Sunday, November 29, 2009

A pit-bottom drysuit encounter

A Mistral twin-hose regulator set

Girls in heavy rubber: I need some help here guys, ok? What is it about a woman being encased in rubber dive gear? Is it that she seems so unattainable – like a ballerina in the four-Ts; tights, tutu, toeshoes and tiara? Is it an imprisonment thing with the woman being ‘helpless’ while encased? Is it about domination, where the man first encases her and then removes a woman’s protective equipment and carnally takes her w/o her permission simply because he is stronger than she and can dominate her? Is it that he likes to listen to her respiration increase as she sucks gas through her demand valve while he takes her to orgasm? Or is it something darker where he can easily kill her by shutting off her air during sex? You’d be surprised at how many ‘accidents’ happen to women during breath play in dive equipment while having sex. Most women don’t have the strength to fight off a larger stronger man especially while wearing a restrictive rubber suit. Or, sometimes it’s that she was too trusting and finds he’s suffocating her when it’s too late to do anything to save herself. Is that the turn-on? Or is it something else entirely? I’m hoping male readers will share their thoughts about the male sexual obsession with women in heavy rubber because I had a really kinky experience in heavy rubber on Thanksgiving Day, which I enjoyed immensely. But afterward the man involved, Jacques, as fluent in English as he is seemed unable to explain why he took me the way he did. Or perhaps he was too embarrassed to tell me how base the reasons for his urges were. I’m all for catering to men’s animalistic urges - well, most of them anyway - I’d just like to know what they are thinking during our encounters.

A pit-bottom drysuit encounter: As I posted in an earlier entry, Thanksgiving morning turned out to be a bit different, and far more exciting, than I expected! I have a new DUI drysuit that I was practicing with in the pit. I was practicing getting out of inversions and I’ll admit I was showing off a bit because Jacques was my dive buddy. If the diver is using a drysuit to provide buoyancy control and accidentally becomes inverted s/he loses the ability to control buoyancy. If the diver can’t get out of the inverted position (her booties pointing toward the surface and her head down) she can end up with an uncontrolled ascent which can cause decompression sickness (DCS) and death. I’ve had a DUI drysuit before, when I was back east so had practiced righting myself from inversions in it but the weight and feel of the suits is different and I needed to practice righting myself in the new one. Since Jacques was in the pool with me one thing led to another as it often will with a man and it ended up with him helping me get out of a perfectly good fully functioning drysuit for dive-sex at the bottom of the pit. It was a first for us both!

My new DUI: I got a custom Diving Unlimited International DUI TLS350 ‘special production’ drysuit custom sized for me. It is made of a trilaminate material made of tough Nylon/Butyl Rubber/Nylon and has a diagonal front entry zipper and ‘QuickZip’ design so I can get in to and out of it by myself. I got the zip-seal option so torn neck and wrist seals can be replaced in a few minutes on site rather than having to send the suit to a shop for repair. My suit colors are blue with a yellow overlay for easy visibility by other divers. I got it because Pirate and Robin are going quarry diving around Reno and asked if I would like to go. I haven’t been quarry diving since I lived in Virginia and there was this huge flooded pit a few miles from my place.

I had originally planned, without giving it too much thought, that I would use a DESCO FF-FFM but I had forgotten that Desco recommends a depth limit not to exceed 30 feet. I need to think of it as a ‘diaphragm mask’, It’s only safe to use a diaphragm as a gas guard no deeper than that depth so like a diaphragm a Desco can’t be used at the bottom of the pit (68ft) or with a drysuit, because there is no low pressure hose connection for providing constant pressure in the drysuit. Not only that, but if I had practiced getting out of inversions in a surface supplied mask I could have twisted the umbilical and that wouldn’t have been a good idea either. So I decided to go with my Aqua-Lung Mistral twin-hose with a 130 cu ft Worthington HP steel tank. When full it has a negative buoyancy of about 12 lbs and when empty it’s a negative 2 lbs. With the DUI 350 drysuit I had all the lift I needed to control my buoyancy. I figured worst case I needed about 35 lb of lift; the 10 pounds of butyl rubber and fabric of the suit as well as the 12 lb full weight of the Worthington HP130 and a 50% margin for unknowns.

I had dived my new TLS350 briefly several times before in my swimming pool more for practice getting it on correctly making sure all the zippers worked easily and sealed properly and the neck and wrist seals fit well. You can never be sure what you have until you test dive something as complicated as a drysuit a few times to make sure you understand how it works and that all the bits and pieces are working as they should. If I am using only the suit for buoyancy control and the suit floods or I lose pressure I’m stuck inside a suit weighing 10 pounds (or more) plus the 10 pounds of the tank. I can drop a weight belt but am stuck with a negative 20 pounds of weight which in a shallow pool I might be able to push myself off the bottom hard enough to catch the edge of the pool but in a deep pool or in open water I’d be screwed. That is why I always carry a small lift bag in a suit pocket. That way if I have any air left I can get myself to the surface even in a flooded suit.

The encounter: So there I was practicing getting out of inversions, which is basically doing curls drawing my knees up and then doing a sit-up like maneuver to get my head and chest above my feet. At that point the air bubble in the suit fills the chest and arms and rights me. It’s not difficult and the exercise is good, but if you’ve peed in your suit and forgotten to wear a diaper you get bathed in urine during the inversions. I had stopped to catch my breath and flirt with Jacques who was wearing a similar Worthington HP130 in a buoyancy control vest and an octopus with a buddy regulator. I was puzzled as to why he thought he would need a spare regulator, but it never hurts to have a spare so I put it out of my mind as I fondled his package through the mesh of his slingshot. He was already aroused and actually I was too because I’d been showing off my flexibility and abdominals for him, though the suit hid my curves.

As I teased him by fondling his package I was watching his face and not where he was putting his hands. I suddenly felt him unfasten the low pressure hose feeding constant pressure air to my suit then grab the pull-tab of the entry zipper across my chest unfasten the latch and before I realized what was happening he pulled the entry zipper open several inches! There was a huge rush of air as the entire suit flooded and I started sinking toward the bottom of the pit! Inside the suit I was sweating from my righting exercises so the 85° water rushing in felt cold. We were only ten feet or so off the bottom so the additional depth didn’t matter except to tell me what I already knew I was too heavy to get to the surface with my suit flooded. For a moment I was terrified! I’d never had a suit flood and I thought about the escort I wrote about whose Avon drysuit was intentional flooded and then had her air cut off and suffocated. [For more about that see my entry for October 24, 2009.] Jacques backed off a bit and pointed at me and laughed. Then he asked if I was ok and I nodded yes. By then it dawned on me what was going on and I was all for it! He closed the distance between us and finished unzipping the entry zipper. He showed me his pressure gage which showed that he had 7/8ths of his air left and helped me out of the sleeves of the suit. Getting the neck seal over my head was the tricky part because I had to remove my mask (which I slipped over my wrist so I wouldn’t lose it) and my regulator mouthpiece and pull the tight latex collar over my smooth black neoprene helmet. Jacques held the shoulders and I pulled my head through. I thought for a moment the seal was going to stick on my neoprene hood but I got it off w/o tearing, then reinserted my twin-hose mouthpiece cleared it and put my mask back on.

Then Jacques helped me step out of the legs of the suit. I had worn pool-pointes (because I feel more comfortable with something tight on my feet) and a sheer nude back zip Nylon-Lycra unitard as a rash guard. I was still breathing off my Mistral twin-hose which was sitting on the bottom of the pit along side the drysuit which reminded me of a molted snakeskin. Jacques motioned for me to turn around and when I did he unzipped and helped me peel off my unitard then reached between my legs and slipped a finger under the release tab of my Penetrator plug lying flat against my perineum and expertly pushed forward and down so the anti-expulsion ridge slipped under my pubic bone. I squeezed my vaginals and the plug slid out into his hand. He put my rash guard and plug in a mesh specimen bag then removed a lift bag from a pocket of his BCD and attached it to my twin-hose SCUBA set, my drysuit and the specimen bag. Then he had me switch to his Scubapro S600 buddy regulator before he filled the lift bag with the low pressure hose on his octopus and sent most of my equipment to the surface leaving me protected only by the Oves sucking on my ripe cervix (I was CD7 and fertile), the black neoprene helmet protecting my hair and my facemask. I helped him strip out of his Speedo slingshot and stuffed it into a pocket of his BCD. We were ready to rock-and-roll!

