Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Halloween preparations

Is this the most sincere pumpkin patch in the country?

The Swan Twins go on the pill: The Swan Twins, Odette and Odile, wanted to increase their breast size w/o having implants placed. I was against them going on the pill as it could negatively affect their libido and possibly risk a blood clot and they are far better protected from pregnancy by the GyneFix frameless copper IUDs they have implanted.  However, Chris, our male Gyn, recommended I let them try as breast implants only last about ten years before they need to be replaced.

Some women are miserable with painful hormone swollen breasts when starting the pill and many can’t stand any bra at all, but Odette and Odile feel much better with theirs stabilized in a good sports bra once the bra is properly in place as it minimizes painful jiggle. Wearing a properly fitting sports bra and taking 800 mg of ibuprofen they can perform with greatly reduced breast discomfort..

Chris put them on Yaz a 24/4 regimen pill containing 3 mg of drospirenone and 20 mcg of ethinyl estradiol shortly after we came back from Scotland where we celebrated the Autumnal Equinox. Their cup size has increased even with taking only 20 mcg of estrogen per day and that initially threw off their balance in ballet class, but they have adjusted to their new center and I suppose their larger racks won’t matter that much since they won’t be dancing professionally.

Being on the pill means they are no longer in menstrual synchrony with Bea, Willow, Kassi and me - we are CD12 and fertile as this is being written on Wednesday October 29th. The Swan Twins are on their first withdrawal bleed and both have gained a full cup size (to a full C) in the 24 days they have been on hormones so they are pleased with that, but the breast pain even with several hundred dollars of new sports bras and taking ibuprofen is giving them a fit and ruining their moods for sex which has upset the Gemini, Castor and Pollux, their boyfriends.  For the last several weeks even snuggling has been problematic though on their backs for a clitoral orgasm with fingers or a vibi did help some. Their breasts are much less sore now and they are hoping the party still several days off won’t be too painful as they want to be at their best when meeting all the male guests. 

Adolph’s Halloween plans: He is throwing a party that has a ‘group ballet assignation’ theme somewhat similar to the one depicted in Stanley Kubrick’s 1999 film Eyes Wide Shut staring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. The one where all the women were nude except for heels, but instead of heels we will be wearing pointe-shoes, sports plugs and small masks to make our encounters with lover(s) more interesting.

Bea, Willow and I will be CD14 on Halloween so we should be ovulating and at the peak of our libidos. Since I’ll be fertile and the only one of my circle w/o a GyneFix implanted so I’ll be double bagging with an Oves cap screwed down tight on my cervix and then a latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragm worn over it since if sperm reaches my egg at my age there is still a 30% chance I could get pregnant from a Halloween encounter. Now that’s scary!

Fortunately Yaz has increased the Swan Twins libido which does sometimes happen rather than decreasing it which is far more common and they are going to go topless with the rest of us with their estrogen engorged C-cup breasts. Anya will be with us and since Odette, Odile and Anya look a lot alike they are going as the Three Graces: (Splendor, Anya; Mirth, Odette and Good Cheer, Odile) with diadems in their hair.  Bvlgari, at Aria, is providing the jewels for them for the evening as they will be modeling them for male guests to buy for their wives or mistresses. And there is a certain cachet to being fucked while wearing several hundred thousand dollars worth of jewels in your hair.

Training for Adolph’s party: Six of the male invitees to the Halloween orgy sent their mistresses - all of whom are in their mid 20s with toned ballet bodies - to Adolph’s spa, The Lorelei, for orientation so the girls won’t be surprised by what is expected of them. Adolph recognized the need for an orientation for some of the less sexually adventuresome female attendees after three women refused to participate in one of his intimate fetishes at a party and started a fight for which the local police had to be called. He vowed that wouldn’t happen again and after orientation for new attendees was begun his parties have gone far smoother, from the men’s perspective.

I thought the guys might send a trophy wife or two, but apparently they thought they’d better send the A-team since their status will be based to some extent on how well the female partner they bring performs throughout the evening.   Of course Adolph expected me to do the training, which I don’t really mind as it has given me a chance to get to know the women.  I told the girls they should think of their performances not a matter of competition as we all will be exchanged or raffled off several times between or to various men. The idea is to be able to survive the evening and perform flawlessly providing a marvelous experience for our partners and ideally ourselves as well. 

The women will have been here ten days come Halloween and on arriving they thought it was going be relaxing by the pool, in the sauna, massages, mani/pedi and facials. Wrong! In that time I’ve gotten them fitted with latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragms in case any of their male partners decide to have dive-sex. All are on some form of hormonal birth control; the shot, ring, implant or pills other than an IUD. I also had the Gaynor Minden fitter come by with her trailer and fit them all in hard shanked pointes which are ideal for the sort of fetish play required for extended intervals en pointe where we will be circulating among the male guests and ballet-sex which is expected since even though the shoe is an élève style (the dancer can roll through the foot on to pointe) the shank is so hard a 110 lb woman can safely put a lot of her weight on her heels “sit in her shoes” w/o significantly bending or crushing the shanks. Fortunately they could all be fitted properly in them and are dancers so I have changed their diets to ensure proper nutrition and electrolytes to minimize the likelihood of leg and foot cramps from being on their toes so much. I’ve also been increasing their time en pointe daily and with luck they should be ok, though the time they have been training for ballet-sex is hardly long enough to get the soreness out of their newly worked foot and leg muscles, but its all the time we have so their feet will be very sore at the end of the party.

