Monday, May 30, 2016

Period shifting, a bloody good time!

A ten day supply of Norethisterone for shifting a menstrual period

An easy way to move your period: “If you are not taking the COCP ('the pill') then a hormone tablet called norethisterone can be prescribed. The dose is one tablet (5 mg) three times a day. You start three days before a period is due. It can be continued until you want to have a period. Your period will then normally begin 2-3 days after stopping it. It can be taken for up to 3-4 weeks if necessary. This is only for use on an occasional basis for special events, rather than something to be taken regularly.” The complete article can be read HERE.

A menstrual period is triggered by a decrease in a woman’s normal progestin production which causes the lining of the uterus, the endometrium, to slough off and be discharged as menstrual flow. Norethisterone is a progestin taken to maintain the woman’s progestin level to delay her period and can usually be taken safely but there can be typical hormonal side effects such as bloating, stomach upset, breast tenderness and decreased sex drive.

I’ve found that norethisterone works just as well to schedule a bleed when I will be with a partner who enjoys menstrual sex as avoiding bleeding if it will be at an inconvenient time. Norethisterone can be easily obtained from a pharmacy/chemists with an Rx from your medical practitioner or on the Internet. It does take some planning as you have to have the pills and begin three days before your period is scheduled to start. Then stop three days before you want to bleed. I haven’t used it that much, three or four times over the last ten years, but it has worked very well every time for me.  

A down side of period shifting is that it resets your cycle so that any electronic or manual menstrual calendar being kept has to be changed to track your cycle using the new CD1 date.

I thought I would write about this now as The Dryads (Bryony and Claire) and Bea all have been taking norethisterone so we could all bleed together over the May 30 Bank Holiday and the musky metallic scent of menstrual flow and coitial discharge permeates  the air in the ladies dressing room. It’s not a foul rotten meat smell, but is quite noticeable after changing diaphragms or menstrual cups during our holiday ‘period party’ so lots of air freshener is being used. Returning readers may recall that when my wards lived and exercised with me in Las Vegas they were all in menstrual synchrony with me.

All my circle of friends have copper bead GyneFix IUDs implanted so that they continue to cycle naturally with some having slightly heavier menstrual flow from the copper beads dissolving in their uteri. All have had their IUD strings removed so they can wear cervical barriers for flood insurance while having dive-sex and all have totally waxed pubes for ease of cleanup and displaying cameltoe. Now instead of an occasional string check they have periodic ultrasound scans to check correct GyneFix placement.  Since my wards have gone their separate ways when they visit they can synch up with me by taking norethisterone.

Since I’m CD3 and bleeding heavily over this holiday weekend we girls are having such fun enjoying menstrual sex with our lovers not worrying about the possibility of having a gushing incident just taking advantage of it should one occur. Tim as well as the men the girls brought to the castle for the holiday all love the scent, taste and look of a partner with her waxed pubes covered with menstrual and coitial discharge from them swimming in the red sea so we are all having a bloody good time.

Our 7th Anniversary

To all who read Jill’s World I curtsey in grande révérence.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Female protective equipment

A student’s protective equipment for ballet-sex

The photo: A silicone Semina coil spring diaphragm mounted on an introducer to aid in its insertion and a pair of hard shanked Gaynor Minden pointes. Students wear both as gorgeous and effective protection for their cervix and toes during ballet-sex training.

Semina is effective and popular with teens: In my introductory sex-ed course, Contemporary Sexual Health, I use Semina diaphragms because they are effective as well as pretty (which makes very young women feel adult, attractive and confident) so a Semina is more likely to be used during surface-sex. The Semina with spermicide in the dome is a good non-hormonal option when young women reach menarche and begin to need protection for sexual intercourse as it will allow sex with unprotected men giving young women experience in coping with coital discharge.

Semina is manufactured and available primarily in Brazil. It is very difficult to get in the U.S. and it is only selectively available from private clinics in the UK. However, it can be worth the trouble for a student who needs encouragement, something that she thinks is pretty as well as adult and effective which can give her a boost in self confidence.

