Saturday, October 31, 2015

Sex at Dover Castle

A stone staircase in one of Dover Castle’s towers

Arrival at Headlong Hall: Nikolai, Bryony, Claire and I traveled aboard The Dragon, my two car private rail-office, attached to the train departing St Pancras International at 7:04 AM and arriving at Canterbury West at 7:57 AM. Lord A**** sent two Land Rovers to the station to pick us up and take us to Headlong Hall. Brigitte, Alistair’s lovely young ballerina 4th wife had invited three of her female dancer friends and a few of their male dancer friends from the POB for the Halloween house party as well. As soon as we had settled in Alistair took the men skeet shooting for the rest of the day. Brigitte took all the girls for a tour of the grounds then after a light lunch took us on a tour of Canterbury cathedral.

Friday evening Alistair and I compared notes planning my costume for fetish ballet sex at Dover castle which he wanted me to see. Actually, he wanted to fuck me in a fetish latex ballet-sex encounter with me in a rubber catsuit and leather ballet-boots while on a rampart of the castle at sunrise while I was fertile. Actually I had ovulated on Friday but an egg can still be fertilized 24 hours after release so I was still fertile. It was one of his fantasies that I was pleased to be able to help him fulfill and if we hadn’t done it then we wouldn’t have been able to do it for a few months since the castle will revert to winter hours the first of November.

We left Headlong Hall at 5:45 AM while the rest of the guests were asleep as sunrise was at 6:45. It wasn’t as though Brigitte didn’t know what we were going to do with me strutting out to the Land Rover dressed in a latex catsuit and leather ballet-boots with my figure on full display, but I wouldn’t be returning with muddy boots this time as I did in late September when Alistair fucked me against a mossy wall in Blean woods. So we left Brigitte and the girls to play with the male guests especially Nikolai whom she had her eye on ever since we arrived while Alistair took me on a trip he euphemistically called ‘sight seeing’, which in a sense from his perspective it was.    

Sunrise over the English Channel: Dover is only 18 miles from Headlong Hall so it was a short drive south east down the A2 and with almost no traffic it took us less than 20 minutes to get to the car park at the castle. Timing was a bit tricky since the castle hours are from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. However, Alistair, Lord A****, has a friend on the staff who let us in early and took us to the spiral stairway leading to the top of the tower so we could watch the sunrise over the English Channel. We then had several hours alone at the top of the tower. The open hours change on November 1st and the castle is open only on weekends so our timing was perfect! Fortunately it was sunny a sunny morning with relatively low humidity so visibility was wonderful and we could have seen the coast of France 21 miles to the east if we hadn’t been looking into the sun. The sun rising over the channel was gorgeous!

Ballet-boots on ancient spiral staircases: Fortunately I’m still training in ballet-boots so while I didn’t race to the top I set and kept a fast pace to the top. Alistair wanted me to go up ahead of him so he could watch my hips swing from side to side and the zipper of my custom tailored latex catsuit sucked deep in my butt cleavage as I mounted the stairs. I moved my hips just a bit more than usual to give him a really good show! Going up an ancient stone spiral stairway can be treacherous even barefoot as the stone has worn unevenly from thousands of footsteps over the years. Doing so in ballet-boots is almost as bad as climbing en pointe in toe-shoes except that there is the heel of ballet-boots to rest some weight on if the steps are wide enough to take both the platform and heel. I think trying the climb in poor quality boots would be very dangerous as the toe-boxes tend to collapse while the wearer is climbing in them and ankle support isn’t there.

However, in a pair of Gepettos lightly armored boots with the unitized titanium toe-box and shank and replaceable titanium heels the boots were as comfortable as possible and provided the support needed if my calves could stand the exertion, which with some effort I managed w/o complaint even though I was in the boots continuously for several hours.  Ankle support on ancient floors and staircases is particular important because the surfaces are so uneven and with no ankle support when en pointe in toe-shoes even if the wearer has particularly strong ankles it’s extremely dangerous!   

Afterward, I found walking down the tight spiral staircase from the tower more difficult that going up as I felt I had to hold myself back from going down too fast and loosing my footing. Perhaps it was that I was so loose and still floating in afterglow from being fucked boneless and even though I had Kegeled most of his load out on the roof the remainder had liquefied and was draining into the zipper crotch of my rubber suit where it became cold and slippery quickly which was a distraction from where I should be putting my feet.

