Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year 2017

Wishing all my friends (you know who you are) and readers throughout the world a safe, healthy and happy 2017!

Friday, December 30, 2016

Christmas, Boxing Day and Hula Beads Vibrators

A LELO wireless controlled HULA-BEADS vibrator and control unit
Christmas at Blackthorn Castle: Christmas went very well, the weather was cool and mostly dry, with everyone getting what they most wanted as gifts: lingerie and perfume for the ladies and leather goods, Laddie Caddies and wallets for the gentlemen. The ladies also got vaginal training toys, but more about that below. We all are appreciating the time to relax with amiable male companions. And the results of the weekly pregnancy tests were all negative so we are good to go. Not that there was any doubt as my wards all have copper bead GyneFix IUDs implanted, except possibly for me as I was fertile the week before Christmas and of course wearing a latex flat spring diaphragm and “belly jelly” – spermicide - for Tim my latex fetishist boyfriend.

Mrs. Bridges, the castle’s head cook, outdid herself for the Christmas meal with roast turkey, chestnut dressing, candied yams, string beans, mince pie, coffee, tea and potent Sloe brandy from the Barony’s own Blackthorn bushes.  

Boxing Day: December 26 was wonderfully sunny up until about 1:00 PM, but that was time enough for my Chamberlain and me to distribute the traditional gifts (boxes) to the Barony’s faithful and efficient staff and tradesmen. 

Etymology, from Wikipedia: “There are competing theories for the origins of the term, Boxing Day, none of which is definitive. The Oxford English Dictionary gives the earliest attestations from Britain in the 1830s, defining it as "the first week-day after Christmas-day, observed as a holiday on which post-men, errand-boys, and servants of various kinds expect to receive a Christmas-box".

The term "Christmas-box" dates back to the 17th century, and among other things meant

A present or gratuity given at Christmas: in Great Britain, usually confined to gratuities given to those who are supposed to have a vague claim upon the donor for services rendered to him as one of the general public by whom they are employed and paid, or as a customer of their legal employer; the undefined theory being that as they have done offices for this person, for which he has not directly paid them, some direct acknowledgement is becoming at Christmas 

In Britain, it was a custom for tradespeople to collect "Christmas boxes" of money or presents on the first weekday after Christmas as thanks for good service throughout the year] This is mentioned in Samuel Pepys' diary entry for 19 December 1663. This custom is linked to an older British tradition: since they would have to wait on their masters on Christmas Day, the servants of the wealthy were allowed the next day to visit their families. The employers would give each servant a box to take home containing gifts, bonuses and sometimes leftover food.

The European tradition, which has long included giving money and other gifts to those who were needy and in service positions, has been dated to the Middle Ages, but the exact origin is unknown. It is believed to be in reference to the Alms Box placed in areas of worship to collect donations to the poor. Also, it may come from a custom in the late Roman/early Christian era, wherein metal boxes placed outside churches were used to collect special offerings tied to the Feast of Saint Stephen, which in the Western Church falls on the same day as Boxing Day.

In modern times, it has taken on the meaning of boxing up unwanted Christmas gifts and returning them to the shop”.

The Twelve Days of Christmas: The pageant, begun on Christmas morning with the presentation of a partridge in a pear tree, continues successfully and has advanced to day five (Thursday Dec 29th) with the presentation of the five gold rings. The presentation for today (Friday December 30th), the six geese a laying will be made later this morning. The weather forecast continues to be cloudy and dry which is good for the performers traveling back and forth from the village.

Wireless vibrators for Christmas: I got my wards, Bea, The Dryads (Bryony and Claire), and Willow and myself wireless controlled waterproof vaginal vibis (LELO Hula Beads) for Christmas. I had an ulterior motive as I wanted to test our powers of concentration and having a vaginal vibrator working inside you while trying to hold a développé en pointe is about as difficult as it gets. Returning readers will recall that my wards and I all wear hard shanked Gaynor Minden pointes with sueded tips as play shoes as they provide the best toe protection and support.   

We all have been wearing our Gaynor Mindens and Hula Beads for barre and pointe classes. The vibi is about 3.8 inches long and 1.5 inches in diameter at the large end so it fits very nicely behind the pubic bone in women who have a typical – pronounced - post-pubic vault. The anterior end pressing against the back of the pubic bone lessens the likelihood women with well-toned vaginal muscles might expel the vibi during orgiastic contractions.  The removal loop can be tucked inside out of the way. As when using all vaginal toys, we emptied our bladders before inserting the Hula Beads and turning them on. We initially set all the control units to low and left the them in our dancebags during barre and pointe class. The wireless range is about 30 feet and we placed our dancebags around the walls of the studio so none of us would be out of range even during center work. The device has a rechargeable lithium ion battery with a user time of about 1.5 hours and a recharge time of about 2 hours. Wireless Hula Beads make an awesome mental concentration training aid especially for Dominants who want to up our game besting physical diversions while training.

I was pleased to see that my wards who had been training with me the longest, Bea and Willow, and I were able to hold a développé en pointe for 20 seconds or more with the vibi set at medium w/o even an ankle wobble. Bryony and Claire could hold a solid développé en pointe on low. Coming down off a développé test like that and opening the mind to one’s sexual arousal almost always results in an immediate and powerful orgasm so we wind up boneless lying on the floor while we gasp, moan and shudder as waves of ecstasy wash over us or hold on tight to a barre if one is handy and try not to collapse while the orgasm flings us into ecstasy. None of us could hold a développé en pointe with the vibi on high. So, that gives those of us who enjoy that sort of challenge something to strive for.   

A caution to readers who might be inclined to try what I described above. A woman who doesn’t have the mental ability to compartmentalize can easily be brought to orgasm by vibrating Hula Beads while en pointe and suddenly go boneless, fall off pointe and break or badly sprain an ankle.

There is also a hygienic downside to training with an operating vibrating dildo inserted. Even with superior mental compartmentalization ability the wearer becomes fully aroused and for most women not on hormonal contraceptives her natural arousal lubricant gets her very, very wet! Most convertible foot tights don’t have an absorbent cotton crotch gusset and wearing even a thin menstrual pad to absorb the arousal lube draining out during class ruins the line of a hairless mons pubis. So, for now my circle and I are wearing sheer leggings with thick cotton crotch gussets to absorb our vaginal drainage during ballet classes. I have not yet tried wearing Hula Beads while menstrual with a latex flat spring diaphragm inserted for flow control.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

The twelve days of Christmas

Images of gifts in the song the Twelve Days of Christmas.
The Photo: The twelve days of Christmas song poster showing the twelve different gifts. From Wikipedia. The illustration is by Xavier Romero-Frias. The song, published in 1780, tells of a series of increasingly grand gifts given on each of the twelve days of Christmas.

The twelve days of Christmas: To Help bond with the villagers in village that supplies most of the staff that works at Blackthorn Castle and a large part of the goods and services needed to keep the estate running smoothly especially during holiday celebrations I decided, with the help of my Chamberlain and his events coordinator, to have a performance of the presentation of the gifts given in the song The Twelve Days of Christmas over those the twelve days.

The staff and villagers have been working for months to get all the bits and pieces; personnel, birds, musical instruments, costumes etc. necessary to put together and rehearse a simplified presentation of gifts over the twelve days from Christmas to Twelfth Night. By simplified I mean that there will be only a single representation of each day’s gift, rather than duplication of the preceding days gifts for each succeeding day (as there is in the song) which even for me is quite enough! The eleven pipers and the twelve drummers have been the most difficult and time consuming with rented flutes, drums and uniforms and repeated practices to play a very simple tune on the flutes and rolls on the drums.

