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Afterglow; a partner with an encounter souvenir

The Photo: I’m indebted to my great friend and frequent reader Paul D for sharing this pic. I know women aren’t supposed to be as visually stimulated as men, but this photo is the sort of image that fuels our fantasies. A susceptible women, and we are all susceptible to a greater or lesser extent, can easily mind-fuck herself into believing he is Mr. Right, w/o knowing a thing about him other than that he has a great face superb body. His gloriously muscled arms, the flat belly, the strong jaw line, the lovely nose, half-closed eyes, beautiful full lips, the relaxed and sated look and last, but by no means least the Freed Studios hung around his neck that add a touch of mystery. Where the Freeds given in appreciation for his sexual conquest of their wearer, or where they taken as his due?

In my fantasy he is a white knight having mounted her and ridden to victory spewing seed deep inside coating her ripe cervix with millions of highly motile sperm. Or perhaps not if he was wearing a condom or she was on the pill, had an hormonal IUD inserted or was wearing a protective latex barrier in the form of a diaphragm or a silicone FemCap.

I could dream of those gorgeous lips parting and his tongue flicking in and out of my mouth searching for mine, his hand behind my head holding our mouths pressed tightly together as he finds and sucks my tongue. He shifts focus kissing my breasts, sucking milk from my rouged nipples then he moves lower to my flat belly and finally reaching my completely waxed groin licks and sucks my lower lips while fondling the shaft of my erect and swollen clit which is hard and throbbing causing me to orgasm as he sucks out my natural arousal juices. He says I taste of rubber which can only be the dome of my latex flat spring diaphragm. In my fantasy I think he rather likes the taste just as I do when my diaphragm is pulled out and stuffed in my mouth as a gag while I’m penetrated after being shoved up against a wall.

A problem in paradise: As much as I love his body, there is a problem with the man in the photo being my fantasy lover. The problem is the pointe shoes slung casually around his neck. How did he get them? I hope the man was given the Freeds by his partner. Readers who know me well know that I wouldn’t let a man untie the ribbons and remove my pointe shoes regardless of how good a lover he is and I don’t give away pointes as souvenirs of assignations. I’m reserving the privilege of removing my pointes for the man I marry; if there will ever be such a man. Having a man remove my pointe shoes will be the ultimate act of submission for me and I’m not about to let that happen except with my husband and it will be after we are married. But fantasizing about a casual lover wanting to remove my pointes and impregnate me in spite of the protection I’m using is a huge turn-on for me and I’m convinced it’s the same for all my male lovers.

Hitachi Magic Wands at the Sling Bar: A reader asked if the use of a Hitachi Wand is permitted in the Sling Bar. The short answer is yes. A customer can bring her own or a wand can be rented from the bartenders who are all women and familiar with how well they work on the clitoris. There are electrical outlets at each sling position and disposable ‘condoms’ for the wand heads if the wand is to be shared. The buzz of the powerful HMW vibrator isn’t distracting at all. It fits in with the background noise comprised of low conversations, the clink of ice in glasses, harness creaks, the soft thud of pelvises hitting, gasps, groans, moans, squeals and muffled screams as couples orgasm.

Bea trains at the Sling Bar: Having been fitted for a glamour harness and with her new ID I took her to get her current negative STI panel into the casino database and do a walk-through of the Sling Bar setup (while it was closed between five and seven AM) to show her how women customers move from the fitting and dressing rooms into Naughty’s and down the red carpeted catwalk to show off their bodies and chose a partner for the Sling Bar. Then we went into the bar and I showed her how to fasten her harness to the cable with its cable cape and she got the feel of how sensitive the winch control is. And while we were there I had her wrap her legs around my waist and gave her a clitoral orgasm with my own Hitachi. I had it on low and it was the first time she had had a HMW used on her and her orgasm was so strong I thought she was going to faint. When she lowered herself so she could unclip from the cable she was too rubber legged to stand by herself at first, but recovered enough to walk unassisted in a few minutes. It wasn’t our first girl-girl sex but it was certainly the most intense!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Sling Bar: sex in a ‘glamour harness’

A Gamma harness used as a bar sling at Naughty Pleasures

The photo: A female rigger’s safety harness. The manufacturer’s literature says: “The Gamma™ Harness designed to fit the specific safety needs of a woman, the Gamma™ is accessorized with ComfortFit™ shoulder padding, and the cross-fit style eliminates the possibility of improper adjustments. The Gamma™ combines comfort and performance for a harness that works as hard as you do. Improper positioning of the "D" ring or wearing a traditional parachute-style harness can have devastating effects for a woman's body in the event of a fall. With a back-only D-ring, the Gamma™ helps ensure that she is properly clipped in. The cross-fit style harness is not only more comfortable to wear it can help minimize damage to the reproductive organs from falls.”

Not that a woman in a bar sling at Naughty’s is likely to fall very far, physically I mean. Morally is an entirely different matter. If she’s new to the experience she might fall a considerable distance and with the right man enjoy the encounter immensely while buckled into a bar sling at Naughty’s.

Women and the Sling Bar at Naughty’s: In order to attract men young, unaccompanied, attractive women get priority at the velvet rope and discounted drinks. And they are used to stock the Meat Market, Naughty’s singles bar. A few of the more adventuresome ask to be fitted with a bar-sling – a premium service and an unmistakable sign that they are available – and be allowed into the intimate Sling Bar where, rather than sit on a bar stool they can easily have sex at the bar while sitting in the harness. We originally tried various parachute harness designs, but decided to use Gamma harnesses because they are designed for women and with grommet buckles are easily adjusted and can’t accidentally be unfastened during an intense physical encounter.

Another of the casino’s female shareowners has a harness fetish and thought of the idea for an intimate place where like minded women could select a mate and have more or less safe casual sex while hanging suspended in a sexy harness. The board thought it was a good idea since no one else in town is offering that kink so we are trying it in a small way to see if it is profitable. There is harness rental, cover charges for men, the sale of alcohol and bar food so it’s not as though it will ever be a huge profit center, but you never know. We thought about calling it the Harness Bar but that sounded too much like a tack shop so we decided to call it the Sling Bar.

