Thursday, September 29, 2016

Clinching the sale

A Full English Breakfast

The photo: A lovely full English breakfast of fried eggs, sausage, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, home fries and baked beans with the beans very sensibly served in their own gravy boat.

Ron’s Ballet-sex training: Ron had talked so much about how long and lovely Sophie’s legs are especially when she displays them en pointe that during my warmup and class the next morning I wondered if he had had ballet-sex with her. While he watched I took class, to music from La Bayadère from a small CD player I had brought, in the drawing room that Sophie uses for ballet workouts. The carpet had been removed exposing a lovely hardwood floor and an entire interior wall had been covered with ten-foot-tall mirror sections and a barre had been mounted about three feet off the mirrored wall. So while stretching I asked if he had ever entered her from behind while she balanced on the platforms of her pointes while bent over holding on to the barre. I think of that position as ‘ballet-sex’ but Escorts adept at it call it ‘clenching-the-male’ since when en pointe the woman’s muscles from her waist to her toes are clenched which, when the muscles have been properly trained, can provide an amazingly strong grip so she needs to be very wet to prevent internal injury.

Ron said he’d considered it, but he hadn’t been alone with Sophie in pointe-shoes where he could ask her to try that position. So I told him about the possibility of injury from being under-lubed as well as from thrust-drop during ballet-sex and how Escorts adept at ballet-sex minimize their risk by keeping a prefilled applicator of lube in our purse or dance bag and protecting our toes with the proper shoes and padding. Then having earlier applied a prefilled 10 ml applicator of DiveGel silicone vaginal lube and intentionally dressed to allow him easy access by wearing tights over a thong-back leo I had him stand behind me put his thumbs in the waist band of my tights and pull them down below my hips then pull my thong to one side exposing my vulva for easy access when I bent over and held on to the barre. I think there is no substitute for hands-on training when I’m teaching advanced sexual techniques and this was a good example.

Standing flat in Gaynor Minden pointes with my feet a la seconde I bent over so my back was parallel with the floor. He stepped between my legs, spread my labia, positioned his glans at my introitus and I relaxed and let him gently push his slippery glans glistening with pre-ejaculate inside me. With a long slow thrust he filled me with his wonderfully hard erection bottoming out in my posterior fornix. As he hit bottom I rolled up on to pointe which clenched my muscles around his shaft and he gasped and quivered as my grip tightened around him.

He is taller than me even when I’m en pointe so when he thrust during ballet-sex he lifted me off the floor so he got to see and hear the thud and my gasp as my platforms hit the floor each time he withdrew. His participating while I experience thrust-drop was educational as he can now better understand the danger when the woman’s knees are locked straight to prevent falling off pointe while rubber legged during arousal so during thrust-drop the shock is felt in the knees as well as the toes. Over time this is bad for the knee joints if this occurs too often so practitioners of sex while en pointe have learned to flex our knees momentarily at impact to minimize the stress on our knee joints, but the timing to successfully accomplish that can be tricky. However, if there is a height difference that will cause thrust-drop an easier way to protect the knees is to stand on a slightly raised platform so there will be no thrust-drop. When he came filling me with hot jets of thick creamy semen I closed my feet from seconde closing my thighs and tightened my grip and told him to hang on tight and don’t try to withdraw as I performed the Mare’s Trick, squeezing him so tight that his penis remained erect during his refractory period, while I remained en pointe. Then gave him Pompoir again.

It’s difficult to do Pompoir and The Mare’s Trick while en pointe primarily because the woman has to be continually on her toes the entire time so even well trained ballet dancers have trouble staying en pointe that long unless they have trained in Asian schools as Courtesans. Wearing Gaynor Minden pointes with the very strong hard polymer shanks and internally padded toe boxes make the Mare’s Trick and Pompoir en pointe a lot easier to do w/o foot injury. After The Mare’s Trick and Pompoir we showered together and dressed for breakfast.

I meet Sophie: At 10:00 AM Sophie arrived. She had been invited to breakfast and we seemed to hit it off right away as two dancers have a lot in common. Though after kissing Ron she looked thoughtfully at him and me and I’m sure she sensed that we had been intimate as we were both quite relaxed as couples are after really good sex. Of course that was inevitable since she knew we were going to be discussing my qualifications to teach her advanced pelvic skills and whether either or both of them wanted to proceed with her training.

we had breakfast in a small alcove off a lovely and much larger dining room overlooking a garden so large and beautiful with late summer flowers I was surprised to see it in London, but then I remembered where we were. Both of them were amazed at my large appetite and how little I weight, as I was then at 107 lbs. (my menstrual weight). I told them I can eat a full English breakfast w/o gaining a pound, other than fluid buildup while I’m menstrual. They asked how I managed it w/o having an eating disorder. I explained that my metabolism is on the high side and the exercise I get while training and teaching along with the calories I need for lactation keep me slim so I can eat pretty much what I want. I didn’t mention that Pompoir and The Mare’s trick are very strenuous and use a lot of energy so from the bedroom workout I’d gotten with Ron I needed the calories.  Sophie was fascinated to learn I was lactating with 32B cup breasts and wanted to know my secret, but that was a discussion for girl-talk another time.

