Sunday, June 26, 2011

Latex stench in week old vaginal marinade

An easily burst blunt tip latex condom

Cycle update: I thought changing time zones as we did might affect my cycle, but so far I see no indication of that happening. Today I’m CD24 and approaching the end of the luteal phase of my cycle. I should get my period this coming Friday, July 1st so I’m still quite safe from pregnancy for at least the next two weeks regardless of how high quality the sperm and how much of it is left in me. Even so, I have an Oves cap sucking on my cervix until my period arrives this coming Friday when I change to a Reflexions diaphragm for flow control and contraception. I always wear a barrier even when I’m not fertile primarily because I feel much more confident and sexually assertive when I know nothing can get past that thin stretchy rubber membrane to enter my uterus and tubes.

A test for new Subs: I’m developing a new scent. Well, new for me. It’s the scent of a decomposing latex condom that has marinated in my vaginal fluids for several days. The longer the condom marinates the stronger the scent. After pulling it off a lover during intercourse or unrolling and inserting an unused condom with my fingers I can leave it in while being taken by other lovers until the latex reacts with my juices and other fluids left in my vagina to develop and ripen into a distinctive rubbery bouquet. In a woman with a healthy vagina a minimum of 24 hours is usually required before the condom begins to develop its distinctive odor.

When the scent has fully ripened I’ll have a Sub give me oral and try to suck the condom out. If he is lucky enough to tongue an end down where he can reach it with his teeth and then pull it out far enough that he can suck it completely out I’ll let him swallow it. My Subs seem to enjoy that, although it takes some practice before they get comfortable with swallowing a ripe unrolled condom w/o gagging. I see it as an indication of how deep and sincere a lover’s submission to me is by the ease with which he swallows the malodorous condom

When I intend to pull a condom off a lover or burst it I have him wear a blunt tip, one that has no semen reservoir in the tip like the one shown in the image at the top of this entry. That way each time he thrusts into me the strength of my grip pushes his pre-cum up around his shaft far more easily than if he was wearing a reservoir tip, which makes the condom a lot easier to pull off, or burst if I tighten my grip all the way so when he thrusts he just slides further into the tip until the latex can’t stretch any further and bursts spilling his seed right against my cervix. That’s always a shock to a guy the first time I pull off or bust his condom. Some men are secretly pleased because as a macho thing they subconsciously want to impregnate me and others freak out concerned that I might conceive from their condom failure and that I will burden them with child support.

A rotting condom: I was still wearing the condom that I pulled off Colin during our sexual encounter in His Grace’s box last Friday (June 18th) on the last day of Royal Ascot. I was CD16 and newly luteal then and there was no chance of my bleeding so in theory it could be left in until I get my period, about two weeks from the time it was inserted, if I wanted to leave it in for that long. However, technically it is not a good idea to leave the condom in while I remove my cap to clean it and reinsert because the bacteria buildup could migrate into my uterus. So the maximum length of time I’m willing to let a used condom marinate in my vaginal fluids is about ten days.

This morning I’d had the Ascot condom marinating inside me for about eight days. At about 5:00 AM - when he is so randy – Colin wanted me so before I let him penetrate me, I had him give me oral and it was so amazing! He tongued my clit until I was nearly hysterical with desire and when I came my vaginal contractions were forcing the ripe condom down and out to where he could grab part of it with his teeth and pull enough of it into his mouth that he could suck the rest of it out of me and the rubbery stench was so strong it could clear your sinuses! I watched him move it around in his mouth with his tongue and then he swallowed hard twice and the decomposing condom disappeared down his throat. He deep kissed me immediately afterward so I got a taste of some of my vaginal marinade that was still in his mouth and on his lips. I rarely get to taste my own fluids so even if it was only from the lips of a lover it was a fun experience and the fluids had an almost vinegary taste along with a strong decomposing latex scent.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ballet hair

A ballet bun with net and pins

The New York Times
June 17, 2011
Bob or Bun? A Ballerina’s Tough Choice

EVERYONE has bad hair days, but just consider the plight of the ballerina: her locks are teased, sprayed and shellacked into submission. For dancers split ends or an unruly cowlick are first-world problems. What about receding hairlines caused by scraping the hair, day in and day out, into a bun?

“Your teachers say that they don’t want frizzies — they want it tight,” said Wendy Whelan, a principal dancer at New York City Ballet. “So you pull your hair really tight. For years. You start getting thinner hair, and it’s actually really sick.”

Seriously long hair would seem to be as much a part of ballet as seriously long limbs, but as far as length is concerned, there are some nonconformists out there. Ashley Bouder of City Ballet and Simone Messmer of American Ballet Theater are two prominent dancers with short hair.

“Most dancers, from a young age, have long hair,” Ms. Messmer said. “And it’s great except it’s such a cookie-cutter mold. It makes you look like everybody else, and at some point you’ve got to decide who you are.” Her body stiffened. “I will never go back to long hair.”

Her light-brown hair skims the nape of her elegant neck, and her overgrown bangs are just long enough to tuck behind her ears. Every little bit helps. Along with Ms. Bouder she is putting off a proper haircut until the end of ballet season.

Going from long to short marks a drastic change in any woman’s life, but for ballet dancers it’s almost a political act. Long hair means femininity and a certain degree of submissiveness; cutting it all off flies in the face of tradition and of how a ballerina is perceived.

She is no longer seen as demure. In other words, she’s a modern woman. There are no policies at City Ballet or Ballet Theater regarding hair length, and most dancers still keep their hair long, especially those in the corps de ballet who are provided with less backstage assistance than soloists and principals. But there is also the psychological security that long hair affords. For the few who opt out, the reason is often linked to self-identity.

Jenifer Ringer, a principal at City Ballet, has sported a bob for years. “When I leave the theater, I feel a little more like a regular person,” she said. “It gives me a mental break from having to always feel that all I am is a dancer.” Jeffrey Rebelo, Ballet Theater’s wigs and makeup supervisor, considers Ms. Messmer something of a muse because of her short hair. “With every ballet we get to be a little creative with her,” he said. “But hopefully it doesn’t become a trend.” He laughed. “Or else we would be there all day.”

For her transformation into the courtesan Prudence Duvernoy in “Lady of the Camellias” Ms. Messmer sat in a chair at the Metropolitan Opera House as Mr. Rebelo pinned her hair up in the back and gave it an aggressive spray. There were two pieces — a bun and a cascade of curls — to attach to her baby ponytail. Mr. Rebelo said, “She probably has a pound of pins in her hair by the end.”

He wasn’t exaggerating. Hairpins afford dancers the security of leaping through the air without leaving behind — horrors — a flyaway bun. They’re worth the headaches. And as far as dancers are concerned, short hair is more than manageable thanks to the tools of the trade — falls (half-wigs), switches (pieces for ponytails) and full wigs — that make it possible to turn a bob into a bun. There are also cases in which real hair poses problems.

“I feel much more secure with a piece of fake hair on,” Ms. Bouder said. “My hair is very fine and slippery, and if it’s really clean, it’ll come right out of my bun.”

For ballets that require the hair to be worn down, like “Serenade,” Ms. Bouder wears a fall, which she said features three or four tiers of hair. “It attaches to a kind of comb,” she said. “Two sides come together and clip into your hair very tightly. It feels like little piranhas are eating your head when you first put it in, and then you forget that it’s there.”

