Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Vernal Equinox and ballet sex

A Reflexions diaphragm its introducer and red Gaynor Minden pointes

The photo: A Reflexions latex flat spring diaphragm, its introducer and red Gaynor Minden pointes. A flat spring rim is the most effective diaphragm to use during ballet-sex because it is almost impossible to under-thrust and under-thrusting is a common problem when using a diaphragm when penetrated from behind. In this photo the triangular shape of the “stimulator” (containing the rim diameter in mm) in the center of the convex side of the dome can be clearly seen.

The 2015 Vernal Equinox: In the Northern Hemisphere the 2015 Vernal equinox will occur on Friday March 20, at 22:45 UTC. I will be CD13 then and fertile so I should ovulate the next day. Given that my wards will have been away from me for two months they may not have stayed in menstrual synchrony with me, but if so it can’t be helped. This will be their last semester at UNLV and the academic schedule: “March 14, Saturday Mid-Semester (end of 8th week) March 30-April 4, Monday-Saturday* Spring Break” doesn’t fit the Goddesses need for them at Location Z to celebrate the arrival of spring on March 20th.

So they will leave UNLV on the 14th and perform their duty as Demi-Priestesses of Aphrodite on the altars of the Goddess in the highlands of Scotland and return to classes on April 4th. Missing some classes shouldn’t be a problem as their grades are quite good and they can get the lectures on the Internet.

Ballet-sex, under-thrusting and flat spring diaphragms: I had women guests for the weekend who are having trouble with their hormonal birth control and need barrier back-up so I fitted them with latex Reflexions diaphragms. Some diaphragm users are allergic to latex which is a unfortunate because a latex flat spring has superior heat transfer properties compared to silicone, the dome is stretchier and it is almost impossible to under-thrust the rim which – as I mentioned earlier - is more likely with other rim styles when being penetrated from the rear while we are en pointe as we are during ballet-sex and silicone lubricants are safe to use with latex, but not with silicone cervical barriers.

Drawbacks of latex diaphragms: As I mentioned some users or their partners are allergic to latex and a latex device can be quickly destroyed by using oily lubes and meds with it. Too, latex even when well cared for will last only a year or so if heavily used rather than the 2 or 3 year life of a silicone Milex. Latex also develops an odor quicker than a silicone device, which for a rubbrist could be a plus. Even so, because it is difficult to under-thrust, has wonderful heat transfer properties and silicone lubes can be used with it Reflexions diaphragms are very popular with many escorts and ballet, rubber and dive fetishists.

My guests: Roger and Maya are becoming good friends and he has been giving her clitoral orgasms and she has been sucking him off and swallowing, which he appreciates! So he is becoming much more relaxed in her care than with me as he fears me because sees me as his dominatrix who he does not want to disappoint. Maya should be well enough to take him vaginally today, Tuesday 1/27, so now we expect he will respond extremely well to her attention. Our forecast is for sleet or snow mid week so that will be an adventure. We have a plow if needed and can spread sand on the road. The servants say it’s unlikely that we will be snowed in.

Bracket burn: Maya has need of more attention than Roger has been able to give her so she been taking care of her additional sexual needs solo in the old ballet studio last refurbished in the 60s but still quite serviceable. It is fitted with very rare French 19th century barre brackets which have rounded protrusions so that women can rub our pelvises against them while en pointe to stimulate the clitoris. Of course that shows up as ‘bracket burn’ on the crotches of tights or leos, but that is to be expected when few men are available as is the case in ballet companies.

Morning Wood as a ballet sub: I think I’ve convinced Marvin that our relationship is so amazing that there shouldn’t be anything wrong with us acting out his fetishes. As Jenna II I’m having him begin to explore things that Jenna I, his wife who died several years ago, wouldn’t do to or for him.  He adores me using my riding crop on him while I’m dressed as a ballet Mistress and he takes the role of a disobedient student. I dress him in a tight white tee, a thong-back dance belt, 90 denier cotton/Elastane leggings (worn as footless tights) rolled down over a belt to pull the leggings up between his lovely cheeks until they collide with the thong of his cup while in the front it is stretched tight over his dance belt presenting his package in a lovely high firm Elastane sheathed bulge. Then white ankle socks and white leather ballet slippers complete his costume. For his ‘training’ I fondle his bulging package and whip his calves and buttocks with my riding crop while I have him holding on to the barre standing on ¾ pointe. He loves that sort of discipline from me! It makes him so ardent to impale me on his wonderfully rigid shaft after I finish spanking him with my crop.

After his spanking there is a flurry of activity to partially disrobe. I’m wearing tights over a thong-back leotard so for him it’s just a matter of pulling down my tights and moving the thong to one side exposing my vulva.  For me it’s getting his belt off, his tights down and his cup pulled to one side to release his manhood. Then I face away from him, bend over and grasp the barre with one hand, rise en pointe a la seconde and reaching between m legs with the other hand and guide him between my engorged labia as he enters me from behind.

The great north east U.S. blizzard of Jan 26-27, 2015: Readers may ask why I’m writing about a storm in the U.S. or as Sarah Palin would say, “WTF?” There are two reasons. First I have a BFF living on Long Island who I hope will be safe if the storm is as bad as the forecasters and regional governments say it will be.  Second, Limnaea II had to be rerouted through Atlanta to London, Gatwick a bit more than 4220 miles rather than the 3700 miles from Manassas or Dulles to make sure the massive North Easter which is moving north along the coast very slowly was avoided.  Breaking News: The storm wasn’t as severe as some forecasts indicated and some people are upset. Upset about not getting 2+ feet of snow in NYC? Who woulda thunk it? Go figure!  



Friday, January 23, 2015

Construction plans and Ballet as therapy

The Cambrian Mountains Powys on a clear day

The Photo: On a clear day it’s said that looking west from the highest rooms in the castle the Irish Sea can be seen. We must be at least 50 miles due east of the coast so that seems a bit much, perhaps an apocryphal tale. I don’t think we have had what I would call a clear day in the three weeks I’ve been here and its rained at least half that time. The moisture coming off the Irish Sea is released over these mountains and they are wonderfully green. The weather here so far reminds me a lot of when I was in San Francisco (Oakland) where the weather was cool and wet even in the summer.  At least we shouldn’t have any dust storms as we did in Vegas when the winds were up.

