Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The psychology of a pointe-shoe fetish

Trolling for penis en pointe in Bloch Alphas with my ribbons untied

The photo: Teasing Morning Wood; in sous-sus sans ribbons with my toes packed in the blocks of an old pair of Jenna 1’s 4 ½ xxx Bloch Alpha, SO104 pointes. Marvin gets so aroused watching me put on pointe shoes especially Jenna’s old ones. 

Marvin and “Goodbye sex”: Its good to get back to what passes for my ‘normal’ routine after being at Location Z to celebrate the Vernal Equinox on the day we had a nearly total eclipse of the sun and then six days later being in the congregation at the reburial of Richard III in Leicester cathedral. It isn’t every girl who gets groped to a clitoral orgasm while listening to the Archbishop of Canterbury’s remarks before Richard III was lowered into what one hopes is his final resting place after 530 years.

Our morning ritual is that he showers then comes to watch while I break in new Freeds pointes; sewing on the ribbons and elastics, rasping the soles and softening the blocks. Before we have breakfast I always put on a pair of Jenna’s Alphas for him. In size 4 ½ xxx they are a half size too small for me to perform in and tight enough that even w/o the ribbons tied they won’t slip off my heels if I’m not wearing tights. That way I can seduce him into a quick “Goodbyes-sex” encounter and he leaves for work sexually sated. I like to quickly insert a menstrual cup after he withdraws to collect his semen as it liquefies and drains into the cup while we are having breakfast. Then I carefully pull out the cup filled with our coital discharge and hand it to him. He always savors the scent before drinking the contents with the last of his coffee. He is always so appreciative of what I do for him!

Marvin and the significance of untied pointe ribbons: Because I’m dominant and refuse to let Marvin untie my pointe ribbons, even when I’m going to take my shoes off to ice my feet he is fixated on me walking around en pointe with the ribbons untied. I won’t let any man untie my ribbons because I think letting him do that would signify my giving myself to him spiritually which I’m not yet ready to do so Marvin bides his time and watches me carefully when I’m preparing new pointes for class and performances.

He thinks my walking around on my toes with the ribbons untied makes me extremely sexually desirable and vulnerable which he finds wildly erotic. He’s right, to the extent that with untied ribbons I can’t really run in them nor use them as weapons as they could be easily pulled off my feet by an attacker. He hates me walking around in the studio with untied ribbons when other men are present since he believes I’m giving off a subliminal message that I’m interested in a sexual encounter. But a little jealousy can add intensity to a lover’s performance so it’s not all bad. However, its standard practice for dancers to walk around in new shoes with the ribbons untied, but we do have to be careful not to trip ourselves on the ribbon ends. Men! It’s amazing what erotic fantasies the lovesick or jealous male mind can create with untied ribbons trailing from a dancer’s pointes as she prepares for her work day.

A psychological penis leash: After the first few days Marvin and I spent together (with me as Jenna) I quickly picked up on his erotic fascination with my untied pointe ribbons. As I mentioned before he thinks me walking around en pointe with the ribbons untied makes me incredibly sexually desirable so by doing that I’m inviting a sexual encounter.  Of course since I know his weakness for untied ribbons he’s right, especially during the week I am fertile and very sexually needy in the mornings. I always use the untied ribbons as foreplay to mind-fuck him into agreeing to something I want to do while he is distracted intent on getting into my panties. 

Relic and talisman conservation: I don’t wear Jenna’s original Alpha pointes to dance in as they are now talismans of the eroticism that nearly consumes Marvin when I wear them. They are almost holy relics to Marvin so I wear them carefully making sure only to wear them to arouse him to take me for special occasions which we celebrate with sex and for a “goodbye encounter” before we part for the day.  Some couples kiss before they part with us it’s a bit more intimate, but he can be very quick and an orgasm he gives me during goodbye sex is always unbelievably intense.

Used that way Jenna’s’ Blochs are a potent symbol of her - and now my - femininity “an outward and visible sign of an inward and spiritual grace” I can use to convince him to see things my way when we disagree.

Thrust therapy:  In Marvin’s psychiatric practice he specializes in performing artists with sexual problems. Things like a female ballet dancer’s fear of men after her rape or a male dancers fear of women, if you can imagine that, and there seem to be quite a few who if not scared of women are  very uncomfortable handling the female body. You can imagine what a problem that must be for a young gorgeous virile heterosexual man to have. Marvin says he thinks its caused in men from the sexual repression of upper class and some middle class males in all-male schools and Mothers of aristocrat and upper class daughters putting them on the pill rather than allowing them to experience the natural cycle of their hormones with a copper IUD.

