Sunday, March 30, 2014

Who’s who and what’s what

A brief guide to people and places in Jill’s World

Why now: A new reader asked in a comment “Do you have a starting date or post that summarizes, explains or is a good primer?”

As longtime readers know there have been no “Jill’s Notes” (similar to Cliff’s Notes) for my blog, Jill’s World. However, below is a short list of friends who often appear as well as locations. For new readers going back and starting at the entries for the 2013 Winter Solstice in late December 2013 might give you some current background. Have there been omissions, absolutely, but then I had no intention to develop a concordance worthy of the Bible.

Since there is a limit to the length of comments I’m going to post the list as an entry in my blog as it may be helpful (or not) to others just beginning to read my blog. Especially any students who are assigned to write term papers on the implausibility of my life as chronicled in the entries of this blog.

Jill’s Notes 1.0

Some of my friends (in no particular order):

  • Jack: (John, Viscount Sandbach, my primary lover. Though with my various jobs and raging libido I have a multitude of lovers from all walks of life, from escort trainees to extremely wealthy fetish addicts.
  • His Grace: AKA Himself, The Duke, the Old Bull is Jacks father who has an English title and estates in northern England and Scotland.
  • Adolph: a good friend and psychopath in Vegas who has a deep dive training facility (the well) and a up-market Spa, The Lorelei, as well as a penchant for making employees disappear.
  • Brad: My most recent psychoanalyst and fetish lover. He is helping me come to terms with my responsibilities as a handmaiden of Aphrodite. However, he is delusional in that he has fixation that when I’m dressed in her clothes I am his dead wife Jenna (from her photos we could be identical twins) who was a dancer killed in a car crash with their 6 mos. old babe 18 months ago.
  • Anya: A good friend in her early 30s who travels as a troubleshooter for a multinational company
  • Fiona: Jack’s sister who works for the British Gove (currently in their embassy in DC) and mother of Cyndi who was one of my wards until she began her studies at Cambridge at the beginning of this year.
  • Pirate: who runs the Escort service for my casino and who’s escorts provide some of the best sex in Vegas.
  • Tanaquil: A retired French Courtesan who run’s the best Porn organization in Europe
  • My Wards: Bea 17 y/o and in the 4th form at St Lucy’s; Willow a 19 y/o Brit chick who danced for the Royal Ballet and is Jacks natural daughter by an RB ballerina. Willow now dances in my ballet Co in Vegas and attends UNLV; The 18 y/o Swan twins Odette and Odile who are the daughters of a friend who is a neighbor on Virgin Gorda in the BVIs. There was a 5th, Andrea, who developed a blood clot from not using proper precautions during dive-sex and so as soon as she can travel will be sent home to her parents who are relatives of Adolph.
Locations (in no particular order):

  • My home in the Spring Mts West of Las Vegas where I have my 64 ft. deep pool (the pit) and where my wards live with me.
  • The Well: The 216 ft deep training facility attached to Adolph’s home in the Mts. There he also has a multi-bed hyperbaric chamber for treating decompression sickness.
  • The Lorelei: Adolph’s elite Spa for women where sexual services of any kind are available. The Lorelei is located very close to Adolph’s deepwater training facility.
  • St Lucy’s: An exclusive local girl’s prep school for difficult girls where a good classical education can be had as well pre-professional ballet training and a good caning for disobedience. I teach Contemp. Sexual Health and occasionally ballet at St Lucy’s.
  • Naughty Pleasures: The Umbrella club at my casino which houses multiple fetish venues and is continually evolving as new fetishes increase in interest and others decline.
  • The high roller clubs at several of the best Casino Resorts in town where my ballet troupe performs erotic versions of classical ballets.
  • UNLV where my three older wards go to school.
  • My vacation home is on Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands. We have a secluded cove where we can play with dolphins and have dive-sex in wonderfully clear warm water as long as we don’t go too deep.
The weather at Inverness this morning was quite good. I’m going to try and post this while we are on the ground at Dulles to let Fiona off and top off out tanks for the trip across country. We managed to land and refuel between periods of rain and there is a lot of snow in the mid west so the pilots are anxious to get us up above all that.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Dive-sex training at the Abbey

An OTS Guardian FFM with ambient breathing valve

The photo: An OTS Guardian FFM the type used for dive-sex training in the Abbey cistern/pool. Opening the ambient breathing valve (ABV) the black knob on the right side, allows ambient air in the mask while on the surface to save compressed gas.

The Abbey Pool: The pool was converted from the Abbeys original medieval drinking water cistern. It’s a circular room 60 ft diameter and it is 40 feet deep with columns every 10 feet.  Ceiling and underwater lights have been installed as well as a shelf and platform for putting on equipment and conveniently entering the water. There is also a new circulating system that heats and purified the water. The cistern is kept full from the spring that flows through the temple and chapel. Even when well lit it still seems a bit claustrophobic to me because of the shadows cast by the columns. And at 40 feet it’s too deep to comfortably wear a FemCap to the bottom w/o the discomfort of dome squeeze on the cervix, but of course my Oves works well. However, a properly sized and correctly inserted latex Reflexions flat spring rim diaphragm is perfect for flood insurance while providing the advantages a thin stretchy latex membrane can offer an experienced couple. More about that later.

Beavertail jackets: The women wear long sleeve black 2mm neoprene (modified-retro) beavertail twist-latch jackets and hoods into the pool even though the water is heated. The jackets are to protect us when we are pushed up against a column during sex.   For readers wondering WTF a modified-retro beavertail jacket is it has a higher cut leg and twin twist lock latches that allows rapid full frontal access to the pelvis when the beavertail is unlatched and wrist zippers so convenient, but now missing from most current jacket designs. That way we can be penetrated from either the front or back (if wearing a short tank or if the tank can be hung at a convenient depth with the woman out of her tank harness. Gepetto’s fetish shop makes modified-retro beavertails specifically designed for dive-sex. As you might imagine there aren’t too many sales for this specific jacket except for high-end escorts and adventuresome trust fund girls.

The use of dive computers:  Altitude corrections for diving shorten bottom time and increase decompression intervals for a dive at altitude (considered any altitude 1,000 feet or more above sea level) compared to one of the same depth at sea level. Altitude corrections are necessary when diving many of the locations I and my circle frequent and are easily calculated with a dive computer. The locations I dive requiring altitude corrections and their altitudes are:

  • The surface elevation of the water in the cistern at Crag Abbey near Loch Ness, Scotland is 2,300 ft. above sea level.
  • The surface elevation of Lake Tahoe is 6,225 ft. above sea level
  • The surface elevation of Lake Mead is 1,221.4 feet above sea level
  • The elevation of Las Vegas, NV is approx. 2,200 above sea level
  • The surface elevation of my 64 ft. deep pool (the pit) in the hills outside Las Vegas is 3,000 feet above sea level
  • The surface elevations of Adolph’s 216 ft. deep training facility (the well) and the pools in his Spa, The Lorelei, in the hills outside Las Vegas are 2,800 and 3,100 feet respectively above sea level.
Emma as a water sprite: Emma is relatively new to SCUBA diving and has had just the basic qualifying course and a hand full of dives all in the Red Sea while on holiday.  Given that she is fertile and is using a Reflexions flat spring for both contraception and flood insurance she is using a correctly sized Reflexions with DiveGel+ in the dome. Her cervix is perfectly positioned to make it extremely unlikely the diaphragm will dislodge while she is aroused and properly sized and positioned it is impossible to dislodge it with a penis when her vagina is quiescent so she is as safe as she can be and still engage in dive-sex.  She is not into pain just like the five student Gyns so no one is going to attempt to under-thrust the rim during the encounters included in this seminar. And she is very aware that she has no back-up method as the rest of us do with the girls having GyneFix IUDs implanted and me using an Oves.

I began her training with ballet-sex. Returning readers will remember that ballet-sex is where the woman is bent over with her trunk parallel to the floor holding on to the barre with both hands while standing sur les pointes a la seconde to provide easy access from behind with the man holding on to her hips. This is the position that she needs to hold continuously for a minimum of 15 to 20 minutes while the man penetrates her from behind and works on her G-spot with his glans while he can reach around and caress her clitoris or more likely its shaft to move her more quickly to orgasm.

