Sunday, June 30, 2013

Too darn hot, Latex sex

Relief zipper an essential catsuit component

Steamy in Vegas: For the last several days the temperature has been extremely hot here: 112, 114 and 110° F so far today. Fortunately it’s a dry heat, but even so hydration is extremely important in this sort of weather. We are seeing cases of heat exhaustion or heat stroke at our clinic. Unfortunately there have been a few rubber fetishists foolish enough to wear latex or have their Subs wear latex outside in this weather.

With cheap Chinese made latex catsuits the glued seams will sometimes melt and come apart, but the biggest hazard is the cheap zippers becoming stuck in the heat so the wearer or her partner can’t get her out of the suit if she over heats, which is a certainty even if she’s in the shade much less the sun for very long.

Even Adolph isn’t sadistic enough to watch a gorgeous 20-something woman caged in the sun broil to death in an encasement suit; latex catsuit, open face hood, silicone rubber ballet-boots, latex gloves and wearing a gasmask as a psychotic Rubber Dom did with one of his Subs last Friday. We don’t know if she had a heart attack from excessive body temp or if she drowned in her own vomit.

Thongs, Penetrator plugs, rear entry and vaginitis: As hot weather has arrived again our clinic is treating more cases of vaginitis and the source is often the thong panty and incorrect wiping after a bowel movement or anal sex. As the wearer sits the thong moves across the anal oculus picking up bacteria which it rubs in to the soft tissue of the wearer’s labia and a bacterial infection is the result. My dancers, students and I all wear Penetrator plugs as disciplinary devices during pointe classes.  So it’s important to use a bidet, all our women’s bathrooms are fully equipped with them, to make sure the area is bacteria free, which is especially important for those girls offering anal sex.  

Chi and Me redux: I may have reached another level in my ability to mind-meld with the previous owners Chi in the death rubbers I wear, or perhaps it’s just with the previous owner of the one I’m presently using. I don’t know yet. Currently I’m wearing the 4th Ann. present that Bea gave me. If you read my June 1, 2013 entry you may remember that I had met the previous owner, Yvonne, a very experienced 32 y/o French Domme - she was a friend of Tanaquil - at one of Adolph’ parties last winter and liked her so I thought her Chi would be an amazing influence.

It turns out that it’s far more than that. I seem to be able to channel her personality and her amazing way with men. At distance I have typically attracted them with my body. While she had a great bod she could cause any man to fall under her spell with a single glance even from across a room, a power which she used to great effect. That ability now seems to be mine when I have her Reflexions inserted, but it has proved to be a mixed blessing.

Her dive-lover, Claude, came to take her body back to France for burial. I made the mistake of meeting him while wearing her death rubber and now his sexual fascination with her has transferred to me! He says I’m just like her, which physically of course is not the case at all, except that we wore the same type and size diaphragm; though metaphysically while wearing her diaphragm I apparently radiate her aura to him and I when I’m wearing her Reflexions I do seem to attract more men an ability I’m calling “Chi-splatter”.

Yvonne, Claude and dive-sex: Yvonne’s seizure at 150 feet may have been from a combination of etonogestrel and nitrogen in her bloodstream. She was a very experienced diver and was using her own dive computer which may have been defective as it indicated she had far less time on deep dives than she really had when compared with computers of other divers who were with her on all her dives. In any case Claude has decided to remain in Vegas for the time being and since he was Yvonne’s dive-sex partner and passed an advanced level proficiency exam he has earned a spot in my stable of dive-sex stallions.

Breeding fantasies

The Greek Witch/Goddess Circe in her lair

Circe’s Lair: Readers may recall that in Greek mythology Circe was a powerful witch, Homer called her a Goddess, who transformed her enemies or those who offended her into tame animals. Circe’s Lair, our private costume encounter club, gives women an opportunity to act out that fantasy with men by giving them so much sex it drains them of their energy. A talented woman with stamina can turn a man who thinks himself a tiger in bed into an exhausted pussy.

In a comment on another post I was asked: “Do any women you know get off on either real preg. risk sex or protected pretend preg risk sex?” My answer was, not many. However, I think there are instances (and surroundings matter here) where while starting with the best intention to be cautious a woman can be lured into an encounter of far greater risk than she is prepared for. Such a place for high risk assignations is our new encounter lounge, Circe’s Lair. That’s because some adventuresome women overestimate their stamina and the effectiveness of their contraceptive protection. When that happens with a potent and determined man as a partner a woman who was having fun when she thought she was the predator can easily become prey and her fantasy can turn very scary if she isn’t careful. Of course some of us are into casual sex for just that sort of adrenaline high. Termination is the answer if a guest is left with something growing in her uterus so there is no real problem if the woman is prepared for that possibility.