Whatever the reason there seems to be a much greater need for sexual repression therapy here than in the U.S. and what works best over time is what I call “Thrust therapy” where the male is the thruster and the female (physical therapist) is the thrustee in repeated gentle acts of sexual intercourse. 

The need for Thrust therapy seems to be grater for men than women so Marvin has been able to accommodate his women patients needing it himself while referring his male patients to me, introducing me as his sexual therapist and dressed in ballet practice clothes – tights over a thong-back leo and pointe-shoes - so the patient can see and handle my body at the start of our session. I use a small soundproof therapy room at Marvin’s clinic with a bed and mirrored wall with a barre attached. With a receptive male patient just a few forty-five minute thrust therapy sessions is all it takes for me to ease a patient’s mind that even the most experienced women won’t hurt him physically though some of us who are ballet dancers, are amazingly tight and can verbally cut a man to shreds with our tongues if sufficiently provoked.

Someone like Us, SLU: Word gets around amazingly quickly what with social media and Marvin’s practice is getting calls from young aristocrat women who want to improve their pelvic skills. They don’t want Thrust therapy they want to work with a female pelvic trainer to learn the most effective ways to use Ben Wa balls and dildos to strengthen their pelvic muscles. In that case they have to go through the clinic and have STI panels run before they can book sessions with me. I know Ashley, Jack, Lord Sandbach’s fiancée, and Maya, the Russian ballerina and former mistress of Jack’s father, the Duke of M**** who’s abortion I arranged, as well as my good friend Tanaquil the French procuress and mistress to a French Prince, have been spreading the word about my expertise as a trainer and the go-to girl for guidance in increasing pelvic skills.  Nor does it hurt – because the aristocracy can stil be quite snobbish - to be known to have succeeded to an ancient hereditary title of my own not from marrying a man, something that most of them seem to envy me for which in their view makes me approachable on their social level as “she is someone like us”.   

British Summer Time: The clocks in the UK were all set forward an hour on Sunday (March 29, 2015) to the British version of Daylight Saving Time in the U.S. So now the UK is again 5 hours ahead of the U.S.

My wards return to Las Vegas: Bea, Willow and the Swan Twins will be returning to Vegas aboard Limnaea II with Anya on Thursday April 2nd as UNLV spring break ends on the 4th and classes resume on the 6th. They have had a wonderful time and all are safe, STI free and no pregnancies despite the number of unprotected sex partners they each had. Of course that’s what we expected as they all have stringless copper bead GyneFix IUDs implanted.  It’s a tribute to the efficacy of the GyneFix and the biocide in DiveGel+.


Friday, March 27, 2015

The reburial of Richard III

Richard III (1452 – 1485) last Plantagenet king of England

The photo: King Richard III, by Unknown artist, late 16th century - NPG 148 - © National Portrait Gallery, London.

The reburial of Richard III in Leicester cathedral March 26, 2015: I was fortunate to get any seat in Leicester cathedral for the reburial service much less a good one, but Alice, Duchess of M****, generously gave me her ticket. I am so grateful to Her Grace for letting me take her place (she has a new lover at her home on Virgin Gorda and preferred not to travel) as another opportunity to see an infamous King of England reburied after 530 years is not likely to occur again.

My status in the pecking order of nobility is far too modest to have merited a ticket on my own regardless of how ancient my title. I sat with His Grace and Jack, Viscount Sandbach. The Duke’s ancestors had fought for the House of York and Richard III while my Welch ancestors fought against him and for the House of Lancaster with Henry Tudor, Earl of Richmond at the battle of Bosworth Field. It was the last of the significant battles’ of the War of the Roses and with the death of Richard Henry became the first Tudor king.

The Tudor dynasty or House of Tudor was a royal house of Welsh and English origin descended in the male line from the Tudors of Penmynydd, which ruled the Kingdom of England and its realms, including their ancestral Wales. Its first monarch was Henry VII, a descendant through his mother of a legitimized branch of the English royal House of Lancaster.

DNA questions: the House of York apparently could have put chastity belts to more efficient use somewhere along the line. DNA tests have uncovered evidence of a family secret. It emerged when researchers at Leicester University compared the Y chromosomes of Richard III and five anonymous male relatives of Henry Somerset (1744-1803), who claim descent from Edward III, the great great grandfather of Richard III. Since the Y chromosome is passed down from father to son, it should look the same in the descendants of Henry Somerset, the 5th Duke of Beaufort, and Richard III. But genetic tests found no sign of a match. Somewhere in the family between Richard III and the Somersets, at least one man had been cuckolded.

