Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The million dollar dildo

The gear shifter on a bugatti-veyron-fbg

Attempting a personal best: One of Taryn’s friends whose parents live in town likes to masturbate using unique dildos. Last night she decided to use the gear shifter on her father’s car in an attempt for a personal best involving what she called a ‘difficulty 4’ shaft while working in a very confined space and got into trouble. Fortunately she had her cell with her and called Taryn who called me and we went over to see if we could help.

Her father has several cars and the one she decided to fuck herself with was his 2008 Bugatti Veyron Fbg Par Hermès, a precision road instrument. The interior is done in Hermès leather and the price starts at $1,500,000. Dani’s dads machine cost far more than that!. It will reach speeds of 210 mph and gets a bit better than 8 miles/gal in city driving so we aren’t talking about a green machine here! It was easy to see why she chose the Veyrone Fbg. It is exquisitely crafted and the passenger seats fit like gloves while the scent of leather fills your nostrils so I think most girls have a sexual experience with something that comfortable, luxurious and powerful just sitting in it with the engine off, but of course Dani wasn’t sitting in one of the seats.

We found her in the closed garage of her parent’s home in the Bugatti with both its doors open. She was facing the rear and was impaled on the gear shifter and there was blood and urine all over the console and floor on both sides. She said she thought the shift lever itself was clean because since condoms wouldn’t fit she had pulled a balloon over it. We helped her put on a ball gag to so she would have something to bite down on and muffle her screams while we tried to move her, but the passenger compartment is so cramped that Taryn and I couldn’t get enough leverage to lift her off the gear shifter. We ended up calling Pirate who called Gepetto and they brought a hydraulic lift with an arm that would reach into the car and put wide nylon slings under her buns to lift her off. When he got there Pirate gave Dani two Percocet capsules to numb her up and she was ready by the time Gepetto arrived with the hydraulic lift. Fortunately the adjoining garage bay was unoccupied so there was no need to move other cars. We all knew that the problem was getting the shifter out from behind her pubic bone so she could be lifted off. We managed that by putting a wide nylon strap behind her butt and while Taryn and I pulled on one end Pirate pulled on the other to try and force the shifter against the back wall of her vagina - hoping that would allow the front edge of the shift column to clear her pubic bone - as Gepetto operated the lift. We tilted her pelvis a bit as though she was thrusting to give the shift column as much room as possible and with the three of us pulling Gepetto operated the lift and lifted her off on the first try! Once I saw the shifter was out from behind her pelvis we stopped pulling and I bent her over so as she was lifted off she wouldn’t be mashed against the roof of the cabin.

The good news: I had called Chuck, a male Gyn at the clinic and Taryn’s boyfriend, and he was waiting for us to bring Dani in to see how badly she was hurt. It turned out she was just painfully scraped where she had repeatedly tried to pull herself off so she wasn’t seriously injured. She is on pain meds for a few days and is supposed to have no penetrative sex for two weeks but I don’t think that will happen. And the gear shifter itself was well protected by the balloon she used as a condom.

The bad news is that having the gearbox, console and leather in the car cleaned is going to be very expensive and her dad doesn’t know yet if the car will have to be sent back to the factory for cleaning and for leather replacement. I was surprised that her parents weren’t more upset than they were. I think they were just relieved she was ok. Her mom smiled and said Dani’s incident reminded her of the time she slipped while masturbating with the floor shift of an antique ford and the only thing that saved her was being able to catch herself on the steering wheel and dash board. Her dad said he would have liked to see that. I didn’t ask if he was talking about Dani or his wife.

Pointe shoe quiz

Pointe shoe quiz

I wish this image was a bit sharper but it should suffice. I have two questions today.
1) What is special about the ribbons of the pointes worn by the dancer whose feet are pointing to the right? And, for extra credit,
2) Tell me what the horizontal stitching is for ahead of the waist seam on the dancers left foot.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Gas mask training

The Mestel SGE 400-3BB gas mask

Adolescent’s Gas mask training: One of Gepetto’s fitters came to my Advanced Sexual Techniques class at St Lucy’s last week to fit the class of 16 y/os for their gas masks. She fitted them with their very own Mestel SGE 400-3BB (the cost is in included in their activities fees) and by using a larger silicone face seal was able to fit even the smallest of the girls with tightly fitting masks. I kept stressing to the students that their SGE 400s aren’t toys they use for dress-up like the old civilian Israeli masks are which they commonly play with during fetish nights. The Mestel SGE 400-3BB is a military grade maximum protection device that can provide hours of protection in a hostile environment or hours of pleasure, or both when used during recreational sex.

The students are being given the training for basic familiarization because they can be legally hunted at 16 here in Nevada so they need to have some idea of what to expect. The girls can enjoy themselves on the gas but I'm teaching them what to watch out for like guys trying to change the gas mixture on them and that sort of thing. In the clubs where there is a common distribution system once a girl is buzzed a guy may be able slip a splitter in the line with a small bottle of high % gas so we teach the students to check the connections feeding her mask. It’s just like they shouldn't leave a drink unattended at a table or they could wake up the next day and find someone slipped a ‘roofie’ (Rohypnol) in it. We also have the individual proprietary N2O bottles from Gepetto and they learn to use them too but Gepetto’s units are very difficult to tamper with.

The class members whose uteri are large enough have GyneFix IUD implants. The three whose anatomies are too small for a mini-GyneFix wear arcing spring diaphragms for contraception because they are much easier for teens to insert correctly than an Oves cap. School policy requires students wear a cervical barrier while using a gas mask because there is the possibility – however slight - that the pressurized gas could be misdirected playfully or maliciously into a student’s vagina and cause an embolism a fate far worse than pregnancy. Cyndi my 16 y/o ward is in the class. Not because she needs the training, I taught her gas protocols last year, but because she needs to attend and pass the exams to get credit for it on her record. The students are using the casino’s Escort training unit’s ‘gas chamber’ and they come over for training twice a week in one of the school’s 15 passenger vans.

Standard 40mm filter connector: The training facility and the local clubs that offer recreational gasses all have gas distribution systems that use the standard NATO 40mm filter canister connectors that mate directly to a NATO (or equivalent) mask with no additional hardware needed. Almost all serious recreational gas users use a NATO mask of one sort or another which have the standard 40mm connector for filter canisters so it was a lot easier to standardize the gas distribution system connectors so they can be used with any NATO mask. In the clubs here that provide recreational gasses you can rent masks, but I think it's always better to have your own. In some local clubs for Nitrous Oxide you can rent an anesthesia mask, or bring your own, but clubbers who are seriously into gas will usually use a full face mask so that they can use it for filtering in hazardous atmospheres as well as getting buzzed with various anesthetics. And the really serious gassers will have their own ballistic polymer SGE 400 or a clone so they can take an elbow or kick in the face and not break the seal, a feature that could be a life saver if you are caught in a brawl in a hostile environment. I teach my students that they should consider their gas mask like dive gear. Since your life depends on it working properly you should know that it is quality equipment and you should be familiar with how to use it and not rely on some off brand mask used for rental-rubber.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Francis Mason 1921-2009

Francis Mason 1921 - 2009

The New York Times
September 27, 2009

Francis Mason, Voice for Dance Over 5 Decades, Dies at 88

Francis Mason, editor, writer, cultural diplomat, radio dance critic and dance devotee, died on Thursday at his home in Rye, N.Y. He was 88.

His daughter, Leslie, announced the death. He emerged as a dance writer in the 1950s; more than 50 years later he was still at work in the dance field, most notably in the last three decades as editor until his death of the New York dance magazine Ballet Review and until a few months ago as dance critic of the radio station WQXR-FM.

His most notable achievement may have come earlier, when as a knowledgeable cultural attaché in American embassies, he furthered the careers of many famous dance figures, notably George Balanchine and Martha Graham, both friends of his.

Performances he arranged helped establish the popularity of American dance troupes both in Europe and the United States. In 1980, when he took over as the third editor of Ballet Review, founded in 1965, he was the first to bring it out on a reliable quarterly basis, a rhythm he and his colleagues maintained from then on.

Born in Jacksonville, Fla., on Sept. 9, 1921, he received his bachelor’s degree from St John’s College in Annapolis and participated in D-Day while serving in the Navy. Music, literature, movies and the visual arts were all earlier loves of his; dance seized him only when friends took him (almost forcibly) in 1948 to the world premiere of “Orpheus,” with music by Igor Stravinsky and choreography by Balanchine.

His work as a dance voice on radio began in 1949 for WNYC, on the program “Today in Ballet.” In 1954 he was the principal editor and author of the highly successful book “Balanchine’s Complete Stories of the Great Ballets,” which has since been reissued in successive editions with various names.

