Saturday, October 31, 2009

Daylight saving time and the pill

A dial pack of birth control pills

Daylight saving time and birth control: In the U.S. tonight (2:00 AM Sunday morning November 1, 2009) is the end of daylight saving time for this year and we revert back to standard time by turning our clocks back one hour. For women on oral contraceptives shortening their pill time by an hour is not a problem. It’s in the Spring when the day we change back to DST we advance the clocks that some women on the pill might have a problem. Those women on a very low dose pill (one with 20 mcg of estrogen or less) or who are on the mini-pill (the progestin-only-pill or POP) and who are over weight could have a decrease in their hormonal protection by taking their pill an hour later. Women on the shot, patch or ring receive hormones continuously and don’t have to worry about the precise timing when replacing those methods.

Laid in the Lied

Part of the stacks in Lied Library UNLV

UNLV Library privileges: Robin and I went scouting new venues for shooting adult videos and we looked at the new Lied Library at UNLV. I thought it might be too public to video sex in the stacks. Too bright and airy, that sort of thing, but in the evenings at the far end on the fifth floor (on the top floor off to the right side of the image accompanying this entry) where there is less traffic we found a really great place. Robin has a student ID which he will keep active by taking an occasional course and I’m on the adjunct faculty as a sexual health instructor so we had no problem with access, not that we were questioned at all. I wore baggy sweats that covered my transparent body condom with split sole canvas ballet slippers on my feet so leather slippers wouldn’t squeak on the tile floors. I carried several pairs of pointe shoes and a pair of Gepetto’s Pleasure boots in my backpack along with my ball gag, gasmask, a box of FC2 condoms, and several pairs of disposable nitrile gloves, just in case. Robin wore sweats too with only a Speedo slingshot underneath and a pair of scuffed Timberlands. He carried the cam in his backpack. We have a clamp mount and wide angle auto focus lens so it will clamp onto a shelf and catch all the action. We sent a copy of the unedited video to the Theme & Location director at one of Taryn’s adult media companies and if she likes it she will recommend sending a small team in.

Geology coeds at play: Given the subject: A coed, during drilling technology lab with her tutor, it will probably be a covert operation. If they stick with that theme. Some parts of the Lied are difficult to disguise, not that there is any serious attempt to hide the locations of shoots but there is no overt acknowledgement of a location like videoing the name on the building. They have successfully completed similar projects at the Houghton rare book and manuscript library at Harvard and at the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library at Yale so there is no reason to believe they can’t do it again at the Lied.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Pointe shoe quiz 10-30-09

What maker’s shoes is that dancer wearing?

This shouldn’t be difficult. Paul, this is not one of the two that I said I was thinking about posting.

Fatal distraction

An Italian marble tiled foyer

Gas mask mistress’s fatal distraction: One of our casino’s owners had an unfortunate home accident. Well, more correctly his mistress (a show girl in one of our cabarets) did. She was wearing a standard Mestel SGE 400 gas mask with one of Gepetto’s N2O tank and reg units connected by a corregated rubber hose to the 40 mm canister mount. She got off the bed in the master bedroom to pee and he thinks she was so disoriented from the nitrous oxide she went out the bedroom door into an upstairs hallway. Apprently she was so buzzed and unstable on her feet - she was wearing ballet boots, which didn’t help her stability - that she collided with and went over the hall banister and fell twenty feet on to the Italian marble foryer and broke her neck. An autopsy showed she was about 6 weeks pregnant. She had a NuvaRing contraceptive inserted and shouldn’t have gotten preggers if she had been using it correctly.

Sometimes if the guy is large or just catches the ring the right way he can hook it and pull it out with his penis so women on the ring should always check to see that it’s still where it should be after her partner withdraws. If the ring is out for more than three hours the wearer is risking pregnancy until it has been inserted again for at least seven days while her hormonal protection is restored, so perhaps her lover accidently pulled it out (I heard him kidding her about him accidently pulling it out once) and she didn’t get it back in in under three hours. That’s at least one possibility or perhaps she just drew the short straw and she was the one in one hundred for which the hormones fail and she concieved. Her lover says he didn’t know about her pregnancy. He is trying to keep his wife, who is out of town with a sister who is dying of cancer, from finding out. His companion’s N2O tank cracked some of the imported marble floor and he’s upset because his builder is having a difficult time finding matching pieces for replacement.

No method of contraception is perfect so even as professionals we all have the possibility of an unplanned pregnancy hanging over us. Since for me the liklihood is so slight I just try not to think about it and know I’d terminate if I should accidently become preggers. Well, If it was by Robin I’d have to think about it and let him help me decide. Not that I’ve got baby fever, but Robin is one beautiful man!

An escort trainee dies: It’s been a pretty gruesome week as far as deaths close to home are concerned. The disappearance of Rubberstud and his paramour off the cruise ship, gas mask-girl high on N2O falling to her death and now this.

Robin had his trainee partner die during dive-sex this week. She had undergone a complete physical and was supposedly physically and emotionally in great shape. Certainly she was a man’s fantasy to look at. She had shoulder length naturally blond hair, high cheekbones, full pouty lips, a strong chin, narrow waist, lovely feminine hips, a wide pelvis, a deep tight vagina, tight high buns, gorgeous long legs and beautiful C-cup breasts. She had a body every woman would die for!

It was Robin’s first death of a partner while having sex with her and it has left him shaken and feeling responsible. I keep telling him that she was training to be a professional escort and knew it could be physically demanding. Actually, she enjoyed her work, interacting so intimately with men, so I’m thinking she was almost certainly enjoining what she and Robin were doing when she died. And it was fast. The ME said she probably was unconscious seconds after her heart stopped. Robin said she never gave him any indication that she was in distress, her back arched she exhaled a big cloud of bubbles and stopped breathing. He did everything he could, releasing her from the ankle leashes that held her in a split five feet off the bottom of a twenty foot deep training pool and rushed her to the surface. But she never responded to CPR or a deliberator. We try to minimize this sort of thing as it’s bad for business not to mention the relatives. Fortunately in this case she was an only child and her parents are dead so there are no relatives to notify and try to explain to why their daughter drowned while swimming.

Compassionate therapy in death rubber: I’ve been giving him as much compassionate therapy as I can in the few days since it happened, trying to get his confidence back that he won’t kill his partners. Fortunately for me she was my size except for slightly bigger breasts, so I harvested the beavertail jacket she was wearing when she died. It is one of Gepettos new beavertail jacket design (cut high in front to display the hips and pelvis) in white 3 mm neoprene and my first ‘death rubber’ in that design. [For more about Gepetto’s new beavertail design, see my entry for October 25, 2009] I wear it during therapy sessions with Robin and while it freaked him out at first that I was wearing the same suit his partner died in I’m intentionally using it as a stressor and he’s come to see it as a challenge that he needs to come to terms with. For me when I wear it I can feel her aura still inhabiting the suit. She is such a happy spirit and I feel she is bringing me good luck with her positive Chi. Robin and I spend as much time as nitrogen loading will allow in a shallow pool going over and over his dive-sex technique to help him regain his assertiveness. I keep telling him there is nothing wrong with what he did with her and what he is doing now – he has amazing technique - and the odds are no other woman will be injured while having dive-sex with him. But dive-sex is a contact sport and shit happens! Her death wasn’t his fault she just died in his arms from an undetected imperfection in her heart that couldn’t stand the stress of her having a very good time in a hostile environment. Actually, when my time comes I wouldn’t mind going out like that.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Disappearances at sea

An all-suites luxury cruise ship in the Caribbean

Rubberstud’s lawyer called: He asked to speak with me as Shelly’s supervisor. He said he was designated as the ICE (in case of emergency) contact for Rubberstud’s affairs and wanted to let me know that Rubberstud and his wife, Shelly, are missing at sea from a luxury cruise liner in the Caribbean.

I told him I thought he had been misinformed, at least about Shelly. He was embarrassed but pleased to learn that Shelly was safe here in Vegas. Then, after a pause while we both came to the same conclusion, he started apologizing for having to break the news that his client apparently went overboard with his mistress last night during a two week Caribbean tryst. He said the cruise line security who contacted him told him the missing couple was traveling as man and wife and had talked enthusiastically with their dinner companions about the costumes they were going to wear for the Halloween ball. They were seen in one of the lounges dancing after midnight and didn’t appear for breakfast this morning. No one thought anything of it until he got an urgent message related to business and they could locate neither him nor his companion. Security said they were looking at all the security cams that cover the ship to see if there are images of them going over the side. So far they have found nothing.