Penetration: He felt marvelous, so thick and hard pushing his way inside me until he was up against my ripe cervix and my fertile fluid on the other side of that tiny bit of transparent silicone rubber protecting me from pregnancy and the perils of dive-sex! Jacques is an expert lover and he gave me my pleasure first before satisfying himself. Then we went together and after that he gave me a long series of unbelievably intense orgasms where I just couldn’t get enough air. The multiples experience seemed like it lasted hours when I was trying to breathe and only seconds when it was over though it left me totally drained. He said later that when I was in orgasm and my vaginals were spasming I was the tightest woman he’d ever had! Afterward I kept looking at the amount of air we had left. Dive-sex, if it’s good, doesn’t give the participants much opportunity to conserve air. It’s typical at least for women close to and during orgasm that we can’t suck air fast enough. So with two of us breathing off one tank I didn’t want to find that we needed a stop at 15 feet and had no air to do it. We had about 20% of his air left when we began our ascent. I was so relaxed that I was glad I wasn’t wearing my own dive rig as I would have had to be helped out of it. As it was I was rubber legged when Jacques helped me out of the pool and I managed to slip into a bikini and had a 2 hour nap in one of the chairs beside the pool. It was a wonderful start to a memorable Thanksgiving and an encounter to be truly thankful for.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sexual activity and sexual health

Enjoying an al fresco Class in NYC

Escorts and sexual health: The breasts and vulva of an escort get very heavily used and often abused so they need to pamper themselves when possible. Lanolin cream is used as a soothing nipple moisturizer and 2% estrogen cream is great for vulvar and vaginal tissue lubrication and flexibility. In addition, because of the number of different partners an escort has, they need some protection from bacterial vaginosis (BV) which isn’t an STI, it’s like a yeast infection where one of the bacteria’s usually resident in the vagina becomes dominant and the overgrowth of that bacteria can cause problems up to and including PID which can cause scaring of a girls fallopian tubes resulting in sterility. A man introduces his own set of bacteria into his partner’s vagina upsetting her vaginal pH. Over time a girl usually adjusts to her boyfriend’s bacteria but with a new partner or partners and new sets of bacteria sometimes the adjustment can’t be made and an overgrowth and BV occurs. BV is one of the most common problems a sexually active woman can have and since often BV is asymptomatic she doesn’t realize she has a problem.

Because of the number of men available at one of my Holiday parties and the fact that the girls will be sampling the delights of as many of them as we want I got a case of SemécidePlus in 10ml prefilled applicators from the clinic. Returning readers will remember Semécide (which is dive-gel with a spermicide added) from earlier blog entries. SemécidePlus is something new for the U.S. that is in clinical trial for sex workers. It has a biocide in it to stabilize the vaginal pH. Something similar (dive-gel isn’t the binder) is being trialed in Europe under a different name and has been very successful in minimizing yeast and BV infections so I thought since Marie-Claude, Shelly, Cyndi, Diané and Fiona weren’t used to having this many men over such a short interval it would be a good idea to have something that will reduce the likelihood that any of us will have a problem. Anya, Taryn and I are the most sexually active with multiple partners and weekly testing shows we haven’t had problems, but it never hurts to have a bit more protection. Dive-gel lube is absolutely necessary for dive-sex, so it was no additional trouble to use SemécidePlus instead. So far this weekend we have been obliging any man who is interested in sampling our depths and things are going very well. Of course Ibuprofen is standard to reduce the amount of spotting from having our cervixes rammed and the pelvic discomfort from our montes veneris being pounded by a partner’s pubic bone.

Reader’s questions:

About noise while diving: “I would assume the echoing of all the valves and bubbles are intensified with the density of the water as well. You might have to, when you blog about that, compare pool orgies to open-water ones”

Sound transmission through water is determined by water temperature and density, the colder the water the denser it is. Pool water density is affected primarily by its temperature which in the pit – unless I have the thermocline pumps and chiller turned on – is kept constant with temps in the mid-80s for comfortable dive-sex w/o overheating. The speed and strength of sound can vary depending on particulate matter in the water, but for commercial pools with clear water the size is so small that to the human ear any differences are undetectable. It’s the pool walls or other hard surfaces of equipment in the pool that reflect the sounds of divers breathing equipment. There may also be background noise from circulator and drain pumps if a diver holds her breath to catch the lowest level sounds.

My experience in the open water of the bay at my place on Virgin Gorda is that there is a good bit of ambient sea noise of the waves and surf and if there are porpoise near by you can sometimes hear them communicating with a series of clicks, tweets and squeaks. Sea water is denser than fresh water primarily because of the dissolved salt, but again it is temperature that can affect sound transmission. Temperature gradients, thermoclines, can cause sounds to be amplified or disappear, but my experience has been that thermoclines are usually deeper than recreational divers go, especially for dive-sex because the temperature drops the deeper you go. SCUBA noise in an open ocean environment has always seemed to be a bit less noticeable, perhaps because there is so much going on visually to occupy my attention. And of course there are usually no confining walls – unless you are diving an abyssal wall - for the sound to reflect back from when diving open water.

Football on Thanksgiving Day: A reader asked if I follow football teams, and if so which ones. The answer is no and yes. No, I’m generally not into sports, other that those involving sex. But if I’m with a group that is watching football as they were on Thanksgiving then yes I will root for teams located in cities where I have danced or gone to school. If neither of those criteria is met I’ll flip a coin. For the games on Thanksgiving:

1. Green Bay Packers at Detroit Lions I flipped a coin and got Detroit. Packers’ over the Lions, 34-12
2. Oakland Raiders at Dallas Cowboys. I rooted for Oakland because I danced in Oakland. Cowboys over the Raiders 24-7. Sigh!
3. New York Giants at Denver Broncos I rooted for the Giants because I went to school in NY. Broncos over Giants 16-6. In football I was 0 for 3 for the day! Go figure! Sigh! I did far better with other sports!

Other teams I favor if I happen to watch are:
Houston Texans … I know, but its because I danced in Houston.
Philadelphia Eagles (even though they signed Michael Vick) because I danced in Philadelphia.

The good news: Thanksgiving day I was very pleased to see that the availability of sex was of far more interest to the guys than football. I’m not sure that any of the males, even Jeff who probably has the lowest sex drive of the group, watched much football. And the Brit Major, Colin, who came with Fiona – I think primarily as a body guard – has had Cyndi, Shelly, Anya and Diané already. Perhaps he isn’t staying close to Fi because she is in a guarded perimeter (though guarded perimeters didn’t stop Tareq and Michaele Salahi recently at a location supposedly better guarded than this one – testimony to what a thin, pretty, blond can do when she wants to) and Colin probably doesn’t often find himself in such a bountiful garden of earthly delights. When I asked Fi about that she said she had given him permission to graze as long as they were inside my home. I was surprised that he had bedded Cyndi, Fiona’s 16 y/o daughter, and bedded her first. Fi said he is recruiting for MI6 and she wanted Colin to test Cyndi for possible recruitment after she completes her Oxbridge education. She said aristocratic Brit-chicks with enquiring minds and raging libidos do well in the SIS.

Those of us who can are wearing leather pointe shoes and Wolford string body suits to show off our assets. I am barelegged to allow immediate access. I just bend over and my partner pulls the thong to one side. Most of the other girls are in thongs too, but a few are wearing skirts as well. The girls who can’t wear pointes confidently, Diané and Fiona, are alternating between ballet slippers for comfort and pairs of 5” stripper’s heels to wear when being penetrated from behind. I’ve taken Fi to Gepetto’s for Pleasure boots, but she isn’t an enthusiastic wearer and doesn’t have the skill developed by years of pointe to wear them confidently. So I think it’s problematic as to whether Fi will actually hunt men while wearing ballet heels.

Sex in a flooded dry suit – a preview: Thanksgiving morning turned out to be a bit different, and far more exciting, than I expected! I have a new DUI drysuit that I was practicing with in the pit. I was practicing getting out of inversions and I’ll admit showing off a bit. If the diver is using a drysuit to provide buoyancy control and accidentally becomes inverted s/he loses the ability to control buoyancy. If the diver can’t get out of the inverted position (her booties pointing toward the surface and her head down) she can end up with an uncontrolled ascent which can cause decompression sickness (DCS) and death. Jacques was in the pool with me as my buddy. [His ears have cleared and he can equalize easily all the way to the bottom of the pit. Thanks to those who have asked about him.] One thing led to another as it often will with a man and it ended up with him helping me get out of a perfectly good fully functioning drysuit for dive-sex at the bottom of the pit. It was a first for us both! It will take too long to write about the experience now but I promise to in the near future.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Day update

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Thanksgiving Day update: Awesome news! Cyndi’s mom, Fiona, and her boyfriend are with us to celebrate Thanksgiving! The Honorable Lady Fiona etc, etc (known to her friends as “Fi”) and her current stud-muffin an SAS Major, Colin Tree, who is with the Military Attaché unit of the Embassy in DC were able to come! I had asked Fi months ago and since her job is liaison between the embassy and our Congress she wasn’t certain how much her expertise would be needed until recently. With health care reform on the front burner and the Afghanistan situation vying for first place for the administrations attention she was allowed a few days leave with the thought that she might get to talk to Senator Reid, to renew an old acquaintance, while Congress is on Thanksgiving break. Limnaea was on the east coast delivering H1N1 vaccine so it was no trouble to pick her and her guy up at Dulles. She was here almost a year ago when Cyndi was recovering from her termination and entered St Lucy’s and for the daughter of a Duke she was such fun! She has a raging libido like mine and a determination to use it to further the interests of her country, so she can be a very persuasive lobbyist. She’s had a GyneFix IUD implanted so she is quite safe from pregnancy. Robin has been working with her in a small pool at my place to give her and her partner a refresher in dive-sex. Before she came out I made sure she has her Gyn check the fit of her diaphragm, but she wants to dive the pit. Because a diaphragm won’t be safe for that I fit her myself for an Oves, she takes a 30mm, and taught her to how to insert it correctly so she can have sex safely at the bottom of the pit.