Ballet-sex while fertile watching the sun rise: The temperature was in the low 50s (F) with a light wind from the north across the top of the tower. I was sweaty from the climb and could feel the sweat running into my boots which is why I had worn thick wick-away socks to keep me feet relatively dry. I wanted to keep my hood on but Alistair wanted to see my long red hair blowing in the wind and since I was wearing a pair of large sun glasses that kept it our of my eyes and long soft blowing hair fed his fetish I let him strip off my hood and tuck it in his jacket pocket.

He had told me what he wanted me to wear the previous evening so I had prepared. Friday I was CD14 and ovulated so even a day later I still needed to be very careful or end up carrying his child, until I could have at sucked out. Even so, I decided to wear only an Oves cap screwed down tight on my ripe, high, soft and open cervix with the removal loop in my anterior fornix – so it wouldn’t interfere with him thrusting into my posterior fornix, my P-spot, to give me an orgasm when entered from behind. I brought along one of my Death Rubber latex flat spring diaphragms if we changed our minds about in which position I was to be penetrated. I decided not to double bag even though I was fertile and had ovulated the previous morning as I have been wearing Oves alone for protection for at least ten years and have never had a pregnancy scare and because wearing a diaphragm when being entered from behind would interfere with him being able to plunge to the bottom of my posterior fornix because the rim would be in the way.

The Mare’s Trick: As I mentioned the weather was perfect and the clouds to the east over France lit up in glorious color as the sun rose behind them while Alistair stroked off thrusting into my P-spot to give us both very strong orgasms as I bent over with my elbows and forearms on one of the crenels between the merlons in the crenellated wall while I watched the sun rise. He was so gentle opening my relief zipper and fingering me to see how aroused I was. I unzipped his jeans and helped him get his erection out where I found he was already erect and dripping pre-cum. Once he entered me with my feet in second position he bent over and fondled the barrel of my clit so I came easily before he got his rhythm and his thrusts caressed my P-spot with his glans enough to give me a powerful deep pelvic orgasm. After he came I performed The Mare’s Trick for him, bringing my feet together, closing my thighs tightly and clamped down with my thigh, vaginal and abdominal muscles to hold his still erect penis tight deep inside me to prevent his erection wilting while he recycled so he could take me again. He has marvelous recycling stamina for a man his age and he did within five minutes! I let him pull out after asking him to stay inside me for a while so we could both enjoy a few minutes of the marvelous afterglow while still fully mated.  We got back at10:00 AM just in time to join most of the guests for a full English breakfast.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Halloween 2015 in the UK

Traditional carved pumpkins as evil spirits

British Summer Time ends:  On Sunday October 25th in the UK and Europe ‘Summer Time’ ended and the clocks were turned back one hour. So we all got an extra hour of sleep. Daylight Saving Time ends in the U.S. and Canada this coming Sunday November 1st.  For those women on a progestin only pill (the mini-pill or POP) which needs to be taken every day and at the same time every day or its efficacy decreases so they need to factor in the time change so they don’t take the pill an hour late at the time change.

Halloween in the UK: This will be my first Halloween in the UK. As a Priestess of Aphrodite I’m of the view that there may be a great deal more to the spirit world than ordinary citizens of the U.S and the UK are aware of, although, the British are much closer to the truth than most Americans as the tradition here is far older here and there are a great many more spirits abroad for the celebration. The Wikipedia article says:

“Halloween, or Hallowe'en a contraction of "All Hallows’ Evening"), also known as Allhalloween, All Hallows' Eve, or All Saints' Eve] is a yearly celebration observed in a number of countries on 31 October, the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows' Day. It begins the three-day observance of Allhallowtide, the time in the liturgical year dedicated to remembering the dead, including saints (hallows), martyrs, and all the faithful departed believers.

According to many scholars, All Hallows' Eve is a Christianized feast influenced by Celtic harvest festivals, with possible pagan roots, particularly the Gaelic festival Samhain. Other scholars maintain that it originated independently of Samhain and has solely Christian roots.” from Wikipedia. The complete article can be read HERE

Halloween in Kent: Nokolai and I have been invited down to Headlong Hall Bryony’s parent’s ancestral home in Kent for the holiday. Returning readers will recall that Headlong Hall is the seat of Lord A****. I call the estate ‘Headlong Hall’ (as it is right out of a T.L. Peacock novel) just north of Canterbury. Headlong Hall is a gothic revival monstrosity built in the fifteen hundreds and was a fortified Royalist home during the civil war. In the early 1640s it was captured but not destroyed by the Parliamentarians, which some architectural scholars think was a lost opportunity.