The gifts over the twelve days are:

Day 1 partridge in a pear tree (to be carried in a cage)
Day 2 turtle doves (to be carried in a cage)
Day 3 French hens (Image knitted into a warm woolen sweater)
Day 4 Calling Birds (Image knitted into a warm woolen sweater)
Day 5 Gold Rings (Image knitted into a warm woolen sweater)
Day 6 Geese a-Laying (Image knitted into a warm woolen sweater)
Day 7 Swans a-Swimming (Image knitted into a warm woolen sweater)
Day 8 Maids a-Milking (Image of milk pails knitted into 8 warm woolen sweaters)
Day 9 Ladies Dancing (9 teen girls from the local dance school - costumes from London)
Day 10 Lords a-Leaping (Young adult men in costumes from a London costume shop)
Day 11 Pipers Piping (Villagers in costumes from a London costume shop)
Day 12 Drummers Drumming (Villagers in costumes from a London costume shop)
        57 total villagers involved on the 12th day.

The villagers have taken to “the Twelve Days project” as it’s become known with enthusiasm. It has already been a success in that more of the villagers are getting to know me from my being deeply involved with the project especial the dance students in the “nine ladies dancing” production in which they will be wearing tutus and pointes.  

Logistics for the Twelve Days performances: The performers are being picked up at 9:00 AM each day from the village. A large drawing room has been converted into dressing rooms for the performers and there are two male and two female dressers to help the performers with their costumes which are being stored at the castle. The partridge and turtle doves are being cared for here during the run of performances and the musical instruments are being stored at the castle as well to prevent a performer from forgetting his or her instrument. Up through day seven (7 Swans a swimming) a thirteen-passenger van can handle the performers and their equipment.  For days eight and nine (8 Maids a milking and 9 Ladies dancing) a bus will be used for the twenty-four performers and equipment. For days ten, eleven and twelve a second bus is added. Fortunately, the weather is forecast to just be rainy with the temperatures in the high 40s and mid-50s. With the castle access road improvements made last year the busses haven’t and shouldn’t have any trouble and as a precaution the road will be sanded as well. There was a great deal of interest by the villagers in being in the performances, especially by those who had never been to the castle before which is about a third of them and the performers enjoyed tours of the castle. Even so, to deepen the commitment of the performers a noon meal and a modest daily stipend is being provided.

The dance floor: In the great hall, where the Twelve Days performances will be held a sprung Marley floor has been laid over the stone floor so the “9 Ladies Dancing” in pointe-shoes, Gaynor Mindens with sueded tips, are much less likely to have a fall or injury.

The Christmas trees decorated: The red cedar trees were put up and decorated several days ago, and presents for my guests have been placed around the main tree, the one in the library. The staff have their own Christmas tree below stairs. I love the scent of cedar and they look gorgeous!   

The castle’s Yule log lit: My predecessors at Blackthorn Castle, traditionally had the castle Yule log lit on Christmas eve. So, yesterday, Friday the 23rd I opened the doors to the great hall and the massive Yule log was hauled in by a team of horses. One end was inserted into the huge fireplace with the remaining eighty percent jutting out into the great hall where as it burns it will be winched slowly forward across the hearth and into the fireplace. It should burn for the twelve days of Christmas the last being Thursday January 5th. The end of last Christmas’ log was chopped up and placed under it as kindling and I lit it in a brief ceremony this morning. There is a twenty-four-hour fire watch posted in the great hall as long as the Yule Log is burning. 

Weather for Christmas: The weather service is calling for light rain for most of the day on the 25th with mid-day temperature in the low 50s (F) so at least there will be no snow.  All my guests have arrived and our celebrations will be inside. So, it will just be the Twelve Days performers who will make the one hour trip up from the village in chartered four-wheel drive vehicles each day with the last performance by the entire cast on January 5th.
Wishing all my friends (you know who you are) and readers a very merry Christmas, a happy New Year and the blessings of this holiday season.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

2016 Winter Solstice

A Lovely Winter’s sunrise on a millpond in Wales
The Winter Solstice: The Winter Solstice is the shortest day of the year and traditionally is the first day of Winter. This year the solstice occurs on Wednesday December 21st at 10:44 GMT (Universal time). My Celtic forebears have always celebrated the solstice at dawn on the day of the solstice which will occur at 8:23 GMT. And, just to make things interesting in my part of Wales, the Cumbrian Mountains, the weather forecast is for light rain from 8:00 AM – 12:00 noon with temperatures in the low 40s (F). The peat braziers will be alight which will take some of the chill off and the Blackthorn hedges are a very effective windbreak. So, the celebration should be nothing like as uncomfortable as when I celebrated it at Location Z in the Scottish Highlands several years ago, with my wards, in ice and snow. The hooded shearling robes are quite warm, but cold of the stone altar seeps through and being wet makes that happen quicker. I would love to have ritual winter seed planted in me on a dry Winter Solstice day!  

The ritual planting of winter seed: As I mentioned in an earlier post my current sweetie Tim, a well-endowed SAS officer, who knows how to make me go boneless thrusting into my anterior fornix, will be on the main altar with me at 8:23 AM. Since I will be CD12 and fertile I’ll be wearing a stretchy latex flat spring diaphragm with an acidic gel in the dome as spermicide, for contraceptive protection. The latex flat spring is also amazing as a thrust buffer which can give me another centimeter or so of depth when on the upstroke, he forces the dome deeper into my anterior fornix while at the same time forcing my cervix higher.

An update:

The ceremony went well. It began at sunrise (8:23AM GMT) on an ancient Celtic stone altar surrounded by an impenetrable barrier of Blackthorn bushes, the fruit from which my estate makes sloe brandy, but only for local consumption. There is an underground passageway (newly refurbished) from the keep for access to the holy site so my partner and I could arrive and depart unobserved.  The temperature was in the high 30s(F) but the peat fires in the four braziers surrounding the altar took some of the edge off the chill and the Blackthorn barrier was effective as a windbreak protecting us from the wind coming from the south west off St. George’s Chanel. We were both a bit high on sloe brandy when we got up on the altar. I lay on my back and he knelt between my legs and prepared to enter me. I wore only a pair of Gaynor Minden pointes, my latex diaphragm and a hooded shearling robe. I had checked that my diaphragm was covering my cervix and that I was well lubed. Then as I fondled his erection with one hand I spread my labia with the fingers of the other and at exactly 8:23 guided him as he pushed his way inside me.

It was marvelous lying there beneath my lover arching my back and taking his thrusts as I channeled the Celtic Goddess Rhiannon and wondered how many women before me had lain on that altar beneath a man while he planted his winter seed in them and how many infants had been produced nine months later. Once we began time passed far too quickly. He brought me to a shuddering gasping orgasm and my contractions tipped him into ecstasy with me as he released hot jets of thick creamy semen to splatter harmlessly against the latex membrane of my cervical barrier with my fertile cervical mucus on the other side. It was all over before we knew it.  One amazing thing was that we didn’t get rained on! It rains frequently here seemingly when I want to conduct an outdoor activity of any sort. The rain began shortly after we had concluded the ceremony and returned inside.

Wishing all my readers good health and a lovely Winter Solstice!

Saturday, December 17, 2016

End of year celebrations prep

Winter in the Cambrian Mountains Wales, UK

My Wards and their boyfriends have arrived: Bea a 19 y/o who graduated from St Lucy’s in 2015 and is attending Cambridge; Willow a 22 y/o Brit-chick who danced for the Royal Ballet. She is Jack’s natural daughter by an RB ballerina. When released from the company Willow danced in my ballet Co. in Vegas and she graduated from UNLV. She is now going to grad school at Cambridge; The Dryads, Bryony and Claire, in their mid-20s and former dancers with the RB are studying for Doctorates in Clinical Psychology at University College London. Everyone was off on December 2nd and they don’t need to return to school until Tuesday January 17th.  They have all brought gorgeous boyfriends so the scent of testosterone laced sweat again wafts fragrantly throughout the castle! They will be with me for seven and a half weeks, wonderful! I’m hoping to take them shopping in London for the sales after the New year!

The Barony and the twelve Days of Christmas: The Barony has always counted Christmas as the first day of the twelve days of Christmas so Twelfth night will be on Wednesday January 5th in 2017.  After that my plans are still to be decided. Because of the Zika virus scare I haven’t been to my villa in the BVIs for more than eighteen months. I’d love to go and soak in the warmth of the water and sun with my wards. If I decide to chance it, we will leave for Virgin Gorda after Twelfth Night.

