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Beavertail jacket for wall-fuck protection

The photo: The crotch of a beavertail jacket can give a novice wearer a false sense of security as she is safely protected only from being groped. Our male escorts use Hitachi Magic Wands placed just under the zipper between the twist latches to stimulate a student’s clitoris through the neoprene of her jacket. Most of women find it a surprising and extremely intense experience when they reach orgasm very quickly even if she typically has difficulty reaching orgasm. The first time I had a Hitachi wand used on me that way I was in a pair of Gepetto’s pointe boots modeling a beavertail jacket and the photographer wanted a more wanton and exhausted look and suggested my dresser use the wand on my clit right through 5mm of neoprene! I had a Penetrator plug inserted at the time and she positioned the wand right over the clit cup. It set the entire plug vibrating so the nerves around my introitus were super stimulated at the same time as my clit. I was almost instantly gasping in ecstasy! It was totally unexpected! The boots prevented me from falling off pointe and breaking an ankle, but my knees gave way and she caught me before I went over backwards. My reaction put the very look on my face the photographer wanted.

St Lucy’s ballet Summer Intensive: as a fun elective during our SI we are offering an introduction to dive-sex for students 18 or older. They must have a photo-ID (driver’s license or student ID) showing they are of or over the age of consent. Even so, some look like they are hardly 15 especially since they all have waxed pubes, which is almost a must in most good ballet schools these days and they must already be sexually active. Every student who can swim is taking the course. They are given thorough pelvic exams to ensure that their anatomy is capable of normal penile vaginal activity and I’ve fitted them all with strapless FemCaps to prevent having water forced into the uterus if the vagina floods, which it often does. I also fit the students who will have their periods during the SI with flat spring latex diaphragms for flood insurance during their periods. A FemCap will provide some thrust buffering if a partner can reach the wearer’s cervix, but a diaphragm will provide little to none. So the girls who like rough sex (we ask) are also fitted with latex diaphragms.

Beavertail protection: The students wear retro-style beavertail jackets (with twist lock fasteners) in the heated training pool and use short 80 cu ft aluminum tanks so they don’t need additional weight in the form of a weight belt that would prevent unzipping the jacket. The ‘water flush’ inherent in the twist lock fastener arrangement isn’t a problem since the jackets are being used in warm water and will be open much of the time anyway. The beavertail provides warmth, quick access and back protection both in and out of the pool when the student is being wall-fucked. The students are also fitted with pool-pointes, silicone rubber pointe shoes with polymer shanks that they can wear into the pool and to which weights can be attached on the platforms. The girls wear FFMs so they don’t have to worry about losing their mouthpiece if they scream when their cervix is hit or during orgasm and cool dry air across the lens keeps the mask from fogging.

Males in tails: The male partners for dive-sex training are escort candidates who need the training to build stamina and improve their technique. The males also wear beavertail jackets so the students have an opportunity to learn to undress a male diver. The girls love how attentive the men are and often develop a crush on the man they have been having intercourse with daily for three weeks, but for the guys it’s just an amazing summer job, which for the majority of the students is probably the most upsetting part of the course. We don’t tell them that ahead of time. All the men mount bareback even when out of the pool so the students can become accustomed to dealing with needing protection all the time having live sperm pumped into them several times a day – and learn how to Kegel most of it out – and deal confidently with coitial discharge.

We have had no unintended pregnancies during the SI this year, but it’s early yet. We test for hCG when the student arrives and then once a week and at the end of the course. Pregnancy test kits are available from student health 24/7 so if a student thinks she needs to test she can. We encourage students to have IUDs placed before arriving, but many are on the pill and so some forget to take them regularly or may take meds that interfere with the contraceptive hormones effectiveness which can lead to complications.

Wall-fucked: One of the first sexual intercourse positions a female dive-sex student learns is being taken when backed against a wall, wall-fucked, because that’s what happens most often, either against a dressing room or pool house wall or the pool wall itself. Initially she’s taken in a small encounter salle used as a dressing area where she can get used to putting on the beavertail jacket (with her partner’s help) over a thong bikini and learning to fasten the twist lock closures holding the neoprene snugly over her vulva. She learns to check that her FemCap is inserted and is covering her cervix before inserting 10 ml of silicone based DiveGel+ from a disposable applicator into her vagina. She will need the DiveGel for lubrication when penetrated underwater. Each student dives with several spare applicators of the silicone gel in case she needs additional lube while underwater. We tell the students to wear an old bikini because it’s difficult to get the lube out of a swimsuit.

