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Thanksgiving 2013

Happy Thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving 2013: Wishing all my special friends (you know who you are) and readers the happiest of Holidays!

We are celebrating at my place: I’m having everyone at my place again this year. It will be Cyndi’s last as a resident so the couples will be: 1 Fiona (Cyndi’s mom) and Maj. Colin Tree. 2 Ondine, (Willow’s mom) is coming and Jacques, Gigi’s father and a former lover of mine, who thinks sex with ballet dancers is exquisite, will be her partner. Then there will be, 3 Cyndi & Chris (our male Gyn), 4 His Grace and Marie-Claude a member of my ballet troupe and former Paris Opera Ballet dancer. I put Marie-Claude with him because he thinks a French accent is sexy and doesn’t need his performance enhancing med when he’s fucking a French girl. The things a procuress needs to know! Go figure! Then there are, 5 Pirate and Yardley, 6 Adolph and Abigail (the manager of The Lorelei), 7&8 Odette and Odile (With the Gemini, Castor and Pollux who have been ardent in their continuing pursuit of the Swan twins) and 9 Jack and me.

His Grace, Jack, Ondine, Fiona and Major Tree arrived Monday afternoon aboard Limnaea from the UK ahead of the weather expected in the east for Thanksgiving. They stopped at Dulles to pick up Fiona and Colin and refuel.  His Grace is supplying venison steaks and I’m providing bison steaks as well as the traditional turkey, stuffing, asparagus (for those who don’t want to participate in oral sex after dinner), candied yams and hot mince or pumpkin pie with ice-cream. His grace specifically asked for green olives stuffed with pimento as he says they “put lead in his pencil.”! The old bull!

The meal is being prepared in my commercial grade kitchen with chefs and waitstaff from the casino (on their own time and paid overtime) to cook and serve. There will be the usual football games on TV and intimate jollity, which I’m hoping to restrict to land based games as swimming and diving on a full stomach and after drinking alcohol can be hazardous to your health even in the traditional 15 ft deep pool. However, I’m having a Divemaster at each pool in case someone insists on using a pool immediately after eating.

Again, happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Toe pads and their uses

Some of the toe pads I wear with pointe shoes and ballet boots.

The photo: Shows a selection of my toe pads: gel Bloch and Bunheads (Ouch Pouch), wool and the blue Eurotard elastic polymer. The Eurotard pads tear easily and are very hot. I prefer the Ouch Pouch which I change when I change pointes if I’m wearing Gaynor Mindens because the polymer blocks make the feet sweat so much more than the paste and hessian blocks of my performance shoes, Freed Classics.

Toe pads uses other than for toe protection:  

Souvenirs/favors: Toe pads make great souvenirs for giving by dancers in strip shows where the dancers have multiple shoe changes especially where they are using crossed elastics and not ribbons for speed changes in contemporary ballets. Tossing soggy toe pads one at a time into the audience can cause a riot with guys fighting one another for the talisman of a favorite stripper. Toe pads are a lot cheaper than giving away a pair of pointe shoes regardless of how dead they are as the shoes can always be worn for class and rehearsals. And the lucky guys can slip the pads in their pockets to fondle or suck on at their leisure rather than getting strange looks while carrying a pointe shoe around in the casino.  Commercial priced Bunheads are about $20 USD per pair and Eurotard is about $17 USD per pair. However, buying Ouch Pouch pads in bulk we get a deep discount.

Ejaculation cups: The Eurotard and similar pads of elastic polymer can be used when a dancer or her Dom wants her in pointes with her toes submerged in his semen. For this use they work better in ballet boots since as long as the wearer’s boots are vertical with the platforms pointing down the semen won’t spill as it does when worn in pointe shoes and the wearer isn’t on her toes.

The down side of this for the inseminated pads wearing dancer is that her pads are already soaked with fluid so prolonged wear can soften the calluses of a professional dancer which can be a problem if they soften to the point that they begin to slough off and leave her w/o sufficient callus build up for a busy performance schedule w/o taping her toes. It’s usually not worth the trouble for a professional to let a lover inseminate her toe pads before a performance even if there will be a quick shoe change and dry pads after a few minutes on her toes.

Doms into gags: Doms can use a Sub’s sweaty pads as a gag using her alignment belt or TheraBand tied around her head and open mouth to hold the pads in place while he fucks her brains out.

Submissives into toe cheese: A Submissive man into women’s scent and secretions can suck the sweat and her unique brand of toe cheese (dead skin cells, nail polish chips, toe-tape adhesive residue and tights lint occasionally fortified by puss or blood from a blister or spiced by the tang of liniment) out of a pair of freshly worn pads especially if his mistress was wearing Gaynors so her pads are very soggy with estrogenic sweat.

TheraBands: One of a dancer’s rarely mentioned exercise tools is the TheraBand. It’s a 4 inch wide latex strip, a resistive exercise band that comes in 8 color coded resistance levels. I always have a green or blue TheraBand in my dance bag so I can do ankle exercises while I’m sitting on the floor waiting my turn to rehearse or on a plane flying somewhere. We generally cut our Thera-bands in 9 foot lengths.  

Spring Mountains snow: As this was being written (on 11-23-2013, Saturday afternoon) it was snowing in the higher elevations of the Spring Mountains while it was in the low 40s and raining here in town. In the 40s is good weather to wear latex and leather as the clubs can drop their temps w/o using a/c by decreasing heating and just piping in outside air. Since they were calling for temps in the low 50s and rain the next day too we could have had significant accumulation in the mountains. Fortunately the snow line was well above my home, but there was sleet at home and tricky getting home from work. My Subaru Forrester with AWD is good on the roads but ice is scary. It’s all gone now except for snow an area of the peaks north of Mt. Charleston.

Monday, November 18, 2013

ballet boot abortions, kitting out Willow

A medium quality Pleaser boot with a 7” heel suitable for light ballet-sex training

Getting Willow kitted out: The morning after the family meeting I had time to take Willow around to make sure she got kitted out properly and introducer to my friends. The main areas I concentrated on were:

Her Gyn visit: We went to the large Women’s Clinic where I fit diaphragms and she had her pelvic exam, full STI panel, was fitted for a Reflexions FS diaphragm, a 70mm, a 22mm FemCap and had a GyneFix copper IUD implanted all taken care of by Chris our male Gyn who goes with us on trips. Chris also fit her for a custom Penetrator plug that my circle and I find useful to wear when around men who want to grope us, keeping their fingers out of our vaginas. Chris is such a good man to know for women as sexually active with multiple partners as my circle and I are. Willow has had all three of her Gardasil HPV vaccine shots so she is good there and has a lovely deep post-pubic vault Ideal for diaphragms and Ben Wa balls and her cervix enters her vagina at just the right angle that FemCap is a perfect fit.