Christmas and the Old Ways: Returning readers will recall that my predecessors and I celebrate not only Christian holidays and festivals, but also the Celtic Goddess Rhiannon. In our Celtic celebrations, human reproductive tract secretions exchanged during mating rituals are used during fertility ceremonies. Instead of animal blood being spilled the transfer of seed from male to female in an act of ritual breeding occurs on stone altars where animal sacrifices once were offered to Venus/Aphrodite before Celtic mythology morphed her into the Celtic horse and moon Goddess Rhiannon.

The Winter Solstice: This year the solstice occurs on Wednesday December 21st when I will be Cycle day 12 and fertile. My flat spring latex diaphragm will be filled with fertile cervical mucus which I will allow a lover to remove and lick the stretchy mucus into his mouth to swallow as I take a fresh FS diaphragm out, apply spermicide and insert it being sure to check that my cervix is beneath the dome before I let him penetrate me with his wonderfully long, hard and dripping love arrow.

My predecessor, Edith 22nd Baroness Blackthorn, was at an advanced age and unable to participate or facilitate so the celebration of celestial events had been discontinued the last few years until I arrived and my duties were explained to me by the Barony’s Chamberlain.  As it has been since I’ve become Baroness, celebration of celestial events will occur inside the massive blackthorn perimeter that shields the altars from the sight of unbelievers. This fall the medieval underground access to the holy site from the castles deep cellars has been restored so it is once again safe to use. That’s good news as it keeps the celebrants dry and relatively warm while moving along the underground passage from the Castle to the Celtic holy site to come up inside the massive Blackthorn barrier.

Blackthorn Castle decoration for Christmas: The silver is polished and all the table linens have been washed, starched and pressed. And hundreds of new fragrant beeswax candles have been placed in the chandeliers and candelabras throughout the state apartments as well as the living areas.  The great hall, library, drawing rooms, my suite and all the guest suites have been decorated with fragrant fresh greenery which has to be replaced every few days as even evergreens begin to dry out after a while. Over the years, the gardner has established an area where he grows pine, cedar, holly and mistletoe to be used specifically for decorating so we are assured of having enough greenery. Given the number of open flames from candles and fireplaces during the year-end holidays my predecessor, Edith 22nd Baroness, had a hose butt installed and a large hose connected and hidden in the great hall in case a spark starts a fire. With the Yule log, ablaze there will always be a fire watch set, just in case.  

Yule log tradition at Blackthorn Castle: My predecessors at Blackthorn Castle, traditionally had the castle Yule log lit on Christmas eve. So, on Saturday the 18th in the early morning, after Tim and I celebrate Rhiannon/Rigantona’s equine Feastday in her grotto temple we will have a celebratory breakfast Then I will take my regular ballet class with my wards. After that I will officially open the doors to the great hall so the massive Yule log can be hauled in by a team of horses. One end will be inserted into the huge fireplace with the remaining eighty percent jutting out into the great hall where as it burns it will be winched slowly forward across the hearth and into the fireplace. It should burn for the twelve days of Christmas the last being January Thursday January 5th, Twelfth-night. Returning readers may recall that this year’s log was selected cut and has been drying for the past year. On Christmas day, it will be lit from kindling made from the remains of last year’s log.

‘Tiny’ Tim for Christmas: I’m over-the-moon about Tim having two weeks leave from his studies in Oxfordshire over Christmas, New Years and Twelfth Night.  Returning readers may recall how well Tim and I work as a mated pair so I don’t expect any problems during the Winter Solstice ceremony although it will be his first time as a mate to a woman during a Goddess blessed ceremony. Afterward, if things go well we both should be high on endorphins and basking in the afterglow during breakfast. Last year, with Marvin, I collected his liquefied semen – more than 10 ml since he came three times - in a Diva Cup so I could use it as a dressing on his salad at supper. I’ll see if Tim can match him this year. Although I think Tim may want to drink it straight away. I invited Marvin, and his current squeeze, Miss Nexplanon, but he hasn’t responded so I suppose he intends to stay in Cambridge with her for the holiday.

My fertility over the Holidays: Since I’m cycling naturally I can’t be certain, however what should happen is that on:

  • Sunday December 18th, for Celebration, of Rhiannon/Rigantona’s equine Feastday I should be CD9 and newly fertile.
  • Wednesday 21st December The Winter Solstice. I should be CD12 and fertile.
  • Friday December 31st, New Year’s Eve I should be CD 22 and luteal.
  • Thursday January 5th, Twelfth Night, I should be CD27 and luteal.  

So, on Rhiannon feast day and the Winter Solstice I will wear a latex flat spring diaphragm for contraceptive protection. On New Year’s Eve and Twelfth Night I will be able to take Tim with neither of us using protection so not only will I be discharging his liquefied semen, but I will have his sperm in my tubes!

The castle’s Christmas Trees: We are fortunate to have a very large stand of red cedar trees (Juniperus Virginiana) on the estate. They were brought to the UK in the 18th century by one of my predecessors. The head foresters here have been having more planted each year for a very long time and the trees thrive in the cool moist climate with a growth rate of one to two feet a year. When I was growing up in South Western Virginia we always had a red cedar Christmas tree. So, this year I’m having cedar Christmas trees in the main drawingroom, library and my own suite of rooms. The species is a bit prickly to handle, but the cedar’s wonderful scent makes up for that. Cedar is not native to the UK. However, it is particularly well adapted to mountainous climates where they receive winter precipitation which is ideal in the Cambrians as we get the moisture off the North Atlantic.  Not being a native species it is most often found in the UK when planted in parks and gardens of large estates.

My responsibilities: This is only my second Christmas as Baroness and last year it went very well. That was because my Chamberlain has done all the heavy lifting as he has been doing marvelously well for years. Together this year we have brushed off a few cobwebs and I think the villagers as well as my guests will have a fine time.   

I’m deep into execution of the plans for the series of celebrations previously mentioned: On the Winter solstice, on the 21st (I’ll be channeling the Celtic Goddess Rhiannon outside on a cold stone altar so I’m hoping for dry weather), then Christmas for the villagers as well as my estate. Then there is Boxing Day (December 26th) when bonusses are given out to the staff and suppliers of the estate for the exemplary work they have done on my behalf over the past year. Then New Years and festivities during the twelve days of Christmas ending on Twelfth Night, 5th of January. It’s my entertaining busy season and I get chills thinking about it!

It’s a considerable responsibility which if things go wrong I would rightly be blamed. Even though I’m the hereditary heiress and I’m being gradually accepted, I’m still looked on by some as being “not one of us” so I’m still proving myself with the locals. I have an amazing staff and with their help I’m slowly winning them over. One of the wildly popular things I began last year was letting the staff shop at the January sales in London. I paid for their round-trip train fare - they rode The Dragon (my two private rail cars) back and forth - and two nights in a descent hotel and they went in three shifts. On the estate, we managed rather well with some adjustments even though shorthanded for a week.

The staff reduction (during the January London shopping trips) worked so well that my Chamberlin suggested we cut the staff. I declined as loyal, well trained, hardworking service staff are a valuable asset and difficult to come by. The village relies on my estate for jobs and so I have continued the current staffing level. Well, actually staffing headcount had increased when I arrived as in the last years of my predecessor’s life entertaining declined and then ceased so positions had gone unfilled when opened by attrition.  And unless terminated for cause the policy is last hired first fired. Long term that won’t work as many of the staff are approaching retirement age and even training motivated people takes time. Another reason not to let staff go is that many of the new hires are sons or daughters of the present staff and it is important to me, and the estate, to retain continuity and institutional memory in service positions where possible.

The forecast is for cool and cloudy weather in the Cumbrian mountains for the next several weeks So I’m hoping that comes to pass.

