Friday, June 26, 2015

Ballet-sex and ballet dancers as Succubi

A Semina diaphragm on its introducer

The photo: This is such a lovely photo showing the beauty of the tools used training a modern enchantress. A silicone Semina (coil spring) diaphragm on its introducer which makes it easier to insert, here displayed on a pair of Gaynor Minden pointe shoes. Semina is available in six diameter sizes, from 60 to 85mm, in 5mm increments and is made in Brazil. I use it as a starter cervical barrier for students needing barrier protection.

Summer ballet intensive: I’m working with a large private London ballet school holding a two week adult Ballet Intensive starting this coming Monday June 29th.  I’ll be teaching pointe and am already working with the female students to minimize the risk of conceiving from encounters with male students during the course. The girl’s ages rang from nineteen to twenty-three so all are over the age of consent for sex with male students. All are on some effective form of contraception if used correctly. However, the swimming pool and hot tub are two favorite locations for sex where a woman can float nearly weightless with her legs around her partner’s waist while letting him take her to orgasm and then fill her with semen. No hormonal method or IUD will protect her from the possibility of reproductive tract infections from water forced into the uterus so some form of cervical protection is needed as ‘flood insurance’. A FemCap can be used if the woman doesn’t have an IUD, isn’t on her period or is being penetrated when deeper than 25 feet underwater. The depth limitation is due to the uncomfortable squeeze of the dome on the wearer’s cervix below that depth. A correctly sized and properly placed diaphragm can be worn effectively at any point in a woman’s cycle, at any depth and with lube in the dome for IUD users to prevent the strings sticking to the dome. So a diaphragm is the barrier of choice.

Students and Semina diaphragms: Vaginal flooding during underwater sex is fairly common. Fortunately having water forced into the uterus is not, but it does occur and a pelvic infection can jeopardize a woman’s fertility. So I am fitting the students with contraceptive diaphragms to be worn to prevent uterine flooding from a partner’s thrusting during underwater sex. I fit the students with transparent silicone Semina coil spring diaphragms. Semina is made in Brazil and as a piece of protective equipment is far more attractive to young women than its Milex Omniflex counterpart making it something of a status symbol and fashion must-have for young sexually experienced students.

For young nulliparous women Semina is as effective as the more common Milex Omniflex (coil spring) and the Milex Arcing spring styles because their vaginas are tight and don’t need the heavier spring strength and wide seal flange of a Milex required for an effective fit for older women and women who have given birth. Semina is not available through NHS clinics and can only be obtained in the UK through a few private Gyn clinics.

Gaynor Minden pointes and ballet-sex: During the ballet intensive I will teach a course in ballet-sex, which as returning readers know is having penetrative intercourse with the woman entered from behind while en pointe with feet a la second bent over holding on to a barre, chair back or other suitable support. The course participants have been selected from women recommended by their local UK ballet teachers as having taken pointe for at least six years, have good technique and stamina and are in good physical health. Additionally they must have a current negative full STI panel and because there is intentional grooming they were also selected for the wealth of their families since these women will be influential as role-models in their circles of friends.

The equipment list for the course strongly recommends Gaynor Minden pointe shoes if the student can be fitted correctly. This is because they need no breaking in and the interiors of GM pointes polymer toe-boxes are heavily padded which makes standing en pointe for extended intervals and perhaps experiencing thrust-drop during ballet-sex much more comfortable than in pointe-shoes made of traditional materials. We also suggest bringing at least four pairs since thee polymer blocks don’t breathe and so are very hot to wear. Two of the sixteen women have arrived with pointes made of traditional materials so we shall see how they hold up in the ballet-sex classes.

The ballet dancer as succubus: A succubus is a female enchantress from Medieval Christian demonology that performs its evil deeds by having sex with male victims. Sucking out their victims vital fluids they hold the chosen male in their thrall. The incubus is the male version of the demon. It’s thought that in religions with sexual taboos like Christianity, the demons offered a convenient way to explain unwanted pregnancies, incest, and nocturnal emissions as being the work of evil spirits.

