Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Winter solstice 12-21-12 at Stonehenge

Our Christmas tour: I’ve been traveling for the last several weeks with my ballet group’s special Holiday tour of veteran’s hospitals. The veterans were so pleased to see us and the intimate moments spent with some of the male patients made it so worthwhile. It was mostly hand jobs and oral sex for the men. There were a few women who the ballet boys serviced, wearing condoms since the girls were not on hormonal contraceptives, and our lesbian and I played with the two wounded lesbian women who were patients and were well enough to play. There were far more requests for cunilingus than fellatio I suppose because the former gave the guys a chance to smell and taste a perfumed pussy since they can masturbate by themselves and several of them had amazing technique and suction. I was asked for only one or two acts of intercourse with guys who were about ready to leave the hospital. I wasn’t fertile and was wearing an Oves cap so I let them ride bareback and after Kegeling out most of their loads left two facilities wearing tampons to absorb the residual semen on the trip to our next stop. It was exhausting for us all putting on a strip show and then meeting the patients afterward, but it was worth it. Cyndi, now 18 and totally legal with a lovely hard body from training at Splash toured with us and participated in our sex play with the men. She was fertile then, but with a GyneFix IUD implanted was quite safe so for the intercourse requests she took them bareback. Afterward we slept the whole flight from the West Coast to western England.

The 2012 Winter Solstice: Cyndi and I did manage to get to Stonehenge on the 21st for the Winter solstice although it was a near thing. I was so pleased that I was CD8 and newly fertile on the 21st as I was to initiate a supposedly virgin 15 y/o boy in an ‘awakening’ ceremony. Jack, Viscount Sandbach, met us at the small airport in western England and took us to a rented cottage in Salisbury where the Druid priests purged me of evil in a ritual bath then anointed my breasts and labia with fragrant unguents which were supposed to ease my young partner’s entrance into the mystic fraternity.

Recently I have been training with my 1 inch diameter solid surgical steel Ben Wa set so my pelvic muscles are as toned and tight as they have ever been. Each ball weighs 2.307 oz for a total of 4.6 oz when both are inserted. So, I’m calling them my “McBalls”, as they are a ‘quarter-pounder’ and really provide a marvelous workout for anyone who can hold them in place while out in public! I’ve been practicing moving them one at a time up and down my vaginal barrel to strengthen my muscles – increase my stamina - for ripple gripping a partner so I can get him off even though he is perfectly still inside me.

The weather was clear, cold and windy. The temperature at 3:00 AM at the monument was 8° C, about 46° F with 13 mph winds gusting to 27 mph. Had it been the Summer Solstice I might have performed my ceremonial duties nude, but with the likelihood that the entrant would be nervous and cold and have trouble with his erection no matter how badly he wanted to fuck me I figured we may be at it for a while and wasn’t going to get a chill because a neophyte couldn’t get himself off even in the tightest pussy he is ever likely to encounter. So I dressed for the occasion.

My Costume: Gepetto is working with Jeff and Labia Labs to develop a one piece exposure suit, a thermal catsuit that on the inside has a layer of fabric that wicks away moisture from the body to keep you warm and dry in frigid temperatures. It’s in the prototype stage and I wore a shiny white one. The moisture exits the suit through a one way membrane that coats the outer nylon-Elastane fabric that prevents water from entering from the outside. The whole thing is about the thickness of a 90 denier body suit and it moves with the wearer so her mobility is hardly affected at all. One thing a wearer has to watch is to stay well hydrated as wearing it during strenuous activity can quickly cause dehydration. There are wrist neck and ankle seals on the suit and there are matching gloves, boots and hood so a fully suited up wearer looks very much like s/he is wearing a wetsuit. The full length double ended waterproof industrial micro-zip back zipper makes the suit easy to get into and the zipper nearly disappears when closed and the lanyard tucks into the high collar. The relief zipper pull is tucked into an easily accessed from a hidden pocket so for sex or excreting waste it can be easily opened. This industrial micro-zip is a huge improvement over earlier versions as it is easy to open, doesn’t jam and really is waterproof.

As in the past the Druid Elders has gotten permission from the authorities to use the site of a geologic dig which was just east of the main monument and had been closed off with a substantial barricade because of vandalism. It was ideal because we could see out, but the general population of Winter Solstice tourists couldn’t see in to gawk at an authentic Druid ceremony. The site (outside the Sarsen circle) contained a much smaller stone that had fallen on its side which we used as an altar.

Penetration: Clad in my white exposure suit I was led to the fallen stone by the Chief Priest and told to lie down on my back on the altar and spread my legs. I had arranged my hair in a French braid under my hood so at least my head was cushioned and I could look down my length to see what was going on.

After cleansing prayers were said over him the kneeling male entrant wearing white fleece bike leathers for warmth was led by Cyndi wearing an exposure suit similar to mine, but in black, to the altar and he climbed onto the stone and knelt between my legs. We’d practiced him unzipping my relief zipper, but with cold fingers he fumbled with the pull and didn’t open it far enough at first so I had to tell him to open it further. Then he had trouble getting the bike leathers down to get to his cock. He got his zipper open and I was pleased to see that he was massive, fully aroused and dripping pre-cum. I thought that a good sign knowing that the priests had given him a performance enhancer in the cup of mead they had given him an hour earlier.

While I was waiting for him to get it out I removed my one inch solid steel McBalls and tucked them in tiny Ziploc bag under the neck of my hood where they would stay warm and rechecked the placement of my Oves cap,. Then I played with myself so I would stay aroused and wouldn’t need the 20 minutes of foreplay it would take under cold conditions with a crowd of strangers watching to take a new man inside me for the first time.

He was finally ready and I thought beginning to wilt a bit in the cold so I helped guide him between my labia. He seemed to hesitate and I could feel him getting softer so I grabbed his buttocks and pulled while giving a strong pelvic thrust and I was fully penetrated while he was on his elbows over me holding on to my shoulders and screaming On My God! I thought perhaps he had torn because he was so large and he was wonderfully tight, but once inside me he began thrusting and hardened up nicely. We got in a rhythm and he could reach my cervix even though I was fully tented which I loved as he gave me a good pounding and amazingly my first public cervical orgasm! He seemed to be bothered by my moans, mewing and screams, but I told him I was enjoying myself and that he was marvelous. Perhaps I shouldn’t have told him he was good as his performance started to deteriorate. I was supposed to let him do the work, but it became obvious that after getting me off he lacked the stamina to get off himself so I began helping by ripple gripping him; tightening on his thrusts, releasing at full penetration and tightening again as he with drew and he hardened up again and I could tell by his shallow breathing pattern that he was about to reach orgasm. I said nothing, just tightened more while ripple gripping him and he began to moan and gasp. Then with a four powerful thrusts that nearly threw us off the altar he came in me and then collapsed gasping on top of me. After a few minutes while we enjoyed the afterglow he withdrew. Then he was still hard and dripping! Go figure! And he was so pleased with himself! Even with both of us pre-prepped I’d been lying on that stone altar for 40 minutes. Cyndi helped me clean up as I checked the placement of my Oves and Kegeled out most of our fluids. He was certainly a heavy hitter and must have released at least 10 ml of semen inside me. I was wonderfully sore from the battering my cervix took so Cyndi gave me a sports drink to re-hydrate me then a shot of 18 y/o Macallan single malt scotch that John had given me to warm me up.

After a small celebratory meal of venison and mead we said our good byes to the Druid Elders and John drove Cyndi and me back to the airport where we boarded a helicopter to fly to his father’s castle in Scotland for Christmas.

Merry Christmas: Wishing all my friends and readers the blessings of the season. May you have a Merry Christmas and a happy healthy New Year.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Leda and the swan

Leda and the swan by Fu Xu

The photo: Leda, wife of Tyndareos, King of Sparta, conceiving Helen by Zeus who came to her as a swan. By Fu Xu, Chinese contemporary painter> I love this picture it looks as though she’s having such a good time! I know I said I was just going to use previously danced ballets for our holiday programs this year, but I’ve changed my mind given recent events. I’m working on a version of ‘Leda and the Swan’ danced in the classical idiom loosely based on the Petraeus, Broadwell, Kelley affair. I really shouldn’t have been working on it now since I’m trying to make room in my schedule to be at Stonehenge for the Winter Solstice, but I think I can just manage it.

Reader’s concern: Some readers have asked if I’m ok, perhaps because I haven’t posted many entries recently. For those who were concerned, thank you! I’m pleased to say that I’m fine. It’s just that things have been quite busy with my commitments at St Lucy’s and working with some sorority women at UNLV as well as preparing my ballet companies performances for the holidays. I was also hoping to have a few members of my company and Cyndi, who has turned 18 so is now legal in all respects, on our annual tour of veterans hospitals to entertain the wounded between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Returning readers will remember that last year we had a problem with some hospital administrators about the content of our show. It looked as though we had worked around that problem; however, it now seems that may not be the case.

