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Inflatable toy accidents and incest

Bulb pump for inserted inflatable dildo

Dildo puncture embolism: I’ve written about the dangers of using inflatable dildos before, but the devices are still available and there are still accidents. This incident was an avoidable tragedy. A 16 y/o was playing with her mom’s sex toys while her parents were away for the weekend. When they returned home they found her in her room wearing her own gray latex encasement masturbation suit from our BDSM boutique – the upmarket model with nipple vacuum cups - and corset that she was so proud of. They had given it to her for her 16th birthday as an age of consent present. She was also wearing her mom’s SGE150 gasmask with a canister attached so if she had called out her cries would have been muffled under the mask. She was still breathing but unresponsive. She had inserted then inflated one of her mom’s old latex Rubber Ram dildos and it burst at the tip. From the look of the ruined dildo her mom had apparently used a petroleum based lube, like Vaseline, on it because at the tip what was left of the rubber was hard and cracked and the pieces had jagged edges. The ME said when the dildo burst the hardened tip shattered and the pieces of hard brittle rubber shredded the tip of her cervix and the compressed air was forced into her uterus where several air bubbles entered her bloodstream. She was still bleeding from her uterus when the EMTs rushed her to the ER where she flat-lined. The doctors think she was unconscious from the bursting of the tip and bleeding out when one of the air bubbles reached her brain and stopped all brain activity. Her parents kept her on a ventilator for several days then shut it off and she stopped breathing a few minutes later.

I tell my escort candidates and the students I teach at St Lucy’s not to use inflatable toys in their vaginas as a puncture can lead to very serious injury or death. But if they must then high quality silicone inflatables are safer that latex ones. And oily lubes should not be used as they deteriorate latex and some silicones rapidly. If a woman must use an inflatable toy she should wear a gas guard to protect herself in case of an ‘uncontrolled puncture’ better known as a blowout. Only one of the toy manufacturers mentions the possibility of an ‘uncontrolled puncture’. That’s like calling a plane crash an ‘uncontrolled descent’.

Penis gags in gasmasks: We had another somewhat similar case a few weeks back where a gay bottom was tied to a bed in his latex encasement suit while wearing a gasmask that had been adapted to include a penis gag operated by a bulb pump that hung like a goiter from the front of the mask along with a three liter rebreather bag attached to the side. It was the bottom’s mask and he was new to encounters with this Dom who wasn’t familiar with how far the gag could be safely inflated. Not only did he over inflate so that it completely blocked the bottom’s throat but the gag burst sending bits of latex and latex dust from inside the gag into the Submissives lungs. Even with the gag deflated the debris from the burst gag had clogged his lungs so completely that he couldn’t inhale and suffocated in his mask before the Dom could unlock the releases on the head harness to get it off.

Pelvic training and incest: We have a 6th form girl at St Lucy’s (she will be 18 early next year.) who transferred in from an elite girl’s school in South Carolina. She said she transferred to St Lucy’s to take my Advanced Sexual Techniques (AST) course and I think that is partially true. She has been paired – by having compatible pelvic anatomy and mutual likes/dislikes- with a 25 y/o UNLV student in the psychology PhD program who is also a full-time escort trainee. He is registered at UNLV and for escort training under a different name, but we found that he is her biological brother. We check for that sort of thing. With both men and women in the entertainment world performing under stage or professional names it is not all that unusual to find siblings working together using different names. But as sexual partners it can get complicated. It’s already obvious to her teachers that she almost certainly relocated schools with the intent of having him as her stallion of choice for AST lab exercises. And we matched them up w/o any overt lobbying on her part.

I don’t plan to have him reassigned to another AST student as they do make an amazingly handsome couple radiating sexual tension and their pelvic anatomies are perfect for each other. However, I did let her know that I knew she and her stallion were brother and sister. She was shocked and then so relieved when she found I was on her side and approved of what she had been able to do, though all she really did was keep quiet when we assigned her brother as her sexual partner. I told her that I expected her to keep her grades up and to be conscientious with her birth control. She agreed and that day I went with her when she had a GyneFix implanted (our clinic keeps a few slots open for immediate GyneFix implantations) so she should be quite safe from pregnancy and be able to let her brother shoot his wad as deep as he can plant it confident that she is virtually impregnable.

Incest and me: I’m not totally in favor of incest. But, I think it can have a meaningful place in some families. God knows, I tried hard enough, when I became of age in NY, to get my father to overcome his grief at my mother’s death by screwing me because he said I was so like her physically. I thought by fucking his brains out I could give him something to look forward too rather than staring into the bottom of an empty single malt bottle most days. I was wrong! Sigh! As beautiful as I was in my teens and early 20s he wouldn’t touch me! So, assuming mutual consent, I’m rather in favor of incest if close family members want to escape from loneliness or take out their frustrations by going at one another during intense sexual encounters. Children from such a relationship is an entirely different thing and totally out of the question because of passing on genetic abnormalities. But then that’s what Mifeprex or a menstrual extraction is for if a girl has a contraceptive failure.

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Las Vegas and water

Bathtub ring on Lake Mead cliffs

The New York Times
September 27, 2010

Water Use in Southwest Heads for a Day of Reckoning

LAKE MEAD NATIONAL RECREATION AREA, Nev. — A once-unthinkable day is looming on the Colorado River.

Barring a sudden end to the Southwest’s 11-year drought, the distribution of the river’s dwindling bounty is likely to be reordered as early as next year because the flow of water cannot keep pace with the region’s demands.

For the first time, federal estimates issued in August indicate that Lake Mead, the heart of the lower Colorado basin’s water system — irrigating lettuce, onions and wheat in reclaimed corners of the Sonoran Desert, and lawns and golf courses from Las Vegas to Los Angeles — could drop below a crucial demarcation line of 1,075 feet.

If it does, that will set in motion a temporary distribution plan approved in 2007 by the seven states with claims to the river and by the federal Bureau of Reclamation, and water deliveries to Arizona and Nevada would be reduced.

This could mean more dry lawns, shorter showers and fallow fields in those states, although conservation efforts might help them adjust to the cutbacks. California, which has first call on the Colorado River flows in the lower basin, would not be affected.

But the operating plan also lays out a proposal to prevent Lake Mead from dropping below the trigger point. It allows water managers to send 40 percent more water than usual downstream to Lake Mead from Lake Powell in Utah, the river’s other big reservoir, which now contains about 50 percent more water than Lake Mead.

In that case, the shortage declaration would be avoided and Lake Mead’s levels restored to 1,100 feet or so.

Lake Powell, fed by rain and snowmelt that create the Colorado and tributaries, has risen more than 60 feet from a 2004 low because the upper basin states, Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming and Utah, do not use their full allocations. The upper basin provides a minimum annual flow of 8.23 million acre feet to Arizona, Nevada and California. (An acre-foot of water is generally considered the amount two families of four use annually.)

In its August report the Bureau of Reclamation said the extra replenishment from Lake Powell was the likeliest outcome. Nonetheless, said Terry Fulp, the bureau’s deputy regional director for the Lower Colorado Region, it is the first time ever that the bureau has judged a critical shortage to be remotely possible in the near future.

“We’re approaching the magical line that would trigger shortage,” Mr. Fulp said. “We have the lowest 11-year average in the 100-year-plus recorded history of flows on the basin.”

The reservoir is now less than 15 inches above the all-time low of 1,083.2 feet set in 1956.

But back then, while the demand from California farmland was similar, if not greater, the population was far smaller. Perhaps 9.5 million people in the three states in the lower Colorado River basin depended on the supply in the late 1950s; today more than 28 million people do.

The impact of the declining water level is visible in the alkaline bathtub rings on the reservoir’s walls and the warning lights for mariners high on its rocky outcroppings. National Park Service employees have repeatedly moved marinas, chasing the receding waterline.

Adding to water managers’ unease, scientists predict that prolonged droughts will be more frequent in decades to come as the Southwest’s climate warms. As Lake Mead’s level drops, Hoover Dam’s capacity to generate electricity, which, like the Colorado River water, is sent around the Southwest, diminishes with it. If Lake Mead levels fall to 1,050 feet, it may be impossible to use the dam’s turbines, and the flow of electricity could cease.

The fretting that dominates today’s discussions about the river contrasts with the old-style optimism about the Colorado’s plenitude that has usually prevailed since Hoover Dam — then called Boulder Dam — was completed 75 years ago, impounding the water from Lake Mead.

The worries have provoked action: cities like Phoenix and Las Vegas have undertaken extensive conservation programs. Between 2000 and 2009, Phoenix’s average per-capita daily household use has dropped almost 20 percent; Las Vegas’s has dropped 21.3 percent.

Nonetheless, “if the river flow continues downward and we can’t build back up supply, Las Vegas is in big trouble,” Pat Mulroy, general manager of the Southern Nevada Water Authority, said in an interview.

While Las Vegas is one of the Colorado River’s smaller clients — it consumes 2 percent of the river’s allocated deliveries— the city relies on Lake Mead for 90 percent of its water supply. From 2002 to 2009, the metropolitan area’s population mushroomed by nearly 40 percent, to 1.9 million from 1.37 million.