Jeff, the owner of the electronics and software co. will be joining us as Shelly’s escort for the weekend so that fills out my guest list. For the weekend it will be: Taryn & Chuck, Cyndi & Chris, Anya & Robin, Shelly & Jeff, Marie-Claude & Pirate, Diané & Peter, Fiona & Colin and Jacques & me.

A fertile weekend: Tomorrow I will be CD7 and probably start discharging fertile cervical fluid into my Oves. Those in my circle who are in menstrual synchrony with me will be fertile this holiday weekend. I think that is everyone but Diané who doesn’t have enough exposure to the pheromones from my sweat and Fi. I’m not sure where she is in her cycle. Even Shelly and Marie-Claude the newest members of my ballet company are moving into synchrony with me from the number of sweaty classes and rehearsals we’ve had together.

I’m going to have the dive staff remind everyone to get their dives in before the meals or wait for at least an hour after eating before diving. Diving on a full stomach isn’t a good idea because dive-sex can be so strenuous that indigestion, cramps, nausea and vomiting are common while diving after a heavy meal.

Barre-bound snorkel-sex: Taryn and Chuck and Robin and I visited a local fetish dive club last evening to see what they offered and found their pool condition unappealing if not unsanitary. It was a small indoor recreational swimming pool to which has been added a stainless steel barre on the wall of the pools deep end about 3 feet below the surface. Women’s wrists are cuffed to the barre so that they are held below the surface and use snorkels to breathe while having sex. We liked that bit and I think we will add barres in some of our pools so we can offer that as a BDSM dive option. More Barres in more places!

The thing that turned us off was the litter on the bottom of the pool below where the women are chained. It looked as though no one had ever cleaned up after an encounter. There were all sorts of feminine hygiene and contraceptive devices scattered on the pool bottom: used tampons, Diva cups, several NuvaRings, Ortho and Milex diaphragms, a female condom, a FemCap, a Prentif cap and a Semina diaphragm which probably meant that a St Lucy’s student or faculty member had been taken while chained to the barre. And there were the usual bikini bottoms, commonly forgotten after dive-sex as well as one entire swimsuit. From the debris under the barre it seems it’s common for the Dom to remove his partner’s upper reproductive tract protection before penetration so she is at risk of injury as well as pregnancy from the encounter. I hope that’s explained to the women before they are barre-bound. I suppose the good news is that Plan-B is easily obtainable w/o prescription for anyone 17 y/o or older. Of course if they get PID or have an embolism from not wearing a gas guard Plan-B is no help at all.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pointe shoe quiz 11-24-09

Which maker made these shoes?

This quiz should be much easier than the last. Again the sole markings are the clues. Thanks to all who participate!

Breath control in a FF-FFM

Desco FF-FFM non-return and air-control valve assembly detail

Breath control with a DESCO FF-FFM: Another thing to love about a DESCO free flow full face-mask is that with the air-control valve on the side of the mask the wearer’s air can be reduced or shut off for breath play during sex and if the woman is wearing inflated ball-gloves to keep her hands floating above her head out of the way she can’t operate the air-control valve herself. And of course that limits the wearer’s options since if she managed to get the mask off while submerged she would drown. I wrote ‘she’ because in my circle it’s almost always women who are having our air cut off, but guys, if you are into breath play for yourself, it works just as well for men as long as the mask seals well. Some bearded men may need to change their beard styles so the mask will seal properly.

I think we don’t see much breath play with a DESCO FF-FFM because it requires surface air supply equipment which is expensive to buy and maintain and isn’t portable so the locations are few and fixed, unlike when diving SCUBA where any pool location can be used. A Desco free flow mask is excellent for breath play because the location of the air-control valve makes it easily accessible while the woman is being taken in missionary. That’s a fave position for BP where her partner can watch as she gasps for air as her mask sucks tighter on her face, fills with CO2 and her eyes roll into the back of her head. It’s like having your head in a transparent rebreather bag and you keep breathing your on exhaled breath! Guys, when that happens it’s past time to turn her air back on. The image accompanying this entry shows the detail of the non-return and air-control valves and you can see the model’s hair getting tangled in the air-control valve. Long hair floating free during a photoshoot or an encounter looks erotic, but it can be a real nuisance to the woman who afterward often needs to cut her way out of the tangle.

Jacques ear blockages: The next morning I took him to the clinic. Our ENT specialist put Jacques on an antibiotic for an ear infection. I teased him that he’s fortunate he isn’t on hormonal birth control or we would have to use condoms! His specialist thinks his blockage should be cleared and he should be able to dive the pit in 4 or 5 days (just in time for a Thanksgiving day dive) though he wants him on Cipro for the entire 10 day regimen. Jacques thinks he got the ear problem when he flew over from Europe a few weeks ago and his ears never really cleared. With Las Vegas at an elevation of 2000 feet he said he felt a lot better here than in NYC at sea level. I’m hoping he is well enough by Thursday for me to take him to the bottom of the pit.

Thanksgiving Day: We will have the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade from NYC - delayed to start at 9:00 AM PST – and for the guys NFL football: Green Bay Vs Detroit on Fox and after that Oakland Vs Dallas on CBS so, other than the Macy’s parade, there will be an entire day of football for the guys. I’m having the meal prepared here in my commercial grade kitchen by chefs from the hotel who want the extra money from moonlighting on their time off, with two 15 lb turkeys rather than a single very large one as I think the very large ones can be tough, and, there are more legs and wings for those who like them. And there will be, sage dressing, gravy, asparagus, candied sweet potatoes fresh mince meat and pumpkin pies. For those wondering why I would serve asparagus at a get-together where sex is an important part of the occasion (the scent and taste of asparagus passes almost immediately into the urine) it’s because it’s a tradition. The guys know to avoid eating it if they expect to get head any time in the day or so afterward. Unless their partner eats it too, that way they both smell equally bad. Around the table there will be Taryn, Cyndi, Anya, Shelly, Marie-Claude, Diané and me. Then the guys: Chris, Chuck, Pirate and Robin, Peter and Jacques. I still need another man but my gatherings are fairly loosely structured so there may be last minute guests. Then there will be turkey sandwiches in the evening or a full plate with candied sweet potatoes, dressing, turkey etc for those who don’t have to watch their weight. One of the unanticipated advantages of lactating (other it being so much fun to breastfeed a man as foreplay) is that I can eat another 750 calories a day and not gain an ounce as the calories are consumed in producing my milk.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Kim’s last client

Aphrodite rising from the sea w/o her KMH-16

Kim’s last client: Well, yesterday evening I fulfilled Kim’s final commercial encounter as an escort. I could have let the agency cancel it, but I know the client and he specifically wanted his escort to wear the Kirby Morgan model 16 (the one Kim died in) during the encounter and none of the other girls trained to wear KM helmets wanted to wear the helmet a friend or anyone else had died in. I was ok with that as I get a thrill from having sex while wearing clothing or equipment another woman has died in, especially if she was having sex at the time of her death. I thought it would be fun to dive the helmet she died in with her last client so I agreed to do him.

So there we were in his rented pool bungalow, one with a surface supply air unit which usually gets requested by guests with a taste for sophisticated breath control fetish encounters. I thought he was more into watching me dress in protective equipment and there was quite a bit of that. At the very start he even wanted to cum in my Milex gas guard before I inserted it. I was CD3 and not likely to get pregnant even if his sperm reached my tubes so I let him masturbate and ejaculate in the silicone dome of my diaphragm before I carefully inserted it so as not to spill his semen and tucking the anterior rim in the notch behind my pubic bone. I didn’t tell him I already had an Oves cap sucking on my cervix. I was ‘double bagged’, which with an Oves and a diaphragm is quite safe, unlike double bagging with condoms which can cause them to burst. So me having my cervix double bagged will be our secret, just between you and me, ok? I rather liked the idea of having his sperm trapped between two layers of silicone deep inside me and letting him relieve himself before I even had the helmet on was a part of my plan to reduce some of his sexual tension so the first time he penetrated me wouldn’t be so rough. I enjoy rough sex but my recollection of our last encounter was that if I hadn’t enjoyed it so much I would have called the way he treated me brutal.

Taking the client to lunch: I hadn’t been lactating the last time we were together so that means it must have been at least three years ago. He wanted to play with my breasts and when he sucked my nipples was amazed when his mouth filled with my milk! He wanted to know when I had given birth. I told him I still had awesome vaginal muscles and about having induced lactation from so much breast manipulation when I was modeling for a Canadian latex fetishwear company several years ago. He wanted to know how I was able to maintain my figure while lactating and I told him about being on L-dopa (an off label use) to control my prolactin level. The only side effect from the dopamine so far is that in addition to controlling my milk production so my breasts don’t grow above a B-cup it increased my libido. OMG! Was that a win-win or what? So the client had a liquid lunch of fresh fat-rich breast milk, directly from the source.

