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Thanksgiving 2014

Happy Thanksgiving 2014!

Wishing all my friends and readers in the U.S. and elsewhere the happiest of Thanksgivings!
Hoping you are all warm dry and with friends and loved ones for the holiday!


The Pool Boy Effect

A cross-section of a Natare perimeter pool gutter:

The Photo: This Natare stainless steel gutter with a lip to which a swimmer can cling with her fingers or rest her arms on the grating over the trough while resting or while having underwater surface sex is what my pools, the encounter pools at Splash and the pools at Adolph’s deep water training facility as well as our casino’s bungalow pools are equipped with. It’s the sort of pool gutter that is installed by pool owners who are knowledgeable about the requirements for features that make an effective sexual encounter pool.

The Pool Boy effect: Is what I call the seasonal peak in diaphragm and cervical cap fittings from local women who plan to have sex in swimming pools during the summer. The Pool Boy effect began to be noticeable several years ago after there was a high profile incident involving a pool boy and the daughter of the pool owner that left the girl paralyzed from a stroke which her parents claimed was caused by the pool boy forcing water and air into her uterus during sex in their swimming pool which he had come to clean. 

There were several articles mentioning the possibility of water or air being forced into the uterus during underwater sex if the vagina floods which is common. At the time it was recommended that women expecting or enjoying underwater sex protect their upper reproductive tracts by wearing a contraceptive diaphragm during underwater penetrative encounters which I’ve been teaching for years. With a properly fitted and correctly inserted diaphragm or cervical cap this can provide very effective protection, but shouldn’t be used by IUD wearers as the strings could stick to the diaphragm rim or cap and the IUD pulled out when the cervical barrier is removed. Of course women with IUDs from which the strings have been removed can use a diaphragm or cap safely for flood control.

In the last several years we have noticed college age women coming to be fitted as well as mothers bring high-school age daughters for diaphragms for use as flood protection regardless of the time of year if they take swimming, have pools at home or know someone who has a pool which is almost everyone out here. And the number of heated indoor pools has increased to the extent that the pool boy effect is no longer nearly as seasonal.

Right now moms are bringing in their teen daughters to be fitted for diaphragms as Christmas presents for the girls (w/o their fathers knowing), who have probably been having pool sex anyway, but this an ideal way to get it recognized as ok between mother and daughter so they can bond w/o fear of embarrassment while discussing male sexual appetites and how to satisfy them as well as their own.

As I expected, wearing a diaphragm has become something of a status symbol with adventuresome young sexually active women regardless of what other method of contraception they are using. I think it is because wearing a diaphragm to protect themselves during physically risky sex is a very adult thing to do and by being fitted and wearing one they feel more adult and in control.

When I asked Bea why her friends routinely insert diaphragms when they don bikinis she said it’s because the men can immediately tell they are protected when they insert a finger so think the girls are more experienced and older than many of them actually are. Knowing she has a diaphragm inserted tends to cancel out the pre-pubescent look of waxed pubes for men who are concerned about the possibility of the woman being underage.

It was the same when I was a teen when every girl at my ballet school was fitted for a diaphragm at menarche as is done at St Lucy’s. The look on a boy’s face the first timre he inserted a finger inside me and felt the rim of my diaphragm was priceless! Usually the first question was “What is that?” and I’d explain it was a cervical barrier that allowed me to take him bareback. That pretty much ended any concern that guys had. However, then hormonal birth control wasn’t as universal as it is today and many of us were depending on the diaphragm’s effectiveness to prevent becoming preggers.

Thanksgiving prep - update: First things first. I have all the full panel STI results for my guests, all negative and my girls and I are looking forward to sex with the several men whom we rarely see. The table has been extended in my dining room and the good china and silver is out washed and polished.  All the guests who had to travel have arrived safely ahead of the major storm expected along the Central and North East Coast tomorrow. The food is in my restaurant size refrigerators in my commercial size kitchen and the chef and his staff have been by to ensure she has everything needed ahead for the big day. I will have a divemaster on duty if there are guests who want to enjoy dive-sex, though I’m cautioning no drinking until after diving not before.

