forced her head down. And when her mouthpiece was pulled out and the hoses went above her head their buoyancy made the mouthpiece difficult for her to retrieve. Her Mistrial was not equipped with an octopus or secondary reg as her equipment providers saw them as just something to get tangled on underwater obstructions or grabbed by an attacker. Nor did her mouthpiece have a spit-strap attached that fastens around the neck to prevent the loss of the mouthpiece if the diver gasps or screams. In the twin-hose units I’ve dived I found the spit-strap a very handy feature to have. Another problem was that she was training at a depth of 100 ft while breathing regular air which put her at considerable risk of developing nitrogen narcosis (rapture of the deep) while her trainers were breathing Nitrox. It least there was the usual net stretched across the pool at 110 feet to prevent an uncontrolled descent from going all the way to the bottom at 216 feet.

The dive: When I walked out on the pool surround and looked down there was Orange with three men around her. She had already injured two others so severely that they had surfaced and I was told the idea was to use just enough force to disable her while keeping her alive to train as an underwater submissive, a category that up to that time had escaped my attention. When trained they hoped that she would be able to charm her way into the small stable of submissive dive-chicks owned by the Dom head of the organization to be penetrated. The fight with her trainers ended up with her fins being pulled off and her hands flexi-cuffed behind her tank. She was not tethered with an ankle leash so they tumbled and twisted as they mated We really couldn’t see anything from the surface because the four streams of bubbles masked their activity so we relied on the four HDTV cams videoing the encounter as the men cluster fucked her.

She seemed to take her first attacker w/o serious physical discomfort, but after that the K-Y had all been washed away. When the second man pushed his way inside her, her back arched, she shuddered, her mouth gaped open as she screamed sending a stream of bubbles toward the surface and her mouthpiece and corrugated hoses floated away over her head. One of the men had to grab it and stuff it back in her mouth and that went on repeatedly as her partner’s thrusts brutally rammed her cervix.  When he shot his wad and withdrew a thick gray fog gushed out of her vagina. The third man tried to mount her, but she drew her knees up to her chest and kicked him in the reg and mask flooding his mask, breaking his nose and knocking out his mouthpiece. She floated away briefly curled in a fetal position while still bleeding profusely from her vagina. As the two uninjured men approached she was writhing in pain while lying on the net across the well at 110 feet and the longer she lay there curled up the more heavily she hemorrhaged. By that time the men realized they had to get her to the surface and so it was an emergency ascent and all three went immediately into the multi-bed hyperbaric chamber with a Gynecologist who was on call and being paid for by Adolph.

It turned out that she was about three months pregnant and had miscarried when her cervix was brutally pounded and the hydraulics of her partner’s thrusting forced out the mucus plug protecting the fetus and K-Y Jelly and pool water were forced into her uterus. She had vomited from the cramps and developed aspiration pneumonia and there was a massive tear of her right rotary cuff which probably occurred when her arms were cuffed behind her tank. Fortunately none of the divers suffered any apparent DCS from the emergency ascent, but Agent Orange also has PTSD. She’s now under guard in an isolation room in Adolph’s private hospital for people with inconvenient injuries or inconvenient people with injuries difficult to explain to the general public.

Who you gonna call?: That left the gang who can’t shoot straight w/o a viable agent and the mission apparently dead in the water, in a manner of speaking. Phone calls were made chits were cashed in and another agency agreed to provide a mission candidate who happened to be nearby and could be on site within an hour. Go figure! However, there was a catch, the agent wasn’t going to be forced to take the mission. The borrowing agency would have to explain their needs in sufficient detail for her to accept or reject the assignment. So we all waited to see who would show up. In the meantime the agent in charge having had the shortcomings of the training he provided to Agent Orange explained to him in great detail agreed to have me on hand as an advisor, to train the new agent.


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The chaperone

Which, Odette or Odile? In a plum VS push-up

Late registration at UNLV: It’s been an eventful, but very rushed few days. I had a helicopter pick us up and take us to San Juan where we boarded Limnaea which was returning from Europe carrying small priority packages bound for west coast locations. Our encounter with Roni, Miranda and Ralph over the last few days threw my schedule as well as that of my girls off by several days at an inconvenient time. Not that we all didn’t enjoy meeting Ralph and getting to know him quite well in some ways. The unfortunate part is the delay caused Cyndi and my two new wards (more about them a bit further on) to be late registering for the fall semester at UNLV. Not that that is a mortal sin. Given that the casino is such a big contributor to the university there was no problem once that fact became known.

Have I mentioned that Cyndi has decided to take a gap year and start at Oxford in the fall of 2014? That might have been a problem for some as seats at Oxford (as well as Cambridge) are in such high demand, but being the granddaughter of a Duke has its advantages.  Cyndi isn’t really taking the year off as she will be going to UNLV to take biology courses since right now she wants to be a doctor. And, it will be good to have her home where she can help with Odette and Odile’s extracurricular studies. All three girls will be living with me because of the academic as well as the escort training load they will have. That way my staff can ensure they eat properly at my training table and get enough sleep. Academics can be exhausting on the mind. Escort training takes strength and stamina and is physically exhausting. I intend to make their college years fun, but challenging w/o burning them out. 

