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A publicity still from Voyeur West Hollywood

Don’t you love what this photo leaves to a man’s imagination!

Yahoo News: Tuesday March 30, 2010

“RNC fires ‘bondage-gate’ staffer as critics circle Michael Steele

One thing is very clear in the controversy now swamping Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele: The RNC very much wants to stop talking about it.
The scandal broke Monday, when conservative Web site The Daily Caller reviewed recent RNC filings with the Federal Elections Committee and discovered that the RNC had spent $1,946 on an edgy sexually themed Hollywood nightclub called Voyeur. The February expenditure documents also showed that the committee sprang for $17,000 in chartered plane fees and $12,000 in limousine expenses in February — and according to The Daily Caller, Steele had suggested that the committee bankroll a private jet for him.

On Tuesday, the RNC announced that it had fired the staffer who’d put in the Voyeur expense — which was a reimbursement to a California donor named Erik Brown — and that Brown was returning the Voyeur-related money to the RNC so that, in financial terms at least, it would be as though the whole thing had never happened. A statement from RNC Chief of Staff Ken McKay on the dismissal of the staffer underlined that the bondage-club outing “was not an RNC-sanctioned event.” Instead, McKay explained, it took place at the behest of a group of prospective young donors — called the Young Eagles in RNC parlance — after a dinner at a pricey Hollywood restaurant. (Hotline OnCall reports that the dismissed staffer was Allison Meyers, the director of the under-45 Young Eagles donor initiative.) “At no time was Chairman Steele … or any other member of the senior staff aware of the purpose of this reimbursement or present at the after-hours non-official get-together,” McKay's statement said. (Even so, Brown remains a close friend of Steele, having alluded to outings with the RNC chairman in his Twitter feed, and RNC-related postings on his Facebook page. And an AP report notes that Brown has billed some $19,000 in business from the committee to his firm, Dynamic marketing, Inc., while donating several thousand in funds to the RNC.)

Though RNC spokesman Doug Heye told Yahoo! News that McKay’s announcement “ends the story for us,” plenty of questions linger about Steele’s tenure at the RNC, and his ability to hang onto his post amid growing criticism of RNC expenditures.

In an MSNBC interview Tuesday morning, conservative pundit Armstrong Williams said that, despite Meyers’ firing, Steele isn’t in the clear so far as some party insiders and major donors are concerned.

"Many people in the party have seen him — while there's some things that he's done well, they've seen him as an embarrassment for a long time. … You can only defend this guy for so long," he said. "If something doesn't happen and happen fast, the Republican Party and its donors, it's just gonna be off the chain."

One factor likely to help Steele, however, is the logistical headache of recalling a committee chairman and staging a special election among the donors who make up the RNC board. It was difficult enough for the committee to settle on Steele when he was elected in early 2009 — it took six ballots from the 168 donors convened to select a chairman in order to yield him an 85-vote majority.

And if Steele were to be booted, he would go a lot less quietly than a midlevel staffer like Meyers seems to have done — ensuring that the embarrassing Voyeur story and reports of Steele’s other high-end expenditures on the job would continue percolating in the news cycle. The committee already had its hands full controlling damage from the fundraising memo that leaked earlier this month outlining a donor strategy to capitalize on “fear.” That leaked document spurred much outrage in the Tea Party movement — a key constituency that’s absorbing much of the activist energy and fundraising momentum on the right. Meanwhile, even before the scandal already known as “bondage-gate,” Meyers’ Young Eagle group had stirred up its own share of unwelcome publicity, scheduling a fundraising event at the North Carolina headquarters of Xe, the controversy-ridden security contractor formerly known as Blackwater.

There’s a more ironic reason that Steele seems likely to stay put: the RNC’s own lackluster performance in the partisan fundraising wars. The committee began the year on more-or-less equal fundraising footing with the Democratic National Committee. But coming into a crucial midterm election season, for which Republicans harbor ambitious hopes to capitalize on health care discontent to take a majority in the House, pressure is building on the RNC to gain significant ground. So far, the committee under Steele is keeping barely ahead of DNC fundraising on a month-to-month basis — but behind both the DNC's overall totals and the RNC’s historic push for cash in election cycles. A protracted power struggle at the top of the committee would only complicate efforts to attract big-ticket donors to the RNC.

Much as the RNC’s leaders are keen to put the Voyeur scandal behind them, the Democrats are going to be just as insistently touting its ongoing fallout — and Steele’s spending habits — as an advantage for their side.

“Anyone who’s a political professional would admit that you’ve got to spend money to raise money,” one senior Democratic source told Yahoo! News. “But there’s a difference between the way we’ve been spending and the way Steele’s been spending. He’s been spending with … abandon; it’s been very spendthrifty. And it’s on things that don’t necessarily bring in more money, like redecorating the chairman’s office.”

DNC spokesman Hari Sevugan put matters more succinctly on Twitter Tuesday morning: “What’s more obscene? A night at the Voyeur West Hollywood or firing junior staffer while the Chairman and sr staff duck responsibility?” “

Personal comment: For more of what the ‘Young Eagles’ may have sampled for the RNC’s money during a night at the Voyeur West Hollywood, see their website at: http://www.voyeur7969.com/ I don’t see anything wrong with a little tie-me-up-tie-me-down myself, but the Republican fundamentalist conservative base is ‘bound’ to complain about it. (How’s that touchy feely stuff workin’ for ya?) I can see the Rev. Pat Robertson on his knees praying to God that the young Californicators will all be consumed in an earthquake. Ohhh, sorry, no. That’s just Haiti.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Labia Labs and rotting rubber

Julie Adams and Ben Chapman in
Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954)

Latex allergies: For dancers, fetishists and St Lucy’s students who are allergic to latex silicone rubber and now nitrile fetish clothing is being made and nearly all contraceptive cervical barriers are now made of medical grade silicone. I last covered latex allergies in my post for October 7, 2009 and I’m mentioning it again now because I had a dancer leave the company because she thought she was being discriminated against in being passed over for roles because of her latex allergy. It’s true that she would have been perfect as the heroine Kay Lawrence [played by Julie Adams in the 1954 film, see the vintage photo above] in my ballet version of ‘Creature from the Black Lagoon’, except that the Creature’s suit (rented from the costume company that bought the film studio’s costume department) is latex and cost thousands of dollars and we tried her with the guy in the latex Creature suit and she had a serious allergic reaction to his costume. She wanted us to have a silicone Creature suit made which would cost a fortune which we refused to do so she is suing for discrimination.

My version of the “Creature” will be an aqua-ballet which will include (in addition to updated hair and swimsuit styles) dive-sex – Kay Lawrence with the Gill Man and also her fiancé. The women will be in pool-pointes (which can be worn for pointework in and out of the water) and bikinis. I don’t think the inter-species copulation will raise nearly as big a commotion this time as when we had a dancer penetrated doggie style by a Great Dane (costumed as a wolf) during every performance of my ballet version of Little Red Riding hood several years ago. Well, it was almost every performance because sometimes the dog just wouldn’t perform no matter how much estrus secretions the dancer playing RRH smeared around her vulva.

Rotting rubber – Part 1: Some of the latex wetsuits worn for fetish diving by women in this area are coming apart. The zipper welds and other stress points in the suits are tearing apart when worn in fetish club pools. Several of the women have spent big bucks for top of the line brand diving latex only to find the suits seams are tearing after only one or two wearings. We think it has to do with new pool chemicals that were supposed to be less harmful to colors and our hair than chlorine and more robust to counter higher levels of bacteria in club pools than the normal bromine filtration can handle. Apparently the welded seams and small nicks or scrapes of the latex suits are susceptible to absorption of some component in the new chlorine derivative that softens the rubber.

Labia Labs: Jeff and I and Gepetto have set up a small branch of the laboratory to deal exclusively with finding solutions for sexual and fetish market needs. Jeff facetiously referred to it as Labia Labs and the name stuck I’m funding Labia Labs (LL) and Gepetto is in as a partner to supply a limited amount of production capacity. Funding LL through the clinic for medical research allows nearly all of a loss to be written off at tax time. The operation is pretty much an experimental operation to try various ideas w/o having to worry too much about making a profit.

