Friday, September 30, 2011

Size matters

An anxious student’s first look at her trainer’s equipment

Cosplay with latex hoods and ball gags:
The UNLV Cosplay group is starting a project to play at being kinky escorts to service boyfriends, so Taryn’s friend asked if I would provide technical assistance and training. There is no money in that for me, but it gives me an opportunity to scout the sorority women for possible candidates as escorts. It’s a way for an attractive and adventuresome student to make money if she has talent and can get with a good service. However, with the economy like it is the competition for the available opportunities is brutal.

Anyway, the sorority girls wanted to learn about some basic D/S lifestyle clothing so they could get familiar with and dressing in BDSM gear for role-play, but found that hoods and ball gags caused some members problems. The compression and sensory deprivation aspects of tight latex hoods freaked out some girls and some didn’t like wearing ball-gags because they would appear too subservient (which is exactly what wearing a ball-gag is supposed to do) and minimize the noise if they scream when a well hung instructor/Dom rammed their cervix. Those who couldn’t tolerate hoods and ball-gags were dropped from participation immediately as they would never be able to stand more restrictive equipment like catsuits and ballet-boots.

I think some of them just fantasized about being BDSM submissives – none have the perspective or drive to be Dommes - and so when they had a an opportunity to experience a bit of D/S lifestyle reality they didn’t like the smell of sweaty latex and the taste of a ball-gag and the work to get in and out of the latex suits. You have to be a fetishist, at least to some extent to enjoy wearing latex even though you may be doing it to get a specific man’s attention. So I set up a scenario for the remaining six girls who wanted to wear latex catsuit. It was that that they were being accepted for training as escorts. It starts with an actual and very thorough pelvic exam and a full STI panel to make sure they were healthy and capable of taking at least an eight inch penis before I let them play with some of the casinos well endowed male escort trainers. I know most of sorority girls recently had full STI panels, but I wanted to see the results of our tests to ensure they were still clean.

Rebreather bags & asphyxia: My Advanced Sexual Techniques class at St Lucy’s is having latex rebreather bags fitted to their gasmasks and the FFMs they will use for dive-sex training. A fitter came on campus from Labia Labs the fetishist developmental group jointly owned by Jeff, Gepetto and me. I’ve gotten permission from St Lucy’s board to use Labia Labs even though I have a financial interest in it because they are the only BDSM development shop for creative design of BDSM clothing and equipment, among other things. They will periodically ask for audits of expenses which the Labs comptroller is happy to provide and they even send a young female CPA over to try out some of the designs herself. I’m afraid I’ve co-opted her making a closet rubberist out of her, but that’s human nature, to seek pleasure and she seems to have found it in a latex catsuit, Ben Wa balls, hood and gasmask. I wish everyone was that easy to mind-fuck, but I’m sure she was using toys, dildos and vibis, before I took her to the next level. Now she wants to try everything we teach in AST, “to make certain the school is getting its moneys worth” she says, so who am I to complain. She audits my training classes so she can safely use the equipment and the students rather like having a young beautiful member of the schools admin taking class with them as it makes them feel more adult.

We are training the girls with RBs connected to their gasmasks first. Then when they become confident in that application we will teach them the delights of rebreather bag use during dive sex, which is more complicated. Rebreather bags can be very dangerous since they are used frequently during solo sex and it is easy to get into trouble by trying for a personal best in continuous valve closure during asphyxia play. What we advise is during solo play that the student not shut the valve sealing her rebreather, but put her finger over the vent so that if she faints her hand will drop away and the open valve will allow her to breathe fresh air. Passing out during rebreather solo play with the valve closed has led to a lot of deaths and some that should have died as they ended up in a persistent vegetative state from lack of oxygen to the brain and will be on a ventilator for ever, unless next of kin decided to turn off the ventilator.

Under water rebreather bags: Our way of using an underwater rebreather bag is different from surface rebreathing in that the bag is connected to the exhalation port on a modified FFM that has had the exhalation valve removed and replaced by one at the end of the UW rebreather bag and a manual valve beyond that which can block exhaling into the water. There is also a valve on the air hose to the second stage reg on the FFM (or for added difficulty the tank valve can be used) so that the wearer can shut off her own air.

For normal breathing the valve at the end of the rebreather bag is open so that exhaled air can be released. To activate the rebreather the valve on the end of the rebreather is closed which allows the diver’s exhalation to fill the bag. Then the wearer’s air is shut off by means of the in-line valve or the main tank valve. We prefer a trainee use the in-line valve because shutting off the tank valve prevents buoyancy control by means of inflating her BCD or drysuit a complication a rebreather student doesn’t need at first. Once there is no air through the DV the wearer sucks air from the rebreather bag and the level of carbon dioxide quickly increases to the point where clear thinking is impossible and unconsciousness is imminent. She or her dive buddy has to be ready to restore to her second stage reg before she becomes unconscious. That it’s why we recommend never having solo dive-sex with a FFM fitted with a rebreather bag. There is almost no room to recover from a breathplay mistake while wearing a rebreather bag fitted FFM.

Colored oval crotch gussets: Now that autumn is here (the autumnal equinox was on 9/23) I’m glad to be getting back into fall leggings and convertible tights. I love my custom legwear with its brightly colored oval cotton lined crotch gussets. I love flashing bystanders when I wear them under micro-minis or getting head turning looks when I wear them in the casino hallways on the way to class and rehearsals. When I go into a restaurant I just wrap a pareo around my hips and slip past the dress code, but I wear it in a way that creates a hip-slit that clearly shows my leg from the waist to toes and a flash of colored gusset when I walk. Blood red, emerald green or canary yellow are my faves for drawing attention. I coordinate the colors with red being when I’m menstrual, green when I’m fertile and yellow when I’m luteal. I often wear red satin pointes during rehearsals as well when I’m menstrual since if I’m in costume one of my stallions interested in menstrual sex may have difficulty seeing the color of my crotch gusset. I’m CD9 and fertile today so my crotch gusset is a brilliant emerald green.