My wards depart: On Saturday the 17th Bea, Willow, Odette and Odile in the care of my BFF Anya left from Gatwick Airport 30 miles south of London aboard Limnaea II, my G650, for Las Vegas and returned to school on the 20th.  Since Anya is a Dominatrix and is in a relationship with the Swan Twins father she will keep them all safe until they can return for spring break (March 30-April 4, Monday-Saturday) and then at the end of the semester they will move permanently here for school in the UK for the Fall semester.  

Limnaea II in the UK: I think I will reposition Limnaea II with Gatwick as home base since it is close to London, and has rail access so I can take The Dragon to within five minutes of the terminal. I looked at the airport at Liverpool, but while closer to the castle it isn’t centrally located and we will be coming in to London frequently.  With Limnaea II at Gatwick Fiona, Jack’s sister who works for HM Government can travel back and forth to the U.S. when on embassy business and the courier service is going that way.

A new ballet studio: I’m converting the largest drawing room at the castle to a modern ballet studio. It is in the new part of the building with wonderfully large windows looking out over the mountains. I’m not going to destroy any of the marvelous 16th C paneling. I’m having a fully sprung floor with a Marley surface laid over the present one and new walls to hang the mirrors on built four feet off the existing interior walls – which is why I chose the largest of the drawing rooms -  and it will still be a wonderfully large studio. The room behind the mirrors will give me room to watch the classes w/o being observed and a place to position HD cams at waist level.  The work is being done by the same company that upgraded the studios at White Lodge. I hope to have the new studio ready by May or before in time for a highly selective ballet summer intensive.

A new dive facility: I’m having a dive facility built that will be better than my 64 ft deep one at my former home in Nevada. This one will have two depths; one 64 ft. and the other 136 ft both 25 feet in diameter and within the same concrete silo.

At a depth of 34 ft. (10.4 m) of freshwater, the sum of atmospheric (14.7 psi) at sea level and hydrostatic pressures equal 29.4 lbs. at 68 feet the pressure will be 44.1 psi, at 102 feet the pressure will be 58.8 psi and at 136 ft. the pressure will be 73.5 psi or a hydrostatic pressure of five atmospheres. It will have the capability of surface supplying four divers simultaneously at the bottom of the 136 ft portion and have Nitrox and Trimix capability as well as refilling standard gas cylinders.

The dive facility will be buried beneath the ground on the opposite side of the castle from the stream, a tributary of the Severn, and will be reached by a passageway and dressing rooms off the castle cellars. Water for it will come from the stream and be heated by an extension off the hot water radiator system - on a different heating zone - from the biomass boiler. I’m hoping to have it also completed by summer. The surveyors arrived this past Wednesday and are drilling to test the underlying rock.. A plan I had for a similar facility in Nevada is to be used and modified as needed depending on the foundation required. Fortunately for me construction jobs are needed in this area so work can begin as soon as the plans are approved.

Ballet as therapy: Rodger, Marvin’s patient coming for a week of therapy arrived this past Monday so there are three of us with Maya the Mariinsky dancer who is recovering from a termination. Roger is being worked intensively with Maya and me taking turns drilling him and partnering him for class and I’m having sex with him a time or two during the day and sleeping with him. He is suffering from depression and ED so is on Viagra and still has difficulty ejaculating which Marvin says is psychological. He is long enough to thrust into my anterior fornix and with me wearing a latex flat spring diaphragm he gets the benefit of the dome logo stimulator caressing his glans to get him to shoot his load.

I’m CD 14 and fertile and ovulated today which is why I’m wearing one of my latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragms. It’s a ‘death rubber’ which I harvested from an Escort in Vegas who died during a dive-sex encounter. Wearing it I have the benefit of the previous owner’s Chi as well as the security of the flat spring rim which is nearly impossible to under-thrust so I should be well protected from pregnancy with acidic DiveGel+ in the dome.

Maya is anxious to participate in Roger’s sexual rehabilitation encounter therapy as well as helping him with his technique in the studio, but she has been told to avoid penile-vaginal intercourse for another four days while her uterus continues to recover from the vacuum aspiration. Given the gradual progress Rodger is making he will almost certainly be here another week so Maya will probably get a chance for ballet-sex with him.

Having told her that she has switched to Gaynor Minden pointes and is  working to increase the interval that she can stand continuously en pointe since she will need to be on her toes for perhaps 20 minutes or more. She bought her GM pointes from a Dancia International shop in London, the one at 168 Drury Lane. They sent out a fitter in a van and she bought three pairs of hard shanked shoes in her size to play in.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Dildos and diaphragms at the Priory

A silicone Semina diaphragm mounted on its introducer

The photo: A silicone Semina (coil spring) diaphragm on its introducer which makes it easier to insert displayed on a pair of Gaynor Minden pointe shoes. Semina is available in six diameter sizes, from 60 to 85mm, in 5mm increments and is made in Brazil.

The weather: It’s been raining and cold, around freezing, for the last few days with occasional snow flurries so the Barony’s Land Rovers with their all terrain tires and large heaters are a very comfortable and safe ride for Charles, my Chamberlain of the Household, and me to travel in to the Priory and while making the rounds of shops in the nearby villages to introduce myself. 

Priory girls training: Returning readers may recall what I wrote about Blackthorn Priory in my December-31, 2014 post entitled ‘My Welsh Roots’: “There is nothing to suggest St. Candice (as I tend to think of her) was in any way a disciplinarian. However, she is patron saint of a religious community of women living in a surprisingly large medieval Priory the early parts of which date from the 11th centaury.  The Priory is on Blackthorn Barony land within a few miles of the Baroness’s relatively small but superbly constructed 13th C. castle…”

“The Priory is part of the Barony of Blackthorn and the office of Prioress of the Order is in the gift of the Baroness Blackthorn. Maintenance of the priory and the Order are paid for from a small percentage of the profit from the minerals mined on the Baronial estates. The Order of St Canna stresses discipline, obedience and service.  Blackthorn priory’s primary function seems to be to raise female foundlings selectively chosen from the slums of major cities in the UK.  Their schools taught by Sisters who have attended the best universities, prepare the girls for university educations and socialize the young girls through exchange programs with other elite public (read private) schools in the UK.”

Pelvic exams, diaphragms and dildos: It is the custom at Blackthorn as with many girls’ schools to give Priory girls reaching menarche their first gynecological exam and fit them with an effective barrier contraceptive so they can become accustomed to wearing it before they move to fifth and sixth forms at Barrow Priory in Middlesex where they will need it during social encounters as guests at dances at a neighboring boys school.