Shelly seems stunned by the news. At some level she still loves him and was hoping for reconciliation. On another level she realizes that was very unlikely and she was resigned to waiting out the terms of her Pre-nup and getting a divorce. But she and I did go to Naughty’s the other night to ogle men. She is an amazing flirt and we both had a good time. It was good fun and took her mind off her man problems. That night she went home to an empty bed and I went home to Caesar. Her husband’s attorney said the missing couples possessions were packed up and are being shipped to his home in Vegas where they both just transferred residence.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The FC2, an unconventional use

The new female condom FC2

Mr. Abduction: Returning readers will remember that in my entry for September 9, 2009 I wrote about Taryn’s stalker who had leapfrogged to the top of my to-do list. He turned out to be a bit more than I first thought and an extremely nasty piece of work which is why it has taken me until now to check him off the list. Apparently he was the man who had been drowning the working girls and students in the swimming pools of empty foreclosed homes in the area. I was in his place some weeks ago while he was at work and he has kept souvenirs! I was told most serial killers do that and I found a box of souvenirs of his victim’s in the spare bedroom he used to store his SCUBA gear and fetishwear. He seemed to be into gas masks and had one of the old Israeli civilian ones with which he was using a filter canister. He kept his victims birth control methods that he took from their purses or bodies, each in a separate dated Ziploc bag: pills, NuvaRing, The patch, two ParaGard and a Mirena IUD, a FemCap a Prentif cap and a Milex Omniflex like I wear except it was a 65mm. The guy must have been killing reproductive age women for years! So we aren’t talking Mr. nice here, though he did have a lovely bod, in a beefy sort of way.

The plan: Taryn said he seemed to know when she was menstrual and she saw him often during her period which was one of the things about him that freaked her out. I’m told some men can smell our menstrual flow but I’ve never known a man who could and we all try to keep ourselves clean with the flow in a diaphragm or cup inside so there is no external source of scent. But if I lured him to me with my blood scent he would be in control of the time and place of our meeting, not a good idea. I decided I had to go to him when I wasn’t menstrual, that way I controlled most of the variables. He was a regular at Naughty’s. I knew I could get him to come to me there it was just a matter of letting him see me and not averting my eyes when he looked my way. And, sure enough the first time we locked eyes he was all over me like white on rice. I played hard to get so we chatted several nights over a period of several weeks and he was particularly attentive when I was menstrual so perhaps he could really tell when a woman is bleeding, but I wasn’t about to let him drill me then.

A condom and coke: As we got to know one another and after he’s had a few beers he told me he suffered from premature ejaculation but used the topical anesthetic lidocaine to numb his penis enough that he could give me what he called an ‘awesome vaginal orgasm’. He also said he hated using male condoms because his root is so thick none of them fit and the ones he could get into were so tight he lost his erection. I told him I loved a man with a thick drill (which I do) but that I had Herpes, HSV, (which I don’t) so we needed to use a condom to keep him safe. But I knew he could screw me safely if we used a female condom which I’d used successfully before and it would fit even the thickest root. I also said he would love using cocaine sprinkled inside the FC2 to numb him instead of the lidocaine. The coke would numb his penis, make him a bit euphoric and feel invincible. He loved the idea of using the FC2 as protection and I think the idea of using coke to delay his ejaculation almost offset his fear of HSV. He saw the condom and coke for protection from Herpes while taking a hit through his penis as a win-win situation. And that was exactly what I thought too.

Execution: One night when he thought he had gotten to know me well and was comfortable that he was in control I let him take me back to his place for our first sexual encounter. He had been working on me for weeks and was wanting me so badly that he was almost drooling and one night at Naughty’s actually shot his wad in his jeans while he was coming on to me. So the night we went back to his place his brain was in an erotic fog and he was totally in thrall to my body. We took his car. There wasn’t anything in the way of preliminaries except him watching me prepare the FC2 we used. . My biggest problem was keeping him calm enough while he undressed me that he didn’t rip my clothes. I helped him undress and then I asked if he wanted to watch me add coke to the condom. He was all for that and watched as I opened an FC2 packet turned the condom inside out and took a packet of super finely ground snow from my bag and thoroughly dusted the lubed inside of the condom with cocaine. He wanted a taste of the coke but I told him no because that would ruin the experience of him absorbing it through his root and he backed off. I carefully turned the FC right side out again and by then he was rock hard and dripping pre-cum. I told him it was best if he slipped into the condom then inserted himself and the condom inside me so we didn’t waste any of the coke and he agreed. Once he was inside the condom I helped him get the FC2 end ring and his head inside me and then in a single powerful thrust he buried himself in me going all the way to my cervix. He was wonderfully thick, probably 2 ¼ inches in diameter but the condom was still plenty loose and he began to set up a thrusting rhythm and said he could feel his root getting numb. It had been less than a minute since he penetrated me.

His breathing became faster then shallow and erratic, his heart was beating faster and as he came in me his eyes rolled into the back of his head and his body began to spasm with his first series of seizures. I had a washcloth by the bed to use for cleanup that I managed to get between his jaws, mainly to prevent him biting me during a seizure. Since he was on top of me and weighed more than twice what I do. I just wrapped my legs around him to hold him deep inside me to let as much of the cocaine as possible be absorbed into his bloodstream to make sure he got as much I needed him to. After about five minutes from the time the seizures started he was dead. No pulse, no respiration no more Mr. Abduction.

Afterward: I had used about a 1/8 oz of absolutely pure (totally uncut) cocaine in the FC2 we used. I had picked it up at one of the parties I cleaned up after where the guests had overdosed on pure snow. I was very careful when rolling him off me not to get any of the powder on my labia or clitoris. That’s one of the nice things about the FC2 the large outer ring protects the woman’s vulva from spills. Wearing a pair of nitrile gloves I pulled the condom off his corpse and put it in a Ziploc bag for disposal. Then going to the closet in the second bedroom I got the box or souvenirs collected from his victims and put it on the bed beside him to give the authorities a hint as to who the guy was. After I left I went around the block to a junker car where Taryn helped me pre-position it several days earlier. I drove south for a while and thought about calling 911 on a prepaid untraceable cell using an electronic voice modulator to disguise my voice to report the sounds of a fight in his apartment. I have a supply of prepaid cell phones that are handy for that sort of thing but I decided not to. I just let nature take its course and when he ripens someone will find him.

The rest of the story: I was all set for it to happen just the way I wrote about it and I’d been working on the project for weeks. It’s all true down to the part where I actually went back to his place and took him out with a coke dusted FC2. But the day we were supposed to go back to his place he was talking on his cell driving in the mountains west of town and sideswiped a rock wall then over corrected and went off a cliff several hundred feet down into a dry creek bed. He and his passenger were both dead. Amazingly, there was no fire. My contacts in the highway patrol said his pants were unzipped and his penis was out of his cup so the woman with him may have been giving him oral at the time. Even if I wasn’t responsible I think the Families will be pleased when the police search his apartment and find out who he was – the Families have contacts in the police dept. - though there will almost certainly be nothing in the media since few if any of the killings were ever reported. There may eventually be something if some of the souvenirs can be linked to women who were reported missing.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

An Obsessive Compulsive collector

Collector’s passions

The Collector: I have known Adolph (not his real name) for about a year, but had seen him as a spectator at my KP-Boot fights for at least a year before that. We made eye contact several times – especially when I held up one of my vanquished opponents boots - but he never approached me and I wasn’t interested in dating fight fans so it was left at that. It was only after he learned I was working for the Families in town on special assignments that required cleanup that he had his personal assistant contact me. I met him for lunch at one of Vegas’s best steak houses. He had a business proposition he wanted me to consider and it was this: for female victims who the Family had no interest in he wanted the right of first refusal of their bodies, clothing and personal effects. I told him that I had harvesting rights to all clothing and other possessions, but after I took what I wanted I would let him have first refusal of what was left, and usually there is a great deal remaining to get rid of, as long as we could agree on details so I could be assured there would be no bodies he had gotten from me ever found.

Collecting with OCD: He agreed to my terms since we both recognize I am in a unique position to provide the sorts of things he collects that are extremely difficult to get - especially relatively fresh bodies of attractive young women - so he didn’t quibble about price, the security arrangements or waste disposal needed for this sort of transaction. It’s not that I need the money; I have far more than I can ever spend if I lived like an Empress. It’s just that I hate to let something of value pass through my hands w/o making a profit. He’s happy, I’m happy and the mess is tidied up so it’s a win-win. It really is amazing the number of young blonds trying to enter the trade who end up being available on the after-market as parts. Adolph is concentrating on expanding his ballet boot collection though he started by collecting ballerina’s autographed pointe-shoes and has some pairs going back to the late 1800s. He is particularly interested in leather pointes and special orders, anything out of the ordinary on which he can exercise his Obsessive-Compulsive energies. I’ve never been around a collector with OCD before so I have to be careful not to touch anything w/o permission.

