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Yule at Crag Abbey

A Yule Log ablaze

The Yule log: “Because there are no accounts of the custom in Great Britain prior to the 17th century, some historians and folklorists have theorized that it was not an ancient British custom but was in fact imported into Britain from continental Europe in the early modern period, possibly from Flanders in Belgium, where the tradition thrived in this period.

The first written account of a Yule log in Britain is by the clergyman Robert Herrick, from the 1620s or 1630s. Herrick called the tradition a "Christmas log" and said that it was brought into the farmhouse by a group of males, who were then rewarded with free beer from the farmer's wife. Herrick claimed that the fire used to burn the log was always started with a remnant from the log that had been burned in the previous year's festivities. He also said that the log's role was primarily one of bringing prosperity and protection from evil - by keeping the remnant of the log all the year long the protection was said to remain across the year.

The Yule log was not only seen as a magical protective amulet in traditional British rural culture. There are many reports of rivalries occurring between members of a community as to who had the largest log.” The above was taken from Wikipedia. The complete article can be seen HERE

His Grace’s family has always lit their Yule log from the remnant of the log from the previous year and they cut and prepare the following year’s log a year ahead so it has time to season before its use. It is lit on December 21st, the Winter Solstice, and it continues to burn through the Twelve Days of Christmas, beginning on Christmas day and lasting until January 5th. It is a massive log and is positioned in the massive fireplace in the great hall by six Crofters and two mules – that live in stables retained at the abbey especially for their care during the winter holidays -  and is constantly attended for the entire sixteen days.

His Grace and Marvin: Himself has become noticeably more at ease with me since his son and heir, Jack, Viscount Sandbach, has become smitten with Ashley a RB ballerina from a noble family who is his current bedmate. Not that His Grace was ever rude as he enjoys sex with me too much to take his pique to the point that I would cut him off. But now his sexual overtures are much more sweetly and gently expressed. Actually, he is a better lover now that he doesn’t feel I pose a threat to the longevity of his dynasty. His attitude toward me has changed to the extent that he is using his influence with The College of Arms to speed up the investigation (to the extent possible through the old-boy network) of a claim the Jack first discovered of my possibly being the heir to an ancient Welsh Barony previously thought to have become extinct.

The Duke approves of Marvin because he seems to have diverted my attention from getting Jack to marry me.  And in addition, as a physician, and psychotherapist with an advanced degree from Cambridge Marvin enjoys elevated social status (for a commoner) and is such an amazing conversationalist – part of his gift that makes him such an amazing therapist - that the Old Bull enjoys long conversations with him and wants to take him hunting if the weather ever clears

Sleeping arrangements: On holidays like this no one is monogamous. We women all have individual suites at the Abbey and the men rotate between us by some arrangement among themselves that gives all the men an opportunity to spend at least one night with each of us.

Tanaquil sent over a 23 y/o Russian ballet dancer, Maya, for His Grace’s holiday pleasure. Jack has Ashley, Marvin has me and Tanaquil sent virile male soloists from the Paris Opera Ballet chosen for their looks and sexual stamina for Bea, Willow, and the Swan Twins. My Dresser is partnering Chris, our male Gyn.

Ashley, Maya and me: I had met Ashley, the RB dancer who is Jack’s current bedmate, at the Party here at the Abbey when Scotland rejected independence from England this past Fall. I thought I’d dislike her but I don’t. Actually she’s quite sweet and in her mid 20s is just learning about fetish sex so I have been tutoring her in certain aspects of that skill. Maya dances with the Mariinsky and speaks fluent English with a Berkshire accent. She is much more knowledgeable about fetish sex than Ashley and in some respects possibly me as well since I don’t usually do anal or double or triple penetration.

I saw them both with the Abbey Divemaster trying on wetsuits and adjusting the spiders on their OTS Guardian FFMs so afterward at lunch I asked if they were going to dive the cistern with Jack and His Grace and when they said yes I asked if they had ever had dive-sex.

Finding that they hadn’t I asked if anyone had told them they should wear a diaphragm to prevent having water forced into the uterus due to the hydraulics of her partner’s thrusting if her vagina floods during the encounter. Just as I suspected, no one (all men who had been prepping them) had.  So I fitted Ashley with a 70mm latex Reflexions flat spring rim diaphragm and a 75mm for Maya who is taller. I explained the Reflexions is nearly impossible for a mischievous partner to under-thrust. Fortunately neither is allergic to latex and both have lovely deep post-pubic vaults so no partner should feel the rim during dive-sex. Then I showed them how to insert and remove their diaphragms and let them practice insertion and removal several times and gave them both  12-packs of 10ml prefilled disposable applicators of DiveGel+ for pre-lubing before a dive.

During menses both use a menstrual cup so they are familiar with inserting a device in their vaginas which made it much easier for them to place the Reflexions correctly. Maya has a ‘normal’ – 31mm x 24mm - German Medusa Goldring Ag+Au (silver+gold) IUD inserted from which the strings have been removed. She has been wearing it for a year w/o problems even when being thrown and landing jumps so she should be safe from pregnancy.

Cerazette: Ashley is on the progestin-only-pill (POP) Cerazette as so many other European dancers are, so in theory she shouldn’t need the diaphragm for contraception, but only when she dives for protection during underwater sex.  A Cerazette pill contains 75 mcg of desogestrel which metabolizes into etonogestrel that is used in Nexplanon and NuvaRing. Etonogestrel primary effect is prevention of the follicle ripening and releasing an egg. However, our clinic in Vegas has had quite a few women on Cerazette come in for abortions so perhaps because there is a long half-life of the progestin being used the women are not as careful as they should be about taking them correctly.

Ashley seems to have adjusted well to the hormone in her pills with no decrease in libido, or increase in weight, dryness or mood swings and she has few instances of spotting which makes it a great pill for her. I cautioned her not to leave her pill pack unattended while at the Abbey as there could be mischievous guests who think it great fun to sabotage a guests birth control for any number of reasons including but not limited to; jealousy, revenge or just curiosity to see what their target would do if she found herself pregnant.  

Other etonogestrel contraceptives and their dosages: For readers wondering about the daily hormone release amounts of other popular etonogestrel progestin contraceptive methods the two most popular are: 1) Nexplanon a single rod progestin-only-implant. The release rate is 60-70 mcg/day in week 5-6 and decreases to approximately 35-45 mcg/day at the end of the first year, to approximately 30-40 mcg/day at the end of the second year, and then to approximately 25-30 mcg/day at the end of the third year. 2) NuvaRing releases on average 0.12 mg/day of etonogestrel and 0.015 mg/day of ethinyl estradiol over a period of three weeks.

Gifts from St Nicholas: No one got coal, or peat, which is a primary fuel here, in their stocking.  There were a lot of gifts of condoms (which no one plans to use while here as everyone has past a recent full STI panel. There were performance enhancers, Cialis and Viagra, for the men and ellaOne (the UK EC brand) for the ladies. Just in case since one can never be entirely certain that contraception will work all the time.

