Monday, May 27, 2013

Bea’s first death rubber, ballet-boot anal penetration

A latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragm with introducer

The photo: Shows one of my 80 mm latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragms. As returning readers may recall Reflexions is the first choice of our escorts when cervical protection is needed because the very soft stretchy latex dome conducts heat far better than a silicone diaphragm and when properly fitted and correctly inserted it is more effective than a cervical cap, especially for women who have given birth. Additionally, because the flat spring will not distort due to water pressure and is nearly impossible for a partner to under-thrust the rim it is the best choice as flood insurance in case the vagina floods which is fairly common during dive-sex. The down side of a latex diaphragm is that the life of latex can be shortened considerably by oily lubes or meds and it can’t be used by couples with a latex allergy.

Waiting for a donor: I know it sounds ghoulish, but Bea and I have been waiting for the death of a woman in the area who wears the Reflexions in Bea’s size, 65mm, and who was wearing it when she died while having a penetrative sexual encounter. The donor pool is mainly Towel-Girls working at Adolph’s private swim club, Splash, because the girls are small and a lot of them are inexperienced in having dive-sex. But there are a few other women who come to train at Adolph’s deep dive training facility where accidents sometimes occur and at his spa, The Lorelei, which is a favorite get-away for young moneyed European women. And there are a few potential donors in the general population as well. I’ve had a data collecting Co. develop and track all women in the area who wear a 65 mm Reflexions so I know at any time where possible donors are.   

Death rubber harvesting: Last week one of the newer Towel-Girls and a potential donor had a serious accident.  She didn’t tether herself to the bottom in the center of the encounter pool which allowed her client to mount her when she was completely free to be pushed around the pool while he was thrusting into her and he pushed her up against the wall where the K-valve on the top of her tank was repeatedly slammed into the wall. The K-valve to which the balanced first stage regulator feeding her OTS Guardian FFM was attached bent, then cracked causing her nearly full 80 cu ft. aluminum tank to ‘torpedo’ tearing her out of her partner’s arms and dragging her all over the pool with it crashing into the bottom and sides. Somewhere in that brutal ride her head slammed into a wall or the pool bottom and her neck was broken. The man was badly shaken up and made no attempt to help her as he was trying to avoid being hit by the tank as it tumbled while dragging the Towel-Girl around the pool. 

Bea happened to be on duty then and helped in the recovery. She was in full gear about to meet a client when the alarm went off and she was in the pool and with the body a full two minutes before any of the EMTs dove in to help. That was plenty of time for Bea to remove the dead Towel-Girl’s Reflexions, substitute her own in its place and inset her freshly harvested death rubber into her own vagina. Fortunately Bea was in her luteal phase so there was no danger of her becoming preggers from any sperm left on the diaphragm from the dead girl’s partner. After helping with the recovery Bea went back into the dressing room removed her new death rubber checked to see that it really was a 65 mm, washed it, checked the dome for thin spots, pin holes, cracks and tears then applied dive Gel+ and reinserted it making certain it was correctly positioned and wore it for the encounter that had been delayed because she was helping with the recovery. Her client in his feedback to the club said she was a superb fuck showing marvelous maturity since his last encounter with her. Her friend hadn’t been dead fifteen minutes and her Reflexions hardly had time to cool from body temperature before it began a new stage in its useful life as a death rubber. She showed it to me that evening and there was hardly any discoloration in the latex dome so it was almost new as its original wearer apparently never had a chance to bleed into it.

Afterward: Though it’s too soon to tell for certain I think her friend’s Chi in Bea’s death rubber seems to be having a moderating effect as I had hoped. Her attitude about men and the need to be meticulous about her contraceptive regimen has changed dramatically for the better

Ballet-boots and anal penetration: We are offering a service (new to us) to men interested in having their anus penetrated by the heel of a Domme’s traditional ballet boot. Supposedly this is not a new service as it is said to have originated in Austria in the early 1900s with the Viennese fetish boot that had a heel longer than the sole of the boot making it impossible to walk in, but if correctly sized ideal for inserting in a submissive’s rectum.

It is extremely dangerous to have the anus penetrated by an unsheathed heel of a ballet-boot that has been designed to wear on the street, but with great care and if the man remains very still it can often be done w/o puncturing the wall of the colon. However, a far safer alternative is to use an anal dildo of medical grade silicone about 8 inches long and 1.5 inches in diameter – though smaller and larger diameters are available - that fits snugly over the spike heel of the Domme’s ballet-boot. This is far more sanitary while greatly lessening the danger of puncturing the client’s colon.  We like for the client to have worn a butt plug for a while before he comes in for a boot heel anal encounter so his sphincters are somewhat dilated, but it isn’t necessary. We lube with our silicone based DiveGel+ that has a biocide in it so that should minimize the likelihood of any scraping of the colon wall. 