Readers following recent news in the U.S. are aware of some fidelity issues in the general officer corps brought to light by the jealous actions of a discarded mistress who turned Kelley green and sent emails to another woman she thought was poaching on her territory. Now the content of our hospital show is under review, again, as possibly putting temptation in the way of the married wounded. Sigh!

Well, what about the unmarried wounded? Shouldn’t they be afforded some adult pleasure? I’m all too familiar with the close scrutiny military wives keep me under while around their husbands during military gatherings hosted by the casino, perhaps thinking me too attractive for the safety of their marriage(s). There may be a bit of truth in it since the idea of the tour is to set six gorgeous twenty-something women loose among the patients strong enough for sexual activity, but my show tries to give the single vets personal experiences to remember and I don’t think they should be denied that. We do take several dancer/stallions along for women patients and several of us are Bi so we have most of the bases covered.

I’m all for connubial visits with wives and girlfriends, but there are so many single men who need the morale boost of sexual release with a pretty woman. We are talking mainly about hand and blow jobs or having our nipples sucked as there are few patients who are strong enough (mentally or physically) to be able to successfully perform sexual intercourse. In my case it wouldn’t just be sucking my nipples he’d have to want to experience breast feeding or like the taste of breast milk. So few of them know what it tastes like. In the past I’ve found a fave souvenir has been to jack a patient off in an old worn pair of pointe shoes then let him watch as I put them on and wear them for him telling him how it feels to have his seed squishing between my toes then jack him off again into the shoes and leave the semen soaked pointes with him as a gift.

Contraception: We are very careful to make certain we are using birth control and that the men are STI free in case any of the guys chosen can get it up and keep it up for a full ride. That’s especially true with the occasional healthy administrator whom we have to satisfy first in order perform for the patients. All my escort/dancers now have copper GyneFix IUDs inserted with the strings trimmed off so they can be fisted or have rough sex if that’s what their partner wants w/o fear of dislodging her IUD. I of course wear an Oves screwed down tight on my cervix or if I’m menstrual I’ll wear one of my latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragms, unless my partner is allergic to latex, in which case I’ll wear a silicone Milex Omniflex (coil spring) diaphragm. And we are all fully vaccinated with Gardasil and continuing to train with Ben Wa balls so we are all really tight to provide the best possible experience for our partners.

Halloween: Someone asked about Adolph’s Halloween party. The party at Adolph’s was tame (for him) this year as he had a staff fatality; his dive-master (a lovely 23 y/o) had died of a blood clot in the brain the week before. It was thought to have been caused by hormonal contraceptives, but she had been doing a lot of deep diving that week so it’s not certain that it wasn’t caused by decompression sickness. Curiously her dive computer has disappeared so there is no accurate way of checking her nitrogen load as she was found in the hyperbaric chamber in a nearly pure oxygen environment hours after she died. Security videos show her alone and staggering briefly before falling to the floor. She loved the brutal sex Adolph is so good at and she was perfect for him. Right now he is lost without her.

Thanksgiving: Our celebration here may be somewhat muted by Adolph’s recent loss, but he is trying his best to put that behind him. Normally he’d try to seduce anything in a skirt, but since he’s been auditioning young women with extensive experience and knowledgeable about deep diving, fetishes and rough sex he’s been keeping to only the applicants. You wouldn’t think there would be many pretty women in their mid to late 20s who fit that description but a great many claim to. The initial dive exam eliminates 75% of them though and he is having a good time putting the rest through their paces. So at the moment I have no Idea who he will bring to my Thanksgiving dinner this year.

Friday, November 16, 2012


Tasty treat or unwanted garbage?

SPAM: Recently, after posting my entry for October 31, 2012 entitled: ‘Penis size – a reader’s questions’, I’ve been getting spam disguised as comments. The comments start out telling me what an ‘important blog’ I have, how interesting the information is and how everyone should read it…etc, etc. A bit over the top! Reading the messages several times it becomes obvious that the syntax and cadence of the wording is wrong so they were probably written by someone whose primary language isn’t English.

Then in the second paragraph they mention the URL of their own blog, hoping I will post the comment and link. I’ve had that sort of thing happen before from porn sites, but not twelve in a week, seven in the last day! LOL! And these appear to be from individuals. However, you can’t really tell about what might be behind a URL, or if the author(s) should be on a regimen of antiretroviral meds. The messages were deleted immediately.

In case the person who wrote about penis size was the thin end of the spam wedge – which I suspect is the case, since I don’t believe in coincidences - I’m deleting that post. My bad!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dump Trump!

An angry, old, white Republican

Dump Trump: “More than 510,000 people have signed a online petition urging Macy’s Inc. to sever its ties with real estate magnate and television celebrity Donald Trump, accusing him of “especially unpleasant, nasty and despicable behavior.”

A petition on to “dump Trump” claims that Trump’s attitude toward women is sexist. It also argues that the businessman’s complaints about China luring away American jobs are hypocritical and that the clothing line he sells at Macy’s is made in Asia.” The full article in the Los Angeles Times can be read HERE.

Have your voice heard: If you believe, as I do, that Macy’s is hurting its reputation by associating it’s name with a person spouting the sort of nonsense continuously coming out of the mouth of Donald Trump, then signing this petition is a great opportunity to have your voice heard by that national merchant.

The petition asking Macy’s to dump Trump can be found HERE.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Brenda and lesbian sex

Purple Freeds in which I dance my signature Bolero solo.

The Photo: I love this photo! I think it allows a non dancer to get some idea of the power, beauty and magic that a trained ballet dancer experiences in a pair of pointe-shoes.

Brenda and the fetish aspect of diaphragms:

[Brenda] I do apologize and was unaware of the limits on your viewing longer posts. What you refer to was an update on my diaphragm play and I really do not know whether others are interested or not. No one, other than you, has commented. My present primary relationship is with another bi- woman who has not been aware of your awakening my interest in diaphragms.

[Jill] It may well be that there is a way to view longer comments before posting them, but if so I’m not aware of it. So thank you for commenting in multiple shorter comments. Actually, I think my readership is quite interested in reading about the sex-lives of Bi and Lesbian women, but may be a bit modest to comment or ask questions perhaps fearing being misunderstood. However, when I have ‘lesbian’ in the title of an entry that seems to increase the page views, so there is interest.

[Brenda] She was giving me a vulvar massage (heavenly), I knew that she would be delving much deeper and I was curious of her reaction to finding the spring. She completed the massage without hesitation until I had a crashing orgasm. One of those near out of body experiences. She maintained pressure on my pudenda, cuddled me and asked, "Why the diaphragm." This led to a long discussion of earlier experiences affecting present sex life and we each learned much about the other's sexual history, desires, likes and dislikes. Very educational.

During the discussion, she mentioned that she had never had a diaphragm inside her. I immediately removed it from me and inserted it into her. I went down on her and we fell asleep. Over tea in the morning I asked how she liked a diaphragm in her. She looked confused and, recovering, admitted she had forgotten all about it. She removed and I washed it and set it to dry for the day. I do believe that it was just a bit small for her but that did not matter. Please feel free to publish, or not, anything I send you. I do wish other participants would join in more. You host an interesting blog.

The diaphragm games continue. Eva spent the night last night [Thursday Oct 25, 2012] and expressed she has a male date for this weekend. She is looking forward to a little penis time and had a request. Now that she has experienced a night with a diaphragm in her, she wants to experience a penis along with a diaphragm in her. I gave her my Reflexions and, at the same time, washed and gave the old silicone diaphragm a vinegar soak. I need something for inside me the next few nights. She has no real need for the protection but is simply curious to know what it is like to use a diaphragm and remove it the next morning. Agreeing with you that latex is more likely to give her the whole experience, that is what I chose to share. I also recommended that she fill it with Surgilube instead of the unnecessary spermicidal vaginal jelly. It is, after all, pretty much the same except for the Non-9. There are not many diaphragms that experience two different vaginal environments and soaking with different semen potions

[Jill] I do hope Eva knows and can trust her male partner about being free of STIs. Using a condom takes all the fun out of having a diaphragm inserted, but if his sexual history is unknown it can be risky. But you being a Gyn I imagine you have discussed all that with her. If it turns out that she likes wearing a diaphragm, have you considered gifting her with one in her size? It would be such a loving and intimate gesture. Here, because we have so many different male partners STI testing is frequent, but there are still cases of YI and BV if the girls aren’t fastidious about their hygiene.