Drospirenone and blood clots: The FDA has issued a safety review update on the possible increased risk of blood clots with birth control pills containing drospirenone. The link is: Of the St Lucy’s students who are on the pill the majority are on a pill containing drospirenone, Yaz or one of its generics. While we haven’t had an instance of any female at St Lucy’s having blood clots while taking birth control pills containing drospirenone we are recommending that all students whose pelvic anatomy will permit, have a GyneFix frameless IUD inserted do so because the GyneFix has virtually no side effects and a very low rate of expulsion if it is implanted correctly.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Pointe shoe quiz September 25, 2011

Who is the maker of this dancer’s pointes?

World Contraception day September 26, 2011

World Contraception Day September 26, 2011

Contraception at St Lucy’s: As returning readers know the faculty and students at St Lucy’s take contraception very seriously. Using an effective method of birth control correctly permits worry free participation in intimate aspects of the curriculum as well as recreational sex. There is of course the problem of STIs some of which have become life threatening in the last 25 years with the possibility of contracting HIV. We minimize the likelihood of students being exposed to STIs by having the males employed as instructors and lab partners for students tested frequently with full STI panels and since it’s possible that students can have sex with men other than their instructor/partners the girls are tested as well. Rather than male condoms Student Health advises students to use the nitrile FC2 condom while being intimate with men who have unknown sexual histories. The FC2s wide anterior opening offers far better protection for the student’s vulvar tissues than if her partner wears a male condom. Emergency contraceptives, Plan B one step (effective for up to 72 hours after a birth control failure) and ella (effective for up to 120 hours after a birth control failure) are available free of charge to students and female faculty. And if all else fails terminations using Mifeprex or by means of a menstrual extraction are paid for by insurance every female at St Lucy’s has through Student Health.

Sorority Tampon troubles: I was talking with Taryn’s friend [I wrote about her in my entry for April 14, 2011] who is a second year student at UNLV. She said the school’s Student Health found that three members of her sorority’s cosplay club had their menstrual supplies, specifically tampons, tampered with. This is of particular interest to me at the moment because today I’m CD3 and bleeding heavily myself. Of course I’m not using tampons I’m using a diaphragm for flow control and I make certain that my menstrual and contraceptive supplies can’t be tampered with. Tampering with something as intimate as a woman’s menstrual protection is pretty creepy.

The problem they had is that the three members have come down with pelvic infections that are traceable back to the fact that they were menstrual and all using tampons, though there were three different kinds being used. It’s not Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) which immediately springs to mind when someone mentions an infection traceable to menstrual products, its chlamydia. Chlamydia is probably the most common STI and is known as a "silent" disease because the majority of infected people have no symptoms and it can be spread by oral, anal or vaginal sex. One of the infected women has multiple partners, but is careful to use condoms and says she had only vaginal sex and was symptom free when being routinely tested for STIs when she tested positive. The two other women are in monogamous relationships. One was having pelvic pain and the other had no symptoms, but both went to be tested when their sorority sister unexpectedly found she had chlamydia.

Because both monogamous couples were in a very early stage in their relationships they were just starting hormonal birth control and waiting for the hormones to build up to an effective level so they were still using condoms and their male partners hadn’t been infected. At that point all the sorority sisters were tested and no one else tested positive. The infected women were treated with a single dose of azithromycin and are recovering. Student Health sent the samples to the pathology lab on campus for testing where it was discovered that the samples that tested positive had a tracking agent in the bacteria showing that the strain of bacterium, Chlamydia trachomatis, had been lab cultured by a biology student in the PhD program indicating that the strain had somehow escaped from the laboratory.

Someone in Student Health thought to test the tampons the infected women were using, perhaps because the men in the women’s lives were free of the infection and the bacteria was home grown and they were looking for something that served as a delivery medium. They tested two partial boxes of tampons; the other woman had finished her partial box, and in both boxes they found several tampons with punctures in the individual wrappers and when they tested the tampons they found the chlamydia bacteria with the marker! So then the question became how someone, almost certainly a woman, got access to the women’s menstrual supplies. They are checking the backgrounds of the cleaning crew from a local maid service the sorority uses occasionally, the lab assistants and have questioned the sorority members individually and haven’t turned up anything that they are willing to discuss. But the intentionally spread infection has increased the member’s paranoia and led to all the bedroom doors being fitted with good locks and being kept locked when their occupants aren’t there. Going a step further the members checked all their other menstrual and contraceptive supplies for tampering and found no indication of tampering.

Birth control pill recall: On 09/15/2011 due to a packaging error Qualitest Pharmaceuticals, a manufacturer of generic BCPs, voluntarily recalled certain lots of Cyclafem, Emoquette, Gildess, Orsythia, Previfem and Tri-Previfem. As a result of this packaging error, the daily regimen for these oral contraceptives may be incorrect and could leave women without adequate contraception, and at risk for unintended pregnancy. The FDA MedWatch link is: I’m pleased to say that no students at St Lucy’s or any of our escorts are using any of these generic pills.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hoods and penis gags for AST

Polymorphe latex hood showing AST facial features

The Photo:
From the Polymorphe catalog showing the A-01 mask facial features – rounded eyes, mouth and nostril openings - required for AST students. This design (w/o the optional hair cone) was modified for St Lucy’s to extend the skirt several inches across the shoulders, back and chest to minimize the likelihood of the neck pulling out of a catsuit during a struggle. It is made of Double Thick (0.040″) latex to increase the compression when fully zipped closed. St Lucy’s has used Polymorphe latex gear for more than five years and we love the high quality and great customer service they provide. I especially like the high quality seams and zippers that don’t pull apart and are easy to open and close regardless of how tight the garment is.