This book catches Balanchine’s voice and spirit in its account of his ballets, and it generously relates the scenarios of a wide range of internationally successful ballet repertory.

Mr. Mason’s attachment to Balanchine, Graham (whose work first impressed him as great in 1952) and their dance companies was a constant thread in his career, continuing after their deaths. He served for decades as a member of the board of the Graham company, twice as chairman, from 1974 to 1976 and from 2000 to 2007. In his second stint, he steered the company through a trying period of lawsuits, fund-raising and advocacy.

In 1991 Mr. Mason published “I Remember Balanchine,” an important and often revelatory anthology of his personally conducted interviews with an extraordinary range of people whose contacts with Balanchine stretched from the 1920s to the 1980s.

His wife, Patricia, whom he married in 1952, was a leading real-estate broker and an ardent horticulturist, but their interests overlapped. In 1996 when she handled the sale of 128 East 19th Street, the property that had belonged to Lincoln Kirstein, the man who brought Balanchine to America and his long-term colleague in running New York City Ballet and School of American Ballet, she donated her commission to the Lincoln Kirstein Fund at the School of American Ballet.

Mrs. Mason died in 1997. Besides his daughter, Leslie, a real estate broker in Manhattan, Mr. Mason is survived by his son, Spencer Mason, an opera singer in Pforzheim, Germany; and two grandchildren.

Mr. Mason was cultural attaché to the United States embassies in Belgrade (1956-60), in what is now Serbia, and, in London (1960-65).

He successfully urged the American government to sponsor appearances by American dance companies in London; this work did much to establish British acceptance of Balanchine, Graham and other American choreographers and, as a result, the predominance of American choreography and dancing as the major new influence on the international dance scene.

The success of New York City Ballet, the Graham company and others (notably Alvin Ailey’s and Merce Cunningham’s) in London in the 1960s made a great impression back in the United States and in other countries; Mr. Mason had worked hard to make it happen.

His many other posts included two years in Washington as chief of East/West Exhibitions (1965-67); a year in New York as president of Experiments in Art and Technology, invited by its founders, Billy Kluver and Robert Rauschenberg; a period as assistant to Arthur A. Houghton Jr. (president of Steuben Glass and chairman of the Metropolitan Museum of Art; and, starting in 1975, assistant director of the Morgan Library & Museum.

At the Fall for Dance program on Friday night at City Center, the Martha Graham company dedicated its performance to Mr. Mason.

Personal comment: I only met Francis Mason once. It was in 1989 when I was with the Pennsylvania Ballet and I went back to SAB to see friends and he was there interviewing several long time faculty about their experiences with Balanchine for his book ‘I Remember Balanchine’

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Strangled with a tampon

A new student in ankle cuffs during ballet-boot training

Training heels: In the above image, while her ankle boots have no shaft locks the ankle cuffs keep the trainee from running during her first few days of training if she is not fully committed to the intensive ballet boots course. The stainless steel of the bracelets with the buffed black leather of her boots and black Lycra tights suggests a post-modern Domme look which many of our best Escorts adopt while with male clients. The bracelets suggest she is submissive but the key is kept in her cleavage and she can free herself and cuff her partner in less than three seconds.

My Menstrual extraction: I’m cycle day two (CD2) today after starting my period on Friday. Returning readers will remember that I routinely have an ME on CD1 every cycle to reduce the number of days I bleed from 6 to two. That way I can wear my tiny Oves cervical cap screwed on to my cervix for 26 of the 28 days in my cycle. If I wear my Oves when I’m bleeding the dome of Oves is so tiny that it will quickly fill with blood and dislodge. That probably wouldn’t be a problem from the standpoint of contraception because my cycles are a stable 28 days so I shouldn’t be fertile during my period, but a dislodged barrier provides no over-pressure protection for my upper reproductive tract during dive-sex or gas play as when I’m being bubble-fucked and lack of protection then can easily kill a girl by allowing a gas bubble to be forced into the uterus where it can get into the bloodstream and cause an embolism. So, yesterday and today I’m wearing my silicone Milex Omniflex diaphragm. The biggest limitation for me while wearing my Milex is that it protects me only on dives down to 10 meters. Below that the rim of a diaphragm begins to distort due to the increased pressure which may cause it to leak. The 10 meter limitation wouldn’t be a limitation for anyone else around here that has dive-sex in pools because I’m the only one who has a pool deeper than 10 meters. Anyway, I’m looking forward to tomorrow when I screw an Oves back on my cervix and then I’ll be protected at any depth.

Sexual entrapment: There is an old scam that’s new again here. It appeared again as the economy tanked last year as a way for girls to earn a bit of extra money by convincing a rich John that she wants to feel him inside her without the decrease in sensitivity that accompanies even the best condoms. She tells him she is well protected because she is not only on the pill but is also wearing a diaphragm so he has nothing to worry about and God knows when a pretty girl wants her partner to go w/o a condom so she can feel him get off inside her he believes her because even the most skeptical man is blinded by a predisposition to believe he is irresistible! Of course all this is occurring while she is fertile during the few days prior to her releasing an egg.

The thing is that while she really is wearing a diaphragm – she lets him watch her insert it - it is at least 2 sizes (10mm) too small and in this scam she has him take her from behind so that once her lover is inside her she can adjust her hips and cause him to thrust under the diaphragm rim. If he notices, and hardly any man does when that happens, the change is an increase in sensitivity as he is now skin-on-skin caressing her G-spot rather than the soft thin stretchy dome of her diaphragm and no man complains about that! Once under the rim and inside the dome he may or may not give her an orgasm. What she is interested at that point is that he not fall out and have to reinsert where he may or may not slip beneath the dome again. So she works her muscles to get him to shoot his wad under the dome and then has him quickly withdraw. Then while still bent over she inserts a finger and reseals her diaphragm against the front wall of her birth canal trapping his ejaculate inside. The dome is now is filled with her lover’s semen along with her stretchy fertile cervical fluid which provides a path for the sperm to swim through her cervix and into her fallopian tubes to await the release of her egg. If all goes as planned two or three weeks later she will miss her period and will wait another week or so before testing to confirm that she is preggers with her target’s baby. Then she can start putting pressure on her lover to pay for an abortion or blackmail him threatening to tell his wife and children if he doesn’t come across with monthly payments.

That sort of pressure often works, but occasionally it backfires and we find a pregnant woman strangled with a tampon. That’s a fave way of offing a dick-chick as tampons can be purchased anywhere or her assailant can use one of the victims own, and once it’s shoved down her throat and begins to absorb fluids it swells so it is very difficult to remove. Sometimes the girl still has her fellatio guard inserted and strapped in place so her attacker didn’t even have to force her jaws open, just tilt her head back and slide the tampon down her throat which can trigger her gag reflex so she may drown in her own vomit. The woman’s hands are zip-tied behind her back or occasionally we find one with her hands free but laced into boxing gloves so she can’t pull the tampon out of her throat. And, not to miss an opportunity her attacker almost always fucks her corpse or at gets off in her while she is strangling. The psychologists I’ve talked to about that say that is the ultimate high for a control freak, planting his seed in a belly of a woman who will soon be dead. How that’s arousing to a man I don’t understand. but apparently there are some of that type alive and well and living in a community near you!

Vaginal sealant: While I was having my ME yesterday I was catching up on Gynecological gossip and female reproductive tract related crimes with my Gyn while she was sucking out my endometrium. I had already heard that we are beginning to find independent party-girls – there have been three that we know of so far - with their vaginas plugged with pink silicone rubber potting compound, the type that is used primarily in military applications. My Gyn was able to fill in some details. What appears to be happening is that a latex condom is rolled over the tip of a potting gun nozzle loaded with the sealant in semi-liquid form. Then the nozzle is inserted all the way up the woman’s birth canal and the trigger pulled releasing the sealant and filling the condom. My Gyn was told by the authorities who were consulting with her about the crimes that the victims were held briefly with their hips in the air to prevent the liquid rubber from running out until it starts to solidify which takes not more than a minute or two. When the potting compound begins to cure heat from the hardening silicone plug melts the latex condom and the plug sears and adheres to the delicate tissues of her vaginal walls. All the girls that have been found plugged with potting compound were wearing ball gags and leather BDSM helmets with the eyes zipped shut so none have any idea who their attackers were. The last thing they recall is drinking from their own water bottles.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Condoms, pregnancy & nitrous oxide

How could I be pregnant? We used condoms!