Collectors choice: After I supplied him with a particularly fine body, a lovely 18 y/o my size in butterscotch Polymorphe latex and a pair of Gepetto’s Pleasure boots who had been dead for less than five hours and who was nearly unmarked – her customer killed her by compressing her carotid arteries until her brain died from lack of oxygen - Adolph offered to show me his collection. He said I was the only person he had allowed into the vault where he keeps his most important items, the oldest and rarest in the collection. Rarity is relative so new styles and technology appear but as they are superseded their place in the contemporary portion of his collection changes. I was particularly interested to see what he had done with some of the bodies I had supplied. Several were submerged still in their latex encasement suits in large glass tubes of formalin, an aqueous solution of formaldehyde, while others had survived only as a leg in a ballet boot to show a particularly fine arch or the beautiful stitching of a the toe box on a pair of Gepettos Pleasure boots. Along side each example was the (often bloody) padding from the woman’s toes from her other foot so he could marvel at the pain she must have endured while practicing her trade while en pointe.

Being complimented: I had worn a pair of Gepetto’s Pleasure boots for the tour of his collection and he commented on how beautiful my legs and boots are which I tried to take in a positive manner and not get too creeped-out by the very real possibility that he is envious of my skill in ballet boots and hungers for my boots possibly still filled with my feet and legs in formalin filled jars as exhibits in his collection. After the tour - it was the day after I had supplied him with the fresh butterscotch Polymorphe blond I mentioned above - we had dinner in his dining room that has a huge window with an amazing view to the east overlooking the city as dusk fell and the lights of the strip blazed below us.

Dinner conversation: Over a delicious meal of a thinly sliced and very tender meat I hadn’t tasted before he asked me about my fetishes and I told him about my fascination with wearing latex and leather encasement suits previous owners had died in as well as gasmasks. But, admitted that my especial interests run to pointe shoes, ballet boots and cervical barriers. He was particularly interested in my teaching barrier contraception and dive-sex at St Lucy’s, because he has a niece who entered St Lucy’s last Fall. He said knowing she was a student of mine for contemporary sexual health made him feel more secure about her safety, because, “there are monsters out there who only see women as objects of desire”, and I wondered who he had in mind?

Adolph told me he had been a Gynecologist with a 30 year career and a practice on the Upper East Side of NYC. He had invented some special Gyn instruments and made a fortune and retired to Vegas to concentrate on building his special collections. He is an expert cook and has a commercial grade kitchen where we had begun our conversation as he prepared our dinner himself. After the meal he asked me how I liked it and what I thought of the salad and entrée. I was fascinated with the salad dressing, a ginger marmalade with tiny chunks of meat in it and the entrée, melt-in-your-mouth thin slices of a delicate meat broiled with crushed rosemary and served in a butter reduction sauce mixed with its natural juices. He seemed pleased and asked if I could identify either or both meats. I was certain I had never tried either and couldn’t identify the taste though in the salad the bits were mostly masked by the ginger. I thought the entrée tasted a bit like pork, but I was pretty certain it wasn’t. When I couldn’t guess what they were he told me. The meat in the salad dressing was the finely chopped cervix and ovaries, and the entrée was the uterus of the butterscotch Polymorphe blond. A chill ran up my spine and I gasped, but was proud that I didn’t feel the least bit nauseous.

Seconds: Actually, I asked if I could have several more slices of uterus so I could fix the taste in my mind and palate. He was delighted and as I ate he explained that the uterus of a nulliparous woman (one who hadn’t given birth) was what this recipe called for because the stretching of the uterus during pregnancy makes it very tough and only good for things like barbecue. Now there is something I’ll have to keep in mind! As we chatted about the delicate flavor of a broiled nulliparous uterus I thought he didn’t look at all like Anthony Hopkins. But then in real life sociopaths look quite normal, what ever normal means.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Orgasm as a guilt reduction technique

Ortho All-Flex arcing spring rim diaphragms – a St. Lucy’s girls first gas guard

Girls, gas guards and Guilt: One of the things we concentrate on when a new student arrives at St Lucy’s is to have her fully embrace her femininity in the form of estrogen based sexuality. Depending on their backgrounds some women take longer to embrace their sexuality than others. The physical embodiment of control over their fertility and enjoyment of their new found sexuality is the contraceptive diaphragm known to most of the more senior students as a ‘gas guard’ that protects them from infection and embolisms during dive-sex.

One of the first things that happens when a new girl who has reached menarche enters St Lucy’s is she is fitted for a gas guard. Because most new students are sexually inexperienced their pelvic musculature may not support use of a Semina diaphragm, the standard transparent pink silicone rubber barrier known to all upper-class students as a Barbie Barrier, because of its softer coil spring rim which requires well toned vaginal muscles. So, new students or students just reaching menarche are fitted with an Ortho All-Flex arcing spring diaphragm as their first gas guard because it has a much stiffer rim which can be safely worn by women with poor vaginal muscle tone. Another feature of the All-Flex is that when the rim is compressed it forms a crescent which is easier to insert correctly. The student then is taught to use her new gas guard correctly along with lessons on the Fertility Awareness method of birth control. Not that we expect the students to seriously practice fertility awareness, but being able to tell by the changes in the position of their cervix and cervical fluids when they are fertile is a big help in knowing when they are fertile and it’s necessary to use an effective form of birth control. The girls are taught to rely on their diaphragms or the “rubber wall” as it’s know by their male partners for safety and birth control during one of the most intense interdisciplinary courses offered at St Lucy’s, dive-sex.

It’s surprising how much guilt some students bring with them about their ripening bodies and hormone driven desires. We tell them that all women go through a time of uncertainty while searching for sexual enlightenment on their way from adolescence to womanhood. And we gently guide them through their first experiences to show them that it is a wonderful time of learning for a young woman. Teaching them to use the power their ripening bodies give them over men by clouding men’s minds with desire is as empowering for their teachers as it is for the students. Watching a talented girl bend even the strongest man’s will by offering or withholding the delights of her body is an eye opening reminder to us all of the power of male lust over common sense. It can take a semester and for a few even a year to purge the guilt from some students minds. Eventually repeated exposure to the censing power of the female orgasm, which purifies a woman’s soul during the most intimate act of human reproduction, will purge guilt from even the most repressed students.

Once guilt has been eliminated we will allow a student to add lessons in some of the school fetish specialties; ballet boots, latex encasement, asphyxia (gasmasks & rebreather bags) and binding among others along with their academic workload, as long as they keep at least a B+ average with their academic subjects. You would be amazed the effect the threat of withdrawing fetish lesson privileges has on a student’s incentive to excel in her academics.

A beavertail designed for love

3 mm smooth black neoprene beavertail jacket

A new beavertail design: Gepetto’s designers have asked me (and I had Taryn included) to help test a new beavertail wetsuit jacket designed for shock and awe as well as ease of use during dive-sex. It’s an adaptation of the classic wetsuit design from the 60s and 70s, but with the advantage of modern thermal protection and materials. It can be purchased as a two piece vintage style beavertail sports wetsuit with separate jacket and trousers. However, Gepetto’s marketing people expect the jacket to be the big seller because it’s designed to be worn separately; cut high in front to display the hips and pelvis while cupping the buttocks to prevent wedgies while the beavertail is securely locked in place, giving the wearer superior comfort and her partner complete access during penetrative sex. The nickel plated Twist Lock closures are padded so they can’t be felt by the wearer and the tail can be folded and slipped under the wearer’s tank out of the way when she is penetrated from behind.

Hypothermia: A reader asked why the girl who attacked and drowned her rival in the training pool [My entry, Death in a drysuit, for October 24, 2009] was wearing only a bikini when the water temperature at the bottom of the pool was in the low 60s and if hypothermia could have contributed to bikini-girl’s death. I don’t think anyone could know for sure why she was wearing only a bikini when her rival was in a drysuit. However, that suggests to me she took advantage of an available opportunity and her lack of thermal protection shows her attack was a spur of the moment thing when the opportunity presented itself with little or no premeditation. I think it’s entirely possible that hypothermia could have had something to do with her death. Some of the symptoms of hypothermia that she might have experienced include: Clumsiness or lack of coordination, Confusion or difficulty thinking, Poor decision making, Drowsiness or very low energy, Apathy, or lack of concern about one's condition, Progressive loss of consciousness. The water at the surface was in the mid 70s so I don’t think she had any idea beforehand what it would be like on the bottom with the circulator pumps off.