A tenth couple at my Thanksgiving table this year: In addition to 1) Ondine, (Willow’s mom) with Jacques, Gigi’s father and a former lover of mine as her partner; 2) Bea & Chris (our male Gyn); 3) Pirate and Yardley Flood, our ballet-boot trainer; 4) Adolph and Kassi (his new PR manager); 5&6) Odette and Odile (With the Gemini, Castor and Pollux who have been ardent in their continuing pursuit of the Swan Twins); 7) Marvin (Morning Wood) and me; 8) Paul (the Swan Twins father) and Gigi since she looks a lot like the swan twins and is submissive like Odette and; 9) Willow and Mitch who is a Stallion level Escort working for Pirate our local Stable Master. She is sweet on Mitch after they were paired during the series of tests he was given to prove he wasn’t responsible for the rash of pregnancies his clients with IUDs had. And finally the welcome addition; 10) my BGFF Anya with a mystery man (Chris has his current negative full panel STI results) who we all are looking forward to meeting

Friday, November 21, 2014

Run-up to the Holidays, death rubber harvesting

Barelegged in an old pair of featherflex Gaynor Mindens

The Photo: Prelude to illicit sex. Teasing Morning Wood (my therapist) after a counseling session before being penetrated from behind while en-pointe.  The reader can see the platform padding has been worn through the left shoe under the big toe and the blue polymer of the box is showing through having been worn away from my ‘winging’ (balancing on the inside edge of the box) which I love doing.

Thanksgiving preparations:  It’s becoming a tradition to have Thanksgiving dinner at my place watching football, eating and having sex, not necessarily in that order. His Grace and Jack have a family meeting at Crag Abbey on a mountain overlooking Loch Ness so they won’t be with us this year which worked out well since I wanted to invite my psychiatrist, Morning Wood, to whom I’m known as Jenna. My wards and I will be With His Grace and Viscount Sandbach in December to celebrate the Winter Solstice on Sunday December 21, at 23:03 UTC at Location Z so there will be plenty of British semen to go around then. If our cycles stay on schedule Willow, Bea and I will be fertile. Since the Swan Twins are still adjusting to Yaz I’m not sure where in their pill cycle they will be.

UNLV’s classes schedule works out nicely w/o cutting classes to allow my wards  – I can write Bea’s Tutor at St Lucy’s a note - to aid me in my obligation to represent the Goddess Aphrodite during the Winter Solstice at the ancient Scottish holy site in the Western Highlands. The UNLV schedule is:

December 13, Saturday Semester Ends
[Winter Solstice Sunday December 21]
January 20, Tuesday Instruction Begins

Virgin Gorda in January: That should give us a week or ten days in Scotland with the Duke of M**** and family for the solstice, Christmas and New Years and then another two weeks at my place at Lost Cove on Virgin Gorda to relax and warm up after the cold and wet of Loc Z and Crag Abbey before the girls need to be back in school.

Ballet self defense: Recently sexual assault has gained prominence in the national media as there have been a number of high profile attacks on young women. At St Lucy’s as well as my classes for female escorts at the casino school I’ve been teaching self defense in point- shoes – as part of ballet-sex training - for years to my students. Pointe-shoes are difficult to run in if being chased by a man intent on robbery or assault. Most girls in my pointe classes have been in toe-shoes for at least five years and have the ability to place a foot exactly where she wants. This makes up to some extent for being unable to run w/o untying her pointes. I have students wearing old pointe-shoes practice hitting the knees, pelvis, throat or temple of manikins with the intent to disable her attacker with the platform or the heel of her pointe-shoe. The students wear Gaynors for self defense class as the blocks can take abuse w/o coming apart and reducing toe protection. It’s the same ballet self defense class that I give the women dancers in my ballet troupe.  

At my Thanksgiving table this year the couples will be: 1 Ondine, (Willow’s mom) with Jacques, Gigi’s father and a former lover of mine as her partner; 2 Bea & Chris (our male Gyn); 3 Pirate and Yardley Flood, our ballet-boot trainer; 4 Adolph and Kassi (this new PR manager); 5&6 Odette and Odile (With the Gemini, Castor and Pollux who have been ardent in their continuing pursuit of the Swan twins); 7 Marvin (Morning Wood) and me; 8 Paul (the Swan Twins father) and Gigi since she looks a lot like the swan twins and is submissive like Odette and; 9 last but not least Willow and Mitch who is a Stallion level escort working for Pirate our local Stable Master. She is sweet on Mitch after they were paired during the series of tests he was given to prove he wasn’t responsible for the rash of pregnancies his clients with IUDs had.

Later when we got fetal DNA it confirmed that Mitch wasn’t responsible for the pregnancies that clients experienced only mind-blowing orgasms which were so intense that his pregnant clients assumed the father was Mitch rather than one of their other lovers. The women had reduced the effectiveness of their hormonal IUDs by taking diet pills.