We have had six male escorts on loan so the girls can get used to being entered bareback from behind while sur les pointes a la seconde. Well, as used to it as they can get in ten days with daily technique and pointe classes with my ballet troupe. They are all professional dancers so they can keep up and don’t get in the way. I suppose being the mistress of a very rich ballet fetishist they are used to training for whatever their lovers expect them to do and nude ballet-sex in a ballroom or encounter salle is probably one of the tamer things they have been expected to do.

Blogger’s new spam filter: The new commenting CAPTCHA added by Blogger last week to restrict spam in anonymous comments is working extremely well for me so far. I was getting as many as 17 anonymous spam comments a day before and none since. However, it could also be blocking valid comments from anonymous readers. So I hope readers wishing to remain anonymous and wanting to comment on my posts will use the new procedure with care.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Pros and cons of sex in a Kirby Morgan helmet

An actress in a circa 1977 Kirby Morgan helmet 

The Photo: Pamela Hensley in a scene from the TV series “The 6 Million Dollar Man" episode “Sharks” (1977) in the role of Cynthia Grayland. The clip is on YouTube. Her helmet is a 37 y/o version of a Kirby Morgan w/o the oral nasal mask and the nose block for pressure equalization. The oral nasal mask (ONM) ensures the carbon dioxide from the divers breath is directed out thru the vent limiting the possibility that the helmet could fill with CO2   affecting the diver’s performance.  Was no ONM used so the audience could see more of her face or just not provided on KM helmets 35 years ago?  

KM SL-17B prices:  Adolph and I pay about $4,000 each for new KM SL-17B helmets and get the factory warranty and maintenance package which is worth the price. Used KM SL-17B helmets, on EBay, range from $3,500 to $4,500 and sell. Someone asked $6,500 for one and got no bidders.

The one-way valve test, performed before every dive: Returning readers will recall that failure of the one-way valve was the primary cause along with the poorly sealing neck dam of the death of the SL-17B diver whose Reflexions diaphragm became my latest death rubber acquisition. The way I think is easiest to test it is prior to attaching (or pressuring up) the umbilical, close the emergency valve knob, attach and pressure up the emergency hose. Shut off the defogger control knob and screw in the adjustment knob on the regulator all the way. That will put all the pressure from the EGS on the valve which should not leak air.

Diving a KM SuperLite helmet videos:  The SL-17 A/B helmet system consists primarily of two major components: the neck dam/yoke assembly, and the helmet. To don the helmet, the diver first slips the angled neck dam with the attached yoke over their head. The helmet is lowered onto the diver’s head with the help of a tender, then the yoke hinge tab is hooked onto the hinge bolt on the hinge that is fastened to the back of the yoke – which is tricky unless you have a tender helping the diver into her helmet - and the helmet lowered over the diver’s head the O-ring seated and the air turned on. The neck clamp is then slipped onto the helmet and locked and the latch catch is safety pinned so the latch can’t be accidently opened. The locking system not only seals the neck dam to the helmet, but also secures the front of the yoke, fastening the helmet to the diver’s head.

For readers not familiar with putting on a Kirby Morgan helmet and diving it these two YouTube videos should help you get a sense of the thrill of diving one.

  • This video shows putting on the neck dam, body harness (to which is attached the emergency gas supply (EGS) and the umbilical safety clip). The neck dam/yoke and neck clamp assy. are put on and then the SL-17B helmet. The neck clamp is then latched locking the neck dam and yoke assy. and the helmet together. VIEW HERE:

  • This video, Marina dives the SuperLite Labor Day 2012, shows a woman diving a SL-17B and how her equipment is worn. It shows the diver’s EGS supply mounted with the valve at the bottom to prevent snagging, how the umbilical is hooked to her body harness so if the hose is jerked it won’t pull loose from the helmet and if the diver is in trouble she can be pulled to the surface. Also shown is how the hoses (main air and EGS) connect to the helmet. You can see how well the Quad-Valve Exhaust System ‘whiskers’ force the bubbles off to the sides of the helmet so they don’t obscure the view of the wearer. In that regard it’s almost as good as the rear exhaust on a twin hose regulator. VIEW HERE.    
Women’s prep for KM dive-sex: There is no difference in pelvic preparation for diving in a KM helmet than say an OTS Guardian FFM and a HP steel 130 cu ft tank. A must have is plenty of a good silicone based vaginal lube such as DiveGel+ which comes in prefilled 10 ml disposable applicators. Several unopened 10ml applicators should be taken on a dive in case more lube is needed during the encounter. The only difference would be the cervical barrier for upper reproductive tract flood protection which is dependent on the depth of the water.  

t’s always best to plan for worst case – the maximum depth of the water being dived in – regardless of whether you plan to go to the bottom or not. In a residential pool and most encounter pools of 25 feet or so a FemCap can be safely used. In my 64 ft deep pool or Adolph’s 216 ft deep training facility a latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragm or an Oves cervical cap can be used to any depth. Of course the Oves could float off the cervix if the wearer was menstrual. Therefore, a diaphragm - preferably a latex flat spring Reflexions, which is almost impossible to under-thrust – is the best to used at any depth and at any point of your cycle.