Miranda Weese, a former principal at both City Ballet and Pacific Northwest Ballet, experimented with different lengths and layers to lighten the bulk of her hair. “I had to learn ways to put it up so that I didn’t pull it so tight, because I was literally balding in the front,” she said.

Ms. Weese eventually added bangs; her reasoning was that she could pull them back more gently after the rest of her hair was up. Once, she recalled, a concerned Rosemary Dunleavy, the company’s balletmistress, approached her backstage and said: “You’re not going to wear the bangs are you? Because I think it would make you look like a little dog.”

Obviously, for dancers, hair insecurities are magnified. But as Ms. Whelan pointed out, each dancer’s experience is different. As soon as she was promoted to principal dancer in 1991, she cut her hair to a chin-length bob, a style she kept for five years.

“It gave me a real individuality and a strength of character, so I really liked that, but at the same time I couldn’t do the long-hair ballets as easily,” Ms. Whelan said. “And if I did, it was unnatural, which I hated. I was sick of adding something on that should be a part of me.”

She has since grown her hair and added highlights, which she said has changed her into a more romantic dancer. “It’s a lot softer,” she said. “I actually love my hair now. But it took a long time to evolve.”

In Russia short hair — or at least shorter hair — is becoming more common. Along with Uliana Lopatkina of the Mariinsky Ballet, there is Natalia Osipova, who cut her hair off in 2007, inspired by Audrey Tautou’s gamine hairstyle in the French film “Amélie.” A principal with the Bolshoi as well as a guest artist with Ballet Theater, Ms. Osipova spoke through a translator at the Metropolitan Opera House. Her eyes sparkled: “In one moment, I said, ‘I’m cutting my hair. That’s it.’ ”

Reaction at the Bolshoi Theater was a fiery mix of shock and dismay. (She said that several dancers there have since followed her lead.)

Ms. Osipova’s voice broke into laughter as she recalled her coach’s reaction. “She said: ‘Disaster! You look like a boy! What are we going to do?’ The hairdresser in the company was looking at me and saying, ‘Oh my God, how can I handle this?’ ”

Her mother doesn’t approve either. But Ms. Osipova is the sort of ballerina who needs a little rebellion in her life. “I’m probably the person,” she said with a smile, “who’s always trying to break the rules.”

Personal comment: I have written several times about long hair and the problems with it while diving or when worn under a rubber hood, but I’ve not written about ballet hair. This is the best article I’ve seen recently on the subject of hair problems – associated with particular ‘long hair’ roles -experienced by ballerinas with long or short hair and the hair devices used to fix them.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Sirens

A Reflexions flat spring diaphragm and its introducer

The Sirens and Semina:
Taryn was invited to join a small newly established group of adventuresome women students at Cambridge called The Sirens. It is made up of a few girls interested in ballet as a training regimen and dive-sex and It was begun with the assistance of Tanaquil who is interested in seeing if the group can be used to identify and recruit women with the skill sets and desire necessary to become courtesans at the very highest levels of society.

The Sirens are just getting organized and Taryn volunteered Milton Park as a convenient and private place to meet and hone their skills training with male partners. Tanaquil is teaching some of the Advances Sexual Techniques seminars herself and asked if I would fit the members of the Sirens for gas-guards while I was there. I was pleased to have the opportunity to meet some of Taryn’s friends who are members of the group. However, I was surprised to find that most of them, if they knew about the need to use a gas-guard during dive-sex, were using coil spring rim Semina diaphragms which can be easily under-thrust by the woman’s partner or leak (because of rim distortion) at depths below 10 meters. I think of the Semina as a starter diaphragm – the available sizes are 60 to 85mm - for very young teens. At St Lucy’s a Semina is a starter diaphragm because of its attractive transparent pink silicone rubber which makes a new user feel confident because she is wearing an intimate device that is so pretty. St Lucy’s girls call them ‘Barbie barriers.’ However, a Semina is not for 19 y/os serious about the effectiveness of a diaphragm as a gas-guard. A coil spring rim is fine for contraception during vanilla sex, but not if the woman is to use it as a gas-guard while training to be a courtesan.

Fortunately Williams Medical, a UK supplier, had a full range of sizes of the Reflexions flat spring diaphragm in stock which is the gas-guard of choice used by professional escorts specializing in dive-sex because the device can be worn at any time during the woman’s menstrual cycle, can be worn on dives to any depth w/o rim distortion that causes leaking and because of the way the rim spring compresses it is nearly impossible for a male partner to intentionally under-thrust the rim. The only possible down-side of using a Reflexions is that it is made of latex so women with a latex allergy can’t use it. Since most of the Sirens had their Seminas with them it was just a matter of checking to ensure each woman had been fitted with the correct size and I fitted the other two who had never been fitted for a diaphragm before I placed my order with Williams, ordering two Reflexions each for all of the girls.

Fellatio hoods: Tanaquil introduced Taryn, Anya and me to a rubber hood modified for protection of the wearer while giving fellatio. It is something a small German R&D shop outside Stuttgart is developing. The owner, one of Tanaquil’s former courtesans, had given her a few of the fellatio hoods for her friends to try. The purpose of a typical hood is to mask the wearer’s identity as well as provide some head protection if thrown against the head of a bed or a wall. Or, if engaged in BDSM a blank hood with only nostril holes is for disorientation or sensory deprivation. And, when diving a hood also keeps the thick conditioner gel worked into the wearer’s hair from getting on her clothing, diving equipment or her lovers hands when he grabs her head.

The modified version Tanaquil had for us to try has a mouthpiece with soft rubber lip guards to protect the woman’s lips from being crushed against her teeth when a lover grasps the back of her hood with both hands and thrusts his penis down her throat and his pelvis slams into her lips. It also has nostril tubes for supplemental oxygen from a pony bottle to keep her from suffocating if his thrusting blocks her nostrils. An F-hood is comfortable to wear, but I haven’t had an opportunity to wear it while giving fellatio.

Deer stalking: The Duke, Cyndi’s grandfather, has invited us all to one of his hunting lodges in the Scottish highlands for a few days of deer stalking, what we call hunting in the U.S. Deer stalking is primarily a male sport, but I think he offered because he knew from an earlier conversation that I want to see his hunting lodge and he would have me where I couldn’t easily escape his amorous attention. I know that sounds conceited of me to say that, but he told me as much when he said it was extremely isolated and was I sure I would mind being with him for that length of time. I asked him straight out what about his mistress, Penelope, and he said she would have to make do with my escort, Colin, for the time we were all at Crag Abbey, the 13th century ruin parts of which he converted to a hunting lodge. Cyndi said Red deer stags aren’t in season until July 1st in Scotland, but a detail like that has never stopped the Duke from stalking on his own land. She said he routinely takes high profile guests hunting regardless of the season if there are quality animals to shoot.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The 2011 Summer Solstice and Magna Carta

Summer Solstice Stonehenge

Summer Solstice 2011 at Stonehenge: Happy Summer everyone! Taryn took Anya and me and our escorts to Stonehenge, on Salisbury plain in Wiltshire, yesterday for the Summer Solstice this morning. It was awesome to be there again! I say again because I think in another life I was a priestess at the site a few thousand years ago. I know, everyone gives me a curious look and smiles when I tell them that, but I think it’s true. Or, perhaps it’s that I have a psychosis of some sort where I remember snatches of sacrifices and being a far different person, though still an attractive female, than I am now. But perhaps not since my Psychiatrist doesn’t think I’m psychotic, at least not in that way. The photo accompanying this entry is from the Internet. The weather last night and this morning at Stonehenge was in the 50s (Fahrenheit) and raining off and on, so there was no brilliant sunrise this morning just heavy cloud cover. But we were there at dawn even though the sun was just a bright spot behind the clouds. Sigh!