Hoods and AST at St Lucy’s: For reasons of anonymity and safety St Lucy’s students are required to wear hoods during all interaction with their partner/trainers. I’m partial to high quality (Polymorphe) back zip latex hoods for both surface and dive use, but fabric hoods are permitted for surface encounters if they are sufficiently opaque. However, I feel that any student wearing a fabric hood doesn’t have the commitment to BDSM that a St Lucy’s girl should demonstrate if she expects to successfully complete the AST course. That’s because part of a students training is to learn to tolerate the heat that can be generated inside a latex hood during sexual intercourse. I feel it’s an exercise in concentration, to be able to experience the scent of sweat dampened latex as she broils in rubber while her trainer is thrusting into the depths of her tight flat belly and still enjoy an orgasm. Of course dehydration can be a huge problem because of fluid loss through perspiration so staying well hydrated is essential or the rubberist can die of heat stroke.

Sadly, apparently there was an instance of that last month when the partner of Jade Vixen died encased in rubber (or SCUBA gear) in the attic of their home in Philadelphia. For more about that see: He was a long time rubber/asphyxia fetishist. It’s not just newbies to the kinky world who die while testing equipment or their own endurance or during an encounter.

In the heated training pools at St Lucy’s where thermal protection isn’t necessary Polymorphe chlorinated latex catsuits, hoods, gloves with weighted silicone pool-pointes and FFMs are worn by students and female instructors for ease of bottom bonding while training with gas-guards and rear entry relief zipper penetration. Once a student becomes comfortable with vanilla dive-sex then we add dive-sex while wearing an inflatable penis gag.

Latex hood and FFM seals: We have chosen the latex seal option for our FFM face seals so that worn sealed against a latex hood the mask’s cavity-rim seal develops very strong suction so that when underwater even w/o the spider tightened the seal vacuum will hold the mask on the diver. Latex seals are not as robust so don’t last as long as silicone ones, but since the school FFMs are only used in training/encounter pools where no grit can pit the surfaces the stronger seal makes them better for our training needs, especially for asphyxia training. On the surface even when the wearer is breathing through the ambient breathing valve and the spider has been loosened the mask sealed against a polished latex hood will cling to the hood until the seal vacuum is broken.

Sizing inflatable penis gags for FFMs: We have been fitting my AST students for inflatable penis gags for use while taking BDSM dive training. It’s more difficult than you might think since the length (as determined by the gag and the pressure in it) can block the wearer’s airway and suffocate her or trigger a gag reflex and cause her to drown in her own vomit. But it is a huge rush to have your gag inflated until it blocks the airway just as you reach orgasm! One of the first things a BDSM dive student must do is to find a decongestant that works well for her w/o any side effects like making her drowsy to ensure her nasal passages are wide open when her gag is inflated. Most of the escorts and students prefer Sudafed.

The gag is inflated by means of a LP-hose with an inflate/deflate valve connected to a modified accessory Port on the FFM so that the gag can be controlled by the diver, her instructor or Dom. That means that her SCUBA must be fitted with an octopus and her FFM must have a vacant accessory port available. The most difficult part of using an FFM mounted inflatable penis gag safely is learning to inflate and deflate the gag as the diver’s depth varies, especially during ascent where if the gag isn’t deflated sufficiently the diver can easily suffocate especially if she has been to considerable depth (below 30 feet - 2 ATA) for a prolonged length of time and needs time at a deco stop.

The scent of ‘ripe’ vaginas: An important part of AST is teaching the students how to change the scent of their vaginas to appeal to the tastes of different men. Things that will change the scent of a healthy vagina are: 1) to wear a cervical barrier, diaphragm or cap, continuously for more than 24 hours. The interaction of vaginal fluids with the device will cause a musky odor to develop. The odor may develop faster and stronger with a latex device than a silicone one because the surface of natural latex is porous. 2) Having a man ejaculate directly in the vagina w/o wearing a condom will change the scent of her vagina. 3) And, man’s diet will change the taste and scent of his semen. Meats and spicy foods and alcohol can make the taste/scent of semen unpleasant while eating sweet fruit such as pineapple can sweeten the taste/scent and semen after he eats asparagus can have a very unpleasant aroma. So a male partner’s diet can contribute to a range of vaginal odors. Of course if a woman’s vagina has a colored and unpleasant smelling discharge she probably has a vaginal infection that needs immediate attention.

Monday, September 19, 2011

AST students, escorts and training

An escort having the health of her cervix checked.

The Photo: A new escort trainee having a routine pelvic before being fitted for her first Penetrator plug. She will wear her Penetrator at all times (except to remove it for cleaning) using it to become accustomed to the sensation and strengthen the grip of her vaginal muscles during her training except when she is with a male trainer.