In response to the population boom and the drought, which began in 1999, the authority began an aggressive effort to encourage water conservation in 2002.

Now it is expanding its options: it is tunneling under the bottom of Lake Mead to install a third intake valve that could continue operating until lake levels dropped below 1,000 feet.

Saddle Island, the construction staging site on the reservoir, looks like an abstract painting, its dusty russet ground covered with interlacing segments of the 2,500 concrete rings that will make up the three-mile-long pipe.

Ms. Mulroy has also pushed aggressively for pipelines to carry distant groundwater to the Las Vegas area; most contentious is a planned 285-mile pipeline that would cross the state diagonally and take groundwater from the Snake Valley, on the Nevada-Utah border, to Las Vegas.

The authority has also spent about $147 million on a program to encourage homeowners and businesses to eliminate their lawns in favor of the rock, grass and cactus landscaping known as xeriscaping. More than 70 percent of household water usage is attributed to outdoor use, Ms. Mulroy said.

Residents can now water their yards only three days a week, before 11 a.m. and after 7 p.m., and the restrictions are to tighten this winter.

Dolores Cormier, 82, who lives on Monterrey Avenue on the southern side of Las Vegas, reconfigured her front and side lawns, installing a rocky cover and drip irrigation. Under a water authority program known as Water Smart Landscapes (colloquially, Cash for Grass), she has received $2,689 in utility subsidies that will offset the $5,600 or so she said the xeriscaping cost her.

She is pleased with the new look but said her average monthly water bill of $45 or so has yet to decline, perhaps because she still tends grass in her small backyard. “I need some lawn,” she confessed.

If the 1,075 level is broken at Lake Mead next year, more drastic conservation measures will be needed, officials warn.

“We have a very finite resource and demand which increases and enlarges every day,” said John A. Zebre, a Wyoming lawyer and the president of the Colorado River Water Users Association.

“The problem is always going to be there,” he said. “Everything is driven by that problem.”

Personal Comment: When I bought my home several years ago I removed the lawns and replaced them with desert plants and rocks. And when I put in ‘The Pit’, my 65 ft deep enclosed pool, I had purifiers installed so the water is recycled and only the water that evaporates or that is removed from the pool on peoples swimsuits and diving equipment needs replacing. It’s all powered by electricity generated by the solar collector fields on the acres of land behind the house so I think I’m doing my part. But I’m only one homeowner and the declining water level in Lake Mead is worrying.

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Pointe shoe quiz 09-27-2010

What maker’s shoes is this dancer wearing?

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World Contraception Day 2010

September 26, 2010 is World Contraception Day

Be responsible

Latex encasement STI protection

Total latex encasement vaginal and anal entry points

Latex catsuit protects against STIs: A woman wearing a form fitting encasement suit is said to be wearing a catsuit. A man in a form fitting encasement suit is said to be wearing a Gimp suit. Encasement suits are used in BDSM to objectify the wearer, or ‘gimp’, and reduce him or her to the status of a sexual toy, rather than a sexual partner. That sort of encasement fetish can appeal to wearer’s of both sexes. A frequent reader, Mark, gave me a great idea during a lovely chat the other day. He showed me pics of a HW Design Latex (an Austrian Company) catsuit in black latex with gloves, hood and booties that had molded vaginal, anal and oral inlays (molded penis form sheathes) that insert into the wearer’s body cavities for totally encased sexual penetration. Suits with this sort of body cavity detail are preferred by men and women who need total encasement in rubber during sexual penetration.

I think that’s so ironic! Men hate condoms, but when a guy designs externally accessed condoms for vaginal and anal penetration of a woman in a catsuit guys line up to fuck her! How weird is that? Go figure! I know, it is a mental thing that has to do with her being absolutely totally encased in latex and under his control, but still… The good news is that being sexually penetrated while encased in a suit like that a woman should be totally safe from STIs and being visited by the hCG Fairy.

Labia Labs: So, here is my idea. I think a suit of that sort might be just the thing to fill the needs of a niche market, members of the BDSM community here, both men and women, who have incurable STIs, who until now have been shunned (for sex) by other members of the fetish community and commercial escorts because of the likelihood of becoming infected themselves. I was going to email HW Design who made the suit shown at the top of this entry, and ask if the style suit I’m interested in is still available, because I didn’t find it in their on-line catalogue. A lot of HW Design’s encasement suits can be seen on the Austrian rubber fetish site (in the free tour section) which is where I got the Images to illustrate this entry. I was also going to ask HW Design about how the seams in their latex suits are sealed with glue or welded, but then I thought rather than dealing with a European manufacturer I could get Gepetto’s latex shop, Labia Labs, to mould me a catsuit (they already have my measurements) with the new super stretchy surgical latex formulation from Jeff’s labs. [Returning readers will remember that Gepetto and Jeff partnered (through Labia Labs) to create the GG+ armored gas guard after some guy in the Vegas area recently began wearing a ‘Shredder’ Prince Albert piercing.] A nice HW Design latex catsuit from their current catalogue costs more than €500 EUR, about $675 USD. Since Gepetto has my measurements and since I own a significant percentage of Labia Labs the cost of any design work should be competitive and I could go in for fittings if necessary.

Vaginal sheath opening through latex encasement suit

I’m thinking that a .5 mm suit thickness would be awesome, but I’d want concurrence from the designers and chemists that .5 mm is the optimum thickness for protection against STI viruses. Then if we have any problems with the design I can just go across town not ship the suit back to Austria. Of course being fucked while wearing a .5 mm thick condom, even with marvelous heat transfer properties, will decrease the sensitivity, but I’m thinking that by putting a velvet surface on the side against the vaginal walls that should convert what little movement there is into a caress as well as pressure. And an added safety feature no one but Labia Labs has is treating the inner surfaces of the vaginal, anal and oral inserts with the scratch and puncture resistant nanofilament mesh just like is used on the puncture resistant GG+ gas guards to protect against a man wearing a Prince Albert shredder, and to prevent accidental punctures resulting in HIV or HSV positive semen deposited against the wearer’s cervix, up her anus or down her throat. Punctures of oral sheathes are especially likely from getting caught on the sharp edges of the wearer’s teeth.

Wearing comfort: I think it will be interesting to see how comfortable the wearer’s pelvic area will be with the heavy rubber condom sheathes inserted in both vagina and anus and how tricky it will be to get them inserted unfolded so they don’t twist and jam when penetration is attempted. I’m planning to use a small training dildo inserted in the well lubed sheaths to get them inserted correctly w/o getting them twisted or folded over in a manner that would block total penetration. I think a critical dimension of the suit will be the waist and how snugly it fits the wearer’s hips as that will control how well the crotch – and therefore the body cavity sheathes – fit and if they tend to pull out if the wearer moves too much. Ideally the vaginal and anal sheathes should stay in position even if the wearer exercises in the suit. If that turns out to be a problem I can have an anti-expulsion ring fitted into the vaginal sheath. The vaginal sheath itself will have to be at least 9 inches long to permit deep penetration when the woman is aroused and her vagina tented. For women used to wearing a Penetrator plug during their daily routine there may be little difference except that her vagina won’t feel as full, until a man or dildo enters the sheath. For men the anal condom may not be objectionable if they are used to having a butt plug inserted. I know some gay men who go to work with butt plugs inserted just like girls who wear their Penetrator plugs all the time. Guys who routinely wear butt plugs shouldn’t have a problem with the anal sheath. Of course discomfort from a heavy rubber condom in the anus could be one purpose of having the person wear the suit. It’s certain that for the safety of the wearer s/he should use a good long lasting lubricating gel in the vagina, anus and applied inside all three sheathes to lessen the friction of a penis or dildo. One down side of this type of double penetration suit is that it takes a long time to get out of it to go to the bathroom and to reinsert the pelvic cavity sheathes and become totally encased again afterward.

Vaginal sheath with dildo inserted

Testing for leaks: The labs will make over-pressure tests with both air and fluids to see if they can get the three sheathes themselves and any sheath seams to fail. And each suit’s sheath-set will be inspected by high intensity light to look for thin spots and pin holes in the rubber before the woman or man puts it on for an STI positive encounter. There is a small but very wealthy group of HIV or HSV positive fetishists in Vegas who have been interested in being sexually active with STI free members of the fetish community, but until now there were only the traditional male and female condoms that offer only marginal protection at best from genital secretions and none from other bodily fluids such as blood, saliva, anal waste and vomit. Of course once used the STI positive client has effectively ‘bought’ the suit since it can not be disinfected for use with another client so it will be saved in a virus proof storage bag for reuse if s/he can afford another encasement suit encounter.

