Saturday, November 28, 2015

Clubbing costume, Thanksgiving weekend

A cheeky shot of my Wolford Image string body as a clubbing costume

The Photo: A classic with a surprise effect …”This circular-knitted string body with an opaque front conceals an exciting secret at the back: the completely transparent design with an attractive seam up the centre will turn heads. A versatile item for a variety of styles and occasions: it can be worn during the day for a business appointment under a jacket for a subtly elegant look combined with airy, light comfort. When the jacket is removed at the cocktail party in the evening, it becomes an exciting eye-catcher with an irresistible effect.”

My Ideal transparent back string body: Worn with nude Fatal15 seamless tights and a pair of Gepetto’s black calf length ballet-boots it is a show stopper while keeping me fully covered and generally protected except for fingering my clit, unless I’m wearing a sports plug.  It’s a bit pricy, but the effect I get when I enter a room is priceless! Worn with a thigh length jacket it is the ideal ensemble to wear to the ballet or opera when wanting to attract the male gaze as well as female envy in society. The material is: Opaque; 95% nylon and 5% Elastane, Sheer; 76% nylon and 24% Elastane.

With a snap-button gusset it is easy to get in and out of as well as providing quick access to a lover who after unsnapping the gusset only has to pull the tights down over my hips to insert a finger to see if I’m aroused. Even though I’m lactating I’m a 34B and with no bra under the bodysuit I need to wear Lily Padz, adhesive silicone nursing pads, because my nipples leak when I’m aroused and I love how they prevent my nipples becoming erect which could be seen under the opaque fabric and taken as a come-on by men.

I had a photoshoot this past week at Blackthorn House in Belgravia wearing my Wolford Ideal transparent back string body. It was by the Glamour photographers Strutt, Giggle and Pose Ltd at the request of Vogue as a Feature editor thinks an article about me might be of interest.  I’m not so sure that’s the case as I’m pretty salacious if not out right kinky for the typical Vogue UK reader. Actually I’m surprised that an editor even asked for the photoshoot. I remember that U.S. Vogue had been planning an article about me and the casino when I was AD of a small erotic ballet company in Las Vegas. That was just before the great Recession that began in early 2008 with the financial and real estate crises and stock market sell off. Condé Nast pulled it before the writer had time to do more than a walk around since it didn’t seem to be the time to publish an article about the lavish lifestyle being lived by a few people in Nevada when thousands were losing their homes.  Anyway, since I was already thinking of having some glamour shots taken the timing was right. The Blackthorn Barony paid for the shoot so I have control of the photos and can use them in a puff piece for The Costume Club aka Clever Cunts I’m composing for a fetish magazine if the Condé Nast piece doesn’t materialize.  

Thanksgiving 2015: My Thanksgiving Day went extremely well. Everyone showed up and the meal was spectacular with crackers distributed after dessert when every one got a favor in their cracker. Crackers are associated with Christmas in the UK, but I needed a fun way to distribute small remembrances from my first Thanksgiving as a permanent resident of the UK so I thought crackers loaded with trinkets from Asprey’s (cuff links for the men, pierced earrings for the women) would be appropriate. I’m having Crackers at Christmas too!

Before dinner we paired off to play hide the sausage. I was CD13 and very fertile so I wore an Oves screwed down tight on my ripe cervix and double bagged with a Caya so that my partner(s) could shove the steep anterior side of the cervix cup into my anterior fornix. That worked wonderfully for both me and my partner(s) as the unprotected men loved rubbing their glans on the matte finished silicone Caya and I loved having the front of the cervix cup shoved deeper into my anterior fornix. I’m becoming more accustomed to the Caya as I experiment with using it as a toy to safely increase my and my partner’s pleasure.

Additional Thanksgiving guests: In addition to Marvin, ‘Morning Wood’, and Bea down from Cambridge and Bea’s current boyfriend Chris was there with his date, one of Nikolai’s Odalisques who is not dancing because of a wrist injury. My next door neighbors in Eaton Square, Alexei a Russian ex-pat and his daughter Veronika who brought a date for the weekend. I also invited the Dryads; Bryony the daughter of Lord A**** and Claire her cousin both of whom returning readers will recall had been ballet dancers with the RB and had retired to pursue PhDs in psychology at University College London. Neither have steady boyfriends so I invited two more gorgeous hunks as their partners for the weekend. All but Alexei and Veronika staying with Marvin and me in Eaton Square for the weekend.