It is to ease the strain on her toes during these 25 minutes continuously en pointe that I had Emma get several pairs of hard shanked Gaynor Minden pointes and she has been wearing them for our daily ballet classes. There is little that can be initially done about leg cramps from keeping the calves contracted for that length of time except to ensure her electrolyte levels are good, having leg massages and doing plenty of stretching. Even so, she could be in a lot of discomfort as her legs tire until she builds up stamina from being repeatedly taken from the rear while on her toes. Ballet-sex introduces her to the tightest contraction of her pelvic muscles from balancing on her toes which when she orgasms and her muscles spasm tighten even more. From a trained ballet dancer it’s a grip so tight most men never have the opportunity to experience it and once experienced all of them long for more.

The fornix grip: While en pointe and with Chris, our male Gyn, as her partner I taught her about taking her partner’s glans in her anterior fornix – her pelvic anatomy is ideal for this - while en pointe wearing a latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragm. This allows him to squeeze his glans by pushing the stretchy latex dome as deep as it will go into her anterior fornix squeezing it between her cervix and the wall of her vagina as he thrusts deeper and the latex dome stretches tighter. Men say it is an amazing sensation and very addictive, but it causes rapid ejaculation and can leave the woman unsatisfied so is best practiced after giving his partner her pleasure first.

One cause of rapid ejaculation by a partner thrusting into the anterior fornix is the ‘stimulator’ in the center of the convex side of the Reflexions dome. The ‘stimulator’ is the raised diameter size in mm inside a triangle and van be often felt by the frenulum when penetrating in missionary and by the top of his glans when he enters her from behind. Sometimes the man is so large or sensitive that the stimulator bothers him. If that’s the case then the Reflexions can easily and effectively be worn with the convex side against the cervix so then the stimulator is on the cervix side.

I taught her the ‘fornix-grip’ – the trick is to move your hips to guide him to the spot you want him to thrust into - while on her toes so she can use it during dive-sex. It is especially effective for men who are very long when being taken in the ballet-sex position (on pointe bent over and entered from behind) as gravity pulls the uterus and cervix deeper which can make taking a large man more comfortable and Chris is long and quite thick, about 6.25 in. in circumference, so about 2 inches in diameter, which really stretches the dome tight across his glans. Stretching the dome also puts upward pressure on the cervix forcing the whole uterus deeper, a feeling most of us enjoy far more than having the tip of our cervix rammed by an erect penis. Emma was fertile and her cervix high, soft and open so the dome didn’t stretch as much as it would at other times during her cycle. Even so both she and Chris enjoyed the fornix grip immensely.

Dive-sex: Once she knew what to do during ballet-sex and could do what she needed to do fairly well we moved on to dive-sex. She had never dived an OTS Guardian so the Divemaster went over how the spider is adjusted, the quick releases and the regulator adjustments and how to purge the mask should it become flooded and we both practiced that several times as I needed the refresher.  The divemaster also covered the need to take complete breaths inhaling and exhaling completely. Otherwise you are liable to hyperventilate - not exhaling completely before inhaling again and doing that repeatedly which will result in becoming short of breathe and overcome by CO2. Hyperventilating on a dive is very common among new divers and we really wanted to avoid that. The five student Gyns were no more experienced in diving or with the Guardian than Emma so they also got a class on wearing the FFM as well as how open the twist latches of the women’s beavertail jackets

The latex Reflexions flat spring rim diaphragm is a vital piece of safety equipment when used for flood insurance during dive-sex. And worn by Emma who was still fertile it is needed for birth control as well as she is relying on the Symptothermal method of contraception. She used a 10ml disposable applicator of DiveGel+ in the dome and another 10ml applicator in her vagina after her D was placed as an underwater lubricant and she, like the rest of us, carried 10ml disposable applicators with us on our dives in case we needed more lube between encounters..

Bottom patrol: The evening before we were to meet the men in the pool, just to familiarize her with her Guardian FFM and the beavertail jackets and hood we would wear during dive-sex encounters, I had her accompany me to the bottom of the cistern and help clean up the debris off the bottom. Like the bottom of Adolph’s deep water training facility the bottom was littered with bits of dive equipment all from women divers. Two bikini tops, two Ortho white (coil spring) diaphragms three  Prentif cavity rim cervical caps (all 22mm indicating they were probably from young unmarried women) and three Milex Omniflex diaphragms in various sizes. As well as three pairs of rotting satin Freed pointe shoes the ribbons of which were still knotted and which had been cut off the wearer’s feet. I thought these items were from years ago when His Grace was much younger and in far better health. Emma looked rather surprised, but asked no questions. At least we found no skeletons still strapped into dive gear. After we got up the large pieces I tool down a vacuum and sucked up the sediment that had been collecting on the bottom for ages so when we fastened ankle leashes to the rings in the bottom to tether ourselves for an encounter we wouldn’t stir up a cloud of sediment.

Delayed departure: I had meant to write about how the dive-sex went with the student Gyns but that will be for another time. The seminar went on far longer than I expected because it was so successful and the men were learning so much. So now we are all packed and it’s after 8:00 AM GMT and we should be leaving for Inverness in about an hour.  The girls can’t tell their friends everything but they had some remarkable sex and met some really nice men.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A working vacation, training diaphragm fitters

A Milex diaphragm fitting set with five sizes 65mm – 85mm in 5mm increments

The Photo: Shows a CooperSurgical Milex contraceptive diaphragm fitting set and a demonstration unit to show patients how to insert it correctly. The silicon Milex wide seal diaphragm comes in two rim styles an arcing spring and the Omniflex which has a coil spring rim and comes in  8 diameter sizes, 60mm through 95mm in 5mm increments.

The Milex Arcing spring rim is similar to the (now discontinued) Ortho All-Flex in rim spring strength. However, unlike the All-Flex the Milex Arcing spring folds on two elbow hinges so must be compressed at two specific spots on the rim. The Omniflex can be folded by compressing it anywhere on the rim.

A wonderful training opportunity: Jack and Chris, our male Gyn, had been working for several months on a really great opportunity for the girls to meet some young male Gynecologists who are rising stars in their profession. The opportunity occurred because there was a Gyn conference in Inverness this past week which they were all attending. Diaphragm and cervical cap fitting is no longer being taught in med schools so since my wards and I would be in the area for the vernal equinox Chris offered to conduct a short course in cervical barrier fitting for five of the interested young doctors and got permission to hold it at Crag Abbey. 

He had cleared it with me first and I had gotten the required permissions for the girls to miss classes for several days to participate in a ‘medical seminar’. And of course anything that involves the vaginas of reproductive age women interests His Grace so the cervical barrier short course is underway and includes the silicone FemCap as well as the silicone Ortho All-Flex, the Milex wide seal arcing spring, the Milex wide seal Omniflex (coil spring) and the latex Reflexions flat spring devices and a new device that recently appeared on the market, the single size Caya contoured diaphragm that was designed to be used by women taking a traditional diaphragm in a range of the four most commonly prescribed sizes, 65mm through 80mm.  

How the seminar works: First there is a lecture on the particular device to be fitted (it’s positive and negative features and how it folds for insertion and removal techniques. Then there is a fitting demonstration with me as the patient and Chris as the fitter. Then the individual student Gyns take one of the girls or me as a fitting patient while Chris supervises the individual fitting processes; the pelvic exam (minus the PAP smear) to check for suitable pelvic anatomy needed for a correct fit and effective use of a cervical barrier; a pronounced post-pubic vault and a cervix that is not too anteverted or retroverted.

My women readers I’m sure are starting to squirm at the though of having six pelvic exams in a few days even if they don’t include PAP smears, but the girls and I are up for it and having lovely hunky knowledgeable men gently fondling our reproductive organs can be a huge turn-on which in itself is a problem when a Gyn is trying to fit the woman with a diaphragm of the correct size. That’s because if a patient becomes aroused while being fitted her vagina will tent (lengthen) so there is a good chance she will be prescribed a diaphragm that is too large with the attendant poor seal causing reduced effectiveness and discomfort that could cause a UTI.