[Brenda] I read your posts about screwing dolphins and passed them off as a bit of your amazing imagination. Today I was looking for a dive vacation and ran across this "warning." The described behaviour of the animal was not dissimilar to your description. Except it was trying to fuck a guy.

[Jill] Male Dolphin’s have been known to attempt sex with inanimate objects; pilings for example, as well as humans and it can be dangerous having sex with them even in the best of circumstances. I try to find a young and small male, not that 250 lbs isn’t plenty large! And young because not only the weight of the older larger ones, but the fact that the older ones can have marine growths on them that are razor sharp so when they rub against you they can shred a wetsuit and whatever part of the body that’s under it. Getting pushed to the bottom and held there for breeding is a standard dolphin maneuver against an unwilling partner. I have a woman friend who, while wearing a 5 mm wetsuit, had an arm badly cut up when a frisky male pushed her down and dragged her across coral before her human dive buddy could get him off her. It can be such a thrill mating with another species but it’s very risky!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Monday, October 8, 2012

Slit Kits part 2

Wolford Legwarmers - Merino Rib Wool

The Photo: This Fall St Lucy’s ballet students have a new dancewear fashion fad Merino wool legwarmers from Wolford for 43 GBP a pair. Not a problem for St Lucy’s students who each have several pairs in Fall colors.

Brenda’s long comment on Slit Kits: Your "slit kit" is certainly complete and to be highly recommended. I recently was asked to moderate a session for mothers at the university school on "the talk." There were about twenty of them, all in their thirties and each with a daughter between twelve and fifteen. I essentially gave them the outline that I used for so many years with girls at their first pelvic exam and added colour and brochures for them to use. The discussion become rather free-wheeling after that with one woman saying she had found semen spots on her daughters knickers and others admitting to indications that their daughters had yielded their virginity. "What do I do now?" was the question.

I recalled for them my teen years in a government school in the Hebrides where we had a strict uniform code and requirements for materials in our book bags. Girls over twelve had to have a napkin and spare pair of cotton knickers; tampons were absolutely taboo. We were required to wear "lightly padded" bras. They explained how it made us look more feminine but we all knew it was only to cover our nipples through the cotton blouses. The standard uniform bras at the local dry goods merchant were barely more than constricting straps and I was greatly relieved when my aunt took me shopping for my first "real bra."

Only a very few of us were ready to be using our genitals but we planned things well. One of the tampon companies was giving away holder that could take two applicator tampons. If, instead, we used non-applicator tampons a few condoms and a few vaginal suppositories would fit in their as well. What is more natural than a fifteen year old girl having tampons in her purse? The butch sports teacher who would check for out pads and panties did not even open the tampon holders. I was berated one time for using tampons but if she had opened the case she would have been really surprised.

I believe that those mothers who had seen signs sex left prepared to equip their daughters similarly. Others had the question, "What do I tell her to do if 'things start to get out of hand'?" I threw the question back to them and only one stated she never had that experience. The other responses ran from "I did it and had an abortion six weeks later" to "I started to yell 'rape.'" A few of them had given in, a few adamantly refused, a few had given hand jobs or blowjobs. Then "What would you do knowing what you do now." All agreed that they would have refused more strongly BUT all agreed that the girl should be equipped in case she willingly accepts. Interesting discussion and I am encouraged that the mothers you deal with are so accepting that sex is part of life, whether or not part of the curriculum. In most secondary schools, it may as well be part of the curriculum!

My reply:

[Brenda] Only a very few of us were ready to be using our genitals but we planned things well. One of the tampon companies was giving away holder that could take two applicator tampons. If, instead, we used non-applicator tampons a few condoms and a few vaginal suppositories would fit in their as well. What is more natural than a fifteen year old girl having tampons in her purse?

[Jill] How adult you must have felt having your own supplies immediately to hand should you want to take advantage of an opportunity!

[Brenda] all agreed that the girl should be equipped in case she willingly accepts. Interesting discussion and I am encouraged that the mothers you deal with are so accepting that sex is part of life, whether or not part of the curriculum. In most secondary schools, it may as well be part of the curriculum!

[Jill] Because St Lucy’s founder believed that young women should be willing and able to enjoy the full range of pleasurable experiences while being as safe as possible entrance requirements are geared not only toward meeting the standards of a rigorous academic curriculum, but also include a tendency toward being sexually assertive and adventuresome. While guiding and shaping each bright young adventuresome mind certain precautions are taken. Each St. Lucy’s student is required to have completed the series of Gardasil injections before arriving on campus. And, as I mentioned in an earlier post we strongly recommend that every new student be fitted with an copper IUD, preferably a GyneFix, so they can continue to experience the cyclical hormonal swings that are the source of so much female creativity.

We require that the strings be removed at placement of the IUD to prevent interfering with the seal of a cervical barrier or sticking to the barrier and being accidentally pulled out when the barrier (used for flood insurance during dive-sex) is removed. Actually, dive-sex is a huge motivator as no student wants to be so difficult that she is denied participating in that semester long class. Waxed pubes are also a requirement for students as well as their male partners so that vaginal plugs seat properly, thongs fit snugly and reduce the likelihood that repeated acts of penetrative intercourse might cause ‘beaver burn’.

During a student’s first year my Contemporary Sexual Health (CSH) class is mandatory. Then in her second year Advances Sexual Techniques (AST) is an elective, but every student takes it. In CSH students are taught the advantages, disadvantages and correct use of all forms of contraception and the standard positions for penetrative intercourse as well as the proper use of toys; Ben Wa balls, dildos and butt plugs as well as how to safely use machines like the Sybian.

AST teaches fetishes; rubber, gags & plugs, breathplay (using dive gear and gasmasks), bondage (with rope, chain, straps and scarves), Domination as well as Submissive techniques, the use of safe words and how to play rough while remaining unmarked are some of the things on the extensive syllabus.

The male partners used during the laboratory projects in both CSH and AST are recruited from students at UNLV and very carefully screened. Both the students and their partners are routinely tested for STIs and the women for pregnancy each week. The men selected are screened for HIV well in advance of partnering students so the quarantine interval is over before hand and none have sex except with students in the class they are participating in. Since the guys have a fantasy job, being paid to perform sexually with beautiful young women, the likelihood of them fucking other women is very unlikely since they can get as much tight pussy as they can handle. Even so, as an ex-president said, “trust but verify” so we set honey traps to test their adherence to the rules.

We like the girls to avoid using condoms with their lab partners so they can begin to develop confidence in the effectiveness of their IUDs or other female controlled contraceptive she is using, but that can bring its own problem with multiple unprotected partners changing the vaginal pH.

To stabilize their vaginal pH while sexually active with multiple partners students are encouraged to apply 10ml of DiveGel+ (used primarily for dive-sex) in their vaginas from prefilled disposable applicators before penetration. It’s a marvelous lube of course if the couple can’t wait for her to become aroused and produce her natural lube, but at St Lucy’s it’s used for surface sex more for the biocide in it which minimizes the likelihood of students getting yeast infections from having so many different sets of bacteria inserted in their vaginas over a short period of time.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Brenda on fun with diaphragms

A selection of diaphragms from 3 manufacturers

The photo shows: This is an old photo showing three different makers’ contraceptive diaphragms. From the top, left to right are the latex Ortho All-Flex arcing spring rim, a Milex silicone wide seal available in arcing and coil spring styles, and a latex Ortho White which has a coil spring rim. The device with the clear dome and cherry rim is a Semina made of silicone in Brazil. Ortho converted the All-Flex from latex to silicone in the 4th quarter of 2008 and stopped making the Ortho White entirely at the same time. Semina is not available in the U.S. I can’t find a photo that includes the Lamberts latex Reflexions flat spring rim style with other diaphragms so I have included a photo of it further on in this entry.

Brenda’s comment: Since Brenda, a frequent reader and diaphragm wearer, posted a long comment to an earlier post I thought I’d re-post the entire comment and my reply in its own blog entry where other readers are more likely to read and comment on it. Brenda wrote:

Brenda September 27, 2012 7:24 AM
Just some girl talk and my thanks. Maybe or not some readers will find some interest. Up to you.

I really want to thank you for getting me back in touch with the importance of diaphragms to me. How many women still own every one they ever purchased? Including a rather fragile one over thirty years old. Must be important and likely harkens back to my secondary school days (always a diaphragm and usually a condom as well) and reactionary time at university after the chief lesbian on campus dumped me. I went through a period of denying my lesbian side and tried to fuck my way through the entire student body. Almost made it. So the exceptional activity, with a diaphragm in place, has inextricably linked my sex life with a diaphragm.