Missing at Thanksgiving this year will be: Fiona (Cyndi’s mom) and Maj. Colin Tree who are with her father (the Duke) at Crag Abbey; Cyndi who is at Cambridge and with Taryn at Cunt Castle; His Grace and Marie-Claude a member of my ballet troupe and former Paris Opera Ballet dancer who the old bull is very fond of and Jack, Viscount Sandbach and a French Escort who is a Paris Opera Ballet dancer who Tanaquil is supplying.

Pubes waxing for the Holidays: Our esthetician will be traveling with us to Scotland and Virgin Gorda this year as we and some of our male partners will need our pubes waxed during that time. She will actually travel ahead with Chris, our male Gyn, to shave or wax the males we will be with to celebrate the Solstice and Christmas / New Years and to shave faces and male pubes since beard and pubic stubble would rub us raw while being fucked or enjoying cunilingus. Ideally waxing should occur mid cycle when vulvar tissue is the least sensitive and if possible it’s best to allow two or three days after waxing to allow for skin recovery.

Fortunately my wards - even the youngest one Bea - now have been waxing every four weeks or so for years and the hair gets finer and less the longer a woman waxes so it’s more of a nuisance now than painful since all of us have enough masochist in us to enjoy a bit of pain especially if it’s to make us look more youthful and desirable. I’ve been waxing for almost thirty years so my time on the table is usually less than fifteen minutes and amounts to just a cleanup and polish.

Harvesting a death rubber at Splash: There was an unfortunate incident last week at Splash, Adolph’s members only fetish diving club. A new towel girl from Eastern Europe was with a client in an encounter pool having dive-sex when they both overdosed on her coke stash which she had inexplicably forgotten to remove. She kept in a condom in her vagina and Bea said her co-worker thought she was deep enough that a client couldn’t hit it, but that she usually removed it before she dived with massively hung clients just in case.

She must have miscalculated or she wasn’t aroused when he penetrated her because the security video showed after the first few thrusts the Towel Girl began to shudder then expelled her mouthpiece vomited inhaled and drowned while her client continued thrusting several times before he began to shudder vomited and drowned while still inside and clinging to the dead Towel Girl.

Bea was suited up (in an OTS Guardian FFM and tank, ready for her next client and went down to attach flotation bags to the bodies to get them to the surface.  Before the EMTs got there Bea gloved up and pulled the dead girls latex Reflexions FS diaphragm out leaving the burst condom that still had some coke in it inside her. Bea knew they wore the same size diaphragm so was prepared to harvest it for personal use if something happened to her co-worker during a penetrative sexual encounter. Later I helped her disinfect it washing it thoroughly with warm soapy water then letting it soak in isopropyl alcohol for thirty minutes before washing it again drying it and putting it back in its case which she took from the girls handbag in their dressing room. Being able to take advantage of the dead girl’s Chi Bea should now be far more expert in Eastern European sexual fetishes.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The FC2, NuvaRing and CSH at St Lucy’s

The FC2 nitrile female condom

The Photo: An FC2 female condom made of nitrile Correct use of the FC2 is the starting point for St Lucy’s students in the contraceptives portion of my Contemporary Sexual Health course and an option in the dive-sex portion of my Advanced Sexual Techniques course.  The FC2 is a nitrile sheath or pouch 17 cm (6.7 in) in length. At each end there is a flexible ring. At the closed end of the sheath, the flexible ring is inserted into the vagina to hold the female condom in place. The other end of the sheath stays outside the vulva at the entrance to the vagina.

St Lucy’s Contemporary Sexual Health (CHS) course: All St Lucy’s students who have reached menarche are required to take CSH. Lab training begins with the FC2 female condom. First, how to insert correctly, then with condoms inserted the entire class practicing penetration with dildos in an encounter salle and then in an encounter pool and after that individually with lab partners from UNLV.

Morning Wood and hypersexuality: Returning readers will recall that Morning Wood is my psychiatrist helping me to more effectively manage my responsibilities as a Goddess of Aphrodite by channeling my hypersexuality into higher payback projects.  I don’t really care for the term Nymphomania, but I really, really like having sex with men! For more about hypersexuality Click HERE 

Readers may also remember that he is sweetly delusional about me in that if around me for more than thirty minutes he comes to believe I’m his dead wife Jenna who was a ballerina with the San Francisco Ballet killed in an auto accident with their infant son several years ago. In that delusional state he functions normally except for introducing me to friends as ‘Jenna’ and is one of the most skilled and considerate lovers I’ve ever had.  He has asked me, as Jenna, to renew their wedding vows which for me would mean I’d be marrying him and so far I’ve been successful in avoiding answering that request.

