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Too much of a good thing can be wonderful!

A lovely waxed vulva with small labia minora

The Photo: One of the four vulva images from Wikipedia. Attribution: By derivative work: Knuter (talk)-Adult_labia_minora.jpgVulva_with_tiny_labia_minora.jpgPubic_hair_-_Vulva_unshaved.jpgVertical_clit_hood_piercing.jpg, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Exhaustion in paradise: The quote in the title is from Mae West and it is very true, as far as it goes. However, it has a down-side in that there are limits even to good things and the nine men who were our original partners for the PA candidate’s pelvic training while having superb stamina were beginning to pass their peak of sexual performance during the second week even with the use of performance enhancers which I’d rather them not use. I suppose that was to be expected since the guys are routinely having eight or more acts of deep vaginal penetration and often multiple orgasms per penetration (since the girls are beginning to practice pompoir and the mares trick) every day continuously for 14 days. Having the trainees manipulating their glans with their vaginal muscles during Pompoir and the mare’s trick training has made many of their penises sore. I suppose I should have known, but I’ve not had multiple men involved with this many encounters during intensive training before. So, Tanaquil, on Taryn’s behalf, has sent us nine more young, experienced, superbly well hung and well rested cocksmen. I expect to switch out the men every two weeks.  The training should be complete on March 26th.

Since training began on Sunday January 24 the first group of men (the Seven Dwarfs+2 was rotated out and the new group took their place at the start of the third week, February 7th, and we switched back to the fully reinvigorated original nine on the 21st. The two week rotation is going well and there was almost no time lost with the switch as the men came up to speed almost immediately since they knew the training regimen and the different needs of each girl. The second group will return on March 6th and then the original Seven Dwarfs +2 will finish out the 9th week from the 20th to the 26th of March.

Labiaplasty: I am very pleased to say that the labiaplasty procedures to give the candidates lovely small labia minora like mine (our vulvas look very similar to the one in the photo at the top of this post) prior to their entering training is withstanding the very high usage quite well. And having extended the training interval from eight to nine weeks the candidates are becoming accustomed to the frequency and the physical exertion and mental concentration needed to milk a penis even during Pompoir. I taught the girls my regimen in which I ensure a well lubricated vulva and vagina, use a biocide and urinate immediately after each penetrative encounter to flush the urethra to flush out bacteria and lube pushed into the urethra during sex. That regimen seems to have worked for them so far eliminating yeast and urinary tract infections which so often plague women who have frequent vaginal sex with multiple partners.

Small labia minora and camel-toe: Small labia minora make it easier, more comfortable, for a woman to display camel-toe. Most elite escorts working in the fetish end of the business either have naturally small labia minora or have a labiaplasty so they can comfortable wear a thong, tights, bodysuit or leotard deep between their labia majora to display maximum cleavage even when wearing a costume with a cotton lined gusset. For me wearing convertible foot micro fibre tights with a front seam and a cotton gusset rolled down over a belt (like guys do) so the crotch is pulled up into the cleavage of my labia and buttocks which gives my admirers a double cleavage show especially when I’m prancing around en pointe. As far as breast support since I’m lactating I wear a VS Knockout front close clip and zip sports bra so I can easily breastfeed when I need to be milked.

Mid seam off the gusset: Some of us like to wear tights with a front mid-seam off the gusset which can rub on the clitoris (the seam is adjusted so it is on one side or the other of the glans and hood) while others can’t stand the thought of much less actually having something tight pressing against their clitoris. I rather like it as it keeps me wet and aroused and I can even spontaneously orgasm if I have a set of Ben Wa balls inserted which makes my day pass faster and I’m already lubricated if the occasion arises to have penetrative sex with an interesting man. I’ve also found with small labia minora I can more comfortably wear a sports-plug as it will fit tighter w/o pinching my labia which can happen to women with larger ones.   

Additional professional staff: After the first week it was obvious that we needed a podiatrist as well as a Gynecologist, an esthetician and two masseuses in residence since the girls needed a podiatrist because of their long hours in pointe-shoes and all eighteen of us need full body massages every day.  The esthetician keeps us nine women fully waxed leaving only scalp hair and eyebrows. Chris, our male Gyn from my London clinic, has kept us free of pelvic infections which given our number of male partners and the frequency of penetrative intercourse is a tribute to our regimen of feminine hygiene.    