To avoid that the Gyn should be professional and quick in his or her measurements and fitting and exchanging the correct size with a larger and smaller size so the patient can feel the difference with her fingers. That’s so if she gains or loses weight she can check with her fingers to verify her fit. A change in weight of +/-10 lbs and she should have her fit checked by a knowledgeable fitter. Usually a gain in weight requires a smaller size and a decrease in weight requires a larger size, but not always.

STI screening: Getting recent full STI panels on the five student Gyns and Emma wasn’t as difficult as I first feared. They were each able to supply a current and clean full STI panel as they had been told it was a requirement for participating in the course.

Esthetics: A few days before we left my wards and I went to Body Buffers for a full body waxing, everything but eyebrows and scalp hair. The dresser who travels with me also works at Body Buffers as an Esthetician for a few elite clients and we all go to her. She gives our pubes the smoothest and the least painful waxing of any Brazilian Esthetician I’ve ever used. My girls call her pubes waxing our ‘ballet bushes’, meaning there isn’t a trace of pubic hair anywhere on any of us when she is through. Women working in erotic dance and as escorts have long known that waxed pubes are the easiest to keep clean and provide the best line under very small gossamer costumes as well as a smooth surface for a man’s bush to rub against when we are entered from the front.

Emma: One of the student Gyns brought along his twenty-seven y/o wife, Emma, who is using the Symptothermal method of contraception (that measures basal body temp, cervical position and cervical fluid) backed by a fertility computer and condoms during her fertile days. I thought she might be a hindrance to the seminar. However, I found she and her husband are very broadminded about sex among friends. Too, she has been interested in trying cervical barriers in lieu of condoms and being fitted with CBs she was thrilled as much as the other girls to have the opportunity to enjoy intimate relations with each of the student Gyns. We all felt that sampling six new men known to be STI free and knowledgeable about female anatomy; the five student Gyns and Chris was a chance not to be missed.   

The girls, including Emma, spent half a day with each Gyn then moved to a different one, Chris making the sixth Gyn, and each gave his ‘patient’ road tests of their barriers so all six of us girls were able to have sex with each of the six men.  Jack had been called away to London on estate business so with Emma, my four wards and me that gave us a one-to-one ratio of women to men, ideal for a seminar of this nature that requires women circulating between partners so the Gyns can learn about how different women react and different barriers feel. Important knowledge when they will be counseling patients about their choice of a cervical barrier. Then we all move to the study fitting and trial of a different device. The cervical barriers being studied and fitted are: 1. Ortho All-Flex arcing spring – included because while manufacturer discontinued there are still so many in use. 2. The Milex Arcing spring and, 3. The silicone Omniflex, coil spring rim. 4. The latex Reflexions flat spring, 5.The Caya single size contoured rim and 6. The FemCap.  The seminar is going extremely well and is being enjoyed by all concerned as we get to sleep with a different man each night.

The last two days will be spent giving the student Gyns experience with Ballet-sex, dive-sex and under-thrusting coil spring and Caya diaphragms. Usually the last day(s) of a seminar are noted for the attendees disappearing, but that won’t be the case with this one because there is nowhere for them to go and no attending heterosexual male is going to miss two days of ballet-sex in the studio and dive-sex (in the Abbey’s heated pool) with lovely, young, experienced and very tight muscled girls. Jack had twelve sets of SCUBA gear with OTS Guardian FFMs, tanks and a portable air compressor for refilling tanks as well as a Divemaster laid on for our day of dive-sex training. I’m CD17 and all of us are luteal except Emma who is fertile and overdue to ovulate. She thinks it is due to the stress of being with so many new men, which is probably the case.

Coaching Emma: Since Emma would be having sex with her husband plus five new men repeatedly over in interval of four days and she wasn’t as sexually experienced as the rest of us girls I took her aside and taught her a bit about penetrative sex with multiple partners. Things like making sure she inserted the prefilled disposable (surface size 5ml or the 10ml for dive-sex prefilled applicators) of Dive Gel+ before her first encounter with each new man and to urinate before and immediately after sex to minimize the likelihood of UTIs an YIs from the different bacteria from so many men over such a short time and to check the placement of her diaphragm or cap immediately before and again immediately after each act of IC.  

Fortunately Emma took ballet in school and has continued adult pointe classes after her work as an office manager for an engineering Co. in London. She also routinely practices Kegels with one inch Pyrex Ben Wa balls and I found she is tightly muscled when I checked her pelvic anatomy to make sure she was physically suitable for the seminar.   It’s amazing how many Gyn and ER doctors’ marry sexually adventuresome women who take pointe and Emma is relatively good for someone taking only three ninety minute classes a week. Jack had previously alerted her husband about how the seminar was set up so she knew to bring practice clothes and pointe shoes (she wears Grishko 2007s) and we all take class in the tower studio that had been built for Cyndi where I have practiced for years.

I was fortunate and managed to catch her a few days before we arrived and discussed the desirability of having her pubes waxed, if for no other reason that there would be a lot of activity down there and even a tightly trimmed bush tends to get in the way with that much activity. She was already ahead of me and had booked a full body waxing.  I suggested that since she would be new to ballet-sex she might want to stop by a local dance shop, she went to Dancia International (the one in Drury Lane), to be fitted for hard shanked Gaynor Minden shoes for her introduction to ballet-sex. Otherwise she would have had to wear her Grishko 2007s which I think would have been very unpleasant for her. Even in hard shanked GMs I’m not sure how well her feet and calves will hold up during ballet-sex.

Looking a day or two ahead: The weather forecast for Inverness is for clear or partly cloudy through this Friday with the evening temps at or just above freezing and in the high 40s during the day. So we should have good weather for the start of our return home.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Suicide sex

A handmaiden tending her temple

Suicide sex:  Can a woman kill a man just with her vaginal muscles or mind-fuck him into suicide? Absolutely, but only under certain conditions! I’ve seen depressed women commit suicide by intentionally going too deep in a training pool get nitrogen narcosis then remove the reg from their mouths and try and breathe water. The two I’ve watched didn’t even try to surface, just spasmed vomited and stopped moving and immediately sank to the bottom of the pool.

The men were a bit different as two knew that they had heart conditions and still couldn’t stay away from the women who were their obsessions. There has also been one who had a heart condition for which he was taking nitrates and he intentionally took a large dose of Viagra. He was with me when he unbeknownst to me took the Viagra and a few minutes after he penetrated me in missionary his blood pressure dropped so low he stopped breathing just after he came in me and told me how tight and what I great fuck I was. His fifth ejaculatory thrust seemed to tip him over the edge. He gasped, “Oh God!” his eyes got real wide and he collapsed on top of me.

Brad, my current psychoanalyst, has been emailing me several times a day since we’ve been in Scotland wanting to know when I will be home to recreate the Jenna fantasy for him. When we agreed to work together I had no idea he would become so fixated on having sex during his fantasy with me dressed in his dead wife Jenna’s ballet practice clothes, shoes and her 70mm Milex wide seal Omniflex contraceptive diaphragm. I think if we keep on with the intensity and duration of the encounters he is having with me as Jenna he will almost certainly kill himself as some part of his body will fail catastrophically. I think it’s my duty to help him by providing extremely intense fantasy sex so he can be united with Jenna as soon as possible and be at peace.

Paraphilias: While thinking about Brad and his need to fantasize about having sex with his dead wife I came across an interesting article about paraphilias, problems with controlling impulses that are characterized by recurrent and intense sexual fantasies, The article can be found Article It’s interesting to see in print a list of some of the sexual fantasies our escorts are trained deal with in order to serve those with a paraphilia fulfill their sexual needs.