When coffee was served after breakfast, Ron told both Sophie and me that he was very pleased with the skills that I demonstrated and that Sophie was a conscientious and energetic student anxious to learn and he would like to put her in my care. She agreed saying that she had asked Ron to make enquiries on her behalf to get the best trainer possible for the skills they wanted her to master. I later heard that he had talked to his grandfather - who has a reputation of being a swordsman with young beautiful South American women - about the choice of a trainer and his recommendation was me. However, as much as I would like to claim him as a client it wasn’t that he had ever used my services, but had heard raves about my skills from his good friend the Duke of M**** and others so had suggested interviewing me.

Jealousy, the elephant in the room: I had only worked with couples twice before to try to effectively teach the women advanced pelvic skills and neither worked out because of jealousy. I say ‘effectively’ because w/o a male’s active participation the woman might well take forever to properly learn to milk a penis with her vaginal muscles. The men could only participate in their partner’s training occasionally because of job commitments and so early on became extremely jealous of their women’s male phys. Therapists. However, those women had been virgin when they met the partners they were with and after a brief start the men couldn’t stand other men bedding their women and both couples cancelled the training. I now have a non-refundable up-front charge to take care of expenses should that occur and that has caused other couples to rethink their need for that sort of training.

So I brought up the subject of jealousy. I knew (because Ron told me) both of them had at least considered and might find it worrying that Sophie would be training at least part time with Blackthorn Clinic male pelvic therapists. There is only so much that can be done with a Peritron, Ben Wa balls and dildos so a woman needs an erect penis attached to an aroused man to train and Ron’s schedule will almost certainly not allow him to meet all her training needs. So we discussed whether Sophie receiving intimate training from other men (all board certified Phys Therapists) was going to be a problem. A look passed between them. She blushed and he gave a little shake of his head.

While neither looked too pleased they understood the need for her to practice with a man when Ron wasn’t available. It was agreed that the question could be reopened at any time if one or the other felt the need, but I think Ron will rearrange his schedule to be with her for training sessions a lot more than he currently anticipates since a man having his penis milked by a beautiful woman while he remains stationary inside her is extremely addicting. What the woman gets out of all her pelvic training is the ability to enthrall her partner giving her considerably power over him without saying a word. I suspect Sophie had not come to Ron a virgin given the reputation of – and my experience with - Swiss finishing schools. So while they are madly in love her training to increase their mutual sexual pleasure will be worth having other men involved in her training when Ron isn’t available.

Clinching the sale: Sophie asked how long the training would take and I said it would depend, but no less than three months if she was a conscientious student and adhered to the regimen that I set. If not, then somewhat longer depending what problems she ran into. I cautioned that regardless of how eager Sophie is to get on with her training it is best to get off to a slow start since overworking the pelvic muscles at first can be very uncomfortable and lead to the dislike of and avoiding the necessary training.  Ron said he agreed that it was best not to rush things and he looked forward to being available when possible which I know he meant. He said he would make it a priority to help her meet the goals of my training program and I could bill his private account for all her monthly training costs.

Sophie and I agreed to meet the next day so I could go over the items in the beginner’s slit-kit that every pelvic student of mine needs and is provided with.  The following day we met for an entire day of shopping for her training needs and had girl-talk over a seafood lunch at Caviar House in Harrods. She really is a delightful and very intelligent young woman. I took her to a fave local dance shop to be fitted with Gaynor Minden hard shanked pointes which look lovely on her high arched feet. I also got her a priority appointment with Chris, my male Gyn, at Blackthorn Clinic and I accompanied her to have the strings of her GyneFix IUD tucked up in her cervix (to prevent a contraceptive diaphragm from interfering with them) and to be fitted for a custom latex flat spring rim diaphragm which she can use as flow control during menstrual sex and as flood insurance during dive-sex. They had her size, 70mm, in stock and she got three as I mentioned that it is always good to have several spares on hand especially if they are made from latex.

Giulietta: Over dinner Ron and I had discovered we were both Moira Shearer fans and talked about the films she was in. In addition to The Red Shoes we both loved the 1951 film The Tales of Hoffman in which she danced the roles of Stella (dancing the role of a praying mantis who kills her partner) and Olympia (a doll that comes to life). We also agreed that another favorite character in the Hoffmann film was the role Ludmilla Tchérina performed as the Venetian courtesan Giulietta, who stole Hoffmann’s soul.   

So I was astounded when Ron gave me the most amazing compliment as he walked me to the car that would take me back to Blackthorn House. He called me Giulietta, and I was very pleased and tried not to blush while thinking he was a lot more perceptive than I first thought! He continued to hold my hand after he helped me into the car and before releasing it put it to his lips and kissed it. I gave him one of my most provocative smiles as he closed the door. I was delighted as I thought of the twenty-four hours we spent together and the intimacies we had shared and thought perhaps our encounter had put him in my thrall. But one can never be certain about these things so early in a relationship and with a man in such an exalted position one should proceed slowly if at all. Sophie was still inside so didn’t see his kiss. I certainly don’t want to beguile him so thoroughly that I take him away from Sophie as he needs a young lovely and accomplished partner who will give him children.

Physically I’m not quite the Giulietta who stole Hoffman’s soul and turned it into an exquisite necklace. However, I do have a lovely figure with long shapely legs, high cheekbones and long hair, but my hair is red not black and I don’t often dress all in black as Giulietta does. But when I go clubbing with girlfriends looking for a man I do think of myself as channeling Giulietta since she was a powerful enchantress who could steal a man’s soul by just looking at him. Over the years as I became proficient with Asian pelvic skills I’ve developed the ability to quickly enthrall most men I develop a physical interest in, and some I have no interest in whatever, just by looking at them. I’m told that look suggests exquisite sexual pleasure in the male mind and I find in clouding a man’s mind that way I have occasionally unintentionally put one of the less interesting men in my thrall. Fortunately, I haven’t done that in a long time. 