Slit Kit: I got her a Coach cosmetic case at Nordstrom’s to use as a fitted slit kit and we filled it with Japanese super sheer condoms in several sizes, A ten-pack of prefilled 10ml disposable applicators of DiveGel+ (with 4% Octoxynol-9) and a small Diva cup ,her diaphragm, FemCap, four sets of Ben Wa balls: 1.0 inch solid Pyrex and .75, 1.0 and i.25 inch solid stainless steel balls as well as a place to store her Penetrator plug.  

Ballet-boots: After her Gyn visit she was feeling well enough that we went to Gepetto’s to have her measured for the standard four pairs of lightly armored ballet boots with lace splitter heels and spider filament laces to replace the fine quality heavy English leather BBs she brought with her. The English boots would be fine for training, but are unarmored so are a safety hazard if worn in public to fetish clubs here in town.

Pointe shoes: Our Freed rep is in town so after a consultation with the rep and verifying Willow’s measurements against the specs on her special order Classics she trains and performs in. I had Willow place an order for two dozen pairs since with a small troupe like mine she will be in pointes an en pointe much of the time she is performing. Performers feet change over time so it’s a good idea to be sure the old measurements are still good before ordering special order shoes that can’t be returned.

Ballet boot abortions: We are seeing 16 and 17 y/o high school girls coming in for abortions after having sex in ballet boots. These are wannabes for ballet sex whose feet and ankles aren’t strong enough to support them on their toes to be able to wear traditional pointes, even Gaynors while being inseminated. The glutes and pelvic floor muscles aren’t clenched as tight as when balanced over the blocks in pointes, but a wannabe can’t tell the difference and if she’s not sufficiently aroused or lubricated she is tight enough to burst or pull off her trainer’s condom. All the chicks who have come to us for terminations claim to have been impregnated during ballet boot training and said they were on some form of hormonal contraception.

However, they were all taking meds that reduced the effectiveness of their protection or had forgotten to take their pills. Two are on antiseizure meds one was on an antibiotic for a sinus infection and three were on diet pills that speed up metabolism and flush out the protective hormones too quickly and one had forgotten to start a new pack of pills on time. There are a lot of overweight teens who are on weight reduction meds who apparently don’t realize their hormonal birth control is often compromised by their weight loss pills. All had vacuum aspirations and ParaGard copper IUDs inserted. Both of the ballet schools that were offering boot-sex classes paid for the terminations and IUD placements. The school that had the antibiotic and two antiseizure meds failures is still in business as it is part of a larger organization. The smaller ballet school that had the weight loss pills and missed pills pregnancies has, thankfully, gone out of business.  I’m betting the remaining school either closes or continues to have unplanned pregnancies during ballet boot training from poor sexual health protocols. The only good news is that the pregnancies were caught early between six and eight weeks because when they missed their pill periods the girls began testing right away.

Pleaser ballet boots with 7 inch heels: The boot-chick wannabes that take these classes are often overweight and wear poorly fitting boots leading to frequent boot injuries. A medium quality (getting started) pair for ballet-sex is Pleaser’s 7” heels in flat black that can take a good bit of standing in before the toe boxes begin to collapse and they are reasonably priced at about $225 USD or so. (When this was written) But fit is everything so buyers should definitely try them on before buying and get a size smaller than what seems a good fit because like pointes they need to be very tight. In the case of ballet-boots they should be laced very tight across the instep for support to prevent the toes slipping very far into the toe box and the ankles laced tight to minimize the likelihood of sprained or broken ankles from an ankle giving way and falling off pointe.

Very few St Lucy’s girls and none of the local wannabes can afford Gepetto’s ballet boots so good leather English boots are worn by St Lucy’s girls while Pleaser (or Devious, which are cheaper, but not as good) are what the wannabes wear.  Of course with both Pleaser and Devious boots inseminated standard laces are time consuming to clean and restring clean laces in the four sets of grommets after each class, As a result semen stained laces are considered normal on a wannabe’s boots. Perhaps it’s because newbies think being worshiped in their boots that way is a thrill and are flaunting it!  

Boot maintenance: Actually, I’m not sure boot oiling and laces cleaning is taught at schools other than ours because I’ve seen small groups of ballet boot wannabes at Panera where the girls and I go for lunch and the first thing the two groups do is look at each other’s boots. I’ve never seen a pair of commercial leather ballet boots worn by wannabes that have been oiled and many wannabes haven’t brushed the flakes of dried semen out of their laces. Once one girl’s laces were so smelly from recent built up that there was a strong scent of estrogenic sweat and decaying semen. I took her aside and spoke to her about it and she seemed appreciative that I mentioned that sort of sent was only useful in boot clubs when trolling for men where the wearer needed to be seen as a player.  Panera and other local casual restaurants around town are boot friendly locations so fetishists who are confident about our kinks often wear them there as well as to the grocery and pharmacy.

St Lucy’s ballet boot training:  St Lucy’s offers ballet-sex training in ballet boots for advanced ballet students 16 y/o and older, but we are very protective of their sexual health making sure they have had all their Gardasil shots and ensure they aren’t taking meds or supplements that reduce the effectiveness of their hormonal contraceptives. Returning readers will recall that at St Lucy’s the Nuns stress personal responsibility so each student is responsible for her own contraception. As a consequence all male training associates working with students during approved sexual training are very potent and work unprotected to motivate the students to make certain their contraceptive method is effective. Fortunately most sexually active students at St Lucy’s have had copper GyneFix IUDs implanted so they cycle naturally and can enjoy the ebb and flow of their natural hormones.

By the way - A spam update: It took a few months, but Google has done a good job of filtering out almost all spam from reaching my blog. At one time I was getting eighteen or more spam comments a day that appeared as valid comments. Now I may get one a month. The rest go into the spam folder. The spam seems to be coming primarily from Japan (since a great deal of it is written in Japanese) and usually appears during the early AM hours of PST

Sunday, November 17, 2013


A Fouganza brown schooling riding crop

The Photo: A brown Fouganza schooling riding crop of the sort used by some of our training associates for motivation stimulation during encounters with male escort candidates during sadist training.

Visitors: Fiona, who is Cyndi’s mom and Jack’s sister, is in town (w/o her partner, Maj. Tree) and is staying at The Lorelei. But that’s not the real news. The big news is that Her Grace, the Duchess, Fiona and Jack’s mom, who never travels has come from her home on Virgin Gorda and is at the Lorelei as well.

An important favor: I knew the Duchess was coming as she traveled on Limnaea, my G550, and to complete the family group Jack flew in last night. So the whole family is here, except Himself who is in the Highlands deer stalking. Jack brought along a ballet dancer a stunning beauty in her late 30s,and a Principal dancing for the Royal Ballet who I’ll call ‘Ondine’, along with her 19 y/o daughter, a member of the Royal Ballet’s corps, who I’ll call ‘Willow’. Fortunately Her Grace, Jacks mother, had called earlier to let me know why she and the family were coming and who the dancers are. Otherwise their purpose in being with Jack wouldn’t have been clear.

