Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ball-Girls and cock rings

Metal cock & ball rings on a cut and shaved man

This photo: A cut and shaved man fitted and aroused in a metal cock and ball ring set. It’s important that the man be shaved and experienced in wearing rings before graduating to this sort of C&B harness. He needs to understand and practice removal before attempting to use it in an encounter because ease and speed of removal can be crucial to his reproductive health when trying to wear the device for as long as possible. Wearing cock rings for too long an interval can cut off circulation causing irreversible tissue and nerve damage.
A double Magnum support Stainless steel/TPR cock ring as used by Brian

This Photo: Is from the Eden Fantasy on-line catalog. While it looks like something from the dark ages Brian has used it with me in missionary as a thrust-buffer and even as gentle as he is I found the soft TPR against my recently waxed mons pubis much more comfortable than our two pelvic bones slamming together when he’s planting his seed in me

Bea and cock rings: Since I recently fit Bea with her first 65mm Reflexions latex flat spring diaphragm she hasn’t had another private coaching session with Brian. During her next session (if there is one) she wants to try and take his full length w/o using a cock ring like the one pictured above which he wore - just around his penis – as a thrust-buffer to protect her cervix and pelvis from the power and length of his thrusts. His pubes are waxed so with a little lube and stretching the ring a bit he can easily slip it on and off.

She has been training with a suction mounted 2.5 inch diameter 9 inch long silicone dildo trying to stretch herself a few more mm. Perhaps if she takes him when fertile, while her cervix is ripe, soft, high and open, and if she is fully aroused and penetrated from the rear I might let her try. She would be at her deepest then and she is surprisingly deep for a woman her age and size. I remember my mentor in ballet school saying the same thing about me when I was her age. Then the difference was that all the diaphragms were latex and none of the large men who penetrated me used anything to buffer their thrusts even when I asked them to. Sometimes I had to psych myself to arousal so as not to have my cervix battered unmercifully and I got to be really good at it.

Ball-Girls: I mentioned in an earlier post that Bea is working part time at Fasteners, our BDSM boutique. She is a shop-assistant specializing in cock and ball hardware, a job known locally as a ‘Ball-Girl’. Unlike in baseball and tennis rather than chasing after stray balls a Ball-Girl at Fasteners fits men with cock and ball hardware, both for medical reasons, as ED appliances, as well as performance enhancing sex toys. She learned to fit men by working with me for the last seven months as I fit our male escort trainees with C&B hardware as part of their training in the proper use and safety of the devices. She is really good at it and even gets on well with the two full time Ball-Girls who have been overworked to the point they were unable to provide the level of service that Fasteners is known for. The full time girls can’t really complain as they work on salary not commission.

Client rapport: Right now because of her age Bea’s client base is limited to our male escorts and trainees a limitation which also provides her with significant STI protection because the men are routinely screened and while in training only have sex with female trainees or selected St Lucy’s ballet students. The personal dynamic with her as an expert fitter dealing with the same men who are otherwise fucking her brains out as part of their training is amazing to see. On the first visit the men are initially apprehensive about trusting the safety of their manhood to a gorgeous training partner, but in dealing with them she is professional and the men quickly see her as a knowledgeable, non-threatening, non-judgmental fitter. Not only that but she seems to hypnotize them like a mongoose does a cobra as the brain in the little head between their legs takes over and the guy is sitting there glassy eyed with her gently manipulating his genitals. Once she puts her gloved hands on him the client is completely pussy whipped and dreaming of a chance to shoot his wad in her belly during the test drive of his new C&B set after she finishes fitting him.

The fact is that Bea’s uniform as a Ball-Girl; a white lab coat the hem of which comes only to mid thigh, a thong panty, bare legs and white Gaynor Mindens with suede platforms and a white headband that holds her long glossy hair off her face while letting it cascade beautifully down her back, is intentionally provocative. Since she now works primarily with escort candidates and a few professional escorts her costume is intended as a test to see how well a trainee/client can control his ardor. Once a Ball-Girl puts her client at ease she discusses his needs and makes suggestions then helps him get into and out of some of the more elaborate harnesses as he tries them out. She is careful to explain that 20 minutes of continuous wearing is about as long as a fully erect man should try to wear a correctly fitting C&B set.

Bed-time: Another part of her job, with escort trainees and licensed escorts, is to partner with a client if he wants to try out the device he just bought and almost all of them want to try them out bareback with Bea. Of course contraceptive protection is mandatory, for a Ball-Girl, so her continuous wearing regimen for the Reflexions diaphragm with a 4% O9 DiveGel+ spermicide in the dome is serving her well. She’s having a lot more intimate encounters, which are recorded as ‘bed-time’ regardless of how or where she is taken, with the trainees than other St Lucy’s girls which is building up her stamina. I’m so pleased that I was able to place her as a Ball-Girl she’s perfect for the position! She loves helping her clients select equipment that makes them look and perform their best!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Ballet-sex and Gaynor Minden pointes

Luxe satin supple shank Gaynors as bedshoes

Advanced training for Bea: Returning readers will remember that twenty-one St Lucy’s ballet students (seven from each of the second, third and fourth year ballet students) were chosen to participate in Brian’s technique master classes. In the three weeks he was teaching at St Lucy’s he became attracted to some of the girls more than others for their grace, musicality, strong technique and a very few additionally for their amazing pelvic grip during private coaching sessions conducted immediately after his master classes. These girls he called his ‘Muses’.

Brian in thrall: During his three week residence he became obsessed with a Muse named Bea, a second year student, who excels at academics and whose physical and mental maturity and guile belie her age. She knows just what to say, how to flirt w/o seeming to and how to gently and humorously turn away unwanted advances while making the man believe she values his attention. I see a lot of myself in Bea when I was her age and so I’m working with her to expand and perfect her range of skills. She is on an academic scholarship as her mom is in poor health and of modest means so she works part time as a specialty shop assistant at Fasteners our BDSM Boutique. She has a gorgeous Balanchine body and waxes everything but her eyelashes and scalp hair so nude she actually looks far younger than she really is. She reached menarche two years ago, at thirteen, and fortunately her cycles have already stabilized into regular 29/30 day intervals with minimal discomfort during menses that Ibuprofen will take care of. She only came to my attention recently while I watched her perform in Brian’s classes and during his private coaching sessions where she handled his size and ardor with grace dignity and good humor for such a large man in so small a woman.