I am elated that I was successful in getting the patronage of a delightful young woman and her boyfriend who occupies such a lofty place in English society. I’m hoping that more social contacts at that level will come with this lovely couple’s patronage.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Liar, liar pants on fire!


Master liar: According to POLITICO’s five-day analysis, Donald Trump averaged one falsehood every 3 minutes and 15 seconds over nearly five hours of remarks. The article can be read HERE

I watched the first Clinton / Trump debate on satellite TV and thought Hillary did well. Hillary is not without her faults, but compared to D.T. Who on Fox News said: “My strongest thing is my temperament…  It is my strongest thing, according to the people that know me best. I won’t even say it myself.” Clinton is almost perfect! D.T. is delusional! It’s scary! To think with a man like that the polls still seem to show the race is so close, which I fear says a lot about the common sense of the American people.  

The comedians on late night shows in the U.S are making jokes about D.T. sniffing frequently during the September 26 debate and picked up on Howard Dean’s tweet (“Notice Trump sniffing all the time. Coke user?"). It is unreal to think that a man who The Huffington Post Editor rightly said: “…regularly incites political violence and is a serial liar, rampant xenophobe, racist, misogynist and birther who has repeatedly pledged to ban all Muslims — 1.6 billion members of an entire religion — from entering the U.S.” might become the president of the U.S. The man is a national disgrace and a danger to the country!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Devices and desires

Leaking nipples, a common side effect of lactation

The Photo: Leaking nipples that can be controlled by using a pad that presses down on the nipple to halt leakage. The kind that work well for me are clear Lily Padz that have adhesive backs that stay in place even while swimming. Before someone asks, no this is not a Pic of my breast, it’s too large to be mine.

The saga continues: Returning readers will recall in my post of September 21st, entitled “An offer I couldn’t refuse” I wrote about going to a prospective client (Ron’s) home on a ‘job interview’. In person Ron is very charming and did not display his wild side which the tabloids are so fond of publicizing though when we got into the details he was quite the randy gentleman as we were one-on-one and there was a limited amount of alcohol since that can affect sexual performance. During my sit-down interview we talked about me. He already knew my background as a dancer, courtesan and pelvic skills teacher and we seemed to be of the same mind about sex, BDSM and the D/s subculture about which he was interested, but not as an active participant, yet.  

Contraceptive devices: He asked what I used for contraception and mentioned he preferred bareback sex and his dislike of condoms which seems almost universal in men, except perhaps for rubber fetishists. He believes birth control is “the woman’s responsibility” and I agree since it will be me who gets pregnant if a partner’s condom tears or comes off. However, for a man who isn’t sure of the effectiveness of his partner’s birth control a condom is a good idea – that could save him the cost of a paternity suit or an abortion - and of course for a new partner with an unknown sexual history it’s ‘no glove, no love’. But I digress…

He was amazed that I use cervical barriers for contraception when I told him about my preference for latex flat spring diaphragms and the silicone Oves cervical cap. And when I showed him the spare latex FS from my slit-kit it seemed to add a bit of spice for him seeing and fondling a device with which a woman can protect herself against his sperm. He became quite obviously aroused when later I showed him how I removed and inserted the one I was wearing.  So a cervical barrier device works wonderfully as foreplay for him. I pointed out that even if his girlfriend has a frameless, copper bead GyneFix IUD implanted (which she does) she can still wear a diaphragm as a bit of ‘stagecraft’ if that is a turn-on for him and he liked that idea.

Training devices: He asked what tools I use in my pelvic training course and I mentioned Ben Wa balls, dildos and pointe shoes, preferably Gaynor Minden if the student can be properly fitted in them. We had a long talk about pointe shoes. He had dated dancers, but had never been interested in their professional shoes until recently when he analyzed his fascination with ballet dancers and realized that en pointe the wearer radiates an aura of femininity, grace, poise and power which he finds extremely erotic. Sophie, his most recent girlfriend and my prospective student, let him watch her prepare new pairs of Freed pointes for her ballet classes and he was fascinated and amazed with how so mundane an item as a pair of her pointes can stoke his libido.  He is very smitten by her and just lights up when talking about her so I think he is very much in love.

The prospective student: In her mid-twenties Sophia (Sophie) comes from a wealthy merchant family in the midlands. Educated in schools in Switzerland and at Cambridge, she is an avid SCUBA diver with a strong background in ballet which she has taken continuously since she was five y/o. She has appeared in a number of University ballet productions and takes her ballet training seriously taking class three times a week or more frequently when time permits.  She is currently working for a high profile charity organization to ‘give back’ as so many of the great and good do these days. Ron was prepared and before I asked showed me a current copy of Sophie’s medical records. She has had her Gardasil shots and other vaccinations and isn’t allergic to latex (nor is Ron) which is important in regard to the diaphragm I want her to use as a sex toy during foreplay. And lastly, I was very pleased to know that she had a regular, 6 bead, frameless copper IUD inserted about six months ago and has adjusted to it well so she can enjoy the swing of her hormones as she continues to cycle naturally. I don’t know much more about her yet so I’m looking forward to meeting her.