Even so seeing Ondine and Jack together gave me a frissson of jealousy. Could he be trying to hurt me by flaunting another woman on his arm rather than me? I was mad at myself for entertaining the possibility when I knew perfectly well that wasn’t so as it showed I wasn’t as confident as I’d like to be about my status with Jack. Ondine and Willow are at The Lorelei with his mom and sister and Jack is staying with me an arrangement which helps to decrease my feeling of vulnerability where he is concerned.

It’s complicated: I had Jack’s family and guests at my place in the hills for a catered dinner as the Duchess said they had an important favor to ask of me and I wanted them in my home when they asked. After dinner we all gathered in the library and sat in a conversation circle.  Sherry was served and Jack began with background. It seems that nineteen years ago when he was in his late teens Ondine who was twenty at the time was a guest of the Duke and Duchess during which time the Duke had intended to sleep with her as was his custom with other young ballerinas who took his fancy. However, he became ill, Her Grace believes his heart acted up from over excitement thinking of a new conquest, and was in no condition to service a woman leaving Ondine alone on the very first night to amuse herself in whatever manner she could.

Although Jack put it more diplomatically what occurred was that being highly sexed and needing male companionship Ondine turned her attention to Jack who had been steered her way by his mother who was trying to disrupt her husband’s planned assignation he intended to conduct in her home while she was in residence. Ondine nodded, smiled and said it was one of the shortest seductions she’d ever conducted. She had noticed Jack giving her longing glances and also noticed the woodies he seemed to develop whenever he was around her. He was low hanging fruit so she helped herself. She let him know that he would be welcome in her bed and that she was on the pill and so for the week that she was there he took her salmon fishing or bird watching during the day during which they had sex as well as spending his nights in her bed and their affair was still blisteringly hot when she returned to London and the RB went on a tour of Asia and Jack went to Oxford.

Three months later Her Grace received a letter from Ondine saying she was 12 weeks pregnant by Jack and asking for advice, should she terminate or carry to term. Her Grace told Jack and they both wanted her to give birth if it was his child so a paternity test was arranged and Jack indeed was the father. Ondine’s position with the ballet was secured by His Grace’s patronage and the fact that she was recognized as a rising star and she took a leave of absence and delivered a healthy daughter.  The Duchess has been paying for raising and educating Jack’s 19 y/o natural daughter, because she felt that she was responsible for Willow’s birth by making sure Jack kept Ondine satisfied and away from her husband who had insisted she stay the week thinking he would recover and have his way with her.

Back channel conversations: With Her Grace alerting call before she came to give me the news about Jacks relationship with Ondine and Willow and that they were going to ask me to take her under my wing I has several days to absorb the news beforehand otherwise I wouldn’t have been nearly as calm as I appeared to be during my meeting with Jack’s family. I also had time to talk with a friend on the coaching staff of the RB to get her opinion of Willow and found that while she is highly regarded technically her ‘strong attraction’ to men while not affecting her work has caused friction with other female dancers. She said that Ondine was also highly sexed, but was far more discreet and career oriented so a permanent arrangement like marriage is of no interest to her, So “the apple didn’t fall far from the tree”. I thought to myself that Willow would have to be highly sexed to fit in with my girls so perhaps everything would work out.

The request: Jack and Ondine, supported by Fiona and Her Grace asked that I accept Willow as another of my Wards and allow her to live with Odette, Odile, Cyndi and Bea in my home and under my supervision and dance with my company. Of course with the exception of Bea they are all 18 or older so technically they are adults. However, living with me and because of the access to sensual delights of all kinds to which I can grant access not to mention the difficulty I can cause if I’m not obeyed, my Wards are obedient. Willow agreed she would too.

The reason: But there had to be something more. Why would Willow want to dance with my company and train with me to expand and improve her skills? I was incredulous, give up dancing with the RB! Given her extensive professional ballet experience and my training specialties that could only mean one thing, she wants to attend ‘coital college’, escort training. Now why should she want that? Is it to be able to best her competition for one of the handsome, titled and rich men who pursue young RB dancers? Willow blushed fetchingly as her mom explained that while confident around women Willow needs to work with more men who aren’t ballet dancers. So she and Jack had thought having her take escort training would be a confidence course for her while being as safe as it’s possible to be with a young woman’s health and security.

Then in an excess of candor, the truth emerged. Willow let it slip that she had become a discipline problem to the RB because of the number of men she was with and the risks she was taking, not to mention her marking some of the male dancers buttocks and backs with her Fouganza schooling riding crop during encounters. Ahhh, sadistic tendencies.  So it became immediately apparent that Willow was being sent into exile in the Colonies, at least temporarily, and I was being asked to supervise another hypersexual young woman while she fucks her way through the ranks of male escort candidates as she hones her skills. Go figure!  Perhaps she will get over her extreme need for unprotected sex or perhaps not. Either way I’m good with that. Willow reminds me of my need for men when I was her age. The difference for me now is that I can have as many and whenever I want.

When I talked with her later privately she said Jack had talked to her about me and that she wanted “to meet and study with the woman who has captured my father’s heart” which I thought was sweet and if it proves to be genuine will gave her some points with me. When I heard Willow say that I blushed as no one in the family had ever discussed Jacks interest in me in my presence, except Himself who told me he was opposed to Jack marrying me, though Jack hasn’t asked me. 

So the plan is that Willow, after an audition where my dancers can see the talent she will bring to our troupe will join my company as a Guest Artist just in time for the Holidays. She can also audit courses at UNLV time permitting as she works her way through the male escort candidates to slake her sexual appetite and broaden her physical skills as Cyndi has done. The assurance of the other women present that that they were all supportive of what Willow wants, given that they were exiling her for her own good,  was amazing, not to mention droll, but I tried to keep a straight face as I accepted another girl who if what I’ve heard is true should fit right in. Or should until she gets over her hypersexuality, or we can channel that into making her a performer with her own act.

Cyndi changes her mind: Actually, with the addition of Willow the number of my wards will remain the same, four; Bea, Odette, Odile and Willow. That’s because Cyndi had already decided that she will be leaving in December and will attend Trinity College Cambridge where Taryn is studying rather than Oxford as she had thought she wanted earlier. The paperwork for Cambridge has been completed and her late entry for the Spring 2014 semester has been approved. As I’ve mentioned before there are advantages of having a grandfather who is a Duke. So when Fiona mentioned Cyndi’s cutting short her gap year it didn’t catch me unaware.