Shopping: The women all take ballet class with me in the mornings in my basement studio while the men work out in my small gym. Then we go shopping for sales specials as the Christmas buying season has begun and lunch at Fortnum and Mason or Harrods. The weather today, Saturday, has been chilly and sunny this morning with temps in the low 50s and a brisk breeze.  Of course the forecast is for rain this afternoon… Sigh! Tomorrow’s forecast isn’t much better; a bit warmer with rain again in the afternoon. So my costume for the day is a rubber skirt and jacket over tights and Louis Vuitton fetish green rubber rain boots from his Fall/Winter 2011 collection which are now a classic and wonderful with a platform that allows easy fording of puddles.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

A traditional U.S. Thanksgiving holiday meal

The photo:  A young hen turkey roasted to perfection. For my readers who are into BDSM please note her ankles were bound prior to roasting.

Wishing all my readers in the U.S. and in the UK as well who are now celebrating Thanksgiving, the happiest of holidays.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thanksgiving prep., Winter solstice prep., Ben Wa balls training

Winter in the Cambrian Mountains

The Photo:  In this view you can get some idea of the vast emptiness of areas of the Cambrian Mountains. It’s still a bit early for snow on the west side of the Cambrians even where Blackthorn castle is located on a crag, because of the warming effect of the weather coming off the Atlantic across St. George’s Channel. The cold and damp of the UK almost makes me miss the dry weather of the Nevada desert at times, but I’m becoming accustomed to it.

Thanksgiving at Blackthorn House: As I mentioned in my entry for November 6th, “Guy Fawkes Day, Bonfire Night” I’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving – the last Thursday in November - here in London. Marvin, ‘Morning Wood’, and Bea will be coming down from Cambridge today (the 24th) and Bea is bringing a boy she met there. Chris, my male Gyn who moved from Vegas to the UK with me will be there with a date (one of Nikolai’s Odalisques who is not dancing because of a wrist injury) as well as my next door neighbors in Eaton Square, Alexei a Russian ex-pat and his daughter Veronika who is bringing a date for the weekend. Nikolai is busy performing with the ballet so he won’t be readily available. I will be CD13 and fertile then so I intend to have sex with an unprotected man (or men) while wearing a latex Reflexions FS diaphragm over an Oves cervical cap screwed down tight on my cervix for contraception. Marvin, Chris and Alexi are all well hung, excellent in bed, enjoy milking me and know what pelvic moves I enjoy so I’m really looking forward to hosting the dinner and mating with the new men. My cook from the castle is with me in London and she is familiar with roasting turkeys.  She will be preparing two 15 lb birds as the smaller ones are more tender and moist and there are twice as many wings and drumsticks. We are also having cubed sage dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, candied yams and mince pies the traditional things my mom cooked when we lived in South Western Virginia.

The London forecast is for cloudy and dry weather with temps in the low fifties. The forecast for the market town nearest the castle, Llanidloes, which is on the A470 south west of the rail station at Caersws where The Dragon is parked when I’m in residence at Blackthorn Castle is for rain this whole week with the temperature about the same as in London.  

New location for celestial celebrations: The East tower roof of Blackthorn castle has been inspected for safety and access. It’s a fighting top with a flat stone and lead roof surrounded by a crenulated wall with merlons, the upper part of a crenelation, and embrasures/crenels, the lower part which archers shot through, and the area is large enough for celebrating the equinoxes and summer and winter solstices. The rooms directly below the roof have a stone central foundation column that comes up all the way to the roof  which can support a lot more weight (for boiling oil and stones to drop on attackers) than just the roof itself. The spiral stairway is a typical clockwise spiral ascent to minimize the sword arms of attackers and maximize the sword arms of defenders. So it’s a bit tricky to ascend and descend in ballet-boots and pointe shoes, but since the tower hasn’t been used for a very long time the stone treads haven’t been as badly worn as might be expected for the age of the tower.