Kirby Morgan diving with minimum tenders: As can be seen from the videos of the men tending the umbilical as the diver enters the water and the diver being helped into her harness and SuperLite helmet having helpers to make sure everything is put on correctly and to lift and lock the 30 lb. helmet onto the neck dam and yoke assembly is exacting work.

I think one tender would be the minimum needed with the diver being suited up helping, preferably two. That’s because with no tenders even if there were two divers helping each other get into their helmets getting the second diver’s helmet on properly with the first diver already in a 30 lb. helmet would be quite difficult even for a strong man. And once in the water there would be no one to mind their umbilicals.

In Adolph’s facility his divemaster helps Adolph and his student dress in their wetsuits, harnesses, EGS and helmets then she leaves the pool area to monitor the gas flow and comm. link from a control room overlooking the pool. The umbilical length and hoist cable can be remotely activated by the divers.  So Adolph is alone 100 ft below the surface with a young inexperienced woman diver in a beavertail jacket and KM helmet with the intention of fucking her brains out. That is why I want Kassi fully familiar with the KM SL-17B she will be wearing before her first dive with Adolph.

The thrill of KM helmet dive-sex: It’s all about having thrilling sex in a hostile environment. For me the thrill (over dive-sex in an OTS Guardian FFM) is because there are more things that can go wrong when wearing a surface supplied dive helmet during dive-sex, especially if diving with very few tenders such as:

  • The surface supply could fail.
  • The umbilical could fail.
  • The one-way valve could fail.
  • The neck dam/yoke assy. could leak or come unclamped
  • Running out of air from EGS with the surface air off.
  • And no way to get to the surface because the umbilical is too heavy to drop the weight belt and boots and float up.
I think few other women enjoy the additional danger experienced when having sex in a Kirby Morgan as much as I do. But I will admit it’s an acquired taste.  However, the cost of buying or even renting a typical, say SL-17B, KM helmet, having access to a pool with surface supple capability and being with a guy who can really fuck your brains out underwater is pretty much a fantasy for most sexually adventuresome women.

The roar of the bubbles racing for the surface, the hiss of air as I suck gas through the demand valve and the mixed metallic and rubbery scent of the helmet give a KM dive-sex encounter the thrill of danger while pressing the left side of my helmet against my partner’s so I can hear him gasp and moan and he can hear me gasp, mew, moan and scream while he thrusts and I shudder with my contractions as he takes me toward orgasm. And, I think it’s a lot sexier and more dangerous with the comm. link turned off so our conversation such as it is is private.

Approaching climax my contractions get stronger and stronger as he takes me deeper into ecstasy. I wrap my legs tighter around him and pull him further into me as I tighten on his shaft and then he tips me over the edge and my contractions grip his penis and milk the hot cream out of his éclair and for a few thrusts he tries to shove his glans so deep I think it might come out my throat as he spews his seed into me. It splatters harmlessly against the thin latex membrane of my diaphragm protecting my cervix as he still grips me tightly while we gasp together in afterglow.  I was going to say having dive-sex and not getting my hair wet was an advantage of a KM, but while it’s not wet from pool water my hair is soaked with sweat under the rubber hood I wear to seal against the neck dam.

Emergency solo ascent in a KM: Given that we will be diving with Adolph and may not have the comm. link on I’ve developed a worst case escape procedure that should permit reaching the surface if the surface supply fails for any reason. However, it does depend on the EGS still working. It consists of two parts: 1) A small wrench to disconnect the main gas supply hose, the umbilical, which enters the system at the adapter and flows through the one way valve to the interior of the side block. Being careful to make sure you are disconnecting the umbilical from the one-way valve on the lower part of the block and not the EGS supply which you are breathing off which enters the top part of the block is an important part of this plan.  2) A horseshoe shaped self inflating (with a CO2 cartridge) lift bag with enough lift to get a diver, in a flooded drysuit and weighted boots to the surface with her hands free so she can swim to the dive platform or ladder to get out of the pool.

However, Adolph rarely has his women wearing drysuits and weighted boots though ankle weights are sometimes used with beavertail jackets. Kassi and I have successfully tried out this escape procedure and it actually works well, if you don’t drop the wrench before getting the umbilical hose disconnected. Then the umbilical is unclipping from the tank harness, the weight belt is dropped and the weighted boots are pulled off or ankle weights dropped if possible before the lift bag is inflated. There is the possibility of DCS from a fast ascent depending on the depth and time underwater which from the bottom of Adolph’s 216 ft pool is a real possibility. The small wrench is kept in an inconspicuous pocket on the tank harness that is easy to get to.