Desires and the Red Sea: At first I thought the timing for my interview wasn’t ideal since Saturday (9/17) I was CD1 and bleeding and Sunday, CD2, was - as it usually is – the first of my heavy days so I couldn’t wear an Oves because the flow would float it off my cervix. However, I have very regular cycles and have never ovulated when I’ve been menstrual so I only needed a diaphragm for flow control.  When he found I was menstrual he had such a lovely smile and just to be sure asked if I minded menstrual sex as he said; “I seldom get the opportunity to swim in the red sea”. He led me to his bedroom then into the master bathroom and as we stripped watched me remove empty, wash my latex flat spring diaphragm which got him aroused and was fascinated when he asked if I could feel it when it was in place and I told him I couldn’t.  He asked if it was safe for me to leave it out during shower-sex and I said it was and left it on the rim of one of the twin washbasins since I’ve never ovulated while menstrual. Then he led me into the huge multi-head shower and adjusted the water to a comfortable warm temperature.

After we wet down he put his hands under my buttocks and lifted me. I wrapped my legs around his waist as held me with my back against the wall while I tried to relax as I parted my labia and guided him as he inserted himself. It is such a thrill every time I take a new man! New DNA and a new set of bacteria are transferred between partners at an initial pairing and here I was about to have a very socially exalted man’s highly motile semen squirted into me. He smiled when he saw that I have nude pubes and mentioned that Sophie had recently had all her pubic hair removed and both he and she loved the nude look that showed the clean lines of her mons pubis and vulva.

He was gentle and thoughtful filling me slowly and it was amazing having unprotected sex with such an important man who has needs like all the other partners who I’ve had. His thick pubic bush caressed the shaft of my clit to get me off and my contractions pulled him along with me into mutual ecstasy. Then we soaped up and washed then dried each other off.  He watched as I reinserted my diaphragm which I was using as hygienic flow control that day. It’s other safety use as returning readers will recall is as ‘flood insurance’ to prevent the hydraulics of a lover’s thrusts from forcing pool water into my uterus during underwater sex which I suspected I would need that evening, and I did!

We took a relaxing swim in his pool where he took me face to face while I held on to the surround gutter as he held my hips and thrust into me. It was quick but wonderfully erotic.  Then having worked up an appetite we had a lovely dinner of rack of spring lamb that his chef had prepared and I told him that the flocks on my estate in Powys produce some of the best lamb in the UK.  Over dinner we had a delightful conversation. I was interested in knowing how he felt about being a second son and he said it suited him fine as he can get away with being a bit wild while his older brother has to be conventional since he is so often in the public eye. He was interested in the arc of my career and was fascinated at how I ended up as a Baroness with one of the oldest, largest and wealthiest estates in the UK. My life hasn’t been exactly a Cinderella story, but I have been extraordinarily fortunate and I realize it!

Scents: At bedtime he picked me up and carried me to his bed.  I mentioned that I needed to be milked and had my breast pump with me and asked if he liked the taste of breast milk and would like to milk me or if I should use the breast pump.  He had never had an adult nursing relationship (ANR) and eagerly agreed to breast feed so I told him how to peel my Lily Padz nipple shields off and suck my nipples to let my milk down. He was gentle being careful not to bite me as he sucked and emptied both breasts in about twenty minutes before we had menstrual sex again.  He had thick maroon bath towels to protect the pillow he slipped under my hips and the sheets from any menstrual flow. I let him remove my diaphragm this time for unprotected menstrual sex and to allow me to give him Pompoir with less effort. He took the partially filled diaphragm heavy with the scent of latex and my flow and licked the dome clean of the bloody discharge.

It was at that point in our encounter that I first gave him Pompoir telling him to hold on and not move while I milked his penis so he could see what Sophie should be able to do for him if she proves to be a good student. As he approached orgasm during Pompoir his grip on my shoulders tightened, he swelled inside me then shuddered, gasped, moaned and called me Sophie as he came filling me with jets of thick, hot, creamy semen! I’d seen that reaction before and knew that his calling me by her name when in my arms he had lost all sense of where he was.  I think I will tame him with a psychological penis leash, slowly and gently as too bold a move would raise a lot of questions from the circle in which he moves so it’s best to influence him from a distance.

Afterward, as I lay in his arms with our bloody coital discharge draining out of me he commented on the bouquet of scents from our lovemaking; my estrogenic perspiration, the metallic scent of my menstrual flow and sweet musk of my nipple leakage that soaked his chest hair as he lay on top of me during Pompoir.  I went to sleep with my face buried in his armpit where I could breathe deeply of his testosterone laced musk.   

To be continued... 

Thursday, September 22, 2016

The 2016 Autumnal Equinox

A lovely Fall day in the mountains

The 2016 Autumnal Equinox: The Autumnal equinox in the northern hemisphere occurred on Thursday September 22nd this year at 2:21 PM GMT so we held the ceremony at dawn, 7:01 AM GMT.

My wards Bea, Seren and Bryony and Claire (the Dryads) arrived at Blackthorn Castle on Wednesday for the ritual celebration of this important celestial event and were paired with their male partners right away to allow the couples to become accustomed to one another sexually so there would be no surprises at dawn on the 22nd.  The four men were among the SAS volunteers who had been partnering with the government pelvic trainees under the guidance of Tanaquil and were asked to stay on for the equinox celebration. The four selected had the best sexual stamina and ability to stay focused which over the years I found - from my experience with partners at Location Z - was needed while performing on ancient Celtic altars in the open air under less than ideal weather conditions. Even though it was a week day Tim got leave from his classes to partner me on the primary altar.