I think once she found out what conditions were at the bottom she tried to improvise. Pulling off her rivals mask and shutting off her air shows she realized she needed to insure her rival’s speedy death if she was going to have time to watch and by then she may have already misjudged her own condition and been experiencing symptoms of hypothermia and making bad judgments relative to her own survival. That probably accounts for her not filling her BCD – the first thing she should have done when she realized she was in trouble - and ascending to the surface the minute she felt nauseous. Immediate ascent might have saved her from drowning, but it wouldn’t have prevented her miscarriage which was caused by the water pressure, her exertion and excitement. She managed to avoid the routine pregnancy tests Escort trainees take before diving by being on special assignment as a pelvic training instructor at Gepettos Woman’s fitness gym. So we are changing the testing protocol to require trainees to test at least once a week even if they aren’t actively diving that week.

Shredding laces: I had an opportunity to test my new micro-bladed heels on my Pleasure boots the other night. [For more about micro-bladed heels see my October 18, 2009 entry] Robin and I were at a fetish club north of the Strip and there was this beautiful showgirl from another casino in a black latex encasement skin and a lovely pair of high quality ballet boots. She was looking for a hookup. She was about 5 inches taller than me and all tits and boots. Robin commented on how exotic she looked and I agreed, she has a spectacular figure though it looked to me as though it might have been silicone enhanced. And she was wearing a short plug pelvic shield for protection because she was menstrual and had a Diva inserted. I only know that because we were in the ladies room at the same time when she was emptying her Diva and she made several comments about how hot Robin was and I agreed letting her know he was with me. She said “well, honey he may have arrived with you, but I’m taking him home with me” Not a good direction for the conversation to be headed in, but then I think she had had just snorted a line or two of blow so she was feeling invincible. I just let it go and walked out and back to our table. I love the attention when everything stops as I walk across a busy room in my pleasure boots. It’s good publicity for Gepetto too even when women find out how much a pair cost and worse how difficult it is to get them. It’s worse than an outsider trying to buy a Birkin bag! I told Robin about the showgirl who wanted his body in her bed and he smiled and said “There is no one as tight as you are with me”. And I thought what a great line that could be taken so many ways, all of which were true; though I know he’s not really mine to keep, unless I was to agree to marry him.

Tits and boots: So Tits and boots came out of the Ladies and looks around. She spots me, or perhaps it was Robin she was looking for, and after stopping for a draft comes over to our table. I could tell that it was going to be a confrontation and if I was going to leave with my reputation untarnished I was going to have to do two things quickly. Let her provoke me to the point I could plausibly act in self defense and two do it fast enough that I could do what I needed to before club security could stop the fight. T&B hadn’t taken a sip from the beer in her hand when she got to our table and intentionally poured half of it down the front of my rubber encasement suit and said “Honey, why don’t you go out back and hose yourself off, you smell like a brewery”. I started to get up and she kicked at my breasts with her left boot. Dodging the platform and heel which could leave a nasty puncture wound I intentionally tipped my chair over backward. Fortunately the people at the next table had gotten up to dance so when I crashed into their chairs there was room for me to tumble and roll to my feet before T&B was on me. She had given me provocation for self defense so it was just a matter of taking her out. As she kicked at my breasts again this time with her right boot I stepped into her space and drove the heel of my left boot into and down through her laces of her left boot. I could hear the laces ‘ping’ as they were severed and knew she was wearing what are advertised as slash-proof laces. She said “what the fuck?” and began to totter as her ankle lost the support of her boot. I pulled my heel out of her shredded laces w/o puncturing her foot which I could have easily done while my heel was against the tongue of soft leather covering her vulnerable instep.

Checking her turnout: I was ready to stop, but high on coke she was all aggression and when she got her right leg on the floor and shifted her weight I stepped back. Her third kick to my breasts was with her left foot in the ruined boot. This time I sidestepped, caught the platform and heel in my hands as it was at the height of my shoulders and using the leverage the platform and heel gave me twisted her boot in a clockwise direction. Her foot was still completely in the boot so even with the laces split there was a tremendous amount of torque forcing her foot past the 90° of rotation considered perfect turnout. If done gradually over time and the turnout is done at the hip joint, turnout can often be improved. Done the way I did it, it will often blow the knee joint which is what happened. I could hear the pop as the bone dislocated and the tendons and muscles tore beneath the black latex skin of her encasement suit. I had had her boot in my hands less than a second and it appeared that all I had done was to push her platform and heel away from my breasts. She toppled backward onto the floor and her screams masked the blow from my left boot into her crotch. The short-plug pelvic shield she was wearing was driven into her clitoris and her eyes opened wide and she moaned and tried to draw her good knee up into the fetal position. My kick had pushed the plug into the stem of her Diva cup, which could have either forced it on to her cervix or caused the contents to spill. Her flow spilled and began leaking into the crotch of her suit and through the zipper which wasn’t waterproof. By the time security got there it was all over. T&B was writhing on the floor screaming about her leg being broken and leaking blood from her crotch. T&B was right about one thing, I did smell like a brewery and by then it had all dried or run off. The shaft seals on my Pleasure boots worked perfectly keeping the liquid out. Robin had paid our bill and come over to escort me to the manager who we both know to explain what happened. He wasn’t concerned since he had the whole thing on video showing that I was provoked and then attacked for no valid reason so it was pure self defense on my part.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Death in a drysuit

Avon drysuit: slider-tab of entry-exit zipper on back of right sleeve

Death in a drysuit: Earlier today we found two female Escort trainees who had been romantic rivals dead at the bottom of an unused training pool. They hadn’t been dead more than a few hours and in the unheated 63° water and pool chemicals decomposition had hardly started. The first girl drowned when her drysuit flooded and she couldn’t get to the surface. She wasn’t wearing a buoyancy compensator so she was relying solely on the constant pressure feature that kept air in her suit for comfort and venting gas through a wrist vent to control her buoyancy. The security cams were off because the pool wasn’t being used so we aren’t certain about exactly what happened. The drysuit she was using is an old military Avon model that maintenance women wear to clean pools and escorts sometimes train in and the design is very reliable. The SCUBA set she was wearing with the drysuit is an old Drager full face mask with an inverted tank set typically used by maintenance personnel so their hoses won’t get caught in the pool maintenance equipment. The Avon drysuit has a waterproof zipper that closes from left to right across the back of the shoulders for getting in and out of it. In the image accompanying this entry the zipper slider tab and track of the fully closed zipper can be seen on the back of the diver’s right arm. The suit she was wearing is in good condition and the zipper is stiff and hard to work so it is almost impossible for a wearer to open or close the zipper herself and the zipper was partially open which is what caused the suit to flood.

Murder: I think her death was murder. It would have been suspicious enough because of the way the suit flooded. Her attacker would have had to partially open the zipper on the back of her right sleeve causing her suit to flood and trap her on the bottom. But in addition, she was found with her full face mask off and in her hands and she had drowned while she still had half tank of air. It would have taken a major effort of an attacker to pull a FFM off an opponent. That tells me someone pulled off her mask as a distraction so while she was trying to put it back on and clear it they could shut off her air. The stress of attempting and failing to clear her FFM shortened the interval needed to reach the point where reflex took over and she had to inhale and drowned. In the flooded suit it would still have been possible for her to reach the valves on the inverted tank set to turn her air back on if she had been thinking clearly, but she was apparently too focused on getting her mask back on and cleared when she found she had no air and by then it was too late to recover. After she drowned her air was left off unlike what happened to Tina Watson. It would have been enough to have just opened the zipper and flooded her suit because her weight belt had been tampered with so it couldn’t be unbuckled and dropped. In that heavy rubber suit and no buoyancy compensator there was no way she could have gotten off the bottom by herself, but with half a small tank of air at a depth of 20 feet she might have lasted another 20 or 30 minutes before she ran out of air. I think her killer must have wanted to watch her drown and see it happen in the shortest possible time because she was concerned about the length of her own dive, apparently with good reason.

Her attacker: The other girl was in a bikini, a buoyancy compensator and conventional single hose reg and we assume she was the one who tampered with her rival’s suit and weight belt. It seems that she miscarried while she was watching her rival drown and drowned herself before she could start her ascent. The ME says from the fetal tissue from her miscarriage that she had been about ten weeks pregnant and she thinks the massive uterine cramping when she began to miscarry caused her to expel her reg because she wasn’t using a spit strap. The cramping must have been horrible because she vomited and drowned in her own vomit. The bladder of her BCD was empty so she was slightly negatively buoyant, which was probably the buoyancy configuration she used when she drowned her rival and is what caused her body to stay on the bottom. The ME thinks the water pressure and emotional excitement of the dive and confrontation during her first trimester was what caused the miscarriage. The two women were in escort training together and had been fighting over one of the male trainees who they were both dating.