I’ve been continuing my stair training, practicing going up and down the stairs to the basement and upper floors at Blackthorn House in ballet-boots and en pointe in Gaynors as I don’t want to be shown lacking at my first Winter Solstice celebration in my very own home. The good news for me is that the roof with its center support can take the weight of a stone altar w/o danger to the fabric of the tower. There was a massive central stone slab that was covered with animal bones the Celtic holy site in the cellars of the tower. I’ve had it moved to the roof as it will make a marvelous altar on which I will have sex – the ritual planting of seed for prosperity in the New Year – in worship of the Goddess Aphrodite, welcoming her celebration to a new location in Western Wales. I haven’t decided who the man (or men) will be quite yet.  

Access road upgrade: Over the summer Charles, my Chamberlain and my estate manager have had the access road to the castle widened, regraded and resurfaced so water runs off the road and the areas prone to slides were stabilized, the culverts under the road enlarged and replaced so now two large trucks can pass one another w/o one having to back into a pull off to let the other past. It was done cleverly with native stone so from a distance the changes are hardly visible, but it improved the safety and cut the access time for the last two miles in half.   

Pointe training update; Ben Wa ball stacking: My London advanced pointe students have done so well that for the new semester I’m having them wear two sets of 1.0 inch borosilicate glass Ben Wa balls weighing 0.65 oz. each – for a total of 2.6 oz. - as mental training to learn to compartmentalize the weight and feel of the balls during pointe class and concentrate on technique and the combinations given. During that training I and every student in the all female class will insert the balls immediately before class in the studio so the students know that no one is cheating and that I’m not asking them to do something that I won’t or can’t do since I demonstrate the combinations before having the students do them. Once they accomplish that I will have them work with 1.0 inch solid surgical steel Ben Wa ball set (each ball  weighs 2.307 oz.) for a total of 4.614 oz. of steel, more than a quarter of a pound) which I call ‘McBalls’. And when they have successfult accomplished that I will have them insert the steel balls and then the glass ones in a 4 ball stack, which they should be able to wear w/o expelling any by next summer. When I’m not available Bryony is teaching the class and she is a superb teacher and is just as enamored of the uses of Ben Wa balls for vaginal training as I am.


Thursday, November 19, 2015

Blackthorn and its uses, Location Z, Celtic site

An old Blackthorn tree in spring blossom

The Photo: The Blackthorn (Prunus Spinosa) is prized for its lovely grained very hard heartwood for making walking sticks, Irish shillelaghs and as a shrub it creates an impenetrable hedge. Blackthorn has been long associated with witchcraft, and it is said that witches' wands and staffs were made using blackthorn wood. And its berries, Sloe, are used in making Sloe gin. Long ago Blackthorn was so common in the Cambrian Mountains that the castle and Barony were named for it.

The Blackthorn riding crop: I’ve had a riding crop made from Blackthorn heartwood by an aged craftsman who I’ll call ‘Garrick Ollivander’. Harry Potter fans will recognize the name as the owner of the Wand shop in the village outside Hogwarts. Mr. Ollivander lives in one of the Barony’s grace-and-favor cottages in the village close at hand having rendered services in making riding crops, walking sticks, crutches and charms for Edith my predecessor as Baroness.

Having a riding crop made is not quite like having a Wand fitting as the crop doesn’t have a personal relationship with its owner as a wand does. However, the length and thickness of the crop shaft should be proportional to the size of its owner and the grip should fit comfortably in the owner’s hand. Mine I use for play with my submissives during BDSM scenes when I’m training men as well as when I’m riding horses. I also use it to correct students during ballet class and when I’m teaching pointe while wearing ballet-boots I strike the crop against the heel cup of my boot when I’m displeased with the students performing a combination and the soft leather popper makes a wonderfully sharp crack which really gets my students attention.  For more about Prunus Spinosa, see the article: HERE

Location Z disappears:  Actually, it didn’t really disappear. We know exactly where it went. The last reported earthquake in the Scottish Highlands was a magnitude 3 centered near Fort William in July of 2014. So it doesn’t seem that temblor was the trigger for the massive slide that caused the top several hundred feet of the cliff on which Location Z was located to fall in to the valley to the north. Returning readers will recall that the north altar at Location Z was on the edge of the cliff and the standing stones to its north had already fallen into the abyss. Jack, Viscount Sandbach and one of my former lovers, whose father owns the land, had always said the location was safe. Apparently he was mistaken! Fortunately the slide occurred between celebrations so none of us were injured and since it occurred at night and fell into a forested area no one was injured in the valley where the slide landed. I give thanks to the Goddess that no humans were injured or killed!