The Reburial Service: The service was conducted by the Archbishop of Canterbury head of the Anglican Church though all who fought at Bosworth Field were Catholic, the Anglican split from Roman Catholicism not occurring until the reign of Henry VIII. Benedict Cumberbatch the Brit actor and heartthrob of most women in the UK these days read a poem and I thought eclipsed the minor royalty that attended, though there was no scrum of female fans around BC which I thought showed considerable restraint. However, there weren’t many young women there and he’s newly married now and she is very pregnant.  So we know their plumbing works.  Still many of us, including me, would like to see what it would be like to be mounted and inseminated by him.

Anya stayed with my wards and Marvin as well as Ashley, Jack’s fiancée, aboard The Dragon and watched the service on the telly. After the service His Grace and Jack came back to the Dragon for a celebratory burial feast and a ride down to London where they will be spending several days. His Grace’s family has thought for centuries that Richard has gotten a bad reputation from Shakespeare’s play when he wasn’t any more ruthless than others in his time. They are delighted that Richard, the last of the Plantagenet kings, has finally gotten a proper burial.

His Grace’s need: During the service the old bull had me sit next to him where he could grope me with his hand under my coat which was across my lap. I didn’t really mind as he is always gentle in these situations where we are having sex in public. I knew that he had been without female companionship for about a week and that since her engagement to Jack Ashley was off limits (and pregnant though still dancing) so he was in need of penetrative sex with a willing female. I knew I fit his criteria even though he didn’t want me marrying Jack, his heir, because of my age and the fear that I couldn’t produce healthy male grandchildren. I understand completely and I am in his debt since he bought me off marrying Jack by expediting my claim to the Barony which he was successful in obtaining for me in record time. 

So I knew with his gentle groping through the slit in the skirt of my black jersey Chanel skirt suit that he expected to inseminate me when we got back to the sleeping compartment of my private rail car.  In addition to the Chanel skirt suit I had worn a black broad brim hat and black leather Louboutin 4 inch heels with a one inch platform sole that were very comfy to walk in and everyone said how lovely I looked in black.

I was rather looking forward to having His Grace thrusting inside me again as I hadn’t had sex with him since the equinox on the 20th which was a week ago and I knew he would be a considerate lover though perhaps he’s a bit over eager at times. I planned to fuck his brains out with The Mare’s Trick, keeping him hard inside me after ejaculation while he recovers and then to milk the thick creamy semen from him again. The result of that much intense sex always puts him into a deep sleep so I thought he would sleep all the way to London which he did.

Mistress shopping: Ashley was to introduce him to a dancer friend as his former ballet dancer mistress has returned to Russia to recover from an abortion and to begin performing again with the Mariinsky. He is now interviewing sexually adventuresome ballet dancers Ashley’s age looking for a new intimate companion.

Homeward bound: The trip from Leicester to London was routine and we all slept aboard The Dragon. In the morning we had a full English breakfast cooked by my chef and staff aboard before detraining in London. His Grace, Jack and Ashley went to the Savoy.  Marvin, my wards, Anya and I returned to Blackstone House in Belgravia.



Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Equinox, eclipse and posterior fornix Pompoir

2015 vernal equinox solar eclipse in the UK

The Photo: Showing where the 2015 vernal equinox could be seen in the UK. The eclipse technically started at 07:41 UTC and ended at 11:50 UTC, but in the UK you were probably safe to get up and outside at about 8am being sure not to look directly at the sun. The eclipse peaked (at up to 90 per cent coverage in the UK) at around 9.30am and the sun was no longer masked much by the moon by 11am. At Location Z the sun was eclipsed 98%.

The Equinox and the eclipse: This vernal equinox celebration was very different primarily because of the eclipse. Given that sunrise was at 6:24 and the eclipse began at 7:41 we had an hour and 17 minutes to get the ceremony on the altars over with which was plenty of time. And physically the couples on the five altars performed well together and I finished up with the old bull himself taking me in missionary as the final act of penetrative sex on any of the altars which ended the official celebration.

The robing and consumption by all altar participants of several cups each of potent Gorse brandy and the consuming of Viagra by our inseminators so they would be far less likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction because of the cold began at 7:00 am.  While it was in the mid 40s F at sea level at Ullapool it was below freezing at location Z and the peat fire pits were just enough to melt the ice on the five altars so it could be swept away relatively easily. The Goddess allowed a footwear dispensation in that she permitted the demi- Goddesses and me to wear Gaynors so our pointes wouldn’t melt and fall apart during the icy rain. The area surrounding the altars had been reworked with several inches of gravel over drainage channels so that the rain immediately drained through and ran off rather than pooling as it had in the past, but still our pointes were soaked on the short walk to the alters.