The Muses and bedshoes: Bea is still growing so her body might change considerably as she ages but both her parents were small and slim, so if she wants to pursue a career as a dancer/escort it would be ideal if she were to mature with her body proportions just as they are now. I’ve come to look on her as a daughter so now that Cyndi will be leaving for Oxford in the Fall I’ve decided to take Bea under my wing and teach her all I know about seduction and launch her into society so she can make the most of her talents. I’ll love watching her cutting a swathe through the men in society breaking hearts left and right as her favors are competed for.

One of the things I’m teaching Bea is the use of Gaynor Minden pointes as bedshoes which is a particularly important use for a small woman as she is now. As Brian’s Muse she wore Gaynors for support and comfort during the facet of ballet-sex where she was penetrated from behind while en pointe, which was the only position Brian could comfortably use in a ballet studio since they weren’t in an encounter salle. The reason suede tipped Gaynors are also ideal as bedshoes is because the sueded platforms provide excellent traction on bed linens even on very high thread count and satin sheets, so allow a small woman being taken in missionary by a tall man to use her pointes to increase the range of her pelvic thrusts. Even when a tiny woman has her buns on a hard pillow it is often difficult for a tall man to penetrate her easily while they are in bed as opposed to when she’s penetrated with her legs on his shoulders or while on her back on a dinner table or on a kitchen island. So Gaynors with supple shanks can be a thrust-multiplier for small women when worn as bedshoes

Our escorts perform for clients in sueded tips and Luxe satin shoes to look their very best. Typically hard shanks are used for sex en pointe and supple shanks in bedshoes. That’s what I wear and what I’m having Bea wear to train in. The Luxe satin is an additional $5 and the sueded platforms an additional $10 USD and well worth it. Of course the school buys in quantity so we get a discount. The Luxe satin is a shimmering, plush and luxurious peach satin which self-smoothes to minimize folds and wrinkles which I think is better than the standard peach satin for ballet sex encounters because it shows off the wearer’s gorgeous legs with far fewer distracting wrinkles in the satin of her shoes. The only drawback to Luxe satin shoes is that when splattered with coitial discharge then pancaked with makeup or calamine lotion to hide the stains you lose the marvelous plush glow of the satin, but stained or pancaked shoes are still good to train in

A better shoe: My readers may recall that I wrote several years ago about wearing Capezio Glisse shoes as bedshoes and coated the platforms with several coats of liquid latex for traction. Unfortunately with wear the latex peels off and the shanks of Glisse shoes can break if the woman does a lot of pelvic thrusting when under a tall man. Gaynors with sueded tips and supple shanks avoid both those problems and last far longer than Capezios so while on a per-pair basis GMs are more expensive we have found over the long term Gaynors are less expensive because even high users buy about half as many pairs. And nap on the suede platforms can be refreshed by using a suede brush.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Jupiter as Diana seduces Callisto

The photo: Jupiter and Callisto by Francois Boucher oil on canvas. Dimensions: 72 x 98 cm, completed in 1744. It’s in the Pushkin Museum of Fine Art, Moscow, Russia. In Greek mythology Callisto (or Kallisto) was a nymph of Artemis. Transformed by Zeus into a bear and set among the stars, she was the bear-mother of the Arcadians, through her son Arcas.

Fitting the enemy: Guess whose legs were in the stirrups on my exam table a few days ago? She is new to the clinic and rather than being randomly assigned to me had asked for me specifically, which aroused my curiosity as I know most of the women who have asked to be fitted by me. They are either existing patients or referrals from friends and are on my schedule well in advance. She was a walk-in and amazingly I had a cancellation. Her name is Callisto, from Greek Mythology, and she is gorgeous 5’9” raven haired ex-dancer though too tall for classical ballet. She works as a project manager for a well known aerospace company that recently got a large contract at the RPV (remotely piloted vehicle - drone) control base north of town. She came in for an annual pelvic and to check the fit of an old latex Ortho All-Flex that she was fitted for in 2007. She is currently using the single rod implant Implanon the 3 year effectiveness of which is due to expire next month. She said she is planning to start a family soon so wants to go back to using a diaphragm and spermicide combination to allow time for her natural cycles to resume and stabilize before she tries to conceive.

I fit her with a 70mm All-Flex as she said she isn’t into fetish sex for which Reflexions would have been a better choice and suggested she use ContraGel, a natural ingredients spermicide that uses lactic acid as the active ingredient. Blushing, she also asked what I would advise for pelvic muscle toning. So I suggested two sets of Ben Wa balls. The first a set of individual 1.0 inch Pyrex glass balls each weighing .65 oz as a starter set as she was rather tight to begin with and then a set of .75 inch chrome steel balls each weighing 1.0 oz. once she can manipulate the Pyrex set confidently and won’t expel them if she coughs or sneezes. She bought both at the clinic’s toning boutique before she left.

We seemed to be getting along well and at the end of her fitting as she dressed she said “You don’t know who I am, do you?” That caught me off guard and I said, “I know only what you’ve put in your medical record and told me about yourself.” To which she replied, “I’m Brian’s wife.” And my day had been going so well up to that point! She was my last patient of the day and I had planned to spend several hours window-shopping the Spring fashions, but she asked if I had time to talk and since she appeared to have her emotions under control and her clutch was too small to conceal a gun I thought since I’m fucking her husband why not listen to what she has to say. So I asked if she would like to go with me to Panera (the bread place) on West Lake Mead Blvd, where they have wonderful salads and she followed me in her rental. I love their French bread and with my metabolism I can get away with eating a lot of it with Boars Head roast beef, lettuce and tomato as a filling.

