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Prentif crush depth side effects.

The cervix on cycle day 7, just past menses

The photo: taken on CD7 it shows a healthy symmetrical cervix perfectly shaped for the effective use of a Prentif cavity rim cervical cap.

Dive-sex and a Prentif Death Rubber: I was fortunate to be able to recently check off another of the cervical barriers (in my size) I harvest from the bodies of women who die during a sexual encounter. Returning readers will remember I call the protective rubber clothing, shoes and devices harvested from those women ‘death rubber.’ I especially love to wear a death rubber cervical barrier. Because it provided intimate protection to its former owner I feel it contains far more of the Chi of the woman who was wearing it when she died. The dead woman’s Chi combined with my own increases my libido amazingly.

I was lucky to happen upon a 23 y/o woman, a well-bred Brit-Chick rubberist with a plumy Berkshire accent, who had a Prentif. Lucky because Prentif have been discontinued for more than seven years and amazingly it was a 25mm which is my size! Actually, the woman from whom I harvested my Prentif death rubber found me since she was a guest at The Lorelei, Adolph’s spa in the hills outside town. She was interested in rough dive-sex and I had been recommended to her as a fitter for a barrier to be use as a gas-guard/flood insurance, because she wanted to experience a rough underwater sexual encounter. For contraception she was ‘on the jab’ as she called it, the Depo-subQ Provera 104 injection so she had no concern about an unplanned pregnancy.

I gave her a thorough pelvic and fit her with a Reflexions 75mm flat spring latex diaphragm. After her diaphragm fitting she asked if I thought she was a good candidate for a Prentif cavity rim cervical cap because she had purchased a 25mm from a midwifery supply store. I asked how she had determined the size and she said she bought the smallest size they had. Sigh! During her pelvic I saw she had a lovely smooth and symmetrical cervix which would be ideal for wearing a Prentif so we broke the seal on the box took the 25mm cap out of its case and I inserted it slipping it on to her cervix and screwed it down tight. The cavity in the rim established a strong suction on the cervical wall gripping her cervix and the dome dimpled, as it should, indicating there was a strong vacuum in the dome. She was so lucky! It fit perfectly! She was delighted because she liked the idea of the dome being an extension of her cervix making it easier for a partner to ram, which as a sexual masochist she enjoyed. I knew exactly what she meant as I’m that way myself! I cautioned her that if she wanted her partner to ram the dome she should be sure to turn the tab on the shoulder of the rim so that it faced her posterior fornix so it wouldn’t hurt her partner and had her reach in while pushing down and turn the tab to the back herself.

Diving the Prentif: Some women can take more pressure on their cervix than others and there is no way to know which is which until they pressure test a cervical cap either on a dive or preferably in a hyperbaric chamber, but the HC option is unlikely because there are almost no hyperbaric facilities available for that sort of testing. Some women seem to delight in having the cervix gripped tightly while others can’t stand even having a Prentif’s cavity rim sucking on the base of their cervix. So when I fitted my patient with the Prentif - before I’d done my hyperbaric chamber research about diving cervical caps and found the crush depth of a Prentif was approximately 30 feet - I already had my suspicions that if the cap wasn’t forced off the cervix when the dome was compressed by the increased pressure it would squeeze her cervix so tightly she’d probably be unable to function from pain and nausea. So I cautioned her not to go too deep because there is a tipping point where the discomfort seems manageable or perhaps even enjoyable at depth and then a few feet deeper the pain suddenly becomes unbearable. I’ve tried taking 800mg of ibuprofen before a HC test dive to see if it upped my pain threshold and it did marginally, but only enough to give me time to try to ascend to get away from the pain if I’d gone too far. I’ve found that for me other than the pain, which I enjoy, there is no warning. One minute I’m doing fine. The next I’m having terrible cramps and vomiting, which when diving can be fatal.

An opportunity: So, a few days later I got a call from Adolph. A guest at The Lorelei has had an incident during a BDSM dive encounter he said and he needs my help tidying up loose ends. I got to the Spa to find the guest still at the bottom of her suites encounter pool. It was one of the new suites with the 40 ft deep pools. She was dressed all in black; a rubber catsuit, weighted pool-pointes, hood, gloves and a FFM with a short tank so it wouldn’t impair her partner’s access when penetrating her from the rear. She was wearing a buoyancy compensator and when I got there the body was in the fetal position on its side with it’s legs drawn up to the chest in a locked metal cage on the bottom with a cable and hook connected to the top that ran to a winch suspended above the surface of the pool.