Readers, please pray for me that everything will go smoothly

Friday, December 9, 2016

The scent maven and masochism

Well used Freed Classic pointes with ¾ shanks
The Photo: A pair of well used Freed Classic pointe shoes with three-quartered shanks (similar to the ones I wear for performances) which show off the arches of the dancer’s feet. Anyone wondering if wearing dancer modified pointes are comfortable has only to look at where the shanks have been cut away from the outer soles and where the wearer puts her weight when on her heels, which is why we seldom put weight on our heels for long when wearing pointe-shoes with customized ¾ shanks. A great many successful female ballet dancers are masochists to some extent which makes it easier to deal with the discomfort of wearing and performing in pointe-shoes.

 Masochism: The term has several meanings:

1. The deriving of sexual gratification from fantasies or acts that involve being made to suffer physical or mental pain. Also, called sexual masochism.

2. The deriving of pleasure from being humiliated or mistreated, either by another or by oneself.

3. A willingness or tendency to subject oneself to unpleasant or trying experiences.

Most women ballet dancers I know fall under the third meaning of the term. Though for me the discomfort (significantly lessened for me by wearing Gaynor Minden shoes for play) is worth the power, confidence I get from wearing and performing in pointes.

The scent maven: I like to be able to provide a fetish partner with a wide range of feminine scents to choose from when we are having a sexual encounter and the extent of options available for my scent bouquet will depend on where I am in my cycle and what I wear.

Some erotic scent sources:

The aroma of estrogenic sweat soaked pointes: Ballet and foot fetishists often agree that the English paste used in Freed pointe shoes made of traditional materials; hessian, cardboard, satin, leather and paste produces the best bouquet when soaked in a dancers estrogenic sweat. A quick way to get them sweat soaked is to wear them while exercising in a latex catsuit or leggings. Especially if they have three-quartered shanks (as in the photo above) since the sweat pours out of the ankle opening and into the backs of the shoes to be soaked up by the raw leather where the top of the shank has been cut away.  

Wearing them for too long when in latex can get them so soaked that the blocks will never recover even when heavily jet glued so if anyone tries this do so with an old pair first. There are a few pointe fetishists who like the sweat soaked aroma of Gaynor Minden pointes that have a chemical scent about them and a really pungent odor if an anti-bacterial spray hasn’t been used on the insides and they have become ripe.

A fun alternative for moistening one’s pointes is to have a partner cum in your shoes in the toe-boxes or on the exposed leather undersoles of ¾ shanked shoes. Or, I like to fellatite a partner and rather than swallowing his load spit it into my shoes.  And of course, the ever-popular option of having him come in my toe pads then push my toes into the thick hot sperm rich cream fresh out of a favorite man before forcing them into the tight toe-boxes of favorite pair of play pointes.

Tacking stitches – visual foreplay: If the role is demanding and if there is time between shoe changes, sometimes professionals will sew ourselves into our shoes (like, into the tights). Or sew tacking stitches in the knot to tack the endings so they don’t come out mid-performance. Afterward it only takes a moment to cut the tacking threads of the ribbons if the shoes can be reused for another performance or class. Letting a man watch me cut the tacking threads and remove my pointes occasionally after a performance or play date, along with the first whiffs of sweat softened paste can be used as foreplay with a fetishist deeply in thrall to any woman who can confidently wear and perform in pointe-shoes. I’ve had some men so fixated that they prematurely ejaculate, but that’s fine as it takes the edge off a bit so they last longer when thrusting inside me.

Toe Cheese: A mixture of dead skin, nail polish chips, bits from toe pads, mixed with estrogenic sweat, liniment residue and occasionally spiced with blood and blister seepage that collects between the toes that is mixed with the aroma of the pointes the dancer wears, especially Freeds in which the scent of the paste can enhance the taste of a dancer’s toe cheese. A few expert pointe-shoe fetishists can tell which makers pointes his partner has worn recently by the scent of her toe cheese.

The aroma of a sweaty latex catsuit: Not that other latex feminine garments don’t provide their own bouquets, but a catsuit can provide both pelvic and breast scents, if the wearer is lactating. Though rancid breastmilk can be a scent-too-far for some as it can cause nausea for the couple and it can be costly since it’s almost impossible to get the rancid scent out of a latex garment w/o damaging it.

A latex diaphragm: A latex diaphragm worn for more than 24 hours and marinated in female fertile cervical mucus (FCM), arousal lube, or menstrual flow and male genital secretions can be a sinus clearing scent!  Though leaving a diaphragm in place with menstrual flow for a protracted interval is very dangerous as bacteria buildup can cause Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) which can be fatal.

A latex diaphragm, now very difficult to get other than by custom fitting, is far better to use as a sensory toy because the latex surface is a bit porous and so reacts with reproductive tract secretions far better than silicone. As a toy the diaphragm can be used to collect fertile cervical mucus for consumption by a male partner or, when I’m luteal, we can act out a breeding fantasy by him ejaculating in the dome and I insert it so the tip of my cervix is submerged in a pool of semen instead of spermicide while he inseminates me the traditional way in missionary.   

Menstrual discharge: A diaphragm either latex or silicone or a menstrual cup (I wear a Diva Cup) can be used as a container by fetishists who are fond of consuming their partner’s menstrual flow. Of m partners who are menstrual fetishists all prefer the silicone Caya because the cup is deeper and can be easily drunk from. My partners think another plus is the grip dimples which prevent it slipping out of their grasp while licking out the “clots”, which aren’t really clots but pieces of endometrium that often come out in my flow. All my menstrual fetishists claim consuming my flow is a nutritional supplement, as a source of iron.  They are also fond of its thick consistency and metallic scent. I do try to eat an iron rich diet to ensure I don’t become anemic from blood loss and I’m fortunate not to have extremely heavy or long and painful menses.

Latex and breast milk: Breast feeding while in a latex catsuit can be wonderful, but high-maintenance as the wearer has to be careful to clean up any milk leakage afterward or the milk and sweat combination will quickly turn rancid and getting that scent out of latex can be very hard and sometimes impossible to do. Occasionally, with a male partner who enjoys revolting scents wearing a latex suit smelling of rancid milk can be a plus, but those men are very rare and good quality latex catsuits are expensive so I have an inexpensive one that reeks of rancid breastmilk that I wear if I’m with one of them. When not in use I wash it and keep it in an airtight bag so the scent is contained. 

Sweaty leather ballet-boots: Returning readers will recall that I wear custom made ballet-boots made by my cobbler Gepetto. They have unitized titanium toe-box and shank assemblies and easily replicable titanium heel spikes in case one bends or breaks which is very unlikely.   Properly sized and genuine leather ballet-boots even though the leather breathes can cause the wearer’s feet to sweat and swell. The problem with ballet-boots is threefold: 1) it’s difficult to get the correct size and heel height and, 2) made of top quality genuine leather - not smaller pieces stitched together - they can be very expensive and 3) there are few cobblers who still make quality hand crafted ballet-boots as the market is small and there is little profit, so the maker is usually still making them because he loves fitting fetishists, especially women. The rich fresh leather scent of a pair of new quality leather boots can be amazing and only improved when soaked in the wearer’s estrogenic sweat.

When I’m out clubbing I’m sometimes accused of “holding court” because some of the male members in my circle will come to my table kneel and pledge their fealty by ejaculating into the laces of my boots. It’s a lovely gesture, but it does make the cleaning of them afterward more difficult. I usually let them dry then loosen the crusty residue with a brush and blow it out of the laces with a hair dryer then polish the boots with Obenauf's boot oil which makes the leather soft, shine and waterproof.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Latex catsuits, ANRs & Thanksgiving house party

latex catsuit with breast zippers for an ANR
The photo: A Westward Bound Lucretia Deluxe Latex catsuit with zipper breasts and crotch, being modeled in this promo shot by the international fetish supermodel Sister Sinister. They are made to order in the UK. I bought two, the pewter (pictured) for £417 so I can more easily disappear in low light conditions while playing hide-and-seek and the red for £362 that I like to wear for play when I’m menstrual.