Dressed for the weather: The good thing about the weather was that it provided an opportunity to parade around in our rubber fetishwear among a primarily New Age and vanilla crowd w/o them paying much attention to what we were wearing other than a few envious comments about how we knew how to dress for the weather. We all wore the skirts of our hoods outside our collars so the rain wouldn’t drain into our latex suits. Since latex provides almost no thermal protection we wore the catsuits over cotton-lycra unitards to trap a layer of warm air under the latex. To be worn over a cotton-lycra unitard the catsuits were a custom design (by Gepetto’s rubber shop) back zippered and had zippers at the arms, legs to make it possible to get the chlorinated latex over the unitard. It was still a struggle, but our Dressers managed it and worn that way the .5 mm latex suits were remarkably comfy. For us girls footwear was a tradeoff because the ground was very wet and the crowd turned the grassy area to mud very quickly so ballet boots were out because we would have sunk in to the mud half-way to our ankles and even if the weather had been dry the wearing interval would probably have been to long even for us w/o changing boots several times. We ended up pulling on neoprene booties over Gaynor Minden pointes. The other girls were going to wear ballet slippers under their neoprene booties, but since I was determined to wear GMs the other two wore them too and it gave us an opportunity to stand briefly en pointe - when we could find a stone marker to stand on - to see over the crowd.

Caught: I’m CD19 and in my luteal phase today, so it’s impossible to become pregnant from sperm planted in me until I become fertile again in another three weeks. Even so I always wear an Oves, a tiny transparent silicone cervical barrier that sucks tightly on my cervix, to prevent anything getting from my vagina through my cervix and into my uterus and tubes. Even when I’m luteal my libido is very high and I needed to be serviced so about 3:00 AM, during a very heavy shower when everyone else was trying to stay dry in their cars, I took Colin and went in search of some place he could Boink me where we wouldn’t draw a crowd. We went all the way back to the far side of the car park where I found what I was looking for on a path leading toward a barrow mound, a lovely stone marker next to a gravel walk that I could bend over while my feet weren’t sinking into the mud. There I could safely stand en pointe with my legs in second position and let Colin penetrate me from behind.

Being taken that way has two advantages. First I can comfortably take a much larger (longer) man because gravity is pulling my uterus further down and back out of the way of a thrusting penis and two; I can adjust the angle of my vagina to maximize the effect of a lover’s thrusts against my G-spot. So, we look around and there is no one in sight. Colin opened my relief zipper and fingered me and finds I’m slippery wet! I told him I was ‘needy’ and he said “Bloody right you are!” as I unzipped his relief zipper and struggled to pull out his equipment w/o hurting him because he was already massively erect and dripping pre-cum. I get him out, turn, go en pointe a la seconde and bend over the stone marker, he grips my rubber sheathed hips, I reach back and guide his tip to the oculus of my vagina and tell him, “push”!

In a single powerful thrust he fully penetrates me and I gasp in delight as he fills me the instant before his tip kisses my cervix and he moans, “Oh God, I’m home!” I replied, “You are indeed!” and adjust my hips and the angle I’m bending over so his thrusts are stroking my G-spot at just the right angle and I guess we were both more needy than I thought as it was quick, violent and loud even though we tried to hold the noise level down. I hadn’t expected it to be that intense or I would have worn a ball gag or something to stifle my moans but I thought the rain masked most of my panting mewing. My involuntary contractions pulled him into ecstasy along with me and he planted his seed right against my silicon sheathed cervix before stopping his thrusts, sexually exhausted still bent over me and buried in my belly as we both caught our breath and enjoyed the afterglow for a few minutes as the cold rain continued to fall. His amazing girth still felt wonderful inside me even as he returned to his unaroused state before withdrawing. He withdrew and zipped up his relief zipper as I Kegeled most of his load into the wet gravel at my feet before closing my own relief zipper.

Our respiration was still above normal and we were in a tight embrace fondling one another when a female voice from the direction of car park said “That was lovely! Do you think your lad could boink me too?” I’m thinking “Ohhh Fuck, we’re busted!” and turn to find a sort of fairy god-motherly looking woman in a lovely rubber Mackintosh, rain hat, wellies and holding a wind-proof Aquascutum brolly over her head and standing not 20 feet from us. Colin says, “Ohhh… Hi Sam, finding anything of interest in the car park?” “Other than you two having at it?” she said laughing and I’m standing there in the pouring rain draining the remainder of his seed into my rubber suit and my escort is talking to a woman who just caught him fucking me, and I’m wondering, WTF? How did he know who she was and what’s going on? A similar thought must have crossed Colin’s mind as he introduced her as ‘Samantha’, a Sergeant in the SAS (in a gray wig and granny glasses), who was on security duty along with more of her unit to make sure there were no terrorist incidents during the Summer Solstice celebration.

Comparing lovers: Sam says to me, “He is such an amazing fuck isn’t he, like when he goes all the way in with a single thrust! You must be very deep to have been able to take all that w/o screaming!” I’m like, “well, yeah…” Then she tells me, “Just kidding about the boink, not that I wouldn’t like to, but I’m on duty and you are on his arm and I don’t poach another woman’s men. Just be careful about using protection because he has gotten some less than careful girls in a family way.” “Other than you guys it has been very quiet here,” She says to me, “You look lovely in rubber, did Colin tell you he is kinked that way?” and w/o waiting for a reply disappeared into the night. I asked Colin if she was good in bed and he said she was tight, but not nearly as deep as me so he had to be careful about how deep he penetrated her, even from behind, which I thought went a long way toward explaining why she seemed a bit wistful talking about how easily I had accommodated him. I enjoyed meeting another of Colin’s lovers, after I got over the shock, even if it was at 4:00 AM and in the rain. But I was especially pleased to know that I am deeper than she is! Girls keep score too you know.

The Salisbury Magna Carta: After sunrise when we left Stonehenge we drove the eleven miles south to Salisbury for a full English breakfast and then over to Salisbury Cathedral to see one of the four remaining original copies of the Magna Carta signed by King John on the: “15th day of June in the 17th year of our reign" (1215). The other three are two copies in the British Library (one of which was in a bad fire and is little more than a large ash) and a copy at Lincoln castle in Lincolnshire. It was awesome to see one of the original copies!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Royal Enclosure, Ascot

Ascot Racecourse, Ascot, Berkshire

I’m at Milton Park, Cambridgeshire:
The flight over this past Monday (June 13) was uneventful. Our plans changed a bit and we took Cyndi and her sometime boyfriend-bodyguard, Chris, the one who got her preggers when she was 15 several years ago, who are going to stay with her Grandfather at his castle for the Summer. We topped off our fuel in Atlanta where we picked up cultures from the CDC for over-night delivery to a research lab at Cambridge and to other labs in Western Europe. We flew a southern route to the UK in case the Iceland volcano started erupting again. I had the cabin reconfigured with two beds so Cyndi and Chris and Anya and I could have sex at the same time w/o bothering each other so we spent most of our time making love or sleeping. Anya and I hadn’t had sex together in quite a while so we really enjoyed each other’s bodies and we both had multiple orgasms before we were sexually exhausted and fell into a sound sleep in one another’s arms. There is an 8 hour difference in the time between the UK and Las Vegas so working through the jet-lag has taken a day or two and lots of coffee for me.