Over coffee and a salad at Panera she told me why she had tracked me down. She and Brian have been married for 6 years and she had known for the last three that he was having affairs with some of his former ballet students while touring schools auditioning new students. She said she wants children and Brian does not and her biological clock is ticking. She has found a young widower, her boss (who Brian had told me was married) who loves her and has asked her to marry him and she intends to divorce Brian.

Pillow talk: She said she wondered what I was like, since he has talked about me in his sleep and has even mentioned me and my success as a dancer to her while in bed together and how tight my grip is. I thought my face was on fire I was blushing so badly. Here I am sitting across the table from a woman whose husband is fucking me every chance he gets and she’s telling me he has compared her vaginal grip to mine and he told her I’m much tighter. Which she said is why she asked me how she could tone her muscles to increase her grip. She asked if I was seriously interested in Brian as a husband because he would be available soon. We both agreed that while he is a truly fantastic lover and sex with him is awesome, neither of us wants him as a husband. However, we both want to continue having sex with him, at least for now. We agreed to keep in touch and strange as it may seem I think we parted friends.

No-fault divorce: She’s going to file for divorce in California, which is a no-fault state, citing irreconcilable differences as the reason. The earliest she can expect the court to grant the divorce is six months and she intends to settle with Brian well ahead of that so that she should be free to marry again some time in the fall. She has had a private investigator photographing his assignations for the past few months and thinks he will settle quickly if she agrees to keep his serial infidelities from becoming public knowledge, which would destroy his career. Fortunately she doesn’t seem to know about his fondness for the private coaching sessions with selected student ‘muses’. She has already broached the subject of divorce with Brian which may explain why he seems to have become extremely attentive to my needs while still fucking as many of his ‘muses’ as I will allow him access to.

The Rite of Spring: Jack was here for the ceremony of planting the first seeds of Spring to celebrate the Vernal Equinox on March 20th, which he did with me having an Oves screwed down tight on my ripe cervix because I was CD13 and ovulated the next day. It was a quiet gathering of like minded friends. After the ceremony we feasted on venison steaks and mead. Not a typical modern western U.S. breakfast, though ham and eggs were available. The venison (Red Deer Jack killed on his father’s estate, aged and shipped in especially for the occasion) and mead linked us to the ancients in whose footsteps we follow.

Spring break and viruses: UNLV is on Spring Break this week and Mumps is on campus and at St Lucy’s as well. The two shot combination measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine is about 88% effective. So even though all our students have been vaccinated Mumps has infected a few girls at St Lucy’s and they have been quarantined because of potentially serious side effects if an adult gets Mumps. The incubation time is about three weeks so it will take a while for the virus to work its way through vulnerable students and faculty. Fortunately I had Mumps after getting the vaccine when I six and living with my parents in Southwest Virginia so I’m not likely to get it again.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Pointe-shoe quiz March 25, 2013

Who is the maker of these shoes and, for extra credit, what style are they?

This one might be a bit tricky

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Lesbians and breeding diaphragms

Pre-seed lubricates while protecting sperm from vaginal secretions

Lesbians and breeding diaphragms: A grad-student at UNLV referred a friend in the Air Force who is stationed at the Indian Springs site to me for assistance with a fertility problem. They are both in the same sorority and met at the Meat Market at Naughty Pleasures. Naughty’s is primarily Het, but some wonderful lesbian relationships have begun there as well and theirs is one of them and they want to get married.

So 'Barbara', the tall blonde air force officer, wants out of the service and has decided that becoming pregnant is the easiest and quickest way for her to return to civilian life. Barb could have picked up a man at one of the many bars in town, but wanted a man who is safe and with good genes in case the women want to keep the baby. So Barb wanted me to get her pregnant w/o having to have a man mount her or going to a sperm bank for semen.

Because Barbara’s and my pelvic sizes are similar what I’ve been doing for her last four cycles is having a lover take me while I’m wearing a ‘breeding diaphragm’, which returning readers will recall is one two sizes smaller than the proper size, under-thrust the rim and spew all his ejaculate in the dome which also has Pre-Seed in it to reduce the acidity of my vaginal fluids to protect the sperm. I did that at the end of Brian’s visit a few weeks ago with Barb waiting in an exam room so the semen was less than an hour out of Brian when I carefully removed the breeder while on my back and then with her on the exam table I inserted it making sure the rim went behind her cervix and that afterward she stayed quiet for 30 minutes with a pillow under her buns while her cervix was immersed in a pool of fresh semen.

I had been using one of the escort trainees to provide semen for Barb’s insemination, but the last time she was fertile my regular donor was unavailable so I used Brian’s ejaculate as he had never under-thrust a diaphragm before and that really turned him on. Today Barb called to say she is testing positive for hCG and is coming in for a serum pregnancy test to make certain she really is preggers. Miscarriages are fairly common during the first trimester so we’ll see, but it looks as though Brian may be a father again w/o him knowing it.

The vernal equinox: Spring begins with the vernal equinox at 7:02 A.M. (EDT) on March 20, 2013 in the Northern Hemisphere. A group of my ex-pat friends with Druid blood will celebrate quietly at a near by holy site in some ancient ruins at 7:00AM, PDT. It’s not Stonehenge, but it’s the best I can do in this area. Jack is flying in for the celebration and I’m taking him on an ancient stone altar as Druid friends watch as we consummate the arrival of Spring. Afterward, in recognition of being in the South Western U.S. we will have a western breakfast I’ll be CD13 tomorrow and very fertile (I should ovulate the next day) so I’ll be wearing an Oves cap which from the standpoint of what a man can feel is almost as though I’m wearing no protection at all.

Spring break in Vegas: UNLV Spring Break is March 25 – 30, but other schools are already on break. My UNLV sorority friends are going to Mexico, diving again this year so have been coming in for fit checks of their Reflexions diaphragms, used as gas-guards and for flood insurance and stocking up on FC2s for encounters with the local men.