The primary barrier currently in use by Priory girls is the silicone Semina diaphragm (pictured at the top of this post)  which the girls think looks like a pink soap bubble a fact that helps the girls remember to insert their diaphragms for flow control on light days during menses. The smallest Semina is 60mm so any student requiring a smaller device is fitted with a 22mm FemCap and a menstrual cup for flow control. There were four girls who had reached menarche in the last several months and Chris, my Male Gyn and new member of the Blackthorn Clinic, gave them their pelvic exams. All had deep post-pubic vaults, took 60mm Seminas and none needed a hymenectomy.

Some readers may wonder why students reaching menarche are not immediately placed on hormonal contraceptives since these days so many girls routinely go on contraceptive hormones with all the negative side effects accompanying them. Some few Blackthorn girls are put on hormones if they have very painful periods or their cycles won’t stabilize. However, the Order feels that it is important for young women to experience the ebb and flow of their hormones while cycling naturally. Diaphragms let them become accustomed to handling their genitals w/o fear or shame as so many young women are taught and can experience the marvelous surge in creativity when fertile. Additionally, the discipline of inserting the diaphragm every evening before bed and removing and cleaning it each morning gets them into a routine that will be beneficial when they become sexually active.

I fitted them with their Seminas and Diva menstrual cups and discussed the insertion and removal procedure for their barriers and Diva cups then let them practice insertion and removal of both devices. Fortunately, in my opinion, none required a FemCap since a cap shouldn’t be used during menses and it has depth limitations during dive-sex.

Then in my first presentations as Baroness I presented each newly blossomed young woman with two dildos: her first borosilicate (Pyrex) glass dildo, a 1 ¾ inches in diameter and 8.0 inches long glass shaft in the shape of a phallus with a handle to use while on her back – a nice feature about Pyrex is that it can be warmed or cooled for use in hot or chilly weather. And a high quality silicone one of the same size with a suction cup base with which to solo train for male penetration in the ballet studio. This second item is especially useful in training for deep penetration of the anterior and posterior fornices while en pointe during ballet-sex – suctioned on to the mirrored wall in a studio where the user can hold on to the barre rise en pointe and back on to the dildo. All the girls were eagerly anticipating trying them out.

P.T. with the first of Marvin’s patients: I’m looking forward to the phys. therapy sessions with my first of Marvin’s patients who will be here this coming Monday. That will give the security group time to finish installing six HD cams in the castle ballet studio where the video will be stored on disks and satellite linked to Marvin’s office in London. If the videos are any good we may pixelize the faces and sell them on the porn market through Taryn’s org.

Maya arrives: His Grace accompanied Maya, his recent Russian ballerina bedmate, when she arrived this morning in his helicopter. He stayed for lunch and a brief tour of the castle before leaving to get ahead of the rain which appeared later this afternoon.  Chris has already set up a Gyn exam and procedure room in one of the unused interior rooms and fully stocked it with supplies from the Blackthorn Clinic in London.  He removed Maya’s Medusa silver and gold IUD, performed a vacuum aspiration to remove the reproducing tissue and inserted a frameless six bead copper GyneFix IUD this afternoon. Everything went well and she is on a ten day course of an antibiotic and was told no vaginal sex or heavy lifting for a week so she is looking forward to a restful few days of barre, reading and catching up on her sleep.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Lovers and voyeurism as therapy

Red leather Capezio Aerials, Milex & 1 inch diam. Pyrex Ben Wa balls

The Photo: Three of my fetishes, pointe-shoes, contraceptive cervical barriers and Ben Wa balls. Special order red leather Capezio Aerial pointes, a silicone Milex Omniflex (coil spring) diaphragm and a pair of 1.0 inch Pyrex Ben Wa balls.

Breakthrough therapy with Marvin: In my last post I mentioned Marvin and my discussions about my feelings of lack purpose without a male ballet partner at the castle for training and sex.  As a therapist he understood completely. He told me that as much as he loved his ballerina wife he too had felt incomplete sexually while married to her. He had tried to get Jenna, his dead wife whose place I have taken in his imagination, to have sex with her lovers (who he knew existed) where he could watch to fulfill his voyeuristic desires and stoke his ardor for sex with her later, but she refused.

As far as Marvin’s current patients are concerned he will be assuming the patient load of a psychiatrist who specialized in psycho-sexual disorders in both male and female ballet dancers and who had retired suddenly when his health failed.    So when I brought up the fact that I wasn’t getting enough penile-vaginal intercourse he said that my having lovers was fine as long as I used protection and he could clandestinely watch. Then he went on to suggest I could help him with any of his patients who might have performance anxiety problems where the sex in that instance would be therapeutic for both the patient and me.

I let him carry the conversation since it was going far better than I had any right to expect. He suggested I could hold ninety minute sexual encounter sessions - with me wearing traditional ballet practice clothes or costumes or perhaps fetishwear in leather or latex - which we would call ‘physical therapy’ in the small ballet studio on the second floor of Blackthorn House in Belgravia. Or, if the patient required longer more intense therapy I could have him, or her (but primarily the problem seems to be with men) to the castle for a week so where we could have four encounters a day for five or six days if I felt the patient needed it.  I can’t imagine a patient needing less than a week of intense therapy of that sort and the isolated location of the castle is ideal to get away from the distractions of the city. I was delighted to see that Marvin is beginning to widen the types of clothing he finds alluring on Jenna since he specifically mentioned latex and leather which I have been slowly guiding him toward.

A win-win: I thought our agreement on my lovers and his voyeurism issue was a win-win as we definitely want to marry and have a child (to be carried by a surrogate) to assure the line of succession for the Barony. But we both need to satisfy our personal sexual needs as well. The amazing thing is that we agree on a way to do that that is acceptable to us both! I was so pleased that we could satisfy his voyeurism compulsion and stoke his ardor for me with my need for intense sex with multiple men. Readers who have been with me for years, when my blog was on Yahoo, may recall that I helped my psychiatrist back then treat sexual predators when I lived on the East Coast. So these patients with whom I will have the athleticism and art of ballet in common should be far easier to deal with.

Since his patients are seen through the clinic they will be automatically given full panel STI tests to ensure my safety. Of course I’m tasted monthly as well so the patient and I will share the results of our STI tests (if they ask) before any fluids are exchanged. As far as contraception is concerned I intend to take a virile disease free patient with him unprotected unless he prefers that we use condoms. I will wear a diaphragm or cervical cap depending on where I am in my cycle (I’m CD5 and bleeding freely as this is written) and whether we are having ballet or dive-sex.