Returning readers will recall that my wards con-celebrate these celestial occasions on subtending altars to the east, west, north and south of the primary altar at Celtic holy sites. These secondary altars at Blackthorn Castle – unearthed earlier this year - surrounding the primary altar adjacent to the ancient Blackthorn tree have been recently reconsecrated by a Druid priest.  Now human reproductive tract secretions are used in ritual fertility ceremonies. Instead of animal blood being spilled the transfer of seed from male to female in an act of ritual breeding occurs on stone altars where animal sacrifices once were offered to Venus/Aphrodite before Celtic mythology morphed her into the Celtic Goddess Rhiannon.  Seren (the Welsh name for star) Tim’s 18 y/o second cousin, a college mate of Bea at Cambridge drew the short straw and got the place of honor on the eastern altar closest to the sunrise.

The forecast was for cloudy but dry with the temperature in the low 50s (F).  And that is exactly the weather we had! I think it is the first time in the years that I have been celebrating celestial events in the open that there hasn’t been some form of precipitation. So the hooded shearling robes made for the occasion were quite comfy relative to what my wards and I experienced at Location Z in the Highlands of Scotland in 2014. And of course the girls and I all wore Gaynor Minden pointes with sueded tips for traction on the altar surfaces.

Since none of my wards are living with me now their cycles are no longer synchronous with mine. None were menstrual and only Bea was fertile. None of their partners wore protection, but of course the girls all have frameless GyneFix copper bead IUDs implanted so they were quite safe from pregnancy. Today, the 22nd I am CD6 and my period is winding down so I took Tim on the primary altar without using a diaphragm for flow control and it was marvelous! Both of us were unprotected which is unusual for me! It didn’t matter that we got blood all over the inside of our fleece robes since they were ritually burnt after the ceremony and before our celebratory breakfast. Everything went as planned and the weather cooperated (for once) so it was a lovely ceremony on the first day of Fall!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

An offer I couldn’t refuse

A Peritron 9300 which tests the vaginal grip

The Photo: A hand-held clinical biofeedback perineometer used for assessing the strength of the pelvic floor muscles. It’s useful in determining if students have the muscle strength needed to manipulate Ben Wa balls and isolating muscle groups for Pompoir training.

Due diligence: I’d been hearing that my background and skills (both ballet and pelvic) were being inquired about which is not all that unusual given the penchant of the tabloid press for hot-sheets scandals. However, this time it seems that I was being vetted as a trainer for a girlfriend of a man who is in the top strata of British society.  I’ve had three calls from previous lovers in my circle: Lord A****, father of Bryony one of the Dryads and uncle of Claire the other Dryad; Lord D****, father of my current boyfriend, Timothy (Tiny Tim), when he can be with me; and The Duke of M****, Jack’s father all of whom told me that they had recommended me as a ballet and pelvic skills coach for a young woman who may be marrying into the top level of British society. I knew I was under serious consideration when the private secretary of the prospective client asked that I undergo a physical exam at the prospective client’s expense.

At first I thought I’d tell him to fuck-off! But I quickly reconsidered as I thought if I was accepted it would give me an opportunity to meet some members at the top of British society who have until now found my background a bit too spicy for their taste, at least in public. So I agreed. When the most prestigious Gynecological practice in London called to set up an appointment for a pelvic exam and full panel STI test as part of the client’s due diligence we agreed on a date and time. So, a few days ago I went to that exalted Gyn practice for an after-hours appointment. It was routine. On the table, feet in the stirrups, had my ovaries palpated, a warmed speculum inserted, a cervical swab for a pap and blood drawn for the STI panel.

I knew I was correct in thinking that the client was very interested in the strength of my vaginal grip when the female Gyn produced a Peritron – a hand-held clinical biofeedback perineometer used for assessing the strength of the pelvic floor muscles. She lubed the probe and had me insert it about three-quarters of the way into my vagina. She then calibrated the device before asking me to do a series of squeezes on the probe and noted the readings. Then she asked me to try to suck the probe deeper and then try to expel it which I did while she tried to hold it stationary inside me. She smiled and said I had the strongest set of pelvic muscles she had ever seen and she was probably right since the practice she works for doesn’t specialize in sex workers. I’m very proud of my pelvic grip, but there are a lot of other courtesans and teachers who have grips just as strong as mine.  Because of the importance of the client the results of my pelvic and STI tests were expedited.

I was found to be in excellent pelvic health and free of any STIs as I knew I would be. I could have given them my most recent pelvic and full panel STI from my Gyn at Blackthorn clinic, but that wouldn’t have been in accordance with their need to use independently acquired information. Given the Gyn tests run I knew that the male client intended to invite me out for a “test drive” to appraise my ballet training and sample my pelvic skills that I would be asked to teach his girlfriend.

I was reluctant to ask, but since I was being examined by a Gyn for a possible job for a new client I decided it would show a lack of due diligence on my part if I didn’t insist on seeing the results of a current full panel STI for him. I was relieved when the Gyn handed me a copy of the results from his tests run the previous week and said it would have counted against me if I hadn’t asked about his sexual health since he intended to be unprotected when he was intimate with me. I was very pleased that I was correct about his intentions and she was honest with me about what was expected. But of course that would be the only way he would know for certain if the pelvic skills I can teach his possible fiancée are what he wants her to learn. Inserting two fingers in my vagina and asking me to squeeze I could hurt his fingers which would demonstrate the strength of my grip, but he really wouldn’t learn much. He needed to experience Pompoir and The Mare’s Trick to see what I can teach her if she is an apt student.  