Almost all of the students try at least once to be penetrated while balanced en pointe to feel the tightened grip from their clenched pelvic muscles. Wearing pool pointes for this is often ideal because the boxes will flex with the wearer’s weight when she is out of the water while the polymer shanks provide the needed support. I like watching a student get wall fucked for the first time en pointe because it’s such a transitional experience for most of them taking penetrative sex to a higher plane because it’s a far more intense encounter. Often she is shocked by her partner’s size and wonders if she can handle his length, especially when she is backed against the studio or pool house wall so she is not as deep as when entered from behind. We try to anatomically match partners with students being taken against a wall, with the larger men going with those who have shown an interest in rough sex. We are proud of the size of our male escort’s equipment most of which is 8’or longer and at least 2’ in diameter, so our students are provided an amazing penetrative experience!

I love watching a new SI student who thinks she is experienced and enjoys rough sex being entered by her trainer for the first time. He backs her against the wall, unzips and unfastens the twist locks of her beavertail, has her rise sur les pointe a la seconde and fingers her clit while fondling her breasts and sucking her nipples. Once she is wet he is gentle and enters her slowly and in stages, but when he reaches her greatest depth and still has more to give things get interesting. He can fondle her clit and get her smoking hot and she may tent a bit more, but he will usually still pound her cervix and when their pelvises slam together she is lifted off the platforms of her pointes as he puts his entire weight behind his thrusts. There are gasps and moans, mewing, whimpers and often screams as he force fits himself completely inside her while she quivers, pants and occasionally faints due to the pressure on her G-spot and cervix from his size and the uncontrolled spasming of her vaginal muscles during orgasm. It’s then that the neoprene of her jacket protects her back while her bun or high ponytail protects her head from being repeatedly and violently slammed against the wall by the force of his thrusts. In a surprisingly short time most of the students learn to like being taken that way, but occasionally there are one or two who are injured so badly that they have to withdraw from the course.

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Crotch gussets

Fishnets with color coordinated silk crotch gusset

The seduction: The 19 y/o second year Dean’s List student at UNLV was preparing for her private ballet lesson. She congratulated herself on finding such an accomplished and hunky teacher, though she repeatedly chided herself for thinking of him as a sexual object, but then OMG he has an absolutely gorgeous body! And she so wanted him to be intimate with her! So in that sense he is her object of desire! And today, right on schedule, she had become fertile and was draining fertile cervical mucus into her thong, so she decided to wear her Danskin ultrasoft microfiber convertible tights, style 702, one of the ones that she had had modified with a thicker cotton pad and contrasting color crotch gussets.

Three weeks later, when I saw her at the clinic she told me how her plan had worked. She knew she was going to need the additional padding because her FCM always soaked through the standard tights crotch gussets and – though she knew she shouldn’t - she wanted to tease her teacher by calling attention to herself with the bright orange gusset. She knew he watched her with the intensity of a stalker (she had had problems with one her first year at UNLV and so she knew the signs) and she wanted to see if she could break his discipline and get him to have sex with her. It wasn’t as though there would be complications since she had a copper IUD inserted the year before at student health. She considered the modified 702s as her ‘fuck me’ tights and she intended to wear a pair of 1” diameter Pyrex Ben Wa balls during class to keep her semi-aroused so she would be wet and deep in case his need was so urgent he took her quickly with little foreplay.

From earlier classes with him she knew he became aroused if he thought she was unaware he was watching her as she did even the most mundane things; adjusting her tights, stretching and especially changing her shoes. So, as an aspiring actress, she intended to pretend to be totally unaware of the effect she was having on him - as she talked with him while changing shoes about the advantages of microfiber and convertible foot tights and why she wore both Freed and GM shoes - while she was luring him ever closer to initiating their sexual encounter.

‘Skin-tights’: After inserting a set of her 1” glass Ben Wa balls and pulling on her tights she bent over and swing her B cup breasts into a front-closure compression cup sports bra that she always trained in to prevent her high breasts from bouncing during jumps and swinging from centrifugal force during pirouettes throwing off her balance. Then looking at herself in the full length mirror in her bedroom she decided she would kick her look up another notch, to wanton, by pulling the waistband of her tights up as far as it would go and roll the top down over a belt like male dancers do. That way she could pull the stretch fabric deep into the cleavage between her glutes displaying her small tight buns individually and the front seam could be carefully stretched over her mons pubis and in the cleft between her labia to display camel toe. It was tricky getting the front seam positioned so it was between her lips and didn’t rub painfully on her clit, but she managed it. She’d only worn what she called ‘skin-tights’ twice before so it took time to get everything the way she wanted. She looked in the mirror again and thought she looked shameless! The orange fabric of the gusset formed a cleft between her labia and was obvious even when she was standing in first position. She loved it! The tights could be uncomfortable worn that way for very long, especially during ballet class where she would be sweating profusely, but she thought the look and what she hoped it would cause him to do would be worth the discomfort.