His Grace called: Maya, the Russian Mariinsky ballerina Escort he has been fucking since well before Christmas is pregnant. He is sending her to me for a termination which she has agreed to, but she is feeling very vulnerable at the moment and since Maya and I got along well she wanted to come to me.  So much for the effectiveness of the IUD she has inserted.

In my December 28th post entitled ‘Yule at Crag Abbey’ I wrote about Maya’s IUD: “Maya has a ‘normal’ – 31mm x 24mm - German Medusa Goldring Ag+Au (silver+gold) IUD inserted from which the strings have been removed. She has been wearing it for a year w/o problems even when being thrown and landing jumps so she should be safe from pregnancy.” Well, she should have been, but there is no 100% effective method of contraception and this sort of an event keeps driving that point home. Chris, my male Gyn, will remove the Medusa as he rotated through a three week course on the Medusa IUD in Munich this past summer and he will also do the extraction of the reproductive tissue and then implant a 6 bead GyneFix copper IUD during the procedure.


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The accident, New product lines for Blackthorn

Joy riding – penetrated by a Sybian machine

The Photo: A Sybian machine plug, shown penetrating the rider’s vagina.

Edith’s accident: I hadn’t asked exactly how my great, great, great grandmother died. At 103 I thought ‘natural causes’ which for someone that age could have been a variety of ailments. However, when Emily, my Lady’s Maid, mentioned her mistress’s accident I asked what sort thinking it was a fall from tripping on a rug and hitting her head or some such thing. That wasn’t it at all. Emily found her previous mistress after she heard the Baroness moans and screams during orgasm suddenly stop while on a routine morning ride of her Sybian machine. She was found slumped forward with the top of her head on the floor while still pinned to the machine. Her doctor, from the local NHS practice, said it was a heart attack from the exertion and she died almost instantly. I should be so lucky being fucked to death when my time comes.

I wondered how she had managed her vaginal preparation for a machine fucking, but then remembered the hormone replacement therapy med pills and estrogen creams I saw when we went through her meds. Emily said she had no problems with dryness and was comfortable, relaxed and seemed rejuvenated by her daily ride.

New product lines: I’ve been working with my contacts in Vegas to establish commercial ties here with some of the Barony’s commercial ventures. Having a presence for Gepettos, ballet-boots and Labia Labs vaginal and fetishwear products is a must if we are to appeal to the up-market sexually liberated woman and ballet and rubber fetishists. So far I’ve been able to get the following companies to sell their products exclusively in my shops.

Labia Labs in the UK: I’ve gotten Jeff to agree that Labia Labs fitted devices such as sports plugs and Fet-tex rubber fetishwear will be licensed to Blackthorn Holdings Ltd as sole distributor for its vaginal and fetishwear products in the UK. Chris, my male Gyn, can fit vaginal devices and the shop assistants will be fitting Fet-tex catsuits at Blackthorn Ballet and Fetishwear.

Gepetto’s Ballet Boots in the UK: Gepetto will be sending his 26 y/o daughter Cleo to work at Blackthorn Ballet shoes and Fetishwear to fit his custom titanium unitized toe-box and shank leather ballet-boots. Cleo has been working in Gepetto’s Vegas shop for five years and is an expert fitter. The cost $2500 USD (about 1655 GBP) for a basic pair will eliminate wannabe clients and limit customers to dedicated fetishists and fashionistas.

Cervical barriers and menstrual cups: Wide seal silicone Milex Arcing spring and Omniflex (coil spring) rim diaphragms and Lamberts latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragms as well as FemCaps and several styles of menstrual cups are readily available in the UK and can already be fitted and purchased through the Blackstone Clinic.

It’s complicated: Marvin and I have been discussing my feeling of isolation from where the action is as I’m finding having nothing meaningful to do other than my ballet technique and pointe classes makes time seem to drag. Honestly, I need sexual stimulation and being in a castle, as lovely as it is – and I intend to make it even better - several hours by train from London is already getting on my nerves and I’ve been here less than a week!   I can become involved with the local woman’s clinic and will help the gardeners and cook revive the kitchen garden in the spring, but what I really need is male ballet partners to maintain my level of training and, quite frankly my need for sex.



Edith’s things, summer ballet intensive

Gaynor Minden pointes showing the internal platform pads

The Photo: GM Luxe satin pointes showing toe-box internal platform pads so important to protect against thrust-drop during ballet-sex

Summer ballet intensive: In talking about ballet-sex training Willow, Jack’s natural daughter and a former dancer with the Royal Ballet, said that her contemporaries in the professional dance world, outside of Vegas, know almost nothing about ballet-sex and how difficult it is for the woman to perform it properly without injuring herself.

This got me to thinking. I could offer a 2015 summer intensive for carefully screened ballet dancer Escorts (there are a few) and their PDD partners at the professional level that would specialize in preparing the women for ballet-sex. A class of six couples should be about the right size and provide enough variety between partners to make the class interesting when partners are exchanged.

As returning readers will recall ballet-sex is defined for purposes of this blog as penile-vaginal intercourse to reach orgasm preferably by both partners while the woman is en pointe a la seconde bending over holding on to a barre, bent over a table, chair back, desk, kitchen island or other suitable item.

There are so few ballet dancers who are into sex en pointe or Escorts who service ballet fetishists who want to take a woman while she is en pointe that there is a real lack of knowledge about how to do it safely w/o ruining your toes from thrust-drop. And for the man – though I suppose they have all heard stories of ‘snapping pussies’ – men say the sex is at a far more intense level as they experience how much tighter a woman‘s vagina is when she is balanced en pointe because all her muscles from her toes, ankles, calves, glutes and pelvic muscles are clenched and then when she orgasms her vaginal contractions tighten her grip even further. So the man who is penetrating her can sometimes be pushed out while his glans is being very quickly milked of his semen regardless of how well in control he thinks he is.

Ballet sex preparation: Toe protection is very important for women intending to participate in ballet-sex. That’s because the blocks of toe-shoes made of traditional materials; hessian, fabric, paste and leather will soften from the heat and perspiration of the woman’s feet in the time and from the effort of having ballet-sex. The toe-boxes will melt and deform leaving the toes w/o proper support. Additionally lambs wool and gel toe pads are by themselves insufficient to protect the toes against thrust-drop which almost always occurs during ballet-sex and can badly bruise toes.