We are trialing the anal dildos for a few weeks to see if there is a marked for the service from submissive men. I suspect there will be as it’s amazing how many virile men in leadership positions in this country and in Europe want their prostates massaged by the heel of a gorgeous Domme’s ballet-boot while they are on their hands and knees handcuffed to an altar. Jeff’s Labia Labs is producing the ballet heel anal dildo attachments and the first design has the dildos as a single use disposable toy, to minimize the possibility of infection from multiple use and improper sterilization, at least when used by Dommes working for our casino.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

A lesbian abortion and harness fucking

Double valve aspirator and cannula for a manual vacuum abortion

The photo: The working end of a manual vacuum abortion (MVA) machine showing the double valve aspirator and the cannula that is inserted through the cervix into the uterus to suck out the reproductive tissue.

A manual vacuum abortion: Returning readers will remember that in my March 19, 2013 post: Lesbians and breeding diaphragms, I had successfully inseminated an Air Force officer with Brian’s semen, unbeknownst to Brian. She wanted to get out of the service and thought pregnancy was the quickest way to do that.  Unfortunately she and her partner, a UNLV grad student, broke up soon after she found she had conceived and she was left with a decision to make. She decided to abort because the results of the selection boards came out and she will be promoted to Major and she is being transferred to the Middle East. She came in to the clinic several weeks ago for her vacuum aspiration. I sat with her during the procedure and she did very well. She was not the least bit depressed. Actually she is happy it’s over with (she was hardly 5 weeks along) and is looking forward to her new assignment. Now Brian won’t be a new father, at least in this instance. Callisto, his wife, keeps in touch and says his scare with Mumps is beginning to wear off and he is starting to enjoy the charms of some of his students again. The trip from LA to Vegas isn’t that far so I need to be careful that he doesn’t begin stalking Bea. 

Bea’s ease: As I mentioned in an earlier post I had Bea fitted for a glamour harness. She took a small as do most of the women fitted for glamour harnesses to wear in the Sling Bar. Before she could use it she needed ID that showed her being at least 21. It’s not that she doesn’t look it, when made up, she does. She has no baby fat on her, lovely tight buns, flat belly, full, but small high breasts, high cheek bones, beautiful long legs and a glorious smile. She has a bedroom voice and can hold back her bubbly personality so she appears far older than she actually is, but the less she talks the safer she will be.  All we needed was high quality ID that says she is 21 and we got it through a Chinese ID website that’s plenty good to get her through screening to register her STI panel results at Naughty’s and she is on my casino credit card, but with a limit so she can’t buy a Lamborghini with it. So now she can sample the male delights available at Naughty’s. What she shouldn’t do is drink alcohol because she will revert back to being a teen. It’s a good thing she doesn’t like the way alcohol affects her so she won’t drink it, but goes for sodas instead. I’ve never seen anyone so apparently at ease and confident on her first Sling Bar encounter with a man as Bea seemed to be.

Harness-fuck shoes: This past week I went with her on her first male encounter at the Sling Bar and we brought along two of Pirate’s best male escorts as our partners to familiarize them with harness fucking and to make sure we all had a really good time. Bea and I strayed a bit from one of the unwritten rules of Sling Bar footwear for women by both wearing pink satin GM pointes with sueded tips to prevent slipping in our own and other bar patron’s coitial discharge. Although the Sling Bar is quite new women patrons typically wear sandals or shoes they don’t mind getting wet and stained. Our GMs were the sort we wear for ballet-sex, hard shanked and not new, they had been pancaked several times to hide the semen stains so I suppose in that sense we were still following the spirit of the rules. 

Evacuating domes and harness-wear: We stopped at registration where they check age, STI status and having a credit card on file then moved to the dressing rooms. We were both in the follicular portion of our cycles CD8 and 9 and about to become fertile so the first thing we did after disrobing down to our lingerie was to make certain that our Reflexions FS diaphragms were properly positioned. She applied fresh DiveGel+ spermicide in the dome and since I’d had a bareback escort trainee just a few hours before and was still draining his seed I just inserted 5 ml of DiveGel+ from a prefilled disposable applicator pushing the tip up against my latex sheathed cervix depressed the plunger and I was good to go. 