A woman asking for a bar sling must have a recent negative full STI panel on file before she is fitted. Properly screened she is shown to a fitting room and buckled into a Gamma harness her size and shown how to sit in it for the greatest comfort while penetrated. They are also told that the harness has an RFID chip in it. A woman can go anywhere in the club while wearing it but if she has forgotten and left her purse, cell phone etc in her car she will have to take it off or send a valet (a service we offer free to bar sling wearers) for it. For use in the Sling Bar a Gamma Harness is modified to line the inside of the straps, the side that is against the wearer’s body, with tough but soft nylon satin fabric for comfort. Of course the harnesses are fully sanitized after each wearing.

She is also given a disposable mesh bag for her shoes while she is hanging in her sling. Condoms of various sizes are in bowls on the bar so couples can protect themselves from each other’s fluids, or not. The women’s need to be very sexually adventuresome and STI screened limits the number of applicant, but increases their quality significantly, especially their beauty. Why the more adventuresome are more classically beautiful is a mystery.

Mr. Right Now: I have my own Gamma harness that Jack, Viscount Sandbach, calls my ‘glamour harness.’ I keep it in a small gym bag with a selection of appropriate Sling Bar clothing. I buckle myself into it when I’m lonely and want a new man. Not Mr. Right, just Mr. Right Now! Too, I’ve found Jack is into girls in harnesses (not that a Glamour harness is all that restrictive) so he really likes to take me to and in the Sling Bar! I love the way men’s minds work and having Jack stand in the midst of the pool of males for sling-girls to choose from keeps him on edge and aroused. He’s never quite certain I will choose him and that gives me a chance to playfully mind-fuck him by pretending to initially choose someone else! I’ve found doing that makes him far more ardent after he suspends me securely in the bar! Of course the Meat Market also has a substantial selection area charge for men and like the women the guys need a current negative full STI panel on file before they are allowed in the catwalk viewing and selection area.

Running the gauntlet: Leaving the fitting boutique wearing her harness a woman has three options: 1) going back into the main lobby, 2) going into the Meat Market selection area to choose a partner or 3) going directly into the very intimate Sling Bar located behind the Meat Market. Unaccompanied harness wearer’s almost always chose to go down the catwalk through the Meat Market to check the selection of men on offer. Knowledgeable cocksmen knowing this nurse a drink and watch the door from the sling boutique. No more intently watched twenty feet of catwalk exists in Vegas than that strip through the Meat Market between the sling boutique and the Sling Bar. Repeat Gamma harness wearers call being on display while walking those twenty feet to make their selections ‘running the gauntlet’ as men smile, preen and flex their muscles as a harness wearer struts past the candidates vying for her favors. The cloud of testosterone laden musk hangs so heavily over the catwalk that some girls who frequently walk that red carpet swear it causes them to need to wax more often. Others find the overwhelming scent of male lust frightening while still others are highly aroused by being wanton and on display. I love being the object of lust on the part of multiple males so I find the experience liberating.

An adrenaline high: When I walk down the catwalk to choose a man who looks virile, interesting and perhaps a little dangerous it’s a comfort to know the only condition I need to worry about is pregnancy. My adrenaline is flowing and there is no better feeling in the world! The scent of male musk, all those sex hungry men undressing me with their eyes, salivating and fantasizing about harness-fucking my brains out and hoping I’ll chose them. It’s a huge turn-on and a very different feeling than performing because when I’m performing the lights are on me and I usually can’t see my audience though I can feel the Chi rising from them. Walking down the catwalk between the sling boutique and the Sling Bar being assessed by a group of virile men having about ten feet of erect penis between them is far more personal and I have to admit the thought causes me to get wet and swing my hips a bit more than usual. Since in the Sling Bar I won’t be on my toes I usually wear stiletto sandals that are easy to get out of rather than pointes, but I do have a pair of GMs in my gym bag in case I need them. .

Sling-girl clothes: Clothes that can be worn comfortably with bar slings are bikinis, tunics, thongs, front closure sports bras and bare legs so it is fairly easy to identify women as they enter the club who will be stopping by the sling boutique to be fitted for a glamour harness. Shoes for a sling-girl can depend on where she is in her cycle, if she is commando and if she plans on condoms being used. A sling-girl shouldn’t wear fabric covered shoes unless she doesn’t mind them being ruined. There are purse hooks at each location where a sling girl can hang her mesh shoe bag to prevent splattering her shoes with coitial discharge. However, after putting her shoes back on she still may have to walk through lover’s fluids to leave the bar so platform soles are a good idea. Typically a sling-girl will wear a thong so after she Kegels out any discharge the remainder can drain into the liner in her thong. Many returning sling-girls go topless and rouge their nipples because in the harness the cross straps display the wearer’s breasts beautifully and a partner has immediate access to her nipples for sucking.

What a sling-girl shouldn’t wear is latex because the latex caught between the weight of her body and the harness will almost certainly tear. However, if she is wearing heavy rubber that has a relief zipper and can stand the shear forces that can work well for some women who can stand the heat generated by sex in heavy rubber. We have had to revive sling-girls wearing heavy rubber who fainted from poor hydration during a penetrative encounter.

Height adjustment and Cable capes: There are fifteen positions for slings in the Sling Bar and reservations are required. To prevent thrust-drop if the man is taller than the woman bar slings are clipped on to individual cables attached to small winches mounted on heavy steel bracing above the ceiling. A small cordless control box for each position is used to vary the height of the sling wearer above the floor. With that flexibility even the smallest woman can adjust her height so her partner can thrust directly into her vagina w/o having to worry about thrusts so off center that she is being lifted on his shaft on each thrust then dropped back into the harness as he withdraws. Of course thrust-drop (in a bar sling its called sling-drop) is an option if she enjoys that sort of encounter, but even with satin lined straps too much of it can cause sling burns on the inner thighs and buttocks.

