Saturday, August 30, 2014

The 316 club and Labor Day

Awesome for after-oral splatter cleavage cleanup

The Photo: A sports bra that has great dual support for jumps during ballet class as well as front (clip and zip) closing which makes it ideal for athletic lactating women like me. The front close feature also makes it easy to put on: slip into the straps, bend over, swing the girls into their cups then clip and zip. And it’s great for quick cleanup if he slips out of your mouth and spews down your cleavage or you drool before you can spit it out.

Morning Wood’s pique: Marvin thought I wasn’t giving him the attention he deserved and was jealous of Alice who he thinks got preferential treatment as far as my time is concerned. I could hardly introduce them to each other since Jack, Alice’s son, is my main squeeze. And telling her that my relationship with Marvin is strictly business  (sex for his $650/hr therapy sessions) wouldn’t have cut it either since she knows how much I enjoy sex with a well hung man who is good working with heavy equipment. And Neither could I mention to Alice his delusion that I’m his dead wife Jenna or she would have insisted on meeting him, so I had to short him on personal attention the last several weeks. While I was away he slept with the pair of Jenna’s Bloch Alpha pointes that I sweated and Kegeled my fertile cervical mucus in and left for him to sniff and ejaculate in while I was gone. He is so predictable and treats her sweaty shoes, which he carries in his briefcase, as talismans of her/my love for him.

However, I made up for my lack of attention to him by spending most of the evenings during the first part of the week with him having ballet-sex in Gepetto’s ballet-boots and Jenna’s SO104 pointes as well as taking him in missionary and astride to name only the simple positions after which he was so weak he could hardly get out of bed. I became menstrual Saturday (a week ago) and he absolutely adores menstrual sex and he has been taking me as often as he is physically able and afterward we are covered with my menstrual and our coitial discharge. I had s waterproof liner put on his bed so we don’t ruin the mattress and I change the sheets after we shower together so it’s not too messy. As this is being written I’m CD8 and newly fertile for this cycle and for now his desire to swim in the red sea seems sated.

St Lucy’s ballet girls and the 316 club: We have pretty much sorted out who of the 4th form girls taking pre-professional ballet will be granted ‘Training Associate’ status with our escort training school for the 2014-15 school year. Now 16 Bea is in this group though because of her amazing physical ability she has been a Training Associate for the past year. The girls not only have to be beautiful with Balanchine bodies, but must have a pronounced post-pubic vault (more about that below) and be very proficient in pointework, have excellent stamina and very tight pelvic muscle tone. In order to develop and retain a very strong vaginal grip students aspiring to become a training associate at our casinos escort school train continuously for a year with Ben Wa balls so they can pass the vaginal grip test that has become the gold standard for  expectations for 4th form ballet students Training Associate qualification exam.

The test consists of the candidate wearing a pair of one inch 316 surgical stainless steel Ben Wa balls continuously for twenty-four hours including during ballet technique and pointe classes w/o expelling the balls for any reason; sneeze, cough, voiding waste or any ballet step combination or pose including landing jumps. That’s where a pronounced post-pubic vault becomes essential as no woman can hope to prevent expelling the balls during ballet classes if she doesn’t have a ledge formed by the back of her pubic bone helping along with her strong muscles to hold the heavy balls securely during jumps and développés. For a set of 1.0 inch diameter solid 316 surgical stainless steel balls each ball weighs 2.307 oz for a total of 4.6 oz when both are inserted. Returning readers will recall that I’m calling them my “McBalls”, as they are a quarter-pounder! 4th form St Lucy’s ballet girls  passing the 316 test are accepted into the 316 club and get to have an entry level position as a training assistant for male escort candidates in the casinos escort training program.

The 316 Club and pointe-shoes: 316 club girls are all fitted and train primarily in Gaynor Minden pointes. They choose whichever shank strength they need for ballet training and performances. However, in their capacity as training associates for male escort training during ballet-sex (where the woman is entered from behind while en pointe a la seconde and bent over holding on to the barre with both hands) hard shanked shoes are needed so she can put weight on her heels without crushing the shanks during the time her partner is thrusting inside her.

The 316 Club and contraception: No male escort trainee uses contraception except while learning the different types and sizes of condoms. The female training associates know this and we make sure they are protected effectively with a copper LARC, (long acting reversible contraceptive). All the girls who are inducted into the 316 club have stringless GyneFix copper IUDs implanted and are fitted with the latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragm for upper reproductive tract protection during dive-sex. A 316 club member who has a latex allergy is fitted with a silicone Milex arcing spring diaphragm. We also fit the 316 club girls with FemCaps – almost always the smallest, 22mm -  as there may be a few instances where a FemCap might be better than a diaphragm during relatively shallow dives. 

Once accepted the girls find they need to work on stamina of different muscle groups and to learn to stand en pointe for 20-30 minutes at a tame during ballet-sex, which is where hard shanked GM shoes can really help. The up side is that they get to have mind blowing sex with young penis-gods who leave them feeling boneless after screwing a 16 or 17 y/o’s brains out leaving her gasping and holding on to the barre until she stops quivering and can walk to the dressing room w/o collapsing. It’s a new experience for a student who thinks she is in top shape to be left helpless after sex with an escort trainee and gives her some idea of what she has to look forward to and how much work she has to do to match the physical condition of the male partners she will be helping train.

The girls rotate through the males they help train so there is less likelihood that romances will start and both sexes get to experience partners of different physical appearance as well as depths, grip, length, girth and stamina. Even so favorites develop between couples, but they rarely last.