AST and Penetrator plugs: All our AST students at St Lucy’s have been fitted for Penetrator plugs to be worn in the classroom and when not involved in encounters requiring vaginal penetration. The shaft of the Penetrator will allow the student to clench her vaginal muscles gripping the plug to strengthen the bands of muscles surrounding her birth canal. All the students have been training with Ben Wa balls for at least a year so this is a step up in training. Wearing a Penetrator requires that the woman’s pubes be totally nude so we recommend Brazilian waxing (Body Buffers has a salon on campus) but a few students initially prefer to shave or use a depilatory cream. Those students almost always decide waxing is better and simpler before the first semester is over. The plugs anti-expulsion ridge that fits up behind the woman’s pubic bone prevents clenching of her vaginal muscles from expelling the plug so she can really bear down while clenching.

All Penetrator plugs are custom made to the exact dimensions of the woman’s pelvic anatomy. The thickness of her pubic bone, the depth of her introitus, the depth and angle of her vagina when not aroused, the width of her perineal canal, the width and length of her vulva and the size of her clitoris that will be under the grope shield. The Plug is a precision fit so DiveGel+ is used as an intimate lubricant and sealant so that once she becomes used to it the woman can wear her plug comfortably all day if necessary. There is a urine vent in the convex head so it, unlike the earlier versions the plug, doesn’t have to be removed to pee. Once properly inserted the plug creates a vacuum in the vagina that requires being broken with the perineal removal tab, by pulling the tab down and forward, to break the vacuum before the plug can be pulled out.

The semesters first IUD expulsion: Last week we had a ballet student in my Contemporary Sexual Health course expel her ParaGard IUD during a lab exercise when her partner gave her a rare (for a student that young) cervical orgasm that caused her uterus to cramp so severely it bent the arms of her ParaGard and then expelled it. She was wearing a ball-gag to muffle her screams and afterward she said she rather enjoyed the pain. She was examined by our Gyn and her uterine wall wasn’t perforated, there wasn’t even any bleeding to speak of so she will be fine. She asked to have a GyneFix implanted to replace the ParaGard so as soon s her uterus rests for a few days she will be given a GyneFix which is covered by her Student Health insurance. In the meantime she will be using FC2s for protection. But it isn’t the IUD expulsion she is talking about it’s her cervical orgasm where her partner was thrusting into her posterior fornix. It’s really quite rare for a 16 y/o to have a cervical orgasm and she wants more.

The use of escorts during AST: For my Advanced Sexual techniques course at St Lucy’s we use both male and female escorts for lecture demonstrations. Females are used to demonstrate proper positions and pelvic muscle training and are selected for the depth and well developed muscle tone of their vagina’s as well as their beauty, personality and sexual experience. Male escorts are carefully selected and are chosen for the size of their genitalia and their skill in using it as well as their looks, personality and sexual experience. We have three times the number of men as women escorts because of the need to have a male lab partner (trainer) for each student. For the select few men and women chosen the STI screening is very thorough and frequent to ensure the trainer/demonstrator’s are sexually healthy at all times.

Male trainer rotation: To minimize the likelihood of students becoming emotionally involved with their male trainers we rotate lab partners. Rotation also gives the individual student experience with a wide variety of men, though are all well above average as far as equipment and skill are concerned. Given the emotional immaturity of some students occasionally our best efforts are circumvented and a relationship is established. However, if that should occur the man is eliminated from the training rotation and its associated perks. If that isn’t sufficient he is blacklisted from working in any capacity in Vegas. Male escorts selected as AST partner/trainers understand what a sweet arrangement they have that permits increasing their training experience with a variety of students at the age of consent and older while being paid for their work so they discourage emotional relationships with their training partners.

Vaginal biocide: To minimize the likelihood that having so many different partners will contribute to vaginal bacteria overgrowth problems such as BV, or yeast we all use DiveGel+ (that has a biocide in it) as an intimate lube so cases of bacterial overgrowth are very rare for students who routinely lube up with DiveGel+. Silicone based DiveGel is ideal as a base for application of biocides and spermicide and is safe for use with the latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragm with which all AST students are fitted and which is worn by our professional escorts for upper reproductive tract protection during dive-sex and to protect from under-thrusting when worn as back-up during a hormonal birth control failure.

AST and pregnancy: All AST students are tested for pregnancy weekly in the presence of a Student Health nurse so there is no possibility of a student using a foreign urine sample brought in to spoof the test. Most have had GyneFix IUDs implanted or one of the framed IUDs such as the copper ParaGard or the progestin Mirena, but even with those there is a very slight chance of pregnancy and with Mirena ectopic pregnancies make up a significant percentage of the ones that do occur. So since the AST students will all be taking dive-sex instruction during which wearing a gas guard is mandatory the AST girls are encouraged to always wear their Reflexions diaphragms when with their lab partner/trainers so upper reproductive tract protection will become a habit and a natural part of a students training regimen. Both Plan B one step and ella are available at all times for St Lucy’s students and employees who think they may have had a birth control failure. And should a pregnancy occur the student has the option of having it terminated (paid for by Student Health) or resigning. In the years I’ve been at St Lucy’s we have had no students who have resigned due to pregnancy.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Anal plugs at St Lucy’s

A decorated deep penetration Pyrex anal plug

Therapy and anal plugs:
I have been working with my psychiatrist for more than a year to try and get over my aversion to anal sex and anal toys. Returning readers will remember that until now I have avoided anal toys and anal sex because of my traumatic experience with anal sex when I was in boarding school. I recognized as a teacher that being unfamiliar with anal sex and thus being unable to teach it by example I was limiting myself and my students to less than total emersion in human sexuality. I’m pleased to say that this year I’m ready to confidently and comfortably teach the delights and dangers of anal sex at St Lucy’s.