A cable cape is attached to the cable at each position. A cable cape is a section of lightly padded brightly colored canvas about two feet wide and three feet high that is held taunt on a soft frame to block the bartender’s view of the couple when the harness wearer has her back to the bar. It also provides support for the woman’s back so she can lean back comfortably. It’s called a cable cape because when the woman’s harness is connected to the winch cable it looks as though she is wearing a cape that is blowing behind her in the wind. The colors of the cable capes are also used to identify the positions at the bar for the customers.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A fortuitous accident

The combined contraceptive pill Mircette

The photo: The photo above is of the birth control pill Mircette: 0.15mg desogestrel, 20mcg ethinyl estradiol for 21 days, 2 inert tablets and 10mcg ethinyl estradiol for 5 days. Mircette was approved by the FDA in 1998. The progestin, desogestrel, is metabolized into etonogestrel; the progestin used in NuvaRing and Nexplanon. Desogestrel has been well accepted as a combined oral contraceptive.

Introducing Bea at Splash: In my continuing effort to broaden Bea’s sexual education I took her for orientation as a Towel-Girl at Splash, Adolph’s private underwater sex club. She has been good friends with Cyndi for the past year and so had heard a lot about what goes on there since Cyndi is a Red Door level T-G. Because the turnover in T-Gs is so great Bea can work part time there as her studies and other commitments permit. That should allow her to ease into the daily routine at Splash. In the summer, if she works out to her supervisor’s satisfaction and likes working as a T-G she can increase her hours or perhaps go full time.

Returning readers will recall that she is already participating in the training of escort candidates and some of that training will now involve dive-sex so some may wonder why I’m having her train at Splash. Of course my primary reason for placing her at Splash is because that’s where she has the greatest chance of getting a death rubber in her size that she can harvest herself. As I wrote in an earlier post:

“I was pleased that Adolph’s girls appeared in the inventory because they are less experienced, take the greatest risks and are far more likely to have serious accidents making them likely candidates for death rubber harvesting. Also making Adolph’s girls a rich hunting ground for a death rubber for Bea is that a surprising percentage of them have purchased 65mm Reflexions. I had fitted a lot of the girls and I knew that for many a 65mm was much too small to provide a proper fit when worn for flood insurance. Then it occurred me that they were wearing that size in order to offer a masochistic experience to clients wanting penis torture from ramming the rim. It’s also very uncomfortable for the woman to have a too small flat spring rim rammed by a client’s penis and in dive gear on the bottom of an encounter pool it can be claustrophobic, which may help explain the high turnover in Splash Towel-Girls.”

I had Cyndi introduce Bea to the T-Gs who actually wear a 65mm Reflexions and also to as many as possible who use one for penis torture since both groups form the donor community for her death rubber. I also suggested that if she has the opportunity Bea should participate in the recovery of a T-G’s body so she can see if she will freak out around the corpse of a friend when she needs to harvest the friends diaphragm for her own use. She has already participated in the rescue of an escort trainee who was masturbating with a forbidden toy, an inflatable dildo, at the bottom of an encounter pool and became nauseous and had an emergency ascent. She hadn’t released the gas from the dildo which burst inside her as she neared the surface. She panicked and hit the vent valve of her BCD and sank again when her weighted pool-pointes pulled her down. Emotionally Bea handled that situation quite well so I’m hoping she will hold together when she knows she needs the diaphragm her dead friend is wearing.

Dive drama: Bea has already experienced dive drama at Splash. She was with Cyndi watching an encounter when the T-G had a seizure while at the bottom of an encounter pool with a client. Her client got her to the surface and Bea and Cyndi helped get her out of the pool. The EMTs weren’t sure what caused her seizure though it could have been several things. A check of her dive computer showed that she had under reported her dive time so it could have been DCS (decompression sickness) or possibly hormonal contraceptives related since she had just switched to a new birth control pill, Mircette. It was her first cycle on the progestin desogestrel so that might have played a part. You hear far more about severe side effects occurring with NuvaRing theses days than Mircette, but both are etonogestrel once the body metabolizes desogestrel. Seizure-girl recovered, but her doctor said she couldn’t dive any more so she left Splash. She wasn’t in the donor pool as she wore a 75mm diaphragm so Bea’s chances haven’t decreased.

The good news for Bea in this incident is that she has established herself at Splash as clear headed in a crisis and effective as a first-responder positioning herself to make use of any chance to harvest a death rubber should the opportunity arise.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Gas mask party and a reader's query

A German gas mask made by Drager

The Photo: The photo [above] shows a German Drager, the kind of gas mask typically used here by parking valet services at fetish parties as it has a wide field of view. Because of the heat and the effort to suck air through a working filter canister the filter is usually removed from the canister for parking attendants and security personnel.

A U.S. joint forces MCU2AP-2 gas mask with the comm. Link cord

Bea and gas masks: I had Bea fitted with a relatively late model gas mask so we could crash one of a rival casino’s off-site fetish parties. It’s the same type I currently wear a MCU2AP-2 [shown above] with a tinted lens and comm. unit so we could talk with each other when we split up as we mingled. The canister can be worn on the right or left which is more convenient than a front mounted canister for having missionary sex. In a fetish context empty filter canisters are usually used to complete the look while making it easier to breathe during the intense effort of orgasmic sex. At night and in bright sun it’s almost impossible to see through the tinted lens from the outside to see who is wearing it. I took the invitations from two elite escorts, from the other casinos stable and left them duct taped together in their apartment closet after gassing them with chloroform from a small squirt bottle as they tried on their MCU2AP gas masks w/o the filters screwed on.