The Swan twin’s father: Newly eighteen year old identical twins who I’ll call Odette and Odile when writing about them on this blog have been my vacation neighbors on Virgin Gorda for years. While they vacation on an adjoining estate there is a mile of what I think of as jungle between their father’s villa and mine. They graduated from a private school in NYC and were visiting for the summer. Their father, Paul, is a widower and is a self employed contractor of some sort who travels a great deal. He has a lovely small place, but finding it is nearly impossible even if you know the area well as the access road is overgrown and so deeply rutted you have to have a Land Rover or similar vehicle to get to the place by land. He has asked me over several times when he found I like to shoot pistols and we’ve shot up boxes of 9 mm bullets at a time on his pistol range. He has this amazing strong room hidden in the basement full of various types of guns and ammunition. I think he could be a fun guy if you are really into guns.

I had met Paul at several of the Duchess’s parties initially through his wife who was a Brit and Soloist dancing for The Royal Ballet when he met her. Then after she was killed in a car accident in Europe some years ago the Duchess began trying to get me interested in him as she thought his girls needed a mother. While he is a lovely man and good in bed attending to my needs before he satisfies himself, he somehow seems distant. So there has never been the right chemistry between us for a permanent arrangement, not that I’m looking for one. We are good friends and have been to island parties together and the twins have stayed at my villa with my wards when Paul has been suddenly called away to resolve some business crisis.

So it wasn’t unusual for Paul to ask me as he did several days ago to have the girls stay with me while he is in London for a few days. They are both excellent students and will attend UNLV this fall. I had thought they might go to a school with a higher academic profile, but they have had some disciplinary problems with authority (I can relate and sympathize) so they decided that since UNLV accepted them and it provides a good liberal arts education that’s where they would go. I suspect that my being near by was probably a factor in Paul’s letting them go to Vegas because he had talked about their needing a strong worldly female figure in their lives.

Ballet Girls: The twins enjoy ballet which their mother started them taking when they were four and are quite accomplished in the art of pointework to be amateurs. I call them Odette and Odile because while identical their personalities are polar opposites. Odette is sweet musical and gentle while Odile is a risk taker and mischievous. Paul has been extremely protective of them with boys and I have kept my distance from them in that aspect of their socialization because living in New York the age of consent is eighteen and I didn’t want them to possibly get in trouble if I included them in my wards pelvic training.

Not that they have been untutored in the ways of men as I have given them Ben Wa sets and dildos and taught them how to use them correctly since they needed a knowledgeable woman to take them in hand in that regard. Several years ago I even fitted them with Diva cups and 60 mm Milex Omniflex diaphragms (at that age strictly for use as flow control devices), but it got them used to handling their genitals as so many young women fear to do today. Until now I’ve avoided making available men for sexual encounters other than heavy petting while the twins wore chastity belts (I have a few all custom made by Gepetto for each of my favorite teens) as that sort of denial drives men wild.  However, now that they are 18 and will be attending UNLV they are old enough and close enough to me geographically to come within my sphere of influence for serious pelvic training which will stand them in good stead in the search and competition for the most desirable mates. A day or two ago Chris, our male Gyn, fitted them both with 65 mm Reflexions latex FS diaphragms and verified again that they have lovely deep post-pubic vaults, healthy cervixes and no hymen tissue that needs trimming. So now they can begin their intensive pelvic training safely; even when I take them to the ‘Well’, Adolph’s very deep training facility, for Trimix training.

Chaperone: A “person (as a matron) who for propriety accompanies one or more young unmarried women in public or in mixed company.” After talking around the matter for days Paul asked me to be the twins chaperone a function I performed while he was away while they were on Virgin Gorda. However, he now wants me to watch over them while they attend UNLV. I tried to get him to understand that it is impossible to keep them totally safe (especially Odile) unless they are locked up somewhere. However I agreed to fulfill that duty as I understand it, keeping them relatively safe while exposing them to new and pleasurable experiences that will expand their horizons in so many ways.

Now that they are eighteen and have had all their Gardasil shots I feel free to include them in sexual activities in which Cyndi and Bea routinely participate (especially escort training) as well as take them in hand for individual coaching in the art of seduction, though their natural talent in that regard is already on display. Paul already knows they are on the pill, Beyaz, supposedly to regularize their cycles. So as long as they take their pills correctly and stay with men who have been screened for STIs they should be quite safe. While both have used dildos, Hitachi Magic Wands and Sybian machines I believe neither has been penetrated by a human male making them technically virgins.   

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Next of kin

A 40 foot Bristol sloop

The arrival: The authorities in Spanish Town contacted us by radio and told that Sailor Girl’s  older sister, Miranda, and her partner would be arriving in the cove aboard her 40’ Bristol Sloop, the Sell Short. Then Miranda radioed that they should be expected on Wednesday after a stop in Spanish Town to identify the body of her sister, Veronica and get it released to the family by the authorities. The Sell Short didn’t appear in the cove until very early Friday just in time for breakfast as they had to re-stock provisions after arriving from Bermuda and take care of funeral arrangements. They had begun the leisurely sail several weeks ago intending to meet Veronica in Spanish Town for several weeks of diving when they were contacted by radio to notify them of her death.