Practice, practice, practice: Kassi and I have practiced the emergency ascent procedure with the pool lights off with just the pool surround lights on as most of the work has to be done by feel and darkness is more disorienting to make it seem more real-world.  One of the hardest parts occurs once on the surface and out of the water, getting the helmet off.  We practice by ourselves making certain we can get out of the helmet alone if our partner is unavailable. It’s not difficult getting the safety pin out of the latch catch assembly so the neck clamp can be released and the helmet unsealed from the yoke. But then the helmet has to be lifted or swung back over the diver’s head to disengage the rear hinge tab from the hinge bolt which if the diver is exhausted could have her dropping the 30 lb helmet.

If it’s a real emergency dropping the helmet is just a cost of survival, but during practice drills you really don’t want to drop a $4,000 helmet. Depending on the harness used it might be easier to take the harness and EGS tank off first so you can lie on your back to disengage the hinge tab. We have been able to use this method successfully to get off the bottom of my 64 ft deep pool when we had the surface supply intentionally shut off and were able to get the hinge tab off the hinge w/o dropping the helmet. So I think it is a matter of not panicking if you need to get off the bottom in case the surface supply fails and there are no tenders to help.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Death rubber harvesting from a SL-17B diver

A Kirby Morgan SuperLite SL-17B helmet

The photo: A Kirby Morgan SuperLite-17B fiberglass diving helmet. It’s the one both Adolph and I use for surface supplied diving and it weights 29 lbs out of the water. Under water the three weights, port. Starboard and rear, come factory adjusted to balance the helmet and provide neutral buoyancy.  Even so I like wearing a beavertail jacket with it for shoulder padding as before entering the water you have to put on the yoke/neck dam assembly and then wait while a tender helps with attaching the helmet and its heavy.

Surface supplied diving: I can have a maximum of four surface supplied divers in my 64 ft deep pool at one time and Adolph can have a maximum of eight in his 216 ft deep training facility. With that many hoses it can get a bit crowded and the divers have to watch they don’t get their umbilicals tangled.

For some reason Adolph has recently had his trainees (all women) wear Kirby Morgan SL-17B helmets for a lot of their dive-sex training rather than the usual SCUBA tank, reg and mask gear. There are some advantages to training in surface supplied helmets the main one I think being there are no bulky tanks on the diver’s back, just an emergency gas supple (EGS) pony bottle and associated reg in case the surface supply is interrupted and also the defog/free flow valve that puts cool dry air against the port window. However, I think that’s offset by the need for the diver to wear a safety harness so s/he can be pulled to the surface as the long heavy umbilical with air hose comm. link and  supporting cable is far too heavy to allow a diver in trouble to get to the surface on his or her own unless s/he has a remotely controlled lift and is able to operate it so it requires dive tenders.

Given Adolph’s recent increased interest in dive-sex while wearing SL-17B helmets – perhaps because he is being asked to train women for dive-sex in surface fed helmets - I’ve been having my divemaster train Kassi and her partner(s) in that style dive gear which takes some custom prep for each diver to ensure the neck dam fits well and is worn correctly otherwise there can be serious problems such as what recently happened to a lovely blonde Aryan escort trainee that Tanaquil had sent him for deep-water dive-sex training.   

Neck dam leak: She was wearing a latex over-the-head skirted hood to protect her hair (like a lot of us do) that had to be stretched over the head to put it on. That’s because even with a correctly sized neck dam a back-zip hood would cause it to leak along the zipper where the neck dam sealed against the wearer’s neck. Her EGS cylinder valve was turned off as was the EGS valve on her helmet and she was wearing her beavertail jacket incorrectly - over the hood skirt rather than under it so what seems to have happened is the neck dam did not seal properly because of the seams and zipper irregularities in the neck of the wetsuit jacket. Perhaps that wouldn’t have been a problem by itself, but she hadn’t opened the valve on her EGS pony bottle and when there was a surface supple failure she couldn’t reach the valve to turn it on.

At that point the one-way (non-return) valve failed and with no pressure in the hose drained her helmet of air. If the neck dam hadn’t leaked she may have been killed by the vacuum (squeeze) in her helmet. But the vacuum in the helmet sucked water up through the neck irregularities - seams and zipper track - of the beavertail against which the neck dam was sealing rather than against the smooth hood. The inexperienced diver being unable to reach the valve on her EGS supply was left to drown when her helmet filled with water. Adolph and the drowned girl were operating at the 100 ft level on the safety net, but w/o tenders so Adolph watched her drown while getting off inside her, not that there was anything he could have done when everything went wrong.

I harvest a SL-17B death rubber: When Tanaquil’s trainee drowned Adolph called me to retrieve her body. He knew I had fitted her with a latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragm (an 80mm just my size) for upper reproductive tract flood protection and he knew I would want to harvest her diaphragm since he had been fucking her when she drowned which made her diaphragm a ‘death rubber’. Returning readers may recall I wear death rubber diaphragms because they give me access to all the previous owner’s experiences through the portion of her Chi that remains in the device she was wearing for sexual protection when she died. When I found her on the net at 100 feet he hadn’t covered her in any way.

The beavertail of her jacket was still tucked up on her back under the weight belt and her legs were spread so I had no problem in inserting two fingers, hooking the rim and pulling out her diaphragm which was slippery with Adolph’s liquefied semen. I slipped my new death rubber into a mesh bag on my equipment belt then fastened her beavertail with its twist latches so she was presentable before attaching her harness to a lift cable and winching her out of the pool.    