I should still have time to find a suitable location to celebrate the Winter Solstice which I think will almost certainly be Blackthorn Castle since it would eliminate a good bit of travel and having to stay with friends, the long ride to and from the mountain top and changing into ceremonial garb on site in tents. Not that His Grace, the Duke of M**** hasn’t been a perfect host whenever I’ve stayed with him, but losing Location Z removes a great deal of the reason for going to the Scottish Highlands to celebrate the changing seasons. Although, changing the location of the ceremony will have little effect on the weather experienced, which is almost as cold and wet at Blackthorn castle as at Location Z.  However, getting out of the weather afterward will just be a matter of going back inside the castle. From recent research in the Barony archives by a scholar who works in the Bodleian Library and is an expert on early Welsh texts, prose stories (The Mabinogion, the White Book of Rhydderch, the Red Book of Hergest and others) I’m finding that one of the oldest parts of Blackthorn Castle an east facing tower is said to have been built over a sacred Celtic site which may properly serve the needs of Aphrodite.

It’s amazing the ancient texts setting down the legends surrounding the castles location that my Bodleian researcher has discovered. She found them shelved in an alcove previously blocked by a medieval bookcase in the castle muniment room. The tower is a part of the castle that (so legend has it) hasn’t been entered in more than three hundred years since the 12 y/o son of the 18th Baroness fell to his death from its roof while hiding from a playmate and is said to haunt it. Well, hasn’t been entered other than gain access to repair the roof during which strange things happened with some of the materials being used. No one has wanted to go into it especially the cellars where the Celtic ruins form part of the foundation fearing both the ghost and spirits from the old ways. It would seem that being built over the sacred Celtic site the tower, which is on the eastern side so has a marvelous view of the sunrise, should be ideal. I’ll have to have the roof checked for size and safety and I look forward to inspecting it myself with Charles.

Circe’s Lair at Blackthorn Castle: Several years ago I started a small gathering spot in my club Naughty Pleasures in Las Vegas called Circe’s Lair, which was a private costume encounter club, giving women an opportunity to act out their fantasies with men by giving them so much sex it drains the men of their energy changing them from tigers to kittens. Rather like Delilah cutting off Sampson’s hair, but a club member’s weapon of choice is her vagina not shears. A talented woman with stamina could turn a man who thought himself a tiger in bed into an exhausted tabby during a single encounter.

This past February I approved plans to upgrade part of one of the newer wings of Blackthorn Castle to make a small getaway destination for aristocratic vanilla women who want to improve their sexual skills and I’m calling it Circe’s Lair. The modifications are complete and it’s quite lovely! The Lair when it’s opened for clients won’t be specifically to train them to exhaust men sexually, but should that happen more power to the women. It is an achievement devoutly to be wished! From what I’ve seen of young aristocratic British women many of them are vanilla and sexually naive so there should be quite a market for a course that teaches my seductive techniques and pelvic skills. It will be a combination of the Contemporary Sexual Health and Advanced Sexual Techniques courses I taught at St. Lucy’s in Las Vegas.

The Lair is lovely, very feminine without being the least twee. It has three suites each consisting of a bedroom, sitting room, large full bathroom and an encounter salle. On the ground floor is a very nice residential size enclosed and heated swimming pool. Not that their was a large amount of traffic at Blackthorn House in Belgravia when I trained women there, but having a student away from the delights of London should help focus her mind on her training. Tanaquil has agreed to send one of her French Dommes over to run the Lair and manage the male trainers and their female students.  