The present day embodiment of the succubus is a lithe and assertive ballet dancer who can hold men in her thrall by a single glance and who is adept at Pompoir. Having a single act of Pompoir with her seals his fate as her plaything as long as she is interested in him or his health permits. Once enthralled her prey is milked of his vital fluids and energy by repeated acts of intercourse which her charms have made him unable to resist. But then what man can resist having Pompoir practiced on him? Once a woman adept at Pompoir (also known as the Shanghai Grip) has milked him with her powerful rippling muscles she has him on a psychological penis-leash and he will do her bidding.

The wake of a beautiful predatory woman adept at Pompoir and with libertine tendencies is often strewn with the destroyed marriages of men who fall under her spell. Hence, some gorgeous, predatory and pelvically talented ballet dancers could in some sense be considered Succubi. Though I’ve been called a Succubus I don’t think I fall in that category, well not entirely, as I try to stay away from married men. But if they are adamant about their need for me I will sometimes acquiesce.

Pompoir training: I’ve been successful in teaching Pompoir [the milking of the male penis as its owner remains stationary while his partner’s vaginal muscles tighten and relax in sequence squeezing his glans and shaft until he ejaculates] to two of my wards, Bea and Willow. The other two, the Swan Twins Odette and Odile, weren’t willing to put in the time and effort. Perhaps they will change their minds later.

I’m introducing Pompoir as a concept to my ballet intensive students. There is no time to teach the methodology which can take months to successfully master so I will just cover it in a lecture-demonstration where I suck in and expel a glass test tube from my vagina and answer any questions the girls have. I hope to encourage an interest in some of them to pursue Pompoir training further on their own.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Pointe Shoe Quiz June 22, 2015

Who is the maker of these shoes?

All right pointe-shoe fans this should be easy as the sole shape, texture and stitching are distinctive.


Sunday, June 21, 2015

The 2015 Summer Solstice

Ullapool and Loch Broom looking North West.

The photo: A clear Summer day on Loch Broom with the village of Ullapool in the foreground. The mountains in the background to the west face the Minch and the Isle of Lewis, They are first to get a lot of the moisture coming off the water in the form of rain or snow and contain Location Z.

Contraception and performance meds for the Solstice:  All my wards have had frameless copper bead GyneFix IUDs implanted so I’m the only one using a cervical barrier, a transparent silicone Oves cervical cap for other than dive-sex. While my wards are no longer in menstrual synchrony with me all of us are somewhere in our luteal interval so theoretically even with no effective method of birth control we should all be safe from becoming pregnant from our altar inseminations. Even so, it’s not a good idea for a woman to go unprotected during an encounter with a potent and unprotected man, which is why I had an Oves screwed down tight on my cervix. The ‘Altar Boys’ took a performance enhancing medication, Viagra or Cialis, as a precaution since performance anxiety and the cold can occasionally cause even the most amorous man’s penis to wilt. 

The Summer Solstice: We had convoyed up from His Grace’s hunting lodge to the staging area where the mess tent and dressing area are located arriving at midnight. Before dressing my wards and I as priestess of Aphrodite anointed our underarms, the inside of our thighs, behind our ears and the pulse points of our wrists with a spicy unguent the scent from which is designed to dramatically increase a man’s desire. Then we all met in the dining area where along with the men who would be our partners we consumed a full English breakfast during which they could smell the fragrant oil with which we had been anointed. After breakfast the women moved to the robing area to be helped into our full-length hooded shearling robes. I had again obtained a dispensation from the Goddess that permitted our wearing Gaynor pointes during our time on the altars while our partner’s inseminated us.  

As planned Bea, Willow, Odette and Odile took their respective places on the subtending altars at the celestial temple at Location Z along with me and our young male aristocrat partners to welcome the arrival of summer at sunrise a few minutes after 4:00 AM. At sunrise there was only a light breeze from the East and icily fog (the temperature was in the high 30s F) which made the sweet scent of the Gorse covering the area outside the ring of tone stones mixed with the earthy scent of burning peat just seem that much richer.