Grope protection in a latex catsuit: Having one’s latex sheathed mons pubis - accented by the relief zipper - on public display in fetish clubs is eye-catching and tends to attract very sexually assertive men. If a girl refuses a man’s advances she often hears the complaint “why are you wearing a suit like that if you don’t want to be grabbed by your pussy?” Or, “why are you wearing that if you are on the rag?” I think to an extent they are right. if I didn’t want that sort of attention I could wear a skirt and blouse and go as a librarian. It’s not that I mind being groped by a lovely hunky man, but I do enjoy showing off as well as choosing who I’m groped by. However, London club men can be very persistent so it’s every girl for herself in many cases and pelvic grope protection may be desirable or even necessary depending on where the wearer is in her cycle, think menstrual and wearing a diaphragm or menstrual cup.

When I’m in a latex catsuit and need grope protection I insert a cleft headed Sports Plug custom fitted to snugly and comfortably fit in the vagina and grip the wearer’s nude pubes. That way the relief zipper of the tight rubber suit is pulled into the cleft and held securely in place. Jeff, the owner of Labia Labs, has improved the Sports Plug so it protects the clit shaft as well as the labia, can be safely worn with a diaphragm or menstrual cup and the wearer can urinate easily w/o having to remove it, which is a huge improvement from the original design. 

An ANR in a latex catsuit: Of course, chlorinated latex can be easily ruined by oils of any kind (lubes, meds, etc.) and shouldn’t be worn by anyone allergic to latex. The double slider zippers allow opening the suit to expose only the amount of breast needed to allow a hungry partner to latch on. Worn with a full-face hood and hair cone I can walk through my fetish club, Clever Cunts, on Holland Park Road, Kensington, London in a suit like this and be completely anonymous though a few club members know who I am because no one else in latex wears pointe shoes and is almost continuously en pointe while walking around not to mention being milked by an ANR partner while at the bar. After a partner finishes milking me I do have to be careful to sponge away milk trickles and sweat from my breasts and replace my LilyPadz to avoid nipple leakage and prevent the milk and sweaty latex from beginning to develop an odor. A bit more about that below.

Anyone who has worn a latex catsuit for any length of time knows how hot they can be as they trap the body’s heat and sweat runs down the arms and legs and trickles out the openings at the wrists and ankles. The wearer’s sweat running down her ankles and into her shoes is why the blocks of pointe-shoes made of traditional materials (hessian, cardboard, paste, satin and leather) will melt very quickly when worn with a latex catsuit. So, if any pointwork is anticipated even for something as vanilla as a photoshoot Gaynor Minden pointes which have polymer blocks and shanks are the only safe and comfortable choice since they won’t lose their support regardless of how wet they get. 

One might think that having a partner breastfeed through an open nipple zipper is easy and it usually is. Being milked by a partner or strapped into and pumping with my Medela bustier twin breast pump is quite comfortable for me. However, it’s the intervals in between being milked that can be uncomfortable for some. If a woman is not lactating and is just fond of nipple play her nipples may not be as sensitive as when she is actually lactating. That was certainly the case for me. So, the closed nursing zippers pressing on the nipples might not bother a wearer as much if she isn’t lactating. What I found was that the closed nursing zippers stimulate my nipples and cause them to leak more than they would if I was wearing a bra so I wear LilyPadz silicone nursing pads if I’m going to wear a latex milking catsuit for very long – like wearing it while out clubbing - to protect my nipples and prevent leakage.

f while out I want or need to be milked I just unzip and remove the pad and afterward sponge off my breasts with a disposable wipe and replace the pads. I thought it might be difficult to apply a LilyPadz while my breasts were sheathed in tight latex, but the fully open nursing zippers gave me enough room to correctly insert and place the pads and I quickly developed an application technique. It’s a bit like learning to correctly insert and place a diaphragm except that the consequences of failure in correctly placing a LilyPadz won’t result in pregnancy.

Speaking of pregnancy: The Thanksgiving gathering has gone very well so far.  Although, there was one surprise, but it can be easily handled. Bryony’s step-mother, ‘Brigitte’, who was a ballerina with the Paris Opera Ballet and at 27 is younger than Bryony, is the 4th wife of Bryony’s father has tested pregnant. First with a home pregnancy test (pee on a stick) then verified with a serum test. It’s quite recent as her test for hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) last week was negative. A pregnancy test is routine before all of my house parties as I like to know the health of the women participating as diving while preggers isn’t a good idea.

She has a standard (6 bead) copper GyneFix IUD implanted that from ultra sound imaging is still properly positioned and it is relatively new as it was implanted less than 2 years ago. She has been taking weight loss supplements that speed up the metabolism which can make hormonal contraceptives less effective, but that shouldn’t affect copper IUDs. The Gyn we have in residence (when we anticipate a good bit of sexual activity) thinks she is the in the 1-2% failure rate as the effectiveness of a GyneFix is about 98-99%. Brigitte has been seeing a lot of a male POB Principal recently and suspects he is the father and doesn’t want her husband to know. Not that he would mind her having another lover, but because it would suggest she hadn’t been as cautious as she should have been, which, with an IUD in place is not the case at all, but she doesn’t want her husband to start looking for the 5th Countess of A**** if he isn’t already.

She has no symptoms; nausea, lack of stamina etc. yet so has been able to continue on participating in partner exchanges as though she hadn’t conceived. She has asked to stay over for a few days after the house party (she is a lot of fun and she has amazing stories about what goes on in the sex lives of the POB dancers) and have our Gyn perform a vacuum aspiration and implant a new GyneFix in her uterine fundus.

She was asked if she wanted to switch to a hormonal IUD which is a bit more effective, but like me she loves to experience the hormonal swings in her natural cycle. She will then recover here for a week or so before returning to Kent as good as new. The reason given for extending her stay is that she will be teaching me the role of Gamzatti from Rudolf Nureyev's 1991 production of La Bayadère for the POB.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thanksgiving house party planning 2016

A traditional U.S. Thanksgiving holiday meal

The Photo: A traditional U.S. Thanksgiving dinner of turkey, dressing and gravy, green beans cranberry’s and fruit

Best wishes to my U.S readers: I may be just a tiny bit late in wishing my readers in the U.S. a very happy and safe Thanksgiving as some are already traveling to be with family and friends for the holiday to feast and watch parades and football. Even so, I hope everyone has good weather, travels safely and has a great time! (((hugs))) to you all!

Thanksgiving in the UK and U.S.: In the UK Thanksgiving (as a harvest festival) is of ancient origin, but not an official holiday. It is traditionally held on or near the Sunday of the harvest moon that occurs closest to the autumnal equinox, which this year was September 18th. Thanksgiving is celebrated in the U.S. on the fourth Thursday in November which this year falls on the twenty-fourth. As I mentioned in a post last year the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday, complete with roast turkey, seems to have caught on in the UK, perhaps because everyone likes another holiday.

For those not steeped in U.S colonial history: Thanksgiving in the U.S. is celebrated to mark harvest at the first permanent English colony at Jamestown, Virginia in 1607.  Some would have us think that the first Thanksgiving was held in Massachusetts by the Mayflower Pilgrims who landed in 1620. However, the Mayflower landing was 13 years later than Jamestown.  

House party Planning:  The Super Moon aside (more about that below) I’m looking forward to my Thanksgiving house party at Blackthorn Castle from the 24th through the 27th. This year I’m having a Thursday through Monday house party. With a good bit of prior planning dancer friends from the RB will be able to attend as will my wards, Bea, who will come down from Cambridge and two others, Bryony and Claire, from grad school at University College London. I’m pleased to say that they are all bringing boyfriends with them! Too, there will be the usual gentry from surrounding estates and the father and step-mother of Bryony who live in Kent. In all there will be sixteen guest couples which fill the recently fully modernized suites in the new (mid-18th century) wing of the castle.

I’ve approved the menus so we will be having the usual U.S. Thanksgiving holiday fare here at my ancestral home in Wales: roast turkey, stuffing, candied yams, mashed potatoes and gravy, string beans and pumpkin and mince pie. As well as (from my estate) roast tenderloin of wild boar, venison steaks and roast rack of lamb over the course of the several days. One has to limit the size of portions and train extra hard this time of year to prevent gaining weight from all the holidays and heavy meals. But its such fun to have a house full of young people for the Holiday! Cook had asparagus is on the menu; however, I struck it off as it contributes an unpleasant aroma to the urine and genital secretions which many find off-putting.