Taryn was at the airport to meet us. Easter term at Trinity College didn’t end until the 18th so she was sitting finals, but we arrived at 6:00 AM BST (British Summer Time) and she wanted to welcome us before she went off to take her exam. His Grace, Cyndi’s grandfather, had sent two land rovers and a Rolls-Royce to pick up Cyndi and Chris. Returning readers will remember that it was the Duke’s 95 foot sailboat ‘Wanton Lass IV’ that we enjoyed during our Virgin Gorda vacation this past January.

Tutus at Kensington Palace: Taryn has gotten us tickets for The English National Ballet’s ‘Summer Party’ on June 29 in The Orangery at Kensington Palace. It will include a designer tutu auction and I hope to bid for one or more of the gorgeous, but impractical to dance in, tutus.

Colin a new man in my life: Taryn, knowing my taste in men, introduced me to several men she thought I might like so I could choose an escort to accompany and play with me during my visit. I chose Colin, a gorgeous man and one of her select stable of stallions. Colin is the eldest son of a member of the nobility, a Grad student at Cambridge who is massively hung and an expert cocksman. Taryn included him in the selection knowing that I like men with temperaments different from mine and because he would be able to reach and ram my cervix as much as I want. Colin had been an officer in the SAS and resigned his commission to take a masters in business in preparation for running his family’s extensive estate since his father is in poor health. All of Taryn’s male friends seem to be of the landed nobility so one wonders if she is looking for a husband who will inherit a title. Of course that would be years down the road, but financially and physically she would be an amazing catch for some man. So many of the old noble families these days have little money and have had to open their ancestral homes to the public just to pay for the upkeep so if she married into the nobility it would almost certainly reinvigorate the family treasury. And, since her money is from adult media products services the market for that is recession proof.

Ascot on Saturday June 18, 2011: Cyndi’s grandfather sponsored Anya and me and our escorts into the Royal Enclosure for the last day of Royal Ascot races this year. Ascot, in Berkshire, is to the west of London and Cambridge is to the North East so the Duke picked us up at Milton Park and flew us to a friend’s estate near Ascot in his helicopter where we took a car to the racecourse.

I’ve always had a fantasy about being fucked in really exotic places and The Royal Enclosure is one of them! The weather was cold, relative to the 90° weather in Vegas, with a high in the low 60s. Fortunately we had been advised to pack warm things and I wore a pair of Gepettos stiletto heels, custom Wolford 50 crotchless tights, a Chanel canary yellow wool skirt suit and a feathered creation on my head. The nice thing about the temperature was that the latex slip that I wore under the skirt wasn’t sticky hot as it would have been in Vegas. The rubber slip was so my lover’s semen draining out afterward wouldn’t leave a wet spot on the back of my skirt while we sat for lunch. The Duke’s box had a marvelous view of the track, but since Colin was penetrating me from behind while I bent over the rail supposedly watching the races I was distracted and don’t remember much about which horses won the races (he took me twice while everyone was watching the track) except one wasn’t the Duke's horse which didn’t finish in the money.

Colin wore a condom. It was at his insistence as he said he didn’t want to leave me draining his semen all afternoon. I’m CD16 and ovulated two days ago so as far as pregnancy is concerned I was quite safe even if I hadn’t had an Oves screwed down tight on my cervix, but I think he’s running scared since I told him I’m cycling naturally and using cervical barriers for contraception. I don’t think he was convinced and said I should put his insistence on protection down to an excess of caution. So just as he reached orgasm I clenched my vaginal muscles and pulled his condom off and unprotected he planted his seed deep inside me. He gasped “Bloody Hell” and kept on thrusting and tipped me over the edge into ecstasy. It was all I could do not to moan or scream and I did drool a bit into a hankie as he is huge and felt marvelous as my muscles spasmed uncontrollably gripping the girth of his shaft. As he withdrew and zipped up I Kegeled out most of his semen into my hankie then slipped it into my clutch. I walked round the rest of the day with Colin’s condom marinating in my juices deep inside me.

His Grace makes a pass: Shortly after Colin withdrew the duke, who had been watching us, asked if I was having a good time and confided to me that he understood that Colin was an expert at pleasing women. If he thought I was going to blush he was disappointed as I looked him in the eye and said that both he and Colin were providing me with unforgettable experiences, to which the old bull said he would like to get to know me better. The Duchess, Cyndi’s grandmother, told me to expect he would want a piece of me and it was fine with her if I let him take me, with the provision that I wasn’t to give him so intense a ride that the exercise would kill him. I let him finger-fuck me and when he began to get too excited I suggested that he wait until he could get me alone at Milton Park where he is staying for the evening and he reluctantly agreed. It was only after he removed his fingers from my birth canal and was catching his breath that he asked how I was doing as far as my bets were concerned that I looked to see that I had two winners! One of the favorites, Await the Dawn, won the Hardwicke Stakes and ‘Maybe’ won the Chesham Stakes both of which Anya and I had been told to bet on so I came away from the day winner of 750 GBP and filled with Colin’s semen.

The Duke is in his late 60s physically fit and very sexually active and the Duchess said he is very kinky and into rubber so I thought why not and decided to leave Colin’s condom inside me if he followed through with his plan to mount me back at Milton Park, which he did. Before dinner this evening he came to my room and helped me out of my Wolford 50 tights and front closure demi-cup bra. As foreplay he gently and expertly milked me for which I was grateful as I didn’t want to pump my breasts and Colin’s beard grows so fast and so thick that his cheek against my breasts is like dragging sandpaper across them. After my breasts had been emptied I was very aroused so it took him only minutes with his face buried between my legs to suck and tongue my clit into a massive orgasm during which I squirted all over his chin and neck. He was so pleased with himself for getting that sort of a response from me!

At that point he mounted me. He is well hung and with me on my back he could just reach my cervix which he loved and rammed it while giving me a G-spot orgasm and when my vaginal muscles began to spasm uncontrollably I pulled him over the edge and we came simultaneously after which still hard and deep inside me he immediately went to sleep on top of me and I napped beneath him until he awoke 20 minutes later and withdrew. I had been right, a romp with me seemed to do his spirits a world of good, a win for him after his horse didn’t give him a winner. I think my muscles surprised him because as he came in me all he could do was marvel, between gasps, at how tight my grip was. He had said nothing about Colin’s condom I still had inside me now marinating in the semen from two lusty males and both he and Colin were very attentive to me during dinner.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Milton Park

Fresh semen from a new and untested lover

The photo: Readers who have been with me from my days on Yahoo 360 know that the first time I am intimate with a partner I have him wear a condom and then use his semen to test for STIs and as a DNA resource in case I need to go there. The other day a member of congress who was out here inspecting the proposed nuclear waste site came by for a behind-the-scenes tour of the entertainment side of our casino/resort and watched me give a pointe class to our company’s women dancers and one or two of the men. Afterward he came on to me. I was expecting it as almost all male politicians who watch the class I give want to ‘chat’ afterward and this guy came with a reputation. Not that I minded since Jacques is on the east coast on business and I was CD8, newly fertile, and longing for a new man to take an interest in me. I was careful to make certain that he left his smart-phone in his briefcase which was kept in a locker in Security during his tour. Not that this man who is on some important committees is another Anthony Weiner, but I don’t want to become a digital trophy for this or any other guy and have my photo shown around.