After milking me he helped me put on the neck dam and yoke and adjust them. Then he wanted me to give him head and he loved it when I swallowed his entire load. It was like swallowing a raw oyster; thick, ropey and in a long slippery string. It had a slightly salty musky taste and I had to swallow hard several times to get it all down. Once I’d given him oral he helped my put the helmet over my head engage the latching ring and lock the helmet to the neck dam. From that point I was breathing air from the surface supply unit. I wore only a yellow Gottex string thong bikini and pool pointes with 2 lb lead platforms (the weights were hardly noticeable) to give me a bit of vertical stability. After I uncoiled more umbilical hose than I thought I’d need we slipped into the water together and with no SCUBA set to get in the way my body and breasts presented beautifully in the yellow mesh cotton-lycra suit!

Under-whelmed: He wore a standard single hose Scubapro SCUBA set and BCD and followed me to the bottom of the 20 ft pool. At that point I decided I had more flexibility if I unscrewed the weights from my pool-pointes. I took the weights off and left them along one wall where maintenance could recover them later. Actually, if I get into trouble, as long as my helmet doesn’t flood I can drop two helmet weights and become positively buoyant to be able to float to the surface. That is a feature our Divemaster added to my KMH-16 as an emergency escape route since I wasn’t wearing a buoyancy vest. When he took me it was pretty standard dive-sex. I wasn’t disappointed exactly, but I’m not sure why our encounter wasn’t more intense, even though he’d already had two orgasms; filling my gas guard and when I gave him oral. I’m guessing it was because he was diving with a stomach full of breast milk, which is probably what slowed him down. When I breastfeed Pirate, Peter or Robin before dive-sex it doesn’t seem to inhibit their performance, but they are professionals with amazing stamina. I don’t know if the client was not as vigorous as I remember during our previous encounter or if I’ve had so many more extremely intense encounters with lusty men that he now falls into the ‘average’ category. He was able to finish inside me three times though for the last one I could hear an almost constant stream of his bubbles which meant he was laboring. He was taking me from behind and I was en pointe so I was as tight as I could be and he was still having trouble so I ended up ripple gripping him to get him finished. Afterward when he withdrew I turned and could barely see the relief on his sweat streaked face through the fogged faceplate of his mask. I’m glad I finished him off; I probably should have done it sooner, because he couldn’t have lasted much longer and when he got to the surface he still had difficulty breathing. I had an EMT unit take him to the clinic for evaluation. Given the circumstances I don’t think he can complain about not getting what he paid for.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Taking Jacques in a DESCO FFM

A model in a DESCO free flow FFM

Jacques at 10 meters: I had my first true dive-sex encounter with Jacques in the pit last night. I had been showing him the basics of dive-sex in much shallower training pools at my place or the casino whenever we had an hour or so open on our schedules. He is an experienced SCUBA diver having dived the Mediterranean and the Red Sea as well as the Caribbean, but he had never had real dive-sex. He’d just taken girls in hot tubs and while they clung to the edges of pools. He asked me to wear a surface fed DESCO FFM so I’ve been practicing diving a DESCO whenever I’ve had a few minutes in the shallowest water I can because I want to give myself as much quality bottom time with Jacques as I can w/o hitting my nitrogen loading limit.

A photo of a DESCO in use is at the top of this entry. No, that isn’t me. I have auburn hair like the model, but I have green eyes and I like to wear a hood while diving to keep my hair from tangling in the straps of the spider and my other equipment. I had been alerted – by Tanaquil who knows Jacques from when she provided him with escorts in Paris - that he likes girls to swim nude and is particularly fond of seeing them in surface supplied FFMs, especially a DESCO which he remembers from television when he was little. So I had a bit of time for the casino Divemaster to get one for me and had it customized to upgrade the face seal to give my high cheek bones the best possible fit. Diving a DESCO commercial free flow FFM it’s much simpler than diving a KMH-16 since there is no sequential dressing in the pieces, but I do usually wear a neoprene hood to keep from tangling my hair. With a free flow FFM a surface supply continually provides enough air for the diver to breathe. With this free flow model air is delivered through a non-return valve and an air-control valve, mounted on the right side of the brass mask frame. The air-control valve allows the diver to regulate the airflow as needed; quickly and easily. A single stage exhaust valve is mounted on the left side of the frame and the exhaust is vented directly up and back.

Other than the tug of the umbilical which like the KMH feeds from the right, I really like the DESCO because it is so small that there isn’t the inertia associated with movement of a KMH. I think it is also quieter with the adjustable free flow valve because there is no regulator on the mask to hiss loudly every time a breath is drawn through a demand valve, but there is a continuous low level hiss that I’ve found it easy to tune out. I love listening to my exhaust bubbles racing to the surface when I’m soloing, and to my partner’s DV and bubbles during an encounter. And, with no tank and harness my entire figure presents for my partner’s enjoyment. A plus for dive-sex is that a girl’s breasts present at their very best! Silicone implants are a bit heavier than water and if they are large enough may cause a bit of sag, but saline implants and breast tissue are neutral or slightly buoyant so they float and present naturally. Water is the perfect and most comfy bra!

Pressure equalization: Though we dived the pit our encounter was not nearly as deeply submerged as I had intended. Jacques had trouble equalizing the pressure in his ears and he couldn’t get below 10 meters w/o considerable pain. We even tried decongestants but they didn’t seem to help. We ended up with him penetrating me at a depth of 20 feet with me tethered by ankle leashes to buoys. It was lovely and he held me in ecstasy until I was quite limp. I was glad I didn’t have to grip the mouthpiece of a regulator between my teeth. I could just turn up the air flow and relax and watch him pleasure me before he finished by planting his seed against the silicone membrane of my gas guard as he rammed my cervix. I think no mouthpiece to grip between my teeth while having intense dive-sex is a huge plus! Really! It’s the first time I’ve had sustained orgasms while wearing a free flow mask and it’s so awesome! Jacques is such a gentle considerate lover and took his time giving me my pleasure first while he studied me nude except for the FFM - I wore no helmet and let my hair float free - and neutrally buoyant pool-pointes, and then while floating in the water almost horizontal with my legs spread while he thrust deep inside me. Afterward, after we showered and I washed my hair he combed and brushed the tangles out for me and I got so aroused at how gently and lovingly he groomed me. And then he took me again before we went to sleep.

Flooding a Kirby Morgan

Use a Milex gas guard – when only the best will do

Flooding a Kirby Morgan: Returning readers remember that I changed the neoprene neck dam in Kim’s KMH-16 for one that fit me when I harvested it after her suffocation (Or should that be drowning?) when she died from fluid in her lungs caused by breathing chlorine gas maliciously pumped into her helmet. [For more about that see my entry for November 17, 2009, Gassed and suffocated.] When she was found we think she had been on the bottom with pressurized chlorine gas in her helmet for more than three hours. The Divemaster said the neck dam would have had to be replaced anyway because chlorine gas reacts with neoprene to rapidly destroy it so the one Kim was using was no longer safe. The neck dam is the only thing in the helmet that is neoprene, though latex neck dams are an available option. Neoprene is warmer and usually lasts longer so I think neoprene is pretty standard.

I’m mentioning this because the Divemaster put the old chlorine impregnated neck dam in the trash when she replaced it with a new one in my size and certified Kim’s old helmet safe and ready to dive. And now there has been an incident with the failure of a KMH-16 neoprene neck dam. From what I understand it appears to have been caused by deterioration from a corrosive chemical. We think what happened was that a 17 y/o boy who was into diving as a hobby found the neck dam while dumpster diving the casino’s trash and took it home to replace one that had torn in a secondhand KMH he was diving. Security had caught him in the dumpsters several times and escorted him off the property so he was known to them. He was on the bottom of the 15 ft dive well of his parents pool with his girlfriend when his surface supplied air shut off. He should have been ok long enough to be able to get to the surface if the safety features of his helmet had been working properly, but the gas supply non-return valve failed (inspection showed later that there was grit holding the valve open.) and the helmet lost gas pressure and the resulting ‘squeeze’ put such a strain on the deteriorated neoprene of the neck dam that it tore and the helmet flooded. This happened very quickly, our Divemaster thinks it took less than a minute. The squeeze that occurred before the flooding compressed the stiff deteriorated neoprene of the neck sheath causing it to corrugate and crush the small bones and vertebra in his neck as the water pressure pushed the neck dam toward the top of the helmet. If he was still alive when the neck dam ruptured he drowned. He didn’t have time to unfasten his weighted dive boots and attempt an emergency ascent. The girl he was having dive-sex with at the time is safe. She was wearing a single hose regulator SCUBA set so wasn’t affected by the surface supply air failure, but she freaked out and is in therapy. We don’t know for sure that he was using the weakened neck dam from Kim’s helmet, but the coincidence is striking. In hindsight we probably should have slit the chlorine deteriorated neck dam to make it obviously unusable before throwing it in the trash. Dive fatalities usually occur from a series of equipment failures or mistakes rather than one major one. The failure of the non-return valve was major and probably was fatal, but the rupture of the neck dam from the stress of being pushed into the helmet immediately afterward sealed his fate. Life support gear like diving equipment should be inspected and have routine maintenance like lubrication and replacing gaskets and seals performed at least once a year or more frequently if used in harsh environments. The boy’s helmet hadn’t been properly maintained and certified as safe since the boy bought it several years ago.