Then ten minutes before sunrise the five concelebrating couples were all led to the altars where the demi-goddesses and their inseminators were positioned first then my partner and I were led by Jack to the main altar which had been freshly swept free of ice.

Pompoir, woman astride and Tiny Tim: I took my crofter inseminator inside me on the primary altar exactly at sunrise (6:24 GMT) both of us covered in our shearling robes. His nickname is “Tiny Tim” and he is massive; at least ten inches long and easily two inches in diameter.  I was the only one of the Priestesses who could take a man that large w/o running a substantial risk of being injured. A 19 y/o, he is just learning what he can do for a girl with the equipment he has at his disposal. 

I straddled him and while facing away and wearing for protection only a tiny transparent silicone Oves cap screwed down tight on my ripe cervix guided his glans between my labia and slowly lowered myself on to his length. I wore only the Oves though I was very fertile and ovulated that day and felt quite safe as an Oves has never displaced in the more than ten years I’ve been wearing them. 

I had rotated my Oves cap to position the removal loop in my anterior fornix since I knew because of his size I needed all the depth I could get which is why I took him astride and facing away so he would naturally position into my posterior fornix for maximum depth and didn’t want any interaction between the removal loop and his glans.

Taking him astride was a lovely haunting experience with the wind moaning through the tone-holes of the standing stones that encircle the holy site. Even though it was lightly sleeting and the clouds covered the site so the large peat fire pits around the five altars – eighteen pits in all as we lost two on the Northern altar when the edge fell in to the valley ages ago - burnt off just enough of the fog so I could see each of my four wards on the other altars who were all in missionary with their partner’s covering them so they looked like piles of wet shearling robes. 

At the completion of the ceremony Jack came to guide away the demi-goddesses who had lain covered by their partners while His Grace had his way with me. Marvin came to escort me and the sexually sated Duke of M**** back to the robing tents so we girls could warm up and insert menstrual cups to collect our partners semen when it liquefied - which typically occurs between thirty minutes and an hour after ejaculation - to be consumed at a ceremony later in the day.

Unintended consequences: The sad thing about us having sex with His Grace’s Crofters is that we may have ruined them as far as sex is concerned with any other women they may meet since our pelvic grip and the ability to milk a partner’s penis with our vaginal muscles far surpasses even the initial grip of a scared virgin. So in all probability the ritual sex as an offering to Aphrodite on the occasion of the vernal equinox is the best penile/vaginal intercourse the boys will ever experience and all their other women will be compared against the pelvic skills of the goddesses who took them. I think that may be unfair to the men in some way, but then life is often unfair. 

The eclipse: With the heavy cloud cover it took a while after the start, at 7:41 AM, for it to begin to darken again. At about that time the wind died down and the birds went silent as they do at night. We had decided to stay at the Holy Site to experience tes eclipse as it was thought more dangerous to try to go down the mountain in the dark than to ascend it. From about 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM we enjoyed a full English breakfast from His Grace’s kitchen staff who had accompanied us. Physically other than it getting pitch black again before the sun came out from behind the moon it was pretty boring for which I was grateful. At about eleven o’clock we loaded up as by then it was quite light again and got down the mountain and to the hunting lodge w/o incident. There we had the ritual burning of the ceremonial robes and the priestess’s sodden Gaynors from which the smell of burning polymer was horrible and we all stood up-wind to avoid breathing the fumes which in quantity can be toxic. We all had more Gorse brandy and this is where the priestesses emptied our menstrual cups with our coitial discharge into our equinox sex partner’s goblets of gorse brandy and they drank it down.

The Druids and the eclipse: His Grace checked with the leader of the local Druid community and they seemed to have gotten through the eclipse safely and the sky didn’t fall as some had predicted. The Druid priest attributed their safe deliverance to having held their own ceremony in propitiation for the local community’s sins. I was pleased that their leadership had chosen to hold a total community ceremony so that even the more troublesome radicals among them were kept busy involved in ritual sacrifices and weren’t out causing mischief in the countryside.


Friday, March 20, 2015

Pompoir, the Cleopatra grip and Mare’s Trick, Loc Z

Cleopatra beguiling a lover with her pelvic skills
The photo: Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra in the 1963 film with Richard Burton as Mark Antony and Rex Harrison as Julius Caesar. Taylor and Burton were one of the big Hollywood love stories at the time.