Fet-tex rubber catsuits: The big presents for the women, (I even managed to get one for Ashley) except for Maya who I hadn’t known was coming, and eye-candy for the men were new custom latex catsuits made of Fet-tex, a new formulation of latex rubber from Jeff at Labia Labs. Fet-tex has all the benefits of natural latex such as marvelous heat transfer properties, but is molecularly stronger to resist punctures and tearing and is far stretchier – think cotton Lycra - with immediate return to original size when no longer being stretched so can comfortably be worn during ballet class, if the wearer can stand the heat. It is also more resistant to oily lubes, medicines and perfumes that contain natural oils and isn’t sticky when dry (w/o being chlorinated) so it is much easier to get into w/o using talcum powder or a water based lube. All the other women’s Fet-tex catsuits have dual-pull back-zips. Mine is dual-pull front-zip so I can easily breastfeed as well as open the crotch for relief or sex and the Fet-tex cups expand as my breasts fill so the suit is amazingly supportive w/o binding or pinching. The zipper is miniaturized and more flexible so a front-zip in a Fet-tex 2mm suit is as flexible as a back-zip suit in standard natural rubber latex.

A catsuit made of 2 mm Fet-tex is nearly indestructible, a feature that any woman who has been held against a masonry wall while being fucked wearing a latex catsuit will appreciate.  With her partners hands clutching her buttocks and her legs wrapped around his waist while he pumps seed deep inside her the up and down motion of his thrusts cause the back of a typical natural latex catsuit to shred against the rough texture of the wall so a new $200 suit can be easily ruined in less than five minutes. However, Fet-tex catsuits like all latex apparel are impervious to moisture so they are quite hot to wear if the wearer is exerting herself and so are very dehydrating. The sweat drains down the legs soaking the boots or shoes of the wearer, which is another reason to wear polymer block Gaynor Minden pointes which won’t melt when in a rubber catsuit. Staying well hydrated in any rubber catsuit is extremely important.

Visual erotica: The men enjoyed us modeling our Fet-tex suits and depending on the men who were taking us we wore either ballet-boots or pointes to minimize the thrust-drop while we enjoyed having them spew their seed quickly, almost as though they were prematurely ejaculating, during ballet sex. Having men that anxious can be fun when there a lot of them as there are here now. The Fet-tex rubber has a very distinctive latex smell mixing with our estrogenic perspiration, the scent of our shampoo, perfume, our pointes or boots (and in my case breast milk) and the scent of the man we are with so the bouquet just screams fetish sex! And that may be what has caused some men with excellent ejaculatory control to finish so quickly. A woman can sense when that is going to occur in time to brace herself since her partner’s shaft gets thicker and longer, his thrusts become more forceful and quicker, his grip tightens holding her closer, his saliva thickens and his respiration increased in the few seconds before the fluid transfer leaving her inseminated!



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Merry Christmas 2014

Christmas at the Repetto shop Paris

Wishing all my readers the happiest of Holidays.

May the New Year bring you joy.

Winter Solstice Dec 21, 2014

Ullapool and Loch Broom in the Winter

Our military hospitals tour was cancelled: It was a combination of new hospital administrators and heightened security that made it impossible to get my dancers in to perform for Christmas. Perhaps we can entertain again next year. However, with that off the schedule we were able to leave for Scotland earlier than planned which was good because with Crofter brides as offerings to Aphrodite we needed time to prepare them.

The flight McCarran to Inverness: We left on Wednesday the 16th and topped off our tanks at Dulles prior to a nonstop flight to Inverness. It wasn’t the best day we could have picked as there was a major storm in the Highlands, but we managed to land and Jack, Chris and Marvin were there to meet us along with three other Range Rover SUVs to take us to Crag Abbey.

While Jack had Marvin’s and my luggage taken to our suite- Marvin and Chris were moving back from the hunting lodge above Ullapool -  my first stop was the temple of Aphrodite/Venus in the undercroft of the Abbey over which the Abbey was built beginning in the 13th century. I brought an offering of pomegranates, her sacred fruit, and prayed that the couples Marvin and Chris had selected for the ritual planting of seed on the five altars at Location Z would result in pregnancies. I took Marvin with me to the temple since I felt he hadn’t believed me when I told him about the Altar and Holy spring and how a feeling of power and tranquility comes over me when I’m worshiping Aphrodite there.

Marvin is presented to Aphrodite: Actually Marvin was stunned. Not so much from the antiquity of the temple itself, but at the aura that surrounds me when I pray to Aphrodite and her spirit appears above the altar. He said later that her image was so bright that it was like looking at the sun and he had to turn his back. The Goddess was none too pleased that I had brought an unbeliever and a man at that to her temple, but I explained that he was my therapist and lover at which point she wanted me to convert him to the Old Ways.

Thoroughly mindfucked: I explained that he was more valuable unconverted, but securely in my thrall so he would do the Goddesses bidding while walking undetected among unbelievers. She seemed satisfied. However, she had the last word by appearing as a wraith and confiding that she wanted to experience sex with my mortal partner seduced him and for nearly 30 minutes she had him in a continually aroused state during which he had multiple orgasms; shuddering, gasping, moaning with his hips continually thrusting and sweat pouring off him as though he was in a sauna. His ejaculate passed through her form jetted several feet in the air in large creamy strings only to fall back splattering on his flat sweaty abs as she kept him in orgasm.

After she finished with him he was unconscious for at least 45 minutes. I feared for his health, but she assured me that he was uninjured and when he woke he would still have his usual sexual stamina and recall the encounter as sex with me as she didn’t want an unbeliever thinking he had hallucinated about having sex with a Goddess. I was pleased that she left him with that thought as it should make him far easier to manipulate.  I felt my time with the Goddess was very positively received by her, especially after she had her way with Marvin.  

Breeding diaphragms: Chris, our male Gyn, and I had decided to fit the brides, 17 and 18 y/o girls, with ‘breeding diaphragms’ to help increase the likelihood of pregnancies even though four of the five girls were to be fertile on the Solstice. Returning readers may recall that a breeding diaphragm is one two sizes smaller than the size she should wear for effective contraception. The smaller size allows her partner to under-thrust the rim and ejaculate in the dome so when not aroused and on her back the tip of her cervix will be submerged in a pool of her lover’s semen. Chris had fitted the brides for the correct size diaphragms so I brought a lot of 60 and 65mm sizes to use as breeders I also had time to give the husbands a trial run to show them how they should angle their thrusts in missionary to under-thrust a breeder with me wearing a 70mm Omniflex (coil spring rim) as a breeder. And given that I was CD9 and fertile on the Winter Solstice I had an Oves screwed down tight on my cervix underneath.

Sunrise on the Solstice: At Location Z sunrise on the Solstice was at 9:04 GMT so we were up at 5 AM for breakfast at His Grace’s hunting lodge then in a convoy traveled up to the robbing tents just outside the Holy site by 7:30 to dress in full length hooded shearling robes. Jack had the road plowed of snow which started above 600 M and he cleared the altars of snow with a flamethrower type device and the four huge stone fire pits for the peat fires around each altar were lit. The wind gusting from 15 to 20 mph howled through the tone-holes in the stone columns surrounding the altars location and the brides were very spooked before they were given goblets of Gorse brandy which settled their nerves. Then seven minutes before sunrise my wards and I walked the brides and their husbands to their respective altars. Their positions were chosen by drawing straws the longest getting the main Altar and the second longest the altar furthest east.