The Client: I’ll call him Ronald (Ron) is sandy haired, well-built and in his early thirties. He is a second son, so he won’t inherit the title unless something happens to his brother, and has a military background graduating from Eaton and Sandhurst as second sons often do. He has been sowing his wild oats with a succession of young women and his family would like to see him settle down so I’ve been told that his parents are delighted that he is seriously involved with my proposed student since in the past he hasn’t cared enough about any of them being in any sort of Phys. fitness program not to mention ballet and pelvic training and I’m told this girl is interested in both.

I met him at his place in London this past weekend. I was told to pack an overnight case and a swimsuit and of course I took along a fully stocked slit-kit and my Medela bustier twin breast pump. He sent a car with smoked windows for me which protected my anonymity when we passed through the gates of his London residence as there are always tourists there.

To be continued…

Sunday, September 18, 2016

“Plumbing supplies” nipple and vaginal leakage

A thin silicone nipple pad for lactating women
The Photo: A Lily Padz brand is a gas permeable silicone nursing pad worn to stop leaking nipples in breast feeding women.

Breast protection: I’ve found that Lily Padz not only stop my nipples from leaking and staining my blouse, dress or gown when I become aroused while I’m out socially, but also offer protection for my nipples from a man’s roving hands. And for me I can wear a set for six to eight weeks before they need replacing. I have several sets to change to while the others need washing or are drying and I also have a set that I wear while swimming and diving for nipple protection. I love how well Lily Padz adhere to my breasts and they are easy to apply. I just invert the pad and press the center against and flatten my nipple then smooth any wrinkles and press the edges of the pad down to seal it in place. I wear the small size and love how comfortable they are with a marvelously secure fit. For those interested a good article about how to apply and remove Lily Padz can be read at the link HERE

A Lily Padz nipple shield on a breast

Vaginal discharge: Since I am cycling naturally depending where I am in my menstrual cycle I use different types of devices to manage the various types of vaginal discharge; fertile cervical mucus (FCM), menstrual flow, arousal lubricant and liquefied semen. I like to plan ahead when possible so I’m always protected should an opportunity arise to have penetrative sex with an unprotected man.

Returning readers know I prefer using a latex flat spring rim diaphragm or a silicone Oves cervical cap. A properly fitted and correctly inserted latex flat spring diaphragm is almost impossible for even the most skilled swordsman or mischievous lover to under-thrust, they can be safely used with silicone lubes and the heat transfer properties are far better than silicone diaphragms. However, there are drawbacks to using latex cervical barriers. Some people are allergic to latex and latex can be easily destroyed by oils of any kind including vaginal meds so only water base spermicides should be used with them. The life of even a properly cared for latex diaphragm is usually much shorter, typically a year with ‘normal’ use of several times a week, than a silicone one which should last several years. Now of course latex diaphragms are no longer commercially available, but they can be custom made for patients of specialist Gynecologists, which is how up-market Escorts who cater to latex fetishists get theirs.

A tiny transparent silicone Oves cervical cap, unlike FemCap that seals against the vaginal walls, can be screwed down tight on my cervix. It was designed to be a single use device worn continuously for up to three days, but I have worn mine routinely for five days continuously without problems, usually when I’m luteal.  Of course I can’t wear Oves when menstrual as the flow will float it off my cervix. Sadly, Oves has been discontinued for years. Fortunately, when there started to be shortages I stocked up and with care I can wear a single cap for several entire cycles so should I have enough to last me to menopause if I don’t get pregnant and the size of my cervix changes. A nice thing about wearing an Oves is being able to safely have an unprotected and uncut man take me from behind while I’m fertile and en pointe a la seconde (ballet-sex) with all the muscles below my waist clenched. That way when I’m at the peak of my desire he can rub his frenulum against my G-spot to give me extremely intense orgasms.

Another is that I could wear Oves with an older version of the Sports Plug to protect my labia and clitoris from being groped while out clubbing with no need to remain aroused if my partner is a turn-off because the anterior rim of a correctly sized diaphragm could interfere with earlier versions of the locking ridge that fits in the post-pubic vault behind the pubic symphysis if the wearer isn’t aroused. However, when Jeff at Labia Labs debuted version 3 of the Sports Plug it had been redesigned not only to armor the head against an electric plug puller but also the locking ridge was changed to allow it to be comfortably and safely worn with a diaphragm. I find wearing a Sports Plug very arousing and so I usually stay wet with my vagina tented and my cervix elevated.

FCM and menstrual flow can be controlled by cervical barriers but natural arousal lubricant and liquefied semen from an unprotected man can only be partially Kegeled out. So inserting a tampon or allowing the residual coitial discharge after Kegeling to be absorbed by the thick cotton gusset in a quality pair of leggings or tights are the two ways I usually control it. A nice thing about wearing a tampon is that I can give it to my lover as a souvenir after our encounter.

The Autumnal Equinox: The Autumnal equinox in the northern hemisphere will occur on Thursday September 22nd this year. My wards will come to Blackthorn Castle and we will celebrate it at the Celtic holy site under the Blackthorn tree. Bea, Seren and Bryony and Claire (the Dryads) will be con-celebrants on the subtending altars – unearthed earlier this year - surrounding the primary altar adjacent to the ancient Blackthorn tree where sacrifices were once offered to Venus/Aphrodite before Celtic mythology morphed her into the Celtic Goddess Rhiannon. 