Rotting rubber – Part 2: One of the first projects Labia Labs are working on is to fill the needs of a niche market for the scent of decomposing natural fluids collected in the dome of a woman’s cervical barrier. The medical research aspect is to prevent bacterial infection in the wearer. While silicone rubber will work extremely well as a collector the porous nature of natural rubber latex diaphragms makes them the ideal devices to accelerate the interaction of the rubber and the decaying combination of cervical fluid, the woman’s natural lube and semen intentionally introduced into the dome. The market for this malodorous fluid will be to serious vaginal rubber fetishists who want to have the strong fishy-rubbery scent and rancid taste of decaying natural fluids while giving a woman oral sex or in a few cases to drink the strongly scented fluid pooled in the dome of the woman’s latex diaphragm. The marketing concept (if the product ever goes to market) is of a beautiful woman – think Angelina Jolie - mounted so continuously by a series of male partners that for several days she hadn’t time to switch or clean her barrier because she always had live sperm inside her. So the latex dome collected her cervical fluid, her natural arousal lube and semen introduced by partner(s) who thrust under the rim and ejaculated in the latex dome. There will be a caution that women who aren’t fitted with a GyneFix IUD implant should not try for semen in the dome unless they are on hormonal contraceptives, or can deal with an unintended pregnancy.

With the marinade of FCM, arousal lube and semen the rubber ‘cures’ deep in the girls belly for 24 to 48 hours until the scent has ripened to the point it can be easily detected by anyone with a severe head cold as she walks by. Think of the stench of Bacterial vaginosis – on steroids - w/o the infection. What LL are working on is a formulation of latex that is strong enough to be used in a diaphragm for contraception or as a gas guard but which is more reactive to natural genital fluids; fertile cervical fluid, female and male natural lubricant and semen.

Can you guess who is pushing for the successful completion of this project? It’s Adolph! He is a connoisseur of this naturally occurring scent and is hoping that by producing latex that is more reactive to bodily fluids the interval to produce the scent can be appreciably shortened. The head chemist thinks the decomposition process can be accelerated by at least 50% Which means producing the desired result in 12 to 24 hours of continuous wearing w/o any harm to the wearer though the experimental diaphragms I’ve worn (only when I’m around Adolph when no one else can smell the stench) are warmer than body temperature from the chemical reaction going on with my genital fluids. I’m assured there is no possibility of Toxic shock syndrome

Gigi meets Abi: Gigi met Abi professionally, as her underwater bondage instructor, yesterday and it went rather well I thought, meaning Gigi did exactly what Abi told her to do and came through the lesson exhausted but unharmed. She has at least another three one-hour lessons. Returning readers will remember that in my entry for March 11, 2010 I wrote about Chris giving Gigi an introduction to underwater bondage so she wouldn’t be a complete novice when she started Abi’s course at Splash. Gigi’s supervisor the Towel-Girl Mistress at Splash says Gigi is one of their client’s fave part-time TGs because of her willingness to do almost anything and the amazing strength of her velvet vice. And Gigi was one of the first TGs to sign up for Abi’s UB class. I had been working with Gigi on breath control during orgasm so she doesn’t hyperventilate and suck her tank dry while having dive-sex. The breath control as well as staying focused while Abi was telling her and showing her how to get out of seemingly escape-proof bondage situations really paid off. Two other TGs weren’t so lucky and are recovering from broken ribs and pneumonia in the private hospital the fetish community has set up to handle these sorts of injuries.

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Pointe shoe quiz 03-28-10

A pair of Natalie Portman’s pointes worn during the making of her new film ‘Black Swan’

These shoes were auctioned for charity on 3-27-10.

1. Who was the maker of these shoes and, 2. can you guess what the winning bid was?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A strict disciplinarian

Leashed to the bottom and out of air

Abi’s incident rate: In the exclusive German girls academy where among other things she taught submerged bondage there was such a large number of near drownings or suffocations in her classes that even at a school noted for its strict discipline her methods were thought extreme. Abi is proud of being a strict disciplinarian and will tell you that strict discipline is quickest way to foster mental toughness and separate the sheep from the goats, but the final straw for the academy’s head mistress was a student’s suicide. Abi was asked to resign as the result of the suicide of a girl who had been sent back to Abi’s class after she was intentionally let run out of air as a breath control exercise while held underwater by an ankle leash. It wasn’t that she was forgotten. Abi just watched as the girl struggled trying to suck air out of an empty tank and fortunately just as she removed her reg the student stopped breathing. Drowning was never an issue, but the student didn’t know that. She was in only 10 feet of water in a one piece neoprene swimsuit so when Abi put her reg back in her mouth, turned on the air from the second tank in her training twin-set and hit purge on the student’s reg while holding it in her mouth filling her lungs she regained consciousness and when Abi released her ankle leash she immediately floated to the surface where she climbed out of the pool by herself, but was so terrified that she couldn’t speak. After weeks of recovery her parents insisted she finish school with an unblemished record so they forced her to return to Abi’s next class and her parents claim that her fear of Abi and the humiliation of being sent to train in a group of girls with less seniority was apparently more than she could stand and she jumped from a bridge on campus.

Qlaira and pregnancy: I think her suicide may have had as much or more to do with the fact that she was 10 weeks pregnant (they didn’t test for divers for pregnancy at that school) and her parents were very strict about her proper use of contraceptives. She was on Qlaira (estradiol valerate, and dienogest) and the effectiveness of her hormonal protection may have been compromised by the antidepressant meds she was on.

Blame: It seems to me that if anyone is to blame for her suicide it is the student’s parents for forcing her back into a situation she hated. Abi won’t go easy on a student just because she can’t take the discipline. Nor should she, as that would ruin her reputation as being strict but fair, something she is not willing to do. Teaching at Splash Abi will have more latitude with her training philosophy of pushing the envelope, which is that rather than ask permission it is better to ask for forgiveness later. That is especially true because Adolph is expecting some dropouts from her classes with whom he can ‘commune’ as he calls it. She said he hasn’t given her a quota but I’m sure he has a number in mind. Probably enough to keep his training facility occupied when he isn’t training Rubber-Femmes for their Doms.

NuvaRing, a reader’s question: A reader asked: Can you pull out a NuvaRing with a crochet needle? Yes you can, but there should be few instances where that sort of a removal aid is necessary when using NuvaRing. The ring usually positions itself by gravity low and against the back of the pubic bone where it can easily be hooked by a finger and pulled out at removal time. And, since the ring can be left in place for the 4th week and still be effective there is plenty of time to move your period so there should be no OMG! I’ve-got-to-get-it-out-now moment, unless you are hiding the fact that you are using it from your partner. If that’s the case there is a three hour max ring-out interval after which leaving it out longer decreases the hormone protection the ring provides and to be safe you need to insert and use another effective method of contraception for a minimum of 7 days while your hormonal protection is reestablished. There may be a few instances where the user wants to remove the ring immediately after intercourse where her partner has pushed it further toward the back of her vagina. If that’s the case then a crochet hook with a 10 mm hook can be used as a removal aid.

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Pointe Shoe quiz 03-22-10

Name 3 makers whose shoes appear in this photo

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rebreather bag encounters

A msa millennium with side mounted canister for Missionary position

Spring and fertility: Today I’m Cycle Day ten (CD10) and fertile. The first day of my fertile interval this cycle was on the 20th the first day of Spring. I think that’s so appropriate because both the Earth and I started our fertile intervals together this year! My sex drive peaks when I’m fertile so I’ve taken special care that my Oves is screwed down tight on my cervix because I‘m looking forward to a very sexually active day. On days like this when I reach my nitrogen loading limit during dive-sex and have to be content to slake my desire with surface-sex I love being encased in rubber and wearing a gas mask. I’m trying a new one a MSA Millennium [see the image above] which has a great field of view and an oral-nasal unit like the Mestel SGE 400 I’ve been using. I think the millennium is similar to the military 2-P gas mask where the canister or rebreather bag can be worn on the side so it doesn’t interfere as much with your close up field of view (for keyboarding) or with intercourse in the missionary position.

Rebreather bag encounters: I’ve written about this before, but we are having a lot of women dying from asphyxia or worse (ending up on ventilators brain dead) from wearing a gasmask fitted with a rubber rebreather bag and some of the deaths are occurring during videos being made for the porn market. The fatalities are continuing even though the word is out now in the rebreather fetish community about improper rebreather use and they are still occurring even though some are now using the larger 6 liter bags. That suggests to me that the incidents aren’t accidents but are intentional. Earlier in the year the deaths were usually of young inexperienced women whose masks were fitted with three liter rebreathers by their male partners. Now there are snuff videos being made in several West Coast locations that show teens preparing themselves for an encounter by emptying their bladders and inserting silicone gas guards as though they were going to have dive-sex. Then being helped into latex catsuits, high quality ballet boots, gloves and hoods. They have masks with rebreathers attached fitted over their smiling faces with the rebreather valve(s) open.