A gift from the North Sea: the captain of the trawler returned the steel anal plug worn by John’s escort when she had her accident [see my entry for September 3, 2011 for details] to the Domme running Barre Girls who, knowing my interest in equipment worn by women when they had terminal sex, forwarded it to me. In that entry I described it as a: “hollow 8 oz, 7 inch long, 1 ½ inch diameter steel anal plug that would mimic being constipated and limit vaginal expansion during penile penetration making her vagina exceedingly tight especially when she was penetrated while en pointe. The sphincter groove on the plug is shaped so that it is almost impossible for the wearer to expel it by just bearing down.”

I was pleased to see that it had hardly been damaged and none of the detail had been marred. I just had Gepetto buff the surface to smooth down a nick or two and it is as good as new. The silicone gasket on the screw lid to the hollow core wasn’t damaged and can be filled with a reusable silicone gel that retains heat or cold for long periods so it can be used to help maintain a stable body temperature under a wide range of thermal conditions. It is the first anal ‘Death Plug’ that I have collected and worn. I’d had other opportunities, but during the years when I hated anal toys I never bothered with them. The North Sea death plug was made by a small precision machine shop in Munich originally as a part for the European space program, but some machinist saw it’s potential as an anal plug and with a few minor modifications the prototype became available to a very few favored dealers for testing and comment by their customers.

Vaginal sex and anal plugs: I’m wearing the NSDP because it’s heavy and there is no give as there is with silicone plugs typically worn when training female escorts for double penetration encounters. Of course too for me there is the previous wearer’s Chi, a portion of the previous owner’ vital force still resident in the plug because it was inside her when she died, which I enjoy feeling radiating from the device. So my plan is to become accustomed to wearing the steel plug then wearing a much lighter Pyrex or silicon anal plug should be much easier and comfortable. And, I’m pleased to say that I’m able to wear the Bavarian death plug for up to four hours at a time w/o ill effects.

One thing I have found with having an anal plug inserted during penile/vaginal intercourse is that I’m far tighter, w/o having to clench my muscles at all. However, there is a downside in that there is a lot of pressure put on the posterior vaginal wall and the anterior wall of the colon which can lead to fistulas if the woman isn’t careful. I’ve found it much more comfortable for me to be taken from behind when I have an anal plug inserted. That way I can control the angle at which he thrusts into me so I can keep him away from my posterior vaginal wall. Of course from behind also makes it easier to guide him to my G-spot and allows me to comfortably take much larger men.

Colonoscopies at St Lucy’s: Since we will be offering anal sex in the syllabus this year the women signing up for Advanced Sexual Techniques course where it will be taught are required to have a colonoscopy to ensure there are no irregularities in the colon walls; polyps, hemorrhoids, or other irregularities that could cause problems with sex toys and penises moving in and out of the anus. There is no additional charge for the procedure as the cost is covered in the course tuition.

Cervical barriers and anal plugs: Wearing a cervical barrier, a diaphragm or FemCap, with an anal plug can be uncomfortable because of the pressure the rim of the diaphragm or the bowl of the FemCap pressing the posterior vaginal wall against the anterior wall of the colon – which can not give because a plug is inserted - causing an area of high pressure and pain that can create a lesion. To prevent this all AST students are being fitted for and taught to use an Oves like cervical cap that grips the walls of cervix to use for contraception and as a gas guard during dive-sex while wearing an anal plug.

Enemas and anal plugs: I’ve found it’s much better to give myself an enema before I insert an anal plug. That way I know I can last four to eight hours w/o needing a bowel movement so I don’t compromise my plug training regimen and of course as I mentioned in the preceding paragraph I’m exclusively using an Oves cap – I’m luteal and CD20 today – when I have an anal plug inserted to minimize the likelihood of having any problems from wearing a large anal plug for an extended interval. So that’s how I’m plan to teach the parts of AST about anal plugs; insert an Oves and make sure it is screwed down tight on the cervix then take an enema before AP insertion and the student should be ready to participate in the penetrative sex with an anal plug inserted part of the course.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

St Lucy’s and cervical barriers

A dancer’s dive-sex training set; toe shoes and diaphragm

The image accompanying this entry: A new St Lucy’s dancer’s dive-sex training set of Grishko 2007 pointes and a Semina silicone diaphragm used as a starter gas guard. Once she is familiar with insertion of the Semina we will switch her to the Reflexions flat spring latex diaphragm the one professional dive-sex escorts use for protection.

Diaphragm fitting at St Lucy’s: This year Student Health has changed the rules to require all students reaching menarche to be fitted with contraceptive diaphragms unless their anatomy prevents effective use of the diaphragm. If that is the case then they are fitted with a FemCap. That’s because an introduction to dive sex has become a required part of the Contemporary Sexual Health course which I teach. This is a change I’ve been advocating for several years because Advanced Sexual Techniques’, including underwater intercourse, has become a major reason – in addition to advanced placement academics of course - why students want to attend or are sent to St Lucy’s primarily at the insistence of their mothers.

We had three technical virgins (never had vaginal penetration by a penis – dildos and fingers don’t count) who had reached menarche enroll this semester and one had an inelastic hymen which required a hymenectomy. It was performed on the 30th of August and she is recovering well. Her parents were told to have the procedure performed at least six weeks before the student arrived at school, but they didn’t have it done so she will be well behind the others in her class unless we can speed her healing with therapy which our Gyn staff is actively pursuing along with applying topical estrogen cream to make her tissues stretchier. I don’t want to force too much pelvic activity on her too soon and cause her pain or she may come to associate pain with sex and get turned off of sex all together, but if I don’t keep her on an intensive regimen of therapy she will be so far behind she will have difficulty catching up.