Custom dressing: During week three of the pelvic intensive (7 – 13 February) I began teaching custom dressing which is dressing for a client executive’s particular fetish set. For example a client may want his PA to wear a latex diaphragm in addition to the GyneFix frameless copper bead IUD which is her primary method of contraception so he can under-thrust the rim of a coil spring and ejaculate in the dome and have her wear it for the rest of the day then eat her cervical discharge out of it. Custom coil spring and flat spring latex diaphragms are custom made now because latex diaphragms are no longer commercially available. The specific style and color shoes he wants to see her in is another major item of fetishwear, especially pointe-shoes or ballet-boots during the time she is with him. Taryn’s girls all work in Gaynor pointes which can be easily carried in a tote along with spare diaphragms, a silicone menstrual cup and a selection of condoms in case he wants to use one while she is menstrual.

Ballet boots can be carried in the tote as well, but they take up far more room especially if they are Gepetto’s custom boots (which Taryn’s girls wear) that have a unitized titanium toe-box and shank assembly and replicable titanium heels which are fitted with removable heel guards and Inman heel guard release pads on the inside of the heels. The heel guards are needed to prevent ruining expensive rugs and polished wood floors in executive offices and discreet pieds-terre used for assignations.

Ballet-boots, pointe-shoes and the Achilles tendon: As ballet dancers know from spending time en pointe and fetish ballet-boot wearer’s know from being locked in the boots with their feet extremely pointed and held that way for long intervals can lead to the shortening of the Achilles tendons so the individual can’t walk with their heels flat. To prevent this from occurring in women wearing extreme heels and pointe-shoes and to minimize the likelihood of tendonitis or tendon rupture we exercise in flats or pointes standing on a step with our forefeet on the tread and heels out over the riser. Then slowly rise on ¾ pointe hold for a ten count then slowly lower past flat to where the heels are as far below the tread as the Achilles tendons will allow and hold for a ten count. For women like me continuously on our toes doing 20 reps of this three times a day should keep our Achilles tendons properly stretched. Most of the PA candidates have followed my example and wear their Gaynor Minden pointe-shoes during the evenings when they are off to help toughen their feet and into the 5th week now they are becoming accustomed to if not liking to wear pointes.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

So many men, so little time!

The Caya contoured diaphragm

The Photo: A one-size-fits-most Caya silicone diaphragm showing the names of the major features and the dimensions.

New semen in my vagina: Returning readers will recall that my current group of Personal Assistant candidates: Cinnamon, Fern, Heather, Holly, Iris, Ivy and Jasmine and their male partners: Doc, Dopy, Sleepy, Happy, Grumpy, Sneezy and Bashful were first mentioned in my post for February 4th so their nine week pelvic training intensive is well underway and the girls (with hot soaks, ibuprofen and liniment) are becoming used to having eight or more acts of deep vaginal penetration to orgasm every day not to mention identifying and manipulating their vaginal muscle groups to train them for Pompoir. I had originally thought that eight weeks would be sufficient, but the first weeks pace was physically harder on the girls than many of them would be able to continue so I extended it to nine and included Anya’s and my partners in the male rotation as well so the girls get to rotate through nine men and Anya and I do too.

Anya says I was looking out for myself, but I like to think I was being lenient on the girls as vaginal epithelium is very delicate and too much of the wrong, especially dry, stimulation can put a woman physically out of action for penetrative vaginal sex for weeks and mentally for longer. The men are not on performance enhancers since one of the tasks of the trainees is to arouse their partners who by now are operating near the limit of their sexual performing capability. The men rotate to a different girl each day so there is the excitement of a new partner with his and her unique look, scent, taste, feel and style of lovemaking that keeps things interesting and since I’m fertile I love having a man fill me with his sperm! Of course when I’m fertile I’m double bagged with an Oves screwed down on my ripe cervix and a Reflexions latex flat spring over that so I should be quite safe but the thrill of something going wrong and me ending up carrying one of the trainer’s baby is just so unbelievably arousing! I’d have it sucked out of course as I haven’t spent thirty-five years keeping my body in top physical condition to have a man’s sperm push it all out of shape and take a year off my performing life.

Beguiling a partner with Caya: As this is written I’m CD 12 and fertile. Any woman reading this can surely tell I’m having such a good time with the new men – the ones helping train the candidates for intimate Personal Assistants positions with Taryn’s new personnel placement group. For women using a diaphragm there is no better way to get a man interested in that device than to ask him to ‘help’ with its insertion. The Caya with its nylon arcing spring rim, smaller cervical cup, grip dimples, relief arch and removal dome is easier to insert and remove than the traditional circular latex or silicone diaphragms previously available.