Thanksgiving plans: I am having my friends over for dinner and to watch the parade and sports. I’ve invited Taryn, Cyndi, Anya, Shelly, Marie-Claude, Diané, Chris, Chuck, Pirate and Robin, Peter and Jacques and perhaps another man. Shelly and Marie-Claude need partners for holiday sex and I’m not sure who they will be yet. Perhaps Robin will be with Marie-Claude they make a lovely couple. I’ve talked with Jacques and emotionally he has moved on, to me I hope, and said he doesn’t mind Marie-Claude being in someone else’s bed and he seemed sincere when he said it, but if he is now interested in me as a recreational sex partner he couldn’t possibly have given me a different answer. Given how shabbily Shelly was treated by her new husband Rubberstud before he and a paramour disappeared off a cruise ship in the Caribbean she is taking a while to begin to put herself into the dating scene again. But as a young widow with emotional and physical needs she has recently been looking for a bed mate and I hope she or we can find her one by Thanksgiving. If it isn’t love by then infatuation or just raw lust will do. The girls are all bringing their Milex gas guards as there will be group dive-sex.

Barbers, beards and breasts: For long weekends or holidays with a lot of male guests I hire a barber, one who is an expert with a straight razor. It is very painful for a woman to have a lover caress her breasts with sandpaper beard stubble. That just tears up the sensitive tissue of a girl’s areolae horribly. So the easiest way around that is to have a barber on site who can give the men in the party a close shave twice or sometimes more each day. My women guests think that’s a marvelous idea!

Heather and Alison: I had a comment from a friend and returning reader about the women in my November 16, 2009 post ‘Brotherly love and incest’. Bryan thinks it doesn’t seem right that Heather wants her step-daughter, Alison, to become a Sub in the D/S subculture. I can understand his skepticism. However, in my experience sometimes you can't tell which way a person will swing Domme or Sub. I think Heather can go either way just as I can, depending on the situation. I think Heather wants Alison under her control so she can steer her away from her psychological need for sex with her father who is Heather’s new husband. Bringing Alison into the D/S as a sub will strengthen her grip on Alison's vulnerabilities. And, just because Alison is introduced into the D/S lifestyle as a Sub doesn’t necessarily mean that she will always be a Sub. I was introduced to BDSM as a Sub and accepted that as an entry position and learned the rules of the subculture from my master. The master who trains you has a huge influence on how a girl turns out and I’ve seen some gorgeous and talented girls broken by extremely sadistic masters who gave no praise or encouragement regardless of how well the girl performed. So Heather’s choice of Master for her step-daughter or who gets Alison if she is auctioned at a Sub-sale is crucial.

I’m hoping that Heather doesn’t decide to enter Alison in a Sub-auction. She doesn’t need the money and the likelihood of Alison being taken out of town by the winning bidder is pretty high as Vegas auctions have some of the highest quality female Subs available at auction in the U.S. If all she wants is just to steer Alison into the sub-culture she should be able to do that with a local master who wants a lovely new Sub to dominate and will give her a 2-year contract.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

An Immaculate Conception

Confident: newly waxed pubes and a Penetrator

Waxed pubes and Penetrator plugs: One of the rituals that St Lucy’s student’s value is their periodic visits to the Brazilian waxing salon at Body Buffers in our casino shopping arcade. Wearing a Penetrator plug keeps the girls on a regular pelvic grooming schedule because pubic stubble makes it likely that they will get ingrown hairs from the pressure of the plug if their pubes aren’t kept smooth and the plug won’t seal well causing it to leak, usually at the most embarrassing times like in a développé or split or when trying to act sophisticated for a boyfriend. A full wax is best ahead of an annual pelvic exam especially for escorts because there is a lot of manipulating of the labia and insertion and removal of various devices; plugs, vibis, gas guards, vaginal hooks, dildos etc to check for proper size and fit. Even with the fitter wearing well lubed latex gloves getting pubic hair pulled can happen and it’s no fun, so a fresh waxing a few days before an exam/fitting session or an intense sexual encounter is always a good idea.

My ME and gossip: I was CD28 and went in for my menstrual extraction (ME) yesterday. I usually wait for CD1 (which is today) when I start having my period, but I wanted to be able to wear my Oves cap over the weekend when Jacques and I dive the pit, my 68 ft deep pool. Returning readers will remember that a diaphragm used for contraception or as a gas guard during dive-sex is only effective down to 10 meters, about 33 feet. Beyond that point the rim will distort and the diaphragm will leak so it should not be used to prevent pregnancy or to keep air or water from being pushed into the cervix and uterus where they can cause infections or an embolism, which is why a woman needs to wear an Oves or FemCap if she expects to have penetrative sex while diving below 10 meters. By having my ME yesterday I am wearing a Milex Omniflex yesterday and today to collect the residual bleeding and will switch back to Oves on Saturday morning. While I was in the stirrups having my endometrium sucked out my Gyn was filling me in on the latest gossip.

An immaculate conception: She told me about a 17 y/o technical virgin (she has never been penetrated by a penis) who came in with her mom for counseling. The girl is very newly preggers and both she and her mom are freaking out. It seems that at her father’s insistence the daughter had taken a virginity pledge. She has done almost everything else for sexual gratification except penile penetration so she is not exactly inexperienced and since her mom is far more liberal minded about human sexuality than her dad she uses her mom’s sex-toys with her mom’s permission. Apparently what happened was that the daughter modeled one of her mom’s soiled thong bikinis for her boyfriend. Because she was in a hurry to get something to wear for her guy to finger her in the daughter pulled the bikini out of the dirty clothes hamper and tied herself into the thong and cup set. It is her fave of her mom’s skimpy suits in a bright canary yellow which is why she wore it soiled rather than borrowing a clean one. She didn’t pay attention to the fact that the thong was soaked with slippery discharge, or if she did she thought it was her mom’s natural lube. So her BF fingered her clit and then pushed the fabric of the thong into her vagina with his fingers to caress the ring of nerves just inside. You can see where this is going, right?

The daughter was fertile and discharging fertile cervical mucus (FCM) that came in contact with the slippery crotch of the thong. Of course it wasn’t all her mom’s natural fluids that soaked the thong it contained her father’s semen as well from an afternoon encounter less than an hour before the daughter tied herself into the thong. Because she had taken the virginity pledge and was careful to just give her BF oral or watch him masturbate and splatter on her belly or breasts she wasn’t using contraception of any kind. Her fallopian tubes were in the center of a bull’s-eye and one of her dad’s lucky sperm penetrated her egg. Biology respects no family relationships it just creates new life every chance it gets. Four weeks later she noticed a change in the areolae of her breasts and was feeling nauseous in the mornings. Her mom had her test and the stick turned blue, positive for hCG the pregnancy hormone.

Getting preggers that way is very, very rare, but does happen and she is almost certainly carrying her father’s baby. Like I said, she and her mom were in to talk with a Gyn-therapist about what their options are. Her father is a very intense and outspoken religious conservative so what ever choice they make if he finds out what is going on there is no telling what he might do. I think it’s almost certain they will decide on termination and if they use Mifeprex they need to decide in the next week or so. A menstrual extraction could be performed a bit later but if they decide to terminate the sooner the better. I’m guessing keeping the baby isn’t an option because of the possibility of inbreeding and how to believably explain to the father/husband that his daughter needs to be away from home for 8 or 9 months.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Pointe shoe quiz 11-19-09

How have these shoes been modified and why?

An easy one:

1. What change did the dancer make to this pair of pointes?
2. List three benefits of making this modification.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Diving a Kirby Morgan

Kirby Morgan helmet showing neck dam-yoke and latching mechanism

Fallout from the chlorine problem: In my post for November 17, 2009 “Gassed and suffocated” We found someone had tampered with the air compressor that provided air for the surface air supply fed divers. Only one escort was training at the time and she died from chlorine in her air supply. The entire surface feed air compressor and reservoir as well s the air intake and distribution system have been replaced. It was a super rush job and the compressor and reservoir were up-graded at the same time. The engine is larger, quieter, uses less power and is in what we hope will be a tamper proof room.

In a related matter I bought another Kirby Morgan helmet, a new top of the line SuperLite-17B for the casino so I can keep the KMH-16 that I harvested from Kim who died from breathing chlorine gas while wearing it. Now the 'death helmet' is officially mine, not that anyone else wanted to wear it, but replacing it with a similar but newer diving helmet removes the potential for complaints that I would take company equipment for personal use.

Diving my KM-16 ‘death helmet’: So, last night Robin was my partner for a rehearsal with me in the Kirby Martin helmet in which Kim, the escort, drowned in her own fluids when someone contaminated her air with chlorine gas. I had worn a KM helmet a year or so ago so I knew that at about 27 pounds it takes some getting used to, to get into and out of. I can see why Kim was practicing as a girl likes to look as though she’s always in control and not struggling with her life support equipment during an encounter. The air hose tends to pull so I always ensured I had a large loop of hose beside me so I could move around w/o the helmet being pulled to my right the direction the hose feeds from. The client is big on a girl dressing herself so I wanted to see how much I remembered about putting on a KM helmet with Robin there to help if needed. It turns out Robin is experienced with the KM SuperLite-17B that he used while working part time as a commercial diver while he was in Asia. Dressing in a KMH isn’t quite as simple as pulling on a neoprene hood fitting on a face mask, turning on the air, putting a reg in your mouth and disappearing below the surface.