When we removed her helmet we found the neck clamp hadn’t been forced shut, but as I mentioned above the surface of the wetsuit didn’t provide the good seal that sealing against the latex hood would have, thus allowing water to fill the vacuum in her helmet when she lost surface supply pressure.

Afterward: Tanaquil was really upset at losing such a promising escort for whom she had great plans.  The body was cremated and her ashes were sent back to Munich where Tanaquil keeps the ashes of other girls w/o families she has lost due to accidents while in her employ. To minimize the likelihood of accidents when Kassi goes to dive her SL-17B with Adolph I’m sending along my divemaster as her tender.

Forcing Kassi’s period, an update: Returning readers may recall that on Tuesday Oct 7 she took her first 5mg Norethindrone tablet. She continued for nine more days stopping on Oct 16th when I was CD27. That caused her to spot on the 17th and start bleeding (her new CD1) on Saturday the 18th when we all were CD1. Rescheduling a period doesn’t always work so well and we have yet to see if she will stay synched with the rest of us, but we are off to a good start

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Cunnilingus and the vaginal chalice

Wasting a gift from the Goddess Aphrodite
The Photo: Emptying a menstrual cup when there is no Pelvic Knight or Champion available to drink her thick, red, musky, copper scented nectar. Pouring flow down the drain is truly a waste of a natural, but renewable, resource. If a woman has no Champion to drink her flow it makes a marvelous potted plant fertilizer.
The Nutritional value of menstrual flow:  I haven’t been able to find a breakdown of the vitamins and minerals in human blood much less menstrual flow. However, I think it’s safe to say that since there are only about 450 calories in 500ml of human blood drinking 25ml of menstrual flow - an amount that nearly fills the small size Diva Cup and which I consider to be one serving - fortified with additional protein from the donor’s shed endometrium should be less than 40 calories. While collecting in a menstrual cup flow is protected from the air. Once the seal is broken and the cup is removed from the vagina the flow is exposed to air. Then it begins to quickly turn darker red as it oxidizes and to develop the usual musky coppery scent associated with flow. So flow is best consumed by a Pelvic Knight as soon as the cup has been removed. Therefore, for best taste the ritual blessing of the flow should be performed while the donor’s pelvic chalice is still in place.
Safety of drinking menstrual flow: Any infections carried by the flow donor will be in her blood and transferred to her Pelvic Knight. So it is a very good idea to have donors who are acting on behalf of the Goddess Aphrodite undergo very thorough physical exams with an extensive blood workup to be sure they aren’t infectious. Additionally, there could be a problem with iron poisoning of a Pelvic Knight if too much menstrual flow is consumed over too short an interval, which would almost certainly mean that he was drinking the flow of more than one woman.
Male potency after drinking menstrual flow: I don’t claim this to be universally the case, but in my experience lovers have much greater sexual stamina immediately after consuming a serving (25ml) of my flow than they show when they haven’t. My therapist thinks it is a male psychological thing that drinking a lover’s flow makes him more virile. If my lovers are mind-fucking themselves that way it works for my therapist as well which I think is awesome because he has far more stamina after giving me menstrual Cunnilingus! That is so awesome as my secondary libidinal peak is when I’m menstrual and I love a lusty man getting me off with his rock hard thrusting penis filling my tight vagina with his seed. Cleaning the blood off the floor, barre and mirrors of an encounter salle after ballet menstrual sex is not difficult with a moist rag and Mr Clean.
Halloween at Adolph’s: Halloween day, October 21, 2014 I will be CD14 and should ovulate and all my wards should as well if Kassi synchs with the rest of us.   Adolph has threatened to bring out his wood chipper and make a girl disappear this year as he had several times years ago and I’m trying to get him to change his mind. It’s scary enough at Adolph’s Halloween parties w/o having a young women ground into hog feed while his guests watch. In his defense he says it was just a special effect. However, he has never been able to produce the woman alive and uninjured afterward who was shown being fed into the chipper.
Since I will be very fertile then I’ll wear my tiny Oves cap screwed down tight on my cervix with the removal strap rotated to my posterior fornix. That way with the transparent silicone membrane of the dome sucking on my cervix a lover will think I’m wearing no cervical protection at all. Another Awesome thing about Oves is that there is no possibility of squeeze when worn while diving so if I’m enticed into The Well, his 216 ft deep training pool, I have marvelous flood protection of my upper reproductive tract regardless of the depth at which dive-sex occurs.
Kassi’s dive training, an update:  Given her progress in my 64 ft deep pool with a male divemaster who was tasked with teaching her how to survive a dive partner from hell trying to pull off her FFM, restrict her air by crimping her hose with small pairs of vice grip pliers and giving her well lubed but rough dive-sex I think Kassi may be ready to be introduced to Adolph on Halloween.
Actually, no amount of training can truly prepare a woman diver for her first underwater sexual encounter with Adolph. However, in Kassi’s case since she is from a powerful noble family and he is interested in using her (in addition to serving his own sexual needs) as high status arm-candy for major clients he isn’t likely to harm or scare her too badly, unless she displeases him.
Male Escort cunnilingus menstrual cup training: While on my last period, during the week of September 22nd, I began cunnilingus menstrual cup training for escort candidates. When we were in Scotland for the Autumnal Equinox Tanaquil had mentioned that her high-end women clients in Europe were asking for men skilled in removing and drinking their flow from a menstrual cup w/o creating a mess while making the client feel like a princess. Pussy power for sure!
Now we have begun to get calls from guests at Adolph’s spa, The Lorelei, for that same skilled intimate service. So few male escorts are initially confident with the gentle touch and manual dexterity needed to insert fingers, break the seal and gripping the ringed lower end of the cup gently pull it out when well filled w/o spilling a drop on the clients satin gown or pink pointe shoes. Once in hand he should savor the musky bouquet of blood and vaginal secretions before toasting the donor and emptying the cup with a flourish in a single swallow. With a paying client penetration and a vaginal orgasm is almost always follows. During his training after the trainee swallows I clean and reinsert my cup and then to relieve our sexual tension we will masturbate to climax so I don’t have his seed changing the pH and taste of my vagina and flow. It’s an awesome responsibility to be eaten at least three possibly four times a day while menstrual by gorgeous men!
Afterward while my cup is refilling  I’m getting on with the next few hours of my day instructing pointe class or rehearsals (my troupe is dancing Dracula again this year for Halloween) or being fitted for new fetishwear so the trainee can enjoy eating me again later in the day. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it and I so love watching gorgeous boys swigging my flow! The mutual masturbation with my flow drinking partner serves several additional useful purposes other than just relaxing both of us. The vaginal contractions during an exquisite clitoral orgasm while I’m balanced in Gaynors en pointe a la seconde will speed the refilling of the cup and lessen any cramps I may be having.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Menstrual protection and fellatio