We both know that as my therapist we shouldn’t be having a sexual relationship. However, in this case the sex is so good that it’s helping both of us cope with life’s complications. Really, would I lie about something that important? Between our sexual encounters as my therapist he is trying to get me to concentrate on three areas: 1) my teaching the art of irresistible love-making at St Lucy’s, 2) my helping fit cervical barriers at a local women’s clinic and 3) celebrating the celestial events ushering in the seasons for Aphrodite all of which I see as my callings in support of the Goddess, and all in addition to my responsibilities as Artistic Director and choreographer for my ballet troupe. With some playtime left for me - in addition to mind-blowing sex with my therapist - of course.

Conservation and Jenna’s Bloch Alpha pointes: I’ve been trying to wean Marvin off Jenna’s traditionally made pointe-shoes. The ones she bought and sweated in are becoming a scarce and non renewable resource. Not because Bloch Alpha shoes aren’t available, but because new ones that I break in won’t have her scent in them.  So I have been very slowly bringing him around to accepting me in Gaynor Minden pointes with suede platforms as I  break in new pairs, getting him use to the scent of my sweat, blood and toe-cheese as it interacts with the inside lining of well used GM shoes. Hard shanked suede tipped GM pointes are so much more comfortable to wear, last so much longer and provide so much better support during ballet-sex.

Diva Cup and coitial discharge: An off list use for a menstrual cup (my circle and I prefer the Dive Cup, but any brand that fits should do) is as a collection device for coitial secretion control and reuse. In addition to it’s primary purpose of flow control a menstrual cup is particular useful while producing fertile cervical mucus (FCM) and after bareback intercourse if inserted shortly after withdrawal before the semen liquefies as the contents of the cup are kept away from air – to minimize odor - and at body temperature until they can be consumed by fetishists at some later more convenient time.

DCS at Splash: Divemasters at Splash watch the Towel Girls dive computers to ensure the girls don’t exceed table limits which would require deco stops to minimize the likelihood of getting decompression sickness, DCS. Occasionally a Towel Girl will tamper with her computer to show fewer hours or shallower encounter depths, or both, in order to get more work. That sort of tampering caught up with a 23 y/o blonde Red Door TG over the weekend when she had a seizure while at the bottom of a 25 ft deep encounter pool. Her client was finishing inside her and she was in the middle of what appeared (on the video) to be a marvelous orgasm when she grunted, shuddered and stopped breathing. Her client withdrew and made an emergency ascent for both of them, but it was too late for her. The video of her death will make a great snuff video for the European and Asian markets as blond Caucasians dying during dive-sex are in great demand especially in Asia.

Kassi wows the boot bar: Now that Kassi has officially come out on the local kink scene and is working for Adolph he took her to the Boot Bar at my casino to show off her skill in ballet-boots. She wore a custom made black latex catsuit from Labia Labs and a pair of her new lightly armored ballet-boots from Gepetto’s bootery and she loves them; the smell of fresh leather, leather oil, the creak of the leather as they flex as she walks, the perfect fit gripping her insteps in relative comfort and how long and lovely they make her legs look. She was a gorgeous latex clad Boot-Princess gliding across the floor on Adolph’s arm and quite a hit with the men who had come to worship at the feet of ballet-boots shod women. Morning Wood and I accompanied them just to give Kassi confidence and I was delighted to see how beautifully Adolph – a major player on the kink scene - showed her off since to him she is not only an “exquisite fuck” (his words) but a valuable business asset to use wisely.

During our time there three Boot-Knights asked permission to physically adore her boots and when Adolph granted it knelt before her and ejaculated into her spider filament laces. She left the club very pleased with herself at having that effect on men whose fresh semen added its scent to the bouquet from her boots as it splattered and ran into the tongues and laces. She told me later that when they got back to Adolph’s home he was very attentive to her needs in bed.

NuvaRing for swim team: St. Lucy’s swim team switched to the vaginal ring as the team’s preferred form of contraception. I have the ballet students on the frameless copper bead GyneFix IUD. However, several of the swim team members suffer from painful menstrual periods (dysmenorrhea) so Depo-subQ Provera 104 (the shot), Nexplanon and IUDs weren’t a good choice because of the possibility of weight gain, the implant can be seen while swimming and IUDs were too invasive.