One can never be sure of the weather here as it comes off the North Atlantic and across the Irish Sea and dumps its moisture as rain in the Cumbrian mountains.  My place is about Latitude: 52°26′59″ N, but the warm ocean current (the Gulf Stream’s northern extension towards Europe, the North Atlantic Drift) moderates our climate so it is typically not as severe as a city at the same latitude in the U.S might expect. The current forecast is for cloudy but dry weather from the 24 – 28 November which would be lovely if that’s what actually happens! Then the men can go out boar and deer hunting while the girls and I take ballet and Pompoir classes, and gossip about boyfriends and fashion. 

Sex Thanksgiving week: My cycle is on schedule and I became fertile on the 21st and should ovulate on the day after thanksgiving, the 25th, so there is no way I will be able to safely take my lover(s) totally unprotected during that time as I did on Halloween. I’ll probably wear a tiny silicone Oves cervical cap screwed down tight on my ripe cervix the entire week as Oves can be worn at any depth during dive-sex. The only drawback with Oves is that you can’t use most silicone lubes – other than the specially formulated DiveGel+ - with it which is needed for dive-sex.

The Super Moon in western Wales: The names of full moons in November are, for the Celts it was a Dark Moon and for the English a Hunter’s Moon. A full moon becomes a super moon when it passes very close to Earth on its obit, making it up to 14% bigger and 30% brighter than usual. The point in the obit of the moon at which it is closest to the Earth is known the perigee. This super moon was particularly large because it was the first time that the full moon has come this close to Earth since 1948. There will not be another super moon as big and bright as this one for 18 years until the next very close orbit in 2034.

Viewing the Super Moon in the Cambrian mountains of western Wales, November 14th – 16th was problematic. A Met Office spokesman said: “Monday evening and overnight Monday night is the best chance to spot it in Europe.” Although the sky will be cloudy, he said that there are likely to be cloud breaks in Eastern Scotland, North East England and East Wales. If you want to see the moon as it near the full moon stage, why not also go out and look at the sky tonight? The Met Office said that there could be cloud breaks in the same areas as Monday night, but also possibly in South East England for a while.

Unfortunately for western Wales viewers, it turned out that the Met office was correct. The Cambrian mountains of Western Wales was not a good location to view the Super Moon as there was solid heavy cloud cover where I was… Sigh!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Trump wins the U.S. 2016 presidential election

A More Perfect Union?

Johnny Lunchbucket has spoken!

There is an old Chinese curse: "May you live in interesting times" The U.S. and the World are now in “interesting times”.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Wet dreams – women and dive-sex

Photo by Carl Montoya of a pensive woman diver

The Photo:  So enigmatic! A hauntingly beautiful photo by Carl Montoya capturing the longing – or perhaps it’s concern - on the woman diver’s face as she sinks toward the bottom of the pool. She is obviously on the prowl as her eyes are made-up and she is getting lip-gloss on the mouthpiece of her reg. Clad in a tight rubber thong-bottom suit for easy access and with her head cocked she’s listening to the hiss of gas as with collapsed cheeks she sucks on her demand valve. Soon there will be the roar of bubbles rushing toward the surface as she exhales hardly moving while she waits. What could she be thinking…?

Pensive pondering: I talked with three of my women Halloween house party guests who had experienced the thrill of underwater sex while night diving in SCUBA gear with male guests. They shared the thoughts they had while adjusting to the pressure as they descended toward the bottom and during the process of being tethered by an ankle leash to a large cement block on the bottom in mid pool to prevent being forced into the walls during strenuous activity while mating.  

The jaded escort:  The young blonde in a form fitting rubber suit waiting for her new lover to descend to join her and wondering...  Is he experienced enough with rubber suits to gently pull the thong bottom to one side or should I do it for him? If I did, would I appear too anxious? I’m so glad my pubes are completely nude. The laser removal worked well and prevents having even short hair being pulled when a lover is moving my rubber or tight fitting fabric suit out of his way. Will he stay hard during the encounter until I milk him? Has he taken a performance enhancer to prevent penis wilting? It’s a common problem with first time men or men over forty and one escorts hate. I’m so glad I’m not menstrual so there is no concern that my flow will stain my suit, but if he rubs my cervix raw which has happened, I could have heavy spotting after sex.

Will the reproductive tract protection I’m wearing to prevent the hydraulics of his thrusting from forcing water into my uterus during dive-sex be effective?  Then she, nearly freaks out when she remembers that she forgot to insert her barrier before entering the water! Suddenly her major concern is that her well-endowed lover will be so energetic thrusting into her anterior fornix that without her contraceptive barrier, worn for “flood insurance”, he will dislodge the mucus plug in her cervical os. 

That is a legitimate worry since she faked her negative pregnancy test and is about eight weeks along and she briefly considers cancelling the encounter and heading to the surface, but decides to go ahead with their encounter. Her unintended pregnancy is by the man who escorted her to the party and she’s not yet showing so if she can get through their dive-sex encounter she might be ok for the rest of the party. She knows she shouldn’t be diving at all, but needs the money. Worse however, is the fact that she has fallen in love with the client and wants to carry his baby to term, but the longing to feel her married lover’s erection thrusting inside her is too great to resist so she risks harming the fetus should her mucus plug fail and she have water forced into her uterus.

The ingénue: While at a house party at this ancient rambling pile, the young ballerina accepts an invitation from a gorgeous young hardbody man from an adjoining estate for a night dive-sex encounter in their hostess’s deep indoor pool. While she is a good swimmer she has never used SCUBA gear or a thong-back rubber suit like the one she was given to wear and is very uncertain about her safety both from the standpoint of an equipment failure and also from possible injury to her reproductive tract while mating with her dive partner. She is also uncertain about what is expected of her other than being a warm, tight, deep reservoir for the deposit of her lover’s seed.

He is an amazingly handsome man with a gloriously sexy hairy chest. She becomes aroused as she fantasizes about slowly pushing her erect nipples through his thick soft pelt of brown chest hair once she can get out of the rubber suit. The thought of that makes the muscles of her vagina gently spasm, her flat belly tingle and her labia swell and part with desire. But her lover is known to have a reputation for trouble, which she thinks makes him that much more interesting.

She had several glasses of champagne before she accepted the invitation and as she floats nearly weightless awaiting her partner’s completion of tethering her to the bottom with an ankle leash she reconsidered the rumors she had heard about him. Not that all the rumors are true of course as those sorts of stories seem to compound in the retelling, but still… She’d repeatedly heard that he had impregnated at least three young women who had gone night diving with him. And, supposedly, they all insist it was from their underwater sexual encounters with him that they conceived. Worse was the fact that they all were on a very effective form of contraception – a hormonal IUD - so talking with one another they couldn’t understand how three IUD pregnancies could occur in such a short time with the same man! Hormonal IUDs have a failure rate of less than 1% and none of the women were near the end of their IUDs effective life and all were correctly placed.

If the stories are true having three different women experience IUD failures and becoming preggers by the same man strongly suggests the man was somehow tampering with their hormone levels. While she watched as her lover fastened the Velcro closure of the leash around her ankle, the ingénue had time to think about his earlier partner’s pregnancies and consider if she felt well enough protected be the frameless regular (6 copper bead) GyneFix IUD recently implanted. She was fertile and on CD13 so she should ovulate the next day, but the ions from the dissolving copper should immobilize his sperm before they reached her tubes.