Saturday, September 25, 2010


The Mantis position using a Jilling-chain

AST: I'm starting to teach Advanced Sexual Techniques next week so I’m previewing the lessons using Cyndi and Gigi with some of the senior male escort candidates. The girls are 16 now and legal in Nevada so that makes meeting new men easier for them which is so important in broadening (and deepening) beautiful teen’s sexual experiences. In the past we had often used UNLV grad students as the girl’s partners. They were enthusiastic, but many lacked the skills to provide the sort of intense encounters we want St Lucy’s girls to experience. This will be the first time we have had escorts work exclusively with St Lucy’s students to explore the depths of their passion and if Cyndi and Gigi are any indication the joining of the groups will be a huge success. Everyone is screened and free of STIs so it’s just the hCG Fairy to be wary of and all my AST students are familiar with the needed precautions to keep her away while allowing their partners a deep finish bareback encounter.

Since our male escorts are very familiar with dive sex using the young men to train St Lucy’s girls to reach the proficiency needed to be safe and confident during underwater intercourse is a perfect fit. The students already have the guys head-shots pinned to their dorm walls and are dreaming of toe-curling sex while sucking gas twenty feet below the surface of a training pool. They will train wearing only bikinis and gas guards at first advancing through the skills needed to be penetrated comfortably while wearing latex DiveRubber. Then they will move on to masturbation in encasement suits both solo and with a partner.

Jilling off: The vibrator and female masturbation are intimately connected at St Lucy’s. We teach a multitude of ways to Jill-off and recommend using extra long life cadmium batteries in vibrators so as not to have a power failure at a critical moment. And a girl should always carry extra batteries in her dancebag or slit-kit. I covered masturbating while submerged in a drysuit in my entry ‘Drysuit masturbation’ for January 27, 2010 so I won’t go over that again here except to say that drysuit masturbation is covered for St Lucy’s girls in my AST course and comes at the end of the course when the girls are familiar with using different vibis and grope cups.

Jilling-chains: A particularly creative method of clitoral masturbation and one often used by lesbians in the BDSM community here in Vegas is by using a Jilling-chain. Regular Jilling-chains are highly polished links of stainless steel and come in all sizes. A wide selection of Jilling chains is available in the masturbation supplies aisle at Fasteners our Bondage boutique where fitters can advise women who are selecting their first Jilling chain or have problems using a Jilling chain that they would like to overcome.

St Lucy’s beginners typically start with ¾ inch links of 2/16 diameter chain. As they develop their chain skills students graduate to both larger and smaller links depending on their individual needs at the time so there is no right or wrong size. Bigger is not necessarily better. Larger links are heavier, but slide in the mons veneris pubic cleft and over the clitoris more easily than smaller links which are used when a girl wants a less granular masturbatory experience. The Jilling-chain is attached to the users slave collar and weights can be attached to the end that descends along the pubic cleft, over the clitoris and between the labia to hang between her legs. Movement of the chain in the pubic cleft, against the clit and between the labia is obtained by the woman nodding her head moving her neck which moves the slave collar fastened snugly around it (to which the Jilling chain is attached). Another method of getting movement of the chain across her pubic erogenous zone is by thrusting her hips while she has them raised off the bed – called the Mantis position - as shown in the image accompanying this entry. Using a Jilling chain in Mantis is something that takes a lot of training to accomplish successfully because the muscle toning and stamina needed for pelvic thrusts in that position are considerable.

Jilling chains in public: As tokens of lasting affection silver or gold Jilling chains are given between committed lesbian couples who are out to society and can be worm as belts or chatelaines in public. If worn in public by a couple the size of the links are representative only of the size that pleases the wearer and has nothing to do with skill level. Usually the more delicate chains are made of gold or platinum and the larger linked chains are made from silver, but not always. Lesbians who lose their partners by death are entitled to wear a Jilling chain entwined with a string of black onyx beads and when she is no longer in mourning and looking for another partner she removes her onyx widows Jilling chain. Though that is the custom you rarely see a widows chain being worn, at least around here. In lesbian circles it is a gross breach of etiquette for a young lesbian (outside a committed relationship) to wear a Jilling chain in public regardless of how skilled she is with it. Making that great a social blunder in a Sappho’s sisters club can cause an ‘enforcer’ to drive the 7 inch spike of her boot through the laces and instep of the offender’s ballet boot.

A reader’s question: “Would you ever teach ballet to students in all latex?” I do occasionally teach pointe class with a few St Lucy’s students in latex catsuits – a standard suit is the latex House of Harlot DiveRubber - as an elective in my Advanced Sexual Techniques (AST) course. It is an exhausting class because the heat generated by exertion while encased in rubber is excessive so very few students are interested in taking latex-pointe. Only ballet girls in rubber-lust apply. To prevent collapsing the studio is chilled to 65 degrees and the girls take a break every 20 minutes and drink sports drinks like Gatorade to replace electrolytes. An advantage to taking the course is the latex-points students can get modeling jobs with ancillary benefits from the local BDSM community for charity events.

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Pointe shoe quiz September 23, 2010

Who is the maker of this dancer’s pointes?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Men and pointe shoes

Sweaty Capezio Glisse pointes

Fetishes - Men and pointe shoes: A few posts ago I offered to write about aspects of fetishes that members were particularly interested in that I hadn’t written about before. One subject requested was my experience with men and their fascination with pointe shoes and how they change the male view of a woman. From my experience men seem to think that once she puts on a pair of pink satin pointe shoes a woman changes from just another pretty girl with lovely long legs to a magical creature with a dual personality. One that is beautiful, soft, and feminine, the epitome of grace and strength commanding respect and admiration while at the same time being strong, smart and without shedding a tear capable of breaking him in half with her legs while he is having sex with her.

In pointes she can at times be exquisitely virtuous or unbelievably cruel depending on her moods and men in pointe-awe are in her thrall. To a male in pointe-awe a women en pointe seems infinitely desirable and forever unattainable and he longs for the touch of her fingers or the brush of her lips against his own. He dreams of fondling the engorged shaft of her clitoris nestled in the cleft of her mons veneris to get her aroused wet and ready for penetration as she balances on the platforms of her pointes. He brings her along gasping and quivering as his fingers stroke her raised clitoral shaft while she moans “Take me now” in his ear. His fingers move to the softness of her labia, feeling their warmth and fullness, wet with her natural lubricant as he spreads her inner lips to position his shaft for the thrust that will drive him deep into her hard flat belly. He dreams of driving himself into her depths, impaling her on his massive rod as surely as a butterfly is impaled by a pin to its specimen card in a museum while her legs are wrapped around his waist. And, inside his fantasy ballerina he plants his seed up against her cervix giving his DNA a chance at immortality if he can defeat her contraceptive precautions and impregnate her.

Two endings to a ballerina fantasy: Here I think male fantasies diverge. Some men are just happy to have been given a tight, hot, wet, deep vessel in which to release their seed while others want to dominate the ballerina of their fantasies by getting her pregnant despite her best efforts at contraception, proving (in his mind anyway) that he is a dominant male and since she carries his child she is his property. I think if pressed most men would deny they have any secret wish to impregnate their sexual fantasy, but if it should happen and she told him she was pregnant by him I’ll bet he would smile, give a fist pump and a Shout, “YES!” as that would be proof of his potency. Only then he would decide what to do about his fantasy ballerina’s situation before she got her baby bump and she was forced to take a leave of absence from dancing if she wasn’t fired. Of course left to make her own decision a woman having devoted ten or fifteen years of her life to a successful career as a ballet dancer would almost certainly terminate any accidental pregnancy and continue with her career showing her lover the indomitable and perhaps darker side of her being.

Men have confided that another common masturbation fantasy is having sex with a ballerina in a tutu and pointe shoes. Special thong-back fetish tutus are made for escorts or girlfriends who want to cater to this male fantasy. The tutu when viewed from above represents a seemingly impossible barrier to get past. However, when viewed from below the thong panty covers her vulva when she raises a leg in développé, arabesque or attitude, but when she raises en pointe and bends over her partner can ease the thong to one side exposing her vulva, spread her labia and penetrate her fully with a single massive thrust.

Toe-shoe scents: Then there are the more kinky aspects of pointe-shoe worship. Things like smelling the aroma of a dancer’s estrogenic sweat soaked pointes with the scent of damp leather, fabric and melted paste. That’s why so many men with pointe fetishes like their favorite fantasy dancer(s) to wear shoes made of traditional materials; satin, leather, paper and paste. High-tech pointes like Gaynors have their own fetish following, but the scents from a pair of sweat dampened GMs is nowhere near as rich with the full-bodied mixing of scents as are a freshly used pair of, say, Freed Classic pointes.

Semen and pointe shoes: Another kink in pointe shoe worship is ejaculating in a favorite fantasy ballerina’s toe-shoes. There are several ways to do that. If the man has a pair of his fantasy ballerina’s pointes purchased from one of the ballet company boutiques or just bought a pair from a local dance shop to use as a pleasure talisman he can ejaculate in them directly with no consequences other than his own sexual pleasure. If however, he wants to come in a girlfriends pointes that she is still using for rehearsals and class then she may let him squirt semen directly in the boxes.