Labor Day: Both UNLV and St Lucy’s students are off on Monday September 1st to celebrate Labor Day, the official end of the commercial summer season. My wards; Willow, Bea, and the Swan Twins Odette and Odile were invited to spend the long weekend at The Gemini’s father’s estate in the hills. Returning readers will remember that the Gemini, Castor and Pollux, are the sons of a Casino mogul and are dating Odette and Odile.  The boys are handsome, articulate and have impressive sexual stamina even for healthy males in their 20s, but Odette and Odile will have them so weak they will be unable to get out of bed by Tuesday morning.

I am spending the day relaxing with a book and a man, not necessarily in that order, but most guys do need time to recycle before they can get off again so I’m reading Norah Roberts romances. I’ve invited Morning Wood to my place late this afternoon and for Sunday and Monday and it will be interesting to see if his delusion that’ I’m Jenna can survive the visit. Though when he takes me out clubbing or to a show or restaurant he holds it together and here there will be fewer distractions, though there will be some things that he and Jenna never experienced together. I’m going to teach him the delights of dive-sex in the pit, my 64 ft deep pool. So we shall see.



Monday, August 25, 2014

Orientation week for St Lucy’s girls

A silicone Semina coil spring diaphragm mounted on an introducer
The Photo: A Semina coil spring diaphragm mounted on its introducer to aid in inserting the device. Made of pink silicone it is readily accepted by St Lucy’s teen girls who are fitted with it as their first diaphragm after menarche because they are more likely to use it since they think its cute, “It looks like a pink soap bubble”, as well as wearing one is an indication that they have become sexually mature and are being given the tools and training necessary to assume the responsibility for protecting their fertility.

St Lucy’s student orientation: My part in the orientation of new student is to help with pelvic exams, check to make sure they have had all their Gardasil (HPV vaccine) shots and have clean full panel STI tests, fit diaphragms and give them an overview of contemporary sexual health as it pertains to St Lucy’s students. We teach responsible sexual intercourse between the sexes and techniques for seducing men with your voice, body and actions.

Semina diaphragms: New students entering St Lucy’s who have reached menarche are fitted with silicone Semina coil spring diaphragms as training diaphragms regardless of what other form of contraception they use as they will need a diaphragm for upper reproductive tract protection – to prevent water and or air bubbles from being forced into the uterus by the hydraulics of a lover’s thrusts during dive-sex. A coil spring diaphragm can be used for dive protection down to about 30 feet below which the rim will begin to distort and leak due to water pressure. All the pools generally available to the students are no deeper than 30 feet other than mine, (The Pit) at 64 feet, and Adolph’s, (The Well) at 216 feet. For both those venues they will need Reflexions flat spring diaphragms for effective dive protection. The RFID chip in each student’s Semina helps us track who is in class and who has forgotten their Semina, an infraction for which there are penalties.

The smallest diaphragms commercially available are:  the silicone Semina coil spring 60mm, the silicone Milex arcing or coil spring 60mm and the latex Reflexions flat spring 65mm. If we need diaphragms smaller than 60mm Labia Labs here in town can hand dip latex diaphragms in any of the three rim styles. Only a few of the younger petite girls require a 55mm.

Rarely do St Lucy’s students use diaphragms as their primary method of contraception. We try to get them to use stringless copper bead (GyneFix) IUDs effective for three years as their primary method since with a copper IUD the wearer will continue to cycle naturally and St Lucy’s feels strongly that some of the most creative and productive  work a woman can do occurs during the fertile days of her cycle. Removing the strings from the GyneFix before implantation allows the wearer to wear a diaphragm for flood insurance w/o the possibility of having the strings stick to the diaphragm and be pulled out when the diaphragm is removed.  

Alice shops in Gepetto’s ballet-boots: We returned from Tahoe on Sunday, Aug. 17th. First thing on Monday (after ballet class and breakfast) we all went with Alice to pick up her new lightly armored ballet-boots and she loves the scent of new leather boots how well they fit and how wonderful they feel even after walking in them in one of the up-scale malls for more than an hour. Our lace-splitter heels were all sheathed in heel guards so we wouldn’t damage the up-market shops hardwood and expensive rug covered floors

I’d promised myself I wouldn’t wear ballet-boots while out shopping as they tend to attract aggressive men, and jaundiced looks from store security (shopping in pointe shoes is for me a much more social experience), but Alice wanted to go into Neiman Marcus and Hermès, the one at The Crystals shops At Aria. So with Alice, Willow and me all in black calf length Gepettos boots and Emma in her black leathers no one was making comments though everyone- especially the men - was watching us and store security stayed well in the background. It’s impractical to go shopping for skirts or slacks in ballet-boots, but Alice did pick up half a dozen Hermès scarves and six leather key cases as gifts. And at Neiman Marcus she bought a purse size (.5oz.) bottle of Shalimar which she had forgotten to pack.

Ballet-sex in ballet-boots: Back at my place in the studio in her suite Alice took one of her lovers having him enter her from behind while she bent over and held on to the barre. It was her first ballet-sex in Gepettos boots. She loves how being on her toes in ballet-boots clenches her pelvic muscles so she has a much tighter grip then when on her back or astride and she told me afterward that Gepettos ballet-boots were so much more comfortable than her Brit-boots..