Bea as a courtesan: Bea is almost 18 and I was amazed at how mature and in control she has become since I last saw her two months ago. She has blossomed not only as a beauty, she is breathtakingly beautiful, but in confidence and her pelvic skills. Anya has been coaching her and she made a breakthrough to get past her giggly teen girl personality to a new mature but fun loving one that men just can’t get enough of. However, the area of her progress that pleases me the most is her mastert of the difficult to learn pelvic skills of a courtesan

Anya had her wearing her one inch solid surgical steel Ben Wa ball set  (each ball weighs 2.307 oz.) for a total of 4.614 oz. of steel, more than a quarter of a pound) which I call ‘McBalls’. The goal of training with this weight is to be able to hold a développé for at least 15 seconds en pointe with a set of McBalls inserted w/o dropping one or both. Without a pronounced post-pubic vault a woman stands very little chance of retaining 4 oz. of steel during a cough, sneeze or développé. Fortunately Bea has a lovely deep post-pubic vault.

Anya had her wear them to bed each night where before sleep she could work on learning to isolate the vaginal muscle groups so that she can move the balls up and down her vagina by squeezing her muscles in a certain order. It can take some time even for a determined woman to master isolating vaginal muscle groups and learning to control them, but once mastered that skill opens up an entirely different level of sex play with a man. She excelled in vaginal muscle mastery and her grip is strong enough that she can push the balls up her vagina until they hit her cervix while she is standing! She and I do five reps of that exercise every morning and again at night. And here is what she has learned to do with that vaginal grip while Anya has been working with her; Pompoir and the Mares Trick.

Pompoir: Also known as "playing the flute", and "the Singapore” or “Cleopatra grip”) is a sexual technique in which the woman uses her vaginal muscles to stimulate the man's penis. Both partners remain still, and the woman strokes the man's erection by rhythmic, rippling pulses of the pubococcygeus muscles, so this practice is best performed in a woman on top position. However, in my experience has been that if I’m penetrated while standing facing my partner the experience can be just as intense and leaves me in position to perform the Mares trick.

Performing Kegel or pelvic floor exercises can increase a woman's skill in pompoir by strengthening the relevant muscles, and allow her to identify, and isolate, individual muscles, to contract them in turn to provide the rippling sensation which is what I call “ripple gripping” a lover.

The Mare’s trick: The Mare’s trick is accomplished while remaining en pointe by just closing my legs and clenching my thighs a nd tightening my vaginal muscles to clamp him inside me so tightly that blood can not flow out of his penis so he remains hard during his refractory period. Using the Mares Trick – which works just as well if we are spooning on our sides so I can clamp my thighs together with him penetrating me from the rear – so that my lovers retain their erections while enjoying the relaxation of afterglow and when passed their refractory interval for orgasm they can have a second or third orgasm w/o losing their erection. 

Weather at location Z: Being on the west coast and subject to the moderating temperature of the North Atlantic there isn’t a lot of snow as there is in the central part of the highlands west of Aberdeen. However, the forecast is for rain and 15 mph winds from the West at sunrise which will occur at 6:24 GMT with temperatures in the mid 40s F. So it will be miserably wet and cold as usual. British Summer\ Time doesn’t start until Sunday March 29th.

We almost certainly won’t get to see the eclipse directly because of the heavy cloud cover, but we will still know when it occurs as it will make Location Z seem like it’s midnight for a few minutes as the moon passes in front of the sun and with the wind moaning through the surrounding ring of tone-hole stones that will be a really creepy few minutes.  All the dry peat has been positioned for the massive braziers and Jack sais all the new shearling robes are ready so it’s just meeting our sperm donors and warming ourselves Friday morning with His Grace’s Gorse brandy. 

The Loc Z Altars and spirits of the sacrificed:  Returning readers will recall that the North altar is close to the cliff edge, but Jack says the rock it’s on is quite solid so while it looks dangerous if the wind isn’t blowing from the South the celebrant and her partner on the North altar should be quite safe and the wind is forecast to be from the west. Willow always has first choice for these celebration since she is the granddaughter of His Grace as she has precedence and chose to offer herself on the Eastern altar because it’s closest to the rising sun. The other girls chose to celebrate on the altars they occupied for the Winter Solstice; Bea on the South, Odette on the Western altar and Odile on the Northern one. Odile is a risk taker and wanted the scary one because the sheer drop is just a few feet away and with the wind forecast from the west we will not insist she and her partner wear safety harnesses. However, if things change Odile and her inseminator will wear safety harnesses.