MH 370 and my G650: Several readers have asked what I think about the disappearance of Malaysian Airways flight MH 370, the Boeing 777, which disappeared with two hundred and thirty-nine people on board two weeks ago. As of today, Saturday March 23, 2014, searchers haven’t found a trace of it. I have no idea what happened. However, I do think the Malaysian government handled the first week of the search very, very poorly. Unlike the Malaysian airline I haven’t skimped on maintenance computer programs for Limnaea II that link to satellites every few minutes so if (Goddess forbid) something happens while we are in the air everyone who should know will know what the problem was and where we went down. I just love the ‘new car’ smell of the leather seats and everything is so shiny and new, not that my 550 was shabby in any way.

Aphrodite’s temple and Jack: Since the equinox I have been spending evenings with Jack in Aphrodite’s temple behind the chapel in the undercroft of Crag Abbey. The enclosed space has the scent of ripe pomegranates and beeswax from blessed beeswax candles which provide the only illumination. I’ve been praying to Aphrodite and making offerings of her favorite fruit, Pomegranates; with the hope that she felt that my solution to Brad’s deep depression and his Jenna fantasy was acceptable. He has tried psychotherapy and anti-depression drugs that make him listless and kill his libido so he stopped them as he craves being with Jenna, when I dress in her things for him.

Nothing has worked to break his sex-with-his-dead-wife fantasy. If anything some therapy sessions seem to make him worse until he can be with me, so I anticipate a marathon of very strenuous, very intense sex when I see him next.  I think Brad needs release and I think by increasing the intensity of our encounters I can bring him peace more quickly.

We were all fertile for the equinox celebration on the 20th and I ovulated today so there is a slim chance that Jack might impregnate me as I only have the Oves screwed down on my ripe cervix. But it has never failed me in the ten plus years I’ve been using Oves so there is no reason to think it will fail now. Jack has been so sweet to hold me and take me slowly and gently in missionary as I lay flat across the mosaic of the Venus-Aphrodite image giving me wave after wave of delightfully gentle orgasms so I’m kept blissed out before he gives me one strong one that gets him off as well.. It’s only then when my primary lover is filling me with thick hot cream containing millions of his sperm that I feel closest to my Goddess and blissfully content.


Friday, March 21, 2014

The 2014 Vernal Equinox and Roman engineering

Stacks of peat drying near where they were cut

Roman engineering: On the way up to the Holy site Jack said he had a surprise for me. When we got there I found he had cleared back the Gorse all the way past the ring of standing stones and in the process had uncovered an additional part of what he is calling the altar warming system. It seems the stone fire pits aren’t symmetrical and each has a top lip the height of which varies, the lowest part, by several inches while several feet wide along the pits circumference, and is closest to the altar which it is nearest to. Jack said that from the tight fit of the dry stone building technique he thinks the site heating system was built by the Romans about the time they built the temple to Venus-Aphrodite now under and part of the foundation of Crag Abbey which overlooks Loch Ness.

But that wasn’t the most fascinating part. What is amazing to me is that all around the circumference of the site just outside the ring of standing stones is a wind baffle, a ridge of four foot high ten foot long four foot thick stones. The surface of these stones that faces away from the altars and standing stones was fashioned with a concave taper of about 45° so it catches the wind flowing across the site and directs it downward into a series of channels under the surface of the site which directs the air across the fire in each of the twenty fire pits.

This results in a sort of bellows effect providing plenty of oxygen to each fire in the pits. There are baffles that decrease the speed of the air through the tunnels when the wind is blowing directly into them and the fire draws air through the tunnels when the wind strength isn’t very strong. I think of the fire pits and their air supply as set of large prehistoric hair dryers, which isn’t scientific, but the description really fits as each pit puts out a stream of hot air directed at the altar which it is closest to.

Jack said most of his and a crew of six workers from His Grace’s nearby estates, time was spent uncovering the air ducts cleaning them of animal nests and storm debris, fitting intake covers of coarse heavy screen that will block small animals and vegetable debris, but not hinder air flow too severely and replacing the stone covers which are the paving stones within the circle of standing stones.

Fire pit testing: Jack and I loaded the four fire pits surrounding the main altar with peat blocks brought up in a cart from several large stacks under tarps in the supply area just below the holy site. I had tested the incineration powder back at home and it worked well, but the girls and I would be risking being badly burned if there were embers and sparks that came off the fires, which is what the incineration powder was designed to prevent by causing every bit of combustible material to be totally consumed leaving only pure hot air rising off the fire. So I sprinkled the peat with the incineration powder to see if it worked when we need it to. Fortunately it worked even better than I’d hoped and even the North altar that is missing one of it’s fire pits, some of the stone ducting and the nearest several standing stones seemed to be heated fairly well and with Odile being a sadist with masochistic tendencies when the time cane she handled it well remembering the heavy robes and the cold of the Solstice.  

The celebration: At sunrise, 6:02 AM GMT (Daylight time in the UK doesn’t start until Sunday March 30th.) we were all on our respective altars. I was wearing Aphrodite’s gold Amulet, the smaller one, which is several thousand years old that I think of as ‘field-jewelry’ and my badge of office rather than the much larger and heavier Necklace of State for formal occasions when I’m not working on my back.

We had all chosen to celebrate on the altars we occupied for the Winter Solstice. I on the main, Willow had chosen to consecrate initiates on the Eastern altar because it’s closest to the rising sun then Bea on the South, Odette on the Western altar and Odile on the Northern one. The heat had dried the paving stones in the altar area so the pink satin pointes that the girls and I wore: Block Alpha shoes for Bea, Willow and me and Freed Classics with Forteflex shanks for the Swan twins amazingly didn’t get wet at all. The goddess must have approved of our footwear as all our penetrative encounters went well and all the boys’ semen dripped on our shoes as they withdrew. The satin of mine was wonderfully stained and slippery wet with semen. It’s a pity the shoes worn during the celebration were all burnt.

The initiates under Jacks supervision had brought up stacks of peat blocks and covered them with tarps next to the fire pits and lit the fires at 5:45 AM. The ones not engaged in initiation rites on the altars were also charged with keeping the fire pits filled with fresh peat. It was 30° F and had been snowing heavily at that elevation, but stopped just before sunrise. Even so the extremely flammable and hot burning nature of the incineration powder started the peat and had kept it burning completely in the snow. The roar of the fire, the howling wind, the hiss of the snow being turned to steam before it could wet the peat and Jack shouting orders to the initiates to keep the pits stocked with peat and a red glow of the fires reflecting off the clouds we were just beneath gave the site within the standing stones with its bare chested men stoking fires and nude women the look of an erotic view of hell. 

Female pelvic power: The altar surfaces had been dried by the warm air flowing over them by the time we all took our places. We priestess in out new shearling robes were if anything too warm and I lay with mine open since with its hood it made a wonderfully soft bed on the hard stone altar, while my initiates mounted me and I sucked them dry while they gasped, moaned and called for their mothers. The young men who were welcomed into the old ways through me and my demi-priestesses were, through our bodies, being ritually taken by Aphrodite to teach them the joy of sex with a woman so they will crave the intimacy of melding two spirits into one at the moment of simultaneous orgasms.   It is unlikely that any of the initiated will ever again experience sex with a woman who has as tight a vagina as the loosest of us has, but that gives the men a reason to hope and spread their seed widely during their search.

Afterward: As a final offering to Aphrodite Himself mounted me while everyone else watched. I was gentle with him and gave him a good ride and we had several gentle orgasms that his heart could stand (I could have easily excited him to the extent that he died of heart failure while he was in my saddle) before he pulled out and was helped off me to declare the ceremony over. His need to’ tear off the last piece’ has become a fixture of these celebrations now and it is as much a display of his virility for all to see as it is for his pleasure and to torment Jack that he can have sex with Jack’s woman when he wants. And, he has cleverly codified the activity by routinely dipping his wick in me the last four times I’ve been Priestess while he claims he is rededicating himself to the service of Aphrodite. Perhaps he is. It doesn’t really matter as we both have fun and his position is unassailable.