I’d been working on my plan for weeks, ever since the party had been advertised to the casino’s list of kinky high rollers. I seduced then copied the girls the apartment key from one of their boyfriends who kept it in a Laddie Caddy he always carries. I took it briefly when he was distracted trying to get in my panties. I told him I needed to check my protection if he didn’t want to use a condom and in the ladies I pressed the key into a wax pad and made an impression. The guy thought his shit didn’t stink and he did have amazing control. I’d watched him work in Naughty’s before; teasing his conquests as they hung in bar slings until they begged him to give them an orgasm. He has a great body, lovely grey eyes, was a good talker and had great stamina, but finally I tired of the game and ripple gripped him just when he thought he had me gasping and pleading for more. It was a covert ripple-grip with me tightening gradually and moving my hips very slightly when he was trying to remain perfectly still and think of his alimony payments (or whatever) to keep from coming in me. He thought he was having a bad night and apologized for filling me with semen when he said he had intended to withdraw. I could feel him swell inside me and his breath go shallow and ragged and his grip on my shoulders tightened before he shot his wad so he knew exactly what he was doing and withdrawal was never in the cards! We parted friends w/o ever exchanging names, him with a big smile on his face and me with the impression of his GF’s apartment key and draining his seed into my thong.

Due diligence: I wasn’t about to expose Bea to a major male sex god w/o taking some precautions. Fortunately birthday boy’s medical records were available to my data mining company. His most recent paternity test occurred only a week or so earlier and showed that he was not only the father, but was free of all known STIs which was a huge relief. If he had been positive I wouldn’t have even mentioned that he would be in town much less arranged a meeting. If necessary there are ways to handle an unintended pregnancy but some STIs are incurable and possibly fatal so it’s a really good idea to know the sexual health of a partner before being intimate with him even if condoms are being used because some infections can be spread w/o genital contact.

The entrance: Bea and I both wore twin-pull back-zip latex catsuits, matching hoods and gloves. The lower pull can be used as a relief zipper providing full access for bodily functions and sex. And of course our gas masks. I would have worn pointes, but that would have given me away as so few other women there had the training or inclination to wear them. So we both wore Louboutin gladiator sandals with 4 inch heels. Expensive but they fit right in. I was so proud of Bea in her heels. She walks in them so gracefully and confidently as though she has been wearing heels for years. I drove a Ford Taurus borrowed from Adolph that had Arizona plates borrowed from a junker in a scrap yard and when we showed our invitations to the gate guard she lowered the hydraulic bollard barrier and I drove on to the estate.

The party: The event was to celebrate the birthday of an A-list rocker who owns a piece of the casino and is into latex, gas masks and fucking very young women, not necessarily in that order. He has left a string of pregnant teens in his wake for years most of them aborting the fruit of his loins except for the one or two who have resorted to suicide. Bea gets wet every time she hears his songs and has most of them on the playlist on her iPod. She so wanted to experience having one of the modern kings of rock fuck her brains out and had fantasized about leaving an assignation with his seed draining into her thong so this seemed to be the perfect opportunity to introduce her clandestinely to A-list sex.

Not that she didn’t plan to give him a good time with her very strong vaginal muscles, but her goal was to have what she calls a ‘cream orgasm’, that is take him bareback with her using only her Reflexions and the silicone based lube DiveGel+ that contains a 4% O9 spermicide for protection. Bea and I are (for now) still in menstrual synchrony and that day we were both CD12 and fertile so it was a risk for her to be mounted bareback by a man with a string of unplanned pregnancies to his credit, but she could use ella (the EC tablet) afterward if it looked as though her diaphragm might have leaked so she was really looking forward to having him spew semen all over the outside of her Reflexions as he thrust into her cervix.

The meeting: Actually, things went really well from Bea’s perspective. There were a lot of women our size with gorgeous bodies wearing latex so she didn’t look or act out of place with her well toned body in a room full of showgirls and escorts and a few high roller women groupies who look uncomfortable in latex. I though Bea was lovely with her toned arms, legs and flat belly sheathed in the polished yellow latex of her suit. None of the women took off their masks, all drinking through their masks drinking straw feature or not hydrating, at least that I saw. I had found out that Bea’s birthday-boy target is particularly fond of the color yellow which why I had her wear that color and it drew the rocker’s attention almost immediately. So after he chatted briefly with a group of women he seemed to know he made his way through the guests to Bea’s side. I was with Bea as he approached and I whispered to her over the comm. link to be demure, let him take the imitative and just to follow his lead.

He looked really sexy with lovely hard thighs a slim waist and broad shoulders shown off in shiny black latex and his Mestel SGE 150 gas mask. He smelled of rubber, latex polish and that marvelous male musk that makes a woman’s pelvis tingle. The lens of his mask was clear and we could see him smile as he said “Welcome little darling” with a plumy Berkshire accent as he twisted the erect nipple of her left breast. Over our comm. link I could hear her gasp and moan softly and begin to wobble in her 4-inch heels while his other hand fondled her groin searching for the pull of her relief zipper. I stepped back, whispering that she should let him continue to lead as he opened the zipper and inserted two fingers. She whispered “Oh God he has his fingers in me feeling the rim of my D.” I just smiled. Everything was going as planned.

I thought he might push her down over the back of one of the couches and take her in front of the rest of his guests, but he withdrew his fingers, rubbed them across his thumb and smiled as he found she was draining copious amounts of her arousal juices. Fortunately her Reflexions was correctly positioned so all her stretchy egg-white fertile cervical mucus was being collected in the dome. He leaned down and touched his mask lens to hers and said “Lets get away from the crowd, there’s a room in the back”, she nodded and he led her away. I was so proud of her! She’d gotten her nerves under control so that her ankles didn’t wobble, her breathing was steady and I loved the way she accentuated the swing of her rubber sheathed hips as she moved toward their penetrative encounter.