Since she is menopausal and on HRT her vaginal lining is still soft and well lubricated, but there is no danger of pregnancy no mater how many high quality sperm reach her tubes waiting for an egg that will never be released.  Afterward she inserted two fingers and swept around her cervix to speed expelling his ejaculate with Kegels before it had liquefied then came to me in my room and I helped her out of her boots. We undressed and went to bed where she milked me after which she gave me the most marvelous gasping, shuddering, moaning, mewing clitoral orgasm. Then we both had a wonderful nap basking in the afterglow of our sexual encounters.

Her Grace departs and school starts: Alice left yesterday, Sunday Aug 24th, on Limnaea II to go to Washington to visit with her daughter, Fiona for a few days before returning to Virgin Gorda. Classes start at both UNLV and St Lucy’s today so we are back on what passes, for us, as a normal fall schedule.

The 2014 Autumnal equinox: 2014 Autumnal Equinox will occur on Tuesday September 23rd in mid week in the middle of the fall term so the girls will miss classes for that week, but with preparatory studying and doing well in work up to that point they should have no problem getting time off to participate in “’prehistoric religious rites research” in Scotland.  

Friday, August 15, 2014

Spontaneous abortion in a drysuit

Scylla and Charybdis looking north through the Strait of Messina
The illustration: Scylla and Charybdis were mythical sea monsters noted by Homer; later Greek tradition placed them on opposite sides of the Strait of Messina between Sicily and the Italian mainland. Scylla was rationalized as a rock shoal (described as a six-headed sea monster) on the Italian side of the strait and Charybdis was a whirlpool off the coast of Sicily. They were regarded as a sea hazard located close enough to each other that they posed an inescapable threat to passing sailors. Avoiding Charybdis meant passing too close to Scylla and vice versa. According to Homer, Odysseus was forced to choose which monster to confront while passing through the strait. He chose to pass by Scylla and lose only a few sailors, rather than risk the loss of his entire ship in the whirlpool.

The Charybdis: Yesterday Adolph took the girls and Alice and Chris (our male Gyn) and me on the Charybdis his 120 ft. yacht to look at the shoreline from the lake. There was wind the day before and four foot waves, but yesterday the wind was calm and the water relatively smooth. The water in the lake is amazingly clear and the lake is 22 miles long and 12 miles wide and the deepest point is 1,645 feet in Crystal bay on the California side in North East corner. We spent most of the day on the water with a wonderful seafood lunch of jumbo shrimp, king crab legs, drawn butter and beer! Seconds on the lips and forever on the hips! Sigh! While on the California side we stopped briefly at a casino for Alice to try her luck at Blackjack and after being down by $3,500 she rallied and ended up winning $7,200 and change and decided at that point to stop for the day.  

Drysuit spontaneous abortion: On the way back we were passing by a neighboring estate and saw the owner’s daughter in a drysuit trying to clear the fouled propeller of their motorboat which had run through netting of some sort without taking the boat out of the water. Adolph stopped to help because he knew she was pregnant in her first trimester and shouldn’t be doing anything strenuous or even shallow diving. He said the baby was her step-brother’s and she hadn’t decided whether to terminate it, but would have to decide soon as she was due back at UNLV in less than two weeks. She waved then with cutters in hand dove again and then she inverted and her boots came to the surface and she couldn’t right herself. She was not wearing a buoyancy vest and had been depending on the air in her suit for buoyancy. We could see her doubled over struggling unable to get her chest above her legs and feet. And then she expelled her mouthpiece and it looked to me as though she was having severe cramps.

Adolph and Chris jumped in and got her head to the surface and added air to her suit but she wasn’t breathing and we got her around to the dive transom and pulled her on deck. Chris cleared her airway and gave her Artificial respiration and got her breathing again and she was moaning and doubled up with cramps and I knew she was spontaneously aborting. Willow and I opened the shoulder zipper of her drysuit and got the neck seal over her head then got the wrist seals over her hands and managed to pull her out of the rubber suit and found below the waist she was soaked with blood and was still hemorrhaging.  We had already called 911 and pulled in to a nearby marina where an ambulance met us at the dock, but it was too late and she bled to death.

Adolph said she told him weeks ago that she had been on the extended cycle combined pill Seasonique (84 active 7 placebo with 0.15mg of levonorgestrel / 30mcg EE and 7 placebo tablets with10mcg EE) And had forgotten and was 2 days late starting a new pack so she was 9 days w/o a therapeutic level of hormones which caused her to ovulate and she used no back-up method for protection while a therapeutic hormone level was reestablished all the while having sex with her step-brother who is a 23 y/o grad student at UNLV.

Exquisite sex: After witnessing a tragedy like having the pregnant 19 y/o bleed out in front of us after a miscarriage I needed sex so badly I was almost panting with desire. I think it’s because healthy humans realize at moments like that how fleeting life is and there is a very strong need to experience the most intimate and fulfilling mutual experience between a man and woman to reaffirm being alive. Death or severe injury of people around me has always affected me that way and the few of my girlfriends who have been willing to talk about it say they are the same way. The others are too embarrassed to admit it. And in the few instances that I’ve had occasion to notice how my wards act after a tragedy occurs to a friend they are the same way, needing the reaffirmation of life and wellbeing through mind-blowing sex.

So it was normal after witnessing the neighbor’s death that we all needed our brains fucked out to take our minds off what we had seen. So with the aid of one of the men who had just come back from nine holes of golf and with twenty minutes of wonderfully placed thrusts I was tipped repeatedly into gasping, moaning, mewing, screaming ecstasy by one of Pirate’s best swordsmen after which I snuggled in his arms covered with the scent of his testosterone laced sweat to enjoy a nap in afterglow.