Solidarity with France

The French national flag

The photo: The national flag of France is a tricolour flag featuring three vertical bands coloured blue (hoist side), white, and red. It is known to English speakers as the French Tricolour or simply the Tricolour (French: Tricolore). This version of the tricolour was brought back into use after the July Revolution and has been used ever since 1830. From Wikipedia. The entire article can be read Here

This post:  Is to express great sadness and show solidarity with the French nation and its people after the series of terrorist attacks on Friday November 6, 2015 in Paris that left 129 people dead and hundreds more injured.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Guy Fawkes Day, Bonfire Night

Bonfire Night November 5th & Guy Fawkes effigy

The Photo: An English tradition, bonfires on Guy Fawkes Day to celebrate the foiling of the gunpowder plot by Roman Catholic activists to blow up the Palace of Westminster during the state opening of Parliament on November 5, 1605.

Bonfire Night 2015: Why do we celebrate fireworks night? Who was Guy Fawkes?
“Every year on November 5th, the anniversary of the Gunpowder Plot, Catholic explosive expert Guy Fawkes is remembered and Britain celebrates the Houses of Parliament remaining intact.” The complete article from the Telegraph can be read HERE

Fireworks on Bonfire night: We had intended to drive over to Hampstead Heath which overlooks central London from the North West to view the fireworks. However, we had a better offer from Alexei the Russian expatriate who is a friend and neighbor to my London home, Blackthorn House, in Eaton Square, Belgravia. He has an office on a top floor of a building in The City at 30 St Mary Axe (fondly known as The Gherkin) which is currently the 10th tallest building in London at 590 feet and is a just few blocks north east of the Tower of London. Alexi, his daughter Veronika, the Dryads (Bryony and Claire), Bea who had come down from Cambridge and I all piled into my Bentley and one of my bodyguards drove us into the financial heart of London. Alexei’s office has a South West view –looking up river - so we had an amazing view of central London along the Thames and the fireworks. Alexi had lain on a massive feast: caviar from the Caspian Sea, French Champaign, prawns on ice and a standing beef roast and scandalously decadent desserts! It was all delicious, but a man’s menu almost all protein with only a tray of mixed veggies.  It all tasted delicious, but it meant more time in the studio to burn off the extra calories.

Anti-capitalist protest: Protestors wearing a Guy Fawkes masks during the 'Million Masks March', on Bonfire night struggled with police. 50+ protestors were arrested several police were hurt and a police car was set afire. Fortunately the area where we were (the financial district) was quiet and like the three wise men we arrived from the east and left for home the same way. It was a long roundabout route, but we avoided the protestors and there was little congestion.

Christmas at Blackthorn Castle: I’ve been away from the castle for almost a year aside from occasional quick inspections of the construction underway. The construction is now complete and signed off on so the usual quiet has returned to the mountain top on which the castle has perched for hundreds of years. My predecessors, Edith, 22nd Baroness Blackthorn and all the women preceding her, always had a grand Christmas party for the villagers who live below the castle and provide the labor and trades which keep the Barony of Blackthorn running smoothly and I’m expected to continue the tradition.

Charles, my Chamberlain of the Household and Estate Manager of the Barony, and I met this week to discuss his plans for the Barony’s 2015 Christmas party. He came down to London on Estate business and we had a productive two hour planning meeting and settled most issues. I don’t plan to change much (if anything) as the Holiday decorations and festivities have gone well (according to Edith’s diary) for years so I see no need to change a plan that is already wildly successful.

Y NADOLIG (Christmas): The custom in many parts of Wales was to attend a very early church service known as "Plygain" (daybreak), between 3am and 6am. [What I’ve always thought of as a ‘Sunrise service’.] Men gathered in rural churches to sing, mainly unaccompanied, three or four part harmony carols in a service that went on for three hours or so. The custom managed to survive in many country areas, and because of its simplicity and beauty is being revived in many others. Charles along with the local Vicar is bringing it back and it has become popular with the villagers. After the service, a day of feasting and drinking begins and we are trying to curb the excessive use of alcohol with games, but not so as to deprive the men of their pints and ciggis.