Afterward: After the discussion was over and I’d accepted Willow into my circle I had my girls, Bea, Cyndi, Odette and Odile come in and sit with the adults while I told them that we would have a new girl entering our circle and introduced Willow and told them a bit about her background. Cyndi, Odette and Odile all looked at each other and said in unison, “Ohhh, so that’s who you are! Is that cool or what! Welcome!” and giggled which left me puzzled until Cyndi said Willow had been a new student in Yardley’s Ballet class that afternoon, a 19 y/o Brit-chick who was such a marvelous dancer and who quickly made friends and fit right in in a notoriously clannish group.  What a great start!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Ballet boot worship

Lacing detail on an inexpensive pair of ballet boots

The photo: A pair of inexpensive ballet heels showing the grommet and hook lacing detail into which most boot worshipers try to ejaculate. Dating a boot worshiper makes cleaning ones boots time consuming and tedious (using an old toothbrush a soft cloth and Obenauf's Leather Oil) since to do it correctly the laces have to be removed and replaced with a clean set and the fasteners and tongues have to have all the flakes of dried semen removed and the leather thoroughly oiled to remove any stains and buildup that might smell of decomposing male secretions.   

The Swan twins as Boot Goddesses: Odette is primarily a submissive, but will switch for the right man, while Odile is primarily a dominant, but will also switch for a man she’s particularly interested in.  I’ve related how the Gemini, Castor and Pollux, have been stalking the Swan twins. Things came to a head the other day when they came to see me at work. It was lunch time and they caught me at a time where I had hoped to have a quiet hour to myself. They couldn’t get past security of course, but when I saw them on the monitor I recognized them immediately, even though neither was fondling a sweat soaked ballet boot, and had them escorted to my office.

The Gemini are sexually submissive, but you would never know it from their business dealings as they are shrewd and aggressive businessmen even as young as they are. But their father had coached them (he called me) suggesting his sons come to me before approaching the Swan twins because he knows I’m like a mother bear, extremely protective of her cubs, so their task was to get my permission to offer the swan twins the place of honor in a fetish temple to ballet boots, as Boot Goddesses.

As they envisioned the temple it would have very few worshipers (“Boot Knights”) limited to those (men only) who have such a profound love of ballet boots and the women who can wear them confidently that each has successfully completed a dangerous boot quest and brought back talismans of success. I’m thinking that would be an interesting group of men to know. I probably know some already from their frequenting of Pirate’s stable of ballet boot chicks and Naughty’s Boot Bar, but it would be helpful to identify the hard-core ballet heels worshipers so we could target them for ancillary services.

I was intrigued by the idea, as were Odette and Odile when I discussed it with them, but my concern was that with all the pointe, ballet boot and escort training in addition to their academic work would the twins have the time to be Boot Goddesses as well.  Part of the time problem might be minimized by allowing boot worshipers access to the visitor’s gallery of the encounter salle in which Yardley trains her advanced ballet boot class. As the twins believe there is no more erotic footwear than ballet boots and they adore being admired for their skill in the boots as well as their looks. But if we did that there would have to be some way of separating Boot Knights sniffing and fondling a sweaty boot or sucking on a toe pad from any boot-moms chauffeuring their daughters. That turned out to be a non-starter since mixing the two groups was inconceivable and separate viewing rooms wasn’t an option.

Laces insemination: In addition to watching the Boot Goddesses train another part of a Boot Goddesses responsibility would be to devote private time to each male worshiper so he could inseminate the Goddesses boot laces leaving hundreds of millions of his sperm soaking her laces as a token of his devotion while asking for her blessing in all things sexual with other women. Readers will quickly recognize a disconnect in the Gemini’s reasoning (as it was explained to me) as they know their Goddess is sexually active with other men, but that aspect of the Goddess/Whore conundrum is ignored and a Boot Goddess is worshiped only for her skill in ballet boots and looks and assumed to be sexually beyond reach of the individual Boot Knight. At least that’s the way it is supposed to work.

Courtly love and Boot Knights: As the Gemini explained the status of a Boot Goddess; it is modeled loosely on the feudal relationship between a knight and women within his liege lord’s family. The knight serves his courtly lady (love service) with the same obedience and loyalty which he owes to his liege lord. She is in complete control of the love relationship, while he owes her obedience and submission (a literary convention that did not correspond to actual practice!) The knight's love for the lady inspires him to do great deeds, in order to be worthy of her love or to win her favor. Thus "courtly love" was originally construed as an ennobling force whether or not it was consummated, and even whether or not the lady knew about the knight's love or loved him in return. The "courtly love" relationship typically was not between husband and wife, not because the poets and the audience were inherently immoral, but because it was an idealized sort of relationship that could not exist within the context of "real life" medieval marriages.

The Gemini’s version of Boot Knights and Courtly Love is similar, but is overlaid with the individual Boot Knight’s fascination with if not addiction to ballet boots and the women who wear them an addiction that in most cases must remain hidden from the Boot Knight’s real lives that could include wives and children. The Boot Goddess is in control of what favors she will bestow upon the Knights paying her court. Penis/vaginal intercourse (PVI) being the most highly prized of her favors with cunnilingus and drinking her fertile cervical mucus (FCM) or menstrual flow from the dome of her diaphragm being lesser, but highly sought after favors from a Goddess.

Human nature being what it is I can see individual men having a difficult time remaining within the limitations of Courtly Love only inseminating the twins boot laces. Because wearing ballet boots brings out the most sensual behavior in both Knight and Goddess I could see their male worshipers exhausting themselves in fits of masturbatory madness even after taking performance enhancing medications. And of course there will eventually be some worshipers who will try to take their worship to the next level where pregnancy, regardless of how long the odds, can at least be more realistically fantasized about.

For the swan twins the possibility of pregnancy would be very slight since they have copper GyneFix IUDs implanted, but their worshipers would all have to be screened for STIs since cunilingus would be a  common favor level and unprotected PVI a possibility if a Boot Knight was particularly charming or forgot his vow of obedience to the Goddess he worships and in a fit of passion mounts her.

Safety and security: After I heard the Gemini’s proposal I told them that I would let them know my answer in due course. I thought more about it and then talked their proposal over with Odette and Odile. While the twins academic and training schedules could make room for their responsibilities as Boot Goddesses that would leave no time for trips to the UK for their work as Druid Goddesses in training or trips to Virgin Gorda both important intervals when we need time to relax from hectic schedules here in the U.S.

Worse however was the risk of the twin’s health from STIs and safety from predatory men being covertly inserted in the membership of Boot Knights by ineffective screening (it being out of my control) for predatory behavior as well as STIs. Should anything happen to either of them no explanation would be satisfactory. I’m certain that Paul (their father) would kill me so I’m not about to risk their safety or mine that way.