Friday, October 23, 2009

The perils of pointe and other readers questions

Making it look easy

Negative heel sandals, the ballerina’s Birkenstocks: A reader asked how women who spend time on their toes in pointe shoes or ballet boots keep their tendons and muscles stretched. I’ve covered this subject before but it’s worth repeating for those readers who are interested in wearing pointe-shoes and/or ballet boots. While a lot of time and training is given in strengthen the feet and toes to take the wearer’s weight an important area that is often overlooked is the effect being en pointe in ballet heels or pointes has on the contracted calf muscles and Achilles tendons. Some women who have to wear heels every day as part of their business wardrobe know about the shortening of achilles tendons from prolonged heel elevation already, which is one reason you find them out of their heels as often as possible at work. Classical ballet dancers in established companies wear pointes for class, rehearsals and performances but are in slippers or flats enough of the time that shortening of tendons usually isn’t a problem.

The real problem occurs for three general categories of wearers. The first is where genre dancers in pointes or punitive boots (typically with ballet heels) are performing in ballet based BDSM plays or dances that can go on for hours. In the creation of videos the performance can be stopped long enough for the actresses legs to get relief, unless their toe and leg pain in the shoes is part of the video but for actresses and wait-staff in fetish venues shortening of tendons can be a serious problem. The second is sex workers who, as part of their professional persona, adopt a wardrobe of boots and shoes that show off their feet and legs to best advantage in which they could be on their toes for hours at a time, which can be unbelievably painful even for well trained professionals. The third group of concern is impressionable students who think ‘more’ directly equates to ‘better’. Therefore if they walk around on their toes in pointes or ballet heels when at home, in the dorm or while out shopping their strength and technique will improve. The more they are on their toes the more accustomed and the better at it they will be, but that’s just half the story because in real life they can’t stay en pointe forever. That’s where negative heel sandals (NHS) come in. In my ballet company and at St Lucy’s we are fostering ‘the cult of the negative heel’ tying the sandals directly to pointe shoes and ballet boots by showing girls relaxing in NHS while sewing ribbons on pointe shoes or cleaning the laces on ballet boots to give girls and women wearing them an aura of mystery. We are already seeing some transference of that imagery with men seeing a girl in NHS who will fantasize about what her legs look like when she is en pointe in toe shoes or ballet boots.

I’ve addressed this topic primarily to girls and women because we are the ones who traditionally wear pointes and ballet heels for fitness, fetish and during careers. I know there are a few men who do wear them or want to and even a few guys who have the legs and strength and bodies to be good at it. But generally speaking pointe shoes especially are a feminine thing and the laws of physics are against most guys being any good at it at all. However, for male masochists I can strongly recommend wearing a well fitting pair of ballet heels for an unbelievably painful experience that you will remember fondly until you die.

Fantasy boots: While we are on the subject of the pain and pleasure of wearing ballet heels I want to warn women (again) about the boots Amber [the girl who died during an unplanned vacuum abortion that I described in my entry for 10-20-09] was wearing. They should only be used for looks and posing in. They do look beautiful on the foot flattering high arches and insteps. I call this sort of boot ‘fantasy boots’ because while they look beautiful they are useless even for standing in by a trained boot-girl becaude the latex is so thin and stretchy in order to hug the foot like a coat of paint that when the wearer stands in them there is no support in the toe-boxes, insteps and ankles. The rubber is so stretchy that when weight is put on the foot the latex in the instep can’t hold the foot against the shank of the boot or keep her ankles from twisting and she will fall off pointe. Unless the wearer’s feet are so strong she can walk around barefoot en pointe she will almost certainly break an ankle trying to walk in fantasy boots. No trained dancer would ever buy a pair of fantasy boots for herself except to pose in for a photoshoot.

L-Dopa, Prolactin and me: After reading about my induced lactation [in my entry “Ballet and lactation” for 10-22-09] a reader asked how I manage to control my breast size with so much nipple stimulation. The answer is that I’m on L-Dopa to reduce my prolactin level and milk supply to retain my ballet figure while I’m lactating. That’s a side effect of Dopamine that doesn’t occur in all women, but it works for me. Fortunately At the level that I’m taking it Levodopa is combined with carbidopa as Sinemet CRTM (the controlled-release form) in a 100/25 mg pink oval tablet once a day and it doesn’t have much other effect on me except to increase my sex drive. Taking L-Dopa has worked really well keeping my milk production in check to prevent my breasts from getting larger than B cups while still allowing me to enjoy the experience of breast feeding and oxytocin highs.

Ballet and lactation

Practicing her aim with a full breast

Ballet, boobs and balance: I had such a lovely chat with a friend last evening! It started with how the economies in our respective areas of the country were doing and I was telling him about how the trade in very high end escorts and porn had taken off here as men retreated into fantasy as the economy tanked and that the high end European and Asian men seem to prefer big breasted blonds. And since we are a service industry we provide what the customer wants.

We commented about breast size not being all there is to a woman and I agreed saying that even with me lactating I’m just a 32A/B cup and when my breasts are engorged I’m a small B. And that I’m glad my set is no larger since for a classical dancer large breasts are a problem. Big boobs throw a dancer’s balance off and there is inertia to overcome starting and stopping turns and in jumps and landings as well so a B cup is about all a classical dancer can handle w/o binding her chest with an elasticized bandage or wearing a really snug body suit with built-in compression cups.

My friend asked how I came to be lactating and I told him. I have told this story before but perhaps not on Blogger so I’ll go over it again for readers who might care. First, no I wasn’t pregnant. Several years ago I was working as a model for a Canadian latex fetishwear company and I got a lot of breast stimulation while getting in and out of latex encasement suits. And, at the time I had a boyfriend who was very big into boobs and breast play. So much so that it seemed, to me anyway, most of the time he was with me he had one on my nipples in his mouth. Over a several month period my nipples began to leak and then flow and my breasts started to grow larger as my milk came in. My doctor had my pituitary gland checked for a tumor – a common cause of an increased prolactin level and nipple discharge) and found none. After that he concluded I was healthy and I’d just had induced lactation from the amount of breast stimulation increasing my prolactin level.

Now that I’m established in Vegas I have a stable of men who milk me and seem to enjoy the taste of warm breast milk. Being milked always makes me want sex. I think the oxytocin rush coming from breast feeding was originally a bonding mechanism between mother and infant but for me it seems to work just as well between adults. And my younger Ward, Cyndi, loves to milk me too. I think at least with Cyndi I’m Bi because we have such a good time in bed together. Fortunately she turned 16 earlier this year so she’s legal now in Nevada. I try to be careful that both of my breasts get the same amount of attention so one doesn’t get larger than the other. That would really be hell for a classical dancer, having to pad myself out… OMG!

I have a portable Medela battery powered breast pump for when I’m traveling and there is no one around to milk me, but I try to find a man interested in volunteering and I’m usually successful, especially if I offer penetrative sex afterward. If I’m flying commercial I’ll just pour the pumped milk down the sink rather that the hassle of trying to tell the TSA screeners it isn’t a bomb. That’s one reason I have ‘Limnaea’ my Gulfstream G550. No showing my diaphragms and plug sets to screeners and sex in flight when I’m on my own plane!