Condoms and pregnancy: In my advanced sexual techniques class at St Lucy’s I’m teaching the 16 y/os how to burst or pull a partner’s condom off. Actually, there are one or two 15 y/o students in the class as well because they will be 16 within a few months and will need the knowledge when they can be legally hunted here in Nevada. Not that the girls will want to destroy their protection, but they do need to know that they can so that they can avoid doing it accidentally. Every student is proficient in pelvic muscle strengthening exercises so even the smallest girls have extremely strong vaginal grips which when they are having muscle contractions during orgasms can easily pull a partner’s condom off if she is the least bit dry.

One of the things St Lucy’s prides itself on as an elite finishing school is graduating students with the equivalent of at least a BS in sexual technique. Our girls are taught to rely on GyneFix IUD implants or cervical barriers for contraception and condoms only for STI protection when with a partner whose sexual history is unknown. While latex condoms have better heat transfer and sensitivity polyurethane ones offer better protection as they can’t be burst by a partner plunging through the tip, unless the condom has a manufacturing flaw. Polyurethane ones can be pulled off however, as I mentioned above, if the woman isn’t well lubed or if she has gripped him so tightly that his pre-cum was forced up around his shaft to lube the inside of his sheath. It’s very empowering to for a woman to know she has sexual skills most other women don’t possess and is a major building block for a St Lucy’s students self worth along with a good foundation in the classics and arts.

Nitrous Oxide breathing, from my entry for June 6, 2009: Recently, there has been interest from several readers about the use or purchase of Gepetto’s gas breathing equipment for recreational use. Returning readers will remember that in describing its use I wrote:

Recreational gas cylinders: Taryn and I were using our Mestel SGE 400-3BB military grade gas masks with small nitrous oxide (N2O) inhalent cylinders that mate with the standard NATO 40mm filter canister mounting. Gepetto has branched out into supplying recreational gasses as well as fetishwear so we were using an inhalent cylinder of his company’s design with a chip that is programmed with the user’s weight and lung capacity so the correct amount of gas, a mixture of 70% nitrous oxide and 30% oxygen, that is released into the tight fitting oral-nasel unit of the mask is just enough to make us euphoric and pain free during very rough sex, but not enough to put us to sleep. The gas canister transfer unit is really quite complex. It has a small heater in the cylinder mount that warms the compressed gas to about 65° before release into the oral nasal unit to prevent frostbite. There is also a flow monitor in the unit which will detect when the wearer has stopped breathing for more than some interval, the default is 60 seconds, after which an alarm will sound. This feature was added after wearer’s overdosed and stopped breathing or fainted and used up the gas in the cylinder and suffocated.”

Additionally, because of the possibility of causing birth defects screening women for pregnancy before use is necessary, so casual use is something best avoided w/o preperation to assure N2O is being used as safely as possible, especially for women partners. Frequent use of N2O can be addictive and it depletes vitamins B9 (folic acid) and B12, so people into breathing nitrous oxide, especially women, need to be on a good multivitamin rich in B9 and B12.

As I mentioned the gas units mate with the standard NATO 40 mm filter canister mounting on most modern western country’s masks. The Cylinder can mount directly on the mask but is typically worn on the hip or at the back of the neck and is connected to the mask’s canister fitting by a rubber hose. I’ve had several enquiries about the N2O cylinders and the intergral electrinocs unit that warms and controls the flow of gas. The units, chip design and biometric program to control the level of gas released into the mask and the miniturization of the valves are all propriatory and the current units need a tech to program the unit to the person wearing it. The cylinders fill fittings are designed so that the cylinders can only be filled from a special gas transport unit not available elsewhere in order to prevent the loss (read theft) of units for solo play by unsupervised individuals. So using the units away from the software to program them and the special equipment needed to fill empty canisters makes anything other than local use among friends impractical. By requiring that his techs be present to minimize the seriousness of any problems Gepetto has managed to avoid serious gas related side effects and intends to maintain close supervision of his gas breathers as he does for the other high risk equipment he designs.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Personhood and contraception

The need for and use of vamp extensions

Vamp extensions: Readers of my entry: pointe-shoe quiz 9-19-09 will remember vamp extensions that provide additional support to dancer’s insteps. In the image accompanying this entry you can see how far over the front of her platform the dancer is working and why she needs vamp extensions on her shoes.

"Personhood": Banning Abortion, Contraception...And More?
Published on (
By Amanda Marcotte Created Sep 22 2009 - 8:00am

“For those of us who hoped that the attempts to sneak in bans on abortion, hormonal contraception, and IVF under proposed laws called “personhood amendments” would disappear after the first attempt at passing such a law on a ballot initiative was thoroughly trumped at the polls in Colorado, well, I hate to tell you, but the anti-choice extremists aren’t going away. The next new battlefield is Florida [1], where anti-choicers hope they can use the invisibility of most female reproductive processes to convince the voters that there’s little people lurking inside your neighbor’s lady parts, even if there’s no biological evidence to support that proposition, and that this law will save the wee mythical people.

Obviously, there’s a good reason for pro-choicers to be alarmed when personhood amendments seem like they’re really going to get onto ballots. If they pass, that means that anti-choicers not only have a platform to issue challenges to abortion, but also that they have a chance to go after other anti-choice goals, namely pushing for bans on reliable, female-controlled contraception like the birth control pill and the IUD. Hey, we don’t know that female-controlled contraception doesn’t kill “babies”, since it’s all invisible behind that wall of flesh that separates the uterus from its proper Bible-thumping owners (a wall of flesh most of us call “the woman”), so better to be safe and ban the pill. Those doctors who say the birth control pill doesn’t work that way can’t be 100% sure, so we can discount their opinions entirely. Or, that’s the general gist of the argument, anyhow.

Clearly, a large scale challenge not only to abortion but to all of the most effective female-controlled forms of contraception is a very bad thing for women, on the grounds that anti-choicers might succeed and start forcing more women to bear children against their will. But there is a reason for cautious optimism when it comes to the personhood amendment push. Personhood amendments are a classic example of a political group overplaying their hand, and in this case, personhood amendments offer a great opportunity to take away the cover of fetus-concern that anti-choicers use to push their real goals of oppressing women and making sex fraught in the hopes people will have less of it.

Regular readers of RH Reality Check are no doubt familiar with the most taxing obstacle for the anti-choice movement in its goal to push its ideology into our laws, which is that they can’t be upfront with the public about what they believe without facing rejection. The organized anti-choice movement is hostile to contraception, and especially hostile to female-controlled contraception. This gives lie to their claims that they’re indifferent to women’s liberation and sexual behavior, and only interested in saving fetal life. Actual behavior indicates a pattern of hostility to sexual liberation, from the promotion of abstinence-only programs to the dishonest claims about the safety of the HPV vaccine. The public is willing to accept that an anti-choicer who is fascinated by fetus life is a good person with a legitimate claim. They’re not so sympathetic to people who just want to clap chastity belts on everyone and issue permission slips before you get to indulge your sexual desires.

The anti-choice tactic to deal with this problem is, to put it bluntly, to be two-faced. The face offered to the public is sentimental about fetal life, so that the public assumes that anti-choicers are well-meaning, if a big silly. The fact that there’s a larger anti-sex agenda is to be kept on the down low. As I’ve reported before, anti-choice protesters are trained to feign compassion for women and to dissemble about contraception [2] in order to keep up this façade.

Of course, when you actually write ballot initiatives that are about banning the birth control pill, it’s a lot harder to keep up the façade. Not that the anti-choicers behind this aren’t trying to adapt the “just lie about what you’re up to” tactic. As Wendy Norris reported, [1] they’ve softened up the language about a “fertilized egg” to “from the beginning of biological development”, a softening-up that is probably not only there to hoodwink the public but also to broaden the definition of what shedding of sex cells will be illegal. Squeezed hard enough, I could see how “the beginning of biological development” could be even be used to define male masturbation and female menstruation as an exciting 21st century version of “baby-killing”. Hey, all that sperm you left in a gym sock is kind of sort of the beginning of human development, especially if you’re daft enough to think that suppressing ovulation (which is what the birth control pill does) is “abortion”.

No matter how vaguely worded the assault on contraception along with abortion is, it’s still an assault on contraception. (And IVF, as well, and probably a whole host of things that fit into this vague category.) And contraception is incredibly popular. 98% of women will use it at some point in their lives, [3] which means that even the people railing against the evils of contraception are probably sneaking around and using it, while lying to their anti-choice buddies about it. All pro-choicers need to do is make it clear to the voters that this is an assault on contraception, and assume that the secret ballot will do the rest.