Bryony’s father, Alistair, and her step-mother the present Countess, who I’ll call ‘Brigitte’, his 4th wife who was a ballerina with the Paris Opera Ballet and at 26 is younger than Bryony will be hosting a house party for the weekend. Brigitte is extremely flexible and a hypersexual masochist as I am so we understand each other quite well and have become friends since I became Bryony’s mentor. I was surprised and pleased at how close Bryony and Brigitte have become. They have a mutual goal in ensuring the happiness and wellbeing of Alistair and are not (usually) in competition for bed partners so harmony on the female side of the household usually prevails. They have come to terms with the fact that Alistair is a philanderer and as long as he is careful and Brigitte retains his favor she will retain her status as a Countess and his bed hopping gives both her and Bryony license to take (very carefully screened) sexual partners themselves.

Brigitte says there are at least six known ghosts haunting Headlong Hall, three of which she has seen herself. None of them is known to be malicious, but all seem to enjoy scaring the residence of the pile with usually harmless tricks. I will be celebrating Samhain, but there is enough similarity to Halloween that the casual observer should not notice except my rituals except perhaps for the incense burning in my room. And given my status as a Priestess of Aphrodite I don’t expect to be terrified and should be quite safe, but I am looking forward to meeting as many of the ghosts as I can. Alistair says there have only been two mysterious disappearances of female staff during Halloween in his lifetime, though he thinks there have been others documented in the muniment room.

My Cycle for Halloween and a Death Rubber: As this is being written I’m CD13 and should ovulate tomorrow when Bryony, Claire, Nikolai and I go down to Kent. I’ll be CD15 and newly Luteal on Samhain/Halloween. That means that on Samhain I should no longer be in danger of pregnancy if I have unprotected sex. However, I’m planning on wearing one of my latex Reflexions flat spring rim ‘Death Rubber’ diaphragms as wearing one will give me access to the pelvic experience and talents of the woman from whom I harvested it. Returning readers will recall that a diaphragm worn for a sexual encounter during which the woman died retains a bit of the wearer’s Chi, the vital force believed in Taoism and other Chinese thought to be inherent in all things. It is this Chi that allows me to profit from the previous owner’s sexual experience. Harvesting a diaphragm from the corpse and wearing it myself allows me to tap into the Chi it contains to supplement my intellect and pelvic skills. Now almost all the Death Rubber diaphragms I harvest come from elite escorts. Of course I need the diaphragm to be a latex FS in my size (80mm) which are usually worn by tall girls so I keep a record of the Escort patients who use 80mm Ds that my clinic sees so that I can harvest a death Rubber should tragedy strike.  

Wishing all my readers a happy and safe Samhain/Halloween


Saturday, October 24, 2015

Fitting actresses with 60 y/o diaphragms, new pussy

A latex diaphragm made in the UK between 1950 and 1954
The Photo: A Lambutt Dalston 92 ½ mm contraceptive diaphragm. It was the style in general use in the UK shortly after the WWII. In those days diaphragm sizes increased in 2 ½ mm increments.

Porn actresses and Escorts: While both vocations are considered sex-workers there is a great deal of difference between the requirements for the two professions.  The actresses don’t have to be outstandingly beautiful just have attractive bodies, don’t need to have a killer vaginal grip or be particularly pelvically talented. Which is often a good thing because with a tight grip if not very well lubricated being repeatedly fucked hard can cause the erosion of the vaginal rugae which is not only extremely painful but requires abstaining from penetrative vaginal sex of any sort for several weeks while the vagina heals. A porn actress just needs to be able to convincingly fake passion as their male partner works himself up for the obligatory cum shot. They just need a pretty face and be willing to perform almost any sex act on cam.

An elite Escort however, needs a killer body, a beautiful face, to be well educated, have a lovely voice, be able to carry on an intelligent conversation with well educated clients and their friends and be very pelvically talented with a strong vaginal grip.

With a bit more vaginal training the Dryads could easily join the ranks of elite Escorts if they wanted to. There is such a high turnover at that level from marriage, injury and disease (not necessarily in that order) that there is always room for two more beautiful girls entering the profession.  The down side is at that level that there is an early sell-by date (generally the mid 30s) unless an individual is gorgeous and supremely talented and the Dryads are already in their late 20s. However, as they are from aristocratic families they should have their pick of husbands.

Actress’s vaginas: After all the actors both male and female as well as the Dryads and I passed full panel STI screenings and the women all had negative serum pregnancy tests to try and eliminate any potential oopses I spent several evenings fitting all the actresses, twelve of them, who were to be in the film with latex flat spring diaphragms colored to appear similar to the one shown in the photo above.  The Dryads, Bryony and Claire, wanted to be involved with the film too to gain insight from a different perspective than being a Hostess at Clever Cunts into the reasons gorgeous young men and women decide on a career in explicitly sexual films, other than the money, which actually isn’t that good and working conditions can be quite bad as well. Even as a porn actress the sex isn’t all that good either since a good bit of most plot lines have the women being mistreated.