I was messaging with a great friend and he was asking about the history of Loc Z thinking it might have been initially established by the Romans. However, that’s not the case. Location Z was only repurposed by the Romans. In much earlier times Jack thinks it was built to offer sacrifices to Earth Gods to celebrate celestial events. Sacrifices included animals and some human enemies. I can feel the spirits of the humans who were slaughtered on the altar I'm on as a male is inseminating me while we are celebrating celestial events several thousand years after the first sacrifices were made. The spirits of the sacrificed humans, mostly male, seem much closer when His Grace is having his way with me as we conclude the fertility rites. Perhaps that’s because he is the ruling male in the area. It doesn’t bother me, but I know they are there.



Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Preparations for celebrating the vernal equinox

A solar eclipse very similar to the one we will see in the UK on the vernal equinox 20 March, 2015

The 2015 Vernal equinox: My wards; Bea, Willow, and the Swan twins along with Anya who has been acting as their chaperone while they have been at UNLV since the first of the year, arrived aboard Limnaea II on Tuesday, the 17th.  They were excused from classes as we had planned with their professors to have them work ahead. They will return to school at the end of spring break which runs from March 30 through April 4th  

We are going up to Inverness on my private sleeping car, The Dragon, having boarded late last evening with Marvin. We will stay this evening at Crag Abbey then on the 19th move to His Grace’s hunting lodge in the mountains over looking Loch Broom and Ullapool in preparation for the celebration of the vernal equinox at sunrise on March 20th.

His Grace’s Estate manager has been working with Chris, our male Gyn, to select men as seed donors in ritual sex with Aphrodite – in the form of my wards and myself - on the five altars of Location Z.

A complication: There will be an almost total solar eclipse in Scotland this Friday morning, the morning of the vernal equinox. I’m not sure if that is a good or bad thing for our welcoming in Spring, but it has certainly terrified the local Druid community as in the old religion eclipses were said to precede disasters so none of us is sure what to expect.

It’s a bit after 7:00 AM here and as soon as I post this I’m going to try to go back to sleep. I don’t sleep as well on trains as I do on Limnaea II. We are somewhere in Yorkshire at the moment I think.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Menstrual ballet-sex

Spoiled and oiled, a dancer in a French-leg one-piece gropesuit

The photo: This olive nylon/spandex gropesuit providing easy access to the vagina from the front for removal of a menstrual cup can be worn for private pointe class when there is likely to be after class menstrual ballet-sex with a teacher who enjoys very bloody sex.

Suit design limits entry options: The crotch snugly grips the mons pubis and vulva and is stretchy enough to cover the head of a sports plug when inserted. I mention very bloody sex because with the modified back of this suit rear entry is not possible while it is being worn and rear entry menstrual sex would be far less messy for the man.

With front entry for ballet-sex the women is usually up against a wall or the mirrors in the studio - I like being backed against or held against a mirrored wall as it is far easier to clean the coital discharge off glass than a plaster or cement wall - or he has her with her legs around his waist, his hands clutching her butt cheeks and their pelvises pressed tightly together where she can continuously bleed on him as he thrusts into her. 

For partying I sometimes wear this style as it is form flattering and makes my legs look even longer while being relatively easy to breast feed in if a lover wants to milk me by just slipping out of the shoulder straps and peeling down the top. Missionary sex is fine when I’m not bleeding and I have a cervical barrier inserted for protection, but I don’t wear it for menstrual sex. However, it is ideal for having a lover use a vibi on my clit.

Fertility and the gropesuit: This topic came to mind as I’m CD7 and my menses for this cycle are over so I’m looking forward to the hormonal high of being fertile for a few days starting this weekend. During the fertile hormone surge many of us aren’t looking for Mr. right, we’re looking for Mr. right now! Women who are cycling naturally (like me) often choose provocative attire when we are fertile. I enjoy wearing salaciously cut gropesuits in swimwear, latex catsuits or in more vanilla surroundings push-up bras.

When fertile we are far more apt to be too adventuresome and initiate or agree to sexual encounters with dangerous men. Not criminally dangerous, but socially dangerous meaning those with a history of causing unintended impregnation of casual sex partners who think their contraceptive protection is adequate. But women on a hormonal high with a testosterone scented man in her arms often feels she is invincible and besides if she thinks her birth control might have failed there is always the emergency contraceptive ella or ellaOne, a 30mg tablet of ulipristal acetate, soon to be available in the UK w/o an Rx.  