This strategy worked in Colorado, [4] with 73% of the voters rejecting a challenge to legal female-controlled contraception. I’m going to charitably assume that most of the 25% of people who use contraception and voted against it were simply confused, with a smattering of blatant hypocrites to round it out. A 25% confusion rate is low enough not to swing an election, but it’s still way too high. It’s clear that our main goal in fighting back against these personhood amendments should be education. If I may, I suggest starting with the Reality Check video [5] on why the birth control pill is not abortion. Once the biology’s out of the way, you can move on to explaining to your audience why anti-choicers are deliberately misrepresenting how the birth control pill works in an effort to get it banned, despite its widespread popularity.”

Responsibility and pleasure: I’m seeing more and more girls getting into trouble by not understanding that responsibility goes along with sexual gratification, regardless of what form the pleasure takes. The 16 y/o daughter of an Escort diver was within moments of serious injury this afternoon when she put on her mom’s SCUBA set with its octopus and pussy reg and tried to have solo bubble sex. She had watched her mom get bubble fucked while working with her trainer and a boyfriend and the daughter would probably have been safe if she had done as she was told and used a Milex Omniflex diaphragm with her mom’s pussy reg. But she used her own Semina diaphragm with a much thinner dome that couldn’t withstand the friction from the compressed wings of the special SeaCure, mouthpiece that has been adjusted to fit her mom’s vagina. When the reg mouthpiece was pushed into her vagina and locked behind her pubic bone the friction of the wing against the dome tore a hole in the silicone membrane and she lost her overpressure protection. That protection is vital for safely when releasing gas in the vagina as is done to expand the dynamic range of the woman’s vaginal muscles when she is being bubble fucked.

If the daughters pelvic anatomy hadn’t been smaller than her moms so that the wings of the mouthpiece weren’t such a tight fit perhaps the dome of the Semina wouldn’t have torn, but it did. We found her held on the bottom in only 7 feet of water (to lessen the nitrogen loading of training in deeper water) by an ankle leash attached to a drain cover. She was struggling to pull the mouthpiece of her pussy reg out of her vagina. It was a standard US Divers reg with a modified SeaCure mouthpiece, stuffed into her and locked in place by a wing of the mouthpiece wedged behind her pubic bone. Just as we got to the pool edge she expelled the second stage reg that should have been in her mouth and it floated in front of her face, her mask was flooded and her mouth open. She hadn’t been using the spit strap which would have prevented her from accidentally spitting out her reg during an emergency. Her mom and I both jumped in and while her mom purged the reg and put it in her daughter’s mouth I release the Velcro strap of the ankle leash and we got her safely to the surface before the daughter had a chance to hit purge and fill her vagina with air. Her mom helped her pull the modified mouthpiece out of her vagina and she was just bruised and scraped not torn. The ruined Semina was the scary part and her mom went ballistic when she saw the dome was torn and realized how close she has been to losing her daughter to an embolism. Since she is of age her mom is going to get her a Milex Omniflex and have her fitted with her own pussy reg so she can take lessons. That way bubble sex will be safe and not so painful.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Gas masks, anesthetics and vulnerability

A gas mask girl sealing her mask

Gas mask girls and anesthetics: It’s the start of the Fall Fetish parties here as the nights begin to cool off, a bit. For the major events there are valet parking girls in latex, ballet-boots and gas masks to set the mood as guests arrive. Gas mask girls - mainly college students working as valet parkers - are a standard part of a festive private fetish event and there had been no problem with that until late last year when an 19 y/o was raped at the far end of an estate parking area about 1:00 AM. She was wearing a mask w/o a filter canister and chloroform was sprayed into her masks canister fitting. She remembered a man in latex (like all the other guests) approached her and held up his hand as she finished moving a guest’s car. She smelled something cloyingly sweet and then nothing until she awoke with a headache, sore pelvis and vagina and the crotch zipper of her latex suit open. She took Plan B and she didn’t get pregnant or an STI so that was good, but they never caught the guy.

Filter vulnerability: The trouble has started again this year and again it involves girls wearing masks w/o filters. Filter canisters aren’t used by valet parking because they are an additional expense but mainly because the masks are sweltering even w/o a filter but are far hotter when a filter is attached, so it’s a matter of relative comfort. There have been two instances so far, The first one using chloroform like last year that involved nothing more serious than rape though that’s traumatic enough for the girl, even if she was multitasking at the time to earn a bit more on the side. In the second incident ethyl ether was used with tragic consequences. No one is sure if it was an accident or if the girl recognized her attacker and he did it on purpose but somehow the ether fumes in her mask caught fire. He must have sprayed enough inside so that there were small pools of liquid because rather than a single flash over in seconds the fumes and rubber inside of her mask burned with a blue flame for several minutes. That was long enough to melt the mask onto her face and globs of flaming rubber from the mask dropped onto her chest and briefly caught the front of he latex suit on fire. She must have been dead within seconds of the ether igniting as she breathed the fire into her lungs. The stench of burnt flesh and rubber was overpowering, even after I had put Vicks vapor rub in my nostrils before I went to take a look at her ahead of the EMTs arriving. There was no need for the EMT to rush, she was very dead and as with all the others her crotch zipper was open.

Missing ID: I pulled on a latex glove and checked and the diaphragm she was supposed to be wearing – it had an RFID chip in it identifying her as an employee of the party services/catering Co. – was missing which suggested to me that it was either taken as a memento or that her attacker was a woman (even though the girl appeared to have semen inside her) who had intended to wear the diaphragm with the ID chip to crash the party. Chloroform is not flammable but ethyl ether is an extreme fire hazard so we are all wondering if the guy just ran out of chloroform and will switch back or if ether will be his anesthetic of choice in future attacks. I think it’s also possible that this last incident involved a different perp since ether was used and the victim’s ID was missing neither of which had happened in earlier instances of similar attacks.

Pointe shoe quiz

This quiz is a bit different. Tell me what modification the dancer in this image has made to her shoes and why. This is a high resolution image so enlarging it should give you a good view of the changes she has made.

Low dose birth control pills and bone growth

High BMD is a must for ballet dancers

Low-Dose Birth Control Pills Retard Bone Growth

By John Gever, Senior Editor, MedPage TodayPublished: September 14, 2009
Reviewed by Dori F. Zaleznik, MD; Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, Boston and Dorothy Caputo, MA, RN, BC-ADM, CDE, Nurse Planner

DENVER -- Teenage girls taking low-dose, oral contraceptives with 15 mcg of ethinyl estradiol showed abnormally low levels of bone growth, or even lost bone density, compared with teens who took a product with a higher dose of estrogen, researchers said.In a randomized crossover trial, bone mineral density (BMD) in girls 15 to 19 years old who took the lower-dose oral contraceptive for nine months failed to increase or dropped, while BMD increased at normal rates in participants taking pills with a 30-mcg ethinyl estradiol content, according to Jan Stepan, MD, of Charles University in Prague.In a poster presentation here at the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research (ASBMR), Stepan said the findings suggested girls needing oral contraceptives "could be counseled toward preparations with higher estrogen levels."

The study involved 82 girls in their middle to late teens, a period during which they should be accumulating bone density.

Twenty-eight were given no medications and served as controls. The other 54 were randomly assigned to nine months of treatment with oral contraceptives containing 60 mcg of gestodene (a progestin, not FDA-approved but common in European contraceptives) and either 15 or 30 mcg of ethinyl estradiol. After this initial treatment period, those in the treatment group were switched to the other contraceptive dosage for another nine months.

Lumbar spine BMD and whole body bone mineral content were measured at baseline and after each nine-month period. In the control participants, spinal BMD increased by 1% during each treatment period, and whole body bone mineral content rose 2% in each period.

Those initially assigned to the 30-mcg ethinyl estradiol dosage also showed a 1% increase in spinal BMD, but it returned to baseline levels when they switched to the 15-mcg dosage.

Participants first receiving the 15-mcg dose showed virtually no increase in spinal BMD. After switching to the higher dosage, spinal BMD accumulation paralleled that of control participants.

With the 15-mcg formulation, "physiological BMD increase in lumbar spine was interrupted and, after nine months, its users had 2% lower lumbar spine BMD compared with controls," the poster summarized.

Whole body bone mineral content did not accumulate as quickly in the girls taking the oral contraceptives as in the control group.

Those starting at 15 mcg and switching to 30 mcg ended up with about half the level of increase seen in the control group (1.7% versus 3.7%, P<0.05), while girls taking the drugs in the reverse order had even less increase in whole body bone mineral content (0.4%, P<0.05 versus both of the other groups).

During the first nine months of the study, serum PINP -- a marker of bone turnover -- declined in all three groups, somewhat faster in those taking oral contraceptives. However, those switching from the high- to low-dose product then showed a 30% increase in PINP levels.

The final treatment period saw no change in mean PINP among controls or those switching from the low- to high-dose ethinyl estradiol.