Odette, Odile and I unanimously agreed that while it was an honor to be asked to be Boot Goddesses in an elite standalone secret society of boot worshipers the risks were too great. So at a brief face to face meeting between the two sets of twins and Yardley and I we thanked them for their offer, but said no. And really, as training assistants to the male escort candidates the girls already are getting more boot worship and semen in their laces than is good for eighteen year-old women regardless of how sophisticated they are. They love having that sort of power over men and I worry about it going to their heads.

However, the idea of an elite ballet boot fetish group is not dead. I’m going to use parts of the Gemini’s business case, modified to include enhanced health and security screening to start an elite boot worshiping society within the structure of Naughty’s Boot Bar so my casino and clinic can control the entire screening process of all Boot Knight candidates and where (time permitting) Odette and Odile might perform as Boot Goddesses.





Sunday, November 10, 2013

Pointe shoe quiz November 9, 2013

What a lovely sole design! Who is the maker of this pointe shoe?

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Boot Fondle fetishists

An escort Training Assistant booting up for work

Ballet, ballet-boots and antibiotics: Fluorquinolone antibiotics such as Ciprofloxacin can cause tears in tendons. For dancers the Achilles tendon is the most likely to be affected so our sports medicine doctor has forbidden their use for my dancers and for women taking our ballet and ballet boot training.

Achilles tendons and negative heeled shoes: I’ve written before about the possible shortening of Achilles tendons from being in high heels, on pointe or in ballet boots for long intervals w/o exercising to stretch these tendons. But since I’m writing about ballet boots I’m going to  mention it again. For my circle who are on pointe for long intervals and ballet boot trainees it’s important when out of pointes and BBs that we all wear negative heel shoes to stretch our Achilles tendons as well doing stretching exercises.

Fondle fetishists: The swan twins are being stalked by two guys in their mid twenties. I first noticed it at Gepettos when Odette and Odile were being fitted for their ballet boots. The men were there with two women of about their age who were considering being fitted and they tried on several pairs of sample boots before deciding they were too expensive., The guys with them seemed to be concentrating on the twins not the girls they came with which aroused my curiosity. Then we saw the girls again in Naughty’s Boot Bar when the twins were having their boot cherries harvested. This time they were wearing lovely $800 British ballet boots and again the men were paying far more attention to Odette and Odile than to their dates much to their date’s disgust. The twins say they have seen the guys in the cafeteria on campus at UNLV, but they don’t seem to be students and they show up regularly at Yardley’s ballet boot classes which the stalkers girlfriends take. 

The twins took the guys pic with their iPhones while seeming to be taking selfies and we had our security identify them. They are the twin sons of a rival casino owner. They graduated from an Ivy-League school this past summer and work for their father in his Casino-Resort here on the Strip. At that point I decided to have a closer look at them and so I became a ‘boot-mom’ as a spectator at several of Yardley’s ballet boot stamina class, held in an encounter salle where visitors are behind a mirror so they won’t distract the students. There the guys seem to be deeply into their girlfriend’s boots and I watched them doing minor cleaning of the laces, oiling their date’s dry set of boots and then after the mid-class boot change, licking their damp toe pads and smelling the boots damp with estrogenic sweat.

But when they talked about the students it was about the twins amazing stamina and how few leg cramps they had compared to the other girls in class and when they watched the women they watched the twins and cast covetous eyes on the twins boot bags while wondering aloud if they were wearing training balls in boot class.  The girls avoid leg cramps by staying well hydrated replacing vitamins, minerals and electrolytes with sports drinks and eating bananas. The stamina comes from long hours of training so that a 90 minute boot class doesn’t leave them so leg-weary they have to take their boots off immediately or with cramping calves. Now that the twins have been on their training regimen under my supervision for two months they have been able to graduate from wearing 1.0 inch solid Pyrex balls (each ball weighing .65 oz.) to 1.0 inch solid steel balls like the rest of us (Bea, Cyndi, Anya, Yardley and me) during ballet and boot training classes. A 1.0 inch solid surgical steel ball weighs 2.153 oz., about 4.3 oz. for the set of two which because they are a quarter of a pounds we call our ‘McBalls’. And we all wear diaphragms the type depending on where we are in our cycles, menstrual or fertile or if we are training to avoid (Reflexions flat spring) or promote (Ortho All-Flex arcing spring) under-thrusting the rim.

I’m not particularly concerned about the age difference between the swan twins and their stalkers as the girls are very sophisticated and work with escort candidates that age. What I am concerned about is the guy’s absolute fascination with the women’s ballet boots. So I’m thinking these guys and perhaps their father - because I’ve heard (from Adolph who knows about these things) he is kinky in his private life - have an acute fetish-fantasy about women in ballet boots and are scouting talent for their fantasies. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but the only other example of an ardent boot fondler that I know of is Adolph and he can be extremely perverse!  So I’m waiting for the guys, who I’ll call Castor and Pollux, The Gemini, to introduce themselves to the twins which I expect to be soon.

An expected proposition: Actually, what should happen and I’m almost certain that It will, is that Castor and Pollux will come to me to ask permission, since it’s well known in the fetish community that I’m the swan twins dominant and Mistress in all things, before approaching them as I’m convinced that the Gemini want more than just to date them. Their father knows how business relationships in the trade are conducted so I’m sure he has counseled them to explain their interest in two of the most beautiful and talented girls at UNLV, what they would expect from them and get my permission before they approach my girls. Should I say no the Gemini would be forbidden from approaching the girls. I’ve negotiated with their father before so he has surely alerted his sons that I’m a tough negotiator and I don’t play games.  

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Pussy packing: Too much of a good thing

OMG! Where am I going to put all that? I can’t take it all!

The photo: A silicone enhanced training associate finds she is to be mounted by an exceptionally well endowed escort candidate. We often use college girls as training associates to work with our male escort trainees. The girls get a good hourly wage, but no benefits. However, they do get to meet a lot of interesting and talented men. The girl’s maternity and abortion coverage is through their student health or parent’s insurance policies.

Too much of a good thing: Physically women can take a man of superior girth far more comfortably than one of superior length since with length the cervix often gets in the way. Pirate’s stable of stallions is noted for some with amazing length and girth and as there is inevitable staff turnover we try to replace them with the same or better qualified men. It was Mae West who said “Too much of a good thing can be wonderful” However, it can take a tall girl with a long vagina or masochists like me and the women in my circle to take everything on offer from some very well endowed escorts with whom we train. Even though we are willing and enjoy a heightened level of pain there are limits which we have been taught to recognize. Working and playing within those limits we shouldn’t have a uterine prolapse with the ligaments stretched or torn and find one day the cervix is protruding from the vagina.