Shoes for menstrual ballet-sex: I always wear a pair of old but survivable hard shanked Gaynor Minden pointes for menstrual ballet sex as there is almost no chance of keeping them free of splatters of menstrual discharge when no diaphragm is being worn for flow control. Afterward I let them dry, brush off the crusty blood splatters and coat the stained pink satin with flesh colored pink pancake makeup to cover the stains and studio/stage grime.

The menstrual cup during menstrual ballet-sex: For a woman wearing the gropesuit pictured at the top of this post a male partner who enjoys the taste of his partner’s menstrual discharge can pull the crotch covering fabric to one side and carefully insert two fingers to break the seal of her cup then carefully remove it and drink the contents clots and all before inserting the emptied cup in her cleavage for safekeeping where he can enjoy the scent of her flow rising from the still bloody cup, or he can place the cup in her mouth as a gag of sorts while he soothes her cramps with deep thrusting front entry penile stimulation of her g-spot to orgasm.

I don’t mind swallowing a partner’s semen, actually I rather enjoy thinking about digesting the hundreds of millions of live sperm that if placed in me through another body opening could cause me to become pregnant. However, I have tasted my own menstrual flow and I’d rather not do so as part of a menstrual sex encounter.  I prefer having the empty but still bloody cup pushed down my cleavage where he can smell the scent as he thrusts into me.

Max-headroom girls: There are a few of us small women, defined here as a height of 5’5” and below, who have vagina’s deep enough to take an 80mm or larger latex diaphragm. The escorts in this category are coming to be known as ‘Max-headroom’ girls – the nickname of their trainer - who is marvelously endowed. The Max headroom girls are in increasingly demand with rubber fetishists to the extent that there aren’t enough fully trained Max-headroom ballet escorts to cover the demand. 
Effectiveness tests for users of hormonal contraceptives: I urge women who I am training as escorts to have a copper IUD, preferably a stringless GyneFix, inserted – they are so much easier to get here in the UK - if they don’t mind the sometimes heavier flow during menses. That way they can experience the hormonal swings of their natural cycles such as the peak in libido felt while fertile and offer menstrual sex as an option for clients. However we do offer Lab tests to check the effectiveness of hormonal methods as well as standard pregnancy tests. The tests for progesterone and hCG levels are routinely given for the escorts safety.

An hCG urine test is given by the clinician to test for pregnancy and a PSGN progesterone saliva test is given to check for a clinical efficacy level of PSHN to assure that a woman on hormonal birth control is effectively protected by suppression of ovulation. We have found the occasionally a woman on HBC will be taking supplements or meds that decrease the effectiveness of the hormonal birth control she is using or that a mischievous partner has intentionally given her something that binds to her progestin receptors making her birth control ineffective.

Will, April and dive-sex: April called to let me know how SCUBA sex had gone with Willamina in her home pool in Chelsea. April hasn’t passed her open water SCUBA certification yet, but she says it’s a matter of scheduling around her ballet performances. However, she is diving with her Milex Arcing spring diaphragm inserted wearing an OTS Guardian FFM and soloing with a dildo while fastened to the bottom of the pool with a very short ankle leash; or taken from behind by Will wearing 2 inch diameter 10 inch long silicone strap-on. I’ve warned both Will and April that 10 inches is far too long to be safely used on April, but both say that spacer rings are being used and gradually removed as they try for maximum depth w/o harm to April. I hope they are careful as both want April to bear a child later in their relationship.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Lesbian sex, masturbation and the contraceptive diaphragm

Grishko Ulanova I pointes and Milex arcing spring diaphragm folded for insertion

The Photo: A Milex arcing spring diaphragm folded for insertion. Unlike the Ortho All-Flex arcing spring rim the Milex arcing spring has two elbow hinges that must be folded by griping the rim at two specific spots.

Masturbation and the diaphragm: Masturbation: The excitation of one's own or another's genital organs, usually to orgasm, by manual contact or means other than sexual intercourse. (The American Heritage® Stedman's Medical Dictionary) In some masturbation situations a diaphragm can act as an upper reproductive tract protection device.

Veronika’s friends: Returning readers will remember Veronika is Alexi’s daughter, and my first ‘pelvic protégé’ in the UK, who dances with a major international ballet Co located here in London. I am currently schooling her in the pelvic skills needed for success as a ballet escort. She is friends with a gorgeous 22 y/o soloist (I’ll call her April) with a lovely Balanchine body who is a heart-breaker for the straight men in the company because of her looks and the fact that she is a femme lesbian with a butch partner (who I’ll call Willamina or Will) who owns her own cosmetics company. They met at a party for major ballet donors and April said it was love at first sight for her.