The ritual planting of seed: We had the brides lie down in their shearling robes and their husbands mount them so that at sunrise they were all penetrated and  perhaps it was the Cialis that all the husbands had taken, but there were no cases of erectile dysfunction though there may have been at least two cases of premature ejaculation, but after the breeder rim had been under-thrust so the speed wasn’t a problem. Actually none tarried and the brides were back in the robbing tent on their backs on cots with more Gorse brandy to sedate them in less than twenty minutes while my wards and I mounted the altars to give the husbands another shot at immortality and after that my being mounted by His Grace on the primary altar as the final act of intercourse of the eleven performed that morning.

It snowed the entire time and we never saw the sun. The blazing fire pits and the wind caused there to be this curious nearly dry almost warm bubble around the altars for the ninety minutes there was sexual activity on the altars. The Goddess was pleased. His Grace and I were very pleased as well with how flawlessly the ceremony had gone given the weather and new participants. Now if five pregnancies result it will be such a good sign as His Grace is trying to increase the family sizes of the Crofters on his estates.

Back at the hunting lodge: As a Christmas gift to the Crofter couples who participated in the Solstice seed planting His Grace has given them Christmas weekend at the hunting lodge with a set of servants to wait on them and they were so appreciative!

After the ritual burning of the ceremonial shearling robes and a hearty lunch His Grace, Jack, Marvin my wards and I returned to Crag Abbey overlooking Loch Ness. The cloud cover and snow have been so heavy that we haven’t seen the Loch in more than a day and I wondered if the Range Rovers were going to make it up the mountain but they did.




Saturday, December 13, 2014

Morning Wood, 50s retro fetishwear, Solstice planning

Enjoying chill contractions after inserting two 1 inch 65° surgical steel balls

The photo: A full-body open-bottom front-close corset. It’s ideal to stiffen the interest of any lover with an encasement and fastener fetish. The 50s-inspired shapewear has never been so sexy. The Mercy corset from Agent Provocateur comes in embroidery and lace and combines irresistible retro features with modern technology which allows mine to fit perfectly.  By unfastening the top three hooks I can breast feed easily or by unfastening the bottom two the corset folds up so I can be penetrated from the rear for ballet-sex - while en pointe a la seconds bent over holding on to the barre.

Tahoe storms: This past week (Thursday and Friday) we had really severe weather in the Sierra Nevada to the west of Tahoe which resulted in winds that damaged homes around the lake. Fortunately Adolph’s property came through the storm with minimal damage.

Jenna’s fetish wardrobe: Jenna, my psychiatrist’s dead wife, was a dancer with the San Francisco Ballet and an amazingly creative fetishist before she gave birth to her son. Now he wants me to take her place in his life and for me many of the aspects of that relationship are a great deal of fun as well as incredibly kinky. I’ve added to her fetish wardrobe with the Mercy Corset pictured above I love the nude colore but got a black one as well to wear when I’m menstrual so it won’t show the stain if the blood doesn’t completelt come out. He has such fun unfastening the hooks and pealing me out of it he sometimes prematurely ejaculates which isn’t a problem as it allows him to last longer once he is inside me and thrusting.  

Menstrual with rubber and steel inserted: Today I’n CD1 and flowing lightly so to make things interesting I have a latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragm as well as a pair of 1.0” diameter solid surgical steel balls inserted. Each ball weighs 2.307 oz for a total of 4.6 oz when both are inserted. I’m calling them my “McBalls”, as they are a quarter-pounder! With the diaphragm in it makes it harder to get a ball forced into the posterior fornix so deep that it gets stuck, but should that happen it can be teased out using the bowl of an ice tea spoon.

My therapist is insistent on penetrating me bareback as he wants me pregnant, which is fine with me, the bareback part I mean. I’m planning to enjoy him fully, but pregnant by him (or anyone else) is not part of my plan. However, wearing a Reflexions diaphragm or an Oves cap I have the pregnancy bit under control giving us both the thrill of live sperm coating the stretchy rubber membrane protecting my fertile cervix.  He has been well accepted in my circle of friends as delusional only where I’m concerned and they think that is rather endearing.

Kassi as a romantic competitor: I had first intended bringing Kassi into my circle to divert Marvin’s attention hoping he would prefer her to me as she looks amazingly like me and Jenna and is much younger. I was surprised to find when I though there was an excellent chance to channel Marvin’s ardor toward another woman I didn’t want to give him up to another woman and found that I’m enjoying the thrill of the chase outwitting a very smart man intent on impregnating me.

I had already begun enticing him with Kassi when he told me she doesn’t have the aura or scent to match Jenna (nor any interest in him) and when I had Kassi insert one of Jenna’s diaphragms Jenna’s Chi did nothing to increase his interest in her or her interest in him. So my fear that Kassi and I would be competing for Marvin’s affection and compound his delusion appears to have just been a case of nerves on my part.

Marvin is strong, handsome, rich, nearby and he has been an amazing help in establishing my priorities as a Priestess of Aphrodite. His semen is potent – I’ve had it checked – his sweat smells divine and he is a considerate lover who is fun to be with. I do have to be very careful not to have him catch me w/o a cervical barrier inserted, but that’s a fun part of the game. It is unlikely either a Reflexions or Oves will leak, but no method of contraception is perfect so there is always the possibility he can impregnate me and he so wants to do that! So I now look on my relationship with him as a marvelously sweet encounter as I’m able to make him very happy as he guides me in coming to terms with my responsibilities as a Priestess of the Goddess of love.

Jack’s current activities: Recently Jack, Viscount Sandbach,  who is my main Brit lover, has taken quite a fancy to a ballerina (I’ll call her Ashley) who is in her mid 20s and dancing with the Royal Ballet. I met her briefly at His Grace’s party after the Scotland independence vote this Fall and she comes from an aristocratic English family which makes her prime bridal material for him, at least as far as his father, the Duke of M**** is concerned. Willow knows her well having danced with her when she was with the RB and says this time the girl really is sweet and would make him a lovely wife from a suitably patrician family.

As Viscount Sandbach Jack has standing with the Royal College of Arms and is pursuing enquiries on my behalf about a title that seems to have become vacant from the recent death of a 103 y/o Welsh Countess. His effort in that regard is perhaps partly from his fondness for me, but I suspect should his enquiries be successful he hopes to blunt any anger I might feel if he decides to marry Ashley.

There are almost no titles above Baroness for women in their own right, only as the wives of Earls/Countess, Dukes/Duchess Marquisess/Marchioness). etc. So if it should turn out that I am a hereditary Countess then that would be extremely exciting.

Descent of claim:  The problem is that that the title would come down through my biological father who knew my mother in the UK before she immigrated to the U.S. I have always been told that my mother and her ‘Uncle’ (my biological father) weren’t married to one another and so I would not inherit any title that would flow to his legitimate heirs. However, there seems to have been a record in an obscure Welsh church of their marriage prior to her coming to America where she eventually married the man who she lived with (and who when I was growing up I considered to be my father) when she was killed in an auto accident when I was 7 y/o.. I only learned who my real father was upon his death when his entire estate was put in trust for me and I was given the interest from the holdings until I turned 35 at which time control of the entire estate was turned over to me.  So I don’t need the money (if there is any) but it would be fun to have a title and a castle.