Very few students under the legal age to drink and gamble come to Vegas on Spring break, but a lot of grad students from engineering schools do to try out their sure-thing system of beating the tables. If girls follow them we get requests for IUD insertions, usually ParaGard since we only let local women participate in the GyneFix clinical trial, an occasional diaphragm replacement and EC, usually ella because it is effective for 5 days after the encounter of concern. The need for an Rx for ella isn’t a problem as we have a GP on duty so there is no waiting.

Syringe plug dangers: I wrote about syringe plugs in my post for March 2, 2013 and they can be a huge turn on for women to use. I wrote:” Our boutique pharmacy at Naughty Pleasures partners with a local sperm bank to offer our women customers a thrilling ‘hot-loading’ experience using very high potency sperm. It can be high risk for some (if the client is unprotected) or a test of the effectiveness of her method of contraception while having the experience of draining a $350 USD 6ml load of high quality semen into her panties while watching a show or at the tables in our casino.”

What I didn’t mention is that if used incorrectly a syringe plug can be dangerous. The semen provided by out pharmacy is a 7ml specimen to ensure that the 6ml ejaculate chamber is completely filled so there is no air in the chamber when the head is screwed back on. It’s like making sure there is no air bubble in a hypodermic syringe before an injection. Since 1 ml = 1 cc when the spring is compressed an empty ejaculate chamber holds 6 CC of air. When I fit a woman for a syringe plug I make sure to cover the dangers of wearing it with the ejaculator spring cocked and the chamber empty or only partially filled with semen or a vaginal stimulant like a warming gel. Leaving the ejaculator spring compressed for long intervals can weaken it over time and wearing the plug with the spring compressed and the chamber empty or partially filled can result in having air forced into the vagina and almost certainly some of it into the uterus where it could get into the bloodstream and cause an embolism if the woman isn’t wearing a correctly sized and properly inserted cervical barrier (diaphragm or cap) of some sort to prevent fluid or air entering her cervix.

One of our casino’s showgirl’s daughter, Alexis, had been allowed to play with her mothers dildos. So one evening, when her mom rushed off leaving her diaphragm, syringe plug and K-Y Intense on the bathroom vanity after getting a call to come in to dance the late show for an injured member of the troupe, she tried inserting it. Her mom’s diaphragm was too large for Alexis, but she was on the birth control pill Yaz and she said it wasn’t as though she was using semen so she thought she was safe using no barrier protection. She told me later that the ejaculation chamber was only partially filled with Intense when she screwed the cap back on and worked for several minutes to get the insertion right with the locking ridge behind her pubic bone so contractions during orgasms wouldn’t expel it. Surprisingly it turned out that the plug was a fairly good fit for her.

Back in her bedroom Alexis changed into a thong back leotard and barelegged slipped into toe-pads then stuffed her toes into a pair of well worn but serviceable black Freed Classics, wrapped her ankles with the black satin ribbons, knotted the ends and tucked them under the ribbons in the hollow behind her inside ankle bones. She did a 20 minute warm-up at the barre and mirror covering one wall of her room. The barre and mirror were a 15th birthday gift from her mom on getting accepted to SAB summer session two years ago. The barre brackets were special order reproductions of 1880s brackets in intimate training sallies of the Garner Opera house in Paris. They have iron scrollwork with rounded protrusions to enable girls to masturbate while en pointe at the barre. A girl who routinely masturbates using a barre bracket has a shiny spot called ‘bracket burn’, on the fabric of her costume covering her pubic bone and Alex leotards show bracket burn.

Alexis told me she gave herself a clitoral orgasm on one of the brackets enjoying as best she could a shuddering, gasping, moaning climax while focusing on keeping from falling off pointe since her boyfriend was asking for ballet-sex and she was trying to get in shape to give it to him. As she orgasmed her contractions triggered the syringe which spewed intense and air into her unprotected cervix. At least she wasn’t fertile so perhaps that minimized the amount of air forced into her uterus. After enjoying the afterglow on her toes for a few minutes she withdrew the plug, cleaned it, partially refilled it and put it back in her Mom’s bathroom exactly as she found it. She told me she was pleased with her performance. She thought her ankles wobbled only a bit during her orgasm and she managed to keep her weight over the blocks and not on her heels.

The next day she awoke with chest pain and difficulty breathing. Her mom took her to the ER where it was found that she had a gas embolism in a lung. They put her in a hyperbaric chamber on 100% oxygen to desolve the bubble and took her off hormonal contraceptives. She told her mother what she had done and her mom feels responsible for the accident and came to me for support. We all know how fortunate Alexis was and she will make a full recovery. Her mom wanted my advice about what to do in the future. I suggested that since she and Alexis already have a wonderful relationship in the sharing of dildos when she gets a new toy she might want to show Alexis how to use it correctly rather than letting her experiment with it on her own.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Kinky Brian and a reader’s question

Dead pointes repurposed as bed shoes for Brian

Brian and menstrual sex: He is visiting this weekend because we are both fond of menstrual sex and I’m CD2 today and will be bleeding heavily today and tomorrow. Only now that he’s penetrating me outside a studio setting I’m finding that he loves having sex with women who are wearing purple pointes while they are menstruating. That’s not nearly as kinky as some of my other lovers so for me he’s almost a vanilla. Well, at least so far. He says that for him a partner wearing purple pointes symbolizes a dancer’s grace, poise and regal bearing. He also prefers taking his women to bed with them in pointes as bed shoes made of traditional materials rather than primarily polymer as Gaynors are, so he can enjoy the scent of her shoes while they are mated.

Sex in traditional materials Vs Polymer block and shank shoes: I can understand his love for strongly scented pointes of traditional materials since when he’s here we do a twenty minute barre to warm up before bedroom athletics so we are both limber for the positions he wants. The sweat from the barre activates the scent of damp fabric, leather and paste which is a bouquet I enjoy too especially when on my back with my ankles crossed under my head while he’s pounding my cervix or thrusting into my anterior fornix.