Alice plays the field: She is luxuriating in the differences between her different sex partners techniques sampling five a day; two in the morning, two after lunch and one to take to bed for the night. I’ve also found she has a taste for breast milk. After watching me empty my breasts with my Medela she offered to milk me as she enjoys the taste! Who knew? She nurses very gently but forcefully. She can develop a lot of suction and tonguing my nipples brings down my milk so quickly that if she is here much longer with our ANR I’m afraid she will increase my breast size which I need to avoid as that throws off my balance for dancing.  After being milked I am extremely aroused and to release the pooled blood in my pelvis she inserts two fingers and caresses my G-spot until I find release and have a shuddering gasping orgasm then nap in her arms. She is a very considerate lover!  

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Lake Tahoe and the Duchess

Lake Tahoe the Sierra Nevada in the background

The Photo: Lake Tahoe looking North West is a large freshwater lake in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. At a surface elevation of 6,225 ft., it is located along the border between California and Nevada, west of Carson City. Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine lake in North America. Its depth is 1,645 ft, making it the deepest in the United States after Crater Lake (1,945 ft. In August the Average high temperature is about 77° F while the low is about 44° F a major difference from the mid summer temps we experience in Las Vegas. Water temperatures warm to 65 to 70° F during August and September great for recreational diving at that altitude, but too cold for dive-sex as very few men can sustain an erection in water that temperature even when taking a performance enhancing medication.

The Duchess:  Alice and her travel staff arrived mid-day Sunday and Willow (her 20 y/o granddaughter) and I took three of Adolph’s Mercedes SUVs down to the airport to pick her up. She had two four-piece Louis Vuitton Leather Luggage sets as well as her dive gear and then the luggage for her Personal Assistant/bodyguard and ladies maid/dresser. She had slept soundly on the plane so she was ready to go when she deplaned.

Alice has her PA dress in tight black leathers when they are out together as she believes that focuses any attention on her PA and not on her. The PA’s last name is Peel and Alice calls her ‘Emma’, which Alice thinks is very droll and ‘Emma’ doesn’t seem to mind. I didn’t get the name association since I’d never seen the British TV series The Avengers (1961-1969) which had a character named Emma Peel played by Diana Rigg from 1965 to 1969 who Alice explained seemed always to be clad in tight leather. I Googled her and Alice’s Emma does look a bit like a young Diana Rigg and when Alice and Emma are together there are enough similarities for them to be mother and daughter and they make a striking pair.

Emma fills out her 5’7”frame beautifully and she doesn’t wear heels while working since you can’t really run fast in heels. She prefers a sort of leather combat sneaker with steel toes and crape soles. It’s not the sort of shoe that attracts male attention while being worn, but is extremely effective for security work.

Mindful that Alice while here doesn’t want to be seen as on a royal progress I’m presenting her in public as just another of my Brit-Chick friends. Other than her plumy upper-class accent she can act middle or lower class when she wants. Actually, she can cuss like a sailor in French, German, Spanish and Italian as well as English. A gutter vocabulary she said was greatly expanded while attending an elite girl’s school in Switzerland. She has some bespoke ballet-boots from a British shoemaker and has been wearing them for a lesbian Domme on Virgin Gorda who is training her to build up her stamina while wearing them properly for long intervals. However, they aren’t nearly as well made or comfortable as ones from Gepetto’s. She brought them along to continue her calf and ankle training until she can get several pairs of Gepetto’s boots.

Gepetto fits Alice in ballet-boots: Going to Gepetto’s was our first order of business Monday morning. Alice, Emma, Willow and I took Limnaea II down to McCarran International. It would be closer to fly into North Las Vegas but the pilot had filled the tanks at my request and while we weren’t at max TO weight we would have been a bit heavy getting off the 5,000 ft runways there. So landing at McCarran gave us a chance to take a helicopter to Gepettos and on the way I got to show Alice a bit of the city; my casino, my home and Adolph’s place as well as Splash and The Lorelei which she had heard me talk about.

Gepetto fitted her himself. She has lovely high arches and gorgeous insteps which are important for prolonged wearing and no foot irregularities that would require custom adjustments. She got exactly the same options Gepetto recommended for me; the light weight unitized titanium toe-box and shank assembly with light titanium armor plates in the shafts, quarter panels and titanium mesh/scales in the tongues as well as replicable lace splitter heels and spider filament laces with a dozen pairs of spare laces and four pairs of heel guards with Inman release mechanisms for walking on slippery floors or expensive rugs w/o punching holes in them.

Spider filament laces are nearly impossible to break or cut. However,  having a doz. pairs allows her maid to change them out to wash off the ejaculate from males paying homage to her by stroking off into her laces. Returning readers know the armor is necessary because when partying with other ballet-boot wearers tempers can flare and with 7 inch spike heels a malicious boot wearer can with little effort ‘accidently’ put a heel into a rival or adversary’s unarmored instep very quickly.

Alice ordered three pairs, two in calf length black leather and one in brown. She will have them by early next week when Willow (her granddaughter) and I take her clubbing in Vegas. In the meantime Alice will be wearing her Brit Ballet boots or pointe-shoes at Adolph’s meet and greet get-togethers. While we were there Willow dropped off a pair of her boots for replacement of the linings.  She also picked up a pair which had just had the linings and padding replaced after more than a year of heavy use.