Shoe changes: She knew the brightly colored gusset was particularly noticeable as she stretched with a foot on the barre, during splits, développés and when changing her shoes. She didn’t wear slippers for barre preferring to take the entire class in toe-shoes as they keep her feet toughened and because her private teacher likes watching her move when she is wearing pointes and by changing shoes she would give him a perfect view of the orange fabric between her legs that she thinks of as accentuating her most feminine spot. So she decided she would give him two opportunities to watch her put on pointes; first by wearing slippers into the studio. That way she could let him watch how she turns back the tights convertible feet to put on toe tape and silicone gel-pads then reinsert her padded toes into the feet of the tights before slipping her feet under the heel elastics and forcing her padded toes into the blocks of a pair of old deshanked Freed Classics for barre. Then for center work she would change shoes again, this time into Gaynor Minden pointes so if she can tease him into initiating a sexual encounter she will be wearing the proper shoes in which to have ballet sex.

She put her hair up in a high ponytail with an orange scrunchie that matched the color of the 702s crotch gusset and slipped an oversized fleece sweat over her head to wear as a tunic and finally slipping on a pair of dirty white badly scuffed leather Capezio slippers for the drive. As she drove to the studio she wondered, after she broke his discipline – and she was certain that she would - and he came on to her, if he would wear a condom. She had some in her dance bag, but decided she wouldn’t insist on or even offer him one. She never worried about STIs. Her only concern was that if he was a heavy hitter and took her bareback (she so loved the intimacy of skin-on-skin contact) would the custom crotch gusset be thick enough to absorb all his semen and her natural lubricant that drained out – even after she Kegeled his spunk into a baby wipe - or would it overflow and run down her thighs before she could get to the dressing room to wash up and change her soiled tights for the drive home or perhaps, if she was lucky, back to his place for the night?

Caressing the camel: She told me everything went just as she planned. He could hardly tear his eyes away from her body from her waist down. His gaze kept moving from her pointe-shoes to the orange cleft of her camel-toe. She was surprised at the end of break midway through the 90 minute class that she was still comfortable in her tights. She could tell he was weakening already as during a shoe change he had asked her out for coffee after class. But even more important from her prospective was than he had been far more hands-on while making corrections; adjusting an arm or foot, having her tuck her buns under her and finally tracing the back of his hand lightly across the twin wet mounds of her labia imprisoned under the tight microfiber of the crotch gusset. As she gasped and quivered at his touch she hoped the outer surface of the gusset was still dry.

The second time he gently stroked her camel-toe was after she changed into her GM pointes and was doing center work. He was having her do développés and he touched her there before he moved his hand to stroke her abs where the strength for a développé originates. The thrill that second caress caused was so intense her standing leg began to weaken. With a major effort on her part to focus she managed to retain her balance and the height of her working leg, but she was soaked with sweat from the effort. They ended the class by doing a bit of simple partnering waltz steps and finger turns and she ended up in his arms. With one hand behind his head to hold him close she deep kissed him while taking his other hand and pressing it into the bulging crotch of her tights. There was a scramble to unroll her tights, unfasten the belt and pull her tights down below her hips while she unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants and gently pulled his erection out of his boxers.

An unintended consequence: Now, weeks later, she had come to us at the clinic because her period was a week late and she had tested positive for hCG indicating that she was newly pregnant. Since her ballet teacher had been her only sexual partner, other than soloing with a vibi and dildo, she knew who the father was, but hadn’t told him because she intended to terminate her pregnancy. A pregnancy is very rare with a ParaGard IUD inserted, but they do occur. She said she had loved being in his arms, having him thrust into her even when, since he is very large, he rammed her ripe cervix and especially when he gave her the most intense G-spot orgasm when he took her from behind and she went rubber legged nearly falling off pointe while balanced on the platforms of her Gaynors.

The vacuum aspiration took about 45 minutes involving giving her a sedative, having to dilate her very tight cervical os and extracting the reproductive tissue after the Gyn had removed the ParaGard which had been badly bent, possibly due to heavy cramping when her cervix was being rammed.. She was given a ten day course of antibiotics and we had her take 800 mg of Ibuprofen to minimize any cramping. She should be able to have her IUD replaced in two weeks and we are recommending a GyneFix with the strings removed. GyneFix, with its new implant procedure is far less likely to be deformed or expelled than ParaGard or Mirena during a woman’s periods or heavy cramping due to rough sex. She’s looking forward to her next private class with her teacher, but will use condoms until she gets her GyneFix implanted.

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The vacuum sealed cervix

A multiplace hyperbaric chamber

Flight attendants and vacuum sealed diaphragms: I first noticed the dome of my diaphragm under significant vacuum when I inserted my Reflexions in Tahoe (at an elevation of more than 6,200 feet) for dive-sex last summer. It was such an amazing feeling that developed as the dome suctioned tighter against my cervix and anterior wall as Limnaea, my G550, was descending to land at McCarran at an elevation of about 2,200 feet! I love the feeling of pressure as the latex membrane stretches over the tip of my cervix. It’s rather like the pressure on my toes in my toe pads when I walk or stand en pointe.