The BDSM rebreather the porn industry often uses has two valves one at the tip that controls the air into the bag and another in the connector where it attaches to the mask to deny access to the air in the bag giving the wearer or her partner, options as to how the rebreather can be used. There is a mike in her mask so the sound of her sucking air in and out of the rebreather from her mask is easily heard along with her gasps, moans and mewing as her partner arouses her. In the videos I’ve seen the rubber encased girl is led to a leather covered exam table similar to what a chiropractor uses and is laid back on the table with her legs on her partner’s shoulders. The crotch zipper of her suit is opened and her lover begins foreplay fingering the shaft of her clitoris and squeezing her erect nipples through the stretchy rubber of her suit. Her lover closes the valve at the tip of her rebreather and then twists one if her nipples or labia to get her to scream and empty her lungs several times to fill the bag with her carbon dioxide. Once the CO2 reaches a toxic level her breathing becomes more rapid, shallow and then erratic as she goes into respiratory distress.

Asphyxia: By then he has penetrated her and is caressing her sweet-spot with the tip of his shaft until she is quivering and moaning with delight and as he strokes her over the edge into a back-bowing orgasm he closes the valve on her mask cutting off the air in her rebreather and she gasps and gags from lack of air while her body is dumping her orgasm hormones, oxytocin, adrenaline and dopamine into her system to sustain her orgasm as he continues to thrust against her G-spot. It’s about then, that if her partner doesn’t open the valves on her rebreather and allow oxygen into her lungs that brain damage begins to occur. But it’s in the middle of her orgasm and at the start of his as he is on the way to finishing inside her and neither of them is in any condition to pay attention to the danger she is in. So as he pumps sperm into the chick’s hard flat belly he may be actually killing her by delaying oxygen to her brain. In the snuff videos, the man still with his erection buried in her belly pulls her mask off and the viewer sees the look of horror on her face and in her eyes as he puts a mirror to her nose to detect any sign of breathing. There is none. Then, just to show the video audience the girl isn’t faking he pulls off one of her rubber gloves and breaks several of her fingers to show there is no change in her facial expression. In the videos her partner as conqueror harvests any of the dead girls clothing or equipment he wants as a memento of their encounter. If he is into rubber the souvenir will usually be her gas guard. If he is into leather it will often be her ballet boots. That’s a pretty standard ritual in this maker’s snuff films and we are finding it’s now being copycatted locally when there are sexual assaults.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The D-ring latex mini

A latex D-ring Mini worn for fetish encounters by Towel-Girls at Splash

The rubber D-ring mini-dress: As BDSM-Lite the latex D-ring mini [shown in the photo accompanying this entry] is already a fave at Splash not only because of the ease with which penetration of the woman can be accomplished but because of the fantasy element that is so important in today’s sexual encounters. A member just has his Towel-Girl bend over and grab her knees then flips up the mini, pulls her thong to one side (if she is wearing one), spreads her labia and pushes his erection into the pre-lubed teen. The T-G is protected usually by several methods of contraception so the encounter always starts as recreational sex. But no method of birth control is 100% effective so occasionally in hindsight it turns out to have been a procreative encounter. If the girls are unsure if there has been an accident Plan B is readily available. If they decide to chance it or Plan B doesn’t work which occasionally happens, then Mifeprex or a menstrual extraction will easily take care of the problem and the girl will be back in top shape in a few days.

A reader’s Question: This is with regard to my entry for March 16, 2009 “Women pointe shoe fetishists” in which I wrote about my own pointe shoe fetish. I replied in a comment to that post but think Eric’s question and my reply deserves a more prominent location than buried in the comments as some readers undoubtedly see fetishes as psychological aberrations rather than the positive force that they can sometimes be.

“When did do you feel you had an affixation with pointes, and when did that turn into a fetish?”

I’ve never considered my early psychological need to wear pointes as a fixation as it helped me deal positively with what was for some of my contemporaries in ballet school a very painful time in their lives. My psychiatrist says sexual fetishism in psychiatric medicine, can be considered a disorder of sexual preference or as an enhancing element to a relationship causing a better sexual bond between the partners. I believe that in my case the latter is true.

I knew by the time I went to SAB (when I was 16 y/o) that I had a major fetish that was actually a positive influence in my work and social life. I’ve always seen my love of pointes as being a very positive element in my sex life and my partners have always felt the same way, or so they have said. And, rather than impeding my career and social interaction embracing my love of pointes and incorporating them fully in my life has furthered my career in the entertainment industry and my acceptance at all levels of society.

Spring beak in Vegas: We don’t have ocean beaches, but we do have an unending variety of intimate sports and the club shows are popular too so we get our share of students. There is the age thing for drinking and gambling so we get mostly 4th year and grad students. But the minimum age for gamboling is much younger so we have intimate sports clinics where we can accept students as young as 16. Not that there are 16 y/os on Spring Break from major collages but we do have some 16 y/o “tutors” assisting students with those courses which are very popular with men from the east coast schools. Some casinos don’t cater to women students thinking they distract men from engaging the escorts offered but my casino welcomes women and we hold intimate protection seminars for the less experienced coeds. That way, accidents are minimized, confidence is developed with sexual techniques and a feeling of friendship and wellbeing is created with young guests when in our clubs and seminars. We are anxious to have the spring-break crowd back as repeat customers when they have more money to spend.

Abi arrives: Adolph was considering inviting some female Spring Break patrons at Splash to his place in the hills, but I think Jacques and I have convinced him that coeds with families and strong social networks are too high profile to be suitable as guests at his deep-diving discipline training facility. Fortunately the German girl who will be teaching underwater bondage classes at Splash (Tanaquil recruited her for Adolph) has arrived and she has distracted him considerably as I don’t think that Jacques and I could have diverted him from the coeds by ourselves. Abigail (Abi) is a gorgeous 24 y/o with auburn hair. She is strong, smart and an expert swimmer/diver who has a very strong will which he is having trouble dealing with, but seems to be enjoying the challenge. She is insisting on demonstrating the various underwater restraints she will use during her classes using him as her model, something he has never been willing to do before but she may be able to tease him into doing it. It’s a side of Adolph I’d never seen before, but it’s said that even Hitler was kind to his dog, so I suppose you never can tell about some men

More about Abi: She has an extensive ballet background (Tanaquil knows that is a minimum requirement for women recruited for Adolph and me) and is taller than me at 5’6” (she’s 6’ en pointe) and at 115 lbs has a Balanchine body, long legs and neck, a short trunk and small head and bust. She has been wearing Schachtner pointes, but is looking for something longer lasting and more comfortable – I’m thinking of Gaynors for her - since she retired as a soloist from the Frankfurt Ballet to devote her time to BDSM training. She has asked to take class with my ballet company so she will be with us for our 90 minute class at 7:00 AM for a week to see if she can keep up and if so whether she wants to stay with something as intense as my classes. If she is interested I’ll get her a green card and a union card and she can be an understudy. With her BDSM background she might work out as the Domme in Venus in Latex the current ballet we are performing in the High-Rollers club. And from what Tanaquil told me about her skills I can use her knowledge to teach bondage classes for my ballet Co. and for a few Advanced Sexual Techniques students at St Lucy’s.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pointe shoe quiz 03-17-10

Who is the maker of this shoe?

Ok, is this one a bit harder than the last quiz?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Women pointe shoe fetishists

Capezio Glissé with platform edges darned

Pointe shoe fetish: In my entry for March 14, 2009 I discussed the obsession with pointe shoes from the male perspective. Not all pointe men of course, but the ones I’ve known who were willing to talk about the origins of their fixation as best they understood it. While they all said that they appreciate the beauty of the female body performing ballet and the skill and grace a woman needs to dance confidently on her toes almost to a man they admit there is a strong sexual component to a males interest in pointe shoes. And, since I am who I am I dealt primarily with the sexual and BDSM aspects of pointes for men while women did the work of actually wearing the shoes and sustaining the discomfort, if any. I intentionally left out the portion of the male pointe fetish community made up of men who want to wear pointes themselves because I think an untrained man in pointes can be a serious hazard to his own health. Not that men can’t confidently wear pointe shoes and dance en pointe, the members of Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo do and make a good living at it, but they train for the strength and exertion required.