It was obvious to me that Adolph had been the partner of the woman in the cage when or shortly before she got in trouble. He had often fantasized to me about that sort of dungeon set-up, but I hadn’t known he had actually built it. He said they had sex in the cage at15 feet below the surface and everything was fine then he had left her to raise the cage and the winch gearbox failed and the cage went all the way to the bottom. He wanted me to go down and retrieve the body. I just laughed and said he better call an mechanic because there was no way I was going in that cage underwater unless he was in a straight jacket and sedated. He just smiled and said I knew him too well then took the remote out of his pocket and raised the cage and swung it on to the pool deck.

The body: She was totally encased in rubber except for her vulva that was showing through the open relief zipper. I hit the quick release latches on her FFM spider and pulled off her mask. The oral nasal unit was filled with vomit and the stench of gastric juices nearly made me gag. She has suffocated, drowning in her own vomit. Her face was twisted in fear and pain, but I still recognized her as my 25mm Prentif patient of a few days earlier. Her wrists had been restrained with zip-ties and fastened to the bottom strap that held her air tank on its backboard. At first I didn’t understand why her hands had been tied and then I realized it was so she couldn’t reach the Prentif I was almost certain she was wearing. It was just the sort of diabolical thing Adolph would do; place a woman he just had sex with in a situation where as her depth increased so did her pain. Was it an accident and he hadn’t intended to kill her just to apply exquisite torture using her own reproductive tract? Or, did he want to see what happened regardless of the consequences?

Benefit analysis: I am certain that the HD video of the Prentif-girl encounter will be a dive snuff-porn best seller for rubberiest as well as dive-sex fetishists in Europe and Asia. I did my usual vaginal search of the corpse and found she was indeed wearing the 25mm Prentif I’d first screwed onto her cervix. It took me several minutes to glove-up push her uterus down where I could easily reach her cervix and get two fingers under the rim to break the vacuum and pop it off her cervix. It was full of blood and pieces of endometrium, but hadn’t come loose. The cap itself seemed to have survived in good condition. I could hardly wait to try wearing it myself! I cleaned it well and sterilized it by soaking it in alcohol then checked it closely again to make certain there was no damage to the rubber so I have my first Prentif death rubber! I’m wearing it as I write this and I like to think the previous owner has contributed to this entry. I realize there are severe depth limitations to diving a Prentif, but the surge in my sex drive from her Chi make it a must-wear to residential pool parties where pools used for encounters are no more than 15 feet deep.

Adolph says that the woman had left an Advanced Medical Directive and a will (she told him she had no family) to the affect that if something happened to her while training at the spa her body should be cremated and her ashes scattered in the desert. The coroner ruled she ‘died by misadventure’ when it was found from her medical records that she had a known history of seizures, which she hadn’t listed on the required medical questionnaire at The Lorelei before being allowed to dive nor had her seizure history been on the history she gave our clinic before I fit her barriers. Personally, I’m convinced that the pain got continually worse from the dome squeezing her cervix as she sank below a depth of 25 feet until it caused uterine cramping so severe that she vomited as a side effect of diving her Prentif too deep.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Diving cervical caps while fertile

Clockwise from the top: FemCap, Oves & Prentif cervical caps

Self fitting cervical caps: Before I begin, a warning to do-it-yourselfers, self fitting of cervical caps is not a good idea and should be avoided if you plan to use one for contraception or flood insurance. That’s because:

  • The FemCap maker says that a woman’s OB history is the primary indicator of her cap size. However, that is not always the case and in addition a severely anteverted or retroverted cervix will not allow the brim to seal properly against the vaginal walls and cause the cap to fail and the male partner to hit the brim. FemCap was approved for a continuous wearing interval of 48 hours.
  • Self fitting a Prentif can be even more difficult because it suctions on the wall of the cervix itself and it comes in only 4 sizes so a significant percentage of women who wanted Prentif couldn’t be fitted. The wall of the cervix must be symmetrical and smooth so that the cavity rim can seal tightly around the entire circumference to develop the strong suction that holds the cap in place. Prentif hasn’t been produced for at least 5 years so availability is extremely limited and experienced fitters are very difficult to find. Prentif was approved for a continuous wearing interval of 48 hours.
  • Oves, when it was available, over-the-counter in the UK, was the easiest to self-fit because you could buy a fitting kit with one of each of the three sizes and the dome was so soft that a woman could fairly easily fit herself, but it still required having a smooth cervical wall so the toothed rim could grip the cervix tightly. The dome membrane clings to the cervix by surface tension. Oves was approved in the EU for a continuous wearing interval of 72 hours.

Diving cervical caps while fertile: As I write this I’m CD3 and bleeding heavily so I’m wearing a Milex Omniflex for flow control for the five or six days of my period, unless I want menstrual sex, then I will switch to a flat spring so I can more fully enjoy the encounter and to minimize the possibility of under-thrusting. Returning readers know that my primary cervical barrier for contraception and flood insurance is an Oves cervical cap, but cervical caps can’t be worn effectively during menses.

Before I dive I always remove, empty, clean and reinsert my Oves cap so that the dome will be empty of cervical secretions when I enter the water. That way, when pressure collapses the dome, it won’t force the secretions out breaking the seal and cause the Oves to displace off my cervix. It’s necessary to stay well hydrated and I empty my bladder before diving because diving is very dehydrating. Water pressure squeezes fluids out of body tissues and into the kidneys. Even after emptying before entering the water the pressure will invariably cause me to need to urinate if I’m underwater for 30 minutes or longer and I end up peeing in the pool anyway. Severe dehydration can lead to loss of stamina, overheating and low blood pressure during a dive so going into a dive well hydrated is very important.

On the plus side for women divers dehydration due to diving minimizes menstrual flow and also fertile cervical mucus which is a good thing for divers wearing cervical caps for protection. From my own experience and discussions with other women divers the reduced uterine/cervical secretions while underwater seem to be a common side effect of diving for those of us of reproductive age. Emptying my cervical cap before each dive has worked well for me as I’ve never had a cap displace during an underwater sexual encounter. When I’m not fertile or menstrual and will be underwater for long intervals I take a 0.1mg tablet of Minirin (desmopressin acetate) an hour before I dive and then I don’t have to pee for about eight hours. It can react with antidepressants and pain meds but I’m not on any and have had no side effects with such a low dose.

The question: I had wondered what it felt like to have a cap displace, or float off my cervix, but until the multiplace hyperbaric chamber recently became available at Adolph’s training facility [I wrote about it in my post for July 1, 2012 entitled: The vacuum sealed cervix] I had no safe and effective way to see for myself what would happen if I dived my caps with spermicide and copious cervical secretions in the domes. So several weeks ago, when I was fertile this past cycle, I experimented with my cervical caps; 26mm silicone FemCap, 25mm latex Prentif and 26mm silicone Oves to see what happened when the domes collapsed from squeeze while filled with secretions. I wore each on a test dive in the hyperbaric chamber to simulate dives to 66 feet, three atmospheres (ATA), and how much that affected any thrust buffering the domes provide. The results are below.

A silicone rubber FemCap

The FemCap full dome test dive: After wearing my 26mm FemCap for two days, with a ¼ tsp of spermicide in the dome (as called for) and 36 hours of fertile cervical mucus (FCM) discharge in the dome I simulated a 66 foot dive in the hyperbaric chamber. Before proceeding I checked that the cap was properly in place by squatting and pressing upward on the strap and dome for more than 10 seconds to make sure the cap was correctly positioned with strong suction.

Then while lying on my back on one of the beds as the pressure increased and I worked to equalize the pressure in my ears and sinuses I inserted two fingers in my vagina to feel any changes in the dome due to squeeze. As I expected the pressure forced my cervix deeper into the dome then the dome collapsed filling any remaining void between the top and my cervix. At 15 feet it wasn’t painful just a lot of pressure, but as I passed the 2 atmosphere depth, 33 ft., the pressure became very uncomfortable then disappeared entirely as I felt the spermicidal gel and fertile cervical mucus gushing out between the brim and my vaginal walls as the cap was floated off my cervix. It was just as I thought; as the cervix fills the dome spermicide and cervical secretions were squeezed out by the pressure breaking the seal and dislodging the cap. A dislodged FemCap provides no contraceptive protection. Only the spermicide remains as a contraceptive barrier and any thrust buffering a properly placed FemCap can provide may disappear unless the cap is forced back on to the cervix by a thrusting penis.