Then it was time to pump down the domes of our latex diaphragms. Returning readers will remember that some woman with prominent pelvic ledges and soft deep vaginal rugae can increase the vacuum in the domes of their diaphragms by squatting and pushing down, as though having a BM. Performing that movement several times pushes the cervix lower in the vagina and further into the dome of her diaphragm which is held firmly in place behind her cervix and against her pubic ledge so any air still in the folds of the dome is squeezed out and the strengthened vacuum pulls the stretchy latex into the anterior fornix. The squat and push maneuver won’t develop as strong a vacuum as a cycle session in a multi bed hyperbaric chamber, but you can feel pressure as the collapsed dome grips the cervix. It is a very comforting feeling for  women  such as Bea and I who depend on a tightly sealed dome for contraceptive protection.  After that we changed into our harness wear; side-tie thongs and front closure bras, buckled ourselves into our harnesses and checked each other’s gear to make sure the straps were not twisted and were correctly fastened. Then we were ready for prime-time.

Down the red carpet: I let Bea go first and watched her through a small viewing window. I had texted her escort to enter the bull pen, as the area where the available men stand is called. If you are going to the Sling Bar as a couple you don’t want your partner entering the bull pen too soon as he might get selected by the woman walking down the carpet ahead of you. Tradition, such as it is in so new sex venue, is that once selected a man can’t refuse. He can refuse of course, but it would ruin his reputation at the casino and probably around town as a swinger.

So Bea walked down the red carpet and an appreciative mummer went up from the men hoping to be chosen. She seemed to glow with all the attention she was getting from the lusting men. She handled it well strutting down the carpet en pointe to show off her legs and tightly clinched buns. She selected her man to sighs from the unselected and then disappeared into the bar area through a padded door.  I had texted my partner for the evening and after I saw him in the bull pen I rolled up on to pointe and began my strut down the catwalk. There is nothing quite like showing off your body (especially if you know you look gorgeous) in front of a group of men who are gathered for the sole purpose of being selected to fuck your brains out. There was another sigh from the other candidates as I chose my man and we disappeared into the bar.

Sex in an M-10: Bea and I had brought along Czech M-10 gasmasks, the rubber ones with the cheek filters, in our totes so we could enjoy ourselves w/o being too noisy while the men tried to fuck our brains out. Both of us can be screamers during orgasms if the men we are with are really working on our G-spots and cervixes and the partners we had chosen knew exactly what we liked!. This is especially true when we are fertile and at our most estrogenic and I and probably Bea were just about there that night. We left the cheek filters in for better noise suppression and because it made it harder to breathe during orgasm giving us a bit of asphyxia play and increased the old masks already strong smell of rubber which we both enjoy.

Our partners helped us into our M-10s over Lycra hoods we donned to prevent the masks spider from tangling in our long hair then fastened our harnesses to the cables. Before we operated our winches and rose to our partner’s hip height we helped them out of their slacks. The boys were already massively erect and weeping pre-ejaculate so we were ready to rock and roll!   I watched as Bea lifted by her winch spread her legs, positioned herself closer to her man with her legs and guided his glans up against her introits as he gripped her buns and pulled her toward him. She nodded that she was ready and with a single thrust his entire length disappeared inside her. Bea’s back arched, she gasped, moaned and screamed “Oh yes, yes, yes!” And she could easily be heard three slings down the bar as he began to establish a rhythm to his thrusts.

It was marvelous what that man was able to do for her as she hung suspended in her harness with her legs wrapped tightly around his waist. He kept her in a constant state of orgasm for 5 or 6 minutes at a time. Then she would have to take off her mask drink from a sports drink to replenish her electrolytes and catch her breath and towel off. Her suit was soaked and there was a puddle of water under her where the sweat had run off as he fucked her. Then he would help her back into her mask and they were off again. He knew she was, a protégé of mine, and he gave her a fucking she will never forget.  After he finished with her she couldn’t stand for 20 minutes because her legs were too weak. She just gulped sports drink as she sat in her sling with her feet on the floor and wasn’t sore then, but the next day she could hardly walk until she had a long hot soak and 800 mg of ibuprofen. But you should have seen the smile on her face!