Dressing in a KMH: The helmet consists of two pieces: the neck dam-yoke and the helmet. The diver slips on the neck dam with the attached yoke and tightens the neck seal. The neck dam- yoke assembly is sealed around the diver’s neck and is what the helmet sits on. I needed a different size neck dam than Kim was wearing so it would seal properly. Then after the neck dam- yoke is in place a head cushion, which looks something like a heavily padded flight helmet, is put on to protect against bumping inside the helmet. Then the KM helmet is lowered over the diver’s head and seated on the neck dam yoke assembly and neck clamp is slipped onto the helmet and locked. The locking system seals the neck dam to the helmet and also secures the front of the yoke. For a detailed view of the neck dam-yoke and the locking clamps that hold the helmet in place see the image at the top of this entry.

The KM helmet is pretty heavy out of the water but submerged it’s about at neutral buoyancy with any residual weight evenly balanced on my shoulders across the heavily padded neoprene neck dam. I have the weights adjusted for fresh water diving where less weight is needed. One feature I love about a KMH is the valve that puts a steady flow of air across the face port to prevent fogging. With a face mask it’s always such a bother when the face plate fogs during orgasm. The chlorine smell in the helmet isn’t all that noticeable and while I’ve felt Kim’s presence, especially when Robin was ramping me up fingering my clit. I wonder if that was one of her fave things. I’m not going to try and force things. If she wants to contact me she will. In the meantime her aura seemed friendly enough, not like in some equipment I’ve harvested.

Since I had worn a KMH before it was just getting used to the sequential steps of getting it on and off again. Robin said that the client was absolutely right to want to watch me dress in the helmet because he too thought seeing a woman dress herself in life support equipment in which she was going to have an encounter which could lead to the creation of new life while in a hostile environment was extremely erotic! Men! That was a bit more profound… in a creepy fetishistic way… than I expected! Go figure! I had been going over the KMH by holding the parts, especially the pieces of the neck dam-yoke assembly and remembering how they fit together and how the locking clamps work. So when it came time to actually put on the helmet I went slowly but confidently and everything fit and locked together just as it should. I had already fastened my feet into a pair of canvas and lead diver’s boots with 15 lbs of lead in the sole of each one. The boots were to give me some weight on the bottom of the pool because I wouldn’t be wearing a weight belt and I didn’t want to struggle to stay on the bottom or take a chance of somehow becoming inverted and not being able to regain a head-up position. I didn’t think that was likely, but I wasn’t going to chance it even with Robin there and with the helmet weights adjusted for neutral buoyancy.

The dive: Then Robin helped me into the pool. We were using the small training pool at my place that at the deep end is only 15 feet. It has a gentle slope with a textured gripping surface so that a bottom diver in a heavy a suit can walk in to and out of the water with no trouble. Had we used a training pool at the casino we would have had to use a lift to get me in and out of the water as the bottom slopes are far too steep to walk in and out in heavy dive dress, even if that’s only 30 lbs of weighted boots, a KMH and a bikini. Knowing I was probably going to use the surface supply unit at my place I had the techs who replaced the casino surface supply equipment service my unit as well so I was good to go. In the desert we have to be very careful that the air intake to the compressor is triple filtered to get sand and powdery grit out of it that would clog breathing equipment. Robin wore a standard SCUBA set with a single hose reg. I had 100 feet of hose coiled on the pool edge and carried a loop or two over my arm as we walked slowly down the slope to the 15 ft. dive-well. While we walked I used the nose block to equalize the pressure in my ears as we descended. I think the one thing I really don’t like is that when used with a surface supply and the umbilical is taunt it exerts a pull to the right on the diver. To eliminate that pull I put enough slack in the hose that a few feet were lying on the bottom. That works well enough for recreational dives in a controlled environment like a pool, but on commercial dives I could see that as a potential problem for a small diver, like me.

The Encounter: When we got to the bottom we were both already highly aroused. I think it was the anticipation that had us both so excited! I was in a hip-tied string thong and he could have just pushed the vulva cup to one side and taken me w/o removing it, but he tugged at the bows on my hips and my thong came away in his hand. When I bent over so he could enter me from the rear I was glad to see that there was no strain on the neck dam and yoke that kept the helmet positioned correctly and that was the case as well when I was on my back with him taking me in a modified missionary position regardless of my or the helmets orientation. I know I’ve mentioned this before but I really like the steady flow valve that puts air across the face port. It not only prevents fogging but it’s cooling as well which is a great feature. It was a magical encounter! We took our time. He took me three times in 45 minutes and while he recycled I did limbering up exercises and unfastened and removed the weighted boots and put on a pair of silicone rubber slippers to see how buoyant I would be in just the helmet. For every inhalation I became positively buoyant and started floating toward the surface but was held near the bottom by the weight of my umbilical. There is a comm. Link in the umbilical as well as the air pipe in it so that might give it a bit more weight. When he took me the third time, again from behind where he can go the deepest, I could feel his thrusts through the thin silicone membrane of my gas guard as he rammed my cervix. He took me to such an amazing screaming cervical orgasm that it left me rubber legged as I struggled to put on my dive boots again before we walked up the ramp and out of the pool. On my walk out of the pool I carried my thong in my hand. I really like my ‘new’ KM-16 and think I will be able to exceed his expectations when I meet Kim’s last client.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Gassed and suffocated

A diver in a Kirby Morgan helmet

Suffocated: An escort using a surface air supply helmet, a Kirby Morgan 16, was found on the bottom of a training pool suffocated in her dive helmet. The positive pressure demand valve and neck dam prevented the reinforced fiberglass helmet from flooding when she stopped breathing. Her air supply had been contaminated by chlorine gas which came from chlorine pellets that had been added to a bucket of water and hung under an open condensation trap on the air compressor intake. The bucket and open trap were concealed by a folded tarp hung over the compressor air intake piping. The tarp had the additional effect of concentrating the heavy chlorine gas coming off the dissolving pellets which was sucked into the compressors air intake. The compressor and the air intake are in an equipment room that is off the pool area and the air intake and condensation trap that was tampered with are out of sight so it’s not something that would have been readily noticeable.

The diver breathed uncontaminated air for the first few minutes of her dive until the pressure in the reservoir dropped to the point that the compressor came on and pumped the chlorine gas into the air reservoir. Once that happened the concentration of gas was so strong a lungful or two was fatal because the chlorine interacts with the moist lung tissue to form hydrochloric acid. The escort had been practicing in the vintage KM helmet (similar to the one the diver is wearing in the image accompanying this entry) for several days at the bottom of the pool in preparation for an encounter with a repeat client who has a fetish for dive-sex with women in vintage dive equipment.

The Victim: The girl was well liked, had a bubbly personality, was a grad student at UNLV and has a boyfriend who is doing a semester at Oxford. She wasn’t pregnant, wasn’t heavily in debt and had no enemies that anyone knows about, so why her? Perhaps it was a random thing, but the surface supply isn’t used all that often and she had been using it several hours a day for the last few days so perhaps she was a target of convenience. Her death, while horrible must have been blessedly quick. Fortunately she didn’t vomit in her helmet so it was just a matter of flushing the gas out of it. The helmet seals and O-rings are all butyl rubber and the gas wasn’t in the helmet more than 3 hours before she was found so the casino divemaster passed the helmet as safe to dive.

A death helmet encounter: No one else wants to do the encounter wearing that helmet and the client is insistent on that particular helmet being used, so I think I’ll probably do the client myself. He doesn’t have a preference for girls other than they need to be deep and tight, and I have both of those covered in spades. In addition I remember doing him a few years ago and he is quite skilled so it should be fun and I’m experienced with the KM-16. I haven’t dived it in a year or so but Robin will dive with me this evening so I can get the feel of it again. I’ve had the helmet on already and the scent of chlorine is very, very slight so I shouldn’t have any trouble and I’ll wear a splatter mask (very large contacts) as additional protection for my eyes. The KM-16 weighs between 25 and 30 lbs depending on how it’s configured and there is a rubber helmet that’s worn underneath it along with the neck dam - which I changed to my size - so I may be able to keep my hair free of pool water, but sweaty. Of course for me there is an added thrill and one of the primary reasons that I’m going to take this client myself, returning readers will know what it is, right? For new readers it’s that a woman died while wearing this particular helmet so that makes it a ‘death helmet’ for me. Awesome! I may be able to feel the dead diver’s aura still in it. That sort of thing has happened to me before with encasement suits and other dive gear associated with female fatalities so I’m thinking it is fairly likely.

Personhood in Nevada

The Terminator

Nov. 17, 2009Las Vegas Review-Journal

Personhood amendment would ban pill RU-486

“CARSON CITY -- The leader of a Nevada organization that wants to outlaw abortion acknowledged Monday that passage of its Personhood amendment would prohibit women from using pills that induce abortion.

Olaf Vancura, president of Personhood Nevada, said any birth control pill or other forms of contraception that end pregnancies or destroy "newly formed life" would be outlawed if voters approve the proposed constitutional amendment.

Birth control designed to prevent a pregnancy before one occurs would not be prohibited, he said.