Silicone toe pads

Toe pads: Or, she might want him to fill her toe pads with semen. Pointe shoe toe pads are made from a number of different materials, lambs wool, acrylic fleece, gel between layers of fabric and silicone gel pads among other things. Different dancers prefer different materials for toe protection during performances, but one thing most of us agree on is using silicone gel pads as containment vessels when semen is involved. With silicone gel pads no semen is absorbed by the material, the semen pools in the bottom of the pad and there is no evaporation as it mixes with the dancers sweat and toe cheese (the paste of skin cells that are rubbed off calluses and the lint from tights mixed with blood or puss from injured toes).

For the rest of this toe pad discussion I’ll be talking about a dancer using silicone gel pads for her lover to come in. Filling a ballerina’s toe pads will concentrate the man’s load (about 5-7ml a bit more than a teaspoon full) in a pool at the bottom of the toe cup so that when she pushes her toes into the pad his semen squishes up between her toes. The toe pads are worn under convertible foot tights so once a lover fills her pads with semen it is easy to slip her bare toes into the fluid filled pads and then pull the foot of the tights back over the pads to hold them in place.

Silicone pads under tights has become the preferred method of wearing pointe shoe ejaculate in Vegas if the man wants his ballerina escort to dance in semen filled pointes. His load contained in her protective pads might lengthen the life of her shoes a tiny bit as it is less fluid softening the boxes. However, a far greater advantage of ejaculating into silicone toe pads is that after she dances the pads can be used as part of a gag (for either him or her) or as part of an erotic strip-tease after which the man can suck on her sweaty pads tasting his lovers estrogenic sweat and toe cheese as he thrusts into her G-spot or cervix. A clean set of toe pads should be used for each client. Any dancer using a topical anesthetic like Nupercainal cream should be sure to keep these medicated pads stored separately to prevent giving her lover toe-pads to suck on that had anesthetic cream in them.

Dancers with lovers into toe-play need to keep in mind that calluses on a girls un-taped toes immersed in semen filled toe pads will soften quicker so that sort of game should be played only briefly or when she has no major performances coming up so that if her calluses deteriorate she can recover before she needs the toe protection her calluses provide.

Toe pads as souvenirs: I know we are talking eroticism here, but from an economic standpoint the substitution of toe pads as souvenirs rather than the pointe shoes an escort was wearing during a commercial encounter has certain advantages. First it makes the souvenir less noticeable when the TSA or his wife is searching a clients luggage and second it reduces the cost considerably as there was often a lot of life left in an escort’s pointes that were being given away after a 5K encounter. However, if the client asks the escort will give him the shoes she was wearing when he inseminated her.

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Gay and Lesbian escorts

A gay submissive in a ‘prison stockade’ device

Gays & Lesbians as escorts: A long time friend and reader wrote: “While I enjoy your blogs, your training blogs mostly concern women. I think because, there are no men in your escort training classes. Since I am curious on most new things, this image [of a “Prison Stockade” with Fucking Rod is getting a lot of attention. This restrictive device locks the slave(s) hands, ankles and neck in steel completely immobilizing them.] brought on this query. How do you train a man to be a escort slave? Do they use the same machines? or same methods?”

Well, first, we do train both male and female candidates to be escorts. From the males is where I get a lot of my stallions for casual in-house encounters when I need to release stress during working hours. However, the heterosexual to gay ratio of candidates is about 10:1 to cover the far greater heterosexual demand. The Gay escorts are trained using the same training equipment commercially available to the gay/lesbian BDSM community, with the exception of pelvic trainers and strap-on dildos for lesbians. We insist that our lesbians strengthen their vaginal muscles even though most aren’t going to be sucking semen from a penetrating penis. A Sappho-slave being able to crush her Domme’s fingers when she inserts them in her slaves’ birth canal is one of her Signature offerings and our girls are in demand by lesbian CEOs who come to Vegas for conventions. Our lesbian girls are all expert as penetrators as well as being penetrated during dive sex so are fitted with gas guards to protect against water or air being forced into their uteri when penetrated by a strap-on during dive-sex.

Unisex training equipment includes the usual line of punitive collars, cuffs, corsets, gags, butt plugs, steel electro-stim anal plugs, gimp helmets and gasmasks equipped with various sizes of inflatable penis gags and latex rebreather bags and of course ballet boots. And then there are the rubber or leather encasement suits and diving equipment. Even the lowly silicone swim cap becomes a fetish pleasure toy for breathplay.

We have a small team of Gay trainers who take gay candidates through the course. We don’t train many gay men because the ‘accident’ rate is so high for slaves that it’s difficult to find acceptable candidates and the risks aren’t worth the expense. A male escort has to have a huge ego and be a great risk taker – in addition to having a lovely body - to be a gay slave for our clientele which is small but very demanding. They push the slave to edge of endurance for the human body and most gay subs don’t last very long. If they survive three or four encounters w/o being seriously injured they are considered very experienced. Most are so severely injured by their second encounter from things like: brain damage from lack of oxygen during breathplay, or a torn colon when an inflatable anal plug is over-filled, or a ruptured colon from too energetic thrusting from a very large partner using a performance enhancer, or semen in the lungs that causes pneumonia from not swallowing when he should have during fellatio, or their toes are crushed in hydraulic pointe-trainers that 'malfunction'. There are very few gays who need acceptance badly enough that they mind-fuck themselves into believing that they will be safe and that their partner cares.

Lesbians generally are not nearly as destructive of escorts and some strong friendships have developed between the Domme who rented the girl as her slave for the duration of her conference. We have a very popular line of personal assistant slaves for visiting lesbian CEOs. The girls are highly educated with elite social skills and are proficient in general office tasks. They dress in conservative business attire and carry a tote with the CEOs fave sex toys so when they are alone the slave can caress away her Dommes stress or accept punishment between business sessions.

NYCB’s 2010 Fall season

NYCB Maria Kowroski and Sébastien Marcovici in "Movements for Piano and Orchestra"

The New York Times
September 17, 2010

A Way With Balanchine (and With a Talking Dancer, Too)

"New York City Ballet is presenting no fewer than 27 works during its inaugural fall season, 10 of them during this opening week. By world ballet standards, this is astonishing. Here, nobody even remarks on it. On Wednesday night four of George Balanchine’s ballets re-entered the repertory, and suddenly the eye, the ear, the mind and the imagination were again all full.

First, as part of the company’s venture in making ballet more accessible, the young principal dancer Tyler Angle gave a curtain speech. In this new City Ballet experiment, a different principal will introduce each program this week. Mr. Angle was a good opener. He talks as he dances: affable, youthful, generous, not completely in control of all his effects but always appealingly personable.

Much of what he said was, beneath the charm, shrewd. He singled out the two most advanced modernist pieces on the bill — the Stravinsky duo “Monumentum pro Gesualdo” and “Movements for Piano and Orchestra” — as his favorites. He drew attention to the amazing inventiveness of the pas de deux in “Danses Concertantes.” And he offered a couple of human-interest items: Megan Fairchild and Andrew Veyette, the lead couple of this “Danses Concertantes” performance, had become engaged, and Mr. Angle had throughout the summer watched Tiler Peck, Ana Sophia Scheller, Sterling Hyltin and Amar Ramasar rehearsing and dancing “Who Cares?” in different situations, once at 3 a.m.

If this gives new audiences a way into the ballets, I’m all for it. For those of us who’ve been watching Balanchine repertory since before Mr. Angle was born, the danger is that we tend to be distracted by Mr. Angle’s points, or to react against them. You certainly watch a pas de deux differently when you’ve just been told its dancers will get married; you look less for choreography than for gossipy clues to their relationship.

The high point of Wednesday’s performance came in the new assertiveness with which Maria Kowroski — excellently partnered by Charles Askegard in “Monumentum” and by Sébastien Marcovici in “Movements” — danced. Coolly, elegantly, she took full charge of both works, from curtain up. When City Ballet’s performance is compared with that given by the Suzanne Farrell Ballet this June, City Ballet’s dancers, especially the six women in “Movements,” do less to reveal the internal geometries and human impulses of the choreography. (They’re also inclined to dance with their weight relatively back. In Balanchine it cannot be too far forward.) But Ms. Kowroski — in her long-limbed grandeur always a physically breathtaking instrument for Balanchine choreography — is giving the most alert, powerful and eloquent performances of these works at City Ballet since Ms. Farrell herself more than 30 years ago.

By contrast, “Danses Concertantes” — like Balanchine’s “Serenade” on Tuesday night — has lost some of the remarkable freshness it had when it returned to the repertory in the spring. It’s fair to look forward to how successive performances of a revival will build: to see how artists, now knowing they’re more than capable, can develop its already impressive achievement. Instead, however, both “Serenade” and “Danses Concertantes” show slight signs of crumbling. “Serenade” should recover, but “Danses Concertantes” has many high-exposure moments of precision, and, notably among some of its supporting dancers, Wednesday’s performance had too many blips for us to relax in the abundant good humor of the choreography. And though Ms. Fairchild is sweet enough, she lacks wit.