A change in the Solstice ceremony: I’m taking Marvin along when we go to Crag Abbey and Ullapool for the Solstice and Yule.  I ned to have a therapy session with him in the temple to Aphrodite/Venus in the undercroft of Crag Abbey. In a sacred site for the Old Ways thousands of years old he should be able to help me gain far deeper insight into the powers granted to a priestess of Aphrodite.

I had been wondering how I could get him professionally involved w/o making Jack jealous and now that he is deeply involved at least for the moment with Ashley that gave me the perfect opening to add him to my support staff. I can get away with flaunting my current lover as His Grace sees Marvin as a sign I’m no longer intent on marrying Jack and Jack is happy that I have a man to slake my libido while he is fucking Ashley’s brains out.  

Both His Grace and Jack need me to preside over a proper celebration of sunrise on celestial occasions as a primary Priestess of Aphrodite so they are pleased that Jack’s and my partner’s switches have been accomplished under amicable circumstances. However, for the Solstice I’m using Marvin as far more than my boy-toy. In his capacity as a board certified psychiatrist in the UK and an expert in ancient Goddesses he is of significant use helping Chris with the selection of married couples from His Grace’s extensive population of Crofters who will be concelebrating the Solstice and participating in the ritual planting of winter seed to raise a crop of healthy offspring  in the Fall.

Actually, as this is written Chris and Marvin are both in the Highlands with His Grace’s Scottish Estates Manager  selecting couples for the Winter Solstice ceremony. Not that my wards and I won’t lead the ritual seed planting, but the intent is that heavy lifting and pregnancies will occur to the fertile Crofter’s couples being selected.   



Wednesday, December 10, 2014

More contraceptive sabotage, Seminarian training

So, my breasts are sore because I’m pregnant?

The Photo: I love that color! A front close clip and zip sports top that is a godsend to woman who are lactating. It’s so easy for me to feed an ANR partner. I just lift my sweat or tee or unbutton my blouse w/o having to unfasten the hooks in the back and pull the cups out of the way. And the support for ballet and thrust-drop training is marvelous with hardly a giggle.

Halloween contraceptive sabotage: I found out after the fact that Adolph had been lacing the six mistress’s food with ella during their stay at The Lorelei for the ten day training session prior to his Halloween Ballet assignation party. He admitted it to me when he said after the party “well I wonder if any of the women will become pregnant”. I said “they all were being very careful about their birth control given that they knew what was going to happen during the party.” He smiled and said, “Yes, but the ones on hormonal contraception might find their method wasn’t as affective as they would like”. I’m thinking, “OMG!” And asked, “What did you do? He said he had them dosed with ulipristal acetate, a progesterone agonist/antagonist that binds to the woman’s progestin receptors. It’s used in 30mg pills in the U.S. as the EC drug ella.

None of the women mentioned feeling a bit off or the food tasting strange which could have been from ingesting the drug during their training and I suppose the first indication that something happened is if one or more has a heavy period which would indicate she had ovulated but wasn’t pregnant. So we waited to see if any of the six became preggers. In the 12 days total they were here all of them had been with the six escorts training them and a minimum of three or more men at the party so of the nine or more men whose semen might have reached their tubes any of their partners could be responsible for any pregnancy. We found out the other day that one is pregnant and another miscarried. This sort of thing is the reason that a frameless copper bead GyneFix IUD is such a good option for a woman who is sexually active among mischievous men.

Still more contraceptive sabotage: The Swan twins have been saying for weeks that someone is lacing women’s drinks at fraternity parties with something that can significantly decrease the effectiveness of hormonal contraceptives which most of the undergrad women are on. And if a woman was already on a diet pill that increased her metabolism and therefore reduced her protection the woman might have very little hormonal contraceptive protection.  The twins really hadn’t paid that much attention before since they have copper IUDs implanted, but now that they are on Yaz to increase breast size it’s more of a worry. Chris. Our male Gyn, said that whatever is being used probably binds to a woman’s progestin receptors making it impossible for the progestin in her hormonal contraceptive to protect her, it’s the estrogen in the pills that the twins need for breast size. So in that respect they are ok as they are still protected by the copper ions from their GyneFix IUDs. However, if they ovulate on Yaz because of something they ingested they will be back to heavy copper IUD periods again and that hasn’t happened yet.

A Brit student friend of Willow’s is on a progestin only pill (POP) Cerazette: 0.075mg of the progestin Desogestrel - which metabolizes into etonogestrel used in NuvaRing and the implant Nexplanon. Because of the long half-life of etonogestrel Cerazette can be taken as long as 12 hours late and still provide effective protection so for a POP it is a great oral contraceptive.

However, Willow’s friend is also on the migraine med Topamax which will cause birth defects when taken while pregnant. And after not feeling quite right and being nauseous in the mornings for several days she tested and found she was pregnant. Knowing about the birth defects caused by Topamax and in no position to care for a baby she asked Willow to contact Chris about a vacuum aspiration as she didn’t want to go through Student Health since her parents would find out.  In the blood work done to validate the urine pregnancy test ulipristal acetate (a progesterone agonist/antagonist that binds to the taker’s progestin receptors) was found in her blood which, since she was six weeks preggers, meant that she was still ingesting the chemical at parties.

It is fairly easy to get Ulipristal acetate 30 mg Tablets (ella in the U.S and ellaOne in Europe) clandestinely and it is commonly used by mischievous men to decrease the effectiveness of their partner’s hormonal contraceptives.

A GyneFix is implanted: Willow sat with her friend while she was in the stirrups as Chris inserted a cannula and sucked out the reproductive tissue. And while she was there he implanted a six bead GyneFix frameless copper IUD so she should have very effective contraceptive protection for several years.

Bea as a Temptress: At seventeen Bea is coming into her own as a Temptress. She especially enjoys seducing married men and she is so into it that I’m having to repeatedly caution her about being sure the men she seduces have recent clean full STI panels. Recently she seduced the guest pointe teacher at St Lucy’s. He was teaching master classes and coaching a select group of ballet girls on pointe technique and Bea was one of them. His reputation as a stallion who enjoys selectively breeding his students had proceeded him so all of the pointe girls were there most flirtations vying to see which of them he would take first but he usually stays away from teens preferring adult semi-pro ballet girls. He is known to penetrate his women bareback so it’s the responsibility of his partners to take what contraceptive measures they think necessary which has resulted in pregnancies and terminations for many of the students who have taken his classes.