She told me afterward that once in the room he opened her zipper further giving him full access and commented that he loved hairless pussies as she had been waxed four days earlier in preparation for offering herself to him. She said that he asked her to open his relief zipper and help him out of his athletic cup so she knelt and eased his penis and balls out of his cup holding his reproductive future gently in her hands. Caressing him she found he was uncut and loved watching as his glans appeared as he lengthened and his foreskin rolled back letting his thick erection glisten from the pre-ejaculate he was already producing. She said she could smell the musky scent of semen, latex and a scented condom lube through the empty filter canister so she knew she wouldn’t be his first of the day. She said she really wanted to suck him off but didn’t want to take her mask off so she could be identified later.

Penetration:  After he was erect it went quickly. She was pleased to find that he wasn’t as long as she had feared, but he was wonderfully thick which she loves. She thought he would mount her while lying on the bed. Instead he reached behind her put his hands under her firm high buttocks and lifted her off the floor. She spread her legs and guided him to her entrance then wrapped her legs around his waist. With her arms around his neck he moved them across the room and placed her so her back was against the wall and pushed at the same time she tightened her legs around his waist. With a single powerful thrust he penetrated her as far as he could go and their pelvises hit with a solid and rather painful thud. I could hear what was happening over Bea’s comm. link. They gasped simultaneously, she from him compressing her clit when their pelvises slammed together and he as he as he murmured “Oh My God you are so tight! How did you get to be this tight?” And she murmured back, “I’m a ballet dancer; you should feel my grip when I’m taken on my toes.” His hands under her rubber sheathed bum supporting her weight he rapidly drilled her with powerful strokes. It was all lust and no gentleness on his part, but she was so turned on having his thick unsheathed piston pumping inside her that she came twice before he got off splattering a few milliliters of molten pearl against the protective latex membrane of her diaphragm. Their encounter had lasted less then five minutes after he entered her.

Afterglow: Still hard inside her he held her against the wall and leaned against her while they enjoyed the afterglow from their physical exertions as their breathing returned to normal and sweat drained into their suits and masks. Bea was pleased that the splatter mask lenses she was wearing prevented the sweat from burning her eyes as it was the first time she had worn them for protection during a sexual encounter. She said she thought about ripple gripping him as she felt him going soft inside her, but decided not to because she didn’t want him to think she was that experienced. He lowered her gently to the floor and they rearranged their respective parts, zipped up their suits and he walked her back into the main room with the rest of his guests.

Bea knew the drill, we were to leave immediately she had gotten what she came for so we said our goodbyes to the rocker and headed for the door. He was surprised that we were leaving so early, but Bea told him we couldn’t stay longer because “We need to make the three AM bed-check at the convent.” We walked out of the house at 2:15 AM and were out the gate five minutes later. No one checks guests leaving a party.

An enquiring reader asks: You mentioned that Bea "has become a much greater risk taker than is good for someone of her age and experience." I'm curious, what risks has she been taking? What aggressive acts need moderation?

Given the effort required to obtain a death rubber for a girl of her age and the risks involved in having her harvest and learn to use it I thought that rather than answer this query in a comment, I would reply in a post where more people can form an opinion of Bea and how she approaches challenges.

She has shown up for training with escort candidates w/o having her diaphragm inserted. She did have her slit kit with her, but in training we have a strict protocol that any time a student is around a man she trains with she should have her diaphragm correctly placed with fresh spermicide in the dome. Returning readers will recall Bea is not on hormones and right now her uterus is too small to comfortably wear even a GyneFix IUD. So a diaphragm is her sole method of contraception since condoms are not worn for training in order for the girls to become confident that the contraception they are using will protect them. Granted this is a bit riskier for Bea in the near but a St Lucy’s girl in her circumstances and with her libido is expected to suck it up and be obsessive about her diaphragm wearing routine would stand her in good stead.

Worse, she has appeared for dive-sex classes w/o her diaphragm inserted for contraception and flood insurance. She wasn’t able to get into the pool area as the dressing room door to the pool wouldn’t open because the scanner detected the RFID chip in her diaphragm wasn’t behind her pelvic bone. Given that she has no other form of contraception at the moment, that she was approaching her fertile interval and she wouldn’t have been protected from having water forced into her uterus by the hydraulics of her partner’s thrusts if her vagina flooded, that was very reckless behavior.

I think wearing her very own death rubber that she harvested herself the former owner’s Chi will cause her to become more grounded and responsible. That has been the effect wearing a series of death rubbers has had on me regardless of how sexually irresponsible the previous owner had been. I can’t stress enough the additional confidence and greater perspective having any of my death rubbers inserted gives me so I’m certain that Bea’s perspective will benefit from her wearing one. It will be an amazing learning experience for her melding sex and life lessons from women much older and experienced than her.


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Death rubber, Chi and Trimix

OTS Guardian FFM with ambient breathing valve and comm. unit

Bea’s dive training: Bea’s academic work has her on the dean’s list so she shouldn’t have any problem with finals in a few weeks. Now that summer is approaching I had our divemaster qualify her for recreational diving with Trimix so she can dive to the bottom of Adolph’s deep water training facility with me. I wouldn’t let her near Adolph alone because she is just his type, but he has the only heated deep water pool, it’s a bit more than 200 ft deep, where we can go to the bottom in bikinis or nude and she should be safe with me. She sometimes wears contacts to change her eye color so I had her fitted with a ‘splatter mask’ to add to her Slit Kit. Returning readers may remember that a splatter mask is a pair of very large gas permeable soft contact lenses of the latest silicone formulation worn to minimize the effects of having semen splattered in the eyes during a sexual encounter. A splatter mask is also useful for keeping sweat out of the eyes while SCUBA diving.