From a male partner’s perspective the Caya’s upturned relief arch which fits up behind the pubic bone minimizes the likelihood that he will hit the anterior rim; and the slightly textured matte surface of the cervical cup increases his sensation thrusting against it are improvements over the traditional diaphragm. And I’ve found that very well endowed men who can reach into my posterior fornix when I’m entered from behind enjoy thrusting into Caya’s soft rim spring.

I’m becoming much more of a fan of Caya, especially as a toy. Returning readers will recall that even though I wear a U.S. dress size two I’m at the upper design limit of the Caya since I take a conventional 80 mm diaphragm. Consequently I’ve been a bit apprehensive of its effectiveness for me. However, now that I’m using it more I’ve found that Caya consistently develops a strong suction (more about that below) and I’ve never had it displace. So now I’m learning to relax while using it especially with a well endowed partner because in missionary he can push the sloping anterior side of the 55mm cervical cup deeper into my anterior fornix than the suction in the cup has pulled it and move the relief arch enough to caress my G-spot. That way I get G-spot and A-spot orgasms simultaneously which turns me into a gasping, moaning, mewing, quivering, boneless mess making it very difficult - even with very strong feet and ankles - to remain balanced en pointe when taken while standing backed against a wall or studio mirror! Of course depending on each woman’s pelvic anatomy and her partner’s size she may, or may not, find Caya as much fun as I do.

A clever Caya wearer will first show her partner how she inserts and how she removes it before letting him try. I’ve found that my lovers are very interested in learning how to insert and remove my diaphragm correctly as they get a thrill from helping me protect myself so they don’t need to wear condoms. They are also very quick learners though most want to try inserting and removal far more times than they need and I let them because we both enjoy them with their hands in my vagina. Expressing the remaining air from the cup with the fingers during insertion is something I always do and teach my partners to do it correctly because it increases the suction insuring a better seal which I find comforting. It is also something that my partners love to do as they get to play with my vagina and ‘accidently’ caress my clitoris shaft with a thumb causing me to gasp and moan while giving them confidence that my cervix is well protected. I believe that since I’m at the upper design limit of the Caya the stronger the suction in the cup the safer I am from the possibility of my Cays displacing or rotating and a partner under-thrusting the rim.  

Possible problems with a male partner helping with insertion are: 1) The wearer could become aroused and her vagina lengthen (tent) making it more difficult (or sometimes impossible) to get the posterior rim behind the woman’s cervix and deep into her posterior fornix if he has short fingers. Although lying on her back and pushing down will force her cervix closer to the entrance to her vagina so that pushing the folded rim along the back wall of the vagina should get the rim beneath and behind the cervix. Once he thinks the Caya is correctly placed her partner should feel for her cervix under the cup to make sure Caya is correctly positioned. It is important that the woman check behind her partner to double check her cervix is indeed in the cup. 2) The male partner may in some instances become so aroused that he ejaculates before penetration. However, this can be seen as an advantage as his refractory interval will allow time for him to give his partner her pleasure with his fingers before another erection will allow him to penetrate her and fill her with semen.

A caution: The Caya is a one-size-fits-most device. Very petite or very tall women may not be able to use Caya effectively because it was designed to be used by women who take the four most commonly prescribed sizes of traditional diaphragms; 65mm, 70, 75 and 80mm. Additionally, the wearer must have a well defined retropubic niche 1 to 2 cm deep into which the relief arch will fit properly, which most women do. 

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The Zika virus and intimate contact

The Aedes aegypti mosquito transmits Zika virus

The Photo: An Aedes aegypti mosquito feeding. Photo by Muhammad Mahdi Karim ( Facebook YouTube - Own work, GFDL 1.2,

The Zika virus mosquito (Aedes aegypti) is a mosquito that can be recognized by white markings on its legs and a marking in the form of a lyre on the upper surface of the thorax. The mosquito originated in Africa but is now found in tropical and subtropical regions throughout the world and in 2015 was recognized as starting the Zika virus caused epidemic of babies with microcephaly. The term refers to a rare neurological condition in which children have unusually small heads. In many cases it also means a baby's brain is smaller and may not have developed properly.