The family: Veronica (Roni) was 26 and working on her masters in marine biology at Florida State.  She had been working for the summer as crew on a large rental yacht out of Spanish Town. Miranda is 31, has a PhD in finance from the Wharton School and is a vice president in a small but highly regarded Wall Street Merchant Bank. Her partner, Ralph, is a 32 y/o bond trader for J.P Morgan; both are avid sailors and excellent swimmers. Miranda is a petite blond with a lovely figure (isn’t that always the way) and Ralph is a rugged 6’2” with magnificent shoulders a gloriously hairy chest, superbly proportioned thighs and buns and washboard abs. An absolute hunk he stirred my carnal interest immediately.

A change in plan: From Miranda’s superior attitude during our radio conversation I had taken an immediate dislike to her.  So when I saw Ralph I decided I would seduce him taking him from her temporarily while she was in her bereavement when I thought she would need him the most. I needn’t have bothered. He fell into my lap!

From the way Miranda acted she and Roni hadn’t been close at all and her death was a mere inconvenience.  Given the circumstances I was amazed that both Miranda and Ralph had roving eyes which I spotted immediately since Ralph didn’t try to hide that he was staring hungrily at me and Miranda seemed fascinated by Chris, the Brit Gyn who always accompanies us on vacations. Perhaps on a long sea voyage Ralph and Miranda had gotten bored with one another or were both looking for a little variety in partners. Whatever the reason Ralph definitely wanted me. And Miranda who sat next to Chris at breakfast couldn’t keep her hands off him. Given that Miranda was supposed to be bereaved she hid it extremely well.

With seduction in mind I had dressed for our meeting wearing a bright yellow swimsuit intended to offset the sadness of the occasion and accent my dancer’s body as I showed the bereaved couple around my villa before breakfast which was when I told them how Cyndi and I had found Roni. I wore a custom made canary thong bikini by Gottex and for Ralph’s benefit took off my pareo to display my legs while showing the villa intentionally preceded them up a long flight of stairs on pointe in yellow satin Grishko 2007 toe-shoes, an ability which I use to test an interesting man’s concentration. He tried to hide his interest as he struggled for control, but I turned as I reached the top and immediately spotted the change in the drape of his shorts. I smiled at him and he returned my smile. Miranda was looking off the stairway at the chandelier hanging from the three story high ceiling so she missed our visual exchange.

Or perhaps she was intentionally looking away as my tight buns and contracted calves (far better than hers) were swaying in front of her lover as we climbed the two long flights of stone steps and she recognized the effect I was having on Ralph. By the time breakfast was over he was in thrall to me and she was talking primarily to Chris while occasionally stroking his hand or putting her hand on his thigh as she hung spellbound on his every word in answer to her questions about his medical  training in the UK. Watching him seduce her was like watching a mongoose hypnotize a cobra. Not that she was at all dangerous.

Roni’s cause of death: Miranda and Ralph had brought along a few of Roni’s things off the sloop she sailed into the bay as well as the personal items off her body as Miranda said she had questions about some of them. Veronica’s rings and All-Flex were there, but not the inserted tampon which I suppose the police kept for DNA analysis and possible match. The doctor acting as coroner said she wasn’t pregnant. He said that, as I guessed from the blood in her throat when we got her aboard, she had a rare pulmonary aneurism which burst. He thought it probable that the strain her body had been under from a very tiring series of recent long deep dives (recorded on her dive computer) contributed to the aneurism rupturing. She bled to death or drowned in her own blood either of which would take only a short time to kill her. Apparently she had had the aneurism for some time though Miranda said she never heard her complain about chest pain in any of their conversations.  

Personal effects and plan comes together: Miranda asked wistfully about the kinky rimmed All-Flex, asking why it was bent like that and why there was no spermicide in Roni’s slit kit if she was using a diaphragm. The answers to her questions are that the All-Flex was kinked from water pressure and was the wrong rim style to use for dive-sex because the rim would distort below 10 meters. There was no spermicide because she was on the pill and was using the diaphragm only for flood insurance. Miranda mentioned several times while handling the bent All-Flex that Roni had been going to teach her how to protect her upper reproductive tract during underwater sex and she and Ralph had been so looking forward to the dive-sex experience.

That gave me the opportunity I was looking for to explain about the proper equipment to provide upper reproductive tract protection at depth and to offer to teach them myself with Chris’ help. Doing that would solve two problems simultaneously; letting me fuck Ralph’s brains out under the guise of training, while giving Miranda an excuse to be with Chris who would teach her the fine points of dive-sex while fucking her brains out which she so obviously and desperately wanted, perhaps as bereavement release if not just for the pure carnal pleasure of it. 

The business of pleasure: I explained that Chris could fit her with the correct type and size diaphragm then act as her trainer for a dive-sex lesson and she was all smiles as she agreed. What woman hasn’t wanted to fuck her male Gyn, right? Which, afterward she confided to me had been her fantasy since her first pelvic. But first we needed to take care of checking everyone’s sexual health. I accessed Chris and my health records at our Vegas clinic and printed out copies of our current negative full STI panel results. I also printed out copies of Cyndi and Bea’s Full STI panels just in case they had an opportunity to be with Ralph. Then Miranda and Ralph accessed their medical records held by their primary care physicians and printed copies of their most recent full STI panel results. That’s at least one good thing to come from digitalizing medical records. I was interested to see that both of them had all three of the Gardasil, HPV vaccine, shots just as I and my circle of men as well as women friends have even though both are outside the target population, girls and boys from ages 9 to 26. But with oral sex now being the cause of so much throat and rectal cancer I think it is beneficial for older adults to minimize their chances of HPV related infections. And Miranda was so pleased about having Chris all to herself that she didn’t ask why I was showing Cyndi and Bea’s STI panel results to Ralph.