Stepan explained that the lower dose of ethinyl estradiol suppresses endogenous estrogen release without fully replacing it. Those on the higher dose end up with a more normal level of estrogens, he said.

He said no untoward side effects were seen with the higher-dose product.
Commenting on the study, Craig Langman, MD, a pediatric endocrinologist at Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago, said the findings were plausible and clinically relevant.
But he cautioned that the findings may not apply to many U.S. teens, who often take these drugs to correct endocrine dysfunctions rather than to prevent pregnancy.

Langman said such use is increasingly common in American adolescents as a treatment for the so-called female triad -- eating disorders, amenorrhea, and osteoporosis. In contrast, the Czech study enrolled healthy girls, reflecting the population using the medications as contraceptives.

Primary source: American Society for Bone and Mineral ResearchSource reference: Stepan J, et al., "A cross-over study of BMD and markers in adolescent users of combined oral contraceptives with different estrogen content" ASBMR 2009; Abstract FR0005.

Action Points
Explain to interested patients that estrogen hormones are important for building bone mass during adolescence.

Explain that this study was a randomized, controlled trial, a relatively strong form of evidence. But caution that each treatment period was only nine months and the study included relatively small numbers of participants.

Explain that the findings may not be relevant to adolescents prescribed oral contraceptives to correct endocrine abnormalities rather than to prevent pregnancy.

Note that this study was published as an abstract and presented at a conference. These data and conclusions should be considered to be preliminary until published in a peer-reviewed journal.”

Personal comment: While preliminary this study reinforces Our Clinic’s efforts to switch girls to forms of birth control other than hormones. Hormonal methods are an option for girls who need to control heavy bleeding or menstrual pain and for alleviation of the symptoms of endometrioses and polycystic ovary disease (PCOS) but for otherwise healthy girls to fill their bodies with artificial hormones just to avoid pregnancy when other methods of contraception are as effective and healthier is a shame. Some of the hormonal methods that have 15 mcg of estrogen in them which slow or decrease bone density are: Mirelle (60mcg gestodene, 15mcg EE) not available in the U.S.) and the vaginal ring, NuvaRing, which releases 0.12mg etonogestrel, 15mcg EE per day. Fortunately, only NuvaRing is available in the U.S. at the moment and the ick-factor of having to insert and remove the ring has minimized its use so far.

Our clinic and Student Health at St Lucy’s are encouraging girls to increase bone mineral density now – by weight-bearing and resistance exercises (pointe class, Pilates and light weights are great for this), and by eating a diet rich in calcium and vitamin D via salmon, dairy, and spinach. We also require our casino dancers and St Lucy’s ballet students to have bone density measurements every 6 months to make sure they are healthy enough to handle the physically intense schedule of a ballet dancer.

Honeymoon dive killer’s sentence increased

Tina Watson (back) in distress during the Great Barrier Reef dive she died on

From: The Sunday Telegraph (Sydney, Australia) September 20, 2009 1:09AM

Scuba killer Gabe Watson faces death sentence

-Gabe Watson killed wife Tina while diving
-Out of Australian jail next year
-US officials will seek death penalty

HONEYMOON killer Gabe Watson could face the death penalty when he is released from an Australian jail and returns to the US. Alabama Attorney General Troy King yesterday announced he would go after Watson for a capital murder, the worst category of murder in the state.

If he is convicted, Watson faces death by lethal injection or life without parole.

The 32-year-old bubble-wrap salesman has admitted to killing his new wife Tina Watson who drowned as they explored the Great Barrier Reef on their October 2003 honeymoon.

In June, he cut a deal with Queensland prosecutors and pleaded guilty to manslaughter.

He was sentenced to 4 1/2 years' jail, to be suspended after a year, in a decision that devastated Tina's family and provoked public outcry over its leniency.

Queensland Attorney General Cameron Dick appealed the sentence and the Court of Appeal on Friday ruled Watson should spend another six months in jail, which means he will be back in Alabama in December 2010.

Mr King said he was "deeply disappointed" by the outcome.

"Tina Thomas Watson and her family have been deprived by the Australian court system of the justice they deserved," Mr. King said.

Mr King had been considering hitting Watson with a murder conspiracy charge, but yesterday declared he would go for the more serious offence.

During a meeting yesterday, he ordered a team of prosecutors and investigators to compile a brief of evidence that will be presented to a grand jury for a capital murder indictment.

The presentation could happen within months.

If the 16-person panel agrees there is enough evidence to support a conviction in Alabama, he will be tried for murder. If convicted, a judge would decide whether to give him life in jail or condemn him to death.

Mr King said he hoped to give the family "what they could not get in Australia - justice".

But legal experts have expressed doubts that Watson could be retried due to double jeopardy rules.

Mr King would not say what piece of law allowed him to indict Watson in the US after his plea in Australia.

Tina's sister Alanda Thomas hoped he would stand trial.

"My sister, Tina, had her entire life taken from her by his actions and all he gets is 18 months in jail," she said.

"That is just a disgrace.

"Hopefully my sister will get her day in court and Gabe will finally stand trial for all he has done."

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ballet-boots at St Lucy’s

Confidence in pointe-shoes

Ballet-boots at St Lucy’s: A reader wanted to know how we prevent St Lucy’s students from wearing ballet-boots. The answer is that we don’t, at least not overtly. Our girls are learning life skills that they will use in the highest social circles in all the countries of the industrialized world so we concentrate on those skills that will bring them to the attention of men in that social strata. A girl will have far more opportunity to beguile a man in pointe shoes than in ballet-boots and any woman confident in striding around en pointe while keeping a man in thrall to her can easily learn to stride confidently in ballet heels. St Lucy’s girls are not forbidden to wear ballet heels because that would just drive some to wear them just to defy authority. Every girl in ballet is fitted for a pair of ballet boots and taught to wear them, but it becomes quickly apparent to the students that it takes far more skill and training to be artistically and sexually proficient en pointe and our girls are nothing if not competitive so we use their natural competitiveness to keep them focused where we feel the emphasis should be, in being proficient and competitive in traditional pointes.

Our psychologists say that ballet heels appeal primarily to women who want to be submissive to a dominant male. I’m not sure I agree entirely with that analysis because I wear ballet-boots when I feel like dominating a partner of either sex, but I think it is generally true which is why so many ballet heels have shaft locks and D-rings for attaching shackles.

Boys in Ballet-boots: I just taught a class for a Gay fetish group at a local university about how to wear and walk confidently in ballet-boots. It’s a non-credit class taught off campus – in one of Gepetto’s studios – where we can concentrate on the basics w/o being interrupted by students curious to see men wearing ballet-boots. Actually, all the boys are lovely young slim hardbodys mostly in their late teens or early 20s with one or two grad students in their mid 20s. And they all have ‘patrons’ who are buying their boots for them because they are wearing one of Gepetto’s newest designs the Pleasure boot with a conventional 7 inch heel. [For more about Gepetto’s new Pleasure boot design see my entry for September 11, 2009] Since technically the Pleasure boot is still in its preproduction trials the boot was offered to the group at a discount of 50% in order that the engineers could see how well men adapted to the design. The course was triggered not only by Gepetto’s requirement that anyone wearing his boots has to undergo at least basic course in how to wear them correctly, but the fact that at $1500 a pair (that’s the discounted price) the boys patrons wanted to ensure that their lovers could do more than just pose prettily in them.

There are only two men in the 11 man class who are dancers who have the strength in their legs and feet to wear pointe-shoes and they aren’t interested in putting that much energy into sex, where they are penetrated, while on their toes as the muscles in the anus and rectum and the associated sphincters don’t contract en pointe like the muscles of the vagina do so there is no change in the strength of anal grip. I’ve also been told that while en pointe there is also no increased sensitivity of the prostate to being caressed through the anal wall. So the boys and their patrons are looking for the most comfortable way to be en pointe while their male lovers penetrate them from behind. What I’m teaching in addition to the proper way to trim their toenails and tape and pad their toes before forcing their toes into the blocks of their boots is proper datary habits so they get the proper minerals to lessen the possibility of leg cramps while in their boots. Another thing that’s important is proper Achilles tendon stretching exercises so they don’t have problems with shortened Achilles tendons from long intervals of boot wearing. And of course the proper use of heel guards including heel guard etiquette.