Never mind the smudges in Wednesday’s delivery of the Gershwin classic “Who Cares?” What we should not overlook, however, is a pervasive blandness that now shrinks this ballet. The most exceptional of this cast was Ms. Peck, dancing the “Fascinatin’ Rhythm” solo and the “Man I Love” duet with her tremendous, and unfailing, velocity, skill and good cheer. Why is it that her heart seems closed, whereas Patricia McBride’s, in the original cast, seemed almost frighteningly open?

It’s hard to explain how a Balanchine ballet, in which dancers perform complex steps without acting, can become an encompassing drama, and it’s harder to explain how that drama can turn pale and polite over the years. The key lies not in technique — City Ballet’s dancers all move with a speed that few dancers elsewhere possess — but with the erosion of the more high-definition aspects of Balanchine style (where the weight is placed; how the dancer arrives just ahead of the beat; the drastic contrasts between closed and open, up and down, straight and angled).

My memory is that Ms. McBride was not unlike Ms. Peck — only 20 times more lucid, more enthralling, more unpredictable. Ms. Peck is a conscientious worker, and I don’t doubt we’ll watch her continue to build her performance impressively over the seasons. But will City Ballet help her do so, with top-level rather than routine coaching?

The blandest component of the cast is Mr. Ramasar: he makes no mistakes, and he does nothing I remember the next moment. Ms. Scheller, despite superior polish and charm, is along the same lines. Ms. Hyltin, in Karin von Aroldingen’s elusive and taxing role, is altogether more individual — with her big strokes of light-hearted initiative, she could be a screwball-comedy heroine — but she too needs guidance.

“Who Cares?” still bubbles over with fascinating craft and spirit; the audience isn’t bored. But this is a ballet where high art and low art meet, where you should feel Fred Astaire and Apollo passing on equal inspiration into the impulsiveness and charm of latter-day New York, where danger and exhilaration coexist at every moment. It once mattered as it now does not."

Personal comment: I’m posting this because it gives another critics perspective on how a pre-performance chat can change how even an extremely knowledgeable persons looks at dancers in roles:

“If this gives new audiences a way into the ballets, I’m all for it. For those of us who’ve been watching Balanchine repertory since before Mr. Angle was born, the danger is that we tend to be distracted by Mr. Angle’s points, or to react against them. You certainly watch a pas de deux differently when you’ve just been told its dancers will get married; you look less for choreography than for gossipy clues to their relationship.”

Also Alastair Macaulay’s insight about how today’s dancers compare with stars of the past:

“But Ms. [Maria] Kowroski — in her long-limbed grandeur always a physically breathtaking instrument for Balanchine choreography — is giving the most alert, powerful and eloquent performances of these works at City Ballet since Ms. Farrell herself more than 30 years ago.”

And of young Principal dancers:

“My memory is that Ms. [Patricia] McBride was not unlike Ms. [Tiler] Peck — only 20 times more lucid, more enthralling, more unpredictable. Ms. Peck is a conscientious worker, and I don’t doubt we’ll watch her continue to build her performance impressively over the seasons. But will City Ballet help her do so, with top-level rather than routine coaching?

Ms. [Sterling] Hyltin, in Karin von Aroldingen’s elusive and taxing role, is altogether more individual — with her big strokes of light-hearted initiative, she could be a screwball-comedy heroine — but she too needs guidance.

And this. I don’t think I’ve ever heard it more clearly put about how the HD aspects of Balanchine technique taught at SAB change the dynamic of a ballet:

“It’s hard to explain how a Balanchine ballet, in which dancers perform complex steps without acting, can become an encompassing drama, and it’s harder to explain how that drama can turn pale and polite over the years. The key lies not in technique — City Ballet’s dancers all move with a speed that few dancers elsewhere possess — but with the erosion of the more high-definition aspects of Balanchine style (where the weight is placed; how the dancer arrives just ahead of the beat; the drastic contrasts between closed and open, up and down, straight and angled).”

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pointe shoe quiz 09-18-2010

Who is the maker of these shoes?

Friday, September 17, 2010

BDSM Fall Training Pt II

Double penetration with electro-stimulation

Anal and Vaginal hooks: There has recently been a great deal of interest in vaginal and anal hooks expressed by readers, so I thought I’d accompany this entry with an image taken at a lecture-demonstration last year during my Advanced Sexual Techniques class. This double penetration with a vaginal ram and anal hook is particularly diabolical because the woman’s hands are tied behind her back and to the hook so that if she tries to move her hands the hook goes deeper. But that’s not all. In the event she can keep from squirming from the ram moving in and out she is given a jolt of electricity to cause her vaginal muscles to spasm causing her to jerk her arms and set the hook deeper in her anus. Only a very few adventuresome students volunteer to try this arrangement once they hear the woman in the demonstration scream.

Desert training: In less than twelve weeks the first of our fall survival training courses will begin. That’s where the girls will be taken out in the desert wearing nothing but a latex body condom, hood and gloves their feet locked into leather ballet boots. They will be let out thirty miles into the mountains with only a GPS to guide them back to civilization. It’s fun to see who makes it and who doesn’t. The candidates are already strengthening their ankles for the ordeal. If you think walking in ballet boots on a smooth surface takes skill you should try walking on uneven and shifting rocky sandy soil. I’m really good at walking in ballet boots and I found it difficult. So this will be no stroll in the park even for professional ballet boot wearers.

Heavy Rubber survival: We are offering a new course on heavy rubber survival this year because there have been so many women drown or suffocate while wearing heavy rubber encasement suits. This won’t prevent Doms from intentionally sabotaging their Subs drysuits so they flood or from having their air shut off or hoses cut in a fit of rage. But careless things like over weighting, accidentally running out of air and neck-seal failures can be substantially reduced if not eliminated by attention to detail before diving and we will teach some things a woman can do that will improve her chances of survival if her partner tries to kill her in a ‘diving accident’ during a submerged tryst, something that is becoming distressingly frequent as more of the unstable elements in the fetish community become involved with dive-sex. We will be training using two maker’s rubber drysuits; the HydroGlove latex waist entry suit and the heavier Avon shoulder entry drysuit.

Femme Fatale alert: In a surprising reversal to a common fetish community problem there is a beautiful woman predator killing local rubber-boys. She is showing creativity by drowning one by flooding his rebreather bag, another by puncturing his heavy rubber encasement suit, slipping a shiv into his back between his ribs and twisting the blade to rip open his heart and the third by suffocation or possibly the side effects of being suspended from an anal hook. The victims seem to have been chosen at random, not from the short list of men who would immediately come to a local rubber-girl’s mind if she wanted to off a cruel rubber Dom. So far three handsome rubber-boys have been found dead either at the bottom of an encounter pool or in an encounter training room.

One, wearing a Russian gasmask hood that had been modified to take a rebreather bag, was found with his 3 liter latex rebreather bag slit. He was wearing a deflated Avon heavy rubber drysuit and was found at the bottom of the dive-well of his pool weighted down from wearing canvas and lead dive boots and a weight belt. He couldn’t have lasted more than 3 minutes underwater as there was no supply of air to his mask so he must have thought it was a breathplay encounter. But of course with his rebreather slit his mask flooded and he drowned.

Another man was found in his encounter room suspended over the bed. He was wearing a House of Harlot latex encasement suit with his hands zip tied behind his back and with the valve on his latex rebreather bag attached to his SGE 150 gasmask closed. She was able to do that by slitting the crotch of his rubber suit and shoving a large well greased anal hook up his rectum. Then, attaching the hook to a winch above the bed she hoisted him by the anal hook about 18 inches off the bad. He only squirmed for a few minutes and his screams were muffled by the ballistic polymer gasmask until he suffocated.

The third victim was knifed in bed and showed the least originality, except that she had made sure that the seals on his encasement suit (a HydroGlove drysuit) hood, gloves and booty seals were watertight so that when he bled out his suit filled with blood and none leaked on to the bed linens.

It’s thought her victims picked her up in local heavy-rubber clubs and the toxicology reports show all three had been given Rohypnol which explains how she was able to handle men twice her size and strength. So far there have been no sightings on security cams of the victims picking up a woman who could be their killer. The two men who had security cams running captured her image but she was completely encased in a black latex body condom with hood, gloves and booties. She has a dancers build long legs, short trunk, long neck and small head and breasts. She was wearing a SGE 150 gasmask so very little can be seen of her face. As far as can be told at this point she doesn’t seem to be taking souvenirs.

Breaking barriers

The mystique of the ballerina

The New York Times
September 16, 2010
Hark! They speak!

Ballerinas Take a New Approach: Talking

Those ethereal creatures at New York City Ballet, who communicate solely with physical grace and train their whole lives to perform in silence, are now talking to the audience from the stage.

This week, the opening of the company’s fall season, principal dancers have been stepping out to say a few words about themselves and the coming programs.

The unusual move is part of a broader effort by City Ballet to humanize dance, connect better with the audience and, ultimately, sell more tickets.

“Ballet has always had this stigma, this mystique, this standoffish art form that you couldn’t touch,” Peter Martins, the company’s ballet master in chief, said in an interview this week.

