Monday, November 19, 2012

Leda and the swan

Leda and the swan by Fu Xu

The photo: Leda, wife of Tyndareos, King of Sparta, conceiving Helen by Zeus who came to her as a swan. By Fu Xu, Chinese contemporary painter> I love this picture it looks as though she’s having such a good time! I know I said I was just going to use previously danced ballets for our holiday programs this year, but I’ve changed my mind given recent events. I’m working on a version of ‘Leda and the Swan’ danced in the classical idiom loosely based on the Petraeus, Broadwell, Kelley affair. I really shouldn’t have been working on it now since I’m trying to make room in my schedule to be at Stonehenge for the Winter Solstice, but I think I can just manage it.

Reader’s concern: Some readers have asked if I’m ok, perhaps because I haven’t posted many entries recently. For those who were concerned, thank you! I’m pleased to say that I’m fine. It’s just that things have been quite busy with my commitments at St Lucy’s and working with some sorority women at UNLV as well as preparing my ballet companies performances for the holidays. I was also hoping to have a few members of my company and Cyndi, who has turned 18 so is now legal in all respects, on our annual tour of veterans hospitals to entertain the wounded between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Returning readers will remember that last year we had a problem with some hospital administrators about the content of our show. It looked as though we had worked around that problem; however, it now seems that may not be the case.

Readers following recent news in the U.S. are aware of some fidelity issues in the general officer corps brought to light by the jealous actions of a discarded mistress who turned Kelley green and sent emails to another woman she thought was poaching on her territory. Now the content of our hospital show is under review, again, as possibly putting temptation in the way of the married wounded. Sigh!

Well, what about the unmarried wounded? Shouldn’t they be afforded some adult pleasure? I’m all too familiar with the close scrutiny military wives keep me under while around their husbands during military gatherings hosted by the casino, perhaps thinking me too attractive for the safety of their marriage(s). There may be a bit of truth in it since the idea of the tour is to set six gorgeous twenty-something women loose among the patients strong enough for sexual activity, but my show tries to give the single vets personal experiences to remember and I don’t think they should be denied that. We do take several dancer/stallions along for women patients and several of us are Bi so we have most of the bases covered.

I’m all for connubial visits with wives and girlfriends, but there are so many single men who need the morale boost of sexual release with a pretty woman. We are talking mainly about hand and blow jobs or having our nipples sucked as there are few patients who are strong enough (mentally or physically) to be able to successfully perform sexual intercourse. In my case it wouldn’t just be sucking my nipples he’d have to want to experience breast feeding or like the taste of breast milk. So few of them know what it tastes like. In the past I’ve found a fave souvenir has been to jack a patient off in an old worn pair of pointe shoes then let him watch as I put them on and wear them for him telling him how it feels to have his seed squishing between my toes then jack him off again into the shoes and leave the semen soaked pointes with him as a gift.

Contraception: We are very careful to make certain we are using birth control and that the men are STI free in case any of the guys chosen can get it up and keep it up for a full ride. That’s especially true with the occasional healthy administrator whom we have to satisfy first in order perform for the patients. All my escort/dancers now have copper GyneFix IUDs inserted with the strings trimmed off so they can be fisted or have rough sex if that’s what their partner wants w/o fear of dislodging her IUD. I of course wear an Oves screwed down tight on my cervix or if I’m menstrual I’ll wear one of my latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragms, unless my partner is allergic to latex, in which case I’ll wear a silicone Milex Omniflex (coil spring) diaphragm. And we are all fully vaccinated with Gardasil and continuing to train with Ben Wa balls so we are all really tight to provide the best possible experience for our partners.

Halloween: Someone asked about Adolph’s Halloween party. The party at Adolph’s was tame (for him) this year as he had a staff fatality; his dive-master (a lovely 23 y/o) had died of a blood clot in the brain the week before. It was thought to have been caused by hormonal contraceptives, but she had been doing a lot of deep diving that week so it’s not certain that it wasn’t caused by decompression sickness. Curiously her dive computer has disappeared so there is no accurate way of checking her nitrogen load as she was found in the hyperbaric chamber in a nearly pure oxygen environment hours after she died. Security videos show her alone and staggering briefly before falling to the floor. She loved the brutal sex Adolph is so good at and she was perfect for him. Right now he is lost without her.

Thanksgiving: Our celebration here may be somewhat muted by Adolph’s recent loss, but he is trying his best to put that behind him. Normally he’d try to seduce anything in a skirt, but since he’s been auditioning young women with extensive experience and knowledgeable about deep diving, fetishes and rough sex he’s been keeping to only the applicants. You wouldn’t think there would be many pretty women in their mid to late 20s who fit that description but a great many claim to. The initial dive exam eliminates 75% of them though and he is having a good time putting the rest through their paces. So at the moment I have no Idea who he will bring to my Thanksgiving dinner this year.

Friday, November 16, 2012


Tasty treat or unwanted garbage?

SPAM: Recently, after posting my entry for October 31, 2012 entitled: ‘Penis size – a reader’s questions’, I’ve been getting spam disguised as comments. The comments start out telling me what an ‘important blog’ I have, how interesting the information is and how everyone should read it…etc, etc. A bit over the top! Reading the messages several times it becomes obvious that the syntax and cadence of the wording is wrong so they were probably written by someone whose primary language isn’t English.

Then in the second paragraph they mention the URL of their own blog, hoping I will post the comment and link. I’ve had that sort of thing happen before from porn sites, but not twelve in a week, seven in the last day! LOL! And these appear to be from individuals. However, you can’t really tell about what might be behind a URL, or if the author(s) should be on a regimen of antiretroviral meds. The messages were deleted immediately.

In case the person who wrote about penis size was the thin end of the spam wedge – which I suspect is the case, since I don’t believe in coincidences - I’m deleting that post. My bad!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dump Trump!

An angry, old, white Republican

Dump Trump: “More than 510,000 people have signed a online petition urging Macy’s Inc. to sever its ties with real estate magnate and television celebrity Donald Trump, accusing him of “especially unpleasant, nasty and despicable behavior.”

A petition on to “dump Trump” claims that Trump’s attitude toward women is sexist. It also argues that the businessman’s complaints about China luring away American jobs are hypocritical and that the clothing line he sells at Macy’s is made in Asia.” The full article in the Los Angeles Times can be read HERE.

Have your voice heard: If you believe, as I do, that Macy’s is hurting its reputation by associating it’s name with a person spouting the sort of nonsense continuously coming out of the mouth of Donald Trump, then signing this petition is a great opportunity to have your voice heard by that national merchant.

The petition asking Macy’s to dump Trump can be found HERE.

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