A Diva menstrual cup showing fill levels and removal stem

The Photo: Showing the smaller (size 1) silicone Diva menstrual cup. The Diva Cup holds one full ounce of menstrual flow (30 ml) when filled to the four tiny air holes below the rim). As the average woman only flows approximately 1 to 2 ounces (30-60 ml) per cycle the wearing interval can be up to be 12 hours or longer w/o emptying it. However, with copper IUDs implanted my wards periods can be a bit heavier so on heavy days they may need to empty sooner.

Kassi gets her first Diva Cup: Kassi had been using tampons and panty liners. I introduced her to the Diva Cup menstrual cup (size 1) which is the brand my other wards and I use. A Diva Cup’s total length, including the stem, is 70mm and the cup length is 57mm. for both size 1 and 2 while the rim diameter is 41mm for the smaller size and 45mm for the larger so one or the other should fit most women. And the cup softens with body heat so it forms to the wearer’s body improving its comfort and seal.

My cup switch: Several months ago, I switched to a Diva 2 since the manufacturer recommends cup wearers older than 30 or who have given birth would have less likelihood of leakage if she used a Diva 2. I tried a Diva 2 and found I didn’t care for the larger size. My vagina is tighter than most nulliparous 20 y/os and I’ve had no problems with leakage and I don’t need the additional capacity as I can go more than 12 hours w/o emptying on almost all days with the smaller size so I’m back to a size one again. 

The Diva Cup at St Lucy’s: While St Lucy’s girls should already have the three shot regimen of Gardasil inoculations required for maximum protection from HPV viruses that cause cervical cancers as well as some genital warts – they can start the series of injections as early as age 9 - students aren’t fitted for menstrual cups and contraceptive cervical protection until menarche. The cervical barriers as returning readers of this blog know are primarily for flood insurance to protect the upper reproductive tract  in case the vagina floods during underwater intercourse since nearly all St Lucy’s girls reaching menarche now have stringless mini GyneFix copper IUDs inserted for contraception as part of a clinical study. Thus leaving only a need for effective menstrual protection during high impact activities, on heavy days and while traveling where long intervals between emptying are necessary. An Ideal product for all women of reproductive age is the Diva cup.

So this week I’ve been teaching a group of three girls who just reached menarche how to correctly insert a Diva Cup so it doesn’t leak and how to tell by feel and experience when the cup needs emptying by how heavy it feels, and the interval difference between light and heavy days. With just a little practice they became proficient at insertion and removal and now they love their Diva Cups!

Insertion is a several step process. First before preparing any vaginal device for insertion wash your hands. Then it’s a matter of folding the cup for insertion, spreading the labia, pushing it partly in horizontally toward the tailbone then letting it spring open. Once it’s in the ringed bottom of the cup is grasped and rotated one full turn to ensure it is fully open and seals properly. During the full turn it should rotate smoothly an indication that the cup is fully open. Then push it further in until the stem is just inside the vagina where it can be easily grasped for removal.

The Cup should sit low in the vagina away from the cervix. Placed higher it might leak and it could interfere with the strings of an IUD. Once they are confident that the cup fits properly and they can insert it correctly so it doesn’t leak they can do away with their tampons and panty liners and not have to worry about using a Milex diaphragm for flow control that was tricky to empty w/o spilling the contents… unless they want to use the diaphragm for flow control during menstrual sex. The students are so excited to have reached menarche and get their first diaphragms and menstrual cups as now they are biologically adult and their reproductive years have begun.