His chinos were beautifully tailored but the line was pulled out of shape by the fact that he was obviously very pleased to see me and I was sure he would appreciate some help in taking care of his immediate need in the most pleasant way possible, what we call a Vegas ballet ‘deep welcome’. I was bare-legged in a thong bottom halter top canary yellow leotard (custom made by Gottex for my casino dancers) and wearing a damp pair of nearly dead bespoke Freed Classics. I decided not to change into my play shoes (Gaynors) as I needed the training of being penetrated in dead Freeds to keep up my stamina and pain threshold so I was good to go, almost. As we chatted I was leaning against the barre balancing on my toes with my feet in second position and he was fingering my pubes, or rather he was trying to, but my Penetrator was still inserted and he had a puzzled look as all he felt was the convex head of the plug rather that the soft flesh of my vulva. I smiled at him, took his hand gently and lifting it from caressing the head of my plug, asked him to give me a minute to unplug myself. He was fascinated to watch as I took a Ziploc bag and a baby wipe from my dancebag and pulling my thong to one side pulled on the removal loop lying flat against my perineum breaking the vaginal vacuum with a loud sucking sound. I then pulled forward and down on the removal loop – to get the anti- expulsion ridge under my pubic bone – tightened my vaginal muscles and the plug slid out in my hand. I slipped the baby wipe over my vulva to catch the gush of vaginal lubricant that had been built up by having the plug inside me. I dropped the plug and soaked wipe into the Ziploc sealed it and tossed it into my dancebag then went back on to pointe a la seconde and placed his hand on my exposed vulva. I thought he was going to drop his load in his slacks right then, but he rallied and stepped back so I could unzip him.

The condom: I rolled a LifeStyles ultra thin onto his massive erection. If he had been known to me and had tested clean with a full STI panel and he had wanted the condom for his protection I would have rolled a ribbed condom onto him because I like the addition stimulation I get from the texture of the ribs. However, for me with the added friction ribbed condoms tend to burst or I pull them off a lover so on the first encounter with a man of unknown sexual history I thought it safer (for me) if he wore an LS Ultra Thin. It turned out he was a considerate lover and both very needy and had great stamina, taking me to orgasm and finishing strongly himself three times in 45 minutes. He took me once from behind while I was en pointe bent over holding on to the barre, then once in my office on my back on the huge leather couch and once while I was astride him with him on his back on the couch. I love a Man who is really into me like that and the second time (with me on my back) he was even ramming my cervix a bit which I loved! We parted BFF and while I don’t agree with all his politics I think I can count on him for a favor if I need one. But politicians can be a depreciating asset so I like to have favors available in both camps.

An aide-mémoire: Returning readers may remember In my May 7, 2011 entry’ European ballet venues’ I wrote that Anya and I will be staying with Taryn and Tanaquil while touring great ballet sites in England, France, Germany, Austria and Italy. This entry is to reacquaint my readers with Taryn’s home outside Cambridge where we will be staying most of the time while in England.

From my entry for: September 11, 2010 ‘Taryn leaves for Cambridge’

“Milton Park’s slang name:
The stonemasons saw the equipment being installed in the pelvic gym, and one of them is quoted as saying “This place is going to be a boinking cunt castle”. And, since that sort of thing spreads among men so quickly it caught on and then it got around the village. Tanaquil says that now the unofficial name of Milton Park is “Cunt Castle” even though it’s in no way a castle but an 18th C hunting lodge. Actually, it is a much truer description than the stone mason knew given where the money to pay for all the renovations and additions came from. And I’m sure the name will get around Trinity College if Taryn’s tutors don’t already know. The Dons at Cambridge are remarkably well informed. I think they like a bit of insider spice as long as it isn’t flashed about. Since the UK has strong Anglo-Saxon roots a good Middle English descriptive term can be a plus in institutions as sexually repressed as Oxbridge.”

From my entry for May 23, 2010 ‘Taryn and Trinity College Cambridge’

“Off Campus Hideaway: Tanaquil also arranged to lease an off campus residence for her a few miles north east of town (toward Ely) for entertaining and unwinding on weekends and holidays. It’s a 14 room 18th C stone and brick ‘cottage’ that had been built as a hunting lodge on 85 acres of high ground north of the A14 off the A10 (Cambridge Ely Road) owned by a member of the nobility. He hadn’t used it in years so it is requiring a lot of deferred maintenance – starting with a new roof - and renovation. We got it for a pound a year for 20 years if we paid for the renovations so we jumped at the chance since there were no restrictions on what changes we could make to the grounds and Taryn wants a deep pool for dive-sex. One of the beauties of the place is that it’s on high ground as a lot of the surrounding area is low with fens (flat, swampy land) where waterways abound. The pool will be enclosed with its own HV/AC and in addition to surface access to the pool house there will be a tunnel from the cellars for all weather access.”

“Access and personal security: There is a small regional airport, Marshall Airport Cambridge UK (IATA: CBG, ICAO: EGSC), just east of Cambridge with a 6,446 ft concrete runway. Limnaea, my G550, can land there and there is just enough room for it to take off. Marshall is about a 20 minute drive from the estate. There is also frequent rail service from Cambridge to London Kings Cross and Liverpool St stations that takes about 35 minutes each way. We have leased two Range Rovers for ground transportation. I keep saying ‘we’ because since Taryn is only 18 as her guardian I have to sign along with her until she reaches 21 though her major purchases are through the trust established for her education.

I thought Taryn’s personal security was going to be a problem but Tanaquil had that base covered as well, having found a gorgeous 25 y/o aristocratic black-sheep Brit-chick just out of the army who has a body guard license and was working as an up-market escort in Germany with Tanaquil’s clients who want British arm-candy. She has a plumy upper-class accent and Angelica (Angie) wants to go back to school so Tanaquil had her tutored and sit the exams and Angie was accepted as a legacy student (both her parents graduated from TCC) so no chits needed to be called in to get her accepted. Angie likes the idea of a steady 3 year job (perhaps longer if Taryn takes her MD at Trinity) with Taryn while she gets her degree and she came out to meet Taryn this week. The two of them seem to be hitting it off well together so far. As an upper-class teen Angie took ballet and was en pointe for several years, but doesn’t have a thing for pointe. Taryn wants me to teach her dive-sex and I’m hoping to get her back en pointe again, but that’s in the future. Angie already has a GyneFix implanted and I had her fitted with a 22 mm FemCap and a 70 mm Reflexions flat spring as gas guards for dive-sex. The Reflexions can be used effectively to at least a depth of 130 feet which is a plus in case she gets an opportunity to dive Adolph’s well while she is menstrual.” [We now know a Reflexions can be used safely down to at least 216 feet, the bottom of Adolph’s training facility.]

“The Manor house: The locals are pleased to see the manor house being opened again as it will be a source of jobs. Work has already begun on repairing the chimneys and replacing the roof as well as reestablishing the gardens. The masons are working with the roofers to get the chimneys in shape before the new lead roof is put on around them. There are a few villagers in the neighboring village of Milton who worked at the manor when the noble owner had it open occasionally for bird hunting, but no one remembers when the manor was at its best which was before WWII. Taryn wants to make it a showplace again with restoration of the gardens. The place is being leased furnished. The furnishings are good quality but are a bit shabby so we are having everything slip-covered to brighten the appearance. The house, Milton Park, is in a ten acre park at the center of a forest so there should be no problem with privacy. Tanaquil kiddingly called the estate ‘Pussi Park’ given that it will be used for intimate weekends and erotically themed parties and Taryn thought the name was so appropriate that in our conversations she has unofficially renamed it.