Returning readers will recall that at Location Z the North altar is close to the cliff edge due to the edge and the vertical tone stones there having long ago fallen into the valley hundreds of feet below, but Jack says the rock the altar and the remaining two fire pits are on is quite solid so while it looks dangerous if the wind isn’t blowing from the South the celebrant and her partner on the North altar should be quite safe. Willow always has first choice for these celebrations since she is the granddaughter of His Grace so has precedence and as usual chose to offer herself on the Eastern altar because it’s closest to the rising sun. The other girls chose to celebrate on the altars they occupied for the Vernal Equinox; Bea on the South, Odette on the Western altar and Odile on the Northern one.

Odile is the risk taker and always wants the scary one because the sheer drop is just a few feet away. The wind had been forecast to be from the west, but was from the East instead. Either way would have been ok (just so it wasn’t from the South) however the wind direction had been changing and I wasn’t going to lose a ward due to inattention to detail. So over her strenuous objections I had Odile and her solstice partner wear safety harnesses which was a first for our celebration at location Z.  Other than that there was no difference since being cold and rained on is what we have come to expect during the ritual planting of potent male seed.

The celebration ended as it always does with His Grace taking me after my younger aristocratic lover had inseminated me. I took him astride where I could give him pompoir w/o either of us working too hard. After I dismounted he helped me off the altar and escorted me back to the women’s dressing room tent where everyone else was waiting for us and I dried off and changed clothes. Then we all boarded the convoy of Land Rovers to return to the hunting lodge for the ceremonial burning of the celebrants fleece robes and the women’s pointe shoes before we all set out on the long drive back to Crag Abbey. We arrived in time for a delicious supper of roast salmon after the girls and I had wonderfully long hot soaks in tubs of scented water.

Marvin, Aphrodite and procreation: In his capacity as my psychoanalyst Marvin is helping me come to terms with the responsibility of being the Goddess Aphrodite’s Priestess charged with encouraging the consummation of physical love between men and women.  At first I felt overwhelmed by the responsibility, but he has been able to get me to relax and accept the role I have been given to train my wards and a few other close and physically gorgeous young women to encourage their friends to participate in sexual relations between consenting adults.  While our objective is primarily heterosexual couples in no way is that intended to slight Gay, Lesbian and Transgender couples who have their own vital and creative parts to play in society.

However, it is heterosexual couples on which the future of the human species depends so I have been tasked by the Goddess to stimulate the libidos of men and women with whom I come in contact with the aim of increasing the birth rate in stable relationships. Nothing in-your-face overt with lectures etc., just presenting young health men and women to each other in the most favorable settings for romance and procreation. Marvin thinks it is ironic that Aphrodite has tasked me with increasing procreation while I’m being so obsessive/compulsive about avoiding pregnancy myself by careful use of my favorite contraception method, which returning readers know is cervical barriers.
I’m often told during pillow talk how much a partner would like to find me pregnant from our encounter, which I think is probably a male potency fantasy as my married partners would almost certainly scramble to pay for the abortion. I see my effort to avoid pregnancy while being sexually active as a challenge to the men I’m intimate with increasing their interest in having unprotected sex with me which should carry over to their other sex partners.    

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Waxed pubes, return to London and Inverness

Mind the gap! A full Brazilian bikini wax

The photo: A young woman who has recently had a full Brazilian bikini waxing with the smooth soft skin of her mons pubis barely covered by her thong.

A full Brazilian: A full Brazilian waxing is the removal of all hair in the pelvic area, front and back. It is a form of bikini waxing, and involves the complete removal of hair from the buttocks and adjacent to the anus, perineum and vulva (labia majora and mons pubis).