Mouthpiece lipstick

Twin hose mouthpiece with diver’s lipstick

Shelly’s rival's lipstick: I’ll have to publicly admit defeat. I have been unable to focus Rubberstud, Shelly’s husband’s attention back on her as I’d hoped to do. I have however created in Shelly a rubbergirl of the most lascivious sort. She is absolutely drop dead gorgeous encased in latex! The problem with Rubberstud, or perhaps it’s Shelly’s and my problem with him, is that as far as women are concerned as soon as he completes one conquest he is off in another woman’s pants, if not before. We toned her vaginals and improved her technique to appeal to him, and she even let him think she became a rubbergirl just for him, but we couldn’t get him to focus exclusively on Shelly. Actually he was constantly sniffing my crotch until I cut him off after I unexpectedly came into a good bit of money a few weeks back. I’m thinking medicating him on Adderall might be the only solution and we can’t do that. So it was disappointing and surprising when Shelly found lipstick on the mouthpiece of a twin hose SCUBA set she and her husband have at their home’s pool for guests. Always in the past Rubberstud had been careful to do a fairly thorough job of hiding his women even when he brought them home. So this openness in flaunting his liaison with his Mistress in Shelly’s home was an escalation of the schism in their marriage

Evidence of an assignation: In addition to the lipstick on the mouthpiece (not Shelly’s shade) the tank and mask his paramour had worn had her hair conditioner all over them too. Worse was the fact that the white beavertail wetsuit the woman had worn was left on the dressing room bench where she had taken it off with a puddle of dive-gel and coital discharge still in the crotch along with an Ortho diaphragm she had used as a gas guard that had dried blood in the dome and was lying on the beavertail. I was with her when Shelly came across her latest rivals spore where it was obviously meant to be found and I could see the smile on her face when she saw the blood in the dome of the Ortho, as she said “well at least he made the bitch bleed for him”. She also showed me a fresh gouge in the hardwood floor of the master bedroom entryway and smear of black wax on the bedroom rug where someone had slipped and fallen while wearing ballet boots. Shelly hasn’t fallen in her ballet boots since the second day she had them which was months ago before they bought this house. And Rubberstud doesn’t wear his fetishwear – he is actually quite good in ballet boots - except when away from home so it wasn’t him. This isn’t the first or even the third she has seen evidence of his having sex with women in their house, but it is certainly the first time that no attempt was made to hide it. Rubberstud is on business in the Caribbean for ten or twelve days so she has some time to decide how to handle the situation before he returns. She was past being angry; angry was several weeks ago, and she seemed more resigned at that point. She just left the woman’s filthy dive gear where it lay and let the body fluids harden and discolor the rubber.

Legalities: She said she had checked with a lawyer and Rubberstud has her tied up in a prenuptial agreement for another 4 years so right now she thinks she will just try and ride it out if she can. Unless he divorced her, which if that was to happen he would have to settle several hundred million on her to get the divorce and that doesn’t seem likely. Then, over coffee she told me about finding a pack of her latest rival’s birth control pills in an overnight bag hidden in a guest room closet at the far end of the house where Rubberstud thought Shelly never went. She said she took the plastic circle of pills out of the dial pack and put them in the microwave for 15 seconds to fry the hormones, then returned the pills to the dial pack. She wondered if the blood in the dome of the diaphragm could be a hormonal thing from having her pills nuked or if it was from having her cervix battered. I’m wondering if Shelly doesn’t need to go and talk with a therapist because she seems to be obsessing over the strangest things right now. Like the lipstick on the twin hoses reg wasn’t her shade and since she doesn’t use conditioner when she dives she wonders now if she should switch to that shade of lip-gloss and start using a conditioner.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Terminal therapy – the ride of a lifetime

A male patient in terminal therapy

Terminal therapy: Occasionally I’m asked to consult as an expert with a male psychiatric patient who has agreed to a course of terminal therapy. All of these cases come through referrals from a local a psychiatrist who trained with the psychiatrist who I was in analysis with when I lived on the East Coast. When I was in therapy then I helped calm a few psychopaths in a clinical trial to the point that they would enter therapy. Those successes lead to my being recommended to my analyst’s colleague here.

Terminal therapy as I’ve used the term in this entry means my helping a terminally ill person die in a manner they choose. They are seeing a psychiatrist so that there will be no question about them being of sound mind when they enter terminal therapy. In the cases I’ve taken so far the patients have all been male and none of them were “healthy enough for sexual activity” as the adverts on TV say; which was the reason their doctor(s) eventually came to me. After all the waivers, wills and medical power of attorney papers are signed it comes down to the fact the guys want to die in the saddle being ‘fucked to death’. Used figuratively that’s a fairly common term around here; ‘I thought he was going to fuck me to death’ or ‘fuck my brains out’ is a phrase meaning a very intense sexual encounter. Of course with Terminal Therapy we are talking literally and wanting to go on his last ride with a pretty woman who knows how to show a man a good time is easily understandable. I’m selective about the rides of that sort that I take and want to be certain that the guy doesn’t end up a vegetable on a ventilator forever after I climb off or roll him off me. I charge for the service but give my fees to local charities in the area as a way of giving something back for how good this area has been to me.

Areas or expertise: I’ve only done the suspended trapeze thing (shown in the image accompanying this entry) once and while it looks spectacular to an observer it is difficult to do even if you are a professional aerialist. I was successful, but I probably won’t do it again. And, before someone asks, that is not me in the pic. It wouldn’t be ethical to show the face of a patient and my image will never grace this blog. My areas of expertise for terminal therapy are in the bedroom and in SCUBA gear in a pool. I prefer as therapy patients men who have some lung capacity and stamina left and who have heart conditions so serious that increased blood pressure and heart rate will cause a fatal heart attack or someone with an inoperable aneurysms that with increased BP and activity will burst and kill them quickly. For dive-sex I will take a man who has end stage cancer and who can be easily caused to vomit (from his chemo meds) and drown or stroke out from the ambient pressure differential and his blood pressure. Even as delicate as their health was the guys have all looked healthy and most appeared to be in good shape.

The ride of a lifetime: If the guy feels up to it I will let him take the initiative but if not I will lead. I always have the guy wear a cock ring so once he is hard there is little likelihood of him going flaccid on me which can be a problem for most middle-aged or older guys who are candidates for this sort of therapy. I was surprised to find that the clients I’ve had so far have all been upbeat and were eagerly anticipating the experience and one even asked if I was an angel who came to take him home. That was the nearest I’ve come to crying when with them. Once he’s hard I’m set and will get him off in a series of orgasms until we reach the one with his name on it. Everyone that I’ve taken on their last ride during terminal therapy has told me while we were mounting up how grateful they were for my help and they were sure it was going to be the ride of a lifetime.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

HPV vaccine for men

Boy getting his shot

CDC Advisory Committee To Weigh Whether To Recommend Vaccinating Boys Against HPV

“October 21, 2009 — The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices on Wednesday is scheduled to consider whether to recommend vaccination of boys with Merck's human papillomavirus vaccine Gardasil, NPR's "All Things Considered" reports. Both men and women can be infected by HPV, which can lead to genital warts, cervical cancer in women and other genital cancers in both sexes (Wilson, "All Things Considered," NPR, 10/20).

Since 2006, Gardasil has been approved for use in girls and women to prevent two strains of HPV -- types 16 and 18 -- that cause about 70% of cervical cancer. Gardasil also protects against two other strains of HPV that cause 90% of genital warts. Last week, FDA approved GlaxoSmithKline's Cervarix for use in girls and women ages 10 through 25 to prevent cervical cancer, and it expanded approval of Gardasil to include boys and men ages nine through 26 for protection against genital warts. Cervarix does not protect against genital warts, though there is evidence showing it protects against another HPV strain closely related to types 16 and 18 (Women's Health Policy Report, 10/19).

On Wednesday, the advisory panel will focus on whether it is cost effective to vaccinate boys against HPV. Neal Halsey, a professor at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, said the best way to control transmission of HPV "would be to immunize both men and women, boys and girls." He added that the "right thing to do -- from a scientific standpoint, ethical standpoint, in terms of shared responsibility -- is to immunize all boys, all girls."

However, a recent Harvard University study found that vaccinating boys is not cost effective if most women are vaccinated. The cost savings associated with vaccination of boys and men are affected by how many girls receive all three doses of Gardasil, which is priced at about $130 per dose. Vaccinating boys would do more to help curb the spread of HPV if very few girls are vaccinated. CDC surveys show that 37% of U.S. girls ages 12 through 17 have received one dose of Gardasil. In comparison, nearly 80% of girls in the United Kingdom have received the HPV vaccine, and there is no intent to immunize boys.

Merck's Erik Dasbach said that vaccinating boys would be cost effective based on current vaccination rates among U.S. girls. However, the figure used to determine the vaccine's cost effectiveness in the U.S. also "accounts for the vaccine, and for screening cervical cancer, compared to all the cost that would be avoided by preventing HPV diseases," Dasbach said, adding that vaccinating boys would not be cost effective when examined through that model.

"All Things Considered" reports that many analysts had wanted Merck to delay seeking approval for Gardasil for girls in 2006 because it was still being tested in boys. This would have allowed Merck to offer the vaccine universally for boys and girls at a lower price, which analysts say would have been cost effective ("All Things Considered," NPR, 10/20).”

Personal comment: For the last two years our clinic has been vaccinating all young men screened for STIs as candidates for Escort training and as partners for St Lucy’s girls. There are no exceptions. Men applying for drilling rights through our screening program are required to have all their shots in minimum time. I think the cost effectiveness question for boys will resolve itself when Glaxo Smith Kline’s competing vaccine, Cervarix, comes on the market in a few months. It doesn’t make sense to pinch pennies when we are responsible for the sexual health of young socially prominent women.