I now nearly always wear it to bed and have wandered out daytimes with it in place as well. On my recent trip to Africa, I went to the airport, which uses full body scanners, with it in place. As I approached security, it dawned on me that the spring would be quite visible on the scan and I found that somehow exciting. Whoever was looking had to wonder whether I was preparing to join the mile high club or I was freshly fucked. Likely gave them something to talk about all day.

Also, the new diaphragm recently had its semen baptism. It occurred to me that there was no medical reason for my wearing one but it should not denied its own experience of being flooded with an ejaculation. A medical conference provided the opportunity - as often as I would have wished. I met a very young doctor at the health club and made certain he had the chance to check everything out. We went to his room because I did not want a stranger in mine. He was young, virile and not very accomplished. Still dumped three loads against the diaphragm which I dutifully left in place until the next morning and removed to the usual aroma of putrefying semen, washed it and laid it out to dry on a towel. I wondered if the young maid even knew what it was. Years ago, that was likely a common event in hotel rooms but few younger women have even seen a diaphragm. Fortunately and unusual for me, I used a douche premix because later in the day I encountered a past lover and we decided we had better things to do than attend a dull lecture. This time in my room so that I could get the diaphragm back in. With a much more accomplished, and familiar partner, the sex was much better.

I really think that the saving grace for my new young friend was the rubbing of the G-Spot by the diaphragm rim as you have described. Though it fits me perfectly, his penis was such that he likely was pushing the dome into the anterior fornix and moving the rim slightly.

Any way, having found your blog quite by accident I have found it interesting and it has re-enabled some old behaviors that are quite enjoyable. If only some of the lurkers would join in more!

Thanks and hugs

A latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragm

Fetish uses of a flat spring diaphragm: Both Brenda and I prefer a latex flat spring diaphragm for fetish use. I’ll let her discuss why she prefers a flat spring. Returning readers may recall that I like wearing Reflexions because it is nearly impossible for a mischievous lover to under-thrust a correctly sized and properly inserted flat spring diaphragm as the rim will not flex when rammed at an oblique angle by a penis and the latex dome is far more flexible and the heat transfer properties much better than with silicone diaphragms. Too, with the soft stretchy dome even an inexperienced lover can give me a G-spot orgasm if I adjust my hips to have him thrust into my anterior fornix where he will move the rim just enough to caress my G-spot.

For my fetishist lovers I like that a latex diaphragm will develop a much stronger rubbery scent from being marinated over night in a combination of my vaginal fluids and a lover’s semen. That can be a turn-off for some users, but most of my men are rubberists and fond of the rubbery stench of well used ‘vaginal rubber’. After a quick wash and insertion of another flat spring, while the one just removed soaks in a 50/50 mix of water and white vinegar to remove the odor, and I’m good to go. I do ‘double bag’ wearing an Oves screwed down tight on my cervix because some of my unprotected lovers have been known to pull out my diaphragm just after filling me with sperm. The only down-side to a latex diaphragm is that it can’t be used by woman with a latex allergy. And latex even when well cared for doesn’t last as long as a silicone device. Fortunately neither Brenda nor I are allergic to latex.

My reply to Brenda’s comment:

[Jill] Hi Brenda, I’m so glad you are back safely from Rwanda, it sounds like such a dangerous place.

[Brenda] I really want to thank you for getting me back in touch with the importance of diaphragms to me.

[Jill] I’m pleased that I’ve been able to reawaken in you the fascination and thrill I feel when protecting myself from the most common consequence of engaging in penetrative sex with men when I insert a cervical barrier. I feel more confident and alluring; I’m more sexually assertive and still feel just a bit naughty knowing I’m ready to play without additional preparation when the man I’m with thinks the moment is right, except for emptying my bowels and bladder first if possible.

[Brenda] How many women still own every one they ever purchased?

[Jill] I imagine the number is quite small. As I’ve mentioned in posts to this blog I was introduced to diaphragms (the latex Ortho All-Flex) at boarding school when I was 14, in 1985, and then switched to a Prentif which was approved by the FDA in 1988, when I was 22, in 1993, when my cervix was large enough that I could wear the 25mm. I was astonished since I had tried in my teens to be fitted and I was too small for the 22mm! Then it was a combination of the Prentif and All-Flex - until the late 90s when I tried Ortho Tri-Cyclen for three years, which dried me out and killed my libido, and I came back to cervical barriers when the Oves cap became available. It was available over-the counter at Boots in the UK, but only on-line for those of us in the U.S. When there started to be shortages of Oves in my size, the 26mm, I stocked up before the manufacturer stopped making them. So now, If I’m careful and don’t get preggers so the size of my cervix changes, I should have enough Oves caps (I can get multiple cycles from a single cap) to get me well into menopause.

[Brenda] So the exceptional activity, with a diaphragm in place, has inextricably linked my sex life with a diaphragm

[Jill] I think the fact that there is a physical barrier in place to block a partner’s sperm is one of the things I like most about diaphragms and caps. I was never really sure the pill was working, other than it made me terribly dry and want to avoid sex with men I otherwise wanted to be ravished by.

[Brenda] As I approached security, it dawned on me that the spring would be quite visible on the scan and I found that somehow exciting. Whoever was looking had to wonder whether I was preparing to join the mile high club or I was freshly fucked. Likely gave them something to talk about all day.

[Jill] After being pulled out of line twice by TSA screeners in Vegas for wearing a Milex Omniflex (because it has a deeper dome) while menstrual to show a female supervisor a blood filled diaphragm and she didn’t seem apologetic at all. I’ve tried when I can to use private aircraft where the screening is less rigorous, or wear a Diva Cup. Other than the delay (I wanted coffee before my flight) it didn’t bother me because in my profession I undress regularly for men so I went into performance mode and wasn’t shy about it at all. I just did get my coffee.

[Brenda] It occurred to me that there was no medical reason for my wearing one but it should not denied its own experience of being flooded with an ejaculation.

[Jill] I agree that every cervical barrier should be christened with highly motile sperm even if the intention is to only insert it as a confidence builder in situations where being celibate is the best policy.

[Brenda] He was young, virile and not very accomplished. Still dumped three loads against the diaphragm which I dutifully left in place until the next morning and removed to the usual aroma of putrefying semen,

[Jill] I love the enthusiasm and stamina of the young ones and if you have them for a while most of them can be trained to perform at very high levels and the training process can be such a joy! I’ve mentioned this before and I know it’s an acquired taste, but I always love the scent of a latex diaphragm after leaving it to marinate in the mixture of my vaginal secretions and a lover’s ejaculate over night. The pungent rubbery fragrance emanating from a ripe diaphragm brings back fond memories of marvelous sex from the night before.

[Brenda] I wondered if the young maid even knew what it was. Years ago, that was likely a common event in hotel rooms but few younger women have even seen a diaphragm.

[Jill] I agree! Less than 1% of women using contraception in the U.S. wear a diaphragm or FemCap and FemCap seems to be catching on because the manufacturer says it can be sized by the woman’s OB history and plays down the need for a traditional fitting, which results an a good many poorly fitting FemCaps in the U.S.

[Brenda] I really think that the saving grace for my new young friend was the rubbing of the G-Spot by the diaphragm rim as you have described. Though it fits me perfectly, his penis was such that he likely was pushing the dome into the anterior fornix and moving the rim slightly.

[Jill] I’m so pleased that you and your young admirer had that experience! Wasn’t that amazing!

[Brenda] If only some of the lurkers would join in more!

[Jill] It is fun corresponding with readers. I have a few regular readers, but most I think read me for the kinks I have that appeal to them and because I write about the life I lead which to some, if not most, I suppose might seem like a fantasy.

If you believe what my readers say about themselves they are: 54% male and 46% female, 48% are 18-34, 32% are 35-48 and 16% are over 50. 73% have no children. In that mix there are a lot of fantasists that my lifestyle might appeal to, and I appreciate every one of them!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Ballet inspired haut couture heels and slit-kits

An haute couture Fall 2012 ballet-look in footwear.

The photo: With pleated toes, drawstring bows and straps suggesting ribbons a pointe-shoe inspired look by Dior for the well-heeled set. Chanel tried something similar years ago and it didn’t catch on, but this style looks like it might be more comfortable to wear if fitted correctly. In the Chanel design the vamp throat was a problem for many wearers. Regardless of how expensive or fashion forward this style is wearing actual pointe-shoes in a formal social setting and staying on ones toes while wearing them is far more fashion forward. Of course the problem is that few women have the physical ability and fewer still the audacity and talent to pull it off flawlessly as I can. 