April taking SCUBA lessons: Will has an indoor heated pool at her place in Chelsea where she is having April take SCUBA lessons and will eventually graduate to a OTS Guardian FFM for dive-sex.                      

Veronika referred the couple to our clinic because they want to try underwater penetrative sex with a strap-on and dildo and need diaphragms for ‘flood insurance’ to minimize the possibility of PID as April wants to become pregnant and have a baby when her career ends. Will is in her late 30s tall and slim with lovely legs, muscular shoulders and just the right amount of androgyny to be an extremely striking woman. Will and April make a gorgeous couple and turn heads wherever they go.

The Milex Arcing spring for use by lesbians: Both Will and April had our clinic’s standard baseline full pelvic workups and full panel STI tests and hCG tests came back negative. Neither Will nor April had been using contraceptives of any kind – other than condoms to sheathe penetrative toys to protect against STI transmission - as they don’t have sex with men. Both have had the full series of three Gardasil shots even though Will is outside the recommended age bracket since even though they are monogamous getting an STI from lesbian sex is a possibility and rape is too for women in sexually adventuresome lifestyles and additional vaccine coverage can’t hurt. 

I fitted Both Will and April with Milex Arcing spring diaphragms to be worn ‘dry’ (w/o spermicide) for ‘flood insurance’ since while April will generally be the one penetrated Will wanted to be fitted so she too can experience using a strap-on or dildo underwater. Returning readers will recall that the vagina will often flood during underwater penetrative sex depending on the position of the vagina while being thrust into. So just as with a penis the hydraulic pressure created by thrusting a tight fitting strap-on or dildo into a flooded vagina could force water through an unprotected cervix into the woman’s uterus causing PID and possibly infertility. Additionally the dome of a diaphragm provides some thrust buffering should the partner wielding the strap-on or dildo lack skill in thrusting into her partner.

Hence the need for a lesbian who anticipates underwater penetrative sex to have her cervix protected. The Milex arcing spring is the best choice since there will be little likelihood of the rim being under-thrust and no tactile penis diaphragm interaction and the stiffer silicone dome is more rugged and better suited to take thrusts from hard sex toys like strap-ons and dildos than is the stretchy latex dome of a Reflexions.

Both Will and April were very excited about being fitted with Milex arcing spring diaphragms and I gave them both an opportunity to practice insertion and removal so they can check that the dome is covering the cervix and cautioned to indert before arousal as when aroused the vagina tents, lengthens, and makes proper insertion to cover the cervix difficult and sometimes impossible.

Lesbians, a niche market for Milex diaphragms: I’m thinking that since Will is very active in the Lesbian community a trend setter and an early adopter of social trends our clinic may see an increase in Milex fittings among lesbians as followers want to participate in the latest trend in sexual protection. While very few lesbian couples have access to a pool for SCUBA sex many do have access to hot tubs in which the vagina can flood during penetrative sex

As with my Lesbian friends I also use a Milex Arcing spring - it has the same spring strength as the Reflexions flat spring - as upper reproductive tract protection when a man is not available and I crave sex in a hostile environment and dive solo to masturbate underwater with a dildo (well lubed with DiveGel+) in my pool in the basement of Blackthorn house. The dive pool is about sixteen feet deep and I hold myself on the bottom with a Velcro closure ankle leash. Stimulating myself to orgasm while sucking gas can be awesome when I’m urgently in need of kinky release!

British Summer Time: In the UK the clocks go forward 1 hour at 1am on the last Sunday in March, (3-29) and back 1 hour at 2am on the last Sunday in October, (10-25). The period when the clocks are 1 hour ahead is called British Summer Time (BST). There's more daylight in the evenings and less in the mornings (sometimes called Daylight Saving Time).

Monday, March 2, 2015

Plan to block Blogger sexually explicit content scrapped

Google Scraps Plans to Block Sexually-Explicit Content on Blogger

A frequent reader pointed out that Google has apparently had a rethink of their plan to force sexually explicit blogs to go private.

“Just three days after saying sexually explicit material would be banned from public blogger forum sites Google is backing down."  The full story can be read HERE. 

I want to thank those readers who have provided permission information to read "Jill’s World" in case my blog is forced to go private. Given the rethink I don’t suppose I will be forced to go private, but those of us with explicit blogs will undoubtedly be monitored for TOS transgressions.

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