Abortion fatality wearing gas mask rebreather bag

Heavily modified PMK-2 gasmask with 2 rebreather bags and inflatable gag

Rebreather bag fatality: I was called to the apartment of a daughter of one of the Vegas movers and shakers the other night to do a cleanup. I took Taryn with me as she needs to see the sort of things kids accidentally do to themselves when they play with adult toys they don’t understand. We found the 19 y/o blond in a black heavy rubber encasement suit, a pair of black latex ballet boots, heavy rubber gloves and a black rubber gasmask and zippered hood like the one shown in the image accompanying this entry. The mask had been Customized in the UK, heavily modified from a new Russian PMK gas mask and included: dark lenses; a fully Bonded long neck zipped back hood that can be tucked into rubber encasement suit for total enclosure; twin rebreathing bags, a 90 degree threaded connector with 3.0 liter rebreathing bag and a 45 degree threaded connector with 3.0 liter rebreathing bag; and a fitted inflatable gag insert which measures around 2.5" x 1.5" un-inflated and inflates to the size of a large fist, inflated by the bulb syringe hanging from the front of the mask. However, the girl had detached the front rebreather bag (with the 45 degree threaded connector) and in its place connected the corrugated rubber hose from her nitrous oxide tank and regulator to the masks standard 40 mm coupling.

Vacuum abortion as porn: We were called when her maid found her Monday evening. From the looks of things, the smell, her newspapers that had gone uncollected over the weekend and the calls on her answering machine it appears she died some time Friday night. She had recorded a video of the whole thing it was to be a rehearsal for a snuff video she intended to produce. She was 8 weeks pregnant and was blocking out the scenes for recording the vacuum abortion she was going to perform on herself. Her older sister works in the San Fernando Valley for an adult media company and had borrowed the mask, hood and the vacuum abortion machine from her company for her kid sister to use.

Prologue: In a recorded prologue on the rehearsal video the girl who was using ‘Amber’ as her nom de théâtre and fully dressed (with the exception of the gasmask) in her encasement suit, latex ballet boots and hood explained that she had been using nitrous oxide when she conceived and in the weeks following before she realized she was pregnant. In addition to not being certain who the father was and not wanting the baby she was concerned that by being on N2O so much she might miscarry and if she carried to term the child could have birth defects. So she had decided to terminate it and make a video of the abortion to sell through her sister’s company. She was doing the demo video to send to her sister’s company to see if they were interested and said that during the demo/rehearsal she would be wearing a Semina diaphragm so the fetus was quite safe, and while smiling at the camera she patted her still hard flat belly. For the real thing she said she planned to take Mifeprex two days before videoing the extraction so the fetus would be detached from the uterine wall to minimize the likelihood of hemorrhaging. She said the things she loved best about wearing the mask her sister let her borrow was the dark lenses so that during close-ups no one could look in and see who she was and the dark lenses also it made it much easier to make the demo by protecting her eyes when the harsh studio lighting was in her face.

The machine: The abortion machine was a porn film prop not a medically approved vacuum termination device. However, it was technically correct in every way and quite capable of terminating a pregnancy. It is a bit ‘larger-than-life’ if you know what I mean. It has much longer hoses, larger clear vacuum containers for the evacuated tissue and fluid, a larger pump motor and a larger vaginal probe that is inserted to cover and seal the cervix for the vacuum extraction, all of which make it more impressive when the device is inserted in the heroine/victim during the studio porn videos.

Of course fetal extractions are done with a cannula inserted carefully through the cervix into the uterus not by a hose clamped over the cervix and the uterus evacuated by brute force. That sort of thing is the porn industry adding fantasy which if carried out in real life would result hemorrhaging where the fetus was ripped from the uterine wall. Once that occurs it is difficult to stop the bleeding even in a hospital setting, but then that wasn’t what she has planned.

Insertion: In the video Amber sat on the edge of a heavily padded leather recliner and took her Semina out of its case. After unzipping the crotch of her encasement suit she lubed the rim of her diaphragm with a little Astroglide and spreading her labia with the fingers of one hand she compressed the rim and pushed it into her vagina and tucked the rim up behind her pubic bone. Then she uncoiled the vacuum hose attached to the vaginal probe and explained what she was doing as she inserted the spring loaded probe in her vagina so that it pushed the dome of the diaphragm down sheathing her cervix in silicone as the cup of the probe was forced down over it. She continued to compress the spring loaded probe until the locking ridge fit up behind her pubic bone to prevent accidental expulsion of the probe while extraction is underway. She explained that she had inserted the probe before and found that it aroused her but she had never turned it on. For the preview she said she was going to turn it on briefly after she put on her mask and took a little gas to work up her courage just to see what it felt like because she knew she was safe that night with her diaphragm blocking access to her uterus.

She put on her mask sealed the single 3 liter rebreather bag connected to the left side of her mask and pumped up the inflatable gag so any screams would be muffled. Then she depressed the gas flow control button on the hose connected to her nitrous oxide regulator and as she took several deep breaths you could see the tension go out of her shoulders. She stood up and already she was unsteady in her latex ballet boots. They are what I call fantasy boots because they provide almost no support because the latex is so stretchy the wearer can’t stay over her center or use the shanks for support. The sort of boots she was wearing while expensive are only good to pose in. Standing up in her fantasy boots was her first mistake. Her second mistake was turning on the pump of the vacuum abortion machine. As she staggered around a bit rubber-legged from the N2O and in unstable boots she looked at the vacuum gauges on the pump and saw that the cannisters and hose/probe assembly were being evacuated, and pointed to the guages and nodded. I don’t know if with the hood and mask on she could hear the pump motor sraining or not, but on the video it is certainly plain enough that the motor is under load. About then she tried taking another step or two in her latex boots and that’s when things went terribly wrong.

Evacuation: On the video suddenly there was a jerk in the vacuum hoses and the pump motor no longer sounded as though it was under strain. Simultaneously Amber doubled over clawing at her crotch trying to pull the probe out and red blood and tissue spewed into the evacuated tissue canister. At that point it was obvious that the pump was so powerful that it sucked a hole in the dome of her diaphragm and her vacuum abortion was underway w/o her having prepared by taking Mifeprex. She staggered backward and her ankle gave way. Both Taryn and I thought we heard her ankle snap as she fell off pointe in her boots and toppled backwards where her head hit the edge of a marble topped table. It must have broken her neck as when she hit the floor her head was at an angle that no human neck can maintain and still be in one piece. She was either dead or paralyzed as she didn’t move at all after she hit the floor. The only thing that kept going was the pump. It was still running shredding and sucking out her upper reproductive tract and transferring the pulp into two two liter tissue canisters. By the time it perforated her uterus and tore a small hole in her abdominal wall the two canisters were nearly full. When it punctured her abdominal wall the air it sucked around her suits open crotch zipper set up a sort of gurgling whistle sound we could hear when we first walked into her apartment

Afterward: The pump was still running when Taryn and I got there. Amber had apparently emptied her bladder early in her death spiral as the carpet was stained and reeked of urine. It was amazing that there was almost no blood anywhere but in the canisters of the vacuum extractor. Since the Family wanted to mourn their daughter not clandestinely dispose of her body there was little we could do for them except to express our condolences and suggest a closed casket funeral because the tight latex encasing her body had left a pattern of indentation and bruising that could only be interpreted one way. Her parents were concerned that she had been the victim of a fetish murder, but there was no evidence of that. Her death was because she didn’t understand the capabilities and therefore didn’t realize the dangers of the equipment she was using which led to a series of poor choices and accidents. It was death by misadventure. I tried to reason with her parents but they insisted on seeing the video. Afterward her mom had to be hospitalized, but they both agreed no one else was to blame. Someone had obviously helped Amber into her encasement suit before she began her video but I wasn’t going to go there and her parents didn’t ask and with any luck no one else will either

Monday, October 19, 2009

Lesbians, ballet boots and H1N1

Dive-sex foreplay - the all girl version.

Men’s fascination with lesbians: Men seem to have an unquenchable fascination with Sappho’s sisters. Perhaps it’s because they appear exotic, being able to make love to one another w/o fear of pregnancy and the possible complication of abortion as the result of recreational sex. Or perhaps it’s just watching two beautiful women sucking each other’s breasts and finger-fucking each other. Having vagina’s immensely simplifies the sanitary requirements for penetrative sex, but the fact that lesbians can’t produce erections can, I would think, be a mixed blessing depending which way their minds are going at the moment. Being an almost pure heterosexual I’ve never been able to get much pleasure from the use of a strap-on because if not used correctly it can rupture a partner’s uterus by ramming her cervix too hard. But then I never have a shortage of penis. Taryn says I must subscribe to ‘erection-on-demand’, but it’s just that I’m very popular and come to that so is she. We both seem to be continually draining coital discharge no matter how much we Kegel out. Though, if push comes to shove I can have an absolutely marvelous time soloing with a dildo!