Student slit-kits and contraception: Part of the orientation for students who have reached menarche and are new to St Lucy’s is to give them each a kit fully stocked with the sort of contraceptive supplies she will need for the semester. Returning readers will remember the students call them slit-kits. Exactly how the kit is stocked can vary depending on the student’s primary method of birth control and it also includes a selection of different size male condoms and the FC2 female condom to protect against STIs, spermicide/biocide (DiveGel+) which also provides vaginal pH balance to minimize the likelihood of yeast infections in women who wear tight fitting nylon or rubber catsuits. There is also a place to put the student’s individually fitted diaphragm or cervical cap (needed for flood insurance during dive-sex classes) and room for a small number of miscellaneous items. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts the cervical barriers have RFID chips in them that give the students name and basic medical information about her so the teachers can easily check that every student who is attending a course requiring a cervical barrier has it inserted before being allowed to participate in the class.

In the brochure given to parents of prospective students 16 y/o and older the need for contraception is stressed and the fitting of a cervical barrier, specifically a latex flat spring diaphragm or FemCap is required if the student will be participating in the SCUBA recreational package being offered. Even 14 y/o boarding students at St Lucy’s enrolled in my Contemporary Sexual Health class learn the importance of cervical barriers for upper reproductive tract protection and are fitted with diaphragms to use for menstrual flow control. That way when they are old enough to have penetrative sex they will be familiar with how to insert, remove and care for it when they need it for contraceptive protection.

The need for contraception and the benefit of an enrolling student being already sexually active (but free of STIs) is addressed in the brochure and well known to most mothers sending their daughters to St Lucy’s. Even so it still surprises some parents. Why that should be when the liberal views of the school and the Progressive nature of the courses taught are well known by families wanting to enroll their daughters, is a mystery to me. Immediately upon arrival every student is given a thorough pelvic exam and all students are given a pelvic at the first of each semester and more frequently if needed to make certain we know the reproductive health status of every student. New students are asked to bring prescriptions from their family GP or Gyn for any medications they are taking.

We recommend students have an IUD (preferably a stringless GyneFix copper IUD) inserted at menarche if possible. If an IUD can’t be placed then the single rod implant Nexplanon should be implanted. This year only two incoming students needed Nexplanon and they are still adjusting to the hormone, etonogestrel, the same one used in NuvaRing. Nexplanon, the newer version of Implanon, is radio opaque so if the rod migrates (which is rare) it can be located by x-ray.

Monday, September 24, 2012

The Autumnal Equinox 2012

The 2012 Autumnal Equinox September 22, 2012 at Stonehenge

The Autumnal Equinox in my life: I’m going to have to rearrange my calendar so I can go to Stonehenge for the Winter Solstice regardless of what other responsibilities I may have at that time. I need to do some serious fence mending with my Druid friends not to mention my current lover’s family. I love this time of year with schools starting and the arts seasons getting underway there is so much of interest going on and romance – not just sex, which is a business with me – is in the air once more.

My romance, such as it is, with Jack is on again. As returning readers may remember when he travels he goes by the name of John Sandbach, from the courtesy title Viscount Sandbach, one of his father’s lesser titles. The latest well bred woman his father tried to get him to marry turned out to need her ovaries removed which disqualified her as breeding stock. I get along very well with his mother who lives with her lover on one of the ducal estates on Virgin Gorda while her husband is plowing the corps de ballet girls of Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo. The Duchess thinks I would be a good influence on Jack getting him to settle down.

On the personal level I get along splendidly with the Duke. The old bull had a heart attack the last time he mounted me so we know each other more intimately than he cares to admit. He was giving me the most delicious vaginal orgasm (I was wearing an Oves at the time) when his heart stopped. And I ended up giving CPR which took all the fun out of that encounter. The Duchess doesn’t mind him inseminating anything in skirts if he’s careful not to get an STI (she has her own set of male admirers) so for me her tacit approval had already taken a bit of spice out of our encounters. She thought I’d be a good short term distraction for him, because I understand his aristocratic need to breed and copulate with as many beautiful, healthy young women as he can, but he can be distracted by tight pussy so when I was available I was near the top of his list and they know I’m not out for his money.

However, now that Jack is interested in me she is solidly behind our marrying. It’s nothing personal with the Duke as far as me marrying Jack; it’s just that he thinks at 41 I’m too old to give Jack an heir to the duchy. If they weren’t so rich they would be falling all over themselves trying to get me to marry him in order to bring my money into their family, but I’m too smart to ever let that happen.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Domestic violence on cover of Vogue?

Controversial French Vogue cover

Glorification of domestic violence: The latest issue of Vogues Hommes International (a Paris-based edition targeted to men) features a striking image on its cover — of model Stephanie Seymour being choked by Brazilian model Marlon Teixeira.

Anti-violence groups in New York are protesting the cover, pointing out that choking is sometimes considered a predictor of future, more violent domestic abuse. As the groups Sanctuary for Families, Safe Horizons, NOW NYC and Equality Now wrote in a letter to publisher Condé Nast: "While this cover was perhaps intended to shock and thrill potential readers, the truly shocking fact is that it glorifies violence against women as an act of love."

Personal Comment: To me it looks as though he’s so under her spell and just trying to hold her still to nibble at her ear. I love for my Subs to show initiative that way!

What do you think?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pointe shoe quiz September 19, 2012

What is the home country of the maker of these shoes?

Monday, September 17, 2012

Newbies and Ben Wa balls

A 1” Pyrex glass Ben Wa set from Glass Fantasy

A reader recently asked: “Could you direct me to a pair of safe and affordable balls than I can buy online? What size of balls would be a good size to start at? My diaphragm size is 65mm if that helps at all.”

Full disclosure: First a caution, certain styles of Ben Wa balls may not be appropriate for women with an IUD inserted. That’s because the IUD strings might get caught in the strings or seams in the ball set and pull the IUD out when the balls are removed. And, second, I have no financial interest in nor have I been approached by the merchants mentioned in this post to mention them.

I compiled this information for members of another forum, but since I’ve been asked for my opinion about which type and size may be appropriate for someone new to Ben Wa balls I thought I’d post it here too.

Q: How should I go about getting the right set of Ben Wa Balls for me? There are different sizes, ones made of different materials and kinds, attached or not.

Since you are just getting started what you need might depend on your OB history. If you have given birth and have lax muscle tone you would probably do better at first with a larger size and a lighter (hollow plastic) set. The larger the ball diameter the easier it is to grip when you squeeze/clench your pelvic muscles. While I personally don’t care for large (1.5”) attached balls they may be better initially as they are easier to remove if that becomes a problem. If you get attached balls be sure they are attached by a solid plastic cord not a string passed through a hole in a hollow ball, as that kind is difficult to clean and disinfect properly. And be sure to keep them clean.

You may find it fairly easy (or not) to hold the balls inside you depending on your initial muscle tone and pelvic anatomy. Some women have a very pronounced/deep post-pubic vault and a pronounced pubic shelf (the area directly behind your pubic bone, while others have a very shallow one. For women with a deep post-pubic vault when standing the back of the pubic bone forms a ledge (the pubic shelf) on which the balls will rest that helps hold the balls inside you. For women with a shallow post-pubic vault the pubic bone offers less support for the balls and more of their weight is placed directly on the vaginal oculus and introitus if the wearer isn’t gripping them tightly with her pelvic muscles. A deep post-pubic vault can make individual balls more difficult to remove until you know the trick of pushing down as though having a bowel movement while with your fingers pushing in on your tummy just above your pubic bone to move the balls out of your post-pubic vault where, if you are still pushing down, they should pop out.

Once you are confident that you can walk around with the Ben Wa set inserted w/o being concerned that they will slip out you can advance to a heavier set of the same diameter, or a smaller diameter set. It takes more strength to train with smaller or heavier ball sets.

If you are already tight using a little water based intimate lube should allow you to insert them quickly and comfortably. Once inserted the balls should cause your vagina to self-lubricate. The amount of your natural lubrication can vary. If you are on hormonal birth control the amount of natural lube you produces may be limited due to the drying effect some women experience from the progestin. If you are cycling naturally the amount of lube you produce will depend on where you are in your cycle, peaking when you are fertile. I recommend water based lubes because they are safe to use while oily lubes will drastically shorten the life of condoms and cervical barriers.

To use a set of Ben Wa Balls for training to tighten and strengthen your pelvic muscles you should start by doing sets of clenching exercises. Squeeze down on the balls 5 times, holding each squeeze for a second then release and give yourself a minute between sets and do 10 set of 5 squeezes each. You can try that regimen several times in a morning and again in the afternoon and see how you feel. If you aren’t sore you can gradually increase the length and number of sets as you gain strength and stamina. You should begin to see improvement in two weeks or so. I think the nice thing about Ben Wa Balls for training is that once you are confident that you can wear them outside your home you can wear them at work or while shopping or driving to increase your strength and stamina w/o anyone knowing.