STIs and vaccines: Circe’s Lair caters to the 25 – 35 demographic of young, adventuresome, assertive women from the arts and healing professions and the men they attract, but couples are also welcome. Guests are required to have a current clean STI Panel on file and we prefer our women guests to have had all three shots of the Gardasil HPV vaccine. To encourage them having Gardasil injections we give them 20% off alcoholic beverages. Their vaccine status is coded into the chip on their wristbands. Men get 10% off alcohol for having all their Gardasil shots, but few do.

Costumes: Women are encouraged wear any costume they like. Latex catsuits, lash-leathers, neoprene wetsuits (usually just a beavertail jacket) or nylon/spandex Zentai all appear in the Lair with some frequency as well as women dressed as Superheroines like Wonder Woman and of course the traditional ballerina look with tights, tutu and tiara. A few will even wear their pointes if they took ballet in school. Most professional dancers don’t want to go out socially in pointe shoes unless they intend to have ballet sex and then they will carry them in their tote until it’s time to go en pointe.  And the lady Godiva look with just a vaginal plug and long hair to conceal her charms is quite common.  All the costumes have one thing in common, easy access to the wearer’s vulva for PVI, penile/vaginal intercourse.

Unintended breeding: I’ve spent enough time in the Lair that I can easily spot returning men who are players, even if they are masked. I love watching their technique to get selected by different women each time. I like playing with a man with that sort of appetite (needing to pollinate as many lovely blossoms as he can) and when I’m in Circe’s alone I will sometimes pick one and put myself in his way, knowing full well if he starts a conversation he would like nothing better than to leave his seed in my tubes and have me conceive.

Some players frequenting Circe's have been successful in that way with pick-ups because at least two women I’ve seen with known breeders at Circe’s have had abortions at our clinic and we have had complaints from other women who claim they conceived from an encounter while in the Lair. Consensual sex can be risky even with the best contraception and if the man is riding bareback pregnancy can be a relatively common side effect even for women on the pill. That should be considered before, not after an encounter. We do offer free emergency contraceptives, Plan B One-Step, to all women guests as they prepare to leave Circe’s so we have done all we can.

For readers wondering why women still get preggers when on the pill it’s mainly because they are not using it correctly like; missing pills, throwing up within 2 hours after taking the pill or taking meds or supplements that decrease the effectiveness of the hormones. And taking meds that reduce the effectiveness of hormonal methods extends to the Marina IUD, Nexplanon and the shot as well. Too, other methods also fail. There was the couple where the man had had a vasectomy. Unfortunately he had been sniped only the week before and he was still shooting live loads when he mounted her bareback at Circe’s. She declined Plan B and got preggers. And Circe’s has its share of condom failures, but as I mentioned all the ladies are handed Plan B before they leave.  

Player mind-fucked with a Breeding diaphragm: This past week after getting back from the Scottish highlands I was premenstrual. At that time and when menstrual (I’m CD 3 today) I’m at my secondary libidinal peak and badly in need of intimate male attention and Jack was still in the UK. I wasn’t looking for Mr. Right I just needed Mr. Right Now! So I prepared carefully then went hunting at Circe’s Lair. First I removed my latex Reflections death rubber. Then I selected a breeding diaphragm (a silicone All-Flex 2 sizes smaller than my correct 80mm size) applied pre-seed which has somewhat  the consistency as FCM in the dome and inserted it.   I told my prey, the man who selected me, that I had short cycles and was not only menstrual but fertile as well. A player’s rep gets around so I knew he was into menstrual sex, but since I was fertile he seemed to tolerate the diaphragm. However, I knew better since he had already under-thrust the rims of two other Circe’s guests All-Flex diaphragms and one had conceived from the sperm he left in the dome.

I was barelegged wearing a red cotton/Lycra thong under a skin-tight gold lamé tee worn as a tunic over a front closure sports bra with old soiled red Gaynors on my feet so I could be taken from behind while on my toes, in my fave ballet-sex position. I guided him to a small encounter salle with a mirror and barre. I went over to the barre did a few leg stretches then rose en pointe and leaning back against the barre pulled him into my arms.  He pushed his tongue deep into my mouth while reaching between my legs to pull the fabric of my thong to one side, inserted two fingers in me felt the rim of my All-Flex and nodded saying that I was well protected, which told me he knew the diaphragm I was wearing wouldn’t save me from what he planned.