Wiring: Sometimes I think lesbians miss all the fun. The scents and tastes of a lusty male; his testosterone ladened salty sweat, the spicy taste of his thick ropy sperm packed semen sliding down my throat or ice cold as it splatters on my belly after spewing at body temperature out of his tip. How can fluid cool that fast? The scent and tangy taste of his toe cheese when I’m sucking his toes after he’s been on his feet all day. The sandpaper stubble of his beard against my breast as he takes me during a nooner, and the fact that he never puts the seat down after her pees… What’s not to love about all that? But we all have our preferences and it all has to do with the way we’re wired. If a girl wants to make love night after night with just fingers or a dildo in her belly, who am I to say she’s missing out?

Ballet boots and lesbians: A reader asked if I think ballet boots are particular faves of Sappho’s sisters. I don’t think sexual orientation has much to do with ballet boots. Though from what I’ve seen women are far more likely to wear ballet heels, are better at it and are able to withstand the pain of wearing them much better than most men. In my experience what matters is whether the person is a sadist who enjoys watching a partner of any sex in pain while wearing ballet heels or a masochist enjoying the pain of wearing ballet heels him or herself and has relatively little to do with whatever sexual orientation s/he might have. I’ve met some butch lesbian Dungeon Masters but I don’t think the quantity is out of proportion to their numbers in society in general. I will say that in my experience butch lesbians are more interested in ballet heels for the power wearing them correctly and confidently conveys, to women they want to impress, while submissive lesbian masochists enjoy ballet heels for their punitive value. If anyone has a different experience with ballet boots and sexual orientation and would like to comment please leave me a comment or you can email me at the address in my profile.

H1N1 flu and entertainers: Our clinic has begun inoculation of all casino performers, escorts and wait-staff against H1N1 with the new nasal mist. Recent analysis has shown that H1N1 seems to target and is particularly virulent in young women. While the reasons aren’t fully understood it’s thought it may have to do with the fact that even slim women have a higher percentage of our weight in fat (think breasts and hips) and the virus seems to be attracted to fat cells. Another thing is that once infected by H1N1 an otherwise healthy woman is far more likely to contract a virulent type of viral pneumonia which is difficult to treat. All this makes it imperative that every female performer and escort be given the vaccine immediately because they entertain customers and clients from all over the world. Women refusing the vaccine are dismissed unless they have a very good reason as explained in a waiver from a casino physician. Unvaccinated women with a waiver will be relocated to jobs where they will not come in contact with customers and clients. We have fired two girls on the wait-staff who refused w/o a doctor’s waiver, and the union is supportive. There have been no medical waivers so far.

Camel toe, heels and cervical encasement

Britney Spears displaying her camel toe

Camel toe: The camel toe song celebrates the more common figurative definition of camel toe. In human anatomy, the mons veneris (Latin, mound of Venus), is the soft mound of flesh just over the vulva in females. After puberty it is normally covered with pubic hair to a greater or lesser extent. The labia majora or large lips extend on either side of the vulva, and may also be covered with pubic hair. If the costume of a woman is so tight that you can see the shape of her mons pubis and labia, as in the picture of Britney Spears above, you can call that a CAMEL TOE because of its similarity to the toes of a real camel. In Vegas female entertainer’s pubes are usually totally waxed so that in provocative costumes their vulvas are prominently displayed w/o being masked behind a luxuriant growth of pubic hair.

My AST class at St Lucy’s gets camel toe training because while displaying camel toe can be provocative it can cause urological and genital problems for the woman if she doesn’t take the proper precautions. The safest and most comfortable way to display camel toe is to wear a plug with a cleavage head. That way it looks provocative while protecting the soft tissues of the labia and the entrance to the urethra from chafing and bacteria which can cause a UTI. Raw spots on the labia are unbelievably painful so that vaginal penetration while your labia are raw can put a girl off sex for months. Once you are wet enough from flirting with a hunky guy you can let him remove your plug and play with your real toys.

Jackets and riding crops: I was taken to task the other day [See: comments about my entry of October 16, 2009] for my lack of formality – no jacket - while on duty as a casino owner-manager. And I thought I’d get points for being plugged so I wouldn’t be displaying my camel toe. Sigh! Actually, black Boots, tights and bra accessorized with a riding crop is amazingly imposing when the person is pretty and 6’ tall. I’m 5’4” standing flat, but in Pleasure boots I’m a bit over 6 feet. Seeing a 6 foot auburn haired woman striding toward you slapping a riding crop against the shaft of her boot is (I’ve been told) fairly impressive even when I’m smiling which I always do when approaching customers. And that’s the judgment of several of my enemies who on their best days call me “one tough cunt!” I carry a few business cards in a hidden pocket of my bra so I don’t need a jacket. Usually when I hand a card from my bra to a customer they will sniff it first. It seems automatic for both men and women, they just do. And it usually changes the dynamic of the situation from confrontational to flirtatious or at the very least casual. If I’m in conventional business attire; a skirt suit, blouse and pointes and I hand a customer a card from my clutch they will look at it and start complaining. Go figure! I’ve found changing the social dynamic will almost always ease the situation, even with aggressive verbally abusive drunks. I just listen and think how glad I am I’m not going to bed with that person. Once they understand they are talking with an owner I take them into a conference room to try to resolve the situation. It’s close by and I try to get them out of the public rooms before they collapse in a drunken stupor or have a medical crisis of some sort from being upset which we try to avoid by calming them and discussing their problem regardless of how unreasonable. I can almost always handle the most belligerent man. Women are somewhat more difficult since so few of them want to bed me. The Casino occasionally slips up so I don’t win them all, but I’m pleased to say that the outcomes of the situations I handle are usually more favorable to the casino than those handled by the other Owner-managers.

Executive heels: Without my asking Gepetto’s boot heel designer made me micro-bladed heels for my pleasure boots. The heels feel smooth to a gentle touch but they have tiny bladed teeth like fine saw blades. When gripped firmly or jammed into tight spaces they cut like razors. He made them to enable me to quickly slash the laces on an opponent’s ballet boots if I force my heel into and down her laces, which will leave her with almost no support and unable to walk in her boots. They also prevent an opponent from grasping the heels of my boots (even with gloves) to throw me off balance. I thought that was so sweet of him, but then I think he likes me. I have seen him through some bad times when his wife was being treated for cancer and he needed conjugal services she couldn’t provide. He is very happily married, but a man has needs and I am glad I was able to have him in my bed for a while. He is as good a lover as he is a weapons designer so they are very happy together.

Diaphragms and cervical encasement: I mentioned in an earlier post [see October 13, 2009] about rubber encasement Masters who enjoy looking at a Prentif cap sucking on a submissives cervix. The same effect can be gotten with a diaphragm and it is especially effective when using a Semina because its transparent dome shows the encased cervix clearly through the .25 mm thick pink silicone rubber membrane. In my Advanced Sexual Techniques (AST) course at St Lucy’s I show the girls how to increase the vacuum in the dome of a diaphragm to cause the soft thin dome to mold exactly to the shape of the wearer’s cervix. For the wearer this has two beneficial effects. First, by increasing the suction it decreases the likelihood that a large man can break the seal and cause the diaphragm to leak or dislodge. Second the vacuum stretching the thin rubber of the dome around the cervix puts a slight pressure on the cervix which the user can feel as a sign that her D is correctly positioned and sucking tightly on her cervix so she knows she is protected. And, as I mentioned it is a huge turn on for Rubber Encasement Masters since cervical encasement is a new field in the fetish.

Vacuum packed: To increase the vacuum in the dome all the wearer has to do is, after correctly inserting her barrier while she is not aroused, push down several times as though she is having a bowel movement. When the wearer is not aroused the anterior rim of her diaphragm is anchored securely in her pubic notch so pushing down will force the anterior wall of the vagina and cervix further into the dome pushing out any air that might still be trapped when the diaphragm sealed. So inserting while not aroused is crucial to increasing the vacuum in the dome. Pushing down three or four times will pump the vacuum down to the point that it becomes very difficult to break the seal when it needs to be removed for cleaning. Another reason for increasing the vacuum in the dome - when worn for flow control during her period - is so that the vacuum will cause the endometrium to flow out faster shortening a wearer’s period, sometimes by as much as a day or two. Of course that means that it fills faster and has to be emptied more often. For me, after my ME, I can pump down the vacuum in the dome of my Milex and reduce my residual flow from two days to less than a day.

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