Q: What would you suggest for a beginner and what fun, creative and interesting ways have you use them?

Duo-tone balls, metal balls that have smaller balls inside that chime when the smaller balls move inside the larger, are fun to wear for the erotic feel as the smaller balls move and to enjoy the secret naughty pleasure while out in public.

You can also wear ball sets during foreplay letting your partner insert them for you, or let him penetrate you with the balls still inserted. That can be a weird feeling and not for everyone, but it is something you could try.

I like to let my partner insert a set in me and then when he is ready to penetrate me I’ll squeeze the balls out and pop them in to his mouth so he can feel my warmth and taste my secretions as he is thrusting in me. Or, if you are a Submissive and your Master/Dom has ordered you to wear the balls he might like for you to squeeze them out into his hand and pop them into your mouth before he enters you.

A WARNING HERE: Whoever takes the balls into their mouth should be very careful not to accidentally swallow one or both of them while the mind is focused on enjoying the pleasure of an intimate relationship. Putting them in my cheeks, like a squirrel with peanuts, works for me, but I find having training balls in my mouth is too submissive for me to allow a partner to do it very often.

You can wear the balls while using a G-spot vibrator while lying at an angle that lets the balls touch the vibrator. For me that can be awesome as it extends the area involved and intensifies the feeling. I do this with my individual one inch glass ball set.

The set I usually wear are individual one inch diameter solid Pyrex glass balls. These weigh .65 oz each and are very easy to clean as they can be boiled to sterilize them. And can be warmed or cooled under tap water before insertion to get a range of sensations. Once you get comfortable with insertion and removal and confident that you won’t expel them if you cough or sneeze you might want to consider Pyrex glass for long term training. Pyrex is hypoallergenic so you should be able to wear Pyrex continuously for several days at a time w/o a problem if your muscles can stand it.


One inch Pyrex glass balls: I purchased my 1” diameter Pyrex glass Ben Wa sets (I bought two) from: Glass  However, they are currently out of stock from this vendor. Another vendor is Adam and Eve at: Adam &  .

One and a quarter inch solid steel balls: I bought my 1.25” diameter solid chrome steel balls from VBX ball bearings . For someone looking for a challenge they weigh 4.61 oz each! That’s slightly more than 7 times the .65 oz that each of my 1” Pyrex glass balls weigh! As this is written I’m slowly making progress in getting used to wearing one, but realistically (for me) they are far too heavy to be worn anywhere but in bed or perhaps briefly around the house.

Three-quarter inch solid steel balls: Since my experience with the 1.25” solid steel balls I bought a set of ten .75” diameter solid chrome steel balls, again from VBX ball bearings and the .75 size is much more manageable. Ten is the smallest number I could get, but I rationalized that by thinking I would have spares if I lost one while out shopping. That way I could look amazed like everyone else and wouldn’t have to run after it. Each .75” ball weighs 1.0 oz so they are about 25% Small and 33% heavier than my 1” inch Pyrex glass set, which for now makes them ideal. They require a tighter grip and are heavier so I get a really good workout and I can wear them confidently out of the house. Having extra .75” balls also lets me insert four at a time when around the house. That’s not quite the equivalent of a single 1.25” but I have to grip tighter to hold the stack in place. Don’t try wearing metal balls through airport security.

Other sets and sizes: Both Glass and Adam and; have an extensive selections of Ben Wa ball sets.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

The uses of toe and nursing pads

A LilyPadz silicone nursing pad

Leaky nipples: When I began lactating years ago (it was accidentally induced when I came off hormonal contraceptives and had a lover who was hot for and big in to playing with small breasts) I had really sore nipples at first and I thought lactating might significantly affect my career as a classical ballet dancer. Fortunately my nipples toughened up and my breasts even when engorged have never gotten larger than a full B cup. I adjusted my center to account for more weight in my breasts and it didn’t appreciably affect my jumps, but there have been some maintenance issues. Breast care, lanolin on the nipple and areola to keep them moist and reduce the likelihood of clogged milk ducts and regularly expressing my breasts is necessary. I have a pumping regimen I follow to prevent painfully engorged breasts, using adult male or female partners or my Medela double electric breast pump.

One problem lactating women often face and one that affects me is leaky nipples. I begin to leak if I hear a baby cry or sometimes, when my breasts are full, if I see one. That can be distracting if it occurs when I’m in the midst of performing or seducing or being seduced by a hunky man. I’m successfully managing the problem by wearing LilyPadz nipple shields that cling to my breasts and prevent my nipples from leaking. The maker says:

“LilyPadz are a patented, innovative nursing pad made of a skin-like layer of silicone. The unique design of LilyPadz maintains pressure on the nipple while in place and forms a non-absorbent barrier that actually PREVENTS breast milk leakage. No more inconvenient pad exchanges, and both you and your clothes stay dry!”

They are made of medical grade gas permeable silicone and have a self adhesive backing so I can wear them when I’m topless and they are waterproof so I can wear them under a bikini, catsuit or wetsuit for nipple protection when I go diving. To apply them I peel the pad off its holder, a hard round dome, invert it so the sticky side is out and with a finger in the center of the pad firmly depress the nipple. With the nipple flattened I smooth the edges of the pad down over my breast smoothing out any air pockets and I’m good to go. Some women have to adjust to the grip of the pad, but I love how well they have worked for me right from my first wearing! I can jump and spin and they just mold to my breasts so they don’t come off! And they feel wonderful worn under a tight wetsuit.

Dyspareunia: Painful intercourse, dyspareunia, is another common complaint from women who are breast feeding. If it isn’t caused by the healing of the perineum or abdomen after vaginal or cesarean delivery then it’s often from vaginal dryness because lactation reduces the estrogen produced which limits the woman’s production of natural lubricant when aroused. Our male escorts when not in the presence of women call it ‘Tight Pussy Syndrome’ because w/o sufficient lube the woman feels tighter to her partner.

While common during breastfeeding painful intercourse also occurs if the progestin used in her hormonal contraceptive (usually a progestin only method to prevent suppressing her milk supply) dries her out. If vaginal dryness is contraceptive related she can try switching to a different progestin and see if the helps. If it doesn’t and she chooses to stay on hormones a good silicone gel intimate lubricant can often help. I’ve been fortunate that lactating hasn’t affected my natural lubricant or caused any side effects (I never had amenorrhea) except increasing my libido making me more sexually assertive than I was before I began lactating. I really enjoy breastfeeding a man while he is caressing the shaft of my clitoris with his fingers – its tip is far too sensitive for me to stand having it touched.

A LilyPadz fatality: a 23 y/o rubber-chick escort died last week when a client stuffed one of her silicone nursing pads into the 40mm canister mounting of her gas mask during a BDSM encounter. She was lashed spread-eagled to her bed with cables and the ribbons on pointe-shoes from her dance-bag. The hidden security cam showed her last hour as she was tied down and fucked. Her front-zip heavy rubber encasement suit had been opened from both the bottom, to enter her in missionary, and from the top to remove the LilyPadz, a silicone nursing pad, from her left breast to stuff in the empty canister fitting to stifle her screams while her extremely well endowed client who she couldn’t fit all the way inside her (at first) was ramming her cervix.

When she had gone through our escort course I told her she was too trusting and should be certain she knew what a client wanted and that she was capable of safely servicing him before she agreed to an encounter. In this case she had let him tie her body and head down by cables through the D-rings on her encasement suit and modified gasmask so she couldn’t move. She routinely let a client tie her down that way before fucking her, but with her wrists tied to the headboard of the bed where with her hands free she could reach a hidden emergency power release which detached all the cables from the bed in case things got too scary. Unfortunately for her once the cables were tight he slipped inflatable mitts over her hands so she couldn’t operate the emergency release. Then he added the toe-shoe tie-downs for looks and took photos before mounting her. When she saw the size of his erection she began to squirm and scream, but by then it was too late and he took her unprotected and tore her up inside before he got off and withdrew.

Adolph called on me again for my removal skills. Her disappearance was accomplished relatively easily because she was only a mid-level working girl (an Estonian illegal) and working alone from an encounter salle at a satellite location with no family to miss her. She had a lovely body, but was much larger than me so was wearing nothing that fit me. Even so I snapped on a pair of nitrile exam gloves and harvested her encasement suit, gasmask, LilyPadz and three pairs of nearly new pointe shoes (the two Freeds with which she was tied to the bed and the Gaynors that she was wearing) that someone at St Lucy’s might be able to wear and a half-dozen pairs of used gel toe-pads including the pair she was wearing. In the tote she was using as a dancebag/slit-kit I found a partial pack of Cerazette that she was on for birth control and her 22mm FemCap still in its case (that I had fitted her with several months ago as flood insurance for dive-sex) which is too small for me. I was going to take it too, but decided not to because one of her clients might have given her an STI since I last examined her.