Lost Cove, Virgin Gorda and Zika: The BVIs Government haven’t put out much on limiting exposure to the Zika virus which is sure to be in the BVIs by now. My caretaker staff overseen by the estate manager for my good friend Alice Duchess of M**** who has an estate just over the ridge from mine has her staff and mine ensuring there is no standing water where larvae can mature and power foggers are spraying insecticides routinely. I’m now really of two minds about vacationing at Lost Cove. I was so looking forward to several weeks of sun and sand away from the seemingly perpetual rainy skies and gales of the UK. Now it seems I may have waited too late to vacation there this year or until there is a vaccine for Zika. Not that I want to get preggers, but to have to use condoms with my partners while there and for several weeks afterward is such an inconvenience and robs the act of a lot of the skin-on-skin intimacy and the actual exchange of fluids which I so enjoy.

Still, our female staff and guests are cautioned to be sure to use their birth control method(s) correctly since a bite from a Zika carrying mosquito can doom a wanted pregnancy. So far the hierarchy of the Catholic Church in Brazil where the virus seems to have first appeared in the Americas has not officially taken a stand on aborting a Zika damaged pregnancy, although one bishop has said a fetus with severe birth defects is no reason to abort the pregnancy. Easy for him to say! He is undoubtedly the very model of a 19th centaury prelate poncing about in a dress with his head up his a**!  The Church is going to spring for the care of all the micro cephalic infants that weren’t aborted because abortion is illegal in Catholic South American countries, aren’t they! Oh yes! No one should hold their breath! One hopes that South American political and Catholic Church officials come to their senses and show the compassion they continually preach to their flock in the cases of impaired pregnancies.  

The 2016 Summer Olympic Games: There are reports that health authorities in Brazil (where the pandemic began in South America) are not being cooperative in supplying samples of the virus to other countries researchers. This is said to have something with Brazilian laws! Go figure! Earlier reports of sewage filled swimming competition locations were bad enough! However, with what is known now about the hazards of Zika (unless there is some miraculous scientific breakthrough that eradicates Zika) I can’t imagine the 2016 Olympic Games (the XXXI Olympiad) being held as currently scheduled in Rio de Janeiro from August 5th August 21st.  Or if the games are not canceled the huge disappointment to young couples trying to get pregnant canceling attending, or risking infection and birth defects by attending.

Zika can be transmitted through sex: The virus can stay active in blood for about a week and can be transmitted through unprotected intercourse and active virus has now been found in saliva and urine. It is not clear that Zika can be transmitted through saliva and urine, but some authorities in Brazil recommend avoiding kissing. As this is written it is unclear how long secretions from a Zika infected person can transmit the virus to his or her partner. The US CDC is working on an answer. For penile-vaginal intercourse this is making latex or nitrile condoms the safest way to have sex with a person who has been in an area where Zika is known to be active, but saliva and urine as possible virus transmitters makes it a whole new ballgame putting kissing not to mention cunnilingus and fellatio risky as well. Since the HIV virus can penetrate natural lamb condoms they probably aren’t safe to use as protection from Zika either. Nothing has been said (yet) about the virus in perspiration.

Zika is an Arbovirus so there is no quick field test to determine if a person is infected. Blood test intervals of 4 to 14 days can be expected depending on lab load which peaks in summer months.

NHS Zika guidelines can be found HERE

US CDC Zika diagnostic guidelines can be found HERE.

US CDC Zika Q&A can be found HERE

The Costume Club and Zika:  The transmission of Zika through human secretions has caused precautions to be taken with members of my London club in Kensington off Holland Park road. The Costume Club, AKA Clever Cunts), is requiring members to have a current passport showing they have not been in Central or South America or other Zika affected areas for at least three weeks before being allowed to exchange secretions with a Hostess. Otherwise it is using latex or nitrile condoms for every act of anal, vaginal or oral intercourse. The Aedes aegypti mosquito likes warm weather so England in the winter isn’t likely to breed many, but travelers can bring the virus back to the UK. It would be bad enough if a Hostess or two contracted Zika from a member, but since they are all using very effective LARC methods of contraception there is little likelihood of a Hostess becoming pregnant with an infant with serious birth defects. It is thought that once infected with Zika a person builds up immunity and can not be reinfected.

However, an infected Hostess could spread Zika to other club members which is unacceptable. It is far more difficult to be dismissive about a member contracting Zika from a Hostess and giving it to his mistress and/or pregnant wife. The board of governors acted quickly and unanimously on that so while there has been some grumbling, members understand.