The morning after: I was there when she removed her diaphragm the next morning and there was still a lot of coitial discharge draining out even though she had Kegeled most out before she went to bed which is pretty standard from what happened the night before. In the dome there was just fertile mucus and liquefied spermicide so the good fit, strong vacuum in the dome and the flat spring rim allowed her to safely withstand all her partners massive thrusting and repeated ejaculations.   All in all her debut as a Sling-girl was a great success!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Age lowered for EC w/o Rx, Readers questions

The Emergency Contraceptive Plan B One-Step

The Photo: The FDA last week reduced that age from 17 to 15 for girls to get Plan B w/o an Rx. The request had been placed by the maker, Teva Pharma, months ago and Plan B is the only EC pill for which the no Rx age was reduced. Next Choice a Plan B generic (for the original Plan B two pill regimen) wasn’t approved because it is still has a two pill regimen and was thought too complicated for 15 y/o to use correctly in a stressful situation and ella requires an Rx for women of any age.  

A frequent reader (Master Paul) asks: “Do you actually ever go totally bareback and unprotected? If so what CD is it, how often and when was it last done?  …how do you feel, react when you get inseminated knowing a baby may very well result? I am into breeding sex so I find pregnancy risk fucking to be the ultimate in sexuality. I know how it feels from the man's perspective, but from the woman's? I hope you can go into details on a few preg risk fucks, that is if you have ever gotten hot enough to enjoy the ultimate in human sexuality. Lusting to take you totally bare and unprotected.”

I’ve written previously about the male drive to impregnate during casual sex. This reader is more honest about discussing his cravings than most, but from my experience in discussing this with my partners the desire to impregnate his partner is almost certainly universal, if some times subconscious, in straight men even when the couple both use protection. I think that’s especially true for married men in adulterous relationships subconsciously wanting to ensure his genes survive through multiple women.  

Pregnancy risks of unprotected sex: If a woman has unprotected sex on her most fertile day of one cycle, her chances of becoming pregnant are: 50% if she is 19 to 26 years old,  40% if she is 27 to 34 years of age, and  30% if she is 35 to 39 years old. So at 42 my chances are about one in three if I’m caught unprotected on my most fertile day.

I try never to get caught unprotected and I’m far better at it now than I used to be. That’s one reason I wear a latex flat spring ‘death rubber’ diaphragm, to moderate my behavior, because when I was on the pill I found myself starting a new pack late and ovulating, in addition to the hormones killing my libido. And after that I wasn’t consistent in using a Prentif cap either. I’m so aroused and confident wearing a death rubber with a good silicone based 4% O9 spermicide, DiveGel+, in the dome knowing that I’m well protected at all times. Of course with a latex flat spring diaphragm I’m also protected from a man under-thrusting the rim and leaving semen in the dome. A flat spring diaphragm won’t distort due to water pressure when diving below 30 feet so it also provides flood insurance to prevent having water forced into my uterus during dive-sex if my vagina floods.

My replies to Master Paul’s questions:

1. Do you actually ever go totally bareback and unprotected? If so what CD is it, how often and when was it last done?

When I was fourteen and in ballet school a sixteen year old boy was my first lover on the roof of my dorm one summer. We were totally unprotected and I was a day or two past my period and my cycles hadn’t stabilized so I had no idea exactly where I was in my cycle. It turned out ok and then we began using condoms, but condoms were problematic because they would tear or come off inside me. At menarche the girls were all fitted with latex All-Flex diaphragms and taught to use them for flow control during menses which our Brit ballet teachers had been taught to use when they had been students. It didn’t take long for us to start using them for contraception.

The last time I had totally unprotected sex was years ago and I don’t remember the details other than afterward I worried a great deal about if I would get my period and I’m sure that the stress was what made my period late. The only truly safe time is after ovulation during my luteal phase, but I don’t trust fertility computers or FAM readings to tell me when I’m fertile because my life is so stressful. My cycles are quite regular, but I can never be certain when I could be so stressed that it will affect when I ovulate. As I said that hasn’t happened yet, but as I age it is becoming more likely.

I do recall an encounter in 2008 when I was still wearing a latex All-Flex arcing spring diaphragm. A lover intentionally under-thrust the rim and came in the dome while I was fertile. I was using a silicone vaginal jelly, DiveGel+ (its currently in clinical trials) that contains a spermicide which immobilizes sperm that probably prevented me from conceiving, because when I removed the diaphragm in addition to fertile cervical mucus there was liquefied spermicide, natural arousal lube and semen in the dome. An All-Flex is the easiest rim to under-thrust and a major reason I switched to a flat spring rim which as I mentioned earlier along with being the most difficult to under-thrust the rim will not distort when worn on dives below ten meters.