Returning readers will recall that the name Rhiannon is derived from the Celtic Goddess Rigantona (the Great or Devine Queen). My Celtic mythology expert says I should understand that Rhiannon was the embodiment (in Welsh legend as set down in the Mabinogion and other medieval texts) of the Celtic Goddess Rigantona, which explains why my Goddess, Aphrodite, is as comfortable as she is with me actually channeling Rigantona, which occurs primarily when I’m in Wales.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Hal and Gynophobia

Boxcover from the video game Gynophobia

The Photo: The Boxcover from a copy of the video game Gynophobia and before someone asks, no I haven’t played it. I don’t need to as I’m dealing with it in real life.

Gynophobia: Noun, a morbid fear of women. It is a type of social phobia; any phobia (other than agoraphobia) associated with situations in which you are subject to criticism by others (as fear of eating in public or public speaking etc.)

Returning readers may recall that in my post for Tuesday, March 31, 2015 entitled “The psychology of a pointe-shoe fetish” I mentioned working with a therapist in helping young male dancers get over their fear of handling a female partner during rehearsals and performances. Since Marvin has moved to Cambridge as a Don his replacement at Blackthorn Clinic and my present therapist is a young and brilliant female psychiatrist, who I will call ‘Elaine’ for the purposes of this blog. She specializes in women’s fetishes and paranormal possession and Marvin thought she would bring new insights to my case and better help me cope with the responsibilities of being Aphrodite’s high priestess and she has.

As with Marvin and almost all the therapists in my past we quickly became sexually intimate. That’s considered a breach of medical ethics, but in my case I think my therapist and I get to know one another so much better when we are sexually intimate! I’m actually quite good at seduction and she has become one of my lovers as she is very fond of breast milk. We have the most amazing ANR! But I digress…

Elaine also specializes in Gynophobia, the male fear of females which can affect both homo and hetro men. Apparently some young male dancers have psychological problems handling the bodies of their female partners. In “The Dread of Woman” (1932), Karen Horney traced the male dread of woman to the boy's fear that his genitalia are inadequate in relation to his mother. When Elaine occasionally has a patient with Gynophobia referred to her from his school or company she has begun to ask, me to help in allaying his fears because, she says, talk therapy hasn’t worked well and I have such a lovely gentle way with young heterosexual men. I suppose that was meant as a complement, but I don’t want to become thought of as a Cougar. However, it is true that I do enjoy sex with much younger men.

I’m amazed that he has gotten as far as he has in his career with him constantly being among and handling attractive young women, but it seems he and his coaches believe he has reached a point where he can no longer cope effectively so is seeking professional treatment.  Anyway, I am treating Harold or Hal as he is called (not his real name) a marvelously strong and gorgeous nineteen-year-old who I am supposed to help become confident around women and introduce him to the delights the female body can offer a man w/o terrifying him. I could easily be his mother, even though I don’t look it as my beauty regimen has kept me looking as though I’m in my early thirties, which I find is a turn-on for me – in a sort of incestuous way - given the looks we get from some who don’t know us. The schedule called for me seeing him for a 90-minute therapy session five times a week for two weeks and then once or twice a week for a while depending on how (or if) he seems to be progressing. Hal is now mid-way of his second week with me and is progressing well but not at the pace I had hoped so he will be with me for at least another five session week.  

Elaine wanted to immerse him in ‘gentle but dominant femininity’ straight away so during the first intense three weeks he is living with me. At first it tested his stamina at which came a shock to him and use muscles he didn’t know he had but his sexual stamina has increased and he has gained skill and confidence. His ballet-sex therapy sessions are being held in the newly refurbished ballet studio and my bedroom at my home, Blackthorn House, in Eaton Square, Belgravia, London. We are dancing the Pas de Deux from La Bayadere and Swan Lake and other classics which are in his company’s repertory. Seeing how easily and confidently he learned to lift me was his first big test which he passed splendidly as he can toss my 105 lbs. into the air with ease and the momentum is channeled into fish dives; horizontally over his head, or have me fall from a sitting position on his shoulder to be caught in a fish dive as easily as though we had been partners for years.

Pelvic compatibility and contraception: When younger he had all his Gardasil shots against the HPV virus and he came to me with a clean full STI panel so we were good to go. He is uncut, about 7 inches long but his girth is amazing! So he isn’t one of those guys who make a girl wonder “Oh my God! Where am I going to put all that!” as I can easily accommodate his length, but his girth has been a treat as he thrusts into my anterior and posterior fornices! I have not required him to wear a condom as I wear a cervical barrier (a latex flat spring diaphragm or Oves cervical cap) or both when I’m fertile. I ovulated two days before he arrived so I’m safe to have unprotected sex until after my period, but I will allow him to wear a condom if he wants to while I’m menstrual which should start in a day or two, on sixteen September this cycle.

I especially enjoy having him thrust into my anterior fornix while I’m protected by a latex flat spring diaphragm as the pressure from his marvelously thick glans stretching the dome to the bottom of my fornix will at the same time force my cervix higher by a centimeter or more shifting my whole uterus while allowing the flat spring rim to rub against the erectile tissue of my G-spot.  I get wet just writing about how marvelous that is! As the weather here in London is turning cooler I’ve been wearing velvet leggings for any encounters while at the ROH. Though unlike nylon velvet is very easy to soil with coitial secretions so with velvet I’d have to be careful that neither of us drips on them. The leggings show off my legs and have a wonderful absorbent thick cotton gusset that can absorb our coitial discharge – as Kegeling immediately afterward never gets it all -  if we go out to eat before returning to Blackthorn House. I am really enjoying having Hal thrusting inside me as he is such an ardent lover and such a delight to teach! But of course the first few weeks with a new man is always such an adventure!  