Electronic medical records and death rubber: I mentioned in an earlier post that its difficult finding new latex death rubber cervical barriers as my old ones wear out. Returning readers will recall that a ‘death rubber’ is a cervical barrier (diaphragm or cervical cap) that was being worn when the woman died while having sex. Almost all are diaphragms as the only cap now generally available is FemCap which can be worn comfortably while swimming, but is subject to squeeze when worn while diving to any appreciable depth. Almost all escorts using cervical barriers wear latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragms even though they must be avoided by women with latex allergy, don’t last as long as silicone and for some women can contribute to UTIs. Reflexions is so popular because of latex superior heat transfer properties, the softer stretchier dome and the fact that it is very difficult for even the most skilled man to intentionally under-thrust the rim. But for dive-sex Reflexions is a must because it’s the only diaphragm that can be effectively worn as flood insurance below ten meters since its flat spring rim will not distort due to water pressure. My size is an 80mm, but Bea takes the smallest size, a 65mm so as death rubber they can be extremely difficult to find.

Fortunately most reproductive health clinics and pharmacies in this area have converted their paper medical records to electronic ones on-line. There is no way I would have been able to track the fitting and sale of diaphragms by myself so I hired a data mining company to collect and format the information in a form I can use to see which practitioners are performing fittings, who is being fitted with what and where they are buying their diaphragms and caps. Not surprisingly our clinic fits and sells a significant percentage and I recognize the names of all of our trainees and our casino’s (Pirate’s) stable of elite escorts who are all fitted with Reflexions there. I also recognized the names of the girls who flow through Adolph’s training facility and use Reflection for flood insurance most of whom end up working as Towel-Girls at Splash, his underwater sex club, where the turnover of girls is quite high.

I was pleased that Adolph’s girls appeared in the inventory because they are less experienced, take the greatest risks and are far more likely to have serious accidents making them likely candidates for death rubber harvesting. Also making Adolph’s girls a rich hunting ground for a death rubber for Bea is that a surprising percentage of them have purchased 65mm Reflexions. I had fitted a lot of the girls and I knew that for many a 65mm was much too small to provide a proper fit when worn for flood insurance. Then it occurred me that they were wearing that size in order to offer a masochistic experience to clients wanting penis torture from ramming the rim. It’s also very uncomfortable for the woman to have a too small flat spring rim rammed by a client’s penis and in dive gear on the bottom of an encounter pool it can be claustrophobic, which may help explain the high turnover in Splash Towel Girls.

Chi and Me: In traditional Chinese culture, qì (also chi or ch'i) is an active principle forming part of any living thing. Qi is frequently translated as "life energy", "life force", or "energy flow". Qi is the central underlying principle in traditional Chinese medicine and martial arts. The literal translation of "qi" is "breath", "air", or "gas".

I use the anglicized form ‘Chi' to stand for the portion of a woman’s life force that remains with her diaphragm if she dies during intercourse while wearing it. One summer in Montreal years ago, working as a latex model when the ballet Co. I was with was on hiatus, I discovered wearing other women’s diaphragms (don’t ask, it’s complicated) was a huge turn-on. When I accidentally wore the keepsake Ortho All-Flex of a roommate’s dead sister killed during her rape I was fascinated to find a portion of her life force was still in the diaphragm. With more experience I found that seemed to occur only when the previous owner died during sex. Not only that but that element of the dead woman’s Chi combines with my own while I wear her diaphragm giving me greater confidence and assertiveness as well as practical knowledge from the former owner’s life experiences. If I wear a particular death rubber frequently enough, after about ten or twelve times, I become able to mentally experience more details from the former owner’s life as I become more comfortable with her Chi. It’s to the point now that I can recall the previous owner’s sexual encounters had with lovers while wearing the diaphragm I have inserted. So far I have avoided recalling the encounter during which she died thinking I might not survive the experience.

Bea and Chi: By equipping Bea with death rubber diaphragms of her own I’m going to try to moderate her attitude about men from sexual aggression to sexual assertiveness using the previous owner’s Chi. Chi moderation has worked very well for me to curb some extremely dangerous behaviors so I’m hoping it will work for Bea because since she participated in the private coaching sessions with Brian she has become a much greater risk taker than is good for someone of her age and experience.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thrust-drop and platform pads

Toe-box interiors of Gaynor Minden pointes showing the platform pads

Ballet-sex: Returning readers know that ballet-sex - as I define it - is a woman being penetrated while en pointe when her pelvic muscles are clenched from being balanced on the tips of her toes giving her a much tighter vaginal grip. It can be done face-to-face with her backed against a wall or some other vertical immovable object, or she can be entered from the rear while bent over with her trunk horizontal with the floor in which position she can take a longer man. In both positions she should be sur les pointes a la seconde so her partner can stand comfortably between her legs and ideally with their pelvises at the same level so he is thrusting straight in.

Pointe-shoes and ballet-sex: While I perform in special order Freed Classics hand made to my measurements by the Crown maker, Freeds are performance shoes made of traditional materials paper, canvas, paste and leather and won’t hold up well when used for ballet-sex because of the need to stay continuously en pointe for the duration of penetration typically twenty to forty minutes. Fifteen minutes into the encounter the woman’s sweat will have soaked through her toe-pads and by twenty-five begun melting the paste causing the blocks to deform and no longer support and protect her toes. Even jet gluing the blocks won’t prevent the blocks from melting for very long.

Another problem with wearing pointes made from traditionally materials for ballet-sex is that the shanks will often shatter. That’s because the woman tires of holding herself balanced over the blocks and puts her weight on her heels ‘sitting in her shoes’ which causes the shanks to break. Or, if his pelvis is slightly higher than hers her partner’s thrusts can lift her off the floor and when he withdraws she’s dropped back on the platforms, which is called thrust-drop, driving her toes into the inner platform of the toe-box and possibly crushing the shanks as her feet flex to take her drop weight. Special ordered 3/16ths leather shanks, which if 3/4tered will flex and not break, can be worn to prevent breaking Freed shanks and several other makers now offer polymer shanks, but even with polymer shanks paper, hessian (burlap) and paste blocks still melt from the moisture and there is no thrust-drop protection for toes.