The day before we left Virgin Gorda I had my cosmetologist give all my wards and me a full Brazilian bikini waxing. I’ve been getting full Brazilian waxes ever since I begin performing in erotic ballets when I was in my teens so that’s about 25 years. Now very little hair grows back and what does is very fine. Even so I take 800 mg of ibuprofen 30 minutes before I get on the table and it’s over quickly while I catch up with the latest salon gossip from my cosmetologist. Bea, Willow and the Swan Twins have been getting full Brazilians for the past 3 years so they have far less hair as well and our complete recovery interval is about 24 hours, but we do coat our pubes with a soothing aloe vera gel which speeds healing of surface tissues and wear loose clothing for two days. At my age I think a full Brazilian along with the Swiss skin care treatments I’m getting keeps my skin soft, wrinkle free and healthy and me looking like I’m in my late 20s which I think is awesome! I am frequently mistaken for a sister of Willow, Odette and Odile which does wonders for my ego!

How long the results of a Brazilian wax will last depends on a number of things. Hair grows at different rates, depending on the person and sometimes your cultural background and how well the previous waxing was done. The wax my cosmetologist uses is a mixture of natural beeswax and tall oil (also called  pine oil or liquid rosin which is a viscous yellow-black odorous liquid obtained as a by-product of the Kraft process of wood pulp manufacture) rather than the more common synthetic waxes used for regular leg waxing.  I think the blend of beeswax and pine oil gives the dark wax mixture a rather pleasant scent. Beeswax is used because it is felt that it’s stronger, and more effective at removing the thicker, coarser pubic hairs. There are products available to lessen the pain involved, such as topical anesthetics. Sometimes a hair inhibitor is applied, which slows the regrowth of hair and may halt regrowth completely. The results can last up to two months. For my wards a bikini wax will last 4 to six weeks. Because I have been waxing for so long I can go 2 months or a bit longer.

Anya, Paul and the five trainees: Anya and her boyfriend Paul, the Swan Twin’s father, are staying at my place on Virgin Gorda until the weekend to continue to supervise the five girl’s hostess training with their boyfriends in my absence. Then the five couples along with Alice Duchess of M**** will sail aboard the Wanton Lass IV to Charlotte Amalie to board Limnaea II for the flight back to Stansted in the UK. Anya and Paul will remain and be staying at Paul’s place (next to mine) on Lost Cove for a few more weeks.

Alice, the estranged wife of His Grace the Duke of M****, will be staying with me at my place in Eaton Square while she is in town for The Season and shopping for a Fall wardrobe. I’ve come to think of Alice as the mother I never really had and we get along wonderfully well. Her current lover, Brigadier Ellis, will be accompanying her and he and Marvin, my lover and psychiatrist, have become great friends.  

The return to London: The trip back was uneventful. We slept and read most of the way while recovering from our bikini waxings. The maximum distance for Limnaea II (a G650) is a bit more than 8,000 miles at a long-range cruising speed of about 650 mph. The distance from Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas to Stansted Airport, London is 4,172 miles and with the crosswinds it took about 7.5 hours for the flight.  We landed at Stansted at about 5:00 AM British Summer Time a few minutes after sunrise on the 16th.

The Bentley and two Land Rovers were there to meet us and take us to Blackthorn House in Eaton square where the staff was on hand in the foyer to greet us and take our bags to our rooms. We all showered and changed into fresh clothes before sitting down to a full English breakfast.  Then Willow who grew up and worked in London took Bea and the Swan Twins out briefly shopping to see what the must-haves are for Fall before we were due to board the train for Inverness. 

The trip to Inverness: Charles, my Chamberlain of the Household whose staff runs the Barony, had The Dragon - my private rail car - moved from Caersws, the nearest rail head to Blackthorn Castle, to Kings Cross station. It was attached to the back of the regular June 16th 12:00 PM through train from London Kings Cross to Inverness which required no transfers. The schedule was 8 hours and 6 minutes for the 568 mile trip which is about 70 miles per hour. So we made very good time. We convoyed from Eaton square to the station boarded shortly before departure and had lunch and supper aboard and just had a wonderful time relaxing though the change from the 70° evening temperature the Caribbean to 50° mornings and clouds in UK is taking a bit of getting used to though the day on the 16th in London was a pleasant 75°.