Thrust-drop: Thrust-drop is what occurs when a large man penetrates a smaller woman from behind while she is standing on her toes in pointe-shoes and at the top of his thrust lifts her off the floor. The height she is lifted depends on the couple involved, but it can be from a fraction of an inch to three inches or more and when he quickly withdraws to thrust again she is dropped on the platforms of her pointes usually with her knees locked so the entire shock of the drop is absorbed by her toes resulting in painfully bruised and terrible looking nails.  Gaynor Minden pointes with polymer blocks and thick soft internal platform pads prevent the toe-boxes from melting and provide superior padding to minimize discomfort from thrust-drop so are the shoes that should be worn for stability and toe protection during ballet-sex along with regular toe taping and the use of toe pads of course.

Other aspects of ballet-sex that cry out for attention are:

  • Thrust angle adjustment to maximize thrusting of well endowed men into the anterior and posterior fornices.
  • Use of the Reflexions latex flat spring diaphragm as a glans stimulator during anterior fornix thrusting.
  • Use of performance enhancing meds for the boys to increase their stamina.
  • Use of enemas in prepping for ballet-sex with well endowed partners.
  • Ankle strengthening exercises to increase stability en pointe during the 20-30 minutes of an encounter.
Edith’s things: Emily, my Lady’s Maid, and I began going through my predecessor’s closets, dressers and trunks. Edith Sophia Sykes 22nd Baroness Blackthorn (1911-2014) was 103 when she died in an accident at her home in December.

Diaries and diaphragms: The most interesting things I’ve found so far are the volumes of her diaries one for each year of her life from the time she was 16.  There were trunks of old ballet costumes and a few pairs of her Freed pointe-shoes as well as old diaphragms she used from 1927 when she turned 16 and began dancing professionally. That was the year that she was fitted for her first contraceptive diaphragm. She had kept many of the old latex diaphragms she used and all from the late 20s through the late 50s in dark thick latex from Schmid (Ramses). They had dried and were very brittle or had already turned to dust. The Ortho All-Flex 70mm diaphragms she used from the early 60s were still in tact, but the domes had holes tears or thin spots in them. The last one was purchased in 1968 when she was 56 just before she probably became menopausal. I’m so looking forward to reading her diaries and finding what else she left of interest.


Sunday, January 11, 2015

The funeral

Frenched and denuded rack of lamb

The Photo: These two full racks of lamb have been frenched down to the eye muscle and denuded, so there is no fat or silver skin left. The bones are completely cleaned, exposing almost their full length, and only a delicate morsel of delicious lamb is left. This elegant cut makes a striking presentation when served as a full rack and sliced at the table. But it’s also perfect for quick grilling; the chops can be eaten out of hand at an outdoor party.

There were 300 guests for the reception. My cook, Mrs. Harris, prepared spring rack of lamb with six ribs per serving for the meal held in the great hall of the castle after the funeral. Doing the math 300 guests x 6 ribs each, that’s 113 lambs, if anyone is counting. The lambs were from the Barony’s flocks which are noted for the sweetness of their meat and sought after by up-market restaurants. All the mourners raved about the meal! As well they should as Mrs. Harris also baked her prize winning strawberry scones!

The Funeral:  I’m very pleased to say that the 22nd Baroness gave a flawless final performance in a staring role and I thought my social début, in a supporting role as her successor, went quite well. I attribute my nearly flawless performance to the fact that Marvin and I fucked for nearly three hours the night before so that I was still boneless and gasping in afterglow when I fell asleep. I was CD28 on Friday and spotting so had a silicone Milex Omniflex inserted for flow control as I began my period on schedule in spite of all the stress this past cycle.

As predicted the weather was wet in the afternoon with the temperature in the low 40s F, but other than the smell of damp wool clothing in the chapel. The Bishop was generous and brief in his remarks about the life of Edith, 22nd Baroness Blackthorn. Afterward everyone enjoyed themselves celebrating the life of the late Baroness demonstrated primarily by the speed with which they devoured a fine feast. Mid-afternoon His Grace’s party departed in a light rain as the pilot said the flight controllers told him the weather was good enough for their flight back to Inverness. 

Family matters: Seeing Jack departing with Ashley on his arm and almost certainly pregnant, depressed me a bit, but I’m really fond of Marvin and his sperm viability check has come back saying that he has very high quality sperm so we should be good to start trying for a family. No, I have no intention of getting pregnant. Years ago I had some of my eggs harvested and cryogenically stored so Marvin and I will marry at some point and go the IVF route and have a surrogate carry the baby. I hope this doesn’t sound harsh, but having spent my life up to this point keeping my body in top shape for the strain that ballet puts on it I don’t see losing my conditioning for a year or longer with one or more pregnancies and I’m sure I’ll love the baby none the less for not having carried her myself.  

Scavenger hunt: On Monday my Lady’s Maid (think Dresser, who had been with Edith for more than 20 years) and I will begin going through Edith’s things and her most personal and private closets the keys for which the Barony’s solicitors gave me in a sealed packet after the funeral.  Well, that description was probably unkind, but there is no telling what we will find.  I can hardly wait!

Anya and my wards leave for London: Anya took Bea, Willow, Odette and Odile and their escorts back to Blackthorn House in London on the 10:34 from Caersws. That gives the railroad 20 minutes to switch The Dragon in Birmingham to the Euston train arriving at 3:41. For a 3 ½ hour trip I wouldn’t have sent them down on The Dragon, but we never transferred their luggage and they aren’t traveling light so they may as well enjoy the trip while they can be pampered.

Home alone: Finally! Marvin and I are here by ourselves. Well, not exactly as there is the permanent house staff of ten, but they are nearly invisible unless you ring for one so with just the two of us here it is almost lonely. The servants in descending order of importance are:

Females: A staff of six: the Housekeeper, Mrs. Wallace; the Cook, Mrs. Harris; Emily, my Lady’s Maid/Dresser; two Housemaids and a Kitchenmaid. 

Males: A staff of four:  Charles, Chamberlain of the Household (Estate Steward); the Butler, Mr. Harris, the cook’s husband; a Footman/chauffer and an under-footman.

I’ve already spoken with His Grace about a Valet for Marvin. Marvin insists he doesn’t want one, but a secretary/Valet might be more acceptable and His Grace has a man he can recommend. Marvin is amazed at the labor needed and Edith the 22nd hardly entertained at all in the last few years. I don’t propose to try to out Downton Downton Abbey, but if I can afford it and I’m expected to entertain why not do it properly and in style?

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Preparing the mourners

A ribbon mask worn as a mourning veil

The Photo: A ribbon mask from Wolford, to be worn as a mourning veil by my wards and me.