The new girls have all had their diaphragms fitted and we are finishing up checking the fit of the returning students. The beginning of the school year pelvic also looks for pregnancy and the full panel of STI tests so everyone knows exactly where they stand as school starts for a group of very sexually active girls. The new girls are fitted with the Semina silicone coil spring rim diaphragm [see the photo accompanying this entry] which is a good starter device. Once the individual girl masters the insertion and becomes confident that the device will protect her we will switch her to the professional level device the Reflexions flat spring latex diaphragm. If she has a latex allergy we will substitute a silicon Milex arcing spring rim which resists being under-thrust far better than an All-Flex, but not as well as a Flat spring Reflexions. Returning readers will remember that a latex diaphragm also has the advantage of transferring heat better than silicone so with it’s thin stretchy dome it is almost like using nothing at all.

This year it is required that all first year students fitted with cervical barriers wear them whenever they leave their dorms. The RFID chips in the barriers record their attendance in classes and allow and record entry into training facilities such as the encounter pools and ballet studios where sexual penetration is likely to occur.

IUDs: Another change this year is that with their parents permission students with framed IUDs, such as ParaGard & Mirena, will be allowed to take dive-sex training if the strings of the student’s IUD have been removed or DiveGel is applied in the dome to prevent the strings from sticking to the inside of the diaphragm. Returning readers will recall that the strings sticking to the rim of a woman’s diaphragm can pull the IUD out when she removes her diaphragm. The strings must be at least 3 cm long because if the strings are short they could be so stiff they might puncture the dome and prevent the diaphragm from acting as an effective gas guard to prevent infection in her upper reproductive tract. This does nothing to minimize the risk of a framed IUD being bent and made ineffective from uterine contractions during an intense orgasm, but that has always been a risk for framed IUD users.

Contrceptive Hormones: This year we are still allowing students to use all forms of hormonal contraceptives: the pill, patch, ring, injection and implants, but we favor the IUD implant GyneFix as with the new implant procedure the expulsion rate even in small women is extremely low and very well tolerated so it is a nearly ideal long acting easily reversible contraceptive. Hormonal birth control is subject to interaction with medicines and foods that can reduce their effectiveness, even for the shot and implant so typical effectiveness for young women is in the low 90% range because the forget their pills or vomit before they are fully digested or don’t check with their pharmacist or doctor and take meds and dietary supplements or eat foods that reduce the effectiveness of the contraceptive hormones they are putting in their bodies.

Pointe shoe Quiz September 13, 2011

What shank strength is made into these GM pointes?

And what is different about the shank from the last time this question was asked?

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Pointe shoe quiz September 4, 2011

Who is the maker of these shoes?

And, for extra credit, what is the style?

Deep Desire

A Deep Desire girl modeling a waterproof Odile tutu

Aberdeen recreational sex: Before we left Scotland Tanaquil wanted Anya and me to visit Taryn’s new Aberdeen recreational sex facility, Deep Desire. She saw an unfilled need from some North Sea oil field workers. It’s a place especially designed for the technical divers who work on the rigs in ice cold seas wearing armored diving suits or for shallow water work on the rigs structure in specially heated dry suits. There has been a lot of dive activity since the August 13th Oil spill leaking from a Royal Dutch Shell pipeline in the North Sea from a pipe leading to the Gannet Alpha platform, located 112 miles east of Aberdeen. Tani says that sort of very dangerous work requiring highly skilled divers has increased the need for a facility catering to a client’s interest in rough and very deep penetration dive-sex as a favorite form of stress release. I love men who know what they want and take their pleasure from women strong enough to withstand giving it to them. There are a surprising number of divers with ballerina fantasies involving dive sex and not all that many women escorts who are or can pass as dancers with the skill to act out an underwater sex fantasy with a commercial diver who is into underwater deep penetration so there are currently openings on the staff for women who can qualify.

The fantasy part is the woman is in a bikini and silicone pool pointes so her body is totally accessible for fondling in a 15 ft deep encounter pool of 85° F water. There are other clothing options the client can choose where the escort enters the water clad in a neoprene wetsuit or latex catsuit and the client gets to help her strip before penetration or he can just enter her through the relief zipper of her suit. And, the client – for an additional fee – can watch her being dressed in the dive gear he will help her strip out off.

When Anya and I visited Deep Desire we were welcome additions to the staff that day. My favorite client (I had three in eight hours) wanted me to wear a red latex Polymorphe catsuit available from the company costumer. I also chose to wear a matching anonymity hood. The anonymity hood was at my insistence since it seals well and it protects my hair from the pool chemicals and I didn’t want the client to see my face. My body is unmarked so there is no way to identify me from just body images. I was in my luteal phase when I had my day of Deep Desire encounters so I wasn’t at my deepest – which is when I’m fertile and my cervix is ripe; soft, open and high, but when penetrated from behind I could still comfortably take 9 ½ inches so I was pretty sure I could give my North Sea diver clients a good time. I knew my favorite had watched me being suited up and inserting my Reflexions gas guard and the silicone based intimate lube DiveGel and I was somewhat aroused by knowing that I was the object of a wonderfully hunky voyeur.

The rubberist and my diaphragm: When I came out to meet him on the pool surround he asked without any embarrassment why I was wearing a diaphragm. He said he loved the idea of vaginal rubber, but was curious since most women he knew were on the pill. I told him there were two reasons, first I didn’t like hormonal birth control, but equally as important for underwater sex a diaphragm is a safety feature every woman should use to prevent getting PID from having water forced into her uterus by the hydraulics of her partner’s thrusting if her vagina should flood, a common occurrence, during an underwater sexual encounter. He was amazed to learn the importance of a gas guard to a woman’s underwater safety and was delighted to learn there was an important piece of rubber feminine protection dive gear as he was a rubberist and now can get a thrill just knowing women routinely wear covert latex, especially since it provides such intimate protection.