Recently, when I thought I would be asked to marry into a dynastic family, I was asked to have my reproductive tract checked to see if I could produce an heir. All the tests showed my hormone levels were excellent, my tubes clear and everything seemed to be working correctly. Given the level of my libido and the number of unprotected men I’ve known even as careful as I’ve been I’ve also been very lucky, which is why I’m obsessive/compulsive about consistently wearing a well fitting cervical barrier. I’d really hate to test one morning and find I have an evaporation line on the test strip. Not that I would keep it, but I wouldn’t want to break my record of thousands of encounters w/o a problem and have an ‘Oops‘on my record.

2. How do you feel, react when you get inseminated knowing a baby may very well result?

As I mentioned above at my age, statically I have less that a 30% chance of becoming preggers if I used no protection at all on my most fertile day. With a latex diaphragm and spermicide being 94% effective when used correctly that 30% drops to less than 2%, a risk I’m willing to take. I do like the adrenaline rush and tingle in my belly when a man is planting hundreds of millions of sperm as deep in me as he can and I remember that there is even that slight chance,  I enjoy that rush because among other things I’m an adrenaline junkie. 

3. Lusting to take you totally bare and unprotected

I understand your desire and applaud your willingness to talk openly about it. However, a totally unprotected encounter with me will only be in your fantasies. I plan never again to be taken unprotected unless I marry and my husband and I are trying to conceive.

Friday, May 3, 2013

The eroticism of pointe shoes

A student in Suffolk Solo training pointes

Power Pointe: I love wearing pointe-shoes both to perform in and in my personal life! When in pointes I’m confident and love the feel of the snug blocks confining my feet. I know my legs look their best when I’m on my toes and revel in the power they give me over men. I’m teaching a class for ballet students this semester at St Lucy’s (Pointes and Covert Seduction) in which I show the girls how to seduce men by wearing toe-shoes when they will be around men they want to attract. It’s not that difficult really if the woman is skilled in wearing them. Just several pairs of old, nearly dead, shoes that have been pancaked to clean them up a bit so they are comfortable and presentable to wear on casual dates. If the woman has the money wearing Gaynor pointes in her social life is more comfortable and she doesn’t have to worry about the blocks melting or crushing the shanks if she wants to go en pointe to show off her legs after hours wearing them on a date.

Most men can be led around mentally by their penises if a woman is skilled enough. The little brains between their legs can be enticed to do almost anything by a pretty woman if he thinks she will let him get into her panties. One of the most acceptable ways to mind-fuck a man is by wearing attractive clothing. One highly attractive item is footwear and at the top of the erotic footwear list are pointe-shoes because they make girls legs extremely attractive by lengthening the line of the leg and showing off contracted calves. Although ballet dancers know how effective wearing pointes can be for other women toe-shoes are underused resources because of their seeming perversity. Women w/o pointe training find it impossible to wear even de-shanked shoes comfortably and wearing shanked shoes confidently and expertly requires years of training. The required commitment of money, time and training limits the pool of women who can fully utilize the erotic potential of pointes in controlling men.

Toe pads and toe cheese: Another aspect of a pointe fetish that fascinates some men is the toe pads we wear in our shoes. My toes are toughened by years of wearing pointes. Even so I have my shoes fitted while wearing pads so that when my feet swell during my periods I can still wear my shoes comfortably to perform or play in. An aspect of toe pads that men seem to like is the ability to ejaculate in silicone lined pads, think Ouch Pouch, where their seed won’t soak in so the full 5 or 6 ml will be available to squish between the woman’s toes when she puts them on and holds them in place with the convertible feet of her tights. After she takes class or performs in semen filled pads her lover can turn them inside-out and suck the toe cheese out which consists of dead skin cells, sweat, semen residue, toe polish chips, lint and adhesive residue from toe tape and occasionally blood, pus and liniment which can give the cheese a spicy taste. While wearing semen filled pads can be erotic the down side is that the fluid can soften calluses and cause pressure problems if the woman does it too often.

Shoes of traditional materials for training: Readers know how much I love Gaynor Mindens with their unitized polymer shank and padded toe boxes, but the best shoes for training students are ones made with traditional materials hessian, paper, satin, leather and paste. A student needs to know how to make the blocks and shanks of her traditionally made shoes last and what it feels like when the blocks begin to melt as her sweat softens the paste and the shoes no longer provide proper support. There is also the scent of shoes made of traditional materials when damp with estrogenic sweat that some men find alluring; especially when his partner’s calves are on his shoulders, or her feet are by her ears where he can enjoy the full bouquet while he is thrusting deep into her flat belly.

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