For removal the ringed bottom of the cup can be gently pulled to break the seal. If that isn’t successful then insert a finger between the vaginal wall and the cup to break the seal and then gently pull it out grasping the ringed portion of the lower dome while sitting on the toilet. Then it should be washed in a mild unscented soap in warm water dried and reinserted. The cup can darken with use and may be boiled for 10 – 15 minutes if it develops an odor.

Forcing Kassi’s period, an update: On Tuesday Oct 7 she took her first 5mg Norethindrone tablet. She will continue for nine more days stopping on Oct 16th when I will be CD27. That should cause her to spot on the 17th and start bleeding (her new CD1) on Saturday the 18th when we all should be CD1.

Kassi and fellatio:  Even though she has had her Gardasil shots there is still a chance of an HPV strain causing throat cancer a few years in the future so unless the men are screened the safest thing to do is to suck a man off while he is wearing a condom. The bar-condom brand we offer at our clubs is the latex LifeStyles ultra sensitive non-lubricated. That way the fellator just gets the scent and taste of the latex.

I’m teaching Kassi a trick that men love when it happens to them.  It’s part of my course in Contemporary Sexual Health that I teach at St. Lucy’s. If I’m with an uncut man who is known to have a safe sexual history when he’s just about ready to cum it’s always fun to bite through the reservoir tip and force his glans through the hole in the ruined sheath. Then skin-on-skin I manipulate his frenulum with my tongue with his glans forced tight against the roof of my mouth so that just before he comes he’s gasping and trying to shove his shaft down my throat.  But – and this is important or you can start gagging with your air cut off - I have my hand around the base of his shaft so no matter how hard he thrusts he can only spew in my mouth where I can taste his semen and easily swallow it as a nutritional supplement.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Pediatricians recommend IUDs for teens, Club screening update

The ParaGard (copper) and Mirena (Levonorgestrel) IUDs
The photo:  Showing proper placement of the ParaGard and Mirena IUDs.

FINALLY!!! What took them so long? For years I’ve been recommending having IUDs placed for teens with uteri large enough to accommodate them.

Pediatricians now recommend IUDs over the pill for teen birth control. The article says in part:

“In new recommendations published Monday, the American Academy of Pediatricians endorsed implantable birth control as "first-line contraceptive choices for adolescents." The group recommends that pediatricians either learn how to implant these devices or identify health care providers in their communities to whom patients can be referred."

These recommendations put the pediatricians in line with the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, which has recommended long-acting, reversible birth control as the first-line choice for teenagers since 2005.”

The full article can be read here: IUDs for teens
Ebola: In an abundance of caution travel histories are now required for both men and women entering our clubs – Naughty Pleasures Meat Market, The Boot Bar, Toe-Tape and others - where negative STI panels are necessary for admittance because bodily fluids (sweat, saliva, semen, FCM etc.) are exchanged between partners. It’s not foolproof, but a cautionary step to minimize the likelihood of guests infecting each other or club hosts and hostesses.

The nonsense of asking travelers from Ebola infected countries to say if they have been in contact with Ebola virus victims and expecting a truthful answer is patently absurd. We require a minimum interval of four weeks from the time a traveler left an Ebola ravaged country until presenting him or her self here and being free of symptoms.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Kassi’s orientation, Jill’s Notes 1.1

One of Kassi’s first pairs of Gaynor Minden pointes.

The Photo: I had Kassi fitted with hard shanked Gaynor Mindens when the GM rep came by the other day. Like me she wears Freed Classics for performing, but she needed something more supportive and with shanks and toe-boxes that can survive the abuse of playing in them. Fortunately they are a great fit for her and she loves the comfort and support they provide while she is training for ballet-sex.

Kassandra and my other Wards: I’m having Kassi fill in with my ballet troupe while a regular corps dancer is injured. Her self discipline extends at least to the point that she knows not to foul her own nest so I think (fingers crossed) that she will leave her friends men alone. God knows there are enough other gorgeous men around interested in having sex with a dancer and eligible men from the audience crowd the stage door afterward to see if they can date a ballerina so she shouldn’t be short of men to choose from. As I mentioned in an earlier post Kassi has a marvelous personality and can  adapt to almost any social situation so the question is can she control her competitive nature or is there a point at which she will start poaching on her women friends men just to see if she can take the men away from them.


Pelvic protection and grooming: She had been fitted for the Reflexions latex flat spring diaphragm for deep dive flood insurance. At the same time I fitted her with a FemCap as well. FemCap is not as useful, but at depths of less than 30 feet can work well if the wearer is not menstrual and wants skin-on-skin contact on her G-spot. She is adapting well to her GyneFix with no cramping and the little spotting has stopped.

Yesterday Chris measured her for a custom sports plug which can protect the vulva from groping, but is ineffective when a vibi is pressed up against its head and turned on. It’s the new version with a indentation in the locking cam that fits snugly behind the pubic bone to prevent pinching the urethra which can lead to UTIs. The new version also has a channel so the wearer can urinate with it in place rather than having to remove the older version first.