However, some of the men I know who want to wear pointes themselves seem unwilling to put in the time and effort needed to strengthen their bodies to prevent serious injury while wearing pointes for anything other than posing in and a few even deny the need for any pointe training. Perhaps that is all their testosterone talking. Sigh! For these guys unless they start ballet training at a good dance school ballet boots would be a good and much safer first step in starting to self-train for wearing pointe shoes..

Women and pointe shoes: In this entry I will cover the pointe shoe fetish in women. A substantial percentage of girls are sent to ballet classes by their mothers to learn grace and develop strong lean bodies and for a very few with sufficient talent and desire perhaps to move on to the professional level in ballet. Some start as early as 4 y/o going to dance movement classes to develop young bodies and sort out the ones with natural talent so the teachers can concentrate on fast tracking the high achievers. By the age of 10 some few are approaching the age when their bones will be hard and strong enough to support their weight so that under a sports medicine doctor’s care they are allowed to begin training in pointe shoes. It’s impossible to exaggerate the thrill a girl feels being allowed to be fitted for her first pair of pointe shoes. No girl taking ballet has ever not wanted to wear pointe shoes and thought herself beautiful as a princess in the four Ts: Tiara, Tutu, Tights and Toe-shoes. It is a coming-of-age moment, a rite of passage she has waited for, for more than half her young life and even for the most blasé girl it is immensely thrilling! It is also the start of the most intense ballet training of her life and the point at which the poorly prepared or poorly motivated fall by the wayside, because pointe training is not for sissies. Some girls with the raw talent don’t have the motivation, the desperate personal need to dance beautifully on their toes that is so necessary to get a young dancer through the hours, days and weeks when her feet are so sore she wonders if she can go on. A few of us manage to channel the pain and some of those are able make the pain an important and eagerly anticipated part of our lives en pointe.

While pointe shoes are traditionally a very sophisticated woman’s specialty performance shoe and therefore worn almost exclusively by women very few women are fixated by their pointes except with regard to getting the best fitting, most supportive and most comfortable shoes for the roles they are performing. Other than professional dancers after their teens when they move into the workforce most women stop pointe training except on a periodic basis as a way to keep in shape and even dancers as their careers progress or stall eventually want to stop wearing pointes because of their discomfort, high maintenance and expense, because for most non-union work the dancer has to provide her own shoes.

Women pointe fetishists: There are however a few women who are not only very accomplished at pointework but enjoy the feel of wearing pointe shoes and they often gravitate to work where they can wear pointes as much as possible and occasionally as much as they would like w/o being considered kinky or weird. Even so, wearing traditionally made pointes of leather, paper, cloth and paste is expensive because they are made to cushion the dancer’s weight by softening so basically they self-destruct after only a few hours wear. That is why polymers and other nontraditional materials are finding their way into high-tech pointe designs like Gaynor Minden with it’s pre-arched polymer shanks and toe-boxes as well as internally and externally padded blocks for noise reduction and comfort while extending the life of a pair of shoes by two or three times that of shoes made of traditional materials. The two female pointe shoe fanatics I know both wear Gaynors as do a lot of the cabaret burlesque-ballet acts like Dita Von Teese because of their comfort, almost no break-in required and long life.

Pointe shoes as recreational footwear: What I love about wearing pointe shoes is their snug fit, my toes taped and packed into the toe-boxes with the elastics and ribbons binding my feet into the shoes. I love the feel of my 100 lbs pressing my toes into the thick pads and my toes eventually going numb so that if I’m into pain then I need to roll off pointe and walk around flat to get the circulation going in my toes again. Of course there are some of the same attractions for a woman pointe fetishist as there are for men because women want to be admired and appreciated by men and most of all to attract them. Things like the sexy shape of the fully arched foot sheathed in satin and leather. The bondage look of the snugly and expertly tied ribbons pulling the waist seam and quarter panel into the arch of the foot with the knots and ends hidden so that the ribbons appear to be seamless. The pointed foot extends the line of the leg and presents the woman’s insteps, arches, ankles and calves beautifully And the effect on the wearer’s pelvic muscles when she is balanced on her platforms is what so many girls love about pointes; causing the buns and pelvic muscles to clench and the bust to be thrust out enhancing the presentation of the woman’s figure considerably giving even small busted women a more feminine figure. And lastly there is the clenching of the muscles in the woman’s pelvic floor and vaginal barrel when she is en pointe so that when she is penetrated while on her toes and from behind she is as tight and deep as it is possible for her to be giving her partner the best experience she is capable of. Pointes as recreational footwear are a marvelous accessory to a dancer’s wardrobe that not only enhances her looks but her performance as well during an intimate encounter.

My pointes: In my case I wear special makeup Freed classics for performing, Capezio Glissés as bed-shoes and I wear Gaynor Mindens with a deeper vamp to take additional internal toe-box padding while having sex on my toes and for business meetings. It’s not that I mind the pain, but I’ll admit that when I’m enjoying the pain of being repeatedly dropped on my toes - when a stallion thrusts into me from the rear lifting me off my platforms only to be dropped back on my toes when he withdraws – then I can’t concentrate properly on what he is doing to my sweet-spot and miss some of the ecstasy in the run-up to orgasm a skilled lover always provides. In addition if I’m wearing pointes to a business meeting if I’m too much into and aroused by the pain then I can’t concentrate on some competitor trying to mind-fuck me into a bad business deal. So, yeah, men are such magnificent sex machines that I cheat a bit to get the most from the man I’m with. I can always change my shoes to have more pain when there is no man to fuck and I’m soloing.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pointe shoes as an obsession

Dead pointe shoes heavily scented with estrogenic sweat

Pay-back fantasies: For those members who want a ballet fantasy with their intimate encounter Splash offers T-Gs clad in a thong back tutus (for ease of penetration from the rear) in small private ballet studios with mirror and barre to help the client work out his frustrations. This is the environment that Gigi excels in since she has so much ballet training and the pelvic muscles of her velvet vice are already becoming so well known that repeat clients now think of her as ‘pussy en pointe’. She loves helping them through energetic intimate ballet workouts to expel their mental demons and exhaust their sexual frustrations even if the relief is only temporary.

So many men seem to have an amazing amount of anger they have been carrying for ages, often from their teen years when they couldn’t get the girl they wanted. You know the one I mean. The girl with the long, long legs, in the sheer tights, the thong bottom tutu and Capezio toe-shoes, who was student body president and who danced the Dying Swan at a school program that had every boy 14 or older trying to conceal a boner after watching her bourrées and développés. The girl he lusted after so badly he got blue balls in history class just from sitting in the same room with her. You know the sort of girl I mean, the one who dated the captain of the football team and was on the pill since she was 15 so her partners didn’t have to wear a condom. The one who didn’t know he was alive even though (in his mind) he had tried to talk to her but was so in awe of her he could hardly say his name much less carry on a conversation. If you asked he would tell you he tried to think of a way to steal one of her used tampons then found she used pads as well on her heavy days to prevent leaks during the exertion of pointe class. So he raided the girl’s bathroom and scrounged through the sanitary napkin bin, but never could tell which of the bloody pads and tampons was hers. If you asked when he was drunk he would tell you that he ended up taking them all and the blood and mucus stank unbelievably for a few weeks as it rotted in the pads and absorbent cotton plugs in his room at home and his mom wanted to know what the stench was and he told her it was a science experiment, which in a weird way I suppose it was.

Portrait of an obsession: He was so obsessed by the girl he wanted so badly and couldn’t have that he finally had to settle for dumpster diving to recover something he could be certain had belonged to her and he found it, a dead pair of her Capezio Contempora pointes from her ballet school’s dumpster. He was fortunate then to find that the pair were tied together by their ribbons and had her name in ballpoint on the soles so he knew they were hers. If asked he would tell you that he remembered finding that pair of her toe-shoes 20 years ago as though it happened yesterday. He would tell you that pair of her Capezios were still damp and smelled of her sweat, liniment, rosin and perfume. They still had the ribbons and elastics on them and the soles, platforms and backs were covered with stage grime and powdered rosin. The satin on the blocks had been cut away for traction and the canvas, paper and paste of the platforms were shredded and soft from wear and they were the most beautiful thing he had ever seen! But to him the most amazing thing of all was that there was still the cotton padding in the toe boxes and the cotton in the right shoe was stained brown with her dried blood! If asked he would remember marveling at that thinking no one as lovely and accomplished as that girl could possibly bleed, though he had heard that pointe work was painful and sometimes a dancer’s toes bled.