Alice goes shopping: She was introduced to the first of the group of possible sexual partners over cocktails Sunday night and other men individually at breakfast, lunch and dinner on Monday. If she is interested it’s more or less vanilla sex before she will choose a partner for dive-sex. I won’t leave her alone in an unmonitored encounter pool. All our pools have full coverage with at least four conceded HD video cams and monitoring the voice transmissions from their FFMs while giving the appearance of privacy to occupants so Emma will be available in seconds if she is needed.

I’ve offered her a selection of possible lovers from Pirate’s best male escorts. The requirements are: a negative recent full STI panel, heterosexual ballet dancers in their late 20s to early 40s. Have amazing sexual stamina, can be gentle or rough, are expert swimmers, are good at dive-sex and ballet-sex and are fluent in French and Spanish as well as English. I decided to use professionals because while expensive they are known quantities and if one or more disappears there would be few questions asked. She seems very pleased with the selection and is still putting the candidates through their paces. I suspect she will settle on at least three favorites unless she decides to just fuck them all! 

Chalet Adolph: Adolph’s estate was formerly a boutique hotel so doesn’t lack for apace to sleep guests. On the roof of the new wing there is a sun deck with beautiful and unobstructed views. To the east is the lake with the mountains in California in the distance and to the west are the jagged peaks of the Sierra Nevada Mountains close behind us.

The encounter pools are all 30 feet deep, the maximum depth that coil and arcing spring diaphragms and FemCap can safely and comfortably worn. The Divemaster’s shop is there by the pools for mask, regulator, pool-pointes and platform weights and tank choices for guests who didn’t bring their own.

Altitude training: A benefit of exercise at an elevation of 6,000 feet is that since the air is thinner it takes more effort to do the same set of exercises or ballet class combinations than when at 2,000 ft in Vegas or at sea level on Virgin Gorda. My wards and I have found that a goal to be able to run up and down a flight of twenty concrete steps to the sundeck in ballet-boots may be unachievable in the time we have here. I have a flight of fifteen in the basement of my casino that I run up and down, but that’s at 2,000 feet not 6,000.  It’s a humbling experience for any woman who thinks she is in good enough shape to be able to run in ballet-boots. It is an exhausting exercise, but really builds up your lung capacity if you can stick with it long enough. Just walking up and down the flight of twenty to the sundeck several times is marvelous exercise and may be all that should be expected this time. Because Alice goes hiking so often in the mountains on Virgin Gorda in ballet-boots she is keeping up with me and girls young enough to be her granddaughters.  Her stamina is also a tribute to her trainer who developed her boot training regimen and has kept her motivated.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Formaldehyde Hall, necrophilia, pointe-shoe gag, Tahoe

One of Jenna’s Bloch Alpha pointes I use as a gag for Morning Wood.

The photo: A pointe-shoe I use to gag Marvin during Ballet BDSM play when I take him while astride. It was the position Jenna was using during the encounter from which she conceived. In that position I control the angle and depth of penetration and frequency of thrusts. I use one of Jenna’s 4 ½ xxx Bloch Alpha shoes (The size I wear when not menstrual) the toe-box measurements of which are: Platform 2.25 in. wide by 1.5 in. high. And across the toe-box measure 3.25 in. wide by 1.75 in. high. The platform just fits when he opens his jaws wide then I can push on the short hard out-sole and jam it further into his mouth. The ribbons on all pairs are 18 or 19 inches long by 1 inch wide satin nylon and machine sewn to the quarter panels and I tie them behind his neck to hold the gag in place. The platform and sole are seasoned with stage grime and the scent and taste of pine tar from the powdered rosin ground into the platforms and soles. Used as a gag a pointe-shoe is quite effective in keeping him quiet, but shouldn’t be used on anyone with a head cold as they might smother if they are unable to remove it.

Marvin during my absence: Fortunately Marvin has a speaking engagement in NYC at a specialist psychiatry convention during the week I’m in Tahoe so he is polishing his presentation and going east early to renew old school friendships so he shouldn’t miss me too much. Just to remind him of Jenna and me I left him several pairs of my sweat soaked Bloch Alpha pointes and several of her thongs damp with my vaginal secretions from when I was fertile last week. I’m CD16 and ovulated last Friday so I  should be safe from pregnancy for the next several weeks while with my girls and Adolph at the lake.

The Duchess to visit; a quandary: HD, a talented artist friend of mine, sent me a drawing of his impression of Her Grace, Alice Duchess of M****, in a lovely dinner dress with Champaign flute in hand standing in front of a glass tank with a female diver trapped in it. With Alice sipping French champagne the drawing rather reminded me of one of Adolph’s very selective cocktail parties in his museum where he has women in diving gear of various kinds floating in vertical glass tubes of formaldehyde. Lovely ripe young bodies of undocumented women who answered adverts for ‘swimsuit models’…  He said it reduced the work and cost of refilling air tanks and feeding the girls when he switched to formaldehyde for what he calls his ‘museum divers’. Alice has never seen his museum diver display as she has never been to Las Vegas. Until recently I thought Alice too much of a lady to approve of models in formaldehyde, but perhaps not…

Formaldehyde Hall and necrophilia: That display of women divers in formaldehyde is in what I think of as his man cave where very few women have been and come out alive. I think other than me only Anya has been to a party in Formaldehyde Hall and we went together so he would have had to take us both. We were in a group of his European necrophilia fetish friends at the time and we got admiring glances. I suppose they were wondering how we would look laid out on a slab encased in latex catsuits with the relief zippers open offering ice cold pussy and smelling of formaldehyde or bleeding out from a slit throat as they pumped semen into our dying bods.