Since the Dryads want to become practicing Psychologists it wouldn’t be a good idea to have it known that they appeared in a porn film however artistic it might be. So it was decided they would be extras as latex catsuit girls wearing full hoods on camera so they can’t be identified and with Noms de Théâtre in the credits.

Latex catsuits and menstrual ballet-boot sex: The film script that Tanaquil is working from is set in the mid 1950s in the UK. It’s about a girl from the slums who self-educates and with mentors rises through an Escort service to be the moral conscience behind a member of parliament. It would not be too far off to think of it as My Fair Lady with explicit sex.  It calls for filming at least two encounters showing the preparation for and acts of latex menstrual ballet-sex with the woman in a latex catsuit and ballet-boots made to look like those of the period. Two of the minor porn actresses who are on their periods suddenly became unavailable because of vaginal yeast infections which left openings for the Dryads to have larger roles than just looking fetching in latex as ‘stage furniture’. Tanaquil has recast the Dryads as those women. They will still be hooded or have their backs to the cam so just their hair and not their faces can be seen She recast them because they enjoy menstrual sex and show it w/o acting, have more experience with and are more comfortable in ballet-boots than her other actresses and will be menstrual at a convenient time. They are so excited to have the experience of actually being fucked on cam, performing in major roles in a porn film! Not that I’m letting them go w/o practicing with the well endowed men who will be filling them with semen.

It’s a pity that porn videos can’t capture the scents that develop during the wearing of leather ballet-boots, latex catsuits and menstrual flow during ballet-sex.  Sounds are easily captured: the hiss of the relief zipper being opened, the thud and gasp when platforms hit the floor when thrust-dropped, the creak of leather boots as weight is shifted from one foot to the other while being thrust into and the mewing, moans and screams of delight during the run-up to and at orgasm. However, the scents: the pelvic musk of a fertile female or the coppery scent of a menstrual flow mixed with the tang of latex polish and latex wet with estrogenic sweat, the scent of sweat dampened leather boots and the fragrance of her shampoo go unappreciated by the casual viewer who hasn’t provided for his own stimulation by fondling and licking the relief zipper of an unwashed latex catsuit his mistress was wearing when he fucked her and a pair of her still sweat dampened ballet-boots that he can sniff.   

Sex with a porn actor: You may be surprised to learn that massively hung porn actors aren’t necessarily all that good during a sexual encounter. Apparently the fact that they are having sex so often with actresses who fake a lot of their seeming pleasure leads some of them to not bother to give a female partner her pleasure before they pull out and spew semen for the cum shot. The cum shot is usually a close-up of him pulling out to finish the last several strokes with his fingers so the audience can see the jets of thick hot cream splatter on his partner’s face, breasts, hard flat belly or on all of them if he is a heavy hitter spewing 6 to 8 or sometimes as much as10 ml of semen in five or six jets.

With Tanaquil’s men I’m pleased to say it has been quite different. The boys who will be with Bryony, Claire and me as partners in the video have been quite attentive during our ‘rehearsals’ as the Dryads are gorgeous, tight, deep and from their perspective ‘new pussy’ and with me because I’m known for my pelvic skills as well as a financial backer for the project in addition to also being ‘new pussy’. Our men are all making an effort to give us multiple orgasms fucking us boneless to where we just seem to melt during the afterglow while we each snuggle with our lover.

Male assistance with diaphragm insertion: The script calls for the three of us to allow our partners to ‘help’ with diaphragm insertion. None of the men had ever seen a diaphragm before much less inserted one so we are teaching them how to place a diaphragm correctly; pushing the posterior rim along the back wall of the vagina and under the cervix then tucking the anterior rim up behind the pubic bone and feeling with the fingers to ensure the cervix can be felt under the dome. It can be fun as they ‘accidently’ caress the shafts of our clits so we become aroused and wet which makes the diaphragms that much harder to insert since with arousal the vagina lengthens (tents) pulling the uterus and cervix deeper into the abdomen away from a thrusting penis. Its fun and good practice for the guys who seem genuinely interested in learning to insert a partner’s diaphragm correctly.

Of course we all check afterward to make certain they have done it properly. It wouldn’t matter other than possibly being uncomfortable for Bryony and Claire since they have GyneFix copper IUDs implanted - unless the guys were going to blow air into our vaginas where the diaphragm would be needed as a gas guard - but for me since I use a cervical barrier as my primary method it could mean the difference between safe sex and an unplanned pregnancy. That’s why I always ‘double bag’ with an Oves cap screwed down tight on my cervix under the diaphragm when playing with a man unless I’m menstrual when there is no possibility I will become fertile.   