Once everyone was assured that we were all STI free it was a simple matter for Chris to fit Miranda with a 70 mm Reflexions and show her how to insert and remove it correctly in the exam room I have set up for his use in my villa. She is using the single rod etonogestrel implant Nexplanon for contraception so assuming she watches her meds the progestin should suppress her ovulation and she can use the Reflexions w/o spermicide, but with a good quality silicone lube strictly for flood insurance unless Fred likes the feel of the stretchy dome as his thrusts force it into her anterior fornix and wants her to wear it all the time.   

Training dives: Miranda and Ralph’s used their own SCUBA gear except tanks which I provided.  Their training went very well after we got them to concentrate on taking full breaths and exhaling completely before taking the next breath. Hyperventilating is a common problem when divers are nervous or concentrating on a task and don’t empty their lungs before taking the next breath. It’s a very common problem when new to dive-sex. I thought they should have already known about how to avoid hyperventilating, but since they were both into new partners and a new sexual experience perhaps they forgot.

After 45 minute session in the villa’s swimming pool we found that Chris could massage Miranda’s G-spot and thrust into her anterior fornix giving her massive orgasms. She was sucking so much air that I decided to give her an 80 cu ft. tank rather than the 60 when we went into the cove. Also in the pool I found that Ralph’s pelvic equipment was marvelously thick while being just long enough to reach into my anterior fornix when I was aroused and he was about to ejaculate. If I have to choose between thick or long I’d much prefer thick and so I was very pleased with his equipment, but not initially with his performance. It was as though he hadn’t had much experience pleasing a woman with his penis so I adjusted my hips and tightened my legs around him to direct his thrusts where they would do me the most good and after a few minutes he caught on. Then he was magnificent with his pile-driving butt pounding away and his recovery time was very short. I actually had to stop him in the pool so he would save his ardor for sex at depth in the cove.  

Dive-sex in the cove: We took the Zodiac out in the cove and showed Miranda and Fred the spot where we found Roni’s body. The girls wore bikinis and the guys slingshots and dove briefly to the bottom (60 feet) there for them to look around before moving out of the lava tube to tether pointes elsewhere in the cove where the water was shallower (25 feet) and much warmer so the men could perform w/o having performance anxiety. I went over tethering again as I had in the villa swimming pool, showing them how the women use the ankle leashes on each ankle to tether ourselves to the anchors then inflate our BCs to hold us with our legs spread wide and the leashes tight because of our positive buoyancy so our partners have a relatively stable target.  I showed Miranda how to apply a 10 ml disposable applicator of DiveGel+ while tethered. With dive sex, especially in the salty water of the ocean there is no such thing as having too much silicone lube. Because once your delicate vaginal lining becomes raw the salt water burns like fire and you have to surface and rinse out with a water/vinegar douche and are out of action for a few days until you heal.

Burial at sea: Miranda invited us aboard the Sell Short and Ralph raised the anchor and took us out into North Sound. She prepared a cold lunch of lobster and shrimp after which she invited us to walk aft and there presented each of us with an orchid blossom. On the afterdeck on a small teak table sat a small cardboard box containing Roni’s ashes. Miranda read parts of the funeral service from the Episcopal Book Of Common Prayer and then with the breeze off the starboard quarter opened the box and poured the ashes into the sea and threw her orchid blossom after them and we all tossed our orchids after hers. Miranda said she was returning her sister to the ocean she had loved so much. Once the burial was completed Ralph took us back into the cove and anchored again. I had no idea that the authorities would release a body that quickly. One assumes they kept enough evidence to open an investigation if questions should arise, but with a burst aneurism the cause of death was undeniable. 

Afterward: Miranda stayed on board the Sell Short with Chris for rest of the afternoon while Ralph came ashore with me to meet and have dive-sex in the pool with Cyndi and Bea. They both enjoyed taking a new man who was so well hung and who they could impress with the strength of their pelvic muscles. Cyndi had wanted to wear Roni’s black rubber swim-skin, but fortunately she mentioned the idea to me first and I nixed it. No one had asked why it was missing or they may not have known, but there was no reason to flaunt a souvenir in front of the donor’s relatives lest someone remember. That evening I tool Ralph back to the Sell Short and an hour later Cyndi, Bea and I were still draining his semen while we watched the Sell Short's navigation lights disappear as it sailed for St John in the USVIs.