It’s a really strange feeling talking to a group of men who you know would rather fuck your dead body than to mount you while alive and feel your muscles contract around their penis and suck semen out of them.  

When I shared the drawing (of Alice posed in front of a glass tank with a female diver trapped in it) with her she loved being a muse for fantasy art for the talented friend of mine.  She said being thought of as sexy at her age by a younger man has aroused some predatory instincts in her that she had managed to successfully suppress since her children were born. She has gentlemen lovers of course, but now she wants more… Sigh!  She is coming out to visit me in LV and I’m trying to think of suitable partners for her who we could invent cover stories for if one disappeared during an intimate encounter with her. In my experience it’s rare to find the huntress instinct so strong in an aristocratically bred woman and is a side of her I didn’t know existed until we recently chatted on Skype.

She is remarkably well preserved with a lovely hard body and for travel encounters favors men in their 30s who are skilled cocksmen, but then don’t we all! LOL! I can find a lot of very experienced thirty-somethings with clean full STI panels for her, but they all have lives here and will need to survive their time with her. She is so good at manipulating men that she was able to get her father’s permission to first train as a dancer and then as a surgeon and practiced (briefly) as a surgeon before marrying His Grace so she is very good with a scalpel or filleting knife.

Lake Tahoe: My wards and I are spending the week at Adolph’s estate (which was once a small hotel on the water) on the California side of Lake Tahoe. We arrived yesterday on Limnaea II and Adolph sent three Mercedes SUVs to meet us at Lake Tahoe Airport (TVL) which is just a few miles from the south end of the lake. He has invited some German business friends who were at his 4th of July party to come up to the lake as sex partners for us all.

The surface of the lake is at about 6,200 feet elevation so we have changed our dive computers to calculate using altitude diving tables which will shorten dive durations somewhat unless we want to use deco stops. The lake is too cold for dive-sex as the guys can’t maintain an erection even when using a performance enhancing medication. So we will use Adolph’s Olympic size pool that is 30 feet deep. At that depth coil spring diaphragms and FemCap will still function effectively and comfortably so if Adolph has other women over who have been fitted for shallow water diving barriers they should be ok. He has converted three rooms in the new wing to soundproof ballet studios which we can use for classes and encounter sallies as I recall the Germans seemed to be very fond of Ballet-sex, which I think is because en pointe a woman’s grip is so much tighter. I made sure that all of us, my girls and staff as well as Adolph and his guests, had negative current full STI panels so our only concern should be pregnancy and wearing our dive diaphragms (Reflexions FS) to reduce the chance of water being forced into the uterus. 

I sent Limnaea II to St Thomas to pick up Her Grace and two of her staff, her personal ladies maid/dresser and personal secretary. They sailed to Charlotte Amalie from Virgin Gorda on the Wanton Lass so they should arrive later today. Her Grace has the suite next to mine. Her Grace will be returning to Las Vegas with us to spend at least a week and I hope longer as she is supposed to be lucky at casino tables.

After Tahoe it will be back to our fall routine; returning to school for the girls and I will be working with the new students entering St Lucy’s giving them their entrance pelvic exam and fitting them all for silicone Semina coil spring diaphragms which is what all students entering SL who have reached menarche start out wearing. All that will be during orientation week, then on Monday August 25 instruction Begins at both UNLV and St Lucy’s.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Ballet BDSM

Red Gaynors with a Reflexions and its introducer

The Photo: A pair of my red Gaynor Minden pointes a color I wear when I’m menstrual or am in a very dominant mood along with one of my latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragms partially folded and tucked into a block and a diaphragm introducer. The introducer was used to help users to more easily insert flat spring diaphragms, but since demand for diaphragms has declined it is no longer made. Folded as it is readers unfamiliar with wearing a flat spring diaphragm can see how the dome folds into ridges. The three valleys between the ridges and the rim are filled with spermicide.

Ballet BDSM: Marvin loves being submissive to me in my role as his dead wife Jenna. Returning readers will recall that he suffers from a localized form of Delusional Disorder “with bizarre content” the bizarre content being the impossibility of my being Jenna, which only occurs when I’m near him for more than fifteen or twenty minutes. One of their games during which she became pregnant was a form of Ballet BDSM. Of course Ballet BDSM comes in all forms limited only by the imaginations of the couples playing. In the case of Jenna and Marvin it was fairly vanilla involving only tying Marvin’s wrists and ankles to the bedposts with the ribbons (hers and my ribbons measure19 or 20 inches each in length and are machine sewn to each quarter section) from two pairs of her Bloch SO104 pointes and gagging him with another. Then she slipped one of her micromesh a thong moist with her vaginal secretions over his nose and the waistband behind his head to hold it in place so her scent filled his lungs as he gasped for air while she mounted him; sitting astride his erection and sucking all the cream out of his éclair with her well toned pelvic muscles.

With our play we continue to follow what they were doing during the encounter from which Jenna conceived. Marvin hasn’t said anything about it but I know he would love getting me pregnant. He especially loves the fact that it occurred while Jenna was being dominant and he couldn’t do anything but be a sperm donor as she had her way with him and he is obsessed with trying to have that happen again. At my age having a single act of unprotected sex while fertile I have a 30% chance of becoming preggers, which is why I’m careful to wear the latex Reflexions FS to reduce the likelihood of that happening to an acceptable level.