While slow to catch on in rural Wales since it’s introduction was only a hundred and fifty years ago the Christmas Tree, an imported tradition from Germany in Queen Victoria’s time, has become popular in the village and the lighting of the castle’s tree has always been popular as there is time off from work and plenty to eat. Too, there is an open house on Christmas Eve with a serving line for roast beef and lamb as well as deserts for all the villagers and the Baroness personally greets as many members of the village as can come.  

Christmas guests from the west: I’m looking forward to having a great friend from Las Vegas with me for Christmas. Anya and a group of her male friends from the same agency for which she is a trouble shooter will be staying with me at the castle for several weeks. She is bringing young men with very active libidos who have been in the field on assignment where they had little opportunity for sexual release except for Rosie Palm and her five sisters since we will be short of men and I’m always in the mood to have PVI with new men. Marvin, Morning Wood, and Bea will be down from Cambridge, but I’m not sure whether Nikolai will be able to get off from his casting at the ROH as he has already taken a good bit of personal time and The Holidays are when the Ballet makes most of their money (the Nutcracker) for the year.

Thanksgiving in the UK: It seems strange to contemplate celebrating Thanksgiving in the UK this year. I should be CD13 then and very fertile. Nikolai is busy performing with the ballet so he won’t be readily available. I thought if I wanted to see Marvin I would have to go up to Cambridge and spend a day or two with him. However, I found Trinity College will be on Holiday (for Thanksgiving!) from 24 November to 30 November so he can come down to London! I was blown away to find that Thanksgiving is now being celebrated by a lot of Anglo-American families and other Brits as a Holiday to brighten the Wintery weather in the UK with no requirement for presents and heavy decorating so the celebrants can just relax. I thought if I went to Cambridge it would create a scandal if I stayed in his rooms, but I could get a place nearby and he could sleep with me there. Now that won’t be necessary as we will be together in London. Though he has promised me that he can get us into the Wren Library after hours where I have always wanted to have sex with him in the stacks.   


Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Halloween and Samhain at Headlong Hall

“Majesty”, the Fredville Oak, Kent, UK

The Photo: Majesty photo by Paul Anthony Moore  “In Kent, between Dover and Canterbury, is the small village of Nonington. Just to the south of the village is the Estate Fredville Park home to several ancient trees. The mightiest tree of Fredville Park is Majesty; the Fredville Oak which the famous dendrologist, the late Alan Mitchell, and many others think is the most impressive of all British Oaks. Its enormous trunk has a circumference of 12.3 m (40 feet). There are six oaks in Britain which have an even somewhat bigger girth, but these are all short-trunked pollards, whereas Majesty is a 'maiden tree' with a long trunk up to 9 m (30 feet) height. In total the tree is 18 m (60 feet) tall.” The complete article can be read HERE

Socializing young guests at Halloween: Owners of neighboring estates had been invited to the Halloween house party at Headlong Hall and one family brought two young daughters who their parents said were eighteen and nineteen.  I’m a very good judge of girl’s ages and I would have bet they were not over sixteen, but very well filled out with lovely well toned bodies.  My reputation as a barrier fitter had preceded me and the girl’s mother came to me saying that both girls were on the pill and asking if it was safe for them to have sex with unprotected men. She also mentioned that the girls weren’t all that observant in taking their pills correctly so there was some concern that the girls may not be properly protected by the contraceptive hormones they were taking. Brigitte ensured all the guests had been screened and we had had negative full panel STI tests so the default assumption for sexual encounters was that men would wear no protection, though a partner could ask him to and if so he would be obliged to comply. However, at house parties held by aristocrats it is considered unsophisticated (read naïve) for a woman to ask a partner to sheathe his erection when her only concern is pregnancy which she could take steps to avoid w/o her partner’s assistance.