We were more or less on time arriving in Inverness at 8:15 PM and the temperature was already in the 50s with brisk wind at the station.  The trip in the land Rovers along the western side of Loch Ness and into the mountains to get to Crag Abbey was uneventful and it was after dark (sunset is now about 10:00 PM) with temperatures in the 40s and a stiff wind at the Abbey by the time we arrived and had gotten settled for the night. 

Pomegranates for Aphrodite: The pomegranate is sacred to Aphrodite who is said to have first planted it on the island of Kypros. The fruit symbolizes female fertility and the marital loss of virginity with the consummation of marriage (from both its red stains and rich seeds). I had brought a basket of pomegranates as an offering to the Goddess in the Roman temple of Venus that surrounds the spring beneath the undercroft of the abbey. Before bed on the 16th Marvin went with me as I placed the fruit on her altar and then we performed penile/vaginal intercourse while I wore the heavy gold collar of office as her earthly Priestess to rededicate myself to the spread of sexual rapture in her name. Rededication ceremonies like that prepare me for my task as primary celebrant at her mountain top temple on meaningful celestial occasions.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Tampons, honeymoon cystitis, Summer Solstice prep

A used Kotex tampon applicator on the beach thrown from a yacht

The Photo: A lot of the vacationers aboard yachts aren’t as considerate as they should be about the items that they throw overboard. Fortunately this sort of trash rarely floats in to Lost Cove.

Tampons and coital discharge: When going commando as my wards and I typically do in latex catsuits and while here on Virgin Gorda to minimize the likelihood of a UTI I urinate and Kegel out as much of a lover’s semen as possible shortly after sex and insert a tampon to absorb the remaining semen that liquefies shortly after an encounter with an unprotected man. Then I let my lover suck the secretions off the empty tampon applicator. They love doing that! With the string tucked up there is no indication of an inserted tampon and no slippery discharge dripping down my thighs.  Too, should there be additional opportunities for encounters with ardent males I can pull out the tampon and put it in his mouth for him to suck on as he has his way with me. It’s amazing how many men let me do that and seem to think it’s erotic to taste my vaginal secretions. Most don’t realize they are primarily tasting another man’s semen.

Hostess training and honeymoon cystitis:  In young sexually active women, sexual activity is the cause of 75–90% of bladder infections, with the risk of infection related to the frequency of sex. The term "honeymoon cystitis" has been applied to this phenomenon of frequent UTIs during early marriage. Chemical spermicide use especially if Nonoxynol-9 is the active ingredient, independent of sexual frequency, increases the risk of UTIs. Diaphragm use - if it is too large so that it presses on the urethra - is also associated with UTIs. Condom use without spermicide or use of birth control pills does not increase the risk of uncomplicated urinary tract infection.

The five trainees have backed off their frequency of intercourse. All have copper IUDs. I had cautioned them about too much too soon and only one paid attention. The other four developed ‘Honeymoon Cystitis’, which while unpleasant is easily treated by a short course of antibiotics. Chris, our male Gyn, gave them the meds and they are feeling much better and are now paying attention to my recommendation that they urinate immediately after sex to flush out bacteria from the urethra and drink cranberry juice to keep their urine acidic. 

Ballet-boots and the female orgasm: I mentioned in an earlier entry that the trainees aren’t expected to work in pointe-shoes, but they will be expected to be able to wear ballet-boots confidently and perform well in them while on Hostess duty at a fetish club. To that end I’ve been having them practice being taken from behind while bent over holding on to the barre or with their hands on their knees while their feet are in second position. If we are too into the moment during orgasm women go rubber-legged and our ankles and knees give way. So I’m trying to teach the trainees to hold back a bit when taken while standing to have some control over their legs to prevent collapsing if their partners don’t support them.