The diaphragm as an anterior fornix thrust-buffer: I’ve written about this before, but it bears repeating because for some of us it can be important. For a woman with a well endowed partner who can thrust painfully into her anterior fornix a traditional diaphragm can provide some thrust-buffering. I usually wear a latex Reflexions flat spring rim which is no longer commercially available or a custom fitted latex FS device made for me by my London Gyn clinic. In addition to thrust-buffering with my latex FS diaphragm I get a twofer! That’s because when I’m fully aroused so my cervix has been pulled up and back out of the way of an average length penis when Tiny Tim one of my magnificently endowed lovers enters me in missionary he can push the stretched latex membrane of the dome up into my anterior fornix. At the same time the pressure of the dome on the tip of my cervix forces my cervix deeper while the increasing pressure of the stretchy dome squeezes his glans as his thrusts push it deeper into my anterior fornix giving me an A-spot orgasm while buffering his thrusts by slowing or stopping them before he hits bottom while at the same time pulling the anterior rim far enough away from the back of my pubic bone to rub against my G-spot.  None of my friends using a diaphragm have had anything like the mind-fucking turns-me-to-jelly pleasure of a simultaneous two erogenous zone orgasms with a single contraceptive device.

Even when a woman can’t get the same over-the-top orgasmic pleasure I get from wearing a latex diaphragm women with well endowed lovers find peace of mind and increases her pleasure while using it as a thrust-buffer to prevent tearing the ligaments holding her uterus in place.

When a latex FS device is not available silicone diaphragms such as the Milex (Omniflex or Arcing rim) or Semina (coil spring), but not a Caya contoured diaphragm - because the Caya has a smaller diameter and deeper dome - work well for thrust-buffering. Of the silicone options I think a Milex arcing spring rim works best since with an Omniflex or Semina the coil spring rims are more flexible so tend to put less pressure on the tip of the cervix.

Even though the Reflexions flat spring diaphragm is no longer commercially available a Gyn clinic specializing in cervical barriers (like the Blackthorn Clinic in London) can have a latex FS device custom made. And because a latex FS rim device has better heat transfer properties and the flat spring rim is almost impossible to even intentionally under-thrust by a mischievous partner it is the preferred cervical barrier used by  latex fetish escorts and as a flood insurance device it can be used for dive-sex at any depth. The down side of a latex device is that it won’t last as long as a silicone one and can’t be used by couples with a latex allergy.

The pointe-shoe as a defensive weapon: Occasionally a dancer in pointe-shoes can find herself at a disadvantage with a male partner who won’t take no for an answer. It’s difficult to out run a man while you’re wearing pointes, but the hard blocks make ideal blunt force trauma weapons if you are willing to use them. A kick to the temple to fracture the skull and knock him out; A kick to the kneecap to crush the bones and make the knee fold to the side or back; or a flexed foot kick to the pelvis coming up under his penis to crush it against his pubic bone all can be effective, though a kick to the pelvis may not be effective if he is wearing a groin protector/sports cup. A dance belt won’t protect his genitals from a hard blow from below but a sports cup probably will.

However, I think it’s unlikely to find an amorous man wearing a groin protector in a dance setting, but dance belts are standard on performing males. I’ve found that crushing an attacker’s knee so he can’t chase me works best unless he has bent over so his skull is accessible with a sharp high kick with a pointed foot. Once his knee is shattered an attacker can’t stand and a knockout kick to his head is much easier.  For a woman with several years’ ballet training putting a foot into an attackers kneecap should be relatively easy as foot placement in space becomes second nature.

Tim is Returning to school: He is being posted to the Joint Services Command and Staff College (JSCSC) after he finishes his leave. It is located at Shrivenham in west Oxfordshire which is quite rural and rather near the eastern border of Wales. So perhaps if he can get an occasional day off we can fuck each others brains out for relaxation. In his case I’m all for doing what I can to keep up the morale of our military. Shrivenham is about 120 miles (a bit less than 3 hours in good weather) up the M50 to Caersws then another 1 ½ hours from there south west on the A470 toward Llanidloes and into the mountains to Blackthorn Castle.