The new approach, he added, is “about breaking barriers.”

But more than just ballet’s mystique is on the table. Conversational dancers fit in to a larger endeavor at City Ballet, the result of a round of strategic planning that led to several changes meant to turn ballet into a less formal experience.

At Tuesday and Wednesday performances, for instance, the number of intermissions will generally drop from two to one and the shows will start a half-hour earlier.

The preshow talking goes against a subtle tradition. For generations the culture of ballet has involved hiding the pain of dancing, keeping personal lives behind the curtain and suppressing the mundane aspects of the art form so that when the baton goes down, audiences enter a world apart — one of beauty and form and pure movement.

Dancers are trained to land softly and keep any sounds inside them as they move with vigor around the stage. Even the stages are designed to suppress sound. And forget about Dale Carnegies in tutus: public speaking courses have no place at ballet schools.

So it is no surprise that the move has failed to catch on with some of City Ballet’s 24 principals. Mr. Martins said that he wanted to institute the practice for the whole four-week fall segment of the season, but could not muster enough enthusiasm. “A number said, ‘Please don’t make me,’ ” Mr. Martins recounted.

Sara Mearns, who danced on opening night Tuesday, was one. “I’m not good with huge crowds,” she said in an interview.

Mr. Martins left open the possibility that preperformance addresses could be extended past Sunday, the end of the first week, depending on how audiences, and the dancers, receive them.

He said the idea was based on audience research, which included focus groups, surveys and individual interviews. But even he had reservations.

“I’m of two minds, truthfully,” he said. “I grew up in a world where we were told: ‘You guys dance. Just dance, don’t talk.’ But on the other hand, we live in a different world. The public really wants to know people.”

That desire has not escaped other institutions. More and more, orchestra members are being asked to speak to audiences from the stage or mingle with them before and after concerts. Microphones are making new inroads in sports, finding their way into boxing corners, locker rooms, race cars and dugouts during events. Artists are increasingly aware of the need to explicate their work.

Making dancers more accessible to balletgoers can be a good step, said Charles L. Reinhart, director of the American Dance Festival, but risks reducing the critical faculties of the audience. “If you go too far, then it takes away from the art,” he said. “You’re kind of influenced a bit in looking at the work — ‘that’s my kid up there.’ ”

Dancers, of course, have been talking in public in various ways — at special fund-raising performances, educational events and children’s programs. Very occasionally, dancers are given lines to speak or sing, as in George Balanchine’s “Slaughter on Tenth Avenue” and Jerome Robbins’s “West Side Story Suite.”

Less well-known is that dancers often talk to one another during performances — sotto voce or turned away from the audience. Sometimes it is a “sorry” for a wrong hand clasp or a reminder of an about-to-be-forgotten step or guidance for a last-minute substitute performer.

“You’re not supposed to know that,” said Ashley Bouder, a City Ballet principal who will be introducing Saturday night’s program. “I’ve been talked through some pas de deux before.” Ms. Bouder is also one of a growing number of dancers who regularly give insight into their lives on Facebook and Twitter.

But audiences rarely experienced what was on display Wednesday evening at the David H. Koch Theater, when Tyler Angle hopped out sideways from the curtain and addressed the 2,500 people in the house.

Charming and self-deprecating in black jeans, an Austrian-style short-waisted jacket and sockless wingtips, he apologized for his “rehearsal hair” and joked that with Fashion Week taking place in Lincoln Center, the dancers were feeling self-conscious. “We’re used to being the thinnest, most fashionable people” in the area, he said.

Mr. Angle called that evening’s program one of “interesting things, small gems and a slam-bang finish.” He dropped a little gossip — two principals that evening, Megan Fairchild and Andrew Veyette, were engaged — made a comment about each work and hurried off to the wings.

Backstage, during the opening work, several colleagues, sweaty and panting after exits, congratulated him. “You were really good,” said Tiler Peck, who embraced him. Mr. Angle said he felt completely comfortable, helped by the proportions of the theater. “The audience doesn’t feel worlds away,” he said.

At intermission, several balletgoers praised his appearance. “It makes it a little less formal, and a little closer to the audience,” said Kathleen Leslie of Portland, Me.

The new strategy includes meet-the-dancer talks before performances the first week. On Wednesday Ms. Mearns and Joaquin De Luz answered questions in front of about 75 people in the first ring. These listeners learned that Ms. Mearns was shown little appreciation by her teachers at the School of American Ballet and that she has a puppy, and that Mr. De Luz studied bullfighting, paints and calls his mother before every performance.

A new marketing campaign was also set in motion that features portraits of the principals as people — not in costume or stage makeup. The photographs appear in advertisements, brochures and an exhibition on the theater promenade. Some are also projected on buildings around town. City Ballet has even created a mini-Web site,, dedicated to each principal.

Ms. Bouder said that she was a “little apprehensive” about speaking on Saturday. But, she added, “I really like our new campaign pushing our dancers out there and making us friendlier and more accessible.” She acknowledged that the loss of distance between viewer and dancer could potentially dampen the experience.

“But to be honest, in the time we are living in, with all the technology and how everything is accessible with so many outlets, we’ve fallen a little behind,” she said. But, she added, “there’s still mystique at the ballet.”

Personal comment: I hope that Peter Martins goes slowly with making his dancers available. It’s not clear at this point if he understands (though his “being of two minds” about it is a hopeful sign) that if dancers lose their mystique it would be a major problem. We are already seeing that celebrities are withdrawing from Twitter and other Social Media because of its intrusive nature. I’m not suggestion that a ballerina’s occasional pre-performance chat with ballet-goers before a performance is as personally invasive as Twitter can be, but familiarity really can breed contempt, or at least disinterest, and disinterest in a performer is deadly.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

BDSM Fall training Pt I

An Escort during discipline training in a vertical penetration chair

Fall and BDSM trining: With fall approaching (it will arrive with the autumnal equinox on September 23rd) there is an increased interest in BDSM gear and Submissive training classes are filling up. The one my service is offering, ‘The Assertive Submissive’, has filled up already. There seems to be a need for a bit of spice in this years new Submissives, although some Doms with older girls are sending them through assertiveness training again. The girls in the heavy rubber fetish community are anxious for cooler weather to arrive so they can go shopping in their encasement suits w/o being concerned about heat stroke.

Ballet boots and confidence: We are offering a course, for women, interested in wearing their ballet boots correctly and confidently. A lot of that has to do with buying quality boots of the correct size. Otherwise the boots don’t provide the proper support and can be really uncomfortable. Buying ballet boots is rather like buying bras in that way. The men in the fetish community seem to feel that ballet boots are punitive footwear to be used primarily in the domination of female submissives, and if they aren’t fitted properly they are punitive regardless of how skilled the wearer is. That male mindset is on display on a great many BDSM sites where women are very often shown in chains and ballet boots, in ballet boots strapped to a fucking machine, in encasement suits and ballet boots, hogtied and nude except for a pair of ballet boots… you get the idea.

I understand why a man can feel that way up to a point, especially if he has never worn ballet boots himself so he has no idea how empowering they are if the skill to wear them can be mastered. It seems to me that the males controlling the BDSM communities have unintentionally given women a tool that can be used as an affirmation of our femininity, just as is wearing pointe shoes skillfully. I don’t mean to equate the two, because I think comparing ballet boots to pointe shoes is like comparing child’s bicycle with training wheels to a Tour-de-France racing bike, but a girl has to use the tools she is given and if her master wants her in ballet boots then if she is skillful that can be a major plus for her.

A woman with ability who really puts her mind to it can turn ballet boots from punitive footwear into her signature as a dominatrix. I’ll grant that it takes a lot of time and effort; the proper diet to reduce leg cramps, strengthening calves, feet and ankles and counter-maintenance by proper stretching exercises to prevent crippling ones-self by shortening hamstrings from being en pointe in ballet boots for too long. But if the woman has the determination to persevere she can learn to stride confidently and erotically in her ballet boots to the consternation of her Dom who thought he was punishing her.

Male escort training and ballet boots: Isn’t it always the way with new men coming on to a girl in ballet boots, they will often come in the laces of her ballet boots! That’s why one of the first things a girl is taught after getting her first pair of ballet boots is how to clean the laces because she can count on a man spewing semen into them. You have to wonder why premature ejaculation is such a common problem with new men in the trade, even when they think they have great control over their urges. I know our instructors are lovely, but still… I think it’s such a common problem because many men think of women in ballet-boots as an ultimate sexual fantasy. When a man sees a girl in ballet boots he is conditioned to think they are in punitive footwear and that she is being punished or is submissive, and therefore she is vulnerable. Thinking a woman vulnerable, in my experience, makes him aroused and careless with his urges which translates to him soaking my boot laces with semen while he is on his knees stimulating my clit with his nose, his tongue between my labia lapping up my vaginal discharge. Having him give me oral seems to be an invitation to have the man cream my laces if I stand with my feet in second position with him kneeling straddling one of my boots. I can feel him thrusting into the laces boot-fucking me while his tongue is probing my vagina sucking out my vaginal secretions.