Even with the good ankle support of their boots I don’t think it will be safe for them to be taken to orgasm too frequently from the rear while standing in them, at least at first. That’s because it takes a certain amount of discipline not to totally let go and be consumed by the ecstasy of an orgasm and lose control of your legs. Repeatedly being taken to orgasm while standing in ballet-boots can overwhelm a woman’s discipline (if that’s what an experienced fetishist wants to do) and the trainees won’t have developed enough discipline to safely be given repeated orgasms  while standing in the time they will have been with me. The safest positions for them is on their hands and knees entered doggie style or on their backs with their feet over their heads where a mating partner can hold on to the heels or ankles and smell their leather boots damp with estrogenic sweat while thrusting into them.

The Summer Solstice and my libido: I’m CD17 and ovulated this past  Friday, June 12th , so my libidinal peak is over and I’m safe from pregnancy for the rest of this cycle. My secondary peak, during my period, should begin on June 27th after we celebrate the Summer Solstice at Location Z on the 21st. So I won’t be as driven for penetrative encounters with men as I have been when a celestial celebration at the Goddesses site occurs when I’m fertile or menstrual as several have recently. I’m looking forward to being more relaxed and having my partner do most of the work when I’m taken on the altar.

We will return to London on Monday 15th June to give us a few days to recover from jet lag then travel aboard The Dragon to Inverness to stay at Crag Abbey which returning readers will recall is on a mountain overlooking Loch Ness, before traveling by road to Ullapool and His Graces hunting lodge on the 19th. Then Jack and I will inspect Location Z to make sure all the supplies are positioned and the robing and mess tent are properly equipped before we welcome Summer at sunrise on the 21st.  Sunrise will be at 4:18 British Summer Time (BST) at Ullapool so at the elevation of location Z sunrise should occur about 4:10 AM. Jack says the Gorse is in full bloom and I’m looking forward to enjoying its heady scent. The current forecast for sea level at Ullapool is for scattered showers (why aren’t I surprised? Sigh…) with a low of 9° C which is about 48.2° F. So at the elevation of Loc Z it will probably be in the low 40s or high 30s. Jack assures me we will have plenty of His Grace’s Gorse brandy to fortify us before being exposed to the elements on the altars. Even though the eighteen fire pots filled with burning peat will be heating the area to melt any ice which is frequent at that altitude and wearing full length shearling ceremonial robes it will be very cold. 

Male aristocrats as breeders: As I mentioned in my entry for May 8, 2015 a former lover, Jack, Viscount Sandbach whose father, the Duke of M**** owns the land on which the celestial temple at Location Z is located has already identified five young male aristocrat candidates from his friends families with a view to making the celestial celebrations a bit more up-market with an infusion of wealthy young men into ‘The Old Ways’ to ensure continuation of the ritual sacrifice of nubile young women in celebration of the Goddess Aphrodite during celestial events.

I don’t think Aphrodite in whose temple we will be celebrating, cares as long as they are good breeding males who, having participated in the ancient ritual of the planting of seed, will forever be influenced by their sexual bonding to her at Location Z as their Goddess. Their screening for suitability; clean full STIs panels and sperm counts showing high quality and quantity sperm have already been completed by our London clinic. In preparation there is transportation and hospitality to be arranged in getting them staged at his Grace’s hunting lodge in the hills to the east of Ullapool, a matter to which Jack is attending.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Turtles in the BVI, female Viagra and new partners

A Hawksbill sea turtle in the BVI

The Photo: A Hawksbill sea turtle on the bottom of a bay in the BVIs. See how well its coloration blends with the bottom flora and fauna. 

Sea turtles in the BVIs: The British Virgin Islands has a Sea Turtle Hunting season December 1st through March 31st. Hunters are legally allowed to harvest Hawksbill and Green Sea Turtles, both endangered animals. Hawksbill turtles (must be 15+inches carapace length) and Green turtles (24 +inches carapace length) but these sizes still put them in the late juvenile / sub-adult age. There is a moratorium on loggerhead turtles, leatherback turtles, & all sea turtle eggs.