He has always managed to make sure the pregnant ones terminate the pregnancies and that is well known by his students so the sexual tension in his pointe classes is very high even though everyone knew he was unlikely to initiate a sexual encounter with the St Lucy’s class. Bea said lust was as thick in the air as the scent of estrogenic sweat as the girls all tried to entice him to initiate an assignation. Amazingly each student has the fantasy that she can enjoy having him unprotected inside her be filled with his seed and escape the usual consequences. The old it-won’t-happen-to-me syndrome is alive and well in teen ballet girls and Bea said after his pointe classes the girls are so aroused that most have to masturbate to relieve the pelvic congestion. Most of his students are on the pill, but because many young women can’t remember to take the pill correctly the effectiveness is about 80% which usually means one pregnancy in each class he teaches. So far Bea seems to be his fave as she let him know that she had a GyneFix implanted which increased his interest in her though he is trying not to show favoritism with what he once called his “breeding stock”. While classes are very strict she has been with him in the evenings emptying him of his genital secretions and reveling in the g-spot orgasms he give her while they have been together for the last few days.  

Seminarians and lust: Willow and I have a new, but possibly short life project. Willow, returning readers may recall, is Jack’s 19 y/o natural daughter by an RB ballerina. She danced with the Royal Ballet and now dances in my ballet Co in Vegas and attends UNLV. I thought Willow a good choice for this project as she is more the male participant’s age while I can take the role of a sexually assertive unfaithful wife, widow or an attractive older woman in need of sexual satisfaction with a male.

A deserted abbey in the hills outside town has been refurbished and is being used to host retreats for seminarians from seminaries all over the U.S. so they can strengthen their ties to their faith. The administrator, a Jesuit, decided to test the willpower of the seminarians to resist carnal temptation while counseling emotional female parishioners.

Bishop ‘Tom’ recommended me to the Abbey administrator as someone who could provide suitable female s to act as emotional parishioners and tempt the students to forsake their vows. Returning readers may recall the Bishop when he was a newly ordained Priest, who I knew as Father Tom, when he was assigned to a parish in up-state NY where my ballet boarding school was located. He was then my spiritual advisor and taught me a lot about fulfilling the carnal needs of the female body and helped me satisfy my own. The staff, nuns from St Lucy’s, running the retreat facility and training syllabus thought that the exercise was designed to fail when they found Willow and I would be the temptresses.

And so it came to pass that for the past few days Willow and I have been interacting with individual seminarians. After an initial lecture during which the carnal knowledge seminar leader told the students their willpower would be tested, but didn’t say how. Then they went about their normal schedule of classes. Willow and I were separately and covertly introduced to individual students who have no access to any form of electronic social media so can’t record or photograph us.

The student is told that we are dancers who have come to recover from an emotional crisis and need cloistered ballet classes to exercise the mind and body as well as spiritual guidance and we meet with the seminarian in a room that has a desk, chairs, barre and mirrored wall. Once a student begins seeing each of us separately several times over the course of a week he is separated from the rest of the students as it shouldn’t be a surprise by then how his willpower is being tested and by whom.

It almost always happens that the seminarian is thoroughly compromised by the end of Willow’s or my second counseling session and we are having penetrative sex lying on our backs with our legs on our spiritual advisor’s shoulders while his hard shaft thrusts into us with his hands holding our hips to ensure he drives as deep as he possibly can. Some start out using condoms but when we ‘help’ roll them on we coat his shaft with his own pre-ejaculate so by the second or third thrust he is bareback and the condom is pushed into the posterior fornix.  Only later when we ask him to fish out the condom he shed does it occur to him to consider where we might be in our cycle and what if any contraception we might be using and by then he is thoroughly mindfucked.

It wasn’t a surprise that Willow and I were able to thoroughly mindfuck and have bareback sex with every one of the seminarians and I have to say they enjoyed being led astray immensely. Only later did it occur to them what a strong drive carnal temptation can be for a man. And that is probably the only meaningful lesson to come from the exercise of celibate men ministering to sexually assertive women.



Friday, December 5, 2014

Stamina and Pianissimo shanks, Dive-sex, GeniGel

The lavender polymer block and shank of a pair of Pianissimo shanked GM pointes

The photo: The satin and padding stripped away to expose the unitized toe-box and shank of a Pianissimo (very flexible) shanked Gaynor Minden pointe shoe.

Pianissimo GM pointes for stamina: I haven’t talked about the use of Pianissimo (very flexible) shanked pointe in stamina training, because the women have to have very strong feet before they can wear Pianissimo shanks safely. That being the case it is mostly upper form St Lucy’s girls or escort trainees with extensive pointe training who train in pianissimo shanked pointes. As returning readers may know Pianissimo shanked shoes have violet polymer blocks and shanks and come in a violet bag. They are also marvelous as bedshoes. For stamina training and bedshoes suede tips are a must.

Hard shanks (of green polymer and in a green bag) are used during performances and ballet-sex encounters to minimize the effort required for extended time on our toes, but training in Pianissimo shanked shoes develops the stamina so the wearer can enjoy her experience. 

Gliding in Gaynors: One of the things I teach my ballet students, wards and escort trainees is how to glide almost soundlessly en pointe while walking around building stamina for performances before audiences as well as sexual encounters. It’s a matter of gently transferring weight from the rear to the front foot while striding forward. You can think of it as a sort of bourrée in slow motion with a longer stride. Silently gliding across the floor en pointe shows off the line of the leg beautifully.  It also displays the dancer’s strength. That’s because it takes amazing skill and strength to control her weight transfer soundlessly and her speed across the floor. Gaynor Minden pointes are best for gliding as the blocks won’t melt, the shanks last a long time and the padding makes them virtually soundless while suede tips on the platforms makes them ideal for extended interval performances or encounters while providing superb traction.

Pool Boy effect – the downside: The surge in diaphragm usage by young girls using them as flood insurance – cervical protection during underwater sex – has an unintended consequence. Most of the young women are on hormonal contraceptives and many of those are on the pill which requires strict adherence to taking it correctly, a fact that our clinic is careful to have a patient understand when being fitted for a diaphragm to be used primarily for flood insurance. Apparently wearing a diaphragm w/o spermicide for flood insurance has given some girls fitted at other clinics a false sense of security that they no longer need to be careful to take their birth control pills correctly. This lapse has led to unintended pregnancies in young sexually inexperienced girls using diaphragms for flood insurance.

Thanksgiving day sex: Bea, Willow, Kassi and I were CD13 and fertile for Thanksgiving The Swan Twins, Odette and Odile, who in addition to having frameless GyneFix copper bead IUDs implanted are now on Yaz to increase their breast size were not.  Given that I was fertile and would probably have dive-sex I double bagged with an Oves cervical cap screwed down tight on my ripe cervix and then wore a latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragm over the Oves. It is almost impossible for a man to even intentionally under-thrust properly sized Reflexions so I could relax and enjoy myself as I was taken to ecstasy by each of my lovers.

Bea, because of her age was the most sought after by my male guests, but there were plenty of encounters for the rest of us even though the Swan Twins seemed jealous of Bea being in such demand even after the twins increased their rack size by a full cup by taking the 24/4 regimen pill Yaz. Men in my circle, while they appreciate a high firm set of breasts aren’t into pneumatic ones. Bea has the looks the lovely hard body grace of a ballet dancer, amazing stamina a super tight pelvic grip and dearly loves having a variety of men as sexual partners. Her enjoyment and desire to please her partners is readily apparent and that whole package puts her in great demand.