Pointe worship: And so, for the next 20 years those pink satin Capezios the satin now badly faded had formed the centerpiece of an altar to the goddess of dance, Terpsichore, at which he worshiped and would pay homage to her shoes which he had come to see as the epitome of female erotica because they combined beauty of design as well as the best aspects of bondage having her feet bound with wide satin ribbons into shoes that were very painful when the woman was en pointe (or so he fantasized) while showing the wearer’s feet and legs to their best advantage and tightening her pelvic muscles so that en pointe she was unbelievably tight during sexual intercourse. In homage to such erotic footwear he would masturbate in their presence least once a day when he wasn’t traveling.

Feeding an obsession: A man affected that way needs a periodic shoe fix and often if he can dates dancers for their shoes because pointes bought new, unless he has someone to break them in for him, have only potential and no real character – or so he thinks – because they haven’t been sweated and bled in and have no signs of loving customization that makes worn pointes an extension of the dancer herself. He will beg, buy or steal them if necessary from the women he dates. And, occasionally he will find a dancer who didn’t think him too weird when he asked her to balance en pointe bent over a table or the practice barre in her apartment so he could penetrate her doggie style. Every few weeks he needs additional recently worn pointes to get the scent of a woman’s feet, her sweat and perhaps there is just the tiniest whiff of her ballet partner’s semen if she is a professional dancer and likes her partner to cum in her shoes (for good luck) before the first performance of each new role she dances.

Periodic release: My psychiatrist says a man does not get over that sort of an obsession. He says it feeds his emotions and colors his thinking for the rest of his life. And that is the very sort of men who are drawn to and frequent Splash. They are obsessive in the extreme, sometimes delusional and often extremely rough if not brutal during a sexual encounter with a partner costumed as a ballet dancer. A Towel-Girl often is - in her client’s mind - the high school girl or profession ballerina he lusted after, but could never have. And so his fantasies and years of frustration and rage run wild while with a very young Towel-Girl at Splash. On the plus side, if the T-G survives the encounter that sort of man is usually a very generous tipper.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Avoid Lea’s Shield for dive-sex

Lea’s Shield Top view

Lea’s Shield showing the 10 mm vent opening in the bowl

Lea’s shield: Lea’s shield was supposed to be a one-size fits-all cervical barrier with a one-way valve that would allow vaginal discharge to flow out while preventing semen from entering the bowl to reach the wearer’s cervix. I haven’t written about it because while the idea was marvelous the design was flawed so it was taken off the market several years ago and very few women I know and no entertainers use an LS. However, because it was made of surgical grade silicone women and their partners who had the anatomy to use it as intended (for traditional sexual intercourse at one atmosphere of pressure) and liked it still use the Shield so there are still a few in use and it can still be purchased on-line.

Problems with the Shield: One of the problems with Lea’s Shield is that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all cervical barrier. At best Lea’s shield is a one-size fits-most device so women with small anatomies found because of the Shields large volume it was difficult or impossible to insert. Or, for those who could insert it and wear it comfortably the valve often hurt a well endowed partner. I take an 80 mm diaphragm so I’m on the upper end of a ‘normal’ size unaroused vagina, but I tent far more than the average woman because when fully aroused and penetrated from the rear I can take an 11 inch man with almost no discomfort. However, with the Shield inserted I can only take 8 inches and the valve, even though it’s very soft, hurt my well endowed partners. So, my Lea’s Shield in its lovely teal bag has ended up as a paperweight and conversation piece on my desk at work.

The Shield and dive-sex: Why I’m writing about Lea’s Shield now is because a 26 y/o woman was brought into the ER side of the clinic just as I was leaving after my usual CD1 menstrual extraction yesterday morning. She had gone into the 20 foot deep pool of a pool bungalow wearing a Lea’s shield as a gas guard. She is a friend of the guest who had reserved the bungalow for a week and she had always before used an arcing spring diaphragm as a gas guard but had forgotten it so wore her normal surface sex protection, the Lea’s Shield into the pool. She had used Semécide, the Dive-Gel with an N9 spermicide, in the bowl of her Shield and wore a bikini and her own single hose reg and a buoyancy vest with integrated weight pockets. The security cams show that after checking her equipment on the surface she released air from her vest and began a rapid descent and at about 5 feet she started to squirm and apparently panicked. She tried to inflate her vest and drop her weights but managed to do neither and she continued to sink to the bottom doubled over and writhing in pain with her fingers inserted in her vagina. The guest, her boyfriend, was ready to start his descent and emptied his BCD and sank to her side in less than a minute then hit the fill valves on both their buoyancy compensators and made an a emergency ascent and pulled her to the shallow end and out of the pool.

Fortunately she was using her own dive gear so the casino isn’t liable for damages and having pool access she had signed a waver one section of which spelled out the gas guards a woman should use (which does not include Lea’s Shield) if she intended to have pool-sex. So I think we are in the clear as far as legalities go. With other style cervical caps; FemCap, Prentif or Oves the silicone or latex of the dome is so soft and small that the dome can collapse around or on to the cervix and there will be no (in the case of Oves) or very little squeeze in the case of Prentif or FemCap. That is often not the case with a Lea’s Shield.

The bowl void: The problem is that the dome, which the manufacturer calls the bowl, is large, 30 mm wide, to accommodate women who have given birth. That means it is too large for most women who have never been pregnant so there is a large surface pressure void in the bowl. And the bowl is very stiff which means that if the wearer descends to much depth at all and she has a large void in the bowl the surrounding water pressure will squeeze her cervix and the neck of her uterus into the bowl to fill the void and then squeeze her cervix out through the 10 mm opening between the bowl and the one-way valve that is kept shut by being compressed between the rear vaginal wall and the outer surface of the bowl. We are talking about the diameter of a small cervix being 20 to 22 mm so having that squeezed through a 10 mm hole gives you some idea that the process is unbelievably painful even though the cervix itself has few nerves in it. Having ones cervix crushed by pressure squeeze while diving the first indication is severe cramps and then a sickening searing pain. The interior of the cervix is full of blood vessels and once they are ruptured the woman bleeds freely and the hemorrhaging is difficult to stop.

The ER Gyn sedated her gave her a unit of blood and opened her vagina with a speculum, then had to cut through the thick silicone dome of the bowl with a laser knife to break the vacuum so the shield could be removed. Then a tube was inserted through her cervix to allow drainage and the cervix was injected with a med to cause the wounds to clot and her vagina was packed with gauze and she was sent to the private hospital the casino uses which specializes in reproductive tract trauma. Rebuilding a cervix is tricky and I’m guessing if she is able to carry a pregnancy to term she will never be able to give birth vaginally or she will almost certainly tear.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Shock from training plug empties bondage trainee’s lungs

Underwater-bondage: Jacques wanted Gigi to take a basic course in underwater bondage so when she takes the SCUBA bondage class offered to Towel-Girls at Splash she will at least have a beginner’s level of knowledge. She will have to pay for it and the trainer is being brought in from Germany and is supposed to be very strict so Gigi wants to do well in the course.

I had Chris, Anya’s main squeeze, who is into bondage and sadism take her through some of the basics at the shallow end of one of the training pools where she might be able to get out by herself if she was conscious at the end of the encounter. There was to be neither marking of her body nor causing internal injuries and no pain above a mid-level scream if possible, but enough so lessons would be indelibly imprinted in her mind. Teens learn very quickly when self preservation is the goal and at 16 Gigi is a very quick study. Chris and Gigi like each other and are good together sexually but him hurting her was strictly business and though she isn’t much into pain she understood there was nothing personal.

She said later that the worst part was the totally unexpected electric shock he gave her from the training plug she had inserted. She was on the bottom in 7 feet of water in a neck and wrist harness at the time and the jolt caused a scream that emptied her lungs of air and she swallowed a lot of water before she got her legs under her and was able to kick off the bottom and got to the surface. She said Chris said he gave her the power-jolt because her mind wandered and she lost eye contact with him and he wanted to get her attention. She said she will never lose eye contact with him again during training.