I think the more men are conditioned to think women find wearing ballet boots painful, which they can be, the easier they are to mind-fuck. It gives a woman a huge mental advantage when she becomes an expert in wearing her boots in relative comfort for long intervals while being skilled in walking, dancing and even running in ballet boots. I think it’s such fun watching a man who thinks he’s a predator get mind-fucked by a girl less than half his size.

Contemporary Sexual Health (CSH) at St Lucy’s: At St Lucy’s Contemporary Sexual Health is a required course. It encompasses the usual subjects one would expect at an elite girls school: feminine hygiene, protection from STIs, contraception, emergency-contraception, selection of sexual partners of both sexes and handling oneself at college parties and your options after an unintended pregnancy.

During CSH class the students are given several lecture-demonstrations of the discipline training equipment used by Doms in the D/S subculture, so the more adventuresome of the girls can see for themselves, if (once they reach the age of consent) they would like to take my Advanced Sexual Techniques course. If they do they can earn extra credit by becoming part of the student auxiliary in local Fetish community and take discipline training on a wide range of marvelously ingenious pelvic training hardware, otherwise known as fucking machines.

The image accompanying this entry: The image is of an escort in discipline training strapped into a vertical penetration chair. You can see that she is wearing leather ballet boots, as called for in the standard iconography of domination, (See above) to add another layer of worry to her mental stress as the hydraulic ram – under control of her Dom - thrusts deeper and deeper into her at an ever faster rate until it is battering her unprotected cervix. A single session of vertical penetration training and almost any woman will agree to anything her Dom asks.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Taryn’s flight east

Marshall Airport Cambridge, England (CBG)

Taryn flies east: Taryn emerged from her triple penetration – her intimate going-away party last night - in good condition; no tears or bleeding though her cervix was battered a bit. Her anal sphincter is tight, a good thing because while the man who went up her anus wasn’t too large he is known as a ‘heavy hitter’ pumping about 10 ml of semen (about twice the amount most men release) into her colon. She will be shitting cum all the way to England. And of course she is draining coitial discharge from her vagina too even though she Kegeled most of it out so she’s wearing a pad and will be sitting on a towel so she doesn’t stain the leather seats.

Tanaquil is using the corporate G550 that she picked up almost brand new for 1/3 list price 2 years ago when the economy was in free-fall. The long range cruising speed is Mach 0.80, approx 530 mph, and the straight line distance between Las Vegas and the (privately owned) Marshall Airport Cambridge (CBG) is approximately 5216 statute miles, but with a fuel stop at Teterboro, NJ (TEB) to top off fuel it is about 5600 miles to Cambridge. The G550 could have made the flight non stop, but because the owner is on board the pilot wanted a larger fuel cushion in case they needed to divert for some reason. Figuring an average of 500 mph it will take a bit more than 12 hours (11 + 1 for refueling) on the east coast) less any tailwind going east. The UK is eight hours ahead of Vegas (on PDT) Leaving at noon here (8:00 PM GDT) and traveling for 12 hours they should arrive about 8:00 AM Monday morning, earlier if they catch the jet stream. The seats make up into beds so the three of them should get a good nights sleep and have a full English breakfast before landing.

At the General Aviation section of McCarran where I keep Limnaea and Tanaquil’s Gulfstream was parked security isn’t as tight for people they know (owners and operators) so I got to sit with Taryn and we posted the 09-12-2010 pointe shoe quiz together. She is excited about being in England and at Cambridge. While she teared up a bit as she got settled in her seat we hugged and she promised to keep in touch. I’m counting on Angie (we had a long talk and she is on my payroll) to let me know if she sees any trends that might pose a danger to Taryn and to keep Taryn safe. The G550 was off the ground at McCarran at 12:06 PM PDT.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pointe shoe Quiz 09-12-2010

What is the style name (or number) of this pointe shoe?

Taryn leaves for Cambridge

Wren Library Trinity College across Neviles Court

Taryn leaves for Cambridge: Returning readers will remember that Taryn will be entering Trinity College for Michaelmas Term beginning October 1st. I wrote about some of the preliminaries in my May 23, 2010 entry: ‘Taryn and Trinity College Cambridge’ She is being accompanied by Angelica (Angie) a 25 y/o Brit-chick who has been with her since April and is a licensed bodyguard. Angie was selected by Tanaquil for her intelligence and martial arts skills and will be Taryn’s bodyguard and fellow student at Trinity College.

I wanted to Fly over with her and make sure that everything is perfect, but my schedule won’t allow it. I feel so guilty about that. However, Tanaquil, who has been overseeing the details of Taryn’s relocation to Cambridge, has flown in from Germany on her corporate jet (Adult Media is very profitable) and will take Taryn and Angie back with her this weekend. Taryn is in very good hands with Tanaquil looking after her. We had intended to have Taryn relocated to and settled in the manor house at Milton Park by the end of August but she was involved in business negotiations here and couldn’t get away so with long phone conversations and video links she, with Tanaquil as the sharp end of the spear, has everything in place including the deep enclosed pool for dive-sex and the pelvic training gym. It was first thought that the stone for the pool wasn’t going to be available in time but money can work miracles at times and the stone and the master masons to place it miraculously appeared when the right incentive was offered.

Milton Park’s slang name: The stonemasons saw the equipment being installed in the pelvic gym, and one of them is quoted as saying “This place is going to be a boinking cunt castle”. And, since that sort of thing spreads among men so quickly it caught on and then it got around the village. Tanaquil says that now the unofficial name of Milton Park is “Cunt Castle” even though it’s in no way a castle but an 18th C hunting lodge. Actually, it is a much truer description than the stone mason knew given where the money to pay for all the renovations and additions came from. And I’m sure the name will get around Trinity College if Taryn’s tutors don’t already know. The Dons at Cambridge are remarkably well informed. I think they like a bit of insider spice as long as it isn’t flashed about. Since the UK has strong Anglo-Saxon roots a good Middle English descriptive term can be a plus in institutions as sexually repressed as Oxbridge.

Taryn’s Going-away party: Her celebration is going to be very low-key. After a light supper here at my place she will retire to her suite for an intimate encounter with three of her fave stallions. She's going for triple penetration which she has been practicing for a week now. I may look in on her afterward just to make sure everything is ok. Triple P can be dangerous for women because it can lead to pelvic problems with sphincters not closing and occasionally something tearing. It is a high risk encounter, but she has been rehearsing with partners in condoms. Tonight though, everyone is riding bareback.

Contraceptive use in the U.S.: In August 2010 the CDC published a document “Use of Contraception in the U.S. 1982 – 2008”
I mention it here because in a comment to my post ‘Fertility Awareness Method of contraception’ on 8/8/10 I asked if anyone knew of a recent study that provided statistics on the use of Natural Family Planning. This CDC study provides those figures in Table 4 on page 21. In summery:

Natural Family Planning: In 1982 0.3% of the 54,099 women in the study used NFP. In the most recent study period, 2006 – 2008, only 0.1% of the 61,864 women in the survey were using NFP.

The diaphragm: Diaphragm use dropped from 0.4% of the 54,099 women in the 1982 study to less than 0.05% (considered too small to measure) of the 61,864 women in the 2006-2008 study. This is a ‘pure’ diaphragm figure as cervical cap users were counted under ‘other methods’. The decrease in users accounts for the decrease in the number of makers (only three Ortho, Cooper Surgical and Reflexions are available in the U.S.) of diaphragms except for custom made ones. Even with the increased interest in the cervical barriers FemCap, Oves and the flat spring Reflexions diaphragm as gas guards for dive-sex we are unlikely to stop the decline of cervical barrier use.

Body esthetics and pelvic contact at St Lucy’s: Every student taking ballet and on the swim team has had their initial semester full body waxing. Everything goes except eyebrows and scalp hair. For returning students it’s routine. For new students it’s a rite of passage. And for young transfer students their first body waxing can be a breathtaking experience having their thick pelt of pubic hair ripped out. But it’s necessary if they are to be properly fitted for Penetrator plugs because the head of the plug has to suction over the wearer’s clitoris and labia if it is to provide the pelvic protection of a Jill-cup. Other schools use bulky external pelvic protectors that fit into a belt or shorts.

St Lucy’s has found that far fewer of our students have pelvic injuries from contact sports when wearing a Penetrator plug than other schools students wearing Jill-cups. A student can be confident she is protected from a blow to her pelvis even when she is wearing a thong bikini, tights or a leotard when a Penetrator is concealed beneath it. A standard pelvic protector can work well for sports, but not the arts or while modeling. Of course Penetrators are excellent training for ballet because working en pointe, jumping and splits with a Penetrator inserted strengthens the pelvic floor.

And because so many of St. Lucy’s student leaders come from ballet students a Penetrator plug and therefore the need for routine full body waxings have become esthetic must-haves for most of the fashion conscious students.