I am naturally sexually assertive even when I’m luteal, but it was his fantasy and so I let him tell me what he wanted me to do. He helped me into my SCUBA set and an OTS Guardian FFM and fastened a weight belt around my waist. I didn’t need the weight belt because I had 2 lb weights screwed on to the platforms of my pool pointes that more than offset any air trapped in my anonymity hood, but his fantasy was with a latex suited girl in a weight belt so I wore it. With all the weight it did make it easier to keep the platforms of my pool pointes on the pool bottom while doing a ‘bottom barre’ for him to demonstrate my flexibility and how the Polymorphe latex suit did not limit it in any way.

He was young, only 27 and told me he had been, “trying to save myself for when I came ashore.” so he wasn’t into masturbation for release and as a result he had a huge amount of pent up sexual energy (though he did admit to having wet dreams) which he focused on me. He was magnificent! Delightfully thick, rock hard and a bit more than 9 inches long so he completely filled me and for such a young man he knew how to use the equipment he had been given to repeatedly send me into a series of G-spot orgasms each more powerful than the one before until I wondered if he was going to cause me to exhaust my air before his stamina gave out. He was in such immense need that he came in me six times under his own power and I ripple gripped him twice more sucking his seed into my belly with my vaginal muscles before he indicated he wanted me to stop because he was too sore to continue. Actually, he was so spent that after we surfaced I had to help him out of the pool. He was so embarrassed! Though she came away from Deep Desire well satisfied I don’t think Anya had nearly as good a time as I did.

Naughty Pleasures and Trop. storm Lee: When the Gulf of Mexico oil platforms were evacuated this week for Lee some of our regulars came back to Vegas and to our casino’s cabaret, Naughty Pleasures. We had missed them for a year or so as a lot of Gulf operations were closed down after the BP oil spill, but now activity is beginning to return to normal, just in time for peak hurricane season. Now that Lee is moving on-shore in another day or two the guys will be going back out on the rigs, but we are having a lot of girls filled with semen whose services were paid for with oil company paychecks.

Sex in a gasmask – an encounter to die for

Dead Gaynor pointes and legwarmers

My return to the U.S.: I’m back in Vegas now. My plan to tour European ballet sites turned out to be far too ambitious given that I met John and became entranced by his animal magnetism. He is very interested in me, but I’m not good marriage material for him from the standpoint of giving him an heir, not to mention that monogamy isn’t my strong suit. As the song goes, “when I’m not near the hand that I’m fond of I fondle the hand at hand”. And now the new school year is starting at St Lucy’s and I will be up to my eyebrows in work for a while.

On the way back I stopped at my place in Virginia. I wanted to check for earthquake damage myself [The 5.8 event occurred on 8/23] and Anya and I got caught there during hurricane Irene that came through that Saturday and Sunday. The main house is on high ground overlooking the river so flooding wasn’t a problem, but utilities are above ground and the area is very heavily wooded so storm related power outages are common. Fortunately no falling trees hit the house or out buildings. My landscape service had to clear 5 trees that fell across the road up to the main house so we could get to the airport. The plantation is still w/o power and since no one but the staff is in residence now I’m not pushing for power to be restored while subdivisions are still powerless.

Barre Girls: In mid August John and I went to Aberdeen, Scotland to check out Tanaquil’s new Edinburgh ballet studio, Barre Girls. It is a serious but low key effort to penetrate the ballet-as-exercise market in a very tightly laced city. It’s also an effort to identify local talent that can be used as leverage for political and monetary gain. Right now membership is by invitation only so candidates can be screened to make sure they have natural beauty are adventuresome and have money and/or are socially well placed. Personal trainers work one-on-one with new students to make certain the young woman gets everything she is looking for in a ballet workout. A typical workout is two forty-five minute sessions with a ten minute break in between and then another interval afterward where the student is given several orgasms as relaxation therapy before she leaves the studio. The regimen is not of course for a new student with little stamina who is not used to such an intensive training regimen. Even dancers from the local ballet company initially have difficulty so it can take training at least three days a week for six months to develop the stamina required to complete a 2 ¼ hour class safely. Did I mention candidates also need to be focused and determined to succeed in all they do?

Tanaquil asked John and me to stop by the new Edinburgh studio to sample the level of service and give her our feedback. She had submitted our résumés several weeks beforehand and they had been approved. John was to sample the men’s option of sex with a student member of the studio after her ninety-minute workout while I went thorough the entire two hour and fifteen-minute women’s session. There is a very small male contingent so far as there are so few young, wealthy, virile, socially prominent men in the area. However, unknown to John the primary purpose of our visit to Barre Girls was to entangle him with Taryn’s adult services organization so thoroughly that he would be unable to refuse any request I made of him. Since I’m not going to be able to marry John I thought it best to tie him to me in a way that would put him under my control.

A teen and her anal plug: I talked to the hard bodied blue-eyed blonde who was to be John’s partner after her workout. She said she was 19 y/o and perhaps she was. For sure she wasn’t a regular Scottish student, but had been especially recruited for the occasion by Tani. She was an illegal refugee from Moldova who spoke very good English had been a corps member with a minor Russian ballet Co. I gave her a NATO M10 gasmask (the one with cheek filters) to wear during their penetrative encounter and helped her adjust the straps to make certain it sealed properly on her face. I told her he liked the idea of sex with a mysterious masked woman and she promised to give him an encounter he wouldn’t forget.