Even though we aren’t allowed to change the 19th C double and triple-hung windows that leak air the new HV/AC and new electrical wiring throughout that were installed a few years ago can easily heat and cool the place and will support modern communications and there is an aux generator for power failures that can be used for lighting if she decides to allow erotic video shoots there. There are working fireplaces in every room and getting them safely working is, as I mentioned, one of the first things we are doing as sex by a cozy fire is such a turn-on. Fortunately the owner had left the HV/AC on while the manor was unoccupied as the damp chill of the winters and the humidity from the fens in the summers would have caused rapid deterioration in the furnishings. We expect to move Taryn and her staff in to Pussi Park in August so she can get the house running the way she wants it before starting school.”

Leaving on a jet plane: Anya and will be leaving this coming Monday and we both have our equipment cases and wardrobe trunks already packed. I wrote in an earlier post about refilling our slit-kits and stocking other intimate supplies. I’m taking mostly Gaynor pointes to play in but a dozen pairs of my Freed Classics for classes and technique work to keep my technique and stamina at my usual high level. I’m really looking forward to getting away from the desert heat, though we are going to avoid German bean sprouts while on the continent. I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to post but hope to have some sort of posting routine.

The Mysterious Jack returns: “Jill, I have not been commenting on your blog, but it did inspire me to attend some ballet performances in the ABT spring season... also as a break from a lot of work over the past two months. I was wondering if reading all blog would creep into my consciousness somehow as I sat in the theater watching the stunning artists perform. I can report that NO you had no presence in my mind, or your ideas about dancers and pointe and ballet boots etc. The performances were 3 of the best I have ever seen and they were very well received by critics and balletomanes alike. I could tell I saw something very special. Semionova in Don Q w/ Hallberg and Part... Sarah lane was there too... Vishneva and Gomez in Giselle.. again with Part and last week a stunning Lady of the Camellias with Vishneva and Gomez and again Part. I had the best seat in the house for the last performance... first row center Grand Tier. The entire theatre was on their feet when the curtain calls were taken. My final ballet will be Semionova in Swan Lake. I was tempted at intermission to buy a pair of Diana's pointe... Grishkos by the way... but I decided against it I'm thrilled to have attended this stellar performances and that my mind hasn't been polluted by some of bizarre stuff you write about ballet dancers which likely is not true as much as it part of your fantasies... which as I have said before makes a fun read. Do some ballerinas have latex and related fetishes? Why not. Alexandra Potter I believe may, but she does model the stuff and shows how to move gracefully in extreme heels ... In the end fetish and fantasy seem to merge and very well on the internet... and I suppose people are actually doing more of what they read on the internet... sex is fun and people get bored and want something new and stimulating. But I don't think we can "learn" fetishes as much as techniques and practices which may or may not deliver the sexual thrill they are purported to... to everyone who gives it a go. In the end I am more attracted to elegance with a fetish edge than extreme play of any sort... and so all your dive sex stories do absolutely nothing for me... but I suppose it's valid erotica genre. I might not have attended this season, so I need to thank you for, in a sense, making me see if you had influenced the way I see a ballerina on stage and I ended up seeing some of the best performances in my life. I had a few words (compliments from me) with Kevin McKenzie as he rushed to the stage after Giselle... and that was cool too! Jack”

Welcome back!: I’m so glad that you got to see some of the perfs of ABT’s Spring season. I envy you! I could just read about them in the NYT as I’m very busy getting ready to leave on an extended European tour as perhaps you read. On the whole Alastair Macaulay was very complementary of the dancing while fretting about ABT’s specializing in full length story ballets. But with NYCB across the plaza I think they would be smart to continue what they are doing. And they have Ratmansky for new works which is a plus.

I hope you got to examine Vishneva’s Grishkos as they are factory modified for her. Were any of Sarah Lanes shoes available? Whether you are a believer or not, the world will continue on - unless the Rev Camping will be correct the third time. I was glad that you had read my blog prior to seeing this seasons ABT offerings as they gave you, another perspective – however deep it was buried in your subconscious - as to what goes on with some of us who have extended aspects of ballet to enhance feminine sexuality. Although, if you were concerned about my writings coloring your perspective your thoughts couldn’t have been buried very deeply.

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A possible birth control pill for men

Is he on the pill or isn’t he?

ABC News
June 8, 2011

Birth Control Pill for Men: Would You Count On It?

Scientists could be one step closer to developing a birth control pill for men. A drug that stunts sperm production aced tests in mouse testes. And if it's proven to be safe and effective in humans, it could expand the prophylactic pool -- an exciting prospect at a time when roughly half of U.S. pregnancies are unintended.

But with the burden of pregnancy falling largely to females, some women say they wouldn't count on it alone.

"I think it depends on both the woman and the man," said Amy McCarthy, a 23-year-old web editor from Dallas. For McCarthy and her boyfriend of two years, Dave, the pill for men would be a welcome addition to the contraceptive repertoire.

"Dave is just as worried about the possibility of pregnancy as I am," McCarthy said, explaining that they already "double up" on birth control methods. "If anything, this is a really empowering development for men. Up until this point, they only had a few options to prevent getting their partner pregnant."

Such options, including condoms and spermicides, can help prevent pregnancy by stopping sperm in their tracks. But researchers at Columbia University Medical Center in New York City say the drug BMS-189453 can quickly and reversibly stop sperm production. Developed more than 10 years ago as a possible treatment for skin and inflammatory diseases, the drug's sperm-stunting potential was originally considered a toxic side effect.

"One company's toxin may be another person's contraceptive," said Debra Wolgemut, a professor of genetics as well as obstetrics and gynecology at Columbia University Medical Center in New York City and lead author of the study published June 4 in Endocrinology, in a statement.

Sperm production ramped up again when the mice stopped taking BMS-189453, and the drug did not appear to hamper their libido -- a troublesome side effect reported with other, hormone-targeting versions of the pill for men under development. But some doctors say the idea of quashing sperm production, even temporarily, can be scary for men.

"Sperm-making is a pretty delicate thing, and people do seem to have a concept of that," said Dr. Joseph Alukal, director of male reproductive health at New York University's Langone Medical Center. "How long did it take for women to get comfortable with the reversibility of the birth control pill? I'm not sure."

Nevertheless, Alukal said he thinks some men would welcome the option of a birth control pill.

"If you look at vasectomy, I there are plenty of men in committed relationships who choose to take onus of reproductive planning on themselves," Alukal said. "I think the same sorts of people would choose to look into something like this."

But for single guys, the pill might not fly.

"In modern society, there are all kinds of legitimate questions raised about the utility of a pill like this," Alukal said. Questions like, "Do you really expect guys to take, and their female partners to trust that they've taken it?"

McCarthy wouldn't.

"If I were dating around, though, there's no way I would trust someone that I'd been on just a few dates with [to take the pill]," she said. "I think for most men it just wouldn't be a thought that crossed their mind -- they're worried about getting HIV or gonorrhea, not having a screaming baby."

Personal Comment: We have seen buzz about a male pill before and so far it’s come to nothing. I would not trust ANY man to take a contraceptive pill to prevent me from becoming pregnant! I can see that for some men an effective and side effect free pill would be useful. If a man was afraid of being trapped into marriage by a woman who said she was on the pill but wasn’t in order to have him impregnate her that would be a great use of a male pill, but of course no method is 100% effective.