The celebratory party left the Holy site and traveled to His Graces hunting lodge where we had a full English breakfast and I got to have carnal knowledge of a number of the older boys who had been initiated by my wards. They all seemed so amazed and appreciative that when they began to wilt I ripple-gripped them to sexually exhaust each one. After that small orgy there was the ritual burning of the priestesses’ fleece robes and pointe shoes then the initiates were all taken back to their respective villages to spread the word about having sex with tight pussy Goddesses on a mountain top surrounded by snow. No one off His Graces estates ever believes a story like that, but it builds interest in some of the other young ones for the next time which will be the 2014 Summer Solstice.

Crag Abbey: The girls and I and our support staff, Chris, our Gyn, and our dressers are now back at Crag Abby with Jack and His Grace for a few days rest before heading back home. I’m glad we left Ullapool when we did as they are calling for icy roads tonight and on the 21st.  For the last three hours I’ve been down in the Roman temple to Aphrodite which returning readers will remember is behind the chapel in the undercroft of the Abby. I brought along a pair of Jenna’s Bloch Alpha pointes and one of her 70mm Milex Omniflex diaphragms and wore them down to her temple so she could see how strongly the Chi from wearing Jenna’s things affects me and to ask her how I should handle Brad. It’s not that she didn’t know how I felt costumed as Jenna when I was home, but here in her temple I feel physically closer to her. Her advice was to do what I thought best which was a relief as I had pretty much decided that on my own. But I was pleased that she thought my offering of pomegranates was acceptable and trusted my judgment.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The trip to Inverness and Ullapool

Spring in the mountains near Ullapool

Ullapool in the early spring: The Met office forecast for Ullapool on the 20th is for 8°C (about 46°F) with a 24 mph winds and heavy rain during the previous evening and day and that’s at sea level. Several thousand feet up at Location Z it will be freezing or below and with the wind the wind chill will be brutal! This is about what passes for normal at Loc Z. this time of year At least they aren’t calling for snow. I’m hoping the peat fires in the fire pits will make the site more hospitable during the initiation ceremonies than at the Winter Solstice, though everyone managed to survive that.

The trip out: I took delivery of my new Gulfstream 650, Limnaea II, several weeks ago, but hadn’t flown in it until now while I let the crews fly courier services for the government to make sure all the features were working as they should before we departed for Scotland.  I love the ‘new’ smell of the cabin, mainly from the leather of the seats. We stopped briefly at Dulles to deliver courier packages and top off our tanks before our flight to Inverness a bit more than 3,400 miles.

The flight was uneventful except for the marvelous sex with Willow who is really getting good at milking me with her talented tongue she knows me so well now had me so aroused she just inserted two fingers and got me off while breast feeding! She is awesome! Then I caressed the shaft of her clitoris, something she dearly loves, and after she came we snuggled and went to sleep in each other’s arms. What a marvelously restful night!

When we got to Inverness after a 8 hour flight from Dulles (with a brief stop at Stansted) it was 50° F and cloudy with good visibility. Jack and out male Gyn, Chris, were there to greet us with a convoy of four Range Rovers. They helped unload our things and off we went over the Mts. to His Grace’s hunting lodge in the hills below Location Z. Jack and I are going up to the site tomorrow, well later today, the 19th as it’s midnight here so I can see the fire pits and plan how to distribute the incineration powder to get the best results.

I've been so Busy: So much else has been going that I haven’t written about acquiring my exquisite new jet. There just hasn’t been time what with Andrea’s blood clots from the failure of her gas-guard during dive-sex and getting comfortable with Brad, my new therapist, who is helping me come to terms with my responsibilities as a handmaiden to the Goddess Aphrodite and my role as Chief-Priestess at Location Z for the celebration of geophysical events which bring new life (read men) back to the old ways. Of course I’ve been helping Brad make his fantasy of being with his dead wife Jenna come true. At least while I’m dressed in her things and wearing her scent while on his arm or in his bed and especially while he is hard, long and deep inside me thrusting into my cervix. He is so blissed out when he’s inside me he wants it to never end. I’m so glad my participation in the vernal equinox festivities will give him a week away from me as he desperately needs the rest from sexual exertion.

I had intended to get a post off before we left Dulles, but with loading Fiona’s things and taking her aboard – returning readers will remember she is Jack’s sister – and who we dropped off at Stansted before going on to Inverness there wasn’t time.


Monday, March 17, 2014

Seduction in Bloch Alphas

New Bloch Alpha pointes from Jenna’s last order

Bloch Alpha pointes for Bea: A few days ago I had the Bloch rep stop by when she was in the area. She was delighted to fit Willow and Bea and said in the past week there had been increased interest in the S0104 style from local dance shops in the area.  Curiously, Bea seems to be adjusting to the Alphas more quickly than Willow, but then Bea was keener to try a different style shoe and loves the fetish aspect of purely satin sheathed heels.  The ¾ outer soles light shanks have given her a challenge to increase her strength enough to stay over the blocks during ballet-sex and she is managing that amazingly well in so short a time, but then she is wearing one pair or another of them and on her toes in them most of the time. She so wants to be like Willow who she has taken as her role model!

Seduction in Bloch Alphas: I’m not the only one who is sexually arousing men while wearing Bloch S0104s. Willow is using hers for performing and while not as enamored of the shoes as Bea she is using them to her advantage to seduce her audiences with her gorgeous legs and feet with fabulous results. The men in the audiences are wild about her pointes especially the ones where her coitial discharge, a mixture of her arousal lube, DiveGel+ and semen, drip on them while she is curtseying during curtain calls. I think it’s so strange that men want pairs of a woman’s shoes that have another man’s semen on them, but perhaps they overlook that in order to have a pair damp with the woman’s sweat as well as her vaginal secretions with their distinctive musky scent.

She has turned out to be a heartbreaker. Men in her audiences routinely try to masturbate while she is performing but some actually have ejaculated while still zipped up and most prematurely ejaculate if they have it in hand.  Some men in her audiences have offered her large sums for used pairs of her Alphas, but with her trust fund she doesn’t need the cash. I’ve counseled her against selling or giving them away because once you start then every man no matter how tenuous the relationship wants a pair and all the bother isn’t worth it.

When using the Bloch Alpha for fetish wear the indicator of very strong feet – which is the only women who should be wearing them - is to have as little stage or studio grime on the heels as possible indicating that the wearer is on at least quarter-pointe when flat. Try that some time, not putting your heels on the floor for long intervals of time when standing but you aren’t on pointe.

Death rubber diaphragms and The Lorelei: Another source of death rubber diaphragms for me has become Adolph’s spa, The Lorelei. As I wrote in an earlier post our clinic fits Guests at the Lorelei with flat spring rim latex Reflexions diaphragms for flood insurance protection during dive-sex. When the vagina floods as it often does during underwater sex the hydraulics of a partner’s thrusts can force water, or far worse an air bubble, into his partner’s uterus where the water can cause PID or the air bubble could migrate into the bloodstream and cause blood clots in the lungs, a heart attack or stroke. 

Most of the guests at The Lorelei are using hormonal contraceptives or are menopausal so use of a diaphragm for contraception by guests isn’t its primary function, its flood control. So I fit them with two sizes, one that they can comfortable wear when not aroused if they want to desensitize a dry land encounter to lengthen it a bit. The other is one a size larger for flood control during underwater sex that they can only comfortably wear while aroused. The larger size makes it almost impossible for even a masochistic sadist partner to under-thrust the rim. I began wearing one size larger (an 85mm) myself double bagged over an Oves so not even Adolph who is the only man I know who has the skill, determination and loves penile pain enough to be able to routinely under-thrust and enjoy ejaculating in the dome of a Reflexions correctly sized for contraception, meaning it can be worn after IC for eight hours w/o causing the wearer discomfort and a UTI.

Death by misadventure: The size is on the outside of the dome of each Milex next to the rim and comparing the two it is easy to see one is larger, but so many guests wear the smaller one into the encounter pools it has to be intentional. And with the number of women guests and the number of acts of underwater sex there are inevitably individual tragedies many of them occurring to German or Austrian women from wealthy families or members of their circles who aspire to being like their idols.