Hard hat dive-sex: I tried to limit the dive-sex to before Thanksgiving dinner and consumption of alcohol and again Bea was the favorite because we set up the dive station for her KM SL-17B helmet in my 25 ft encounter pool for men who wanted to experience hard hat dive-sex. However, I had underestimated the demand. There were so many men wanting to experience dive-sex with a woman wearing a Kirby Morgan that they all couldn’t have been serviced by Bea alone and since I am the only other woman in my circle who has one right now I went down in my SL-17B as well to minimize the wait time. The men wore OTS Guardian FFMs since it would have taken too much time to customize neck dams for each man. The men were good natured about having sex with me rather than Bea. I can easily pass for being in my early 30s, but not 17 and I know what’s on a man’s mind when he is thrusting deep filling her tight pussy with sperm. He’s fanaticizing about impregnating her and any man who has fucked her and is honest will admit it. Fortunately Bea and I had limited our depth and bottom times for the preceding few days so we were able to service all the men w/o needing a deco stop before surfacing.

Epithelium erosion, sex and a tight vagina:  For women who have tight vaginas and very strong vaginal muscles there can be a down side to very frequent penetrative intercourse especially sex underwater.  Vaginal tissue is very delicate and being tight and with super strong muscle contractions it’s easy to erode the surface of the vaginal rugae - the epithelium, the cellular covering of internal and external body surfaces, including the lining of vessels and small cavities - to make a girl raw even if she uses a superior silicone lube like DiveGel+ if she has multiple partners in a short space of time while underwater. It has nothing to do with the woman’s stamina or muscle strength it’s just that the vagina wasn’t designed to ordinarily be that tight and get that much short term use.

Dive cluster fuck protection: To protect the female diver’s vaginal health during a series of back-to-back penetrative dive-sex encounters we are using a new product, GeniGel, from Labia Labs applied inside the sheath of an FC2 and worn by women divers – in this case Bea and me - who will be taking a series of men for penetrative sex at the bottom of an encounter pool or elsewhere underwater. 

Jeff, the owner of Labia Labs and the creator of DiveGel+, developed a product – the lab name for which is GeniGel - to enhance both male and female sexual experience by increasing stimulation of the genital nerve endings, especially in the male penis and the female clitoris and G-spot. For cluster fuck protection the woman wears an FC2 with GeniGel in it so only her partner feels the stimulating effects of the gel which more than offsets any decrease in sensitivity he would ordinarily experience from sex in a nitrile sheath. Between encounters she applies a prefilled disposable applicator of GeniGel in the FC2 and she is set for the next man.  

Jeff added 2% of the stimulant into the DiveGel+ formulation and may call it DiveGel++ rather than the lab name GeniGel. So the user doesn’t get it confused with the dive lube and biocide (DiveGel+) the body of the disposable applicator with the GeniGel added is textured and has a red spiral around it so it can be identified underwater and in the dark. Men who have used GeniGel during underwater sex say it is the best experience they have ever had while using a condom.


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

Happy Thanksgiving 2014!

Wishing all my friends and readers in the U.S. and elsewhere the happiest of Thanksgivings!
Hoping you are all warm dry and with friends and loved ones for the holiday!


The Pool Boy Effect

A cross-section of a Natare perimeter pool gutter:

The Photo: This Natare stainless steel gutter with a lip to which a swimmer can cling with her fingers or rest her arms on the grating over the trough while resting or while having underwater surface sex is what my pools, the encounter pools at Splash and the pools at Adolph’s deep water training facility as well as our casino’s bungalow pools are equipped with. It’s the sort of pool gutter that is installed by pool owners who are knowledgeable about the requirements for features that make an effective sexual encounter pool.

The Pool Boy effect: Is what I call the seasonal peak in diaphragm and cervical cap fittings from local women who plan to have sex in swimming pools during the summer. The Pool Boy effect began to be noticeable several years ago after there was a high profile incident involving a pool boy and the daughter of the pool owner that left the girl paralyzed from a stroke which her parents claimed was caused by the pool boy forcing water and air into her uterus during sex in their swimming pool which he had come to clean. 

There were several articles mentioning the possibility of water or air being forced into the uterus during underwater sex if the vagina floods which is common. At the time it was recommended that women expecting or enjoying underwater sex protect their upper reproductive tracts by wearing a contraceptive diaphragm during underwater penetrative encounters which I’ve been teaching for years. With a properly fitted and correctly inserted diaphragm or cervical cap this can provide very effective protection, but shouldn’t be used by IUD wearers as the strings could stick to the diaphragm rim or cap and the IUD pulled out when the cervical barrier is removed. Of course women with IUDs from which the strings have been removed can use a diaphragm or cap safely for flood control.

In the last several years we have noticed college age women coming to be fitted as well as mothers bring high-school age daughters for diaphragms for use as flood protection regardless of the time of year if they take swimming, have pools at home or know someone who has a pool which is almost everyone out here. And the number of heated indoor pools has increased to the extent that the pool boy effect is no longer nearly as seasonal.

Right now moms are bringing in their teen daughters to be fitted for diaphragms as Christmas presents for the girls (w/o their fathers knowing), who have probably been having pool sex anyway, but this an ideal way to get it recognized as ok between mother and daughter so they can bond w/o fear of embarrassment while discussing male sexual appetites and how to satisfy them as well as their own.

As I expected, wearing a diaphragm has become something of a status symbol with adventuresome young sexually active women regardless of what other method of contraception they are using. I think it is because wearing a diaphragm to protect themselves during physically risky sex is a very adult thing to do and by being fitted and wearing one they feel more adult and in control.

When I asked Bea why her friends routinely insert diaphragms when they don bikinis she said it’s because the men can immediately tell they are protected when they insert a finger so think the girls are more experienced and older than many of them actually are. Knowing she has a diaphragm inserted tends to cancel out the pre-pubescent look of waxed pubes for men who are concerned about the possibility of the woman being underage.

It was the same when I was a teen when every girl at my ballet school was fitted for a diaphragm at menarche as is done at St Lucy’s. The look on a boy’s face the first timre he inserted a finger inside me and felt the rim of my diaphragm was priceless! Usually the first question was “What is that?” and I’d explain it was a cervical barrier that allowed me to take him bareback. That pretty much ended any concern that guys had. However, then hormonal birth control wasn’t as universal as it is today and many of us were depending on the diaphragm’s effectiveness to prevent becoming preggers.

Thanksgiving prep - update: First things first. I have all the full panel STI results for my guests, all negative and my girls and I are looking forward to sex with the several men whom we rarely see. The table has been extended in my dining room and the good china and silver is out washed and polished.  All the guests who had to travel have arrived safely ahead of the major storm expected along the Central and North East Coast tomorrow. The food is in my restaurant size refrigerators in my commercial size kitchen and the chef and his staff have been by to ensure she has everything needed ahead for the big day. I will have a divemaster on duty if there are guests who want to enjoy dive-sex, though I’m cautioning no drinking until after diving not before.