Gas mask suffocation: The first known training fatality has occurred at Splash. A connector seal unit was screwed on to the canister connecter of the 18 y/o blonde’s Russian gas mask. The seal unit looks very much like the top of a parmesan cheese container with the slide opening that has holes for the grated cheese to be shaken out. Except with a connector seal unit the entire surface is filled with vent holes and an eighth turn completely seals the connector opening so it is air tight and waterproof. Her partner closed the connector seal while she was in mid-orgasm and she suffocated within 4 minutes as timed by the digital clock in the lower right hand corner of the snuff video. Her Grishko 2007 style pointe shoes had been nailed to the floor holding her en pointe with her feet a la seconde in front of the barre and her wrists were tied to the barre on opposite sides of two barre brackets. The primary cam was videoing through the one-way glass of the floor to ceiling studio mirror as her trainer penetrated her from behind and concentrated on her sweet-spot taking her to a series of orgasms and her muffled moans, and screams of ecstasy were easily recorded along with the heavy breathing of her partner as he thrust his ram deep inside her. Once he closed the connector seal vent he let himself go and filled her hard flat belly with his sperm. The HD digital stream caught the pleasure then surprise then horror in her eyes through the lenses of her mask as she realized that she was going to die while having a stranger’s sperm pumped into her belly. It was another training encounter gone wrong, the third this week but the first fatality. Her lover wore a latex mask so he was unidentifiable in the video. The up side is that this sort of video sells unbelievably well on the snuff video market in Europe and especially in Asia where videos showing the killing of Caucasian girls are worth their weight in gold.

Home-Administered Misoprostol Safe Abortion Option for Women Up to 63 Days Pregnant, Study Finds

March 11, 2010 — A team of Swedish researchers concludes that taking misoprostol at home as part of a medical abortion regimen is a safe option for women who are 50 to 63 days pregnant, according to a study published in the journal Human Reproduction, Reuters reports. The study's authors said that their research is the first published report to examine at-home medical abortion in women who were more than 49 days pregnant.

In the U.S., women have been permitted to take physician-prescribed misoprostol at home since 2000. Mifepristone -- the first drug in the medical abortion regimen, which is taken three to four days prior to misoprostol -- is administered at a clinic, physician’s office or hospital. Most European countries require that women take both drugs in a clinic, doctor's office or hospital, although home administration is permitted in Sweden, Reuters reports.For the study, Helena Kopp Kallner of the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm and colleagues followed about 3,000 medical abortion patients at their clinic in Sweden from January 2004 through April 2007. Of the women, 395 opted for home administration of misoprostol. Of those 395 women, 203 were fewer than 50 days pregnant and 192 were 50 to 63 days pregnant. The home-administration group took mifepristone orally at the clinic and was given four misoprostol tablets to administer vaginally up to two days later.Among women who were fewer than 50 days pregnant, 199 experienced complete abortions, while 186 of the women who were between 50 and 63 days pregnant experienced complete abortions. Ten women required surgery. About six in 10 women in both groups needed extra pain medication. The study concluded that home administration of misoprostol is "safe and highly acceptable also to women with a gestational length of 50-63 days as compared with shorter gestations" (Reuters, 3/9)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pointe shoe Quiz 03-10-10

The perversity of pointes.
Who made this dancer’s shoes?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Towel-Girl fantasies

A Towel-Girl in sweats breaking in new shoes

Gigi as a Towel-Girl: Jacques got Gigi her job as a volunteer Towel-Girl at Splash the new private pool club that recently opened in the hills outside town. A Towel-Girl at a pool club is rather like a shop assistant in a commercial boutique helping the clients find what they want and trying different things to see what works best, except that at Splash the Towel-Girls can be the merchandise. Most of the Towel-Girls are semi-pros working there to gain experience in servicing the dive-sex fetish community within the organized environment and relative safety of a club. The girls work for tips so it’s in their interest to please their clients and management can say they aren’t really employed by the club. And, because Splash is an up-market club getting a position as a Towel-Girl is highly prized because of the professional and social contacts that can be made there. The towel girls range in age from 16 to 18 with management preferring younger rather than older ones. Someone in personnel thinks the younger ones will be easier to control and physically will last longer through the rigors of club politics and pleasing customers. Personnel expects the training and client services regimen will be so intense (there is a great deal of pointe work because Towel-Girls are required to work en pointe at all times) that Towel-Girl longevity will peak at 18 to 24 months so they expect the turnover of Towel-Girls will be very high. That suits management’s business plan because they want no thought given to what happened or where they went when Towel-Girls disappear.

Jacques got Gigi the job because he wants her to develop a more cosmopolitan circle of male friends rather like the men she would make friends with in the fetish clubs of Paris. Not that the screened stable of stallions cleared by St Lucy’s Student Health is not impressive in a sort of mid-western America way. However, Jacques wants Gigi to be able to blend seamlessly into the club scene in LA, NYC London, Paris Berlin, Tokyo or Hong Kong and UNLV grad students as a group just don’t have the edgy, kinky weirded out vibes a girl gets when matching wits with fantasy obsessed men in a world class cosmopolitan fetish club.

Viennese heeled boots: At Splash Towel-Girls are expected to be proficient in dive-sex their primary function and in wearing all sorts of dive gear. In addition, to give Gigi a bondage specialty, as a Towel-Girl other than an exceptionally strong vaginal grip – her velvet vise – she got a pair of Viennese heels for her ballet boots and in just a few days has become expert in wearing and walking in them. [For more about Viennese fetish boots see my entry for October 15, 2009] Of course the male fantasy is that the heels which are titanium spikes (that protrude 4 inches below the platform of the ballet boots to which they are attached) prevent the wearer from walking and so she must crawl or be carried. And, the boots have shaft locks that prevent the wearer from taking them off so there is a major bondage-submissive- punishment- training scenario that she can play out with her client while wearing ballet boots with Viennese heels.

Impregnation fantasy: Another of Gigi’s signature fantasies is to allow a client to live-load her gas guard by ejaculating in the dome. Then she will insert it so that the tip of her cervix is immersed in the pool of semen in the dome. That’s the ‘OMG you’ll impregnate me!’ fantasy that works exceptionally well during her fertile days each cycle when she can let her client insert his fingers in her vagina coating them with her fertile cervical mucus and then have him stretch the strands of mucus to show him how fertile and ready to ovulate she is. You would be amazed at the number of men old enough to be a beautiful teen’s father who fantasize about impregnating them. Or, perhaps you wouldn’t. I think it’s probably a pretty common male fantasy and Gigi gives her clients an opportunity to act out their incest fantasies calling them daddy and saying if he didn’t do it again she was going to tell mom! That’s a huge turn-on for guys with daughters and single men as well. What she doesn’t tell them is that although she really is fertile there is almost no chance she will get preggers from wearing a hot-loaded diaphragm because she is protected by her GyneFix IUD implant.

Adolph is the owner of Splash though it would be difficult to trace ownership back to him because it’s hidden behind several off-shore shell companies. He established Splash as a place to be able to have some control over the supply of product – meaning subservient or freshly dead young women - which he needs for several of his fetishes. Now that Splash is open if things go as planned he will be less dependent on me and violent crime in the area to supply him with young female bodies. That may leave me more vulnerable to his kinky tricks but he still needs me for other very intimate services so I think I should be safe enough as long as I let someone else know where I am when I’m with him.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Punctured diaphragms and Prince Albert piercings

A style of Prince Albert penis jewelry

Punctured diaphragms: Our clinic has seen one pregnancy and several dive-sex gas guard failures that resulted from punctured diaphragms. All have holes from the latex appearing to have been scratched repeatedly until small tears appear in the dome. Fortunately none of the women in escort training or students at St Lucy’s were involved. If a diaphragm is properly taken care of it should last 1 to2 years but with heavy usage with petroleum based lube a cervical barrier can deteriorate very quickly, especially ones made of latex. The oil makes the soft stretchy rubber dome harden and crack, but that’s not what seems to have happened in these cases. The newer Ortho and Milex diaphragms are now made of silicone which is less reactive to oils than latex but silicone diaphragms can still be destroyed, especially the Semina which has the thinnest dome.

Prince Albert piercings: The only thing common to the women with the punctured diaphragms is that they had had penetrative sex with an unprotected partner who had a Prince Albert piercing. There aren’t that many men in the area who have PAs and the ones who do wear condoms to protect themselves against a tightly contracting vagina pulling on the PA causing the man to tear himself during his thrusts so we think our PA bareback rider is probably new in town. Our clinic’s experience with men who have PAs is that they are prone to tear and get infections at the piercing site and UTIs and have urine leakage around the piercing. Recovery from piercing site infections require long recovery intervals and tears even longer when even light pressure and slight movement within a condom can aggravate the wound so abstinence is a large part of successful treatment.