Monday, October 19, 2015

Menstrual ballet-sex and body doubling

Posing for Morning Wood before menstrual ballet-sex

The Photo: Wearing tights over a thong-back leotard and a Reflexions flat spring diaphragm I’m CD2 and prepared for menstrual ballet-sex. I’m posing for a photo of Morning Wood’s latest pointe fetish, menstrual ballet-sex, with me in red satin Gaynor Mindens.

Morning Wood and red satin pointe shoes: Returning readers will recall that Marvin AKA Morning Wood, my former psychiatrist and sometime lover, has a delusion that when I wear his dead wife Jenna’s Bloch Alpha S0104 pointes I become her. Given that the supply of Bloch Alpha shoes she had is finite I’ve been trying to guide his fetish toward a pointe maker that suits me better. Shoes that are more comfortable and that last longer, Gaynor Minden, not that Jenna’s shoes don’t fit me amazingly well considering. I think absence has made Marvin much more ardent this past weekend even though my wards who are at school at Cambridge report that he has been seen with Grad school girls on his arm. But then who am I to begrudge him sexual release when I crave intimate companionship as well while we are away from each other.

I don’t want to give the impression that I don’t care, I do and I just want him to be safe. That’s why I’ve had the Grad school students he is being intimate with checked out to make certain they are on LARC which they are, hormonal IUDs in the cases of all three girls, and are free of STIs. It wouldn’t do his career any good to have him impregnate a student lover, not that wouldn’t give his ego a huge boost, briefly. I’m just protecting what’s mine. I want to give him a bit of slack on his psychological penis leash not castrate him. I think his being away at Cambridge is working since when we are together he talks openly about how tight I am – no one else has been able to give him Pompoir – and the other women just provide him relief, not that he isn’t kind and considerate with them.

Since Nikolai was dancing in Romeo and Juliet this past weekend at the ROH Marvin, now a Cambridge Don (at least for this year) came down from Cambridge to keep me company for the first several days while I’m menstrual as I tend to become sexually insatiable then and need a man or men who enjoy menstrual sex. Nikolai understands and I’ve let him know that it’s perfectly all right to bring home one of his ballet Odalisques for sexual release and I’ve had a suite opened at Blackthorn House for his use while Marvin is with me. I know all his Odalisques who returning readers will recall I hand picked for him so when he gets home from the theater, Marvin and I are often up, we will unwind together before we all go to bed.

Since we have been together Marvin has become an ardent connoisseur of menstrual sex as his wife would never have sex with him while she was menstrual so he is extremely ardent during my periods. My circle know that when I wear red pointes I’m menstrual and that idiosyncrasy has trained Marvin when in my presence to become erect and anxious to give me orgasms to relieve my cramps and leave me draining his liquefied semen mixed with menstrual discharge. Actually, he doesn’t really need my pointes color code to tell as he has a keen sense of smell and could tell from my pheromones – not my pelvic musk – when I’m menstrual and wearing a Diva cup as well as when I’m fertile.

Diaphragms for flow control: Depending where I am in my menses I will wear a Reflexions on light days and a Milex Omniflex on heavy days for flow control during menstrual sex when I’m not on thick dark colored towels on my bed or in the shower. This past weekend I was CD 1 and 2 so I wore a Reflexions which allowed Morning Wood to stretch it deep into my anterior fornix which is always a thrill for us both. Even so regardless of how strong the seal is the rim moves around a bit which will leave a sheen of blood on the vaginal walls which transfers to a lover’s penis.  Of course having menstrual ballet-sex while wearing tights is almost certain to get blood on them, but I wear nylon ones for those encounters and try to avoid dripping on them. If I can get to the toilet to kegel out his load in the 20 minutes or so before it liquefies and starts flowing out of me I can sometimes prevent getting blood on them at all.

Fitting actresses for diaphragms: Taryn’s video production company which specializes in porn videos is ramping up to produce a full length film about the Escort service, somewhat like what was done for classical ballet in the 2010 film Black Swan which starred Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis. It is to be set in the mid 50s when use of the diaphragm was at the peak of its popularity in the UK. There will be no escorts losing their minds thinking that they are morphing into birds, but a lot of diaphragm fitting and insertion/ removal scenes, abortions and vanillas penile-vaginal intercourse as well as a great deal of fetish sex in pointe-shoes and ballet-boots.   