A tenth couple at my Thanksgiving table this year: In addition to 1) Ondine, (Willow’s mom) with Jacques, Gigi’s father and a former lover of mine as her partner; 2) Bea & Chris (our male Gyn); 3) Pirate and Yardley Flood, our ballet-boot trainer; 4) Adolph and Kassi (his new PR manager); 5&6) Odette and Odile (With the Gemini, Castor and Pollux who have been ardent in their continuing pursuit of the Swan Twins); 7) Marvin (Morning Wood) and me; 8) Paul (the Swan Twins father) and Gigi since she looks a lot like the swan twins and is submissive like Odette and; 9) Willow and Mitch who is a Stallion level Escort working for Pirate our local Stable Master. She is sweet on Mitch after they were paired during the series of tests he was given to prove he wasn’t responsible for the rash of pregnancies his clients with IUDs had. And finally the welcome addition; 10) my BGFF Anya with a mystery man (Chris has his current negative full panel STI results) who we all are looking forward to meeting

Friday, November 21, 2014

Run-up to the Holidays, death rubber harvesting

Barelegged in an old pair of featherflex Gaynor Mindens

The Photo: Prelude to illicit sex. Teasing Morning Wood (my therapist) after a counseling session before being penetrated from behind while en-pointe.  The reader can see the platform padding has been worn through the left shoe under the big toe and the blue polymer of the box is showing through having been worn away from my ‘winging’ (balancing on the inside edge of the box) which I love doing.

Thanksgiving preparations:  It’s becoming a tradition to have Thanksgiving dinner at my place watching football, eating and having sex, not necessarily in that order. His Grace and Jack have a family meeting at Crag Abbey on a mountain overlooking Loch Ness so they won’t be with us this year which worked out well since I wanted to invite my psychiatrist, Morning Wood, to whom I’m known as Jenna. My wards and I will be With His Grace and Viscount Sandbach in December to celebrate the Winter Solstice on Sunday December 21, at 23:03 UTC at Location Z so there will be plenty of British semen to go around then. If our cycles stay on schedule Willow, Bea and I will be fertile. Since the Swan Twins are still adjusting to Yaz I’m not sure where in their pill cycle they will be.

UNLV’s classes schedule works out nicely w/o cutting classes to allow my wards  – I can write Bea’s Tutor at St Lucy’s a note - to aid me in my obligation to represent the Goddess Aphrodite during the Winter Solstice at the ancient Scottish holy site in the Western Highlands. The UNLV schedule is:

December 13, Saturday Semester Ends
[Winter Solstice Sunday December 21]
January 20, Tuesday Instruction Begins

Virgin Gorda in January: That should give us a week or ten days in Scotland with the Duke of M**** and family for the solstice, Christmas and New Years and then another two weeks at my place at Lost Cove on Virgin Gorda to relax and warm up after the cold and wet of Loc Z and Crag Abbey before the girls need to be back in school.

Ballet self defense: Recently sexual assault has gained prominence in the national media as there have been a number of high profile attacks on young women. At St Lucy’s as well as my classes for female escorts at the casino school I’ve been teaching self defense in point- shoes – as part of ballet-sex training - for years to my students. Pointe-shoes are difficult to run in if being chased by a man intent on robbery or assault. Most girls in my pointe classes have been in toe-shoes for at least five years and have the ability to place a foot exactly where she wants. This makes up to some extent for being unable to run w/o untying her pointes. I have students wearing old pointe-shoes practice hitting the knees, pelvis, throat or temple of manikins with the intent to disable her attacker with the platform or the heel of her pointe-shoe. The students wear Gaynors for self defense class as the blocks can take abuse w/o coming apart and reducing toe protection. It’s the same ballet self defense class that I give the women dancers in my ballet troupe.  

At my Thanksgiving table this year the couples will be: 1 Ondine, (Willow’s mom) with Jacques, Gigi’s father and a former lover of mine as her partner; 2 Bea & Chris (our male Gyn); 3 Pirate and Yardley Flood, our ballet-boot trainer; 4 Adolph and Kassi (this new PR manager); 5&6 Odette and Odile (With the Gemini, Castor and Pollux who have been ardent in their continuing pursuit of the Swan twins); 7 Marvin (Morning Wood) and me; 8 Paul (the Swan Twins father) and Gigi since she looks a lot like the swan twins and is submissive like Odette and; 9 last but not least Willow and Mitch who is a Stallion level escort working for Pirate our local Stable Master. She is sweet on Mitch after they were paired during the series of tests he was given to prove he wasn’t responsible for the rash of pregnancies his clients with IUDs had.

Later when we got fetal DNA it confirmed that Mitch wasn’t responsible for the pregnancies that clients experienced only mind-blowing orgasms which were so intense that his pregnant clients assumed the father was Mitch rather than one of their other lovers. The women had reduced the effectiveness of their hormonal IUDs by taking diet pills.

Missing at Thanksgiving this year will be: Fiona (Cyndi’s mom) and Maj. Colin Tree who are with her father (the Duke) at Crag Abbey; Cyndi who is at Cambridge and with Taryn at Cunt Castle; His Grace and Marie-Claude a member of my ballet troupe and former Paris Opera Ballet dancer who the old bull is very fond of and Jack, Viscount Sandbach and a French Escort who is a Paris Opera Ballet dancer who Tanaquil is supplying.

Pubes waxing for the Holidays: Our esthetician will be traveling with us to Scotland and Virgin Gorda this year as we and some of our male partners will need our pubes waxed during that time. She will actually travel ahead with Chris, our male Gyn, to shave or wax the males we will be with to celebrate the Solstice and Christmas / New Years and to shave faces and male pubes since beard and pubic stubble would rub us raw while being fucked or enjoying cunilingus. Ideally waxing should occur mid cycle when vulvar tissue is the least sensitive and if possible it’s best to allow two or three days after waxing to allow for skin recovery.

Fortunately my wards - even the youngest one Bea - now have been waxing every four weeks or so for years and the hair gets finer and less the longer a woman waxes so it’s more of a nuisance now than painful since all of us have enough masochist in us to enjoy a bit of pain especially if it’s to make us look more youthful and desirable. I’ve been waxing for almost thirty years so my time on the table is usually less than fifteen minutes and amounts to just a cleanup and polish.

Harvesting a death rubber at Splash: There was an unfortunate incident last week at Splash, Adolph’s members only fetish diving club. A new towel girl from Eastern Europe was with a client in an encounter pool having dive-sex when they both overdosed on her coke stash which she had inexplicably forgotten to remove. She kept in a condom in her vagina and Bea said her co-worker thought she was deep enough that a client couldn’t hit it, but that she usually removed it before she dived with massively hung clients just in case.

She must have miscalculated or she wasn’t aroused when he penetrated her because the security video showed after the first few thrusts the Towel Girl began to shudder then expelled her mouthpiece vomited inhaled and drowned while her client continued thrusting several times before he began to shudder vomited and drowned while still inside and clinging to the dead Towel Girl.