Of course for studio or encounter salle ballet-sex Gaynors are a must-have because with hard pre-arched shanks a woman can relax and put her weight on her heels and enjoy the encounter while balanced on her toes, rather than having to try holding her weight over the blocks to prevent crushing her shanks. That’s especially true for women with high arches like me who can easily destroy even some polymer shanks. Struggling to remain centered over the blocks detracts considerably from the pleasure of having ones G-spot caressed while en pointe. In Gaynors we can fully enjoy being penetrated from the rear while our pelvic muscles are clenched their tightest by being en pointe, but there is no damp leather and paste bouquet as with traditionally made shoes.

Latex diaphragms and menstruation: During my heavy days he likes me (and I assume his other conquests with whom he has menstrual sex) to wear a latex diaphragm because the flow reacts with the latex to develop a distinctive odor much quicker than with silicone and of course the dome is far softer, stretchier and transmits heat far better than silicone. The Reflexions flat spring also provides far better under-thrust protection when he is caressing his partner’s G-spot. Of course the down-side of Reflexions is that it can’t be used by couples with a latex allergy and the dome is shallower than a Milex which can hold a bit more flow before needing to be emptied. Flow volume isn’t usually a problem because with studio, encounter salle or bedroom sex the diaphragm is emptied immediately before and again after the encounter, except in the case of the very few women who have cycles so short that they become fertile while menstrual. In that case it’s best to wear a diaphragm that won’t need emptying for at least six hours after the last act of intercourse.

Brian and Bea: He hasn’t asked about her yet this weekend so perhaps he knows she is on a chaperoned spring break trip with some other St Lucy’s ballet students. They are spending a few days in NYC to see the museums and have tickets to see Phantom of the Opera and go back stage to talk with some of the ballet girls in the play. Her period came on schedule so she survived her encounters with Brian and she is now in her luteal phase so her libido shouldn’t be as strong and perhaps masturbation will satisfy her until she returns and can be with escort trainees again.

A frequent reader asks: “I have found that pregnancy risk sex is a huge turn on for a lot of submissives … I have found that a lot of those who are Dominant also have a bit of submissiveness in their makeup (I think that actually helps to better get into the head of one's sub partner). Is this the case with you?”

My reply: It depends on my mood. I do at times love to let myself be taken by a man who doesn’t know who I am. I can be very feminine and submissive when I want to lead him on, knowing at any time I can take control of our encounter. My experience with pick-ups at the Meat Market at Naughty’s is that men, especially the married ones, are both scared and thrilled by the thought that they might leave me pregnant. And those who ask about my method of contraception are fascinated that I’m protected by just a thin stretchy membrane of latex or clear silicone and a spermicidal gel. Some proudly tell me how fertile they are and the number of times their partners have tested positive for hCG. The married ones often try to contact me several weeks afterward to see if I’ve gotten my period.

Racial/ethnic market forces and elite escorts: We staff to meet our customer’s requirements. I train an ever changing multi-racial group of male and female escort candidates and they are professional enough to suppress any pregnancy risk turn-on that they might have, unless it’s part of a client’s encounter. Though if they have such a turn-on I’m sure they use it to enhance their performance and prowess. Our escorts are almost exclusively employed by the very wealthy from Asia, Europe and the Americas. Of our customers European men usually prefer Caucasian or Asian girls while European and Asian women prefer Caucasian men.

We also have a niche specialty, providing a few massively hung black males who generally, but not always, are favored to service tiny Asian women while their husbands or their Doms watch. Sometimes the women use contraception and sometimes they don’t. We are rarely asked to terminate a pregnancy conceived here as the clients don’t usually stay that long.

Risks with massive males: Sometimes there are spectacular couplings with women and amazingly hung men, other times tragedy when the woman tears, her uterus ruptures or she spontaneously aborts or dies from hemorrhage or a heart attack during a willing encounter with an immense penis. We once had client who loved watching his petite submissive Asian partner being taken by massively hung men. She was at 6 months gestation and had a miscarriage during an encounter while being penetrated from behind by her massive commercial partner.

Her cervix dilated from both her prostaglandin surge from the orgasms he had given her and the prostaglandin surge from his ejaculate. Her cervix dilated enough that after several powerful thrusts his penis penetrated her Os. She was tied down on her hands and knees on a king bed and his continued thrusting punctured the placenta. His penis tangled in the umbilical which ripped away from the wall of her uterus and she had a massive hemorrhage. He was wearing a cock ring that prevented him from immediately going flaccid so he continued to thrust into her uterus as she bled to death while she begged him not to stop! Unfortunately they were in her Dom’s hotel room at the time. Had the client followed our advice and had her tryst in one of our encounter sallies where we have an EMT team on duty she and the baby might have been saved.

An autopsy showed she had a very short and incompetent cervix that with the surges in prostaglandins along with premature cervical effacement (thinning) and dilation caused premature labor that ended in tragedy.

Contraceptive sabotage

Contraceptive sabotage, a push-pin pregnancy

Naughty’s and sabotage: For women new to the scene the front room of the Meat Market at Naughty Pleasures can be a thrilling but risky adventure. Condom sabotage is a fairly common pastime for some regulars at Naughty’s. We have undercover security women, who try and catch these guys, but they are like cockroaches and we can’t get rid of them all. On-site hookups or take-out relationships for women who rely solely on condoms and don’t use EC as back-up can often result in their partners leaving them with a little something to remember him by. If I’m looking for a quick load not from a Mister Right but a Mr. Right Now I use my own condoms. Not because I’m afraid of conceiving, but to minimize the possibility of being given a STI which can easily be transmitted through pin-holes. The back room at Naughty’s (the STI screened area) where sexually experienced women gather is far safer from the standpoint of exposure to STIs and unintended pregnancy.

Reduced effectiveness: It’s a shame so few women understand their bodies and how to safely use the various methods of contraception available. That goes for men as well if they are into fantasy conception. However, women who are with men into ‘reality breeding’ of women have a different problem if they are insistent on using contraception.