There will be body doubles in sex scenes for well known actresses if they don’t want to actually have PVI on camera, which I’m told they don’t. Tanaquil, a legendary Courtesan in her day, who is now Taryn’s Procuress, is producing and directing the film has asked me to be the body double for the lead actress since I’m her size with no tats or piercing and I can easily perform ballet-sex and give her A-list leading man Pompoir which none of the other body doubles can. Tanaquil wants to get the actor’s reaction to having his penis milked while he is fully erect, inserted and stationary inside me. He is currently unmarried (recently divorced from his third wife) so milking the penis of this gorgeous and available hunk will be every woman’s fantasy. He is in his early 40s and is supposedly marvelous in bed. However, I’m thinking of recommending he take a performance enhancer so he is less likely to go limp at an inopportune moment since I’m told he has never fucked a woman on camera before. During production of a film I mean.

The A-list actress I’m doubling can hardly stand in pointe-shoes though she supposedly took pointe when she was in high school and has been training for the role for six months. She is somewhat better in ballet-boots as she can stride with considerable confidence, but even with electrolyte and vitamin therapy her calves cramp after she stands in them for a few minutes. She is best while posing sitting putting on or taking off fetish footwear or standing briefly looking fetching while delivering her lines. So, it sounds as though I’m going to get a good bit of screen time. I’m to be listed in the credits so any one who is interested will know who was fucking the male star on cam.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Girl-girl sex, ripe rubber

A latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragm with its introducer

The Photo: A latex flat spring diaphragm which because of the softness of the dome, the marvelous heat transfer properties of latex and the flat spring rim which makes it very difficult to under-thrust is the best cervical barrier to use for barrier fetish sex even though the latex dome won’t last as long as a silicone diaphragm and some few men and women are allergic to latex. The introducer makes inserting and removing it easier for a wearer with short fingers. The Reflexions pictured is no longer being made, but our clinic can make a similar device to an individual woman’s requirements.

Girl-Girl sex with Bryony’s step-mother: It’s getting difficult to find getaway time now that the ballet company is performing Romeo and Juliet, but the weekend schedule allowed it.  Nikolai and I were invited back to Headlong Hall while Lord A**** is away in the U.S. on an extended business and golfing trip and Bryony came along. Claire had been invited as well, but it was her brother’s birthday and she wanted to be with him then.  Returning readers will recall that the present Countess, who I’ll call ‘Brigitte’, is his 4th wife who was a ballerina with the Paris Opera Ballet and at 26 is younger than Bryony. Brigitte is extremely flexible and is a hypersexual masochist as I am so we understand each other and have become friends since I became Bryony’s mentor. For the weekend Nikolai and Bryony were partners and Brigitte and I were a couple. I was CD16 and had just ovulated while Brigitte was CD12 and fertile. She has a standard (6 bead) copper frameless GyneFix IUD implanted with the strings trimmed off so she can safely wear a diaphragm w/o the worry of accidently pulling it out when she or her Lord, who is a latex fetishist, is removing her diaphragm. Brigitte has lovely firm high breasts which she enjoys having sucked. She also enjoys breastfeeding so we were a good team taking turns sucking each other’s nipples while our fingers were deep in each other’s vaginas caressing the G-spots while our thumbs were massaging the shafts of our clitorises. It’s so nice to find a lovely woman who enjoys milking me!

I was surprised to find how much I’d missed caressing the soft unblemished completion of young female skin and the scent of her shampoo, perfume and the pheromones in the sweat of her armpits while being caressed to orgasm by a lovely hard bodied very feminine dancer.  I think if we could train together for a few weeks I could move her cycle so it was in synchrony with mine. After we had given each other a long slow series of orgasms we lay spent in each other’s arms licking the sweat of one another’s breasts. It was marvelous not to have beard-burn on my cheeks and breasts from a man or have his semen draining out of me. It was just our clear musky arousal lube draining out that we could dip our fingers in and then lick it off to taste our partner’s vaginal secretions.

A threesome: Brigitte told me during our afterglow pillow-talk that she and Claire, Bryony’s first cousin, are lovers. I wasn’t surprised as Brigitte is a very beautiful woman and there is no one more aware of another woman’s beauty than a competitor for available men. Though married to Lord A**** Brigitte likes to seduce other women’s men just to keep her skills sharp. Even so she seems to draw other women to her w/o trying. Not only is Brigitte as glamorous as a Vogue model, but being married if she did accidently become preggers by a lover she could just say that Lord A**** was the father. Well, assuming the baby was Caucasian. However, Brigitte is very careful even with a GyneFix implanted since like me she works extremely hard to keep in top dancing form and would not want a pregnancy to ruin her bikini body even for a few months so she would have a vacuum aspiration and be rid of it.