A great many massively hung men who come to us have experienced rejection by potential partners because they were actually hurt during penetration or were so afraid of being hurt they never allowed penetration to be attempted. So there is some psychological stroking of male egos as we teach well hung men to be gentle and use their equipment to delight their partners w/o damaging them. Note that I did not say not scare or hurt them, to an extent, both of which can turn an otherwise routine encounter into something truly special when the woman comes out the other side of a scary encounter exhausted, moaning in ecstasy and wanting more.

For me a massively hung man is a fun challenge and I enjoy helping train him to be a talented and considerate partner. I’m fortunate to have a deep posterior fornix and when I’m fertile I can comfortably take a 9 ½ inch man. When I’m to train with Mr. Big I give myself an enema first to make sure I have as much room as possible. The male’s psychological situation can be troubling if he has a temper and sadistic tendencies. I’ve been with awesome trainees who were marvelous in bed and then w/o warning something changed and they began to hurt me severely and wouldn’t stop. With one I had to shred his back with my nails and another kick him in the head with the platform of my pointe shoe. Fortunately we were in missionary at the time. If I was being taken from the rear against a barre or on my hands and knees when those men snapped my options would have been far more limited.

When escort candidates have that sort of problem they are dropped from the program. But there talent is not wasted. They are referred to another group who offers STI free brutal rape experiences for a price. Some of which can include hospitalization afterward (in Adolph’s private hospital) and none of which are reported to the authorities afterward. Returning readers know Adolph had to be involved in something that misogynistic, right? That’s one reason that the suites at The Lorelei are as thoroughly soundproofed as they are. You would be surprised at the number of women who come out here to purchase that sort of an encounter. With that sort of thing both partners undoubtedly have severe mental problems, but there is a niche market and it’s very profitable.

Screening Training Associate candidates: As you might imagine there is considerable interest in Training Associate positions from girls who have very high sex drives and an interest in hunky men. I’ve found that in agreement with a recent study that found women on hormonal birth control prefer less masculine men all of our training associates prefer ruggedly hunky men and none are on hormonal contraceptives. That’s not enough to confirm earlier findings, but highly suggestive that a woman’s natural hormones help her select more masculine partners. Most TAs have been fitted with copper IUDs and the rest use diaphragms. The diaphragm girls are in demand because a lot of the European women who frequent Adolph’s Spa, The Lorelei, wear diaphragms and book from Pirate’s stable of stallions so the men need to know how to please a woman who is wearing one.    

Physically we are looking for young women with deep vaginas, deep post-pubic vaults, tight vaginal muscle tone and a deep posterior fornix as well as being athletic or a dancer, having a great personality and beautiful. The pelvic exam comes first and separates the sheep from the goats and leaves us a smaller pool of talent for the rest of the screening.

Breast implants: Women with breast implants are accepted into our Training Assistant program. However, breast implants can be a mixed blessing. For flat chested women they can be a way to a more feminine figure while for the insecure they can be a sense of pride and status. The down side of implants is that many of them need to be replaced after about ten years and women who have elected to have very large implants often have back problems from their weight as they age. Then there is the possibility of leakage or bursting when the woman is hit in her breasts, which happens all too frequently for trainers, dancers and entertainers.

We turn away TA applicants who are:  
  • On Depo Provera because of the increased possibility of broken bones due to bone density loss from using Depo over time.  
  • Girls who are Anorexic as that also leads to bone density loss and an increased possibility of broken bones and.
  • Women who have not had the full three shot series of the HPV vaccine, Gardasil, until they complete the 6 month series of injections.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Cunt Crushers: Winning fights in ballet boots

An inexpensive pair of patent leather ballet boots

The Photo: The patent ballets above have heels of the right height for standing and walking in, but the platforms can’t take much standing on before they begin to collapse especially if the woman weighs more than 100 lbs.  

Ballet boot fights: Occasionally ballet boot wearers will get into scuffles with each other while out clubbing and men love to watch because there is the possibility of serious injury which appeals to the sadistic and misogynistic tendencies in a lot of men who like watching women in ballet boots. When physical contact can’t be avoided the smart thing to do is to destroy an opponent’s ability to stand in her boots as quickly as possible w/o injury to yourself. Usually experienced BB wearers, women actually comfortable walking in them, will be wearing better quality boots and the better made they are the harder they are to destroy. If an opponent is wearing boots other than from Gepettos the easiest thing to do is attack the boots weakest point, where the heel is fastened to the boot.  Gepettos lightly armored boots with spider filament laces – more about the laces later - have no weak points when compared to commercially available boots so if both women are in Gepettos boots the woman with the most strength, stamina and skill will usually win. If at all possible it’s best to avoid fighting an adversary who is wearing a pair of Gepettos BBs unless you know you can win.

Heel breaker: A downward lateral blow to the top of the heel on a commercial ballet boot will often break off the heel ripping the nails or screws out of the heel causing it to come lose or fall off. The blow is easy for a trained dancer to perform with the working leg turned out at the hip so the heel of the working leg doesn’t hit the floor and ruin the accuracy and power of the blow.  If the heel breaker is done correctly and the opponent’s heel is trapped in a carpet or soft wood floor it might also break her ankle even if it doesn’t break the heel off her boot.  Breaking a heel or an opponent’s ankle will have her on her knees or back and is a lot safer that getting close enough to slit her laces where she can use her hands to pound your breasts or pull your hair.

Cunt crushers: A man watching two very experienced ballet boot wearers fight while in ballet boots called their boots ‘Cunt Crushers’ because of the way one was using her boots to attack her opponents pelvis. That slang for ballet boots seems to have been quickly accepted by the serious boot wearing community at least around here and in Gepettos training classes. While graphic the name hasn’t seemed to cause any prospective boot purchasers to take up wearing other fetish footwear.

Actually, a Cunt Crusher is a vicious blow delivered by the instep of a ballet boot that should actually be called a cunt scraper, but the alliteration was too good to pass up. So now the slang for any well made ballet heels is ‘cunt crushers’, especially when fought in. A cunt crusher blow is one where a fighter thrusts her booted instep covered with lacing hooks up into the gap between an opponents thighs and against her pelvis, then withdraws it quickly while maintaining the upward pressure. That causes the hooks on her boot to catch in the crotch of her opponents fishnets and rip it out, often along with bits of soft tissue from her labia. The cunt scraping move is a lot easer for an experienced dancer to perform than it is to describe because she has the ability to balance on both the platform and heel of the boot on her standing leg while she scrapes across her opponent’s vulva with the lace hooks on the boot during withdrawal of her working foot. As with breaking an opponent’s heel(s) it’s a fight ending maneuver, but far more brutal and far less used because it takes greater skill, strength and excellent balance than breaking off a heel.