Then there is the procedure for determining if a guy who is taking the pill really is sterile. Men store sperm. So after a vasectomy a man has to ejaculate about 20 times to release all the stored sperm before his sperm count is low enough that he is basically shooting blanks. With a male contraceptive pill I imagine there will be an interval where he is still shooting live loads while his supply of stored sperm is depleted. How long that interval may be depends on how sexually active he is and will require trips to his doctor after several months to see if his sperm count is low enough. From a vasectomy site about confirming sterility:

“Since you are not sterile after your vasectomy, temporary male birth control is needed. At least 2 and sometimes more semen analyses are needed to confirm no moving sperm are present. Testing typically takes place at two months and then three months after your vasectomy procedure. If the 3 month test shows no sperm then the patient is cleared to return to have unprotected intercourse.”

So even when a male contraceptive pill becomes available and a guy starts taking it correctly unprotected sex with him will still be dangerous for two or three months.

I wouldn’t trust any man on a contraceptive pill unless it was to prevent HIM from becoming preggers, and that seems unlikely to be possible any time soon, transgendered males excluded. Since I’m the one who would have to deal with the consequences of an unintended pregnancy I want to ensure I’ve done everything possible to avoid testing positive for hCG, or that I have intentionally taken a greater risk myself.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Toe pads as a fetish

Ouch Pouch Jr. toe pads

Sweaty toe pads: The photo is of a model wearing the Ouch pouch Jr. which is what most of my company dancers and St Lucy’s ballet students wear. The crescent-shaped pad is made of a thin layer of gel material inside a fabric pouch. Great for wider feet and for those who want only the toes cushioned. The new design offers more coverage in the bunion areas, a deeper cut vamp to better match the line of the pointe shoe, a sleeker shape that hugs the foot and keeps pads from sliding or bunching and an enhanced gel formulation that helps prevent bottoming out, thinning from use.

I love the scent of sweaty toe pads and one or two of my intimate male friends love the scent and taste of sweaty toe pads too! The ouch pouch Jr is the ideal pad for me worn in Gaynor Mindens (I don’t wear toe pads with GMs during my period when my feet swell a bit) to prevent the shoes getting so sweat soaked when worn for long intervals. Because of the absorbent lining inside plastic boxes Gaynors can take forever to dry and if worn when wet they quickly develop a pungent aroma that only a toe shoe fetishist can love. Additionally, sweaty toe pads make small inexpensive souvenirs that can be given to very close friends as tokens of affection rather than being pressured to give away a pointe shoe or shoes which can be very expensive if a dancer doesn’t have shoes that are so dead they can’t be worn for class. For the Fetishists into the tastes and scents of a woman the freshly used pads worn w/o tights can be turned inside out so salty sweaty residue, tape adhesive, blood, polish chips and toe cheese with the merest dash of my wintergreen liniment can be licked off while my partner is watching me change pads and pointes. I’m taking along several dozen pairs of OP Jr toe pads on my European trip for use and in case I have pad-worthy lovers who I would like to reward with a memento of our intimate assignation.

Slit Kits and contraceptive supplies: In preparation for our European trip I’ve restocked Anya and my large slit kits that we use for extended travel, replacing the Semécide with the new formulation from Labia Labs professional products line of contraceptive products. It is Semécide+ an O9 spermicide made with dive-gel and Octoxynol-9 and contains a biocide that reduces the chances of contracting HIV. I’m stocking it in prefilled 10ml applicators - easily carried in an evening clutch or mesh bag during a dive - and in addition to the applicators in our slit kits I’m taking a 500 applicator case since Semécide+ will be our primary lube for dive-sex. I’m also taking a dozen Reflexions latex FS diaphragms in my size and a dozen in Anya’s for use as gas guards in case we lose one in a pool or have a dome failure. Returning readers will remember Reflexions can be used at any depth and at any point in the menstrual cycle in addition to being extremely difficult for a partner to under-thrust so it is the cervical barrier of choice for professionals specializing in dive-sex. I’ve also replaced the Plan B one-step with the 5-day EC pill ella which is far more effective in case of a contraceptive failure and replaced the original female condoms (FC1) with the new nitrile FC2 which is stronger and has better heat transfer properties.

St Lucy’s girls and Penetrator Plugs: As young women grow and become more sexually experienced their vaginas lengthen and if they are taking pointe their vaginal muscles strengthen from the clenching and contractions while on pointe. So the fit of their Penetrator plugs need to be checked every 6 months or so and just before summer vacation is when St Lucy’s girls have their semi-annual Penetrator checks – along with the barrier (Reflexions or FemCap) that they use as a gas-guard for Upper Reproductive Tract (URT) protection during dive-sex. Having the students vaginal rubber checked at this time in the school year the girls are assured of a proper fit while they are on vacation

Porn pools and training facilities: A reader asked why I don’t just call Adolph’s 200 foot deep training facility and my 68 foot deep pool ‘Porn Pools’, rather than training facilities. I think of Porn Pools as being located in rental homes or foreclosed properties that have been accessed through contacts in the Real Estate industry frantic to get some revenue from a dormant market for upscale homes with nice pools in isolated areas. Or, perhaps worse, homes just squatted in for a few days to get enough video action scenes in the pools to fit into several videos for the adult market. As the weather has warmed up there is more of that going on and there are so many large homes in foreclosure out here that it’s fairly easy to get away with unapproved use of a home.

It’s true that there is a great deal of sex occurring in my and Adolph’s deep pools, but it really is for training of escorts, or European BDSM students (at Adolph’s) or just old fashioned recreational sex w/o a video crew from Taryn’s Adult Media Co. present. So I feel neither Adolph’s nor my facilities can reasonably be thought of as porn pools.

Training pool pregnancies: Our clinic is seeing a spike in pregnancies involving women being impregnated during private dive-sex lessons while training in unlicensed dive schools set up in large up-market foreclosed homes in isolated sections of town. These small ‘SCUBA Schools’ advertise teaching intimate dive skills at low prices primarily so the ‘trainer’ can get paid by his students for having dive-sex with them. Usually the women are young, sexually inexperienced and new in town and trying to get training w/o having to pay much for it. Some of them end up having to pay for an abortion. Most thought they were on the pill, but weren’t taking it correctly or were taking another med that interfered with their birth control hormones effectiveness and none were wearing gas guards for upper reproductive tract protection. So far none of the women have wanted to call attention to themselves by reporting the scuba schools for fear their pregnancy and abortion will become public knowledge and become known by their parents or ruin any chance they might have of getting a job as an entertainer or into an escort training program. These women usually end up having a GyneFix IUD implanted if they can become part of the GyneFix clinical trial.

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Friday, June 3, 2011

An ideal breath play FFM

Desco Inferno free flow FFM ideal for breath play

An ideal breath play FFM:
The surface supplied Desco FFM worn by an escort in the photo above is ideal for underwater breath play in my 68 foot deep pool. That’s because this models recommended max depth is 30 feet after which – even with the free flow valve fully open - the air pressure isn’t sufficient to provide enough air for strenuous activity and the deeper a diver goes the more difficult it becomes to breathe. That makes it ideal for breath play during strenuous dive-sex at 45 or 50 feet where the wearer is struggling to breathe and her face is being pushed deeper into her mask by the pressure. Having my face pushed closer to the lens of the mask also decreases the masks buoyancy, which makes me sink faster. I’ve found wearing a Desco FF FFM during orgasms at 50 feet to be an amazingly intense experience while trying to suck enough gas to prevent asphyxiation. It is relatively safe (if I don’t pass out) as all I need do is ascend to increase the air in my lungs. In my experience it’s almost always the woman who wears a Desco FF FFM for breath play because most men can’t function effectively enough when deprived of air to get his partner off. Though, it might work for a man who is masturbating because it works for me when I’m fucking myself with a dildo.