By then he was rock hard. I unzipped his slacks and eased his woodie into my hand. He was un-cut and lovely with pre-cum causing his glans to glisten even in the subdued light.  I turned to face the barre en pointe a la seconde and bent over the barre holding on with one hand while I helped him enter me with the other. I gasped in delight as with a single stroke he fully penetrated me! He was quite thick and just long enough to fit snugly into my anterior fornix, his first few thrusts were along the long axis of my birth canal, but then he altered his angle and I helped by arching my back so he was thrusting into my anterior wall.

Under-thrust: On the third thrust at that angle I felt the rim flex as his glans pushed under the rim and I knew he had penetrated my protection as I’d planned so we were skin-on-skin with his glans and frenulum against my G-spot. After he was under the rim I lowered my back and let him work on my G-spot and squeezed each time he sank his glans in my anterior fornix mixing his pre-cum with my menstrual discharge and the pre-seed. He kept moaning and whispering what a tight fuck I was, which was the whole point of me ripple gripping him after I had let him under-thrust my breeder. It took only 5 minutes to get him off even though he is known as having marvelous control. I wondered how long he had been w/o release as his spend filled the dome and gushed out around his shaft running down my thighs and splattering my GMs with pink tinted ejaculate.

I was pleased he made no attempt to withdraw and stayed hard inside me as he recycled for another try at immortality. He was as good the second time as the first, but his third attempt failed miserably and I did all the work ripple gripping him as he clung to me like a drowning man to a reed. The third time he came I think he nearly fainted and he struggled to stay on his feet while holding on to me. When he pulled out he was completely exhausted. I quickly slipped my thong back in place so the absorbent gusset could collect but barely contain the amount of bloody coital discharge. I could hear and feel it squish as I walked to the loo to use a bidet, change thongs and insert my death rubber again.  

Afterward:  I don’t usually socialize with a casual sex partner after an encounter, but I was worried that I had been too much for him and he might collapse so I had a drink with him afterward and I was shocked when he showed me pics of his wife (a gorgeous 26 y/o dancer I know who works at another casino) who is 3 months along with their second child and their 6 month old son. Irish twins! So much for lactational amenorrhea as an effective contraceptive method!

It’s not as though He and I were discreet either. Everyone at Circe’s who might have been interested saw us! He is a gambling equipment salesman and is over here often which may explain his time in the clubs, but not his time in different women’s vaginas.  What kind of man shows the woman he just told she was “the best fuck I’ve ever had” pics of his family? I think he has a mortality complex; that is he thinks he is going to die soon and wants to leave as many children with as many different women as possible. He is convinced that he has impregnated me and wanted to know if I would keep it if he caused me to conceive. I just smiled and patted his hand. When I seduced him I didn’t know I’d be fucking a friend’s husband, but it’s happened before. It’s just one of those things that happen out here.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Intercourse in the gorse

Cold and rainy at Loch Broom on the 2013 summer solstice

The summer solstice at location Z: I was concerned about the weather. The forecast for June 21st at Ullapool, a small town on the east shore of Loch Broom and ferry port to the Isle of Lewis, was for a morning low of 55° F with drizzle with a possible mid-day high of 61° F and overcast, but that was for sea level and Loc Z is at 1500 feet or higher so my guess is that our temps were at least 10° colder. We were in the clouds, it was drizzling and there was a brisk wind across the site. Altogether it was miserable weather for an open air celebration of a sunrise. It was like walking around in a wet muddy refrigerator.  

Not Dissing the Gods: I asked how we were supposed to keep warm and dry during the ceremony. Not for myself as much as for His Grace and the other men who were supposed to ritually breed us. In my experience men have trouble with their erections in cold temperatures even when using a performance enhancing medication. Before we left home I had considered bringing a neoprene wetsuit with a relief zipper, hood, gloves and booties, since I knew Loc Z was on a crag in the highlands. However, on second thought being a fertility offering to the gods on an ancient altar while wearing a modern wetsuit didn’t seem right… like something out of science fiction, but worse it would show a lack of respect on my part.

I needn’t have worried. To walk the few yards from our tent to the altar I was given a deerskin robe and hood and wooden clogs to walk through the mud and gorse roots. The staff of the hunting lodge had a thick pile of deer skin carriage blankets made from entire Red Deer skins sewn together. They were so soft and warm, but quite heavy. I thought in missionary and even when my legs were on my partner’s shoulders most of the weight would be on him so I was ok with that. It turned out that I only had two of the blankets doubled underneath me. In a surprise I wouldn’t have believed if you had told me beforehand the rest were unneeded.