A reader asked: “Is it safe to use Ben Wa balls with a Mirena IUD.” If the balls are metal (stainless steel or chrome plated) or stone (Jade) then it’s quite safe to wear Ben Wa balls with a Mirena inserted. The problem arises with Mirena and ParaGard and any other IUD with strings that descend from the cervix into the vagina, when the strings interfere with the seal of a cervical barrier such as a diaphragm or cervical cap or stick to the rubber device causing the IUD to be pulled out when the diaphragm or cap is removed.

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Jose Manuel Carreño to retire

Jose Manuel Carreño with Natalia Osipova in Don Quixote during ABT’s 2010 Spring Season


New York Farewell Scheduled for Thursday, June 30, 2011 at Metropolitan Opera House

Jose Manuel Carreño, a Principal Dancer with American Ballet Theatre since 1995, will retire from the Company in August 2011 following performances on the Company’s tour to Asia. A New York farewell is scheduled for Thursday evening,

June 30, 2011 at the Metropolitan Opera House. The evening will be highlighted by a special performance of Swan Lake featuring Carreño in the role of Prince Siegfried dancing opposite Julie Kent as Odette and Gillian Murphy as Odile.

Jose Manuel Carreño was born in Cuba, where he received his training at the Provincial School of Ballet and the National Ballet School. He won the Gold Medal at the New York International Ballet Competition in 1987 and the Grand Prix at the International Ballet Competition in Jackson, Mississippi in 1990.

Carreño joined English National Ballet in 1990, where his repertoire included Solor in “The Kingdom of the Shades” from La Bayadère, the Prince in Cinderella, Franz in Coppélia, Albrecht in Giselle, the Prince in The Nutcracker, Romeo in Romeo and Juliet, Petruchio in The Taming of the Shrew and leading roles in A Stranger I Came, Études, Graduation Ball and Prince Igor. In 1993, he joined The Royal Ballet as a principal dancer where his repertoire included the Bluebird in The Sleeping Beauty, Basilio in Don Quixote, Oberon and Puck in The Dream and a leading role in Herman Schmerman.

Carreño joined American Ballet Theatre as a Principal Dancer in June 1995. His repertoire with the Company includes the title role in Apollo, the leading role in Ballet Imperial, Solor in La Bayadère, Franz in Coppélia, Conrad, Ali, the Slave, and Lankendem in Le Corsaire, Basilio in Don Quixote, the third sailor in Fancy Free, Albrecht in Giselle, Des Grieux in Manon, the Cavalier in The Nutcracker, the pas de deux Diana and Acteon, Grand Pas Classique, Other Dances, Sinatra Suite and Tchaikovsky Pas de Deux, Sergei in On the Dnieper, the Man From the House Opposite in Pillar of Fire, the Warrior Chieftain in Polovtsian Dances, the Son in Prodigal Son, Jean de Brienne in Raymonda, Romeo in Romeo and Juliet, Prince Désiré in The Sleeping Beauty, Prince Siegfried in Swan Lake, the second movement in Symphony in C, the first and second variations in Variations for Four and leading roles in Push Comes to Shove, Theme and Variations, Without Words, Clear, Études, Overgrown Path, Petite Mort and Rabbit and Rogue. He created a leading role in Within You Without You: A Tribute to George Harrison.

Carreño has appeared as a guest artist with companies throughout the world. Following his retirement from American Ballet Theatre, he plans to continue performing as a guest artist.

Personal Comment: In my September 3, 2010 post ‘Review of Black Swan’ Natalie Portman’s new ballet film due in U.S. theaters on December 1st, 2010 I wrote:

“Nina (Natalie Portman) being picked out of the corps to dance Odette/Odile is a huge stretch (but this is Hollywood) because the demands on stamina, technique and emotional range of the dual role are so great. In some companies the role is divided when a single dancer isn’t up to the demands of both, but doing that advertises both the limitations of the dancer and the lack of depth of talent in the company. In a major company that would never happen unless the ballerina in the role for that performance became injured”.

Well, if you have read this far you know there is another (rare) occasion when the twin roles of Odette/Odile may be divided between two Principal ballerinas; when a beloved male Principal is retiring and wants two of his favorite partners to dance with him during his final performance as a company member. Moreover, in this instance it emphasizes the depth of talent among ABT’s ballerinas Julie Kent being the personification of goodness while Gillian Murphy (in Gaynors) is the embodiment of a far darker spirit.

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"Shut off her air"

Dead diver – Breathplay at Lake Tahoe

Popular queries; “Shut off her air”: “Shut off her air” is an amazingly popular search query that brings readers to my blog along with search terms like: ballet boots, anal hooks, heavy rubber, encasement suits and bondage. But it is “shut off her air” that I want to write about in this entry because it’s not only a popular query, but also a very popular method of breath control. Certainly it’s popular with men in the fetish diving community (and some few women) but shutting off a partners air can also be used effectively for breathplay in other hazardous environments such as evacuated hyperbaric chambers and toxic gas filled rooms or chambers.

However, I want to write today about shutting off a woman’s air while she is wearing diving equipment and using it for SCUBA while submerged under water, as opposed to dry-scuba where she is wearing a FFM and breathing compressed gas through a demand valve while in bed or in some other location nowhere near water.

I think having my air shut off is such an elegant way of a partner temporarily dominating me by exerting maximum control over my life with minimal effort. I find it most effective when I’m on the bottom of a pool on my knees with the crotch zipper of my House of Harlot latex catsuit open and a well hung man (a maxi-male) thrusting inside me doggie style. He penetrates me from behind pushing deeper and deeper and as his thrusting gets me ever closer to orgasm by thrusting into the stretchy latex dome of my Reflexions gas guard I begin to come! Then is when he shuts off my air intensifying my orgasm unbelievably!

And, if I’m left submerged with my air shut off, if I’m not in restraints (just weighted to hold me on the bottom) , by adjusting my tank harness enough I can reach the valve and turn my air back on. I can hold my breath for about 2.5 minutes, so if he wants to stay inside me enjoying the afterglow after he gets off I’m really anxious to have him pull out and will contract my vaginal muscles to help reduce his size and force withdraw.

For other women having their air shut off can be anything from traumatic if they are novices to pleasurable if they are well experienced in breathplay. If a woman isn’t expecting a shutoff she could lose any breath she has by struggling, usually w/o success to get away from the man dominating her. She only has a minute or two before a lack of oxygen to her brain will begin killing brain cells. So breathplay by shutting off a diver’s air can be extremely dangerous and shouldn’t be done w/o rehearsing in shallow water how it will be done and agreeing on safe words or signs that the Sub can use if s/he wants to stop the encounter and have her air turned back on.

Dead diver: And no the girl in the image at the top of this entry isn’t dead. She was reenacting for friends what happened to Tina Watson during her honeymoon. On October 22, 2003 while diving with her husband off a dive boat on the Great Barrier Reef she sank to the bottom at 100 feet and died. The coroners report gave the cause of death as drowning. Her husband, Gabe, is serving a sentence in an Australian prison for contributing to her death.

An accident during discipline training: Adolph had an unfortunate incident the other week at his 200 ft deep discipline training facility. A 24 y/o Austrian Sub who had been sent for breathplay training panicked when her air was shut off during a training exercise at a depth of 20 feet. She was wearing a HydroGlove latex drysuit, which she had just been qualified to dive, and most of the air had been vented from it so she was a few pounds negatively buoyant and she was wearing no swim fins. When she panicked she pulled free of her minders and weighted down by her tank and weight belt which she couldn’t unfasten she began to sink. The air in her suit compressed as her depth increased decreasing her buoyancy so the deeper she went the faster she sank. Her minders did their best to reach her and saw her loosen her harness enough to be able to reach the valve and twist it to turn her air back on and the knob came off in her hand. Returning readers will remember that a HydroGlove has no inflation valve and she continued to sink. Without air the buddy-reg on her octopus was of no use to force air under a wrist seal to inflate her suit and she was in an uncontrolled descent. She had been breathing regular air (21% oxygen) and was at 140 feet when she pulled off her Interspiro FFM, probably in a fit of nitrogen narcosis and drowned.

It turned out that she had been sent to Adolph for disciplinary training because she was newly pregnant and wouldn’t terminate the pregnancy. She had what she thought was enough compromising evidence showing her Dom, an Austrian businessman, in some very unflattering candid pics that would keep her safe. Apparently she hadn’t thought her plan through enough to put copies of what ever evidence she had where it would be released if something happened to her. The incriminating evidence was on a flash drive she carried around in her purse.

Adolph had the Subs body cremated and sent it and the flash drive back to his Austrian friend by courier. His friend was very pleased. Adolph was pleased as well because he got an HD Snuff video out of the accident. He had set the cams to track the girl in her deflated HydroGlove as she sank and has a wonderful set of pics especially of the last 70 feet of her descent after she pulled off her FFM. The air inside her suit was at only one atmosphere and the surrounding water pressure on her HydroGlove crushed her chest cavity. You can see her ribs collapse, her chest flatten and her lung tissue being squeezed up her throat and forced out her open mouth. In Asia there is a huge market for Caucasian girls being crushed or drowning in dive accidents while in rubber encasement suits and this video will have both.

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