Weather for the funeral: The temperature is supposed to be in the mid 40s (F) and heavy rain starting around noon. Fortunately His Grace and Jack and their companions, Maya and Ashley, flew in by helicopter today. The Funeral will be in the castle chapel, burial will be private and the meal for the attendees will be in the Great Hall of the castle so once here the whole thing will be inside where it’s warm and dry.

It’s hard to believe I’m relocating and going to a place that still has miserable weather. Well, of course it is winter. Still I can’t imagine two more different climates than Las Vegas which is hot and dry and Caersws which is wet and cold.

Stress release among the mourners: Charles, my COH, has done all of the heavy lifting getting everything ready for the funeral of the 22nd Baroness tomorrow pretty much in accordance with her wishes for the ceremony. The Bishop who will be presiding and his wife are here so no one else that we know of will be traveling any distance. There will just be the villagers who work at the castle and the farming and timber aspects of the estates and the miners of course and perhaps a few from Caersws and Llanidloes.

The funeral will be my debut social performance among the people who work for the Barony and who I hope will be my friends so I really want to get this right. I want to appear stately but approachable which I think I can do and looking regal in black and en pointe should be doable when skirted and veiled if I’m not mistaken for a vampire. We all will go to bed early tonight since the last few days have been so hectic. I’m going to see if Marvin and I can fuck each other’s brains out. I can usually sleep soundly after he gives me several of his toe-curling orgasms.

Blackthorn House and the trip to Blackthorn Castle

Kings Cross train station London

The Photo: Kings Cross train station where we arrived from Inverness.

Blackthorn House, Belgravia: Since it was going to take some time to reposition The Dragon to Euston station to connect it to the 23:30 to Caersws I decided to use the layover to pay my first visit to Blackthorn House while Charles, my Chamberlain of the Household (COH), was with me to make introductions. I even thought I might catch the staff unaware that I would be accompanying Anya and the girls. They had been alerted to the possibility and were formed up in the vestibule for introductions. Currently there are six staff who have come down from the castle to cook clean and chauffeur for residents.

I decided earlier to change my plan again. My wards, Anya and their escorts will continue on to Blackthorn Castle with me since we will all be in mourning until the 22nd Baroness is buried which will be this coming Friday so they wouldn’t have much time in London and would be in mourning clothes before they would have to come East for the funeral.

In Blackthorn House there are three main floors, the attic with the servant’s quarters and storage and the basement with the kitchens and HV/AC. The first floor has the formal rooms with the ballroom, drawing room, dining room a library and a parlor.  We were served tea from the Paul Storr George III 4 piece tea set from the early 19th C and scones that melted in the mouth made that afternoon by the cook, Mrs. Harris. The good silver and art works are kept at the castle and brought to town when the house is opened even though there is a caretaker in residence at all times.

Mourning: I wore mourning attire for the visit; a black 90 denier cashmere and Elastane catsuit that left nothing to the imagination under a calf length pleated jersey skirt that opens like a tutu when I twirl and a tailored jacket of the same material with black hard shanked Gaynor Minden pointes and a black wide brimmed velvet hat with the 1925 bespoke Van Cleef & Arpels gold and ruby dragon pin with emerald eyes, the Baroness’s badge of office, affixed to the crown that my COH had brought me from the castle vault.  I taped and padded my toes carefully before pushing my feet into the polymer blocks of my pointes because I knew that out of respect I was expected to stay en pointe for the duration of the visit while standing and with my feet pointed while sitting.

My wards all wore black wool skirt-suits, black tights, wide brimmed hats and low heeled closed toe shoes. We will remain in mourning clothes in public until the 22nd Baroness is laid to rest in the crypt below the chapel at Blackthorn Castle this coming Friday, January 9th.

Preliminary funeral plans: His Grace and Jack will be there as will all the villagers and their families who work at the castle. While there are a few members of the aristocracy in the area I’ve been told that Edith the 22nd Baroness was not close to any of them so I will have my work cut out for me mending social fences with the castles neighbors. The 22nd  Baroness was of the Anglican, Episcopal, faith while most of the surrounding villages are primarily Methodist. Her funeral will be from the Book of Common Prayer, but afterward my girls and I and His Grace and Jack will conduct a ceremony with offerings to Aphrodite in memory of the late Baroness.

The Auditors: The four auditors who will examine the financial records of the Barony met us at Euston at 20:00 and were settled in their compartments on The Dragon. And we all had dinner on The Dragon and got to know the individual auditors and they explained in general terms what they would be looking for which took us up to departure and bedtime.

Arrival: We arrived at Caersws, which is about 1,000 ft above sea level and on the Severn on time, at 8:13, breakfasted and ready for the trip to the castle. It was raining and cold. The shunting engine – belonging to the Barony - connected to The Dragon and moved us off the main line into a two track heated building belonging to the Barony and long enough to take three passenger cars and the switch engine. There were two Range Rover vans and a separate van for luggage parked inside on an elevated platform so we just stepped off The Dragon directly on to the heated and well lit platform.  Charles said the switches are heated so they don’t freeze since at this altitude there is often snow and ice from all the moisture that comes off the ocean just a few miles east of us. He said Edith had the Dragon shed built about fifteen years ago and heated switches installed when because of frozen switches she couldn’t get to London for a performance of Sleeping Beauty by one of her favorites, Darcey Bussell.

The trip from Caersws to the castle was another hour and another 1,000 feet higher and Charles says we get a lot of snow. The butler, Ellis, had the staff in the great hall to greet us as it was raining heavily when we arrived. Our things were unloaded and rooms were assigned for everyone, my wards with their escorts and I went to my private apartment in the ‘new’ wing, built in the 15th C., to bathe and change into yet another black cashmere and Elastane catsuit and black Gaynors as I find that demonstrates my being in mourning while displaying my body to let everyone know that we all must carry on. Being at home I dispensed with the black jersey skirt until the funeral. Fortunately Edith had had hot water radiators and storm windows installed years ago and the radiators were cleverly hidden for the most part so the castle is surprisingly comfy w/o the fireplaces going.

Charles took the audit team to the Barony Estate office and introduced them to the estate manager who will assist with any questions and retrieving records needed.

Ballet class: My wards and I and their POB male escorts hadn’t taken class in two days so it was with pleasure that I conducted my first ballet class in Edith’s ballet studio. It has been kept in excellent condition with a sprung wooden floor and Marley covering and a wall of full-length mirrors and windows looking east toward the Atlantic. Charles said Edith took barre here into her mid 80s when ger arthritis became too severe to allow it any longer.  