The temporary swap of partners for training was an ideal solution letting us girls burn off a lot of estrogenic lust with a new man w/o adding him to my circle while Miranda got to enjoy Chris before going back to being submissive enough to eventually capture Ralph as her husband if she wants him. After all he is the eldest son of an extremely rich industrialist and superb marriage material, which may help explain why Miranda didn’t keep him on a much tighter leash.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Towel-Girl adversity training

Foul Play

The Illustration: Foul play is used with permission of the artist, ‘HD’ for which I’m grateful. The drawing used here depicts a diver during adversity training showing exactly what happens during a session when Cyndi and I wrestle in the lava tube to see which of us can disable the other to the greatest extant and how long it takes to safely recover. Unfastening an opponent’s weight belt, turning off K-valves, pulling off fins, flooding masks and pulling out regs are all considered fair tactics during training. No knives to cut hoses or puncture BCs or small vice-grip pliers to clamp hoses closed are allowed. Nor is opening the zippers of an opponent’s suit or pulling out vaginal devices allowed during training. And we have to stay in the aquifer current where we are tumbled around as we are swept toward the ocean while trying to open our k-valves again, purge and insert our regs and clear our masks. Of course if it comes down to a real fight then nothing is off the table if it gives you an advantage.

An ideal location: The lava tube aquifer with its strong constant unidirectional current, relatively smooth sediment free bottom and walls, good depth (60 feet) and cold water provide an added degree of difficulty to the environment making ideal training conditions for combatants to train in. To protect against the cold and being scraped along the lava floor and walls we wear 5 mm neoprene wetsuits and hoods which also limit our mobility when trying to reach behind to turn on the K-valve again.

Adversity training prep: Towel-Girls taking basic training learn to empty their bowels and bladders prior to suiting up, but with adversity training it’s standard to also insert a latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragm for upper reproductive tract flood insurance and apply a 10 ml prefilled applicator of an intimate silicone lube, DiveGel+, deep in the vagina prior to suiting up in case she is overpowered and forcibly penetrated. That way she’s also prepared for dive-sex if the sexual encounter is consensual which often happens with a male trainer after such an intimate struggle where the bodies of the couple have been in such close contact. And, since both Cyndi and I are CD 28 and spotting we should begin bleeding tomorrow which will add another dimension, cramps, (but not severe enough to disable her, they just make her more feisty) to our training.

Cyndi’s adversity training is part of getting her prepared for exam time with Adolph who is known for just that sort of attention to attractive women. But in Cyndi’s case she needs to successfully pass the exam in order to complete the next level of training. That requires her to survive that sort of aggressive ‘playing’ at least three times during a single encounter with him before she can be considered qualified as an elite level Red Door Towel-Girl. Then she will be allowed alone in a pool at Splash, (Adolph’s adult swim club) with a new client whose dive fetishes and mental stability are unknown.  At Splash a Towel-Girl’s encounters are monitored by security so there would be someone to rescue her if attacked, but she needs to survive the initial attack. T-Gs usually wear bikinis for encounters in warm relatively shallow (20 foot deep) encounter pools so the tight suits, current and cold water of this training venue should help build up a her stamina and confidence.

Hormonal free contraception: One of very popular things about Towel-Girls at Splash is that none of them use hormonal contraceptives so they all are cycling naturally. That allows Adolph to offer dive-sex with fertile and menstruating (It’s a premium service.) T-Gs protected only by copper IUDs and diaphragms. And there is considerable demand for dive sex with the girls at those times in their cycles. Dive-sex with young fertile woman using a arcing or coil spring rim diaphragm for contraceptive protection results in a high percentage of pregnancies because the rims of those devices can be and are easily under-thrust and that is just the sort of clients Splash attracts.

Which is why only latex Reflexions FS diaphragms are worn by Towel-Girls while working at Splash because the latex has far better heat transfer characteristics than silicone and the dome is much stretchier giving a client a much better experience while the flat spring rim of a correctly sized diaphragm is almost impossible for even an expert swordsman to under-thrust protecting the T-G from a client inadvertently or on purpose under-thrusting the rim and ejaculating in the dome.

Monday, August 19, 2013


The Illustration: Original artwork entitled ‘Adrift’ by the artist “HD”.  I’m grateful to the artist for permission to use Adrift and for our chats about the dangers and thrills of diving.

Sailor girl: The other day we awoke to find a small Bristol sloop anchored near our diving buoy in the cove below my house. There was no sign of activity aboard and after breakfast Cyndi and I suited up to swim with the dolphins and stopped by the sloop on the way to the buoy. No one answered our call so we boarded from the small dive platform off the stern. There were women’s things aboard, sports clothes, swim suits, lingerie, and a well stocked slit-kit containing; a partial pack of Yaz pills, the box and empty case for a recently fitted All-Flex (it was a new Rx filled by a Spanish Town pharmacy) that she must be using for flood insurance, a packet of Japanese super sheer condoms, silicone lube and medium absorbency tampons.

But there was no sign of the woman herself and no indication of anyone else being aboard. From the gear strewn on the aft deck; a buoyancy compensator, weight belt and fins it appeared she may have gone diving w/o all the all equipment necessary to handle the tricky mix of salt and fresh water since she had anchored over the aquifer outflow. There was no diver-down flag flying from the buoy, but she had arrived at night. A solo woman sailing at night in coastal waters of the islands takes strong nerves even with GPS navigating and depth sounding equipment with which the sloop was equipped so we thought she must be a competent sailor.