A pair of 22mm latex Prentif cavity rim cervical caps:

The Prentif cavity rim cap test dive: Two days after FemCap I tested my 25mm Prentif cap. Prentif is no longer made, but was very popular in Europe where caps were available long before the Prentif was approved by the FDA 1n 1988 for use in the U.S. so there are women both in the U.S and Europe still using them.

I had applied spermicide in the dome and worn my Prentif for 36 hours while fertile so that it would have plenty of FCM in the dome before I went into the hyperbaric chamber and increased the pressure to three ATA. Again, while lying on my back on one of the beds as the pressure increased and I worked to equalize the pressure in my ears and sinuses I inserted two fingers in my vagina to feel any changes in the dome due to squeeze. As I expected the pressure forced my cervix deeper into the dome then the dome collapsed filling any remaining void between the top and my cervix. But the dome of the 25mm Prentif is deeper than the FemCap dome and the pressure of having my cervix squeezed into the dome was more uncomfortable and then at 30 feet the dome collapsed, the cavity rim filled spermicide and FCM and the suction disappeared as the secretions were pushed out under the base of the rim and the Prentif floated off. It was still on my cervix, but not firmly attached and if I’d been having dive-sex with a bareback partner when it popped off I would have been in trouble and would have needed to use emergency contraception. A Prentif has some thrust buffering value. The tab on the shoulder of the cavity rim, to aid in screwing the cap on to the cervix, can hurt a partner so should be rotated to the back.

A pair of Oves silicone rubber cervical caps

The Oves cap test dive: Several hours after I removed my Prentif cap and my cervix had returned to normal I inserted my 26mm Oves cap and screwed it down tight on my cervix. At that point in my cycle I was two days before I ovulated the most fertile part of my cycle. I let the FCM build up again for 36 hours then as I had done for the other tests while lying on my back on one of the beds as the pressure increased and I worked to equalize the pressure in my ears and sinuses I inserted two fingers in my vagina to feel any changes in the dome due to squeeze. Because the dome is so thin and soft the FCM in the cap was squeezed out of the dome and the cap floated off at about 15 feet, less than the depth of an encounter pool. It sent a chill down my spine as I realized that wearing an Oves with a days worth of FCM in the dome on a dive-sex encounter would quite possibly result in an unintended pregnancy.

Not that I wear my Oves that way as I mentioned earlier, but I’d come to think of being invincible, well at least impregnable, while wearing Oves so it was sobering – though not totally unexpected - to have it proven that If I forget to empty, clean and then reinsert my Oves before a dive during my fertile days then even on a shallow dive I would be setting myself up for trouble. Fortunately for me the dehydration effect of diving plays an important role in limiting the production of FCM so that the effectiveness of diving Oves is not compromised when the dome is emptied immediately before a dive. The Oves cap provides no thrust buffering.

Conclusions: My experiments in the hyperbaric chamber show that a cervical cap with spermicide and fertile cervical mucus in the dome when worn for dive-sex will displace anywhere from a depth of 15 to 30 feet. The domes of FemCap and Prentif have a crush depth of about 30 feet at which point even when worn dry (w/o spermicide) they become extremely uncomfortable to wear and in my case would cause me to break off a dive to return to shallower water or the surface. FemCap shouldn’t be worn w/o spermicide so I think it shouldn’t be worn for dive-sex except at depths of less than 15 feet. A Prentif with an excellent fit can be effectively worn w/o spermicide so could probably be worn for a sexual encounter down to its crush depth where it becomes extremely uncomfortable at about 30 feet. Oves, emptied before a dive, can be worn to any depth because the dome is already collapsed and clinging to the cervix so there are no voids to create squeeze.