So a routine of sorts is being established, which I expect my wards to participate in when in residence. It was marvelous be in pink practice clothes and shoes after three days of wearing unreleased black no matter how well that color displays my body! Working up a good sweat at the barre and then a bit of PDD work with each of the girls escorts to keep their upper body muscles exercised with lifts with me in a practice tutu. It was so wonderful to be partnered by men with that level of talent. The Paris Opera men really are divine to dance with and such supportive partners!

I have spent the rest of the day going through Edith’s things with her Lady’s maid and there were some surprises though knowing what sorts of businesses she was interested in – especially the ones in London - I don’t suppose it should have been.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Twelfth Night and Barony holdings

The three kings; Balthazar, Caspar and Melchior
The Photo: This is not an infrared image of three ISL fighters, but the three wise men who traditionally arrived to pay homage to the infant Jesus on January 5th, twelve days after his birth.

Twelfth Night festivities: At Crag Abbey the festivities were decidedly low key. Ashley was feeling unwell and had taken to her bed, w/o Jack. My guess is she is very newly preggers as she and Jack have been going at it non-stop since we got here and all the week before. The Yule log had been consumed except for a small section saved to light the Yule log for next Christmas and His Grace was noticeably uncomfortable with turning over command of the festivities for however short an interval to the servant who had  found the bean in his piece of cake.

My wards and I and my staff, Chris, my Gyn, Charles, my COH, and Marvin my psychoanalyst and lover packed yesterday and are ready to leave for Inverness to board my private car on the end of the early train for London on the morning of the 6th.

First impressions: I wanted to get off to a good start since I’ve been taught “you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.” So I dressed to impress.  I am luteal right now, but even though I’m not in season I was aroused to meet a new man with whom I will be working closely. I wore a custom made black front micro-zip 90 denier cotton-Elastane catsuit and black leather calf-length ballet-boots by Gepetto with heel guards on the lace-splitter heels. The cotton-Elastane combination allows my body to breathe while molding exactly to my figure and keeping me warm w/o losing any of my hard body or nipple detail even through the LilyPadz I wear to prevent nipple leakage staining my tops. I’d had Marvin milk me before the meeting with Charles, my Chamberlain of the Household (COH), as there is nothing more distracting than full breasts when I’m trying to concentrate on business. I could tell he was fascinated by my costume and what it did for my body and it took him a few minutes to regain his composure before he began my tutorial.

We met in one of His Grace’s small meeting rooms at Crag Abbey. Charles had come up to Inverness on ‘The Dragon’ my private rail car, which reminds me I’m going to have to get the carpet in The Dragon changed to an industrial grade used in fetish clubs or everyone will have to wear heel guards when aboard in ballet-boots to prevent shredding it.  The Dragon is actually two cars; the Pullman, which was completely refurbished in 2012, and a support car which contains the living space for six staff members, luggage, groceries and other supplies and a gas turbine generator that will power The Dragon for two weeks in locations where power mains are not available.

Barony Housekeeping: In getting me oriented to various holdings of the Barony my Chamberlain, covered some of the companies I now privately hold. However, first things first; could we pay the UK Inheritance Tax, or were we going to have to sell off assets to give the Government its share?  

Years ago my predecessor, the 22nd Baroness, had her accountants set aside significant funds that have been carefully managed with the view to being able to pay off the Inheritance Tax due at her death with no adverse effect on the Barony. I’m told the amount in that trust should be more than sufficient to pay all Death Duties. For more on the subject of inheritance taxes see the article HERE.

Holdings in which I have a particular personal interest: The 22nd Baroness, Lady Edith née Sykes, had been a ballet dancer with the Sadler’s Wells troupe after the war before she succeeded to the title so she was particularly interested in promoting ballet and helping women ballet dancers especially ones interested in fetish the scene which accounts for these holdings:

  • The Blackthorn Clinic providing reproductive and psychotherapeutic services specializing in the problems unique to female ballet dancers
  •  The ballet school in at Blackthorn Priory and the upper school at Barrow Priory in Middlesex
  • A very up-market (private premises) fetish club with strict membership requirements and a waiting list of prospective members.
  • A ballet fetish shoe shop that specializes in custom ordered pointe-shoes, and ballet-boots. 
  • Her London home, Blackthorn House, in Belgravia purchased shortly after the war (in the 1950s) when real-estate there was relatively inexpensive.  Blackthorn House hosted many lavish ballet themed parties during the social season, April to August.  

I had no idea I had so many major common interests with the woman who I succeeded to the title. It’s as though I’ve been in training to take her place since Father Tom first became my spiritual advisor and had sex with me when I was fourteen. It’s really amazing!

I think I can get both Marvin, my current main squeeze, and Chris, the male Gyn at the woman’s clinic where I volunteer in LV to accept positions at Blackthorn Clinic since Charles says there are openings and both men are professionally accredited in the UK.

The 2015 London Season: It’s unlikely that I can get my wards into much of the official London social season (April to August) this year, but I will be able to host parties at Blackthorn House and having the girls be seen and perhaps experienced, at some of the clubs before they return to school this month should be an icebreaker for young aristocratic men looking for beauty and brains even if the scent of amazingly tight pussy is what attracts them.  

My wards and alcohol in the UK: All my girls are eighteen or older except Bea who is seventeen, but can drink on private premises, my private fetish club.   But none of them care much for alcohol and can make a single drink last all night. That keeps a girl out of a world of unexpected trouble.

Age of consent in England and Wales: The age of consent in England and Wales is regardless of sexual orientation or gender, as specified by the Sexual Offences Act 2003. However, if person A is over the age of 18 and is in a position of trust to person B who is under the age of 18, it is illegal for A to engage in sexual activity with B. Section 47 of the Sexual Offences Act 2003 makes it an offence to pay for or promise payment for sexual services of a person under 18 where the 'client' does not reasonably believe that person is over 18, or in any event for a person under 13.”  So His Grace, Jack’s father, having sex with Bea, who is still 17 while she is resident in any of his properties would be illegal.

Age of consent in Scotland: Since 1 December 2010, the age of consent in Scotland is 16, regardless of sexual orientation or gender. Before that date, it was 16 for girls (under a statutory offence) and 14 for boys (the common law age of puberty). However, consensual sex with a girl aged between 13 and 16 is not rape, but a lesser offence; on 1 December 2010 this has been given the specific name of "having intercourse with an older child".