Diver down: we assumed the woman had gone diving so Cyndi and I buckled ourselves into our Ladyhawk BCs and scuba sets - FFMs and 130 HP steel tanks of Nitrox (because I planned to introduce Cyndi to Junior) – put the diver-down flag on the buoy and went into the water to search for sailor girl. It didn’t take long to find her. The water is very clear. All we had to do was look down. The bottom there is at 60 feet and is smooth rock of the lava tube kept scoured of marine growth by the current. It was hard to see her at first in black neoprene against the dark rock. She wasn’t moving and there were no bubbles. She could have been holding her breath to look closely at something on the wall which she floated close to, but then I saw the yellow mouthpiece of her reg was caught in a rock cleft and she was floating in the current tethered to the wall by the hose of her reg. Her 2nd stage getting caught in the wall was the only thing that had prevented her from being swept out to sea by the aquifer current.

I had Cyndi get a lift bag from the zodiac and tie the reel line to the dive platform of the sloop then follow me to the bottom where I was examining sailor girl.  In the cold water she hadn’t been dead long enough for rigor mortis to start as her arms and legs were fluttering in the current. We looked her over. She was wearing a black neoprene tropical weight swim-skin, hood and mask, but no gloves, booties or fins.  I was glad the crabs and fish hadn’t gotten started and there were only a few nibbles on her full lips still partially colored by bright red lipstick which also coated the mouthpiece of her reg.  She had a pretty face and a figure that would delight her male admirers if the way she filled her swim-skin was any indication. But she was far past that now her body only good as food for the marine life in the cove if we didn’t recover it and report her death to the authorities. I was surprised her mask was not flooded. Her eyes were wide seemingly in a look of surprise and her mouth was open with tiny fish swimming in and out.  I slipped a line from the lift bag under the shoulder straps of her tank, tied it off securely, pried the mouthpiece of her reg out of the wall fissure, hit the inflate button on the lift-bag cylinder and up we went.

Body aboard: With sailor girl on the surface I used the small winch to lift most of her weight as we guided her aboard and laid her on the deck. I turned her over on her side to get as much water out of her throat as possible and found she was draining huge black clots of blood. I was proud of Cyndi, she wasn’t squeamish about helping with the corpse, but of course she has been around Adolph and dead bodies before (almost always girls) and there was no odor of decay as yet so I was proud of how at 18 she handled the situation. We stripped off sailor girl’s expensive swim-skin which was Cyndi’s size and I checked sailor girl’s vagina to see what she had been wearing. As I suspected it was a 70 mm All-Flex, but she also had a tampon inserted with the strings tucked inside (so they didn’t wick sea water into her vagina) a trick professional escorts use to prevent liquefied semen from staining tight clothing if they have to be out and about before the last of a clients ejaculate drains out. Having no need for either I put the All-Flex and tampon back inside her, then radioed the local constabulary. While we waited we looked, but sailor girl seemed to have no ID, driver’s license, credit cards, boat rental papers (I’d recognized the sloop as a rental from Spanish Town) or anything with her name on it to tell us who she was

As a well known friend of the Duchess, who is a full time resident on Virgin Gorda, I had no problem explaining how we found sailor girl and asked that we be told what her cause of death was. The police seemed more interested in trying to find drugs (which they didn’t) than dealing with yet another diving fatality, but they did take the body away and returned the rental boat to the marina at Spanish Town. No one asked about her missing wetsuit though from the lividity marks on the body it was obvious she had been wearing one when she died. My guess, from the blood in her throat is that she had a rare pulmonary aneurism which burst from the water pressure, but who she was, what caused her to come here and dive in the first place w/o her BC and fins is a puzzlement.  


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Pro training, first penetrative encounter with Junior

Reflexions flat spring diaphragm a pro’s 1st choice

Summer school:  I’m continuing escort training for Cyndi and Bea while we are here on Virgin Gorda. They are actually enjoying it as they get to train their vaginal muscles with stainless steel ball bearings. They are up to wearing a 1.25 inch solid steel set each ball weighing 4.61 oz. Having a 16 and an almost 18 y/o girl able to comfortably and confidently take pointe class with more than a half pound of stainless steel tightly gripped by the muscles of their vaginas is a major confidence building accomplishment and they enjoy sunbathing with them inserted and moving the balls one at a time up and down their vaginal barrels. Working with the 1.25 in. balls is about the heaviest weight practical and they have mastered the necessary grip quicker than I did.  

Training ball maintenance: There are some housekeeping issues when training with steel balls. The acidic Ph of the vagina can begin to corrode the surface after prolonged use as can training with them in chlorinated pool water or in salt water encountered with swimming and diving in the ocean even when washed thoroughly after each use. To prevent this, a small amount of a high quality silicone intimate lube can be used to coat the balls prior to insertion.  We use DiveGel+. That serves two purposes it makes the ball harder to grip increasing the strength and stamina required to wear them and prevents the vaginal fluids or any water flooding the vagina from interacting with the polished surface of the steel ball. 

Pelvic requirements for training with steel balls: While all women can get some benefit from training with 4.6 oz steel balls while lying on our backs to get the full benefit – being able to stand, walk, dance and swim with them inserted - a woman needs a pronounced post-pubic vault in which the balls can rest against the back of the pubic bone even when the muscles in the vaginal barrel are gripping them. Otherwise the balls will drop out when the woman stands or bears down for a bowel movement and relaxes her grip. A very high percentage of women have deep post-pubic vaults, but a few don’t and some of those who want to be capable of the full range of escort services will have surgery to create a deep post-pubic vault just to be able to effectively use a diaphragm and heavy vaginal training balls.