Gaynor Minden’s toe-box and shank: With the unitized polymer toe-box and shank wearing Gaynor pointes for ballet-sex eliminates problems with melting toe-boxes and shattered shanks and provides internal toe-box padding for the long intervals balanced on our toes. If the woman is wearing hard shanked shoes Gaynors also allow her to rest by putting her weight on her heels which is particularly important when stretching calf muscles. The wearer being able to put her weight on her heels w/o destroying the shanks makes it so much easier alternating feet, balancing on the toes of one foot briefly to flex her other foot to minimize the likelihood of calf cramps during an encounter.

Thrust-drop and Platform pads: Thrust-drop, which happens all too frequently, usually occurs when the male partner is much taller than the woman and she isn’t standing on an equalization platform of some sort and unless the couple is in an encounter salle there is usually nothing for her to stand on to equalize the height of her pelvis to his when she is en pointe. Wearing toe-pads in traditional shoes to protect against thrust-drop is not nearly as comfortable or effective and will often result in badly bruise nails and sometimes broken toes.

Thick soft internal toe-box platform pads are standard in all GM pointes and are wonderful for prolonged intervals on the tips of the toes. Even though my toes go numb when I’ve be en pointe continuously for more than a few minutes (which I think is common for dancers wearing properly fitting pointes) for those of us into ballet-sex the platform pads help minimize the discomfort and damage of being repeatedly thrust-dropped while en-pointe. I buy my Gaynors sized so I can wear toe pads in them. That way when my feet swell when I’m menstrual I can wear Gaynors with just the standard inner padding when I play and still be comfortable.

Calves: Hard shanked Gaynors are as good as it gets as far as comfort and support are concerned during ballet-sex. That leaves physical training of the legs, strengthening the ankles and especially the calves to develop the stamina to endure the long intervals en pointe while penetrated. Nutritionally it’s a matter of a balanced diet and staying well hydrated to replace the electrolytes lost through sweat. Physically it’s a matter of intense training with male partners and a suction base dildo mounted on a studio mirror. Working at least an 30 minutes a day while penetrated en pointe five times a week to strengthen and increase the endurance of calves should keep an escorts calves in good shape.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Bea’s social education begins

A C-string invisible thong panty
The photo: The C-string panty eliminates panty lines in tight skirts and slacks and covers the head of a Penetrator plug when the wearer is performing on stage in pasties and C-string with her plug inserted.

Bea becomes my protégé: Now that I’ve taken a personal interest in her I’ve arranged for her to stay with me for training over the summer holiday as her mom is now in an acute care facility. As my protégé she will be taught all I know about seduction then be presented into society to make the most of her considerable talents. I’ll love watching her cutting a swathe through the men in society breaking hearts and mind-fucking contenders left and right as her favors are competed for. She definitely has a seriously kinky side so one of the first things is to find her a 65mm Reflexions death rubber as I’ve found the Chi of the former owner can be a huge confidence boost when I’m feeling tentative.

Bea, her Reflexions and ‘cervical grip’: Returning readers will remember that I recently wrote about fitting Bea with her first latex diaphragm, a 65mm flat spring Reflexions. The advantages of wearing a flat spring latex diaphragm are better heat transfer characteristics and it’s nearly impossible to under-thrust. Under-thrust protection is very important since she is too small for an IUD and she will be continuing her training encounters with escort candidates and possibly Brian. Also with Reflexions, on the sensual side there is the marvelous feeling that I’ll call ‘cervical grip’ when wearing it with the dome under significant vacuum while diving or pumped down in a hyperbaric chamber under positive pressure.

I hadn’t had the opportunity to take her to Adolph’s multi-bed hyperbaric chamber to see if the seal of her Reflexions was good enough that the dome would hold a strong vacuum to sustain her cervical grip until she broke the seal. Though she has deep soft vaginal rugae and it seemed to me that the rim should seal well enough to develop and retain a strong vacuum you can’t tell for sure until the individual actually puts her diaphragm under vacuum.

It wasn’t the best time for either of us since we were both on our periods. I was CD1 and flowing lightly and she was CD5 and over her heavy days for the month. But I had a patient from The Lorelei, who I was going to try and fit for a high-vac dome so time in the chamber was available and we took it. We emptied our diaphragms then reinserted making sure that they were positioned correctly and were comfortable. Then I had the chamber operator take us down slowly to 100 feet as we adjusted to the pressure and the air was squeezed out of the domes and the latex membranes were stretched over our cervixes and into our anterior fornices. Bea loved the feeling. She said it was as though her uterus was being gently pushed higher inside her, which indeed it was, slightly. It’s somewhat the same feeling a woman gets when she wears a pessary for a minor uterine prolapse, minus the pain and other side effects associated with the prolapse.

Bea kitted out for underwater sex: Now that I have more control over her training I had her kitted out for dive-sex. Fortunately she is already PADI open water qualified which saves us a world of time as we can get straight to diving with male escorts. That will be a help to the men, having Bea in their rotation as there aren’t that many St Lucy’s girls who are interested in sex underwater even in a properly equipped and well heated pool. I’ll admit a girl does have to be adventuresome and have a raging libido to enjoy dive-sex so Bea should fit right in.

I had our divemaster fit her with an Oceans Technology Systems Guardian full face mask (OTS Guardian FFM) with an ambient breathing valve (abv) that saves air when on the surface and a comm. Link so she can talk to her dive partner while under water. But the really practical thing about FFMs for dive-sex is that during orgasm you don’t have to worry about losing your reg if you open your mouth to scream which, at least for women, lets us forget about equipment and just enjoy sucking gas and our partner’s thrust technique.

Pool pointes, silicone toe-shoes with replaceable satin ribbons, come in standard U.S. women’s shoe sizes so there was no problem in having her fitted at Gepetto’s fetish shoe amd; boot boutique. The pointes came with a full set of lead platform weights from one to twenty pounds in two pound increments. Returning readers will remember the weights can be screwed onto the platforms of the buoyancy neutral shoes to hold the wearer in the vertical position under water or with the heavier weights on the bottom like a divers lead weighted boots.