It’s becoming common here for rubber-chicks to wear LilyPadz under their formfitting latex apparel (the pads are invisible under the sheerest latex membranes) to protect their nipples from friction of latex or neoprene equipment. I’m surprised that there hasn’t been a fatality involving LilyPadz before now as almost all a woman’s protective equipment can be used against her by a scheming man. We know who her last client was so Adolph is determined on avenging her death.

A pair of worn to shreds Ouch Pouch toe pads

Old toe pads and ripe toe-cheese: I wrote about this some time ago, but I’m reminded of it again because it’s in my Tips-for-Tarts lecture in the Advanced Sexual Techniques course I teach so I thought I’d mention it here for women dancer readers and foot/toe fetishists. I like to mention the development of ripe toe pads at the start of the semester so students interested in developing their own unique flavor of toe-cheese can get started right away. And of course used toe pads make great souvenirs for our strippers to give to appreciative members of their audiences who stuff high denomination bills in their G-strings or toe-shoes. The pads are a lot less costly than giving away pointe shoes and they are something a fetishist can carry in his pocket to sniff when he needs a whiff of estrogenic sweat. They also make nice keepsakes to give to lovers who want a memento of an encounter.

Fetish uses for gel-pads: Used toe pads also make great gags for submissive men when a pair of pads is stuffed in his mouth prior to his putting on his gasmask. I like to use freshly worn pads that still have the moisture and flavor of my sweaty feet rather than stuffing his mouth with a dry pair that have lost a lot of their unique flavor. I think the best kind to use as gags are gel pads because the wearer’s feet sweat more (the pads need to be changed for dry ones frequently especially when wearing Gaynor Mindens) and so if not washed develop a bacteria rich pungent and tangy toe-cheese composed of bits of dead skin, nail polish chips, toe-tape adhesive, tights lint, bits of gel cut away by toenails, filth from the studio floor from dancing barefoot in Modern class and the wearer’s estrogenic sweat. And occasionally there is an added ingredient or two, a little puss or blood from a blister, but its best to prevent blisters from happening if possible.

Gel-pads cleaning Instructions

1 Fill a sink with cold water.

2 Add a drop of liquid anti-bacterial hand soap to the water and mix thoroughly

3 Dunk your toe pads into the water to remove any bits of debris that are sticking to them.

4 Clean the toe pads, gently, using your fingers, ensuring full coverage.

5 Rinse the toe pads in clean water to remove the residue from the soap and pat them dry with the cloth then let thoroughly air-dry.

6 If your toe pads are sticky after drying simply dust them with talcum or baby powder. This will also help remove any remaining odors.

AST and chrome steel training balls: This semester in my fourth form Advanced Sexual Techniques (AST) class I’m introducing a few students with well developed pelvic muscles to the use of .75” 1.0 oz. solid chrome steel ball bearings (the same kind I use) as vaginal training balls. Working successfully with 2 oz of stainless steel clenched tightly in your vagina during pointe class is as much an exercise in compartmentalization as strength because wearing balls while dancing can be very distracting. Their successful use will be for extra credit.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Demons and sex

An Incubus with his sleeping victim

The Incubus effect: More than three years ago I wrote about being called a Succubus in the entry to this blog for June 27, 2009 entitled ‘What am I?’ I got that reputation because I seemed insatiable to a lover who needed far more stamina than he had to satisfy me. Until now I’ve never mentioned my erotic dreams where I’m being pursued by the Succubus opposite, the Incubus, a male demon believed to have sexual intercourse with sleeping women,. Now that the Incubus has been let out of the closet- in a manner of speaking – and appears in the comments section I may as well confess my terror, fascination and desire for sex with them in my dreams.

The Incubus ‘outing’ occurred because Brenda, a good friend and frequent reader, commented that she is now wearing a Reflexions diaphragm for protection from an incubus in her closet. She wrote in a comment that having a Reflexions inserted “improved my sleep, protected myself from the incubus in my closet and increased my masturbation in both frequency and response”. I’m not certain that she wasn’t just kidding about the Incubus, but it struck a nerve with me. I had thought I was the only one with them in my closets. I had considered having an exorcism performed to rid myself of them, but found I am so massively turned on when I dream about being taken by one that I decided the thrill outweighs the horror of the dream.

Protection and the sacrament: The first time I was taken by a demon in my dreams was after I had become sexually active at boarding school. I had been sent to Father Tom, the parish priest and the schools spiritual advisor, for counseling as even then I disliked authority. Fr Tom was very fond of underage girls who had reached menarche and one thing quickly lead to another until he became my lover during my weekly therapy sessions at the rectory. My dreams of sex with a demon began shortly afterward. At the time it seemed perfectly ok for Fr Tom, when he took me into his confidence, to physically demonstrate the blessings enjoyed within the sacrament of marriage and during each session he would remind me of those blessings by our union when he released his seed inside me. He never wore a condom saying that was the equivalent of spilling his seed on the ground. So even though I Kegeled most of it out of me before I left the rectory his spunk drained into a pad I wore in my panties as I rode my bike back to school.

I had already been fitted with a diaphragm, a 65mm latex All-Flex, at menarche by Student Health to use for flow control during menses, but we all knew we were expected to use them for protection during sex because spermicide and reusable applicators were readily available from a display on the counter concealed from the view of a casual observer behind a large potted plant next to a portrait of the blessed virgin. You didn’t even have to ask for it we just took what we needed. I always inserted my diaphragm with spermicide in the dome and put more spermicide and a reusable applicator in my purse before riding one of the school’s bikes to the rectory so I was prepared to participate in the sacrament w/o further preparation. Fr Tom always checked with his finger while caressing me to ensure he could feel that I had my diaphragm in place before he entered me. At menarche we were all allowed to wax out pubes and when I started the sight of my waxed vulva caused him to revise his therapy regimen apparently convinced I needed to experience the blessings of the marriage bed at least twice and occasionally a third time during the hour he was counseling me. He was extremely conscientious in that way.

The dream: Dreaming of being taken by a male demon always occurs when I’m menstrual, wearing a Reflexions latex diaphragm and sleeping alone. If I’m sleeping with a human sexual partner my sleep is undisturbed by the erotic terror of being in thrall to an Incubus. In the dream I can be any age from 14 to 40 and the details of where I am, how I’m dressed and how I’m taken will vary. My therapist says it’s my subconscious punishing me for being amoral and trampling traditional moral values. Perhaps, but being taken in my demon controlled nightmares is so intense that the afterglow and strong vaginal contractions continue for hours afterward and I’m limp the next morning. I think the dream is actually addictive as I’m now avoiding most human sleeping companions when menstrual to enjoy the terror of being ravaged by my Incubus.

One version: In one version of my Incubus driven nightmares I’m fertile (even though I’m bleeding) so the Reflexions wonderfully soft stretchy dome is the only thing protecting me from being impregnated. I can feel every wart and open sore on the demon’s twisted rigid penis as his brutal thrusts batter my cervix! I’ve always wondered why with the latex membrane being so marvelously soft an incubus’ sharp pointed penis has never punctured the dome as he whispers in my ear that he will. And the threat terrifies me every time!. The part of the nightmares about the dome being breached I suspect is to make me experience the terror of anticipation, waiting for him to actually breach my protection leaving me vulnerable, at his mercy, toying with me rather than just getting it over with puncturing the dome and inseminating me. In my sleep he can mind-fuck me with the threat of imminent insemination and I’m just as terrified each time regardless of how many times I’ve had the dream. It’s mind blowing being taken by a devil while asleep and waking to find I not only survived, but my diaphragm is still undamaged and protecting my cervix and that I orgasmed during the experience and am sexually spent!

Another version: I’m in tights, Freed toe-shoes and a sports top. My nipples are leaking soaking the fabric of my compression cups and the scent of warm milk and sweat is in the air and the sulfuric aroma of burning anthracite is on his breath. I’m wearing my tights belt-rolled so the fabric is pulled up separating my cheeks and displaying my mons pubis beautifully as the thick crotch gusset is being soaked by my arousal fluids. I’m balanced en pointe and can feel the blocks of my Freeds beginning to melt while I’m backed against a barre as the creature fondles me between my legs. My belly tingles, I become lightheaded and nearly faint from the rush of blood pooling in my pelvis to engorge my labia and the shaft of my clitoris while my uterus is almost jerked up and back as my vagina rapidly tents and I feel a gush of vaginal lube as more of it drains into the thick absorbent crotch gusset.