Therefore, their mother was desperately seeking a way to protect her daughters w/o them having to ask new male house party friends to wear condoms. It was something I understood all too well. Fortunately I had a half dozen Caya diaphragms and tubes of ContraGel spermicide aboard The Dragon parked on a siding  at the Canterbury station so I had Emily, my dresser, to pop down to the station and pick up two Caya packs containing one Caya, ContraGel and a reusable vaginal applicator and my set of diaphragm fitting rings. Then I fitted the girls who were reluctant to admit that hadn’t been taking their pills correctly. So Mom sat in a spare bedroom with her daughters while I checked that their pelvic anatomy would allow proper use of a Caya. What that meant was that their vaginas had to be of a size that that takes a conventional diaphragm no smaller than 65mm or larger than 80mm as well as having deep post-pubic vaults to take the relief arch on the anterior end of the rim. In their case my concern was the depth of their post-pubic vaults would be insufficient and that their vaginas may be too small, but all was well as they both had deep P-PVs and took 65mm rings when not aroused. Then I had them insert and remove the Caya several times and when inserted feel that the cervix was under the dome and how to apply the spermicide in the dome – no more than a teaspoon full, 5ml. When we were through their mom and I could tell the girls were relieved and one said she felt grown up having been fitted for a diaphragm a device specifically used for pregnancy protection that couldn’t be explained away as oral contraceptives can for treating skin conditions and regulating cycles.

Celebrating Samhain: According to Irish mythology, Samhain (like Beltane) was a time when the 'doorways' to the Otherworld opened, allowing supernatural beings and the souls of the dead to come into our world; but while Beltane was a summer festival for the living, Samhain "was essentially a festival for the dead". The Boyhood Deeds of Fionn says that the sídhe (fairy mounds or portals to the Otherworld) "were always open at Samhain". Reference

Sex with Majesty: Since I was the only one wanting to celebrate Samhain - which is typically celebrated from nightfall on October 31st to nightfall on November 1st I needed to be in the presence of something alive and very old.  Alistair who saw to it that he was my partner for the weekend said he knew just the thing and agreed to accompany me to one of the great trees in the UK where I could celebrate Samhain by performing my breeding ritual of thanksgiving and present my oblation of pomegranates to the Goddess. The massive oak, Majesty, is located at Fredville Park which is about12 miles down the A2 toward Dover from Headlong Hall. We made the trip after midnight in his Land Rover it took about 20 minutes to get into the park and to the magnificent oak. It’s on private property so Alistair had arranged with the owner for night access.

Majesty’s size can’t really be appreciated at night, but that was made up for by the serenity of the spot and the weather which was cool and dry but of course the ground was muddy from earlier rain and so there I was again in Gepettos leather ballet-boots, but this time getting them muddy. I didn’t worry about them leaking as they were well soaked in Obenauf's boot oil, but the insides get soaked anyway from my sweat. The good news was that there were no spiral stone stairways to climb.

When planning this trip I had no conscious plan to observe Samhain, but in retrospect Aphrodite must have been guiding my subconscious. Precognition I suppose. Why else would I have brought a black leather catsuit (because oily perfumes will destroy latex) a matching leather duster and a custom made scent from a Paris perfumery; a spicy scent of frankincense with cinnamon and a little sweet rush topped off with anise and coriander worn at my wrists, back of my neck and behind my ears. And, I brought along four brass charcoal censors with insulated handles and lids so they could be used outdoors and charcoal briquettes to burn a mixture of Frankincense and Myrrh, two pounds of granular Frankincense and Myrrh though we hardly used more than a quarter pound and a half bushel of pomegranates. The censors I set around the base of the tree at the four cardinal points of the compass and placed a circle of pomegranates around each censor before lighting it. We collected the censors after we were through with our breeding ritual and left the fruit for the deer to consume on Aphrodite’s behalf.

The sex in the presence of Majesty was marvelous! Gusts of wind moaned through the branches and a waning moon still bright shone intermittently through the clouds making the whole scene rather spooky. From the soft rustling overhead it seemed as though Majesty still wore half his leaves though they were quite deep on the ground. I wore the thick leather ‘duster’ coat over my custom made front zip leather catsuit so that when I leaned back against Majesty the rough bark wouldn’t shred the leather. The double ended front zip and being penetrated while more or less vertical allowed Alistair to unfasten my front close clip and zip sports bra and milk me before and after filling me with his thick, hot and very plentiful seed. The scent of warm breast milk from leaky nipples, sweaty leather, and the heavy musk of wet oak leaves mixed with my perfume gave the encounter a particularly robust bouquet. Our mutual passion and delight proved again what a thoughtful and accomplished lover Alistair could be.  


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