Brian and the Mumps: I haven’t heard from Brian for almost a month. Callisto called today to say that he had had a very bad case of Mumps and wondered where he had gotten it since no one in his classes at the university have had it recently. I’m fairly certain that I know where he contracted it, from one of his St Lucy’s Muses though none of them presented any symptoms of the virus. A significant percentage of cases are asymptomatic and St Lucy’s did have a few presenting cases about that time even though we had all been inoculated with the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine. Callisto said that his testicles had become swolen and very painful and that he seems to be taking a very long time to recover. Side effects are rare but can be very serious in adults. I have no way t prove it but he spent so much time privately coaching Bea that I think he probably got it from her even though she presented no symptoms and seemed in top physical condition during their repeated sexual encounters. Callisto said he has revised his schedule to cancel all travel for the rest of the academic year, which is a relief since I hadn’t decided exactly how I was going to prevent Brian privately coaching Bea as he said he intended to do and still keep him happy.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Prentif and its sado-masochist use

A 25 mm Prentif cervical cap and hard shank Gaynors

The Prentif Cavity Rim cervical cap: The Prentif, approved by the FDA in the late 80s for use in the U.S as a contraceptive barrier, came in four sizes: 22, 25, 28, and 31mm, which were the internal dimensions of the base of the dome. I take a 25mm and bought several before the manufacturer, Lamberts, stopped making them in about 2005 and I continue to find wearing them fun. When forced down over a smooth walled cervix the cavity in the rim develops a strong suction that holds it securely on the cervix. Once the cap is properly positioned the tab on the shoulder of the rim (seen at about one-o’clock in the photo above) is used to turn the cap a full turn while pressing on the dome to ‘screw it down’ on the cervix.

When Prentif is used as intended, for contraception, it’s important to remember that the tab should be positioned behind the cervix after the turn to screw the cap down so that the edges aren’t hit by a thrusting penis. The Prentif, for those fortunate enough to have serviceable ones, can be worn continuously for 48 hours w/o using any additional spermicide. Prentif is as effective, about 94%, as a diaphragm for nulliparous women. For parous women cervical changes make the Prentif only about 85% effective. I think the biggest problem with the Prentif cap was that there was not size smaller than the 22mm, say about 19mm as a great many women who wanted to wear a Prentif had cervixes too small to be properly fitted.

Dimensions and fit: The 25mm cap is 4cm tall and when forced on to a typical 3 cm long cervix there is about a 2cm space between the tip of the cervix and the inside top of the dome. This space is usually partially filled with a spermicide as back-up contraception so if the cap displaces sperm will be immobilized by the spermicide in the dome. When the cap is suctioning well the vacuum in the domes of the 25 through 31 mm sizes will cause the top of the dome to dimple. The dome of the 22mm is too stiff to dimple under vacuum. A sign that the cap is too old and the latex is getting stiff is if the dome of 25mm and larger caps becomes permanently dimpled.

When I wore a Prentif as my primary method in the late 90s my fit was so tight that I never used spermicide in the dome and had to pry it off after a 48 hour wearing interval. If a woman wearing a 22mm Prentif was fertile and she wore the cap for the full 48 hour interval there was a possibility that the dome could fill with fertile cervical mucus and then when hit by a thrusting penis it could ‘float off’ her cervix. Even though I wear a 25mm I thought it was a good idea when fertile to wear Prentif for only 24 hours to make sure the dome wasn’t full and I didn’t have an accident.

Sado-Masochism and Prentif: The outer diameter of a 25mm cap is about 4cm at the base of the cap, thus increasing the diameter at the base of the cervix by about 1.5cm when the cap is properly positioned. The increase in length of the cervix by as much as 2cm (discussed above) and its diameter by 1.5cm increases the cervix ‘target’ size. This is a condition seemingly appreciated only by a few Prentif wearers and our partners in the BDSM community who enjoy cervical or penile glans battering (both of which are acquired tastes) if the man is not quite long enough to reach the cervix unaided.

Cervix battering: For cervix battering of a masochist partner most men don’t seem to mind thrusting into the Prentifs soft dome. The base containing the cavity rim is a bit stiffer, but if the shoulder tab is behind the cervix so it isn’t hit my partners say it’s not uncomfortable and often overlooked when the woman gasps or moans when he hits the dome straight on. If a nulliparous woman’s cervix is smooth and the cap correctly sized and screwed down tight a thrusting penis shouldn’t dislodge it.

Glans battering: For glans battering the shoulder tab is rotated so it faces the anterior wall of the vagina. That way the man is quite likely to hit the tab with some frequency. When glans battering is intended it’s best to have the man wear a well fitting cock ring to prevent him going flaccid when he hits the tab. Of course a man in a cock ring limits the duration of safe play to about 20 minutes. Very few male masochists can repeatedly hit the shoulder tab of a Prentif and retain an erection w/o wearing a cock ring. I’ve found that astride where I control the depth and direction of penetration or missionary where I’m wearing bedshoes to increase the range of my pelvic thrusts, are the best positions for battering a man’s glans.

Escorts, caution and the Prentif: For the few escorts who specialize in male penile sadism it’s a premium service. Using a Prentif that way takes experience (there are no classes) so she knows how to hit his glans a glancing blow with the tab to minimize the number of solid hits she takes to her cervix while causing him the most pain. That’s because uterine prolapse where the uterus drops into the vagina, is a common problem experienced by escorts who specialize in clients paying for rough cervical contact. Uterine prolapse in an escort is usually the end of her career since even with surgery afterward she is rarely the same.

In my teens it took me getting only a few solid blows to my cervix to learn to adjust my hips and pelvis to take glancing blows that stimulate my libido while minimizing the possibility of damage to the muscles and ligaments holding my uterus in place. Of course working out with Ben Wa balls as we all do is very good exercise to strengthen the pelvic muscles to avoid a prolapse.

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