Too, in more instances than you might imagine, the younger women are being channeled into risky behavior by their older female family members. The risky behavior supposedly proving (to interested males) that they are from warrior class families and so would make a good match for a suitable Aryan male looking for a female partner willing to take physical risks for sexual thrills.  The Lorelei had an instance of that several weeks ago when an aunt brought her sixteen and seventeen y/o nieces to the spa for their initial ballet-sex and dive-sex encounters. Both girls had Nexplanon implants and both took 70mm for conventional fitting and/75mm Reflexions for flood insurance.

I fit the aunt with Reflexions in my sizes 80 and 85mm. The nieces followed my instructions and enjoyed having their brains fucked out repeatedly by Pirate’s escort divers. The aunt went into the encounter pool wearing the smaller size after instructing her escort to under-thrust the rim. She was menstrual and very aroused. During foreplay he had blown air into her vagina. He under-thrust the rim and compressed air got in the dome. When they surfaced it expanded, entered her uterus, got into her bloodstream and she had a massive heart attack during sex while floating on the surface.  I pulled the 80mm Reflexions from her vagina myself - to add to my collection of death rubber diaphragms - and inserted a new 80mm so the ME would see the proper size. The ME is used to seeing risky sex end that way and all the proper wavers had been signed holding the Business and its employees blameless for her death by misadventure.

Brad, Jenna, and the Succubus: Brad has begun to work out with a personal trainer, is taking energy supplements and as I mentioned in an earlier post he’s now on testosterone and performance enhancing meds. When I’m costumed in Jenna’s clothes, pointes and with her Milex 70mm Omniflex diaphragm inserted he is convinced I’m Jenna and I can easily sexually exhaust him regardless of how much stamina he has at the beginning of our encounter. Immediately afterward he falls into a deep sleep for hours.

It’s fortunate that I’ll be in Scotland for the next week or so which should give him time for at least a partial recovery before I return and Jenna’s Succubus continues to suck him dry. I think he is so into this Jenna fantasy he will eventually commit suicide so he can be with her.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Milex as a training diaphragm, prep. for the Vernal Equinox

A silicone Milex wide seal Omniflex diaphragm

The photo: A Milex wide seal Omniflex (coil spring rim) diaphragm. A common mold is used to extrude both Milex rim styles so the two indentations in the 8mm inner flange of the wide seal are where the fingers should be placed to fold the other, Arcing spring rim, style Milex contraceptive diaphragm.

Escorts, training assistants and training diaphragms: Training diaphragms serve several purposes. Things like decreasing the sensitivity of both an escort candidate and his training assistant so he can build his stamina for delayed orgasms. Learning effective techniques to under-thrust an All-Flex or Omniflex diaphragm on request or covertly. And for the women escort candidates how to wear a latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragm as flood insurance, to prevent having water forced into her uterus during dive-sex.

Stamina building: To increase the effort needed to cause a woman to reach vaginal orgasm a silicone diaphragm of the proper contraceptive size can be worn. Silicone diaphragms have far poorer heat transfer properties that the latex devices they replaced so decrease the tactile sensitivity of male/female vaginal contact. Depending on the individual woman’s pelvic anatomy occasionally the rim of an Omniflex might rub against her G-spot when she’s aroused increasing her sensitivity. With training assistants who have this situation (I was going to say ‘problem’, but for most Milex wearers that would not be a problem) it can usually be eliminated by having the training assistant wear a diaphragm one size larger.

Since all our TAs have GyneFix IUDs implanted the too large training diaphragm can be removed immediately after the training session since there is no need to leave it inserted for a minimum of six hours after having semen released in her vagina. Removing the too large diaphragm immediately after the training session prevents the possibility of developing a UTI from being unable to empty her bladder completely due to the too large rim pressing on her urethra.

Under-thrust training: Two different sizes are used for training depending on the woman client’s desired scenario; either accidental under-thrust where a properly sized Omniflex is used or a breeding fantasy where a diaphragm two sizes too small is used to increase the likelihood and ease of a partner intentionally under-thrusting the rim and filling the dome with semen.

Gas guard/flood insurance: This is taught to both training assistants and to sexually adventurous female clients who come to Adolph’s spa, The Lorelei, for encounters with some of Pirate’s stable of stallions. A correctly sized device or perhaps one size larger latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragm is worn to protect the woman from the possibility of having water forced into her uterus by the hydraulics of her partner’s thrusts during underwater sex.

If the woman is on another effective method of contraception the one size larger can be worn for the dive and removed immediately afterward to avoid the possibility of developing a UTI. With guests at The Lorelei diaphragms are usually fitted since they can be worn at any depth and Lorelei guests have access to Adolph’s deep water training facility. FemCaps can be fitted if the pelvic anatomy permits, but they are subject to painful squeeze below thirty feet.

Beware the Ides of March: Today Adolph’s 18 y/o niece had a serious accident while training with Adolph in his deep water training facility. Fortunately it occurred while he was with her so no one else can be blamed as his temper is legendary when something goes wrong. It was her fault as she had intentionally worn an Omniflex into The Well with him rather than the flat spring latex Reflexions she knew needed for maximum flood insurance protection. She told me later that she so loves it when her partner under-thrusts her protection, even though in her case it wouldn’t have resulted in a pregnancy even if she had been fertile because she has a GyneFix IUD implanted. I understand that feeling since I enjoy it too, though in my case if my Oves displaced while I was fertile I’d stand a good chance of conceiving.

When he took her in missionary at 125 feet while breathing Nitrox II she was a bit narced and her fantasy about having semen in the dome of her diaphragm combined to cloud her judgment and she didn’t object when he under-thrust the rim. During that encounter she had an air bubble forced into her uterus. She was on her period and some of the air formed a clot in her lung.  I’m CD7 today and she is cycling a few days behind me at the moment and was CD3 and bleeding heavily, the most dangerous time, when she got the clot. She is doing well enough in Adolph’s private hospital considering what might have happened, but will be on blood thinners and under observation for a few days. What that means is that she will not be going with me and my other wards to celebrate the Vernal Equinox on March 20th at Location Z.

Smokeless fire: I’ve been working on my basic skills as a handmade of Aphrodite and I think I’ve mastered the formulation (with the help of Jeff at Labia Labs) of a special ingredient that can be sprinkled on wood and peat fires that will make them burn smokeless and nearly completely so there is almost no ash left. This will allow the use of the twenty large stone fire pits Jack found buried in the ground, four per altar, around the five altars at Location Z to provide warmth for the demi-handmaidens and me and our inductees. The fire pits had stone lids on them which is why they went undiscovered until recently and helps explain the distance between the main and secondary altars. Taking the smoke out of the peat fires while increasing the heat released will improve our comfort substantially while reducing the likelihood that we will be detected from the smoke if the weather happens to be clear. Jack already has pre-positioned stacks of cut blocks of dried peat under tarps in the provisioning area and the pits filled with the first blocks for the vernal equinox celebration.  The fires for this years vernal equinox will be the first in the fire pits in hundreds of years and other than improving our comfort I wonder what other effect they might have.

UNLV’s spring recess is from March 17-22 so we will be leaving for Inverness and Ullapool this coming Monday the 17th.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

International Woman’s Day 2014

March 8, 2014 is International Women’s Day

The goal: To give all women the opportunity to use their skills and talents to be all that they can be.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Sex with a Succubus - the dead wife fantasy

Jenna’s Bloch Alpha S0104 ¾ outer sole pointes

The Photo: My New psychiatrist’s, dead wife, Jenna’s, size 4 ½ Bloch pointes she wore throughout her cycle except when menstrual. As I’ve mentioned in an earlier post when menstrual she wore a 5 ½ in Bloch Alphas.

The dead wife fantasy: In my experience some virile men after losing a mate to death seek solace in fantasy sex and it happens more than you might think. But they often feel guilty about cheating on the memory of their mate. Brad’s wife had been a ballet dancer with the San Francisco Ballet when they met and married while he was in med school. He has photos of her in practice clothes and costumes in his condo and she was a lovely 27 y/o with a Balanchine body (long legs and neck, short trunk, small head and breasts and relatively big feet) when she died. He has repeatedly told me how much I look like her and from the photos of her in his home I could be her identical twin.