The summit: Our party made the final ascent in the rain on Thursday the 20th with a tracked ATV pulling a trailer with our camping supplies. The estate staff must have been working all night to get the trail in condition that the ATV could get up it. We had a large tent just off the site in which we all slept, cooked (with bottled gas) and ate. Open fires are not a good idea around gorse as it is quite flammable. Even in such soggy conditions if the gorse catches fire no one knows where a wildfire will stop. The sleeping area was divided by sheets between male and female areas. I don’t think anyone crossed the linen barrier as we all seemed to want to save our lust for the solstice. With the forecast no one really expected to see the sunrise through the observatory’s sun portal.

Sacramental brandy:  His grace had brought along five bottles of what he calls ‘estate mead’ brandy really which is distilled from gorse wine to which is added gorse honey. It tastes like coconut with a hint of vanilla and is extremely potent. Before Jack and I left the dressing tent to walk to the altar in procession His Grace, acting as chief priest (and doing an excellent job of it), privately administered the sacramental wine from an ancient horn cup. I can usually hold my liquor pretty well, but the gorse brandy/mead must be nearly lethal as far as alcohol content is concerned. I almost immediately became far more in tune with our location and was welcomed to the observatory by a nameless gray shape that seemed reassuring. It was pleased that the old ways were being practiced there once again. And with that knowledge my discomfort and trepidation disappeared and I felt that regardless of what happened it was meant to be. I mentioned this later to Jack who said that while he wasn’t visited by the gray eminence a feeling of confidence and wellbeing came over him that allowed him to perform in the cold rain while being watched by spectators.  

Droit du Seigneur: Just before sunrise it was solid clouds, fog really as we were in the clouds and cold drizzle when His Grace led me to the altar. I mounted the primary altar and lay on the folded deer skin robes a few minutes before 6:04 BST when the sun should appear in the solar portal. His Grace performed the purification ritual anointing my breasts and vulva with herbal unguents in front of the rest of the party. Then, in an act of amazing generosity (for him) he relinquished Droit du Seigneur (the right to first penetration of brides, but which the old bull interprets broadly) to Jack who mounted me.

 Sunrise:  Fully penetrated we refused the robes to cover us. I think the temp must have been in the high 40s and I didn’t feel the cold just the amazing completeness I have when Jack’s massive erection fills me. I just seemed to glow and radiate warmth.  Just after he entered me the clouds and fog parted and sun shone briefly through the observatory portal bathing the altar and us in its rays. Everyone cheered and suddenly the distinctive coconut scent of the yellow gorse blossoms seemed overpowering. I took it as an omen and roughly ripple-gripped him to get him off to splatter seed against the stretchy latex membrane of my Reflexions while the sun still shone on us through the stones. The sun was with us for nearly three minutes by the watch of a footman whose job it was to measure the duration should it occur.

Jack is not one troubled by premature ejaculation so when he came after less than four minutes inside me he was upset until I told him I had purposely forced him so he would fill me with sperm while the sun blessed us with its rays. Only then was he reassured that he had performed flawlessly.  Afterward the other couples were ritually purified by His Grace and performed w/o incident. Fortified by the sacramental mead they were able to perform satisfactorily in the cold drizzle and much pleasure was had by all concerned.  We didn’t see the sun again that day, but the sun temple is well and truly in use again.


Thursday, June 20, 2013

The summer solstice – Location Z

Gorse in bloom, the observatory was hidden in it

The 2013 Summer Solstice: Cyndi, Bea and I are in the UK to celebrate the summer solstice which occurs this year at 05:04 GMT or 06:04 BST, British Summer Time. We flew into Cambridge Airport (CBG) previously known as Marshall Airport Cambridge UK on Limnaea my G550 which then went on to Europe to deliver small high priority items for the government. CBG is just a short drive from Taryn’s estate, ‘Cunt Castle’ her home outside Cambridge, to recover from the eight hour jet lag before going on to Scotland to one of Jack’s father’s hunting lodges in northern Scotland to be closer to a newly discovered (and not yet documented) ancient observatory at the top of a remote hill on one of His Grace’s heavily forested mountain properties.