NuvaRing can be a good choice for women with a pronounced post-pubic vault so the ring rests against the back of the pubic bone. It is a non-biodegradable, flexible, transparent, colorless to almost colorless, combination contraceptive vaginal ring, with an outer diameter of 54 mm and contains 11.7 mg etonogestrel and 2.7 mg ethinyl estradiol. When placed in the vagina, each ring releases on average 0.120 mg/day of etonogestrel and 0.015 mg/day of ethinyl estradiol over a three-week period of use after which it is removed for one week. Then a new ring is inserted. And, the ring can be worn under a diaphragm if the woman needs flood protection for dive-sex. 

When worn w/o a diaphragm it can be hooked and pulled out by a partner’s penis so a wearer should insert a finger immediately before and after each act to ensure the ring is in place. It can be temporarily removed for intervals of less than three hours w/o decreasing the effectiveness of a wearer’s protection. And, if it is inadvertently removed or expelled it can be rinsed in cool water and reinserted.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Halloween orgy, Bea gets a KM SL-17B

OMG! Where am I supposed to put all that?

The photo: One of the Halloween party’s guests rehearsing a ‘spontaneous’ comment to adlib when admiring her partner’s erection. She is wearing a mask that was supposed to hide her identity. Well, it was a fantasy theme party after all.

Pole Dancing: While their breasts have been adjusting to their new size since going on Yaz Odette and Odile have been mounting their boyfriends, the Gemini, astride where they can sit on their lover’s shaft and rock back and forth – which they are calling ‘pole dancing’ - while wearing a sports bra to minimizing their breast movement. They hadn’t been able to stand the pain of having their nipples sucked or fingered and Chris said the pain could continue for another two cycles, but it seems to have become much less in the last several days as we approached Halloween. Breast pain is something that isn’t talked about too much when starting the pill although I tried to tell them before hand. They went ahead and tried the pill and aside from the breast pain they are really pleased with their growth to C-cups. Given they have been on Yaz for only one cycle I thought they did extremely well bare breasted at Adolph’s party and even allowed some breast fondling while not turning any admirers away.  

The Halloween orgy: Getting the last of the results from the prospective participants full panel STI tests went right down to the wire, but all tested negative so there was no fear of getting an STI from any of the fifty people involved in unprotected sexual encounters.

Adolph’s party went well with nonstop encounters with half the women in GM pointes – the trophy wives wore toe-shoes of traditional materials - and on our toes before, during and after the food. Gaynor Minden had come through and sent the three pairs each of suede tipped pointes FedEx over night three days after the order was placed in the six mistresses sizes so they could get used to the superior traction that suede platforms provide when en pointe which was good to have as we weren’t working on sprung Marley floors and the likelihood of spilled drinks and bodily secretions on the floors was high so slipping while balanced on the platforms of traditional pointes even when the satin had been cut off was a real possibility.  

The wives who came with the twelve male guests who arrived on the day of the party met with me in the afternoon just so I could check on their contraception methods.  All were trophy wives fifteen or more years younger than their husbands. All were former ballet dancers, were under thirty, were on birth control and understood that they were going to be passed around like the rest of the women for sex with multiple partners. They had kept in shape as they all understood they were married for their looks, personalities, ballet bodies and pelvic ability. Not necessarily in that order. They all brought several pairs of pointe shoes and only two wore Gaynors. They had all been to this sort of party before and thought they knew what to expect, but I told them about the ballet-sex fetish theme just so afterward no one could say, “I had no idea!” It was too late for me to get any of them to change shoes anyway so I just thought to myself, “Good luck on your toes.”

Secretion protection:  I fitted the wives with generic Sports Plugs since there was no time to custom fit them and they worked effectively for secretion collection to prevent coital discharge from running down the thighs and splattering shoes. Sports plugs are usually custom fitted to provide effective clitoral protection. The generic variety just provides a vulvar shield with the same locking ridge that fits behind the pubic bone.  

It’s a device roaming Escorts wear at this sort of multi-partner party to collect coital discharge and is worn by all women at a party so one can be chosen to be raffled off and have her first lover of the evening remove her sports plug and suck on it as a signal that the sexual encounters have begun. This party version of the plug has a cup on the posterior end which when the plug is inserted immediately after ejaculation and partner withdrawal collects her partner’s ejaculate as it liquefies. Then she can calmly and gracefully bourrée to the ladies room remove and empty the cup of her plug Kegel out the rest of his semen then wash and reinsert her plug for her next tryst.  