The North Atlantic Drift: I’ve got a few minutes to myself so I’m actually missing the desert weather in Las Vegas. Go figure! The forecast for Llanidloes, the closest forecast to the castle, calls for heavy rain for the next three days from all the relatively warm air coming off the Atlantic dropping its moisture as it rises over the Cambrian Mountains. It’s making me want to risk a trip to Lost Cove regardless of the Zika virus.  

The North Atlantic Drift is the eastern branch of the Gulf Stream that turns south along the coast of Europe. The relatively warm waters of the North Atlantic Drift are responsible for moderating the climate of Western Europe, so that winters are less cold than would otherwise be expected at its latitude. Without the warm North Atlantic Drift, the UK and other places in Europe would be as cold as Canada, at the same latitude. For example, without this steady stream of warmth the British Isles winters are estimated to be more than 5 °C cooler, bringing the average December temperature in London to about 2°C, 35.6°F. Due to climate change the west coast of England and Wales is expected to get wetter and warmer over time.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Ovulation pain and spotting, kitting out, hyperventilation

A typical menstrual cycle chart

The Photo: A typical 30 day charting grid for recording menstrual cycle basal body temperatures vertically and cycle days, cervical fluid, intercourse as well as ancillary information horizontally. On this chart ovulation spotting is shown on CD15 I have a very regular 28 day cycle and usually ovulate on CD14. If the woman’s cycle is regular (stable) charting fertile signs this way can be very effectively used to increase the likelihood of pregnancy or to know when protection should be used, or the couple abstain, during the fertile interval if trying to avoid conceiving.

The candidate’s cycles: the seven candidates cycles are all between 28 and 32 days in length, are relatively stable and they haven’t been together long enough to have developed any menstrual synchrony. From the beginning of the eight week course two have just experienced ovulation spotting, one is newly fertile and one has just started her menses. The other three are luteal.

Ovulation pain and spotting:  “Who Has Painful Ovulation? Many women never experience painful ovulation. Some women, however, have mid-cycle pain every month and can determine by the pain that they are ovulating.”

“Mittelschmerz is the pelvic and lower abdominal pain that some women experience during ovulation. Ovulation generally occurs about midway between menstrual cycles; hence the term mittelschmerz, which comes from the German words for "middle" and "pain." The pain of ovulation can range from a mild twinge to severe discomfort and usually lasts from minutes to hours. It is generally felt on one side of the abdomen and may vary each month, depending on which ovary is releasing the egg during that cycle. In some cases, a small amount of vaginal bleeding or discharge may occur. Some women experience nausea, especially if the pain is severe.” The above is from the WebMD article: Painful Ovulation (Mittelschmerz). The entire article can be read HERE.

In my case I have a twinge of pain for a few minutes on the side on which the follicle ruptures to release the egg and a few hours later a little blood colors my fertile cervical mucus pink.

The seven PA candidates as flowers:  My current group of Personal Assistant candidates I’ll refer to as: Cinnamon, Fern, Heather, Holly, Iris, Ivy and Jasmine and their male partners as: Doc, Dopy, Sleepy, Happy, Grumpy, Sneezy and Bashful if I need to be specific.

Kitting out the flowers and dwarfs: Carla, my Divemaster, is taking them through qualifying (or requalifying in two instances) for their Open Water SCUBA certification needed to be able to perform dive-sex in pools in the Americas, the UK, and Europe. Taryn’s new startup is springing for their kitting out. Startup costs are high, but her core business, porn, is extremely profitable so the front end costs aren’t a concern. The girls and their partners are only responsible for their swimsuits; side-tie thong bikinis for the girls and Speedo slingshots for the guys. And I fit the girls with my clinics latex flat spring diaphragms for flood insurance which allows them to use DiveGel+ which is a silicone base combination lube, spermicide and biocide protecting the girls from the likelihood of a yeast infection from having so many male partners. I’m very pleased to say that the latex FS diaphragms in all seven trainees develop very strong suction in the domes indicating a superior fit especially after expressing the remaining air from the dome with the fingers.  