I got the chance to have Claire as a lover the next night when she arrived unannounced and asked to share Brigitte’s bed with me. It was marvelous with the three of us in that huge bed. Our scent bouquet with different perfumes, shampoos, deodorants mixing with the scent of our estrogenic sweat and pelvic musk was glorious! Claire brought an additional secretion to the group as she was draining fresh semen from a friend of her father’s who fucked her just before she drove over form her parent’s adjoining estate. I found that extremely arousing before we even began to fondle one another!  By then I was CD22 and luteal having ovulated the week before and had an Oves screwed down tight on my crevice just in case a lover blew air into my vagina. You would be surprised how often that happens during girl-girl sex! 

I felt confident even though potent semen had been introduced into our threesome of reproductive age women that I was quite safe, but both Brigitte and Claire were fertile so there was a very small chance that they could become pregnant. I think that was what caused the frissson of danger we all felt while inserting our fingers in Claire’s vagina then inserting them in our own vaginas to share her coitial discharge. It ended up that I gave Claire cunilingus to suck out the remainder as she Kegeled it into my mouth. Like so many other professional ballerinas we all are completely waxed with the exception of scalp hair and eyebrows. I think that makes things so much neater as far as the female pelvic line in tight costumes and oral sex as there is no chance of getting hair caught in ones teeth.

Bryony and ballet-sex: Brigitte, Claire and I, in Brigitte's bedroom suite at Headlong Hall, could hear Nikolai and Bryony having ballet-sex in the hall outside her door as he had her bent over the balcony rail thrusting into her from behind while she was en pointe with her feet a la seconde. I knew from how he takes me during ballet-sex that his right arm was around her thigh with his hand caressing the shaft of her clitoris. He had her gasping, mewing and moaning before she screamed as she came with her vaginal contractions causing him to grunt and gasp as she milked his glans and he spewed thick hot jets of creamy semen against her unprotected cervix.  Actually, Nikolai took her twice more very quickly and she was moaning and screaming; Ohhh! Ohhh! Oh God yes! Just there!!! Yes there! While Brigitte Claire and I lay sprawled across her bed sucking quietly on one another’s nipples and giggling listening to Bryony having her brains fucked out. Since Bryony has a droll sense of humor I suspect she planned to be fucked senseless just outside her step-mother’s bedroom door as she knew we would be able to hear her as she orgasmed.

The pungent odor of a ripe latex diaphragm: I’m teaching the Dryads, Bryony and Claire, who returning readers will recall are working on their PhDs in Psychology at University College London by being Hostesses at the Costume Club (better known to the fetish community as Clever Cunts) about how to ‘ripen’ a diaphragm. It’s really only a matter of not removing the diaphragm for 48 hours after the last act of intercourse so the natural latex rubber can marinate in the female and male genital secretions. The only caveat is that that a cervical barrier or menstrual cup of any sort should not be left inserted with old blood in it. Old blood can cause a very serious infection if left in the vagina so during menstruation the barrier or cup should be removed as soon as possible. Some few latex fetishists have an acquired taste for the eye watering stench of natural rubber marinated in decomposing vaginal secretions and will pull the marinating device out of his partner’s vagina and lick the marinade off the diaphragm. A silicone diaphragm will develop an odor as well, but not to the same extent.



Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Magna Carta, my ancestors

The Magna Carta of 1215
British Library Cotton MS Augustus II 106

The Photo: one of only 4 known copies of the 1215 Magna Carta a charter agreed to by King John of England with his Barons at Runnymede, near Windsor, on 15 June 1215. The charter set down for the first time rules governing what the king could and could not do. Two copies are held by the British Library and one each by the cathedrals of Lincoln and Salisbury.
My ancestors and the Magna Carta: There is only a very tangential association with any of my ancestors and the Barons who signed the Magna Carta in 1225 and possibly the original in 1215. I was interested in the possible connection because June 15, 2015 was the 800th anniversary of signing the original document. There is no known list of the original signers, but there is a list of the names of the 25 Barons who were delegated to oversee the terms of the agreement in the copy revised in 1225. In the brief biographies of these men, by Professor Nigel Saul, Royal Holloway, University of London, only two families seem to have any connection with Wales and both were Welsh Marcher Lords: 1) Richard de Clare and Gilbert de Clare, Earls of Hertford and used interchangeably with that of earl of Clare. 2) The younger William Marshal (c. 1190-1231). On his father’s death in 1219 he succeeded him as earl of Pembroke and marshal of England, while on his mother’s death in the following year he succeeded to the lordships of Chepstow in South Wales and Leinster in Ireland.  For Professor Nigel Saul’s brief biographies of the 25 see the article HERE 