To prevent accidentally pulling the mask off if my air hose gets yanked during a sexual encounter I loop it under my left arm and once around my body so the hose will just tighten around my chest, above my breasts, rather than flood or pull my mask off. I haven’t yet figured out how to assure my ascent if I should pass out during solo breath play, which leaves me at considerable risk of suffocating, or worse permanent brain damage from lack of oxygen, but that does add a frissson of terror to use of the Desco for breath play during solo dive-sex. I do wear flippers to speed the ascent, but I’ve had times I was so starved for oxygen I could hardly move. The easiest thing to do would be to arrange a weight drop from an inflated buoyancy control vest if I should pass out, but I hate wearing a BCD when I’m masturbating so I haven’t given a safe ascent strategy the attention it deserves.

Induced lactation for escorts: I was asked to help coach a few experienced escorts who want to offer breastfeeding as a chargeable service. I declined the request because of my other commitments and the fact that I plan to be traveling for several months during the summer. Inducing lactation is not a step an escort, or any woman, should take w/o giving it serious thought because it is time consuming to prepare the breasts of a nulliparous woman for lactation. It is also labor intensive to pump to first stimulate and then empty lactating breasts and provide good nipple care with lanolin cream to prevent cracked nipples and clogged milk ducts. In addition, it almost always requires hormone therapy and a hospital quality twin breast pump is a must for times when there will not be an infant or adult lover to breast feed, because over-filled breasts are unbelievably painful. More than half the girls who think they want to induce lactation drop out of the program. They don’t follow the lactation protocol long enough or thoroughly enough to get meaningful amounts of milk which leads to discouragement and then they quit after having spent months and considerable money having nothing to show for their trouble.

My own experience, never having been pregnant, was that I accidentally induced lactation and from all accounts of problems inducing in nulliparous breasts my milk arrived fairly easily as far as the time it took and the amount of milk I produce. I began lactating in about three months of fairly constant nipple manipulation from getting into and out of latex encasement suits when I was a rubber fetish model one summer about 6 years ago and at the same time I had a lover who was into dancers with small breasts and he was constantly at my breasts sucking my nipples when we were at my apartment or even in public places in Montréal. I’m told my prolactin level was high and I had been experimenting with the birth control pill Yasmin and unbeknownst to me at the time the Progestin in it prepared my breasts for the production of milk and Oxytocin from all the breast play stimulated its release. Even now it’s time consuming to breastfeed or pump and perform breast maintenance, but breastfeeding or pumping is so arousing that it contributes significantly to my enjoyment of penetrative sexual encounters, especially with men.

Orienting Ballet SI teachers: I have been orienting male ballet teachers for St Lucy’s Summer Intensive to be held this June and July. Their background and accomplishments in the art are well known to me, but I’m testing their sexual stamina because St Lucy’s SI is known for the intimacy with which student and teachers interact and the fact than none of the instructors wear condoms. The men all are between the ages of 25 and 33, have had the complete course of Gardasil HPV vaccine injections and have had a recent, full and clean STI panel, just as have all students admitted to our SI. There were far more applicants than we needed even though our male instructor to student ratio is 1:10. So it was a matter of selecting the ones with personality, the charisma to charm a student out of her tights with a single glance and the sexual stamina and control to hold her in orgasm until she faints. The SLSI is known for providing a ‘Las Vegas ballet experience’, meaning its dedication to Vaganova method and its liberal view of student faculty relations, so an instructor unable to perform during an intimate training session with a student would be an embarrassment to the school. Therefore, we try to select only expert male dancers who are known for their sexual stamina.

Our SLBI students have been referred to us by their teachers as adventuresome women who enjoy physical and emotional challenges so we prefer that their teachers have high sperm counts since that is another reason for the students to be in awe of them, but a high sperm count is not mandatory as the students are supposed to make every effort to avoid pregnancy. It’s in the agreement signed for admittance to the SI. We recommend that where possible SI students have a copper IUD inserted several months prior (shortly after being accepted) to arriving for the SI. That way there is little danger of a student conceiving from intercourse with faculty or male student partners.

Gasmasks and breath play: Recently I’ve been cautioning my Wards, Cyndi, Gigi and Aimée to be careful at UNLV fetish parties they are being invited to because there is someone who is into breath play going around incapacitating women in gas masks by tampering with their mask to constrict or entirely block their air. The victims say that a young couple are working together (passing themselves off as grad-students) to distract then immobilize women by asking them to pose for photos and in the set-up for the pics block the air through the filter canister either by stretching a balloon over the opening, effectively making it a rebreather bag, or unscrewing the canister and putting a piece of rubber or plastic in the canister fitting and reattaching the canister hiding the blockage. If the gasmask chick has a good seal on her mask and can’t move enough to push her mask against something to break the seal she will suffocate or suffer brain damage in just a few minutes. The two instances of rebreather bags on the incapacitated women have had an anesthetic liquid, chloroform perhaps, in them so that a breath or two with the balloon over the filter and the wearer is unconscious and left to suffocate from rebreathing her own carbon dioxide. It’s only by luck that there have been no fatalities caused by this couple as yet. The suspected couple was wearing high quality gasmasks so no one seems to know who they are.

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Men behaving badly Pt II

Mahmoud Abdel Salam Omar

Associated Press
June 1, 2011

$25K bail for Egyptian businessman in NYC sex case

NEW YORK (AP) — A businessman and former chairman of a major Egyptian bank charged with sexually abusing a housekeeper at a luxury Manhattan hotel is being held on $25,000 bail and has been ordered to hand over his passport because he is considered a flight risk.

Mahmoud Abdel Salam Omar, wearing glasses and a suit, was arraigned just before midnight on Tuesday in Manhattan. Authorities say the businessman, who is in his 70s, attacked a maid at The Pierre hotel, near Central Park and Fifth Avenue on the Upper East Side.

The hotel, meanwhile, suspended the supervisor of housekeeping for not reporting the alleged assault.
Omar was arraigned on two counts of sexual abuse and forcible touching.

Pierre spokeswoman Nora Walsh said in an email to The Associated Press on Wednesday that the supervisor of housekeeping was suspended pending an investigation. The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday that The Pierre will supply panic buttons for all of the hotel's room attendants. Walsh told the newspaper the alarms will be made available as soon as a system can be put in place. …

Omar's arrest came little more than two weeks after then-International Monetary Fund leader Dominique Strauss-Kahn was charged with sexually assaulting a maid at a different Manhattan hotel. Strauss-Kahn, who has since resigned from his IMF post, denies the allegations. He is under house arrest as he awaits trial.

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Personal comment: You would think that with all the publicity about the arrest of Strauss-Kahn for inappropriate behavior with a member of his hotel’s housekeeping staff that Mr. Omar would have opted to arrange a commercial tryst with an escort. The Housekeeping supervisor wasn’t the brightest bulb in the string either, deciding to wait until the next morning to report the assault. I don’t mind a guy having a good time with a woman not his wife, but most up-market housekeeping staff isn’t prepared for that sort of work. Perhaps Mr. Omar thought he was saving a working girls fee…

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