If she fears her partner might sabotage her birth control the woman should be familiar with effective methods that can be used to sabotage her birth control so she can guard against them just as she watches her drink to see she isn’t slipped Rohypnol (flunitrazepam, also known as "roofies"). Here is a summery of some, but not all, methods that can be used to decrease the effectiveness of a woman’s contraception

Hormonal methods: Ideally, if a woman is using her hormonal method correctly her cycle is suspended and ovulation is suppressed so she is safe from pregnancy with an unprotected man. If she misses a pill or two or is late starting a new pack, inserting a new ring, changing a patch or getting her shot late her cycle can start and she will ovulate often w/o her realizing she is in danger unless she is familiar with her fertile signs; a ‘ripe’ high, soft, open cervix discharging a thick very slippery and stretchy cervical mucus and a greater interest in men and sex. If she isn’t impregnated about two weeks after ovulation she will have her period which will probably be off schedule which may be the first time she knows to review her regimen to see why she may have ovulated. If a woman is familiar with her menstrual cycle she can tell when she becomes fertile when she shouldn’t be.

If a woman on hormonal contraceptives takes a drug or herbal product that induces enzymes that metabolize contraceptive hormones the effectiveness of her birth control can be reduced. Some drugs in that category are barbiturates, topiramate (an antiseizure/ migraines and weight loss med), as well as some antibiotics. Ella (the EC pill) will block a woman’s progestin receptors for the rest of her cycle after taking it as EC. Over time these meds can work to reduce the effectiveness of Mirena, Skyla, Implanon/Nexplanon, Ortho Evra (the patch) and NuvaRing (the ring), Depo-Provera (the shot) as well as combined (estrogen/progestin) and mini-pill (progestin-only-pills). St John’s Wort will affect the estrogen in combined pills. There is no hormonal contraceptive that can’t be sabotaged if a man is clever and patient enough

Most of these interactive meds require an Rx, at least in the U.S. so women using them for medical reasons should be aware of their decreasing the effectiveness of hormonal birth control and avoid hormonal methods while on them. A man would need the assistance of a medical practitioner or pharmacist to obtain them for use against an unwilling woman.

NuvaRing: Women using NuvaRing (a vaginal ring) should be careful to destroy an old ring when removed. Otherwise a lover intent on sabotaging her protection can fish the old ring out of the trash and switch it with the new ring she just inserted during foreplay. If a guy wants to try that he should soak the ring he pulled from the trash in hot water for several days to ensure all the hormone is relased from the ring. Care should be taken that the water not be too hot that it melts the weld holding the ends of the ring together or he will have to fish another used NuvaRing out of the trash.

Barrier methods: Women using a barrier as their primary method of birth control are usually cycling naturally with a cycle of between 25 and 35 days. On average a woman’s natural cycle will vary around 28 days. Women cycling naturally usually keep a menstrual calendar so we aren’t surprised by our periods appearing w/o warning for those of us fortunate not to suffer from PMS.

Diaphragms, cervical caps and male and female condoms can be tampered with to lessen their effectiveness. Poor storage, of latex condoms in the glove compartment of a car in the summer or using after the use-by date has passed can be quite risky. Female condoms (the FC2) are made of nitrile and have no temperature storage limitations, just a 3 year shelf life set by the FDA. Latex condoms and latex and silicone cervical barriers can be damaged by using natural oils and petroleum based lubricants (Vaseline) with them.

Most barrier methods can be punctured by a pin or torn accidentally or intentionally by a sharp fingernail. Male latex condoms are especially vulnerable to being punctured though the FC2 and the silicone Semina and latex Reflexions diaphragms are also relatively easily torn. The FemCap dome is so thick it can’t be easily torn by a fingernail, but can be punctured. If the woman has a well fitting diaphragm or FemCap and the dome has been punctured it won’t develop a tight suction which is a tip-off that there is something wrong. Older vintage true cervical caps, which grip the cervix, like the latex Prentif cavity rim and the silicone Oves can also be easily punctured and affected by oily or petroleum based lubes. Oil based or petroleum based lubes can be identified by their scents. A woman concerned that an incorrect lube might be used should provide her own water based lube.

Breeding diaphragms: [condensed from my December 18, 2011 post about breeders] Since there has been an increase in the number of men asking for breeding encounters with our escorts I’ve started training the girls to use a ‘breeding diaphragm’. For rape fantasies I take a different approach when providing contraceptive protection that ‘accidentally’ fails. Rather than sabotage my partner’s condoms which they hate wearing anyway I wear what I call a breeding diaphragm. A breeding diaphragm is one that is two sizes smaller than the size the woman should wear for it to be effectively used for contraception. And it is worn ‘dry’, that is w/o spermicide in the dome. I’ve found the type diaphragms that work best as breeders are the Ortho All-Flex (arcing spring) or a Milex Omniflex (coil spring) rim styles.

When a woman has a diaphragm inserted that is considerably smaller than her correct size it is much easier for her partner/fantasist to under-thrust the rim with his penis and plant his seed under or in the dome so that when he withdraws the rim will reseal on the anterior wall of her vagina trapping almost all of his semen inside the dome where the tip of her cervix will be submerged in a pool of semen while she sleeps. Or if the couple is into bondage and the woman is tied down and to be gagged during the encounter an additional advantage of using a diaphragm during a rape/breeding encounter is that it can be pulled out by her attacker and shoved in her mouth as a gag.

Ideally an Ortho All-Flex is the best breeder because the rim is the easiest to under-thrust. However, the smallest size All-Flex is a 65mm and some adult women might take a 60mm in a breeder so they would need an Omniflex which makes a 60mm in a coil spring rim.

Someone unfamiliar with cervical barriers might ask why not use a cervical cap, such as FemCap for breeding? The answer is that while an improperly sized FemCap can be displaced off the cervix with a thrusting penis it may fill with semen, but it is very unlikely to reseat itself on the cervix after withdrawal. And a diaphragm rather than a FemCap is far safer for the woman since a FemCap if pulled out and used as a gag can easily be lodged in the woman’s throat and her partner, with his mind elsewhere, may think she is squirming in ecstasy when in fact she is being asphyxiated, especially if she has been penetrated from the rear, taken doggie style, where he can’t see her face.