Marcher Lords power: From the Wikipedia article ‘Marcher Lord’: “The Anglo-Norman lordships in this area were distinct in several ways: they were geographically compact and jurisdictionally separate one from another, and they had special privileges which separated them from the usual English lordships. Royal writ did not obtain in the Marches: Marcher lords ruled their lands by their own law—sicut regale ("like a king") as Gilbert, Earl of Gloucester, stated (Nelson 1966), whereas in England fief-holders were directly accountable to the king. Marcher lords could build castles, a jealously guarded and easily revoked Royal privilege in England. Marcher lords administered laws, waged war, established markets in towns, and maintained their own chanceries that kept their records (which have been completely lost). They had their own deputies, or sheriffs. Sitting in their own courts they had jurisdiction over all cases at law save high treason. "They could establish forests and forest laws, declare and wage war, establish boroughs, and grant extensive charters of liberties. They could confiscate the estates of traitors and felons, and regrant these at will. They could establish and preside over their own petty parliaments and county courts. Finally, they could claim any and every feudal due, aid, grant, and relief" (Nelson 1966, ch. 8), although they did not mint coins. Their one insecurity, if they did not take up arms against the king, was of dying without a legitimate heir, whereupon the title reverted to the Crown in escheat. Welsh law was frequently used in the Marches in preference to English law, and there would sometimes be a dispute as to which code should be used to decide a particular case.” The complete article can be read HERE.

My family appears to have been an offshoot of the Marshal family through an attempt to bring peace with the Welsh nobility by exchanging daughters in marriage the records for which seem to have disappeared in the mists of time. However, in legend an illegitimate son of the Welsh Prince Llewelyn who was helping his father fight the English seems to have been involved in building Blackthorn Castle.

Expressing/evacuating the dome for dive-sex: During the several days interval between the Autumnal Equinox and the total lunar eclipse of the Harvest moon I had the first real opportunity to work with Bryony and Claire and Ashley on their use of a latex flat spring diaphragm for upper reproductive tract protection (flood insurance) to minimize the likelihood of PID not for contraception as they both have stringless GyneFix copper IUDs implanted. Ashley is Jack, Viscount Sandbach’s fiancée, a RB ballerina from a noble family. She was newly preggers at Christmas 2014, but had a miscarriage at 12 weeks while she was still dancing. She was unfamiliar with ballet-sex as well as dive-sex so I’m teaching her along with the Dryads when she is available. The basics are rather simple; it’s just that becoming accustomed to sex while in scuba gear or on pointe being entered from behind with all our muscles clenched can take some getting used to.

Expressing the dome of a flat spring latex diaphragm prior to entering the water for dive-sex will increase the strength of the seal and remove almost all the remaining air in the dome so that stretching the thin highly elastic membrane over the cervix and glans when a partner thrusts in to the anterior fornix doesn’t force air into the uterus. Expressing is quickly and easily done: 1) Insert the diaphragm as usual making certain that it is correctly positioned. 2) Then squat and push down as though having a BM which will push the cervix closer to the entrance to the vagina where the wearer can easily get her fingers into her anterior fornix. 3) Insert two fingers and push the dome into the anterior fornix and all the way to the bottom. You should feel upward pressure on the crevice from the dome stretched tightly over the cervix and the fingers all the way to the bottom of the anterior fornix. If the diaphragm is sealing well the strong vacuum of the seal will cause the dome to cling to the cervix. The same steps can be used to express the air from a silicone diaphragm. However, the domes of silicone diaphragms are not nearly as elastic and so can’t be expressed as completely.

Stud service in the cistern: I pressed Jack, Viscount Sandbach, into service to help partner the Dryads (Bryony and Claire) during dive-sex. It wasn’t difficult to get him interested since Ashley was menstrual and not feeling well and Jack needed an outlet for his sexual needs. So I had him help Nikolai with Bryony and Claire’s dive-sex training in the cistern beneath the undercroft of Crag Abbey. It was only the second time the Dryads had scuba-sex and they felt far more confident that air or water wouldn’t be forced into their uteri since I showed them how to express the air and increase the strength of the seal.



Sunday, October 4, 2015

Pointe shoe quiz 10-04-2015

Lovely fully darned platforms

The Photo: This photo while showing lovely needlework on fully darned platforms is for illustration only and not part of this quiz.

The Quiz: There are a series of three YouTube videos (among many others) showing one method of darning the platforms of pointe shoes. The first video in the series can be viewed HERE . The other two follow immediately after.

The quiz question is: Who is the maker of the shoe being darned? It may take watching all three short videos for interested readers to find the answer. 


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