Not Stonehenge:  We decided that we would skip the crowd and commercialization of Stonehenge this year, it has gotten so bad, and celebrate the solstice at ‘location Z’ which got its name from His Grace who said it seems as though it is at the end of the world and therefore should be known by the last letter in the alphabet. Ours may well be the first ritual fertility offerings to the gods from that site in a thousand years as on the lower slopes it is surrounded by impenetrable old growth forests and the site itself is hidden by huge blooming gorse bushes with two inch thorns, see the photo accompanying this post. Only enough of those bushes have been cut away to provide light corridors for the Summer and Winter solstices and to clear the altars.    

Jack said the site has a profound spirituality about it and it does! He took me up there yesterday and standing on the edge of the cliffs looking west there is a marvelous view of Loch Broom in the distance and the sea looking toward the Isle of Lewis.  It’s an all day trip, a bumpy four hour ride in a Land Rover on a track that was widened from a game trail and the last mile is a hike up the only scalable part of the escarpment. After the 2012 Summer Solstice he went to the site alone and was able to cut away enough of the huge thick prickly gorse bushes to tell that the primary stones were set quite similarly to those at Stonehenge which bracket the sun at the solstices. This spring he cleared away more of the gorse around the altars. While the stones are quite large they aren’t of the magnitude of the ones at Stonehenge, and the single circle is only about thirty feet in diameter, but when the slope of the hill is taken into consideration the effort to construct it might have been every bit as great on a per stone basis. And there is a primary and two secondary altars for sacrifices. Early tomorrow we will be packing in and we will sleep at the top, so we will be ready to celebrate appropriately at 6:00 AM BST on the 21st.

When the site is opened for exploration Jack having a newly conferred doctorate in archeology will be working with specialists from Oxford and the British Museum all of whom are very interested in the site. In the meantime the family is very protective of its location to prevent it being overrun by tourists or worse plundered by robbers. Even it being in a remote location and surrounded on three sides by vertical cliffs falling away for hundreds of feet can be little deterrent to determined archeological plunderers so the location is, we hope still quite secret. The family had known that there was something there for years, but the location is so remote that until Jack became fascinated with archeology no one had enough interest to really see what was there. And it was too difficult to reach for the locals to plunder the site for stone for their buildings.

Fertility and contraception: I will be CD22 on the 21st and in my luteal phase. From a contraception standpoint that’s good. From a desire standpoint I would have preferred to be fertile and been inseminated on an altar at a newly discovered ancient site on the Summer Solstice.  Sigh! Taryn and Cyndi have GyneFix copper IUDs and are in their follicular phase, and Bea has just ovulated and is using her Reflexions 65mm death rubber and I’m using the 80mm Reflexions that Bea harvested from Yvonne which she gave me as a blog ann. gift.  

I’m really interested to see how a French Courtesan’s Chi will meld with the ancient powers at the site on the solstice.  Bea will be 16 on the 4th of July and 16 is the age of consent in England and Scotland so technically she is still under age, but no one is going to ask. As there are no remaining Druid elders for this site unless someone suddenly appears I suppose as a very new Priestess I will be in charge of the ceremony though as the owner of the site the Duke will probably want to run things. However, he may stay at the lodge because his gout is acting up. If he goes with us to the site I’ll give him first penetration as is his right by ancient custom, but I’ll need to take care that I don’t also give him a heart attack like I did several years ago. If the old bull goes Jack will get sloppy seconds on me. However, he and I christened the main altar while we were up there so it’s not as though jack wasn’t first. The other men will be Chris the male Gyn for Cyndi, Horace a Cambridge Don with Taryn, Trevor an Oxford Don and friend of Jacks for Bea and Jack who may have to double team me.    


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Our first dive-sex seminar

How safe am I wearing a Reflexions for dive-sex?

Gyns, diaphragms and dive-sex: For the last 18 months my clinic has been considering hosting a seminar for selected Gynecologists to disseminate information about how adventuresome women can protect themselves from reproductive tract injury during sexual intercourse underwater. As returning readers know the need for intimate protection during dive-sex has been apparent to me for the last several years from the number of pelvic infections we have been seeing in patients who had recently had underwater penetrative sex.  

Of course not all underwater sex occurs while wearing dive gear. There are hot tub encounters and penetration while holding on to open pool gutters, but we are seeing more and more reproductive tract problems that seem to originate from encounters while wearing SCUBA and are occurring in deep water, which for the purposes of this post is below 6 meters, approximately 18 feet, depths which are available in most high-end pools these days. Problems can occur either from masturbation or with a partner. There is almost nothing in the published literature about the use of diaphragms to prevent upper reproductive tract infections caused from water forced into the uterus by the hydraulics of a toy or a partner’s thrusts when the vagina floods, which is fairly common, during underwater sex. So we felt a seminar to increase awareness of the problem and ways to minimize the danger of serious side effects from dive-sex was long over due.