Men wanting to surprise a partner can order a diaphragm on-line that is two sizes smaller than her correct size and ask to insert it himself as part of foreplay. If she checks after him to make certain her cervix is covered an alert woman can tell he has substituted a smaller one, but if her mind is elsewhere he can often get away with the substitution. If she doesn’t check that the diaphragm immediately after she lets him insert it and he is gentle while under-thrusting the rim the next time she might notice something is wrong is when she has very little coitial discharge or has trouble reaching the smaller device to remove it. It’s best for a man to have her accustomed to him inserting her regular size diaphragm so she is less likely to check when she is fertile and he substitutes a breeder in its place.

A note to my women readers: ALWAYS check to see that your cervical barrier is properly placed and developing the proper vacuum in the dome before any penile penetration.

The copper IUD: The Nova-T and Flexi-T in Canada, the ParaGard in the U.S and GyneFix implant (which we are using on a clinical trial basis) are all copper IUDs. A copper IUD is immune to being tampered with by being given something that would decrease its effectiveness unknown to the wearer. My clinic prefers the three year GyneFix implant placed w/o strings so a cervical barrier can be worn with no danger of the barrier pulling out the IUD upon removal after using it as flood insurance during dive-sex.

The only possibilities for decreasing the effectiveness of a copper IUD are to cause the wearer such strong uterine cramps they might displace the IUD or to tug on the strings and pull the IUD out. The latter is not usually painful and if done during menstrual sex the woman may not feel a thing and only notice when she intentionally feels for the strings. Women with new male partners should always check the strings of their IUDs before and after an encounter to be certain it is still where it should be.

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Pointe shoe quiz February 3, 2013

What maker’s shoes is this dancer wearing?

This should be an easy one.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Brian and me

A 7 inch 24 kt gold dust twist Pyrex glass dildo

The Golden Cock award: The Golden Cock Award was established at St Lucy’s this year to recognize the fourth year ballet student showing the most promise in erotic ballet. Indirectly it also recognizes the student’s academic prowess as contestants must have a 3.0 GPA to enter the competition. The unnamed donor of the award (my readers know him as Pirate) bought two dozen of this style dildo so I think he expects to be presenting the awards for some time to come. The award is not only lovely but useful as it can be fitted into a suction base and mounted on a chair, bed or wall and inserted for pleasure or makes a lovely bibelot on a shelf, although at seven inches it isn’t that small especially if it’s inside you. The example above came from Glass that makes some gorgeous dildos.

Brian and me: Brian is here again this weekend as his wife is traveling on business in Europe for the next several weeks with her boss/lover. Brian is attentive, gentle and a wonderful lover with amazing stamina to give a girl pleasure with that massive root of his. However, he seems fixated on Bea, the nearly sixteen year old who was one of his muses during his visit a week or so ago. Before he came out on Friday he had already talked to the St Lucy’s Head Mistress and several of the board members to try and get direct access to the ballet students.

Fortunately I am close friends with the Head Mistress and also with the movers and shakers on school’s board so the minute he tried to have unsupervised access to the students I heard about it. He’s a marvelous teacher and we are fortunate to have him teaching master classes in pointe and technique, but we don’t want him using the ballet students as his harem. It’s all very well for the girls to have ballet sex in an encounter salle environment, which is good training for what they will be exposed to if they become professional ballet dancers, but to let the fox have the run of the henhouse just isn’t going to happen.

He doesn’t know that I know he has been trying to circumvent my control over the ballet students training and social/sexual lives. When he talked to the Head Mistress and board members they all referred him to me as the person who could grant or deny his request. So he’s back staying with me and dropping hints about how much he can help individual students if he is given unfettered access to them. I’m going to let him give me his very best shot(s) in an attempt to fuck my brains out and get me to grant him unsupervised access to the girls. They are all underage and illegal as far as he is concerned. While sixteen is the age of consent as a teacher he is in a supervisory capacity over them so they won’t be legal for him until they reach eighteen years of age.

Sadly, I’ve concluded he came on to me only because he saw me as helpful and now essential to his gaining access to St Lucy’s ballet girls. I could just shut him down saying I’d report him if he attempts to see any of the girls w/o my permission, but he really is an amazing lover! I want to enjoy letting him to give me as much of the very best sex he’s capable of for as long as possible to try and get me to agree to let him have what he wants. Doing that I wonder how long it will be before we can’t stand the sight of one another? Him being motivated to please me and pure lust on my part it should be an incredible ride.

Me and Bea: Even though she is hardly a third my age Brian has set her up as my rival for his attention. I was going to write affection, but with Brian it’s not affection. It’s pure lust for very young women with soft unblemished skin, high firm breasts, flat bellies, long beautiful legs and very tight pussies and at the moment she’s the girl of his dreams. I can give him all of that and twenty-five years of experience squeezing the last drop of semen from lover’s roots with my amazing grip, but no, he’s white hot for a fifteen-year old!

I understand it’s not her fault I just wish he was in thrall to one of the other students! I have great plans for Bea and I don’t want a randy old lothario interfering with my plans and her life. She shows considerable promise as an elite escort with a delight in and skill for heterosexual sex that I haven’t seen in anyone other than Cyndi. I suppose that’s what we both see in her.

Bea’s Reflexions: When she came in for her serum pregnancy test a few days ago she asked me for another diaphragm fitting and if she could try a third year girls Ben Wa set, a set of .75 inch chrome steel balls each weighing 1.0 oz, which are smaller and heavier that the second year girls Pyrex set she had been using. She said she has borrowed a third year friends set and thought she was ready for her own. She had also been using a set of vaginal dilators and large Pyrex dildos to stretch her vagina and with successfully taking Brian last week thought she might be ready for her first Reflexions. So I gave her a set of the .75 inch steel balls and had her insert them then go en pointe and do several développés holding the balls in place then do a series of jumps and they stayed in place firmly gripped by her pelvic muscles. She was right, she was ready for a third year set at least six months ahead of schedule! We were both so pleased! I had her remove the fitting balls and we chatted about her studies while her vagina returned to its quiescent state after arousal from the balls being inserted. She wants to be a lawyer which is a good second profession for an elite escort. She had climbed onto the exam table and I tried a 65mm Reflexions and it fit her perfectly! She had looked forward to the time she could be fitted with Reflexions to experience the far better heat transfer properties of the latex dome and getting her first one, just like adult escorts wear was a huge thrill! I’m going to limit Brian’s access to Bea to keep him interested in me while letting him train her as she can learn a great deal from his thirty-five years of experience fucking all the beautiful young women he can find.