"It is really very simple," said Vancura, who described himself as a scientist with a doctorate in physics. "Our amendment is about life and the right to life. Forms of birth control that do not cause an abortion would not be prohibited.

"With an abortion, someone dies."

Planned Parenthood and the American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada filed a lawsuit in Carson City District Court on Thursday challenging the language in the Personhood amendment as being vague and deceptive. A date for a hearing has not been set.

The proposed amendment's language does not use the terms abortion or birth control.

It states that a "person" is a human being from the moment of biological development and that persons are entitled to due process rights under the U.S. Constitution.

In coming days, Vancura intends to post on the Web site a list showing acceptable and unacceptable forms of birth control.

Until Monday, no one from Personhood Nevada had acknowledged that some forms of birth control would be prohibited.

However, the ACLU last week pointed out that the proposed amendment would prohibit some types of birth control and outlaw abortions even in the case of rape or incest.

Elisa Maser, legislative lobbyist for Planned Parenthood, said Vancura's admission that birth control would be limited shows how radical the proposed amendment really is.

"This is an incredibly sweeping and drastic measure," Maser said. "They need to tell folks how far they will go into their private lives."

The RU-486 (Mifeprex or Mifepristone) pill is meant to induce abortion, Maser said.

But the so-called "morning-after pill" is a form of emergency contraception that does not necessarily induce an abortion because the woman does not know if she is pregnant, she said.

A morning-after pill is a high-dose birth control pill that is used in cases where a woman might have had unprotected sex, or "if the condom broke, if you will," Maser said.

The most common emergency contraception pills are called Preven and Plan B. They are birth control pills containing progesterone, estrogen or a combination of both.

However, some anti-abortion activists maintain that the pill and IUDs, or intrauterine devices, not only prevent pregnancies, but also induce abortions.

"Ninety-eight percent of all women use contraception at some time in their lives," Maser said. "We aren't trying to use scare tactics. But now they (Personhood Nevada) are saying what they intend to accomplish."

The Parenthood USA organization has acknowledged that under the proposed amendment, abortion would not be allowed in any case.

Parenthood USA, a Christian organization, is a national drive in 31 states to pass amendments or laws in an effort to overturn the U.S. Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade decision allowing abortion.

Since 1973, 50 million abortions have been conducted in the United States, according to Keith Mason, PersonhoodUSA co-founder.

Before the Nevada Personhood amendment can become law, organizers need to gather 97,002 valid signatures by Aug. 4, and the amendment must be approved by voters on the 2010 and 2012 election ballots.

Vancura said he is not a medical doctor and wants a dialogue from residents about what are and what are not acceptable birth control methods.

But he said RU-486 and emergency contraception pills clearly cause abortions and should be outlawed.

Vancura said opponents will try to obfuscate the issue by noting the amendment would stop abortions in the case of rape of incest.

But he said life begins at the moment of conception.

He said that over the years, life has been "devalued" in the United States.

"Today rational people must agree that life begins at conception," Vancura said. "This is a civil rights issue. The government should not pressure people to die, or young people to have abortions. The right to life is fundamental."

Maser said it cannot be determined scientifically when life begins inside a woman's body.

"You can tell it in a lab, in a Petri dish, but not in the woman's body," she said.

Richard Ziser, a longtime Las Vegas conservative activist and Personhood Nevada's campaign manager, announced the petition drive on Oct. 21.”

Personal Comment: Mifeprex is a safe and well accepted way out of the consequences of a birth control failure. Conservatives are not satisfied with minding their own business they want to meddle in other peoples by trying to limit a woman’s right to choose.

Brotherly love and incest

Enjoying a plug-mounted vibi G-spot Orgasm

Not your mother’s encasement suit: Some time ago my therapist asked if I would work with a patient that she is having a difficult time reaching during counseling. The patient is a 19 y/o UNLV student, Alison, who is living with her father, brother and step-mother. Her mother died when the girl was 12 and her father remarried almost 3 year ago. Her step-mother is a 29 y/o dancer, Heather, who is into the fetish club scene and captivated her father by encasing herself in latex for sex. As a wedding present her father bought his new bride her ‘dream home’ complete with her own pool, gym, ballet studio and a closet-suite of three rooms, two of which hold her rubber and leather fetishwear.

The daughter began to feel neglected by her father and with her intense curiosity she explored her step-mom’s latex and leather clothing. She had seen Heather encased in skintight latex and was fascinated not only by the intensity of her stepmother’s fetish obsession and the clothing and devices she uses to satisfy it, but the power it gives her over men. She was so enthralled that she started secretly wearing some of Heather’s latex suits and found she was also attracted by the scent and feel of latex against her skin and the look of her ripe young body in skin-tight latex.

So it was only a matter of time until she was found wearing one of her mom’s catsuits suits. Her 21 y/o brother, Todd, who works in casino security came home unexpectedly and caught her wearing one of her mom’s heavy latex encasement suits complete with BDSM helmet, gloves and ballet boots. The two women are identical in size as well as hair and eye color (Yeah, really, what are the chances of that?) so it is easy to understand him mistaking her for Heather and he started coming on to her. It’s harder to understand how he thought he was going to get away with drilling his step-mother since she had never given him any cause to think she would be willing. Well, that’s what Heather says. Alison saw an opportunity to seduce her brother and she let him take her. She was wearing a ball-gag so she couldn’t talk, but when he asked if she was protected she nodded. She was on Yaz and is good about taking her pills on time so she could relax and enjoy their encounter. He pushed her face down across the high four-poster bed in the master bedroom, unzipped her crotch and buried himself inside her. Fortunately she was wet from anticipation so the lack of foreplay wasn’t a problem. After ramming her cervix until she was gasping and mewing he was able to give Alison her first cervical orgasm before finishing inside her. All the while he was thrusting into her cervix he was telling her how amazed he was at the strength of her grip and how lucky his dad was “to have such a tight cunt in his bed every night.” After withdrawing he left her spent sprawled across their parent’s bed as he went back to work, but not before getting her assurance that their encounter would remain their secret.

Revelations: That evening, during supper with Heather while the Alison was at the university library and their dad was away on business Todd brought up how much he had enjoyed having a nooner with her. Heather quickly realized what had happened as she knew Alison had been wearing her encasement suits and saw the situation as an opportunity to establish control over both Todd and Alison in a single stroke. She told Todd that it wasn’t her he’d had sex with, it was Alison. She said that was fine with her, as long as they were careful that Alison didn’t get preggers and she wouldn’t tell their father that he thought he had been fucking his step-mother, but for her silence she wanted his cooperation. Todd knew his father wouldn’t be nearly as understanding if he found he had been trying to fuck Heather so he was willing to agree to almost anything. Heather feels recreational sex is relaxing and sometimes therapeutic so she doesn’t see incest as being a big deal. What she wanted from Todd to keep quiet was Todd’s help to bring Alison into the fetish community as a submissive. She thought with Alison’s interest in fetishwear that was a modest goal, but Heather always likes to have a Plan-B if her initial strategy doesn’t work. And having his help established her control over Todd. Todd realized that he was getting off easily and agreed. It’s unclear if he realized that was only the first of what could be an endless list of Heather’s blackmail demands.

Alison’s hang-up: What turned out to be more difficult was getting Alison’s cooperation. When she was approached Alison freaked out when she found her step-mom knew she had been drilled by Todd. By consoling Alison and letting her emotions run their course Heather found out far more than Alison had intended. Once Alison started talking she told Heather the whole story: that she was jealous of Heather’s relationship with her father and while the encounter with Todd was accidental she had wanted her dad to screw her hoping the bonding effect from the encounter would bring him emotionally closer to her. Heather tried to reassure her that having sex with her brother was a perfectly natural desire. The only caution being, that she couldn’t have a baby by him because of inbreeding problems. Alison assured her that she was only interested in recreational sex. She also said she wanted to learn about wearing latex from Heather who she realized was an expert in that subject and she desperately wanted to have sex with Todd because of the intensity of the cervical orgasm he had given her. She still gets wet thinking about what he was able to do to her that left her weak for days after. Heather agreed to allow Alison use of some pieces of her latex fetishwear and to give her step-daughter tips on wearing heavy rubber encasement suits and was pleased to find that Alison was vulnerable and that it might be possible to have her sexual fantasies redirected from her father and focused on Todd. Heather wanted to make sure Alison was focusing on Todd and not on her husband so she got Alison to enter therapy with a psychiatrist to try to sort out and resolve her feelings. Heather sees a successful outcome as Alison being able to suppress her desire for sex with her father and if she needs incest to focus her interest on Todd.