A cunt crusher can also be far more dangerous to the woman who is the recipient of the blow. That’s because some boot brawlers sharpen the edges of their lacing hooks so when they perform a cunt crusher the sharpened hook edges will tear easily through an opponents fishnets rather than getting caught in the nylon webbing. However, there has been at least one fatality from a cunt crusher when sharpened hooks were twisted during withdrawal, when a recipient’s natural response is to clench her thighs, and it cut her femoral artery. She bled to death. Wearing a Penetrator plug under fishnets and hidden by the absorbent crotch gusset will protect the vulva, but is no defense against sharpened laces hooks that when twisted during withdrawal will slice into thighs and could cut a femoral artery.

When fighting in Gepettos fully hooked boots (the standard fastening arrangement which allows the fastest adjustment when donning boots) placing the instep hard against an opponents pelvis the first hook sets will rip out the crotch gusset and allow the lower sets of hooks to imbed in the delicate tissue of her opponents labia and clitoris to shred her vulva destroying her sexual identity as the boot is quickly withdrawn. A properly executed cunt crusher blow is psychologically  as well as physically devastating as it requires reconstruction of the shredded vulva and no women I know who have been the victims of a successful cunt crusher attack have ever worn ballet boots again even in the bedroom.

To try to avoid presenting an opening for an opponent to deliver a cunt crusher knowledgeable ballet boot wearer’s realize they are vulnerable when directly facing an opponent when fighting and close enough for an adversary to get her boot hooks against her vulva, which explains why women in cunt crushers, even when talking with friends, rarely face each other directly, but stand at an angle with a hip forward in a defensive stance. This stance is stressed in training classes, but also seems to occur naturally from the subconscious urge for self preservation.  

Spider filament laces: In an earlirer post I extolled the advantages of wearing titanium alloy laces in Gepettos ballet boots.  There was a down side as the laces were difficult to adjust and hard to clean. Jeff at Labia Labs has just produced synthetic spider silk that is wonderfully flexible and light while as strong as steel and when woven into boot laces can be as easily tied as typical cloth laces while being virtually impossible to cut, which could be a problem if the EMTs were trying to cut an injured fighter out of her boots, but otherwise a huge plus from a wear or fighting standpoint.  

So Bea, Cyndi, Yardley, Anya and I spent several hours yesterday afternoon replacing all the titanium laces in our ballet boots with spider filament laces. I know it’s probably my imagination, but the boots feel lighter and the laces are such a pleasure to tie. I experimented with a training dummy trying to use my lace slitter heels to cut the spider filament laces on its boots and couldn’t do it which was personally comforting; I just hope spider filament laces don’t become generally available. 

Adolph’s Halloween party: I was CD14 and ovulated on October 31st and had an exhausting, but amazing time with several of my favorite men at his party. I had intended to write about the party today, but there were some complications, he seems to be missing at least two girls who disappeared during the festivities and says he’s not sure where they are. They are two lovely young Eastern European ballet dancers supposedly in the U.S. on green cards both of whom were working as dive assistants in his deep water training facility. There are rumors that both may be pregnant. Adolph has a long record of impregnating his women assistants so if true that wouldn’t be unusual.

A disquieting aspect of their disappearance is that he had the wood chipper going, running pigs through it to see the horror on guest’s faces as the gore spewed from the chipper, so it’s not entirely certain that one or both didn’t disappear that way, although he promised he wouldn’t do that again. The guests were standing in raincoats on the output side of the chipper watching the blood, shredded flesh and bits of bone splatter against a polyurethane tarp and slide into a large vat so I don’t think anyone would have known the difference if two 110 pound women went through the chipper with the noise it was making, unless some one was hit with scraps of a latex catsuit or possibly part of a diaphragm spring since both girls had Reflexions flat springs inserted for flood control as they were to perform a demonstration dive later in the evening. When they didn’t show up for their performance was when Adolph discovered they were missing. They are still being searched for.


Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween

Odette and Odile at the Boot Bar

Commercial lace-up boots too large for the wearer

The photo: A pair of calf length eyelet and hook lace-ups that is too large for the wearer. The eyelet lacing over the instep has no room to be tightened more as the wearer’s foot changes shape. As a work-around she could wear heavy sox to give her feet more volume to get the eyelet laces tighter across her instep. The toe of her boot has also been damaged giving some indication that the toe-box will probably collapse if the wearer tries standing in them for very long.

The twins go clubbing: With defensive lessons from Yardley well learned Cyndi, Yardley and I took the twins boot clubbing for their first time. I had intended to start at Naughty’s Boot Bar, but Yardley suggested we try another boot club first as it was supposed to cater to newbies initially strutting their stuff. Since it was supposed to have a Goody-Two-Shoes reputation I thought that was going to be a bit tame given the twins background even though they were new to ballet heels, but we could give it a try and move on. There is a sort of uniform for women frequenting boot clubs here, not that there are many of us, but there are a lot of wannabes most of whom make fools of themselves or show a flash of talent and then disappear. The uniform is no panties, black fishnet tights with an absorbent crotch gusset, black ballet boots and a black sports bra under a fitted black leather jacket. I wear a front closure Champion so I can breast feed while I’m clubbing. Most of us wear toe pads under sheer nylon anklets over our fishnets to make the boots easier to get on. Platform and flexed forefoot boots aren’t considered ballet boots (true BB must have the foot and toes pointed in the boot) and if they are worn to boot clubs the wearer is ridiculed unmercifully so she leaves soon after arriving.

We intentionally avoided the bikers clubs where some of the female members are ballet heel enthusiasts and brawlers.  We were just looking for some conventional ballet boot sex for the twins to get their boot cherries harvested. Taking a tight wet neophyte in her new boots is something males at boot clubs dream of; shoving their dripping erections in a ballet boot chick’s tight pussy and inseminating her so his semen drains into her boots. The club had recently changed ownership and it had been redecorated, but its atmosphere and clientele were still as benign as I remembered when I first took Cyndi and Bea there. It’s a sort of up-scale almost Hanna Montana wholesome sort of place for young High school ballet boot enthusiasts and their dates to gather. Almost all the girls there take ballet have moms who were or are dancers and married well or have good jobs so they can afford a six or seven hundred dollar pair of well made leather ballet boots for their daughters. The boots aren’t nearly as good as Gepettos, but at a fifth of his price they are good enough to strut around in to impress boys and stand in while having sex.

There were no 4WD pickups and Harleys in the parking lot just Suburban and Tahoe SUVs and minivans indicating Ballet heels moms were lending their children their rides their for “boot lessons” and cokes. Actually I was surprised that they were as busy as they were and it was sort of a high school crowd with Hitachi Magic Wands as the fave toys which could be rented by the half-hour. There was no obvious penetrative sex but couples went into the back from time to time and in the Ladies rest room two very young boot-chicks were trying to insert contraceptive sponges so there almost certainly was somewhere on the premises.