Gepetto’s designers have had no trouble adjusting the flexibility of the shanks to accommodate 140 to 180 pound men with the necessary flexibility of the titanium shanks and convex heels of the boots, the signature features of the Pleasure boot which make it so much more comfortable to wear than an ordinary pair of ballet heels. The style is the 7 inch boot shaft with laces only. No shaft locks and in soft black garment leather. The guys have been really good about learning to care for their boots and have quickly become expert in striding confidently in them. I took them out to a large mall the other night and we walked around in our boots on the various surfaces: concrete, tile, marble, terrazzo, wood and carpeting with and without our heel guards and they all did very well. I think their patrons will be proud when taking their arm-candy out socially as the guys show well while displaying their skills in ballet-heels. The guys were so appreciative of me taking time to show them tricks and tips girls use to make wearing and having sex in ballet-boots fun.

“FDA panel backs Gardasil for use by men

WASHINGTON (AP) – September 9, 2009. Federal health advisers say Merck's vaccine Gardasil, which already is used to prevent cervical cancer in women, should also be approved to stop genital warts in men.

A Food and Drug Administration panel voted unanimously with one abstention that the vaccine is effective for blocking the human papilloma virus, or HPV, in males ages 9 to 26. The panel voted 7-1 that the vaccine is safe for those patients.

The FDA is not required to follow the group's guidance, though it usually does.

HPV causes warts and certain rare cancers of the genitals in both men and women”

Personal comment: It also protects against anal and throat cancers (so far an off label use) so this is good news for those who commonly participate in oral and anal sex. All the boys in my boot school are getting their Gardasil shots and several have already completed the three injection series.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Hunting and hookups

Adderall IR 20 mg tablets

Hunting and hookups: I’m cycle day 22 today. I ovulated on CD14 and now that I’m in the luteal phase of my cycle I have become more masochistic, which is normal for me, but when I’m this way I need very rough sex. Both Taryn and Robin were busy the other night so after work, at 2:00 AM, I went alone to Naughty’s – that’s ‘Naughty Pleasures’ my casino’s X-rated club - looking for a man who could give me what I needed. When Robin and I were there last week I had seen a guy in the medically controlled area of the club – the area where to get in everyone has to have a current medical card showing that you are free of STIs - who had ridden his small Asian partner so hard that afterward she had to be helped out to her car. I noticed him then because I had seen him there before and that time he had taken an experienced escort (who I knew casually) so roughly that when he was finished with her she spent the night in a hospital under observation and had trouble walking for several days afterward.

That was the sort of man I needed the other night when I went into Naughty’s looking for action. And lo and behold he walked in just after I ordered my first glass of orange juice. I never drink alcohol when I’m hunting as it slows my reflexes and a girl needs all her senses heightened not dulled if she is to have a successful hunt and not be vulnerable herself. Which is why, when I go hunting or on cleanup and harvesting missions, I take a 20 mg tablet of Adderall IR (instant release) about three hours before I go out so the drug is fully in my bloodstream at the very start. Adderall increases my energy and focus and shortens my muscle response time unbelievably! It’s an absoutely amazing pill! Of course it’s banned when knife-pointe fighting in sanctioned matches but when a girl is on her own I think anything that gives me an advantage is fair. Fortunately I’ve had no bad side effects from Adderall, my appetite hasn’t been lessened and the next day when the drug is passing out of my system I’m not depressed so I’m reallty pleased with how well it’s working for me!

On offer: So there I was sitting at the Meat Market bar - which got its name from the fact that a lot of carnal transacions occur there - and as he looked over the women he had to choose from I turned on my barstool so he could get a good look. I knew I was the best looking and most talented girl (where talent counted that evening) in the room and I gave him my shy smile when he looked in my direction, which made me his first choice for the evening. I was wearing a front zip, thong back, long sleeve turtleneck mycromesh cotton lycra leo in my signature color, bright yellow. And my toes were packed into matching yellow leather Freed Classic pointe-shoes. My legs were bare and lightly oiled so there was just the faintest shimmer in the subdued light as I crossed them and my thigh-split skirt opened to display my contracted calves and pointed feet.

His stride was confident as he came in my direction and I watched fascinated as he became erect before he got to me. I wondered if that was because he lacked self control, I didn’t think so, or if he was so anxious to sample my depths that he didn’t care about letting me know how he felt. I saw his need as a lever I could use to get him to do what I wanted, but even before he came on to me I thought he would be easy to bend to my will. We talked briefly at the bar to make sure we both wanted the same thing before I led him to an intimate encounter studio I’d booked in anticipation of finding a suitable mate for the evening. He saw my dance bag and asked if I wanted to change into ballet-boots. When I said I prefered to be taken in pointe-shoes en pointe he smiled and said I was the perfect girl for him!

Impressively hung: At 6’5” and 250 lbs he was massive and impressively hung with a drill bit that was 2.5 inches thick and probably 8 or 9 inches long and when I saw his package it became apparent why small girls were injured during sex with him. I was wearing an Oves which while protecting against pregnancy provided no thrust buffering. But that night I really needed to have my cervix pounded and if I was lucky I might even be taken to a cervical orgasm that evening so I was satisfied with my level of protection. I let him remove my skirt and hang it over the barre, then with me en pointe with my legs spread while we were facing each other he deep kissed me and I sucked on his tongue trying to pull it out of his mough as he slipped his hand between my legs, pulled my thong to one side and slid two long thick fingers inside me. I felt his fingers exploring my depths and he found the roughened surface of my G-spot and caressed it briefly so I gasped making me momentarily lose suction on his tongue. By then I could feel my natural lube wetting my thighs where it had run down his fingers and coated his hand. He Pulled his tongur fron my mouth and his fingers from my vagina and I asked if he wanted to gag me and he nodded yes. So I took a ball-gag from my dancebag and peeled off it’s sterile wrap pulling the harness over my head and setting the ball between my teeth before tightening the harness. When my gag was in place and while I was still en pointe he quickly turned me to face the barre, bent me over so I was gripping the barre. Then placing his tip between my labia he pushed and his massive root entered me from behind.

I was ready for him, fully aroused, labia engorged, purple, parted and drippy wet with my own natural lube. I could feel the tingle in my pelvis that I get when my uterus and cervix are pulled up out of the way of a thrusting penis as my body is preparing to be penetrated.. I felt him put his tip between my labia and then he entered me for the first time. It wasn’t a gentle tentative push but a single, powerful, lightening fast stroke that buried him as deeply inside me as he could get as his pelvis hit mine with a thud.. Even as prepared as I was to take him it was breathtaking to be filled that full that quickly and I gasped in surprise and delight! But, try as he might in that position he couldn’t reach my cervix with his tip and had to be satisfied with giving me a wonderful moaning, gasping quivering, drooling G-spot orgasm before shooting his wad and filling me with his seed.

Cervical orgasm: Afterward as we caught our breath I kegeled most of his semen out and we both peed and had a sports drink while he recycled. When he was ready he picked me up with his hands cupped under my buns and lowered me on to his erection as I guided him inside me. He had my back up against the mrrored wall of the tiny soundproof encounter studio and as soon as he was fully inside me I wrapped my legs around his waist locking him inside. I knew this time it would be a very different experience because being vertical my cervix wasn’t as high and therefore I could feel the tip of his shaft already pressing against the tip of my cervix even before we started, which guaranteed a memorable and prehaps even dangerous encounter, something we both were looking for. I had reinserted my ball-gag, more for something to bite down on to prevent biting my tongue during both the agony and ecstasy than for noise suppression as my partner liked to hear his women scream from what he was doing to them. He had amazing stamina holding me against the mirrored wall and battering my pelvis and cervix unmercifilly. It was marvelous! My Gyn says that from her extensive experience cervical orgasms are rare and are an acquired taste because there is a certain amount of pain involved, a threshod of sorts, before a girl reaches ecstasy after which she experieces unimanagable bliss. Most women either aren’t interested or can’t get past the pain threshold to experience a cervical orgasm. Fortunately, I am and I can! Knowing what is coming after I pass the threshold I rather enjoy the pain as well as my clensing tears and screams.

It took him about 5 minutes to get me past the pain of having my cervic rammed and then he held me in ecstasy for what seemed like a long time and I could feel myself blacking out from lack of oxygen as I gasped for air. My vaginal muscled were spasming in extreme contractions around his shaft and I wished I’d thought to order supplemental oxygen. I think I had gotten him off inside me about three times by ripple gripping him as he battered me cgainst the wall so he was getting sore and I could see him start to wince each time he thrust into me and then his legs gave way and we collapsed in a heap on the floor. I had felt him beginning to go so I had opened my legs and held on to his shoulders and rode him down. I ended up sitting astride him still impailed on his shaft while blood was pouring out of my vagina. He was moaning and quivering and at first I didn’t know which of us was bleeding. I pulled myself off him and found that he had torn badly and so called our on-duty EMS unit to pack him in ice and take him to the ER.