My Role: My psychiatrist asked me to talk with Alison to reassure her and share my experiences as a sexually active well adjusted woman with incest issues in my background. I’m trying to assure her that there is nothing wrong with coming to terms with ones personal sexuality and using that energy as a positive force in her life. When we meet we are both masked so that neither knows the other’s real name or what she looks like, to minimize the possibility of discovery. As with all instances where I’m writing about real people I’m using a nom de théâtre for each. I’m not at all sure how this will work out for Alison, but it has already helped me by talking to another woman who wants to fuck her father. As many times as I tried I never got my father to take me. I think if he had been able to get past the part that I was his daughter and that I looked just like my mother he would have been so much better off with the release and closure our encounters could have given him. At least with Alison, her father is relatively young and in good health so she still has a chance to be taken by him if that is still her wish.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Holiday getaway packages

An escort costumed as one of Santa’s helpers

Gift wrapping: For the holidays the casino is going all out to attract high rollers and to keep them in a festive free-spending mood. One of the Holiday-Getaway packages is a 4-night 3-day weekender special that includes a concierge level suite and comes with an escort gift wrapped as one of Santa’s helpers. The top package is a Pool-Bungalow for a week with an escort-model who is an expert diver. That went on offer in July when we had a few vacancies in the older Pool-Bungalows and was over subscribed in two days with a waiting list of78 for possible cancellations. Old money, especially from Europe is doing Vegas this Christmas and as the dollar continues to weaken we have become a huge bargain!

Jacques: We were formally introduced this past week and he is interested in buying into the Vegas gaming scene. Neither of us referred to our encounter on Halloween with me dressed as a security guard in my own home, but I’m certain he knows it was me. I was chatting with Marie-Claude, the POB dancer who is on a year’s cross-training with us, and she was telling me that Jacques likes her so much that he followed her out here (which I already knew from what Tanaquil had told me of her background), but she is interested in marriage and children and that when they talked about their futures on several different occasions he was very quiet about having children. She put it to him that if they weren’t in agreement on that then as much as she enjoys his company she didn’t want him wasting his time courting her. Actually, now I think she is infatuated by Robin. He has been working with her on parts of the escort training she is taking and they hit it off really well! They complement one another and look like a pair of young Gods together! And their genitals are compatible. He is thick enough for her taste and she is deep enough to take all of him and that means a lot when sex is such a major part of a young couple's lives.

Christmas plans: Robin and Marie-Claude being an Item, well almost an item since it’s not public knowledge yet, is good news for me. I hate to lose Robin but I knew when he came to me that he wasn’t going to be mine to keep. I really like Jacques and this leaves me with less serious competition. She would have been difficult to compete with for him w/o hurting the morale of the ballet Co. Actually, I had already decided that I wasn’t going to complicate things for Marie-Claude and Jacques if they became a couple, but it appears that Marie –Claude has taken herself out of competition for him. But there are other women vying for his attention and he is drawing a lot of attention from women wherever he goes. Jacques has reserved one of the pool-bungalows over Christmas and last night during a dive-sex lesson asked me to be his bungalow guest that week. I had blocked out the time so I have it free and said yes, but I’m thinking I’ll get him to come home with me and put him in a guest suite at my place, though I certainly intend for him to sleep with me the entire time he’s with me.

We will have more privacy at my place and my own servants, not that the pool-bungalow service isn’t superb. Taryn is going to Virgin Gorda with Cyndi to visit her Grandmother the Duchess and Adam, her son and heir to the Dukedom, for the holidays so Jacques and I will have my place to ourselves. And if we want we can fly down to my place on Virgin Gorda for a few days. When I gave him the tour on Halloween He was fascinated to see the Pit my 68’ deep pool and wondered what it would be like to dive it. Being my house guest will give him the opportunity to experience dive-sex at three atmospheres at the bottom of the Pit. As far as Christmas wrapping is concerned I can have my dresser wrap me up in a Santa-suit like the girl in the image at the top of this entry, though; really I can do it myself. The leg ribbons are just two turns around each leg and a Velcro loop under the arch of the foot so wrapping myself wouldn’t be difficult at all!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Beavertail jackets and dive knives

An 18 K gold Labia leash - shown with clips

The Labia Leash:
There are two styles, like earrings, clips and piercings. If a leash is worn as a decoration clips are far more painful that piercings, but if the leash is use as a punitive control device it can be exceedingly painful and both if abused can cause disfigurement. A properly placed labia leash can also work well as a chastity device. There is so much potential for abuse while wearing a labia leash that we strongly advise against the students at St Lucy’s being fitted or pierced for one. The Administration would forbid their use but we get much better compliance when we suggest, advise or recommend than when we forbid. And for the most part the girls have taken our advice with only one or two girls coming in for leash fitting-piercing procedures. Personally I think it is degrading to see a woman being lead around by a leash in her genitals. But some young women see being leashed as a matter of trust. I think that is so foolish but men seem to love it!

Beavertail jackets and dive knives: We have added a new equipment requirement for training while diving solo. Everyone is to wear a dive knife. This is particularly important for women because we usually don’t have the upper body strength of a man but even men are at some risk. The problem is that the open beavertail of a sports jacket can get sucked onto the pool drains even though they are child safe and once a good vacuum is established holding the 3 mm neoprene open beavertail against the drain cover the only practical way for a woman to get free is to cut off the beavertail. Trying to get out of the sleeves of a properly fitting wetsuit jacket is almost impossible even with the SCUBA set off. I like to think of myself as a very experiences diver and I had this happen to me the other night when I was soloing to give myself a vaginal breathing encounter. [For more about Vaginal Breathing see my entry for October 4, 2009] I wasn’t wearing a dive knife and doubted myself for a moment or two and wondered if ‘this is it’, not the Michael Jackson release, but the end for me.

Of course my SCUBA set had my custom Vaginal Demand Valve (VDV) on the octopus and I was familiar with a safety feature of the pool pump that prevents a runaway pump if there is no water flowing through it. I also had a half tank of air remaining after several wonderfully intense orgasms and I always dive a large tank for dive-sex as my breath control during orgasm is nonexistent. Well, it is for me when it is an extremely intense orgasm. So I thought if I could get enough air into the drain so it was sucked through the pump it might drop the water flow enough that the pump would speed up and the runaway feature would shut it down. Ordinarily there is a feedback loop that will take care of fluctuations but it only functions within a fairly narrow flow range so it was important that I get as much air sucked into the drain as I could. I ended up taking the mouthpiece of my VDV and shoving it as far under the edge of the beavertail as I could and then held the purge button down and prayed that it would put enough air in the drain that the pump would shut down. Because of the vacuum in that drain most of the air was sucked into the pipe, but I didn’t hold the purge down long enough. The second time I held it down for two minutes and I was getting a little concerned that I might run out of air when the pump stopped and the vacuum decreased enough that I could pull my beavertail free of the drain cover. That close call really had my heart rate up! I can easily see a woman w/o a knife or spare DV to free herself with being trapped and suffocate or drown.

Contaminated filter canisters and rebreather bags: I was asked to clean up after a gas mask suicide party. The hostess was the suicide and decided to take some of the women in her rebreather bag club with her. I took Taryn along and we went to a lovely exclusive section of town where some of the well established rich of the area live. There are almost no foreclosed homes in this area and the few that are aren’t advertised by signs out front. The woman’s husband is in the fine jewelry manufacturing business where sodium cyanide powder is commonly used so it was no problem for her to get a 1 gram bottle. The husband came home to find female bodies in gasmasks and rebreather bags lying all over his safe-room that had been locked down. The only reason he found the bodies was that the alarm for the safe-room showed it was in lockdown and he went to find out why.

The husband runs a profitable jewelry business that acts as an efficient international money processing center for his associates so they needed the mess taken care of quietly. I guess what we found was what the gas chamber in California was like. Except the bodies were all of pretty young women in encasement suits. The husband who was numb with grief said his wife usually held her gas mask parties in their family room where they would all get high on a couple of lines of high grade coke and try out new dildos. His wife apparently had a very extensive collection of them. The security videos showed them all snorting coke before following their hostess into the safe room and sealing the vault door.

Precautions: Being told the husband suspected cyanide poisoning Taryn and I wore positive pressure full face masks and back mounted oxygen bottles for cleanup along with disposable contact suits, booties and gloves, since we didn’t want to take the slightest chance of inhaling or contaminating our clothes with the super fine sodium cyanide powder that could have been vented through the exhaust valves of the victims masks. The husband showed us videos of his wife adding cyanide powder to the filter canisters and rebreather bags she furnished all her guests to use with their own masks which they brought with them. The women were all in expensive latex encasement suits and ballet boots. Their boot bags had been left in the family room where they changed into their ballet heels after arriving.

The victims: One of the women was a lawyer and about 4 months preggers, she was just beginning to get a baby bump. Another was a fairly well known exercise-video personality. Another was a young mid-level casino executive who had a reputation as being sexually aggressive and was thought to be a rising star in the gaming industry. I had once taken a man away from her – by seduction - at Naughty’s and she never forgot it so with her gone I’m down one enemy. The last was a teen cousin of the husband who was visiting from Kansas. The Families are working on explanations for the women disappearing, rather than have a scandal involving one of their profitable companies and trying to explain why they have to have closed casket funerals. The preggers one has a boyfriend in California who impregnated her, but according to the gossip on the video he isn’t aware he’d knocked her up. None was married with a family who is dependent on her so having them relocate for a better job or a new video project should work. The husband’s cousin is being left up to him to handle. He said he had been fucking her steadily since she arrived 5 weeks ago so her death has left him pretty depressed which is the reason I think he was numb with grief. Actually, He had affairs with all the victims so his most recent affair (with the teen) may have been the trigger for his wife’s suicide and she took all his fuck-buddies with her. Given the toxicity of the contamination neither Taryn nor I harvested anything from the bodies though there were some bits that under different circumstances I would have liked for my collection.

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