The Venue: Our clinic got Adolph, who operates one of the countries deepest dive training facilities and the private underwater sex club, Splash, to sponsor a seven day conference/seminar for a few influential female Gyns from areas where most of the dive-sex related problems seem to be occurring; LA, Las Vegas The Hamptons and Palm Beach. All expenses; transportation, meals and lodging were paid  by our casino for the attendees. The seminar was held at The Lorelei, (think Splash for women) Adolph’s luxury Spa in the hills which is connected to his dive training facility so his multi-bed hyperbaric chamber was easily accessible if needed.

The first day was Spa check in, each attendee was tested for hCG – a precaution since diving can harm a pregnancy - and fitted for a diaphragm (none had used one before) and an evening dinner, four full days of seminars and training in encounter and deep water pools, primarily Adolph’s, but mine if necessary, and two days of sightseeing afterward to allow nitrogen buildup to purge from traveling attendees bodies before flying home. I had pushed for four full days of raining while others thought three was sufficient and that the attendees would be too tired after four very active days, but I was proved correct as the Gyn’s fitting skills were excellent after six fitting sessions with patients and none were tired enough to forgo any of the eight pool training sessions with male partners. Adolph participated because he sees the market for dive-sex training expanding as well as potential guests for The Lorelei and Pirate, who provided the male escorts, sees an increase in demand for dive-sex escorts both at The Lorelei and to service the demand at other locations within the continental U.S.

The participating Gyns: There were ten participants, four from LA and two each from Las Vegas, The Hamptons and Palm Beach all of whom were SCUBA qualified. None were allergic to latex and all were between the ages of 29 and 32. We intentionally kept the seminar small because of the need for personal attention and training for each woman with her male partners, experienced dive-sex escorts, first in encounter pools and then in deep water. Over the course of the seminar each Gyn was given the opportunity to be with five different male partners to give her experience with a range of underwater thrusting techniques. None of the Gyns was familiar with diaphragm fitting nor had any been diaphragm users themselves before the seminar. All the women were sexually active and none were married though most were in monogamous relationships. All the participants had the full series of Gardasil shots, negative full panel STI tests and were shown the recent clean full STI panels for the ten male escorts who would be partnering them. That way the women were reassured they were safe from STIs and could enjoy skin-on-skin contact with the men entering them.

All were anxious to experience dive-sex with an experienced trainer so they were able to rationalize sex during the seminar as just another part of their medical training. They had been given a chance to opt-out of the underwater encounters, but, quite rightly, felt it was vital to experience what it is like to have dive-sex so they would know what a patient would experience first hand and what it’s like for a woman to wear protective equipment to minimize the likelihood of problems from vaginal flooding during active penetration underwater. Even the two who were initially reluctant enjoyed the opportunities to experience underwater encounters for themselves while properly protected. All the women were on long acting reversible contraceptives (LARC) six on the single rod implant Nexplanon and four on the progestin releasing IUD Mirena. The emergency contraceptive Plan B One-Step was available if any participant felt her primary method of contraception might have failed.

Pelvic grooming and ageing: All the participants had pubic hair at least to some extent. Most had thick pelts trimmed to their bikini lines, but several had been waxed except for a thin closely trimmed landing strip.  If the participants were going to be fitted for penetrator plugs pubic hair would have been a problem, but for dive-sex training with professional partners who wouldn’t grind their hair into the mons veneris pubic hair was not a problem. And for one participant her partners used a soft cock ring as a buffer since she was slender and had very little fat padding her pubic bone.  

In the common women’s dressing room we all got to see each other’s bodies and all the participants had lovely proportional figures. While none had Victoria’s Secret class bodies, all were very attractive and seemed confident about how they looked even though a bit nervous about appearing nude among a group of near strangers. Several participants commented on my totally nude pubes, my perfect high small breasts and how soft and smooth my skin is. They were fascinated to find I had never been pregnant, but am lactating and wearing Lilly Padz under my bras to prevent milk stains from leaky nipples, which occur when I’m sexually aroused.