Ballet intensive, unintended consequences: St Lucy’s was not the only school in town to hold a ballet summer intensive, but we may have been the safest from the standpoint of unintended consequences suffered by the students. The students attending the other BSI had all come to our clinic for evaluation prior to taking the course as it was supposed to push the envelope as far as the student’s endurance. They were all very fit and on hormonal contraceptives. I was surprised who they had as their male pointe teacher. I’ve known Cedric, who dances with the Royal Ballet, since he taught at St Lucy’s several summers ago and thought these students weren’t sexually sophisticated enough to be in one of his classes. However, all I could do was to caution the girls that he was very potent and disliked condoms so they should take care to use their hormonal method according to the instructions that came with it. I also offered to fit them with diaphragms, which their insurance through student health would have paid for, but none accepted my offer.

Most of that school’s BSI students attended it because they would be starting or returning to UNLV in a few weeks and wanted to get settled or back into the life of the city. They had also heard what a stud-muffin Cedric is and so wanted to experience for themselves being in the presence of a ballet sex-god. I understand all too well the strong sexual attraction some men have and Cedric has it in spades. Even I go rubber legged when first around him after being away from him for a while. So I knew all his students would be aroused and vulnerable to his slightest suggestion during class and found myself wishing I could be with them inhaling the testosterone laced pheromones in the scent wafting from his sweat during toe class.

The pace of the SI was said to be so intense that Cedric suggested his students take a nutritional supplement to boost their metabolism to give them more energy. What they weren’t told was that increasing their metabolism would flush hormonal contraceptives out of their bodies so quickly that the amount left borders on ineffectively therapeutic and they should use a barrier as a back-up method until they stop taking it. So at the end of that three week SI two girls, a first year and a returning second year UNLV student, were pregnant by him. This sort of thing happens with him everywhere he teaches as he has an amazing body, great personality and is an amazing chick-magnet. The first year student freaked out as she is from a very strict Christian family and rushed home intending to keep the baby. The family probably won’t sue because they couldn’t stand the publicity. The second year had been around enough to know that a vacuum aspiration was quick almost risk free and was covered by her insurance and it was done at my clinic while I held her hand.

Sex with a Ballet-God: I had sex with Cedric the day before he returned to the UK. We spent the afternoon at the barre and in bed as a going away present (for us both) since he will be rejoining the Royal Ballet as a soloist after their summer hiatus and undoubtedly spend the fall and winter fucking his way through all the new girls in the corps. His body is every bit as beautiful and his technique as gentle and skilled as I remembered it from several years ago. Since I was CD9 and fertile I was careful to wear a latex Reflections flat spring which is nearly impossible to under-thrust as he is mischievous and would like nothing better than to bypass my protection and leave his seed in my tubes to fertilize my egg when I ovulated. It’s too early for me to test to see if he succeeded in impregnating me, but I have no reason to think he was successful as there was no semen just fertile cervical mucus (semen liquefies thirty minutes after ejaculation) in the dome when I removed the diaphragm for cleaning ten hours later.

Priestess therapy: Returning readers will recall Marvin is my psychotherapist and fetish lover, among other things. In his professional capacity he is helping me adapt to and properly assume my responsibilities as a Demi-Goddess, a Priestess of the Goddess Aphrodite/Venus. He is trying to get me to focus on the things around me the Goddess wants me to influence (for example, my students and friends sex lives) and not on generalities like hunger and World Peace which are taking the time and resources of so many others far more skilled in those areas than I. 

In our private lives together (and unbeknownst to him) Marvin is teaching me to mind meld men to cause them willingly to meet my needs by placing them in my thrall. Not that women don’t do that already, to an extent, but male management at the Demi-Goddess level takes a bit of getting used to since it should be done seemingly without effort. My role as Jenna (his dead wife) in our relationship is one such test that the Goddess set for me, a learning experience so I can see how far my power extends before I damage an otherwise perfectly good man. And of course all without calling attention to myself by doing something a beautiful, athletic and sexually active dancer couldn’t possibly accomplish by herself.


Saturday, August 2, 2014

Rubberiest play with Morning Wood

Mind the gap! Relief zipper detail on a lactation training catsuit

The photo: A latex catsuit similar to the ones we use for training escorts to get used to the restrictive grip and heat while working (or playing depending on your point of view) in latex.  Jenna wore an identical front zipper suit when breast feeding her son and Marvin wants me to continue to breast feed him while wearing hers which like all her other clothes fits me perfectly.

I didn’t realize until several weeks ago when I was able to explore Jenna’s wardrobe in detail that she had a rubberiest side, something that Marvin didn’t mention until I found the latch to the hidden door to her rubber closet. I had suspected as much as I was able to smell the latex and latex polish, but only recently found the button for electric lock behind a book on the top shelf of a built-in bookcase on the same wall. And what a lovely collection of up-market pieces she had put together! He said he would have told me eventually and didn’t want me to think less of her for loving sex in latex. Why would I feel that way when I love sex while wearing latex? Marvin still has a lot to learn about me. The lavender (her favorite color) latex suit I now wear with Gepettos ballet boots or Jenna’s Bloch Alphas is the one in which she had the encounter from which she conceived.

Rubber clubbing with Marvin: When Marvin takes me to local fetish clubs we both wear catsuits, full face hoods and special ordered black nitrile exam gloves to hide our identities. Neither of us wants to be known to the public as kinky since he is a well known psychotherapist and I among other things teach in a girl’s school. So we use assumed names and credit cards with only number identity requiring retinal image verification. It’s not quite as much fun clubbing incased in latex in the summer in the desert though heavily chilled porticos help and one absolutely has to keep well hydrated.