The Shredder: Prince Albert piercings were popular with Doms in the BDSM community from the 1930s to the 1960s when latex diaphragms were the primary female contraceptive barrier in the U. S. and the style worn was called the Shredder. It was a 3 mm thick stainless steel PA ring with a bead closure, similar to the one shown at the top of this entry. Parts of the beads surface was textured so that there were rough edges – similar to the texture of a metal fingernail file - on the parts of the bead that face away from the penis when the closure was screwed down tight. It was used to puncture the diaphragm of a partner during a D/S sexual encounter. That type device is particularly destructive when the woman is penetrated from the rear where the ball comes in direct contact with the dome of her diaphragm. I’m told that during that time it was common for a woman who allowed herself to be penetrated doggie style during a casual encounter in a club to find that her diaphragm had been punctured. That was why it was doubly important back then that a good spermicide be used in the dome of a diaphragm. In those days abortion was illegal in the U.S. but could be obtained clandestinely from a few doctors who risked their practices to terminate unwanted pregnancies.

A cervical cap like the Prentif cavity rim cap was less likely to be punctured by a Shredder because the dome was much smaller and thicker than a diaphragm and was deeper in the vagina so was a more difficult target to hit but the cap while popular in Europe was worn by few women in the U.S. To avoid injuring himself most Shredder wearers were circumcised to prevent the possibility of abrading the inside of his foreskin. An additional caution for PA piercing wearers was and still is that they usually stay away from escorts and other professional women in the adult recreational field because professional girls pride themselves on the strength of their vaginal grip and a man with a PA can be badly torn or in some cases have his PA torn out - even when he is wearing a condom to minimize the possibility of injury - during an encounter with a girl who has a well developed vaginal vice. The fad for ‘Bad Boys’ to wear A Shredder dropped out of fashion after birth control pills came into general use in the mid 60s and all but a few women stopped using diaphragms for contraception.

A niche market: It appears that one or more men have begun wearing Shredders again and are active in this area, probably because of the popularity of dive-sex and the need for women to wear diaphragms as gas guards. To guard against abraded gas guard dome failures a woman’s first line of defense is not to play with men wearing a PA piercing. Next would be to closely examine the ball and even the bar of the piercing for any indication of rough surfaces that could damage the rubber and thereby lessen the reliability of the dome. A third precaution is to insist a partner with a PA wear a condom or use an FC2. For those women for whom none of those are a possibility and who therefore needs a reinforced gas guard Gepetto is developing a diaphragm with a scratch and puncture resistant nanofilament mesh outer surface on dome to protect against some direct and most abraded punctures. The nanofilament technology is another product of Jeff’s labs. The prototypes have domes no thicker than regular diaphragms but aren’t as stretchy as latex with about the same feel as a silicone dome. The project name for the armored gas guard is gg+. Gigi is wearing one at her new job as a volunteer Towel-Girl in a private pool club that just opened outside of town.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Pointe shoe quiz 03-05-2010

Who is the maker and what is the style of these shoes?

New shoes drying after insides of boxes have been coated with polyurethane.

Night Fights and obsession

Her mouthpiece torn out during a night fight

An insemination project: Jacques was in Bavaria on a project for a week after the first of the year. He is in demand as a sire for much of the reproductive age European aristocracy who need an acceptable sperm donor. The mission he agreed to accept was to inseminate a 28 y/o German Countess, Katrina, whose husband was emasculated during a saber duel over her. Her husband’s doctors assured him there was nothing to worry about and that with micro-surgery everything would be just fine after an interval of recovery, but that’s not what happened. He could get an erection but his sperm count was extremely low so that for all practical purposes he shoots blanks. As often as he fucked her – several times a day while she was fertile - she didn’t conceive, so she decided on an approved donor and since she loves to swim decided to have his sperm deposited hard against her cervix the natural way, during dive-sex in the castle pool.

Stalked: Katrina was Jacques sixth European aristocratic client and she was a difficult one because she is headstrong and has always gotten her way. The Count is in Africa on safari and would be away for several months so she lacked the affection she badly needed. One common side effect of having such an intimate insemination is an emotional attachment between the woman and her donor and that’s what happened. She developed an emotional attachment to Jacques so strong that she began to stalk him while he was still in Europe on business. He thought he had managed to lose her, but she had followed him back to Vegas and unbeknownst to us - since I’m his primary lover - she had targeted me thinking if she could get rid of me she could have Jacques. That sort of thinking is pure fantasy I know, but I think that is how she saw her chance to possess Jacques. Jacques had no idea she was in Vegas and I didn’t know she existed when we accepted an invitation from another casino owner to a Night Fight party at his home in the hills. He is a rubber fetishist and diver and enjoys dive-sex and occasionally invited a few likeminded couples to a get-together for an orgy of partner swapping and dive-sex in his 40 foot deep pool with most of the lights turned off. Jacques and I had been to one of his Night Fights in December and enjoyed it so we thought another near-rape experience would be fun.

Envy, lust and adrenaline: None of the women knew one another, or so I thought, and we all wore very similar 2 mm neoprene SwimSkins with crotch zippers, hoods, gloves, booties and flippers so the men couldn’t tell us apart with our masks on and regulators in our mouths. While we were still in the ladies dressing room I asked if everyone was wearing a gas guard and they all said or nodded yes so we were all protected to that extent. The ‘Rules’ of a Night Fight are that there are no rules other than it’s considered cheating to drown an opponent. Women can fight women for a man. Men can fight each other for a woman. Men and women can fight to prevent one going with a different partner or being raped so there is an amazing amount of adrenaline fueled by envy, lust or fear released in a relatively small space. SCUBA gear for all is wetsuits, masks and regulators (no FFMs) so that it’s easier to flood an opponent’s or lover’s mask or pull his or her regulator from a mouth. All of the women wore twin-hose regs so we could see better w/o having to look through our bubbles and one wore a dive-knife which I thought was strange.

Survival: As soon as everyone was suited up the lights were turned off and the women went into the pool first. And when we were spread out then the men entered the water. I noticed right away that another woman, the chick with the dive knife, was in my space, far too close and behind me and so I swam to the bottom and backed against a wall so no one could get behind or below me and looked up. From the bottom it was easier to see the divers silhouetted against the dim surface lighting. I watched the shadows of the other players and a man started down toward me, but before he could get to me the woman invading my space was back and she grabbed my right hose and tried to yank my mouthpiece out. She might have been successful if I hadn’t had my spit-strap fastened. When that didn’t work she brought her right leg up and unsheathed her dive knife. I was trying to push her away when she grabbed my air hose – the right one that supplied fresh gas - again and tried to cut it. The titanium mesh in the corrugated hoses prevented her from puncturing much less severing it and gave me time to react. I jerked the mouthpiece out of her mouth just as she was inhaling and she swallowed a lot of water and was never able to recover. I broke the wrist of her knife hand and she dropped her knife and began to vomit which was a bad sign for her because there is no way to clear a submerged vomiting diver’s throat so she either inhales vomit or water when she tries to inflate her lungs. She suddenly stopped struggling and was unresponsive, not a good sign but it made it easier to get her to the surface

Wetsuit mascarriage: At that point I knew the fight was over and I found myself trying to prevent her drowning. I dropped both our weight belts and the buoyancy of our wetsuits floated us in an uncontrolled ascent to the surface. We hadn’t been down more than a few minutes so I took a chance that neither of us would get DCS and fortunately we didn’t. When I got her to the surface I pulled out my mouthpiece and yelled for the EMTs. The EMT crew that was on standby pulled her out of the pool and took over. Jacques had noticed a diver in trouble and come to help though not recognizing me in my equipment until I got to the surface and my face was no longer obscured by my mask and reg. As soon as the EMT pulled off the unresponsive diver’s mask and hood Jacques recognized her as the German Countess who had been stalking him and told the doctor in charge that she might be pregnant. Her heart had stopped but they managed to get it started again with a defibrillator Then they placed a tracheal intubation tube and tried to suction out some of the vomit and water and then placed her on oxygen in a portable ventilator.. Jacques said she nearly drowned. I think it’s more correct to say she drowned and they nearly brought her back to life. When the EMTs cut her wetsuit off they found blood and fetal tissue in her vagina where she had spontaneously aborted the baby Jacques had given her.