What I didn’t tell them was that six months ago my endocrinologist started me on a weekly regimen of a special blend of amino acids injections to increase my production of Human Growth Hormone, hGH. The shots are low dosage to minimize the risk of side effects such as joint and muscle pain, swelling in the arms and legs and carpel tunnel syndrome. Even so my hGH production has more than tripled! It’s costly, but very effective, at least for me. The shots have rejuvenated my skin, and toned the flesh on my throat and around my eyes so it is as firm and smooth as a twenty year olds and it boosted my energy and libido as well, though neither of those was showing any sign of decreasing. None of the Gyns had any idea that I wasn’t in my late twenties, but forty-two until I mentioned starting to use cervical barriers when I was twenty-one in the early nineties and they did the math. 

My role and Reflexions: I was part of the support staff as an expert cervical barrier fitter and dive-sex demonstrator. I fit them all with the latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragms we all wore for dive-sex training. In fitting them with Reflexions I stressed the marvelously stretchy dome membrane, the wonderful heat transfer properties of latex and the fact that the rim of a correctly fitted Reflexions is nearly impossible to under-thrust. Making it perfect for deep dives is the fact that the rim will not distort due to water pressure (as other rim styles will below 10 meters) regardless of how deep the wearer dives, a fact they would test for themselves on several 100 ft training dives. Fortunately they all had deep post-pubic vaults with the necessary pelvic ledge to take the anterior rim and wonderfully thick soft vaginal rugae in which the rim could sink to form a strong seal. As dive-sex specialists my partner and I demonstrated different positions and thrusting techniques and I dove with the Gyns and a woman divemaster on their first few dives to help reassure them of their safety if a woman is correctly fitted for and is properly using Reflexions as flood insurance.

In my oral presentation I didn’t mention my need for or benefit from wearing a death rubber as that is something only psychiatrists are likely to encounter, but I did stress that a correctly fitted and properly inserted latex Reflexions FS diaphragm and a good thick silicone base vaginal gel were the cornerstones of safe underwater penetrative sex for a woman. Women on hormonal contraception can safely use a diaphragm for flood control as can women with an IUD if a silicone gel lube is applied in the dome to prevent ‘string-grab’. I also taught the diaphragm fitting course at our clinic and then had evening fitting sessions for the Gyns using escort trainees as patients and one or two other women with anatomies unsuitable for diaphragms in evening training classes as examples of women who shouldn’t be fitted.

Costumes, equipment and comfort: We women all wore string bikini bottoms and swimsuit front closure sports bra tops for pool encounters and the guys wore Speedo slingshots. The men all had gelly cock rings to use if his partner said she was getting sore from having her pelvis pounded from her partner’s thrusting, but only one asked for a cock ring to be used during the entire five days a tribute to the professionalism of their male partners.

All the Gyns wore OTS Guardian FFMs, 80 cu ft aluminum tanks and Scubapro back inflated Ladyhawk BCs (all provided by Adolph) while the men and I wore our own OTS Guardians and other gear.  OTS Guardian FFMs are standard for escort training, Splash, The Lorelei and the deep water training facility so buying in volume we get a great discount.  It took a few test dives to get the Gyns accustomed to floating on the surface in a wing back BC, but after that they loved the comfort and freedom of movement wearing a Ladyhawk gives a woman diver.

During the day we refreshed ourselves with sports drinks and fresh fruit to replace the electrolytes excreted. In the evenings we replenished our energy with high calorie meals to replace the calories burnt off by underwater sex, which is surprisingly strenuous. Adolph had his divemaster hang a net across the well at 100 feet and fastened sets of tethers (ankle leashes) to it so the Gyns could experience dive-sex at 100 feet while breathing Nitrox. That way there was no worry about a fatal accident if someone had an uncontrolled descent she wouldn’t go to the bottom at 216 feet.  The Gyns loved the four days of strenuous exercise during which they rotated through at least five men each over that period enjoying multiple orgasms with each partner while screaming and moaning into their FFMs. At the end they were all on Ibuprofen for sore pelvises and abs muscles from meeting their partner’s thrusts during encounters that began unhurriedly progressing to frantic couplings and underwater ecstasy in a cloud of bubbles.

Afterward: Most of the Gyns didn’t think they would be able to orgasms during dive-sex encounters. Obviously none had been with a professional escort who can make a girl believe she is the most interesting, beautiful and sexually fascinating woman he has ever seen and mind-fuck her into falling under his spell at least while he is with her. All of the women reached orgasm within ten minutes and the average was five after the first time when they were all in lust for their men. The girls said afterward that they had no idea that being taken to orgasm while sucking gas one hundred feet below the surface could be that intense, which may spell trouble for some of their boyfriends.