Since she isn’t on hormones she decided there was no way for him to have tampered with the effectiveness of her GyneFix as she had the strings trimmed off so it couldn’t be accidently pulled out if she wore a diaphragm for “flood insurance”. But she had put off having a diaphragm fitting and now regretted passing up the opportunity to be fitted for the custom flat spring latex diaphragm that is the most effective barrier to wear for flood insurance; to prevent the possibility, however slight, of having a partner force water into her uterus and give her PID. She vowed book an appointment with her Gyn to be fitted when she returned to London.  While she was wearing no barrier for “flood insurance” on balance she was very glad that she had a packet of the morning-after pill ellaOne, a 30mg tablet of ulipristal acetate, in her cosmetic kit and planned to take it as back-up contraception as soon as she got back to her bedroom.  

The fiancé hunter: The assertive young blonde in the very tight fitting rubber thong-bottom suit is husband hunting and had come to the house party with the man she had decided would make her a good husband as he has a title and money.  He is the third man she had decided met her requirements. The previous two had escaped her net and married someone else and she was determined that this one would be helplessly in her thrall before the house party was over. Not that she was lowering her expectations an any way by being after him as he was the eldest son of an Earl whose previous fiancée had been killed in a boating accident several years earlier and he was only now returning to the social scene seeking female companionship.  She is known to her circle of male acquaintances as a consummate flirt and one of the best nonprofessional women in southern England at performing fellatio.

Unknown to her friends however is the fact that she had been upgrading her pelvic skills by training for several months to provide Pompoir and the Mare’s trick for her lovers. She decided that underwater where they would float weightless was a marvelous place to test her new skills to entrap the man she wanted as a husband. She needed one to give her social status and keep her in the style to which she had been accustomed (as a banker’s daughter) while she developed a small stable of men to satisfy her sexual needs during her prospective husband’s frequent absences from home away on business.

The videos from the pool that recorded every caress and thrust of their encounter show her partner having his brains fucked out nearly expelling his regulator on several occasions while he held himself stationary buried deep in her hard, flat belly as she milked his penis. Then wrapped her legs around him and gripped his penis so tight in the Mare’s Trick grip that the blood was trapped in his erection during the few minutes of his refractory interval. Once she released her grip he was ready to be stimulated to orgasm again w/o having his erection wilt or withdrawing from her vagina. By the end of the house party she seemed to have been successful as she was leading her intended fiancé around on a psychological penis leash.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Halloween house party

A gold-twist borosilicate glass dildo

The Photo: A borosilicate glass dildo 7.0 inches long and 1.5 inches in diameter that I got from Glass Fantasy. It can be warmed or cooled before insertion and boiled for sterilization. The flanged base fits into a suction cup that will hold it stationary horizontally - to attach it to a studio mirror for ballet-sex training – or vertically if sitting on the floor or a hard chair. It’s a marvelous toy!

Dildo masturbation: All of my women guests were looking forward to experiencing underwater sex either with a partner or using a glass dildo. Each of them told me on Tuesday before they left what a marvelous time they had with their male partners and what a thrill dive-sex had been.  Upon arrival, my women guests all had to take home pregnancy tests before Carla, my Divemaster, would allow them into the pool for underwater sex. Carla helped several of the married women guests have their first underwater orgasm using borosilicate glass dildos and silicone vaginal lube. Masturbatory dive-sex can be an amazingly erotic experience and a wonderful kinky escape for a conservative woman who is concerned about a possible pregnancy from sex with a male partner other than her husband.  

UK changed back to GMT: On Sunday October 30th, everyone in UK lost an hour as we reverted from British Summer Time (BST) to Greenwich Mean Time or GMT. Switching from Daylight Saving Time to Standard Time in the U.S and Canada will occur on Sunday November 6, 2016.

My Halloween house party: Most of the guests at my Halloween celebration just sleep in - except for the few men who go deer and wild boar hunting - and seem to be having a lovely time, although there have been some unintended consequences for some of the ‘entertainment’ staff. My guests are enjoying delicious meals from my head cook’s, Mrs. Bridge, kitchen; venison steaks, roast boar tenderloin and rack of spring lamb to name a few.

Dive Sex -unintended consequences: One of Tanaquil’s escorts flooded her FFM while orgasming during dive-sex with his grace the Duke of M**** in my shallow pool – they were at the 48-foot, 8 fathom level - and developed aspiration pneumonia from getting water in her lungs. I’ve usually found that flooding a well-fitting FFM is rather hard to do accidently. She is a very experienced dive-sex escort, but stuff happens!  She must have hit it with her hand while screaming during particularly strong vaginal contractions.

Another of Tanaquil’s girls got water forced into her uterus when the FemCap displaced off her cervix and is being treated to prevent pelvic inflammatory disease, PID. Fortunately, so far none of my guests has been injured. A good many men who hadn’t experienced dive-sex have taken the opportunity to try it under controlled and relatively safe conditions with Carla, my Divemaster, monitoring their encounters as a safety precaution.

I’m pleased to say that none of my women guests had any apparent reproductive tract problems while here from Friday to Tuesday. I don’t count the pregnant escort who faked her pregnancy test and arrived as the partner of an invited male guest. [More about that in my next post.] In the future, all house party pregnancy tests will be administered in sight of a nurse or Gyn. It will take three or four weeks to know for certain that there were no unintended pregnancies, but it is very unlikely since I am the only one not on some form of long acting reversible contraceptive (LARC) and I had ovulated several days before I took my lovers without any form of contraceptive protection. So, I’m pleased to say that I still have sperm from at least three men in my tubes as I write this. 

Unprotected sex for Halloween: For Halloween, I ovulated right on time (Friday the 28th) this cycle. So, I was able to take my partners totally unprotected on Halloween, Monday (the 31st) and I’m luxuriating with the knowledge that I have several men’s sperm in my tubes waiting for me to release an egg which won’t occur for another three and a half weeks, from their standpoint long after the little swimmers will be dead and flushed out.  I know I’ve mentioned the sperm in my tubes at least twice, but I’m exceptionally pleased that my lovers did their biologic best planting highly motile sperm deep inside me all to no avail.  

Thanksgiving planning: Thanksgiving is celebrated in the U.S. on the fourth Thursday in November which this year falls on the twenty-fourth.  I’m already thinking about my Thanksgiving celebration here at Blackthorn Castle. As I wrote last year the Thanksgiving holiday, complete with roast turkey, seems to have caught on in the UK, perhaps because everyone likes another holiday. So, I will be holding another holiday house part this Thanksgiving.

Sex Thanksgiving week: I should be fertile beginning about the 21st and ovulate on the day after thanksgiving, the 25th, so there is no way I will be able to safely take my lover(s) totally unprotected during that time as I did on Halloween. I’ll probably wear a tiny silicone Oves cervical cap screwed down tight on my cervix the entire week as Oves can be worn at any depth during dive-sex. The only drawback with Oves is that you can’t use most silicone lubes – other than the specially formulated DiveGel+ - with it which is needed for dive-sex.

Friday, October 28, 2016

The Halloween ball - One Thousand and One Nights

My Scheherazade costume for the Barony’s first Halloween ball

The photo:  Front view. This is a Rhonda playsuit from Agent Provocateur. I’ll be wearing it as the character Scheherazade for the Blackthorn Barony’s first Halloween ball since I succeeded to the Barony. I chose this photo because the model looks a lot like me as she has a Balanchine body; slim, small breasts, long legs, long neck and red hair. Though my lips aren’t quite as full, my cheekbones are more prominent and her hair not as red as mine. I got two of complete ensembles (playsuit, headpiece and pasties) because I expect an aroused partner may not be as gentle as he should be trying to get me out of it. I love the gold pasties because I can easily breastfeed a thirsty man while wearing a Rhonda suit. The playsuits rose gold and metal were £1,995 each. The Rhonda Headpiece (sold separately) Rose Gold and Metal £925 each. Also, sold separately were the pasties rose gold and metal, £195 each set. Wearing a playsuit and pasties in the great hall in late October is a very chilly experience, even with the main fireplace alight – I’ve already tried it -  so I’ll probably be drinking the Barony’s famous Blackthorn sloe brandy for warmth.

I considered wearing a latex catsuit under it for warmth, but while retaining body heat latex wouldn’t be in keeping with an Arabian woman’s costume at the time the stories in One Thousand and One Nights were first collected hundreds of years ago. However, I can rationalize wearing Gaynor Minden pointes as they display my long perfectly toned legs amazingly and protect my feet from the cold rough stone floor of the Great hall.  