Now, we are beginning to see a few flight attendants’ coming in to be fitted for latex diaphragms as the word spreads about the eroticism of wearing one with a pressurized dome. Most admit wanting latex because of the experiences of friends, but a second reason is that a Latex flat spring diaphragm is the safest for use as ‘flood insurance’ during dive-sex which flight attendants have discovered and are scheduling private classes during layovers. The flight attendants reasons are reversed from the escorts for whom a latex FS is a standard part of their equipment when with a dive-sex client. But then most escorts haven’t had experience vacuum sealing the dome of a diaphragm during a flight. Unfortunately only about 40% of the women who have come to us wanting to learn how to vacuum seal the dome of their diaphragms have the proper pelvic anatomy to do so.

There are several caveats for women wanting a high vacuum in the dome of a latex FS diaphragm. First she mustn’t be allergic to latex. While that seems obvious some women want to try anyway which is not a good idea! Second as mentioned above she must have the proper pelvic anatomy. Some women, because of their vaginal rugae (the folds in the walls that allow the vagina to expand when aroused and during childbirth) are unable to develop a strong vacuum in the dome. The dome will seal effectively enough for contraception when used with spermicide, but won’t develop a significant vacuum in the dome which allows it to adhere to the cervix and anterior wall as tightly as a coat of paint. For the lucky women the thin latex dome will stretch under pressure to develop a high vacuum and a nearly perfect fit. However, a few of them find they can’t stand the pressure on the cervix and don’t pressurize. Because the domes of silicone diaphragms are stiffer and less stretchy under vacuum even I find a silicone dome under strong vacuum puts too much pressure on the tip of my cervix for me to stand it for more than a few minutes and that much pressure can also cause the cervix to bleed.

Returning readers will remember there are some other disadvantages of latex diaphragms: they don’t last nearly as long, discolor quicker, tend to develop an odor sooner and may contribute to infections more than silicone ones. Still, for those of us into dive-sex or wanting a vacuum in the dome the latex Reflexions is a must.

The dome vacuum: For a woman whose anatomy allows developing a high dome vacuum, inserting a tight sealing cervical barrier while in an aircraft at altitude with a typical cabin pressure of 8,000 feet, allows the dome to be under a vacuum of several pounds per square inch at ground level. I can get somewhat the same result by ‘pumping down’ as I described in my March 31, 2012 post, ‘Ballet-sex exams, dome suction’, but it doesn’t approach the seal developed with a 2 to 3 psi dome vacuum. Some examples of the strong dome vacuums that can theoretically be obtained locally are:

Las Vegas atmospheric pressure at 2028 feet above sea level say 13.7 psi (2,000 ft)..

Lake Tahoe atmospheric pressure at average surface elevation 6225 feet above sea level, say 11.8 psi (6,000 ft).

Typical passenger plane cabin pressure kept at the equivalent of 8,000 ft, 10.9 psi.

Differences in air pressure Vegas from Tahoe = 13.7 psi minus 11.8 psi = +1.9 psi.

Differences in air pressure Vegas from typical pressurized passenger plane = 13.7 psi minus 10.9 psi = 2.8 psi.

Adolph’s Multiplace Hyperbaric Chamber: There are several local multiplace hyperbaric chambers, but they are all associated with medical facilities open to the public. Given the size of his fetish-diver training facility and the pressure related problems he has encountered with students, primarily women, sent to him for training he has recently had a six bed hyperbaric chamber added to the private hospital he funds for fetish related injuries here in the valley since a lot of the patients are from his training facility. A nice thing is that there is direct access through a tunnel from ‘The Well’, his 216 ft deep underwater training facility, to the admitting area at the hyperbaric chamber.

Until Adolph’s hyperbaric chamber became available there has been no convenient way to tell for sure if a woman being fitted for a latex FS diaphragm could successfully pressurize the dome and if the seal will hold or not, unless she (accompanied by her fitter) was taken up in a small unpressurized plane to 6,000 feet to insert and that was very expensive and could take several hours for the drive to and from the airport and the short flight. Now for groups of as many as six – who have been prescreened for suitability - the dome vacuums can be tested before the woman actually buys the diaphragm. It’s still an expensive test, but it’s worthwhile for a flight attendant desiring to high-vac her dome, a few wealthy women who fly a lot and for medical personnel having access to a multiplace hyperbaric chamber. And of course high-vac diaphragm fittings and tests are now available for guests at The Lorelei, Adolph’s European style spa, yet another profitable revenue stream for an already successful operation.

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