With a razor sharp fingernail he slits the gusset and I feel my vaginal discharge running down my thighs soaking my ruined tights. He is already erect and dripping pre-cum when he has me guide the tip of his massive prehensile penis between my spread labia and pushes it inside me. I’m wearing my Reflexions which is nearly impossible for a man to under-thrust its rim, but with the prehensile penis of an Incubus the flat spring is no protection. I can feel his tip twist and push up between my vaginal wall and the rim and feel the vacuum release as he breaks the seal. The demon pushes further, under-thrusts the rim and within seconds he is inside the dome and the exquisite sensation of skin-on-skin as his dripping tip caresses my G-spot makes my cry. He is so large I feel wonderfully full and when he comes it is as though he is spewing warming gel as the pressure forces some of his semen directly through the open os of my ripe cervix and I know his seed will be waiting in my tubes for me to release an egg within a few hours.

Waking from this version the desire to pull out my diaphragm while I’m still on my back in bed is nearly overwhelming, but I usually manage to get to the toilet before I carefully pull it out to check for signs of semen mixed with my menstrual flow in the dome. The latex membrane of dome is undamaged and there is no semen to be found only brown blood and some clots. When that’s all I discover I find I’ve been holding my breath and I’m always so relieved, but weak from such an intense sexual encounter!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Belinda and pelvic athletics

Pelvic Athletics: Ready when you are Sir!

Rubber Chicks and latex diaphragms: One of Adolph’s friends, ‘Alex’, a wealthy Swiss industrialist and rubberist, brought his submissive personal assistant (I’ll call her ‘Belinda’) with him on a business trip. She is staying at The Lorelei for the full spa treatment including dive-sex lessons while her Master takes care of business here and in LA. Her story is familiar and typical of some female dancers who want an edgier life than most ballet companies can offer. . She was a Soloist with the Vienna State Opera Ballet when Alex met her and they got along so well that he made her an offer she couldn’t refuse. At 25 she had developed a taste for the kinky life (Latex, bondage and rough sex to name a few of her interests) and after dating him while she was still dancing professionally she found her fetishes were amazingly compatible with his. She decided that being her Master’s personal ballerina had the potential for better long-term benefits than the possibility of advancement to Principal with the ballet. She has the title of Personal Assistant, but Alex says the letters PA after her name actually stand for Pelvic Athlete. I would have been far more amused by the joke if I wasn’t using the term Pelvic Athlete for women I’m training who reach a superior level of pelvic strength, stamina and overall ability. However, Belinda certainly meets my standards for being a pelvic athlete because her beauty, stamina and pelvic skills are amazing and her vagina is extremely tight from the pointe training she continues and Ben Wa balls she wears. Like me her standard training set is now a pair of .75 inch solid chrome steel balls weighting 1 oz each. When a woman can keep her pelvic muscles clenched around 2 oz of stainless steel so she doesn’t expel the balls during a développé a la seconde while en pointe you know she is extremely strong.

Belinda is at the Lorelei primarily because an encounter pool is attached to each guest suite. Returning readers may remember when the pool bungalows at the casino were used for underwater assignations, but there are so few of them that suites with encounter pools have been a major draw for The Lorelei plus their far greater privacy. Adolph got me to agree to train her in the techniques a woman needs for a safe underwater penetrative sexual encounter and asked me to choose a male trainer for Belinda. He also wanted me to train her Master which I refused to do until we were able to get access to his medical records and found he is STI negative and is having his status checked frequently.

Preparation: Belinda had a stringless GyneFix IUD placed about a year ago and is very pleased that she still has normal periods. I gave her a thorough pelvic to check that her anatomy was suitable for using cervical barriers. She has a lovely deep post-pubic vault and her cervix is healthy and protrudes into her vagina at an angle that allows her to wear a FemCap that seals perfectly against her vaginal walls. That allowed me to fit her with a 22 mm strapless FemCap and a 70 mm latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragm to use during her menses and for ‘flood control’ during dive-sex. Returning readers will remember that a well fitting cervical barrier can protect a woman from having water forced into her uterus from the hydraulics of her partner’s thrusts during an underwater encounter.

I cautioned her about letting Alex ‘help’ her insert both her diaphragm and FemCap. It isn’t a matter of contraception because she has a GyneFix implanted, but she will need her barrier when her vagina floods so it’s important that it is placed properly over her cervix so it won’t displace during sex and for that a woman should not be aroused when inserting a cervical barrier because then it is difficult and sometimes impossible to position it correctly. For the demonstration dive Belinda and I wore string thong bikinis and the men wore Speedo slingshots. I had decided that we would wear our Reflexions latex flat spring diaphragms on her first dive because there is more training required to experience the delights a latex diaphragm can provide. I was hoping Alex would be away on business while my partner and I concentrated on teaching Belinda the basics of dive-sex, but he changed his plans and was there for her first lesson. I had chosen Belinda’s training partner not only for his stamina, but because his equipment closely matches that of Alex (Belinda helped in his selection) and we wanted to see if he and therefore Alex and Belinda as a couple could enjoy having her anterior fornix targeted during sex.

Both Alex and Belinda are qualified SCUBA divers and we all were using short 80 cu ft aluminum tanks and FFMs so we could talk with one another. Adolph had already warned me that Alex has a very strong libido and was likely to try and take me while I was in the pool with him so I wasn’t surprised when Brenda mentioned during her barrier fittings that Alex, in addition to being a voyeur, would want to have sex with me as part of the demonstrations my partner and I would be performing and she didn’t seem upset, saying that it would give her an opportunity to watch him fuck another woman, which she had never seen. While the four of us were on the deck of Belinda’s encounter pool they watched fascinated while I demonstrated how Belinda should check the position of her diaphragm to ensure her cervix was still protected then I applied DiveGel+ (a thick silicone gel lube/biocide deep in my vagina from a prefilled disposable applicator. Then I had Belinda check her diaphragm and insert an applicator of DiveGel+ in her vagina before we all put on our dive gear and entered the water.

The dive: The four of us descended to the bottom of the 20 ft deep encounter pool. Everyone’s ears and sinuses adjusted to the pressure and we were ready to begin. I decided to let Alex take me at the start and get that over with. I hoped that would prevent his lust for me from distracting him during the rest of the demo and give me an opportunity to teach him how to thrust into my anterior fornix and that went quite well. I knew he was on a performance enhancer so he was extremely hard and after I’d checked the position of my diaphragm I let him enter me. It took just a few tries for me to adjust my hips to guide his thrusts until he was able to plunge into my anterior fornix and let the flat spring rim of my diaphragm give me a G-spot orgasm while my latex sheathed fornix squeezed the head of his penis and with six violent thrusts he planted his seed in me. When he withdrew I checked the position of my Reflexions and it was still covering my cervix just as it should. .

Then the escort who was partnering Belinda took her. She had quickly inserted two fingers and checked her diaphragm was correctly positioned before she was penetrated. In minutes he taught her how to adjust her hips to position her anterior fornix where he could more easily penetrate it. It took only a few tries before she became expert at guiding his thrusts and he got her off with a violent orgasm and her strong vaginal contractions pulled him along with her. After he withdrew she checked again to make sure her diaphragm was still protecting her cervix. She said later that having an orgasm surprised her as she usually has to fake sexual ecstasy, but she found the use of the latex diaphragm and being taken underwater with her Master watching extremely erotic.

Then it was time for Alex and Belinda to test the skills they had just been taught. I suggested that Belinda check her lube and perhaps apply another prefilled 10ml applicator of DiveGel+ before being penetrated by Alex, which she did after checking her diaphragms placement. My escort trainer and I watched while Alex took Belinda; entering her gently in modified missionary, burying himself in her as she adjusted her hips to direct his thrusts into her anterior fornix, and within a few minutes he gave her another intense vaginal orgasm before he finished inside her.

Again, when he withdrew she checked that her cervix was still covered by the latex dome. I keep mentioning checking immediately before and after each act of IC to make certain the woman’s cervix is still protected because there can be accidents where the diaphragm is displaced and the woman is unprotected. That rarely happens if the diaphragm was properly fitted and correctly placed, but it can so it’s always best to check. We briefly discussed some tips about where to hold a woman being penetrated while in more or less missionary position and then Alex said he was ready to go again. So Belinda checked her lube and dome position and the couple had another successful underwater encounter, this one about 20 minutes long before she tipped them both over the edge and into ecstasy. Then it was time to surface and both Alex and Belinda were delighted with how the training session had gone.

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