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Republican Neanderthal

Todd Akin 6 term Republican Congressman of Missouri

Republican Establishment Presses Todd Akin to Quit Race

Republican officials and activists pressured Missouri senate candidate Todd Akin to quit Monday and cut off millions of dollars slated for his campaign worried that his comments about abortion and ‘legitimate rape’ could ruin the GOP’s chances of controlling the Senate.”

In an interview with KTVI-TV he said: cases of pregnancy from rape are “really rare”. And, “If it’s a legitimate rape the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down”.

The entire article can be read HERE.

Another Old, white, male conservative Neanderthal heard from!

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Deep thrusting and flat spring latex diaphragms

One of my 80mm latex flat spring diaphragms

The photo: The soft stretchy natural latex dome has a small triangle enclosing the size of the device in mm in raised characters in the center of the domes outer surface. The white curved and notched wand above the diaphragm is an introducer used to aid in insertion. Because the rim folds in a single plane the flat spring is ideal for use with a deep thrusting partner and is the style preferred by professional rubber-escorts because it is almost impossible to under-thrust the rim. This style diaphragm can be worn with the dome reversed so the raised lettering is on the inside if the sensation is too intense for a lover.

The Fall semester at UNLV: The Fall semester begins at UNLV on Monday August 27 and ends on Saturday December 15. Some Grad students are already returning, reestablishing housekeeping and getting their Gyn visits over with prior to resuming fetish based sexual activity while at school. The rubber-girls are more likely to come in for pelvic exams since they all want to make sure the vaginal rubber devices they wear are still in good condition and properly sized after several months of heavy use during vacation.

The candidate: Judy, a 26 y/o Ph.D. candidate in psychology, and a sorority member with an active fetish life as a rubber-chick came in for her usual 6 month pelvic and full STI panel. I worked her up and did her pap and diaphragm fit check. I had already heard of her as a doctorial candidate, but she also caught my attention in the Spring - when she was assigned to me as a new patient since her regular practitioner left the clinic - because there are so few female rubberists not to mention gorgeous and smart ones. Her vaginal muscle tone is very strong, and her pelvic dimensions (deep post-pubic vault and vaginal length) are almost identical to mine, so she wears the same size diaphragm I do, an 80mm though she is four inches taller than me. Another amazing similarity is that for vaginal toning she uses a set of .75 inch solid stainless steel balls weighing 1.0 oz. each just like I do! I thought I was the only one using solid steel balls, but obviously not, but I do plan to introduce them into the AST class I’ll be teaching to upper form students at St Lucy’s this Fall. I have seen other female patients who were a close match to me physically, but they were pure Vanilla. Judy already into the lifestyle and wanting to go further will be perfect for my purposes.

I knew Judy was an active rubberist because she and I have discussed latex catsuits and vaginal plugs and she had been wearing a silicone All-Flex for protection during rough sex, but this time I suggested she change to a flat spring latex diaphragm as latex has far better heat transfer properties and it is nearly impossible to under-thrust a flat spring rim thus making it both more comfortable and safer to wear. She has also used our search service [putting medical records on-line has made this easy] to remotely check potential sexual partners medical records for STIs, latex allergies and other possible medical problems prior to entering any sort of physical relationship, so I knew she was a player. All of which makes her an ideal candidate for an experiment I want to try to see if I can replicate in other female rubberists and their partners the pleasure I get from wearing a Reflexions latex flat spring diaphragm.

Judy’s faculty advisor had contacted me on her behalf last Spring asking if I would help guide her doctorial candidate into the lifestyle in the valley. So I was already aware she would be contacting me when she was ready and this past week she broached the subject during her semi-annual exam. The topic of her doctorial thesis will be: ‘Women as enablers in male deviant sexual behavior’. She is a Switch and can be submissive or dominant as necessary to meet her personal or research needs. She asked for my help in meeting suitable male rubberists to study their various techniques and learn what they get out of heterosexual intercourse in a D or S relationship. She plans to develop active sexual relationships with at least eighteen men over the next two years and if that sample isn’t broad enough she said she may begin hunting suitable partners in the general male population. I decided the safest thing to do would be to introduce her to the male escort trainees who are rubberists and who have been screened for STIs and mental stability so she doesn’t get her air hose cut while at the bottom of a training pool during a dive-sex encounter. There seems to be an inexhaustible supply of high quality male rubberist trainees so as long as she stays with our trainees I don’t think she will run out of suitable men and these guys have far more stamina that a pick-up from a meat market so she will have to pace herself to prevent becoming physically exhausted from research.