Hot-loading, a tutorial

A silicone (post 2008) All-Flex arcing spring diaphragm

This post: A reader asked me about syringe plugs and hot-loading masturbation. It’s a topic I mentioned earlier only in passing so I thought I’d give readers insight into another of the niche fetish markets that my casino serves that appeals primarily to young wealthy women fetishists who like to test the effectiveness of their contraception with high quality semen.

Hot-loading, how it works: With Hot-loading a syringe plug, a vaginal plug with a spring loaded ejaculation chamber, is used to propel potent semen against the user’s cervix. It could be a Penetrator that is held in place by a locking ridge behind the pubic bone, or a silicone G-spot dildo. The ejaculation chamber can be filled with a warming gel like K-Y Intense or - as we are discussing here - potent semen. The spring is compressed, the chamber filled and the plug or dildo is inserted. The wearer masturbates usually with her fingers or a small vibi to orgasm. At orgasm the rings of vaginal muscles spasm and the contractions squeeze the plug/dildo tripping the trigger emptying the ejaculation chamber under considerable force against her cervix.

Hot-loading at Naughty Pleasures: Our boutique pharmacy at Naughty Pleasures partners with a local sperm bank to offer our women customers a thrilling ‘hot-loading’ experience using very high potency sperm. It can be high risk for some (if the client is unprotected) or a test of the effectiveness of her method of contraception while having the experience of draining a $350 USD 6ml load of high quality semen into her panties while watching a show or at the tables in our casino. For male readers going ‘WTF!,’ or women readers going ‘Ewww!’ A hot-loader usually wears a shield in her panties or wears tights with an absorbent crotch gusset so she doesn’t soak through her skirt or slacks while sitting. If she is plugged and it is developing proper suction she shouldn’t leak, but it’s always best to have a back-up plan. Of course using a syringes dildo will leave the full load draining out quickly so even if she Kegels, which would minimize much of the sensation of semen-filled panties, a light-days pad is needed to absorb most of the discharge. As I mentioned, this is a niche fetish and an acquired taste.

The risks: While it can be a lot of fun for adventuresome women hot-loading has its risks for those of reproductive age. You’d be surprised at the number of women who don’t take their birth control pills correctly. They forget pills, or forget to start a new pack, or forget to change a patch, or to insert a new ring, or for women with any hormonal method, including implants or IUDs, taking a medication that reduces the effectiveness of her contraceptive hormones. So there have been quite a few unintended pregnancies for young women who have enough money to have hot-loaded three or more times during visits to Naughty’s. A few women using a LARC hormonal method (a Mirena or Implanon/Nexplanon) who claim to have gotten preggers while hot-loading try to blame the Club, but anyone who intentionally introduces high quality semen into her vagina can’t realistically blame the Casino for her contraceptive failure. We are aware of no instances of women with copper IUDs (ParaGard or GyneFix) who claim to have conceived from a Hot-loading experience.

A Hot-loading friend: We have a gorgeous twenty-something blond lesbian who comes in solo when her partner is traveling. She uses a syringe Penetrator plug and wears a silicone All-Flex diaphragm for contraception when she’s fertile and fucks herself with a high-test load while she watches the ballet and chorus girls in the lounge entertainment. She says it’s the safest way she’s found to experience what it’s like to have a man - and the attendant risk of pregnancy, which is her form of gambling – w/o having to put up with one. She says the certainty that she won’t get a STI from the experience is priceless.

I fitted her with both the Penetrator (hers is custom made) and All-Flex myself replacing an old Milex Omniflex coil spring that was too small as she has a diaphragm fetish. Unfortunately she has a latex allergy so she can’t wear Reflexions which provides much better under-thrust protection. However, using a Penetrator syringe plug she should be safe enough using an All-Flex since the plug doesn’t shift once properly inserted. Had she been using a dildo mounted syringe where she could accidentally under-thrust the rim of the All-Flex if she thrusts it at too great an angle into her vaginal wall I would have fitted her with a Milex arcing spring. That’s because the rim of the Milex Arcing has elbow-hinges and only folds at two spots so is somewhat less likely to be under-thrust than an All-Flex.

In the case of this customer because she is wearing a Penetrator her clitoris is under the head of her plug so she presses a small powerful vibi against the head of the plug and gets both clitoral and G-spot stimulation simultaneously. I’ve done that myself while watching one of our male acts perform and the dual stimulation is awesome! My lesbian friend says if her diaphragm leaks and she tests positive for hCG she will terminate it and wants me to do the vacuum aspiration. I hope it doesn’t come to that as she is a delightful person and a free spending repeat customer and a pregnancy might turn her off hot-loading.

Brian’s Muses – an update: The Semina girls, Anne, Bea and Jean had serum tests for hCG today and all are negative just as we expected. So far so good! Brian was very impressed with Bea and how well she accepted his thrusting root as he could batter her cervix even while wearing the cock ring. I’d be envious of Bea if Brian didn’t seem so into me!

The Aria incident Pt II: For my readers who were wondering... On Thursday Feb 28 an “LAPD-FBI task force arrested a fugitive from Las Vegas wanted by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department," Los Angeles police spokesman Lieutenant Andy Neiman said. The suspect was identified as 26-year-old Ammar Harris, who has been the subject of a multi-state manhunt since the incident early on February 21. So at least the shooter is off the street and the three women in the Range Rover with him at the time were found unharmed. News reports say Harris was “involved in the sex trade”. That sort of publicity is giving sex workers here a bad name. We are doing everything possible to play down the incident and have increased the visibility of our armed security to demonstrate to casino guests our concern for their safety.

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