Pro level vaginal training:  Being able to successfully manipulate vaginal balls while a diaphragm is inserted and a silicone lube is being used to protect the steel surfaces of 4.6 oz balls from the acidic environment is one of the ultimate vaginal skills demonstrating the strength, stamina and agility of a woman’s vaginal muscles. The dome of the diaphragm slippery with natural lube as well as silicone lube makes manipulating the heavy balls up and down the vaginal barrel a challenge, but with dedication it is an achievable goal.  

For Cyndi and Bea’s training they are wearing Reflexions FS latex diaphragms just as the professional girls do because (as returning readers will recall) a properly sized and correctly inserted Reflexions is extremely difficult to under-thrust, even for the most experienced swordsman and the wonderfully stretchy dome has much better heat transfer properties than does a silicone device. Personally, I think Reflexions develops a stronger seal so I usually wear Reflexions, over a Sucker, when with a man who has a very high fertility probability either from testing his semen or his paternity record with his partners.   

As I’ve mentioned before the Reflexions flat spring latex diaphragm is the style preferred by professional escorts where I live. Many of the young ones who have grown up with hormonal contraceptives are now switching to the Reflexions diaphragm, for two reasons; they are tired of hormonal side effects and there is a growing interest from their clients in having sexual encounters with women protected only by a cervical barrier. Most of the girls have tried FemCap and found it unsatisfactory either because it didn’t fit correctly or because it hurt their clients so the Professionals are returning to their grandmother’s cervical barrier, the diaphragm.

Dolphins and diaphragms: Today I am CD 20 and had my first penetrative encounter with Junior! For my encounters with him I’m wore a Sucker screwed down tight on my cervix and my standard 80 mm Reflexions FS latex D over it.  He saw me coming in the zodiac and met me on the surface over the lava tube. I anchored to the dive buoy that has a deco stop rope attached and checking my gear – My vintage beavertail jacket, an OTS Guardian FFM, a 130 cu ft HP steel tank of Nitrox and a Scuba Pro Ladyhawk BC - one last time then went over the side of the zodiac and Junior was all over me immediately I was in the water and I let him push me to the bottom.

I was lucky Junior took me to the bottom in the lava tube where it is relatively smooth and clear of sand because of the current. I was glad to have the cage over my K-valve as he pushed me along the bottom until my tank hit some lava rock where it caught. I was worried that if I was dragged along a sandy bottom sand could get stirred up and get into our moving parts or the valves on my FFM. Junior’s penis is about 2 inches in diameter and he had no problem finding where to place it to push it into me.  As I wrote above I’ve been working on strengthening my grip and since there was no foreplay involved I thought I’d get right to the purpose of our encounter and initiate the fluid transfer by contracting my muscles around his glans and got almost immediate results.  

I was so glad I was wearing the Reflexions as I could feel the soft dome stretch when he thrust into both my fornices, but particularly the anterior one where the latex squeezed his glans. He liked that enough that by the third time he came in me - he had nine other ejaculations during that 35 minute encounter - he learned to aim for my anterior fornix while my muscle contractions milked his shaft.

I think there is misinformation about the velocity of a dolphin’s ejaculate. While it’s very fast having him cum in me wasn’t harmful or even uncomfortable nor were any of the other encounters I had with Freckles several years ago.  Junior filling me with his thick bioadhesive semen feels like a sort of soft fisting (because of the quantity of his load) before it squirts out of me around the shaft of his penis in a thick cloud.  There is so much of it! Studies have shown that an adult male can produce more than 60 ml of semen per ejaculation which, if you think of a human male’s orgasm as releasing up to 5 ml of semen, is twelve times the amount of genital fluid! Then there is the fact that during a normal breeding encounter a male dolphin may ejaculate ten or more times so during our encounter I became covered in semen since the current was carrying it over my body and head where it stuck to the lens of my FFM making it difficult to see even though I’d wipe it off each time he came in me. . Fortunately dolphin semen doesn’t coagulate a few minutes after release as some animals do to prevent another male’s sperm from reaching the females egg.

Afterward: When he was finished he withdrew nuzzled me gently away from the rocks where my tank had been caught and seeing I was free swam away. At the time I had no idea that I’d been on the bottom with him for 35 minutes! I was exhausted, but elated to have had such a loving encounter with another intelligent species and be able to enjoy and tell about it afterward. I didn’t inflate my BC just finned up to the deco stop at 30 feet and clipped on for a 15 minute ‘just-in-case’ decompression stop before surfacing and climbing into the zodiac I use as a diving platform.  Unlike human semen dolphin ejaculate doesn’t liquefy 20 minutes after release so I was still Kegeling out his thick semen as I pulled the zodiac up on the beach.


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Bougainvillea, ballet and dolphins

Virgin Gorda Flora

 The photo: Bougainvillea on the walls of my home on virgin Gorda. There are also violet and yellow plants as well and I love that some of it smells like honeysuckle.