The Today Sponge: I asked the girls why they were using sponges and they said wearing one their partner didn’t need to wear a condom, they could wear one for the entire weekend, it offered some protection for the cervix from direct thrust injury from a well endowed partner and it absorbed a lot of a partner’s semen. Actually, the literature that comes with the sponge says it should be replaced every 24 hours, but the tests run for FDA approval showed it was effective for at least 48 hours. The failure rate for the sponge is: for Parous women: typical use 24% Perfect use 20% and for Nulliparous women: typical use 12% Perfect use 9%, which explains why it’s an over-the-counter teen favorite, but not for their moms. If you aren’t allergic to the Noxynol-9 (N9) used in the sponge it’s easy to forget the sponge is inserted. Depending on where you buy them three count boxes are $14 to $16 USD so if you are planning on a very active weekend, aren’t allergic to N9 and don’t have to worry about STIs the Sponge might be a good choice.

It can also be a good faux method to wear on top of a properly fitted FemCap, or in my case an Oves, if you think a mischievous partner is going to pull out your barrier protection. I’ve used a Today when a partner can’t reach my cervix when I’m aroused or fertile. Then I’ll wear an Oves for contraception and insert a moistened sponge to shorten the depth he needs to penetrate me to feel my cervix. Except of course he will be ramming the sponge from which I’ve carefully trimmed the removal strap. It’s amazing how much pushing into a sponge can improve a partner’s ejaculatory experience when he thinks he has completely filled me with his erection.

The young teens in their commercial boots were like colts walking shakily around on wobbling ankles. A few had boots that were obviously too large and most of them were fascinated by and in awe of my girls in Gepetto’s ballet heels. It was obvious we were the oldest group there and with no male partners we rented Hitachi wands and played with one another, had a coke and left. We were all wearing Penetrator plugs and the Hitachi is particularly effective in giving both clitoral and G-spot orgasms when held against the head of a Penetrator so our visit to the baby’s boot bar wasn’t a total loss and we left relaxed.  

Naughty’s ballet boots bar:  At Naughty’s I got Odette and Odile registered and entered into the clubs database so they both now have accounts that will eventually be paid by me.  Since their ID shows them as being 21 they have access to every part of the casino and associated holdings, except the High-Roller venues, where they can only enter as talent or guests. The first thing we did after registering the twins was to go to the Ladies and remove our Plugs. Because we had all masturbated with wands at Baby’s and our Penetrators seal extremely well we were full of vaginal secretions that needed to drain and be Kegeled out while on a bidet and then empty our bowels and bladders, clean up and check hair and makeup before going out to look over the selection of Bar-boys I had let know there were boot cherries to be harvested as partners for the twins initial boot-fuck.

All the club members and staff have recent clean full STI panels on file so there was no need to concern ourselves about the possibility of infections, just pregnancy and all the others, Including Yardley, have GyneFix copper IUDs implanted so I was the only one who checked that my Oves was screwed down tight on my ripe cervix. It didn’t take long for the guys to come over to admire the twin’s boots and some of them even asked knowledgeable questions which the twins answered while flirting with them. The guys I alerted were escort candidates the twins had trained with and they are exceptionally compatible with both so I thought the girls would pick the men they felt were most attuned to their needs and that’s exactly what they did. Perhaps the men were chosen for technique, but I think psychological support as well since the twins think being taken in ballet boots is far sexier than pointe shoes and they were being taken for the first time in such erotic footwear.

After the twins made their selections Cyndi, Yardley and I chose partners and the ten of us retired to a reserved encounter salle to enjoy watching the twins lose their boot cherries and then had an awesome ballet boot cluster-fuck. The cherry pickers were alternately gentle and brutal caressing the girls G-spots until their ankles wobbled even with shaft guards for support. Then I could tell that their shafts had swollen as the girls went forward on to their platform with their heels off the floor trying to get away from that momentary penis enlargement just prior to ejaculation as the boys pounded their soft open cervixes and the girls gasped and moaned in pain and ecstasy. The boys brought the twins to orgasm simultaneously and their powerful vaginal contractions pulled the men into ecstasy with them.

Asthma and ballet boots: Two hours later we all had just emerged from the encounter salle into the main bar completely sated, drained of all sexual tension and ready to leave when a medical emergency occurred. A woman in a pair of gorgeous high quality German leather ballet boots, a fitted leather jacket, fishnets and an M10 gasmask was in severe respiratory distress at the warm-up barre. Both Odette and Odile recognized her from her enlarged chest the result of asthma she has had since childhood.  Odette said the girl was a grad student and had been taking pointe at UNLV, but had to stop because her asthma had gotten worse and she no longer had the lung capacity and stamina.

What she was doing being penetrated from behind standing in ballet boots while wearing a gasmask given her limited lung capacity was a question that only occurred to us later when Yardley and I found out how severe her asthma was. She was being thrust into by a very energetic Bar-boy while bent over the warm-up barre against the mirrored wall. She was bleeding freely from her vagina and moaning in seeming delight.  Then as we were getting ready to leave there was a strangled gurgling moan only partially muffled by her gasmask as her right ankle turned out, gave way and snapped inside her boot and she shrieked as she toppled on to her right side almost pulling her partner with her. She lay writhing on the floor trying to get her mask off with one hand and holding her ankle with the other.

Odette knew right away what was wrong and ran to Gasmask-girl’s table grabbed her tote and emptied it on the table searching for her Asthma rescue inhaler. Finding it she ran back pulled the M10 off the chick’s face and had her partner pull her up and lean her against the mirrored wall so her chest and head were more or less vertical. Then had him hold her mouth open as Odette primed the rescue inhaler shoved it into the chick’s mouth and depressed the plunger sending a mist of medication down her throat as she struggled to breathe.  Her breathing didn’t seem to improve so she gave her another shot from the inhaler and then her breathing markedly improved. By then the duty manager and the EMTs called by the bartender had arrived and Odette stepped away as the professionals went to work.  Odile had gone over to gasmask-girl’s table and put all her things; wallet, car keys, tampons, a new pack of Beyaz, tissues and iPhone back in her tote and stood guard over it and when the EMTs wheeled her out Odette rode in the ambulance with her.

We followed the ambulance to the hospital to take Odette home, but she insisted on staying and our leather jackets, fishnets and ballet boots in the ER waiting room raised a few eyebrows, but most of the others there were too sick to notice what we were wearing. The twins decided to stay with their injured friend so I got their dance bags out on my Subaru and they changed out of ballet boots in to wind pants and GM pointes before we left them one of the cars and Cyndi, Yardley and I went home to shower and relax.

Adolph’s party: Today is Halloween so all of us are going to Adolph’s later for his party which is starting very late. It’s a school night so the girls will almost certainly cut classes tomorrow as we probably won’t get to bed (to sleep) until dawn.



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