Monday 30 May 2016 (Spring Bank Holiday): The Spring Bank Holiday is already underway and those who can took Friday off and made it a four day weekend. While Easter Term ends at Cambridge on 10 June and exams are rapidly approaching Bea came stay with me here at the castle for the long weekend and she brought a lover with her. Bryony and Claire (the Dryads) are with me as well as they are taking a break from their thesis research on member’s fetishes at my London fetish club (the Costume Club AKA Clever Cunts) on Holland Park Road since a great many members are off on holiday. They have brought male ballet dancers who can make the holiday just before the start of performances of The Winter’s Tale at the ROH. So Tim and I will not lack for marvelously compatible company.

An English Spring: The weather is what I’ve come to expect. At the Castle given its altitude midday temperatures are expected to be no higher than the high 50s (F) and rain is probable except perhaps on Sunday morning. But then the weather in London is forecast to be about the same with perhaps somewhat higher temps, but cloudy and rainy too. Ahhh, an English spring!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

BREXIT yes or no, Tim returns


BREXIT logo from the OXPOL Blog:
To leave or not to leave, that is the question: In the UK on the 23rd of June there will be a European Union (EU) referendum to decide if we will remain in the EU or withdraw. The UK has been here before, sort of, when on September 18, 2014 Scotland had a referendum to decide if would become independent from the UK and decided to remain in the UK.
As there were with the possibility of Scotland becoming independent there would be significant negative consequences in the UK in the areas of trade, cost of living and security should the UK elect to separate from the EU.  Speaking as a provider of minerals, timber, grain, and sheep for both meat and wool my market would be far smaller and prices for my estate’s products lower if the UK were not part of the EU and therefore had a far smaller market for its products. My friends and neighbors in Powys producing local products (timber, grain, meat and wool) for sale to the EU all would be hard hit by any separation of the UK and EU.

A Red Kite the National bird of Wales

The Photo: Almost extinct by the 1930s careful conservation and reintroduction of the Red Kite has brought the species back so it flourishes today in the Cambrian Mountains. We have three breeding pairs living close to the castle.  Image: Red Kite national bird of Wales-1 Milvus_milvus_R(ThKraft).jpg

The Barony has several large stands of mature Sessile oak which my predecessors in the title have taken care to ensure flourish. The Oakwood provide very desirable nesting sites for the Red Kite. The breeding season is March to July or August so is now well underway and my gamekeeper has seen five pairs well distributed throughout the Barony Oakwood.

Snow in May: The forecast was for rain with snow above 1500 meters, 4921 feet. However, Blackthorn castle is at 1,600 feet (487m) the temperature was in the high teens (F) and we had about 2 inches of snow.

“Tiny Tim” returns: Returning readers will recall that the gorgeous man and expert lover, who spent last New Years holiday with me is an officer in the SAS and had to return to duty in late January. I am very pleased to say that he has if anything improved his ardor for me and his sexual stamina. Well, perhaps it is just that he has been away from women for four months as he says there aren’t any ballerinas in the Iraqi dessert where he had been leading an anti-terrorist operation. It is so good to have him hard and thrusting inside me again and draining his semen afterward.

Tim and I are in London at the moment staying at my place in Eaton Square, Belgravia while I’m teaching a small class of ballet students an evening course in Ballet-sex. I have a purpose built ballet studio in the Costume Club (AKA Clever Cunts) on Holland Park Road. In the mornings at Blackthorn House, Eaton Square he takes ballet class with me and teases me about being a Cougar as I’m eleven years older than he, but I know it’s all in fun as it was he who initiated our relationship and I need younger men who have the sexual stamina to keep me satisfied.

It was his previous experience with classical ballet before he entered Sandhurst and afterward taking adult ballet classes when time and location permitted that appealed to me as pleasure in the art of ballet I think is always important in a male partner. His awesomely hunky male body and genitalia are gorgeous and I soon found he was an expert in giving toe curling bone melting orgasms. He is hung like a stallion, but it’s not every well endowed man that knows what to do with all that equipment to drive women wild and he has a following of sexually discriminating female admirers to prove it. 