Sea turtles are breeding now and interfering with their egg laying is prohibited. Fortunately for us most of their breeding grounds and egg laying beaches are on the northern side of Tortola. So far we have only had only one female, a huge leatherback, come ashore to nest and she is on one end of the beach up against the cliff out of the way where it is sunny during the day. Marvin and I were on the beach after midnight where he was doing his biologic best to breed me when we heard her digging her nest.  We were almost finished so he came (he had already given me my pleasure) and we went to watch her finish digging, lay her eggs and cover them with several feet of sand then reenter the water. She will probably be back with another batch in a few weeks.

There is an active movement to ban the hunting of all varieties and sizes of sea turtles in the BVIs, but they constitute an important boost to the economy during hunting season and they are delicious to eat.     

Flibanserin a female Viagra?: In early June an advisory panel to the USFDA recommended approval of Flibanserin, a drug touted by Sprout Pharmaceuticals to treat Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD) in women--a persistent lack of desire for sex. The advisory panel’s 18-6 vote came with stipulations from those in favor that measures be taken to reduce the drug's side effects that can include low blood pressure, fainting, sleepiness and nausea.

HSDD was recognized as a distinct sexual function disorder for more than 30 years, but was removed from the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders in 2013, and replaced with a new diagnosis called female sexual interest/arousal disorder (FSIAD).

In trials for women taking Flibanserin the average number of times they had “satisfying sexual events” rose from 2.8 to 4.5 times a month. The majority of adverse events being mild to moderate and were resolved during the treatment. The most commonly reported adverse events included dizziness, nausea, fatigue, somnolence and insomnia. That’s almost a doubling of satisfying events so for women suffering from FSIAD the side effects may be worth putting up with them. Thank God I’m not one of them!

How Flibanserin works: [from:] “The proposed mechanism of action refers to the Kinsey dual control model. Several sex steroids, neurotransmitters, and hormones have important excitatory or inhibitory effects on the sexual response. Among the neurotransmitters, the excitatory activity is driven by dopamine and norepinephrine, while the inhibitory activity is driven by serotonin. The balance between these systems is relevant for a healthy sexual response. By modulating these neurotransmitters in selective brain areas, Flibanserin, a 5-HT1A receptor agonist and 5-HT2A receptor antagonist, is likely to restore the balance between these neurotransmitter systems. 5-HT1A receptor activation likely plays a significant role in the empathogenic effects of serotonin releasing agents (SRAs) like MDMA ("Ecstasy") as well.”

“Flibanserin is a 5-HT1A receptor agonist and 5-HT2A receptor antagonist that had initially been investigated as an antidepressant. Preclinical evidence suggested that Flibanserin targets these receptors preferentially in selective brain areas and helps to restore a balance between these inhibitory and excitatory effects.”

HPV inoculations and biocides: Fortunately all the new girls have had their Gardasil shots and because of the high number of male partners we are all sharing we are using a new biocide from Labia Labs, a major improvement to DiveGel+ called DiveGel++. The new formulation of silicone lube can be safely used with silicone cervical barriers for dive-sex and is easier to remove from lingerie and swimsuits, but of course a silicone lube isn’t conducive to cunilingus unless the lube is applied afterward. The lube also has an improved vaginal pH balance and the biocide is more effective with no side effects.  

The new men’s sexual education continues: In my post for May 31, 2015 I mentioned five couples who had come down for the women (who are friends or Taryn’s at Cambridge) to get a bit of sun and a few hours of familiarization training as ‘Hostesses’ at a fetish club this summer since they want to experience the fetish community first hand as background for their study of medicine and eventually psychiatry. The men in my circle as well as the boyfriends they brought with them are keeping the new girls filled with fresh semen. But it is the five new STI screened men that my circle and I were particularly pleased to have joined us. While they have great sexual stamina they aren’t all that worldly though several of them think they are the world’s gift to women.