Clouded judgment: Neither Jacques nor I can explain why a diver with her experience would dive while pregnant or not have her spit-strap fastened if she intended to get into an underwater fight. Unless she was so obsessed with Jacques and therefore hated me so intensely that her determination to rid herself of the woman who she thought stood between her and Jacques clouded her judgment. I’m not sure that me pulling the reg out of her mouth so she inhaled all that water caused her to vomit or if it was because of the effects of water pressure on her pregnancy. No one will ever know for sure. When they got her back to the private hospital that the fetish community uses for this sort of accident they put her on a larger respirator which is breathing for her and her heart is circulating blood but the brain wave monitor they connected her to shows there is no brain wave activity so she is brain dead. The Dowager Countess is trying to find her son in Africa to tell him that his wife died during a swimming accident while vacationing in the U.S. The hospital will need the family’s permission to pull the plug on the ventilator. Meanwhile her lovely body is in a permanently vegetative state. The hospital orderlies look at a patient in her situation as being a freebie because they can mount her and finish inside her with no fear of pregnancy or anyone complaining. Afterward they just need to suction out the semen and change the sheets.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bed shoes & ECG screening

A new pair of Glissé ES the style I’m using as bed shoes

Bed shoes: There has been a lot of recent interest from readers with questions about my use of pointes as ‘bed-shoes’ so I thought I’d repost an entry about them from Anya’s blog on Yahoo 360 – she gave me her archive - since she got the idea for bed-shoes from me and we have both ended up using Glisse ES as bed shoes.

Glissé ES as bed shoes: I have been trying various changes in my bed shoes to extend my options for ‘the look’ and the life of my shoes. I’m trialing the Glissé ES which has a hard shank. [See the image of a new pair of my Glissé ES pointes above] While in Missionary the shoes provide support when a lover is between my legs and my feet are pointed, knees flexed and the platforms are pressed into the mattress. That way I can get another 5 or 6 inches of leverage for my pelvic thrusts. But, in that position I’m ‘sitting in my shoes’ (my weight is on my heels) and that causes regular Glissé shanks break very easily. Of course while doing pelvic thrusts beneath a man there is no way for a woman in pointes to get her weight off her heels so strong shanks will extend the life of bed shoes significantly. As far as ‘the look’ is concerned what I’m trying is to coat the untrimmed satin of the platforms with two coats of a good transparent rubber cement. The first coat soaks into the satin fabric and forms a solid base and the second coat bonds to the first to give a transparent high-traction surface for use on high thread count bed linens. The advantage is that the bed shoes look like new with lovely unblemished satin covered platforms and feathers rather than being worn and somewhat ragged. Another nice thing about Glissé soles is that the highly buffed leather absorbs a partner’s sweat and the sweat moistened leather becomes wonderfully slippery on his skin

My March 1st pointe shoe quiz: That quiz drew a lot of interest and several questions which I’ve answered in comments or on YIM. But I want to post the answers again where readers can see them because I think they provide insight into who I am.

Paul was surprised that I wear Capezio Aerial pointes which are a student’s shoe. My reply was that I haven’t really changed. I perform in SMU Freed Classics and use Capezio Glisse as bed-shoes and Gaynors for extended interval pointe-sex encounters as well as for business meetings when I like the support the pre-arched and nearly unbreakable shanks give me. The red leather Aerials used in the quiz are SMU with a shorter shank and outer sole rather than having a standard length shank three-quartered. I got them to see what they would be like. They are nice and I love the red leather, (I got a pair in black too!) but I don’t think I would do it again! I like to try different makers and styles of shoes w/o switching for serious performing or intense sex where I need the support that Gaynors can provide.

Eric asked if those are my feet in the red shoes: Eric has a good eye. The answer is that those are Taryn’s feet in my shoes and the shoes are a bit too large for her. She is taller and heavier than I am, but has smaller feet! Sigh! Well, the good news is that larger feet are better for pointework as they can support the dancer better and more comfortably for longer intervals. I take comfort that George Balanchine (A pointe fetishist if there ever was one) liked dancers with big feet, saying large feet made a woman’s pointework more ‘juicy’. So I think of myself as having ‘juicy’ feet for my size.

Ben Wa Balls and lactating

Jade Ben Wa Balls

The Ripple Grip and Ben Wa Balls: A primary training aid for strengthening, tightening and building stamina in the rings of muscles that are in the vaginal walls is a set of Ben Wa balls. My ballet dancers, escort trainees and my advanced sexual techniques students, which include all the ballet students at St Lucy’s, use Ben Wa balls. Typically they all start by using a loose (not connected) two ball set of ¾ inch stainless steel balls weighing 29g (about 1oz) each. A new girl just starting vaginal tightening/strengthening might use a set of 1 inch or perhaps even 1 3/8 inch balls of silicone coated Pyrex weighing about ½ oz each until her grip begins to tighten. The tighter the grip the smaller the balls as she builds strength to move them up and down her vaginal canal.

Once the student is able to grip the balls so they don’t drop out (and most young women who haven’t given birth can easily grip them) I have her learn to move the balls around. It’s like learning to skate or ride a bike with a bit of struggle to master the technique at first and then it seems like the most natural thing. At that point it’s just a matter of practicing continuously as the more adept and confident a girl is the better sex partner she will become. After she becomes proficient in moving the balls up and down her vaginal canal we concentrate on tightening her grip by moving to a set of ½ inch balls and practicing continuously moving the balls for as long as possible starting with one minute and building up to fifteen or twenty minutes over time. That sort of stamina is needed to ripple grip a man.

Ripple gripping: As returning readers know ripple gripping is tightening and releasing the vaginal muscles that surround the head of a partner’s penis so you milk his head while he is buried as deep as he can go inside you. Usually when a woman is ripple gripping a man he is squeezing her in his arms while trying to push himself so deep that it feels as though he’s crushing her mons pubis while he’s sweating and gasping as she manipulate his head with no noticeable external thrusting or other movement except the rippling of her six-pack, until she tips him over the edge into orgasm spewing his sperm filled molten pearl against her cervix. The woman who gives a man his first ripple grip orgasm has made a friend for life.

Ben Wa balls and IUDs: I know this is a repeat but I’ve had several more questions on this subject. It’s important because using Ben Wa Balls can compromise the effectiveness of many IUDs so here it is again. A reader asks if its safe to use Ben Wa balls with an IUD. If the IUD is a GyneFix frameless IUD implant the answer is yes it is quite safe. However, if the IUD is one with a frame, such as a ParaGard or a Mirena which have strings that protrude from the cervix and the Ben Wa balls are connected together as they commonly are it is possible that the strings of the IUD could tangle in the material connecting the balls and pull the IUD out of the wearer’s uterus. Ben Wa balls that are not connected so there is no possibility of the IUD strings tangling with them can be used safely while wearing a framed IUD.

Underwater breast pump: Returning readers know that I’m lactating. When someone new finds I’m producing milk they ask if I’m pregnant or how my baby is, but I’ve never been pregnant, I had induced lactation. At first I was concerned that my milk might have been caused by a tumor on my pituitary gland but a CAT scan found that wasn’t the cause. It came from excessive breast manipulation when I had a boyfriend who was heavily into boobs, so even though as a dancer I have a Balanchine body and I’m small breasted he was always sucking on my nipples. Then during the off season of the ballet company I was dancing with I got a job as a model for a Canadian fetishwear company and the addition breast manipulation getting in and out of their latex catsuits was the final stimulation needed to bring in my milk. I found I really enjoy being milked so rather than suppress my milk I’ve used my milk to enhance the sexual encounters I have with my stallions.

There are some housekeeping issues when a rubber fetish woman is producing milk. Leaky nipples, the combined scent of warm milk and sweaty latex when a man is peeling me out of a latex body condom and the need for a thorough washing of rubber suits so they don’t smell of rancid milk, but these issues are offset by the fact that breast feeding releases oxytocin which arouses me very quickly so I’m open and drippy wet – though still very tight – when a breast feeding lover enters me. The eroticism of breast feeding is one of the reasons some women don’t want to give up feeding an infant. I hadn’t understood that until my milk came in so I could breast feed a lover before we have sex which enhances the encounter considerably for us both.

I’m working with Jeff’s labs and Gepetto’s latex shop to perfect a breast pump that I can use to express milk while I’m having dive-sex. I’ve found that because I pump twice or sometimes three times a day for about 45 minutes each I could be diving an additional 2+ hours if I could pump my breasts underwater. We are using mostly parts from existing pumps. The bits that need work for submerged pumping are the nipple shields that need to form a waterproof seal over the areola and nipples and the pump which Jeff is converting from electric to being powered by compressed gas, from a separate small tank in the pack that holds the pump. The hoses from the vacuum pump to the nipple shields and the nipple shields themselves tend to get in the way of a buoyancy compensator or wetsuit jacket so diving in warm water in just a bikini thong while pumping is the easiest wearing the pumping harness as something of a science-fiction looking bra with hoses coming off the nipples.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Pointe Shoe Quiz 03-01-10

What Maker, style and material are these pointes?

These shoes are a current style of this maker.

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