Ballet and vacation: It’s a delight to get away where there isn’t someone always wanting a bit of my time and I can relax with almost no responsibilities. The only must is that the girls and I take at least one 90 minute class every morning, At my age I shouldn’t take any time away from the barre as it’s a struggle getting back in shape so it’s a lot easier to just make at least one class per day a normal part of my vacation schedule. As returning readers know I rarely wear slippers, preferring dead pointes or new pointes if I’m breaking in new shoes, for class. That way I keep my feet toughened. I have brought along my Gaynor Mindens to play in, but returning readers will remember that I prefer to train and perform in bespoke Freed Classics which I think, because the shoes have molded to my feet, give me much greater confidence and permit a wider range of expression.

Fertility: I’m CD 14 and ovulated today. I’m still closely enough involved with Bea and Cyndi that they are in menstrual synchrony with me so they are fertile now as well. Cyndi has a stringless GyneFix copper IUD inserted, but Bea and I are dependent on cervical barriers for contraception so we are wearing Suckers as well as Reflexions for dive-sex.

I love my fertile time of the month because all my senses and my creativity are at their height for these few days. Which reminds me that is another thing I love about Freeds, the scent of moist pointes after a hard class; damp leather, fabric, paste, rosin and sweat that makes a unique bouquet with the scent from the bougainvillea on the walls surrounding the protected patio on which we take class.

My studio: I’ve had the studio redesigned and relocated to a patio overlooking North Sound and the Atlantic in the distance. With the roof and the north and east walls of retractable glass the view is stunning - with Prickly Pear Island about two miles off to the north east across North Sound and Baker’s Bay to the south - and the breeze off the ocean is delightful. We take class with our backs to the ocean so we aren’t distracted. I had a fully sprung floor put down on top of the patio stone so there is no worry of training on hard surfaces. In addition to the bougainvillea there are several large Night Blooming Cereus plants below that patio that I hope will bloom while we are here. The large white blossoms are gorgeous and have a strong delightfully sweet woodsy scent.

Recreation: It’s off season with the temps high and occasional showers, but the weather has been great. We have the use of his Grace’s sailboat, the Lusty Lass IV, so we can explore the other islands or have a picnic in a deserted cove or dive the wall a few miles east of the islands. And with the ocean breeze time with a book by the pool is to be treasured. Then there is ballet-sex and dive sex with the guys and even in the rain swimming with the small pod of dolphins or exploring the lava tube on the bottom of the cove below the house are thrills enough for everyone.

Dolphins in the cove: I’m hoping for sex with one of the male dolphins while we’re here. I’ve written about it before and there is a young male of about 250 lbs, I’ve named him Junior, who is the right size.  He doesn’t seem to have a mate and I’ve been swimming with him as much as I can. I think he may be interested in me because he likes bumping me and pushing me toward the cove bottom. By caressing his genital slit I hope I can get him to penetrate me. In earlier dive-sex with ‘freckles’ my former dolphin lover I wore a mask, regulator and used an 80 cu ft tank. I wore an Oves then for flood insurance and even with his prehensile penis Freckles never pulled Oves off my cervix so I should be safe as far as upper reproductive tract protection is concerned.

Dive gear: This time I ‘m a bit better prepared with my dive gear.  I’m using an OTS Guardian FFM and a 130 cu ft HP steel tank. A 130 is far too large to allow rear penetration, but for dive-sex in the ocean I prefer missionary so I can watch my partner to try and avoid accidents. I have a cage guard over the valves at the top of the tank so if I get pushed into coral it won’t damage the valves and first stage. Ever since Anya had her upper arm badly torn several years ago, when a lusty dolphin forced her on to the bottom while trying to breed her, I’ve been wearing a 5mm vintage rubber beavertail jacket (with brass wrist and front zips and brass crotch twist fasteners) and hood to protect my trunk and arms if that happens to me. The twist fasteners allow me to be almost immediate available if a male is interested. I’m hoping that if I use lots of DiveGel and guide him inside me and wrap my legs around his tail my legs should be ok if I’m forced on to the bottom under him. Other reasons I’d like to avoid sex with one of the pods bulls are because their penises are too long and the older ones can have barnacles growing on their skin that can cut as bad as coral if his weight is on a diver.  .

The cove: The bottom where the lava tube collapsed and the aquifer empties into the cove is at about 60 feet and that depression covers around 1200 sq feet while the rest of the cove is an average of 35 feet deep tapering to 120 it the mouth where it empties into the sound. The outflow of cold fresh water is great enough and the aquifer current strong enough that the water in the lava tube depression is mostly fresh causing divers weighted for seawater diving to be a bit over weighted for the less dense cold fresh water in the depression so it’s best to wear a BC to prevent continually adjusting weights. On the bottom of the lava tube depression I’ve had anchors sunk in the rock to attach ankle leash tethers for dive-sex to hold the couple in place in the current.

The other girls and I usually breathe regular air diving the cove, but if I intend to play with Junior I’ll dive Nitrox to extend my depth and bottom time and wear my Scuba Pro Ladyhawk back flotation BC with air2 as well as an inflator hose off an octopus so if something happens to my main air I stand a better chance of getting to the surface. With dolphins you can never be sure what they will do. The nice thing about the back flotation of the Ladyhawk is that it allows me to get closer to my partner to be easily penetrated in missionary.   My cove can be such an exciting place!

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