The clubs smell of latex, latex polish, leather (ballet and platform boots) and sweat and sometimes pelvic secretions if ones sense of smell is keen enough. There are some things to watch out for if one is encased in latex and an important one is grease of any sort which can harden and destroy even the best chlorinated latex as well as latex cervical barriers if a partner inserts greasy fingers to caress your G-spot and gets chicken fat on your latex diaphragm. To protect customers latex wear from greasy bar foods boxes of Nitrile exam gloves are on every table and the bar in the best clubs so a girl doesn’t have her suit and/or her cervical protection ruined by a groping male with greasy fingers.

Ballet boot insemination: I love testing Marvin’s submissiveness. When we are in our favorite rubber club I will lay my riding crop on our table where other clubbers can see it as a sign that I’m accepting complements from admiring males. Once my crop is on display men come to our table to pay homage to my corseted latex sheathed body. When clubbing Marvin and I work out in advance how much interaction and of what sort I intend to have with other club members and I let him bask in the attention I get from other men, but I never allow penetration when I’m with Marvin. I think he ‘allows’ other men to interact with me as it feeds his ego as much or perhaps more than mine knowing he has taken me clubbing to show me off and he has access to my body which other men covet.

The guys who come to pay their respects usually ask for something basic like to kneel and ejaculate in the laces of my ballet boots - the lightly armored ones with the lace splitter heels and the spider filament laces - from my custom boot maker Gepetto. It’s amazing how men will humble themselves to kneel and ejaculate in the laces of a of a latex-fetish girl’s ballet boots. During that sort of encounter they seem unaware of other club members watching them spew seed into my laces while Marvin looks pleased with himself  knowing he will be deep inside me to splatter his semen against the stretchy translucent latex membrane of my diaphragm in a few hours time.

Latex and hydration: When I go clubbing in latex I always use a good silicone under-lube not only to ease getting in to the catsuit, but to lube the areas that would otherwise get chaffed; neck, breasts, armpits, elbows, wrists, groin, knees and ankles as sweat will wash away water based lubes. And because I sweat so much in latex unless I’m kept cool it drains out of the sleeves at my wrists and legs at the ankles which wet the inside of my ballet boots or pointe shoes. And since I’m lactating as well that adds to my tendency toward rapid dehydration so I am continuously drinking fluids, usually fruit juices or sports drinks to replenish my electrolytes and prevent leg cramps, which can be severe when you dehydrate while wearing ballet boots, especially if I have sex while encased in latex.

Pelvic grooming: Close pelvic grooming is vital for both men and women when wearing or playing with a woman wearing a catsuit with a relief zipper as getting pubic hair caught in the zipper can be painful, which is one reason why my wards and I all have totally waxed pubes and in my opinion men should wax their pubes too as getting beard burn on your mons pubis from a poorly groomed partner’s pubic or facial hair stubble is a huge turn-off. Buying a high quality chlorinated latex suit with a good jam-proof silicone tooth sipper is worth the extra money. If the zipper jams and can’t be closed girls can wrap a pareo around their hips and get away with it, but a guy just looks silly trying to cover his exposed package.

Ladies rooms: Ladies rooms in good rubber cubs will have mild scent-free soaps, tampons and breast and menstrual pads available as well as laces for ballet boots and sewing kits in case a ribbon comes loose from someone’s pointe-shoe.  It should also have an attendant with latex polish to wipe you down just before you go back into the public area to get admirer’s fingerprints off the latex covering your buttocks, breasts and groin.

Latex fetish - swallowing used condoms: Marvin surprised me recently by starting to ask to take me while wearing a micro-sheer latex condom during ballet sex, knowing that I will pull it off him or he would slip out of it - depending on your perspective. [My ability to pull condoms off my partners is a side effect of strength training with Ben Wa balls. For more about that see the section Ben Wa balls and condoms in my post for July 13, 2014.]

I asked why he wanted to stuff a condom up inside me and he said he wanted me to leave it marinating in my acidic vaginal secretions for 24 hours so that it would develop a very strong rubbery/fishy scent. Then he wanted to pull it out and swallow it. I said I could give him head not swallow then spit his load back into his mouth, but he wanted the rubbery taste and scent and said the transparent latex membrane would be quickly dissolved by his stomach acids.  I said he might choke, but he said he and Jenna had done it from time to time when it had come off inside her when he went limp after orgasm and he knew how to swallow the whole thing safely as long as we were using the Japanese super-sheers. Kissing him afterward I can taste the rubbery/fishy taste of my secretions.

Ballet Summer Intensive ending: Another successful BSI at St Lucy’s is over. Everyone wore their diving diaphragms to protect their upper reproductive tracts during dive-sex and none of the students have tested positive for hCG which would indicate any became preggers while here. The students have all made new friends and met a lot of very influential European men.

We did have two 19 y/o Towel Girls from Adolph’s intimate swim club, Splash, conceive, apparently from inattention to detail  – on antibiotics and not using a diaphragm or FemCap as back-up –  ahead of encounters during Adolph’s 4th of July party when they were serving as hostesses.  Vacuum aspirations were quickly performed and they are now back at work serving dive-sex clients at Splash, but wearing FemCaps - with the removal straps trimmed off - while they continue to recover.    

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