My Rhonda playsuit rear view

The Photo: Showing the snug rear fit of the headpiece, the chains dangling from the pasties and the thong strap disappearing between the buttocks. The chains in headpiece tangle easily in long hair. Fortunately, I have a dresser to fasten me into the playsuit and headpiece or I’d take hours to get into it by myself. It just takes seconds for a man to get me out of it!

Claiming bragging rights: At £3115 for each ensemble; playsuit, headpiece and pasties, excuse me while I go on a bit about this costume especially since I bought two of them because they are delicate and can be easily damaged not to mention difficult to get into and uncomfortable to wear in a drafty castle.

The Playsuit: At £1,995 each. From the AP description:

  • “Dazzling in the dark, Rhonda mixes exotic eroticism with Studio 54-style glamour. This exquisite playsuit adorns the body with sweeping chains, cupchains of pink crystal, and textured coin-style motifs in a mix of silver and rose gold colours. Three chains sweep around the neck to meet at a metal hoop, from which more chains drape down to the hips to a row of hoops and hanging chains which glisten and swing seductively as you move. At the back, the playsuit secures at the nape of the neck and the back of the hips, and is decorated with further hanging chains. Wear with our Deziree lingerie set for a show-stopping look. Rhonda is part of our demi-couture collection, Soiree. This is a delicate item that should be handled with care.” No lingerie for me while wearing this for the ball”
  • Details & Fit Available in one size only.
    - Lobster clasp adjustment at centre back waist and centre back neck
    - Perfect for wearing over lingerie or accessorizing with your outfits”
  • “Fabrics & care: Main material: Copper and zinc.
    Please handle and store delicate items with care to prevent from snagging.”
The thong-back cup is about the only fabric in the whole suit and with metal chains swinging in the breeze while the suit really makes a statement it is not the most comfortable to wear in the mountains of Wales in a drafty castle. Fortunately, I’ve had my flu and pneumonia shots. 

The Headpiece: Rose Gold and Metal £925

  • Product Information: “Dazzling in the dark, Rhonda mixes exotic eroticism with Studio 54-style glamour. With a 1920s influence, this gorgeous head-dress sits closely against the head, with lustrous, black textured coins leading to draped hanging chains and sparkling crystal cup chains in black and rose gold, scattered with textured motifs surrounding your face for a sense of movement and mystery. Wear it with our matching playsuit, sold separately. This is a delicate item that should be handled with care.”
  • Details & Fit: Available in one size only.
    Gunmetal textured pennies with a mixture of Swarovski cupchain and chain.”
  • “Fabrics & care: Main material: copper zinc.
    Please handle and store delicate items with care to prevent snagging.”
Pasties: Pasties are pasties, but these are £195 each set! The body adhesive I use, Stick-it, keeps them securely in place and suppresses nipple leakage. I was worried about that, but it seems the chains aren’t too heavy. However, they are cold against my skin!

Sex in a Rhonda playsuit: In case anyone is interested, for vaginal penetration in both missionary or entered from the rear the center back waist lobster clasp must be opened as there is very little give in the fabric part of the thong waistband and none in the Swarovski crystal cupchains when the suit is properly worn. A partner opening the neck and center back lobster clasps can have me out of it in seconds! I’m so glad that I have nude pubes – the hair permanently removed by laser some months ago – as this isn’t a costume that flatters with hair accidently showing around the cup.

My contraceptive protection: On Halloween, I will be CD17 and should have ovulated three days earlier. So, if I’m luteal as I expect to be I can safely go without using any barrier protection to feel the warmth and sensitivity of skin-on-skin during penis-vagina intercourse and have my lover(s) sperm in my tubes with very little likelihood of any of their little swimmers getting me preggers. Just the thought of that makes me wet and start panting.

The origin of Halloween: It is widely believed that many Halloween traditions originated from Celtic harvest festivals which may have pagan roots, particularly the Gaelic festival Samhain, and that this festival was Christianized as Halloween. In my region of Wales Celtic celebrations are still important as is the Celtic Goddess Rhiannon to my estate. The harvest festival was typically celebrated with bonfires, costumes and feasting. As my predecessor’s health declined the estate tradition of celebrating Samhain fell by the wayside. I intend to reintroduce this celebration to the local community.

The Ball theme: Scheherazade is a legendary queen and the storyteller of One Thousand and One Nights. The story goes that Shahryar (the king) found out one day that his first wife was unfaithful to him. Therefore, he resolved to marry a new virgin each day as well as behead the previous day's wife, so that she would have no chance to be unfaithful to him. Knowing this ahead of her night with the king Scheherazade tells him one story and then begins another, but stops mid story and tells him she will finish it the next night. The king agrees and doesn’t behead her and she continues this pattern each night. My guests will dress as characters in Scheherazade's stories such as: Princess Badroulbadour, Morgiana a clever slave girl etc. while the men will dress as Aladdin, Ali Baba, Sinbad the Sailor, Sultan of the Indies, Prince Ali, Prince Hussain and so on.  

Guests: The local Aristocracy, Lord D**** (Tim’s Father) and his wife, Lord A**** (Bryony’s father) and his wife, His Grace the Duke of M**** (Jack’s father) and his mistress, Jack Viscount Sandbach and his fiancé, Ashley and some influential members of Parliament who are also members of the Costume Club, AKA Clever Cunts. The guests from London and Kent arrived on ‘The Dragon’ my two-car traveling office and home on rails which I arranged to be attached to a train coming west through the station at Caersws on the way to Aberystwyth. His Grace flew down by helicopter from his home, Crag Abbey, in the mountains just west of and overlooking Loch Ness. I’m so pleased that everyone invited arrived and the celebration is off to a marvelous start.

STI screening: I hope no one thinks I hold this sort of house party anywhere; Vegas, Lost Cove or here at the castle w/o making sure all the guests have been carefully medically screened for STIs and other communicable diseases, such things as the Zika virus come to mind. My male guests are used to being asked for a current negative full panel STI test and the up-market male and female escorts Tanaquil is providing are all sexually healthy, but I wasn’t sure about how the female guests would react to the request for proof of being sexually healthy. I was pleasantly surprised than none of the wives or girlfriends refused or complained. I suppose they knew what to expect when being invited to a Friday to Monday house party. The Villagers and the Blackthorn Castle staff are pleased to see celebrations being held in the castle again as the previous Baroness was in poor health for the last several years of her life and held none.  Nor, I’m told did she ever ask for STI screening, but of course years ago, when with penicillin just about anything was curable and early pregnancy is easily taken care of by a vacuum aspiration she seems to have felt no need.   

Entertainment: There will be charades for group entertainment, swimming and dive-sex in my pool overseen by Carla, my Divemaster and Tanaquil, who runs Taryn’s Porn empire, will be providing boys and girls (all over the age of consent) for those guests both male and female who would like a change of pace from their regular partner(s) while spending the Friday through Monday House party at Blackthorn Castle.  And, supervised by my head gamekeeper there will be deer and wild boar hunting for anyone who enjoys tramping through the woods, the noise of fired long guns and the smell of burnt powder. Of course, sleeping late or retiring for a “nooner” is certainly permitted and in some instances, may be encouraged.  Chris, my male Gyn from the London women’s clinic, will be on hand to provide contraceptive meds, devices and counseling as needed. 

Weather: The good news is that no rain is forecast for the Friday through Monday celebration. Evenings should dip into the high 30s (F) and the days should reach the low 50s (F) with heavy clouds and fog.   

Location: All the guests will stay in the new (mid-18th century) wing of the castle that was purpose built to house guests for festivities and has been newly refurbished to bring the suites up to current standards with modern amenities. The ball will be held in the great hall of Blackthorn Castle with fabric hung to suggest near eastern tents. Since the weather in the Cambrian mountains has already turned cold and damp the fireplace will be roaring and the minstrel’s galleries filled with musicians playing near eastern music.

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