It turns out that beautiful Brad has a very active imagination and one of his fantasies is that I’m his dead wife and when we are alone he calls me Jenna. He has given me permission to use her dressing room and bathroom in their Condo when I share his bed. And I’m encouraged if not required to wear her clothes, jewelry and perfume. Nothing in her suite had been touched, except to be dusted and her last dirty laundry was still in her hamper with her scent still on it. I went through her lingerie drawers and closets and I have very similar tastes to hers. She had nursing bras and was still breast feeding when she died so we have that in common too. And just like me she also wore LilyPadz breast pads to help with leaking nipples. 

I meet him at his Condo for our sexual and psychotherapy sessions. Jenna’s small studio with a Marley floor, barre and mirrored wall was converted from a bedroom and can be reached through a connecting door from her dressing room.  I change into her practice clothes which fit me wonderfully well, empty my bowels and bladder, insert one of her Omniflex diaphragms and my sports plug and wear her scent. I come out of her dressing room into the studio where he is waiting for me and only then put on my pointes (Jenna’s Bloch Alphas) where he can watch. All during these sessions he calls me Jenna. After a 20 minute warm-up I change into her stripping costume and back in the studio put on Beautiful Dreamer which was one of Jenna’s favorites. The routine is about 3.5 minutes long and leaves me wearing only my Alpha pointes and plug.

I had intended to wear my own pointes as she wore Bloch in a slightly smaller size and I like hard shanked Gaynors when I’m having sex on my toes since then I don’t have to worry about proper technique and can put my weight on my heels and enjoy being made love to and concentrate on timing my orgasm with my partner’s which is always special being hurled into ecstasy simultaneously. But all that changed, at least while I’m Jenna and recently when I’ve gone clubbing with Brad while dressed in her things. When I tried on her Bloch Alphas I found that I love how they fit and with the ¾ outsole how well they display my high arches! I do just a tiny glamour charm – it’s easy to do with today’s cosmetics - so to him my face and body look and feel and my voice sounds exactly like Jenna’s. When I do that he is in my power and I can do anything I want with him or to him.

His penis is massive! It's wonderfully hard and dripping pre-ejaculate when I finish stripping down to my pointes and plug. He is so ready to take me!  I let him back me against the barre, remove my sports plug and slip it into my mouth as I fondle his testicles all snugged tight against his pubic bone with one hand and caress his nipples with the other while I suck my own secretions off my sports plug before I turn, to face the barre, go on pointe in second position, bend over and grip the barre with both hands and band over and relax my pelvic muscles as much as possible while on my toes so he can enter me. Jenna was one of the few classical dancers who had started wearing plugs to intensify male interest (she was fitted at Gepettos, I checked, and she bought it 6 months before she was killed) so I wonder how faithful Jenna may have been. But I’m certainly not going to mention that to Brad. I’m using my own sports plug as each is custom made to fit the wearer’s pelvic anatomy. Sucking on my sports plug muffles my screams if he rams my cervix tip to tip.

Bloch Alpha pointes for ballet-sex: I’ve written about this before but it bears repeating as there are readers of this blog who try to imitate my use of footwear, often to their sorrow after injuring themselves. Wearing Bloch Alpha pointes for ballet-sex should not be attempted by inexperienced women. Alpha pointes are for women very experienced in pointework advanced pre-professional students or at the professional level and then only by ones with very strong feet. Brad so wants me to wear her shoes when I’m on my toes while we make love, I was skeptical, but I’m glad I agreed to try as I love wearing her shoes! She had almost finished preparing a new order of shoes with ribbons and elastics so she has almost two dozen pairs. Many have already been broken in and are ready to go.

She had lost her baby weight and regained her stamina, I can tell from the level of her Chi, so she was planning a return to performing in the near future when she died though from her aura I can tell she hadn’t told Brad she was returning to performing professionally again. I’m so entheuastic about the Alpha style I’m going to selectively put some of my wards and women escort trainees in Alphas to increase the difficulty of their training. Both Bea and Willow have Giselle feet and strong arches and Bea could use the additional challenge so I’m going to introduce both of them to the Alpha style which I think they will like.

Channeling a ghost: I wear the same scents she wore; vanilla, Chanel #5 and Shalimar. I use the heavy spicy scent sparingly mixed with my fertile musk and dab it on my pulse points a combination that ensnares men from the slightest whiff.  Her tights and leotards fit me perfectly and she had quite a few thong-back leos for practice and to play in w/o tights or with tights over her TB leo for quick access just like I do! It is scary how seemingly alike we are! It’s as though she has gone away for the weekend and I’m just taking her place temporarily. Thought of like that everything seems almost normal for a new white hot infatuation. Over time however while the intensity of Brad’s obsession has only increased my need to test his stamina and exhaust him while I’m channeling Jenna has become troubling.

When we’re alone at his place he has me dress in her clothes. Often he wants me barelegged in a thong back long sleeve turtleneck leotard and Alpha pointes as he conducts my therapy session. In her clothes and with her Milex inserted I can feel her presence guiding me and telling me the little things she did that enchanted him so, like forcing her tongue under his foreskin to caress his glans before he becomes aroused and massively erect. He is so into that fantasy when I’m kneeling between his legs with my tongue sheathed by his foreskin as I gently caress his testicles! I’m sure that my being a ballet dancer as well as a sexuality expert was why he approached me to work with him in his study of hypersexuality. He was taught by the Psychiatrist I helped years ago when he was studying habitual sexual offenders and I’m certain my name and contribution to that study came up.  

Even at my age I can easily pass for being in my very early 30s so physically there is very little difference between the in-shape 27 y/o in the photos and me as an in-shape and very well preserved 43 y/o classical ballet dancer. Except that I’m much tighter than she ever was! I was thrilled to hear that! I don’t think he intended to tell me, but it sort of slipped out between gasps the first time I ripple gripped him. When we first met I immediately sensed he was hoping for an intimate relationship as well as an assistant since he kept telling me how much I look like her. I know I’m repeating myself, but he just tells me that over and over! He says he knows he can’t bring her back, but wants so badly to relive some of their most intense times together. However, there is a much darker side to Brad’s fantasy with me being Jenna.

Jenna as a Succubus: From Wikipedia: “A succubus is a female demon or supernatural entity in folklore (traced back to medieval legend) that appears in dreams and takes the form of a human woman in order to seduce men, usually through sexual activity. The male counterpart is the incubus. Religious traditions hold that repeated sexual activity with a succubus may result in the deterioration of health or even death.

In modern fictional representations, a succubus may or may not appear in dreams and is often depicted as a highly attractive seductress or enchantress; whereas, in the past, succubi were generally depicted as frightening and demonic.”

The sex is so intense for us both that in the last few days, as I’ve spent more time as Jenna, I’ve begun to see signs of him physically weakening. He is now on Cialis and topical testosterone, which are helping his stamina to some extent. I’m beginning to think Jenna ghost is not as benign as either of us once thought because when I’m channeling her I’m insatiable! Not that I mind for myself as I’m enjoying the experience. But when I’ve drained Brad and know I should let him rest her control over my libido has me keep going sucking out all his fluids and keeping him erect for hours at a time until he is bordering on Priapism except that I’m continuously stimulating him and his penis is so sore, but neither of us want to stop. When I’m, or is it Jenna who is eventually sated Jenna aura fades and Brad will collapse and fall into a deep sleep of twelve to sixteen hours, which has played havoc his practice of psychiatry.




Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Jenna’s contraception and breeding diaphragms

A silicone wide seal Milex Omniflex (coil spring) diaphragm
The photo: One of Jenna’s Milex coil spring diaphragms. She had two, but she was wearing one when she burned to death in a car accident. Three years ago, before she became pregnant with their baby, she was using a 65mm All-Flex arcing spring rim diaphragm. After giving birth two years ago she was fitted with a 70mm Milex wide seal Omniflex with a softer coil spring rim. The 8mm wide seal flange on the inside of the rim of the Milex helps provide a stronger seal (than other diaphragm rims) against vaginal tissue.  Being a ballet dancer her vaginal muscles were very strong so the softer coil spring rim should have worked effectively for her. I found it in the drawer of her bedside table along with the empty case of its mate which she was wearing when she died. This one had hardly been worn. I turned it inside out and made sure the area under the flange was clean – an area easy to miss - then sterilized it by soaking it in isopropyl alcohol for 30 minutes before wearing it myself.

Diaphragms and ballet-sex: Returning readers recall that I’ve defined the term ‘ballet-sex’ as: being penetrated from behind while bent over and holding on to a barre, chair, table or railing with the feet sur les pointes a la seconde.  In that position a woman can be penetrated deeper w/o discomfort since when her trunk is horizontal the uterus and therefore her cervix is pulled deeper by gravity.  So gravity adds additional depth (to the arousal tenting effect) of her vagina.  When being pulled deeper during arousal the cervix pulls the posterior rim of the diaphragm (which is behind the cervix) with it, thus pulling the anterior rim further away from the back of the pubic bone. This makes the anterior rim more likely to be hit and perhaps under-thrust by her partner when she is having ballet-sex or when penetrated doggie style, while on her elbows and knees.

Ballet-sex is the perfect position in which to use a ‘breeding diaphragm’, one that is two sizes too small and with an All-Flex or coil spring rim, which makes it very easy for a man to thrust the chisel tip of his glans under the rim of the diaphragm where he can caress her G-spot with his frenulum and ejaculate under the dome.  There is only one way to effectively protect against having a diaphragm under-thrust while being taken from the rear. It is to wear a correctly sized and properly placed latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragm. The flat spring rim is almost impossible to under-thrust because the spring only folds in the horizontal plane of the rim and when correctly inserted it’s almost impossible to fold it by hitting it with a thrusting penis. And when hit at any other angle it is very painful to the man.

Double bagging: If you have gotten this far and are wondering why I’m telling you all this it’s because Brad wants me to wear Jenna’s 70mm Omniflex diaphragms for contraception during his fantasies with me when I’m channeling his dead wife. And doing the math, since my proper size diaphragm is an 80mm diameter and Jenna’s is 70mm and since hers is also an Omniflex that can be rather easily folded in two planes then her 70mm coil spring is two sizes too small for me. So, by definition if worn by me it’s a breeding diaphragm. I knew where he was going with his request and wore my Oves cap screwed down tight on my cervix. Then while he is watching I insert Jenna’s 70mm Omniflex so my cervix is double bagged. That way when he under-thrusts it and comes in the dome I’m still safe. I’ve been extra safe for the past week since I’m CD 24 and Luteal. I ovulated a week ago and should start my period this coming Sunday, March 9th. I have a bit of ovulation pain (called Mittelschmerz or middle pain because it generally occurs mid cycle) when the follicle bursts to release the egg so even if I’m not checking cervical position and fluid, which I usually do, I know when I’m ovulating.

Jenna’s Chi from her Omniflex: With Jenna’s 70mm Omniflex inserted I can channel her sexual experiences back to before she and Brad met. However, her aura and Chi from the Omniflex is different than the Chi I experience when I wear a death rubber. Returning readers remember that a death rubber is a latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragm in my size that I’ve harvested from a woman who died during sex while wearing it for protection.

From Jenna’s Chi I could tell she was newly pregnant with their second child when she died, but it was too soon for her to realize it. Brad had been routinely taking her from behind and under-thrusting the Omniflex. She was weaning their six month old son and was no longer protected by lactational amenorrhea, so had just begun to cycle again. She never had a period since giving birth as Brad’s sperm was waiting in her tubes when she released the first egg after her son was born. It was fertilized and implanted so she never had a period.  I have a very strong feeling that is what Brad hopes will happen with me as he intentionally under-thrusts Jenna’s 70mm Omniflex he has me wear during his fantasy. And actually going along with that aspect of his fantasy I find quite endearing as well as arousing. I suppose he thinks that while we are having wildly exciting sex trying to fuck each others brains out I’m so into him I’m not paying attention to my protection and what he’s trying to do to me.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

The ultimate fetish pointe-shoe

The ultimate fetish pointe-shoe: the Bloch Alpha (S0104) ¾ outsole pointe.

The Photo: The Bloch Alpha (S0104) ¾ outsole pointe. They show off a woman’s high arches wonderfully and guys seem to like the heels totally sheathed in satin. These are my menstrual shoes a bit larger that the ones I wear during the rest of my cycle.  The Alpha S0104 should only be worn by experienced dancers, but that hasn’t stopped wannabes buying them from their LDS after I recently began wearing mine to the clubs in town. If that continues the sports Orthropods should be busy with ankle and foot injuries. I thought I’d post this shot as men always seem to appreciate seeing me with my legs in the air.

The Bloch Alpha as a fetish pointe-shoe: Not only are pointe-shoes more physically and technically difficult to wear than ballet-boots, but the Bloch Alpha is (in my opinion) the most difficult pointe-shoe to train, perform and play in. Since I’ve been wearing Alphas to the foot-fetish venues at Naughty Pleasures there has been a spike in interest in Bloch Alpha pointes by other women far less qualified to wear them than me.

Alpha pointes for ballet-sex: Wearing Bloch Alpha pointes for ballet-sex [defined as: being penetrated from behind while bent over holding on to a barre, chair or table with the feet sur les pointes a la seconde] should not be attempted by inexperienced women. Alpha pointes are for women very experienced in pointework at the professional level and then only by ones with very strong feet. A friend suggested I try Alphas for ballet-sex. I was skeptical, but I’m glad I agreed to try them as I love wearing Alphas when being taken by a lusty man!

Returning readers know how much I like hard shanked Gaynors for ballet-sex since they allow me to not have to concentrate on staying over the blocks and let me enjoy my orgasms. And with platform pads Gaynors provide the best protection against injury from thrust-drop with a much taller partner. With Alpha’s very light full insoles - a 2.5MM red board just above the outsole cut while a full-length top layer of leather board is placed to protect the arch tendons and muscles - no appreciable weight can be put on the heels for any length of time though the insole will flex during thrust-drop. But putting weight on the heels (called ‘sitting in the shoes’) can crush the light insoles which provide no support.  However, Alpha pointes look and feel amazingly erotic!  Alpha runs 2 ½ sizes smaller than my street shoe size and the widths are narrower than in Freeds. The 4 ½, my regular size, are just a tiny bit snug on me with toe pads which I like in a pointe-shoe made of conventional materials because they will stretch slightly with wear. The 5 ½ size I wear when I’m on my period.

The eroticism of wearing Alpha pointes and knowing how they show off my high arches motivates me to both stay over the blocks and be able to relax enough to enjoy my orgasms something I’d found difficult to do before in shoes made of conventional materials. And, satin under the heels gives them an inverted heel ratio that stretches the Achilles tendons when flat, which is always a good thing. They are a bit different and harder to balance in when used to wearing full soled more heavily shanked pointes because of the lack of full supportive shanks, which I think is good in a training shoe. And the width is narrower, but the broad box is excellent for the Giselle/peasant foot with three toes of the same length which I have and I love the sueded insole liner.

Risks and rewards: There are risks for dancers like me with high arches when wearing Alpha with a ¾ outsole and basically no shanks as we typically have weak arches and need hard shanked shoes. However, I have very strong feet and more than thirty years on my toes so I feel quite safe while wearing them for ballet-sex even when with a partner where there is significant thrust-drop. That’s because as tight as the shoes are my toes are numb by the time I warm up and he gets his rhythm going. I just need to be sure my nails are cut close so I don’t bruise a nail when I’m dropped on my platforms. As a masochist I like the feeling of being dropped on my toes and as a narcissist I love how well the shoes show off my high arches, satin sheathed heels and make my feet and legs look gorgeous! 



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