After her sports-plug fitting I took her to Body Buffers, and introduced her to my esthetician who gave her her first Brazilian waxing (she had been shaving her pubes), removing every strand except eyebrows and scalp hair.  Kassi told me she was a bit of a masochist, but I had no idea pain affected her sexually until while I sat with her during her  waxing she orgasmed while tears were running down her cheeks as the esthetician ripped her pubic hair out in strips while she moaned in ecstasy. I wish my other wards and I enjoyed being waxed as much as she seems to.

Footwear: I took her to Gepetto’s shop for a ballet-boot fitting. She’s getting three pairs of the standard lightly armored calf length boots the rest of my wards wear with spider filament laces and three spare sets of titanium lace splitter heels with heel guards and Inman heel guard releases standard on Gepetto’s boots at $3,500 per/pair, but as an owner I  and therefore she gets a discount. While we were there we went into his rubber shop, Latex Lair, and had her fitted for custom chlorinated latex catsuits: three in black and one each in red, yellow and green. Jeff’s latex fabricating shop at Labia Labs out on the 15 actually makes the latex garments and they are very high quality. I love the fetish scents at Gepettos; the oak tanned leather, the boot oil and the smell of new latex and latex polish.

Her menstrual cycle reset: I could wait and see if she will naturally develop menstrual synchrony with my wards and me, but that could take several cycles. She is almost fertile and I want her cycle to sync with the rest of my wards for training purposes so I got Chris to give her a ten day regimen of progestin pills to force her to bleed when the rest of us do. If she takes a 5 mg tablet of Aygestin (Norethindrone) daily until CD 26 of my cycle that should cause her to bleed two days later resetting her cycle and put her period in synch with ours. I’m CD 14 and should ovulate today so she will start her progestin pills this coming Sunday.

Kassi at UNLV: She says she wants to go back to school and get her Masters in Psychology. She already has a BS from Cambridge where she was nearly expelled twice for seducing her tutors and she knows Taryn and has been her guest at Cunt Castle for some of her parties.  I’m not sure how serious she is about wanting her Masters and I want to introduce her to Adolph as soon as she is confident enough participating in dive-sex. So she is getting familiar with sex underwater wearing Reflexions for flood insurance, DiveGel+ as a lube and an OTS Guardian FFM with a comm. link so she can talk with her trainer-lover and not expel her reg during orgasm.

Jill’s Notes 1.1 (rev 10-03-2014)

Some of my friends (in no particular order):

  • Jack: (John, Viscount Sandbach, my primary lover. Though with my various jobs and raging libido I have a multitude of lovers from all walks of life, from escort trainees to extremely wealthy fetish addicts.
  • His Grace: The Duke of M*** AKA Himself, His Grace, The Duke, and the Old Bull who is Jacks father and who has an English title and estates in northern England and Scotland.
  • Alice: The Duchess of M***, who is separated from His Grace and lives with revolving lovers near my estate on Virgin Gorda.
  • Adolph: a good friend and psychopath in Vegas who has a 216 ft. deep dive training facility (the well) an  dive-sex club, Splash and a up-market Spa, The Lorelei, as well as a penchant for making employees disappear.
  • Brad: AKA Morning Wood my most recent psychoanalyst and fetish lover. He is helping me come to terms with my responsibilities as a handmaiden of Aphrodite. However, he is delusional in that he has fixation that when I’m dressed in her clothes I am his dead wife Jenna (from her photos we could be identical twins) who was a dancer killed in a car crash with their 6 mos. old baby two years ago.
  • Anya: A good friend in her early 30s who travels as a troubleshooter for a multinational company
  • Fiona: Jack’s sister who works for the British Government (currently in their embassy in DC) and mother of Cyndi who was one of my wards until she began her studies at Cambridge at the beginning of 2014.
  • Pirate: who runs the Escort service for my casino and whose escorts provide some of the best sex in Vegas.
  • Tanaquil: A retired French Courtesan who is a procuress as well as running Taryn’s business which she inherited from her parents, the best Porn organization in Europe
  • My five Wards: Bea 17 y/o and in the 4th form at St Lucy’s; Willow a 19 y/o Brit-chick who danced for the Royal Ballet and is Jack’s natural daughter by an RB ballerina. Willow now dances in my ballet Co in Vegas and attends UNLV; The 18 y/o Swan twins, Odette and Odile who are the daughters of a friend who is a neighbor on Virgin Gorda in the BVIs. And recently there is a 5th, Kassandra the 21 y/o daughter of the Earl of A*** who looks much like me with a Balanchine body, red hair green eyes and who is left handed. Also like me she was put in ballet boarding schools from a very young age and has great beauty, talent and a natural ability to mesmerize men w/o trying. She is also amoral and will say or do anything to get her way if she wants it badly enough. I first met her at Crag Abbey after the Autumnal Equinox on Sept. 23, 2014 and she returned with me and my other wards to Vegas where I hope to place her with Adolph as a sort of personal Assistant.
  • Andrea: Was briefly my 5th ward, but she developed a blood clot from not using proper precautions during dive-sex and so as soon as she was able to travel was sent home to her parents in Germany who are relatives of Adolph.

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