Tim as a demo partner: Tim has no tats, piercings, scars or other identifying marks on his 6’ 2” 205 lb. hard muscled body so wearing a spandex hood he can be anonymous as my gorgeous partner during a demonstration of ‘Ballet-Sex’ for my class of young women in my Advanced Sexual Techniques course. Returning readers will recall the Ballet-Sex is where the woman is standing sur les pointes a la seconde facing a barre, table, kitchen counter or chair back while leaning over with her body horizontal while penetrated from behind. Ballet sex takes strong toes, feet and calf muscles as well as being able to experience toe curling, bone melting orgasm w/o falling off pointe. Having Tim demonstrate Ballet-Sex with me also gives the class a vivid introduction to the stresses of thrust-drop which often occurs between a tall man and a small woman. Since he is 6’ 2” and I’m 5’ 4” even with long legs I’m lifted about 6 inches off the floor when he buries his glans in my posterior fornix.

Because of the strength and stamina required for this course participating students must have at least five years of pointe training, wear correctly fitted Gaynor Minden pointes and participate in a preliminary toe taping and padding class.  During our demonstration there are gasps from the students when I’m lifted off my platforms at the furthest extent of his thrust when I gasp at his depth as he plunges into my posterior fornix and then the thud and gasp as he withdraws and I’m dropped back on my platforms.

The above is a worst case scenario as a small woman can stand on a small step exercise platform placed in front of the barre or other stabilizing aid over which she leans to be penetrated to equalize the height of their genitals for ballet-sex.  

Friday, May 6, 2016

The Blackthorn Summer Ballet Intensive

The Photo: A pair of Gaynor Minden pointes with optional sueded platforms which provide superior traction and increase the life of the blocks outer padding. Standard internal platform padding along with toe taping and toe pads help minimize toe trauma from thrust-drop during ballet-sex. I think this photo epitomizes the power and beauty of Gaynor Minden pointes that help to make the wearer’s legs look longer, more shapely and cloud men’s minds with thoughts of rapturous lovemaking. Being able to mind-fuck a man by confidently and expertly wearing pointe-shoes is something very few women are capable of doing which gives us a unique advantage when competing for men. The rest fall back on far less adventuresome fuck-me shoes like Louboutin 4 inch stilettos.

The Blackthorn Summer Ballet Intensive: We have been very pleased with the response from ballet schools in the U.S. Canada and the UK in recommending carefully selected student candidates for the second year of the Blackthorn Ballet Summer intensive, commonly known locally as the BBSI. Even with a long list of necessary ballet skill qualifications we have received more than 275 applications for the course. 15 women will be chosen and we will have 15 young male ballet dancers as their partners for the two week course. No other school has a 1:1 ratio of women to men when teaching a ballet course. Seeking to participate in the BBSI is something that mothers of prospected students must discuss in depth with their daughters as a student with no knowledge of or experience with her reproductive tract is an unsuitable candidate. A great many of our students come from families where the mothers are former dancers who have been very sexually active and where sexual activity by the daughter is encouraged as it is seen as providing experience and adding depth to the daughter’s arsenal of erotic resources as she chooses a permanent mate.

Each student candidate in addition to having demonstrated considerable talent, stamina, grace and poise as a young ballet dancer must, because of unique aspects of the course dealing with seduction of the human male, meet additional health, safety and legal requirements some of which are:

Summer intensive student requirements:

  • Must have a minimum of 5 years of pointe work
  • Must be between the ages of 16 and 18.
  • Must have completed the three injection regimen of Gardasil vaccine.
  • Must have had a recent pelvic to ensure she has a healthy cervix and doesn’t need a hymenectomy to allow penile-vaginal-intercourse, PVI.
  • Must have a current negative full panel STI test. This can occasionally get a mother’s hackles up, but when It’s explained that their daughter will be intimate with a number if men during the course of her training and that all the other students and their male partners must pass the full STI panel as well they understand the need for it. 
  • Must have had a stringless GyneFix copper bead IUD implanted at least two months prior to arrival for class as it’s important for attendees to be well protected while cycling naturally an order to learn to use her cyclical hormonal swings to her advantage during seduction training.
  • Must have a negative serum pregnancy test, which will be administered when the student reaches the course venue, Blackthorn Castle.  It’s important that prospective students take any additional contraceptive precautions necessary even with a copper IUD implanted. Students arriving pregnant will not be allowed to participate.
  • Must have the pelvic anatomy (a deep post-pubic vault) to be correctly fitted for a contraceptive diaphragm – Our Gyn clinic will fit and supply the silicone Semina coil spring rim diaphragms at no cost to the students. Semina is available in six diameter sizes, from 60 to 85mm, in 5mm increments. For more about the why we are using the Semina coil spring diaphragm as an introductory cervical barrier see below.
  • Must be able to be correctly fitted with and have at least six pairs of Gaynor Minden pointes with suede tips and extra hard shanks required for ballet-sex training. The extra hard shanks turn a regular élève style shoe (where the wearer rolls through the foot on to pointe) into a relevé style shoe where the wearer springs or steps on to pointe. Extra hard shanked shoes are needed for ballet-sex because they will support an average weight (115lb woman) dancer when she puts her weight on her heels, which is poor technique but occurs when she is fucked boneless while on her toes. With internal platform pads Gaynors are far superior to pointes made of conventional materials in minimizing the likelihood that the wearer’s toes will be injured from thrust-drop during ballet-sex.  If the student wears pointes made of traditional materials they may be worn for class, rehearsals and performances, but not ballet-sex training.
With this list of requirements some of which require long lead times you can see why putting in a last minute request for a place in class is not a winning strategy.

Nikolai will teach: I am very pleased to say that Nikolai, a young (26 y/o) Russian male ballet star who has been dancing with the RB for the 2015-16 season has had his contract renewed for the 2016-17 season. A gorgeous male of amazing grace, poise and virility Nikolai will be working with the Female students and supervising other male ballet members as instructors and partners for the women students. He is one of the attractions of the Blackthorn Summer Ballet Intensive as his reputation as having amazing sexual stamina as well as being a considerate lover has already become legendary in ballet circles. Having Nikolai as a lover is one of the lifetime goals of a great many young women dancers so I consider myself fortunate to have him as a dance and bed partner when he is not dancing with his company.  

A Semina and its case with an introducer

Training teen barrier-girls: A sexually active barrier-girl should never be without her diaphragm and the Semina’s pink transparent silicone rubber, which some wearer’s have compared to a pink soap bubble, has proved very attractive when used as a young woman’s first experience with cervical barriers. The use of a Semina began as an alternative for teens that were too small for an IUD and couldn’t use hormonal contraceptives. However, when it was found that they could also be effectively used for cervix protection (flood insurance) during under water penetrative sex even the girls on HBC wanted to be fitted for a Semina. IUDs and cervical barriers are only compatible when the IUD strings are trimmed off so they don’t stick to a cervical barrier worn for flood insurance during underwater penetrative vaginal sex which is one of the more arcane subjects on the syllabus during the Blackthorn Ballet Summer Intensive. Stringless IUDs worn by up-market Escorts are checked for proper position with periodic ultrasound scans.

The introducer shown in the photo was used to simplify insertion especially for women with short fingers. Unfortunately introducers are no longer being made, but it is easy to learn the proper insertion technique. Should BBSI students progress to become “socially available” for underwater penetrative sex they can switch to a latex flat spring diaphragm similar to the Reflexions of blessed memory. While some few people are allergic to latex and natural rubber latex does not last as long as silicone the advantages are considerable as the heat transfer and the elastic properties of the translucent dome membrane are far superior to silicone. Additionally, the flat spring rim which only folds in a single plane makes it very desirable as ‘flood insurance’ because it’s nearly impossible for even a mischievous lover to intentionally under-thrust the rim.



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