Carla had a rep from the Aberdeen dive shop where she had worked bring a van full of gear and fit them all (women and men) with an OTS Guardian FFM and they tried them out wearing BCs and 80 cu ft HP steel tanks in the shallow (64 ft deep) well just to get them acclimated to the energy and the amount of air expended (you tend to forget about air conservation techniques during orgasm) during dive-sex. They were on regular air rather than Enriched Air Nitrox with 32% oxygen (EAN32) which I use if I’m bottom diving the shallow well or in the deeper one. The net was strung across the well at 30 feet to prevent a diver in an uncontrolled descent from sinking to the bottom. During training the candidates are tethered to the net with an ankle leash which keeps them about fifteen feet below the surface during an encounter. Anya and I already had our FFMs, BCs and pool-pointes in the gear room in the wells ladies’ dressing room. Returning readers may recall that pool-pointes are silicone rubber pointe shoes with nylon ribbons and threaded female connectors on the platforms of the shoes to take male threaded weights that will hold the wearer on the bottom or guarantee the wearer stays in the vertical position in the water because of the weighted footwear.

The female condom and dive-sex: As I mentioned above latex flat spring diaphragms can be used for ‘flood insurance’ along with silicone base DiveGel+ as a lubricant that isn’t quickly washed away during dive-sex. However, the silicone in DiveGel gets in a partner’s mouth during cunilingus. Since the dwarfs will be licking and sucking the flowers vulvas during surface sex for dive-sex training the girls will dive wearing only the FC2 nitrile female condoms - which have silicone lube preapplied in the sheath - for training purposes since they will be having a lot of underwater penile-vaginal intercourse, PVI.  And, since they don’t need the FC2 for contraception they can reuse them, but only for multiple acts during the same training session encounter.   

Do not try this at home! The FC2 FAQs say the inner ring of an FC2 will interfere with the rim of a diaphragm during contraceptive use and that is a real possibility. The Flowers have GyneFix copper IUDs implanted for contraception and shouldn’t need flood insurance, in case a partner accidently inserts outside the sheath in the rush to reinsert after slipping out, while training with a professional male escort.

However, in my case I feel I need a FS latex diaphragm because of the high frequency of my encounters and training nonprofessionals. I’ve been testing wearing an FC2 in addition to a flat spring latex diaphragm while luteal and have found in my case using an FC2 should not affect the seal when I am using them together for training purposes. That’s because I wear an 80mm diaphragm and the 68mm closed end ring will nest inside the rim on the convex side of my latex diaphragm when air has been expressed from the dome so it develops very strong seal. That way the smaller inner ring of the FC2 will slide over the collapsed dome of the larger diaphragm and shouldn’t affect the seal.

Any wear on the dome of the diaphragm is checked after every encounter and spare diaphragms are available for immediate replacement if necessary. I have been double bagging this way several times a day for several days while diving the well and so far there is no sign of wear on any of the latex diaphragm. The FC2 is about 7.2 inches long the inner ring is 67mm in diameter and it has silicone lubricant already applied in the sheath. When used w/o a diaphragm a very long man penetrating a very deep woman thrusting his glans into her anterior or posterior fornix could force the outer ring into the vagina, but this is unlikely for the average user. However, since the male partners are very well endowed and the Flowers all have long vaginas the men wear a double cock ring to prevent forcing the outer ring of the FC2 into their partner’s vagina during training. A video that shows how to correctly insert and remove a FC2 can be seen HERE.

Dive-sex and Hyperventilation: Hyperventilation is where air is only partially exhaled leaving CO2 in the lungs and little room for fresh air. That makes the diver feel she can’t breathe and try to increase her respiration rate with shallow breaths which only makes the situation worse. Hyperventilation can come from over exertion or stress which increases the breath rate w/o fully emptying the lungs. To prevent that a diver should try to hold her breath rate relatively steady and fully exhale to rid her lungs of the CO2 and needed oxygen can get to her lungs. While having sex using SCUBA gear hyperventilation is a fairly common problem if divers are not taught to control their breathing and fully exhale. When approaching and during orgasm are the most common times when couples new to dive-sex experience hyperventilation.

Equalization difficulties: Two of the trainees have problems equalizing when diving so are on a generic of the Sudafed decongestant. “Pseudoephedrine, a key ingredient in Sudafed(r), is a commonly used decongestant by divers. A recent study* highlighted its effectiveness. The study compared pseudoephedrine to a placebo in its ability to prevent middle ear squeeze in novice divers. It concluded that a 60-milligram dose of pseudoephedrine administered 30 minutes before the dive was effective. This study was conducted to a depth of 40 feet / 12 meters, with objective data gathered only through otologic (ear) exams. Symptoms of side effects were collected in a questionnaire.” The complete article, “Taking medications when you dive” can be read HERE.


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