Aboard The Dragon: Here it’s Tuesday January 6th. We are aboard The Dragon attached to the 7:55 AM out of Inverness arriving at Kings Cross at 3:51 PM taking ever so slightly less than 8 hours. I’m really looking forward to our first trip on The Dragon!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Second thoughts and a change in plan

Canna Lilies the traditional flower of St. Canna according to Barony custom

Royal pressure: In my December 31st post entitled “My Welsh roots” the trip to the muniment rooms of Blackthorn Castle and its chapel in the Cambrian mountains of Wales was on Monday the 29th though it would have been much better weather had we waited a day. On Wednesday Dec 31st I received a telegram sent to Crag Abbey, from the College of Arms that my succession to the title and dignity of the Barony of Blackthorn, as the 23rd Baroness had been successfully vetted and was approved and I should expect to accept the associated documents that were being hand carried to Crag Abbey on January 1st.  After I accepted the papers in front of His Grace, Jack and Marvin they toasted me with some 30 y/o Macallan scotch and that was that.

His Grace thinks pressure was applied from Sandringham since he had mentioned my situation to HRH while on a hunting outing more than two weeks ago with the view to getting my application for the title approved in time that I could receive the elevation as a New Years Presentation. I’ve mentioned before that His Grace is very pleased I’m no longer pursuing his only son and heir as husband material. I just wasn’t aware of how seriously he was taking the project to get me out of the way while not endangering the celebration of the four celestial Sabbats of the Old Ways at Location Z.

Now that we know my parents were married when I was born in the U.S. I have dual citizenship since in addition to being a U.S citizen I am also considered a British citizen which cleared up any possible ambiguity about my being able to accept the title w/o having to renounce my American citizenship. I already have a British passport. For more about this topic see the article HERE.

Nobility in Modern America: “The U.S. cannot grant titles of nobility, and foreigners who are naturalized must renounce all titles, but there is nothing that prevents a U.S. citizen from inheriting a title from abroad and using it as he pleases, unless it leads him or her to pledge allegiance to a foreign power, a case which could be grounds for loss of citizenship.” For more about this topic see the article HERE.

The Blackthorn Barony – second thoughts: Now that the title is mine the enormous responsibility of it has begun to sink in.  I will of course retain the domestic and administrative staff and the Chamberlain of the Household who oversees most aspects of the Barony until I see if there is deadwood anywhere or if the Baroness had continued to insist on excellent service even as her health deteriorated.

I had asked Charles, my Chamberlain of the Household (COH), come to Crag Abbey on January 2nd to give me the security codes for the various property alarms and financial accounts and an overview of the various holdings and he will accompany Marvin and me on a tour of the properties. His Grace, Jacks father, has recommended a firm of auditors to thoroughly inspect the books to see exactly what businesses the Baroness had financial interests in so I will have a professional unbiased opinion of the true financial soundness of the Barony. I have no reason to suspect that there is anything wrong, but it’s best to give the finances a thorough scrubbing.

My second thoughts come late at night when I can’t sleep. It hadn’t occurred to me that as Baroness I would be responsible for the livelihood of at least several hundred people in just the running of the castle, Priory and the timber and mining interests in the general area. My responsibility may extend to many more in other aspects of the Baroness’s empire that I’m not presently aware of from the overview. And I’ll be moving to the UK so I’ll be leaving a lot of friends behind and uprooting my inner circle as well. Technically I could have renounced the title, but the Barony is mine by heredity right and who would care for it and the lives involved if I abandoned them?

I will not do that! I know, my detractors think I’m a libertine or immoral, but abandoning my responsibilities is not what I do! I’m so fortunate that Marvin is by my side! He is helping me work through these thoughts to come to logical and satisfactory decisions in so many things involving how I will relate to the responsibilities of running the Barony. He keeps telling me that my predecessor left the Barony in good shape with good people in charge and that I am a quick study and will do just fine. I hope that turns out to be the case.

A change in Plan: I had intended to take my four wards, Marvin and Anya along with their dancer bedmates to Lost Cove on Virgin Gorda for a few days of relaxation before they return to classes at UNLV which begin on January 20th. However, now that I have immediate responsibilities in trying to assure a seamless transition of authority as the 23rd Baroness Blackthorn I am going to stay here. I don’t suppose my wards will complain too loudly to have two weeks to do what they like in London while living at Blackthorn House (The Baroness’s London home) in Belgravia with their male escorts and Anya as their Dominatrix while I get a crash course in the Barony’s operation. I had Charles (COH) call Blackthorn House and alert the staff that they should expect five couples Anya, Bea, Willow, Odette and Odile and their male escorts to be in residence through at least the 19th of January. They will ride down with me on the train from Inverness and we will be met at Euston station on January 6th. Then I’ll be immediately traveling on to Caersws and Blackthorn Castle.

It’s not quite as though I’m being thrown in the deep end w/o knowing how to swim as I  had some oversight of the casino’s books and the auditors will be giving everything a good scrubbing. So unless some irregularities are found I don’t expect to change any of the team that has been running the family business for years and apparently has it running quite nicely, thank you very much. It’s just that I’ll be on a steep learning curve for a while.

Travel by rail: Actually, a helicopter would be the thing to have to get between Blackthorn Castle and London and wherever else Barony properties are in the UK and of course to Inverness for Sabbat celebrations at Location Z.  But the weather can be so bad and a helicopter can carry so few people that it isn’t practical for me. Depending on the time of day and day of the week scheduled rail travel between the Station at Caersws which is relatively close to Blackthorn Castle and London can take from three to fourteen hours and you have to put up with other passengers and National Rail food. So, I’ve had my private Pullman car brought up to Inverness. OMG! That sounds so strange, “my private Pullman car”! This way I can hold meetings with the Barony staff and the auditors and have decent food cooked by my own chefs aboard while we are traveling and the car will sleep sixteen in great comfort. And as I mentioned earlier after Twelfth Night, January 5th, I’m taking my wards to London on it and picking up an auditing team to take with me to the castle.

Security: I’ve already been told by my security chief that I shouldn’t fly the flag with the Barony’s arms over Blackthorn House or even the Castle when I’m in residence as Edith, the 22nd Baroness, did. And I’ve approved an increase in the number of HD all-weather security cams at Blackthorn House and at several other key locations as security recommended. Now I also have a two man security detail 24/7 as well. Sigh! The 2012 Bentley which is kept in London for travel in the area was already heavily armored against kidnap attempts which, given that I am female, single and will have a much higher social profile than my predecessor in her later years, seems more likely. So I am told. Welcome to the Peerage!



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