I found that while I was stiff and sore I could still walk well so I took 800 my of Ibuprofen cleaned myself up and drove home satisfied that I’d had a very pleasant evening of encounters. I wasn’t even that sore in the morning and on Ipuprofen had no problem taking pointe class with all the attendent stretching that could be affected by tight abdominals. It really pays to stay in top shape when you are into seriously rough sex! My Leather pointes and leotard were badly stained with blood. The yellow leather Freeds I dyed black and they are suitable for continued use. The leo was beyond saving so went into the burn bag with my old tattered pointes that are periodically burned.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pointe shoes Vs Ballet boots

Warming up for barre in the conservatory

In your dreams! Pointe shoes Vs Ballet boots: In my last few posts I’ve been going on about the advantages of wearing ballet boots for those women (and a few men) who enjoy fetish sex on their toes but who are unable or unwilling to work effectively in pointe shoes. Returning readers should know that I’m not backing off my belief that the most intense sexual experience a woman can have is being penetrated from behind while en pointe in traditional pointe shoes while bent over holding on to a ballet barre. In that position a girl’s vaginal muscles are already clenched from being on her toes so any contractions from orgasms make her grip just that much more intense. The feeling of a man moving in and out of you while you watch in the studio mirror as his shaft thrusts as deeply as it can go really has to be experienced to be believed.

But where this experience in pointe shoes differs from being taken in ballet boots is that at some point in a girl’s pointe training she learns to control her leg muscles during sex on her toes. It’s like learning to ride a bike or roller skate; you’re struggling and then suddenly holding your balance without falling off pointe while being taken just seems so natural. Of course with pointe shoes that comes from years of strength training and building stamina from thousands and thousands of reps of the same exercises and practicing pointe sex with an understanding partner.

Sex in ballet boots is a good second choice for the majority of women who don’t have the time or talent to master pointe shoes, but no one should fool themselves that sex in boots provides nearly the satisfaction of accomplishment and the thrill of the most intense orgasms as being taken en pointe in conventional pointe shoes.

At What Age Do American Teens Become Sexually Active?

“Age at sexual debut varies by sex, race, and ethnicity.
Until now, no study has been large enough to provide satisfactory data on age at sexual debut in the four largest racial or ethnic groups in the U.S. Now, researchers analyzed data from the National Youth Risk Behavior Survey (conducted from 1999 through 2007) to determine age at first coitus in 66,882 black, Latino and Latina, white, and Asian students in grades 9 through 12.

Based on self-reported data, probability for coital debut by a student's 17th birthday was 82% for black males, 74% for black females, 69% for Latinos, 59% for Latinas, 53% for white males, 58% for white females, 33% for Asian males, and 28% for Asian females.

Comment: Although these data are interesting and important, they do not account for potential confounders, such as parental income and educational level, which can diminish the association between race or ethnicity and teen pregnancy. In addition, girls (as well as members of some ethnic groups) might be more likely to underreport sexual activity, whereas boys might be more likely to overreport it. Finally, this study did not include youths who had dropped out of school — a very high-risk group. The authors concluded that sex education programs and policies should be sensitive to the effects of race or ethnicity on coital debut. However, frontline medical providers should discuss sexuality routinely at healthcare visits with all teens, regardless of race or ethnicity.

— Ann J. Davis, MD
Published in Journal Watch Women's Health September 10, 2009”

Survival of a boot-chick: A friend and I were chatting about my post concerning women being voluntarily hung by their vaginal/anal hooks. Some very few are kinked that way. For entry level boot-girls even for the most masochistic there is a very high turnover rate during the first 6 months. After 6 months the girls either have learned street smarts or get out. A girl can try and set limits but with a first time customer she may be obeyed or not and a lot don’t survive. We both think the boot-girl who had her ankles clamped in a spreader when she went off the 23rd floor balcony was pushed or thrown. There is no way to know for sure but it would have been very difficult with the weight of that spreader for her to have jumped.

A must see film: ‘The September Issue’ “Anna Wintour, the legendary editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine for twenty years, is the most powerful and polarizing figure in fashion. Hidden behind her trademark bob and sunglasses, she has never allowed anyone to scrutinize the inner workings of her magazine. Until now. With unprecedented access, filmmaker R.J. Cutler's new film takes the viewer inside a world they only think they know. Every August a record-breaking number of people can't wait to get their hands on the September issue of Vogue. The 2007 issue was and remains the biggest ever, weighing over four pounds, selling thirteen million copies, and impacting the $300-billion global fashion industry more than any other single publication. He takes us behind the scenes at Fashion Week, to Europe, on shoots and re-shoots, and into closed-door staff meetings, bearing witness to an arduous, entertaining, and sometimes emotionally demanding process. At the eye of this annual fashion hurricane is the two-decade relationship between Wintour and Grace Coddington, incomparable Creative Director and fashion genius. They are perfectly matched for the age-old conflict between creator and curator. Through them, we see close-up the delicate creative chemistry it takes to remain at the top of the ever-changing fashion field.”

Personal Comment: I thought this film was a marvelous opportunity for the public to see behind the scenes of the worlds greatest fashion magazine as the largest issue of the year is put together. With the economy in the pits and even a publishing empire like Condé Nast retrenching Vogue has delayed work on the article they were doing on ballet fetish fashion in Vegas as being too narrowly focused for now until women are spending more freely again.

Monday, September 14, 2009

pointe shoe quiz

Pointe shoe Quiz

Pointe shoe quiz: Who is the maker of these shoes? Anyone can participate in this quiz. And, Paul, for extra credit since you will get the maker fairly easily, what is the name of this shoe style or model which has now been discontinued.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Working in boots

Sorry, I’ll be tied up this weekend

Working in boots: The position of the boot-girl shown in the image accompanying this entry is a favorite of ‘shoe sniffers’ men who love to smell a woman’s sweaty boots during sex. It is also favored by men who are very well endowed because a woman can be penetrated the deepest (with the least pain and injury) when she is horizontal on her stomach so her uterus is pulled down by gravity while she is being taken from behind. In an office setting a few reams of copy paper can be placed under her hips to adjust the height of her vagina to meet the needs of her partner and a roll of Mylar sheeting can be used to prevent staining the carpet. At home folded blankets or hard pillows work well for hip adjustment. Fasteners, our casino’s bondage boutique, sells colored nylon line and rope of various sizes for hog tying as well as a complete line of stainless steel chains, collars, cuffs, locks, clamps and spreader bars. Since the recession began the demand for up-market BDSM has increased at least four fold just as it has for the Escort trade so it is difficult to get and train enough talented women to fill the need. This shortage has led a few entrepreneurs to enter the market to get a piece of the BDSM surge.

The second job: Some office girls bring a change of clothes and a pair of ballet boots to work in a boot bag. They could be going to the gym after work, staying late to help a friend with an after hours project or going to their evening job as a boot-girl in a BDSM salon. A pretty woman who loves adventure can make good money as a boot-girl in a BDSM salon as long as her health and looks last. With the number of office towers and condos in foreclosure here there is a lot of space with lovely views of the Strip. Some of it is being used for BDSM salons and for the most part that seems to be working without major problems. There was the recent instance where a girl in pointe boots and a House of Harlot white latex catsuit with a spreader bar clamped to her ankles went off a balcony on the 23 floor of one of the towers. How she managed it no one is quite sure. Fortunately she landed on the pool surround on the pool patio at the fourth floor level and not in the street. Even in heavy rubber the 19 floor drop burst her suit like a balloon and she splattered. After we collected the pieces building maintenance had to work with buckets of a quicklime paste to remove the stains. That she was able to get away from her Domme and escape - in a manner of speaking - says a lot about the level of attention to detail from that Mistress. The Families closed her salon down as a hazard to tourism and she is in confinement indefinitely in heavy rubber. Taryn and I cleaned up the mess. There was nothing the girl was wearing - she was on birth control pills so she had no vaginal protection and her HOH suit was ruined - that either of us wanted.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The dangers of gas mask sex

Booted, masked and ready to be gassed

Gas mask sex: Now that school has started we are having a rash of accidents involving gas masks mostly at local high schools. That must have been the fad fetish toy this summer because a lot of students have come back to St Lucy’s with inexpensive and easily obtained masks and don’t really understand the dangers of misusing them. None of the accidents involving St Lucy’s girls have been fatal but we have had two already so I’ve added gas mask use as a topic in my Contemporary Sexual Health class. Most of the problems have been because the girls were using long corrugated rubber hoses with their masks and hadn’t checked to see if the exhalation valves would work properly. Some of the older masks the exhalation valves were sticking or had been intentionally tampered with so they wouldn’t open. That meant that with no filter canister used and with a long hose attached to the filter connector the same air is inhaled and exhaled repeatedly so the effect is as though the girl was breathing into a rebreather bag. We have had several collapse from near suffocation during sex because that is when their partners are not paying attention enough to tell if the girls they are fucking are moving or not. The mind of a man in that state is so under control of the nerves in the tip of his penis that, until he shoots his wad into her belly, he could be fucking a corpse and not realize it.