For me there is nothing more erotic that taking a new unprotected man inside me for the first time and the few after that are marvelous as well as I learn his lovemaking technique, especially if he is well endowed. As this is written I’m CD10 and fertile and should ovulate on Friday the 12th so I need to be sure I’m protected with a cervical barrier of some sort as I enjoy the new scent, the color of their eyes and hair, the feel of them grasping my hips or shoulders to hold me in position while they work on my G-spot or thrust into my anterior fornix squeezing his glans when I have a Reflexions flat spring diaphragm inserted and his thrusting rubs the anterior rim against my G-spot. For most encounters I can delay my most intense orgasms to have the contractions occur when he is ready and we tip over the edge into toe curling, gasping, screaming ecstasy together.

Bea has set all the new men back on their heels. When an 18 y/o who appears to be an ingénue milks a man’s penis when he takes her to bed for the first time thinking he is going to show her what sex with a man is all about it can be a shock to his masculinity.  On their first encounter she always mind-fucks him, giving him pompoir and it’s usually the first time for him! She can quickly have a man on a psychological penis leash if he isn’t careful as they can easily become addicted to her amazing muscular encounters and become in thrall to her grip. Fortunately she hasn’t had her head turned by the effect she has on men, at least not yet.

Service school: The five Cambridge grad students who have come to me for ‘hostess familiarization training’ as Taryn called it are all popping 500mg fast acting capsules of acetaminophen because of what one called pelvic trauma. I had cautioned them to try to avoid bruising of the mons pubis from a partner’s too forceful thrusting when his pelvis slams into hers, but for some it takes personal experience to drive the lesson home, in a manner of speaking.

The trainees were told to bring three pairs of 5” pumps (stripper heels) as well as at least one pair of good quality leather ballet-boots which they were fitted for at the Blackthorn fetishwear shop. The boots are custom made by a cobbler in London. They are well made of good leather, provide plenty of ankle support and the heels won’t break or come off easily nor will the reinforced toe-boxes collapse. The boots aren’t up to Gepetto’s standards, but they only cost £350 rather than the £2,000 that his would cost. I am very pleased how well their ballet-boots fit and they come with a quarter of a stress ball in the toe-boxes. It only took two sessions to teach them that the boots have to be laced extremely tight to grip the instep. Correctly laced 90% of the wearer’s weight is supported by the instep being wedged between the tongue and laces and the shank of the boot while the remaining 10% is on her toes pressed into the stress ball. They are actually doing very well wearing them, becoming accustomed to walking confidently in them and the thick leather of the shafts provide good ankle support. They can keep up during our regular 30 minute ballet-boot exercise session where my wards and I walk around the house wearing heel guards to protect the floors and carpets and up and down stairs to keep our feet and legs used to the needs of ballet-boot wearing.

I would have liked the girls to also train in pointe-shoes as that is a skill that few hostesses have and would increase their desirability, but while they had all taken ballet and a year or two of pointe they do not have the muscles nor stamina for hostessing en pointe and there is no time to build up the needed strength and flexibility in their legs, feet and ankles. We started with the easiest shoes first being penetrated from behind while in stripper heels while bent over with the hands griping the knees. This also gave the students some relief from being penetrated from the front where their bruised pubic bones would almost certainly be hit. And now we have progressed to being entered from the rear while standing in ballet-boots either bent over holding on to a barre, chair back or counter top, or just bent over holding on to her knees, but that takes much better balance than when entered that way in stripper heels. 

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Pointe-shoe quiz June 5, 2015

What is the style name of this pointe-shoe?

The maker’s name is obvious, but what is the style name; like the Freed Classic or the Bloch Alpha?

This may be a good shoe for some, but not for me. I tried a pair and they don’t fit me well. The blocks are far too wide for me and I don’t like the fabric insole rather than a sueded one that is in the Alpha S0104 style that I wear for Morning Wood.  A nice feature is the sueded heel grip sewn into the inside of the backs to help grip the heel especially when wearing nylon tights.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner
Photo by Annie Leibovitz

The Photo: Caitlyn Jenner on the cover of the July 2015 edition of Vanity Fair. Photo by Annie Leibovitz. Isn’t Caitlyn striking! I’m so pleased she’s finally come out! She has wanted to be a woman for so long! Don’t you love her cheekbones! 

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