I also fitted anyone even considering getting in a swimming pool with a latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragm to protect their upper reproductive tract in case they had dive-sex. Five of them were fitted and none of them got in a pool while at Adolph’s. Well, better safe than sorry.

Meds for Men: On the afternoon of the party the men were offered their choice of Viagra or daily Cialis and most took one or the other to prevent any possible embarrassment while all proclaimed they really didn’t need it.

Stamina and thrust-drop: Returning readers will recall that thrust-drop usually occurs when a small woman is penetrated from the rear while en pointe by a tall man.  With couples who are mismatched in size that way when the man is at maximum thrust depth he is likely to lift his partner off the floor where she is briefly held aloft on the base of his penis with his hands on her hips to prevent her toppling to one side or the other.

When he withdraws the woman is dropped back on to the platforms of her pointes forcing her toes painfully into the blocks of her shoes, hence the name-thrust-drop. In toe-shoes made of traditional materials (hessian, leather, pasteboard, satin and paste) the discomfort from thrust-drop can be minimized to a certain extent by taping and padding the toes, but the pounding from being repeatedly dropped and the sweat from her feet will cause the blocks to soften quickly reducing the protection and support of the shoes.

A woman wearing Gaynor Minden pointes is spared a great deal of that pain by thick platform pads in all GM shoes as well as being cushioned by taped toes and toe-pads. The unitized polymer box and shank assembly won’t melt or deform so retains its support even when the thrust-drop is from considerable height.

I had a good idea of what the six mistresses could do on their toes and how they reacted to thrust-drop from the days I trained with them. I got my first look at the bodies and feet of the twelve trophy wives before and during our warm-up barre just before the party started and I was pleased with what I saw. The barre was necessary to get the twenty-five women: twelve trophy wives, six mistresses and the seven in my circle (Anya, Bea, Willow, Odette, Odile, Kassi and me) all wearing only pointe shoes, sports plugs and masks warmed up for walking around en pointe for much of the rest of the evening. The eighteen married men were augmented by seven stags, including Adolph, with whom my circle and I were initially paired.

Kassi and the seven stags: Adolph had chosen his Halloween party to introduce Kassi as his Manager of Special Services. The title covers a multiuse of functions and will benefit from Kassi’s hypersexuality which was on display as during the four hours of the party, from 9:00 PM to 1:00 AM, she took the seven stags as well as other male guests repeatedly while thoroughly enjoying herself and afterward had energy to burn and vaginally she was unharmed.  The GyneFix served her well.  

Toe trouble: The wives had obviously kept in great shape and their stamina was excellent, but it was the thrust-drop especially when with men of much greater height that caused almost all of them grief in the form of bloody toes even when taped and wearing toe pads and changing to dry shoes several times. But they didn’t give up and all made it through the evening. However, I’m sure it was an evening that many of the wives want to forget. The mistresses I trained and my circle all in Gaynors ended the evening with sore feet, but in good condition and still able to enjoy ourselves.

After-party foot care: All twenty-five women gathered in one of Adolph’s lounges to relax and have our feet looked at by my podiatrist and his assistant who treated our blisters, cracked or split nails and leg and foot cramps while we iced our feet drank sports drinks to replace the electrolytes we lost from sweat during the long evening on our toes and compared notes about the men we had as partners that evening.

I think this year Adolph managed a successful Halloween party w/o running a woman through the wood chipper, which I’ve been asking him to stop for years.

Bea is fitted with her own KM SL-17B: She has begun training to use a SL-17B helmet as a Towel girl‘s special service at Splash since Adolph is going to offer KM dive-sex as a premium (Red Door) service. That means Bea is being promoted to a Red Door level Towel Girl. Some divers on the stage crews of water shows at major casinos in town have become interested in hardhat dive-sex and are asking for it.  Actually, hardhat dive-sex is something I’ve been trying to get Adolph to offer for several years as a seasonal service because the oil rig crews in the Gulf of Mexico which have a lot of hardhat divers in them have the money and have been asking for it. But the demand from them is typically seasonal as we get most of the oil rig guys when the rigs are evacuated during hurricanes. I’m not sure there is the demand locally to make it profitable all year w/o the price being too high for the local guys. Adolph says it will be a test and he will offer it with Bea as the draw since with her age and looks she has so many clients she is booked several weeks in advance.  


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