I teach my students that anyone with a new piece of fetish equipment should learn how it is supposed to work and check to see that it is working correctly before using it to play in. With a mask the basics are to check the seals around the face and where the filter attaches to make sure they are gas tight. Also check all the vents to see that they are working properly and if you are using a piece of hose make certain that it is unobstructed and that all vents are working correctly so you can get an exchange of air. If you are using filter canisters make sure they are for the mask you have and that they are in-date and not previously used if they are to be used for protection in a hostile atmosphere.

Vaginal and anal hooks

An anal / Pussy Hook

The butt hook: This bondage toy has a removable 30mm diameter x 60mm long plug is attached (removable) to a 300mm long natural curve of 12mm diameter highly polished stainless steel with securing loop. The curvature of this device is adjusted to fit the individual and the body cavity in which it will be used. An incorrectly adjusted or inserted butt/pussy hook can result in a punctured vagina or anal cavity with massive blood loss so no woman below the age of 16 should be fitted for one. Girls interested in BDSM training are strongly encouraged to be fitted for their own butt and vaginal hooks and not to try using their mother’s or older sister’s device.

The hook(s) can be worn alone snuggly chained to a bondage corset or with a Penetrator plug as pelvic padding if worn as a butt hook and the wearer is to be suspended with her weight being taken on the hook. Even with the Penetrator head padding her pubic bone and vulva being suspended by a butt hook is extraordinarily painful and some pelvic crush injuries can occur. A coping mechanism is for the woman to remain as still as possible while suspended. However, a battery powered G-spot vibrator in the Penetrator plug is usually activated by the wearer’s Master which makes remaining still very unlikely. A snuggly fitted ball-gag is worn to muffle the wearer’s screams.

In my Contemporary Sexual Health classes I urge students who are interested in and old enough to be fitted with butt and/or pussy hooks to resist the temptation because even with the most enlightened Masters severe injuries frequently occur to hook wearers especially during suspensions. For professional escorts seriously into BDSM our clinic fits hooks and I help fit girls who have passed an approved BDSM course with their first vagina and anal hooks and teach the correct use – we sell them primarily as orifice jewelry not for suspension – even though I know many of them will be swinging from the hooks I fit like so many sides of beef.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Pleasure boots and Robin

A good quality ankle boot

Pleasure boots: I love this name because I think it sends a great message to all women boot wearers whether they intend to wear this new style of boot primarily for recreational sex or while baby dancing. It’s the in-house name Gepetto’s design team has given a newly designed pointe boot that is far more comfortable to wear and is targeted toward up-market women wanting to have comfortable pointe-sex, an under-served and growing market. As I’ve been telling readers of my blogs for years standard pointe shoes are not an option for the majority of women either because they lack basic pointe training or for women used to wearing pointes because they lack the stamina and concentration needed to remain en pointe, even in well fitting and very supportive Gaynor Minden shoes, during a sexual encounter en pointe. The obvious option then for women wanting pointe-sex is to put them in a comfortable ballet boot. I understand using comfortable and ballet boot in the same sentence seems like an oxymoron. Even for a trained dancer ballet boots - while more comfortable than balancing on the platforms of pointe shoes for long intervals - are not especially fun to wear except for those of us who are masochists. But that’s the charge Gepetto gave his design team and I think they have, for the most part, succeeded.

Externally, Pleasure boots look just like Gepetto’s standard ballet boot and come with the same options like colors, lacing, zippers and shaft locks. However, on the inside they are quite different. They still use a unitized titanium toe-box and shank and the heel has the universal socket that will take the full range of ballet/pointe heels, except for fighting blades. However a new heel was designed especially for the Pleasure Boot and is provided as standard. The new design is the normal seven inch titanium spike but is slightly convex – with the tip a half inch closer to the platform - so that when the wearer is striding the heel flexes cushioning the impact. The concave heel also flexes to cushion the landing if a woman is dropped on her heels. The change to the toe box and shank casting is that the box and heel cup are made wider to take a more heavily padded replaceable insert that is customized to meet the need of individual users. The titanium shank beneath the arch is made thinner so it will flex when a woman is dropped on the platforms of her boots, to allow her heels to absorb some of her weight rather than taking it all on her toes. The Pleasure boot is the only one of Gepettos styles in which the shanks flex, which is why the boots are not suitable for use with bladed heels. It is still advisable for the wearer to tape her toes and wear nylon footies for ease of slipping the toes into the toe box.

Anya, Taryn and I have been wearing prototypes of Pleasure boots around the casino and school and to parties and clubs in recent weeks and have found the flexible shanks and additional padding make the new boot design much more comfortable for pointe sex and to wear for hours at a time.

Robin’s God-head: OMG! He is magnificent, sliding his rock hard shaft between my engorged and slippery labia! He’s even better than I remembered from before he went to school in Thailand. I’m in love with his package, or perhaps more correctly what he can do to me with it! Our Sunday (9/6/09) encounter ended up with me on supplemental oxygen (I had it by the bed, just in case, and it was a good thing it was there) during our all nighter and we didn’t even get around to having dive-sex! I took prophylactic doxycycline for a few days afterward to prevent honeymoon cystitis. It’s not like me but I lost count after he got off in me for the seventh time which was about mid-way, I think. He is unbelievably talented and after we took the edge off his desire he just held me gasping and moaning in orgasm for what seemed like hours at a time where my toes were curled so tight I couldn’t open them for a few minutes afterward. After the first one of those was when I realized I should be using the oxygen. I took another 800mg of Ibuprofen about mid way when we stopped to pee and change the sheets which by then were soggy with our body fluids.

We showered together Monday morning before class. He takes ballet and has danced for me professionally occasionally when he was home from school and of course ballet is one of the great ways of keeping the total body in marvelous shape. He hasn’t decided what he will do as a cover job, his real one, after his familiarization course, being a professional swordsman of mind blowing skill. I’m intent on having him in my bed when he isn’t working and I think it was an omen that Caesar even seemed to like him and nuzzled his crotch. In the past my tiger only nuzzled my best girl friends, Taryn, Cyndi, Anya and Kelly so to have him not want to attack this man (He usually hates men) but nuzzle him is unprecedented and I hope an omen that Robin and I will have a long and very intimate friendship. My pussy posse is so envious!

One problem that I see with someone as handsome and talented in intimate skills as he is, is that women will become addicted to him, irrational and stalk him if they can. I think I’m already at the top of that list from the standpoint of addiction as I can’t seem to get enough of him even when I could hardly walk, before the caffeine and the ibuprofen kicked in. Peter has that stalker problem to some extent even though women know he is super potent and has fathered children with women who were using the most effective contraceptive methods and still his tiny swimmers got to their eggs. I don’t think Robin has the trail of pregnant partners, at least not yet. He will also have a professional name and probably be masked to hide his identity while working so he will be harder, but for a determined woman not impossible, to identify.

Why Latex and ballet boots: I was asked during a chat with a close friend the other day why I love sex in latex and ballet boots because he thought they were worn by submissives and he didn’t think I was at all submissive. I don’t feel at all submissive wearing latex encasement suits or ballet-boots! Actually I feel empowered because both display my body to advantage while making me look even more desirable to possible partners. I love too that the sounds and scents of an energetic sexual encounter are so distinctive and added to that cacophony is the squeak and creak of the rubber and leather flexing over and around my body. When I have rubber sex I wear BDSM Calf locks on my ballet-boots so my partner(s) won’t try to pull them off. The guys seem to want my boots because most of them love to sniff my shoes while they are screwing me and a lot of them will take a boot as a souvenir of our encounter if they can. At $1500 a pair you had better believe I’m not giving away boots! Another advantage of wearing ballet-boots during sex is that they make great defensive weapons for a girl so a lot of my friends prefer wearing boots when with a new partner the first few times in case things turn ugly.

I love it when a man is aroused by the same things that turn me on! So when he likes rubber and ballet boots and I’m wearing them I feel powerful, especially when I’m wearing pointe fighting boots with bladed heels! I can open the crotch zipper of a latex suit and kneel astride my partner impaled on his shaft while facing away from him with my boots along side him. That way he can sniff the scent of hot feet, damp leather, tape, liniment and estrogenic sweat through the vent holes in the arches and weep holes behind the platforms as I move my hips up and down and back and forth pole dancing on his penis!

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