Most of our trainees enjoy sex with women who wear rubber (catsuits, dive gear and vaginal barriers), pointe-shoes and like rough sex which are the fetish aspects Judy is most comfortable with so far. She is a qualified open water SCUBA diver, which is good enough for dive-sex. She also attended several summer sessions at SAB and takes private ballet lessons so she may be strong enough that I can let her safely try ballet-sex in pointe shoes. We’ll see about that. Her contemplative training needs to be far enough advanced that she can compartmentalize control of her feet and legs from her sexual needs so her legs don’t collapse during orgasm while en pointe. She enjoys the discomfort of pointe shoes and deep thrusting by large men so she seems Ideal for the research I want to conduct. Since we both need different men penetrating her this will give her an ideal opportunity to meet some of the men she will be conducting intimate research with over the next few months. I never thought I’d be an advisor to a Ph.D. candidate, but of course I’m a technical resource rather than an academic advisor.

The anterior fornix and latex diaphragms: On average, the ectocervix (the part of the cervix that protrudes into the vagina) is 3 cm long and 2.5 cm wide. The 3 cm length of the anterior cervical wall and the anterior vaginal wall form a gap called the anterior fornix which along with the cervix is covered by the dome of a contraceptive diaphragm. Thus the anterior fornix is typically a 3 cm cleft into which the stretchy latex membrane of a flat spring diaphragm can be pushed by the force of a thrusting penis, assuming the shaft is long enough to reach and penetrate the anterior fornix of an aroused partner.

The latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragm is the only maker and style that allows a male to fully penetrate his partner’s anterior fornix while she is wearing it. That’s because the silicone domes of other major diaphragm makers (Ortho and Milex) aren’t elastic enough to be stretched and pushed into the depths of the cleft. The latex dome has heat transfer characteristics far superior to a silicone diaphragm so thrusting into the latex membrane of the Reflexions is almost like skin-on-skin contact. The flat spring rim of the Reflexions, which flexes in a single plane, aids in successful fornix penetration by providing a stable rim to allow stretching the dome over the cervix and deep into the cleft.

I know for a woman it sounds as though its business as usual having a partner thrust into her anterior fornix while being taken in missionary, but when using a latex Reflexions diaphragm that’s not necessarily the case. I’ve known for several years that there can be unanticipated benefits for me and my partner when I’m taken that way with him targeting my anterior fornix as the primary goal of his thrusts. When everything is just right the benefits are:

  • For me: The dome stretched over the tip of my cervix as his penis thrusts into my anterior fornix puts pressure on my uterus forcing it a bit deeper slightly extending the depth of my vagina providing some thrust buffering from a long penis while moving the rim across my G-spot giving me the possibility of having both a G-spot and cervical orgasm simultaneously. 
  • For him: The raised logo and size (in the center on the exterior of the dome) provide a stimulation point for my partner’s frenulum while at the same time the tautly stretched latex membrane forced into the fornix by his thrust squeezes the head of his penis multiplying the sensation of an tightened vaginal grip. My experience has been that if my partner is cut he will enjoy the increased sensation and if his size is just right I can adjust my hips and make him come regardless of how still and deep he tries to stay to avoid reaching orgasm. However, if my partner is uncut his tip is often more sensitive to the textured latex which leads to premature ejaculation or occasionally rubbing him raw. If a partner is that sensitive I can wear the diaphragm inverted, with the logo on the inside, so he feels only the smooth latex gripping his glans as he plunges into my anterior fornix.
I’ve tried to reproduce these results with other couples I’ve trained and have had limited success because experiencing the benefits is highly dependent on a great many variables such as: the length, diameter and angle of descent into the vagina of the woman’s cervix as well as the length of her vagina which determines the size of her diaphragm. And of course the girth and length of her partner’s penis are also important as he needs to be able to thrust powerfully into her anterior fornix. So I’m looking forward to working with Judy and her partners as she cycles through the men she will use to research her thesis to see if I can’t help them reach the most intense deep thrust encounters possible.

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