I was certain she would since I had helped her insert a hollow 8 oz, 7 inch long, 1 ½ inch diameter steel anal plug that would mimic being constipated and limit vaginal expansion during penile penetration making her vagina exceedingly tight especially when she was penetrated while en pointe. The sphincter groove on the plug was shaped so that it was almost impossible for the wearer to expel it by just bearing down. When I asked she said it was uncomfortable to wear during sex, but she was used to it and the reaction she got from men who had sex with her when she wore it made the discomfort worthwhile.

The Barre Girl timed her encounter with John so I could watch her, “fuck his brains out” was how she described what she intended to do to him and I was looking forward to watching their encounter through one of the full length wall mirrors that was a one-way window into the studio from an observation room from which the HD cams that were recording the studio encounter were controlled. Although John had been in the studio during her entire workout and watched her practice clothes darken with sweat as she exercised she had entered without acknowledging his presence and exercised as though she was alone. It was only after her workout that she greeted him demurely in her sweat soaked practice clothes; pink seamed tights, a full bottom black cami leo and a pair of filthy Gaynor pointes that had seen a lot of hard use. Even though the platform padding was shredded the shanks were still in good condition and supported her slim ankles and high arches quite well. She pulled on the gasmask over her long loose blond hair and John helped her arrange it so it flowed down her back in a cascade of spun gold. He watched eagerly as she tested the seal while she looked at her reflection in the mirror. She was looking directly at me as I sat within four feet of her on the other side of the mirror watching the encounter. She was gorgeous!

She presented herself as a novice unfamiliar with ballet sex and let him take the initiative to guide her and he began by fondling her crotch as she stood en pointe with her feet in second leaning back against the barre. Then he slipped the straps off her shoulders, exposing her high pert sweaty breasts and sucked at her nipples before stripping her of her leotard. He rolled the sodden fabric over her hips and it dropped to the floor where she stepped out of it and with a flick of her pointe kicked it back behind the barre. He rolled the waistband of her tights down over her hips and it was only then when her freshly waxed pubes were exposed that there was any indication that she might be more sexually experienced than she first appeared. I could hear John talking to her during foreplay as he caressed her clitoris until she gasped and mewed while having a lovely clitoral orgasm. He fingered her labia and found them engorged and slippery wet with her natural lube and he knew she was ready to be penetrated.

He had her turn around so she was facing the barre had her spread her legs and stand sur les pointes a la seconde bent over at the waist holding on to the barre. Just before he stepped between her legs he noticed the safety tab on her anal plug tight against her perineum and in the view from one of the side cams I watched him raise an eyebrow, smile and finger it briefly before stepping between her legs. He spread her labia with his fingers and carefully placing the tip of his shaft that was dripping his own natural lube against the oculus of her introitus he pushed and with a single thrust all eight inches of his shaft disappeared inside the blonde teen. She shuddered, gasped and moaned then her body stiffened and she screamed as he rammed her cervix. John kept thrusting as deeply as he could go, loving it each time he rammed her cervix and she shuddered, her screams muffled by the thick rubber of her gasmask.

Gas-tabs: It was then that things started to go badly wrong for her. I was watching the time since she sealed her mask. They were seventeen minutes into the encounter when she began to show signs that the dissolvable gas-tab that I had stuck inside the masks spit-sump had begun to release an odorless nausea gas after the humidity and sweat in her mask caused the outer coating to melt. The gas-tab is a standard (and universally detested) part of an escort’s training. It releases a nausea agent to simulate a crisis that could occur during a gasmask or dive encounter so the trainee can learn to manage the event safely before she encounters a similar event while with a client. Neither John nor the blonde were aware of the gas-tab being used and unfortunately it seems the teen was allergic to the gas which caused her not only to vomit and collapse, but apparently have a heart attack just as John was planting his seed against the thin latex membrane of the diaphragm she wore to protect her cervix. By the time I got into the studio she had stopped breathing and CPR was ineffective! Damn! I just wanted a video of him polling a Dick-A-Chick! Sigh!

The good news: The good news was that the gas-tab had been totally dissolved by the stomach acid from her vomit so there was no evidence of a precipitating agent, but just in case I bagged the mask and on the way to dinner afterward we stopped on a bridge and I threw it into the River Dee. Tanaquil uses only orphans so as a newly arrived illegal alien with no family she was easy to make disappear with no one to ask questions about her wellbeing or whereabouts. Tani had given me the cell number of a trawler captain who does disposal work for her so I called and he sent two men with a van and laundry cart to pick up the body. They were wearing balaclavas and the cams were still running when they draped her corpse over the barre and had unprotected vaginal sex with it before dumping it in the laundry cart. On the positive side the accident is a huge plus for Taryn’s snuff video business as there is an enormous demand for ballet dancers being snuffed during sex as well as ballet necrophilia! I’m thinking there must be a lot of guys almost as kinky as Adolph to get off watching that! So she got a twofer out of the fatal encounter.

As the disposal team was leaving I mentioned that the body still had a steel anal plug inserted. Apparently they forgot to tell the trawler crew because a few hours later after they put to sea and were running the body through the wood chipper used to make chum for fishing the steel anal plug jammed the blades and the shear pin broke. There was no real damage to the chipper blades, but someone had to pull the anal plug from the half shredded corpse before they could finish the job. I got a call from the captain who started giving me hell for not telling anyone about the plug. I referred him to the two men on the pickup crew who I told about the need to remove it.

This leaves me where I wanted to be, with video of John having sex with a girl who dies in his arms while he is filling her with his seed. I don’t think I’ll ever need to use it, but my copy has already gone into a bank vault for safekeeping.

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