Bea was suited up (in an OTS Guardian FFM and tank, ready for her next client and went down to attach flotation bags to the bodies to get them to the surface.  Before the EMTs got there Bea gloved up and pulled the dead girls latex Reflexions FS diaphragm out leaving the burst condom that still had some coke in it inside her. Bea knew they wore the same size diaphragm so was prepared to harvest it for personal use if something happened to her co-worker during a penetrative sexual encounter. Later I helped her disinfect it washing it thoroughly with warm soapy water then letting it soak in isopropyl alcohol for thirty minutes before washing it again drying it and putting it back in its case which she took from the girls handbag in their dressing room. Being able to take advantage of the dead girl’s Chi Bea should now be far more expert in Eastern European sexual fetishes.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The FC2, NuvaRing and CSH at St Lucy’s

The FC2 nitrile female condom

The Photo: An FC2 female condom made of nitrile Correct use of the FC2 is the starting point for St Lucy’s students in the contraceptives portion of my Contemporary Sexual Health course and an option in the dive-sex portion of my Advanced Sexual Techniques course.  The FC2 is a nitrile sheath or pouch 17 cm (6.7 in) in length. At each end there is a flexible ring. At the closed end of the sheath, the flexible ring is inserted into the vagina to hold the female condom in place. The other end of the sheath stays outside the vulva at the entrance to the vagina.

St Lucy’s Contemporary Sexual Health (CHS) course: All St Lucy’s students who have reached menarche are required to take CSH. Lab training begins with the FC2 female condom. First, how to insert correctly, then with condoms inserted the entire class practicing penetration with dildos in an encounter salle and then in an encounter pool and after that individually with lab partners from UNLV.

Morning Wood and hypersexuality: Returning readers will recall that Morning Wood is my psychiatrist helping me to more effectively manage my responsibilities as a Goddess of Aphrodite by channeling my hypersexuality into higher payback projects.  I don’t really care for the term Nymphomania, but I really, really like having sex with men! For more about hypersexuality Click HERE 

Readers may also remember that he is sweetly delusional about me in that if around me for more than thirty minutes he comes to believe I’m his dead wife Jenna who was a ballerina with the San Francisco Ballet killed in an auto accident with their infant son several years ago. In that delusional state he functions normally except for introducing me to friends as ‘Jenna’ and is one of the most skilled and considerate lovers I’ve ever had.  He has asked me, as Jenna, to renew their wedding vows which for me would mean I’d be marrying him and so far I’ve been successful in avoiding answering that request.

We both know that as my therapist we shouldn’t be having a sexual relationship. However, in this case the sex is so good that it’s helping both of us cope with life’s complications. Really, would I lie about something that important? Between our sexual encounters as my therapist he is trying to get me to concentrate on three areas: 1) my teaching the art of irresistible love-making at St Lucy’s, 2) my helping fit cervical barriers at a local women’s clinic and 3) celebrating the celestial events ushering in the seasons for Aphrodite all of which I see as my callings in support of the Goddess, and all in addition to my responsibilities as Artistic Director and choreographer for my ballet troupe. With some playtime left for me - in addition to mind-blowing sex with my therapist - of course.

Conservation and Jenna’s Bloch Alpha pointes: I’ve been trying to wean Marvin off Jenna’s traditionally made pointe-shoes. The ones she bought and sweated in are becoming a scarce and non renewable resource. Not because Bloch Alpha shoes aren’t available, but because new ones that I break in won’t have her scent in them.  So I have been very slowly bringing him around to accepting me in Gaynor Minden pointes with suede platforms as I  break in new pairs, getting him use to the scent of my sweat, blood and toe-cheese as it interacts with the inside lining of well used GM shoes. Hard shanked suede tipped GM pointes are so much more comfortable to wear, last so much longer and provide so much better support during ballet-sex.

Diva Cup and coitial discharge: An off list use for a menstrual cup (my circle and I prefer the Dive Cup, but any brand that fits should do) is as a collection device for coitial secretion control and reuse. In addition to it’s primary purpose of flow control a menstrual cup is particular useful while producing fertile cervical mucus (FCM) and after bareback intercourse if inserted shortly after withdrawal before the semen liquefies as the contents of the cup are kept away from air – to minimize odor - and at body temperature until they can be consumed by fetishists at some later more convenient time.

DCS at Splash: Divemasters at Splash watch the Towel Girls dive computers to ensure the girls don’t exceed table limits which would require deco stops to minimize the likelihood of getting decompression sickness, DCS. Occasionally a Towel Girl will tamper with her computer to show fewer hours or shallower encounter depths, or both, in order to get more work. That sort of tampering caught up with a 23 y/o blonde Red Door TG over the weekend when she had a seizure while at the bottom of a 25 ft deep encounter pool. Her client was finishing inside her and she was in the middle of what appeared (on the video) to be a marvelous orgasm when she grunted, shuddered and stopped breathing. Her client withdrew and made an emergency ascent for both of them, but it was too late for her. The video of her death will make a great snuff video for the European and Asian markets as blond Caucasians dying during dive-sex are in great demand especially in Asia.

Kassi wows the boot bar: Now that Kassi has officially come out on the local kink scene and is working for Adolph he took her to the Boot Bar at my casino to show off her skill in ballet-boots. She wore a custom made black latex catsuit from Labia Labs and a pair of her new lightly armored ballet-boots from Gepetto’s bootery and she loves them; the smell of fresh leather, leather oil, the creak of the leather as they flex as she walks, the perfect fit gripping her insteps in relative comfort and how long and lovely they make her legs look. She was a gorgeous latex clad Boot-Princess gliding across the floor on Adolph’s arm and quite a hit with the men who had come to worship at the feet of ballet-boots shod women. Morning Wood and I accompanied them just to give Kassi confidence and I was delighted to see how beautifully Adolph – a major player on the kink scene - showed her off since to him she is not only an “exquisite fuck” (his words) but a valuable business asset to use wisely.

During our time there three Boot-Knights asked permission to physically adore her boots and when Adolph granted it knelt before her and ejaculated into her spider filament laces. She left the club very pleased with herself at having that effect on men whose fresh semen added its scent to the bouquet from her boots as it splattered and ran into the tongues and laces. She told me later that when they got back to Adolph’s home he was very attentive to her needs in bed.

NuvaRing for swim team: St. Lucy’s swim team switched to the vaginal ring as the team’s preferred form of contraception. I have the ballet students on the frameless copper bead GyneFix IUD. However, several of the swim team members suffer from painful menstrual periods (dysmenorrhea) so Depo-subQ Provera 104 (the shot), Nexplanon and IUDs weren’t a good choice because of the possibility of weight gain, the implant can be seen while swimming and IUDs were too invasive.

NuvaRing can be a good choice for women with a pronounced post-pubic vault so the ring rests against the back of the pubic bone. It is a non-biodegradable, flexible, transparent, colorless to almost colorless, combination contraceptive vaginal ring, with an outer diameter of 54 mm and contains 11.7 mg etonogestrel and 2.7 mg ethinyl estradiol. When placed in the vagina, each ring releases on average 0.120 mg/day of etonogestrel and 0.015 mg/day of ethinyl estradiol over a three-week period of use after which it is removed for one week. Then a new ring is inserted. And, the ring can be worn under a diaphragm if the woman needs flood protection for dive-sex. 

When worn w/o a diaphragm it can be hooked and pulled out by a partner’s penis so a wearer should insert a finger immediately before and after each act to ensure the ring is in place. It can be temporarily removed for intervals of less than three hours w/o decreasing the effectiveness of a wearer’s protection. And, if it is inadvertently removed or expelled it can be rinsed in cool water and reinserted.

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