The attendees all agreed that their intensive diaphragm fitting training and underwater penetrative encounter training gave them badly needed insight into the thrill and dangers of underwater sexual intercourse and the skills and knowledge to counsel their patients about the use of safety equipment to minimize the likelihood of reproductive tract problems occurring from dive-sex encounters.  Our clinic, Adolph and Pirate all thought the time and expense of the seminar were well worthwhile as it brought together and developed friendships and a solid base of specialist knowledge among high profile trend setters in women’s reproductive health located in up-market areas of the country where it is likely to be most useful.



Monday, June 3, 2013

A menstrual Firebird

Menstrual in Grishko Maya pointes for Firebird

Firebird: I’m CD4 and menstrual so I’ll be performing the role of the firebird this evening in my erotic version of the 1910 Stravinsky/Fokine ballet. In the first performance, in Paris, Tamara Karsavina danced firebird and Michel Fokine danced Prince Ivan. I’ve been experimenting with Grishko Mayas for a few weeks to see if wearing Russian made shoes help me get into the role of firebird and I really think wearing Mayas does with the great fit of the block and the élève design hard ¾ shanks show off my high arches. I have a dozen pairs that I rotate through over the 5 days I dance the role while I’m menstrual.

In my version of Firebird the prince Ivan wants a magic golden apple from the garden of an evil sorcerer. He asks me to get it for him and n return I ask for his help to release me from the sorcerer’s spell. We agree. I fly over the wall protecting the garden steal the apple and give it to Ivan who in payment removes my diaphragm, drinks my magic flow then penetrates me and plants his vital bodily fluid containing his seed transforming me back into a princess who marries him. It’s a difficult role with lifts, fouettés and jumps and being penetrated while menstrual w/o a diaphragm inserted for flow control. During the fouettés and when landing jumps my flow splatters so the sueded soles of the Maya pointes give me excellent traction on a slippery stage. Being w/o contraceptive protection while menstrual at my age shouldn’t be a problem as my cycles are still very regular so I’m not likely to ovulate while his swimmers are still alive in my tubes. Still, it’s always a possibility so it’s quite thrilling to contemplate.

My Firebird diaphragm: For Firebird performances I wear a silicone wideseal Milex 80 mm Omniflex (coil spring rim) which is easier for my partner dancing Ivan to pull out w/o spilling too much of my flow. He really does drink it then slips the bloody thing into a hidden pocket in his tunic. I don’t wear a death rubber diaphragm, a latex Reflexions flat spring, while performing for several reasons: First a flat spring diaphragm would spill too much flow while he’s pulling it out. Next, with a DR inserted I would appear too confident and as an enchanted princess I need to appear vulnerable. And lastly I wouldn’t trust a man handling anything as vital to my psyche as a death rubber whose former owner’s Chi I’ve bonded with. When I return to my dressing room I immediately reinsert my current death rubber and then I feel far more confident and well protected from male manipulation.   The Omniflex used during the performance is given back to me and I rinse it off then drop it into a bowl of isopropyl alcohol to sterilize it before I wear it again the next night

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Jill’s World Blog’s 4th anniversary

A gift from Jack celebrating Jill’s World’s 4th anniversary

 A note to my readers: The 4th anniversary of this blog was yesterday, May, 31, 2013. In the four years I’ve been posting I’ve had 820,000 page views a testament to human’s fascination with the intimate details of other peoples sex lives. And there is no better place to learn about that first hand than behind the scenes in Las Vegas.

Thank all of you, even the porn spammers, who read and occasionally comment on my writings about what’s going on in my world. Especially Paul D, Eric and one or two others (you know who you are) who are faithful readers.

The Gift: Jack had Bea harvest a death rubber in my size, a latex 80 mm Reflexions FS, and presented it to me beautifully wrapped yesterday evening. The donor was a trainee at Adolph’s deepwater training facility along with Bea and Jack who were taking a cave diving course. The donor had been menstrual and it still had some of her flow around the rim. Apparently she had a seizure at 150 feet while Adolph was in her saddle and it was very quick. They were all breathing Trimix and Bea had to go all the way to the bottom, 216 feet, to retrieve the body which gave her the opportunity to harvest the Reflexions.  I had met the woman, a very experienced 32 y/o French Domme, at one of Adolph’ parties last winter and liked her so I think her Chi will be an amazing influence and inspiration to me. I don’t think I could have been given a more meaningful and intimate gift which speaks to the love and thoughtfulness of two wonderful friends.

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