I am known around the Royal Opera House as a pointe coach and more recently as a minder for Nikolai a young Russian star who had been getting in a great deal of trouble – impregnating members of the corps - until I was asked to take him in hand. So I drew no stares when I was seen between pointe classes talking with Hal and after work us going off together. That has increased my Cougar quotient with gossips which include almost everyone in the ballet world, but I’m impervious to gossip and Hal’s stock has risen (with those who don’t know of his unease around women) thinking he has charmed his way into my panties, which while the destination is correct he has arrived there by a very different route.  I don’t think I will give him experiences with Pompoir or the Mare’s Trick since in the general population women with those capabilities are rare.  So I wouldn’t want to spoil him for any lovely girl who doesn’t have an advanced degree in pelvic skills.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Pelvic training “Finishing School”

A 1.0- inch set of 606 surgical steel Ben Wa balls

 Photo: A set of 1.0-inch diameter 606 surgical stainless steel balls used for pompoir training.

 Kitting out my new students: As in the past when kitting out my wards (though for this group it occurred over a weekend when the shops were usually closed) the class, six lovely hard bodied multi-ethnic athletic women in their early twenties, had been to Gepetto’s bootery to be fitted with £3,500 ballet-boots with unitized titanium toe-box and shanks and easily replaceable titanium heels. There will be no lace-splitter heels for these girls. His adjoining latex fetishwear shop made each student three chlorinated latex catsuits with self-lubricating relief zippers and flat welded seams that won’t tear when under strain. They also went to the Barony’s reproductive health clinic for fitting of the one-size-fits-most Caya contoured diaphragm and a half dozen custom made flat spring latex diaphragms to use for ‘flood insurance’ during underwater penile-vaginal sex to prevent the hydraulics of a partner’s thrusts from forcing water into the wearer’s uterus. Returning readers will recall that other desirable features of flat spring latex diaphragms are the thin latex membrane of the dome transmits heat far better than a silicone barrier, the flat spring rim is nearly impossible for even a skilled man to under-thrust and silicone lube can be used with latex w/o it destroying the device as it will when used with silicone barriers. A FemCap might seem to serve the same purpose, but fills the wearer’s fornices so she can’t take a large man w/o hurting him and below 25 feet water pressure will squeeze the cervix as the dome collapses making FemCap an unsatisfactory choice.

Pointe-shoes: The students all came to me with at least six pairs of hard shanked Gaynor pointes with suede leather tips which are the most supportive, comfortable and longest lasting shoes for ballet-sex. The inner platform pads as well as toe taping and toe pads minimize the possibility of injury from thrust-drop where a tall man can lift his partner off her platforms when he thrusts into her and at withdrawal drops her back on the platforms when being taken from behind while sur les pointes a la seconde. Wearing hard shanked Gaynors with their inner platform padding and optional leather tips gives a girl much greater poise and confidence when in a ballet-sex encounter a well hung man.

Pelvic skills: I usually began my students vaginal barrel toning with 1.0-inch solid borosilicate glass Ben Wa balls. I have them begin by learning how to quickly and confidently insert and remove a 1.0 inch set of solid Pyrex glass balls weighing 0.65 oz. each. It’s always interesting to see if when they jump, cough or sneeze they expel one or both balls. Then lying on her back after a bit of pushing and sucking up with her muscles she will be able to pull them up and push them down her vagina. Once she can do that I have them work on being able to pull the balls deeper while standing and gravity helps to push them back down against her pubic bone again.

Pompoir training: However, the young women selected for my current training class have been training – at a different facility - as professional or semi-professional sex workers so they have come to my pelvic “Finishing School” with well-developed vaginal muscle tone and the ability to manipulate a 1.0-inch solid glass ball set. The best training device I’ve found for isolating and strengthening of the vaginal muscle groups to enable a woman to perform Pompoir - milking a man effectively and then grip him so tightly that his penis can’t go flaccid during his refractory interval (known as The Mare’s Trick) is a pair of 1.0-inch surgical steel balls.  So that’s what I had them begin their training with. Some of them came to me thinking that they were at the top of their game are having a bit of trouble adjusting to the additional effort required.

Each ball weighs 2.307 oz.) for a total of 4.614 oz. of steel, more than a quarter of a pound and each has to become proficient in moving the balls up and down her vaginal barrel while performing household tasks. To successfully complete the course each will have to hold them in place during pointe class doing jumps and développés while en pointe and then successfully give a man pompoir immediately after her pointe class. The trainees are wearing correctly fitted Gaynor Minden hard shanked pointes with sueded leather tips. It’s not clear to me whether the students, though highly motivated, will be able to develop their pompoir skills in the three-week length of the course as it can typically take several months even with concerted effort.

Some readers familiar with Pompoir training may recall that Pompoir is said to have been one of the sexual skills that Wallis Simpson used on King Edward VIII that made him so in thrall to her that he abdicated the English throne in order to marry her.

Tanaquil and Pompoir training: Tanaquil, who returning reader will recall is a retired POB ballerina, Courtesan, Procuress and who now runs the training and technical side of Taryn’s the Porn Empire from Blackthorn Castle will be overseeing the day-to-day training of the female agents. That will allow me devote my time right now to helping treat the mental problems of a young man who has a very promising future as a ballet dancer.

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